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W-.-' EASTER SUNDAY is only three weeks away. Our facilities for , '
«>.•■>■.■■■ manufacluring are almost unlimited, Lut we are always taxed to our //
/r \ utmost the week before Easter. Place your order with us this week; W
=!«"■£ ■*■■■• you will not regret being a little ahead of time. rL
fj The new Spring Woollens are the prettiest things you ever saw; TV
yu : - and bur -prices areso small that you cannot afford to wear ready-made '".-'"Aft
-^ clothing. - > .
}Jl We are displaying all the new Brown, Greenland Tan shades in iJ
N Stripes; Ghecks,jand Gverplaids. Homespuns have fhe call this season. v\
yk Ours are the latest and the prices are small. .. V N
# SUITS TO ORDER, $15, $18, and S2O. &
Remember our GUARANTEE:?— If agarment doesn't fit, it is ours, not yours. M.
&'• v - ' ■ ■ ■ ' €
}T'~ -■ . . TAILORS/ " •' - I
FRANK MfIREGK, IV!ancSC|er. 704 E Main' Street/- «f
bids ; -will be received for the erection of
n^wisburer, W. Va., according to plans
'na^ spoclfications, now on file vriiii John
j 'A. Preston, secretary, Lewisburg, W. Va.
6iid buildings to be completed, on or be
fore October 1, 1902. . 33ids to be sealed
; fend addressed to JOHN A. PRESTON,
: Secretary. Lewisburg, W. Va. All bids
to be accompanied "■with- a certSGer>f:heck
I JCor 2 per cent, of bidi, as a guarantee that
ihe bidder will promptly execute the con
tract and bond required. If his bid is ac
fcepted—check to be made payable to John
jAi Preston, treasure:-. . i • V
? Ail bids to be filed before said John
i/L Preston,; secretary; at LewLsburg. W.
•Va., on or before Thursday, March "0,
i^3Q2, on which day the bids will be open
jed at 12 o'clock iL. by the directors of
. Xhesaid Lewisburg Female Institute. The
(right to reject any and all bids is hereby
reserved. '
: . R. L. TELFORD,
; :,': ,' •-v^r--iTT3OHNrx; "PRESTON,
- '■: mh 7-5t • Committee.
toe 20-Sun 52 1)
£*)D<SSk >:■>. Sl' A.-F. acdA.. ?£.; . VV
U-ttexn* & s3a-l*i.:.*« J^ 33i"->r3 3i"-> r « Cil - Ur ? n 3l ' / V\
.Your.- fo&js **- •'■■'• M»r*ti ! !c Tc:npl«
teJO&TS&i SrrSBNjUfTCr at T:3C- o'clock.
&L«!m'»sj3s -^f; J»«^«r ic-Bg+s: "xriJ transient
x»rethrqd *ro?ri.;oe»ai:i' ?avi*t.a. i
'By o!%«r«f Ciw W&rs'n'pfui ivTastsr.
• • ' a. . BOTTIOItEIMS.Sr
yrr. y a»-SaT>MMts S?cr't.-»ry.
.TRBAT FOR THE- SICK : will bo held
•THUBSDAY.. Maroh 13th, at 11 A. M-,
± or ttie election of a President and 'other
s ;.m >,:;. \ ■ , •: "Acting President.
tali 3-Snn&W tmh 13 :- ;>.; >.
Never in tlie city of Rich
mond has: such an attractive
l3eeii delayed as may now be
seen a£ our store.
Shoes with such " leathers,
such workman ship, i and such
style ai'e associated; in minds
of •purchasers with H i glier
Prices/ That such Shoes can'
be sold for $3.00 is indeed mar
velous. V
whole; yillage; .^jrupated.
Tough Times* at Xcw Haiapden in the
Crabbottom Valley — A "Whole Pcn'of
Pijfs Perisli— TJie Dackbonc of 'Wi li
ter 11ns Gotten a "Humi)' 1 on It—
Tiyeiity "liielies of Snow- Xews
• About the People."
