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(B.VTIOX;.-..>'BAR XtOWLlXtt «HEe£
Prominont >liniMt<«r.s nnd Lnymcn <o
Be rroKcnt To-IJny from Thin' City
and from' Cnn'rcli* 1-*!1 -* ! of "the Happn
hnnnock A*»ocin<iotu , , ■
The centenary or Salem Baptist church,
at Sparta, Vn.'i 1 near Bowllnpr I Green; will
be celebrated to-day with an all-day meet-
Ji:g, ht which will be present a great con
course of people. .
Dr, Unlcher.; Dr. Cooper. Rev. I. S.
Bpysoß. ; ; Dr. H. H. I'iu. and many other
Kichmond people, loft the city yesterday, to.
attend the great 'meeting. . .
Tho history of the Salem, church at
Sparta; is very closely identified* with that,
of ihe Baptist denomination: in » Jrginia,
a:uMs of the greatest interest In many rc
epects... - „l-"or three-ciuartcrs of a century
tlj» church has had but throe pastors, all
or the same name and all of the same
family, being father, son, and grandson,
respectively. The name of each of- these
pastors was Andrew Broaddus. tho grand
eon, .Aodfew Broaddus, being tho. pastor
to-dny. . The llappnhannock: Association,
to which the church belongs, is a large
one. a»fl there, will probably be a crowd,
of two Or throe thousand people, at the
church to-day to join .in. the celebration. v
The Religious Herald has the following
on the matter of education and the po
sition the-. Baptist Associations should
tal:e in the matter: ~* : . -
"The meetings of the Virginia district
associations will furnish a fine oppor
tunity for" the discussion of educational
matters. ■ -Of course.- there ought to. be
some one at evecj' . o'oe of these gather
lncß to explain tiie,lmportance and sig
nificance of the movement to syile
mntjze our denominational schools in
Virginia. But we must go even beyond
this. Our people must have an oppor
tunity, to liear of : the philanthropic! en
deavors of our fellow-citizens. North
nnd South, to help. Sn every, way the
caiise of general education In' the South.
The -Herald has repeatedly printed-com
munications and editorials touching this
movement, and it is not necessary to say
mOro now than It. deserves and ought
to receive -the cordial support- of every
Chr*JUan and patriotic citizen. Dr. Rob
ert Fraser and Hon. H. St. George
Tucker <are the Virginia representatives
of the Southern Education Board. We
hope they may"" find it .; possible to visit
many, if not all.- of 'Our -associations, and
we earnestly urge. the,, committees who
nrrange the programmes", for these, meet
ings to give either of them who may be
presetit a good opportunity to present
this great cause."
The Christain Advocate has the follow
ing short article on post-conference elec
The Rev. S. M.. 'Godbey, D. D.. late of
Missouri, for three years editor of the
Pacific Methodist, said to be a man of
learning and varied ' accomplishments,
has "b>?en elected by the Book Committee
assistant, to Dr. Winto'n, in .the editorial
management of tho Nashville Advocate.
The Rev. Seth Ward, D. 'D.. pastor of
prominent church in Galveston, Texas,
has be^n elected by .the Board of Mis
sions assistant secretary to Dr. Lam.buth.
Dr. Collins Denny, has been re-elected
chairman of the Book Committee.
Rev. Frank Osborne, originallyfromLgw
renceviH, Va:,.and a grajJuate last year Af
the' Union Theological -"Seminary, of this
city, some time ago accepted a call to the
Samuel Davies Church,,in Hanover coun
\yi Mr.. Osborne, was,, not, ■ acordinj? to
custom. . ordained immediately upon
graduation, but a meeting of East Han
over Presbytery, was called -yesterday
afternoon to make arrangements for the
Mr. Osborne is well-known in this city
nnd community.* He studied at Richmond
College, and also" pursued a coiirse of in
struction at "U r illiam and Marj' at Wil
liamsburg. Mr. - Osborne performed his
first marriage ceremony in ; Hanover
county, some days ago. Mr. Osborne is
a good "speaker, a clear thinker, and
gives great promise in the ministry.
Several 'of ithe Episcopal' ministers of
tlie city--«'iH visit Hanov-er 'coJunty next
week; to assist, in a. revival meeting to
be held at St. Paul's Church at Hanover
Courthouse by tlie Rev. Mr. ■ Hepburn,
Among ithoßo-.who will be- there, are the
Revs. John .Moncure. -D^ D., Laridon R.
Mason, ,Cary Beckwith, Otis Mead, and
Martin Johnson. :
Broadus-Memorial ohureh Bible school
will go on an excursion to West Point
to-day. The Committee in charge has
made extensive arragiiementp to give the
picnickers a good time, and It is expected
that a large number'will spend a day of
enjoyment in boating, sailing and llshing.
The Conover piano, sent by the Rose
buds to Uk» Methodist. institute in Mon
terey, Mexico; has been received there in
perfect condition. -
Hcut Intense mid Xo Kelicf in Slsht.'
Bnt Crops Do "Well.
Yesterday-, was another warm day for
Hichmond. The thermometer stood well
Up in the nineties nearly all ' day, and
there was no breeze to take into account.
£t was one of the most .disagreeable. day«
'of the year, owing, possibly, -to tile
nmount of humidity in the atmosphere.:
Yesterday morning- the reports from the
northern cities showed a- higher tempera
ture even than the- thermometer, here
did. In Js'ew York, Pittsburgh, Philadel
phia, Baltimore, and ■ Washington the
heat was intense.-
Tho only promise the, weather people
<:an give this section is chance of a.
thunder-storm this afternoon to cool
things down a bit. The temperature'to
day promises to surpass that of yesterday
and the humidity . will*. probably be : -as
groat. .
