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t'SCH.O'rt'lSS," itAMvS, AM), OTIIKIV
t» !•> Very General in X»V<l«<er«.' and
WVftcvu CltScK~Jj|\x;rpool ami X*!»v
iitlor.ns Cotton, :»k1 WilniJnKf on, .
Mivan'nnh'. n»i<l CliarlcK^on .\aval
siorf <Jn»ta<i»n> — Tlic I«svr>-MooU
Mnrlccl*— Sont»onr«V Air-Llnc ><•-
\:;\V yOß K. .February 12.— A1l iho ex
thi npos, bnr.fcs, and other business places? '
.;>■ financial .district., .as woU as tho.
... oiliccs fthd Schools, wore clo.sc<l
• ... r,-. observance of Lincoln's ISirth-
Richmond. V:i., February KJ, 3'jtC.'.'
Xortv Carolina 4-55 10? .....
N,.r:i Carolina 6's 235 Vis •
Vir?i' l > A s < ' nt>TV ) ••-- W
..'_..>.^ Centuries J..... ■ H3J& 95%
■ -.ul city s*s . 117 .....
■■■' ■'-:., I -city 4's 107% -103 " :
■ " 0.. It. and A. Div..4*£*S" I<E! .....
..;. , :^..i Pacific Ist 6's 120
. ..>miig ulass A .V 5........ 33N
:vj.crsburg Class B 6's. 329 .....
'-. and Meek. Ist 4'S S5 .....
„^urn N. C Ist 6's .. MIS .....
v, .:,.! A. It. R. Co. con. 5*.5.. .HOYs .'.."••
feouii!-3t?a»d Ist s*s iUVt .....
£.i : •.•arcl Air-Line 4's. Slvi ."s">
5 .ibo;trd Air-Line 05.. ....... 303 1O3ȣ
S HIEET in:. STOCKS. Par. . 1
Norfolk Ry.' and Lieht Co. 23 10 12
,i:c;.TTioad Trac Jly. C 0.... r>Q 40 .
utor.ta arid Charlotte 100 .- 3C9V t 17«
,\v.iio-Co,ast Line, prct-.100 30% 310V1
,!,'..^tic-Coast Line, com. ..ICO 87 I*o
.-•■'■>ard Air-Line, coin 100 :M~?i .....
.<t-a board",- I ." Air-Line, .pref 100 46Vs 4OTs {
;:.. F. and P., eom:non 100 j
C. 1\ and P., div. 0b1i.....1C«0 240 250' |
i:., F. and I\, C i>. c. guarl.loo* 270 .....
R., F." and P. 7 p.c, suar." .loo/270': .....
<;a.. So. -mil Fla_, Ist preX.iiOO 'M\^
dA., So. and Fla., M prcf..lOo 7.S 3 .j ..... i
i;a.'. So. and na-, c0m... ..10-3 ;.'.> 40
American Xaliouul 100 . 3JI
J's road -Street Bank 2-"i 2<« SG l^ i
<-':ty 25 31 ..-.'. j
Metropolitan Bank of Va... 25 liC '
National Bank of Va ICO 124 : ;
Planters' National .... .100 ;U0 .....
j'otiirii. Saw and Ins. C 0... 20 CO
Rich. Trusv and S. B, C 0..100. .100 l>- r >
Sayings Bank of Richmond. .. 50
Security .. SS W
.S::ito Bank of Virginia. ...lCo ICO .....
Virfrini.l Trust Company... lo.'tl2"t
Virginia Fire and Marine.. .. ... "7*l
Ainericau Loco-, <pref 100 S3?-'" 93' i
Old Dominion S. S. Co .100 12. T. .....
S.-S. S. »<c 1. Co., pref.Vp. c.IOO SO .....
S.-S. S. & T. Co., com. 100 "0
West-End L. «nd Imp. Co :i3i-i .....
Va.-Car. Chem., pref. Bp. c.KKt i23«s 122V<
V. i. -Carolina Chem., c0m. ..100 Cl J /i 61^
B. C. SS,OOCi Vij-pinia Centuries at S3Vi;
!,UOO Hlchmond 4's at 10"vi: 10 Chemical,
preferred at 122 1 -.; 50 Chemical, protor
:<U, at 122"i.
Scal»os»r«l Air-Line Scchplllcs:
BALTIMORE, SID.; February 12.—Soa
buard; common, 25^.25^4^ Seaboard; profey
n-d, 47; Sc-aboard 4's, S4;4^S5.
Hichmond, Va., February 12, 1502:
Private sales were reporte<l fis follows:
!-us.«, ? ho^sht^ds; leaf. 12 ho.srsheads; fili
j3PS, 7 -liO.iiijhoatis; wrappers, G l\.l^^llea<3.s.
"* Loose sales were reported a.s follows:
-li'rlburnc'.s TTarehouse, 52.i»2-3 pounds— ? 2«)
liigrnost price; Stonewall ■Warehouse, 10,020
.ouiids— s22 highest: price; CrensTiaw
warehouse. 5C.555 pounds— S2o.Ho highest
urice; Shoclioe Warehouse, ni,syO pounds—
fj> highest price.
Hichmond, Va.. February 12. 1302.
Quotations: Wheat— Longborry. SS io
Kic: mixed., SS to Sac: short Derry, SS to
••'.«c. : Xo. 2 red, SPc; Virginia, bai^ lots,
73 io SSc. Cora— Whit o Virginia. ba:r lots,
'. • to 73c; Xo. 2 -white, 70c; "No. C whitei
•'.'c.; Xo. 2 mixed. C7a; Xo. 3 mixed. Cue.
Oixx? — Xo. 2 mixed, 49c; Xo. 3 mixed, 4S
■•i i^ : -c.; Xo. 2 white, 51c; T» r inter-seed
...;:•, ", In Gle. Rye. Go to Ci>C.
V.tn.Fni.K "PBAXI T M.UtKCT.
Xi.»KFOLJv, VA.. l'ebruarj- 32.—Pea
nuts — Dull; fancy. ", r <t'".\'&c.;- . strictly prime,
" •: prime, '2VJh- l Y*^-
BALTISIORE, February 11.— Calvos.—
Attractive, smooth veal calves are ur
jrebtly sought after at full .juotations,
•n<- market- on all such being strong and
in proud shape: Heavy, large, rough siock
salable only by the head. General ie
■ eipts light. Qu.ote as follows: Strictly
uioiee veals, pcp ■ pound, 7SiflSc; good
veal, per pound, Ttal^c; rough to'gcod,
■ .-r head, 55^512.50.
Lambs' and Sheep.— With the arrivals
>-f lambs continuing small and un:my.or
tJint, it is a rather ditficult matter to as
"i.-ertain accurate .values. A fuir inquiry
heard for nice, fat stoclc of desirable
■■> ight while ,all common, poor lambs and
rough sheep are dull .sale and low-priced.
Quotations are as follows: Spring l;\inbs...
•hoice, fat, s^c per pound; poor unu thm
-•lock 4<nAV>e-: sheep. fa.t, ZY-M-ic: good.
; ..-r head. [email protected]; inferior, ?I'//*I.W; old
Sacks, per pound, 21 2^3%c., as to quality
;.Tid weight.
EAST BUFFALO^ X. V. ; February l2.—
i "a ttle— Receipts light; steady ja.t Mon
';;>y's C'Ofee.
Veals—Finn; tops, $5!a?9.2,-: light to
K"od. $7^?S.TS. .
