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"~WH(3LE yUMJER~IIoir:
WASHINGTON." 11 % Scptemlier IS.—Foro
cs.pt for Friday; arid' Saturday: '■'-'. r- ! ,
Virginia— Showers ] Friday;' light, cast
trin'is; Sattjrday'fair. .' " ■'_ ■ •
Kor'.h Carolina— Showers Friday; cooler
jn west portions:' 1 Saturday, fair; light to
frcßh winds, mostly cast.*" : ! ~ ■'■'_ ■*•-'
•H-,0 weather, in Richmond yesterday
was fair and pleasant. -Tho range of] the
p;?patch thennometor. was as follows:
«A. M .........-'-'.. . : ... ;....;'.SS V
sa-M ......... ..'...:. 66 ■.;.
i?"y. ... ... . . ... ......... ..o.'
SP. M....... .. .......;.. 71
6P.M ... ... ... V;J ......OS "
12Kight .....62
ilean Temperature.....;.;... ..Go 2-3
Scptomber* IJ>. IDO2.
gun rises... 5:56 j IIIGH.TIDE.
Sen BCt5.. — ...(5:12 j Morning .....5:31
sk>on rises. 7:19 | Evening ...... 5:45
Debt Commission secures control of ma
jority of securities and will- proceed to
secure settlement with West Virginia—
Key. H. A Bagby called to Greenwood.
g. C.— Mysterious forged Jette^ purport
tg to be from missing Dr. Fred] -.Wood
—Marriage in which groom, long ill
is propped in bed during ; ceremony-—
ministration proceeds slowly, hut develops
aciusmc incidents—Rare Canadian ln
d.an relics brought to Valentine Mu
ecum V. Anderson comes- here to see
his wjfe. but is refused admittance at
hospital— Colonel Cutehaw in controver
fv wJth j.-ul contractors :mts. Guy Carl
ton 3 lassel glad husband secured divorce
— 1 oung woman rescued from life of
shame in Washington and broti K ht back
home— Jury disagrees in ■ Wingfield suit
against Passenger and , Power Company
Sixteen hundred dollars in sight for
entertainment Electricians' .convention-
Commissioner Koiner to hold farmers* in
stitutes in Southwest Virginia next week
— MANCHESTER: School Board meet
ing: Mr. J. J.Bayley resigns as. chair
man A temporary building to relieve
over-crowding to.bo creeled at once
Marriage announcement Registration to
itic - ;
First District Republicans in convention
at Cape Charles yesterday/ nominated
Hon. Malcolm A. Coles, of Northumber
land, for Congress- — -Brilliant wedding of
Lieutenant John, . Melton Hadgins. of the
na\i-, and Miss Arabella Adams Moran
in Charlottesville yesterday Other wed
dings throughout .the]. State Peter
Faultz instantly killed by falling -from
a load of hay in Norfolk county yester
day Death of Mrs. John R. Page," a sis
ler of Mr. Joseph Bryan's, in Alabama.:
Death of Mr. Samuel Tyree, a well
known tobacconist of Lynchburg— Irwin
Craven,? 3-year-old son of Michael. Cra
;-en, a /Newport News machinist, stolen
by a tramp-^— Roanoke man robbed by
New York stock market apathetic, but
«\ith undertone firm— —Chicago grain mar
kets depressed, closing lower— — De Reszk'e
wins the. Speculation stake at Graves end
— — Virginia Republicans trying to find
what President really wishes before pro
ceeding with lily-white movement in this
State^ — China on the verge of another
Boxer i:prising-^-Lieutenant Peary ar
rives at Sydney, N.^S., having again fail
td to reach the North pole— — Nude body
of young woman is found -in Morris'
Canal, near Jersey City- — Negro lynched
•it Marshiield, Ore., for usual crime^
Charges of perjury, are made against St.
lymis boodlers— "W. M. Rice, Jr., J. D.
Bowtine, and J. A. Baker, Jr., are grant
<■s letters of administration on the estate
ot "V\". M. Rice under, the will of IS9C- —
Germany receives note from Great Bri
tain inviting- action with reference to
Roumanian treatment of Jews, as sug
gested by this country--— Rev. Daniel
O'Mahoney, of Andover, Mass., and Rev.
J. 33. McErlaine. of Villa Nava College,
Ausxistinians, are "ordered to the
Philippines as pioneers' in, the
raovement of American priests .to
those islands to succeed the Spainiards—
I>ord Palisbury is ill.
Greenwood, S. C. ? Congrega
tion Want Pastor of Gal
vary Baptist Church. ;..]'
P^v. 11. A. Bagby, pastor of Calvary
Baptist church, has received a call from
Kenwood. S. C. The call came very
unexpectedly, about two weeks ago. Mr.
Isagby has not as yet decided what he
.VJll do.
For the past nine years Mr. .Bagby has
been pastor of Calvary church, during
•which time he has received two calls pre
vious to this one. About two years ago
be received a call from a church in Mis
sissippi, and had. decided to accept it,
vrhen the members of his congregation
waited upon him and asked him to re
consid'^r the matter, l^iis he did arid re
mained here."
Last night Mr. Bagby said to\ a Dis
patch reporter that lie .""did: riot .want- to'
leave his church, here, but. that the call
came in" such a manner, that .he was
compelled to give it some thought-] .-,—
Greenwood is one of the r most progres
sive cities in South Carolina, about half
way between Greenville and Columbia,
on the line of the Greenville" and Colum
bia road. The Southern "and Seaboard
Air-Line intersect; at that point. .■;■", :'•;' ;
Apponl <o. Up Made to the Cotirt of
I.jiNt Hcsort.. v '
LOUISVILLE. 'IOV. September ' IS.—
Judge Fiold ,in the Jefferson Circuit Court
to-day, granted the-injurictionprayed for
by State's Attorney-General Pratt, to pre>
vtnt the contest. between Terry McGoyern
and Young Corbett. scheduled for next
Monday night. The" attorneys, for the
Southern Athletic Club will apply to the
Court of A ppeals to-morrow for . a disso
lution of the injunction.- arid a decision
'n this matter is. expected .by-noon: ;'-.A -dis
solution of the injunction by the appel
late court would mean a victory for tho
promoters of the; contest. „ \ .
CaiitroiMarchM to Aid Gnrrido.