It is more than likely that -from now
until late in 'August the ..weather will'tfon
tinuo warm arid oppressive, with'occasion
al storms. There Is little "likelihood {of
there being as much rain as was evident
last summer all. through, the month, of
From State reports, .this is fine growing
■weather for crops in all sections of Vir
ginia. Jt Is, not only ;vcry ihot. A>ut ;thefo
Is a plenty of- "'fain.': ■' Rain" and' hen t are
all that is required for a^good crop of any
thing grown' in this section/ provided tlie
soil is able to rroduce.;C :.. ' . :
If there sliould be an. unusually large
amountof rain during 'the rest, of "July,
and during August the watermelon crop
will: be badly damaged,, and.i this is one
crop that cannot "stand -too much ■ rain;
TiunvAws nt "Wcatlmiiiptoii. .*. :"'^-
The evening dances at Westhaptbn arc
becoming' more popular, "than* 'ever; "the
beauty and length of -the' rid?- to this
He&t/ache .- •
" Biiion'EneVs,'' sour stomacbV cbnstipa
' tJon and; all-liver ills-arefcured^by
Wood's Pills
• Tiieiion-irriiatlnj;; cathartic. t% Price
V 25 cents of all druggists ; or iby, mail 01
- SiIiUQQ&'&.QQZ LoweU; Mass.
= ! Brewed in a'pjarit-as clean aV the c^
| - 1 " your inspection - — 58,97 1; visitors list year. - •' ' "' '
favorite rosort^'of the stay-at-homes be
inn an. additional- attraction. • /i '"' : ...: „-
r?.Jan:iger ThomriS; haa made; a contract
with (lie famous Polk Miller quartette, to
sing. between, dnriecs on.Monday, arid Sat-,
iirday nights ; during the -summer. •. v.The
quartette Is! tho ; same that made- such;' a
bisr.hlt in -lh« North and that sang!before
Prince! Henry- en his recent- visit- to ,tliis'
country, ' .-.-'••- { - ■• .
-Mr.; Thomas is now negotiating -with :
various nianapers :of open amusements
to secure some- strong attraction for- each
week. He expects to: have, a Young -Men'a'
Christian Association t field-day before
long, and give -. prizes 'to the successful
athletes. The Sunday afternoon 1 concerts
are giving a great deal"(of v pleasure; to
hundreds or people 1 escaping', from the
heat .'of the city, and are not, on account,
of, -the ! hours. -3" to 6:30: R : M.. Interfering
with "religious services in the city. •..";
Westhampton- has: turned out to be one
of tho -most successful of the- properties
t«kcn over by the Gould syndicate.
''■ " Urlef Court Items. . 7"r
Judgment was rendered yesterday in the
suit of May Cumraing vs. William and li..
S. Wingfield' f0r, 552.00 in the City Circuit
r= Samuel Sintnn- qimlified in the Chancery
Court yesterday as: executor of -Charles
J. Sinton.- The estate is valued at ?t&W.
Mrs. Julia Brown qualified yesterday in
the Chancerj' Court as: executrix _of ■J. H.
Brown. -The estate is valued at $2,000.
Mrs. Roberta^ A. Jeter has,qualloed in.
the Chancery Court as administratrix of
Benjamin Al^ransford.
Why Ex-Conncilinaii .AVnllerstein
! Cannot Succeed Alilermnn.Thoni
aKOii, is to Kesigrn.
; There was hardly a doubt that Mr. Jo
seph .WaUersteln would succeed- Mr. E.
B. Thomason as a member, of the Board
of Aldermen. from .Madison Ward, until
some one dug up the following clause in
the new State» Constitution," which be
comes effective at noon to-day: '-'No mem
ber of the Council shall be eligible; during
his tenure of office. as ".such member, -.or
for one year thereafter to any office to be
tilled by the Council by election or ap
pointment." ■'■■'■ ' : ■ ' ■." ;.-;-•■
It will be recalled, that. Mr. Thomason
has announced that he will remove from
the ward in September. This^will' create
a vacancy in the Board; and Mr. Waller
stoin was slated for the, position. It is
believed that t Captain Cunningham Hall
will be honored by the Board by election
to fill the vacancy when it occurs. Cap
tain Hall would be a valuable addition
to the Board, and .would make a worthy,
successor to Mr. Thomason, who. J)y the
way. is one of the best men in the upper
branch in the municipal government.
Cky-Clerk August has calledthe follow
ing committees to meet this evening for
the purposes of organization for the work
before them: Markets at 6 o' clock: St.
John's Burying-Grpunds,. C:?. 0. and Police,
Elections, and .Schools at S:3O.
Tho Committee on Health, which was
organized pn Monday night, will ■ meet
this. evening at S o'clock for its first regu
lar business session. There are a. num
ber of important matters, and as this
committee has several members who _are
long talkers, the session. will likely be a
prolonged one.-
The Board of Sinking Fund CommiS'
sioners will meet at .noon to-day' lh : , the
office of City-Auditor E.J. Warren.
People IJoitts Bnnlness AVitliont Li
cen.se to He Fined.
Commonwealth's Attorney D. C. Rich
ardson has requested Commissioner of the
Revenue 0.. A. Hawkins to furnish -him
with a list of the names of people in. the
city engaged in business of any descrip-;
tlpn wlio have . not paid their State
licenses, which were due on the lst^day
of May. It is the purpose of Mr." Richard
son to present these people, before tho
grand jury, on -next Monday for indict
ment for doing business without a State
license. '-. There are'about 150 delinquents
who aro io.be thus hauled up before the
The Priietice is Giving 1 - Employees
' Trouble", on' Main Street.
The employees of t.iC Passenger arid
Power Company are having no little trou
ble, with boys jumping on and off of ' the
cars at Beech "and Main, Seventh and
Main, and Ninth and Main streets. The
custom . has become very annoying, to - the
patrons of the road, vand yesterday 'at
Beech and Main streets a boy jumpedron
as the car was crossing from one track
to the other and came near throwing- a
gentleman, to the ground. As it was the
boy fell himself, but ran away without
being hurt. . , - - '- ■- .- ; .
The company has asked that the police
men of the city : watch these things as
the conductors have all. they can attend
to, and unless the practice; is stopped be
fore long "there will be another: fatal
street railway accident to record.
