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risTEßsmrirG' to -have; one roit
Dr. Ciporj^r- I*o<<Jk S«nl>lc anil All T<«
C«>"<cn<s a»t Old Hn-cr; TmcliT liuru
o<!— Mrs. Mnrcarei A. . FtiQna I'ara-
Ij-k-O — T\>« AVo<l«lin«x.
PETERSBURG. VA., August 20.—(Spe
cial.)—TJie Cincinnati Carnival Company
wlll frive n. street carnival here for a.
woelt. l>efrinni:ip; next Monday, of which
the Fire Department will be in part the
beneflclarj'- The exhibitions will .be on
Wnshinpton and Franklin .streets. Th^
public is promisea a clean ihow and a
week of innocent rnlrLh and. amusement.
What is supposed to have been an in
cendiary firf occurred last night in Prince
Goorpo county, on the old New Market
race trnck grounds. A few years ngo
some of our citizens purchased this race
course, improved it twig .endeavored to re
vive interest in races. They .fenced in
the property, built n grand^ruid over 100
by 40 feet, and spent several thousand
dollars in improvements. But the scheme
eventually failed for lack of patronage. *
It w.e Thiß firand.stand that -was burned
last night, nnd it is believed to have been
set afire. It had passed into th<; posses
sion of Dr. George Potts, a" veterihaiy
eurgeon. who converted it into a barn
for -storage purposes. He had storcfl
therein a quantity of agricultural implo
mcntH, machinery, lumber, and some
throe hundred bushels of Irish potatoes
and onions, all of which v.-ore losL Tlicre
was no means of successfully fighting the
fire. Dr. Potts had some insurance, but
not near enough to cover his loss, which
he estimates at over $1,200.
Mrs. Margaret A. Fuqua, an elderly
lady, was stricken with paralysis yester
day at the residence of her daughter. Mrs.
James J\L Lamb, 0:1 Old street. Her con
dition Is regarded as very serious.
David Palmer (colored) was convicted
in the Counts Court of DinwSdilie yes
terday of rnariciously -assaulting ?.Ir.
FJtilds,, a foreman for the ]3runs\vick
Lumber Company, and the jury ilxed his
punishmGnt at live years in the peniten
tiary. A motion was made to aside
the verdict axid grant a .new trial.
At the residence of the bride's parents,
in this city, to-night. Miss Carrie F.
Livosay. daughter of Mr. John K. lAxe
say, was married to Mr. William P. Strib
len. The groom is" a popular young ope
rator in the omployment of tho Postal
Telegraph Company, at .Emporia. Rev.
S. C. liatche:- oHlciatod. The wedding
was quiet, and only immediate relatives
and friends wore present.
Mrs. Jcsßif!^?Ji(Lnmbert. or this city,
and Mr.. Geor^-e -~W. Phillips, late of
"Washington, N. C. went over 10 nich
riiond tills mornlnp to be married. Mr.
and Mrs. Phillips, it is said, will reside
In' Durhaju. N. C
Dr. 3S. G. Booth, of Charles City county,
was In the city to-day.
The *^'sicago Stars. lh" female base-ball
aggregation; "will be hero to-morrow, and
will play a game. .with the Petersburg
There have been minors about the city
that tho •dyeing department of the silk
mills would not I>e removed hence to
WilhamspbrC Pa., but they seem to be
unfounded. The removal has been in pro
gress £or .some lime. very. ;v gradually, and
will be continued. Souk; of the men who
went from here to Williainsport have re
turn ed, through preference; and It Is said
others will come back, but this- will not
stop? the work of removal.
llev. B. F. Lipscomb preached his fare
well sermon at Washington-Street Metho
dist Episcopal church to-nipht. llev. Dr.
Suirr, his successor, will preach his first
sermon next Sunday.
MoUij's Men Vindicated— Rev.. Sid
FerjniKon *° A'cterans— l'orsoiml.
LEESBURG, VA., August 20.— (Special.)
The recent reply of Mr. Joseph Bryan to
the attack of Whitaker on Mosby's com
mand in the Washington Post, is thor
oughly appreciated by Mosby's followers
in this vicinity, and they look upon it as
a complete vindication of their own war
The Loudoun National Bank is being
painted and pencilled by McDouough &
Kcyes. of this place.
The large furniture warerooms of B;rk
by & Slack -will be ready for occupancy
in a few days. r-
Colonel E. V. White has beon nsked to
speak at Levah in the interests of the
Daughters of the Confederacy.
The Friends h(;ld an enjoyable quarterly
meeting at Lincoln Sunday, Monday, and
The people "of Loudoun arc eager for
the appointment of Mr. Henry Fairfax
as one of the Corporation Commissioners.
Rev. Sid Ferguson; "tho lighting par
son," of Mosby's command, will address
the old soldiers at the camp meeting
grounds near Unison, .-Thursday. Au
gust 20th.
Dr. R. 11. Elliot, Mrs. Arthur Sheetz,
Miss Frances Marlow, Mr. and Mrs. Har
rison H. Russell, of J^eesburg, are at the
fti»lburne, Atlantic City.
The Slayer* of Slate nnd HooUer
Captured In Honry County.
MARTIXSVILLE, VA.. August 20.—
(Special.)— David Trent and his son, J. F.
Trent, Mho shot and killed Dave Slate
and mortally wounded Sam Hooker, near
Cruise, in the ? westcrnT .part of Patrick
county,; last Monday, wen? captured in
this county, near Perm's Ston?. Tuesday
morning and lodged in Patrick county
A posse of citizens, led by Patrick
county officers, followed the trail of the
fugitives Monday night, and finally dis
covered them in a stable-loft on the prem
ises of Floyd Trent. David Trent's broth
er, near Penn'e Store. They surrounded
thn building and waited for daybreak. At
that hour J, F. Trent made a break for
liberty, and fifteen shots were fired ai
him as he ran, none of which took ef
The arrest of the old man was easily
effected, and the son, learning of his
father's capture, returned and delivered
himself up to the officers. It waa said
thru the intimacy of Hooker- with David
Trent's daughter brought about the trag
edy. ]t is now stated that a dispute over
the settlement ' of - money matters caused
the shooting. It is, not. known, which of
these reports is correct.
Wt VneNS in a Murder Trial Pnwned
nnd Shot by "Son of, Murdered Man.
FREELINQ. VA.. August IK.— (Special.)
rour correspondent learns" that onebf the
Hall boys shot and 'perhaps- fatally^
wounded 1 , Patton; Willis? in: an i encounter.
