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pension nml IVr^onnl l<citu«— Tl«e
DifmiiKftnl «f WnrflcW— l< HnSi.CanW
«•<! Critlclwm— AVnrJlcltl?)", AHckc'«l
Vfolnilon of Knlc-in* Pcfcime.
WASHINGTON*. D. C. August, X.—
(Special. )-Cn:>tain J. W. Collins....- Cnicf
Engineer, accdnipanled' by •Chief VKngj-;
jicors French.-^ Owen and McAllistor. and
Fir^i Ass!sU»nt " Knginoors Greene and
WntFOri. comprising .a board from the
revenue cuttor • service, left Washington
to-Tji|fht for Newport News, where to
morrow morning they will board. ihc cut
ter f Tuf=carora." jiist finished in trio sshirp r
y;trds of the ' Trigs Shipbuilding Company,
'.'fit Richmond, for the ■final trial trip of
that vessel. The " Vessel lert Richmond
yesterday, and everything is . reported to
be In readiness for the trial spin of eight
hours at sen 'off Newport News. The. ma
chinery nnd general seaworthiness of the
Tuscarora are to be thoroughly' iosted
by the board, which has no reason to be
lieve thnt the vessel, which is the first
of Its kind built in Richmond, will- not
meet all ' requirements of the contract
Th« preliminary, or dock trial, of the
Tuf»Jirora was satisfactory- to the offi
cials of ihc revenue cotter service.
If the trial to-morrow proves that the
vessel may bo accepted, the Tuscarora !
will undergo a small : amount of work at
Richmond, nnd will then go to Curtis
'Hay, fifteen milos below Baltimore, where
the -vessel will be. lined', up for a voyage
to tho Great Lakes, on wlich x waters she
•will fiorvfi in the future. The armament
of the Tuscarora will consist tJfrapid
firo gunsi but these will not be placed
"aboard until 1 ho. vessel reaches its des
tination on the Great. I^akes. an interna
tional agreement with Great Britain pre
venting armwl vessels of either country
from traversing tho water between the
two countries. Tho vessel is of the. same
type as tho gunboat Petrel, of the navy,
md may seme time prove, to be a val
uable liale fighting machiuc. Incase of
war between this country and England,
the vessel would do duty right aloiig.
She has trij>lo- expansion engines, and
the most modern machinery. Her dis
placement, is TOO tons. She is ITS feet long
over all, and her beam is T.O feel, with
v mean drafl of fl feet, making hor adapt
ed to shallow waters ami to quick mov
fng in pursuit of .smugglers and others
violating '^5 laws of tlK* United States.
In the contratJt . for the Tuscarora the
cessel is spoken of as; steam propeller
No. 7, hu't'all tho new revenue cutters
in TQCQift years have been named for some
of the many Indian tnocs that roamed
•.his country years ago? The Algonquin
is one of the new vessels now in service,
and the Iroquois is anoflicr.'- The Tus
carora was contracted for on April I'O,
' <>x). and the contract called for the com
pletion of the vessel by July ". 19f>l. more
•han-a year ago.' lt is stated here that
R-iiile the contractors are more than a
l-ear behind their contract nhu./will suffer
pome thereby, it is recognized that there
-are many extenuating circumstances that
make good reasons' for the- delay. The
contract price was $157,000, wthich is said
to have, been considerably betow the low
est bidder when the 'bids w-ere opened:
The deliiy will not operate against the
record of" the Richmond company in fu
ture contracts with th« 'government, but
•s\ill probably cause the loss of some
forfeit money.
The -post-oflleos' at /Cascade, Pittsyl
i-ania county, and Dory, Scnithampton
county, have boon discontinued.
'.The; commission of Hugh A. Gillette,,
postmaster .'it. Arringd;Me. has been for
warded to him by the Fourth Assistant
Postmaster-General. Arringdale is a
money-order ofiice.
Additional railway 'postal service has
been established on the lino of Jhc Ghesa
jieake and Ohio railway, to bo performed
on trains 1 and 2 between Richmond and
Goraonsville. the line to be known as a
short run of. the Richmond, Gordonsyilie
and Clifton Forge R. P- O.
The Star Service route from Ninevah
to Bayard will be discontinued after Sep
lemb«r tt, IWI2.
The following rural free delivery, routes
have been established: ,
Bdc'nburg, Shenandoah "county, by Rea
d'us. Lnave S:in in the morning, return
3 in tho afternoon.
Grant, Grayson county. Leave 7 A.
M., return '2 P. M.
Newmarket. Shennndoah county. . Leave
S ~in the morning,., return Ijalf-past I 1I 1 in
the afternoon. •
.. Roanoke. Roanoke county. Leave S A.
\i:; return 2 P. M.
The original 'claim for pension of Pres
ton Williams, Roanoke. has been granted
by the Pension Bureau. Mr. Williams is
to: receive ?6 per month from August 7,
1302. "* - ..
• The following Virginians are registered
at Washington hotels: C. W. Sauifders,
B. F. W. Carter, Richmond; C. J. Griffith,
J. W. Lee. A. L. and Mrs. Bowers," J. T.
and Mrs. McMahon. Norfolk, and Arthur
.P. Derby, • Charloitesville. ■
Professor William C. Dabney, of Char
lottesville. is in tho city to-day. .
Judge Waddill, of, Richmond, is register
ed nt the Raleigh Hotel.
The dismissal, by Secretary Shaw, of
Lorenzo G. Warficid, a $2,003 clerk In the
Treasury Department, has caused some
'adverse'- criticism here.- Secretary Shaw
began a crusade against. -poker-playing'
; nnd pool-room and horse race playinf
Some time' ago. .and .reduced ..the salaries
Df a number of clerks who were, found,
■fallty of gambling at resorts m and
iround the city. He had. however, not
Jismissed anybody, up to a few days ago.