She is Serlousiy Damaged,- and One
of Her Crew jh Crushed io Death
v. in His Berth.- i
NEWPORT.' R. 1.. July; 9.^-Sterhl first, :
with head low in 1 the water, andVwith a;
ffrcat hole in her how."- and a" dead man; in
her liokl,.,the Fall .River- I^ine • steamer
Priscilla was ,dragged tp her: berth hero:
to-day, by; tho steamer Puritan, of the
same' lino. The \: dead. ; man : was John ;
Muniz, a Portuguese :deck ! hand, who; was";
crushed- to death while asleep In his bunk.,
' The: Priscilla c6;:ided-:inj a fog .with the
Merchants' and -Mlnerg'
Company's steanier Powhatan, in Narra-;
gunsett 'Bay, near Point^Judith; and -for
six hours 'walted-for 'help'to come-WAt;
hist- the J stenmer;; Puritan, .'of; sthe.sjtf all .
River Line. -heard (signals of idistress;- and
went to the assistance, of ,her;sister ship.-
The Priscilla , was"; bound' for 'NewcYork.
'She-left here a'little late, and* putoufiln;
a dense fog. After. anT hour's* runr when'
the ship was betweenjßentonsfßeef Light
and Point Judith;/sho was:struck'con;the;
pc>rt -bow by ? the: sharp: bowr' of the^.other
fteameJiip,: with practically ; no ;,,warning.
The vessels ■•; separated; ? and 'the 'Prisclua'.
showe<i -signs ■ thati sho';: wa« ; badlyidamy
«ged.T By ..-> jettisoning ■ part: of - her, ", cirgo, =
the'vessel: was lightened untih her, pumps
'. C !V--/ I .VoW/VE^RiiY;'CTJT"6FF*
-The: Priscilla ,waß struck', fair. - andr;heri
l»w -was nearly; cut off.i-The steam .of -the
Powhatan-; penetrated'.' fully -'twenty. :• feet
into ; the r hull of i tho-Prlscillaß" The Vwash-J
room- on *;tholr main ]j deck j andtthei Bleeping}
below; were* wrecked/-andithosteel J .plates:
'ot? the? bow ■ were v torn j away^well Vbelowi
the}.*waterr!lhe.';: v The;" l forward f?bulkhead!
Svasfibroken i^ through -^ thus g placing | two ;
compartments [putjof oonditionrf andrrapid-^
ly'sendingitheTa:eanier > :downaby4the]head;|
sol: that :; berJsterulcame^out^ bo tjtbat^tnt}
rudder was. rendered useless. '^Tho iriflowv
of wnrer'A-efyJsoori. extinguished the eiec-.
tnc;llghtK,: r therdynamo-room:beihg in -the!
viemky.; of. ;the- damaged pai*t of 'the'ship..
.;.The. passengers,* manyxof whom'were-in
bed. ■ri.werej: turned"' out x oi^thelr> rooms:: in
darkness,", and tnemenon tlie ship' passr'!
cd - out' lue-preßt'rverH by - candle-Ilght.--The
passengers,- though-badiyifrighteried, were
not^panic-stricken^'and'-after^the' first ex-:
i citement,?"' busied •:« themselves ; - getting :tO'
getheiMheir belongings, so thatiwhen they,
reached -the ... landing, they were able to
disembark "quietly.- arid ■ without % loss : of
property:^ ...«.::-. -'■..- -. .-. ■:;.-?;■/■..>'. r - .-.'.. -j.:-' .. -: : - -y ■■
& The - officers S of ' the ;Priscilla ; state that
!tho s. Powhatani had A :' not; been iregularly
sounding her -whistles, .but that f when' she
did? so- at arJate; moment; sheigave^thc
wrong . signal; .*. nnd" then? the ' crash -came."
The Powhalan's men; state that the;;Pris
. ci i in-' came: sudden 1y... on toCa' barik f of ;fog,'
and. that -the ships: came* together after an
excjiange ot" sigrials, -before anything could
be d<srie to avert a' collision. „. . •■.;
Vnluc.ln ihe Ajif?res-ate,. and Vulnc
o,f Ijfimls, IJuililinfts, Mnchinery;
"- unrt I^ive-Stock.
WASHINGTON, July D.— According -'to
a bulletin Issued to-day by the Census
Bureau, the farm property, of ' South Caro
lina is valued in tlie aggregate at $153,591,
15 D. Of this amount, :§99,505,5fi0 repre
sents the value; of -lands; $2(»,955,fi70 - the'
,value of buildings ; $G,629,770 the ' value . of
machinery, 'and §20,109,859 .tho value, of
iive-stock. ", . .
. The' farm lands of the State cpver. an
area of 13.955.014 acres. Ninety acres .is
given as!. the average size of farms in the
State: while in" ISSO the" average size .was
5-11 acres./- There' has" been a gradual! de
crease each decade since the half-century
riiark was passed." The -farms now num
ber 155,355, and of them 55.351 are operated
by negroes. ,; ; Tho -farm; products of jthe
State for 1599 represented a valuo of $CB,'
26C.912. ' ! „ ■"^ ; / v _
'Cotton is ithe principal^crop, and the
cotton lands constitute C 5 per cent, of, the
entire farm area. ""'-"'
Both Arrested— Morris Says He "Was
- Paid .?s— For. Doinja: Fonl Deed.
RAI/riGH, N. C., July 9.— (Special.)—
Lawrence Davis, white," aged 24, whose
home is in Granville county, was jailed
here this afternoon,' suspected of murder
ing Mrs.? Catherine White. .:,; ; .
. Lorenzo Morris, who is in jail charged
with f the same crime, says Davis "paid him
$5 -to commit it. ' *
, Peoria. Storm S^vcpt. r
/PEORIA, -LL., July 9.— A terrific rain
and,electric-storm swept over Peoria and
the adjacent country last night. .
•Rain fell ".in -floods. for :. several hours,
ana the damage" wrought is extensive.
