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•The »w'lmlti*<ry «ccro« sn Annnrcd
TliinK-KlwnlnirK Snlf Will Probn.
■I>ly He AlinMOonrd-lfain 1 Vnf«lcn?»
j, ons scnioiicc— lll so n V. Conn In
., aided. .-*"/■■""" , f
PETERPBUKG. VA., ' September IS.
rSpooi;il.)'-Ai the present Urm of the
Corporation Ourt. :< decree ordering • th<j
ralo of she Ettrlck Ma nuf act urinff Com
pany's pJnr.t and property, will, probably
he entered. : ;ThVsalc "f this valuable pro
perty, as previously ordered and adver
tised, whs stopped "l>y~ an ... injunction
prant^i by Ju<lro Card well;, of the Su
prome Court, to 1.0 clT<ctive. however,
only until the further 'order of the. Cor
poration Court. The, object sought by the
delay having boon accomplished.; there,
will be no further objection to the sale
of the property.
BSr., Thntnas Hirst, of Vincland. N. J..
Trim has been in Peicrsburg several days
Feeking a" suitable biiildinfirfor tho estab
lishment of a large rug; factory, has-been
successful, and will at- once, it is under-,
stood, lx-'gin "work to put the factory Into
operation. *lr. iiir^t is an extensive
manufacturer In this line, : having been
:*npag«d"'in. the business for many years,,
and manufacturing only for the, whole
sale trade. Whllo here he has also been
looking into the question of help, and
thinks he will have no trouble in seem-in*
tlio^ labor he will need. He is a thor
oughly experienced and energetic man,
with an- abundance of capital.
: Inquiries have, also been made by north
erners, relative to the establishment here
of a plant for the manufacture of spokes
and. staves." Tho abundant supply of.ma
terial near at Imnd.. would be an induce
ment forsuch v factory.
It Is thought probable that the threat
ened' suit by Sir. Joseph , Eisenberg (
against Mayor Jones, for $10,009 damages
for alleged false imprisonment, may be
dropped. The matter seems to have been
tho result of a. misapprehension, and the
situation' one that can be cleared rather
by explanation than by court proceedings.
Isaac Vaiden, the" young negro who
was recently convicted in the County
Court of Prince Edward, of highway
robbery, was taken ; . over to the. peniten
tiary this afternoon, to serve the sen-"
tenco of eighteen years given him by the ;
jury. His, victim. was a married lady of.
the county,". Mrs. .Egcrtqn. ■ whom he held
'up at tholpoint of a pistol on the public,
road, and under, threats of death, forced
her to give up her money. ,-
The grand jury to-day returned a num
ber ;of • -'indictments, .against parties
charged with felony. Among these were
Charles . Picrecy and Bernard Nelson,
young white men. of this city, - for rob-
Wng Mr. .Richard Bowles, of his watch
and money. .
Indictments were also found -against
J/ L; Mann, of. Norfolk, for forging
the- namo of . a merchant of this city,
to a check for Jl7- and' then getting Mr.
C. F. Shortt, a merchant of Ettrick. -to.
■cash the same. Mann is. now ' serving
sentences. of eighteen months in Newport
News or Norfolk for other offences, and
cannot be brought • here' until nfter his
time there expires.
An; indictment '.was also returned
against a white nun ' nanifd Robert
Hayes,' who recently forged the name of
J. E. Smith, a farmer nf.Dinwiddie coun
ty to an • order-- for money on Martin,'
Sons &' Co.. of this' city, n rid' drew the
money. Hayes has left the State,- ljut;
may be located arid captured hereafter.
Amor.c; tho cases ; sent on to the Cor
poration. Court- were those of Nat Clai
borne and John Johnson, negroes, charg
erl with assault and robbery from -the
person. ". • Claihnrne was reJease'd ■ by the
grand, jury, and Johnson was indicted.
'Thej/petit jury- declared the. latter "not
guilty," believing that Glaiborrie. com
mitted the crime. "
Willie Smith (colored), was sent to the
penitentiary for one year' to-day; for his
third offenre of petit larceny. "_.' .
'•-' "Junius . Seabourne. a- nt-gro. charged
•with breaking into and robbing a. car of
the Norfolk and Western Railway Com
pany, was --.discharged on "not a- tru«
bill." found by the grand jury. He was
Immediately rearrested_ on the same
charge, and will again be brought up for
indictment. . : .
,-'•' The grand jury to-day found an. In
dictment against the young man Dixon
\V. '■■ Conn.ofor obtaining $125 from Mr."
R. B. Davis. . of this, city, by means of
c fraudulent draft on a fictitious Urm in
Atlanta, Ga.. Conn is tho man who soon
after he left Petersburg, was secretly
married in. Hampton. ','. He was arrested
In Eoanoke. / . „ . r
-. Mr: Heel, of Columbus, <3a., tlie father
of L. J.'Hect, the Worth Company forger,
was in the city yesterday t<v sec Mr.
Worth about the matter. It. is undcr
fjtood the latter.' intends to", let the law
;tako its course.
Senator 'W.- U. ,'Mcllwaine will defend
Soodman Brown, Jr., (colored), who is to
ie tried ; in the County Court of. Surry,
next' Tuesday,, for .'the .murder of his first
■/cousin. 1 " ". . ../ .' ' ,
While sora hunting on tho Appomattox
-marshes to-day, Mr. David Dunlop. Jr.,
was .struck and slightly hurt by shot from
_ the gun of another huntsman. . :
r : ; A little daughter of Mr., Harris, P. Don
nan was run over by a bicycle rider on
Market street this afternoon and pain
fully injured.^ ..' .. . '
Rome Defy <he OHlcials 1 and Refuse
to-Pay the Tax— Hi -CKoweH ■'■
Purcha'sc. '■,':■'.?:*"'.■;.
