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it UIOTI (> X 31KTH 0« S ClUTrci SED
in* Fnr.i>nmotc*;ni7H« ''sir'xisTEiis.
Tlie Severest Arrr.iKnnicnt wns l>y j
Itcv. \V. I"). Rcmnrks |
n;*<l Rcf«r«iicc to I-oenl AOairs—
DMtlt.ol J!r. Joliiivl. .Slime. i
rnKPBRIGKSDURG. ' VA. f May: 2C!.—
(Special.)— As a result of the alleged irr'e
puiarities and improper practices in the
f.Jcotioh'i-bere last Thursday, there wore
thrc-o-strpnjr : sermons preached upon the
..subject -in I'rcdtiricksburgr yesterday. The
f i vcrcpt arrasj?nment was ; from liev. W.
X>, StUlih',. of St. Ocorge's fhureh.
The: church Is:i on ts»e same street a rid
: niiuWay .bciT/crh the two. yotJhg precincts
nn-.1 v.riTi rtnr.niciy, on.: election: day, the
5 ;:■>■•■<!■•;! OoiiUcll .yms Inssssioii' tiierein,
"tJuis permitting the il«?!prrritcs nnd visitors
n fell- view of tlio aJlesrocl inJpOemeanors.
Mri' Smith's: text v;;ls "Unto the Pure.
All Things iit.e I'uic." 3n brief, J.lr. Smith
?-.v): - : .Tiscrc was an -event in thin city
3?. st v.- r <--1: thrit shouhl not. Ki> ■unnoticed —
%•;::.: "th y election; on TJitirsday. 'The pro
>-, '.V,-.::* Hint 'lay vrere a shame, and a'dis
rr ?Q- ijecausc tncy -n-ere r.othlr.j? more or
; ■■- iijan Anarchy. It vras -m. bold nnd
i- ■-: .- : .-:i; .'■'•'■ : rc;';iT:\ of the Invr and so open
.-:- to shod; ihe sensibilities -of every, citi-
Z'~> who lovcfl n.nubeiicved m maintaininjr
1 v.- :uw on3f«r. The fair name of l-V'.d
.:•";..., I.: v:t hadbocn dJ&bonor-cii; It was a
':■/. :■■.-.; • vrjmpie to our youny men. %vlui
is ion v-'ould.tx'CoTMe leaders,.- and Jaw-Jiiak-^
cr.-- It -.v.-,:K p«;cnTl«;ily brought about by
bitter r:v:ury .-ir.d excitement anil nc
,■ ••;:-:.!i;"l' r 'l by the lawless tmd reckless
tire of n<j«6r atsrl cperiantl undenied;brib-
Itvwas not -his tlnty, snifi tho 'minister,
. !>■ mnko person;: i ;.. charges : or try men
from Uie pulpit. Therciis a remedy, how-:
lever. t-tA it !:<;? in. the combination of all
; : ; z:T!s \v];n respected lav. T anilvdeslre only
*ht; best- ..interest -of the eonimiinjty : to ine
<•:■.':'■. ]n the late election tl.e belter e!e
;::•■.!. of the city, were Ruiliy. in that they
hisri«. t!;ci:s'h well '" aware of what was;
ec.tuir on. no effort to prevent or stop the
riirprrrceful scenes. It? should be the duty,
in t:!' ; --fr.*j:ro. "of! . every good citizen with
p-iremotJves.:.T'."ithout: fear or favor, to clear
<••• political .-un)'!?))hcre of Fredericlts
l -■■."•■z. forever of. the: possibility ,p£ a simi
n-e'i'i 1. . 1-i "Clvesntitt. of the: Christian
< :.::•( h. in ..connncntinK upon the scenes,-;
said: Whatever is required by>tlie law.
■ ■*■-.<■ God' "mixsi l.c sviliinirly and readily
(-■..■•.-'■ l under '"ill circumstances and. upon
" r-A] occrisions. ChrSstians should see to. it
:' ..';■ law-n:ak«:-s : are not la\y-brenkcrs:
■ "" use who are tn s?it in judgment. ajrainstl
;• ■ !.-.::,;:• did to enforce the Irixv sliOultL
'!,-:-. r.-A<-r themselves guilty. :before -the
•3;iiTic ': ; --". '-Sin Is sin^everywhere, on elec
.. itl oii "■:- •'■•■■I as <on other' days.
'•v.itb \vi»t kind.Vjf h conscience." said .
the preacher., "■could I prosecute a viola
tinn of tiie. law \vh"e'n;.'.3 had -paid: a man.
10 violate ihe law? Where is .the -Chris
■■fjan ccrsuriV-nro?: VThat kind of a light.
j-Siowh on Froderfcicsiiurg' on election day?