■ The: only charge against Warfield is
:'Jiaf more- than ji y<-ar ago ho... invented
An alleged system for iieating the races,
and organlzod a company, with himself
as treasurer, for the- purpose' of ' testing
It: It was proposed to; sell this scheme
% ,o racing concerns throughout the coun
ify. but the scheme had hardly been d«- |
vploped In Warfield's mind before he
found- that it could "not^lie worked, .and
he -dropped it. not having received a dol
lar, from anybody, and not having dis-j
■trlb«ted;.the'^ circulars which were printed i
by him. giving" thn prospeots of the com
pany, j Wartield was, discharged on the
eround that in one paragraph "of his cir
cular he spoke of hiscojmection with the
Treasury Department as a guarantee *of
the . respectability of the • company. This !
led to more trouble for him than'any- •:
thing else. ' ;-. ■ ~ .- ■■■ -.'•>:.■■
, Wariield, who is a Maryland Democrat,
and who; was a warm supporter of Bryan^
in bntb of the recontj campaigns. ; declares
that he. Is being : persecuted. In hls ; "de-':
f oiibc to Secretary, Shaw, lie proved cori
i'cluslyely that while the circular had been,
'-. jiit- in'type. it had ncyorrbc-en;distrlbiited
1 a ny wherov- and all copies. Mr. .'Warfield
JVupiioaedK* ?i<^d ; long . been' destroyed.
SWarfleld didnot rc-niernbtr, however.jthat
:;«t T thcitimeh<* was tryingjto establish; hiß;
project* lie Kv.ent> to a ; , money-lender in this
I £!ty? and? borrowed ' $ISO '■. on | his ; salary as ; a
f yovcrninent'Jclerk.i:. In :' doing; this rhe.sub-^
} 'Altted'i'lb'it^i^ .inbney-lendcrj a'copyy of ..his;
|"clrcular; tis a-'fjood | sclienVi; ' he had on', hand i
'^forXrhakingv; money.;.:; The O money-lenderv
'Tt>r*)xripUy. put the circular. awiiy, and; when:
*had^bprrowfcd/.; the;:' money-lender : sent . a •
sfcimtpJainiV to > the ■/Treasury^ D*partmcnt^
a thts^ complain t^tWiirileld ■: w« s - nr rrtlgnedl
All Stuffed VJSg
That's tlicTc^i^ition.bf^raa^y'Buffcrers
from catarrh^ espcciallj; in the morning.
Great d i fficulty is; ; experienced in {clear
ing tlic head and throat.: -J.- .' •. : --;
No wonder catarrh causes headache,
impairs the taste, ;eraell-and' Jicaring,^
pollutes the breath; deranges the stom
ach and affects the appetite. V \
•To cure catorrh, treatment must be
constitutional— alterative' and tonic.
'••'I was 'afflicted, with -catarrh. I toot
medicines of :different~lc[nds, ■ giving eacb
a fair trial; bat gradually crew,tvorse until
I could hardly hear, taste or smell.. I then
concluded to try^Hood's SoirsapariJla, -and
after takins;five bottles "I- -.was v cored and
have not had any return of :.the disease
since." Ecgese Forbks, Lebanon, Kan.
Hood's Sarsaparllla
Cures catarrh— it 1 soothes and strength
ens the mucons -membrane, and .builds
up the whole system.
committed more than a year ago. It is
claimed that his offence is not such a
serious one. in view of the fact that the
circulars were not distributed, and that
he ought to have been reduced and not
dismissed. . r ■ ' . ,
Warfield is a member of the Maryland
family of that name, and Senator Gorman
did every thing in his power to prevent
the dismissal. .
The anti-gambling crusade of Secretary.
Shaw's, has stirred "up me clerks in the
Treasury Department, and many of the
"old singers" in poker-playing, bucket
shop investments, horse racing and such
•'sports" are wondering what old charges
will be dug up against them next
They .-recall that Warfield. has been dis
missed for a violation of the Treasury
rules committed more than a year ago,
and abandoned by him longer "than that
time, and they do not know What ghost
of the past is likely to rise up and con
front them nt any time.
rVlneiccn ■ Prisoner* in tlie Act of
Breaking: Ont Held lip bj- .Jailer's ■
AVife Until Jailer Returns.
COYiNGTpN.vTENN.'r August 2C— Nine r
teen prisoners in the county jail here
made an attempt to break ovit to-day,
in the absence of the jailer. They had
bored through the top of the cage, -and
were about- to break through the roof,
when the wife of Jailer Smith armed a
negro "trusty," and -taking her husband's
shotgun, covered' the prisoners, and kept
them still until her husband's return. The
prisoners were then forced to return to
their cells.
" ■'■" . ; . - - 1 ;. .; .
Dwnstor DnV (n Mntnrmnn Vandell's
Memory — \o More Dcatlm.
NORFOLK. VAT, August 26.— (Special.)
President Page, of the Bay Shore Ter
minal Company, who hastened back to
Norfolk from Atlantic City, where he had
just arrived on his vacation, to-day be
gan his investigation of the terrible ac
cident of Sunday upon his road. He failed
to discover any other cause than the
lapse of memory of Motorman Yandell,
and agrees that this - was probably due
to his deep trouble over his marriage.
There have been no further deaths than
those first recorded. • .
Honors for Amerienns Who Render
ed flic Republic Xo<al>le Service.
CHARLOTTE. N. C. August 2S.— A
special cable to the Observer from Ha
vana. Cuba, suys:
It has been decided 'by -the new repub
lic of Cuba to decorate Congressman
John F? Moody, of the Tenth North Car
olina District, and other Americans who
rendered notable services to the . Cuban
republic in securing self-government.
Resolutions are now pending in Con
gress to prepare a list of Cubans .and
foreigners who rendered special service
in the interest of Cuban independence. '
. The following are among the names
which will appear in this list:: Senators
Morgan, of Alabama: Money, of Missis
sippi: Gallinger. of New Hampshire, and
Thurston, of Nebraska; Representative
Moody.: of North Carolina; William R.
Hearst and James Gordon Bennett, of
New York. •
I'rospeeiive I,ynchbnrsr "Wedding:.
LYNCHBURG, VA.. August 2fi.—(Spe
cial.)—A marriage license was issued to*
pay in the Clerk's office of the Corpora
tion Court- to Mr. John Carroll Adams
and Miss Annie Martin Dornin. the wed
ding to take place to-morrow at 'l o'clock
«t the home of the bride's mother, on
Clay street. Mr.. Adams is a son of Mr.
