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Half Price and Less
Summer Wash Goods
Let prices tell the story, as they emphasize 1 more
than the strongest \v6rds the importance of the econ
omies': . , ' -'\- . , ■:. '■'■"■
25c. Belfast Dimities, the yard. . . . ..•.-.•.•. .121-20
12 i-2c. Figured Lawns and Dimities, the yard. .5c
12 I-2C. American; Ginghams, the yatd. ...'..". 10c 1
25c. Embroidered Swiss, with' neat figures on
jiq;ht tinted grounds, as well as White, | :^\ : /' : 'c r '
the yard. ...... ..?... . . . . ......... i /^^
Hundreds of waist lengths of various sorts of. Wash
Goods. White and colors— goods that sold for more
than double the prices.
Quoted for this sale at 4, 8,. and. . . . ... . . .12 1-2 C
J2 i-2c. White Striped Madras, all goodQ IX'Ary
patterns, the yard . ..... ....;. . . . . ©M<z|.4-'
Linen: Specials. .
No housekeeper will want to miss such values as
these, and none can afford to:
62-inch Table Damask, large leaf and small I^4^/^
flower patterns, >voi;th 69c, for the yard. . ..*Jxs&
72-inch Table Damask, the yard .69c.
72-inch Table Damask, extra heavy qual- **J
ity. special values at . . . . . . . ... . . ... •••• ••* Ow
85c. and $1, with Napkins to match, 18x18 inches
Dinner Napkins, all pure linen, good (j? -|
quality, per dozen .... ...... —. . . . .*k •». o\J\y
■J9xi9-ihch Dinner Napkins, per dozen. ... .$1.25
20X20-inch Dinner Napkins, per dozen. ... .$1.50
25c. Open-Work Hose for — . . . . .- — . .'. . .19c
Ladies* Open-Work Lisle Thread Hose, very sheer
gauze weight, full fashioned, regular made. They
sold at 25c; we will now close out the lot "$ f\*y
at cost ....;.... ...... ............ .JVt
Large assortment of Lace Lisle and --Open-Work
Ladies' Hose, in a large* variety of patterns '"T&ES'/t
and designs, at, per pair . . . . ... ., . . .... .
309 East Broad St.
The Sandiiy liter ami the ; Stuulny
Julep" Are ,\o "Moro— '"Social
Cl"1»s" Are Cofn's-
Captain Hulce, with the aid of the courts.
Is making a dry Sunday section, of. Rich
mond out of the Second Precinct, and it
is quite likely that as long as he keeps
busy in that precinct" the Sunday beer and
the* Sunday julep will live only in the
memories of the eternally thirsty.
Tlie Captain has all.o/ fc\s gnen .working
full time. The negro" crap joints and
policy shops arc practically out of busi
ness,* and the Sunday liquor dealer is in
Jow spirits. Tlie gambling house proprie
tor lias retired, it is believed, permnnently
;rnm business there. Captain Hulcc has
.•(.•arranged the beats and : the precinct is
covered efficiently.
The case secured by the police Sunday
against R; M. Turner was so strong that
that saloonkeeper pleaded guilty in the
Police Court yesterday and was lined ?75:
under the Stale law and 575 Under the
city ordinances. At. the same time,
'Squire Graves announced that the next
fine for liquor selling on Sunday would
bo $250 and the next ?50 more and so on
to the limit. ■
Turner had nothing to say. He just
forked out his money and peeled off the
joIJ ?1 54.75, the line and costs.
. If there l>c a "social club" open next
Sunday in the Ward Jackson or in other
part of the precinct it will do a strictly
dry business, for the policemen are after
these, Sohleif and a number of other
qompetent men went hunting for a club
Sunday afternoon and landed the Sixth
\irginia Social Club, where colored peo
ple were gathering, throwing ardent spirits
into their systems as fast as it could be
turned their way.
The following officers of the org:#n!za
tion were put in hoc: James G. Smith,
George W. Powell. James Smith, and Em
melt Faulkner. The v '•president" of the
organization declared when arrested that
the club, had been selling liquor on. Sun
days for four years.
The officers have one of the "guests" of
the club a prisoner. They did not want to
trust him with his freedom, and so he is
h."mc hold an the technical charge of
being a suspicious character. He will tes
tify that he Avas not a "member" but
got his liquor just the. same.. It looks as
if the "Sixth Virginia" is on the toboggan.
