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"WHOLE' NUMBER . 15.868:
■-■'-■' . * - "i ' ' >J
;.i*tcrn S«:tte Ild.^iilxalnndtlic": Capi
tol BulUliiijC Ilctiommcailcd for Ap
jjr<>;irln<ioj»M — Subjects of I'nlilie
Itoads. llnral Scliottls, niul Educn
tionnl Needs — an 12xn|»loyers' Lisibil
iJy Uiil.nccotuntcndcd — Convicts for
J^ortd lluiWJnpr.
The Governor's message, transmitted to
both branches of the General Assembly
yesterday.- is as follows:;
To the Senate and House of Delegates:
Upon this resumption of your dutius it
is unnecessary to mako any -comprehen
sive recommendations respecting "the con
dition of the Commonwealth," as this was
■R-eil and eiaborately done by my pre
decessor: , and as the constitutional con
voraion has not cojaoleted its wonc, it is
inexpedient to suggest lor your consid
eration any lecislaiion save that of an
imperative character. ■ .
The condition resulting from the disas
trous Ore at the Eastern Hospital, which
occurred on Jan. 4. demands your imme
diate attention. About 6:20 A. M.. the
ilames were discovered upon the roof -of
the "Tower Building," which contained
one hundred and ihirty-six male patients
suffering from the- worst forms of insan
ity, ail of whom were rescued save one.
The origin of the lire is conjectural, but
SO ' neglect ' of duty or foresight attaches
to the officials and employes of thehos
The dormitory rooms of the institution
were taxed at the time of the lire, but
by the utilization of the music hall and
by crowding the wards for females, ac
commodation has been made for eighty
two of these patients, while the only
huilaing for males is forced to receive the
remaining lifty-four unfortunates. When,
therefore, consideration is given to this
deplorable condition, and to the further
fact that since the flre forty applications
for admission Into the hospital have been
refused, no doubt can be entertained that
you will give the needed relief: and to
this end I would suggest a specific appro
priation of not less than thirty thousand
dollars, which, with the insurance of six
teen thousinfi dollars, will measurably
replace the destroyed property.
The condition of the Capitol building
is a. reproach to the State. 1 therefore
urge an appropriation sufficient for such
repairs and Improvements as will insure
tlae safety of this historic structure and
promote the health and convenience of
those who come to labor within its walls.
The congestion of the convicts in the
ocll-rooms of the penitentiary ;< has justly
jiroused the sympathy of our people. To
relieve this Intolerable condition, either
by utilizing the convicts upon outside
w"ork or by additional cell room, is a
duty, 1 am persuaded, you will not evade,
as not only humanity but the good name
of our State is involved.
Our appropriauons are made from the
first day of October to the thirtieth day
of the succeeding September; therefore, it
ip apparent that' the- second fiscal year
closes some two months in advance of the
assembling of . the legislature, during
which time no authority exists for the
expenditure of any money in supp6rt of
the government. It is true custom has
sanctioned the continuance of the dis
bursements provided for in the unexpired
eppropriation act: but this may at any
time afford serious trouble. I therefore
recommend cither ,that the fiscal year be
changed or that the appropriation bill in
terms continue the disbursements therein
provided for until a subsequent appro
priation Is made.
In connection with our treasury depart
ment I would suggest, that the ofhee of
ilm first auditor be' confined to . one _ or
audits and "receipts, and "that rof the
second auditor be enlarged to one of dis
bursements, thereby enabling the omce3
of the first auditor, second auditor and
treasurer, respectively, to be a check, one
upon the other. This recommendation is
in no sense a criticism of the present
treasury officials, but is meant to secure
a system in , accordance with business
methods, and while entailing no additional
expense will manifestly secure a safe and
efficient administration of our fiscal nf
For some years the railroad employes
of the State have earnestly sought such
a modification of the common law doctrine
Of the non-liability of the master for in
juries received by a servant through the
negligence of his fellow-servant as has
nlreadv been embodied in the laws of
England and of many of the States of the
Union. During the past year both the
Democratic and Republican parties,
through their platforms, committed them
selves, in favor of) the desired legislation,
which the Supremo Court of the United
States unanimously commended as long
ago as ISSS. I therefore commend to your
favorable consideration such . legislation
ac will at once redeem these promises and
insure simple justice both to the '.trans
portation companies and the men they
The Virginia Normal and Collegiate -In-
Ftituie at Petersburg, trains many of. our
negro teachers, and Is therefore a most
potential factor in negro education. The
government of this institution is dual, be
ing controlled by a board of visitors who,
hi turn, are controlled~by the State board
of education, a system lacking ener«y
and dividing responsibility. The condi
tions which evoked this'chiargovemmenr
no longer obtain, and it is most desrabie
that, this scllool should be under., the man
agement of a board of visitors, alone,
whose number should not exceed five.
Its classical course should by all means
be superseded 'bv one of industrial train
ing. The effects of this change cannot
well bo- overestimated. The name of the
school, consequently, should be changed
to that of tho Colored Normal and Indus
trial Institute, and the mandatory exclu
sion of white teachers should be- repealed.
The changes here outlined -would promote
the efficiency of .the- school and redound
to the good of the negro people of the
A government of universial suffrage
necessitates -universal education: there
fore, the education of ?J1 the children of
the people of this State is ft. task for
patriotic statesmanship. . What and how
our children are to be taught is a supreme
question. However much tre have done
and are doinsr. it is plain that we can and
should do more."
Tho social, commercial and industrial
state of the Commonwealth has almost
■wholly changed in the last thirty-five
years. These changes have imposed ne.w
coiuVtions that must be met with eourape.
energy and intcllijjerjce, or we must fatally
larr behind in the inarch of progress and
•civilization. Education for 7
thinkers and professions will not save th»
people. But few of the many who over
enter?. public .schools make their lh-in?
other than by the use of their hands an«i
oyes. Why noL therefore, educate thoso j
faculties and members who produce tho i
substance and comforts of life? Such
education is not merely material. "Upon
labor all civilization primarily' rests, arid
the education of this labor will teach
knowing by doinjr and Mend science witli
art. It ■will beset habits of order, ac
curacy, industry and intelligence: It will
produce contentment and develop skill. and'
productive jxnver; It v.-Hl dignify labor
nn<3 energize the creative forceis of society.
These momentous needs can be greatly
facilitated, if not accomplished, by some
fonv.T: of industrial education. Ample ex
j»*»rience affords indisputable proof of th^
practical and ethical value of tJiis form
of education, which in some of its branches.
may be introduced intt* many of our
public schools with': little. -if any additional
copf and in a few years we shall havo
a Eystem of teaching: that will popularize
•the free schools and '■ powerfully: advance j
the State,
The first step toward tno consumma
tion of this is the procurement of. com
petent teachersi Blacksburg j and Harnp-,
ton are already giving us some of those.:
teachers. I would recommend the, intro
duction of Industrial: .teaching' and;train
ing Into- all the- normal :scboo](sj,of; the
Coirjmomvcaltli. These are the sources
whence alone must come the teachers who
are to Inaugurate -.Jand -..carry; forward th^
Kreat educational reform : and -; I; woulc;
'•amfstly recommend, that 'you authorize,
the SUite board of education, to: take Kuch
steps as may be . n«^cessaryr" lo;= incrnrt
rome forms- of v.lhdustrial?.rand-:-.niauual,
tiHininsr upon the free. BChool\sVHtein. ■-. .