I. ll.. Adams, and is manager of the brick;
jard'at Johnson City. Term., belonging to
the Adams Brothers' Paynes Company.
The bride is n very charming andipopular'
young lady, and is a daughter of the late
W. W. Dornin.
Den-ili' of Jainrx T. Spencer.
LYNCHBURG. VA.. August 2i>.—(Spe
cial.)—Mr. James T. Spencer, an aged res
ident of Madison, died at his home there
yesterday afternoon, at half-past 2 o'clock,
aged 75, after a severe* attack of heart
disease. He is survived by his wife, one
daughter. Mrs. William Shaner, and three
sons— Messrs. Joseph, William,; and, Ed
ward. .
lticlintonil 'AeyrreKM .Jnileil.
LYNCHBURG. VA., August 2G.— (Spe-.
cial.)— Mary Johnson, a negro girl "who
was brought bore from Richmond in the
custody of Sergeant, Pendleton a few
days ago, .was this morning sent, to juil
for sixty days,- for having stolen on the
Jth of August a purse containing -slii. 7s
from Mrs. W. H. Liggan. . Mary came
from Richmond as a nurse for the child
of Dr. Franklin, who was visiting at the
home of Mrs. Liggan. and on the .morn-
Ing the Franklins were leaving to return
to Richmond Mary took the money out
of a pocket-book which Mrs. Liggan had
left on a table.
- ■ Kichmnnil Mnn Demented: •
RALEIGH. N. C, August 26.— (Special.)'
A white man 7 of middle age sat in the
Capitol Square many hours to-day. He
kept his eyes fixed on a great oak and
knelt .and prayed. The police and offi
cials who '■ questioned him "could get no
thing sensible: out of. him. ■ /
- .The. man stayed there' all day. This
evening suddenly he ' stripped -.- himself,
and was so seen by a number of ladies
before a . Capitol policeman could ; catch
him. The man Is named Ryan, and is
from Richmond. ,H£ has been a railway
machinisLHis mind is. affected: ;
\To" Test IVirele»t« Telegrrapliy.
WASHINGTON. August 26— The guii
boat Topeka. which is on her way. north
from Venezuela, will be % used in the wire
less telegraph, tests; She -will gq/to.Nor
foik for repairs. ; arid will | be/ equipped with
a mast for wireless telegraph purposes,
nfter which she .will lie -used:" in estab
lishing communication between the shore
nt; Annapolis and the sea. Later, another
vessel- will ;bc- assigned ;. to work: with s her
In exclusively ; ; sea communication.fV ' ".'. . '.
The Jinn' Accused of. Mnay. : Thefts In
' Norfolk— Mr. DoTf'en's Plans. " •
;. NEWPORT. NEWS,;. VA., August 20..
(Speciiil.)r-The.bulk of" the; testimony to
convict "J.^Clj. Mann.' alias" C.;;J.'. Mann
alias i;Howard Marshall; who, is /underiar
rest.iri Norfolk "oti; the; charge of- steailhg
a quantity of . gold: leaf, .paint 'brushes,
of : afslmilar; character! from -Cj;B. Mitch-'
• c\\h[ a> Norfolk jwill
iNewportt Nftwsi accordih'g~ to^A;i B. ; Staiih
;and^hbl:spentHtb-iJaylin i the ': cltyigith
ferlngevidencd against: the^ri«wher.^l^&
It also understood : that ). Manila
. t .-. . - «
wanted In Petersburg' on the charge of
forgery. -" ■■ - ~ *
In vto theialleged.ithcftiiOfi.ia.:
quantity' of 'supplies ?Ifr6m)SMitchell,^lnJ
Norfolk, it;: is -alleged; thatj Mann forderedf
a consignment of goods ; ln Mitchcir^name;
shipped- to~ ! Old- Point;; There.^it- is. fur- ;
ther a lleged,\he;- intercepted: the goods:
and also, made- an/attempt to Intercept
the letter;: with the Invoice. :• , ;
Detective-Sergeant^ J. r r.W. Reynolds .dis r
covered,- on -August : Gth.i.tha t n. ma n + was
selling, gold leaf \ andl; paint brushes "in
the city" for^ngures\l>(?low- the; wholesale
price of; the.' goods, 'started out .to
investigate. ; ; He;/trac'eu; Manni; from.^tore
Ito ■store,":, and if v the.:, man. had remained:
in Jhc city another.hour he would, have
been under -arrest. v : : .
' .: ;, GOINGIrTO '.SEATTLE: .
; Mr. \V. S. Bowen; formerly superinten
dent or the Newport News; Gas Company,;
one; of the' business /associates of .John
G., Slater, v Walter B. Livezey. ; Cotter :T.
Bride, and others, who established title
and guaranty plants j : in' Newport ' News
and: Norfolk, returned to the city this
morning for^a few ' hours > after; a trip to
Seattle, Wash.: He will be.loca ted 'there;
in".' future: .. ' . ... .
Mr. ; Bowen, in company with ,Mr.- R.. V. ■
Slater, of Washington, a son of Mn.- John'
G. -Slater, is, interested in some valuable;
bituminous coal niincs in Washington,
and ' ; to-morrow in New York ' they - will
organize the Green River Coal Mining.
Company, which will have a capital of
$5,000.000. "".Mr. Bowen will be president; for
the first year, and Mr. I. J. McGeogh, of
Philadelphin.' will be secretary, with Mr.
Slater as general manager. . :
Mr. Bowen says that ■ the- fields con
trolled by him. and his associates should
put out 1,000- tons of coal a day with"
proper machinery, . and this they ".will
install at once. He likes the. far north
west" and says he believes .he has an;
excellent investment.: . .
It is understood that the; famous Black
iston divorce case in Hampton will be
argued in vacation before Judge Black
stone, probably at Old Point.
Oild-FelloTvW to" Pnt Finisliinff Toucn
' to' Excnrftlon Plans.
The Committee of Arrangements for the
Odd-Fellows' picnic at Beach Park on
Friday next, will' meet at the Monticello
Club. No. 110 north" Seventh. street, at 9
o'clock to-night to make final arrange
ments for the outing. .
The proceeds of the excursion will be
devoted to the proposed Odd-Fellows'
home for orphans, and aged Odd-Fel
lows. J-..\':\ ■ .