". Xhswer .'-.tlu'U me. neea : :.pure. men
...': fiKM'-.viw vriU obey the law thetnsslyes:-'
■l> •••>. an'J not until 'then, may we expect::
o-atii jjpycrnirient. If. no drunkard can, bo"
»a vi'-i' where v.-IH the drunkard -maker. ,
i- noi''"'' ' - • " - ' ' -- I
' ; Vr John Ai- Stone, a retired hardware: j
n frehinr and ■■; higiily-osteemed citizen, j
V\ Vit ihe Mary Washington' Hospital-.
„i'l „ ]'; Bt : ni;rht. HeL^ras a native of Cv!- ;
-„,- county, but had resided here fora.]
i•• '.-,■:.■. •:"•- r-.r '\. -n'r.s. Jjou-w No. ■!. A. F. and \
-■ * .-tf -ivhich he was a member, will :
„,-jt-, jemniiis with i lie honors of. that :
V-t-.if-r.Thri funeral j'-rviee will ■■ take !
. j . ,'; fj-oxn SL George's church to-mor- :
"i-hV- evening at 4:33 o'clock. The interment i
'..■ a v.< mnile in 4-he City Cemetery, Five !
:; -"',iijidren.""-siirvive him— Mrs. Dr. Garrelt ;
:• '•• '."■'" ■ V;. c ami Spottsn-ood Stone, -of :this:|
.'•'; .'s.;*,:.vio= T.: Stone, of J.'hiladelphia.i]
. .','.'; ' i- -..'.-■ '- Stom; of Washington- !
: -'":'.■, ■ii^::-:.T i3EFAJ>x.s M7:..i3uusra. j
- . -..;;■;,.; -y .jHuwijr. of the county, met]
•:. , v .'- )7:i Vnofrl i>nirii'«l accident several days j
„-..,•; „'i.- th.'-J may: result in the loss of
; . : '^iVfevc.'T^'ile.«piittiri^a"sliin's-ieappr
';',:': "<>■■' \\ 'WnicU him mli in live eye ball.
;-:-,.-,. i!,..n lie has.; suffered excruciating
ySni arid hfis ber-n unable to see out of the
' 'j. :i v. V< 2. "V.-Dou-nman, of All. Saint's
-Vh'h-Vh- tlioliiriGr.d, fiiloa: tlie; ■ pulpit ;:of
Tvi'-iUv'- clvwrch here yesterday at both
ih.?' I! ;<ininW'nnd:ev£ ; Jng-jpervJce.:.
"" *■.'• V ".: r.ouiwar*:, who recently sold
liiV ■ iVt-ntSKomc estate in the county, has j
..ii,-/;.". 10 this city where, in the future,
lit Vi ill I'v'KltiC. ' ■ :■■■■■;■■■.
■■■■4j>pr«i»ri:itf Excreixcfi iv Alcxitn
<!«•»?.: — l-?«iicral «f Itcv. "fir. r«s.icoii;
\l !■"■■ VKDill V VA*. j-I:.v £o.— (SpecLat.)
,<■{: :;,:,". ..'t,' 31, mcrial irSyx:^ ob^orved
;i';V.u'.^ " v.' ■.'-' V-- v. ; ;." (ivVr .thtr'niouml-.Tnij
Christ- 1 ti'-ii -.:-v..;.i. wliuri: nir.ny f'outhern j
: ■■'•:, ■- .; ; : "■.• ■ .: eti'rics'-'-lti - ;1 ;'! iibout '■'■'.c j
•■■ . < ,w. ';"!:■' cm rr:- ■ :.: vrcre under iho a;i- 1
: "•■■> ■■ ■ of 1.-.-. I. \. 0" Camp. Confederate i
•■' -€:■:.. .:.';:. ' ! ;';' ir 'hhii! arconipa^cd by a
(srura v .r.]i.s ;.:-:<• the Ali-.s-andria Light In
■-:-. fail try ■'■":■ i ■•.■•.;■'; by- a circuitous:
'; -.: ■■ 'I . »:u> >:: • ol"'thf! raonumEii.t. The
■'oaiiiji- m-::ih ur.d.-r the direction of .Co-m
- .';.,;■:-. ;v-: r. tlre^prjneipalvex- |
; ■■;■ ■■;■•■■ - .<■:,! '■•■-. Prayer was oilerccl 1
: l.t- x'y .■ .;.:.;•:■*.--..]' rii t - r cam;>. J^ev.. Dr. j
;r:-'; r:-' .-.;:■• i>e and the "or.itipn of the j
..;■%-,>-; ilelivcjiHi by -,; Kepresentutiva:
■';:'; ::rr!i::r-' vf::'-- v r.Tfrrc:!. ."after"" whi^h 'the
- ' ..;■ ■ li:«j C : ■■:::"• mound was <](-C5-.|
: !:■•■: a voifcy was'lired by the mili
" '•TtS-'-.V. in\i HlGOtr f SIFITNERAIi.
':■,.• fsstM'.-i! . • i:,v. Crimvil'.e R. Micou,'
: : . . ..'.;;.- at tha home; of 3iis
: :n--r: ..',".'■■'.■ :''■: Mlcou; :on Seminary;
!■;, 1 '■ ; : . : :.■■•>:; to-tiay. froin.tJio
... ; • ;■..• f!;.-.:u: wt-it- read by Rev. Dr.
