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VliPivV ■"'■■' •':-■■ : I" fl *C "F I 1"^ H^ 1^ T^tS V vC^TITI T^^*T^l^^« -:■■■■.•::- -'-'"':.-' '■ ■': :Tj -'- ;
• CIhU the great QUU ' n
Address Delivered by Rev. Dr.. J. A. Quarles,
of Washington and Lee, on Richmond ;v"; v "
College's Seventieth Birthday-. ..
:. The Dispatch prints below the address
delivered on last Thursday night at Rich
; inond College by Rev. Dr. J. A. Quarles.
; : professor of moral philosophy at Washing
" ton" and Lee University. The occasion was
the celebration of the seventieth' anniver
sary of Richmond College, and Dr.
; "Quarles spoke as the representative of the
j; old university; from .which: he came to
bear greetings. Dr. Quarles is one of the
f: most attractive platform speakers in the
' State, as well as on* of the most pro
; V found and accomplished scholars. He
;( spoke" as follows:
Mr.. President: , -
' • I am the honored bearer of the greeting
3 - of ; George H. Denny, probably the , young
:i-:«st'university president' In America, who
> -worthily fills : the chair made sacredly.
V; venerable by. the occupancy of Robert E
S ;3Jee: ? and William L. Wilson, who made
55 ready Ho grace this occasion bj r . his per-
K;sonal' presence, but who was finally find
compelled by the press of.offl
*.; clal : duties " to deny himself this plcas
'itirable pri\ilege. Unwilling that Wash-"
-^ingtoh and Lee should not have her share
i" in-tho glories of this hour, he has depu
':,tlzdd a sous-lieutenant to bring a wreath
"■ of laurelfrom the magnificently beautiful
„ ■' gorge "of Goshen Pnss, that he 'might place
* It as a crown : of triumphaut merit upon
- iths- queenly brow: of/ our younger^ sister;
71 -who sits here enthroned" upon the heights
.of the lower James, with royal robes redo-^
; • lent" of myrrh and aloes and cinnamon, -the
'■ "•wisdom , of the world, mingled, with the
Iv graces of the world to = come, ; .
In this family gathering of the tutored
iuid tutoring daughters of Virginia, we
press" around the form of the
•:^Vloar old itiother State, first in war, first
- In peace, and first in the hearts of her
&i Southern sftters; the mother of heroes
:•-' noted for high ideals and -truth and honor
: ■ and 'courage, and of heroines of the horne 1
„:; as ' •well, more : diffidently modest and yet
.'• 'iio less noble the worthy, wives and moth-;
ers and^ sisters of her heroes— we, rever
■;: f «htly "kneel at her sacred feet and,, hand
Sin- hand, bow in grateful obeisance and
■-craving for her maternal blessing."
■ '■■■■ ■■■■'■' An we : stand here; a sisterhood ■of stu
* iflcnt' teachei-s,. we all venerate with: af
aVfocUonato pride our eldest sister, born in
v^r" the' seventeen tlicenturj' -"in", the old colonial
:;;'„ "capital;: ai torcli-bearcr. "of those primitive
§£ times; and now; not weak and; weary with
i§f-iHe~-weight of years; but as becomes her.'
-the "Old Mortality'" historian of the past;
:&? xind rejuvenated with syoung: bloody bless-
Iline: the State by equipping her sons for the
S : lilgh v auties'of tlie echool-room; v:
; " Next- to ; her/ but more- tharr fifty years
*"f lier Junior, stands another colonial sister,
,V to ; Vhom Washington gave a youthful
.'-dowrj'/and Leehls maturest wisdom.
fte^T'HAMPDEN-SIpNEY,: 177 G. .-■:.:
' By her is another, with traditions : in
??v come respects much the sarne^ the patriot
l^-chlld: of 1770. bearing names hallowe:d in
''-„ Ireedom's struggle^ and garlanded r with a
" "- record of sainted" and usef til sons. !'
Next - stands the fourth-born" of i > our
lijnicmber, tae" Benjamin of the brain of
i^ Jefferson, the chi.dofh^s'oid age, his last;
obeßt-clft0 beßt-clft to Virginia ahd'th'cyworld; she
U Is jnoreHhan ! a scoreof years this sido'of
iJier-flrst centennial, and yet emblazoned
tllyjiht^: medals- magnificently won Vand
fi .'vbrthib' "worn" in the titanic contests of
?frfthe mind; she slts'to-day, in serene: granT;
r ln her new palace that has risen
pa|n; Bplendor from 1 the ashc-s. :
!; : -^ „ RANDOLPH-MACON, 1832. ■
' *•: - -In tlie centre ot this; encircling , group
and nearest our gracious host, at a post
of special honor, we see; her sister
Didyena, twin; a septuagenarian like her
self, ': whoso advance within, the, past .-"score
of years is the marvel of our educational
history; possessing now a concatenated
system of colleges, and .preparatory
schools without a rival in the land of the
South, effected- under the intelligent andL
energetic impulse of a single man, who
has thus written his name high- and deep
on the uplifting arch of our civilization.
Only a few years her junior is another
representative of Southern Methodism, thes
light-house of the rich and yet:undevel
oped! Southwest; vigorous and permanent
as the everlasting hills In the midst of
which she is enthroned, her champions
rally forth to capture the prize in the
State tournament of oratory. .
'■-' ':.■". V. M. 1..1559.
Cultivating the arts of peace and mak
ing ready for the hnrrid front of war, is
the; sister school that worships Mars,
founded by Francis IT. Smith, developed
by Scott Shipp, and glorified by ,the genius
of - Jackson on the land and of Maury on
the sea, ""■
.... ' ' .ROANOKE, 1553.