The licenses of Turner and of.Girolami
will both be revoked by Judge Witt. His
instructions to the liquor men about Sun
day selling were very positive. It is pro
bable that the men will not" even be given
;i cliance to argue in their own defence,
the conviction in the Police Court being
considered positive enough. Turner will
have the harder time of the. two, as. he
pleaded -ruiHy to keeping open on Sunday.
Next Sunday Iho Second Precinct will
be as dry as tinder, drier than the leaves
in a too warm autumn. t
lusi<}o History «f tlie Elara-Wooil
O«»ltl Water Combine <o Be
Aired in Court.
The community of interests" scheme tof
J. P. Morgan was slightly warped and
tried on :• very small scale on; Oregon
Hill. The net 'result was the-: charging
of C. X. Wood with assaulting, slabbing,
and wounding JohnoElam: • '■•;'-
On Oroyon Hill there arc no mansions,
no liveried 'servants, nor any clanking
brass and nickle of fine harness. "Rather,
there arc snupr little -houses with red gera
niums nmilins from the .window sills,
cl.-nnborinp vines, elephants' ears in,- the
front yards, and extremely pretty jdrls
o!i the" front porches of. an evening.'.; Yea,
Kenerally. there Is quietude and peace
an<s happiness on Oregon Hill— yea, gene
rally. . :....-.' .. ■ ■ ■ ' .■ " • ■-V ■■■ ■■','.■
When iho Woods and the Elams fell out
th« man with- a nose for. news laid: his
rjj;hL «ar to the' ground and hearkened.
find there came to. him, the tale, of a cup
of cold wator-'' that.-^ strangely' enough,
overflowed with bitterness— verily, with
Kail. : ■-■■_. .- ...;,.;■=;" .. : ;-y ; : ;;.:: ,-;v
When the idop! days, Jcame.; apace » the
Woods and .tho Elams; If is said;tdeterr
mined to^cnter into 'a combination- to ! beat
the icctrust; .They Jointly bought:'a re- ;
frigerator. and : the Uwo families: were *to
'jointly.^ provide t he Ice and make;it go as
. ar as human thought: could j>lamf or, itLto
ko. Holh. families; wcre/tOi; be "supplied
fiorn lh<; joint cold water plant.
Until :: Monday^ ih<i".. combination 1 worked;
but; one - of/ the % ment oiks i. went %to (get S a
cup . of cold ; water, that ?evening^and< found
it all gone. There were words passed, and
the Oregon Hill was jarred with a fight
and the geraniums blushed at the sight
and the vines trembled with fright.
The Elams and the Woods raised their
voices in panic, and when the melee sub
sided John JSlam found that he. had been
jabbed with a knife. Woe and bitterness
and desolation and hate! ■■ :-
The Elams flew to a magistrate, and
later in the evening enjoyed the spectacle
of a- policeman escorting; C. . N. Wood to
the police station.
Large delegations from the Hill were in
court yesterday morning, but both sides
wanted .more witnesses, :and ''_ 'Squire
Graves continued the case. ' r '"...:
nistriet of Columbia Police <o Have
Aid from flic Governor"
of Virginia;
X.luch uneasiness is evidenced among
the proprietors of gambling resorts across
the river and the frequenters of their es
tablishments at the action of Judge Love,
of I'airfa.x. in failing to dismiss the grand
jury when the indictments were returned
against Nelson and Tighe on charges of
arson in having set fire to Sanderson &
Foster's establishment. It is believed that
■in continuing the session of the grand
jury until to-morrow the purpose is to
take immediate frction against the pro
prietors, of all such resorts in Alexandria
county in an eort to stajnp out- the evil
for all time and to clear the State's name
from a stigma inseparable from the 'pres
ent condition of lawlessness.
It is believed that indictments against
many of the proprietors of the gambling
dens will be returned to-morrow," and al
ready several of the interested parties
have disappeared from their usual haunts
with the purpose, it. is believed, of. re
maining away until tlie present agitation
dies out. This, has been the' practice In
the past. It is believed by many of the
offenders that by keeping away for a time
they will be able to reopen their establish
ments with safety in the course of a few
months. The Virginia authorities, how
ever, state that the time has arrived when
there will be no lagging in the pursuit of
these offenders,' and that th^ resorts. must
not only be closed, but must be kept,
In response to repeated complaints to
the Governor of Virginia from, the police
officials of the restrict of Columbia,- it is
understood that- Governor Montague, has
intimated that any assistance that may
be needed from the State will be forth
coming.—Washington Times.