TOA. September 18.— Presiderit: Castro] : of
venozu.-'a, considering that the sftuatjbn
f>f Cennral Garrido, his? War. Minister;]; is
f^ U> assist- him; A'with>?3,7oo;:meri; ]Tlie
President crossed ; ; Lbs'Teques 'river. Wedf
Qtsdajv- aridj continued j; the samcTdayJlrls
ma rch;toiValenc}a;«;Hiß;afmyl]is]^rryln!B: ;
wa ay sic^nieri|\vith • it!^ According ; to ; rc-
Pprt, Pre«id«it| Castrb'4wins; attacli .t the
'^volutJoriaiipJl^iyvuridcr^Gcrierai; jVlen^;
evolutionary, leader, is "etiU a* Oriouta.' .
; - ~ H - -/■ - ~ > -, - ': ' /MwH^^fS^^
ftl I runrri \\\ tai uw- ° n ° '<»■*«<*•'^^ route. «v.
hT I ;l!; l! II 1 1 1" II ■ 118 111 I' c » te en:and:ofie-quarter^miles< 'Area^coy-
HLL UIIULiU 111 -I nL:l\r €red »i tw enty-two7;squareKiTiiles."vP6pula;
■ : -■!•..■ .-....;•■■-.-.,, " •!*-•»* tion;-s9rved.vi.lso.^Nu m ber"of c -hoi!ses?bh
router -JO.
Fourth-class 7, postmasters '.';' charig:cd; ; in
.Virginia are • announced ' to-day ;as * fcrt-
Iows:. : ' :- : ;. •■ ; ' : '■. ;• '"■ . .-. •
Clinchport. S I Scott 5 i county,". Henrytc.
K Wd, ; : vice ; E: ':':■ T. '' Sproles, ; resigned ; ?Hati
ton,. Albeniarle county,'; Frank: N.-Bolton
to ; succeed Edwafd;^A.vßaines/>resigned;
Maces.;: Spring, v. Scott V county/ .'•■?' Jacob ."- W.
ed; "Ocoonita, :>tee C county, . MartiK •C.
Schufllebarger, 'to- succeed. „Wi|lia"m ;>E.
Fleener,^ who rhas^resigned rVerribnjHilii
Halifax county, j.- ; M: v : IrbyX to ; succeed
AddieVM. Irby, arid; VillageJiNorthurnber
landl "county ,' George AY. VWinstead,! re
moved;;.; to be succeeded by. -Robert M.
Norris. 'V* " * •'-' ' ■
The . following .marriage licenses '.have
been issued in tnis; city. ■to Virginians:
Donald '■■ C. Morgan and Sadie Dobsori,
Alexandria; Edward P. : Jenkins, -of Rich
mond, and Annie ;. Payne, -'Jot rtWashing
ton; ;.D. ; C.;: Ri 'WZ-Johiisoii; Arlington,
arid Pearl M. /Steady,'; of. Burlingtbh; rVt.;
Elmer. E. Speer,- of ■ Ballston,' Va.V and
Nettie E. Thomas, of "U'sishinstori ; -W. C.
Thompson and.S.'; D. Muse., of > ; West
inoreland county: Charles "'F.V. Dove" -."and
Catherine .B. .-Baum. . .Bailey's,;;; Cross
Roads; O. O. Kidwell, Fairfax county,
and;; Catherine Cavariaughj -Washington,
D.' C.;: Llewellyn ■; Ashley ■and-;;Annie'B. :
Ried, : of- Rockingham ; county ;:ChaVies E,
Kneiple and Cora L.'..Spitzer. of Bradway,
and Marvin H. Long ■•■'. and "Fannie -L.
Powell," of Elkston. ...
Allan anil Treat Both; Indulge in
. "-.-,' Fair Talk.
Virninia ncpnblicnTis Tryfiiß to Fin«!
Out "What , the" President "Wants—
Asrnc-»v and Bowden Xot Disposed
to Act Hastily— "l Air "White". Move
Con<inues to Give -Vir^'iniiL Repub-
licans Much Anxiety.
There are still two Republican nominees
for Congress in/the Third District. They
are B. ,W. Edwards, of. West Point, and
"W.E.Talley,. known as "Parson" Talley,
both .nominated by the rival factions at
West Point on Wednesday. There was
talk of a compromise yesterday, and a
rumor that one of the rival candidates
would bo withdrawn, or that both would
be pulled down.
A reporter for the Dlspatcn yesterday
interviewed Marshal Morgan Treat, the
leader of one of the factions, ami Mr.
Edgar Allan, Jr., the head of the other.
Both gentlemen express willingness to
I compromise on any fair proposition, but
their claims as to which is entitled to
the larger representation in the district
and city committees, and as to which had
control of the .convention, leaves little
hope that they will get together. .
Conferred in Vain. _
The two gentlemen conferred, before
and after the convention, but did uotget
together. "Mr. Allan claimed that his fac
tion had at least twenty-six of the dele
gates to West Point, and that they were
entitled to a certain proportion of the
oemmittee-s. He had nothing to ask for
hjm-seJf, he said and was .interested
only for the sake of party' harmony.
He -was willing to malce any fair con-_
cessions. He denied that there was any
negotiations in progress looking to • a
settlement of the differences and the re
tirement- of the Congressional candiate or
the chairman of. his local faction.
■/.What Mr. Treat Holds.
Mr. Treat declared that the Allan wing
was in a. minority at West Point, and
that the "ins."; as they are known, ab
solutely controlled the convention:: The
Goochland contesting delegation; he 'said,'
had not complied with' trie plan of organi
zation and had no credentials, hence they
were not : and could not properly be placed
on the roll. He, too. expressed _ the
greatest willingness to-see-the two] fac
tions get together, and declared .himself
in favor "of any fair solution of the fac
tional differences. ■] !. ; - : ...
Altogether, there seems- very little pro
bability of a reconciliation of the warring
factions. The Democrats do not regard ]
the candidacy of either Mr. Edwards, or
Mr. - Talley seriously. They, consider their
candidacy merely a 1a 1 form, and do not an
ticipate any real effort to elect by the
Republicans. ■ .
Virgrinin. Repnblicnns Trying- to Find
"...;; " . -What President Wants.