.:-■:."•..--.:::. ;u,].nr the^rave. in
.: ■--!.-; - ... ■:,.-;.'. by Rev. n. 1C IMassle.
'•'. -■, ; :..:-; S nt ii, .from iha\.
i .':::..;■ <:;...--;. i,f the : fctminary,- acted
some vntciMv.vvisrrons.
■:. : ■- "~ ~~ ' - - ■. j
y*yt,"rj«: rsi?it3»is:ulsl»et! Arrivals :it
Ci»f titjici?! t»H' I'iiKi I*\vo . l>rsy.'i.'" .'
x 'l''S-rrv.; -'.a. Ayrrs. B'fr Stone Cap; Va.."
v: ■ ;:, in ■-.;! bold *.:>.;:'l gtj ', the . register
: ■'•. ■■'\-\'.< \h>:.-\, yesterday, announced
■ : ';.?.: !■•.'■-: .if or.iv of ;I; _■ l.'i'S'.-lir.own and
- ' ' -"■■■ :■■ \- ':■.•■.:•;•.•-, >s: t.-c:;vu members of t'ho'j.
>■..;-..■.■) :■ 5Jr. Av«rs.. by' 3sis nbilitv
■■■■■.-.: •:. ■::;: Uv;:: <"x.'.v'.»ny, 'h;*s won ilio
i'-'i ••■ Cv :' ■> of :v'i 3:ls f'liOAV-m^-mborp. ant*
svis i.r ..v< -.} lifmw-u, one of Hie men :of
'i <-■■■■ -■' ':- ,• -!!i -;-i.iii ihe body; :He.;ha3 been
:l ; ; ■': x \ - \.~l ■■■ - (*% ■ fea ' - . ; : - •- ■■:- - X ;:;
f) '^'y ■ ■ C!rr 3S i: * ■'■■" ■■ "■ ,■■'■■■■'■■■■•■■"■■'■ .■■-■■■.: ■■■ ;:■: .■■.'.:-. ■•■ ■•-■».■ ■:., ■■'»■'''
i; " ; bin ' - n
!■; ;>^ .... . ;.> /",.,—, , ,_,c"./ ri>i*v>t»vl ijMri'"/ and ]io*>s—— never permitted -to W;
| We;have the pleasure of offering the largest and
I best assorted stock ojP Colored: tawri sK and Organdies
| we have ever offered, and at that cannot be
I met in this or any other market.
I* Printed French Batiste, ioc. ,
| ' Tinted Grounds Batiste, with Persian borders, X 2 i-2C.
3 Dainty Figured Organdies, side bands, 12 i-2C. ■ ' -
a Striped Persian Mulls, with dainty figures, 12 i-2c.
a Lace Striped Mulls, with embroidered dots, 16 2-3 C. < - ■ - - .
Linen effects, Avith embroidered dots, 15c. V
;1 ]" Linen effects, with handsome stripes^ 15c. . •
fa ; Real French Organdies, exquisite patterns, 15c. -
a : Mercerized Mulls, fancy lace stripes, 35c. "" -
I Silk Mulls, in rich Persian designs, 50c.
I Silk and Satin Striped Mulls and Grenadines, 50C.V :
§ 500 pieces Pretty Printed Lawns, 5 and 6 1-4 C .
; I it £%&*&& l ffll £f 14 %S 3
i suggested as an available man for the
1 governorship in 3905, but is not known
! to have even contemplated such aspira
i tion. The suggestion of him came; from
! one of his fellow members of the eon
\ vention. and : one. -from another district.
! Mr. Avert-, -was Attorney-General during
the administration of. Governor Lee, and
j during th-j trying cdupon litigation: of that
i time he proved an able, and diligent rep
j resentativcof the Commonwealth's inter
i Among the arrivals Sunday at .the new
! Ford's was Congressman Benjamin
1 Franklin Caldwell. Democratic represen
j tative of the Springfield (HI.) District, who
j K]>ent the day in this city, the guest of
i his friend, .ludge Julian M. -Quarles, for
i jner representative ifrom .the Tenth Arir
i ginia Districts Mr. Caldwell, in conver
! satiori with friends, took-: a very optimls
j tic view of the prospects of ' Democratic;
success in the next presidential: election.
Lieutenant-Governor Joseph E. AVillaid,
of -Fairfax county, arrived in the city
' yesterday and; visited the convention hall
! during the day.
: ?»Ir. A. M. Stinson rand -wife, of IJot
j Springs, Va.. are among yesterday's ar
j rivals at Murphy's Hotel.
Among the -.Virginians at Murphy's' last
night were: Sidney Ilorton. of Lynchburg;
D. R. Greecy. Jr.. and Judge AY, i». Pore
lock of Norfolk: AY. w. Taylor, of Ciif
j ton Forge: 11. H. Bell, of Covington.