MONTEREY, VA., March S.— (Special.)—
From alj over tlie county come lamenta
tions over the havoc -wrought by the
flood of last week. Perhaps the greatest
damage done was to tiro" public"roads of .'
the county, many of .".them" ""'being in a
shameful condition .before " the flood came.
It is estimated that $1,000 . will be, re-
quired to" repair the Jackson's-River road
to tire Bath county line. \_
In .the Williamsville Valley the Bull
pasture'river did- much damage also. The
storehouse^ of Jasper Bradshaw was
undermined and narrowly, escaped; being
washed: away. '
A negro mail-carrier between Williams
ville and Millboro* Springs ventured into
a ford below the former place; • was wash-"
ed.from'his horse and lost ; tlve mail
pockets, which were recovered, however,
further down the river. '
The village of New. Hampden, in tlie
Crabbottbm Vallvy, was almost- entirely
inundated, many of the .inhabitants being
rescued on- horseback^and carried to dry
"-. Mr. Rexrode, the owner of the village
grist-mill, \ had a pen, full of hogs washed
away and ■ drowned. The strc'et running
through the town was rendered impassa
While plans were being formulated and
forces concentrated looking: to the rest o-.
ration. 'of 'roads 'and the repairing of dam
ages generally, tlie backbone of winter,
supposed to have been broten, suddenly
got a new "hump" onit, and the snow
which began falling early in the wCclc,
continued until a depth of twenty inches
was reached, .with a corresponding in
crease toward the Alleghanics, west of us.
As we look about us and sew the mi- j
merous mountains and valleys along the ;
southern slope of this great- water-shed
The most attractive Shoe
that ever 'graced, -
, ; PRICE, "
covered with such a depth of snow, we
can predict' with Hicks-like precision \ that,
should . this, "mantle of .white" go with
a- "quick, thaw,' supplemented by warm
rains, we ■ 'will.b e able to "turn- off the
gas" again for Richmond 'most any time
in. the near future. • .".-.',
"Our mail service, usually so satisfac
tory, has again been -interrupted, tire
j hacks bein'sr unable: to ; make^fhe entire.
trip on Wednesday*. '?"'■''-'■' '"■ ■■ '■ -""■«•«-:
Two freight-wagons, ' drawn by four
horses each, '. caught . en route ' by ' the
! storm, wv're brought ; into port ■ by ; adding
j four more to each -wagon. v-J
j ./Cases of extreme N indigence are. as rare
: In Highland, as, perhaps, in any. county.in
•the State, and no instances of;actual suf
fering, have come to light, although acts ot
j charity and kindly ministrations -are not
I forgotten during this- terrible reign;- of
i the; storm king, -which; in point of dura-.
! tion and severity has not; been surpassed
in the history of our people. •■'.-'
• Mr. C. C. Arbogast on "Wednesday last
sold to Mr. Harry Lunsford his property
on Main ; street, . immediately in front of
the. Star ."Hotel, the price paid being §700
cash. '■•. ' -..■'• ■. , - » ■
'.'V. Mr. Arbogast. has lately been engaged
in business at Cass, W. Va., but informs
your, correspondent .that this sale does not
I signify a purpose to permanently sever his
business delations with Monterey.
I The numerous friends of Miss Maude
Trimble, whose illness was reported in a
f or^ner , correspondence, are gratified to
learn ■ of ; a i marked | improvement in her
condition, which, for several days, was
regarded as quite serious. ■; ' ,
.Mr. David G-.Hiner, whose parents live
near Monterey, was . stricken down by
typhoid-f ever white visiting relatives at
Dayton. Va., last week, and his" mother,
Mrs. Fannie Hiner, is at his bedside in
response to a message received early in :
tlie Week. '.'■'.•'. - -
Mrs. Gilbert Sims, whose home is near
the village of McDowell, was paralyzed
on Tuesday morning. She-is the mother
of Dr. W. R. Sims, of McDowell. '.'. \,
Mr. H. A. "Jordan, who recently sold
his Jackson-River farm to Mr. C. IC. Par
mer. has '.".purchased a home on Tvnapp's
creek,';. Pocahohtas county, W. Va.; the
consideration being $4,000. ■.;•"'.■
He will move about March 15th.