Ayaiiv- tie tendency: to ;. Multiply,, rural j
schools has greatly Impaired^ the^efneiency
«i i i , system. v.Wo need = stronyer : schools;
ulthilonser terms: ;Such schooiswlircom
mand^better "teachers and< admit of?- the
classification ;v necessary- to ithe best -edu-'i
cational ; resul ta. 1 1 is - Quality rather - than \
quantity..; that :counts, in? education. .-: The'
aiate can,, better afford," . as % respects Vcost
and j elliciency, sto -transport ", its ' children- to
one. good, school; than toiput an indifterent |
school near the door of every patron." Such:
transi)orta tion- hasibechifourid economical
and ■■■: beneficial mV several-? of the f States,
and in time; doubtless will be? introduced 1 !
into all sparely settled communities. 'Some, ;
central authority: should -be^ established ;in;
each.county to fix" the number of schools*
under such limitations and regulations ; as
the Slate board? of" education may -pre-"
scribe: : - :■ ■y; \ - ■ ;. - :. -. ;-;:-,.- :■ . ;•■ '.-y Z^
There Is no economic auestion (before^
the people, of the State of such moment:
aa that of better public: highways.':; : ' E
xperts and publicists concur- in the opinion;
that good highways are "the best expo
nents: of an advanced' civilization., - J.
Virginia- is spending annually: about
5500,000 upon public -highways without any
appreciable crjuivalent in- road :improve
ment, it Is manifest tnat the expediture
'of funds through -unintelligent -adminis
tration is worse" than extravagance;; and
in dealing with the road problem we must
first safeguard the public moneys to be
expended therefor. The. construction of
roads in accordance. : with : . approved
methods and under .responsible,: capable
and scientific supervision are prerequisites
to the achievement o£ the desired end.
No housecan be built without a mechanic;
rio railroad without an engineer; and no
highway without efficient and/scientific
control. Therefore,, it would seem, that
the first step is the creation of ' a com-:
missioner or commission ,of public high
ways, with powers of investigation,;super
vision and control ;'uiven to similar bodies
in other, States. ■ .-
The financal phase of good, roads centres
perhaps around three plans which have
been successfully adopted in many Sta.tes..
The first is a county tax to be levied solely
for road building; the second., the issuance
by counties, upon the; guarantee of /the i
State, of Jong term bonds, the proceeds
from which to be: applied to road con
struction- and improvement, such bonds ;
being easily -floated- at a very low rate of
interest; and,, the third, the State aid
plan, by which, the State undertakes to
appropriate a given sum . of - money for
the- construction of roads upon" the condi
tion that the county supplement the. sum
from its own. treasury.
And it should be furthermore said in ;
favor of scientific road construction that
no county or State has ever venturedupon
; the experiment without success, and that
all expenditures for this -purpose have so
increased the value of property, as to have
proved most successful investments.
It is- not. my province to frame a bill.
This duty devolves upon you, and I, there
fore, submit this great question to "your
consideration with the hope that the ex
pectation of the people^may find no* dis
appointment in your doing that which has
been so: successfully done by nearly, all
of the States of the Union.
As a factor in buildins better roads I
would, however, suggest the utilization
of penitentiary convicts, tramps, vagrants
and certain jail prisoners, either in the
preparation of road materal or in the con
struction of roads. In a sister State" it
appears that it took one year's labor of
eight and one-third convicts to build one
mile of macadamized road. If we could
employ one thousand able-bodied convicts,
they should construct, at this ratio, about
one hundred and twenty miles of road in
a year. This -mileage-would so increase
the valuft of adjacent lands that the in
creased revf-.nue therefrom would exceed
the income now derived from work done
by the convicts.
It is true the State has an existing con
tract for the working- of penitentiary
cor-victs for a term of about thirteen
years, yet many convicts -could doubtless
I still be secured f rom the penitentiary,
and the enactment of a law by your body
that those ~ hereafter convicted : for short
terms be sent directly for service in con
nection with the .public highways would
at once prove effective in supplying labor
for the construction of roads and prevent
the over-crowding of the penitentiary cells.
Therefore, the inauguration of a system
! of construction of roads by any one of
the plans mentioned, including the utili
i zation of prison labor. Will insure high
ways that will be of incalculable benefit
to this State. It is true the whole State
cannot be threaded with good' roads' in
two, ten or twenty. ■•' years, but We can
very Boon have a system of public roads
that will srive an immense vigor. to our.
industrial and commercial, life, and will
also facilitate social intercourse "and amc
liorate-tho..lsolation and hardships of our
rural population. >
And in conclusion. I ask your perusal
of my inaugural address, which, in addi
tion to my remarks upon education and
good roads, refers -to Virginia's interest
in the St. Louis exposition and our.. own
ter-oentenary celebration of the founding
of Jamestown, together with my. views
upon immigration and capital, taxation
and economy in government. : .
Executive Office. Feb. 20, 1902.
General UnderstJindiiig^ That $200,000
Appropriation Will lie Asked.
The report of the joint commission ap
pointed to investigate the conditions -at
the penitentiary, and recommend' to the
General Assembly a course of action for
the improvement of the same, will be sub
mitted ,in a short time. The nature, of
the report is not .known fully, but It
is -understood that it will recommend that
the General Assembly appropriate the
sum of ' ?2!X>,<>}o for the ' enlargement, of
the prison. It is said that the commis
sion is- unanimous on this, with the ex
coption of Mr. Stoner, of Botetourt, who
yriM. have in a minority report recom
mr:ii<ling that only ?10!},000 be appropriated.
There was a meeting of the comrriis-,
sion at Murphy's Wednesday night. Th?
members present were i Senator LeCato.
of Accomac; ' Delegate Xewhouse,. of
Culpeper. nnd Mr. Eggleston. of Char
lotte. Mr. Stoner. and Dr.: Prlddy, ol
Charlotte, -were jiot present. .The' for
mer sent a communication to the com
mission staling 'that he would not ; be
v.'illing to recommend' that- the Legislature
appropriate more than $100,000 fort peni
tentiary "improvement."" It;'" was' stated
that Dr. • Priddv would join the majority
in. recommending tliat , ?2(W,00i), be appro
priated. " :
■ Mr. 'W., D. Chesterman. president of
the Board of Directors of the peniten
tiary, and* Mr. A. C. Harman. .former
president of the • board, were at- : ' the
1.1213' CAMP TO-MGUT.
.Special I'rop:r:inime lillifly -lt
:"■■'; trsiet n. Larso Atiilieiiee.