In the lower end of the county,:: a : day' or
t wo ; ago. 7'h« : trouble^ gfewj out rof
testifying as a witness} for (the?RoWrißon
boys, who were recently tried ; at Grundy
Tor tho murder of Andrew Hall, who was
the'^ Hall/ boy's uncle. v * "
Two of; thR Hall boys came across T*'l
lis, and.madc'some threats against him.
He then started to leave them: but' they
followed him to the dwelling-house of one
William Wallis. Willis ran into the
■house, -.and. 'seizing an axe, held the boys
at bay. Soon one of them saw a. -gun,
which belonged to ■ Wallis, and. seizing
.it. he fired upon Willis, the ball entering
hi«> leat Khouldcr and passing nearly
throj^Rh to ; the opposite aide. -No arrests
Jiave boon made as yet.
En«l of an A;se<l Citizen of Chnrloi
City Connty.
ROXBU*RY. VA.. August L 2o.— (SpecialO"
Mr. Robert Maildox. an asefi nn Tcspect-,
ofl citizen of Charles City -county, died ;at
10:59 P. "M. .'Monday, at the hcrn'e' of Mrs.
Matilda Carter, vhere he had been board
ing for a number of.rcarE. His death was
rjiuprd by old age and a general 'breaking
down of the system. Mr. Maddox was S2
years of ape. "nut. he bad been active up,
to Ibe Jast '-few months. His, last illness l
attacked him at Mount Pleasant church i
last Thursday .night, where" he was?; at
tending a revival meeting. The deceased
loaves a son. Mr. ; Elwood Maddox. .a
prominent lawyer and merchant of -Grand
Rapids. Mich., who, with his wife, is
spending lsie snT.mer in Europe. He also
leaves a sister. v Mrs. Sarah Robbins, of
Church Hill. Richmoria.": The funeral will
be conducted by Rsv. T. E. Johnson, hif?
pastor, at the gTave at 10 A. J.I. to T mor
row. and the interment will", be in the
old burying ground a.t "Cedar Lane,"
about tv.-o miles from this place.
Irbey Stagg Waddill. the youngest child
of Mr. and lira. Thomas Waddill, ;.died
yosterday morning at their home near
Wilcbx Wharf. The burial took place at
the cemetery "on Mr. John Waddill's
Samuel P. Jones Oliarsed With Se
<!no<ion .\"t<eiiip<K to Shoot
nn OUlcer.
GATE CITY. VA.. August 19.— (Special.)
Samuel 11- Jonos, a clerk in Davidson's
dry . goods store here, and formerly a
teacher "in'thc public schools of this coun
ty, was arrested in Sullivan county,
Term.. yesterday en a charge of seduction,
and taken to jail at Blountville. He was
armed with a pistol and showed figbt. but
was quickly subdued by the officer. "He
will be held on three charges, and it is
likely to go hard with him.
Clinch Valley Baptists.
GATE CITY, VA., August 20.— (Special.)
The Clinch Valley Baptist Association
will convene at Wise Courthouse to
snorrbw- County Treasurer John E.
Smith, and others, are attending. Many
of the delegates from this county will
not soon account of the small-pox. Rev.
James B. Craft, pastor or the Gate City
Bai'tist church; is moderator. of the As
sociation, nnd; Mr. H. A. W. Darter, of
near Gate City, is clerk.
Three Female Exponent* of Holiness
DflCtHne in l>oiidonn Count}-.
LEKSBUTtG. VA.. August 20.— (Special.)
The Holiness camp-meeting, at Dranes
villc, near this place, closed its third
annual session yesterday. For a -period of
ten days neither interest nor attendance
abated.* Rev. Phoebe Hall Luttrell, or
Washington. D. C, was in charge. She
was nssisted-iin evangelistic work by Rev.
A. Lee Gray, Baltimore, Md.; Rev. Sarah
C. Halt Washington, and Mrs. J. D.
Bailey, evangelist. Portsmouth, Va. The
nui^ic. a special feature, was furnished
by Mr. Frank Bowers, organist, Wash
ington. D. C. Large crowds from this
place and surrounding county were in
<Inily attendance. . This faith seems to be
gathering strength in this locality.
Scott Comity Minister Dead.
GATE CITY. VA.. August 20.— (Special.)
Rev. Isaac Wisely, a prominent and
wealthy citizen of this county, is. dead
at the age of 75 years.
A RrocKy Recital of Hecent Happcn
in^N in Flnvanna.
FORK UNION. VA.. August 20.—(Spe
c l a j )— The remains of Mr. .George H. Per
kins who died in Richmond yesterday,
arrived in Columbia to-day, and will be
taken to the family cemetery, near Pal
myra whore the funeral exercises will
be* -conducted by the Rev. R. "W. Watts,
of the Methodist church. The deceased
leaves to mourn his loss three brothers-
Mr. J. "W. Perkins, of this county. Mr. W.
G Perkins, of Cumberland, and Mr.
-\i-cher Perkins, of Richmond. 'io them
and his two boys, aged 13 and IS, he leaves
the logacy of a marked Christian exam
ple, arid* the ric^ heritage of a good
" d Vt a meeting of the Board of Trustees
of Fork Union Academy, held yesterday,
it was decided to complete at once the
first story of the large- three-story build
ins, it being understood that most of the
student? until the completion of the en
tire building, would, as last session,
board in private families near the Acad
emy It is said that a very large attend
ance is expected next fall at this feeder
of Richmond College.
Mr. B. A. Burgess, who has been promi
nently connected, as drummer, withcer
tain iirms in Richmond, purchased here
yesterday a one and one-half acre lot, on
which he proposes to "erect, a ■handsome
residence. Mr. Burgess is a son of Col
onel A- S. Burgess, who is well known
as the tobacco dealer who runs the priz
eries at Central Plains and this place.
The public roads in this part of the
county arc beingTput in excellent order by-
Mr R J. Sncad. who, from a large ex
perience, has become an expert in man
ipulating that effective implement, the
"road- machine." drawn by six heavy
mules. Our people have not quit grumb
ling about the increased road tax.
-V protracted meeting. is in progress at
Lvle's church, in which the pastor. Rev.
Mr Gwatkin. is assisted by the Rev. W.
T Dcrieaiix. of Richmond. The Rev. Dr.