Game Will He Called at 4:30 o>
. Clock To-hay. 'J
-The Elks and the, : Brownies.. .of the
Tri-City League.: will play this afternoon
at the Broad-Street Park. The game will
be called at' 4:30 o'clock." At- the same
time the Manchester and the Petersburgs
will, cross bats in the city beyond the
Appomaltox river. : . -
It is expected that there will be : a large
crowd at the game here this afternoon to
welcome the" Brownies back into the
C. & O. Shovrs a Fnllins: OIT for Third
W"ccl»- in Aii»us<.
The comparative statement of the gross
earnings of tho Chesapeake and Ohio
Railway Company, for the third week of
August, is ns follows:
1902, ?2G9,037.53; -1901, . $345,063.84; decrta'se,
$7fi.02rt.01. '' ■ .'-. .- • . ■
For the three weeks of August: 1902,
$771,042.fi5;" -1901, i $1,035,191.52; decrease,
■\Voman Was Despondent Over. Death
nf Her Pnsilist Son.
NEW YORK August. 20.— (Special. )—
Mrs. Josephine Voll mar, aged 52, widow,
and her niece,. Mary Miller, aged 12, were
found together dead in bed in their apart
ments in the Brons- this morning. They
were killed by gas. which was escaping
from two jets. The end of al-rubber.tubea 1 - rubber. tube
connected with the jets was in Mrs. Voll
mar's mouth. It is thought the case is
one of murder and suicide. ...
The age of the niece is thought to have
precludesd her! sharing, in the double stii
cido scheme. .
The deaths were discovered by Howard
M. Jackson, a nepbew who lived with his
aunt. The only cause Jackson could as
sign for the act was despondency over
the death of her son; a prize-fighter,
known as "Haverstraw .Kid," who was
killed in a prize fight last year in Athens.
Pa.' Mrs. Vollmer had been despondent
ever since. •'
- Kichmoiulcrs. in .Sew York; ;,
NEW YORK. August -26.— (Special.)—
The following Richmond people . are -at
New York hotels: .^. S. Williams, Wal
dorf; E. AY. Thomas Bartholdi; G. ;R:
Pace and Miss Pace, Earlington; Mrs. U.
B. McAdams and Miss McAdams,: Park
Avenue; T. L. Chenery, Broadway Cen
tral: J. W r .'-Rosenbaum and wife. Impe
rial; '-W. C.vNoland. Hoffman: L. R.
Hutzler, Albert: J.N.Boyd. Holland; O.
F. Weisisrer, Marlborough; M. Arnold and
wife, Cadillac, ' . ■„ '
■ x Leprnl Suits hiitl Jlotions.
.Suit was entered in ..the City Circuit
Court yesterday afternoon by T..E. O%ven
against William I-I. ■ Beveridge . to. recover
the sum of $20.55.'
A motion was filed in. the Law and
Equity Court yesterday by W. E. Grant
for a "judgment for; $361.83 against R. R.
and J. E." Anderson. ■ '■ ', '•■
ROANOKE. VA.. August 26.— (Special.)
Mr. H. H. Mitchell and Miss : : Emma-
Cuddy went to Bristol to-day, where -they
were married.:. There '-was ,no "objection
to the. marriage at home, as the bride
was an orphan. ■ • - '
Cliilrtren Like It.
"My little boy took the croup" one liigtit.V
says" F. D. Reynolds, of Mansfield, 0.,
-"and grew. so', bad you could hear ." him
breathe all over" the house. I thought he
would die, but a few doses of; One Minute
Cough Cure relieved and sent him -to
sleep. That's the .last we heard of -the
croup..'": One Minute Cough^Cure is abso
lutely "safe and'acts at once. 'For coughs,
colds, croup,. grip, asthma, and bronchitis.;
Bears' tie : 2ij^9^ Kind jfau Have Always Bought ?
If ilie B:il>y is JCnttiiigr Teeth:
ba sure and use thatuoldiand •. well-tried
remedy, Mrs. -Winslow's ; Soothing Syrup,
for children ■ teething. It" soothes the child;
softens the gums,: allays all pain; cures,
wind -colic, and is the best .remedy; for
diarrhosa.- Twenty-five cents a bottle. ! ;
Bears the ,. '\'£ffi®. Kind You Have Always Bought
'-_ "J' - - : ..-; ■; '/ ' .'.. o; '' * .". ""'•-*:,* 7-% . \ ■'"'■ * ".
The Real Tliiiis:— Aftcrnb<Su*^Trlp«i to".
■ .-; - - '-.;-■": Beaeli-l'ark.-;--.;' 1 - ■■■'•'••:'-"■'■■;-:•■
Special train : leaves'; Richmond; Southern
railway, v Fourteenth-Street | Station, ''■ every,
afternoon, '^s ;P.JM. Leaves-' West';Polht.i
returning, ' : 9:30 P^M;-; FiftyJ cents if round:
trip: r Special § Sunday'! trains'* leave .- Rich- •
mond 9:30. ; A.; M.i ■•4-"P!')M. "; This^trlp :ia'
without equal. / : ■■ • w
Beawthe ■ ; _y) Tho Khdjw Have Always B^glitl
\ Pimples, rashes, eczema,
boils, headache, nervousness, <
debility— these are some of
the results of impure.blood.'
Medical authorities, agree ;
that impure blood xan be
made pure and rich. Your
doctor will tell you- about
Ayer's Sarsaparilla:. ah £$&&- : y
'-■- Bad blood follows constipation, ; and :
constipation follows, a^sluggish liver.
.Ayer's Pills are liver pills.- ;They_pro- *
duee "-■ natural daily : movements in a
naturalway. , -
•- 2Sceata.-- J. C. AYER CO., Lowell, Mesa.' ?
Record* of the Special Grand Jury
" Will All Be DcMtroycil. '.
-.The stenographic record of the evidence
brought out by.; the grand >jury- which is
investigating the charges of. bribery In
municipal affairs of Richmond,; has, been
completed by Stenographer Winston; : and
was placed in the safe: in the office of
Clerk Christian, of the Hustings; Court.