Lee Camp's meeting to-night wil be one
of great interest. Captain;, John Thomp
son Brown will deliver an address on
the "Private Soldier of : the Army, of
Northern Virginia at the Battle of Chan
cellorsville.!' In addition, a fine musi
cal programme has v been arranged^by,
Mrs-. Stephen T. Bevericlge. The public
especially the ladies have been invited
to be present. • . ■ _,-
Members of the.. Const! tutlonaV Conyen
tion and Legislature will be cordially
welcomed. ' . .
At the l'lnyJioiises.; :,
There is the sentiment of ''Auld Lang
Syne," and "Home, Sweet ' Home, In
the announcement of the return of;JJcn
man Thompson. ajid his faithful: picture
of New' England farm' life, -'The O.a
Homestead," whichYstill ranks ; as ■- one -oi
the strongest drawing cards on the Amer
icanos tage, and which will . be : seen at
the Academy to-night and to-morrow
matinee -md" night,' All.of. the phe
nomenal successes that. ' have :. been ex
ploited since, it? inception,:;, have only
held sway for awliHe.then stopped: alto
gether, : while ■'■-th.^._ nseadow A. -tinted
story, -true in ■■ ijts '■ i delineation ;,.:" of
rugged' honesty continues. : to : charm its
eounlless admirers. ' ' • ' . '; ■
'The long expected "Florodora" will- be
the attraction at the Academy -ori Mon
day night. -The company has : a hundred
weil-kriown^ people in the cast^ and carries
US; own orchestra of ; eleven pieces, v
There will 'beja>pecial souvenir ;.matl-;
nee at the Bijou this afternoon)- at .whicn;
dainty ', littlekpi-esents. will ; bo| giyen^to;
all the iadies.who.attend. i . To-rnorrpw. af-^
"lerhooiV'.thero rwillfbe Javspecialirnatlnee,
for' :chiluron ; a"ndv-the - extraordinary X«n'r.:
a ijjciaent'^ wlll'v elewttv to-morrow,, nlffhti
Tho company Is ■ reckoned . .^amongr.the
best Va t tractions "on ; the : vaudeville': stage.;
She Was, Shot , l>y '{a {Careless Boy in
"' s ' . j Mnthevrs. *
;,'•• MATHBWS, ;VA:;:; ; Februafyv ;i»^-(Spe- ;
ciall)~A" ; jury ; of i inquest was,: empanelled ;
near ithe; Friends? .'cnurch';'; at T : New}: Point;;
-Tuesday;^by^Spec^l^Cohstable ? Hu^st; : !;tot
enquire. i into : the :cause; of "the" death of;
Suslei Johnson '-;■■■; j^^; <::''^.: : y.\.
and jWlllie ; Johnson," respectively^ It: and. \
lOyears of age, ;who;testifled ! that] John]
Artist iJarvis,;; a. f negro youth' 14 1 years ; of :
age,' came .'to the tho use" where :they . were;
at;play,^and, placing -a; cartridge^ in ''the.
breech-loading shotgun \ which • he: brought •
with him, said to : the \ two; witnesses: 'i"Gp ,
into ; the : house : :" ; I : am' going', to \ shoot ■
Susie," "And 'suiting; the action . to "\ his
• words, he . immediately fired thelweapon.;.-.
The load took .effect- in ; the 'girl's ; right :
leg," shattering the, bone -.and ■ severing ; the •
: f emoval artery/ f from which ■ injury ' she
bled to;;death. in 1 ' three; hours. , : ■
•:■:^ John^Artist -Jarvis,'; being .; sworn, '.'; "and
aaked' if . ho wished Ito make a statement,
said:. - "It ■ was ; an;:accidcnt:; I}"didjnbt
know, the -gun was .' going off." ■ -" x
;.There being no evidence of malice or
criminal intent,' and . i n . consideration: of ;
the .tenderi age; of. the accused,. Justice
Miller, acting under»the prpvisions : of .'sec
tibn;3&Go of ?'the .Co'de.uba.ile'd; Jarvis ] in the
sum of ,$100; for .his .appearance a{ .tlie
March term, of the County Court. .'
: Dr. Thomas , 8. . L«ane was '■': hurriedly
summoned ' to'; the relief of the child, but
. could riot" reach her in ; time to save her
life. ■ ■ . ' ; .;: ; :'■. ■• - -
'WytJievllle Jlan Attoclced VraHish
ivavin^n—Henry G. llonrne In jtired.
WYTHEVILLE, VA., February 20.—
(Special.)— An attempt was made ; to': com
mit highway, robbery here last. night. .
Mr. Stuart Moore, a well-known young
stonecutter- of thjs town, was on his , way
to his home, just out of Wytheville, and
was passing through a deep cut of the
Norfolk and Western,: road -a short dis
tance west of the station." when;. a strange,
man :on .passing, suddenly, .turned and;
struck Moore on the back of the head
with what he believes to be a sand-bag. ;
The- blow :felled , Moore to the gfound, '
but fortunately did not- render "him un
conscious. ~' ■ ~ ■
Before the assault could be. followed;
up, Moore pulled a pistol and fired twice
at his assailant, -but -with. what effect he
does not know. - .:; :. J
The highwayman escaped in the dark
neses without being apprehended. Young
Moore had but recently returned from"
work in East Tennesseee, and It is sup
posed that the highwayman ''knew him,;
and thought that.-he had a large sum of
money on his person.
Mr. Henrj- G. Bourne, a" leading farmer;
of this county, met -with a painful acci
dent to-day. While on his way to
Wytheville, and when approaching . the
Norfolk and Western crossing, three
miles east of town, his riding horse fell
on the ice -with him." ■
Mr. Bourne struck : the ground In his
head and left hand. He received a se
vere wound above the left eye, and was
otherwise bruised, about; the face, while
his hand was also Injured.
He was brought on to Wytheville; given
medical attention.and -was driven home
Though his wounds are exceedingly pain
ful, they will hardly prove serious.
Venerable Itesident of SulVollc— Whs
a Gallant Soli Her.
SUFFOLIv, VA., February 20.-(Special.)'
Captain William Pryor Lewis died at 11
o'clock to-day at the residence of his
son-in-law, Colonel L, P. Harper on
Main street. ' ... ;_. i
The deceased was £0 years' of age and
death resulted from .a general breaking
dewn- of r the system. ' ■ • ■- - --— ■-: --- ->.-■" '--- *-'
Captain Lewis was born ; in :Goochland
county, Va.,:but: spent- the greater.part
of ; his life' in Nashville, and Murfrees
bbi-o',-Tenn. . " - - ■ • .
He was a gallant Confederate, having
been captain of a company in the Fifty
third : Tennessee Regiment.
For several years Captain Lewis had
been living with his daughter, Mrs. L. P.'
Harper, in Suffolk. : -. -'
A strange fatality has attended the
parents of Colonel and Mrs. liarper
during the past few -weeks. ■ ■
His mother, died on the 3d of Jan
uary. Mrs. Harper's mother died on the
Sth of February, and now her father
has followed. '
All three deaths occurred at Colonel
Harper's' residence.. ■"' : -,
Captain .'Lewis's funeral, took- place at
C o'clock; this afternoon, and the' re
mains were to-night -shipped to : Nash
ville, Term., for interment; - . ."■' ■
m»»i — - ,- . .■
Severe ltciirimand for the Soldier
Wli© Sent jui Annonyniuci' I#etter.
