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I - . ' ■■!■'■ -i- -: : -:-\!?-?$&' : ■■■-■
Some "Ugly Phases of the
Strike in loffolL
flic Day" 8 Was J Qsiet; but Good Order
Did Kot Last -
Jlnnmr Knrly This Slorulnp: That
Soldiers Had Been Forced to. Fire
on JJoys %Vho Tlircw Bridcs—TUea
tr(>-Coer» in Can Were Subjected
to DnnKcr-BcHered a Settlement
Will Soon Come. „ ; t ■; % .
SOKTOUK, VA., March £,—(1:10 Al XL.-r
{Special.)— ln Atlantic- City to-night, two
cars were reported" by .trie police as hv
iug derailed, and bricks were thrown at
them by a crowd, of boy*.
A^ihough denied at; regimental head
quarters, the j>olicc report that the mili
tary guard iiri'l on the people who tlirew i
:hu br;cl:s. casualtl^ &rs reported, j
Tlie bricks thrown went through, win- !
i.ays or" cars filled with theatre-goers. J
VS'Jres have be£n cut Jn a dozen place to- j
niglit, and the entire eastern section of |
the city is in darkness as a. result- ' j
XORFOL.Iv, V^V.. March ?.— (Special.)— j
While Ncrroik; Is still sis armed canip, ;
so far as outward appeara.nces go, there |
Uas been no netd for the "soldiers for. the
izsl two days 01-.tne seven, tnat have
trapsed since the sti-ike ol the motormeri ■
«.nd conductors'-, o£. the Norfolk Railway •
uid lAsht Company was Inaugurated. .
Th-ft sireet-cars- were not.; molested In
a sinjr-e instance to-day. The .only
operations of the strike sympathizers
v.-we directed toward;, impending the worlc
of lamp trimmers in the employ of tne
electric iSsht department of the company.
One trimmer on ; Mstin street was riot
permitted to ascendjiis ]adaer,in a single
place, and he finally' gave up the. task.
The crowd was - not niolested by the
iiOiiceman on the beat. " :
One thotq'rman left bis- car. filled.! with
Roldiers standing on Maln ; : : street and
went over to the strikers. Their ranks
:iow include practically,; all the old men,
and some of the importations. It is said. •
Meantime the Chamber of Commerce's
"Arbitration Committee was at work in
deadly earnest. Both sides were consult
ed,, and- their jiositiorj. thoroughly gone
over. ■■. '.; ■. ■ . - ■ *
The committee was judicially to consid
er the claims of all parties. to the contro
vtrsy.. both sides having agreed; that it
rhouid become the supreme arbiter.
The members of the committee are tho
roughly representative or Norfolk's
wealth; thought, and progress.
They are John L. Roper, lumberman;.
R. Henry. Jones, grain merchant; T. F.
yagers, real estate ag-yit: C. "W. . Pi-iddy,
ffnarmfacturer, and J. ."W. " ..Grandy, whole
f.aJy merchant- '.""All ar« prominent church"
men. . ■; • . \ " ■ . ■
President "R.. Lancaster "Williams, on
behalf; of the railway" company, and the
committees of the Central' Labor Union
jind" of the car-men, with the sanction of
their counsel, have placed tlielr '.inter
ests imrescry'edly.. in the hands of the
committee, and the latter is iaetermined
that the strike shall be settled on a just
basis at;onee. : . ' **•
President Williams expresses the hope
lh?t the matter will be adjusted at once.
It has been an expensive fight to his
company," but there are more passengers
on the cars now that arbitration is in
The troops will likely remain on duty
until ail the details of the arbitration are
tattled. ' : ■■'-■' . ■
Th-o entire business community rejoices
that the end of the strike is in sight.
losses to all lines have been
Merchants, say, that the great, conflagra
tion of January was scarcely as costly.
Tt was rumored to-aay. that the Berkley
street- railway," which is now running into
Norfolk, and has heretofore been closely
Rssocia-tW the Eay Shore Line, had
been sold to the com pans in Baltimore,
ov.Ttea largely by the interests represent
ed by the firm of J. William lliddendorf
ilt Co pnd in v.-hJch the owners of lines
)ii Norfolk Railway and Light Company
*.r<? Interested. s'
M- A IT. . Rutherford, of Paltimore.
tvni of th? firm of J. WillSanV Mi^dendorf
fr. 00.. when seen in Norfolk to-day could
throw no light on the report. ;
lur Rutherford Is now in Norfolk In
connection with the strike situation, his
firm being largely interested in the Nor
folk Railway and Light Company.
H. Clay Tunis, general manager of the
S3erkley "company, denies the report. ■■■
A' car was stoned/ on Church street to
h!Kht- The guilty •' parti c^. : , were not cap
tured. A Eramblcton car is reported lost,
Eearch Is being made for; It. .;
Reports of disturbances from various
parts of. the city, reached, tlie military,
&n<3 police from time -to . time, but no se
rious trouble'" occurrod. The; strikers and
railway -'people-, are represented . at; ; the
meeting of. the Arbitration Committee to
night. Members of that- tribunal; fear
they willnot complete the settlement for
6 day or more yet! -". .."
ATter hearing one side of the testimony,
the ArbitratioTi Committee to-night, ;at
12:20 A, H.. adjourned until to-morrow,
v.-hen itis hoped to finish the .-settle-,
tncnt. ■ . ■•;. ■'■
■:. Th<s lost .Brambleton: car : is reported
Counii. " ■ . - ■" ' . - ■ . ' ■-'■•: .
NORFOLK,.VA.\ March 7.— At midnight
the committee of fho Cha-mber nf.'fom-
having in charge the arbitration
of the .'street-car strike. '■■ adjourned.- nftcr
Jiaving been in closed /sckplot?. for-. fotir
hours. Nothing of; the proceedings would
be made public, beyond the fact that no
ngreemejit had l>oc-n reached.- and that
the body; would reconvene in the morn
ing. * ■.''' ■- . '■■- ''-}■■■':■ •' : ,
Norfolk is airain In darkness. to; a large
extent to-night,: owlnsr to; the ligrht-trim
mcrs*/ an-3 rloctrical-workersVstrike.
In the suburbs the/strike: sympathizers
arc still /»)ombar<3inp. cars with all; man
nor of misßilrs. WirV<R are .being cut or
t-roun3ed. and to-nisht one car got
caught on a dead circuit, and -a' detail: of.
KillStla spent an hour hunting for It before
It was; found. •■ , . . - r , ■. ..." " ■
tjja erg <•<! "Witlr A*wuult oin One /of His
Own 'Cblor'T-jrearroeß- Mnch;lit-;. -j-.
. ocnited Acnlnat Him.
NOni^L-K, VA-. Warcli 7.— CSpeclal.)—
KV&Hef; Brown?; (colored),:; aijea/20|yftars^
b-at Jin cttcfi to-niaJU^ chaiged wlttifan
attempted assault upon Josephine Daven
port,', a" H-ycar-oia colored g\r\ n-=ar
SevyaU's Point.; / v ' • : "./;4::^-/'^X;v'/-sj^!^
/.There was much excitement at SewalT'aH
? ol^^andS^e?negrocs]jwere^soF;iricensed?
j.wasg experienced,/ ln?Q getting? him -V. to ?? the)
county jail.