.■Mr. Samuel N. Beverage, for a long
time clerk for. J. A. Whltelaw, merchant,
will shortly open a cash store in th^" old
post-office room just below the New Star
Hotel. ■ ■';■"■■ --' , , . .
Mr. James Judy, of Staimton. ' Is on a
visit to friends and kindred in Highland
■'. ■^>* 1 ■.':'■ - '
Old papers for sale at the Dispatch
office. ■ . .
'"■■■'.;■•' '■ ■■ ' . : '■■ t - '..■"• "' ■■-' '■■ ■' . ■■ ■■ - ■ - "'■■'■•
.The most wonderful feature
SHOES is that of perfect fit
and absolute comfort, which
■i they possess in greater degree
• than any other Shoe made-
Over sixty styles, to select.
from, and just the land that
tlie fasbionabl^drSs'S
ers. Slyles for every occa-
And TVantii to "Do Tilings'' Herself,
; But ■■ Adniits - HxLvlugf - Ma-dLc : [
In the Past— Doesn't Understand the.
'Associated Pre»s Kor the Peculiar
Monopoly Which Sftwts Out Certain
[ .; ■ , ■ , (For the Plspatcb.) - .
Plnehurst, N.-C, ilarchSth- -
A newspaper; correspondent . .without - a
■ bailiwick is ■ like; "the man ; withbut"~a.
Country," or 'a-'dlsemDodlea spirit.
•■';.-■ At least;; that's how I feel "since, leaving
my niche ; in the : mountains ; or; Southwest
Virginia, V and; ; : travelling : South-;; with .^ a
; varied assortment of ailments such as you
I "read about in! patent] medicine; circulars. _.
' "For; a ; private\cqilection : ;ifcwas' really
a grand ensemble -of "•' diseases-^one. to
j bring ghoulish ;■, glee to ; apothecaries I and
I doctors, though the owners of such pririce
.ly.collections,,asa rule,; are less given- to
I ; hilarity. - ; Only^they 1 understand who : have
Ifnerves and > a rebellious' liver, lungs: that
have practically re tired ■?>■ from - - business, :
■stomach ditto; and a "dozen other- organs;
I in sympathy, with tne nerarious. coin-;
Aspirators. ' „ .-, .- "- -*" "* " * ""'■"':"
Add to tWsa lean purse.ana aihungry;
I desire to: get past ; the embryo stage"of
j journalism, and^you ihave " the -.-conditions:
which led - to, my sin— tnat sm whereby
rchovery : angels "rev. irom lnign : neaven ;
at an early-era 'of .Celestial history— the
| ; presumptio-us sin of ambition. -.:->•
i Had I staid; at. home- and gone ion-.writ
; ing prosaic : accounts or aeatn3 and mar
riages, , of ifires* ana noods^and^railfoaa.
I accidents, all would.: still be well. s :
-'":.'" But I found- myself at a- health-resort—
I where people don't die.' Moreover,: it .was
a Yankee setjtlement^droppecl: ;dpwn in
I: Dixie,- 'which .rendered the ' situation': dis-
I couraging in every, particular.;, No; chance;
for affairs, of : the: heart— duellos, ? elope
ments,; and sensational- marriag:es---among
I such a matter-of-fact' and. hopelessly- vir-
I tuous , people. No ; possiDimy or : a : crime'
j or lynching.*-- Even -Nature was .against
I me, being ever in "tender -mood.- I could
not so much.; as TVir© my papers of a
flood or tornado.. .„ .Y,^ ...;,^. ... ... ■.-,. •;...»';■
„ But it is the "unexpected : that happens.