•WASHINGTON, D. C. September 18.—
(Special.)— North Carolina and Alabama
ha\ing excluded the negro from further
{Participation in Republican councils, and
relegated him to the position of doing the
voting only,- and South Carolina and
other Southern States preparing to do the
same' thing, Virginia Republicans are
.watching what is golng-to be the outcome
of the half-way promises that the negro
in that State, too, is to be removed to a
distance, :Not much has been 'done in
that direction to date, and apparently the
leaders -are watching, developments else
where, arid trying to find out what the
President wants. Everything indicates to
them that he is with Senator Pritchard
and the Alabama Republicans, , and that
lie wants a white man's Republican party
in the South, but the. old-timers, like
Messrs. Agnew and B.owden. arejiot dis
posed to rush quickly into ; new" moves,
and particularly when riot thoroughly
posted as to the wishes and desires of the
great head of their party. -In other ways,
such as putting up candidates for Con
gress, the "organization is complying with
Executive wishes, but in that case no
doubt existed as to the President's real
intentions. • - '. N : » ;.
It is represented here that. the situation
in the Second District continues to ; an
noy, the organization in respect to ,a v
congressional' nomination. - Leaders of; the :
regular element; declare that .there will . b*
only one candidate in .the district,, and
that candidate. will;be furnished by them!
On lthe'l other" hand, persistent- informa-"
lion- reaches the- Dispatch, correspond
ent here 'that the Wise elementMs-quiet
ly considering the advisability of non'
nating a man of their own liking. It is
claimed that advicps :have.been receive^
from the Republican Congressional Com
mittee that the committee could not well
do otherwise than recognize' a . ;Wise
nominee after its action of:two years ago,
and at other times. "Atempts to find if
this is literally true have not" been; suc
cessful, and .the Bowden .' element .in; the
district ought :to know just how they ;
-stand -with .Chairman; Babcock and; his
committee! If true," :the "chances are 4 that !
the -Wise people; will make a- gum-shoe !
canvass among their people,^ and arrive;
at a decision later on to: hold' aVconven
tion.'ContrarS'to this information is tho
Bowden view. that after all' there is com
paratively little of the old. Wise oppo- ;
sition! in-: the district,- and that ,the:Re
pubJicans there;. were- never mor"e r har-'
mbnious.; The claim; is' made that Alva
•Martin so thoroughly- controls the old^
Wise.- faction- that' he will be\able : t6^ hold :
the. bulk of rit in -co-operation .with Mr.
Bowden, thereby j preventing anything] ex
cept ■ the most ; farcical opposition. j *. : '-
The fight^on:. General . Allan "^f or ,rea_p
pointriient as United : States, 'Attbrneyjf or
the Eastern District, Is .;. being .iitilizetij
freely by j the , anti-Bowderi v people ■ -who":
still remain; hostile.' They iarerdoiiig'.dir
they can -to ] array; th c friends of ; General J
Allari: against Bowden and] his^workers;];
teri feeling! The] fight f or]-' GeneralfAUari's J
place .- will" begin before '.{ a ''> great¥while,|
arid v there i will f:beiJ. lots .-t of fafunfatphe]
Washingtcin end- ■; for; ; Virginia Republi^,;
■ The following -rural free deiivfr;- route
P. From^HSmpto&f EHi»aJ».BtE?.Clty^«nui^
■ - . -- ' . . '.* „-"•• -/
The Government Sends a Similar
'"'Protest to the German Foreign
- Office at Berlin.
BERLIN, - September IS.— The German
foreign office lias 'received -a •;'•' note
from the British government inviting some
action* on the part of the [signatories? of
the treaty, of Berlin of IS7S, ] regarding
Roumania's treatment of the Jews.? The
British note is shorter than that of the
United States on the same; subject; but
it 1 - the same end. -..; It is assumed
here that Great Britain ;. knew of the
United States' step beforehand, and acted
in support thereof. ' The United states'
action is regarded as being quite within
her rights in seeking theassistarice of the
signatories in preventing an influx' of in
digent immigrants, which s is recognized
as a substantial grievance. - These two
notes will result in an interchange of
views between the . Powers as to what
.action is feasible. In. the meantime, ], it
is expected that Roumania-' will V take,
cognizance of the United States' protest
and defend her case upon 'her own initia
tive before the signatories.
The. foregoing represents the- views of
of the German government, butthe press.
knowing nothing of the British riote v
seems to consider .the United States' auc
tion as "simply, chivalrous, and as' not
likely to result in. practical measures.
The Vos'sische Zeitung publishes a. let
ter' from Bucharest, ' Roumania, saying
that ] emigration continues, and that; the
Roumanian government! in passing the
law on the subject, promised, to adopt
administrative regulations that would
mitigate ; harshness, .but. these : promises,'
the correspondent affirms, were -not "ful
filled!' 7 . ; ' -■■/ •"•'-■ : ■ . - ■.:' •
In . Three. 3lon.tltn FouiT ■ Thousand
Perseeuteil : People Einigrra.tcd. '
LONDON, 'September 19.— Iri]a]dispatch
from Bucharest, Roumania, dated Sun
day, September 14th,- a. : correspondent of
the Daily Express says . the . emigration
fever among, the Jews i of Roumania. still
continues,"' and that withini the last three
month .'4,000 Jews have left the couritry.
country. , : .'.
: To-night, . the. correspondent .goes on,
a party .. of ; 350 left, for- Canada V arid the
United States, and small parties. of .Jews
leave the!"la-rger towns' of the country al
most daily. Although the reason given
by the emigrants 'for ; leaving is -their in
ability to obtain ] work, . <lie" Jews steadily
refuse to .take up farm labor.'. Proof ■ of
this is found in the fact that -vslthin- the
last three yeai*s Roumania .has' paid for
outside Bulgarian • labor something ; like
53,000,000, which might have gone to the
Jews if they.would. only turn their hands
to the light labor of .'harvesting. -
Bulgarian laborers, the correspondent
concludes, are well housed and excellent
ly fed while working on Roumanian
farms. ' '** ' " '
Irwin Graven, of Newport
News, Stolen by Tramp V'- '
.- Yesterday. ..'
NEWPORT NEWS, VA.; September 18."
—Special.)— A middle-aged .tramp' this
afternoon carried off Irwin v-raven, the
three-year-old son of Michael . craven, a
skilled mechanist working at the ship
yard and living at No. 237 Forty-fifth
'streee. . The boy was seen by. neighbors
going hand, in ;harid with; a strange nian,:
and; the \'-. parents ] were notified, Vbut .no
trace, of the tramp could be found:; The
woods are being scoured -to-night by every
available policeman and several' hundred
excited people. If the man is .caught he
probably .will be; lynched, as the feeling
runs high against him.; ;■ ■;,}:-]/ ;;
' It is'the general, belief .that 'he'-'-tobk. the,
boy to a "hobo" cariip arid' left him!there,
as ]he was soenVin 'another . section of ■■
the' city this /evening.' The trairip ; stands
about five feet, nine; inches high," has" black:
hair] and a heavy black mustache;-, wears'
a>black derby . hat and ; a ' bliie ; coat, : which i
is. torn .near the sleeves. He :' weighs about.