Ungs— Eeceipts, 4,309 head; ->c. decline*
.■» ail' but Markers; heavy. [email protected]?6.5-?;-.
iiiixed; W.25?i?8n5; pips, $T..751(?-3.50; roughs;;
i5.«0g10.70; [email protected] ,'
Sheep and Lambs— Receipts. S.COO heau;
strong io firm for best lambs; sheep Jinr.;
top mixed. 54.55?/iS; otlicrs, $*J.2sffj.4.^_);
v. ethers, $5.235?55.J#: yearlings, 55.2j(J»^>.ia;
top lambs, $G.5:.5??G.40;, others, [email protected],C.50. '
CHICAGO. February 32.—CatUe—Re
. eipts. 20.000 head; alow and lower, except
j.-r fancy beeves: good to prime steer.-;,
i.Glof}s7 25 ; pot> r to medium. ?4J?JG; ?tock
i-rs and feeders, S2JfOfi?i.7o; cows, Sl_2T»@
"V 5.25; heifers, $2.25r<i?5.23; cjmners. §1.255 i'
?2.25; hulls, $2.235? 5<.50; caJvcs, J2g?7.CO;
Texas-fed steers, |J.25©?j.75. ..
Hogs- Receipts to-day, 52,000 head; to-,
-norrow, 43.0'K) head; left over, 32,000 head;
hvavy bat '.steady; light weak; mixed and
batchers, t S3.!M>Si 1 56.40; good to choice,
Jifiavy, JG.3OfiJG.47V-: rough hea\->-, [email protected]^6 50;!
3ic-hti $s.r>or<iss.iio: bulk oX sales, ?f>.?o<7fG. -
&heep— Keceipts, IQ.'M head; steady;
lambs' steady; good to choice wethers,
?J.7.>?/ |T,.20: western sheep and yearlings,
t^.2J5iS5-S5; native, lambs, ?3.75Q-?C.ii>;
weßtern Jambs. ?5.23(555.i;3.
Cincinnati; 0., February 12.— i-.^ss—
Steady at [email protected]
CatUe— Strong at S2^sw*»jo. ,
Sheep— Active at $2.SOf« SIXQ.
Lambs— Steady at S4-75g?G.tS. -
EAST LIBERTY. I'A.'." 12.—
' "attic— Steady; choice, 5G.505?0.7y; prime,
?| > ..25??5G.4C; good, SS.C^JG. .. ; :,->r>i
jiog;j—Steady; prime heavies, f'u.'tf
;->-, DO: mediums, SG.3ofriG.4o: heavy, York
..r.s J6 2O'«'M.2T.; light Yorkers,.- :sCg so,ls;
j'ijj'p. ?i;.505?;J5.93; roughs. $T.!g?C. _ _ \v.
Ebeep-Stwidy; best wethcrr. ,sr.?Tss.2p:
culls and common, $2®s3; yearhngs. $i.yJiJ
■^Veal C-alvex— $7.50g?5.2j. .: -
NEW YOHIC, February ll.—Beeycs— i^c
ci-Spts nsS ca.rs, mainly consigned direct.
A few dry cows sold at J2lO£J5-V Cables
nuouvi American steers at. l ?Z~jri\
.m-< Wed weight; refrigerator beeC sit" W.VW
31?; c." Exports, 450 beeves^ 1,t>20 . sheep,
and 4,2.10 quartcrß of beef.
Calves—Receipts, ::3C head : ; firm: veals
ynid. at $3^59.50; barnyard halves at Jo..;*;
'.•//-wto.™ calveyat $4.2. r i. ..<,->>>, -"^;
BHcep and Lambs— Receipts, -.€22 n«aa, :
* V<-p 'fct-jady; lambs .slow at 10c Sheep,
??ass; culls, J3-55; 1amb5,. 83.€2>£«i! 5.70. „ .
Hokk— ReceiptH, 3,€7« head:; t M"W»T % A
fcmiiirijutjch'iof •< ersey . hogs sold at $C.C0. ..
LIVERPOOL, February:? 12;~Coitdn-f-:
Bput in mode-rate dcmaiKl;.; prices v-.i-u.,
bi^hor; lAtnerJC3.n inSddlJnt',:fair f 5i. T 3^d-;,
■fc'x,a ■■iMf»W»m;/M5-JW:;triWd2ins,' ! -4:J?^WL'I..
l.itv jnidd'ms.- -5 13-223,; : saod - : x ordinary;-:
i IZ'ZI± ; ■;!- ordinary ■ i 7-w:<3. ;/ TJie > >ales :■ of
'(Established 1838) "'
lii¥@sf taeiif :■ ■; .Seßir jiies
A SPECIALT . . ; -^
id iq-iv
the day wore S,OOO hides' of which r,OO
oaica .wore: for speculation and ex-port.
and included "G.OOo bales. 'Aiuerican: r.
ceiiHs t'.yOO bales, including- 5,100 ' bales
Futures .opened firm and closed barely
Slcauy; American middling, good-ordina
ry clause, February, 4. "iS-O^d., buyers:
icoruary and March. 4 57-C4J? 4 3S-Wd. ! ." sell
ers; March end April, 4 :;7-6!?jM RS-01d..
sollcrs; April and May,. 4?.7-W?i4::S-jJd.; I
sellers: May and Juno, 5 US-tMd.7 sellers; i
Juno and July. 4 SS-G4d.. buyers; July mid !
Aupru.st. -1 2S-G4d.. biryors; Atiffust and Sep- I
lembor, 4 3S-G-!«<4 34-« d.. buyers; Sfiptem- i
beriand October, 1 24-^^4 2-">-G4d., sellers ;■
Oc*3ber and November, '1 21-C4fi-122-C4d.i
sellers. . ;
NEW ORLEANS, LA.. February 12.—
Cotton futures closed firm. '
' . i Opened. Closed. ;
February S.O? S.ll
March ......... ' <5 17 SIS
April :._V.".V;023 Sri', i
May ............s."l S.'J2 .
June .. ...... .ft" ;u: • $:;s
•Tuly .......;.„ ....' „k'..J2 s.ir.
August ,8.30 5.31 .
WILMINGTON, X. C. Febru ary 12.—
Spirit "■ TurnontiiiG— Nothing doing; re
ceipts. 5 casks.
Rosin— Firm at $Ll2 I ,{;'<isl.l7 1 A; receipts,
17 barrels.
Crude Turpentine— Nothing doing; 're
ceipts, 13 barrels?; : . ;
Tar— Firm at $1.20;. receipts, ISO ban-els.
SAVANNAH, ga.. February 12—Tur
pentine—Firm at 42V>c; receipts, lU3
I casks: sales. US ca.sks; "exports. 115 casks.
I- Rosin— ]"irm; receipts, :\,'}i2 barrels;
I saios. 2,951 -barrels; exports".- 8.52?. barrels:
Quote: A. 15, C. and D, *1.27V>: E. 5i.3214;
F. ?1.37i.4; : G. 5145; IJ, §1.50; I $I.7r>; X, $2.33;
M. 55.75; N, SS.%; window-glass, ■ $3.C0; ■
water-white. jS.H^
CHARLESTON, S. C, February 12—
rurpentint>— Unchanged.
Rosin— Unchanged.
lie "\Vii% nt One- Time Goveruor-Gon
tM-al of Cnnsiiit.