One day I woke^to learn, or .tne? nasty,
shuffling off ' of .-"" the . mortal .. coil " by ." ' the "
millionaire owner, of - the village..; .': . ;
i. ! NO LONGBK A- NOJNiiiiXiTY/. ■ • ~~
I was no longer an idle Invalid, an aim- ■
. less nonentity. . Once more l was a rear
live human being wltn* a; purpose in- lire
and a definite task in store. All of my
papers woultl want ; a report, or course.
And grown suddenly Important, as the
only representative \ of = thepress witliin a
•radius of seventy^miles.Ul was off to the
scene of the tragedy.
But pride goes before a fall. .The next
day.my sense of Importance had vanished.
Part of my specials had been refused and
the telegraph tolls came back- on me for
settlement. -;i It .was .a new experience, ana
rather ■ to one suffering the
torments or ' the damned sumptuous
living— the extent or my inauigerice : haa ;
been milk and bread, broth and .sort
eggs, gentle reader. :. ."" - ;
Had I been a man, ■. I might have . gone
round the corner and: returned . hilarious,
said a few ; unquotaDl©; .words,: or com
forted my soul -with a good, hot,dinner,
at least. Barred these masculine- diver
sions, I proceeded to pour my troubles in ;
the patient ear of a gallant . Kichmona
. editor,, who had . printed my ."stuff,",
though he had' it already from the -Asso
ciated Press. ' Where they got it the Lord
only knows. News' seems; to. come to
them through the air, by; wireless-tele
graphy, and in times of atmospheric dis
turbances, by mental telepathy.
Then I learned the truth from my edi
tor. I was fortunate, in. not having -to
pay for,: all of those messages— being .out
of my. lawful territory. ,
A sense of desolation came over me.
Though the heavens, fall, I must 'keep
silence hereafter. The Associated Press,
would look, out for my papers.' ; I was a
correspondent -without a: bailiwick. :
-"Health and idleness to passion's flame
are -oil and .gunpowder," said that "most
brilliant genius and profigate, Lord By r
ron.- -. ■ " ' . • .V---'\ ';.-' ' - -
I do not. question the truth of his state
ment. He knew whereof ; he spoke,. I
, presume. But I •maintain- that the union
of ill health and idleness" is quite 'as law
less, and; even more ."dangerous. - Health j
and idleness ; begets self-indulgencei :■ 111
health and idleness stops- not .with" self.
Others must pay! the penalty!' A'.'dls'eased :
brain makes isurly husbands ana ; State;
criminals. It is, the diseased, -the morbid ;
wretch who hurls flynafntte; and Mights
the torch of sedition -and anarchy. ,. -
."When the body is in tune,: how sweet
is mere ? existence— to bask in the sun
shine, . drink .' in ; . the .beauty ."'.'of ?the world,
and . dream,- ■■"' But, . on : starvation-rations,
with a .'thousand bodily aches and " pains,
even the sunshine and the beauty of the ■
world avail not 'against " the^powers -of
darkness, which lurk dangerously ' near
'such environments*." Religion "and 'philoso
phy .sometimes' -fail. The only safeguard
that can be universally warranted against
"the world, the flesh, and the ■ devil" is
mental activity.; __„_-_ :.*_ 7 '!_]'. .'
Tome this /was denied., I had no baili
wick. So ; into" the "breach stepped r the
Goddess of Discord; and rolled her golden
apple at the" feet ; of a .once-humble. Dis
patch^ correspondent.. - - : - - . -
As usual, there _was ; : a; woman in ...th'e
case. A highly respectable" and charming
individual, 1 whose divine right I had never
: once : thought. to question. ' / '• 1". '-
.-. "Lbok at the Afton lady," my tempter
whispers, V "who V ransacks history from
the time of -Julius Caesar -to - : Theodore
Roosevelt and Edward' VII.; who expati
.ates on every subjectjunder-heavem;from
■ philosophy - to - the "finery "of the woman
suffragists. Why need- a-bailiwick?.; Would:
you -remain a grub, 1 ; rooted. .to: a clod of
earth. -or would- you take wings and-roam
the free airsofcheaveni on the limitlesb
wings of ;.thought? : : Your \'Af ton : lady.^ has
had a : nionopoly?bf ■ that : sort ' of : thing long
' ■' ';^;l ;..; ..,;. ■_.:■ . ':_\J: '..-_C:-jL l-"'!i ?■ ...