The auUioritiestliere expect no trouble
as a ; result ; of \the''three i alleged^ ravishers:
now being/within; the / Jail iwalls^SThe
Berkley pcople.;are-' not : «xpected Uo~niake ■
further f attempts Ito '? lynch : v C-.
: The : members; of tha r House* Committee'
mouth this • inbrhing : to ; see - f or ' ■'. them-/
selves the, necessity: fbr thei; annexation;
of the suburbs to' Portsmouth. " "
They were taken over ' the ;'■ territory, .it
Is proposed to; annex, and rpermitted.Xto
draw, their own conclusions; /;;/;; ".
The names of ; the members' of ■ the com
rnHtea.; who ; mada the r. Inspection -if oil owi
;Delcgaies Jordan; of Frederick ; Gardrier;
of Montgomery; Maize; ; of i Patrick;^ Ed
■mnndson, of -Halifax; '' : *Elaib,~- ;: of ; ;Bruns
widc; Taylor, : of I Pittsylvania; ? Owens; of
Norfolk county; Smith, of Leer Goodman,"
of Nelson. . / " . • .:'>:':'",
Senator C. Harding Walker, of the Sen
ate Committee- on Cities and 'Towns, ac
companied the committee also. v ; .
The committee was enOertained by the
:city and' county JoJatly, and: to-niirht they
will be the: guests, of the" city of Ports
mouth at the /Academy of Music f
"^Villiams Foundry and, Machine
■ •- . _ ■■• .■■■ ; ..■■-. . - •'■'.- t "
Works and a. Tenement Home "
Destroyed— Lo.ia, $25,000. ./
(Special.)— A 53.000 fire visited this city
to-night. The property destroyed was the
"Williams Foundry and Machine Works,
and : a large double tenement house ad
/ The loss to: the foundry Is about 520,000,
and to the dwelling and rurmture" 'ss,ooo.
The fire originated from a spark from a
forge, which" was being moved.
; • The insurance is $15,5Q0, ■ carried as fol
lows:..;- ':'. ; : -'-- •■•'■■ \ ■ - • _ ''
Agricultural and Pennsylvania,, $3,300
each; Greenwich and North British; $2,700
each; Hartford, $3,500. " , -
The dwelling was owned and occupied
bj*\the owner of the foundry, Mr.. W.D.
Vi'illiams, and his manager, Mr. A.' G-.
Billingsley. . .V. ' ;.
The latter had no Insurance on his fur
niture.; which was entirely, destroyed. .
r hat - appears to be a large ■ catamount
has: made its appearance in Stafford coun
ty. Yesterday it chased two wood-chop
pers.'- -■ - / ■ "---T- -• : ;'-
Considerable excitement prevails in the
neighborhood where it seems to stay, and
children are afraid to leave their homes.'
Mr. '. Charles Lee Black and Miss Liicy.
C. Fritter were married at the residence
of the" officiating minister, Rev. Dr. J. S.
Dill, last night. :
Dr. W. B. Goolrlck has soW to Mr.
J. M. Ashby, of Falm outn; a - portion or
the "Cool Spring", farm, in Stafford coun
ty, near this 'city./'
Grand Chancellor J. W. Gordon, of the
Grand Lodge, Knights of Pythias, ; has
appointed Past Chancellor D. B.T Edinger,
of Fredericksburg Lodge, Deputy Grand
Chancellor. . \' / ' . ' v _-
Mrs. - Helen S. -"^Tiite '.eft last night
for an: extended; visit to relatives In'
Savannah, Ga, V .' •? * .'-"'■'
Mr. 'Charles Wheeler, " a well-known
(resident, of this "city, and: brbther""bf'Mr. :
E. K. Wheeler, died this morning.
Death was due ; to apoplexy, with which
he was .. stricken about; a /week ; ago. "'His
wife,; four children, and-two sisters, be
sides h's brother, surs'ive him.- He was 65
years old. . • '." . ; .--.'■
UnSqae Order Received from the
Government l>y n. Richmond
One of tire most unique orders ever re
ceived -in Richmond , was that sent by the
United States Department of -Agriculture
yesterday, to T.W. ,YTood & Sons,, seed
men, of this city. The order -was for
1,000 bushels of -steed-corn" to be delivered
in Arkansas through the medium 'of the
Dost-offlce. : : « "
The Arkansas corn crop last season was
a failure, and the Department of Agricul
ture has given the farmers of that State,
the material for 'entirely new seeding.
The railway postal service is very much
perplexed ho 'wto handle this big con-1
signment of mail matter. It is provided
that each bag shall contain one bushel
only, so that the postal people", can find
accommodation in the cars for it. • It
has been arranged to ship the corn in lots
of 100 bushels at a time, and for. the
next ten days the postal service from.
Richmond and the railway clerks will be
in the agricultural business on a large
scale. ■"
Air. A. J. Pieters. of the Department
of Agriculture, at Washington, Is in the
city attending to the shipment of the
corn- and he is provided with': all the
necessary material •in the way of bushel
bags and labels furnished by the gov
ernment.. /. : ":.; ' : -'..'. • -■• , • . -
- The corn will be sent to certain centres
in 'Arkansas,'", and from /those points dis
tributed \ throughout ahe State., .- . . " .;-.
By v&iag the franking privilV-ge of., the
postal seryloe,- the expense of shipping is
saved to the government.;; although : it
entails a. great amount of labor: upon -the
S Every C bShel of the corn comvs, from
vS. :It is of the .white variety, ana
wSraised in the bottom lands of -the
J^hl ? fiS n shipment ; left .the/ city last
S' and tlie remainder ; will follow as
S^^ Postal service willallow. /
Southern Railway Freight Jumps the
Track Xear Unpi dan Station— -
," : vXo One/Was Hurt. ; _
I ORANGE; ■';'XA±;ty£x<& 7.-(Special.)-
The So"uthernlrailv.*ys hvj , a .bad wreckj
'near ßapidan Station; this juornmg:. While
I freight train No.-; « 2, north-bound, p- in
charge of; Conductor ;: Sherman /and En
' jrineer Maupin, Vwas t descendins: ', the \ grade
i jiist south ol the '■- Rapidan river,! the ) enr
Sine/- tender, ahdj fifteen ; cars .jumped;
; - the .track. .
Tho engine ran across; the w bridges on
the ties: -The/ : tender/: and Jfitteen- J cars
tumbled- down the bank.
Two -cars of fat; cattle,;- next :to;:;the
rolled ; into the] rlver/idrbwnihg/all
the cattle with- the exception, of : five or
■ -About one hundred. yards |of; track vwere:
■torn "i up/entirely. Jr All li throughj passenger .
i-m Jris \ -vvero run" "via;: Quahtico "and S Dos-j
til '-" :^^
y^Thc track was cleared at 7 P. M. Por
'tuhately, no one was hurt. , ; .