Sparks Melton, of Georgia, was also in
attendance to-<iay. _
Dr. Lafayette J. Jones, a native Flu
vannian, who has for twenty years been
engaged in the practice "of medicine .in
Franklin. Ky.. has taken passage for his
old home where, for a .week, he pro
poses to revel in the associations of auld
lang s>-ne. Th. doctor is accompanied by
his daughter. Miss Mabel. _' :
Mrs. Shelton Otey Perkins, :of Rich
mond, arrived to-day for a visit to her
parents. .V;: '
Partridges, pheasants and rabbits are
abundant in this section, but the nimrods
whose penchant is for the wild turkey,
will have to scud under -bare poles next
season. • . - : ■.-.- -.-;"■.,'
Beautiful Suburban
Four blocks of car line;, twelve
room : frame; nearly one v acre :of
ground : * stables; one of ■■ the ; pretti-'
est ■; houses inear the ; city— ss,ooo. . ; ./
Xo ,HOr E «.t M aln S ,r r et.
Democratic S<ateSenator DenJe«l file
nijiclit io Vote. ■ ~ i • ■
- NORFOLK, VA M Av.sust 50.— (Spedal.)
State Senator E.Finlay Cromwell, it de
velops, was denied the right to vote/at the
primary ". yesterday. He was ; elected., as
a Democrat, but was refused t fhe right to
vote at a Democratic., primary .on tlie
ground" that he" had "fused" with the
Republicans. Senator Cromwell was ad
mitted to all- the Democratic caucuses
held during the Legislative sessions.
Judge • Portlock. a Democratic member
of the Constitutional Convention, also had
trouble, and for a time it .looked -as 'though
the election judge 3 might- have to meet
physical opposition to their ruling. ' >.. .-'■
Hotel Hit at Eain^?2rs: ana Burned
Barit Also Dewtroyecr.
.WOODSTOCK, VA.. Augiist : 20.—(Spe
cial.)— During a hard thunder- and electri
cal-storm which passed. : over Edinburg
this afternoon at 2 o'clock the large hotel
owned by JosepTi F. Holtzman and occu
pied by William" I-L Wightman, -known as
the Eureka House, was struck by light
ning and totally dcEtroyed along with all
fixtures and furniture.
The bolt entered the building near its
centre and the structure burned so Tapid-
Lv that nothing could be saved.
rMrs. Belle Wightman carried 51,000 insu
rance upon her personal property and
Joseph F. Holtzman is supposed to. have
had the same in the Phoenix and Niagara
companies, and $3,000 on the building in
the .Shenandoah Farmers' Home -Mutual
Insurance Company, of Shenandoah coun
The. barn of William G. Thompson, sit
uated three miles south of Woodstock,
was totally destroyed by lightning- du
ring: the storm. The loss will amount to
about 5200.
The (iMoinclf Farm Fire — Maynartl's
Victory — IV'oies Al»out People.
WILLIAMSBURG. VA., August 20.—
(Special.) — The property loss in the recent
lire at "Main" Farm, in James City coun
ty, will amount to about §1,000. [partially
insured. The fire originated from a
threshing- machine at v.-ork close to the
burned building. There were sixty terns
of hay, SOOiJ&ushels of oats, and conside
rable other provender in the burned build
ing.-all of which is practically destroyed.
The large majority -of Hon. H. L. May
nard over his two competitors, was a
surprise to many here. It was the gene
ral opinion for some time that the fight
was between Lawless and Bryant, the
latter lately having developed consider
able strength.
Mayor John L. Mercer and -daughter,
Miss Waller, will leave to-morrow for
Baltimore, where they. will join Mr. and
Mrs. Gustavus Cook on their yacht.
Thence they will go with Mr. and Mrs.
Cook to their home, in Philadelphia.
Mr. Henry Graves was in Richmond
yesterday. .
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Stubbs and son, of,
Portsmouth, are visiting relatives here.
"Mrs. E. T. Rose and son have returned
to Williamsbursr to live, and will reside
in Ihe Episcopal parsonage for the pres
Dr. Henry A. Wise, who has been quite
sick for several days, is improving.
Mr. M. R. 1-larriil. one of the leading
stock farmers of this section, has shipped
a number of calves this week.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Roberts and chil
dren have returned from their country
home, on Ihe York river, where they have
be^n spending several days.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Geddy left yester
day for a trip to Basic City. Natural
Bridge, and other points in the moun
tains. Both Mr. and Mrs..Geddy are very
popular here. Mr. Geddy is Clerk of the
County and Circuit courts.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. C. Spencer have re
turned from the Hot Springs, where they
spent some time.
Tliere Was a Small Voie Cast in
at Least Osic Precinct.
August 20.— (Special.)— The vote cast in
the primary election yesterday at this
precinct was: For H. L. Maynard, 13;
lor J. F. Bryant, 1; for Joseph T. Law
less, 6.
It Is Developing a "Wider Hnnge
Than Was Exyected.
CARTERSVILLE, VA.. August 20.—
(Special.)— lt was 3 o'clock on yesterday
evening before the trial of Lee Green
was commenced at Goochland Court
house, owing to an argument by the de
fence for a postponement, which was
finally overruled. Only three witnesses
for the Commonwealth were examined—
12. H. Parrish, John S. Booker, and Flem
ing Carrington. To-day the trial is pro
gressing, and from what can be learned
it Is thought it. will consume the entire
week. A number of the witnesses from
here go back and forth daily to Gooch
land Courthouse, going down on the early
morning train to Maiden's and returning
on the late evening train to Pemberton.
From what can be learned this case will
finally develop a wider range than was
at first thought New witnesses, which
were not known" at first in the case, have
been summoned, and others may follow.
Some who testified in the trial of Moore
Thurston as an accessory to the fact of
the-killing of Leroy Hobson. have left
the State, and it may be difficult to locate
From what can be learned to-day there
has been no arrest made of the woman,
Bessie Johnson, for the cutting of Robert
Wilson near Cramona, this county, night
before last, an acount of which was given
in to-day's Dispatch.
• Mrs. Sallie Ford, who has been visiting
her aunt, Mrs. Annie Payne, of Fluvanna
county, for the last ten days, returned to
her home, near here, to-day.
;In justice' to the New Canton base-ball
team, which . I failed to -mention,, that in
a match game between their team and
the Cartersville Giants, near Flanagan's
Mill on Friday, the 15th of August, they
made a score of 10 to 2 against the Giants.
The Giants hope to redeem themselves
next Friday. -I ■■ ;
Meiulier of tlie : Underwood Conven
tion, But Xerer Held Another Office.