Again from the Valley- comes' another;:
a almost semi-centenarian.' a representa
tive of the giant sour that- awoke the: con
science of . Christendom, and bringing with
her the children of her world-wide cli
entele, extending- even to the islands of
the Orient, . - •
• BRIDGEWATER, -18S2. / „:.•:
" Still again, from the "Valley, is another,
German also in her . ancestry, and .with,
kindred faith" with "our fair host to-night,
whose president, young" and cultured, .
quaffed the waters of the Pierian spring
at our ' State university longer than ever
fell to the privilege of another.
fredericksburg/ isys.
Last of all is our baby sister, not yet
in her teens, who, on' the hills that" thun-"
j dered with the guns of civil strife, now
I blesses ' with . '•sweetness '■ and ' light" '■ the
; "children ;of{th~C; ; slres that marched to
the music of shot and shell.
Here we all are, in spirit -and sympathy
|if not in spiritual presence: Emory and
Henry, from the southwest; Roanoke,; the
Polytechnic, the Military Institute; "Wash-"
irigton and Lee and Bridgewater, from the
Valley; the State "University ; and: Hamp-;
den-Sidri ej r , . from Piedmont ; ~ Williamr and
Mary, Randolph-Macon and Fredericks-,
burg, from where the tide comes in, all
clustered around our ■ sister at the head ■ of
I navigation on 'the James, ; the commercial
and political capital of "the State, to ex
tend to her the hand of greeting upon her
attaining;her" majority as.; a college.
I AsfSeven is the symbol .of fulness, and
I three times seven :marks; the: maturity of
a : human life, v/hose, total: is -ten times
seven, so we may say that ten times seven:
lls the 'threshold of ;a developed- collgo'
[ life, : whose existence is expected to reach.
! ten, times ten'times seven or, into. theinde-!
I finite, future.; According to this" standard
I Richmond; College has now come to her
majority, and we are here to-night to give"
her welcome and congratulations on the
j happy : event. . 4 .
| ':' We '■[ congratulate her on. the work she
jhas done,' on, the ;tlong lino of worthy/
I sons whom, she "has sent forth: to battle
for 'truth and righteousness ; in ' every . field
| of usefulness; We congratulate on
I tho '. broadness of her work, on the ex-
I tended field of truth which she is: culti
vating. Wo congratulate '). her on Ihe
thoroughness "of her -work..: t»hat. she be-,
lieves in deep,: subsoil . ploughing-. .We
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SBlffiftC^. • • V - Best for th^BnWi^irdn,. ,i . ■ -f&Bffmteg. ■
'congratulate her on the wisdom, .: enter
prise "and: : energy - of --her "execution and
faculty. "We congratulate her that she
has thrown- her doors; open for {he ad
mission of our daughters. as well as sons
to the privileges of her culture; " an act
both of justice and of .grace. We con
gratulate her on tho prominence of : her
location and r the excellence. of her equip
ment. -■ -We congratulate her finally v that
she stands alike for science and religion,
for the great truths of this life and the
higher truths of tne; life to come. :_ ,:
We ('A affectionately- place . our united
handsjupon her laureled head aryl- invoke
for her; "ever-increasing prosperity, .and
usefulness in the grand work she is doing
for the betterment of man," praying that
it may continue until the seventli decade
shall come ;into the seventh "centennial,
which shall usher in the mlllenial reign
of righteousness and truth. ; .
Xcgro Jfan Badlj- Cliopped nn
Axe— lloom Mntc Arrentcd. - '
■ William Collins; a; negro man about 50
years old, was found In his bed at his
room in .Fulton, at an early hour yester
day morning. with his head nearly chopped
to pieces. William Dixon, aged 70, and a
room-mate of Collins' s, is: suspected of
the crime and was arrested. The case
came up in the Police Court yesterday
morning and was continued ,on T account of
the critical condition of Collins. -
: The two-men had a quarrel over a wo
man last week in : which Colliris : struck
Dixon;-on the head. The'matter was final
ly fixed up. _: ". ■ ';..;;..,;.;;
-Friday night the two men went to bed
In the same room as usual, one sleeping
in the bed; and the other on a lounged
At 4 o'clock the nioans of Collins 'awaky
ened the other negroes in the house." He
was found with his head chopped almost
to pieces, .a large and : blooded axe by
r tha;bed. ; r- ;V :.- '■■■ .-;.■' :■:-: ' -': ■'■': : - ";. :-■■■: " - '■
The negro's jaw bones had been chop
ped away, one eye was cut out, in. fact,
his . whole face was demolished and his
skull was cracked: in. Dr. Sycle found
a four-inch gash : inHhe-left side of the
face; another:' two-inch gash, still . an
other-three : inches and ': a half, ; and a :
fourthT of; two- inches — all in: the "face. ' :
These- wounds: were exclusive of the
•huge "chops in the head. But the man
lived. ■'■-.: .-:" : .' ' ; -:.- . :■■■■- .;:. ■ ,:. : ::
The bed .was soaked with blood and
the : axe blade was: crimson from the
hilt. ..■ -: . : .■" ; '.- /' '■ .' : .. : _'■'[ -
„-". The ambulance was called; "and the
.wounded* man removed to the hospital.
Dr.: Sycle worked' on him several hours,
and it Is stated that his prospects for
lifo.are very slim.; • ,■■.,,". ..- .! -'■''■'. "'-"^ : :
Dixon was missing when the. man was
found. Policeman Kulin went. on a hunt
for him and arrested Him ;.' several /■■hours
later. He denied any-. knowledge of the
affair.-:. '' • ■ ' . . . -J .