HAMPTON, - VA.J 'February : 20.—(Spe
cial.)—Artilleryman Clarence S. West,
who was : locked'up .in -.. the guard-house
at Fort Monroe on the charge of sending
the Daughters of : the Confederacy an ;
anonymous and insul ting. lettdr, : was this
evening released from imprisonment.. -'
Liberty crime after- the .artilleryman
had, been put through the "sweat-box, 1 !
with a severe reprimand from Colonel-
Francis Guenther, . the commanding offi
cer. .■" - ; ' ;'■ . ■ . / ' ■ -'■- ■ ■;':
.Colonel Guenther, after "investigating
the military law, ■ it is understood, came
to the conclusion that 'the- charge against
West was^ one for .which no punishment
had been prescribed. • . -, ■• ,■ •
,•, • That; being- the case, the officer called
the . artilleryman to his ■ office, .where he
delivered the reprimand! • ■
': It is said that the words used by the
Colonel were of the severest' character.
Miirrlasc of air^.HlcCoiinell'.hntl Mls.s
. Ueisssca in.' WiiiolieNter. .
WINCHESTER. VA.. February. 20.—
(Special.)— Miss, Ree . Reinica, of Front
Royal, Va:,"-and Mr. Elmer C.McConnell.
of. Parkersb'urg, W. '.Va.; ; left the .first
named town last night, icarae to. Win-.
Chester, and were married this morning
by' Rev. W. H. H. Joyce. : :; .
■ The bride resided with her uncle, Mr.
F. G. Allen, at Front .Royal, and last
week the lovers attempted get mar
ried, but- their plans were: frustrated,', and
a close watch kept upon the: bride. .. : > _
; Latej last night, however. Miss: Reinica
eluded her tmclels.vigilance," -and the. cou
pl.« drove twenty-tv/o : miles .to Winches
tor : " ':"'.' ' .• ' "'■ . . ; ,"-'■" '■ . '■ ■
■A marriage license, had been procured
yesterday, and after ; passing a portion'
of the. night in a livery-stable office, the
couple were married early this morning
before- the uncle missed his niece from-
Terrible Accident . : Befalls Juliuu
.-:■' "CroNii,' .'6. Siiitollc Xeg-ro. -' > .
SUFFOLK, VA., February 20.-^-(Special.)
Julius Cross (colored), 24 years "old; / and;
■>n cmp]o.veej;pf. the; Virginia /Company;
here, " tumbled into a log-vat : of ; steaming •
water this morning; and .came near being
sealdea^toKdeath.:/;^- :.,/: t y : :'\
His screams attracted- fellow-workmen,,
■vvho -rescued him. " .-. ■ . . / ■; . .'
Tha' vat- contained over : four- feet.iof .
water/ andy the ..negro- was scalded/frbm
;v.t't'o -neck: --His/ chances -of '•recovery;
ar* slim. . ;' :: .;'
For Gulf Cotis^ lalandf^Vatenvwy.
' y WASHINGTON^ D^ i C.^; ' Febfuary .^ 2o.—
Reuresentati ve v ßichardson;" of {Alabama;
to-day introduced la^bllliforj;the^construc
tion"of a-canalUconnectinff^the llissis
Ge^gia;-by.?-way,^of mhe ? tland-locke^
water" ■of :1 the ; icoast i of : Louisiana, ;Mis-
?^frnm : St ; George's? Sounds Florida;!
SFBt-Mary.-*»vr, Georgia.
D eclared. .That Be .Cam e All ; the
Back f rom Erirope to"Tcstjf^ in the
'Association ? inquiry— Jnage
Christian's Statement of^lnVestisn.
tlon- BJnlces It ; Out That - the ' De
; teotivc Never to Europe. '" '*/:.■
:: Perhaps- theVmbst. remarkable'; piece ''of :
testimony: offered during 7 the"proceedings
in' the Wendenburg case; was ' that of Mr.
C. ;W. >;St. -.Clalr. .Mr.; St." Clair %as .the!
-Williamsburg ; deputy who was : to come
to Richmond. :and ' arrest Ulie :prisoners, v :
Kirnbla arid . ilorris, :, irnme'iliate'ly' upon'
their release by ;: Judge .>Waddill's:; order./
.Of course, he; found the birds had \ flown .
• when he got "here, for -Mr. Weudenburg, v
their attorney, had already^ delivered I the
Judge's order to the - Henrico jailer and
secured ;the release: of his clients.. ' -o
When Mr. .Wendenburg. was testifying
on December 30th, he stated that if he
cculdget St. Clair before the committee
he would. vprove; "a,". valuable.' witness for
him, : and; Mr. Wendenburg added that
ha had- just a .letter from' St.
CJair'S;' brother,; showing where he" -(C.
W.-SL; Clair) was. The letter referreTl
to was tiien read, and is as follows: - .
'.'Charibttesville, .Va., ; December 27, : 1901. ;'
. "My i brother, Charles W. St. Clair, who '
is in ■' Europe, -. and has been : since he was
shot while ; making :an , arrest in ' Cincln- ;
nati, 0., writes me to informTyou he will
reach Richmond on or. about' February
1,: 1902, -and -hopes for, you ;to ;stay^; the^
action of ;the Bar Association V in .some,
case that he was associated with you in, ■
as he wishes : to -appear as a.-. witness in;
your, behalf. He is awfully worried about
the- .matter, and says he will; stand, by;
you through It all, as he understands the.
whole transaction. \. Hoping : you under
stand what he means, I will iclose.
-; -. ••Respectfully, •: "VV. ; E. ; ST. 1 CLAIR, - ;
"Acting for Charles W. St. Clair, South
. em Representative Pullman Car. Com-:
: pany, 611 west Main street, Charlottes
: ville, Va." ; ;■ :. ". . . . ■- .
"If you wish to answer, •■": I will for
ward lt'to'.;]ilm for. you to 1 his address) in
Scotland.; He will leave there ; in -, fifteen
days for ' Paris, France; .and--; then sail
for~-America. He has lots of i business
there for his company. He is '•• entirely
well of his wounds.",
Mr. C. "W. St. Clair appeared before the
Grievance • Committee : on January. 11; 1902.
The record does not state whether ho :
was a .witness for Mr. Wendenburg or
for the complainants. ■ ' •
■St. Clair: testified in substance that
Bulla.Vthe Government Inspector,' Dis
trict-Attorney Allan, and himself were
seeking to ; conceal j knowledge about 1 ' the'
nolle-prosequi proceedings from Mr.
.Wendenburg, "and that it was his r (St.
Clair's) idea that. Mr. Wendenburg did
not' even have a copy ' of the order re-*
leasing the prisoners; hence, :he did' npt
see any necessity to hurry to Ricrfmorid'
to - arrest the . men confined in the : Hen
rico Jail.