140 pounds: ' .•• ■''.].' ■ '- •- ": ;!'];!'
]As -soon- as <the matter was reported
to '. the - police ] steps were taken to l*appre-3
hend '■ the -'abductor;'- bu t ; ; up to a • late hour;
tO7night no trace of :: hirri .or 'the] boy]
has been' found. '. The -child's parents .'are;
grief-stricken:. The boy. is. a. handsome
little fellow, and was admired 'by "}. alii
in the North. End, where he liveu! ">.,. -'-.: •
The "'• Messrs.," Hutzler \ ] Never : liiycci:
.' ; ' /Outside ■■: Tlieir ■ Precinct.-' ..'■■» ' - ■:,
y, An interesting, fact" was brought; to'light:
during; the registration :iri" the ; secbrid:pre7'
orid ' ': precinctV of . Jeff ersori : : ].Wafd !"("ye"sterr'.
day ; afternoon. : Two br others.-Hynia ri arid
""Joseph;; Hutzler. r by ■■; rianie,^and : iaged ;;: so
and; 54? years '.respectively; Verijoyv a -unique:
distinction^ -The i'-'-inen fwere"*bbrnQwlthin^
a 1a 1 stone's ithrow- of^twh?feFth w ey|"nbw^livej'
opposite ,thej old market,Vori<Severiteenthj
street, ' and • have lived ■ their lives . and.
v^oted ever' since thf-y csist their «^rit"
ballot,^ in f the. same^preclnct of |the : samrj
ward of Richmond^ .MM
in the neighborhood
xLnd£* chilvL^v l27esT)6CuVo s^ of th& 9
Conn tr,*PJiysician ; ; Also Fintls- That
Skull-is Fractured. '.- ■■'■ "■■-.
Remains !Thbke -of His Wi(c, Wli«
Disappeared. from Manila ttan-JLast
Tnesilay— He .■ in- Detained l>3<i!.the
Police, Wlio.-Rcsard theCasefias
"Very Suspicions I '— Home- of Cou-
ple Searched.
;]; NEW YORK, September IS.— The nude
[body, of "a young woirian was .found to
day, in therMorris canal between ;Ne\va"rk
and Jersey City.-^and was .' to-night iden
tifiedby Joseph Pulitzer, of No. 160 west
Forty-sixth street,] Manhattan, as that of
his; wife, Annie] who had been missing
since Tuesday.- .. The discovery of^.the
body was made by r. the. driver of an ex
press wagon passing along -. ":the . plank
road on the bank :of the canal : on the
Meadows.. An attempt had been. made to
sink it with a 20-pound iron weight at
tached to a long hitching strap, the other
end of which was ' tiefl around the wo
man's'.waist.' :A] long stab wound ; yvas
found in]the abdomen, and *a later exam
ination by 'County Physician - Converse
revealed the fact, that the woman's s?MI
was fractured; Dr. Converse thought
that probably two; days had elapsed since
the killing.] but that the body had been
in the , water only a few hours/The
body was removed- to Jersey City, "arid
CHlef-qf -Police Murphy put all his avail
able detectives'; on the : case. . '
„. - LandladyJs Story. ; ] :
: Pulitzer. and his wife lived at the ad
dress given in" a. boarding-house kept] by
a ; Mrs. Fleming. • Mrs! /Fleming said to
day that the |coupfe -had been with her.
forabout a month,; and that /the husband
was a" .journeyman tailor. On Tiiesdaj'
evening, ;■ Mrs. Fleming said,] Pulitzer
complained of 'feeling :ill,v and his -wife
went out about -midnight, .saying", that
she would get liim. some : , fruit. Mrs.\
Fleming said "that she did .riot see Pulit
zer again -uritil this 'morning, when ho
told her "that his wife, was missing, and
that he had been^telephoning to her. rela
tives in the hope of ] finding some trace .
of her. 'This afternoon "he we.nt to police
headquarters •, and gave a description- of
the missing, woman,, but , did not. ask/to
have . a : general- alarm"; . sent out. He > : re
turned home" for." dinner. 1 " when : he .; was
shown ' an".* evening: paper containing an
account bf-the: finding. of; the body, and' on
reading the " description,'. ; which : ' tallied
with; that Vof 7 hisrwite>^hurrie(l-ta--Jerser.
City, where he .at r once identified : the
body. ,-■'■■' " • :-^: :■'■-- 'i •■ '.-'.■• ' : .- : "- - " '-.■• ' .;: '. ' . ■'■
- Pnlitrer .Detained. ' ,
-After- the" identification. Pulitzer : was
detamed'. byTChief '-j Murphy,- '■' who tele
phoned to police headquarters' iri this city
that he regarded ■ the case as ; 'Very sus
picious" and ."requested,, the co-operation
of . the Detective ; Bureau. I nresponse,"
Captain Titus sent detectives to the house
and ■ they searched the room ; ■.'occupied
by ; the people.' They declined to state
what was revealed. by their search. '•;' '
'.- . h ~So Jjia'ht oh Mystery! .
NEW YORK. September IS.— Later, >it
was .. announced at police headquarters
that nothing had been found 'in.--; the-Pu
litzer-rooms-that could throw any.lighl
on the .mystery. Pulitzer and a; r man
named Shields, who accompanied him,
were detained as witnesses by Chief Miir-'
phy,of .Jersey, Cityy.who Is inclined to be
lieve that Pulitzerhas told all he knows
of ] the disappearance of his wife. *
These ;, the Resnlt of Testimony. Be
"'fore^tlie Grand Jury l)y. Accused "
'.. . -;' Couneilmen. . - \ ; •
ST. IX)UIS, September 18<— Circuit At
torney Folk to-day filed information
chaiging . Former Delegates Hannigan,
Denny, Albright, and Bersch with perjury.