Paining of (lie ■ Clerical Cblleg-e
... .. ... -president.: ."''/....-.. ; - '-
, . (Chicago : . Tribune.) -', '-' ,
; The disappearance of T)r. Patton means
that the ranks of the ministerial .Presi
dents : > will : : be v sadly depleted. . There is
now-Hadley,^ of Yale, .who is? a political
economist; there is Eliot, of Harvard; who
used to be a mathematician and a chemist
before he .took -to /administering, a univer
sity; there is Butler,' / of Columbia, who
was;' a";-' student of philosophy. 'aiidi-peda-:
gog> r ; .there is James, of :•' Northwestern,
another political econcmist; there is An
gell, of : : Michigan, whose academic spe
cialty was modern European literature;
there is Northrop.of Minnesota, a" lawyer;
there -is. Jordan; of Leland Stanford; a
zoologist: there is Wheeler,, of California,
a Grecian;; there is Schiirman; of 'Cor
nell, a philosopher; there is Remsen, of
Johns' Hopkins, >"a chemist ; • there '- is i Hall;
of Clark,: a psychologist ; and so on.
All over the country the tendency to
ward ; lay presidents is C unmistakable.-
Faunce.of Brown, is a minister, and Har
per,, of Chicago, "used to b e a professor
of Hebrew, in a: theological ; seminary:!
These men ; arc at present the most nota
'Me exceptions; to a general rule., -: : .-- v :

An. 1 0ld Nesro Telia of - th« „• AeMeTe-u
gipf|P % '. / - " . -''< : ]®i§ls%
mentß ol His Doe "Speed, 1^ and of
•.."'■■■■-■■-■■..-. ■•■ ■ ■■■■■■-.-.■:.■■:■■.-■■. :. . '■ ... ■:"■<; . .' : .- '"■ " ■ •■..■";:■ ■ -■
Ufa Pecnllarltlea and Tikelr Orlftln.
A Wily Fox Caught.
-M Last > week a, 'young < country gentleman
offtheibld!^irginia n ßtock<whoiUveSjSome|
distancei:up£tneariver,i:;in--the^Piedmont i
leisurely? way;v- to - this ci ty; : v The :; gentle-^
man;S who . >• has § from I childhood^ beeni sot- ;
urated Kwithtthe 'country >life of
"rural stories find i hiuitlng yarns thatvwere .
especially ? acceptable to r; that ; large a num
selves^occasionallyi;lndulge \inyfox-hunt
ing/ the greatest ■ of i Virginia^ sports. .^^
Q The visitor; owns (a large ; -plantatlon ana <
is ;^ greatff ok-hunter.^He 'keepsghis^own :
pack,; -Jvhlcha he hunts,, isomettaes-.biMt^
self/'sometimescjoined- withva^half-dozenj
others packs : in/: his ; community, ■> »»* * «^ =
HCffiltoi say.^thaf- no ? other/ se^ttongaj^j
State can;boast of. moregreat^runs-.and
more iVcatchesV; than,
in which he:is,-on:account.ofhis:sporung
proclivities,; the leading r _^ n . aI J_ '
£ The is, as ; all true \ irginians
afei^lo^;withv c ounuy ; life^know^
the country; negro by, heart. -What /wim
his s accounts of . fox-chases and the- do ings
arid -; sayings -Tof the: country, darkey he ;
can entertain any well-bred company by,
while "sitting m' ;
friends who sat around. >, , ,:.
■■.■-■■. . -" : A-WILY FOX. „,..'
: •■"Speaking ; of fox-hunting. ..saM... the,
visitor, "I: used -to^chase.las^ fall,:. just,
across the .creek: from : my plantation, one
of th 6 wiliest foxes .that^ever gave^sporV
to a pack in this State. .For two months,,
arid upon an average, of two % chases _ a
week: during':-that?time,; my pack :andrthe ;
packs of: the neighborhood thad to_do^vith
that fox and never caught' him.; in, e\ery
chase, just about the time we were
pecting : a: windup.- the- pack^would.stop
dead sudden,: thresh- around for an hour,
trying to make away, and would
give up, tuck their tails in shftme and
come' in. v „ * „„„_*,„■
- -Jim Carey, a; negro, who lived ■ nearby, -
told, me one day that his aog 'Speed ,-had :
been 'ah't de same .varmint, an couldn^t
do:nuth-n:wid:im;':and.he : further_,de-..
dared -that he didn't believe. : .lt could Joe
'ca-h't' In other words,, he hinted plainly,
that itheVfox (?) was always lost, in the
vicinity of : the ■ old : Temple P ace . .(a _ no
toriously haunted house), . or else right on
the edge: of the. Rock Hilli graveyard, bo
Jim: advised strenuously that I g^efup
hunting;across the creek If I. wanted to
catch anything: * :, .
—But: I was more anxious than^ever^ to
catch the fox: and knock: the bottom, out
■of "Jim's ghost theory; and-onemiia nignr.
early in November I blew .: niy t horn,^got
two neighboring packs, jo ined- them^with
mine, and; with congenial company, set
■"It was an ideal night for a chase. ; The
air was damp. and mellow,: and; a; line of
fog hung white in the' moonlight above
the creek as far as the eye could .see > on.
the east. AYe hadn't, been across the
creek 'fifteen minutes before I heard Mu-;
sic's voice, and I knew the c-hase_was.on. ;
In ten minutes more everything, had
ten -in shape: and every dog .was UJuUmg:
In full: voice. The music, echoed back by
the cliffs along the creek, was the sweet
est Ihave everheard.v >.: ■:. ...