At the Xew Ford's Hotel .are: Me.'trs.
< ■ H. F -Crismo'nd; of Frederickslmr,"; C.or
! don L. 'Vincent, of Emporia: E. Saunders.
I of Chase City: J. P. Hicks and wife, of
■■'Fredericksljurg, and B. A; Davis, or
j KoclvV Mount.
I Among the well-known ■: Virginians in
j the city yesterday- was Mr. Charles 1.
I AVade. a banker, of Christiansburs; who.
came down oir "business.
■ .. __^__— . ■
I Aociilciit: riefr.lls Samuel Ri'rusfein
■; ; n< AVcsllj:iiii]»<oii Junction.
i An accidont occurred Sunday afternoons
at the: terminal of thei--AA r esthamptbn.'di-".
j vision of the Traction Company, by whicli
Samuel Bernstein, a tailor employed by
! Stokes & Dunn, and residing at 311 Eigli
! teenth street, was crushed between n
I -passenger car and a Hat, and painfully,
• ihmnth not seriously, injured.
A large crowd was waiting at the junc
tion of lim two lU'.en. corner of Robin
son mid Floyd- avenues: for the AVer>-
hampton car. and as it n eared the cony.r
me ctowd mado a break for it. running
\ : -.ib: meet it ■■.rr.ul not giving; the passenge.rs
! coming to town either time or room to
! get Oil " / -
I Onafside track was standing a flat, or
car us e-el for hauling, freight, and. as Ihe
I rr.otornian saw the man make for his car
' between the tracks he : shouted a warning.
I but ;il! too late, for the man had sprung
! upon the. inside step, and at the same
I time was struck by the iron holder: on the
flat. The motorman brought the car to
ia standstill before the next holder was
'reached, and Mr. Bernstein sank to the
"ground unconscious. :.. Dr. Carrington wan
i ea lied, and he was driven to his home.
The 'doctor does not think there is any
thing seriotis about the injuries.
The car was Xo. ~.\2. and was "under
the control of Moiorman P. P. Drake and
Conductor S. J. i Harrison.
3lrs. >:il«lrc«l Xuckols. of Iloiirico—
"."■■' ! '-: O( li<-r Doa< Km Ycstersl.-sy.
Mrs. Mildred Xuckols, of Erin Shades,
Ilenric-o county, vied at the Virginia Hos
pital Sunday afternoon at 5:30 o'clock.
r>srs. Nuclcols had been unwell for. some
weeks. She was 'taken to the Hospital
last Wednesday by her son. Dr. Marvin
K. Nuclvols. sn" order that she might re
ceive the most careful treat men!.
Mrs. ; -Nuckols was 70 years of a^re. Be
fore her marriafro she was a Miss Jor-'
dan. of Goochland county. Since her
childhood she has been a member of St.
Matthews Methodist church, in Jlenrico
county. : ' "
Mrs. Kucko's. leaves five son«— Dr. M. 1>
Nuckohs, n. „;. M. Xuckols, IT. J.
Nucl:6ls. C. J. Nuqkols,.: and O.
X ■-. Xiicl-ols. the first three of
whom reside In ,: Richmond; and -- two
3a uffht'ers— J.lrs. H. F- Carden . am! Mrs.
J T St Clair. both of Henrico coun
ty 'Other relatives in Pv.:ohmond are.
Mrs Snrr.h Osterbind. a sister, and; Mrs.
fl. C. bsterbind. Mrs. J. M. Goodman, and
Miss A lice Clarice, niece. - \ ' _
The frnvral vdii take, place from i.io
homo of Mr. IT. M. Xuckols. No. 9 north
Third .street, at . noon to-day, and .'will,
be conducted by the Key.; W. : B. Eeau
cbamp. The interment will be in llennco
Mrs Annie M. McQuaide, wife of Mr.
li..J McQuaide. died at her home. Xo. SIT
li'uchanan street. Sunday night at J:-!^
o'clock M.rs McQuaide "is survived by
her husband.' seven children, and a -.sis-
tor She was a niece of Mr. Phil Shea.
Tiie funcr:il will take place this morning
from St. Peter's Cathedral. The interment
will: be made in Mount Calvary Cemetery.
; Air. s omas E. Patterson died yesterday
morning in Fairmount. Tie was a me
chanic 'and: was an employee^of the lucli
moiid Locomotive- Works, and has:be«n J;l:
for abouta month.
The funeral -v/ill take: place- to-day at
r. o'clock from the Venable-Street Baptist
church. ■'
CoiisliiEon of .Mr«. Sicscl.
Mrs Leonora J. 'Sei.sc!, who .vras hurt in
th.o accident which occurred on the Lake
sicl'e lire .Saturday afternoon; v.-hen a car
lumped me naclc and collided v.-ith one
"of the company's poles, is not improving
as the family "had; hoped. Large;. bruises
have developed all over her body, and the.
cat over her eye continues very painful.