■HEATHS^TLiLE, \ y A-, September IS.—
(Bpecial.)— The' dog law jn" this county is
yen' displeasing to a large number,. if not
to a' majority of the people..' Many* paid
Get the Most
Out of Your Food
You don't and. can'tif your stomach
iB weak. A weak stomach does not di
■gest all that is 'ordiriarilyHakeri/into it.'
alt gets tired easily, and what it failsto
| digest'is: wasted."*, : " ;? : - ..''■'■''-'' "/'':' '/-' r -;:
Among the "signs" of a weak ; stomach ■
are Uneasiness after oating,- : fitß!ofrner-:
toub headache; and'disagreeable belch
ing. . ' ' ' ~'[ ■-_ -
"I have taken ll.ood's (SarsaparlHa": at \
times for, stomach troubles, 5 and': a:
ifTun down condition ol the syEtem* and have;
« been greatly ; benefited ', by; its use.v| I iwould ?
Snot be without it in'niy.fainilyjf I'am trou-/
Ibled eßpeciallyiri summer wlthTreak etoni-.
f ACh and nausea and find Hood's SarsuparlHa
| Invaluable." E. B; HicKMAy.WV.Chcster,' Pa;-
Eczema, Fspnasis, »aii
Rheum, Tetter and Acne
■d i^^ :i L that class if inflammatory ah^^sfiiimngiSkin eruptionsjj^iati;
St^e^througlxAhe glands: and; pores. of the skin.^duangar^^
<;rribablc itching : and burning, and/ » i C aa cheerfttlly.endorße your S. S. B.r
and white scabs that drop off , leaving. ÜBine a fevT bottles of s: Sis: entire- -
the skin tender and raw. effect ly
loSstof innumertble ; blackheads}and;pimp^
tteSce. krincation^fthebloodisthe^only^edyfor^eseyi^
dltSs& Washes and powders /can .only .hide ..for a time^the^ glaring,
diseases. a^ ;^^ blemishes; ::S;S;.S; eradicates all poisonous accumu
>^B /?^ '/rrs'lationsV antidotes; the '.-Ur.i c and -other-acids^ and
■■' VSs! VZ*\ ViSk restores the blood to itswonted purity, and stimulates
>^Sl I»0 1 SO) and revitalizes the sluggish organs, and the lmpuri-
A^/ *wy V*,* S ■ ties pass off through th c I natural V. cnannels .and
relieve the skin. S. S, S. is the only guaranteed/ purely vegetable blood
Srifier. It contains no Arsenic, Potash or other harmiul mineral.^; . _^-
\VMte us about your case and- our physiaans will advise without charge.
We have a handsomely illustrated book on skin diseases, ; which^ill^e sent
free to all who wish it. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.i Atlanta,/ Ga.
the tax promptly, knowing it was useless
to defy the law, but some from . the be-,
ginning have refused to do this, and have
challenged any officer to kill their dogs.
The treasurer^ recently furnished; Justice
Eichelheiger with a' .list of all -delin
quents, and warrants have been .served,
on these. There are twenty of-this class.
Two of them came "and paid their taxes,
but refused to pay the costs of the war
rant, etc. The whole crowd isnow sum
moned to appear before our Justice
Eicholbergcr on to-day.. A lively time is
expected, but the justice declares they
must either pay the -tax and costs or go
to jail. - ■ ,
The different districts in this and West
moreland county are having much diffi
culty in getting the required number of
citizens to serve as registrars. For some
reason or other, none seem willing to
act. '' •
H. C.Rowc has recently bought a store
house and dwelling here. The property
was once occupied by N. H. Moses, now
deceased. There was a deed' of trust on
it, consequently the. trustee made the
.sale. The price paid was $400. Mr. Rowe
has had three applicants to rent the
dwelling already. The store, in which" he
has been doing business for two years,
he intends to remodel to suit the de
mands of his extensive business.
The Republicans of this county, in their
meeting here last week, elected delegates
to the -Cape Charles Convention, which
assembles September ISth, to nominate a
candidate to. run against Hon. W.i A.
Judsc McDowell AVill Preside, In
stead of Judge Bbyil, Who ;W«s
. Once rroweciitbr.
GREENSBORO. N. C, September IS.—
(Special.)— Judge Boy«l 10-day ordered a
special term of the United States District
Court at Charlotte, commencing Novem
ber 20th. lo try the Breece Dickinson bank
embezzlement cases.
Judge McDowell, of the "Western DisV
Irict of Virginia.- will be designated tc
hold; the Judge Bo'yd being disquali
fied by reason of his -having assisted in
tho prosecution" of the cases; while he was
first assistant' attorney-'genqfal.
Awsessed - Knch— ToJjr • Mapp "Wan
'DiN*elinrfi-«Ml— His Plnoe "Xot Open
for Ilnsinrss." . .
NORFOLK." VA... September IS.—(Spe
cial.')—Two .more- liquor selling victims of
Mayor Riddir-k's campaign against Sun
day violators were fined ?25 each to-day/.
They were K. A. Perry and Alex. Seigel.
Both were guilty- of ■ a first offence, and
so came in foj" th» lightest penalty. ■
Tobe Mapp. charged with maintaining
a gambling house, was. discharged. It
was not proven that his swell place was
in operation, or open for- business, within
the mear.ing-of the statute. The expen
sive paraphernalia captured ; will he de
stroyed. '■ . .: . :• ■
Status ..of XorfoUc ncfrisrcratinij;
CompnnyJs- Affairs.
NORFOIjK; VA., September IS.—CSpe
ciul.)—The Norfolk Refrigeratitg. Storage
and Ice. Company, having settled, with
all of its creditors,' the bankruptcy pro
ceedings'pending against the. company- in
the. United State's District Court -were
.to-day dismissed, and the receiver, Mr. R.
B. Fontress, appointed as the. result of a
suit, brought against, the company prior
to'; the bankruptcy proceedings, : "was dis
charged. . ; ; , . ,
-.'..; ■" -^ — .;//'♦'/ — r*-rr..