\ The evidence will 'be safely kept there
until the grand jury reconvenes on Sep
tember 22d, and it-is highly probable that
no one other than the members of the
jury and Judge Witt and Common
wealths-Attorney. Richardson: will ever
see the contents of the papers. :
. Mr. Richardson so declared' himself
while the jury was in session in July. He
said then, that after the cases have all
been disposed of, the papers would^ all
be burned so that unwilling- witnesses
could be protected.. ; ':
Manager licatli Insists on Field's
Minstrels as an Opening Bill.
Al. G. Field, the pioneer in minstrelsy,
will fire the opening gun of the season
at the Academy this year. .There have
been many changes in the organization,
but it still includes all the old favorites
and some new timber that, is -sure to
prove popular.. " - -
The elaborate first part is only a cir
cumstance in the parade of good things
that Mr. Field offers this For
nearly twenty years this organization has
opened the theatrical seasons here, until
a sort of superstition ;.clings about the
appearance of the company: on the first
night, -and Mr. Leath would be very, un
easy' as 'to his -prospects for -the rest of
the season where he compelled to accept
any other opening bill.
"It is a great recommendation— and its
truth will hardly be disputed— that Mr.
Field has:never disappointed his patrons,
and this season he promises them some
thing that is better, than ever. . _
A Mnn Known as Preacher Cook
Killed by W. A. Fanning,
His Capitor.
BLUEFIELD, W. VA., August .26.—
(Special.)— Policeman W. A. Fanning
shot and killed Preacher Cook, strike
agitator. Cook was accused of shooting
at a .man on Simmon's creek Monday
night, and also with violating an injunc
tion. Fanning arrested him, and between
Simmons and Bramwell Cook: whirled
around and put his hand \in his hip
pocket, which caused Fanning to think
he was in danger. He drew his revolver
and fired, killing Cook. ... ;
Cook has been prominent in the strike
as a leader. -.
Norfolk: and -Western Places an Or
der for Them-More Rolling . Stock.
ROANOKE. VA., August 26.— (Special.)
General Manager L. E. Johnson, of the
Norfolk and Western, has placed an or
der for one hundred new: engines for im
mediate- delivery. The -order -has -been
divided. between the Baldwin Locomotive
: Works and the American' Locomotive
Company. ;
" Mr. Johnson stated to-day that of the
500 freight cars ordered many j had ar
rived, .and the twenty-five- . passenger
.coaches are expected in October.
oilr. Edjsrar A. Oates Runs Array
; WHh Miss Alfic Goodc.
-WINCHESTER, VA., August 26.—(Spe
cial.)—Mr. Edgar, Oates, . manager of
the Capon Bridge ; and Romnej'l Telephone
; Company, of:- Capon Bridge, and 'Miss
Alfie Goode, the yov ng daughter of ;Mr.
Richard- G00de, .... living .near- -the same
place, eloped -yesterday ..to'.-. Cumberland.'.
Md.. and were married. . Mr. Oates. v/ent
to his bride's home fit 2 o'clock yester
day Vmorning, faridSthe couple were well
on- their way to Giimberland before " the
parents discovered their daughter's ab-.
sence. ... - ... . . '■. ;
Final Round Between Doherty, of
linftlaiul. and "Whitman, of Anicr-2
' 'ica, is Won liy Foreisrner. ■
NEWPORT, R. 1..' August 26.— The in
ternational match to-day:, between R. ;F.
Doherty. ;of England, and M.. D. Whit-,
man, of ; America, .in the .final round for.
the national lawn tennis championship, 1
was won by the foreigner, 7 in three sets
to " one, and by, scores of j G-1?- 6-6," 6-1; 6-0.- ;
.William A. Larnard.' the present holder
of the tennis championship, p.'ill defend
his title against Doherty's challenge to
morrow. After ■Whitman's decisive vic
tory over Doherty in the Davis : Cup : event
at Bay Ridge, it was generally ex
pected that he. would score to-daj'. or-put
up a hard- fight. .But. as in every other
match which , the Knglishman has played,
it .was the American .who did- the hard
work. . That 'Whitman, with ' all . his ex
perience." should ;have been duped vinto
; playing;. u'-rurinlrfg- game. -was one : of - the
surprises of. the jday, while another was
his inability to stand the pace.'. v
> Whitman's i -showing .;'. against -. R. F.
Doherty . was far; below that of W.- J.
Clothier,: of Saturday, wh0. .w0n 7. 17 out
of 31 games, while the -Bostonlart scored
only 11 'i out of. 32 .'games. In ipoints,;
Doherty made a total of 117 to Whitman's
89,. while the . Englishman;,. hadr. the ad-,
vantage/in place, shots and .some Jess
errors.- ,\. -\': : ' ."■ , ■.."..•'■.■ ■•-;".' .
Important aieetjngr to Be Held- Sep
teinbcr 17th in, an Effort to/ -
; -„; . '.?>' •.-.".. Curb .Rate War.
- ; LONDON, Aug. ■ 26.— An * important 'fon-
j f ereiice ■ of the tobacco; interests has been
; called to" take place in' London" Sept: 'lT^in
an : effort to:".cufb ■ the " fierce' rate - war
which followed the -formation of the rival
1';"^;1 ';"^; ■"-.-;;•■ '■:;-:■[■.'. :'"' '-■~-}\ ""'.-: : - ;_":.;:■
Themeeting.will include representatives
of '\ tae 1 1 ; combine, ■"> the
Tobacco .g Company, ;; manufacturers,"^; ini
i'portef si- arid and 51tf Ist hoped;
•by; those! interested it i.will'iresultyih]
: a ■corrimiinityl; of >S interest^, arrarigementr
'whereby^ the = :trjade^will"be:: placed -oniya'
'■ more fsatisfactory| footing.- • ■
to-day J declined -< to ;Jdlscußs;K the ■> reported
communltyTof ; ; interests '•plan;']; : e*yenj[tolcon"£
flrtnl or.'deriyi theicprrectneiss ii 'of jth'eTreport/i
. Mr. ; Walker, of the American Tobacco
Company, said he v.'a« entirely ignorant
o£=any such moveaient.
._^"MattauVnl^Trlbe^bf.:Red^en>.iwili; : -Tneet'
to-night ; in -, : Nelsen's'V Hall.M'ifi";^ Willlariisj ,
:burg; ; avenue.;'-;-'5- ""'_," ■}■■ „, * - ' ".".