To Can- Gril»^l»^rw«»fbfl^^^3
S£axa«veL Bromo- Quinine rcTOovea^the
;■■'-■. '■,':: : ' ■; ■ ■• . .■.-', V ■■■■-■ '■ .■ ■ • i •;. .:.'.,.•■ ..■.■■'■..-■■■■■,. „..-, > ..--,-.■». ,«. ■
lapii. LnsSi F. li^sr Eiids
Commandant' of the Confederate Insti
taticn Tired of Life.
Ttpo Pistol •/■ Shot* V Fir ed /In Rapid
Snccession Gave rthe* First Intima
tion of Captain Bigrger's ', Intentions-
One- Ball Passed Through the Brain,
Can«lnff Instant Gallant
Veteran of - the .Confederacy. ; . ; ','
/ Captain Charles . P. /Bigger,; commandant
of the Soldiers' Home for Confederate Vet
eraria, committed suicide yesterday .after
noonabout ;12:30/ "by/ shooting:- "himself
through the i head .with a" revolver. Cap
tain Blgger's ; mind : has "been affected for
some time Yon \ account -ot, a .protracted
ill-health, and his/untimely; end .is 'attri
buted to this cause,/;:;; : _• : ; . : " ;, ■;",'
Captain '. Bigger -waaked /into the barn
on the premises about -12:25. rand; within
a : few, minutes -two -reports: of a; pistol
were heard; by Overseer Henry, -who was
at .work ; near the barn at the time.' ,He
went to the barn, and-f ound Captain Big
ger lying -prostrate^ on _• the floor " of /an
empty ■ stall/ breathing his • last. ■■":■ ' '.; ;-. \
An alarm was quickly given, but when
Dr. VEYy, ; the vHome v ; physician, - arrived j
on the scene. a few : minutes : later,- Captain i
-Bigger4was : deadi^rApparwitlyionlyione^rof I
: the ; shots took effect. ! The bullet entered ■
the : head about an Inch above the right
: ear, I ranged i upward and - came : out oh • the
upper ' left side -of the head ; about three |
' in che's : above the left ear. ■£ It is . supposed
that the other,; shot was ; fired • by Captain
Bigger • while in. the act /of ; falling," ; for
there was no evidence of any other wound
'on' his body. ; ■ . • . , ' 'i'- - ■ .-..- .' , .
, Although two bullets were fired, it is the
opinion of Coroner James that the second i
shot was caused by a : spasmodic' contrac-;
tion of the hand immediately, following j
_the- first shot. The hullet- passed directly i
through the brain, and. death must have
been almost Instantaneous.? As -the..wea
pon used was a self-acting, hammerless
pistol, .with quick : trigger './action,- this
theory is well substantiatec* -
When Overseer: Henry;;' discovered, the
dying man.'.' he ■' reported ;, at ;once .to Adju
tant W. W. Caldweir' at the- office,; and;
that gentleman'; accompanied ..by several
inmates of the ; Home ran ; quickly to the
spot. ■■'■' I>ying.on the/floor at Ca.ptain;Bi&
ger's feet were a bunch, of : keys, a' letter j
to Adjutant Caldwell^and one or.; two.
to members of his family,. and the; smok-,
ing revolver.. His: head was .partly' rest
ing .upon, an .old settee, -{while/ the blood;
slowly oozed from the > ugly /wound. ■ Seeing
that- the unfortunate; gentleman'was-be
yond medical aid,' -/Adjutant . . Cald well
placed .« a. ; guard of ..veterans " around the j
barn, and summoned- County 1 Coroner Lor- j
rimer James. -The , Coroner .'could '■■ not j ar
rive until' ' 3 :3o, ; when y he i[ examined ; the
body. It was shortly' after '■■ moved .to -the j
homo of .the , deceased on the main j
grounds. '.-,-. «.- - . '•'. : .. .... '- . ■"' ■':"'-■' ■.1
: The successful 'attempt to .• take his life
followed a previous effort in this. -direction
made by Captain Bigger the day-. before.
Thursday he went to the room of one of
the veterans, Mr. Stephens" C. James, and j
said that he wantedvto;have;a long talk j
with: him. He took ;'a" seat in a' chair,
and suddenly. \ without / any •warning,-; |
drew from his poeketvliis pistol, and, with
trembling hands, thrust "the : muzzle : of ■ the: j
grabbed the pistol -^rom; his hands ■; and j
turned it over to Captain Bigger's; sister- j
in-law, -. who ;had it - carefully 'concealed |
from hihi.U, . : - f ■ : - ""v^V'%" i< •■'•'• : '.-■'" r -
Unkno^Ti to "his family/and friends; he
secured another -weapon, yesterday., :It
was a five-chamber, : 32-calibre 'hammer
less revolver : of; the , bull-dog make,'.; and
with : this weapon Captain v Bigger brought
about his unfortunate : end." / . .
About; fifteen^ minutes ibefore the deed
was ; committed, .Captain i ßigger : went ;■ to
th° Home office and ;■ had ., some ; conversa.
:'ticia=•■■•with'-'AdjutantsCal dwell. ;;. He; .\then
walked upand down : the ; floor, talking .to
himself. •: Finally, he-Vwent; to the. small
office" safe and; took : from 'i it a-; lettersad
drossed "to -ther Adjutant and as^maU
package of i . papers,^ which. / he :■■ quickly :
thrust into^his : pockets.;' r : He , seemed to,
be- in a disturbed t frame: of c, mind, ;=; and:
was rather incoherent ,: in': his ;, talk^ and
actions/ but: as; : he >,was ; known; to ; suffer
from> severe: nervousness .and insomniar
his-coriduct^did hot^especially/attract^the
attention':; of .the/gontlemen^ present. t . : >,
W^en he- approached s the barn vhe^met
several of lus: comrades,- ajid'sreeted' them
pleasantly, vx Ho", then i met tithe i Overseer;
who - inquired : as •■ to i his \ heaJthr^ Captain \
F Bi"gerE replied:' "I .never felt better. V
'Within a J few/ minutes> he -entered itho
! b ar h; aaid ; shortly after ... the sounds : of .; the
' shots^ were"?? heard. t^:*V;-u -;.-■• > ; - ; w : ;-: y.' =fel>- ?■& '
i ;?It -wasfound/(4atithe.pistoliwith;.which
' Captain Bigger. H attempted £ tog take!?; his
life wasi not i load«d?t butghls
i remainder i of Uhe'/aayj and ii:d.urlng|mbst
' of the night ■ to prevent ' hkm - f rom^ self-
Aosi i£^v one of Qurorroa
La<;t Sunday he went to the barnfand
fcKJt^bf^which^hQadiedgyesterday.\. _ He
commented|toStoe|Ov^e«3rfo^|thej quiet
v^rsation ■* seeniedj t« . be ;- s aufferlngMf rom
"When I heard the reports of the pls
tol" said Overseer Henry, "I though*,
perhaps that Captain BJpuer was:shoot
tlnSlatSthetplg I cojni|ln the, barnyard; be
cause '- they : flow : away Immediately. .' after
5 the I Bhots ..were - flrcd.' < I r did n.ot \ hurry to
a, '^.^fai tluuk jeaauuu HaX it waa'AnUe
. . . . . . - .... . - ■ ... ; ■ ...