Sir. J. Li. AVinso Director.
Mr. John" l! Wingo was elected one of
the Board of Directors of the Richmond
Tobacco Trade at a meeting held Monday
afternoon. : His election was heartily ap
proved, as he is one of the most popular
and conservative ' tobacco ihen in the
city. I
At the same meeting the question of
appointing a supervisor of loose-sales
was considered, but no definite action
was taken. - ' -
AValler to Defend^ Him.
WASHINGTON. . Aug. -;■ s.— Paymaster
Penrose. who is to be tried by courtmar
tial at' Erie, Pa., on: Thursday upon sev
eral charges, the principal ; one of which
is embezzlement, has asked the navy.; de
partment to assign Major ~. Waller, of the
marine corps, to act as his counsel. 1 His
request .will be complied , with and the as
signment will be made.- : Major-W aller is
■____ ' . -w , .■■ , ,■•■. Jffil <&>' : ■■ ■ ■ ■•' ■•'- Every mother f eieli ft
■-."■v. ; - : : " , jb^^ - -°f hen -life. Becoming
a mother should bevi sbnf«r of :joy to but .the suffering and;
'danger incident tbcthe" ordeal; makes dts anticipation one; of .misery^
Mover's Friend is^ the only remedy ; which -reheves women of tiie great
pain and-danger of maternity ; this: hbur,whichw dreaded as f woman ; 8;
trial is not only made painless; but ,^; the danger is, a voided^
ibv itsiise- Those who i use ithis remedy, are no longer •despondent or
■ elooxny V nervousness: :hausea;iand other distressing ; condition^aTe.
overcome, the system is made ready for the coming event,.«id'tho
eeribus accidents so common to the cntical
hour are obviated by .the use of Mothers RJIAf |^A|^9O
Friend. "It is worth i^ weight in gold, |W9fi|l|lS>l ]»
.ays many who haVe used it. $i.oo.per IYIUUBW 4J
.bottle *t drug, stores. -Book- conta^ug-
Iraluable informatibnotnpresJ^lUW
,;.,.. ....■/;. ,:■■■•-.;■..■■•:. :-. :-2-.. X ■•■■;•'.>:- :,-;,. :•:, ■■■^■^-- •■-'•^■ :^;' i '«;''^-i^^-- :^j^v- < ' >/ ' : ' - ; ■ J y'-{/^^j^t
Af tejr-Invehtory Sale.
bringer for us— a money-saver for you. Inventory has brought to 1 ight odd lots,
broken sizes,. and short ends. Take a glance at the unprecedented values we are of
fering in this cleaning=up sale previous^o placing our fall stock. Theseare price genis
that are worth looking up— bargains that cannot but impress every shopper. Such in brief
is the gist of the following items arid prices. , , ; '
• /' (Take Elevator— Second Floor.)
Powerfultempting prices in Ladies' Muslin Under-;,
wear and Corsets. ' Mountains of the daintiest, ima
ginable Undergarments for the hot summer days,
fashioned from the choicest Muslins/ Nainsooks and .;
• Cambrics. . -; . : . v- " -' •
Ladies' . Cambric Skirts, trimmed with\ deep .^QC,
torchon, ail lengths, from $1.50 and '$1.35 t0. . .. f
Ladies' Cambric Skirts," with deep flounces of lawn,
trimmed with three rows of torchon insert-/ A Q
ing and edge to match, reduced from $3 ,to . «4^ -^ °^ < •
-: Ladies' Cambric and Cotton Gowns, square or high
neck, trimmed in embroidery and tucked fronts, 'J Or^
reduced from $1.35. t0*. ..... ..'.-..;:........ 1. ...-. .. ■
Ladies' Gowns, made of soft Long Cloth and Nainsook,
square low necks,. trimmed with 'lace- arid inserting and
embroidery inserting, all sizes from 13 to" | A Q
17, were $3, reduced to ....... ...... i. : . . .:"./.y.v*k ■*■ •a-jr-.