:"Butshe is-souvery clever," I murmur
amazed, as I - summon •■ up ,the - versatile; -
charming , writer -who " r alone," of '* the; 150.
Dispatch • correspondents," ;f dares } moralize
on human foibles : and frail ties— like' the
Idl© Roporter and that high and mighty
: potentate,' ; the.. editor-in-chief, .'.v/ho, from
his holy of holies, : passed judgment, on.
Ropublicans,; centenarians, -and; : the ",wqrld v
In i general. How was - 1 ito seek : entrance"
Into this powerful ; triumvirate.? p. She'fwho
reigned: there ' was Ta .' "kindred spirit" of
the brilliant - Idle.; Reporter| and the -. pro
found arid v sapient editor. ; - . 3 " '■'.. - -„
:^ Is felt much like' a' little'; 'carpenter ;6t my
acquaintance ; ; ln v"a ...hamlet ; of ,( Southwest ;
,V irsrinia. ;, He {f wass'dirhinutlve^ In ;'statxje
and ; of ■ slSnder jbiiild;lwi th s a nasal accent?
and..vividlyr:fl6rid ? 'complexion/ ; He 5 ybted^
;the^RepubHcan;itlcket;tand/;bn" election?
day, harangued h'isif ellow-countrynien:- In-1
'cldentaHy,, : he^ played ;thej fiddle- :by, rear;
and ;:built;: indifferent sh'o'uaes.'-; v :Vßut' : .--,I; r .setl
outi;to~telKybujof;his;publiq soryicesland;
rof;hls ; aspirations v td-be dobr-fteoperlofvthe"
iUnlted^SitatesMCongres. Ah; ;well! ? |ilis';
ambition"; was V:; harmless. ;J^l Should 1 ; ri<3t*
smile. Like the woulaV-be door-keeper
of Congress, I, too, may be {snowed un
der -
p'But -I T always iWouldCwalk: 4'where "angelS;
[ fear? to I tread." fAHdlthe^ adyicefof Jmy ;evil I
jrco¥ns_elqr^^.^jnglnj r co¥ns_elqr^^.^jnglne > .ln:'my' r ears:i--:.'. 4 Shei'
has , had iaj monopoly of that sort of thing
long! enough. " /^®g*
orator" of Nebraska'i
il®)^,M us lWats monopolies .are wlcked.'i'l''
; am > not laT dlsolpl« of fethat ; b^srhtlpartlcular:
■Btar.t the |Hon.^WlllJaaasTJenninßa *?-Bryah7s
*^^Itojmal»^»';«eMltre^tfp«[to'|i*ina'tter/- :
\ Stiffs and Other lightweight garments Ready for Inspection
% Easter comes sooner this year, thtis We have prepared for an earlier |
\ showing of the garment novelties than is usual. The demand qf fashion is j
I for variety; therefore our exhibit of different styles is larger than ever, j
: I -Many materials -in a variety of weaves of the lighter weights will be dis- !
1 pSayed. and the handsome trimmings of the costumes r will- be a feast after |
1 the sombre [^aih^rnieri . i . j
I The display is prepared, and we usher you into the whirl of the new ■§
1 spring with la ■■■.■meagre description which inadequately represents the maxvels |
1 of the models they describe. "j
1 '■'■'-'J&'irifitirv a very dressy costume of Imported^ Brown Broadcloth; Open Eton has Persian j
I '^jmUOg vest and embroidered Tan refers and cuffs; skirt is made on best quality' $|M C j
1 - -drop silk. -Price....; .................: C. ........... -^ ; ..-.-. aDHU I
i the, Gibson Suit of Black iand Blue Etamine, Blouse Js richly trimmed in Black.