The oueer part. of his testimony appears
■when he- was questioned as to his Euro
pean trip, and the investigations made
by the' Grievance Committee ,' shortly
afterwards. .'.--- ■ _.
- ;St.\ CJaii*^ stated lhe v was .In .the
secret Service, of tlie Pullman Palace-Car
Company; that he had been sent' to Eu
rope by tliem on corifldentiar- business;
that while Mn Edinburg. Scotland, he;
read; in the London Times: a clipping,
stating that Mr. Wendenburg was under,
charges by : the Bar Association for pro
fessional misconduct; that r upon -read-
Ing this on December 25J;h,. he at once
cabled his brother, .Wj J§. -St. Clair. in
Charlottesville. the; substance- of .what
appears in the letter; that thecablperam
cost him $16, and would be deducted from
his salary by the' Pullman people;, that
instead of .going to Paris,, as ; he in
tended, he took the steamer Bremen, of
the German Lloyd Line, at Liverpool, on
December 27th," and came straight to
America. x ■ : v '
Judge George ' L. . Christian makes a
statement in the' record concerning the
above. It does not appear In the record
ac sworn testimony, but ; simply ■ a state
ment made by Judge Christian as to the
repultsof his Inquir3 r In .the matter.: He
went' to Charlottesville on business, and
was' requested by the committee, with
the consent; of Mr.- Wendenburg's attor
neys, 'to inquire : about St. Clalr^ Judge
Christian stated that St. Clair's employer,
said that, so far as: he knew, St. Clair
had been in Charlottesville.^ during the
time in which he claims to. have : had
his European experience; that Judge
Duke, of Char!ottesvi!ie, said ttiat St.
Clair had been in his (Duke's) office in
December last seeking his 1 influence for
a position ; with the Pullman ' Company,
but that he conld ; not;:secure itfor .him.
Judge" Christian also statedHhat he coul<l
find no evidence of , the existence. of such
a.;person as W.'.E. St. Clair. the Writer
of : the letter, in Charlottesville. -Attach
ed to Jxictge Christian's statement -. is' ; a
letter froravJ. S. Rininells,. general coun
se: for the Pullman Company,., denjang
any knowledge . on- the' part of: the com
•Jany.'of St. Clair's connection in any:ca
nncitv with that concern, and stating
tliaf it .would be. impossible .for the cable
gram, expense to g,o through the auditor's
hands, without 'the knowledge of that
official..; . .; . ". \ .
There is a sequel to the story.;- Last
week. St..; Clair - appeared Un Rfchmond.
He sought some of the gentlemen con
nected with the" case,'" and -told them"
; that; he was here on- a, secret imlssion. to
arrest some men, and Ydrew, from his
heavy r overcoat: a' pair^ of
cuffs to -confirm his statement/ -St. 'Clair:
told, the gentlemen that he had take.h;
steps; to secure, material : that : would cor
roborate "his testimony /before jthe: com
mittee. .He said , he had - a copy . of -.:jthe'
cable-gram in the Pullman; cipher ..'code
v.-ithi hirrirthat he also hart a voucher for:
the cablegram, and a -check from 'the
Pullman Company, showing \ lio w the cost
of the cablegram had been decluctedi.ffpm:
his salary. 'and'that he had;;abundant
similar evidence .with him' to substantiate'
his original; statements.*"" ; St. , Clair ; said;
this material }< was in his ;; valise, -which;
he had left in charge ■'. of; a: barkeeper "in;
town. When the. gentlemen went ,tb the:
sa!cpn : in:- question,-; it .was .ascertained j
that ■' St." Clair ; had , been" there" with his^
valise.; but had .called for; it ' before : the
gentlemen arrived,, and had: silently.::de
parted."- .' ' • .-■ . ;; ■ y-..--. ...,.,:, ;■■..-.:.-/ .•.-.-»
.?- ■ 3Boyi?Aecidenta]lly Shot. - .'•
' GREENTTLLE, :NA,C;; : ; February ;20.—;; 20.— ;
(Special.)— Redding;- Norris,;:a.?.-white; man ;
"of -this v, county,';.';, committed" suicide "? this
morning?^ cutting -his !;throatl^th.': a~ knife *
i ", This; afternoon VLee Shelburn JandiFTank.-
Skinner. : '...whit6:;boys,^ were'; huh ting,:, •when;
Shelburn? accidentally shot - Skinner; lii j the"
lee with- a ' small ''■ rifle. ',- ' The ",-wound ;;Is;; ;Is ;
deep, but not serious.
U Friends': of " Professor 'vW-^H^Ra^fiaale^
of ■'■ Greenville, .•will ;■ recommend '- : ;: his S ap-;
pointnient^as State Superintendent;; to; suc-; :
ceed* General Toon, deceased. f ■ /
' "For a Filipino :; Government. ;■; , :
- "WASHINGTON;, :; D>%C^ Februarys 2o^
lhtentlon^to|offerian: amendment '.i.tofetlfe-
Phillpplna' tariff hH\, <ScclarißK It to too
Every Majti s, Boys/ ano Lnild-s Suit- g^
P# "Wkvbuv where you are restricted to certain lots ;>
$; or {broken sizes, when you can have your unrestricted 3&||
choice: of any and avery garment in our stock at exactly
if 50c, on the dollar ? Think it over/ Buy for present 5
the intention of th*e\United States, when
order, shall : be . restored : in the ;Philipptne
Islands, ; to . allow the -formation; of;a;goy
ernment for .and by the . Filipino j people,
and -to : guarantee ;to /them the same j de
gree;; of liberty; and independence that
this -country has pledged' to the Cuban
people..:: ?■'.:'; .':;_:: - . : /. : :>. <-. ;v. ; . : . :
These, the AVinninsr Favorites a
Crescent City Race-Track. -
;; NEW -.ORLEANS; :LA./v February 20.- .-■'.
Lu ' Wray : and Albert F. Dewey were th .
winning favorites to-day." Summary: •
First - race— sellings mile . and.' seven tj ;
yards— Lu Wray (7 tos) wori, : Lofter. (10
to 1) second, Algie M. (5 to 1) third. Time,
1:51/ ■■ ■■';■. /
- Second 1 race— three and . a half furlongs,
sel! ing— Dark ;' Planet (8 to 1) won, May
Allen (S to 5) : second, HOnda (9 to 2)
third. Time," .44. . :■
Third race— six furlongs— Amigari (3 to
2) won, Prowl ; (1 to 1) second, O'Hagan
(8 to 5) third. ;. Time, 1:1S 1-4.
'■■: Fourth face-^selling/ six and a. half fur
longs—Tom ■ Collins (11 to. 5) won, the
Bronze Demon (8 tol),'second, Ed. Gart
land: 11. US. to 1) third. Time, 1:26. % ..
Fifth race— selling, mile- and. sixteenth-
Strangest (9 to 2) won, Henry; of Franir
stamer v (9 to 5) . second, Trebor CH to 5)
third. Time, 1:53. .-; : ' . ::'■. '.,.- „
Sixth ! race— mile— Albert F.- Dewcy (S
to 5) won, Dr. Carrick 05- t0.,1) second,
Pointz a 5 to 1). third. .Time,. I:4G.