. William Lowe, .better know-n. as ''Bill.
; Lowe, *\";^ caused 't '■.'.' a v ; stir 'X'ln l '. 'I Fulton i 1 ;
Monday.f - ;^ He' ;drove ;•. in ?:■" Williams-^
burg ■..'.; avenue.; towards " his ' home - : - "lri'S-th* l
country,^seated on^;;a" two-horse, coach;,
which : : resembled ' the ■ "Deadwood coach," '
now/; in Buff alo • Bill's * Wild : -West Show/
A, solitary; mulesdrew" the; ancientA'ehlcle^
Fully, a hundred "■ boys JfollowedtheTcoachr
Comments -swere' made by .'many -as to
wha t : Lowe proposal to do with » the an
cient coach.: l , , r \ -. ■
[ i Charles. Chalkly. ,»/f Farrandsville, who
j had his. -left hand cut; near" the wrist at
I the •'■ Virginia ; and .: North * Carolina; Wheel
I Company Saturday, is improving. ; ■ ■-. ■•
Mrs. : James Grant" is ill at her home
in Nicholson street. •...-. - . .
Floyd Reams is suffering from a very
bad case rof ."poison oak,"; which he
caught in theVoods several days ago.
- Miss Virgie Lantz is very ill. .'
■ Mr.) and Mrs. -Thomas- ; Mays,'-- of
Blacksburgy ■' S. ...C.,: are visiting^ friends
and relatives, here. ; : --<-„
Mrs. H. D. Chaddick and children; of
Seven Pines, -are ona visit; to her.| moth
er, Mrs. Perry, in Orleans street.^ -, 1 ,
Miss Sidney Meinhard. after a visit to
friends and relatives '. in Cumberland:coun
ty, has returned home- -
-Miss 'lnez Adams, who' has been visiting
In Newport News, has returned 'home. .
J. Doc Sears and, wife have, returned'
from an extended northern tour._.' . '•
William- MV- Garber has returned ' frorii
a three weeks' visit to the Cold Sulphur
Springs. : -.; ;. -^ . ; ■■■- \ . - ;Jr. :
Lucien Trant, of .Fulton Hill, has re
turned from the *" Rockbridge Alum
Springs. ' • " - >C." j.
Mrs. William Bowen has rreturnerd r from
Atlantic' City, N. J. . T -•-:;•,'
Wallace.; Ballard has returned ";. ( home
from :^ Srffo\k,; where he went .to
attend his brother-inrlaw's funeral. Fred.
Stevers.'., who- was shot and killed by. a
negro. in Henderson, ;N. C. '•' . .-
Mrs. R. M- Pilcher, of Fulton Hill,' ls
visiting friends and relatives in King
William county. : ■-'■„ . . ■'■:,
\. :--.-■ •■ '..-.■■ \ ' -; -. ■ _■-.-. ■• -■ ■■■-
James -Hughes, of Varina, is visiting
friends in Fulton. . . . :- .' "' V? :
1 - W. Ernest Farmer, who has been on a'
visit to Niagara Falls, "is expected home
to-day. ; • ■ ; "^
The funeral of Mrs. -Michael Craven
who died Sunday morning at the resi
dence of her husband, ■ No. 279 "Williams
burg avenue, took. place yesterday morn
ing from St. Patrick's church. Mrs. Cra
ven was well known in Fulton and
leaves a score of friends to mourn their
Mrs. B. T. Hamilton and family have
returned to their home in Wilmington,
Del., after a pleasant stay of several
weeks with her sister, Mrs. Robert A.
Throckmorton. [i
The new fountain is being placed at
the : corner of Williamsburg avenue and
Louisiana street. This is the result of
Alderman Mann's efforts in the Street
Miss Florence Harris, of Miller avenue,
is visiting^ friends near Lakeside. ■ ..
D. M. Miller, of Monterio avenue, left
Monday for Old Point Comfort. . "
Mrs.. Norman, -: of ' Richmond, --is' visit
ing, friends- on the Heights. . ■
Miss Ella Lindsey, of Brookland Park,
has returned home after a pleasant visit
to friends in the country.
Miss Marion L*ea, of Richmond, ia
visiting hei" cousins on North avenue. :
Mr. A. F. -Miller left yesterday for a
brief stay at Old Point:
•'Miss Cora Hix, who has been v-siting
Mrs. F. S. Jones, has returned to her
home in Baltimore. ' ■-.[ ■
Miss Wright, of Richmond, is visiting
relatives on the Heights. .
Mrs. John E. Rose and children, who
have : been '.visiting at Hardware, Va:;
have returned to their home on Lamb
avenue. .. - . i ; -.- ■-.
Mrs.. Satterwhite.-.'of -York street, who
has .been for some time in Philadelphia,
is expected home soon. . ' » •
Mrs. Coe, of Monterio avenue, left Mon
day for Old Point Comfort,"; "\ - .
Charles. Duell has returned to his'; home
after a pleasant visit to friends in Roa
noke," Va. . ■ •■
Eec Ragland, of "Washington, p.. C.,
is visiting his brother," —r. JW.L.; Rag
land. ; ■'.■-.. - - , v -„-;
Mrs. Robert GHnn, who has been visit
ing friends In the .country,- has returned
to her home,, in_North avenue. ,
Miss^ Sallie Witte, who has been visiting
relatives on the Heights, ■ haj' returned
to.her home in Richmond. ..;. ...
John Harrold. of Washington,- is vis
iting his aunt, Mrs. aL. Squires. , "
' Miss- Alma- Christian, is visiting friends
on. Chestnut Hill. . ■ -"-. ; .-■: : „' I,^
Mr. Sidney. ' ; E. AVatkins, of . Barton
Weights, an: employee' of {.the JLocqmotiye
Works, -and -Miss ; Mollie Osborne, .the
attractive . and 1 accomplished daughter- of
Mrs; Osborne.-; of -^Chesterfield- "county,
were Monday morning, at "the
residenca of Rev. W. W. Lear, ; pastor of
Centenary • church. ;" ■; : . . '
Miss Beulah Goodwin, who nas been
visiting relatives ; in Louisa,- has .returned
tocher: home. -; : .