LONDON, February 12.— The Marquis
of Dufierin, v«.-]io was "ttnee governor-,
general of Canada, and wlio had filled
many high diplomatic wist? in the. Eng
lish service, died at C:23 o'clock this morn
ing at his rfsin-c-nce, at Clandeboye. Coun
ty Down, Ireland.
Lord Dufferin had been loti.t in ill
health. lie passed away peacefully, af
ter a nijrht of- total unconsciousness.
Lord Dufferin never wholly recovered
from the shock which he experienced as
the result of the death of his son. Lord
Ava. in/South' Africa, and tho failure of
the London and Globe Finance. Corpora
tion, Limited, and kindred concerns,' of
which he was* a director, completed his
breakdown. With the exception of his
youngest son. Lord .Haniilton-Temple-
Blackwood, who is with his regiment, the
Ninth Lancers, in South Africa, all the
family were present at tho deathbed
Lord Clande.bo.w. the eldest son, who is
a clerk in the Foreign Oifice. and who
married Florence, daughter of John 11.
Davis, of New York, succeeds to the
title,', and another American joins the
ranks of the peeresses.
The funeral of Lord. Duffnriiif, will /"oe
private. His remains will be burled-- in
the grraveyard at CJandebuye- Fobi-uary
.The papers comment on Lord Dufferln's
pallry pension of £1,703 yearly,. which ne
cessitated his. ."mixing up in city com
The St. James Gazette says: "It is not
a pleasant reflection that, if the nation
had acted with justice toward such. a man
as it has now loin, ho might have been
•spared the humiliation which he brought
upon himself jh consequence- of the cir
cumstances in which he was T -ft in tho
last days of his brilliant caret .-."
the n.vnjßOAn-coyHtiissioyKn's.n .vnjßOAn -coyHtiissioyKn's.
Xe\r Presiileiit Xes't Mect
<"«: in aiaiiie— Protest: \s : aiiist
I CHARLESTON, S. >.. ' : February "12.-
Tlio National .--."Association of Railroad
Commissioners had ab'other "important
.session this morning- and adjourned sine
die to meet in some city in Maine next
July. The president. Judge Liudley, in
sisted on retiring- -from the office, al
though he was earnestly. importuned to
'stand for re-election. The other officers
were re-elected, and are. including the
new president-, as follows:
B. F. Claibourne. of Maine, president:
J. C. -.Wilborn, of South Carolina, first
vice-president; John V. -Sniith. of . Ala
bama, seconil vice-president; Eciward A.
j\loseley. of Washington, secretary; Mar
tin R. Decker,, of \Vashington, assistant
secretary. .
At the session this niorninq- i\ communi
cation was received fronn C. C. McCord.
of 'Kentucky, regarding a scheme for
transmitting-- a' protest from the Brother
hood of Engineers against a proposed
association in New York for' keeping the
records of employees of both steam and
street railways for the purpose of fiu-
nishing employers with a blacklist.
Blacklisting is against the laws of ten
States and , is- condemned by the com
missioners, and Mr. McCord's; proposi
tion was unanimously annroved: ;■;
A report was received and adopted re
garding the, delay in courts in connec
tion with railroad cases to the effect
that the- orders of the Interstate^ Rail
road Commission should stand effective
iinless set aside by the. courts • withm
thirty days, and the. Federal courts^were
•iskod to advance to the 'head of the
docket, criminal ca.-s : exempted, all
oases pertaining to railroads. - .
The report of the eonunitte-v on sal ety
apnliances, was adopted. „ __ _
Timely addresses were_ nir.de by Choral
Lntta Of] /Pennsylvania: A-. H- Plant,
of the Southern railroad; A. H.
Su'Kf Chicago, a member of O.e^treet
mot by a. local committoe oi o . £
Eicon for n ;^i^°^ ; "SrioSffiS^™
To-morrow nichi. tlic^ iheSouth .
mdSatote: almanac,: feb. is. isg2.
SuiTriscs.- 7-031 " : HIGH TIDD. _
Momr sc^s""** -ll^SSlEvem^g^— t^
:: ATiRIVED. .. . .. . /
Steamer Brandon, , Catherine ,^orfok.
merchandiEC and passengers; -Old. Donitn-
Stella; Jonc-s. Baltimore, barge of
oil; Standard Oil Compaur-
SAI\»'ED: ::--■■: .
■steamer Pocalior.tas, 7 Graves,?. Jame-
s \\ n ea^nei : : Erandon. .; Catherine;^Norfolk.
merchiindiEe and passengers; Old Pomin
l°Stcamer Lakewocnl, Craadock.
and ■ Jamos-river landings.*. merchandise
£nd pusycngcrs; IV y:: Archer," manager.;;
. ■ - v " L (By telegraph.) ,
jjargn lowa, New Haven,
rau-ge Indiana, : Pioyldencc. . v ,:;.^
JVirgeV Citj^ of. Montreal. „I'rovMenee.,
SiCainer -Orion,. "boston.
./Sargc^o^eph^ rroviUtucc. t > .
35jlik.eii JJet^vocn vljittlc;:"Tovvcr. : : ii»i«V
■ JlttctMsit— i*orn]er<Jo,l« .the;-Betterfat
the Start.*"; a»«l lvociiavilt Thronsh
iiiit the Huec— lliicena SHj?l»tlr -_i!« 5
K.nvovite— Frujilc nicc.l' m ib'd, Bristol
ihe Ucntcu KiiToriics ■■:**.' New, Or
• iciusK. - -. ■;.' . .. . ■-:■.-■•*■■:■ t - ':;;.-. .- : ..-. ■>:::.
<:;lIARL.KSTQN. ,"'. S. -Cl:K«bruary 12.-- /
Also Ran -,ll.' s'was the, only. 1 winning'fa.v
orito , at the expos! U'on track . 'this;- after
noon. Th.j fifth r«ce'";-.vas : iln .- extra >;bh,
I the programme, and was; hotly r-onttstec^
; Little Tower, got the" b-ist; of the: start/
I • and kept it throughout: the race. Hucena .
I was slightly th« favorite.-. Weather clear;
tf^tck fast; Summary: ':;:,., * .'-
First' race— selling : . for -J ; year-6lds and ■_
upward; live furlongs-fAzora .first. Fisu
rahta Fecondflntont third." ■•.Tirne,"l:<B 1-4.
I Second race— for 3-year-olds; six. fur-
I longs— Jim .Scanlan first, Hattie : Davis
second. Deadly Nightshade third. .:'. Timo,'
1:20. ;■" . : " ' .;..'- '
; Third race— selling: for 1-ycar-olas ana
upward; one mile, over four ;: hurdles—^
Barney F. first: ?;egoncio second,' Loyalty .
third. Time, .1:57. - . v>- :V ■ : , : „-
i Fourth , race— handicap ;■; f ori-S-year-olds
\ and. upward; seven furKmffs—Ducassa
lirst, Samivel second, Leliaßarr third.
Time, 1:32. ' - '. . '
.Fifth race— match for purse; p^yen iur- :
longs— Little Tower iirst. Huoena- second.^
Time. 1 :33 1-2.