: "As the - pack was doubling down the
creek, and preparing, as I knew, finally
to come back my. way; Jim came up from
his. house down in:' the hollow and stepped
in the road beside my horse. ;,v
".'What you reck'n dem dogs^ ah ter,.
boss?' -he said. . . ,
-;■" " 'Foxr Jim. That same old gray weye
been trying to catch all me fall: but this
time: he is ours. I can tell that by the
way the run is going." t
" 'Nawsuh, boss, you a?n*t gwln git dat
thing." . You: dcs wait an- see. > I dont
bleeve dat . no fox, . anyhow. Hit don t
run'like a fox to me.' - - -
"The hounds were by this time iar
down the creek and were proceeding slow
ly" and doubling; but I sat on my horse
in the road waiting for the packand.my
companions who ;• were them. - v-u
: "DAT DOG SP^^-D." ; .
- V 'Jim,' ■ Psaiu, -"how is your, dog Speed
getting: on these days?' -
" 'Speed, l boss? : ' Dat dog daid long ergo.
Somebody plzen dat: dog. I laid -t on
dem Simmons ' niggers. I bleeve dey. done
it.'- ' '. v , ■ : : : -„ .■■■■
"'Speed was' a good cog, wasn t he,
Jim?', I asked. . . . ;
-."...'las suh,: boss; he was oe bes dog
I .ever ■ had.i n my life. Dat po' dog— and
he -spoke with a quaver in his: voice—
'uster keep me in meat all de iaH.^. l
could go utde fus' part: de night an ketch
three an" fo' possums, an' den lay -down
an'- sleep "tell; dcs about day; an den go
down on de creek an: he tree two
three coons -ahfter sunup.. Yas. suh, • dat
was = a dog right,' and Jim mused:
"Dey. warn' t. but one thing- in de wort
I didn't" like "bout dat-dog,': he - continued,-
after a minute. And then he paused
a " a 'What was that, Jim?' I asked, though
I knew well what he meant _::
"He seemed to hesitate; but finally said,
in a low. voice: 'Dat dog would run things
at -night.'- .:;:.'*
" 'What things; Jim?" I said. •
" 'Now, boss, you ". know what I mean.:
'Dat dog' was born to scesperitsianV run
hants. an'; dey worried : him ; to his grave. ,
" 'Now, hold on, Jim,' I said. 'I thought
you were too sensible to believe in any
thing !ike:that.V: ::.::: : „ -.. , '-:.-- ;
: "'Cap'n, don't I know dat dog uster run
hanfs? Ain't I see 'im ahf ter 'urn many
a time?' '" \ . - : :
" 'When?' I r asked. , „
".'Many a: time,' he said. 'One night
las' fall I was huntin'.an' pass ol\ Miss
Jinnic Powell's graveyard when ,'twas
'right late an' lonesome. Speed he- struck
somop'n dar an' : he run; dat thing -all; de
way to wharol':man Dan'l uster live an'
rgot burn. up. in his house. All de" way dat
• dog -was whinin' like he , was wild. .and.
was snatchin': at de ve'yarJtself. :He;did;
"dcs like he gwin' ■ take . somep'n allude,
time: But when- he reach ol'. man Dan'l's
r ole' house-place ; hevtook,ah' ; tuck. his 1 'tail;
'twix';. his. legs . an 1 . sneak back to me
skeered to" death.'- ■ "; . ■ r .
■'■•'■.'' 'Yas. suh, boss, I went back home^ dat
night, an' felt Hko gittin'. under de tve'y
■bed^* 'cause I was' pintedly; skeered.' -
'.-'". 'Was that the only time he ever ran a
hant. Jim?! " ; I asked. ' - •
-..'■'. .'Naw,. suh, he ■ run a ■ huridud.'l One
night early dis fall I went out to hunt,
an 1 Speed he ; felt fine. : He .want: to hunt,"
an' he felt" so good he curl his tail so : tight
on his - back ; hit mos' : lif * his lain' legs ; 6ff
de.groun'. • , - _ ... ; '.-•■
" 'An;: boss; I 'clar fo Gawd, ; dat dog
struck 'a : hant - track down hyar in Dock.-
Dayis'sor.'.fiel'. near.de •graveyard/anY dat
hant' conie near, runnin' dat dog to' deathl;
:.When '■ he > come back . to : me : he 100k '; right^
thin anV'bad: ' I: felt "right vsorry^ferj'im^
I'gin ; ,up "huntinV; dat night, -tob.; •;,"
i" .'How', l know" when he runnin*.' hants?.
:pat^easy "-.'to see.. When Vado'g-bristle\up
anVtldok^wileJan'vketchTat tlilngs_rdat;ain'>
J'dar/v.'tisV a ;hant. - 'Taint no use sayln' 'tis j
anything; else.'-.' w , - " ■ "1^: ..■]'''-• '--'\
.Ji'Wel sat' there'a vwhilei and:- listened .to^
;the hounds ;in : the lo w-grounds,- neither^, of :
jus' saying a word. . .
.- ■;,. . "Finally { Jinv said, 'Boss, does you knowi
,why i ' tis y some dogs runs '■•'• hants v an.'.: others
"'No. Jim,' I said, 'why "Is it?'"
c why;he ran^spirits.