Governor .Has l'urcliased I,or<l Fnir
'fax — A Fine Roadster. .
T^KESBURG. YA.. September IS.—(Spe
cial.)—Mr. John G. White, manager -of'
Selma stables. . l^eesburs". -Va., ■ ".'-'to-day
shipped to Governor Montague an elegant
roadster and harness, horse. ; named Lord
Fairfax : sire. Day nesfort ; dam. Standard^
Bred." The price paid: is $500. : ' ..' ' ,
— — — ♦— r- —^rr- -
Rich Man at. West Point.
"WEST POINT. VA... Sept.: lS.— (Special.)
MHlionaire / .F.-F.~Betz arrived at the.Ter
minal Hotel last Sunday -morning from
Philadelphia with a pleasure party aboard
his steanryacht '"Dolphin." .' With the
party-was Mr. 1..c 'Roy *E.-. Brown, ,-. :
"%Thf object of the trip is to -go up, the
York river on a sora hunt; but before"
starting the gentlemen ; enjoyed a stay at
the Terminal, and, saw everything, of in-:
terest -in West Point. They/expressed
themselves: as delighted with the :beauty,
of; the surroundiri?rs. ' • ;,,-;■ -, ■■'■ j
;.They also expressed tho. opinion that
West Point has a fine "chance to grow,
owing to Its, Excellent water front and
central position^ : . ; . ; .
.After enjoying the spra : hunt for "a few
days - longer Mr. Betz" will return in his
yacht to Philadelphia. "-' . - ■■
Rev. Dr. Mayhce's. Society- SeekiiVo
Secure t'osnrHfiion of JAttlciOnem. :
; Stronp Opposition., ,
; iWYTHEVILLE, • YA.. September isT-.
(SpeolaD-^Rev.; Dr. Maybee^ State: superb
inlendent ,'of: th el: Children's -Home -■ So- :
'?*£.%. 0f ..-'Virginia; :is i'jrif. Wythevnie^this^
,, w * e^» th c interest ; of that; beneVolentsb^i
.clety. ■?. His ,. stay has; been Jprolonged-iiby j
s the efforts of the:;locaai;board^ofJthe^or^
;ganizatlonwin;i IWythevillo,;';.wl»o>geek1 Wythevillo,;';.wl»o>geek : 5 to
.tal^iby^process of Jaw v certain^ children i
I n^}te&to^:ithe^^-caUea;g parents % of i
iWho^n i rof use ; to '■ give Jtheni Vup.ts Reference '
*^I^^ ni^lJ^attheWß^halar^
the society, with being improper custo
dians of the little ones. : '•• .•■■•■- : ; ; ,
The case- of .Shelton came up and was
heard before "Justice /James R. 'Creger this
afternoon, and he decided in favor of the
society. ; Thaf'of '- Matthews will/nbt . be
tried before" tlie : latter part of this .week;
Both Shelton and/ Matthews areifeprp
sehted by abla-.cpunsel.Vwho, are infighting
the cases, and one of them has said' that
if necessary he will carry/ the matter, to
the Supreme. Court of the State. An ap
peal has been taken in the case decided.
Matthews has one ] son and Shelton ; four."
Naturally the cases/are attracting un
usuar-attention. being, the first -of "the
kind ever; tried. In Wytheville. /The final
outcome will .be awaited with a great
deal of interest. ; / ."'•'"
Decision Handed Down in Stannton
Yeaterdaiy— Case of "WilUinson ..-.'■
: vs.-Tractibh. Company.
STAUNTON, VA.; ; Sept. IS.— (Special.)—
The following business was "transacted
in the'supreme court to-day:
Judge James Keith. Rector and Visi
tors University/of -.Virginia.^ Circuit court
Albemarle county. " Reversed.
hitten vs. ißank of Fincastle.- Circuit
court of Botetourt county. Reversed.
Judge John A. Buchanan:
United States Fidelity and Guaranty
Company vs.. Peebles. Circuit court of
Nelson county. Reversed. :
Judge George M. Harrison:- .
Fitzpatrick vs. Fitzpatrlck. Circuit
court of Nelson county. Affirmed..
Brock vs. Bear and als. Circuit court
of Rockingliam county. Affirmed.
- Judge S. G. ' -Whittle: • . - { '-/\€
Grover vs. ' Grover. Circuit court of
Frederick county. Affirmed. , •.;-
Neff vs. Tyman. Circuit court of Rock
irigham county. Reversed. . . -.
Appeals and writs of error; Richmond
Traction Company vs. Wilkinson. Cir
cuit court of Richmond; Writ of error
and supersedeas: Bond $7,000. : .
-Norfolk and Western Railway vs. Wade.
Circuit court of Franklin county. Ap
peal and supersedeas.' Bond $3,000. /'
Hicks vs. C. & O. Ry. Co. Writ of error
andsupersedeas. Bond $150. " -"
•City of RICHMOND vs. Anderson. Law
and equity court city of RICHMOND.
"Writ-'of error -refused. . ; ._',.,,7.;. „.,^..
• Partlow vs. Lickliter fully' heard and
Court adjourned to meet In 'RICH
MOND Nov. 11. .
lie iis Cliargtctl'AVKli Buvning v a Sec
. , <ion of Jackson City.- . :
ALEXANDRIA, VA., September IS.—
(Special.)— John Nelson, charged>with. ar-,
son. was granted, bail in the sum of $10,000
in" the Circuit; Court of Alexandria, coun-.
ty, this afternoon. The hearing, canie up
before Judge Nicol/on an appeal from
a decision of Judge Love, of the County.
Court, refusing to renew the prisoner's
bail.- • ..." - '
Six' thousand dollars was the sum of
the first bond. . It was proved to-day that
the house in question was not a dwelling
and the offence' charged therefore was
bailable. . ~ " : '- r -' : ' ":;/';
"Nelson is charged with, burning the
banibling section of Jackson-City. /He
had not secured the necessary bail this
evening.' The new trial will begin- next
Monday. • , . .'-./.