y» asfew/minutes, before I reached Captmtni
*S .Blgger'sSiitde:';,- . l-':;''ll -' : ;''l
1 Captain Bigerer,- had bacn in ill health
■I fqr^over two years; and during. the past
" few months he has been" declining no»*
iticeably.". ' His vserious ■: physical^ condition
f| Ih'apsha^d^ffi/rffect^uponihfajm
5] i&noMsjf^llyJ:Jbkdihopeilt^t^hj^fM^ao
I peek, a" change o£ 'climate -in ~th<i 'hope of
mental -vigor. Although '. rather l a' stout
§ finaipfh^ihaslbj^ri^loi^
•§ [marked.* signs/of jphyslcai|and|n|entSi^e^
cHno. He wore v the Conf edeirato ; gray
V uniform at the time of his, death.." " -
|f ; pßecb'gnlzing-l Captalnf ßl^ger!3> co^arclott;|
il sthejgßoard of Managers «oi - ttie T Tome
I 'granted him a furlough, on the- ISthCoT
'~S. I lastlNo'vemb/erTf o"r| thir : ty^days3and|cprQ
S 'tinuedgitilfrom^time'^tb^tifrie^therea^tei^
£ '^yifc'^thelcoritrol^bfUheiilnstitutionlinj
" - the 'hands f ;. of * 'Adj utan t - Caidwell.'^^^^g
• : v ; /The: funeral? services , will-be hcldi at his
/; home"' Saturday -afternoon .it 4 o'clock,
;. and rthei interment will take place.'; in t the
:. Riverviewi: Cemetery. " --=■ -"";>/-*" "*;
?. A? Captain Vßigger/wasJ born | iri/RichiEends
'■% ,Atayv-10^;1Si(, Atayv-10^; 1Si(> j^iri ' theVoM jMßrphaUS.houseT|
'-;■ at "/the fcorner ;of [ o Ninths and % Marshall^
H "streets/// : He^was J yedu^D.tedVat';;th'e4sßichs|
_••= : mDnd'^Acadeiny,'tand^jsp"eStih^.^OTtti l |lnj
L i ;thisjcity:yHe i -was/atSorieJ,tirnelwlth'|the|
/ ; old <St.V James /Hotel fandifafterwafd|^^S]
;coririectea/with":the/ fStTS Charles. , / ' -*
„;; ■.--.? Just to >; the ' war ■ he . was as- •
i» 'Eobiated "with" his'; father as aniassistaht^in*
■ ,";toe':Riehmbnd\^pbstsoffice?sWhen'£to^civiJ|
l * war * out ■; he; enlisted SforTseryiceSaa!;
;V. orderly ;? sergeant .] of 4the|Rlc^fnond|Llght|
'/ Infantry rßlues/fand^fasianibn'gfthejfirsti
/= tbJgb;;out'inj defence of his State. "When
't, ' : - ■ (ooNCLinoEb ox ' page • c.)
3E3nterfalned -■:. at linnclieon hy :"the
/Mayor of the City — Formally Re
- ceived by the Iresislattire.
BOSTON, MASS.,; March- 7.— Mayor,. P.
A. Collins entertained General Lee a.t an
Informal luncheon to-day. • Among those
present were Rear-Admiral Mortimer .L.
Johnson, commandant vof /the |Charleston
riavyryard ; ;Lieutenant^G6vern^r/"Jbh"n/li';
Bates, General Thomas ; R.; Matthews/; and
General ' Josephus H. Whitney."" '
Governor Crane was unable to' attend.
/This /afternoon General -Lee ; /was\' ref;
ceived by/tho^ Legislature Sinft the/ State
House. ' • S ■ ' -
Wealthy Farmer Ivilled* and Robbed,
■ and His" Wife Fie"ndlshly Tor
. turcd— TerrihleiStrngsrle' \ ...
U r.UCV for Life. -
.: BUTL/ER, PA., March^7.— Three masked;
men , broke u into ":. the '■}. house . -of - .an U aged
man, named ■ Smith; living at - Saxonburg/;
Pa"., - last j; night," and bru tally i~ murd-ered/
the -old" man ■ and tortured Mrs./ Smith ; in \
a fiendish manner.,: They • then: ransacked 7
.the house arid ; secured i ? 200, ter^deH;
iStroyirig 1 '? considerable.-! property,;; about {the;
house, .made good- their: escape. "'
: ..- The name /of 'the iriurdered . ; : man *is
Henry/ Smith;/ a/ wealthyKretifeel ; farmer. ■
his "'skull "; crushed by "a blow from some
:heavy/ instrument. .. A-, bloody /axe was
: found near-by. V- The f urni ture was broken
s,rd tossed .about •'■ the . rooms, . ■ arid }: bloo j ;
smeared the ;walls, floors, and everything
m .;. »the ■/ house; " showing '/.that }■■ a terrible ;
struggle ; .- for"; life : had . been made by' the
aged victim. .A ; large crowd ]of indignant
neighbors- have -started in pursuit fof ; the
murderers, antf; they have been traced ' tb;
Freeport. Smith'; was over 80 i years •of
"age. " •
AlipoiJT* :» .;o rv :;.-'f{^ ; to Wnit/ on
Ollieials of the Comiuviiy. ,:.•■:;.-.•■
A reguiiu* meeting, of tiie Amalgamated'
Association ; of Street Railway/Employees
was -held -.last night at Smith's: ; Hall,'
being largely attended. The; session: was
given over to a discussion: of -the pro
posed bonding system 7of .'"the Richmond"
Traction : : Company, ; but '.incidentally, the
Norfolk ;. strike /situation was discussed.-
President ": Simmons, "who has been in ' Nor
folk,made a report >on ;the progress of
the. strike- arid entered -into a thorough
discussion ; of i ;the' cause; thereof. "; '
'The- most .interesting feature of the
meeting "was- the appointment; of a- com
.niittee •to iwait on the '• oftlcials of / the
Traction ••'; Company, and to secure/from
them -a !■ thorough; explanation of ; .the ', bond-
Ing: system "which the . company proposes*
to put toto effect. Before -this . committee
was .appointed, .it was ' ; developed.-. in .dis
cussion" that"; the men quite -generally, dis-"
approved the innovation. as they,-under
stand it. • ;■. : -;.; . ' . " - -" : ; v /"•■"
■ The committee Is to ,a : special's called
meeting "of the: association to be held I;to
night, if the committee deemed it neces
sary;to hold so early.;. a" meeting. ; :
;>/ Twenty-six new/members /were "initiated
last: night. .. ; • . . "*
' ■'.'-'■ T^vyan on tJie •"DCMiocrn.-tlc Outloolc. .
"SCRANTON,; -PA:/ .March^7.i^William
Jennings ;,Bryan; .who lectured here;. to-,
night,' was : asked whom he - considered 1 a
Democratic v possibil i ty; ■•"■ :.--. He ; . said : " fNo
one' •; can 't&H : - in'; adva.n ce what the ; ; Issues
.will : be;- or > what .will r . be;; their.; relative
importance. =". It- ought: to :bef safe to pre
dict that^-Democratic; principles -will be;
applied to the issues,-, and it ought v to '^be
' thatSthe .platform '■' should .: be . written -i-by.i -by.
those whose" fidelity 'to 'those principles
is ; not ; subject .■to ;; suspicion.'' •
Rain or SnQ\f\Jo-£)ay t
probably Clearing Jo- Morrow.