Sixth race— PeUing; for 4-year-olds and.
upward; six .furlongs-jAlso Ran. ll. first,
Certain second, Aborigine third.. Time,
1:101-2. " - : ■ :'-"'■ "■"' • ■
"• : 'XE-i\- ORLEANS, February 12.-Frank
Hico and Bristol were the beaten, fav
orites to-day. Summary: ... "■ - '."j
First race— one mile and. an eishth: sell
sns—Little Lois. "(lS to tt won. Lillian
R.i<*d (2T. to 1) second. The Messenger
>(10 to 1) third. .Time. 1:-"( I. ;--■
Second race— four- furlongs— ?.ra.verick C>
to 1) v.-on. Imp- Lady Winkle (7 to .1) se
cond. Frank Rico ffl to .".) third. Time,
' :?0 1-2.
-Third race— stcepU-ehas/v handicap; short
course— Mcniurih (15 to 1) won. ~Mv., Rose
(7 to .1) second, Bristol (11 to .10) thirds
Tme, "3:03 1-2."-:"' ■ ;■ " i
" Fourth race— handicap; -one mile and a
sixteenth— lntrusive (even) won,- Silver
Coin (7 to 1) second. Petit Ma'itre (5 to
2) third. Time, 1:47 l-'J. . . \
Fifth race— six furlongs— Si:-.; Cuthhert
(even) won. John GricsbyjlOto'l) second,
Prowl (23 to 1) third. : Time. 1:14.1-2.-- ■
Sixth rncb— selling;' one mile and three
oig-hths— Malay (4 to 5) won. Little F.lkin
(0 to 1) second, Kinsrstelle (4j",10. 1) -third.
Time, 2:211-2.; • ■ '
Cli:u-ue«l Wiili I'assiiiß- CouiitCficit
Sront-y in Ttiin 11 olce.
ROANOKE, . VA.. . February 12.—(Spe
cial.)— Last night two well-dressed wo
men entered the "Stag" saloon, and re
quested the proprietor. S. K." Bitteman.
to change -a.§3. gold-piece,: which he read
ily consented to do.; ; . -'-... '.
Tliey secured the; money and left. lie
afterwards discovered that the coin was
spurious, end learned that an - attempt
had b-3en made to pass a similar coin
on E. O. Mays. . ' ■
To-day Mrs. Laura Lambert and her
sister-in-law, Nannie Lambert, were, ar
rested; They admitted haying -passed
the coin, but claimed they obtained it in
the regular channels of trade. The two
women are held in jail, being- unable to
give bond. ' ' '
Penitentiary G uards -'-J. W. White .and,
John R. Moss passed' through here to
night in charge- of thirteen prisoners,
who have just been released- from small
pox quarantine. .-- V
All of them were --convicted, nf nuini v.
during the holidays. Tiieir- terms range
from two to eighteen years." Sheriff Hunt,
of Russell county, .accompanied . the
guards. ••*. ;'■ '_
t The Roanplce City Council- last night
To tli'e Sontli-tvest yUi *^*a»ia. ami
■JloiilKOßiery;";., . .
One day in Atlanta, using the. Seaboard
\ir-Line' railway's train -No./. 27, known
as' the "Seaboard Fast "-.Mail," ---.which
leave? Richmond daily /at 2:3S P. M. from
the Main-Street Station. 1 ",-.-•■■; ■ .-
••Florida nnrt Ijiiuiiod"
Seaboard .Air-Lijui'. Railway.
On January 14, 1902.' .Hhe .' "Seaboard.
Air-Line railway will inaugurate ■ the 'fol
lowing splendid- service on the, "Florida
and Metropolitan Limited.." V Observation
and Drawing-Room Sleepers .and Dining
Cars between New Tork and St.; Angus
tine, and through Pullman Sleeper be
tween New York and. Atlanta, daily.
Through Pullman Sleepers between
Washington and Southern. Pines and
Pinehurst tri-weekly'.' Connections- at
Jacksonville with sleepers to., and. from.
Tampa and Orlando, which ' local lines
will .be • established on date above named.
Parlor-Cars on Trains Nos. 27. and. .o6—
"Tho /.Seaboard Fast ; MailV-^betwcen
Jacksonville and Tampa ;<7*iily- .• Cafe-
Cars on Trains Nos. S2 and S3— "Seaboard
Fast Mail"— between • Hamlet and At
lanta. On the : date above mentioned—
January 11th— the. Seaboard Air-Line rail
way .will offer : to the 'travelling/ ; pub-,
lie a train equipment second- to none in
the ' South, and will alst; inaugurate the
fastest -schedules into Florida ever, be
fore offered. Courteous and polite atten
tion to; all patrons. A most,"cordial'in
vitation is extended to / travel South '.via
the Seaboard.
Soutli Carolina Ixiterstn^o atul.Wesl
Inilijiu Bxiios»ion..Dece;nl)(;r Ist,
to June 3i1..1J)0i. Cl»arlev.ton v S. C
This, exposition is: the. grandest of its
kind ever held in the' South ,; and. .those
who": contemplate going; are invited; to
look into the schedules and; accommoda
tions of the- Atlantic-Coast Line,-: which
is the shortest, quickest, and best route
to Charleston; (as well as Florida points),
with" through trains, and no ' transfers.
Solid Vestibule Pullman- Sleepers .-.with
DiningrCar : Service. ; For full information
apply to any agent of -the- company,: or .
: • S3S east- Main street, •-..
. Richmondi" ~.Va.-;
I'etcvrtbarft'-Kioliiuoud Train ■•Service
-t'tt lie Continued. .■■;;■ .:. ■';• .:•■.
The- present train service of -Ith'e; Sea
board Air-Line railway will bo continued,;
with probable, slight change of schedule,'
to more conveniently .accommodate (the ';
increasing' travel. Unused commutation:
tickets will be satisfactorily ..rodeemecV. via
— :—«*»»: — «*»» . ;; — —
Xew Orleans, I,u.v Molifie. Ala.. lon
Kiicolii. Fla-ii FoUiviitiry. 4-ill. JLfK>2..
For tliis -occasion ;: the; Atlantic-Coast
TJne railroad' -will .sell ■'.tickets Yfroin; '■any
point on itscline to vNc^Orl^ins^ta.,
Mobile. Ala.", and- Pensacoih; Fla,,.; at one
fare for - the round trip;' . Ticket s; on sal*
February l 4th Ho lOthVinclusivo^'andS for
trains scheduled to arrive .■rNew;;Orleans.
Vobile or^ ronsacola/'durins,^ forenoon
February ■: 11th: 'ii- "with/: final ;•>-limit-•Fe.bru
a r" 1G " *IM* '■'■ 'except ■' that;>J>y ruVepositOof
tickets; with ttlcke^ asent^L-ouisville} and
NaffHville railroad. , on- 6r r :befQre-Febru-
Hr^ "15tn :: and .: payment sof;ft-e5 of ;ft-ev of ;E0 ciyits,
Extension .^ of Hie '; tlnal /limit -afntil
February's." ISKC may b.-obuiincd. •
%For>rulinnjCormaUon apply. m any agent
Division Paisensor Agent. '
■VS cusPi!aiiPeti:eet.y
"No arguii?' | 3ntjavails" against
an east wind, nor against these
prices: . ,.." : ' v
:: • $10.00 Overcoats;-. 55.00 .: , '
""-.. $12!;50 Overcoats, $7.50.
$13:00 and.-^lS.oo^O vercoats,"
$9.75. : ) : - --; -'}. ' ;: -.; - ■ "*" * ' -'
: The survi vor3ol th is sale are
how. jrapidly finding happy^
home's,-; and in a- short while
the 'new- spring styles will
welcome you here. •
: In the; meantime help us to
clean house and clear stock ;
there's.money in it for yoU.\v .