-FORK UNION, VA.. August 20.—(Spe
cial.)—A series of meetings of colored
people are being held at their church,
Thessalonia, near this place, and throngs
daily attend. ,;The oastor of this church
is the Rev. James Barrett, who was this
county's representative in ' the famous
Underwood Convention. Being a man of
conservative views, of 'high ... character,,
and good, common sense, he has won for
himself the respect and confidence of
both races. After his return from the
Convention he remarked to your cor
respondent that his experience there
taught him that he was "not fit for such
positions." Certain it is. he has ever
since steadfastly* eschewed politics.
-- ■■ ■■ "": ■ „ — ; — — "»• — ; : . '"-'-'
; Miss Calvert nnd Professor .Barbe,
Miss Al»l>ott- and Mr. Caller.
; WOODSTOCK.; VA.. August .20-— (Spe
cial.)—-A' pretty -"wedding ■_. took place in
Emmanuel Lutheran church at New Mar
ket, .Wednesday morning", vat 6:30 o'clock.
i when. Miss "Grace i Calvert was married ,to.
! Professor ; Henry. Kizer Barbel ' The; bride
is ;the daughter of the late Judge George
I R: v Calvert, , arid the groom is. principal;
of '"the Milton v Academy; at Taneytown;.
Md., where 'they .will make, their, future
home. ■ •'>■'.... ■'.-'" • ■'..-^■y-v.-^i " ■'--• '■ •'
The ceremony: was performed" by Rev.
John H. Barbe, -, of. Hughesyllle, Pa;, ; f ather :
of the groom, who was -assisted :by^ Rev. =
E.: H. Kohn, I pastor, of Emmanuel .Luther^
I arilj church.;vThe?;ushers ~ S; - Messrs. 5 ;
' John R: j
Epltzer.'r andiWiiUam^Rlce/; whbiprecededj
•Toa brJds was sttir&d in ft tailor-made
Ira veiling gown ,of tan colored cloth with
hat and. sloves to- match. ;, ■ '■■■ , '.. '.' ;"
The couple leftifor a bridal tour of the
northern and eastern cities. , .
' • CULLEIt-AEBOTT.* . m,
"At 3:30 o'clock, Wednesday' afternoon,
in .the Lutbcrah? parsonage,- at Strasburg/
Miss Julia Louise Abbott, of Strasburg,
and Professor .D. F. .Culler, of St. Louis;
ilrl., were married by ReV.L. L. Smith,'
pastor, assisted "'" by' Rev. M. L. Culler,
father of the groom, of Bedford, Pa.
The couples were attended by Miss .Ruth
"MrLinn. pt*'Bloomsburg-, Pa.', .and: >liss
Constance Cline. o£ Concord. N. C
Mr. and Mrs. Culler left for their" home
in St. Louis, after the 'je-remony. •
A Drillinnt Society Event Iji Ciiriß
tiarislmi-j?. ■
. ROANOKE. VA., Ausust 20.— (Special.)
Edward B. J?.cobs,' -.T-eceiver. of the Iron
.t>elt Building and Loan Association, was
married to-day lo Miss; Nellie, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gardner, of
Christiansburg. The marriage was sol
emnized at the Presbyterian church in
that place by Rev. O. W. Hooper. Miss
Florence Walters was maid of honor
and Mr. George W. Payne, of Roanoke.
best man. The .ushers were Messrs. W.
F. Winch, J.R. Br> : an. Will F. Perm. and
Senator Edward Ljie, of Roanoke, and
Judge Pierce, S. -Miller, and William
Flags, of Christiansliurg. The wedding
was a most fashionable affair.
Miss Mary Alrcin. Stump Becomes T.lrs.
G. J. Canlen.
FLOYD. VA^. August 20.— (Special.)—
Last Thursday morning at 9 o'clock, at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. AY. T. Stump,
their daughter, Miss Mary Alma, was
led to the alter by Mr. Glonmar John
son Carden. of Montgomery, county, Va.
The ceremony was performed. by Rev. J.
B. Pcery, of the Methodist church. South.
The attendants were Miss Willie Stump,
sister of the bride, with Mr. Courtney
Hall, of Snowville; Miss May Stuart,
cousin of • the bride, with Mr. Oscar
Mrs. James W. Carclen, Mr. and Mrs.
J. T. Stuart and daughter, and Mr.
Charles Thomas, and a few invited friends
■were present.
The bride was becomingly attired in
a gown of white organdie with white rib
bons, while the bridesmaids wore blue
organdie with blue ribbon.
■ After the ceremony the wedding party
left for the home of the groom's father,
Mr. James W. Carclen, where a sumptu
ous dinner was served.
TalleysviUe Clnl>7s Dance.
EOXBUET, VA., August 20.— (Special.)
The Talleysville Club gave another of
its charming dances on the pavilion Irq
Nance's Park, Tuesday night. All the
elements of nature united to make the
occasion a perfect success. The moon
shone brightly, the temperature was all
that could be desired for an August night,
the music furnished by the best city tal
ent, wafted inspiration on the still night
air. The girls never seemed more beau
tiful and the beaux. never -more- gallant.
The large crowd lingered until late.
Some of the Roxbury people attending
were: Misses Gertrude Nance and Re
becca Marston. Messrs. M. M. Stoddard.
R. G. ■ W. Beadles. Ma3or Nance, Stuart
Marston, and George Major.
He Tool* It COOIS-.
ROANOKE, VA., August 20.— (Special.)—
James R. • Hoffman, of Vinton, arrested
last night at the Roanoke shops, charged
with criminally assaulting 14-year-old
Fannie Jones on the 23th of July, was
given a preliminary hearing to-day and
discharged. He has a wife and several
children, and on being arrested last night
'phoned them that he was in trouble, but
would be home .to-day. • -..."' ■
Eloped io Bristol.
ROANOKE; VA., August 20.— (Special.)—
Miss Annie Prendergast. daughter of M.
M Prendergast, and Curtis Wayland,
eloped to Bristol last night, where they
were married to-day. A telegram says
they will return, to Roanoke at once.
— j»»
Trinity Has a Sew Orphan.
LEXINGTON. VA.. August 19.—(Spe
cial.)— Trinity Methodist church here has
just installed a fine pipe organ, which
■vs. HI be used Sunday for the first time.
It was built and put up by the Barckhoff
Church Organ Company, of Ohio.
Only Six of 350 Former Voters on
the Xew Rolls.
—(Special.)— The registration under the
new Constitution was completed at Cen
treville precinct, this county, yesterday
and out of a colored registration of 150
under the old Constitution, only six were
registered under the new, and they were
admitted under the property, qualification.