j- - ,iUI& Moire ((rancois);and buttons, skirt made in best quality silk drop, a strictly |j
up-to-date garment. Price.. .V. ........... ........ .v.. .... .... ........ — ijJiJu |
JUSfS A very 6ne Cheviot Suit:, in /Black or Nary, open Eton vest front jacket and j:
i ; ■■-,'-\ skirt handsomely trimmed in moire and braid rings, the: newest effect CIJ Q 0 ?i 0
I : - : in trimming." Price. ...... . . . . .-. .... ........... ....... • ........ - » - • v ; v LiU b \
I „ CQtl A very nobby Suit in Black or Navy Etamine Jacket, has ;shawl-colla,rr of Black
W;i ...and; White Silk, outlined with fancy silk braid, taffeta silk lined ; skirt Is a-^.qn ]
I' .; , graduated flounce, and lined in best quality silk percalme. Price.... ....^UU
I QQ ; A very Dressy Suit of Black Cheviot or Black and Blue Broadcloth Col larless
1 Eton Blouse, elaborately^ trimmed in bands of :m vest, »
I r embroidered in Black,: new sleeves, new skirt. A very handsome and becoming $0 £ I
I • JSSn suit. > Price/....".... |
I And then we have really attractive well made Suits so reasonably priced |
1 that you wonder how they can be made for the money. The range- of styles j
1 in the lower priced garments is now complete. Commencing at $7.98 they |
1 raise gradually in price; almost dollar by dollar, according to the amount |
1 :of trimming or quality of material used ; yet all are superior appearing suits j
I after the best models of the year. |
|.'Pressy Raglan ' tfe^y Short Jackets. \
I ' Quter Garments. ; Eton Jacket of nice quality Moire, Hned.^ „„ |
5 . .Sicilian Raglan in Black, Navy, iray, and TanV Incite silk, a very stylish garment „ f
I loose back; .but perfect .fitting garment,^ the JJ&7 AP Very Dressy Eton Jacket ofßlack Peau de Soie, fc
P .popular thing for a dust and travelling coat. •••/<-? trimmec i £ n bands of taffeta and Arabian a wp. ** %
B : V; Black 'Taffeta Raglan, nmde ; of; the best quality; lace ' white satin 1ined........ .1 ~. P^V.l/4/-;. |
1 «ilk half tightfitting back, bell sleeves,, large collar iawi > „ •-.- - , „._ , ■ - ; ... : .. ./ .;.■ f
1 and' sleeves, and trimmed in; Arabian 'VO/9 7^ " Open Coat of Peaa de Soie, npple 'bottom, broad r
I face " ......:..;.... $/<&.6W collar, elaborately trimmed in Moire and medal- |;
I Ano'tber Cg^le of Black Taffeta Raglans,is made lions ;of Russian Lace, white satin- gjg |
I with the gathered back belted in at -waist, collar gjQ I:netl T****: ~ ' v |
|,and sleeves trimmed... ................................ y ■ y erT handsome Moire Blonse, inlaid yoke of whita \
| : Very Dressy Black Silk Coatr made of _the finest p.. J raided in black, entire, garment tjrimined in I
I Black Taffeta,. collar and revers all ; the_way down front - •-„ V ' a d white braid and crochet ■; buttons, white 1
las well as belt sand cuffs of -.White Moire; apphqued in ta Uned an , exceedingly dressy «9~ n |
I black and white passamentene, fastened r . tpJZim.QU I
|; without steel butt0n5............. .............. 90«..%?V garment ~ •• JT |
1 "- ' . : xr, "'" - n^ n A ««o1Utt : : --RWV Pean de Soie Skirt, with tucked flounce, fin- 1
I Press 'Jkirts i>rJ^^&^^«^^^f^s\f^ \
I /feu patterns
I-/ in ■ Etemtee Dress &irt ' made habitback. double flounce, each gift -|
I -Abundance. '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^
I with band of moire and crochet rings...