:i:", ; Well^l^neyer'knpwJtelljhya^ i las^;ye^
I " ( was;o\'er '..':a.t] .TVhite '] Hall- :anV,;a;;ple;man'
•overTdar; name ;Dacyi Spradley-rybul heard?
o'^ dat ole rriarr dat rtricks:f oiks?^Well,vhe
S tasted! a ydroy"oV,bres': ■win^runthanta'
[alljhis life^i Denjlfr^oll^rmyJdogjSpee^y
Ide'fldgeTranVdeyr always gives dar puppies';
IBres'onilk:tQ "'drink/ '„„• ' ''$&£$
S« If turned 5 my': head i away nr.d laughed;
IS^^^S^P*^ -,•■■ ■ "."■•■.^SBSB
■ - 'An tain but one ttilng in de worl .
,"dat;vill'/cyo ft in a dog. An' dnt . -v
mus' fin" two limbs on d'aravc- •
dat crops "and rub together, j c
when de /win' blew; an* you m da
•b'wl^off whar doy tech, rnaka tea out da
[iljaJrklan^*grlve"H to de dog In bread.' JD^tT
deonlleat thing will cyo» dog o' runnin'
rColaiumptipn^ IsireapMSible f oir a lkrgeri
fewtaUtyf and ; ConHumptibniiilitaTbufrti
It affecta; : ,tne m glands, j.tn©.-:, mncpuss
| buncK&B in' the neck j- catarrhal troubles^
prickets, inflamed eyelids;Wß6re,;ears,
cutaneous eruptions, etc. " .-.
■ "."I suffered from Ecfofula. the disease _:af-_|
|febtlhg< this' glands of my necki^l did'eyery^i
I thing Kwas |told;to1 do \ to T eradlcata}lt/ bat 9
success. I .then^began-takingi
|Hood's Saraaparilla, 1 and the Hwelltbg inmy^
I neck entirely.; disappeared and? my|skln!re^|
% sume'd r a-s'moqth" t3t 3 healtby:appearance.ti< i rbe|
} cuie was complete." Miss- Ahita' MixcHEii; \
915 Scott S tCovlnKton,Ky.
Hoods Sarsapanlla
and Pills
iTborougiijy eradicate scrofula and : ;tinUd ,~
% up! the T system^ that Kasjauff eired firorn itr:
iharits^ ,I| never; heerd "o* dis : tell- ahf ter.
Speed died."
I TOI,' YOU SO. .„
; V ;^About ; this -time" 1 1 heafd'our } ipack re
ipirninsS: i rbm ;Uhe S low^grounds^ in -.It ull,
(chase.-: They > crossed ithe) road > below. ; us,:
•:andimade,'straignt::f6f i theV.pld:^aveyard; ;
■placed; But ; before -they got" there f they
came to a stop. I didn't know why it was,
andhave never known since, but'we could
hever> get :those^ hounds v away : from , the
spot. -The track i was lost completely, ; and
after an hour we?grave up | the : chase/; JF ;
f'/Jim remained wlthus still— it was only,
ahalf mile tohis house— l and he seemed
to : take i some'; satisfaction in ;haying v his
prophecy.ffuifilled; \ but; he :was uneasy,
andvwouldn't stay ten feet away from the
rcrowd. ':-.-■: . . ' : . --.-:.> ■■■' • : -; ; -:-:-. '
.; " 'I tol* you dat: all de time,' he said,;
'How-inde naineo' Gawd you~gwln' ketch
hants / wid a : dog?:: Dat^s ' ol' Miss : Marthy.
Rinrier ,'dem- dogs was after, , 6r 'twa3 ol'
:Dn Dixiei; I know ,'bout dese things.'
"Circumstances were certainly against
us^ that- night, ; and Jim went : home con
firmed. In his belief.; .; '_■ . ; ' v :'.
." 'You can't ketch hants wid a dog,' he
said, as he left 'us... /- -:.'--:.--.V
■-.:'. "Two weeks later, however, we caught
the same fox, \w.ach ; proved > to ;be ,• a long
lank female, just built' for running:Vbut
nothing on earth could persuade Jim that
it was what we had been running so of ten
before. He declared the. fox .we.- caught
had lived away . out next to Willis moun
tain,: and had -.'des strayed in : dar; de night
befo/ an" had. preferred to get'ca'ht ruther
: den stay in dat place another 'night."
- vv — — — ■» '•!.•".:: ■■ ..
Jndge Aldcrson tVlll Not Oppose
'•••-.■■■- Rliea— Brl.Htol Notes. :
BRISTOL, VA:, June 14.— (Special.)— Mr.
John; W. Alderson,;of Bristol, who is. a
son of Judged. M. -Alderson;of :Wise,-
Va., late United States district attorney,
states: that: his father does not. contem
plate: making "xthe: wrace for Congress
against Congressman W. F. Rhea, in the
Ninth district; this i fall. It: is well known
that the : masses in the; Republican party
in: the district have looked', upon Judge
Alderson as the proper person to under r
take -tho task of redeeming 'the. district
to the Republicans; but Judge Alderson
realizes; that it would be a -fierce, battle
and would: probably -. avail him nothing;
since the .democrats of the district were
neverj more : unanimous : and enthusiastic
in their support of a manVthan they now
are in stipport^of Representative Rhea,
who his twice led his party: to \ victory,
against the efforts of the late". General
James A: Walker, one of the most cour
ageous meti that: ever entered, a political
battle. Judge Alderson js just now get
ting a start after presuming his law prac^
tice at Wise, Va., and" he: .^^sVthat^it
would be a great sacrifice/on his part*- to
give up a good: law business for .several
months of. what _would,- in: all. probability,
be afruitless chase" for office. -.-1 : . - -"■
that Judge Alderson: Is out
of the race, Hon. Stuart F. Llndsey, . the
Republican v district . chairman; is perhaps
the most available candidate;; although
there j are : other ■ good; men [ who would,- no
doubt, accept the- nomination) as Mr.