; . Mr. Charles: H. ; Johnston, ; of > Baltimore',
Md., is f visiting friends in Brookland park.
.! Miss Mattie> Rose. 'who. lias been visiting
in Oak -Grove,' Fluvanna county, for the
past three-weeKsV has returned home . ; ?
1 Mr. J. J.. Wi!son : has home,
fronT a business trip to New Work. ;.
iir.fJ.^W. Williams left Monday;; on C a
bSiness'tripftOr.the ; southwest of -.Virginia
jland^estvyirginia. " ;: ; .;' ■
:sMr.:CarlrM/-Briggs, of Norfolk, is' visit-
ing ;his father, \ Mr.*{J- M. :Briggs,;of Ju-uck
i Miss 'Hattieaiid Johnnie Ef^F-tnds; have
returned % to"; thfcirv home lip'i >. ccf oik ; ; after
a\vifit)to}Mr^aridJMrs. W. J. Coyne.
Samuel C&stleman, Jr.. Louisville, Ky.;
l^AiUCarr/cfDurhamii N.; C. ;^ Charles^
SMillerJ? and 5 wlfe,^Baltlmore^fC.**B3Kd-'
ward*/: Darlington; * B."* C.; >.H. ; - C. 3 Piaher:
_ . ... __
I , P Heat Perspiration, Lameness, and Soreness, incidental |
.-- •' to Canoeing, Riding:, Cycling, Tennis,"or any Athletics, |
| : -no other application: Vo soothing, cooling, and refreshing as J
I - aiathwith Cuticura SOAP/followedbx gentle anointings g
1 withCUTicußA, the Great; Skin Cure. ■ t - |
1 -"-' Millions "of Women use CUTICURA SOAP for preserving., purifying, and I
beautifying the skin for cleansing the scalp of crusts, scales, and dandruff, £
and the stopping of 'falling hairi for softening, whitening, and sootMns red. |
raueh.and sore hands.- for baby rashes and chaflngs. in the fprai of baths |
• for annoying irritations and inflammations of women, or too free or ofien- £
i sive perspiration. in the form of washes for ulcerative weaknesses, and many '&
\ sanative, antiseptic purposes which, readily suggest themselves, as , -^ll as p
1 for all the Purposes of the foUet^bath.and^nurserv'. Co rxp A SOAP k
I combines delicate emollient -properties derived from .CUTICLRA. the great |ft •
I skin cure, with the purest of cleansing ingredients and the most refreshing of jj
I '- flower odours. iVothing cari induce those who have once used these great ft
g .skin purifiers and bcautifiers to use any others. v g
■ Sold throuehout the world. British Depot: F. N'rwhery & Sons 27, Charterhouse X
H : I Sq., London, E. C. Potter Drug and Chem. Cosr., bole Props., Boston, U. S. A. fc
H 1 ■ Copyright applied for. '-. ' ,• ~ - ••
and - wife - Newman, Ga.; J. -N. Harris, I
Atlanta ; ~' Fred C. i .Todd. Philadelphia ;
James' Shannon, S. F. Burlelgh and .wife.
M. Klanker. A. W. Levy, Sidney Schiff,
New York; SV. E. Graves, Lynchburg;
Charles Ingram, Baltimore; B. P. Eggle
ston, Drake's Branch: Joseph Stebbins. .
Jr., .South Boston; ' W. G. Dunnington,
Farmville. .': ' :' ; j
[ TrndesCoirricil •Takes np The ftne.s
t'ioire of Campftign lilterature.
| . The" union laber of the Allied Printing
Trades Council in connection with- 'the
advertising." matter; used: by: candidates
Jefferson , -Wallace., and Congressman
.Lamb. ..occupied, the attention of the
Trades Coiihcil last night..
■■;it-was claimed that i»lr. : Wallace, had
jall^of-rhis printing done in union offices
while Captain Lamb, haa his Iprinting
done in a non-union office.
' This statement was denied as far as
Captain Lamb. was concerned. A dele
gate stated that Captain Lamb, had some
work done over in a union office, because
the .union printers neglected to -put the
union label on his work." "Furthermore
that the one job done for Captain Lamb
not having the union label, was destroy
ed at. his orders before he would pay
for it. A friend of Captain Lamb's was
reported as having had some printing
done for. him in a non-union office, by
mistake. ,and as soon as Captain Lamb
found ths out, he had the work destroyed
and the one who had the printing done
apologized for the fact in a public meet
ing. President Sampson, said in conclud
ing the controversy ..that both men had
proven themselves friendly towards or-,
ganlzed labor.
\\'. " H. Mullen, chairman of the Labor
Day Committee, reported that every de
tail for the excursion to West Point, Mon
day, .. September . Ist, Labor Day.
had been arranged. Circular letters.
have been mailed ;to -business houses
In Manchester and Richmond, re
questing the proprietors to close on Labor
Day. in. order to give their employees a
holiday.. Preparations have been com
pleted, for carrying 10.000 people to West
Point, -comfortably, while as many ad
ditional 1 coaches as the committee may
need, will be held in readiness. Chief-6t-
Police ' Howard informed the committee
that Jif they"- would name' two police,
whom: the committee wanted to accom
pany the excursion, he would ask their
captains to relieve them from duty Labor
.Day. The committee" asked that James
Cox and -William Baker, be allowed to go |
with them.- In concluding the report Mr.
Mullen" said: "The committee- expecia
that every man going on this excursion,
whether a member of a "trade union or
not, will conduct- himself as a gentleman.
as no disorder of any character; will be
permitted. Every ..precaution ' will b-z
taken* to check the "slightest effort at
disorder, .and the- offender will be duly
The committee appointed to confer with
a*-committee from the Bookbinders "Union
relative' -to having tho wage scale !o£
the union adopted by; the "employers,
reported that a committee from the em
ployers will meet "" v them .this week, when
it is expected " that an anr.icuble agrce
raent will be reached.