Man hattan Sh i rts.
Every man who likes a nice
Shir-fc should, strive, to buy as
many 61 these $1.30 arid $2.00
Shirts as they may need for a ;
year/ while they're going: at
only 95c:- ; ; ' ' v . ;.;,-/ '. "-.
passed; an ordinance instructing the
Commissioner of the Revenue ; to levy, a
tax on .the machinery of all mariufactur
ing plants within, the corporate, limits
I of the city. , • - . -
The city will thus gain from' SS.CCO .to
$10,C>00 annually in taxes which have here
tofore been exempted. .: : - ;
" . - , - — ; —^»j».i-_ — . ■-';.■,•
navi'itoi. 1 .t. cr. w. leftwicii;
It q'ceiirretl in Il«<llor(l City—For
merly lU-siiled in .Fraiiklin.
BEDFORD, CITY, VA., February .12.—
(Special.)— At 9 o'clock /this morning 2.Uv
J..M. Leftwich died from the effects of
tut acute attack, of pneumonia at the
home of his son-in-law, Mr. G. M.. Wis
inston. of Bedford. City, :'
Mr." Leftwich, who was a son of . Major
William Leftwich.: was a native of Bed
ford, a member of -'a- large, old,, and in
fluehiial family, and : was, a man of .high
character, and held in; much esteem by
all who came' withiiv the range of his
influence. ... , - -
In youth Mr. Leftwich moved to. Frank
lin county, 1 whvre lie.-, resided many, years,
and married Ihero.. .
Abfut two . yeary ago. after the ' death
of his wife, and as the -infirmities of
his ; years began .to make in
roads - upon -v his '- strength; he camo to
•this place' to : resido' : with' his ■ daughter,
Mrs. Wigington. -- „-' ;.
He had passed the. age. of fourscore at
the time of; his death. :
■ Mr. Leftwich, had", for many ,-jvars. been
a .consistent 'and -'devoted member of the
: Baptist". church, and" when he felt the
approach 1 of the death angel he had no
fears or misgivings;: being firm in the
faith. " •"•■ ; '- ' ;
' Mr. Leftwich is -survived, by four chil
dren—Mrs. "Vvigiiigton," of this place; Mrs.
J. 1 S... Taylor, 'arid /Mr?*. M. E/ Home, of
the county, and Mr. W. B. Leftwich, of
Franklin.- . . : ' "•
The "l-emains will be carried ; to Frank
lin for. interment.
Was Killed :it Piii-Utr.sinii-.c, AY. Va.
.: Tflesii'anis ~Sot Answernil.
■ PARIvERSBURG. '■ W. VA., February
12.— (Special.)— No. message, has been re
ceived from the- relatives '..or friends of
John; T. West,, who . fell from a. bridge
here yesterday and, was .killed. / i\
: He was : amembcr;;in,\ : apparently, good
standing of Ix>dge No.. 15, "Architectural.'
Iron- Workers, of Baltimore, and worked;
all-last sumnier at Richmond, Va. After-"
wards ... he ..visited '; Stafford,. Va.. which
is believed to he his horns. ITe. ; also
worked at- Fannville.. ■ ;- ■ • •
— i^p™- — — *.- ■ ; ; '■
The .leiinUr l^oeUTVOoil-.-Towcil Into
' Xoi-follM'y .tlie Linwooil. „
NORFOLiIv, VA.. Februar\ r 12.— (Spe-.
cial.)— The -three-masted schooner; Jennie
Lp'ckwbod "Captain ;Ha'v/thqi : ne command
ing, was'-. towed" inJieye ,this morning by
the' "Norwegian steanier/. Linwood,,- Cap-,
tain Stubbd.. . .. r- . / ; : ■-„■-■
TheLbcltwood; lumber-laden, i.s houna
from' Brunswick. "*Ga.,.; for Boston./ The'
Liuwood/is/bound-from/Fernandina for.
Ghent,- Belgium; via Norfolk."/
.-' On ' the - morning : of : Monday, Feb
ruary 10th, at. :lo- o'clock, :. the -Lin- ;
wood' : came ' \.up ■•• with ; - ,; the - ■ I>ockwood,
which lay ' at anchor forty-two ,.-. miles
southwest by west of Diamond Shoal
Light-House. '.'. She had- been in collision.
on the previous night .with the schooner
Henry B Fiske,: bound from; Brunswick
\ for : Boston, -and . had :• lost her ; foremast;-,
jib-boom, and bowsprit-. - : ./. : ;./
-The Fiske was hurtrbutlittle'and pro
ceeded. : The .Linwood contracted to tow
her to this port., On the.'.next :day: : the
hawser broke and the ; steamer • lost ; fhree;
hours getting. another- aboard.': but finally
brought her prize ; into Norfolk -harbor.'- .
Exir:r Allowaaee for ; Waslilufstoii—
XeW OrlejinH Mail Service- Continued.
"WASHINGTON. ; T>. C , February" 12.-^-
The post-office appropriation : bi3l has been
practically' completed .by the House .Com
mittee ::on -Post-Ofaces - and Post Roads,'
and will ' be ■ reported In a few ; days. . :Tt
'carries : sl3rr,&ic,s9B, : : an '] increase iof
over ■' the curr en t ,; appropriation, : and _;: ;! of
$3 i53,023i-" over.;' the"; estimate's^ The ? largest
kem'"'isi:"^l.Ko.ooo. : V : .for""raUway»: < t3^sppr^:
tation' of ■ mails'.^ Thb'= rural free i delivery
serviee"&e.tß an. increasV of:st.2iO_OOO.vmak
ing the : total o$7 r 529,0C0, \ and -. provision is
!made Vto"; place -thef: rural -carriers .under,
'a -contract -system f\ instead 3 of ; j salaries :as
a^ :: present::':i.Theyextra^llovrance\for':'fast
railway--" mail "■ sefvieej ; betw'een*;;!New'"Yori£
and - Washington ; ; ; is/- omitted.; that
•forVthe service "between ''Washington and
■New :Orledns J ,r : andifr6rn::Kausas;"City v f,to"
■Newton.'vKas., • is"'inclu3eri.
;■;':.■:/'".<" RicliMioiiilei'N, in _3b T ovv" York. '
: : ,N EV7/-YORK,^February: 12^(Special.)^;
J.'C.^ Stevens,*}' O.jo/;?Alexander,^Hbff man;
H^Heller, [- Raleigh ; ' S% Cohn i and ; ; wif e," ; ; W.
D." Sutherland, iMarlboroukh;.,Tl':-Brov>nj
Criterion': .;.T/;'-H. j.Betty/r.Bfoad way '; Cen
tral. :
'■•.-too 3.VTE for.-; classification:
J.OST . - BiiTWEEN . - liI'iUJST-STREE'i'
r d«not :u\d :L.exJrigtan%;H6te].' L .S.Wetlnt'silas'
: 3iight. ' February,;;;i2th;
sFiiniei ; ?%viU s bft're\varded ft for r retarnlnfjitu
jjlsjeattb-oilic;. , i :; !>H'
-THE % G OVEICf'ORtBELIEVES Lti 5 1 ,% -
- y
"■' eil ithe^Penitentiary- ■Yesterday-^Se
tloh . ' of : ■ Farmers* V ;li»stitntes^-Tlie
/= Goi ye r no r/an <l , Good - Roads— Rnss ell
:' : Co-niity.l'riMo'nt'vs Expected. To-Day.