All the railroad lines entering the > city
are:- more or. less r affected. The ' Lake
Erie and \i estern .through freight. : due
hero at 4 o'clock, wen c through a bridge
at Farmdale, six- miles east- of here., The
engine and several freight-cars are piled
in the -bottom ot the creek. The engineer
was fatally injured, and the fireman lies
buried in the - mud. beneath the. engine.
The Toledo-Peoria and Western passenger
train, due . here last evening,' struck a
landslide twelve miles east of here,- and
the engine .was derailed.'-; .
The timothy and oats " croo is badly
damaged. . " •
Resnlt oC Weldon (X. C.) Meeting-
Solicitor Daiiiei-Renoininated.
WEtDON, N. C, July . 9.— (Special.)—
The , Democrats : of. the Seconds Judicial
District. met: in 'convention .here this af
ternoon at. s- o'clock to. nominate a judge
of the Superior Court and a ' solicitor.
Hon. R. -B.* Peebles was ; nominated; - for
judge, and Solicitor "H.E. Daniel "was
nominated to succeed himself. This will
be ( Mr. Daniel's S third term, and .it is ■ a
case where the;. office:. sought., the man.
Mr. Daniel was not a'- candidate during
the first part;, of § the campaign, but • his
friends : endorsed ;'h_im all' over .,-? the
trict, -and -.the, nomination to him
by the united voice of a united ■Democra
cy.!' ""' . - ■ "-. .-■■
Captain Peebles. was opposed by Judge
F. D. Winston, the present judge of_ the
district,' who -was 'appointed by Governor
Aycoek. Peebles had, a' large majority in
the district.* and" his nomination was vir
.tually made .before ;the > convention. ■ :
■'Tom"Hewliri; (colored) was shot and kill
ed at Enfield by "Louis Kerney. (also col
ored). They ..fell -out while engaged in
playing the : negro's favorite game of
'craps." Iverney. escaped after firing the
fatal shot. ' - ■-■ ' ■ ' . '
In Sew YorlcJs ({4QO.JJ V
. .■ A wedding among :the. New. York Four.
Hundred which. has attracted wide-spread
interest here on account of the bride's
.Virginia .connections,., was that : of Miss
Lelia --'..Vanderbilt; Sloane,: daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. William Douglas Sloane, of New
Yorl^; to Mr. "William ; Bradhurst' Osgood
Field, ,of New .York, which place
Tuesday in' Trinity church, .Lenox,- Mass;
oorer disappoints tho housekeeper. It
Id made from tho ; l>est materials, ex
actly proportioned, caref uHy> r cq ihr
pounded, ajui; -always 7 glwejOT^o
aattefactlon ' .".""' T" "" ■'. "■";■:
Manufactu^^^- ; _
.^ Richmond, va: ; V-:
, . ' - .
J n ffl F J ~ *1 J »w im - MZAJI.M lloillvn*j
• "Action Upon : Appropri—
niion ism «< Kvtra. Setnion.
.- - .
Offlce.of {'Jamestowny^ppsition] Company;*
No.'SO C6mmerce:stre6t:' , '■'■'''
Norfolk, Va., July 8, 'lflOl-^ s
To the Editor of the Dispatch: "V ' '.:
• In acknowledging the receipt of your
valued issue' of June 28th, the- Committee,
on Management directs hie" to express fto";
ryou*Ttheir"fappr;eciatl6nl6f th'6! interest'.yoi?'
' are* manlf estinig-Un i the: 30dthTan_nl yersary;
'celebration 1 : -'™oyeroentl^.The?e7^/eaUy-Jnoj
'evenrinsthe^history ! of :?theiwjorld^preo
•yiqus*""' to \f. the .: birth ■■;, of ; : Ametlcaj^-whlch!:
Justices" aridJdeservM: as?great ; a 'recogiil£i
'-. tioii as ; this 7 ahril versaj-y, : as ;• his toryf does '
■hot } record;! such' growth and . progress . as
: hasbeeri^eveloped^byjthe American peo^!
pie iwithiri^the :^hort ;-peri6d*of j 3oo years.; ij
. : .The ''■"American nation is • recognized ' to- ;
day all' over the^ world astthe ! Gibraltar'
of finance, 7 "with 'energy as Vlriexhaustible
"3stNiagai < a-!J*ails^; >Virglnia^the^blr/h^
placeof such aVgreat v riatiori;^thejM6ther
of States, never had "and! never '^wlll; have
greater cause ..to ; exert herself , in making'
that first celebration ~of her \ anniversary^
a success, : and , as ;; the riewspaper^ifare'!
the greatest factors towards "such results,
i t c, is ■ important i that . every; : issue . of!; the ')
Virginia press !} between. ; now; and ;. the ad- ;
jourriment of the} Legislature, iwhich "as''
sembles! JulS', lsth, next, -should .;be'untir-'
lrig in -its efforts to ;impress . the
and .through them ; our »;rep"resentatiyes^
that ; the State can riot be too liberal and;
too; prompt in . ah. appropriation for : this
event. ' . :.".<: : -^ '.-■'<.'-'.
'. The appropriation .bill. : should- be vintro-'
duced; promptly : at- the beginning : of; the
next session, and- it should, not only, bo i
liberal in amount,- but - should be! passed j
without any : opposing argument, and
unanimous if • possible, : so s as .; to T show ; to
the American Union'". that the"; Mother ; of .
States is proud of her heritage of ; being
the birthplace ; of freedom, liberty, Jarid
independence.^ •■ : : :: .. ,
: An\ appropriation bill passed ; thus :-wiU
at once impress tho nation of. the earnest
ness of the project, and' will give con-:
fidence inits success, which Is more than-,
half -the battle won. -, ■; -
The State of Missouri appropriated
$1,000,000 to the Louisiana -Purchase Expo-;
si'tion to be held in 1904," -which >is_ Corii
paratively a local affair in comparison to
the national event celebrating the 300 th
anniversary of ;i'ne first settlement of the
English-speaking people at Jamestown -'in
IGO7. *" Very "truly yojurs, ! ; :•' '\ v ': :
-" ' '"• ... : - Secretary.