She has ber-n able to: get little or.no sleep
since the accident, and remains: in a very
nervous state. ,
n;cl»iwoiM>crs'sn. New Yorlc.V
: Xi:\V : YOHIv, May 2G.— (Special.)—
Hroadway Central. A". E. Grant; Impe
rial J. A. liroy(ien: : Astor, . H. A. Iloen;
fivjfreti AM. Smith and wife; Hoffman,
T. J. WallW. : ■ . -■ •
Sunday— St. Denis. J. Adam: Albemnrle, .
Mrs. C. E. Buck anil Miss "Williams;-Ven
flT...,'^ "is r> irSr^ifn'n'fiHVnnfi "\vife.
I - . . : -
Overture Aslcing Same Retirement
i'rivilcwc.s for TJiein as for Tlio.se
Wlio Have Al%vssys Served North
ern Assembly Rejected.
NEW YORK. May 2C— The Presbyterian
General. Assembly at -to-day's session
chose Los Angeles, Cal., as the pln.ee of
the next meeting.
The General Assembly- acted adversely
on ah overture from the Presnytery of Los
Angeles, requesting that ministers com
ing from the Southern Presbytery and
church be honorably retired with the same
privileges as if they had served always
with the church under the. General Assem
bly. Tlie -matter, came 'lei ore tiie assem
' b'.y in a ""report from the Committee on
Ministerial -.Relief, -.which- recommended ad
verse action: Rev. William S. Young, p.
D., pastor of the Ernanuel: Presbyterian
church. Los Angeles,: advised that the As
j serubly act favorably on the overture. In
I the West, he said, there were many minis
ters who had come from the Southern
; branch, and favorable action by the As
i sembly would, help to (bring: the two
churches together./
Rev. Dr. Thomas Parry,, of AVilkins
burg, Pa., chairman of the committee,
took the opposite view. He said it would
open the. door for ministers of other de
nominations to come to; the Presbyterian
•church and -claim the. same -privileges as.
those ministers -who had .served the Gen
eral Assembly all their lives. ■-.
" * Rev. Dr. Benjamin L. Agnew, of Phila
delphia, corresponding of the
Board of. Ministerial Relief, spoke: in the'
same vein. lie said the result. of grant
ing the demand "of the Presbytery of Los
Angeles would be that many of the retired
ministers, who had always been .with the
Northern Presbyterian church, would have
their already: scant allowances cut down.
.".When the civil war closed," he said, "l
would have been willing to. vote for. the
union of the 'two- churches, but I am' ut
terly opposed to' holding, out any money
consideration^ to win them over. AVhen
they will come -.; over; to us on principle,
they will have the same privileges as our
Rev. Dr. . James Mcllvain, of Baltimore,
said it would be unfortunate if the over
tures did .not receive favorable action.
"There is no difference; with: us between
the church— North: ori South, ''.he said. ;
After selecting the next meeting place "]
the Assembly adjourned sine die. j
PnssenjsroT an<l Poivcr Company Bid
!,i!wly to Be Accepted.
Considei'able interest attaches to the
meeting of the Council Committee on
Lights, which is to be. held next Monday
At that time the question of lighting the
city will be disposed, of. one way. or an
other. There is scarcely a doubt that the
Passenger and Power Company will be
the only bidder for the contract, and- that
it will be awarded. :
It is understood ;that: ; :: the; bid of the
Passenger and Power, Company, which
was made at thcMast meeting- of the com
mittee, was slightly less than the present
contract, but owing to the rumors of a
municipal light plant, and the fact that
the ; Virginia Light and Power Company
was applying. for a franchise,": the commit
tee deferred' the disposition -of the ques
tion as long as possible. > .
The contract Will in all probability be
for. a term of two -years. \.
■ • : _ I
Sales at the Exelmnse and at Cren-li
-.., sliii"»vrs — Fine I'luiilinji" : Suiinoun.
'. The tobacco market will open up for. the
week to-day, with sales on the; Exchange j
and at least one of the v.-arehouses.-.Cren- i
I shaws AVarehouse will have a small sale :'j
to-day, and to-morroyr will offer some
good sun-cured stock. It is probable that |
one oi v more: of the other warehouses will
have sales on their 1 .floors during the !
week.-. ;: . , ■ " - : ' .- !
The farmers report excellent seasons for
planting during the past week, and many
have put in a largo proportion of their
crop. As the season progresses less is
heard of the scarcity of plants. It is
generally believed, how that there are
plants enough for .ail, considering the
available "labor" to- plaiit and work it. The
crop in this section_ will, it is thought, by
many, be somewhat larger than the one
I just marketed. .: ■'.. .
■ ■• :
I'rof. "■■Pavp.se, ■■"■. .World's Chmiipion..
I IVin« -from Haminond.. of IJniTulo.
The small:, crowd of about -one hundred
people that nssomblod at Sangei- Hall to
j see tlie :i"ancin?r contest • between Profes
sor, Gencroso Pavese.'; of Italy.- the. chani-;
pion of.the Vvorlcl, and Professor John
1 Hammond, of Buffalo, witnessed an hour
and, ton niin utos oiV the :prettiest: sv/ord
.play ever scon in. the city.