This action was taken as the result of
testimony] before' the grand' jury by the
accused, who denied any knowledge of the
alleged payment *of ■ $75,000 to memberf of
the .House combine by the. Suburban
Street -Railway Company, to secure a
certain franchise. The information; in -ef
fect;"; is Ithe same as ] an indictment, which,
under the statutes of Missouri,, can : be.is
sued at. the- discretion; of, "the circuit at
torney^ /■ ■ \:''\ : '
i The one member.' and -five former,mem
bers' of ; the -House of- Delegates' who rest
under several? charges of bribery arid
perjury," ! arid who ; have not yet- surrender
ed to ; trie author ities,"' have' until to-mbrrbw
to give, themselves up. ,V After, that time
they;. wil l: . bef fu'gi t-ives ; under ; the ■ law. ■■. If
they -shall not appear -. during- the 'day,
Circuit Attorney ; Folk will' issue notices,;
to be sent ' all ]over];the country,' offeringa
reward"; of :-■ 5300 ]f o]r ; the apprehension ! of
each of the six men •-.■. ■-•■' " '
The..; work!- of the. present ■'. grand jury,
which has " been i investigating municipal
.boodle -."cases, ; will soon ; come to ? ari]< end,
as"; Circuit Attorney Folk will soon have
to; : give : his - entire attention ! to I . the Y trial
o£-*a^number of ! the indicted •• men.'-' .The
attoiriey, states that enough- remains tiri
dorie to ; keep the grarid ; jury, busy j for six
months: As soon as-these trials are out! of
the .'iway i ; that 'body will ■ resume ' the -in—"
vestigatibn. -" j .' :'■•
.Mrs," Hansel' -Welcomes^Keroi'iof Hns
.: ,liand'BfDlvorce- Decree. - ; - : •'
i: Mrs. Hassel,!; whose ihus
, band : was ft granted Va^ divorce . ; in'i Norfolk :
rlTej.;^interviewed iby-;} a : i reporter/
wlio; called ; atTjher.^honie^.'rNb.- 15081 508 Ir2
Clay; street,-; last],riight. , .";-■„ ■
' :;} Herjsister^-Mr's.';' Bailey,"; was seen,"; liow£
every; and j said i! ftiat ' although ; Mrs/- Hassel !
had j. riothirigitb s sajv-'.f oi".",publlcatiori,-;: she
;Was^.very. ;glad'Uhat?the = aecree|had >been:
'granted^ ;Sarid>\ that v she : had jjonly ?:been j
, restrained /iby<f the ; notoriety : s'ure'to - follow °
s"uchVa v rstepSfrom ? ma]dng,rari};appiicanon;
forj divorce Jherself.'. - . " -
S^Whens asked Sif ; knew ; whether^Mrv: ,
Hassel' would marry Sllss Riohafdfebri.i!
nbw^thrit lie was froe, Mrs. Bailey ralrl I
:th]at;she, in conimoa with the, rest; of JtHe'j
future jmbveinents.^:; The ;| flrJjt U ktwwle^gei
§«* __ - ... ;
' - - WHOLE CITY." '
"Whites in the ,City to i£Date,-'2,042j
One XesTO Who Applied for Regis-
tration in: Clay : ;^V"ai'a, Served an
Body .. Servant in ] Federal Atm -
Another Says General; Assemliiy] ]is
"De] Mass nb Voters"— -Every -Man
Has Right Ao "Radish."
Clay 'Ward-^-61 1 7 west Main street. '
Lee "Ward— -113 -west Broad street.
■ "Madison- ' ■Ward— -305 " north . Eighth
street. ' - • - ' . . '.. . . ' '■'..'.
Monroe Ward— 2l2 north Third street.
H Jackson* Ward— Bol north vJourth
street," \ corner- Baval. .V. ■■-.■■■;-. "...■"=■
• Jefferson Ward— Old Market Hall.*
..Marshall Ward— Masonic '.Hall, Twen
ty-fifth' street (north of M). ]
; Yesterday was the: fourth day of the
new registration of voters in this city
under. the new.suffrage.plan. The results
of ; the day's work!- show.; that .the., en
rolment" is going on steadily, though not
as rapidly^as might be. desired. Here ] ar6
the .figures of 'yesterday's work and also
the totals to date:. ; ■'_.!' .-"..'
, Clay Ward— Registered yesterday, 1«2
whites, no negroes. Total to date, whites,
556; negroes,' G.--;
... L-ee .AVard— Registered yesterday, So
whites;; 4 negroes.- Totals] to .date,
whites. 412; negroes, 9. ■ >.-■ ;i
Monroe.; Ward— Registered -yesterday,
whites, 14S; negroes, .11. Totals to date,
whites,. s2s; negroes, .34. • ' :< ' ■
'Madison Ward— Registered .! yesterday.
Whites, B*2; : negroes, 5. Totals to date,
whites, 462; negroes, 14. ."
; Jackson Ward— Registered .- yesterday,'
whites, ; 55; negroes, 14. Totals to date,
whites. 137; negroes, 42. .
. ] Jefferson Ward— Registered . yesterday, .
whitos,' 67; negroes, j3. Totals to date, ■
whites,; 201 ;. : negroes, .15. , : '
.Marshall \Vard— Registered yesterday,
whites,' -•'. S7 : . negroes, S.\ ; Totals to date,
,wiiite.%^ssL:ii"egrbes,;so.^^^^~^:v!,". >ss
-Total registrations in -the city to date:.
Whites, !;2,642;> negroes, 149.. Total'of both
races, 2.791. "* -']....;." ' :'- '■■-" . ■]' ' '...;.
Speakingof thetardiness of the people
in . qualifying]] themselves to vote .under
the new./ Constitution, .the v - ; chairman- of
the Board of Registrars for Madison
Ward said yesterday: _„
"I am" surprised that ]our ... people- are so
slow ..to" register., .?. -: r _•
'. "There r. is ;. absolutely no. requirement
that should deter any man from, at least
making a^pplication. " • i . . , , _
• "There.; is neither embarrassment , nor
ordeal abourit it. ; The board for Madison
Ward 'is trying to tne best of its ability
to ■! administer, the law with equal .and
exact y- justice to all; men ; applying ; for
registration— having regard .to the spirit
and; intent of the law. rather, than; its;
letter, and are therefore, putting a ;rea-
sonable.and liberal; construction upon its
provisions, and . the requiremejits ' there
under." - r < , - "■ '
; .- Served- as Body Gnaril. '
There have been many amusing inci
dents in connection with the application
of negroes : for ; iri Lee Ward!
The]; latest .-applicant,' VCaptain'.'-Melvin
Carter, was] highly]' indignant : at theiob-.
tuseness of the registrars,- who failed to
register him under- the -veteran ] clause,
(Continued on third : page.)