Giffen' Company, to Present Belasco
; -V and De Mill's Play.
\ The Giff en Company will; appear in
"The Wife" at the Academy to-night and
for. the rest of tho week, with the; usual
Saturday matinee. . : : . . '
On Saturday night" the summer stock,
season will close, and members of jthe
company are to 'have : the opportunity of
bidding their friends au revoir across the
footlights in 'brief 'speeches 'before the
curtain. . That this innovation will be very
welcome is evidenced by the advance sale
of . seats for - ; this performance,' which has ■
been so large that the theatre will .cer
tainly be crowded. ~ ■ ■-" ; : '
"Tho AVife" is the most successful of
the plays of; the Belasco De Mille combi
nation. It has been; chosen by. Mr. Giffen
because it will give each member of
cast an excellent opportunity.;- It is. a so
ciety play with, a very strong heart in
terest'and opportunity for the display of
all Mr. Giff en's genius In stage craft.
Miss Grayce • Scott and: .Mr.. Hawkins
will both be seen in the original'charac
ters that they played in the original pro
duction of this piece three seasons ago.
Miss Illington and Mr.'. Bennett will both
play the leads, .and. all, the other, mem
bers' of the company will' be well provid
ed with congenial parts. •
Guests To-Day of ihe Seaboard Air-
Line Rnilway Company
The Alabama Press Association, will be
the guests to-day , of the - Seaboard Air-
Line railway and the Norfolk, Portsmouth
and Newport News Railway Company.
The association . is on its summer outing
•and will be- taken to: every" place' of in
terest in and near, the cities of; Norfolk,
Newport -News, Portsmouth, Berkleyrand
Hampton. - . .- • •
|| The following -programme and. itinerary,
will be. followed: . - . : , . ;.
Arrive Portsmouth 7:10 -A.- M.,.. via Sea
board Air-Line railway..- Breakfast Hotel'
Monroe 7:30. - After breakfast to Norfolk
.by ferry.;.. Thence to Berkles^ by'- ferry.
Through Berkley and Norfolk! by trolley
cars to) Atlantic Terminal Station, arriv
ing there -9:30. /.Thence by Norfolk and
Atlantic Terminal cars ; for Piney Beach.
Thence by. steamer, to Newport News.
From Newport News, trolley .cars will be
taken for .by; trolley
cars to Old Points From Old; Point to :
Willoughby Spit, by ; steamer,:, thence 1 by
cars to Ocean View.-' Lunch ?-jyill be served
at : Ocean View, after which : t"he party will
return: by cars to Norfolk.
Transfers o£ Property
In Richmond:. 8. . X. .Garfett and wife
to. "William Blair, . 15 . feet; on west-side
Reservoir street, 90feet north of Beverly
street, $1,100. , ■ .[_ , ...""•-; .- ;
Thomas F. Jeff ress and wiie to Mrs.
Alice G. 'Barnes, .: 35. feet on ; north : side
Monument avenue, 479 feet east' of Mead
ow street, ?3.150. ..' ; .■ :.. .< ::*.l;'",\ ■■'... '.y ':
In.-Henrico: v James H.\ Brittle; and ,ri>tfe
to'Dorus Lyrtani 23^ acres \about.2.miles
from' Richmond on the Williamsburg road,
and personalty on the above described
premises; $1 and the cancellation of cer
tain notes. .<:,. \, ■: ' '.'-... '-.. ',/■■'.-_ ■■ ',-
I Georgella. Collins' S heirs ; to "William- P.
Terry, 2-3 '•interest iri ; 72feet on north side
Ashland' street, 'northwest corner; " Was
hington street,* $3.C00. ■ - .; '
Same to r T. Wells Terry, 2-3 interest in
3 acres near the Nine Mile road' about 2%
; miles from' "Richmond, * and to* .fe.et on
\% r ashington street, northeast, corner Blair.
'street; and lots 2. 4, 6, : 8,1 0, "12 and 14 =fn
block B, : section 2, plan of Highland
! Springs.. ?2,SSO. ..-■:_.. ,^ '
': The Columbian Building and - Loan :'As
'sociation of Richmond, ; "Va., to city.< : 6f
.Richmond, ; 91 . feet on ; south • side
'street'; 170 feet from Randolph: street. .' s7oo.
-?] The Tax Tltle^Compdny ?of * Richmond
: to >'; W: E.-; Robinson, 20 I feet 'on- west" side
Thifty-second - street, \65 feet north of N
street; = $350.- :^. ; ; r :-"; ;:'^"; :; . ;; : -; ; : '
"r Pearl and Moses ; Taliaf erro to Edward
Gatewood;lot 18, square 24,' plan of iWood
ville,-STS. ■■,'■■: " , y- ' 7 . : ;.'' :: /^'"' : ''
/"-'Conductor; Goode^Better.y^v;- ',
Mr. Rane Goode, brother; of Conductor.
Go6de,~.who iwas-so ;seriously.-ipjured i: in
a wreck o.n'the : Richmond/^ Fredericks
burg.' and Potomac road Monday, returned
front \ ■iiyesterday.^, af ternoohi'!
where: his ie in: the\hospital.'V;Mr. ;
Gobde 7 v says" ; that : the. 'condition :Vof,vhis
brother is. much ; improved,^ aridj tHajtttEe
physicians , now hope ' for h js recovery. -J";
v Prices Are ;.liO\V;i : and ; . the V- Market
' / : .$ *Glutted^-Marlcetnien.Talk.v ";- •
All kinds of produce is selling:.- slowly
ami at lo w ! ; figures -duringr - these ; hot : July
days. .The « produce men ,. aay rsales • tire ;6o
slow that . it .. seems all the people have
left - the * city.; t - Such/- however, ..-, la * not,: : or
may "not' be -the "cause, of the rgli^t, : say
others?- , The weather; is iwarin { anch people
are %t n6t*«atinff"'^'ch%B&id&^theimbunt'
time of .;£ the" £ y ear yis % necessarily; %|arge, s ;
and! comes jln : f rbnil all| si^s-P^|ggi§gx|2
■' ißutteri is ; well, f but \ chlckens|,are.