WASHINGTON, D. C, 3larch T^—
Fore'etiat:^ ■■ . .■ . •■■. - . .:/■:■ ■
... „■ . ■.... : :■ ■■■ . ■: ■■■ :■ - ■ , '
v - Virginia— RJiin.: in. south; : rain or
■ «norr : iii "- nortli , portion;-' Saturday j ■■•,"
probalily cleariiiß weather Sun
day, -»TitU colder >veu.tlier In
soutliv/cst portionj fresh east to
sonth ivinds. v
Kortii - Cai'olina. — • IncreaMlns 1
olbutllnc.st* Saturday,.': probably
with rain; Ss.nday, rnln, follow'eoM
■ft hy clearinßT.Treatner ;,Trith. colder : ;
wea<her in west and central par-
: i £ rOsli ;.soTit*i ■ ' ,>' : sIaU ■ . -
"'" t :;. *W3IS '■' ISOllli.'**- ftß-d' 1 ." 42*JO?«i .■ . a li^f '/■ yj|.3lj^^ ■/-'■
HMoo-Koaos tonyentiona
uf a o -'^iiir- : tvpci i cut mo n '■•
i tie iv ftb^vOlllluiiyslißwtvttsjUj^niij^Bii^jj
JtEiMAIXIvS ~'-WXm*''-- OF-*: SACfB : AIJVICEi
'"Good.. Ttcads Ai*c tli© W lngjs^•n}
River Vfllicy Association fO^sa-J***^
.L.YNCHBURG. VVAt. t ."March ' 7.—(Spe
eial.y The '^second and last <lay,» of the
Go^Roads& Convention^ 'i mg^|g
two: very fine' addresses.
John W.Daniel andrthe other by Mr. M.
The Senator displayed all his wonted
eloquence, and, his -speech sparkled with
••"We have hoard many good addresses,"
remarked "one^ of 4 thelVGobd-Roads^ party,
that is, here, "but nothing like. that.
: :The rconventionXwas j called 7 .:
the temporary chairman, Dr. >v. v. JJe
laney. . „ -
? : The "report of the .Committee v on;;^er
made Dr.^ Belaneyopermanentichairmanr
and Colonel J. W. Watts- and represen
tatives o? the' press, secretaries..
>i- The ■ftfst"speakerLT!vas; Mr.^ Hayes; .whose
rabject" was t'.'Gbod 1 Roads (In vTheir^Rela
tioh^to J : the- Development ' the ;; South.
His argument was -a very strong one,
and: very; ably, presented. ' ■ ' _
-Senator! Daniel : was /.the? next* speaker..
He was looking well, and as he came
forward' was grcetefl.'-with a hearty and
affectionate """demonstration. , .. . . . •
v; He:" was trgivenv ■ theSclosestf attention,
and, his hearers were well rewarded.
'■•' "When: l- see these'.f aces." -said! Senator,
■Danlel; v "I ; realize kheUruthj that ithislnfw\
movement^ for? good broads Sis mo ■ failure^
but' is rpredestiried/v andf predetermined vf or
succes3,S steady.^ and W continuous.,; -/Fifty
years ago— and ,1 ;. rein i ember.- J. the -p day— l
stood '"■in the iJnarrow; street "\ above* thej old
stone Vwall : which? overlooks \ the \ depot, and
s» w' Governor- Floyd,'' with 'his h own "■ hand
break- ground r for A the first to
come to this country. "
;■'-"": : "At? that : - time •-> this ; was a' lana-lockea
village,^ and ithe 'boy^or • raanSwho v had
gone so 'far • as ; to see Richmond, wasj a
returned? adventurer. '"IvhaveillvedvtOj get
on st- train ; here "and ? go ; acro ss i the ] Contii
nent ■ to ! San ; Francisco \in -;. a : sleeping-car,
In ?an * age > when^i to i: go '■ aroundj the -world
was not as < much, as it once was to -have
seen an engine^or.;a railway.
* ; ;''"We" are ': hot i millionaires, who. have
come -'- here to-day - drop • our v ; check 3
:fof^hoTisandsrin?a^cx)ntribixtj67C : ;b6^not
all ."engineers i to show -cross 'sections; of
roads :\ and ¥ explain '< '• them, 1 v but •each' = one
of us'ls deeply!. interested -: in _ttie» subject
matter :which'has : calledcus; together. -,; -:
v;;'' The' ideal ; 4 must precede the" realistic
in thej experiences: of ; mankind- ll f ask
you;: to follow me:as i I attempt to analyze
the .-merits of this topic. / : I never; partid-;
p'ateel in any -movement ; that? pertains; to
transportation,: but 1 ., am" reminded of a
saying of J Edward ~ Atkinson— man can
create no thin g ; h e can ' only mo ye : "some-;
thing. In. thatjidea there ;is an electric
flash ; of penetrative force' Into l the very,
roots' of thingsl?; Not all the giants.' nor
all "the" 1 rich men that have ever lived,
could create a" single atom. . All - that
they have been ; engaged ; in, that you and
I : are i engaged ]'. in. Is . to tryX and move
some'thihg, to 'move isomethinsr from the;
wrong; place^ to the right, to adjust thinera
In harmony with each other. A- vegetable
stays ;•; where" it ; is : put, but the animal
life goes -everywhere. Good roads are
the'wings '•-•'on'-.:' which '" animated; man files:
from one place to another and fulfils his
destiny.".:- : " : \ : '■•--■ . '■- " ■ - v -
"We have a •university oh ; wheels :
arnongst'us," continued" the Senator, "and
it has brought; its professors and univer
sity.; paraphernalia along 1 ; with ; It.,
V ''Through " its : : professors It : gives us ■ the ;
precepts; ;,by , its : paraphernalia it affords
vs •- the T greater, sermon :• of example.
"It would. have coma.to no .better coun
try to ihear and receive the Improved;
ideas It brings jalonglwith'it.^;:;;
"Its main i ; thesis, a good " road^ '\ is '~ : the
most democratic^ of' all ; iris tltutlbnsg on'
the earth; for ? it^ Is built 1 for 7 eyerybodyVi
higrh and lotv.\rich ; and poor, Presbyterian^
Baptist.: .Episcopal. and i Universallst,l
Republican r arid Democrat, ;^ white' and ; col-,
ored.. saint and ■: sinner, everybody, man,',
womani : and; child. :': ' ; - ■ '.;:■■
■ ''The question -of good roads Is. not en-;
tirely. ; new/or novel to ", this State. - for there* 1
was a period in >the history.Jof_ "Virginia!
when v she was i the ',; leading •; Sta te ;. as % a^
roadi builder, and ; the; great ; public ; debti
of this .Commonwealth was ; contracted;^ in';
the main,? f or^ methods > of trarisportation,;
railroads, canals, and roads. ;
"The:. reason*' that 9. we -seem .td; be : be-:
hind v some' of , : .our more; . progressive : and
more fortunate 'neighbors is thefact tuat
the '•;"'^eat"?.war:S.'whlch";>hadv - settled?.':- the]
question which^ had;- perplexed :fthe..wbrld;
for ; 5.000 <■ years; j\ had :;• jts ; s tbrmburst ; : in
yirg^niarr:and.; more. ; than^aV fourth::; of ? It;
monwealtli— the only ; one f divided--suff er- ■
ed -more ithan h any.? otheri State ]from • it.