The first contest ;%vas v/ith foils, and
resulted in a victory, for Pavese by a
score of 01) to IT." The next was. a broad
sword contest, and Paveso also won this,
the score standing- 9H ■to C">. The third
and ■ last contest . was " poignard against
foil, "the oont.'st endincr. in a victory; for
Pavoso-ljy.'H score; of ()7;t6-lo.' ; .
At the conclusion ol: the last bout Pro
iV.ssor Pavese camo In aie front : of the
stajre. with his cliampio;iship. : licit, and.
stalced the belt and .<1 MO : against' ••■: any.
contestant in a foil -..contest. ' to .be held
in the. city of Baltimore before the ex
piration: of sixty days. ,. .' : : ;
Virjciiiist rtiooiisiiiui-.rs .Suffer at- "the
limids «if ■Keveanc- Aficnts. • . .
Tnternal-Revenue-Agont Ingrain received
two •■ reports, yesterday morning of ■sue-;
cessful ; .raids * on' illicit. distilleries made;
■on ; :llay l!Hh . arid* 2oti:.:i,r.j -;-;.",^:' "•; . ' .■ '..;:/; I
•■- The -first: --wn? "': tlii»'/captVirn of an VSO-gja!«:
lon 'still at.:>Haddei!fi(;'d..:.A"ise.a county.";
-by Deputv-C6llcctor:Slemp"a'ndv«'\ v.posse::
:Robert:^Vt7tlinjTton,^-whO;opciiatea^thf?|stiU^: Robert:^Vt7tlinjTton,^-whO;opciiatea^thf?|stiU^
' was arrested a rid;.lanc?<xl •in ' the vAbihjjtoh ;
fci'iThe i second-; raid -■ \vas : . M.i do V \iyj Demit y
■ Gollfctor i; Co»Tm&*i^ at : ' "^owlin't?^ r.liil j Flovci P
Ifti-oyc-d. with; about^idu worth: of; spirit3.si
'"At the '" Wliite Horse Tavern" oii
/ Exceptionally pleasing Play..
■ ■? r'.(Ar;theV-WMt"e';"Horse^.Tayerii'.',>'is>de-;'
? cidedly one ; of ; the ; ; most ; delightful plays
that ■ the?,Giffen / Company has I presented
this * season.' It is : sur^asssingly 'funny ;*
docidedly; bright and j witty, ■; and in ; places :
i^is idyllia .The. socratic; graces, .the true,;
the Vgood.^and^the: beautiful :\verei never
' more ' : sweetly-blended i than ;- they.: are f, in.
some of itsscenes.whilevthe'broad come-:
j dy -introduced ,'in vthe'part" ;of iWilliam:Gie
secke'is a continual: feast; of laughter.,
Certainly no : play {presented^ by.;the?Gif
fen Company this season has i been so tho
roughbv en joyed .on: the. first" night.; The.
I performance,,: was ; : excellent , at ■ all .points,
and a belated :" rain-storm "was /the.: only
mishap of -the evening. ! This ; storm I prom
ises "to. be one. 'of : the sensations , of + the
;week. It is a 'marvellous-piece of : stage
mechanism, : and\ is ;; -wonderfully- effective.
Much of it was .'sent to Mr. Giff en by.
Mr.: Daniel Frohman. : ' ' - : <
The play will- bo .repeated every night
this week, with ' matinee r on: AVednesday,
Friday, and, Saturday. ..-. ;
Sow on the Eastern Shore Enjoyiiij?
■••..: 'a Brief Kespite from Work.;
Governor. Montague was not at the Capi
tol yesterday. The need of a brief holi
day and the tempting- hunting and fish
ing of the Eastern Shore induced him
to take an outing.: ■ :
He is the gtiestof. Mr. R. L. Ailworth,
of Eastville. Northampton county. Along
with' the Governor is 1 - Colonel £..: Winder
Lane, of AVilliamsburg. : Yesterday morn
ing the three, gentlemen went, over to
Smith's Island for some sport at shooting
curlew. • ■'"■
En route to the Eastern Shore the-Gov
ernor made a short stop at- \ Newport
News, as the guest of his brother-in-law,
Harbormaster C. R. Hoskins.
Secretary Ritchie is also out of the
city, visiting in Southwest' Virginia. ,
A commission was issued V yesterday
morning oy the Secretary of the Com
monwealth to Captain Robert E. Craig
hill, of Company E, Seventieth Regi->
men t, Lynchburg.
. A commission has also been issued to
Captain Dickcrson, Company A',; this city.
'.Tenlcins Calls on tlie President.
. WASHINGTON, May 26.— Major Micah
Jenkins, who received a sword at the
hands of the President in Charleston,
called on the. President to-day and re
mained with him for a short while. ' "
"Henri Grevi lie" Ko More.:
PARIS. May 2G.— Henri Greville (Alice
Marie Celeste Durand), the French au
tnoress, is dead.