CHARLESTON, S. C, February 20.— N0
favorite won at ; the Exposition.- to-day.
Weather cloudy; -track good. Summary;
First race— selling, foe 4-year-olds;. and
upward, -six " furlongs-Ellis > first, ■-_ Abo
rigine second, : Lauria third. Time, 1:20. -
j Second race-selling, for 3-y ear-olds,; six
furlongs-Palma -first,. Jim Scanlan se
cond Drl Worth third.; Time, 1:20.
Third race-for -year-oldsVand. upffarfl;
one mile andi- seyent^yards-Katle^b^
bons first. Antagone second,. Pancharm
th Fo^rth lß raci^elling f :- 3-year-olds ;_ancl
upward; .'five furlongs-Juniper first -Ran
dolph: second, Alsora third. Time 1.00.
Fifth race-selling, for 4-year-olds and
upward, six furlongs-Economic .firs,.
Ordeal second, Sylvan Dell third. .Time,
1:211-2.:.: . :. ; " ' -■ ■-•.--, " .' . ,
'gex:?t. f. toon dies suddenly.
Rose from Private to Be Br ipradier-
Specially Commended /by Gen. Lee.
RALEIGH, -N. ■; C, February 20.-Gen
eral Thomas F. Toon. State Superinten
dent-of Public Instructions, died .here
yesterday at 10 o'clock^: M.. He had be.en
ill for nearly, three, months, ; but was
thought to be recovering, and; the .end
was very sudden at last. :
General Toon had quite: a conspicuous
war record, having risen from- a^private
to be brigadier-general in the Confederate
army.' He was specially commended in;
a. letter by; General Lee, published in the
United: States war records. ; ■ .
Postmasters for Sontliern Towns.
. W-ISHINGTON, February 20.— The Pres
ident to-day sent'- the following nomina
tions to the Senate: . " / i
I Postmasfdrs; . - . _
, Georgia-Mitchell G.v Hall, F.
J; Allen, East Point. ;;
Virginia— N. Clifford Nichols, Leesburg;
C. T. Holtzmah, Luray; William L. Mus
tard, Pocahontas. . „ ' , ■
■'> Alabama-r-Frank F. . Crowe, Montevallo ;
Andrew.J. Prince. Pratt" City. . - ; . .
Florida— Eben-B. Traslc, • Plant r. City;
■John W. r Garwood;..Monticello. _
: Mississippi— Annette . Simpson; Pass
Christian; Aaron M. Storer, Kosciusko. ■
M^oritana— Maurice; Deering,: Jr., Marys
.^Tennessee— A. M. Hughes, Columbia.
SiWannalx Wants a Snl>-Treastiry.
:V: Vv r ASHINGTON',: February" 20.— The need
of a in the" South was ,: pre-
Kentedto the -Ways ami Means Commit
tee to-day, :by Mayor Meyers, and a dele
gation of ; busin'ess-rnen from Savannah,
who asked y for the establishment of such
a treasury branch iin that city. .;
I It was stated that such -a", branch would
be of material aid in the financial deal
ings in ; the Sou th, -particularly. .. at 1 the
"time when the^cotton: crop : and other
southern staples -are being moved.
. ■■ Germany's TarilJMeaMirc.
:- -BERLIN;' - February? 20i— At the opening
of to-day's Session' of the Tariff Commit
tee of Reichstag, the r] chairman , de
clared that -the. statements to be made .by
the :Imperiar Secretary of State. of or.: the
Interior,' Count yon Posadowsky-Wehner,
and" the Secretary': of ;;. Affairs,
Baron "von- Richt-hoff,' regarding the ;gov-'
erbmeht's i'views" of % the - thrift measure,
must : be .treated^ . -'confidentially. : : • Subse
quently, -however,' a ..semi-official ;^^ state
ment- was issued,; showing, that J Count yon
Fosadowsky-Wehner . emphatically C'^de
clared that under no would
the'- Federal ? Government accept the ; pro-,
posed compromise : amen'.lment to ; the gov
errit' 'bill in'vregard to . the,: grain duties.
Ice Gorge in the (Oliio.
;LOinSVILLB. : ;JKy;., ; ; February ;t20.-^Ac
cbrdihg l-io .reliable .'reports received ;.; by
river men v in ; this .'city , : : an ice '■ go rge I has"
Ebrmed^ln the narrows ;^f the .Ohio r river, ;
about eighty miles 'below- this }city. :^:The
ice is^ plledt.up from^b'ank vtb;.bank,^and
If "i the ■: gorge - holds : it ; back; the ; ■water
up i'Lthe7'rlver.>for.--rnany| miles^" ; causing:^ a
flood 5 stage"- and Z eridahseringl ; shipping '„a t
this'^and? other points above. .
■IIoli"enzoIleTO:R e ady.:f6r3Prince;' ; -J
S NEWATORK.tJ February, 1 2l).-i-The J G er- ■
man -JlmperialU; yacht ■'.-Hohenzollern -left
; the ; Hbboken rsldefbf the i Nor th -irivefi tb-i
day and was docked; at the foot. of .West
"-Thirty-fourth." street, this city, -where
Movement!i of "WeU-Knoyrn People—:
.' ;The Alisent and Sick. " - .
PUL.ASKI,' A r A.. February 20.— (Spe-'
cial.)-Jdhn LJncolns received a telegram;
last week stating, that his son, Eugene, [
who is at Coeburn^ had ?been badly : hurt,
■md is in danger of losing an arm.
. F. ' T.. Payne, of Wilmington, N. C, is
:\ the city, on business. .'; :
.D; D. Pholopoolos has an attack of
'ip, .and will, be unable to "attend to
UusiriesS; for awhile. >: '■:■?:' ",-. . :■■' ;
A. I. Miller has accepted a position -with
thoßadford Trust Company. "
Mr. Miller, is succeeded as cashier in
the Bank of Pulaski County .by. hi 3"
brother. Clyde Milter.' . .' - ' .
Miss Nannie Bane, .of White Gate, is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. Ira Hall, who has
been quite ill. but is improving. : ./ . ;
Dr. ;C. I>. Kunkle moved his family
yesterday into the ' dwelling on Madison
avenue, recently, vacated by Rev. J.. S.
Alfriend.: - - -
Mrs. M. E. Davis, of Kayonah; .will,
on the Ist of next month, take charge of ■
the housekeeping department of Hotel
Washington at Fries. / .-..-■
. "The Anti-Saloon : League of ; Pulaski
will hold a session in the "Lutheran
church. Friday, night at 7:30 o'clock. '-■;-".
The ' Bertha Mineral. Company are pre
paring to put Jin another refining fur
nace" at their, works, in this place. ..
The Presbyterian church congregation
have invited Rev. Frank ,1). Hunt to
preach here on, the Ist Sabbath in :March,
with , a view of callings him- as pastor.
.Mr. Hall has declined to accept the call
tendered him, and accepted a call . to
Tazewell instead..