The books were opened at this precinct
to-day and up to I P. M. only three ne
groes have been registered— two under the
property qualification and one as an ex-
United States soldier. Colonel William
Kean and his associates are putting all
applicants for registration, irrespective of
color, to a rigid test. '„ ■
The" Revival at Betlipuge Cliurcli—
.'• Many Come ami Go.
(Special.)— Miss Daisy Vaughan, who has
been visiting- in Ashland, returned home
Monday night. ;
Miss Delma Spencer is a guest of the
Misses Vaughan this week.
Mr. John Hunter, Jr., left for Richmond
Miss Rosalie Jennings is visiting friends
at Doswell: this week.
Miss Daisy 1 Davis left yesterday for
Waynesboro'. ,
..Mr. Hugh G. Davis leaves for Big Stone
Gap this week to accept a position with
Hon. R. A. Ayers. . ' :
The meeting at Bethphaze . Christian
church is still in progress, and the visit
ing Rev. Peter Ainslie, of Bal
timore, continues to draw a large congre
gation. ■ .' . - ■'- • -- ' -"•' ■_ •
Rasland-Raivlinsr's Nuptials.
(Special.)— At Spotsylvanja .Courthouse
to-day at 11 o'clock Miss Pearl Rawlirigs,
of that place, became the bride of Mr.
George Ragland. of Texas, Rev. Decatur
Edwards officiating. The: coiiple came, to
this city in the afternoon,- and. left for
a bridal tour 'north, after which they will
go to their home in Texas.
■ , ■::•"■['.' —*»• — :—: — ■ >• ■ ■.
Sadden Death of R. N. Anderson.
(Special.)— Mr. R. .N. Anderson! a. worthy
citizen,; died suddenly, at -his ; home- near
"Cuckoo, this morning, ; of ;? paralysis. He
had been in delicate 'health 7 "for-, some
time; but ' his sudden death was a shock
to his friends, as '■■ his . condition was - riot
regarded as serious. - A . wife survives
-him."-": ' ■■'. "■•". -'■ ' -■■:. v - : . ■■■'•. ' " 'V
.-■-.■ .::>. ..■ . — «»• — .■ - -,;-.;. -i..---i. .
Honors for Commodore Steige.
' NEWPORT NEWS. VA:, . August 20.7
■ (Special. )r-Generali Superintendent fW.; A. •>
Post -of . the ; shipyard; . has I issued ■• invita
tions for a banquet at ) Hotel -jWarwick (to '•< \
morrow night in honor of (Commodore! ;
Steigei and ithe, officers the t German"
cruiser JfVineta: { Stat esi naval;
bfflcers > Btationed[here^together,with other}
prominent c people, s^wllli ; beiguests^|?Th.e^
tianquet £ls]given| asjaf complimeritito|thel
Ge^TOaris^andlto^^ hjrjn^theftayal^fiacer3*o£i:
the! two S'couritrlealtpgetlierlf brTil 'abclalfj
evening. J
iNJiiMooD's mm
Sclt of Ilarwootl Afcninst Mayor 7«Ios«
' -of Xeivport ' If civic, "-'on" Its FoTirtli
; Trial. Results in a Verdict for
HarTroo«l — The Cake Rc-vieTved. .
HAMPTON, VA., August .20.— (Special.)
The long, drawn-nut- suit of, Mr..:S. J.
Harwood,. ex-Cnief of Police of Newport
News, against Mayor Allan A. Moss, the
fourth trial of. which had been on in the
Elizabeth City Circuit. Court for six days,
terminated to-day, when the jury returned
a verdict awarding the- plaintiff the sum
of $300. Mr. liarwood sued for $10. 000. but \
the "verdict is considered a thorough indi
cation of ihe character of the ex-Chief,
and a refutation of the ugly charges al
leged to have been preferred by Mayor
Moss in order to have Mr. Harwood re
moved from office. .
The verdict came after the jury had
deliberated about two nours. The . case
was given to the jury's keeping Tuesday
evening, but the jurors did not attempt .to
deliberate until the court convened this
morning .at- 10:30 o'clock. Going to the
new jury room, the .twelve men remained
there about an hour and t-urty minutes,
when a rap on the door announced to the
few assembled in the court-room that a
verdict had been reached in one of the
most noted cases the Virginia Peninsula
has ever known. The jurors filed in stead
ily and took their seats in the box:
The verdict read: "We, the jury, find
for the plaintiff, S. J. Harwood. and
award him damages to the amount of
When the verdict was read Captain C.
C. Berkley, of counsel for the defence,
immediately arose and asked the court to
set the jury's findings aside as contrary
to the law and evidence. The court
promptly overruled the motion.
The defence then noted- an appeal to the
Court" of Appeals, but whether the case
will really be carried to the higher tribu
nal is a question of considerable doubt.
The case was taken up in the Circuit
Court here- last Thursday, having been
transferred from the Circuit Court of
Newport News, as it was thought impos
sible to find twelve men who could deter
mine the case, ..nree former trials having
resulted in hung juries. It has been one
of the most bitterly contested legal bat
tles ever fought in this county, the feel
ing between the -opposing counsel being
very manifest at times. The fight was
made for Mr. Harwood by Messrs. R. M.
Lett and O. D. JBatchelor, and Captain
Berkeley and W. T. Moss represented
Mayor Moss. »
The history of the case is fresh in the
mind of the average newspaper reader. It
is the result of a fight made to oust Mr.
Harwood from the office of Chief of Po
lice of Newport News. Mayor . Moss in
his charges accused Mr. Harwood of hav
ing collected certain fines from which he
had never made the proper returns.
After many trials and the changing of the
Police Board of i..c city, Mr. Harwood
was finally convicted and discharged
from the force.
Mr. Harwood then brought suit against
Mayor Moss for the sum of $10,000 alleging
defamation of character, in that the
Mayor accused him of having stolen
money belonging to the city of Newport
News". The case was first taken up in the
Circuit Court of Newport News, but after
three trials it was determined to have a
change of venue and ■ tne . case was trans
ferred to Hampton.
The verdict is conb.dered by the friends
of Mr. Harwood as being a handsome
vindication of his character.
The Grand Jnry Will Tnkc Up the
Case Friday.
NEW KENT C. H.. VA.. August 20.—
(Special.)— Judge Christian came over this
morning at the request of Sheriff Apper
son and opened court, which had not
been adjourned for the term. The Judge
ordered a grand jury for Friday, and un
less something. unforseen occurs, the ne
gro, Burrell Johnson, will be indicted and
tried for assaulting Mrs. Addie Clok, on
the 14th of August.