Application for. Anthority to . Innpect
■- > Tiiat Part of the Arm y in tlic
-..';.-:. .';.-: - Archipeliigo Approved.
i. WASHINGTON. August 2.;.—T he War
Department to-day gave oijt the .order is
sued to Lieutenant-General Miles to go to
the, Philippines.; It is signed by William
Gary 'ganger, acting Secretary of War,
and. is as follows:.- • -'
'.'■} "War "Department; August 20. IDO2. . ; .
'.•Sir:— l. have" the honor to state that
yOUrtapplication for authority, to inspect
that :portion of ;the army serving .in tnc
Phillppfne^ is .approved by the President.
You "will sail. about th« loth of September,-.
and in inspecting, .the. condition ; 6f the
army will give. particular attention: to Its
instruction and discipline, and to supplies
of ali;kinds." : - V ■'..;'": •■•• '■' ■
'It is the understanding- that in that
capacity, - though o an •-. officer of;
superior rank. General Miles will
hot^r- -interfere; ■ in -any _\vay - with
General' :Chaffee.'l and his* . successor,
General Davis, r . in -the direction , of the
army >of "the. 'Philippines, j He wilt criti
cally; examine" conditions as he rinds them,
directing: his attention to American, and
not ; to Philippine affairs, and the result
of'his-.work.will be embodied in a. set of
reports. ' -•;; ; .'.'.' , ' .'-'."
;.■• Some such work as" this was undertaken
a<fe"w.; montns ago : by Inspector-General
Breckenridge, '...: who : has -prepared !a.vo
luminous set. of "which .have not
yet .been, published, '.making suggestions
for - the ;betterinenf r of "the j military -serV
vice j. from /"down I to ! , disci-;
pliric^accoiitrement,; arid' supplies.:; ' ' : :
..'"i'ln^trie '.^absence: f roriv Washington of
General Miles no one at;army^h'eadqiiar?
; ters is : fully; authorized i to f discuss ■ the :'de-': 'de-'
tails ofihisiprojected;trip,;but"it?is;believ
ed i here . that;: he ) will accompanied "; by,
Lieutenant-Colonel .Whitney^; and i Colonel
: Reber.'i; the .; la t ter -: his j; sori-l n-iaw.*^; Colonel
• ; ilauit> who i is.the"; inspecting: offle'errof % the
staff .".also ;mayraccdn;pan'jv General: Miles,'
' if shistheaUhrvwhich > ;■ is Tsoinewhat '• Impair
'ed^ipermits.'-. . ----- ,-.
'. General' Mile^fappUcatlonUo^gbUoithe
■PhlUppinra^sf ■compiurative Jy V^ of recent
application; of several months ago.liWheu]
- ft^S^PPMcajtionl^^^Made^ii^was^
tenniriaUns iho war, uad Secretatyj
_ - -■ - ._
Carriages at Cost I
■ ■ . i
Having concluded to enter largely I
in the manufacture of I
I offer my entire stock of RUNA
TOP BUGGIES.,. with fullest guar
antee, at manufacturers' prices.
Also,' a variety of Second-Hand
Vehicles at very low prices to close
out to make room for .manufactur
ing. ,Call and be convinced.
' W.C. Smith, ■-
308-314 North Fifth Slreet.
ifew fSdeas in ,
Very new and beautiful things In sil
ver and gold are received here con
stantly. We" mount gems ami design
and execute many beautiful articles
for bridal gifts, household, and per
sonal uses.
When you spend money you want
new ideas nr.il quality in exchange—
and we are always able to furnish
them. - «
;y , '
J. J. /£liens£o.,\
jewellers, 'i
Eonrteenth and Main 1 Streets. :
■ Po*Res»*4 »:t the Miiatire aci! anodyne (jn^litiw cf
Opium, bus cro-icce* no stcine3s cj ir.« mshviclj. la
: acuv» n>;rroas disorders It Is aa inraluab:* Htataf*
'K^comnvs.-iderf by best PhyslcUns eTeryw.*iere.
VClGar'S INDIAN V^w^-;* "iLLCO.i.NcvYifi.
• ■''■■ (no 13-Wly>
Root's refusal to errant the first .reqaeat
was "baaed largelyv upon thyse- phases ot
the application. In view of this, it is ua
derstootl.that'GeneralMllt'S restricted his
second 'application so.as to niake.the trU»
one.; for purely- '..purposes- Al
though th«s text Of the application was r.oc
givsn out at the V7ur l>epart:nGnt, it in
said f that one of its features ts a request
that' the return from.Uhe 'Phittpplnea b«
liy-wayof the eastern route." As the ap"
plication is' approved. Oeneral Milea will
return ! by this route... which ; : liisiirrs W a
yisliihg "Europe on 'his^way.back."
: It is expected that .Mrs. Miles will ac
company -thergehcraf" to the I'hllipptnes.
and;it may "ba'that:hls marrietl daughtc".
who » Is; the wife or Colonel 'Re&cr. <-'"« oJ
■ the. SfneraVs aides,* iaiso will 'accompany
.the "party.';; !;r :.; '.■■T. .!„'"" "' '
" : ■;: ■"• TOj I.EAV ES E F 'T KM LI ER 13.
; ,;. LeaVliiK. about Sept. i.Vand al!j}wing a
; month ifor,va/;tourj ot; inspection oJ th«
principal^ialanda of the arch|pel9S»>*v,oen-»
eral; Miles f should jretufn Ho : >Vashinswn
early • ! in I 'Jahuar>^'next.\ ' "''::, V,.r... ; '/%-
Ui vTh*|ltransport3^; Crook;^ Sheridaix and
Thdraaa I'are ' : *noiv llylng at ' San :I'ra:Vci^co.
: ' jTheJ* Sheridan -,w:!l ■ r satV|on"_- the Sr*t of
rSepterjisyr i iind^lther^Tho_ma'a\ ir "a£C»>rvllr.K to
I present s arrangements. Z will , : .star t ' on Seyt.
[ l»V;?ln^euselJtne IThotnai^ahould not b*
l^gd^^HU^nSthat^date^lthe -Crook
i;Wbuld j goilhlher;; ; stea<l.i:J!AU ;'of;Uhwe. *<■'*•
!fscl*lha^sfl^X^^^S^?^ { i9.^.''^ n^ ar t
.well? equipped to make the A'oyage o£
i-GehexatlMlk-s a very corafortable joa*.

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