' :Mysterious. Forged:, Letter In~
;&;. creases the Suspicions ■:}
of, Foul Play;: . ■>,
. The friends of-Dr. Frederick A; "Wood,
the 'young 'dentist of Ithis city, who dis
. appeared - mysteriously •, six weeks ago,
find -additional ; reason to believe that ; hQ
was foully dealt with . in a; letter received
here and purporting to be from him. The
letter was f addressed to a young lady,
here who was a friend: of the missing
man. It was -postmarked Guffy, '-' Tex.,
and was isigned'.with Dr.^"Wood's name.;
The handwriting; however, is not his, and
the letter, was 'hot- of the character 'that,
he. would have •been-'likely;- to write .in. ■
the. circumstances.. It does not allude to ;
the movements of the alleged writer and;
closes with • a-; description ;of a : ] fire: It
was -written so >badly,.,that it" could; be;
read . withy difficulty. ; - . • . : :.'■ '.'. ■_': . ;.. .
Dr. Wood's l[ family arid \ f rie rids I believe :
thatvthe^letter .was ;written; here; or/esle-;
where ;near"f here "ajid;sentjtoiGuffyVto"be;
mailed. It^ is .i : alniost t Inconceivable .that;
any one would commit; such a jfbrgery as a;
joke 'or -without -some I serious] purpose !arid ,
■the^theory .."? advanced "-' is £; that' somebody;
who •\lias; guilty^knbwiedgeVofitheVyourig;
man's disappearance iwrote^thie ; letter ■ and :
had .j. it 'mailed iyv ith s. the) hope } of { stopping ;
"enquiryl^arid l avertlngjsuspicion: ';?'■ /.^ -~ •>>'. :
' % Dr. tWood was ' last 5 seen,;: so ' s far as ■. can ';
be '•■{ learned V by J his ; ; f friends t here, \-. on ~i the
wharf at : Qldi Point •exactly,; six -weeks agb^
yesterdaySiThls j letter^ is ' the; first! thing c m:
th'eiway^ of a ■"'clu'e'l that-; has'" developed "to
this; time. -, . -
.'- ■■■■■,:,.-:■■.■ ■ ■ - " ' \ ■■ '.-!;." ■::-■;■-■■■•■■.
"Jethro.H. lihodes, of "Windsor, Isn|t
"WINDSOR, VA.. ,SeptemDcr 18~.(Spe
closed'?' to-day' with ;IS4 : whites' and^2i
nesrroes^enrolled. The old books show 154J
whites nv.il id negroes. Mr. Jethro
=HASUw>des,|who! Is|B3 \ years {old (rnßistered
i tb^ayJlf He|;lias |been| vbtlrigl th©Jj Deroorl
; criitic^ ticket 'if'br,|'"s9yerity-nbe I y earsS arid
.^"£oxUil^|mlflsed two elections in t>.a£
S^^L. ."^i'l^llmm®
- •- .- ' - .
rode ; on !h^prseba(*,l never. shot]afgun, (and
]nbver^went'flshing, : :ha^ ; livediln;thls^
ty^aridr a t'th¥fsanie^h'ouse;fof < %lnetyrthi'ee;
years. - ;
JjThe; j Windsor j AcademyTopcnecl to^dajr^
100k v this jis" 'better than it has;
]ever];been. v - *?&££&
Deceased Was a Sister ]of Mr- Joseph
, '• '■ Bryan. • - -~
; (Speclal.)-fMrs:;? Johri> Rj-^Page^; aged 57
years^'idied; to-day^ at; Meritone; Springs,
north ]of ;f here!; '.f"s-Her4 husband; : : Dr. T J;*;; Rj\
'Pagei^wa's.^ before*' his fdea til, 4 surgeon"for ;
the. Southerri]]railway.']S She was ; a.^sister]
of Mr/: Joseph Eryari, {of ; Richmond ."Vvice?
president {arid* a5-big;-~sto'ckholder., in ithe
Sloss^; Sheffield : Steel -and j Iron ■ Company, ';
of j Alabama.; ; r ; ~v; ■■'_'i.-. A?'.-.-^-^'." v "'■-: ■?•■"!
;. a Her^* remains . will 1 ;- be -shipped *to]; Char;
lbttesyUle,\ya..;tb be interred, by the] side
of her husband!.':- ■ ;;. i ! vr . !"■' j- : \~~\
"Mrs". Page* leaves "]three-sons— Dr...C.];C.
and "Dr. J. • R! ; Pago, j of : New.; York, . and
Joseph B. > Page. -of Victor, [Col.varid three
daughters^-Mrs. J. :.H/' Johnston. Birming
ham, ]Mrs4\V.;T.;Page, Omahararid Mrs.
O.^K^: Foot," Canton; 'Massl ;■; '
ix. Old ■ age arid j heart failure caused death/
A. Soldier, from] Fort ]aiyer Supposed
ly. Tj<»nt ;in the Surf. . .
'ATLANTIC; CITY, N. \: J..', : September
18.^(Special.)-fHarryV Lawrence.': of Cbm
pariy s ]G./;SecqndjTrbbp^] United I States
Cavalry, : stationed at Fort- My'er. Va!; is
supposed / to V have" been drowned : while
bathing; in; the ] : surf at: Ralejgh;> avenue
this afternoon.] Life; guards .fTtAbsecomb
Station" found -. the ; cavalryrnari's ;unif oriri
and f other; articles -of : cloth ing"; on.!', the
beach, but the man cannot be found.*
Letters -• in ■ ;. .! the ; ; uniform ; revealed
Lawrence's Boats have" been
dragged along i tne shore.' but without
avails;-- -"; -J:^ : i -:':;■ ■■■' ■' ."■-.-■■■■..;■'.,/..;■."-■.-"
FrnnTc B. Jfoyes, of Chicago. Presl-
Jlcnt-Mclvillc E. Stone; ' Secre- '■.
tnry and General Mnnaser, -.-:
■; NEW YORK.. September ]lS.— At the an
nual meeting of ; the 'Associated Press, the
f ollowin-named | gentlemen were elected -as
a board of. directors for the ensuing, year:
Whitelaw Reid. New York "Tribune:
W.C. McLean; t Philadelphia
George Thompson. jSti ;Paul Dispatch;
Williarii D! ; Brickell, Columbus ](O.) Eve-,
ning Dispatch; Charles : H. : Grasty. Balti
more. Evening News: Stephen O'Meara,
Boston ; Journal ; Harvey W. Scott. Port
land "Oregoniari: -Thomas \C. ] Rapier, ; New ;
Orleans Picayune: ; Hermari;'Ridder, New-
York StaatsZeitung;. Victor F. Lawsori,
Chicago Daily. News: Albert J. Barr,;
Pittsburg Post: "Clark .Howell, Atlanta
Constittition ; ■•'- Charles ;W. ' Knapp. L .\ St.