J3eiiio«to«l >e-\vj»brt '". Keivs Citlsen
AVill Be TaUcn io Xcwbcrn, X. C. '
: liy Hi.s Fricntls.'
NEWPORT NEWS, VA.. September IS.
(Special.)— T. W. Spencer, who attempted
suicide in Chicago/ will not return to
Newport" News. : He' will', be taken to
Newbern. N. C, by an officer ;and. con
fined in a sanitarium near, there! Chief
of-Police\ Johnson to-day received a tele
gram from the Chicago chief to the effect
that Spencer was being ';held. and 'instruc
tions- were awaited: from Newbern. ' - ; ;
- The ; German • cruiser "Vineta, - flagship
of- the South : "Atlantic /Squadron; left/ the'
ship-yard ? t6-day. 'hf ter'va . tiibrough :'oVef
hauling; and r anchore'd m v Hampton' Roads
to await'sailing orders from Gerihahy?
She, will probably sail .to-morrow.'^'; ~y-.
John Hudgins has 'been, sent on"to the
grand jury in Warwick /county for shoot
ing "Edmund 'Allen, who probably will
recover from the three bullet wounds in
his ltody.v : , ; ' // ' . ■-,::.
Twelve members : of/ the: Huntirigton
Rifles will be .court-martialed .'to-morrow
night for. non-attendance at. drill. •-"..,
• : .; : - ; -Gold from -Australia. -;v'-': ":•
. .NEW YORK,'; September ". IS.— T&zsLvd
Freres was . informed . to-day thai t" the Lon
don. Paris and American Bank of \ San
Francisco 'had :increased';its::ship"merit: of
Australian gold from 5750,000 to~$l,250,000. :
The: gold is due at ? San Francisco in the
early ■ part c of : next ■ monthl ■
Pimple?, rashesV eczema^
boils, headache^ nervousness^
debility -^ these are. some of
the results of impure blood.
Medical authorities agreeX
that impure blood can be
made pure and rich. Your
doctor will tell you about
Ayer s Sarsaparilla. aii&S*.
Sj^Bad ? blood > follows constipation,; andf
I constipation g follows va? B luggish sliver, t
|A^&|Pillß:are liver: pills .vj,Tbey^i^
' §tfuce|: natural
: |»atUral.^Fiy;f gc ' • ; . «gg
Down in tlielChlclcnhoininy.'Svrnmps.
■.;■■ On the Day Before He Landed; :':
Many Chub.
(Speclal.)^~Goyern6rA?' Montague!^ Col > : Li-/
■W:Jliahe^v Jr.*i:/of : his: staff; • : .?^s Ca pta«n
Hi.jiW-jL7j.nc. Sr.. ; ivre shooting: sora r ! in/ tho
Chlckalibmiriy; "marishes ;. to-day. ; ;Tliey' lief t
earry7thls"rnornihg:-ih; carriagesji and were
well '£ equipped /with ammunition^ 'i etc. • , ; '.
's ; The ' Governor had /rema rka bl y" good ■ luck
fishing ; "yesterday,-; ; ah'd ihe j" caught ; a'/: num
ber/of flne/'chub.- and was more successful
than;/ any /of his;:^ companions, .-. and :this
morning: "his"/ 'excellency -/shipped. /a/big
bunch -of fish and' birdff^to/ his family in
Richmond.*,' " - ■ I'/ ■ ,"
S-j.'As jtheTparty, has not yet. returned from
the inarshes,. it is supposed the;;Governof
will "not * return- home »til 1 > to-morrow. / If
the/ people . of, Richmond want to see wha t
kind of a sportsman their ; Chief Execu
tive '■■ is ; they . shoulpl /be "• at -the Chesapeake
arid -Ohio .railway'/ to-morrow -morning.
Concerning Telephones. People,- and
:• ■ -. : • .the Hobby Horses.- / ••..■•'
'^QUINQUE, VAi; September / IS.—(Spe
cial.)—The Greene' County /.Telephone
Company!- has ; put up- its . (poles ; from
StaTidardsville to .within a .few • miles of
Barboursville.- HOn. N./B.T Early. Jr.; ; is
also -putting ; .up/a; branch* line to his coun
try seat near, Erald. . ■'.. - . ,
fMr.- Early has brought from his moun
tain' farmtwenty-flve of the/finest, stock
cattle/ever seen in' this vicinity.
.iHis father and mother. . Mr. . and- Mrs..
John Richard : Early, /of Albemarle coun r
ty; are Mslting him at present. ~ ;r
J. El Harlow and his sons, are building
a very. commodious. house for Mr.-.Charles
N. Smith, 1 whose home, was destroyed by,
fife/ the 13th of June,/ near -Rock Hill, in
Madison county.-. •'-■"' /.
Will ;- ■ Huckstep removed .his saw-mill
from Charlie Smith's to Mr. Charlie Pow
ell's,, on Rapidan" river.
„ Mrs. -Alice. iuarlow has/ been seriously
sickfor two weeks at her home at Quih
que. •" ; •;-_. : „ - •- "= "i .. ' ; '.- - - - '
: " ; 'Mi6S: Bessie Harlow, of. Roanoke. is
visiting at her uncle's near Quinqiie.
-The hobby-horse turntable at Ruckers
vllle.i is :; taking \ip\about -?25, nightly--
An Exciting Runaway Last
-.- - .Night Without a Dra- / v
matic. Finish. r
It was dark, and the sound of rapidly
moving hoofs rattling over flint-like /coin,
blestones at once attracted: the. attention
of pedestrians, for it was but the thought
of a moment to determine tha fc the noise
was.. made, by a runaway. North - Fifth
street is not- by any means unfamiliar
.witiLtho 'sound •of rapidly moving eques
trians,. for .it abounds . with livery stable
and carriage repositories, and : the loud
halloos of the "stable .accessories" are a
part and parcel of life on this particular
thoroughfare;- but : the rattle and clatter
of this occasion was so plainly that of a
drlverless' horse bent on causing trouble, '
and the possibility^ a crash with a pass-'
iiigelectric car was so evident, that quiet
loiterers and -pedestrians became curious
and excited. spectators. .'