Harmon, of Tazewell ; g Colonel James S.
Bijownlng, ; of Pocahontas, -and Hon. J.:
Lucian : , Gleaves, " of TV'y theville. | • Mr. Lind^
sey is a profound student of .matters.per
taining to government: and . .would; not
only 2- make a. ' creditable^ representative,;
but . would" be effective on .the stump, ■ , be-;.
ing an able debater and a man" of ; clean-:
cut, logical; thought. . The party .is ex
pected .to take:; some action in the near
future, iand it will, not ~ be surprising If
Mr. Lindsey is unanimouslj- nominated. :
It. is understood that; he \would accept: the:
nomination ; if : tendered^, him- unanimously:
-The East Tennessee Mining and Devel-.
opment Company has been organized, the :
purpose being; to develop the zinc; deposits;
of upper. East /Tennessee, \ especially those
in the community of Fall.Branch,-Wash
ington: county. : This:, zinc | property: was
discovered by -Bristol prospectors and ;-:is
said : to. be quite: extensive and- of ; excel-;;
lent: quality.- The new: company -has un
authorized-capita! of ?300,000. The officers'
and incorporators are: J. H. Bartlett.of
Fall ; Branch, president; Dr. J. A. Dickey,
of Bristol; treasurer; Jere Bunting, of
Bristol, .secretary; .Edmund -. Shafer, of
Lynchburg;F. H. Foltz, S. A. Sellers and
W.D. Polling, of Lima. O. : - -
-Rev. . W. L.' : Harris, the ;; new ; pastor of ,
the Christian Church, has : arrived here
f rom : Nebraska. ■■''. Mr. : Harris i; was -; influ
enced to come" to this section, by; an adt
vertisement : which : , the ; church: placed in j
a paper i when* the : committee :.was looking,
for; a suitable j man to succeed- the: Rev. ,
William '■■'■ Burleigh, { resigned. Mr. Harris
answered the., advertisement, , and, follow- ;
ing ; a: correspondence; with:the -0013111111-;
: tee, I left | his | home \ml Neoraska ', to .-: come :
here among strangers; The congregation ,
is : pleased .with -the new;, pastor,
who •is 30 , years of age and an eloquent :
talker. : Mr.: -Harris ' states that: he ; has
been" accustomed ; to ; the lecture platform :
and | that hejexpects to cievo te some of his
tlme;toi lecturing in this: section. '"]'-■ :
:.:Miss Nettie? Hurt, a pretty-and'accom--
plished young-ladyj of ithls city, will be.
;married on' the evening ; of ? the. 25th inst/i
to -Mr. William S. Stamper,*, a son : of Mr. .
-W. 77 D. . Stamper, of: Washington- county,-
Virginia.' The groom-to-be was:; formerly,:
In : : business in ? Bristol,:; bu t ; for ten : : years :
has been aresident;of sWashington.Dc: C; ;■
havingrnost -of - that time, been : in one of
the -departments, but is now; a lawyer. ;
.-.;■ : / : ;■'•'-'- -; ; :. : -:' :notice./:.:: ■■-■ ? : -/ : '. ■--■■,-;
Commencing June • 15 ' V and -'until 'i further
notice;: our; store : will =be- closed at 9 P.M.
daily, wweek ■ days, except • Saturdays; when ;
we: will-keep open, tiiril-P.-M; ;
r \ Sundays,.: the following hours will be
observed : 9A; :M: to 11 AV iM.; ; 12 :30 to 2
P. JM., and 4 P. M.'.to ,7; P. M. : : : *■■;
There: will ;be a registered ; clerk sat the
storeifromtclosing.time'at night:tlll:open
j ing AtimeS in \ morning "to : answer the
',?: The', responses : which ; we; received V in
reply towards 'sent out: by us,: from: physl-\
cians. ■ ministers :and,-;a'anumbe?iJof Sour
patrons, were vpracticaily.iunanimous Sin
saying ; that* the iabove-ihourstwould^not 1
inconvenience ; any - one, ; and i were heartily
commended by*all.:: : r^> : v - : -;
:< This >plan ; willv enable us ;to i reduce"; the :
hours ! ~of;;work of ; our <j employes :>to< an
average of eight anda half hours daily.;
."1-We r that « ours patrons v and- the"
public ; will : give [this » matterithefrv earnest .
co-operation in^carryingthese^hoursilnto"
effect.-" • T. A. MILLER. : ;
•v.- j Save : Mbney,in Railroad .Trayel- . ■■':■■
by;^ purchasing an ' ; interchangeable ?. I^ooo^
mile ticket sold by th'e'Seab'oard.i'mya-if
To ; California and the Pacific Slope,
via the Seaboard Air. Line »y. "
. - - _ _ . - .- — .....
s^Oni^account? of^the meeting j of £.the^ lm-i
! perial ;?s Council, k Nobles i;, of i&the J* Mystic! I
': Shrine, g held at ' San " Francisco;; June ilO | to ; i
: 14,^ 1902,-' i the i Seaboard Iwlll 5 sell* round ttrip ;
tlckets.to-eitherl.os 'Angeles or-SantFran-j
J cisco Sat fethe iverys low.grate| of '% 166.25 S for;
i the | round \ trlp.'VsThe £ passenger ;,* may.? go 1
umel route '& ana % return >? another.*£iTicket« I }
iwilltbeijon'fsale]until3Juneg7,Sfinal?limlt! ;
of ! » ticket;: «lxty-6 dayaf from a data "sr of f sale, 5 ? j I
\ Stop-over S privilege* §all6wed:'Ff The MSea-'i ' I
{board 3 offers 4 the s choice -of routes, <Boln*- i
;vla • » Newls Orleans; * San f Antonio f and^Jßl! .