>:''WeSwer^.;thenileftt;for:£a>^tlme ;in;:a
state of* arrested idevelopmerit^ which .■; Is
now;' happily;: overhand,,;, thank;; God, '-we!
arßKnot l ;dead,;but; up ,?anc*i; doing, and;
.not;'golng;toi;'die/:, lip^.^^i'fi...-w.~. ; -.,'/..^
j: «^\Ve ha^fe; settled > all differences of the
peopleAof % this Z country,^; Norths ; Sotithß
lEast, ; arid | West,"! that fii amount^toi: any-"
.thing^more;: than Javscholas tic idebate;r as
to f; which way -.we ' : can^best^ accoiriplishi
; thing/?and J it } is - : a.^ great" blessing.^ tot real^
iz? that we- have reached this ;; broad
aVpbor ; creature;; liko^ manl can severe gefcS
;;: "The ;: public ; : mind;.^ everywhere^.; 3 fronii
iNebraska^? and }i Kentucky^ teritbrie3 s a»d*
States^ islands \ of 'j the fsea^,Phl lippineafand ]
Pqrta RicoSthi; neT^Aritilles^ and iHawiliH
arid r everywh(ere ~-*&se.\ wherever \tha 'Ameri-1
can . .flag -, flies, the bwst thought
'ceri tired f on Jgood | rqads^ Itfis Ibecauaet the!
new^andCrisiagi&enera.abn ') are* ftstin^; tifeir
hearts and minds on ' good ■ thinffa, and
find the goou rotxfm the b^sc of gwod
'■ 'Rfiftnces.' " • said. Lord .Bacon, '6wc\\
socially together.' The gTPat sclenca of
ttra^sporta tibSßbaslc^toj hiiman i'|.l!ft|| arifl '
! ment3freache^|a|perlbd|when i jafdlversftl2
~* tion^thereof ' must* take j4aco. Wlthlri s
flftyM years,^ the ifgj'eat-i lines f 'of | railroads!
have ; spanned t this \ cbntlnen
to-day^' ith*at*thatT^apte£fq*l^lrbad?deri
Trin 5 ; this— tt'liaa Spanned ; a\land ;ana";
unitetl thf> Atlantic and 'Pacific^oceans j
welded- together ; ln one rail,; binding Vbta
country in bands' of lte«L
Ib the .early dawn anOlßprlns jUme ; of ; a
noyt: erm. <in \ wfalcli "• the; railroad V and i road
arcTgoins to develop a new :principle:^|
-; as
Infjaunkture^Swhat-'! lalgbingr ! on Sinf maßJrj
States rand.^ cities of the-tTnion. "Ifoa',
'difl&slns^tlKrgpop'iklatibß S of J the % centfesj
into ■« the fresh air Cf tlie -suburbs. The
good road is: gfiJa»W Lhake'- many \bcau- :
gful^settlementsiarouridi thejbigrj citiesi%
speate;of,"the}lioman : andlthe'ETtgllshmaß^|
Ijgeneralize this thought byjevolvlnsrjthls;
general^' principle.- You raay make the
ts.^and'read their, fac<* in^thelr.
tpads.^icrhe- Roman was the' 'greatest ;
: £ationCot4^^Tsncient'iwbrld;-|becau^e|lx^
tt"er^orerair;road^s;led]tb}Rome; he >want
itltherelis |sbort| as itiejbuiit % Che \ road^.i
mamimpfeasVd f onl.theTchildi in iitslirifancyl
ahdlstrleam f has^go tta/road [bnl it|to": Great]
Bri&in;J|aiid?oyer \"the . whole worldij
,^Whereyeriasr"ed i"o6atjKoes,<a] spade:'gofcs,7
andfal gbodf rbadrf^bllowsJiThe '% greatness \
; ? iU^oXcountryibrt{ea^th|lsXhetteriadapted|
fbivgood; roads 'than- this^pne^Md|thrare;isj
hbTcouritry r wher"eia ; bad road is more in
excusable i thahlthisTbne."
" , -..X I'-JSS.
of ? a : Gbbd-RoadsyAssbciauon Kmadef its
sbclatibnvwasjthe'rtame'selvcted. „_ "^. 7 i/?
•Bbtetourt^Rbanoke, Rockbrlclse.
Craig. counties; and the cities of Lynch-:
-burg : . and-- Roanoke:". "
SiThe. annual m'eeiin^s ar? tn +>c hchJ on
.■W"PfiTi*p«?dav? '» af tf»rV" the '-.- ttiircl ■ Monday,- •; n \
March." each -year. ;- . S S2?*I
gSpec!al?ineetings?may .-: .be; called: toy. tne |
presldentlpf jtheiExecutiye c pmralttue.
"SThe committee's Vreport adds: -* '■■ ..S&^l
|Mr>; Gebrge^E AMurrell3 of j.B?df ord I coun T J
iLyrichburg.^ f oft secretary. % and ;Mr.^ J. jA^
Turner? 6t - Roanoke; county,* for, treasurer ;;
fand% recommends X. that g thef counties j'and!
citiesT' represented name their respective
"The following resolutions were thf-n read
"-"First. Be It resolved by this conveh
! tloriV/thatfwe ,; heartily/ enCtbrse ithe ilnte-J
i : rest^ shbwii «by AHotU y^A--l| J^Montagtie^
| -Goverribr/b2 sVirginia/i in- nts efforts ; toward^
j'bririglng /about;; an /Improvement In .the
Tcbnditiorilbf /bttr.ithbfbughfares.'^ -
iS^Secoridri^eMheartilyiJcommend , tne;
I efCortslbf tthelNatlqnals Gobjd-Roads'A As-;
j*sbclation ■ to ; arouse ? an i lnterest in behalf;
liof ; the' construction of good roads.
1 3'iThird.":^We^also = cbnimend | the' zeal i and
lefßciericy/shqwn'iby;, Colonel W. H." Moore, i
of 'Chicago/, presiden t,^ anaVR. ; W"-^ Rtchard-j
rsonF'-Esq.VW of ? Omaha;=i secretary l of our
: ,Natibnalf. Good-Road si Association."- „
Yf A/resolutkm/of Hhanksi tb;the -;Southernj
'rallw¥y7Hhe*lbcal!riewspapera. the/countyj
•of -Campbell^ i and ; the/city/of ; Lynchbursr.]
.was also; Included. •
y The report '-was adopted: and; the] cony en.-'
tion adjourned.
The Sad Death/ of a Tonni; uWythe
; -rille Man at Bine Kidse— He" Used
' v a DonUe Barielled Shot- ' .