Ladies' Cambric Drawers, umbrella shaped,
deep ruffled edges, lace trimming, from $1 to . . .^"^.V
/Ladies' Cambric Drawers, ruffles' orembroid- SOz-r
cry, were $1, n0w. . . . ..; 1. .'j. ....... . .1 ... . . . .-. .1 :..*> V
Ladies' Square Neck, Embroidered Trimmed Corset
Covers, made of fine Cambric, Nainsook, and /\f%fr
Long Cloth, were $1.50, now . . .'.,... ... .,. . . . .. '.v^ .< **.
Square! or Round Neck Corset Covers, made of
fine Nainsook and lace trimmed, were-si.sp, now ; .vlvv
Ladies' tisrht-fittingf- Corset Covers, square ef £\
neckj full front, from 90c. to . . . ... . ... * „. ... . ;ill/v
CORSET SPECIAL— Short, medium, and long-waist
ed Corsets, in White, Black, Blue, and Pink, odd ES[X]|/-t
sizes, were $1.5 oand $1, now. ■.....►,..... ....... ... ., ,. .
mm .11 session.
recent and more liberal legislation upon
the subject has created an increase of
revenue, which will render the absolute
wiping out of a general State tax a pos
sibility of the near future. In other
%vords, a large tax has driven corpora
tions from., the State and, reduced our
revenue, while a small or liberal tax has
kept our corporations- at home,, thus re
ducing the general tax burden;
"The plan under our new Constitution
for the. taxation, of corporate privileges
and franchises upon' the taking out of the
charter or certificate, and afterwards, ap
pears to be both reasonable and wise.
"But time does not suffice for further
suggestions. ' ] < ■
"Now it is open to any of you to say
that 'this address, if such it may be call
ed,might as well have been made, to
an association of business-men as to an
association of lawyers. Admitting the cor
rectness of this observation, I might re
ply that in being made to this association
It has been made not only -to lawyers,
but to business r men, or to men acquaint
ed with business affairs>and methods, as
well. Every cultivated man is, or should
be, more than his business; and such is
usually found to be the case. ,
Praise for tlie Lawyers.
"Not only are "lawyers, by the require
ments of.' their, profession, interested in
the various departments of business in
the communities in "which they live, but
they are : also citizens of the . State,- and
usually public-spirited and patriotic citi
zens. What class in our .beloved old
State has striven more faithfully to meet
all the requirements of citizenship, and
to maintain and advance the- public weal
than the lawyers? Virginia, although com
partively poor, wears a crown of : glory—
a>:' crown' without a single stain? Henry
Clay (a native-born son of the Old .Do
minion),' 1 in one of his memorable speeches, 7
exclaimed: 'A- nation's glory is- the .sum
of its splendid deeds'; and, judged; by this
standard,- -Virginia's glory has been well
earned. Her annals from Colonial times
to the. present day are full of -splendid
deeds, , illustrated by the services- and
achievements of her many noble ..-■ sons.:
amongst them being not only one, .but a
number, as to each of : whom it may : bs
said that he is . ' ;
One of the few, the. immortal names, -
That were not born to die.
: "And amongst -these noble sons, what a
great proportion were lawyers! I shall
not undertake to call their, names; many
of; them are household words.'. . ,
"In no emergency or crisis; in -.politics
or war in which our proud old j Common
■Realth has been called on to take action
ho.s she ever proved unequal to: the-occa
sion. And as a class, the lawyers have
been always conspicuous in upholding her
hands and in maintaining her honor and
renown. L ," . *_.
The Attorneys Must liead.
-"And now. in the work-of recasting her,
legislation so as to adjust it to .the new
Constitution, which we .would fain hope,:
is to inaugurate a, new; era of ■■-'prosperity,
for the State, and especially in the work
of providing more reliable and r efficient
agencies and- instrumentalities 7 for "the de- r .
velopment of the material interests of the
State and to. enable her to make the most
out of present industrial conditions and
commercial methods." V are the lawyers to
be laggards?. On ; the contrary, ;■ judging
the '-future by the ; past.^ may "they mot-be:
relied- onto lead the new departure.^ both
in the -halls of legislation and? outside of
them? i "In ' order, for us -to \ lead; the! State
into '.the : highways of ; prosperity, modern,:
industrial.: methods." must. be= ; provided^by
law and must be put'into active opera
tion L.et-our motto be: 'All for Virginia.'