■Miss Catharine Ben tley Vent out on
the, l9th to visit her cbusini ; Mis3 Sarah
Parke.Bentley'.fln th© : country. . -'".-'
' Lid; Painter, who has been weighmaster
at the Bora -Iron iFurnace,- has taken; a
similar" position; at -theiMax. Meadow, Fur
nace. ':-, y '-)~ : -i_ ':-,.-..- ':'•:■ .-;■:-. ;.,- ;-; ;. ;. .; : 'J ;v -..J'
Mrs., Susan Oglesby, of Draper's Valley,
has pneumonia. .. :; • -... , : " . ,:, :
; ."A few . days ago Davis Calf ee, of Pine,"
.killed aneagle, which measured 6; feetS
Inches from tip to : tip.
: Gick Holstein spent the'lSth In Wythe
ville. : .■..:;.. ■•.•■•;■;: ■■":■ if;-. ' ",;■•■:". V; /, v .
Misa Xannie Gibson has returned from
a visit to friends in Blacksburg.
| Will Walker came down from Fries
Saturday, and will spend several days
here.; ' .';. • ' ... • '■'.-■■"•■,'..;.. ■ :';."■•.- ".■ -.;.,■. ' -. ;
Rev. B. C." James leaves for Richmond
to-day, but will -return in time to meet
his Sunday, appointment here.
,:■ . : . ■ • ■ . "■ ' ' \
I/ihtkicum to Go to' Prison— .Mrs. Sa
- rnh AVol verton Dcart.
WOODSTOCK, VA:, . February 20.—(Spe
cial.)—The motion; made} by the counsel
of John R. . Linthicum, who Is Under sen
tence to serve five years in the;peniten- :
tiary, for murdering Bruce -Lonas, as
made -in; the ; County Court of Shenah-":
doah, was . overruled yesterday, and sen
tence pronounced, v :' ;■...
• Rev. A. H. Smith, of McKeesport, Pa., '
has . accepted ; the? call extended to him
by the jHarrisville charge' of the Luthe
ran ,: church ;J o f_. Shenandoah coun ty, ■ " and
Will begin his pastoral duties there on. the.
first ' Sunday, of May. ;; This charge : la com-/
posed of the churches . of Tom's Brook, ; :
Harrisville, /and Fisher's Hill, and has '
been without apastbr for over a year.
Mrs. Sarah WolvertorC wife of Mr. -John
Wolvprton.' ;of :-fSuhsvHle: -f SuhsvHle : vicinity. Sheri
andbah county,;died yesterday afternoon,
after'a short "illrie'ss. aged 70 years. '_ .'-..;
: She wa3 the mother .of three sons and
five ; daughters, .' all of whom survive .her.' ■
They are Messrs. John Wolverton, George
Wolver ton, "and : Frank Woi ver ton ; Mrs."
David; Behcham,' Mrs. John Conner, Mrs.'
William Smbbt, : Mrs. ■« Perry Miller and
Mrs. D. J^Hottel. . . . ~
'. The funeral": .will' take place from the
Fairview church' to-day.
- -'■ -'. ■ \ ■■»>• ;—;; — ; - : ' :'*■ ■-'--.-'■.:'
Case o( R.*i. Col>S», Bankrnpt—Sey
■-. oral Deer Killed. ~' ":
.' DEWITT. VA., -February 20.— (Special.)
The .case of R. Lee Cobb", bankrupt; will
come up. for final dismissal before' Judge
Edmund ;,Waddill,' in : the . ' United : States
District; Court - : at ;Richmohd,' Mbnday;
February;2-ith, at 12. o'clock noon. ": '
Mr.-,Cobb was one .of . the -■ largest lum
ber'•manufacturers in this county, but on
account of the low price "of lumber last,
year,- was driven "to :the 'wall. , ' "
.-Deer.- are said, to be- plentiful in
upper end .of the county. -: A party' of
hunters- have killed four within the last
few 'days!? ; .■'..■■'.•. - : - : . ■. _
:Two of :the citizens "of DeWJitt went out
yesterday., : withbut, dogs. .They reported:
having bracked a deer.Cbut lost: track of
it/oriv;entering ;theypublic road. ; ■ ' - -
:\Mossrs. 'G.-H.' Rbxers ;and .R.. ; Butter-~
worth -. returned /to -Petersburg this' eve- :
ning.^.-. : -; i^-^U'ji ':^:''---' : ." ■" - . 7 --"-■• ■'::.■■■:
Mr. G.*'A..Boisseau,^beputy. Sheriff, L was
here :to-dayr ; bri: business. 1 " ; -0; :;:': ;:' ...
Temperance ■;:. I^adlea' i- in Seas ion la
- t h t; . Crmri n— lii dvd vs tr J ttl '■ Xo tVs. . ' ; :
-SPITTERSBURCK : " VA., February ■ < &- : -.
(SpeciaD^rThe -j conference -; of .the; Yourig
Women's i Christian l> Temperance-: Union
;cppal Jehurchthisi ; - morning,; with" >Jrs.- ;
George Jones,- president : of : Jennie ; Casf
sidyiY of jthis ; city? -in'itHe ;chalr."j'a.nd \irias"'
E.*[ A. 1;'1 ;' Johnakin,-; of^ Norfolk* sie'reizury'-t: >
.^■■The conference ;:i3^uxiofn.c|al^bat§there.
are lsovne ifif ty ;^rlrobr©j<l<:it gates '■ -present;
Norfolk 'ibelnsr ."well represented.
? ; ;Beybhd % the ; presentation |aiid " discussion ;
•of S several Sresoluf lofi^giiojibuslnfesa twas
;tra^&ctcd^tHh^ay^session:(?> j . _. _•. : .
sfATmeetlngFof^ the ; conference,'/ opsn gto
ands largelyiattendy d ; by .': tho ■; puWic,?v?as
heldiJto-nlght. an atidress ; ; was iii. <e^:
llverea.by^Rw. A-hiv J§m of- Rich
-*„-:- -i-sffiss^^fes-i-'v '
mond, and a delightful musical pro-\,-
r gramme'jwas 'furnished. " ; '.\'f
,v^The ; Hustings ; (Court = met i this i'motnlnir. \,
(but-on account of the absence of .the'Com-f:%;;
mon weal th's Attorney, all criminal " t bust- ' v f;
ness was temporarily postponed,; and tho j
grand" and petit 'jurors yrere ''not! nei^edSSSfe
-? an ;appr6achinq *.^
! 'JEr. James; Cravrley, iofALambertli'ointvgi
appeared'lif the '-Hustings Court; this morn-*";;
ing and ; qualified^aa-; guardian lof
Paige C. : Robertson, lajydungr: lady |bf |t&fc*||
city,-~ arid subsequently^ socured Sfirbm^tti*^
CiVrk a license- to marry her.
. The /"qualification as , guardian. j[-wb»3^-^^l
cessary to give consent" to stbe : young";
lady's , marriage; her parents j being /de&di if
and ■ she, 7 a. -minor. . --.---..