low/sand|^gEsfara|awa'iri'downJ . Irish; poi*
tatoesTiire /also" low, and peachc*.caiilsbe;
Up SUr s**5 ** • I1 1 4 Wh gn yp u re ready to bid for a gdodiihing-^^^f^i
y^^^^^S^v /*w/ f/te cutest little ginger snap that eber made your \ feg
iC •-"•■Vii •- y| mouth iv at er. Sold in the In-er-seal Package* ! ! ~v
■;-;>,.;;■ :.V~i* '„.-,'/' ..:Jv^-.:,.\a- . ' . ...... ... " - -' '. '.' . .- -■'■■- ■- .
arepientiful arid cheap, and are of 'good
quality. •■ .'. ' ..'." ' ' "..'"'.-." ""■' ...
-'Hanover cantaloupes," the netted gems,
are coming in," and- are selling f airly, well
on their name.. . They: are not . good, hqw
ever, owing to the fact that they, are* riot
fully matured. The good . ones wll \ not" bo
in for a "v/eek yet: Hanover.' watermelons
arc ' not expected here = in ': any. Quantities
uritil* about; the 25th of July,.or;the Ist of
August. , From that" time to the middle of
Septeriiber : they '" will •be sold in treirieri
dou3 • quantities -on the ; streets :of Rich
mond. Those -will .be; the great times for.
the colored people of the. city.; .Water
melons constitute their ambrosia arid
their, nectar combined into one mass .of
sweetness. / . .
!;Thc Old ' First Regiment
The surviving veterans', of the famous
Old First Virginia Regiment^wiirmeat.to
night at the office- of -the Virginia Fire
and Marine Insurance /Company _ to ar
range; for the forty-first annual - reuriiori,
elect officers and other matters , of impor
tance. , . ;'j ■ '. . ... ■ . -:
> You will never- again ; have an opportu
nity such as we: are "offering .you, ln fine
suiting arid trousers -made to^order— at
prices never before equaled-^orisidering
the 1 ' nt and quality. It will pay you"; to
buy:noweyen though you may not actual
ly need a suit this season. Come and see
our prices: : " : ;s~?\ " ; - .-^
$30.00 Suits....'... '.................".522.50
$9.00 ' Tr0u5er5. . .". '. ... . ;................. • • .$6.75
; .---..- CONSTA3LB ". BROS.
The , Richmond-PeiersDurgr Electric
' - -Railway- '
Commencing Sunday, June 29,- 1002, ; and
every Sunday arid Friday thereafter .until
further . notice, w!ll.;sell special, excursion"
tickets between Manchester arid Peters
burg, good on any regular car, on, day;, of t
sale, at a rate of 50 cents for the round
trip, including into Petersburg
and Richmond.: For. further information
apply to. tho, general of. the com
pany, corner. Seventh and Perry streets,
Manchester; both 'phones. : .
«Delishtfnl Vacation -Trip.W
$21.50;: Richmond to Boston, ; or, Provi
dence, and return, by sea, via'; Merchants
&;Miners' steamer. Meals and room in
cluded.": Send for and illus
rated booklet. ... : . . '-'-' .■■■'..' .
R. H. WRIGHT, 'Agent; Norfolk, Va.
Tickefs on sale C. & O. Ry.;:N. & W.
Ry. offices, and Richmond Transfer • Co.,
Spend SnndayiWith Yonr' Friends in_
the Conntry—Haif Rates (iViaC.
& O> ; "i-'-"- : -^ ■-■■■>'■■•'•'•■;•.. ' : --- ■-■■>■-'■ ;'.:'";''_ ''
, The C. and O. sells' tickets ' from Rich
mond" to "Charlottesville and Intermediate
stations for. 10:10 A. M.' train of Sundays,
good returning- on train reaching; Rich
mond 7:15. P. "M. J same; day or any train
of Monday following at one. fare for the
round trip; and from Richmond to "How-;
ardsville and 'intermediate stations :for
train leaving .■ Richmond -V) :20- A. ; %\,,< good
returning on any. train not later than, the
Monday following at same.rate. "; - '.-;£
: Also tickets' at rate of one fare for the
round. trip not exceeding $I.oo, rate' to, Old
Point to all stations 1 between Richmond
and Old Point. % for local V train
Richmond ' at ; : 7 :50 - Ar. Mr« Sunday,
returning on train ; arriving Richmond 7 :20
P.:M. same day.- ; - • - .- 1 ". jy9
Sunday Excnrsl6ns— Seaooard Air
v lime Railway— Forty, Cents . for the
Hound Trip Betvreen Richmond
and Peters burg • , v -
Beginning Sunday," : Juno -Ist. .1902, and
every Sunday, thereafter until further^ ho
ticei -the- Seaboard ? Air Line ■' Railway will
sell tickets from Richmond to ..Petersburg
and : return at a rate of '40 cents for the
rbuiid trip. -These tickets ', good , on all
p"asseriger ; trains. ; The ' same rate applies
from Petersburg to ißichmondi ßichmond ; an& \ ' re
turn. -- ': -■■■ : ".-. z;.p.-.;siitrji.
' .', District Passenger Agent, , • '
■'. ;:; 1006' East AMain^Street;
It Richmond, Va.
Bettveen Richmond \ and Petersburg,
via the Atlantic-Coast Line R. K. .
Sunday, June 1. : 1902, arid
every "Sunday thereafter. until further no
tice, the 'Atlantic-Coast -Line railroad will
sell tickets from j Richmond Ito Petersburg
and '•] return rat rate 'of .40 "cents "for the
rourid-tfip;- good .on ; tralns 'leaving: Rich
mond mi morning and returning : on trains
leaving ' Petersburg ; in - afternoon of same
day. ■•'■.--'■.■■'■ - 1 -;■''.-■■ v. . . ' " :'■.'■>.-, '. '■..'..