■ -.'■- "■- - : '..V -.■■■■•'• - '
Governor-.: Montague had. 'a quiet tut
busy day., yesterday. The tranqiiHity; pre
vailing at Lunenburg ■ Courthouse and the
absence- of any information indicating that
there is danger of violence '<■ to the mur
der. suspects" under, arrest there' greatly
relieved •. the- anxiety by the. Gov
ernor on. 'this -account. ■'■:'. If the situation
develops any menace' of mob .. violence,'
there;i:; every ; reason ;t& believe;theiGoy
ernorj will act with 1 promptness »and ia
tell'Konce, . as r the ;,- emergency :; may '.'■ fio
jrand. From .all- information obtainable, 1
however, thero 'is ' now, no~ ; rear.! of -vio.r
lenca'to ' Epps, -the .nesro suspected' "of
murdering Mrs. Faust. ' s . ' .'..:•
: The- Go\ornor. ;: :yesterday. ■"" declined' ths
i application for the pardon of David Hiif
fe I*,1 *, seni.( j iiced from Elizabeth City, county
nearly, a year ago' to one- year 'for feloni
ous asi-ault. ' ' ' ■•'■' / ' ■■■ :
■ . Governor Montague and Private Secre
tary Ritchie yesterday, visited the peni
tentiary and spent some time there, pre-.
surpablysrr'aking-. an inspection undvac-^
fluaintmg ; himself; .with condition;! there,
with a Mew to making some recommenda
tion-to tho Legislature when it recon
venes next Wednesday. " : .
"■•• 'h —- ; \
- -Besides /making 1 an address at the Good
Eoads'^ Conference; in Danville 1 next week,
the ;Govc-rr.or will' make another v/hen
the :. good ' reads party visits Richmond.'
He .wiliprcbably/attena. the conference
at Charlottesville' also. There is no sub
iert in.v/hicti he has a greater or more
acl : v-i interest than that: of good roads.
•: These charters ■ were'- filed for record
yesterday -with : Secretary-of-the-Com
monVealthEsgrleston:" . ; .-
The Washington: Heights, .Ar>artment-
House : Company, -f of ■ Alexandria-. Va.,
with right to -build ,'m the District .of
Columbia.' The capital stock is; $200,000." .
;.. The Henry Dannehl Company, of Fredc
ricksburg,. is to 'build', and operate a hotel
and to -manufacture wine- oC grapes. .
The Blackstone "- Hand-Shaved Handle
Company and the Elackstpne Telephone
Ccmcany. : ' , :
! ■■■■_■■■* ■ ' ' •■ . \- '■■■■■•■".-.■ ■ '
: The gang of thirteen prisoners from
the county of Russell, .destined for- the
penitentiary, where they will serve long
tetms, ■ is expected to arrive this morn
ing under strong guard,
i Commissioner -of - AgricuituV« Koiner
will begin tho scries of Farmers' Insti
tutes, this '.year with- one in Gbochland
county on the 24th. Others will bo had
from time to : time!, at various places
throushemt the State during the spring,
summer ; . and early autumn. These {in
stitutes were very; practical and helpful
to the farmers last -year,. .and: every
county wanted them;' „ - :
These notaries hove been commissioned:
W. if.' Hull. 'Marion: ".3'". T. Sutton, Rich
mond • J ' W. Woodside. Norfolk : J. - Q.
Martin. Norfolk; :• Holmes ■ \ "Wilkinson,
Taro- ~SI G. Fifld, Orange; A. Brown
T-vlor Warren ,H. Mercer,
Bichmond. . . "
Iteiiticii Farmer Tliinlw- Alt His
Chances Gone for AVlieat and Oats.- '
' The farmers are in a poor mood over
the prospects of a, wheat crop next sum
mer in Henrico county.'- ,^A ./..prominent
farmer 'said -yesterday that he did not
expect to raisy a s«.in and;: that he; was
now considering the matter of. : plowing
up twenty acres.ofs '.of land which had been
planted with wheats and oats last fall.
The continued' cold weather has played
havoc with young wheat, and if ;thvre is
a crop, it: will' be a small-one. .■ .
Messrs A. E. Sheppard, T. J. Francis,
and William King were appointed com
missioners yesterday by the Henrico
County Court to ascertain the damages
to property-ownvrs to create .a;, public
road out of a private roadknown as Graded
road, running- from the. Chickahominy
river- t;v Taylor's crossing, on the Rich
mond, Fredericksburg and Potomac rail
roaVl. They will meet on February 2Sth,
at ; 11 /A.: M.,: to view the route.
Deputy-Clerk Philips yvsteruay issued
a license for the marriage of Mr. Herman
W.Kelley to Mrs.' Sallie L. Kersey. ;.vho
will be. married iii the county tp-c'uy.
; The Dillard-Brauer Circle o£ the Fair
mount-A.venue Methodist church, in Fair-:
mount, gave ' a delightful -silver tea on
Tuesday, night at .the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Dillard. on Twenty-third' street. The
proceeds were for the benefit of tho
church, :' 'and a handsome , sum • was se
cured by the lnember.s.''
'"'.Eli'as Greggory (colored),:' who .'■• was
charged with stealing the sum of/ 130
from:. Mrs. • Sallie F. Boykin, " was sent
to jail yesterday for three- months by
'Squire James T. : Lewis.
Constable "Cyclone" .T. H. - Srimuel, 1
who has been ill for the. 'past week;. or
ten days at' his home, in Varina'District, :
was reported to be.in a precariouaacondi
tion yesterday, and there was consider
able'"concern; at; the .'court-house as to
ihis": condition. •"-' • ■ -. ■-:■. ..-•■•
- Mr. "Samuel is one of the; best consta
bles in -the -bounty, and his friends hope
to 'soon hear of his -improvement.
The 'case against 'several . persons;
charged with peddling without licenses,
■ will" come' ;up in ;the County-Court to
; day. ' There . are 'several persons who have .
appealed ■ from the lines of -the "magis-.
= trates? 'and "" several' .'..other, magistrates.
havo cases before them which they : are
holding in abeyance, until :the cases in
the County ' Court are. disposed of. '
The Board- "of Supervisors:. of lllenrico,
county held a= meeting at. the. court-house
; yesterday '. at noon, ; and ■. had . the- matter
coucerniiVs the good-roads -train :up. ; : The
ooard -is '■ lending .eyerj" possible assistance
in securing, the" train for a; demonstration
of. its work. : ; . ' yA:.'\' ; '
- : Uricfs and Personali.
3lr. .T. : . L. Ingereoll continues? ill at . his
.residence, Mo. 610 south Pine_ street. , '.V
.*. Yesterady 'the .B: F. ) Johnson Publish-.
ins Company; -of this- city, received^ .-in
order • ?for i 55,000: of ; charts. ; and
primers -for, ■■ use irv the : Philippines.^ This
is: the^third order; of ithis- kind that has
come from the Philippines.
"ilr. and. Mrs. • Erhanuel - Einstein," -'bi
Cleveland, O;; are visiting / Mr?t and; Mrs.:
•H.-S. ••-■.TSVallersteln/ 209.s"outh!Thlrd:street.
; :Mi "■-••"■'•'. William RV Tyree. v ; f6rmerlyAof
noy^ a't resident: of
!butv, ; ho-;repre3erits.-a3 ; a. : travelling, sales
man, -a, large ' northern house, Is "- irti the
city 'for- a few days. " • •
Aispoiiitmeiit^ on 'IVunessce Central.