- Suddenly, from the darker regions below,
Marshall ; street, . two; balls of fire leaped "
into" view.'" A swish, a snort, a grunt; a .
dark object ■< approached and. flew past
with' two rays of /light shining from the
front and a cloud of vapor emerging- from;
the rear. '.Quickly the race was on. / '
■ Jtseems that a prominent citizen had.
made arrangements /to take a friend?
driving, land whilst-heleft the horse ana
vehicle temporarily alone the said horse;
had, for certain unknown reasons, sud
denly dashed off .. Equal to the occasion,
however,' 'another 'party' manned his auto'
andrstarted in pursuit:
//What 'might .have "been the result ..of
this -unique and not to say up-to date
performance, is -hard to tell. The horse,
with amazing speed and . apparently un
swerving/purpose, "covered the space be
tween' Broad and Marshall/- streets and
dashed on toward Clay. People shrunk
close against ; walls and fences, and dodg
ed behind tree boxes. . Frow doorways
and alleys' the curious poked their heads.
.The -auto'- -bounced and snorted oh.
As the runaway horse arrived oppo
site the last livery, stable, a peculiar thins
occurred.' The "stable accessories" came
to/the front and won the day. Was there
a-heroic an-d startling act of a brave : by ; .
stader? Not mucli. Was there a gallant
and awe-inspiring dash a.nd struggle for
supremacy of the human over the. dumb?
Not/oii your' life. . .':■■■■.'
A -resonant and powerful chorus of
"Whoa!" suddenly came from the throats
of/a score of darkeys. The ears . of ; the
horse stood upright, he slackened, then
slowly and finally: stopped, and was led
quietly to a hitching-post.The automobile
dashed up, : its operator calmly stepped to
the. ground, a conversation began to en-
I sue, and- the writer passed on; :■ / " .
■ ; Kcysvflle Chlt-Chat.
•.. KEYSVILLE, VA.; September xlß.—(Spe
cial.)—There were' two slight frosts this
week, but no damage .was ■ done. Farmers
are busy cutting: . arid I their; to- ;
bacco crop. Great quantities ;of primings:
are -being marketed, : and are bringing
good prices.;.;;. . ";-_-. : '■'■' ';: ':'". '.-■ .-]," '
'■■ "-The 'Virginia . Horn a '.I School opened i ts T
session- on -the filth; withr good prospects/
Miss ' Maud Swift, of Riclimona has", been
Secured " r as Professor of the Music De
partriient;:i: : "" .'■.-. .'.-.. ~\ < ".,
1 Mr. W.: Horace Jeff r ess, -of -Nottoway,
has been' visiting ;his-; brother.: ■ ■ •■ {
- Mr. .. B» ; Stanley.. Jeffress, postal ' cleric
on •. the ; Norfolk ■ and .WesterriSra.il way. ". is
spending : his/ vacation. -with -.his father'
and:mbther. v '.'[''
'.. Judge- John T. Jones, of Arkansas, .who
has. been spending, the summer ;with':his
daughter at Morton Hall, left- on Monday
for-hishome. • ;.■ ' : " : : * - -■■
v Captaip ,W." ; E. King, supervisor of -the
Southern - railroad, has -moved with ' his
family' * to : South Boston. ;.,' ; >. - _ „; ,' : v. ; ■?■.
• Mr. Aubrey : Bailey, of;. South Carolina, i
is- visiting: his father who has been quite
sick. ■-■':.:■•: :.•>•;:■:--:■.":,.•.;. : t _ ,
;: Miss Mary Atwell, has gone to school in
Richmond. _ Her father's; lainily 'expect'
soon - to ; move there to live. •/, ■:.-
:•.■:-: Heber. .J. Morton '<■. ha s ' returned \i to his
studies at' HampdehrSidney.iCollege.V-*:
.1 ■; Mr. H.-. \ D.;. Peters '. and/ .; family, ;. have
moved v ;tc: Chase i City^where'he'ihas i'en
gaged.; in the ■ mercantile ".. business.:- ' .-.- -
Cherry Stone Canning: Co. Employees ■
■ : -r.-VAslc i More \Vase»— Personal;", -v 1v 1 '
.•; . CHATHAM, VA;, September 18.—(Spe
cial.)-^Thei '''■ Cherrystone Canning Coni-/:
pahy^was qnj Tuesday confronted iwithja!
strike i among'^^the^^eelinir^oom^em-';
ployees/'^ The more]
than \ 2 Scents xperiCbucketrf for i peeling;"
VwKen?/ Manager.;; :W.:/;A;KCherry/: ; :becjiimef
acq~uaintedswlth^the^ sU
(thef stTtoera"Sthatsthey,^couWgre|^rn;-atf
once ; to^worlcyat*jthe'p price?|he^a'd|beenl
"paying^ or / leaver aha (never ' J enferlthe | f acS
jtprylagalri/^Thoy stern, position' taken, by
; Mariaget%SCherry '^aibon had Its effect ' on
i&SpTß^C^Qaxiq IT. P. Carter on^laat!
Sunday operated upon Mrs. -'Charlea> r Ad^
: removing one 1 finjjrerjand "(part:
■necessary : by a- 1 BevereV Joint i felon. - lira: -
fSccasioiiedi by/^mall^^
The' Mutual Life Insurance
'CorfiDanv of New York aviil
nof insure those- have
•apoplectic.' ;Thi|
suggests the advisability of ;in-
while -in^/;gobd;
*r-The"A»«s of jThe Mutual Life Insurance Companj
•of .New York exceed those of ; any t cUier life insuran«
company in existence. They are over . •„..-..■:.•■ :-.