Louis f Republic; 'Frank 11.. Noyes, - Chica
go ' Record -Herald ; M. '- ; H. D c . Young, San
Francisco v Chronicle.' ": ; , ]'■ ' ■-. ."'■ ■'- '.-.
The : following ■ gentlemen were elected
as; members of : the executive - committee:
Whitelaw Reid,, Stephen O'Meara. , Victor
F. ".-lia'w's'on,- Charles ' IV." ■'- Knapp, and
Frank B.» Noyes." .-..--- • - . ..-;..
,Tlie. following officers were re-elected
by -the- board iof ; directors: - Presiderit."
Frank = B." Noyes! Chica go Record-Herald ;
First lVice-Presid en t,"': H orace ,Whi te. New
.York Evening 1 Post ; .] Second .Vlce-Presi
ident.^-^Villiara.'R. - Nelson,^ :Karisas. City
Star; Secretary and ] General ' ■}. Manager,"
Melville E! "Stone;: Assistant
and Assistant .General"; Manager, Charles
S.Diehl; .Treasurer, Valentine P. Sriyder,
New York city. . ' '• ; .. •
Tnrlllingr Experience of a Vessel
Hailing: from West I ndies— ln.
" Ne-iTpdrt Xeivs CoTirts. ;
NEWPORT NEWS. VA., . September 18.
(Special.)— Captain Henry M. Dodge and
the crew of the '".American], schooner | Grace
Davis, which arrived .here to-day from
Salt Cay, "W. 1., - with 10,350 bushels of
sailt for - Bangor, Me., .'; tell ,. a thrilling
'story of ; a : storm. ! jThey were overtaker
by a violent tempest and the ship .was
scudding :. along ...under, bare -masts at .a
rate of speed calculated to break her. u'p|;
when suddenly the sea grew calm and all.
was plain sailing. Not until "to-day ] : did
the crew solve the mystery. "They learn :
ed from the papers of the last •eruption
of Mont Pelee.i which happened September
2; the day of thestorm. ; : " ._"'
C. . Bellnap was placed on- trial : to-day
in the ; Corporation Court , ; on the "charge
of operating : slot ■ machines, and was giv
en : t'wb ; months iin - jail] arid ; fined' 52E0. He
appealed and; was released on ] $500 . bail '
T. W. Dyson going on his bond.
. Captain Irwin Sturgiss, ■of the . oyster,
boat Shamrock, was :to-day fined '■ 565 for.
taking ; oysters under - three inches '.. ir
length from' the James -river beds, con
trary] to the law. '■'.".
Attorney Berry Resented nn Of fen
, sive. Hemnrlc and 'Considerable
Excitement Was Result.
A: PREDERICKSBURG! " TA:, ■ September.
lS^r(Special.)— '!• fiere ;. was * quite a scene]
in the County Court "of- Stafford yesterday
during; the progress of -a local case in
volving the payment : , of Va debt.' One
; the'def eridants.';While 'being- • '"questioned . by '
'Attorney rT.^.W.? Berry,'" intimated iin very
plain •language i ;that: the: lawyer .was 'no'
gentleman, -whereupon l Berry made^a
break for-him^ His'friends; in] torn, sur
rour&ed Berry, and it was some time be-
f ore ; the -judge "and sheriff succeeded"!^
establishing order. ' . : - : \
Jealous Lover Killn; .Bridegroom,"
Wounds Bride, Kills Himself.
£ BATTLE^CREEK; : ; MICH^^ September,
IS^CSpecialO^Ohef bf^the'most^horribia^
crimes- In i]-]the]r history ?of ;; Mlchigan^bc-^
■"curredi-here this Jeveningy in^whfchrfthe]
; love of .a Chicago woman.': Mrs. ; Elizabeth]
hotter, was, the "cause. .
0 Mrs. ; i Notterj was"; formerly housekeeper
loiO A?:E^"Whitcomb,>No^ 1122 :sbuth"Oak-;
leyistreet; : Chicago,: butllef t iChlcagoTyes^
'terdajv to iwed ?W^H.! Sampson, Eta lE t a l wealthy!
j;Was SSat f| Sampson's & horn ef| awaiting a the
* ceremony^tb^occurv at? 5 3 o'clock^
vwomanjofjhisjpresence., .--. ISgmM
PiShe?refusedsto^corae,fto the- d.-or.'Sbut
; Sampsonf catne ? Instead. ■: whereupon jtWhlt-^
drewf ; two % revolvers 5 and '9 shot i? Sampson 1
.wounded f man ?ran 8 f or ?a 'i shotgun.^iWhlt^
Jcomblthenfp6ureds«the^content3 Cof >hia
revolvers 8 intoJjtheSbacfc ;->; -> of s Sampson,' in-;
; fllcting<fataliwotinds.'* r _ *j&FO
pMrs.^ Notter^ rushedfji dOTOf stairs^awFi
sawa the.^murder^t Sh©l turned « ; to}iauv^and '
ss t her^throvigh"ithe-apmfs«j3J
head;2and|theiifßentlthe|restlof!thelbql- :
' Mrs., No tter; alone h«« & flxhUn* cljaac*
55L.:,.. .:.. I^.. t y~:£ a<£^Sls
■/.Ew-'.*- p !..-i'i^:*s:ir,fT:':»;ij.ir<i.i-.--s- ! V-:'
Members : of ' Avpiatlalaa Or€«r;|f»
, This Countrr Ordered Out,
They Will leave • for STnnlla WJthi r
'.Tyro .Weelca, and Will Be FolTowe*
in » Short Time by Several Oiliies
American • Anenstinlans — ■; State* ;
. -.-.-•;'■ - : -. .■'■'■ .'■'■■■ ':■•••■ j ■■•■■"' i;--vv-j i,ji..-;i ,ji. .-;
ment from ; the Prior-General '■ : of ;
the Order.