Ui NASHVILLE/ TENN:,:l^bruary E.^i
H : : Hinton^iformerly traffic tmanagerli of ;
anno in ted- tralfic |manager^ of 5 the ;Te nnes-"
se^sCfcnU-alSeffectiye>:Febrnary,-,l7tb. .L-
S 'Mill er *- £ orraerlyJ of i*ytbc i Southernjrail-}
i tfa&gS' was !?■ appointed f_ general gmanager: ;
; til cis Cincinnati iSouthern,^ : y ? chief
and *<V, yi. i- " ■ ' • ~ -taut to^thu
■51-^^I«SS-?S?S?y'r-' '-■•-■ r : >■?.••■: '■■.KtH'-f'- : ■ ;; ;.>: ;: -:i;?'^:^;.l":Srv !:: ? i^^i^^^^SSS
V T. K. SANDS, Cashier. .O?S.-MORTOls\TAs3isa : atVc^^^
? Geo. L. Christian. Gco. Ji. Cannon, 11. Thc«->. EUyson, " W. M. Habliston. ■»;;*„
iV- :: ij' E Xolting, : ; v .,^l>enj.";P. -Alsop.k ;■ •RiLanens.;\Vli!i:vn's / J«,'hn; A^dLson, '." P'■ ~
:^c;■■■;•H.v•M. ; '=;Vaughan."viV■T.VH.*ll3llett. ' " J. H. r.ipor?. v '^iv^
' •* <r*- ■ a"- Cary -.' : B. Rand. '-AVenfortl, J. V*". Kothert. --. Fi. G. Rcnolds,"- *^$C#£l£<
;??■-*- „;_■■■. -;: Robertas. Boshcr. . - ..GeOrge \V. Stevens. .- f^yf^
i< •■- ijitcrcst Viiiil ;bn Deposits in Savinsri '.-• Department and o« ~\Ccr-\..i \V--r
S"- \\. ."■:'■■ ':. LETTER; OF, 'CREDIT. FORErON.^ EXCHANGE.
l°?!^^^?^/ ;: '' (rny>San.Tu&Th) ~^--: : ■■' '-TV i
I CAPITAL - 3200,006.06. ;
p "^a >T»r esident.” ■ > Vice-Hre?i{l.-?nt.;??. Cashier. ;?; ; - ir^Asiistant'Cajhfor.-.^vtt?.
i\ ' \VILLIAMC. CAifP, 'vMana^er Savinjrs Dep:irtment» "._ ".-_' .. • *. £
< TIIKKCTORS— William C. Gamp, ; William; J, -Piiyne. Leoa L.:Stfaii3c, < ;Kratfiptt;<v>i
} : Sp:iton?^Olfvor J.- Sands. : Philip W hitlocfc.' ,W. K. MoUouio, ; W. B. Suundora. Chaa.^B . • , f ,
S ww o;o ;^ UE pß^pp R^p^ RR i BI )TOFUBN*Isn DEPOSITORS every .- racinty^co'nsistettt. with ','^}l
S Koodb-mkius From smallest savings to larse3t comuierctal acciouata received ■ on' f»-£.- v r.i
V vorablo terms.- .v ; . ; . - ' " *" " rmh.3-Srto,TU.Thts
Feilerul I'urtr Asks That Islantlji Be
Jlaile a Territory, niirt Vlti
uintcly Be Atli»»ittc«l as
estate. ' V '■ "'
'. WASHINGTON, D. C . February 12.— '■'
The." memorial of the Federal party of
the- Philippine Islands was transmitted
to the Senate this afternoon by the Sec
retary.of War, together with a letter- of
transmi ttal by Governor . Taf t, in whose/
charge \ the -document .was- given. The
memorial was adopted at an extraor
dinary session of the Federal party; held
at Manila in November. It sets forth
that- the performance of that obligation
of the ■ treaty of : Paris which gave ; the "
United States. Congress authority, to 1b:
the status of the Philippine Islands ha 3
been deferred to this time", because of
the attack by -the Filipinos :npon the.
sovereignty of the United States, an act
brought: about, the memorial says,
through a -misunderstanding, and not
through hatred! of American sovereignty.
It further states that out of the sixty
provinces and : districts, war cxis Is ■ only
in ; two— Batangas and Samar. : ; ..
The memorial makes a presentation ot"
the deduction of the Federal party that/
Congress should proceed to carry : into
effect its intention of deflnins: the future
of the Philippines in their relation to the
United States, and asserts that there;
is no reason for not replacing tne mili
tary regime "with, a civil rule of popu
lar character, in conformity with the
decisive 'words of. the never-to-be-forgot
ten President McKinley."
The memorial proper, is divided into
two parts. The. first' of these is a petition
for .annexation, and 1 the ■, presentation of
the form of government desfrefl. .In this
subdivision, the Federal party sets/forth
that it has made an exhaustive study of
both' the Filipinos and the Americans,
and concludes from the mass of data col
lected that it Is "the intention of the two
people; that they ■ shall; never be dis
united." •
The memorial then proceeds: "To make
the. Philippines a.; colony -of the United
States, or to grant independence to the
Philippines, would be to hand the islands
• over to disorder/and anarchy, to .de
struction and ,to chaos. In effect,, the
colonial system involves the . principles
of. citizenship, irieciuality/ of rights, and
other consequent : abuses ?and' injustices,
■ of all of which we Filipinos were surfeit
ed . under the. Spanish .government,, •; and
for this reason we ; reject everything
• which tends toward a colony. Philjpprne
independence, With or without a. protec-,
torate, means a holding -of power, by ail
-the terrible elements- of the sects which
predominate,' and: would predominate. still
for some years .until the anger of X*iH T :
plnos toward'^ Filipinos y shall have ,beea
completely ■ calmed, /education become
general, and the fanaticism we have in-
1 herited' from Spain . exiled. B"ederatibn
.or. annexation would settle all these diffi
culties by concentrating- the efforts of
1 the Filipino people upon education ana
I labor."- / •'*-.* \ ..
! The>memoriallst3: then "pray a decl«ara
'tion. by the Congress of . the UniU-d
States to the; effect, that the Philippine
Islands, as they are described in the
treaty of Paris, and the. subsequent con
vention with Spain, are an! integral "part
of the United States, the said Philippine
Islands constituting; a territory, with tne
rights and privileges which : the Constitu
tion of the United States grants . to the
other Territories, /such as; that of becom
ing a State of the Union.", .
' 'A preliminar-y.form.of government simi
lar to that of the Territories of the. United
States is outlined, as suitable for the
Philippines. The' plan provides for a gov
ernor and -four executives secretaries, to
i.be -appointed by the President of. the
! United States, and. for a -Territorial Sen-
I ate, in addition to a " House of .Repre-
I seritatives, consisting of thirty member 3,
I sixteen of whom are to /be elected' by
tho people and : the others" appointed /.by
the governor. The . memorial asks that
the islands be represented tin the United
States- House of by two
delegates, i"';'^, -: '■: - .;■'■•'.■■ ; - ■ ''■ -:.t
.The second, part; of the' memorial sets
?foi ; th aspirations of a social and t-eonomi
cal character, the ; principal ' of . ■ which
-'tho'" memorial represents to be the ?er
curing of a remedy " ; of rhe "ancient evil
knov.-n as the Friar." Under this designa
tion the memorial .includes a! l: the re
ligious - orders : now " existing , in the • :Is
lands. The memorial says- of, the" latter
pthat-"they constitute aa-. ■ element ,which
I are "visibly opposed to the; Filipino '; pso
r pic's .securing- ..the noble;,;: ends . guaran
.teedvby the Constitution; of j the -United
States." "Congress is asked to takV'st«»3
j toremedj* this evil. .- ' ; .