- ;-i ./;, ''■;>:■- (TaJce Elevator— Second Floor,); r / :
Suits and Skirts at less than half price. .We're de-. ■-.
liberately losing all of the 'profit and over half of the-.:
' cost; on every orie^of .these: suits you buy.; Before the ;
year is out we'll even up.by. having you as a regular -
customer. -Here "they are,: ".'':">•-.-
Fancy ; and plain' Cheviot"Suits, silk lined-j ackets, Pre
mier silk lined.. skirts/; reduced from $28.50 : -^(V Qfi^ ;
and $25 tO ...... .>>>r'> .:.J.:.,.,.:.V:.; ;. . ;......;K«Px»yP
: Black Broadcloth' 'and/ Cheviot ;■ Suits, blouse
fronts, jackets fancy .Etons,;were.s2o.oo:and QO Q
$15:00 ..,..>. .;:. ; . : ; . ; J1.:.,...i1..;..-.J 1 . : .,... i1 .. ;..-.. ir.-... : .. . i: .. ;«pV-iVO
Black and Blue Cheviot Suits,-; blouse '
jackets and ' full ■ flare skirts, that sold at- <& |C A.Q
§16.50, nOW ;. .... ....,'..)'....: ...... .: :. • • .■.:VVr« 1O1 O
Special in Black Net Skirt, made over Taffeta Silk,
trimmed with three plaitings of Liberty
silk and ribbon quillyig, reduced from & | £? Af|
$25 tp ... ;.i...............::. '^ * ;■ ; ;
Moire Silk Skirt, made in the new drop effect over
black taffeta, full graduated flounce, from (j? | Q A A
$25 t0 .. . :., ..... , ...... . . .->'.. . .'..... A :<■• V v ..
Black" Taffeta Skirt, trimmed with [..'deep OR
applique, from $14.50 to ...;♦...... .^:.. .. -• • -\ -f *~ KJ
Black Taffeta Skirt, " : ruffles, trimmed; <t | Q A A
with black applique, from $30 to . — . . . . *^ * .
Gray- Mohair Walkings Skirts/ stitch^^- QC
flounces, reduced from $5 to ................ „^ : % P^ < ->f V
"The Hebrew Psalmist, in contemplat
ing Jerusalem, the centre alike of the po
litical • and religious life of his people,
gave utterance to the over flowing fulness
of his heart when he cried out:
"If I forget thee,. O Jerusalem, let my
right hand forget her cunning.
"If I do not remember thee, let my tongue
cleave to the roof of my. mouth; if I
prefer not Jerusalem to my chief joy.
"I am sure there is no son of our dear,
old mother Virginia here present who
cannot apply these words to her with
all the loving admiration : and patriotic
fervor which animated the Psalmist- when
he spoke them of Jerusalem!"
-- . Keeent Arrivals.-, "
Some of the recent arrivals are: Hon.
John D. Horseley, Mrs. John D. .Horse
ley. Mr. and ; Mrs. Frank P. Christian,
Lynchburg; A. W. Patterson, James
Lewis Anderson, Daniel Grinnan, Mr.
and Mrs. Ben. W. Crump; Governor A.
J. Montague, S. S. P. Patteson, A. "WV
Patterson. J. G. Pollard, John G. Wins
ton, Lieu tenant-Governor Joseph E. "Wil
lard, RICHMOND; T.M. Haas, John. S.~'
Harris, Harrisonburg; Mr. and Mrs. E.
Wilbur Jackson, Washington, D. C.;- D.
D. Hull; Jr., Jos. L. Kelly, George C.
Peery, Bristol; R. , T. Irvine, ; Big Stone
'Gap; P. Hutton, Abingdon, Mr. and Mrs.
W. E. Barrett, Newport News; Clarence
W.- Robinson, Newport News; Judge and
' Mrs. Theo. S. Garnett, - Mr. and Mrs.
Theman; George A. Frick, and Mr. and
Mrs. George Mclntosh; Norfolk; Wm. M.
McAllister, John W. Stephenson, Warm
Springs; J. T. McAllister, >iot Springs;
James H. Corbitt, P. . H. T. Adams,- Judge
R. R.Prentis,. Suffolk; John L: Hurts,
Hurts;. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon dimming,
Hampton;' Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Thomas,
Smithfield; Mr. and Mrs. .John S/.Bar
bour,\,Culpeper;.; Aubrey N. ■ Strode, ; Mrs. -
E. C. 'Kean, ":Mr. and Mrs.; John E.^ Ed
munds, Cornelius Christian, N. A.-Chris
tian, ■ Thomas D.;' Christian, ■ Thomas : J.