The negro is in jail here and a strong
guard will be ' kept ■ until the trial. The
offence occurred eighteen miles from this
One '■ Dyer the Covr Pasture River,
First in the Connty.
WARM . SPRINGS, VA.. August 20.—
(Special.)— To-day the Board of Supervis
ors of Bath county let a contract to a
bridge company in Roanoke for the erec
tion of a steel bridge at Fort Lewis over
the Cow Pasture river, for the sum of
$1,690; also for a road and some mason
work' on the same place for $700. This is
the first steel bridge ever contracted for
in this county. _ .
Minn T\ T illle T. Helms Expire?* of Fe
ver, at Bluefield, AY. Vn. ,
BLUEFIELD, W. ".VAr, August 20.—(Spe
cial.)—Missi Willie T. Helms, died this
morning at the home of W. T. Alonroe, in
the East^End. after an'illness of only, a
few days. Miss Helms came here from
Radford, Va., a few weeks ago, the pic
ture of health, to visit her aunt, Mrs.
W. J. Monroe,^nd her cousin, Mrs. W. T.
Monroe, and ''not until Friday : was it
known that she was really ill. It then
developed that she had hemorrhagic ty
phoid-fever, and ncr decline: was rapid.
Miss Helms was just 19 years. old. She
was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.-M.
Helms, of East Radford.vVa., who, with
her only sister, Miss Mamie, were with
her during her last moments. She was a
member. of the, Christian church.
The remains were taken .to East Rad
ford to-day for interment and the funeral
will be on Thursday. ; /
■ "• . ' — ; — •*»" - ' ■•. ■_
A Baptist Minister, He Formerly lie.
«i ded in Wise Connty.
BLUEFIELD. ;.W. VA.. August 20.—(Spe
cial.)—Rev. R: ' M. . AshTworth. a prominent
minister; of this section, died yesterday
at his home at ; Athens,: this county, aged
55 years. He had been ; sick for several
weeks ; of typhoia-f ever. ■..:..
He was a preacher; of the regular Bap
tist .: church *-;■■ and ■■■:. ; was , ' widely ; known
throughout this county. He came. to. this
county from Tacoma, ; Wise ; connty, Va.,
and has manyj relatives • in that section.
He ■leayes-a.wife,'- three ; sons/ and :four
daughte'rs-f Armlstead.s John, } and : Benja-:
mm Ashworth;VMra. T Charles^A.. Bailey^
Mrs. Anvil, Misses ■ Nellie s and* Mary Ash
worth; Interment' will, be made in, the city
"cemetery at : Athens. . .
-:_>■• Contract Sot ./Yet; Cloned. -■-
: TAPPAHAiNN6ck,^VA^.:-A^
(Special.)— The s statement ;■; in s this 3 corres-;
pondencethatitha services of fDr-fJ/vLesllo
Hall;i;6f ? s WllHamS and it Mary 3 College, l^ had ■
neen> encaged | by I the f 8.-# P.f Johnson ? Pub^j
llshlnierl Company] to lwrlte ai granunariwas
?not| aHogetherJcpjrrectiWPr sfi&Wf*** \W-\
.terv^ewedtQnithßiStibJect^but'ithfi contract-
3rewed in a plant as clean as tne: cleanest heme kitchen— -always open/ to '"1;
your inspection — 58,971 visitors last year. ? : - S*~l~ ''
A Military Hop— A Celishtful Enehre
;■■■-.■. -:. . Party.
BASIC CITY. VA.. August" 3>.—(Spe
cial.)—A military . hop took .place the
Brandon". Hotel. "■"■ Basic City, last week.
It -was the most largely attended arid
most enjoyed of any pf our dances this
season. About' 9, o'clock the : military ar "
ri%'ed and were very graciously received
by the ladies of the hotel, one of whom.
Mrs. Abbott, .received them at the ball
room door, and let! off with Captain John
ston.- ot* Company. C. of Newport News.
The following: ■ s'our.jr ladies and gentle
men 'engaged in the mazy dance: .-,
Miss Sophia Meredith in white mull and
pink ribbons, with Mr. Carlton McKenny.
of -Richmond.
Miss Kate Meredith, in dotted Swiss,
with white ribbons, with Mr. Lambeth,
of Waynesboro.
Miss Eva Gilbert, in red crepe, with
Lieutenant Gibson. ..
Miss Delia Walke. in white mulL. with
Mr. Maurice Wingo. of Richmond. I
Miss Walker, with Mr. Patterson, of
Miss Zo!a Henry with Mr. Koiner. of
Miss Fay Henrj' in red. crepe, with Mr.
Coiner, of Waynesbofo. -
Miss Ellison in white with black lace
trimmings, with Mr. Snell.
Mrs. Stone with Wright, of Waynes
boro. ,
Mrs. Moss with Mr. Swartz, of Pennsyl
vania. **'■■
Miss Moss with Lieutenant Robinson,
of Newport News.
Miss Harwood with Captain Gilkerson.
Mrs. Bowycr in pink, with black lace
trimmings, with" Lieutenant Gibson.
Mrs. K. Wilson with Private Pettus.
Miss Harwood with Sergeant Payne,
Newport News. " \
Miss Maude Smidt In grey crepe with
Corporal Drummen.
Miss Abbott with Mr. West.
Miss Abbott with Mr. Davis.
Miss Effle Cobb, of New York, with Mr.
Miss Ophelia Minor with Mr. Henry
Miss Claire Smith with Mr. Hiram
Smith, of Richmond. - *"*
Stags— Messrs. Carl Boshen. of Rich
mond; G. G. Minor, Curtis, Corpolar
Adams, Mr. Dennis and others.
The chaperones were Mrs. Abbott, of
Washington; Mrs. R. C. Morton, of Rich
mond: Mrs. Winston. Mrs. R. L. Henry,
Mrs. Walker, Mrs. F. M. Wren. Mrs.
C. E. Brown, of Richmond: Mrs. Holke,
of AVashington: Mrs. McKenzie and Miss
L. Gwatkins. of Richmond: Mrs. Gordon
Wallace and Mrs. T. K. Parrish. of Rich
mond: Mrs. J. J. Gordon and Mrs. James
Gordon. , .
Among the very young ones were Miss
Gertrude . Gordon, of Washington, with
Mr. Woods. Miss Margaret R. Gordon, of
Ashland,- with Miss Essie Henry. Miss
Katherine McKenzie with Miss Carol
Miner, and Frank Bowyer and others.
On Friday night at 3 o'clock Mrs. W. W.