$352,009,000 ,
' 0 It has paid Policy-holders over „"....
which is more than any other life/ insurance companj
in the world has disbursed. ; - v; .; ="- : ;^, ■•-,•" '.v"
Jr A young man; ambitious of success, should consia*.
; these points/,/ ,' : : ;.:■ .r• '■ ' '■ ; '■ '_ "-"-- ,„ . \\ ':.
■'•-• .-.Write for "Where Shall I^lnsure?,,*
The Mutual Life Insuranct
. . , Company of-New York: -■
"- ;./• *'■: RicMARD A.McCurdv, President.' ; /
BDGAJRS; FREEMAN, Manager.;. :
• / ' : J : RICHMOND;; VA.; ■ ' v -
Adklns iwas doing fairly well when / last
seen by. , the doctors. • ' */.-' ;// .'-'.-. /
i Mrs. Charles _W. J - Noel entertained sev
eral of /her - friends on / evening
at whist. The * house was ; beautifully i def
illuminated; . //The , evening Jwas
rare . pleasure throughout; ■ The; first "prize
fell; to;iMiss,i Johnson. *o>r. T./L. ...White
head was awarded the booby..- The" first
prize /was ..a /very /handsome volume of
"The Blithedale/ Romance," vAt,' the con
clusion* of the game .frozen/^punch, hot
chocolate, olives,- and cake were; served.
Novel •. Advertising; Schenie— Pinn to
Diviile Dover Association— Personal.
U WILL-IAMSBURG, VA.; 'September' ISZ-f;
(Special.)— Li. AV./ Roberts: & ;Co.t:;" have
adopted/a practical way to- ■advertis'e-" /the
resources : of the. Peninsula: 5 ; Tq'-day ,they
shipped/ several: large; boxes ; of .pears,/-ap-
pies.: potatoes.i-corn, grasses, pumpkins;
and 'watermelons to Madison; Wis.'; ,to\be
exhibited at a fair to be; held in<that;city.
They i say the i people of the: Northwest
are much interested in the: Peninsula," and
they believe this display of produce, actu->
ally grown ' on ; our C soil ; here. will be the;
best' means ot advertising: this. section: ;
Members -and delegates;- are , coming, in
to attend, the "nTieeUnsibfj Baptists -here- to
morrow to consider /the advisability, of, ,or».
gani^ing a new .association.' from "this part
of the Dover .organization. : The/\serrnon_
to-night' will^be preached; by the' Rev- A.
B. Woodfln," of JHamptori: " , . .
. Messrs. B. AY. /arid-R ichard Braithwaite
gave ar delightful '"; lunching party- to-- a
number of their friends, on York : river, ra,
few/ days - ago. The party/ went ; in/! the
Messrs. -Braithwaite's ■ trim little/, launch;/
embarking at Capital landing, on , Queen/a
creek.* They cruised about, on. the -York:
and /visited -York-river'- light-house, ;'. re
turning, late at night. „-The following.^day;
took ; the - trip.", Mrs. /•: H, :N. Bucktrput,"'
Misses: Leone Powell; --Sue and -.Jehhie.
Arrnentrbut, Annie Kiger,' and Messrs. "W."
B. and Richard Braithwaice.
.--;. PERSONAL.:/ / / ~ "
Mrs.'J.S.Boyles" and children, of Rich
mond, are visiting^ friends here. ...
Mr. LittleburgrFoster,, son- of -Dr. Xi._S.
Foster, of the Eastern State Hospital; has?
gone/to Blackstone to attendtHoge Mili
tary Academy/: ;- " .. -'■; '.; " • '. -■ . „:..-■...■:
; Mr. A." H.- Sharp, of. Madison; ,Wls...:a;
well-known real /estate ..man, is in town
with a party /of *;home.-seekers;. 7 '^-m \rn~
./Councilman: E. H. .Clowesr^of 'Richmond/,
is ■ expected -; here to T morrowt af-ternooifcrto
be-the guest of Mr.-Archer;Brooks^stew
ard of the -Eastern State' Hospital. Mr.
Brooks and his guest will spend a day
shooting^-sora." ■ : r; "■: ''--- ""^ ; ;- -
To-day. Mr. R. B. Slater sold "Edgland,' : '
the eighty-five-acre . farm; in James-,Gity
county, .to N. O- Edenlof. of Minnesota,
f0r52,200.-: ,"::,-.-- -.-■.-'■; /":.-•• ;
: JOKE ENDS FATALLY. . - : / ";
Israel Booth, a coloredjman, at Toano,
who was * shot on the' night/ of -August
'30th by .another negro : named : Tom , Ed
monds, is j dead: /.Booth -made /affidavit
to the effect that the shooting-wasall his
own" fault;' as j he i ; was trying to ■scareEd
rrionds, when/ the : latter, shot him. . •
Crescent 1 Excelsior "Co. in Freder
icksbnre&Conditlon oif Mrs. Moncnre
18— (Special.)— Another new 'manufactur
ing concern has just t een organized In this
city.' It .is "called : the Crescent/Excelsior,
and Planing Company,' :. and' -will "manufac
ture excelsior, dressed/ lumber, ceiling:,
etc.- The 'plant of the^Fredericksburg
Wood "Working Company, which : has been
idle for some! years, has been- leased and
new machinery ' ; ijf now being installed: The
officers of /the hew" company.; are : ■" R- *A.
Johnson, president ; R. Yon Qrickseh, yice
pr'esident,: ;and; : :'-'W. : .-F. -Fickleh. treasurer-
The condition of Mrs. • R. :.'fl:X.' : Moncure.
whovis seriously; ill jof typhoid /fever at
her home,' at "\Videwater, In" Stafford coun
ty, ■; is I slightly improved ' to-day, but small
hope is ..entertained of ner' recovery."; //'.
Englneer.;:Dickinsoh; of Richmond.^is al
iriost ■ ready to make his : : on 'the
condiUon -of the streets in:;* this city,
which the council, contemplates: paving.