J WYTHEVXLLE, -yA.; March 7.^-(Spe
cialOr^WUliam 1 Frances i Burch, , eldest : son
of Captain Willlam.'Hrtßurch,^ of Wythe
,ville,- committed ,suicid*e -at Blue Ridge
early? this JmarnipsJ' by. putting ; a ■ doubA;-'
barrelled : shotgun •; under"- his ; chin, r ■■ and
firing-both barrels;' blowing a part of ihla
head ; off.; , .■" " " ' .'" "'■■, .
■ - Death f ollowed l instantly. No causa is
known here; for /the 7 rash act. / '■".""
iln answer to a'-telesTam, bis uncle, Mr.
Ben "Topham, went down to Blue Ridge
this morning. : He" ls' £ expected ' to ■ return
to Wy theville with the remains in the
morning. :"•!-' ; . '. ..
Young Burch was 21 ; years old.' He was
In the - employ i of the .Virginia Iron, , Coal
and Coke Company,; as "book-keeper; and
manager at ; the company's mines ; at 'Blue
Ridge, i He : had been "with the company
for ; ; over/ three years. . ■ : -
" The "deceased :: had; been^ ln poor : health
for, some ; . time/: as -• he was : suff erfngi from
neurasthenia. ./He .was a : youns man -of
fine habits and character, and his-untime
ly a-eath .'■: ls /; universally/ deplored here
where he was born and reared.
August Frnmberß^a. Swede, End*
: I4fa\With a Pistol.
BRISTOIv* TKNN;, '": March T.— (Special.)
August Framberg, l - a ' Swede, •4S years [{ of
; ago, ;oommltted : suicide in: a'; Bristol saloon ;
this afternoon \by r ; sending a pistol ball
into; his brain. /-//; '.- r■'■''.:;■.■:•
>Framberg was; employed >by; the .Tames
Strong % Lumber i/ Company,'"; of Phlladel-"
phia/ which ihas^af plants here. ;;:./
-He iwas 5 unmarried. : : The i cause of his
suicid* "is -unexplained./; Frainberg came
here' 1 from Pennsylvaiiia aeyeral: months
agO. :••■ ■:'. . '■ .." ■ ■■ : ■--..:.: -■■
Southern 'nridigegroom of Fonr Day*
v,'-^-^v -'■''■' Shoots |Hlmi»elf. // .- ;
', BALTIMORB.vMD./ March ;-7.--Rndolph' :
Hi i Crbuvatt- X aged '-• 27/; a • hrldesToorn ;of
four; days; i. committsd . suicide,/ some/ Umej
last > night/ : by /shooting f himself,'/; In i< a
rooni/: la /a hotel ■ In? this city. A/A; note^
reques tlnsr.: that ; JJ ZG..sCrou
vattl^ his j father, la /ThomasyHle,"'Ga.» bo:
.notified;: :-:;>?;/ ' . ' ' ' ■
-■:'■: Mrs.; Crouvatt, who ais 17 ,■: years ; of i age,
stated i that she /arid ;; Crouvatt/ j; who ' had
assumed ;> the : name Tof / James;: Col em an;
'■ marrledtTuesday.;; night. /prior
to"; the 'wedding.' ibej young woman Inf orm^;
ed V Crouvatt" &he*.*tiad \ heard ; a/report"; that
he/had^a ;wifo 'living. in : . Alabama. ; He is :
said /to vhave jbecome \ greatly 'excited. ; 'and "•
. to : : . have % threatened Sto % kill il the ■/ person 1
who -V started 5 the f riimorv:^ or '*-. kill & Winself.'
t Wedii«da'y/iteht;.Crotrratt;ieft7 the) house"
;-whera*hß - and i hlsf brtdaj.ware ■; livlnff.^arid
she; heard [ nothing mote; of s him : until news
of i- his v death lwasi : brought to : her ; this
President* Daxjgriiter •■'; "Will TTot At
' ;. 7 tend the Coronation, nn*l TV'h-"'. . "
WASHINGTON,; D. C, March . 7.— Miss
"AliceJltooscYelt;?? daughter ' of £the ;Pfesi-;
dent^u will knot's attend f this^coronation for 1
KingvEd ward -^1; jWhllelthV: White ';House r
"was?; stated ;: by , those in a position Aitof
she;; should not- go.
t 'that I the Treason!
Roosevelt Jwill mot"; attend! &c*
coronation gof jKlnsSEdwardj^Vll^lis I .be-d
f cansei It | has s=been « found | prao tlcallyj-lm-^
(w^blejfciriharltoTgo!BimplyJas T »jL'iys Un^
; Notwithstanding ; it lirast stated ishe^rbuMi
not .'ro ta • London as rfdaughtergoirgthftj
I Presld entj| bu t { »lmply;| ai SMiasjEtooaeyel t;|
| itlwai^learifcdithatsl^dohTcourtiirirclesl
||wer»f[corisiderlnff * seriously the question;
'Ofjitlie wou ld ■>- occupy In '?11
coronation. functions. - When Miss Roo3e-^
Rational discuss'oSithePi^sfa^ njt f. rat^cto-]
FSldered % the" advisability. Jot {caneelllrig J thij
visit, but not' until It waa" found that
an - !nvH«ti»n ■t© %1-it: the ETmperor ' and \
Brnpresß ©f Gtermasiy wan on the
to ■ Am«rloa wis ■ft decided I that."' in ; view
Of itne. vxtretne _yo«th ot ' MJsw *Ttooßeyelt;|
ithefcomrtesles she 'Voiild tbej callcj&f qni
llatbta >—lil > tevt •» i ••. TtUwwtataA - -."■
n^i'V :i 'fn'-j*-^- v -i^r^ : '- : '^ :: '^r ; -r : ''- : /
i"4s^i%?t' . ... . ... _
Sews ;'SpmiSßa|ii^^^llS|w|
Kinitnclern Are Jfot Plintiil !■ Vlmlb ■
Detailed Vote, FolloWla^ aiCWMIt*/
The Constitutional Convention yesterdajr, ■'!■
sprung the/greatest surprise of ,thy» enttro |
--^^Pi^SS^iHfij^ed the WUhffit^SS^
tlo n»o^. %thyj report /ofUhe on \:
Taxation and Finance,- reduclns'tbe ratcoC"
worth. . Tiis result at ths voteTAsreaiW4 I '^
he t linos;;? lnense;exciemvjnCSlt^wa*|bySwef'^
P® n ?^i^rdngho^*the*sewidn?MdSit.^wa ; s^i
.^?P^X ; ™.^?*i B slo_%%ore.7beXor^T6Mejr^iiJi»^i
compietviy Jrestored^l anij | ith&fconvehtlbntft
.waslreadyltafreaume . work. * : .K~£k
|7 ; The;followinif isithe'sectlon :
land and lots, anekthep
|mproVement3/;theeron/^and vIII LnaSWe;||
personal] property Ino t exemptm pt % t rora \ taxa- M
tion by thfesproyfeloris3ofgthls^artlclcl^
the|rate) of : tax: shall ".not .bo more.tnaxv^
20 cents on everyvSllOOJof jlttfelassesaettfe
theredf4the proceeds" ' of {which: shaltg
ment and a further tax of to *c«ntsjoii;s
which jshall|bV|apptled; to i the] supportTot^
, theTSpublic -2 free ?.? schootsT;:fnf KtheSs State j^
provided.' that after the Ist day of Jasiuary^
1907, .the tax rate upoa "such?realj|
"and ';%. tanglblejlpersorial f_ property-;|f or^th*2
support/of i thej govvrnmerit J and { f or ; p«bUt*||
free S school % purposes;' l -Tsh'ail She ?• sucbt^iatfli
rnay|De|prescrlbed,-.by law. *,^^^
-"And provided- turther^that the Generalf;
fAsembly" a .:may;"\diirlng.^suclj'tiperiod -".of • .