m . L *'> ' ■ :- - ■■" AliSO, . , - P . j , t I
sy -1 ixt 11 • t i-x. ~-t-~ in^-r>r -nrioes in such proittsion, and. closely t
I wants in Separate Skirts. y^; ■ .;;:;■; :. ; . . ...;■_■ ■■; - ; . • \\
1 OUR --RIBBON COUNTER has often been Spoken of enthusiasm RiStOnS fa I
||iil£Sls^lSS b, Ch eap^e 3 , |
I which Will not staud the test of sunlight. . .' ,' / |
\-kff^ v :^MQBil ourti} and^B^^ Streets. |
exemplary citizens at home who eternally
cried dov/n trusts,. Until one good" day a
certain syndicate, was formed.* Then.,
presto, change! As one one the great
furnaces -dotting the country kindled up
their -fires— which accidentally ; went out
"during the late ; Cleveland dynasty— as
they ■ sent ■ their ; rosy : glow ; athwart the
midnight sky, making peaco and .plenty
again Jn the land, these railing .citizens
. sang a different song— or, : to be 'more;ex
act. a variation of the old refrain. For.
"while" lacking nothing of bitterness and
r abuse -against trusts in general,' for this
particular one, " concerning the place, of
my habitat, they had : only. ecstatic .praise.;
- :lt " is decidedly probable'- 'that/il,' should
have nothing further to .say.; against the
monopolies .; of,., my. fellow-journalists if
;the charmed circle: , '.I would :
expect :to play second 'fiddle, of -course
..That my Afton sister, would still be lead
ing lady goes without saying.. . ..',. ■
■■;.But : It all rests with ."the .powers that
be" at: Richmond, whether I make my,
radieus.; or s, whether, 'although .1. have;, no
bailiwick, I come again" under the . nom
de plume of :. THE ; DREA^rER^:
Higrlilanil Springs "Sotcx. ?
-Services 'at : tlie - .Methodist Episcopal :
churqh- 11.30 A. M. Preaching by . tho
i pastor, the Rev, Eugene Potts.-. ■ ■
i Services at the Marshall Memorial
; church (First Unitarian)' at 3^) .'o'clock;
|pastor/:Rev..A.;N. Sommers. - The pub-,
! lie. is cordially, invited. . "
i Cars for. Highland Springs leave Twen
i ty-ninth and P streets on. the hoar.
! "An old-fashioned "quilting- bee" wa3
held in Library Hall yesterday after
noon, which was much; enjoyed; \and in
the evening an "antiquarian" supper and
reception 'wasi tendered the Rev. Ay N.*
Sommers and wife. • - Mr. ; Sommers is the
newly-appointed.p astor "of the Marshall
Memorial church . (First Unitarian):"' The
affair was largely, attended and heartily
enjoyed. \. ,
: The annual meeting of 'the Woman's
Alliance was held at the manor house
during the past week. The officers who
had so; acceptably acted the past year
were unanimously elected to servo an
other year. All members were present.
Rev.' /A. N. Sommers, late -of Francis
town, vN.H., has purchased a handsoma
new: dwelling and tract of land from
Mr. E; S. Read, and will settlejhere per
manontly. Mr. Sommers is-a' native of
Virginia, and .is ; glad to reside agala
on his native soil. * •
.Ths house being- built for Mr. Clarence
; Brothers; is nearing. completion, and will
be an attractive and comfortable home.
Good Old Grandma's Adyice
:•;■;: ; The children : are sick—^sead for "grandma!' Who is there like her for
arid "gentleness/ and^ sympathy,-, since \ the "first 'baby came? -.What
•: would \ve Have done without her? ■
■- "Casearets • ara : splendid, ay old mother ."Aftar ■takiae ciscarsts for a f«w niuht* b«
;; praises them verT.jhienly. and says sha wan Id ; for* wrltine.'a was «b!» So pass * Sa>j-worra
- Beye F l^ e m >? nElloa \ * l >»n»-i- H»w«rd -W. • WeU- Si f«dt 1b lent-slu s Cjwoar«Wi haro o«r pr»b«.