Murray, Lynchburg; Samuel Griffin, Bed
ford City;;Otho F. Mears, wife,, arid son,
Ea stville ; " Howell Miller, : Washington,
"Va. ; Judge C. E. Nicol, Manassas; John
• Li. Steams, Berryville; Mr. and Mrs. J.
M: Mullen, "'Petersburg; Judge George J.
Hundley, Farmville; /Judge and Mrs.
Henry E. Blair,. Salem; .Mr. and Mrs. J.
B. Spencer, Williamsburg;: JohnC. "Wil
liams,. Miss Mary Page Williams, Orange;
Mr.' and Mrs. "William M.V Atkinson," .Win
chester: S. C.Whittern, Miss Flora Whil
tern, John W. Carter, Martinsville; Mrs.
F. N. Smith, .Mrs. ,C.\M. Kent,-Univer
sity of Virginia; L. H; ; Cocke, 11. T. Hall,
R. W. Robertson, Roanoke; Mr. and. Mrs.;
A A. Gray, Palmyra; Mr. and Mrs."
Frank T.- Glasgow, Mr. and Mrs.rS. M.
Pcndleton, -W. R. Vance, John L. .Camp
bell, Mr. arid -Mrs. -William A^. Anderson,
Mrs. I. L. Logan, Lexington; 'Mr. and
Mrs. George parkins,: Mr. ..and : Mrs. J.
Samuel McClure, Miss McClure, W. Minor
Lile, E W\ T. Duke, Jr., Mrs. Duke, H.
■Br Lee, Charlottesville; Judge and-Mrs.
George .M. Anderson, Clifton Forge, Sen
ator.; Thomas S. Martin, Scottsville;: Rev. :
.Mr.'iJett, Judge It W. Holt,. Mayor ;W.
K. Landes, Fitzhugh Elder, Miss Marga
ret-^Catlett,. Hon. A. Caperton Braxton/
John HCochrari;' Peyton Cochran,'Staun
tcn;' George -A:.; .Revercomb,"; Coyirigton;
A; H. McDann'old,' Houston' Byrd, George ■
Ne!son;"Hot Springs; George Richardson,
Marlinton, W. Va. ; Judge 'James . B.
Gautt" and wife, Miss Mary Gauttr; and
J: Jewd Widemeyer,'- • of : Jefferson City,
.Mo:';" Captain, and -Mrs.; G." G. Cooch,
Stauntori; Judge"; C. F. ; : Mo6re, New York;
:Hon7-H..;St. Geor'ge^Tucker,; and -Miss
Tucker, Lexington;- W. J. Herisori, Pearis- :
burg.;'. _ ' - ■ " \\ ', ■
"This afternoon at a short business meet-;
ing .'of the. Bar. Asociation com
mittees were announced: . ''•' > ' ;
W.O.Skelton,; Richmond;-
John B: ; Cochrari; Staunton; ;Charles Hall-
Davis, Petersburg. . '-
■;;' Memorials— AV.- G. Robertson, "Roanoke;
Hon. ; John- Goode, -■ Bedford ; Rufus A.
Ayres, Big! Stone Gap; j'Jchri'T^Harrls, '
.Richirioria; ::E.; E.-. Montague,*. . Hampton;;
Judge . R. ,; H. Card well, ; Hanover; R; G.
S6uthall/V. Amelia. - . .- . ;■: ■;; / \. ;
i'.To v Recommend Officers— John A: ; Coke; '
Richmond;^L^.T.>:Hanckel,.^Ch^ribttes I :
ville ; ; Thomas : p. ■ Ranson;", Staunton; i;Alex- ;
arider^Hamilton,. 'Petersburg; =^Joaepht*li:
;Kelle'y7. Bristol. - '; "• ;,^;v - : r> '-'r;J>^Si.: •-■
; .She report ''-. of. the rsecretary ; andvtfeasu-;
rer, Eugene' C.VMassieV; Esq., oßichmbna,*;
showed the : association . to ; have \ 473 ! "a ctiye"
members;^ and , to |. ; beVJnf a-flne condition
financially. ,
f^ The \ address H^n^S 2-5 SL^
George ■ Tucker, of 'Lexington;- on>. tHo' sub r ]
jec I; ;; ';The f Enforcement ¥p fj Legal i Rightsj
by^a ; ; CbuVtToffEquity,^was2listeriedSt6j
jwith attention" by a "naudience which
was of 'a" character -to interest not only
;iawy eriß, T | but"-;-' <tYefy^owoxta^cM~'''f^j :
Additional arrivals Include .George.: A.