Blonifofi % land j and itbts|and sthe jlnipiw*-]^
m ients I ther ; e'6n^ 7 and£din ~l^^ tangible jperaona|||
feoo/oe,4tHela!«"»*! sse3svas se3svai lipa.1 ip a . th»reof-7 '
, MR. WITHERS I CONCUTDBD. • ; .-, - ■
3 ; Mr/;* Wl thers hfii4»rgument|
begun^Thursday^f orgth^s«£tJon;s It/waai /
:r 'a^"speech^bfreiceptl6n^»ablHt^«d.ff6ree2^
>Bntjslt"S"dld'Tnoti- command; \ the/ attenWot»|
It Vsh v o>uid ihay»Tflbnelfojr3th^*WMonStnac«i
lines i were ■ i belh'is '( drawn 't !n 3 accortl foWitfii|
: thbsef/drawn Sin r? the • fight / for^thei C6rw|
poration I Co-mmlsstorC i opponents | of § thA|
'voted f flr'ktSiorA th^^ectira^^ind^t^MrJ^
: supported? the! report \ of ! th«* Corporations*
Committee" -'w¥re'/yoUnsf«wlth'4l»un.';sand,;;
bef oro* the s roll was : much' morel than-haif|
through, it wa3 seen .that- th» Withers
men had won. - .
/The f6ll6wingils;the'detailed vote:. ;
Teas-iAyera^ Barbo^av/ Bar banvJ; Mjiblj^
H/ Barn fisp ßoaz,' B raxtoru : "Py^yfS Camp--|
bell."Dayl3,/Bpe3, Flobd;.vGlhßO^.lGtlleSKt
pie; James iWf. Q Gordon, iß^il*.^Cr6raox»^
Gregory/; Gwyn^ Hardy^Hooker r rKee«el^|
Lawson ■ :tJnd3ay.7 lioven^MarahalV i Mtt|f
tsr, Moncure; 1 Mundy;; Park3.- Pe ttltj jPhil^
llpa Pollard. ; ; Rives. £- Stuart^J Sununersy|
Tan-y/Thornton/ Turnbutlp Walterv With-;
ers ■ Yancey, : the President— Tca3, 41. ..j .
: Nays^AHen/ W. : A>' Anderson,
H Barnes. Blair. Bouldin/ Brlstoyrr
Brown/ C.J/ Campbell. -Carter. Crlsmohd.
Egglaston. ' l^lrfax.'iFletchar./HaniUtdn./:
Hancock: ; Tlarrteoh/ ,Hattbn7 -Hunton^ ln-j;
gram. Claggett viß.v /Jones, SMcllwalne^
Meredith". -' O' Flaherty, Pe^lKw. ; Qaarles.'
Richmond^; Robertson; xStebblns. ? ThbnC -i
.Wajadlll/ Wescbtt, Willis. Wysor.— Nays,
"WTian the . applaase - arrfll : confusion ha«
subslde'd 'Judge moved ; a 1 rec6n>i
slderatlon v of ; the ■ vote. Th!s v .was ]Jybtec»|
do wn; Ch alnn'an " Fair fax".- then T*f9?* I ant *J
3tat6fl - that^ • the | report '.:.. watsr :i completedtr»
and "moved that,}lt /beureferred! /to/the -
Committee: on ' : Final ;Reylslon and Ad- j
Justment. ; Th!s motion /was : affbptetf
'the -convention 'adjourned .until to-day at
10 o'clock.
The !• news of > the action Jot 4 the ' cbnTWK^
tion In reducing the -tax .rate spread
Ecxrn.n-.Vo Care., Ha Tmy.
■ Tour druggist" willlrefundtyourj moneys
■ J ifipAZC!OlN^ENTlfallsUofc^|Rlii»^
worni Tet»erv?Ol<S(rjlcers. and Sor«»^plm-|
pies - and Blacihead3 on : tha face. «od ■ all
€kla dlaaaaea.: 50 centA v - - ..
Order Your' Sprtnjr, Salt ' \
at Ewlg's. Best cutter In South.
Avoid tan, smarting, rough, red akfnpa
applying Satih-Sklif Cream" and Satin-Skin ■:
Powder before • exposure" toiwlnd fbrrool(4J|
250 - lELO^ER & RHOADfiL"^
". Vljcoron. Itnbfcln« -
v/tth Dixie .Nerve: and Bone IJntmeat '
will /cure! Rheu^tlaih/lEnlsirgeaiJolnts^
'Pains, - Strains, iaocL Sprains. ' Large bot^
Rendr for Springr—
Ewis*J*L ' Ijatest T and nobbiest cut. *■'
.. nacjsiey n»»oi. _ „^^^
are -and! hava ibeen popular . for manjl •>'
y ears. They ar© iwett-feq^wni blgl* fra&ftt ! :
and 3 'are % by! thousands ] of 5 vamtm^
- ■ €«5 Rast Bro ad ' ; ; Stre«^S
at Bwig'9. '?, l^ [ W^^®{S^]*sj«? t !^^S®
S-Buyia * Buckeye :. Bath.;; Cabinet j an4|w^
as -directed and y^a will get th«3M|i
: benefit' ; -r6r i Hot % Medical ißathi|it|lldaKV?
Price* reduced to onlyaSS/fcoinplete.v^-^
g^^goifEN3|^^^Oß. I PRVO£Cp££|-^
Cbniie Broil. : : FI«««*^-H«eUI« jr Fl«ae% >M
r stock^fromsy>ur,ci:^etory, swrlces^oiffatt^
rs!f sh'tiyl used \ Pianos] tn/t o air ; ator*iwlHslM»jl
low^f £ oe| tii«|n«xtl.|«iip
-days^Doa't fall 'to coil ana wV'thwlhi^S
gains. ,
f ~~~\
» ar H.^/«..^ / . : . '
-;i,They2^*l t^ a! ™^ t TP Q 'P q^l^.B^^^VJ
ana the Unaaen3«;«Uoof .tom.'fer jnivtafr.%
lingflroofKoi fhetr mmtttßM
yalue. . ; . '•• ' . :: i "t '•/
PIANO/ OC^;- : ' '■■ ■
.'with'- Dr. David's j Cough SyrcptlMfl • ••' .;j
earth; for Coogh. Cold. Ctouft Qmlb*. :h
I tion. Bronchitis amt all TUrmMmSlSm i

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