! Paso.l or via Atlanta;l.Chattano6gar?^aßh?i
Mile's and ? Memphlfc Abetteri known: as t^Thej
flx>6k>utSMountaln|Route."^sFor..s fiirtberi ;
r« information,"! call? .on sor*adaress§a®lsigEg|g§ .
1001 E*»t V*ln .U-Mt. Richmond, V*.
Eg***-* • , . ;- • . i§|jP
: >,'■ :■:..- A Conditional P«r«lon. „...;, :
gGovernoFi Montague yesterday, named L tne
JfotlOTrfnkSdelegtitesttoi tho^ fifth sammali
!sessl<3h: of : the^nternatl^al|Minin^Con^
"glres3?to^xionyenbTfat: ; Butte, Mont^-JSep^
ttemberl Ist :|iKufus" ; A. Big:; Stone
>f.Gap;?iW;?B.^ Harris/: Staunton ; \ GT\ M.l Ser£
peli;S Norfolk; iC- Guy L-arew;^Pulaski;
' John P C.^ Kobertson^i Manchesterfa George
;W5 St^ciair^Tazewell ;iWJ Hi: Bon&)Wisei ]
I 'Ch'arles i KR3 Boyd,^Wytheville ; I Dr. ; John! S. j
rAppersbnl^ise; ' -W.'^Wi >Bourne; -■■Riigby"; \
[GeorgexWs Palmer^ Saltville^^Vyndham <
' Bobertscm?? Buenal VVlsta; I Preston^Tfigg,:
I ;1 George L^; Carter; i Bristol : : O:{ J;j
I ; Sands, * John; SJ Fleming, ; Henry ■ J Froellng.:
: Bi>H.' Irlridsay, and Robert ; F. Morris, lof
■■• Governor ; yesterday ; granted:
[ fa?| conditional pardon to William Mc>fea» ;
i dows;: of [Ofange:county t : who Js serving:a
| term .of eight years f cr criminal assaul t.
! McMeadowa iwas '. convicted ' In November,
i 1595, and his; term ''is~ therefore nearly:com
'■pleted. 1 -- ;--■ • ' .. ■_' _ .; ■"■ -. -
I 'f Mr. Joseph Button, secretary of the Con T
stitutiorialiCohventiori.' yesterday present-:;
| edr the", Governor v/ith .a certified copy^ bt
! the riew;- f Constitutioh. " The presentation'
wasi entirely i Informal, and in accordance
I; with^the terms of :the" the schedule. ';■ ?
i The Board , of Public "Works was in sea
! sion" ; yesterday ;. at the Governor's office.'
The sessions'! of the Doard will continue
Into next week. " * * ; ;
I-Choii; S. V.. Southall, of Charlottesvllle;
jTwas a "' caller 'at tlie Capitol yesterday.
Mr. C. A. Birnle, late of Massachusetts,
but"now of Mecklenburg county, Va.. was
a ; caller on Commissioner Koiner^yester
day. Mr. Biernie was located in
Virginia by -Mr. - Koinef, f and is making a
splendid - success of farming in , Mecklen
burg.' ' ' r - : ':~ .: "■ :; : - " ••-.••
.Treasurer P. H. Sweet, of New Kent;
arid E/B.'T-iewis, ot •Brunswick, were call
! crs at ,the State Library yesterday.
American aiisratlon to Manitoba.
(Nebraska State Journal.)
Twenty-five thousand American farmers
A Sranfl Ojppftnmty for 24 Wise Persons
We have just had completed 24
large and beautiful GOLDEN
OAK $ 40 SUITS, which will
prove a (great ad. for us. They
have FRENGHBEVEL mirrors.;
cast brass handles and are heavily
arid CARVED;
The"; joints '" • are of • do vetail coh
'struction, and the Suit is guaran
teed to wear as good as any $50
Suit. ; We. can get no more at
any price. They; go at :
fIPPM AN APPftMftlT WITH IK TERMS to suit or
UrtSi API AuuuiiSl l ffi l n U5. lowest for cash.
June Clearance
Sale more than
■Z.3; : 'Pent.lUrr'i
The Cheapest Cashor Credit Store in the City.
Granulated Sugar, per a "2 7 ~
p0und ..... . . . . .... . . . .
Java and Mocha Coffee, *"% -3 ~,
r in 1 lb. tin 5........ -
Daisy Lye, for scouring, -5
: can...;......................:.. V^
Best Grated Pineapples, jO^-,
large cans Ov
Best Early June Peas, 4 *y 'q» -
cans -:. : . : ... ................