"I want to see King Edward's court, •
And. shake his royal hand.
A palace levee is, they say,
A sight to beat the: band, .
With duchesses in velvet trains
And lords in lace and fur.
I would not miss it for the world,
And I'll be there; yes, sir!" j
Said Mr. Hogg of Texas.
•"Then," cried bur *vise ambassador,
"Go forth without delay.
Get measured for your knee-breeches,;
And buy your sword to-day; ;
And don't forget the silken hose,
And make a careful note
About the buckles for your shoes
And ■; ruffles': on your coat, j
Oh, Mr. Hogg of Texas." i
"Now what a figure I would cut i
In such a silly rig; |
I'd sooner go to Parliament
And dance an Irish jig. : '
This plain black swallowtail of mine;
The tie and other; things,
-ire good enough for; kings,"
: Said. Mr. Hogg of Texas.
All honor to the sturdy soul,
- The spirit .brave and free, --
Amohg:the splendors of a court,' ■• ■ j
Still true to liberty. j
. Ye sons of Uncle Sam who wear |
Imported clothes and spats,.
'Mark well the lesson, fall in line,
'" And all take off- your hats
To Mr. Hogg of Texas. |
—Minna. lrving. in Leslie's Weekly, j
• 'i' j57 o_-' 5 1 ■
I H a iaJa ocly E^ yjp Qa V■ i !
I: " " J v , n
I t^ll Havana Filler; ||
i\ l Ww W i
(; .: "FLORO 'DORA' 'BANDS are ■■ I
f 0 frsame value :as . tags from I
:j|- Tobacco. '- I
' -\ V\" ll ill/ W;/7/ '■ ' '
■■"."'■ —~ , ■' ■■;.- ■'.'.;" -'■ " * .'- ' 7*^" '.-' '-■ - "■. t ._ "T "' j
.. i^^^" //■/- a^C :. : ;>4 Tr , '^^^>
' : LAWNjTENNIS-BASEiBALL. -.:•.• ■:• ■■••■■-
No. 1307. E. Main Street.: \-^v
Wrecked off the Island of Ufealth. Ronxrnfng" fhrovtfh the- tfmdly •kSsfirtance «ttt* J
. q: ' delicious flaJkes ai iho now ready-to-scrva corrmX '■.. v
butlons were ordered sent to P. H. "Wis
ner, corresponding secretarj' of the Church
Extension Board, Louisville. Ky.
Final adjournment came a/ter the sing
ing of the hymn, "And Let Our Bodies
Part," and prayer by Rev. AY. Mahon.
Bishop AA r ilson. pronounced the farewell
■:; ' .'.:. The Exile of Erin.
(By Campbell.)
There came to the beach a poor Exile of
. Erin, '--.-■'
The dew. on his thin robe .was heavy
and chill;
For his country he sighed, when at twi
light repairing
To wander alone by the wind-beaten
hill: ■■ ■
But the day-star attracted his eye's said
For.it rose o'er his own native isle of the
ocean, : '
AVhere once, in the fire of his youthful
He sangr the ' bold anthem of Erin go
Sad is my fate! said, the heart-broken
The wild deer and wolf to a covert can
■ ilee, :"• :_ : ■ ;
But I have no refuge from famine and
. danger, : ,
A home and a country remain not to me.
Xever again, in the greten. sunny. bowers"
AVhere my forefathers lived, shall! spend
the sweet hours. '
Or cover my harp with the wild woven
And strike to the numbers of Erin go
Erin, my country! though sad and for-
saken. * ■ .
In dreams I revisit thy sea-beaten
; shore; - ! V
But. alas! in a far foreign land I awaken.
Andsigh for the- friends who can-meet
me no : more! .
O, cruel fate! wilt thou never replace me
In a mansion of peace — where no perils
can chase: me?
Never again shall my brothers embrace
They died .to defend me or ■ live to - de
plore! . ■
Where' is my cabin-door fast by the -wild
wood? ..-'-'.
Sisters and sire! "did ye weep for its
fall? . : . ; ■■ - "-'... .. ■
Where is the mother.- that looked on my
childhood? :
And where is the bosom ;. friend,, dearer
than all?
Oh!, my sad heart! long abandoned by
pleasure, .
Why.did it dote on a fast-fadingr treasure?
Tears, .like 1 the raindrop may fall without
measure, " ■ ." : - .-. :.
But ranture and beauty they cannot re
call. . ■".. -
Yet, all its sad recollections suppressing;
One. dying wish my lone bosom can
■ draw;: '
Erin! "an exile bequeaths thee his blessing!
Land of my -forefathers! Erin-go brash!
Buried and cold, when /my. heart stills
her. -motion. . ; ' " •
Green be thy, lie-Ids— sweetest ' fs~e of the
:■ ' ocean! - ' "■'."."
And thy harp-striking. l bards sins aloud
with 'devotion-
Erin mavourneen— Erin-go bragh!