: For full information," apply -to any
agent of the company, or ■ ' :; . . '
. . > c. s. -capbell; ;
- -' -Division Passenger Agent. ,,"
MSnmner , BlseWhere Via Seaboard
Air lime Bkilwiiy." ./■",',. . "; r,,> - " -
JThe Seaboard has just issued an attrac
tive .• Summer., Tourist •'- Folder, ; : under j the
title "Summer "Elsewhere! via; Seaboard
Air I Line ! Railway,"" which : will ;.be ; mailed
to i any address : on • application,-^ or. will " ; be
■ delivered , to ':- anyone jiwißhlng ia - copy -on
application at the ; company's >;ofnce,'< 1006
East Main -' street, . Richmona;:i or : to ■ the
offices of the -' Richmond- Transfer. Com
pany.- ■"--■-■'" ■.:-:-<-\-;y. . ",{., ='•? Z.J?. SMITH, -- "
.'■>■'> . c District- Passengrer^ Agent,- ■
. ' 1006 Haat Maui street. r-Richmond,^.yii-.t
; Siie'clnl JFriduy : and : Satardny Excnr- ;
'-'r ■lons .'to r : Pi c w Jersey '■■■ Seashore
% Resorts j'fyia^ B., ' F. . «S:' P^ ; R. ; Rr'andj :
Connection*. .
ilori'Friday. and; Saturday.: June! 27 and 2S.^
" Thursday j and ?> Friday, t July . > 3 , and 4,5 and ■
Friday and- Saturday? of" e&ch Vweektthere-!
mondr Freedrlckaburg \ and -Potomac [ RaU-i
road i Company.^ wllli sell speclaHexcurs!oa ;
! tickets to Atlaritlo City ; i Cape ; May;* Oceani
• City:: and : Seavlsle jCity,-? N.r J.mviaVVV'aslif;
ingtbn* and 1 railroad; or. Bal
timore and Ohio ;.■ railroad, at : rate po? |10
round?trlp';from;Rlchmon(l. , " ..
of •' sale = and S for $ returnl postage !
'destination? until^the ;< Tuesday^f ollQwirig;
'^datet of I sale7s inoluilve/p S top-over; -will g be
allowed i within l limit; at only. ■
;jfA.pply;to;ticket ; agentS;Byrd-Street;ißJba^
and-: ;Main-Streetsti3tatlons.^ orißichmpudi
iTranßfer.;Cqmpany; if9o3'<Kast?Main!ißtreeti f 9o3'<Kast?Main!ißtreet, I i
,"W. P- a'ATLOR,
jett-W.B&M tf jy, > Traffic-Manager; -:•
I &he S. Qaleski Optical Company, i
I _ • : 001 EAST 'MA IN STHSST> "■' ' " . /'ig
For Phonograph and Graphephone. 1
Come and purchase ¥VTE DOLLAES* yorth^of tliese^lj
Kecords and become a member of our CIBCULATXNG -KE^^Bi
COBD LIBRARY., : _ . . - : i
Every member can exchange, these Records by paying .-^
.TEN CENTS. ; - ' :W,: W,
729 East Bichbond/^
"Wholesalers ami Ketailej-s of Phonographs', . Musical; ln r^ l
; " " . t .'■ ■■--■-• struments, etc. .'"."'. .il \
idatch perfection
'~ ,' If you are going to buy a Watch— get a good one. It'a
useless economy, to invest in one. becanse^it'a i cheap?
Our patrons tell vs i that our watches ''are^absolutely
; trastworthy— that's why we boast of jit. Our 'stock
Bft| -'■■'.• ■ of Watches contains "everything newjutd desirable— -
I no matter how high or low you wish to -go^-'yodil find
• : . : . the right thing here. Moderate prices-^easy terms.
"If IfsSGHWARZSCHIB BROS. It's Righl.' r
802 East Main Street. '
Steamer Ppciahbiitas
Saturday Night. July 19th*
,« . ■ • .- ■ --. ' ■ • . "-.--■ ; - - - ; ' . . ' - ---
Norfolk, Old Point and Newport Ne^sf
75c.===Round Trip Tickets===7sc.
Good to Return Sunday Night or- the following Tuesday;
Richmond : Popular Re«ort; - Beach
Park', .West Point, Va.
, Sixty' minutes' ride, from" Richmond on
special limited trains; leave* every week
day 6 P. " lit.: '. returning; from Point
10 P. Jri Sunday - trai ns leave : 9 :S0 A. M.
and 4 W'M.r leave West ? Point -S returning 1 ,
8 and "10 P. M. ■ Fifty cents round trip. ;
The One ThoiainndMilc interchanKe
nl>le Ticket Issued >r the Sea-,
board Alf Mne Kailwar. - -
will save. you money. ; This ticket . is good
over nineteen railways "and 'steamship
lines, comprising 'about J seventeen : thous
and'^.mile's of road^ln '-•tho'-'soutH.', "This
can : -be reused-; between Richmondfand
• "Washlrigtbh, ?'?'. Norfolk ; and " ; Baltimore
: (short .line -mileage)/ :and as lfari: south; as
* Jacksonville/;' Tampa*; and ' New : ; Orleans;
cheerfully furnished by "ahy,'agentTof ithe
Seaboard. ;" V -? Z. P. SMITH;
; ' ._' District Passenger -Agent, j;.
' ; 10OJ East' Main' Street, Richmond; Va;^
gammer Excursion, i Rate* via R. ,-F,
'. &nP.;vand>LCoxinectlo'iMi;; i ;j;.;s.;; i f- : ;,,j^,'^.f
. Commencmgiiationce;:- the",i: Richmond.^
FrederlcksbUrg ;"■ and jf Potomac Z Railroad
i Company iwill • sell \ excursion - tick
ets = to? all's the jprincipal = summer % resorts
north = and 'east, i < !nen#Jlmj:inany.- points \in
Canada:, at- greatly-* reduced ; ra tes.^ Tickets
good returning until Qcti 31;- 19<B, ; inclusive.