-Entertnlnment at Roilmry. . .
■'ROXBURY, yAi.V September 18.—(Spe
cial.)-i-Mufch pleasure and instruction were
derived by \those who attended; thb.leci
ture'and spectacular drama of the -Modern
prodigal son's "/' Lost In London and Found
••it . Last," ; which -was r, presented . ; by) Mr. 1
S.VSherjff ■MauVice.uatAVlllis'i.Methodlst
Episcopal, church last; evening.' - .:- ■
v: Tiie ; lecture; was , descriptive "and/ ex
planatory,: and wasfdellvered Tvith?:force
and eloquence. -a •;■•'>.•• : - : 'i_~.'y--:.'i ■ . .('r-:^-y- "■'
.; Ai vein iof ifiumorj ran.''! through': the -lec
ture, which.; added' to ;Its attractiveness;
;and impressed" on "the : mind v valuable
.truths. •• -;;_': "- •■
. .By amagicjlaritern there were/presented
on a canvass itwenty ;feet 'square seventy
five; eleg.iht|pain tings "from ' life- .'mpdelsv
A larg^ ■' crowd -a t tended ,"'■ including r'niany.
people -from\;a 'distance. ; Refreshments
;were;on : sale;; , > ; .r ; 'V-^ ..' . •';'' : ; -'-i-.-"'s-;«iv-= ;
Peter,: Faults Broke His Xeckin Sor-:
' , ■>';";' . fbllc' County yesterday. ■ " : P"/
.' "NORFOLK;; -yA.-ifLi September- 18.^-(Spe<
cial; )-^Peter l Faultz,-: emploj'ed i on \ : i tiiS.
f arm; of :J.^MSWiggins;' in. Tanners. Creek,- :
; Norfolk ,; county," : fell 7 : from "the :J top / of -'a:
; load : of *-ha*y,\whlch?-he i"xwa's hauling ;. in "
■a: cart,Jatidibroke: his\neck; death>being :
iihstantaheous/-^ W^'"■'■-■'<-^-^ ;":V : vv ; :-:-^;>/
>SThe; ; stiteniehls published .below lcbri^ll
his remedy is an absolute cure for Asthma
cand Hay Fever. • " • " -
' saya : | l'l hay e found your Ast hm ai Cure a ~%
: pormanont cureiorj i Astjhma?f or^whioh*! t !
?.us.ed it 7:yeara ago.«l havp 'never had th&fi
: slightest^ returns of $the^troable aincer^l^i
Ihavo also found your^remedyCescelleiit ih-J
f Bronchial "aSectioh's^^^^^^^^^^ !
s^-Hay|Fojerisu^rer|w^te^'6i* 4 l'haye|
bopgbtSl l
its use this is tho first summorthatl have -
not been troubled;!! Mrs; Frank QuilfoglObi
:6237RIdg6ayaau^Roxbdro, Philadelphia. |
g|Boldby;drß*g&te;*ttspe:'tJrf-flla^t^^ ;
s Se^nd 3 2c stamp ito Dr. • R.- i Schiffmann,
Bnr BQQ. SC Paut 'WnxLzJa* m\l r^Ukmii
%&&mt'..'... .'.,., '.. &&&£££
of his goods that wore stolen during the-
Jreceh t '% fire^ here iiarfd 1 caused \; the ; a rr^st j
■ of 4Thoma"sl Smith! atfd f-wtfes(colored);j.asi
iwoman, y it : s«ems. ; " succeeded^ ln,:s P/T.9 vills 'i
her " innocence/ by^inf orming/i orijher • hus-J
band. Thomas-; endeavored ,. to i deny the
'charge^ bu it { ad- ;
afterwards/" to/jget ithem;^ some /one had"
:taken?;all ' but h a ?;fejv>] shirts Xwhlch i
;tHblughtyhe ; ;mlght?as^w^l,:carry|.home.;
fMr^H.v P-vKentyejcaniihed ithe^two ac-
: cusedj? in -theTabsehce¥ofi- ther Mayor and;
'impoisedlS-'finei'of 'fllfeach'b^ them. „- ■.
SMiss:ElizaCj3wherd"andjMiss Ethel-Mcr
here/yesterday ..after a
'delightfulHvlsltitq iCharlottesville. " ; /:
"SMr.^ A;" -Walton ; :' ls . -busy/ ; moving : the
i'jjrick'^l etc.; preparatory /to "/rebuilding his
dwelling -which /was k destroyed -'by :fire.
: It iis \ reported Uhat -he; has ; ."purchased s tho
I l 6t r arid < remains :of theiburnt. store-house
next/ to; his Jdwelfing.V/whic^':- was /owned
by,"iMrs. r J.rT.'Timberlakev vi: ; ■'- ■';
i*Charles iWillard ; and -his • son are putting
in place \ their .new engine /with a view to
runningCthe grist mill /and spoke factory
which/has: been /idle /: for" some time In
cbhisecjuence of the lack of water, power.; ;
;iMlssMaud';Taylor.;of Hanover.; is visit
ing her. aunt, Mrs. B. R. : Cowherd; of this
place. ''•':'*-' \" \ ' : '•?'■'. "■" ■ :
:/Mr';arid Mrs. H. HJ Hiidglns" have gone
to Charlottesville.' to: attend 'the ?mar
riage of /their brother, ■ Lieutenant Hud
gins., of; the/navy..- . ; / .-" : ; : ; •
./ Mr. . Warren> SnVad has returned to
Kentucky where ;■ he has been - employed
for/ some time: in constructing a rail
■rdad. ':■ _ ■'.•/.-/.- '"*; ~--.'--\ •'.'-'.
First 'District Consressmnn^ Fine.
■ .Speceli— > : orthnriiberland Affairs.