, man. 139 Tremont Street, JVrmouns, Ohio.- ;»nd I will wllUnely faraUi a to»tliaooi:U w
,ji; "I "suffered ' seven years "With" tipV-wirat int «nyon» irk» da«ire« jt." ;_- - _ , ,
t^idn'tknoirj had o»e." Two mont&s a«tt> Xvu ■.-",- V ' :' ~ Mr »- Harrr.Wood. Konnesa, »nJ.
itakeasjrith'iaflat»allo»>of ■tk»>bow«lg,"!iour ; "I wa« troabUd 'for a lonc.tlm* with -U*«r
s"*opaß»r sick l{eadac««. I triad Caso*re:» aa4:teota»lalnc and misery th»s I
I had not taken them a week before I was relieved .5 bad to 3 give : ir work." .' I " s^ok but -i <lo*<*
tot* tan«-wona:l3£e« long.,la«/7«ry mucik? of OascaraW befox* I was *bl« to c« w work
, Better.". i V'" i - 7> ''i--.'-'--" : . ':-;-'"■'•'-■ ■■■• - 1 l -'-;:''!----^".--. -.-..-.■.■■-•-:■" . -axaia^ "-•■■-••.•.--•■. ■-;■;.- - ,-.-..■-..,. >. ■;.■■■■ - ■.-...,.'
.-^S^Cm. Joha Ste&a, Pat-In-»ay Island. OUo. . i- — ilr^ JoslKresliajj. i^l Concrass St-.Si.' Louis.
>The wisdom of : years of experience with her own. health, and
.grandpa's' and tha children's, and children's ; children has tantrht
' grandma' what is good for her and the several generations of family
she has looked after. Grandma of today knows and advises that
yCascjirjta^ for
all bowel tronbles, children's diseases, diseases of the stomach a/rf
liver, sick headaches,' biliousness and bad blood, r

/JL ... *A-^ Beat f«r.th« Beweis, All dru*glata, toc t »se, 50C.
:ffViX*i\Tk PlTVJgyaver acid in bnlteP,Th«'»eattlae tohlet tamoed CCC T
i.V| > B J »..W>.,' 1 * *y is Qnrmntpgd t» cure or your, money k«ck. Saoiplo and
MffMP^. 'boa)kletfrc«.->' Address
'„.'. : St«Uo« Remedy CßOßcaßy, Chisjaatf «W ¥•!»» ■§
:Mra. William R. Turner, who has beea
critically ill. is now convalescins.
,-Lattle Nettio Brothers. . about whom
there was so much concern, ia nov/ abla
to get about the house.
Xattle Miss Grace Stags isalsorecoverinas
from her recent illness. '.-*
The people of this vicinity aro rnuclj
elated . at the ' prospect of havins nev*.
cars on the Seven Pines route/
Dr. Cob«urn. a former resident of Jlas
sachusetts, spen-t a day of the past weelc
at the .Tower House.
Chat bam Xotes.
CHATHAIL Val. March S.— (Special.)—
Evangelist Ix>ui3 P.. Bransford Is con
ducting, a revival tn the .Methodist ' Epis
copal ■-" church • at this place, which. v;V.I
continue about ten days.
.Judge J. la. Tredwaiy returned thl3
morning from. Richmond, where he ■.v.'enc
to ask the /Legislature ; to Increase^ tha
appropriation fox , the Western Stats
Hospital. Judge Tred-way is one of thi
trustees o C • the ■■- fca3ti tutlon:
■ "Reports .: from. difr*rent sectton3 of tt-3
county are that the whaat prospect tl
much.. better since tho last snow.
,The Town Conncil ot Chatham, in cor.<
Junction 1 -with the Board of Supervisors,
will- soon begin to .< ' Macadam!z& tfe-J
streets"' here... ' ■" : '".. "K'-.t.-- '■■-' •

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