PHIKAX>ELPHIA; ; ; PA;.] September "lS;-
An important step towards tho-" solution |«f
the ttrouMes "" in )''. Philippine ''istiinds
caused by the, presence sof the -"Spsmjair
friars there, was 'taken tc^ay^ativnt*
Nova], College, - when -the': Mbat'sß*|^
Thomas ] Rodriguez, ;O. _!S. :.!A .^Vof ;;Kora*s
prior general of '..;the-:Ausustb»fui*fC^dn>. :
throughout ; the "world, announced - thai
Rev. Daniel O'Mahoney. • of AndoWr ;
Ma?s., : rind ; Rev.' J.-JE. McErlatne, >bt
Villa Nova;, had .been 'ordered -to ;. the
Philippines ; as . pioneers In the moyement
of American priests to ]; thoB« Islands, t»
succeed ' the ; Spaniards. The - two priest*
will leave for : Manila .within jtha* next*
two weeks, and will be followed] In "a. sltort
time, It r is believed, by -seyerat'i other
American Augustinians. Both ;_ clergymen
chosen .are; distinguished arid . ! able ? inein^
bers of the order. They! were j selected
f rorii ; among" ■-. about -. a \ dozen -.volunteers.';
who offered their services to the prtorrgenS
eral,r .in]: .case : he -^needed >Amencaa ;
Augustinians ]; . for ; .the " Philippine*.
Many of theSpariish friars in the Philip
pines ;belong to the order. ." ■ ;•'
;*-"We" ]; go thers" to carry out ]th© preH:
gramme Awhlch I ' has .been decided s on";by; by: •
the prior-genera^", said i'Mr. ;?Mah"oneyv
"We are :fuily cognizant of the : wbrto :;
done ;by Hthe.'friars-of ."our -arid .other^br
ders;in the Philippines;] and go to them
as : brothers, working; in the same causel' - >
: ''We have no idea ; how;. lbng^e wili;re-
main, ror^ how -many American "Augustlni ;
ians will be sent to the islands.", -'
' The announcement was made during
the : celebration- of the 'feast "bf-at.v
Thomas;; patron > of Villa ;] Nova, y? which?
was observed ;• with impressive exercisea^
Reception to Prior-General.
i -/'At' 8 P. a!.; high, mass wa3 celebrated ;
by Prior-peneral _ Rodriguez, and ;r at^U"
o'clock ; a "reception v .was ; tendered ! to i] the:
distinguished 'Augustiariiari,'; who; has been,
in >this];country> a J:niore ; ithariTv;^
mbnthi L - The American provincial,^Rewv-
Martin J.,Geraghty, delivered an address]
of welcorneto the prior-gerieralJqriibehalf]
;bf ; :;th_e^"American"' ; provtocel-7.whlch"^tajkes;
in ; all : ; the . commu ni tiesVo f the]]brder?ihl tha
United : States."; ■■An ..-'address i . also;* [Mck
made by Rev. Dr. Lv A^Delury,^ president -
of Villa vNova.l : AU ithe /addresaea l ;
delivered ]in Latin. V^The'pHorrgene"ral.(lln":
replying -to the welcome,' -among iotlier]
things said: . '.""..,]; .•'"; .'■ '■;.-; '■ ";"'■ ;; :'■ "\ ■■ ■.-■' :.";£ v-;^'''
'"Throughout all ; time the governments]
of the .world r have ; appealed .tb'thesovr';
]ereign pontiff ! as a peace-maker, '
American : government ; has, appealed -i to;
him. and jrightly^'so^tb^settle the '(trbu-^
bles in the -Philippines.; iWe^have: no fe«r
of the outcome. Prejudiceiarid caritmtist ''
be : put ; aside,- arid \thejfacts only Jicon^
sidered. God-fearing me"n\>vill do right
andjustice. ! ".':--. .," ".;' '": ■'^^r-<
"L'ntortiinately, nearly all "the istate^]?
ments furnished from abroad *tb ! th<»;
AraerlcaDjpress on the Friar question, are]
filled with], calumny] and mendacity 'j In]
regard to the Friars in 'the Island. >We*doC ;
not blame; the Philippine l Commission ifor'
any of; the opinions ' that - body \ holds;? f ovi
we know! thej Information furnished itoJ It
was mainly obtained from "'•bur Veriemle'a.*;
men .whojhave stoppedat nothlnff to^vfllr-
fy andmalign bur brothers. ;T r spealC*notf
as : one who does ; not know] tha condition*
in the Philippiri es. I■: speak wl th! a. • per*
sora I " knowledge of < the priests] and . thtr
people." ;'-'_;.;. - ■ ';;;'•■ :'-..'■ ■■':~- .'•;".- ; •'■■'^
'.-.." Bank Embezzlement In Vienna. ■*• ;
VIENNA. September 18.— Edwin Jeilinjia ;
an .. official :In the ■ cashier's* departmehtlbt
the Lenderbank, "(disappeared ];hurriedly]
from Vienna 'tojday. ; It ]was discovered
tiiat.he had defrauded the bank of J315,C0<1
by falsifying checks. The money thusT.obri
tamed: was j spent by Jellinik ]in "specula
tion. Hc;has riot yet: been apprehended*'
A Lon^onvMahufacturer^ys : 2
They, are About to-/
LONDON, September IS.— (Special.)— M» '
Frankel, -the ; Well-known. "■ tobacco : mania
factureri, when interviewed by- a srepre.
sen'tatiye^oC ' the' Westminster Gazette -to.v
day, indicated that ; the } amalgamation i ©I -.
the American ] Tobacco! Trust; and tha-Xn^'im
perial- Tobacco. Compjany was^l&ejj^ !^']K
said the ]; situation had , not^etj developed ci
sufficiently ; to ; allow. ;ci£;]; giving: : details. ;.
Another. leading manufacturer said: ", .: .:.
'Such amalgamation hits been regarded
all- along as inevitable by many of <fuai;«v
although it was . hardly /expected so]fsaonw^
If 'overtures have been made there 'lsjn9j£
doubt they have come from the Airier!-;;?
can3,Uwho/;'dldt::not'?expect ;/ so" : tbugh^*|S
fight on this aide as they.: have : experience f§
]ed: ■»< They ; have - not • been blustering : i lately/ r ;
and rl quite understand that .they haw* :
for" ways to- get out of !th<iir.S
;preaent'4incM.V : -i i -- : V. :■■•■/■;*■ -\ ! :■■■'. £'$$£$0
said -i. the "f gqvernmen t l£wa» U not ]t aatisSe&fCf
{with lithe Iregulatidns'S aij(dtS*s**^
• revolutionize '\~ them' ; and ? benefit ;]; British
gtONPON*! SeptejmJ^lS^Offlclalsr ;b£<h#;sg
ilmpirlal * Tobacco |Cbn>paijr Jd««tfir£fifliilt|E
; to ;; combine Xwlthl, th« f Amerie«a%Too«ee»^
from »n tnd*anJu;*mro» •* ot Ml >

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