A Jackson Ward Ditty. "'.-'".'
Say, Plunket, whar's dat \reoster :
"Whatjes' come thoo dat crack.? ...;_•-" .....
You sse.dis cowhide, nigger?
I'll skin yo' fetched back/' .: *■
What!' You airt': seen dat chicken?
You .bufie-headed yap! ■•:'. - "
I bet you done gone. sole 'im :. ;
To shoot dem niggers crap. .- '
What" ails dat jacket, Plunket?
It's : most too small* befo' ;. : ;.^ y . ;
Tiirri 'rouri; le's see de; hine; part.
What, make.it stick out so? v
Dat boy" he'got ; dat rooster
Stuck ripht- ben eaf his coat.
Now am' he jess a corker?
It's a pity he can't vote.
What! ' 'Slick? ■ Dat chile's r rnore slicker
Den one de.se gold brick chaps.. .
I bet dem coons am' in it . :
AVid 1 dat boy shootlri'; craps. / .
And " staked hi m . wider.:. > er. : . Hal f ,-.
And sen' 'im down de scale-house ...■■ -
Teribussdat Sunday start!. ;
-The 1101.0 Post.
; . XcVr-Cottou-OllfConipanyr: ,
. /
v CHATTANOOGA^- '.TENN., May 2C.-G.:
NS;Hensou^ndiW/fD r sßlddlo,fdfiCawtta k r3
|» ." - ■■■ .. ■ . . ''■ .- 0 •■ ;■ ■-■-■■--":■, ; ; . ;J?
r - " - -^-^— —^-^— —^—^— ™-^— —^— ™. " ■ ■■■*■'
► '"■ •'-: ; .•■■ - ■'■■-, '■...■ - , . . ; ;'.: :- : :.. .. ■■• '■'.;' ■ ?■:£% c t
si-. --.. . "■...; ". ■ '"■;...■ - "■■:.:.■:;. ■■ y\ • ' ■ ■■- .■■' :: . x :' ' V'l
} Tourists, sportsmen, Jiunters, ?
i . and fishermen find Eipans Tab- :<
ules an always handy article in ; <
} hotel, sleeping ear, field, and l; t
I camp. They are the best arid
i only medicine needed for an : !
• outing, as they keep hecid, «
f- stomach, bowels, arid liver in
5 the right condition, and thus
1 prevent any- other trouble like- *
ly to arise from exposure or <
' sitting at late campfires.
I ' ,
• ' . •' J
f ■ At Druggists. >
» - . -; .- "'■- - : - ; . . --. '.."".'■-/• ■■:.- - . 4
> The Five-cent packet is enough for au ordi
nary'occasion. The family bottle, GO cts. f <
j contains a supply for a year. -
;.. -. -.. ■■■ - ." ; ■.:. . - :• " ;• - ■ '. ■■■: : : ■ ■•■ ■; - ; ■ . ":- ><
. ■- .-..-*■"- :...■ ;.-':.■- .- '. ■ '. . - s. ■-..■■ . -■•■ ■■■ -.■ O ■ •■• ",
■-""■■; ..,■.-;■.. .: ■•■ . , ■ /;■ ' -„ \ •/ : -.-. i , ;.-*-,
:. (yI)Ai<.JLS, Jrl« Ib.)
. ■■.".■lnvalids—^Children— Hospitals— Doctors use ife.
.the puly :•:"■ domestio water that blends satisfactorily with whito
.Also. Syplions. General Office :No. 6 North Seventh St.. Richmond. Vai :
5-Gallon Demijohns. Old ' Phone 1 153. New .'Phone ,763.
I others, of c South . Dakota.'; have : made ap
plication -fotJa^charterimtftPlerre^S. ,"D.i:j
i iioritheiMutualiCot ton-Oil 'Company. | with j
; ;an f authorized \cn pUa! for i s4,ooo, ooo; '-, divided i
■into shares o^tfOJveach.vv.. :■■-:.:;- v:"v'^:£;v^ :
; K^lTha ?charterAautiforizes jthe \ company \\<x
\ ;'o wni and s operates cot ton-gins| and j oil i -jr*»-l
"finerl£sr,lianditol manufacture 5 an yxandfAll;
thln^ss into whichlcottpnaeea-cil:aqr| anyi
i'~6tithe» products i ot; cottonseed «i enteriwhpl-i
i \ lyi br>in s part.^' orj any£of ithe 'products lluto,
my'27-Tq;F l &Sun3ni'
Mexican Steamcm to tUe OrlfMt.
May M.-Th6^s|w^Ǥ:
ganized -Mexican Asiatic' Coajpany-rwUJlb^'^l
|glnlrunnlng!it3>steaniers froH\'.-we3tlco!ist.s
- ■■ _ , ■ •
ipor^s^to Japan and Cftm* In the autumn.
.IJiStTcompany] la fnroltf nsTco'H tracts \ jxTpj^i§|j
catan . for \ the ■ Introduction ■of Japan j aa4 -,-

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