Revercomb, Co vincton; E. P. Buford,
Lawrancevlllo. >
President Dnla Declines to Confirm
- of Deny Reports Concernlos
OperutioiiM Here.
The air has been full of all sorts of
reports for the past few days, concerning
the plans of the Continental Tobacco
Company.. One report was almost positive
that the company would not .build on tne
Bowe-street lot, head of Clay street/ but
would occupy irie mammoth new bunding
of the American /Tobacco Company
on east Cary. street, which was supposed
ly." for the cigar branch of the business.
The. Whitlock' branch of the company
moved in a small part of the force, but
from some source an order was received
a day or two later, and the place was
vacated at once.' '.'-.'
The following special telegram from
New York was. received by the Dispacth
last night:, /
C. C. Dula, president of the Continental
Tobacco Company, refused to-lday
discuss the plan of that company as af
fecting Richmond, further than to say
that nothing had 'been settled definitely
regarding the proposed .-.'plant.-' When
asked whether or not the Continental
would use the new American Company's
buildingin Richmond, he said the question
was' not settled.
The" above ,is a reply/ to;,. a' .telegram
sent to headquarters, asking if the reports
published in the afternoon papers were
true. "None of the officials here know
anything. of the idea to abandon the Clay
and Bowe street property, and use the
American Cigar Company's new plant,
and it seems probable, « now that the
ground for the large building-" has : been
purchased,, that the. work will be begun
and completed according to plans.
The only deed of bargain and sale re
corded on yesterday 'in the clerk's office
of Richmond Chancery Court, was: Mar
th-vA; Davis, Susanna Randolph and John
D. Randolph and wife to Lv :M. Williams,
.thirty-two : feet on north ;. side ■ N ' street,
northwest corner Eleventh street. $200.
Two deeds were recorded in Henrico
County Court clerk's /office, as follows:
Old; Dominion B. & L. Association ; to
Laura ; Belle the north, five feet
of lot : 7,'all of lot 8, and south" twenty feet
of ■ lot 9, in ; . block 12, plan of Barton
Heights; $3,250. ; „ . :! , .'- „■■
Joseph <L.- Rohleder to M. E. Rohleder,
one. and one-half, acres between the York
river branch of 'the Southern .Railway ; at
Fair" Oaks and the property of ■ Richmond
P. & P. Company; $300. . ' '..
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
•water and; let; lt; stand twenty-four hours;
a sediment or 'settling /indicates ah: un
healthy "condition :of the. kidneys; , if ; It
stains . the linen, it is evidence; of kidney,
trouble; too frequent desire to pass it, or
pain: in the back is also 'convincing proof
that- the kidneys and bladder are out of
order.;'. : : ' '.'/';'{'.■ '. /, ; : ..^V .■ -- •.'■'.'■- .
r WHAT T0. D0. .'.-,';.'
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of ten; expressed :that;Dr. -Kilmer's ;Swamp^ !
Root, . the . great • kidney' and bladder remei;.
dy, fulfills, every;.wish'in'"curing rheuma
,tism, 'pain " : in '. the back, i; kidneys.";*", liver;'
bladder, and every part of .: the; urinary,
passage.. •It 'corrects inability to •, hold
water •■; and 'scalding.' pain r in "~ passing- it,'
or bad effects following use of v liquor,' wine
or xbeer,:":arid": overcomes "that ;.unpleasai\t
-■necessity "/of 1-being;' compelled to go ; often
duringfthe day.' andtogetup manyjtimes
during the riight^The inild :and.the extra^
ordinary :• effect >(Df J Swamp-Root i- Is : soon
realized. v : lt •- stands ;■ the highest (:f or. ";; its
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cent and $1 - sizes. , " '
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Take Steamer Poeahontas
Saturday Night. August 16,
- 10- o'clock, for
Norfolk and Newport News
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Xorflok: Tennis Player Carries OH
\ the Honors at Atlanta.