'••3 For :■:■ through* tickets * and i further|infdr- J
t mation f ivi ! apply^toaticketJ : 'agent 3.. s i4Byrd-
Street,* Elbai and -Main-Street stations, or
RichmondT&Transf er M Company, s 808 '■■ Eaat
Main' street, Jeff erson Hotel | and Murphy; a
HoteL " •'. - W.: P.' TAYLOR,
■^Je4-tf ; -. / Traffic Manager, x
. Are You Fond of Sea Food"?#|f|S
;• The' famous meals served atßeach Park
will it surely -please h you. strain'
' leaves i Richmond [every i^eek i day; 6 P."? ai.?i
rSouthern^KailwayJfsatationsf{r Southern^KailwayJfsatationsf{ (Fourteenth'
P. M. M- ■ Sixty ilmlnutes 9 rlde"{ each Sway ;•:
50<v?roundatripof.iluslc;>'dariclng > , : lboatina l i
bathing, "3 and e^various", other,?} amusements
i.tof j)l«a«tlaltT^ ' - ' ►- ' "sjv2-s(
m&ss*: • : - .. .'-yams
going &way> ;-§J
; Then yoar baggage' is not complete ,^*sl^^^a^
a Camera or Kodak, There vwllt : IMM CJaiar4»lS < -
happy scenes on your. vacation that yod will |S?f
•want; to remember I Nothiri? will do n»wV*S^ :^^
refresh ', your memory,* and Drins that .-.ilnw^B-l*'
and occasion, vividly^to yoar mind, than »P^o»i|S'/i
turo taken right on ;tho Bpot, , and T>y your^Bl^
own hand. _ '• ". ; _■-" - -.-■-.. --. ; ; :- i " ''.'•:-/* W[|i
If you don't know how. to operate a Caraeri ;rtf|f :
or Kodak, we will taach'you ia »faw xaln* jH ?*
utes— easy to learn '!:; You will gat lot* V«t^B 3
pleasure from us. ... ; ;..-•..,. . ..;■'*_ Jj-' ; M I;
. ts ■ •■•; -• .■". ".">•-'■ ■••'■ ■ ':.•■;■.•" ■ ... -'■•■;:.: vm- '^Uz&V:
Additional Train and Ken aoi lorn
■■■p roved Throasth Car s Service ' oaf ?|
ClieJinpeaUe ■.•«t Qhlo RiUlway^Et^t
,* ; f ecti ye ; On > and .'After. Jane 2J>. v.^i^if
, Taking effectv Sunday. Juna 20, a new*.;
and fasfthrough train ta.the\west/knowa^
as the ChJcago^and St. Xciula Special; "will %
leave Bichmoh^^daily at ■= 6:15 ■" P. : , M.; ; iar*4
riving Cinciopirti '11:50 next : mornln'evi Chl-.|
cago V at r S:4» ■ IV Mi; ] and; Str Xoula) D^SrP^C
■M/ that'evehingr;' cbnr-ectine at'. these. "cities^
. for'all ; western; ■■•: sputhwestern ■ and i north»s
: western 'point^i making butono;hlg:htioutr|
■ from 'Richmond -to St^Louls * and; Chlcagdjl
and by4many.?hour3>«thef quickest^ route |
from Virginia points to. all ; western: polnts<|
iThlsltrain will' stop-only "attCfordonsvtlle^s
; > Charlottesville. :^Basic.^ Stauntonr;^ andja.^
; few other S stops ;fon ritheiweatern y, end -s q£ *
the "* lifwe. . "- Through i Pullman ; cars ; will % be?
run; through- f romt Old'Polnt: Comfort; andj
from ; Richmond through: to Cincinnati, and :i
from' Gordon3ville through: to Indianapolis 1
; and ; St:^Louia twithoutf changed :< \Thls | triUnl
does not connect, for Loutevllle. -' >;:i"
i iTraih-No.ll, "heretofore tea,vms;2:-S,-j v -wiltS
■ {leave -at \ 2:30 P. -11.1 arrivlngr at mountalaf
- "andsprinsSresortaiat iajcomfortabtejhottt^
In the- evening. 1 Cincinnati 7:35 next- morn-s
ing. and'-L.ouf3Yille 10:30 .-A;i .M: r^NewJaoitl
; very^handaome "• observation r;paxlor^san<t|
buf(et: cars iwlli/be 'runt on';thl»itraln:fron»;|
■ Old-Point' Comfort^nd -Richmond! through ;
'■ ! to>"VVh!te ;- Sulphurs and*?Hlnton,' JW^VaS'S
\ M" third j through ; train cleaves j Richmond |
10^0 fP.^i M.; :^ as v heretofore. arriving SLOtl
various i resort stations' to' the'; early. motofct
injf." Cinclnnatl*and LoutsvUle ,that;*fteisS|
noon:? connecting: "'for ."•; all:?i.-weatern'-;aruj<;
Sou thwestern I points; with 1 Pullman service. ?
' f .CJf and - O."Ji ticket? asencie3.:or- by :< caMftfe!
1 i upon'VMr.' W. O. ■ Warthen. diatrlct^pa^l
senger, agent. 3^&^&4y%XijMM%
i {weeJpßn^^^^^^^^^^fffK^^^p
\ llColmra<Scin^&Krdas^JttS%fT»a^^iH
| i Richmoad^FrederiPUaburß ;■ and Po^omtut l
| railrbad^»f«nisrouQd-tr(pltfc^t«^<»r|
i ; Saturdayslohly;||rom|Bichmpod:f tilFlMP
■j icrlcksburffAVa-y^
i fat 'itHeT bne^f are ! ratjg} sood [retujmlny ua«i| I
:thepollowlo^Mcmitoy, T |tecJusJt¥e^g'Xh«i|s|i
>; [tickets' ivrUi|be.;sqtd] on!yi«itltlciky'«\oiac«iP
1 itionjti ' -* w~x;-xxxumtt3&

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