':. -Petersburg Tidge "of Elks havano-w oTar 'fv
$4,000 in the -treasury, held ■ sacred ;\to~?Hl«18
f undi for the" building', of Ta sui table ,' homa".,
for the. lodge. „ .-,•-'*?
-The r time Is ;not distant -whren this ' norod -■*-
■will be built ~ ,*
; The membership of the lodge <\a 'lark* Hi
and; enthusiastic! in behalf of . tha '"mbve-i ■']
ment ' ' '
: It is said that the owners ' of ir^tbacs -
Cotton-MHI will* expend a:;larg6 : ;sum'"foC.y
money In '; Improving the plant,' introducing - "
new- machinery and-, building I '-; new itane-i3
ments for. the employees. " ' ' ■. ?
The Snow In '.North Carol! no—General
Toon's Death.
; RALEIGH, ; Nj :C.,; February : '
cial.)— Fr om QVoen3bor6\ \ westward ito v
tho mountains, the snowhas melted con- f
siderably.-and here. and thero the ; er6und M
is : . visible. ■ ■ . " .■ ■ t
The - snow there was fnot so deep iaa/ltjl
is :here. In ; this sec tion ' there \la ; nothlnff
visible"'^ but:'' an unending Isheet^of^whlte^
; . A : few ■ fla fees of .snow ; fell ■ this I'ino'rnln jr. -
wi th va . ra w .. wind -; trom^ ths ''s: nor theaat^ilS
much~ica. , \ _ „ -
■■■ The Capitol vWas ' closed to-day^ drape^l
in mourning, ' and .(the^ flags 'we're 'at \ half- ■ ,
staff. \ It was; definitely:, settled "■, that \ Gan*S
era! Toon'3 ;' body will s'not lie inistateSf®
'Members of his family 'arrived" ;to-day;%?
including :hls ";'sons, - T. F. Toon;: of
lantn, :and,H.. BJ IToon^ of
C. ; ; and -his \ "daughters^ Mrs.^: Octavla.:RoT»"-'Si
land, of Warren Tcounty, iandiMrsTjMaixls
Fuller: and Miss Robblo;.Toon,L=of l lram-ll
: ber ton ; and "■ his ' brothers.. -Archibald ~ an<3 •?
Abram Tpon. of Whltevllle. '■ •■
. r General Toon wasia deacon of th« Bap* ?■?'
tlst'tabcrnaclo here. - - •" •^••:-
To-MoTTO tt Tlioy >VUI • Receive Ke?J«
stone State Bixildlnsr at Kxpoaltlon*'
PHILADELPHIA. PA.. February 20.—
A number ; of : Pennsylvania.''' commlsaion-!
era ' to , the ; Charleston .'Exposition ;? lstti
this city :, to-day ':for, ; Charleston,^- wherer
:on Saturday they KwiUVreceive I the [Penn^l
sylvania, building;' from fthajcontractors.^
t The party ; included ? Speaker s Wml^ilar£?'
tiyes; State-Senator;Jbhn;Grady;and|Wil-tl
liam ; P.I Snyder,: of State" Superin^i
ttrident^bf ; Public^V'BulldingsjvLa^rence^
Eyre,^'-'^'Audltor:: :B. . .Hardenberg.'JStateii.
Treasurer? JamesEw'Barriet, rand 'Repre^
santativo GrDlxon.iof : Elk^county.;>S:i|i;^
/at the . -Exposition^
Speaker -Marshall i j stated -ito-day^ will ':
probably be Wednesday. April 18th.-"'.^f>
Tne Allied Party ot Mi.isonri.
''■■; ST. LOUIS, MO., ■Febriiary' : 2O.^ : The7alf;
lied party ■of -Missouri/which iwas I organ-' I
ized : at Kansas ;City Uast SeptembeivJana'i
which, ;to>J,:f ILv^Cook, ;
Carthage;^ is .composed • of '"public
ship: men, :both^wings ; -bfJthe':Old)Popull3B';
party, Uhe wing \6t 'theJSbclaiiat;
oiganlza tiori,.; Bryan ) Democrats; j and J SH-1
ver -Republicans," J met: here o*2
the purpose iof - adop ting ia ~> platform 'jn^i
selectins a Stated ticket. •, '- ''■.-■
Mr. Cook said: "The call -for; this jconij;
vention wag': signed -by:^DrvvJ;%E/\ChamX?;
bers, -for Ipartyt;;
Frank E.sßltchle,ichalrmaal: of Sth»s;Mid^
dle-pf-the-Road ! iPopulist3^ .and? myself s
as chairman of the Fusion Pbpullst3.~fAlJ
of ' these -elements ' arid : other I third * paxtJh
Interests liil the Sta te will < b© : consolidate* ~i
into - one /reform EThf";
convention will be In session, two days." ■
~ Scliboner Pharo Water-tiosfjted. .:.;
"KEW YORK; February 'l9.—Vi& steam*|
er Benefactor, ; -fromsPhiladelphla;';Whic?4
arrived ' yesterday .^brought;- i two
ors of : th"e ; -schooner '■ Joseph i JJ; Pharo,^
which ils!anchorediOtt|'AtlanUc?Clty.ilniJg
v/ater-l6?ged 'condition. iCaptaln.i French.-,
of the '"' Benefactor/-; reported ■■' that^ihejsawij
the? schooner, «flying.j signals s, of. ;id!stres9.-i,
ana^stobaioutUowaraiher. -Before Jhojgot;
within ■ speaking fdistance. la iboatjputlpa ;
from . the schooner;"-' and ;*put e twos meft«
Kboard.^memberso/, the: crew;' who]asKie<li
to beStaken :to : New^i:ork.:;^*he;jcao!aiog
and the ; rest: of the L crew;wou!d]notgeav*s
; t he^schboner ■ bu t "; said A they.^ woulcpwalf %
t te're^ uh til a'k tug h came « fora them vjfroros
-N^w 'or.3some ? place/elae.'itojtajcti
th^rnjlnto": harbor.- % The^Pharo ileftt;Norr|
{ ol k .February •13 tb, i with v tumber.j f or jitnla^
;. LONDON; February 20.-Tn ;, th^JHous^of^
Cqrcrhons ;to-uay -Lord" ; ;Cranbornc^^UiOj
iUrider - Secretaryj 1 6fi\V*ar;i said s toj replyltoj
-Henry iihls^fc^l
! Ch" wsiHk * t<> the / Ch inese. *so Jsoon jasfw^
: ~"/Lbrd lCran"cbriie^s«cllhed fitqa'be^dra.'wctp
i Intof all '% of J the % %Vm |
fgoVernraehtrfmisht or rcJitht u,ji talc,
IZnrl of Fltnrtlllnin D««d.,rr rk -:
;. •<■•.-•'- ,;i „ . .-. ■}■' ,- ■■ ■■ ■ -.. , '.-r „ •■■ ■■ ■ ■■■■ '-;■•«■ y,;i ■...#*■" ■'" ::.■ ;*.;:;'
'■: 'I/)NI>ON fel*«br airy 1 2th.-~ Wllllani

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