Tn '•'ttju' the . I'roduottoii ;of : ,".Tlie
V ' -". ;■ .;•■ V >•.>-■■ '
: JsiniM Boj* invtllssitriri,"
-;KUKSAS :ClTr.^ 510., ' February 12.—
Judges Teasdale, Tin Circuit Gpurt irjre
to-day, "granted ; the ; application of Frank
James:' for injunction '.ito • stop --the
production of ■"The James Boys. in Mis
souri." a -itlramsi clopictinff :tho Janca
boys v as -train-robbers / and bank-lootcr^,
tlt. has *'" P ' wi " " a '"""
: TtioUnjuJiction pr'oceeduigs were ..broiijghfc';
b> ::; Frank ; ;? Janies/g Ws ;/mothVr/ ; _, Zerelda
Samacl^and'his -stopfither. Dr. Keubeni
Samuels."^ Tho j f-ui t Jrussed^ the v cjuestlon :
a^>;to'L v v;hoihcr ibr.cxiot'-iL : .h>rivtiti^;cUliscn.:
s 550\ TO LEND
S ;900/ :^V;-:-r r - : ■ ---ft"- "■■;;•:
s i,ooo\ ■.- ■ °' N •
lii«EsiE, ;
i i!fe 9-Sw&Th;C' " r K. Main St. ■-■::■:
and recommend them as very safe. :,«.-.':
,"' 'X ciet32,jan > Tu.Th
Stocksj Bonds, Grain, Cotton.
44 BROADWAY, W. Y. ;
" .; ' ; TELEPHONE NO. 7.- - : «
; Send for matket letters and pamphlet. '
Direct wires_ with L the Postal and Weatero |
Union ."offices f ensure "prompt : attention oa -I
all telegraphic business."' . : ; ; .
ja 26-San,Tu3sThiy
; .::.-;. ' • — . .. -. -
Spencer Tr ask & Co.,
:"-: ;';■ BANKERS,
-Now- ready for gratui
totis distribution, 1902
Edition ■ (Pocket Size).;
; " *>j» --Tli^Sat&Tiies-loUt-fprnircn* ; i:;
his'consent, wh'ether'to- Jiis discredit pit '•
not. ;-..->:.. .. .;■--;..,-■"... :•-.-"'. "■■"■- V '.'••. '■•■"■
Judge Teasda'/i- liistructeti that ./. 3:t.m>vi :
: furnish a bond of W,QO> to, indemnify I .; tli^V
theatr»3 -people against loss, in."';'cuse.>tli»i-j
clecL-sion is -over turned. -by a. higher ;icoart|*
und. until the bond. i.s t;ivei: the play will,;
<*"(> QH t " -" ' ■■' - - ' '■■'--"■ - : ' ■ "
THI-: TK.V I'l.Y SEIUES..' -
SeooiVii I'ivc Cames Ilet^vccn the Lo*
rai 'ri-JiHi.H— I'lay AKtii" Kritluy.
The second- Jive games, of the .ten-pin^
series between>the Athletic Club and-theie
rtichrnorid BowlinK'ClubVvvere played ?.o^
l.Seife'rt's alleys; boinjr won by thd Athleti<>
' Ciub, three; out of tive. '" Lee :made ;thei
* highest imlivndua! -score— l9B. Th« :same \
: clubs will play Friday,* night.'- Scores 03 •
jthe last game: - . * . ' ~\ '*'
1 ■ " ; 'V "'•'- '£'5\!T.6 i^C-.^faC";^s' : ifj^.;
j i.cc .:... ....10* : i^T;;.i2t i&s.;ri«; " : ,;,Tsii
i w0mac1c '..... 147' 1U i'A U-i .»; <j^
J Wugner .....ill. 1-A..-VZL: W>'. ■;*&£?£**■>
j Graces, -... v..11»r;.1^";^7,.;1^/.^;';._^>;v ..ll»r ; .l^";^7,.;l^/.^;';._^>;
I : totals. ... : .51if.-' :'57S'-.'- ; sgs'- .'-'.'6o-S -,' -'6i3^v2.S»?.;
j . ■'.--..■ ;■-. /ATHLETIC CIAJB. -^-yM 'i'M
Kuff .... :....IS2 IW "- 12S : 177 ;-:l3L^s«i|lf|
McCaui ' ...:.^2l 172 ;; ' 10 1 ,I^7;^l.W,. "■■•■•ftSi 'v
■■'Webbflr ...... Ui: ; ;.^a . J» - ' I?= -j
Seifert ....... 123 ' 1.12"- 1(0 1./7 151 ;j; j 7T5. ;
'" .Totals ...,57<> ' .«7U 'SSfi ' C2O . 5T.7 . :;.0l»>A
: .'■''' I'atlt-VeWski : S<-I»umann-U«-ii«W. .4 :.i|
I v paderewski's ; : farewell •■■., ; concert ',itoltr^|
which ; begins '- imnietliately '■ after j the ; : pr'o^|
I duction : oV ; the'bpera?**Manru"/ph;.Fridny:j|
: hi«h t. -. prom laes> to Hbe youie think :> o (f±<iM
continual ovation . wherever ; he .is ..to |aPf.js
pear. ■■Even^ih 'Richmond ahe 'house vwlUg
b<e' crowded.' judging: from ; the condUioii|
j oC-'thc bos' sheet :at.;thc present itimi^AX^
i -theTstore of A^Valter: D.^Moae«;-T^ere{thS|
' sale is in progress,' it was said; last; nighty
' that ,th« .concert -to ' ; ho':'"siven'';h<»reje».tt|'j
; Thumlay, February 27th, \wlll bo the-"
\ hir^fcpc Padcrew3ki.hasT^yer;gly»)n -Isef^l
! in point of receipts:" Iciisestimatedlthatl
['■ thi-i:r«c€lpts , will" be, -fu11y ..■':23..; per Jccht.^
LTfcre>than^tbey;:were;^when ; Paderewskt|i
last visttod Richmond two years asoT/J
.and. about 10 percent, jmorc :thartlatj.tfic|;
concert in Kj.
::'■., :■'■-■'. " . - -2*
i-'TlTha'subseriptlon; list for- the -concert H«;S
fbe^lyeh'-jin'ithis j city -on .ilarchjZUliHti^g
■ morning a t : the:store : ; of ,iWalterJ;l>Ji3lc*|#
! tnse •■ of i sele'e tlorr ' o£ : . seats ?oh "i t\yv tlay^^c^
fore- the rtgul.tr '-S'llc opciw. Theii[«f^
; pavjement ;<jccurs on th* iThur*t:iy; lri itolvg
FWeek? ■ and- m;:s!e •' of f ats'peclalicaara'CWßi
v ;Bsii^ot6nt|
; PrdteQUve\Prcter^o*^T3ik3;^ak^a!glitfAt^
'■propriated.i PS& M : •fe«\.- dL<burs«l ifcy^ith^l
Citizens" n»:'.> f A/... ■■'■v.i :•..•• f r th« r*- J

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