Holke and Miss I.iaud Smidt, of Wash
ington, gave a, progressive euchre party
in honor of the arrival of their mother,.
Mrs. Louis Smidt. of Washington. The
room was beautifully arranged with flow
ers and soft shaded lights and each table
had colored cards with ribbons and paint
ed peanuts for markers. Miss %.illet. of
Washington, in black net and Mrs. Mc-
Kenzie, of. Richmond, in black crepe,
low corsage of net and ribbon, punched
tho cards. The following ladies took part
in the game: Mrs,. R. C Morton, in black
lace over satin, diamond ornaments; Mrs.
Holke. light gray crepe, pearl trimmings:
Miss Smidt. white organdie, ruby orna
ments; Mrs. Dodson. pink silk; Mrs.
Smidt,' black lace: Mrs. Bowyer. blue
crepe, white lace bertha: Miss Gilbert,
black lace, red roses; Mrs. R. W. Winston,
black lace, low corsoge. diamonds: Miss
Fay Henry, red crepe del chine, white
trimmings: Miss Zula Henry, white organ
die, pink ribbons: Miss Lizzie Gwatkins,
white organdie, pink ribbons; Mrs. J. J.
Gordon, white, crepe, diamonds; Mrs. Ab
bott, white organdie, blue trimmings;
Miss E. Slaughter, grey crepe; Miss Kitte
Meredith in white organdie: Miss Sophia
Meredith in pink - organdie. ,
The prizes were all handsome and were
won by the fo.. owing ladies and gentle
men: Miss Kate Meredith, first prize,
Dresden tray; Mrs. Bowyer. second prize,
green jewelry tray; Miss Fay Henry,
third prize, thermometen. Miss Zola
Henry, fotirth prize,
Mr. Carl Boshen won the first prize
for gentlemen, a lovely neer pitcher: Mr.
G. G. Minor and son. William Minor,
won second prizes, a lovely mug and
pitcher. Mr. Maurice Wingo won .third
prize, a pretty tie.
Mr. Carlton McKenny won the booby,
a pretty bon-bon box.
Several Protracted Meetings TTeld—
Crop Outlook Excellent.
QUINQUE. VA.,- August 20.— (Special.)—
Many Greene county citizens attended the
Tabernacle meeting in Madison county,
where the Rev. George .W. Stewart, with
one assistant, i 3 holding another revival.
The eight-days' service at Mt. Paron,
under the charge of Mr. Hall ami one
assistant, closed on Sunday evening with
out any additions to the church.
The Rev. George "W. Cook has an
nounced his .purpose of holding a pro
tracted meeting at Quinque, in the Union
Prayer-meeting quarters. This will be
the first protracted service held there.
Ernest Harlow qualified a3 administra
tor of the estate of the late "William E.
Harlow last court day. He was also ap
pointed guardian for Jesse Harlow, a
minor. -<= "
The will of Pollie "W. Harlow. the sec
ond wife of the late William E. Harlow.
was placed on record the same day. The
testatrix, has been dead about five years-
Mr M. L. Shelton returned from Rich
mond to-day with his son. Jerre. who
had been on' a visit. to friends in Barton
Mrs S arary Jackson, who has had a
protracted spell of sickness.. is worse to-
Hay ■ ■ . . '- "
.:. Miss Lucy Durrett, who 13 ill of fever,
bno better. - .k. k . _
" The late rains have brought the corn
crop to the extreme limit of expectation
and for miles around Quinque and through
the county generally the crop Is the. best
in the memory of your correspondent- t
The tobacco is also much improved, and
will make more than an average crop. ••
; The hay. as well as the wheat crop, is
ri"Xt to a failure. : -- ;
Tom Jennings; after much delay. Is run
ning his saw-mill again. .
'Attempted Jail Delivery in Snsse*
Frdstratrtt 11 — Protrncted MeetlnK*. y
; AVAVERLY. VA., August 20.-(Special.>
Jariies E." Mason and Berry Seaborn, who
were" convicted X at the. {August .term-of •
Sussex J County Court; and '.< sentenced ;to
serve a/- term ; of five ; years each ; ln the
State penltentiary,|have':made.several;at r r
tempts to s: escape ifrom:* Sussex -fjail/ir! On;
"one ioccasioo : Seaborn \ L broke> out _-.-, or f nla
cellj*i openlrisr ;two and>' cbnccalw^
ATaiTdlscoyercd | by | the; jallor^axul 3 soon 1 s«^|
the- floorslln|ah<rther^
-'Abundant ? ralii* ihave; faUcn^ In 5: SuaaeX:
f or several :weeks -past, -nnd the^croC-^j
nr*\sp<ects are such as to cheer the farn> >-..^
tI The - "pfot'ractca mcetiritc season ; Is mW v ;j|
en aw.-in full blast; Meetings iirt^belnS ,||
conducted this .week at^Newville Baptist:^
church, six miles west of Waverly.-ana^
at Sprinc HiU Christian church, six mile3>w
east of Waycrly. The mcetingr at=Newvili» |
is In charseiof the pastor.' Rev.- -Mr.r-'Ed^|
vrarrts. assisted by Rev. Mr. Merc«r." : of |
PJchmnn'l. and tho Spring Ilitl :meetlns:::!^
is in charge of l ßev: R. H. Peet._tlic.pas-J^s
tor, assisted by Rev. X. G. Newman; oC ■■
Newport News. '" ;".-.• , : -- C4Sj
Mr. E. Moffitt. an attorney ami : -Mayor g
cf Ashboro.^N. C. who-hsu* l>een ylsitlna
friends vinWavcrly for : " several days, left
for his home to-day. ' ,
Miss Sallie Corbel I, oC Newport News^
is visiting .relatives, at the Centrtil Kotft.'^
1 here/ - .*""' . ." '" ;.-•*-.-•.; .-•*-.-•. •■'"■ »sß^.i
lizn. E. S. Birdsonpr is 1 eportetl to) b< Jg
ill at *iis home about seven ■ miles ;. front ;;^
Wavcrly. ' ;
Mr. Stith Spratlcy one of the oldest anf, -_^
most highly -respected citiiens of Surrs* olj
I county, is ill at his home near Dendron. -%
Judgo J- F. West has accepted an.irivU ■
tation to deliver. an address before ;tha J
Prince George County Sunday School Con* g|
vention at Brandon, on September, JJrtl.
yir. Etlvrln rcn!)ody Dnhl to Teacli
In That State— Crop \ProMM*ct». ■'!