: ATLANTA; GA., August s.— ln the se
cond , day's: play ; of the South
Tennis' Tournament,, the honors were ?car-
Iried off by Agelasto/: of Norfolk, .and ; it
is freely predicted that the champion
ship will' be won by him. •Following: -are
• io - day ' s ; results kiNGL E s.^ J [;.^ l ■■■::
"Williams/, of Atlanta,, defeated Charles
Rodgers; of Knoxvillef-6-4; 6-t. ' V;
Daniels, ;of Atlanta-defeated Heath, of
;Atlanta--6; Atlanta--6 : 4: : ;6-l- '^^2 \•; v .\ ,
:; Cowan Rodgers. "of KnoxvlUe, .defeated
Peters. : of /Atlanta-^-1; 6-0. - ;. ;
•; Williams, of < AUanta, 'defeated Gude, .. of
;Atlanta-6-2;;6-3. ; : '.'; /; :.- > -, './ ■;
Nat Thornton, iof Atlanta. ,: defeated
Clarence.; Thornton,' of Atlanta— 7-5; 4-6;
\ 'Tyson; of Montgomery.-.defeated;Tiche
nor.'of Atlanta, 6-l;'4-G;. 6-3. .
: Broyles, of defeated Kealhofer,
;of <&.'.{ GJLp^^j
! Agelasto.^ of, defeated 'C.
Rodgers. i of : KnoxvlUe-^rl ; 2 : 6 : ,8-1. . . ■
;- "«Selbles;"--o£ S Montgomery,- .defeated :Al
;friend;;of Atlantar^6-2-^-in ? the deciding: set
fo£"| yesterday^ untolshw^niatclu'^.Tirvv";;!"^:
'. , ~ DOUBLES. .- " ' - "'
' ■ Scott , of JAtlanta;j and ?Agrelasto. lot ■. Nor
it^blk.l defeated (Glenn :and \ Colqultt,^ of fAt^
;lanta%6-3;j7-5.1,iV. ■-;. '■■r'-^"--. i /J>^?S3g®£
v A ; Broyle3 and -Grant, lof^Atlanta^defeated'
%s?Siebles*andi>vWarreni of sMontgomeryVi
defeated? Peters ] andi Daniels, '•; ot r'AUanta-^
6-3; 5-i . . . . . .
Rumors ., a* to . a S^ I**1 ** Ar ? a:n^;;: < ** V i
American Envoy* Aboard. ;■ .
: BERLIN, : "Angust s.—^Ambassador ■VVbltay
mailed -his,; resignation" ?to 'the United^!
States several days ago.; ■ JlrC'-^Whlte'dt |
resignation may < now '• be in the hancii i6t > :
President Roosevelt. The date set: by tha v
Ambassador for his resjgnatioiiUo gcr Inta Jl>
effect ( -was November 7th. : He-jia-now/at^
Hamburg^^w hertH he ' is the {waters. "Sj
and^vwhere i'' be;* probably remai^Su^
the end of the month. v *
f: There !a much.' gossip at • Berlin : conwra-*^
hik|Mr.^White's ;^obable^iuccesTOCfa^^
on© circumstantial story;i3ithattthejßrea^g
ident-; intends 'wi^tran3fer Ambaisadoej!:
Tower > t rom; '^ Sti i^Pete%tfu^|'to^erU^g
Minister. Storer from Spala to ; b©7Ataba*»||
sadorstotßussia. : and
White,-- now secretary of the "Embass^j^ffi
London, as Minister to Spain. Mr. Tower. •
'who r ibasfibeen> dtesatisfled iwlthTSt^Petera^
burg^ expres :*d '; months agoj a|wish 1 ttt|b«|S
-transferred s some 'i o ther I equally *desi-»
irablepo3t,}prefernbly.C &7&gl
■f^"nclr&w: : 0;:-,WbIto |wS
bassadorJs t&s Germany.? April ili^^S^^lif a
i March' last-ltlwaa : announce<s!thatth«*; con-* fi
!templated?real«nln3r^<» : usftio£lUlihwtl»^
I SL.~AS( dense i fog j «n«tl
; dampness l« oa>; theH^arlesfrittvet^BwtiKg
I tracks! toihlghtl compaUeft|ithe-| aewtpon^fi
men t ) of s the ZS-mllei mo tar- paced » r»ce ; b#i : g

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