HEATHSVILLE. VA.. Wednesday, Sep
tember rr.i-XSpeclal.)— Monday was court
day at -Lancaster, but the /crowd^present
was considerably/smaller than xisual. The
court-room was well, filled, however. when
our popular Congressman; Hon.; W.
Jones, v arose to address the; pemocrats.
;■' Mr. ; Jones's Bpeech .was ah' able enTortr—.
one/that opened the eyes of all his hear;
'ers, when he : spoke /of '-trusts,
imperialishi and expansion! He: does " n °t
believe : Bry anism was ; the - cause of . recenf
Democratic defeats, /and^ very- clearly ex
plained his reasons for so thinking.
/ Though there : is more Democratic oppo
sition to/Mr. Jones in/this county than
in any other of the Neck, he received a
hearty .welcome and continuous cheers.
/The graded school-here opened, on Mon T
day vwith over forty scholars. .The-chil
dren this year will be given « six months'
of "free schcolirig', , while/ heretofore .they
have' had only five. The school/here open
ed earlier than any others. -.^ ;: -
:. The | trustees . have shown j great • interest
in having comfortable \ houses ;-fpr -the
children /and teachers -this year."/ Nearly
everj* school building. has undergone many
repairs, and. at Providence a^neat house is
being built. / ;..;■:///
./Northumberland's county fair, so the
directors/ have announced. . will' be he'd
on' the 15th; 16th, ;and l 17th of: October,
.anri a week later, ' on the '23d,. 2sth, c arid
25th;Itlie same grounds, situated here/ will
bevrented to ?. the/ "colored/ people/of this
county. who r wlli: also have an exhibition.
/At' this time' there -seems v .to. be more
interest .taken -in :^ the colored fair than
in the white one. • /
/Justice Eichelberger. on Monday .reri-
f^lk I^^ 1 HJs And many other paiiv'- and serious
811 i^^ ill 8^ a^ ments rom w^icH i.ost mothers
Wm l'^^ I i« HH suffer, can be . avoided by tne use of
H &^k H^a l^°^ Br ' s Friend." This great remedy
; BB? .H JnjiHs^p^Q^ ;..-H;. ordeal with' safety and no pain.
No woman who" uses -''Mother's Friend* need fear the suffering
and danger incident to birth; for it robs the ordeal of its horrot
arid insures safety to lifeof mother and child, and leaves her in
a condjj /on more favorable to speedy recovery. - The child is
: also " health v,; strong and- rm «« _^j^, rm?&m »■ w» ».^j__ .._m_
woman, arid will be sent iree'in plain ¥BR t W% §Ip R @ I^^
envelope by addressing application to | g j*|| |Sg M|j
Brad field Regulator Co. Atlanta, Ga. W S®S£i^ &B
Fourth and Broad Streets.
The Oldest and Most Reliable Credit House
This Fall's. showing of : ; Furniture,: Carpets, and Stoves will' again
•emphasize this fact. Thrifty buyers will do wisely by keeping- in touch
: iwithithis big store. . ' // , '
Lamps, Fancy Reed, Ratfan, and Leather-Seat Hookers, Clocks,
i j jWatches^and Diamond Rings;
Richmond's Popular Credit Storey Fourth and Broad.
Special for TMs Week-
7-Pound Sugar Boxes only ioc. each.
3=Compartmeht Cake Closets only 85c, each.
B^lnch Covered Dishes, 25C^ each.
16-Inch Meat Dishes, 25c. each.
101! East Maln;Street, . v 9 East Broad Street.
'"C^:/-.:^':.-^ « - :■?■.: ..V/,r.- - I::.-.,•I '::.-.,• ?
CflA White Girls to
Beaded B^s
for 89c.{Each,
Worthfrom ll^^o ßl-50. ■ .
thafc /we- guarantiee vwill not ■ tar
nishjan^ in -that respect, are su
j^rior to the ordinary §5 bag. -
Our :89c. bags are 5-inch size,
handsome metal.. framesi chamois
lined, with: inside pocket, and lock
ami 'wear as well as a" much high
er, priced article. ' Jn3ty why they
do) this i is the" maker's 'secrefc
We 'judge them only by/ whal
they're already proved theinselve j
to be;. . - " ': ..' .-
dered a judgment- against",. George H.
Smith f0r. 512.50 in favor. of Captain C. Vv".
S.lmpklns. Some dispute arose between
these two .well-known citizens as to vessel
freight charges. ::
T. J. . Doyle Succeeds* D- S. Ileakcl—
Oil Well Operations Stop. .
BASIC CITY. VA., ,. September IS.-(Spc
cia!.)—Mr. T. J. Doyle; formerly superin
tendent of the : Deaf. Dumb, and Blind
Hospital, of Staunton, . has filed. his bond
as treasurer of Basic City,: and Mr. i>. S.
Henkei;has turned over the books and
money, to him. ; ./ ~f / -
Work has stopped for the' present at the
oil well." 'It Is said that some matters of
detail are to""be. arranged before the oper
ations: will. be started again. The well I 9
now 700-feet : 'deep. .■■;■ ; :; ; •-..;••.■ ..
/ : Mr. Sammis. proprietor oC the Belmont
Hotel,; has been -In "New^ York for the past
three weeks. ■'• : •' y '■' ■
/Mr. / T.; O. Herilcel'.'has 1 ' charge of tha
hotel in his absence. „
; D^. S. Henkel returned ;' from Harrbon
burg 1 last night where rhe wns engaged
in a tabernacle meeting wi'.h Herbert
Yenell. for the . past" five weeks. Sixty
five persons were organized Into a new
church as the result of the meeting.'
,- ;. : - ■■ . ■ . - — — — » .
. ";•- :Glouce»ter Registration. .
September IS.— (Special.)--The ' regtstrara
of Ware: District.. after three clays' iwork
at Tjeyillians' precinct, -registered forty
three whites and : three, negroes. Only . ten
negroes offered. During .the first- day at
the court-house, twenty-nine whites and
eleven negroes were registered.

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