PO WHAT AN C. It.. VA., August '20.-<
(Special.)— Mr. E.> P. Dahl nnfl wife . leftt
on the noon train to-day for South Carb-*
Una. where Mr. Dahl will take the prin
cipalship or a high school. They will
spend two weeks ;nt his : old home all
Holly. Va., before having the State. "Mr*
Dahl has be«n teachingr in the,- villag«
school here for several sessions', and ; IC
is with regret that, the patrons part wittt
The farmers are cheerful over the pros-*
pects for an abundant crop of corn.
The tobacco crop.' while not so large*'
in acreage, bids fair to be of excellent
Mrs. Kate S. Flanai^an left to-day "fo»
a visit to Richmond. - "
Crops Are Burning Tntler the: Au«
(CnstSnn— Frosts at Nijpnt- '
MONTEREY. : VA:, : ' August- 19.— (Spe-,
cial.)— Highland is wilting! For the first;
time during this season of -peculiar
weather conditions, the county Is suffer-^
Ing- great" loss While the hay-harvest
was in progress, the lack of *raln ;waa
noted, but not-; so "universally deplored,:
since the loss. entailed thereby was some*,
what compensated for in the raphl 'pro*;
gress made under such conditions, buf;
now. the harvest is over. and. under th*
Imrning rays of the August sun, our
meadows and pasture fields are turning 1
brown, the bUules of corn are rolled up
like a. scroll, and. the gardens, lately sa
full of promise— our" hope for the coming
fall nnd winter— are literally roasted and
Cattlemen nre calling to their buyerf:
to weigh up stock, not yet fat, but'bette*
now than at the nsual shipping time. Mr;:
D. V. Ruckman. a 'cattle merchant, is' lif
the county, ami, on Monday moved ;<^
Ijirg* bunch, ofi cattle bought of |C. T
Fleisher. arid purchased for fall ship
ment. How many more will be forced to
follow hi 3 example, will be determined!
in the next few days.
Stmntre to sny, along with thtH wither*
ing drouth, the nights have been so cool
that there h&ve been apprehensions -ot
frost, and. on Alleghany mountain, twelve^
miles west of Monterey, tv/o' frosts have
been reported, and they were such ; a*
would have done credit to the tentlt
month on the calendar.;.. s _
Mr. Milton Hook, a well-known arid.re
spected citizen, whose homo is near ■Mc-
Dowell, was removed to a hospital Tues-i
day. Mr. Hook has been ill for several
months; "and his physicians pronounce his
trouble cancer of .the stomach. He ; had
become so enfeebled as to necessitate th«.
use of a bed in conveying him to: Staun-"
ton. and, belns a very old man, grave
apprehensions, are.felt as to the result;
He Is a brother of. Benjamin T. H00k.,0/
eastern Highland, who was recently para*
lyzed. ' : ■
Mr. John Schultz. another aged citizen^
of the Mill Gap community, "is.' 1 reported
sick, liis illness \ha\ing come suddentjr,
ami violently. . . ■ • X '■' ''-::-■.
The condition of Miss rMinnie Wads*
worth, a West Virginia, lady, who ha<
been very ill at her sister's home in MonC;
terey, is not materially chanKed.; r: He*
two brothers, Messrs. Edward and Arthur
Wadsworth, of Clarkesburp, W. ,Va., "ar<i
here. ' . ; ""' '. - : -" ■, . ■ " ■-.-•-,. -•-, ...:.:.'■;:'.
Judge Lj-man Chalkley. of the County,
Court,' having no business before him -fofe
the August term, has announced that s he
will not be here. There ;ls .vlrtually r |«
clean docket, and our Jail is empty. - ,'.
Rev. H. A. Hamilton occupied the pu|pf
at the Monterey Presbyterian church, -;pr
Sunday morning last.- his talk being, it*
the interest of Elkins College. ; :
Rev. WMlirira T.Prlce. of Marlinton^TVV
Va., delivered a lectm-e here last 'eyenlneJ
his subject being "Daniel." About ; th*.
closi of the war. and for several years
thet eafter, Mr; Price was a familiar \ttsi
ure in Highland a fTairs. religious "and edu-i
cational. During the past: two years )h&
has written- and published d history :-ot
Pocahontas" county. -f"-
11l Heal tli JPreventf* Ul.t Dlrectlnsj
JniuestOTrn Exposition. -
NORFOLK; 'ATA;; Auprl »>.- (Special.)^:
Henry L. Schmelz,= of Hampton, to-daj"
resigned as president •of -the rJamestowi»" ;
ter-centenary. exposition.'. The resignation :
was ' upon the . ad vice- of i his :• physicians.
The selection of an ew prcsfdent was]teft?
to the old committee. Thftfollowinju'wert j
named as" an "executive ' committee: g«N"J
Beaman, T. S." Sou thgate." Barton I Myers« "'
T. J. Wool. ; C- S.: Sherwood. I C. | B. ; John- i
son. .A-,. IL Martini^ G:;S. Adams»yj.tjLiv
Patton. Park Agnew. 9:- G." CumminK: anC=
J. Taylor Eliyson."- Harry D.Elchelbergec
was "here; from Richmond to attend ,; tho
meeting- to^day^ "- , "■
"The resignation has . b«eh ": ■. ; ac»|:
ccpt'ed "■ to jtake," effeci Septembirilst,!
It; is believed ;:,that u/.Mr;*Nathani«i|
Beaman. /former - Mayor i of Xorfolki£and
president ' of : the ' Xatibrial •; Bank ; ot;COt*^
merce, will succee<l Mr/ Schmefe as preal*
dent "-. of the exposition? Ho jis * now; ;iitti
first. vice-president. ■ . -- ;. - .. :.'.
Death of Mr. Charleii Etrald, ;
WYTHEyiLLE. VA-, August M.—(Spe
cial.)— Mr. Charles Ewald|died here Jthis:
evening, after . a -protracted ttlnesa. r|H»"
was.lnhta'Soth year^"He^
Germany, but came : to 'America In t eartj 1;
life, . ~ Wf&i
Looking for ißvttfmenti
h:~ Eltheribt i these smalt hous^twintt]
f^'j-TwoJ frame j hbuae»^w|l i
i north. iTbJrd.^ftv^ trobma feachi»frent|
W^^l^i&BJlliaa^ab^ut'Uip^ !
« rooms, ii d«e jtllot/f rent i| $200^# Priced
-'■ ■■■; ;■■;---■" -. i^.?7-'-* ■■^-' < 7 "
■;.:■;,- WWOT *•»« MmMm StWWt^ip j

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