Best Feed Corn, per r-j j- -
C . bu5he1 ............. '.'. . . . . *v■ V-
Best Feed Oats, bushel. 54C
"Wooden "Washboards . i ..... OC
Best Ham and Yeal ; Loaf, o ~
v per can...... . . ... .... ... V^
New Orleans Mo- *Jf\ ~
■'■■-■ lasses, per ga110n;. . .;
Fresh Bologna Sausage, rj -
:p0und. ............... . . . ./ Vr
Six lbs. new Prunes . ..... /-4P.k
Large Juicy Lemons, -j ■* _
: per d0zen......... ...... v *^"V
American Oil Sardines, -3 „
box .............:.......... OL,
Large boxes Mustard P.rfVgj^
Spice Sardines, 4 cans V-V-
Goo d Lardi per f\i/. r >,
: p0und. . . ....... .. . . .... . -^y^2y :
Nice Salt Pork, per ViY/ W
v p0und....;..,-..:. ....^ YTZfc
Large : : .Bottle Sweet .:.^j-^:
three f0r.,.. -^PV
Larger cans Star «r
1/2 Ib. cans Chipped Beef, >y 5-^
' three can 5.......... ... -^OC
Lion Coffee, : one-pound A n
package - . ; . . . . . ......... VC
Best Table ,Peaches,n4^|r\^
;:^.:..-/.v;.y;:;^"v; :^. : ..-/.v;.y;:;^"v-
Silver /King Flour, can 't r *yn '
be beat, bbL, UAO; bag^OC
Plum,. Tornado, Peach,
\ 'and other Chewing^* 1 jS^I
Tobacco, 3 p1ug5.....;.. -i&aC
Goo d Fo v r-String 1 q „
8r00m5. . . ; I Qv;
' : ;.' i)OWS-TOWN STORE,; •..-.- . . . UP-TOWW ;BTORB,--|<:V^ : t^o%
M%^]%?¥i&*i&"xint Main ; Street!^- i.;':%1i .;':%1 t' ■ V / iS& ***t Marshall Street.
iSSS^' »ilanaKf:*s i; oid 3.0. f ff*iiTf£ gSgg
jtjTcuTm ] Jticur
1 Under your loose, thin,
falling hair is a brain. Use
it. The result? You will
use Ayer^s Hair Vigor. It
checks falling hair, restores
color to gray hair, and makes
the hair-grow. No need of
having rough and unruly hair.
:': ' *sAt;the : age of 20 my hair turned
grayy and^soonifgrew almost white.
After l ! had; been rinTthis embarrassing
condition :fpr fifteen years, I used
Ayer^s Hair Vigor, and three: bottles of
ft brdagbtbaclttbe old color.":— M. a.
Knight, Baldwin, Mont.
; $1.80. j All draßlsts. 4. C.^YER CO.. Larrell. Mas,
; have; migrated to Manitoba this spring,
: and - the Canadians are getting a littla
uneasy lest .these pioneers may sometime
start a . movement for the annexation oj
the ;' province "to the United States. Rut
asthere is really very little difference in
the* government of 'thetwa countries, so
far as the rights oC: the -farmers aro con
cerned.^lt-Jsn't probable that the rimmt
grants from south of th<? boundary hava
any sinister motives. What they are after
Is land and room to expand. 1«e home
stead: law has ; resulted in tho taking up
of all the: available land in the Uniteii
States, and Manitoba is the "last chance.'*
It is a great cattle country, as well as a
good place-: for; raising '"spring ■•wheat.': It
■will soon bo settled up at" ; the rate. peoplo
arb rushing -In thero this year. Most of
the Immigrants are from the ; pralrw
States.. .""'" ': : . . . "
Still Hope for IUn»«
■i .-■:• (New York Sun.)
She— OhTvGeorge. I saw a perfect drwua
of : a -bonnet} to-day.
He— Then please don't -wake It up.
S 9.93 ones . . •'.-'■s 5.98
Sl2.ooones . . ,"$:8.98
515.00 ones . . . $11.48
■ 520.00 ones . . . $14.98
■":': ■.'"'-".;■ : &:., upV '.. ' -,'..j;
$ 6.98 ones . . . . $.3.98
*- 9.00 ones . .... $4.98
Sl2.ooones . . ... $6.98
515.00 ones.. ... $8.98
'■-.'; ■;..' &C-, Up.: "■ : ■-■' "■
[Extra: Heavy. 5-Sfcring- r
Brooms., "..- *yl
Arbuckle's' or Cordova ■* f\-
I Coffee, p0und. ... . . ... lUc
r Ne-w Orleans Molasses, o_
per can. ... . ................ Q^ 1
Xew Cuban Syrup, Ma- -t r\ r
son qnart jars.... . 1 UC
MatcKes, per dozen. .> . . : ./j**
Large bottle Pickles . . . . . . :.&
B est Potted Tongue or •* a_
Ham, 3 b0xe5.... .... ■-■! -"^
Home-Macle Jellies, per -^ r
■ pound. .......y...^..... . . .
Tea Dnst, makes excel- or»o r» _
lent tea, lb.-*.'. '.."". <&oL
New Potatoes, p c r^r
peck.................. *^^
Best California Claret c/Yfr
AYine, per g0J10u.. . . vyV
Elastic or Celluloid Starch, i^ r
per package.....;.... ....
Two packages Pearline . . . . v V
Three-String Brooms . . . *'y
New N. C. Cut Herrings, -j O/r
per d0zen; ..... . . .... *^V
Grape-Nuts "or Pos turn -jj /Ja
Cereal, per package...; *^^'
Pure Cider :'. Vinegar,- *S A n
. ga110n... ... v.'........,.;'- xU r
Fine or Smoked | r\ r
California Ham3,lb.. . *"^
Small Smitbneld Coun- -g j „
; try Hams, 1b. . . ........ I
Large cans Pia Peaches... '*. V
Freezing Salt for freez- | rv
ingcream, peck. . . . . . * VV
En ameline Store Polish . . . ; ■*■ V ;
Cora? Starch, large pack- >£ i»
age T"V
i^iiil Cfeaio^ Cheese; none : '\ a*
better,lb... _.i. f.^V/.

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