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>-■-..■....■.. ■
s|§;XO>lt\ATKr» nY THE .ni"Pi;«UCAXS
!:V«i''SAn«i ««<!><*. Corivontlon ivdjonrns
: ; : Hp Wlrl.ic» .i Cli»l!*,njfVs**o>J sicct'.iJiw
'' ttnnnlmonJi >ominntion.' ' .
; ;CA PE CH A 01-EP. VVA.. September IS —
(Special.)— No- in yc;us ."haw 'the Repub
licans of the Kir.<t rfcsirict ; met- in con
.ver.'.ion. nomimtod a V-anduinxc'for Con
jrrcss. anil transacted oifinur liusiness as
<Vi'.ckly arvfl as nrderiy. -"*- s was the. case
jier--- to-day of Jhe conr.-eni Ion; which
nominated Malcolm A. C<ile. The whole
ttinio actually occupied -was 1 , less" than.. two
hours. The ntienrta-'V.e wap very small,
vand four conr.tics— Lrtn'casihr. Northum
boiiand. Spotsylvania. anil
r l.'md— wor" no! represented', at all.- The.
it»!orod brother!-- werc'f cbrif 4)icupusly ;.ib
:'«ent. tlvre beins; only two
Tlie, convention, was- callrjl; to- order at
-.soon by El,. R. Dunn, of '■ Caroline, dis
trict chairman, who was tnhde. temporary
nnd also peminnent- ohairanan. ; R. S.
BriPtow. of Middlesex. wa^ elected secre
; iary. Afticr the appoltitmr.nt of a com :
niittee. of- resolutions. )rao»si3 was taken
>for dinner. t . '
"On reaKsemblinir th<?:Cowmito«e on Rcp
oiutions presented thrir \ rep'otrt. which
was unanimously ad?pt«". • ' li' lamented
the death of President . McKftiley: reaf
firmed the natiomnl , !»lstform; endorsed
tbe present ad ministrn Uon: thro course of
State Chairman Agiiewtand hfe executive
obmmittee. anri denoum:ed tho- Democrats
for perfecting and pro.tla'mtnsr the new
" Constitution. \ /
Tho roll-call for nominations was then
Tiesun, and wh^r. MiddlesVp.x: was reached.
Mr. J. Briatow. the ra.ndjdatn four years
ago. placed in nominating :"Hon. Malcolm
A; Coles, of North»rmlWcland county.
There being no other" naSne presented,
tha nomination was by acclamation, and
the following committee wvas appointed to
Wait upon Mr. Coles' and j bring liim be
fore lhe convention: MftSifrs. J. A. Bris
tow. of Middlesex: .Tose.jfh Traders, of
Mathews. and T. : C-. : "l.Wa Pker, of Glou
cester. • I
Mr. Coles, in ■ accepting | the nomina
tion, said it was ono unsouphtand unex
pected, and that he had co hclttded 10 ac
cept it only after the ear be.«*; -pleadings
and solicitations of his friends.. He then
denounced the proclaiming', anrf. making
of the new Constitution, j praised the
course of the Republican pdrty. and be-
Kcechincly urged organize ttpn, nnd work.
The business of the convention was
coT-eluded by iho election elf iR. S. Bris
low. of Middlesex, disttrict cbnirman. and
C. W. Smithcrs. of Noartha-n-ipto-n: TosepK
Traders; of Mathe.ws: T. .E. Jones, of
illddlrscx: A. 15. Johneoru jof Richmond
rounty. and James A. TJinier. of Freder
leksburg. members of the State : Commit
lee Before leaving the city. Mr. Coles
Bddrrpsed a letter to Mr. .loves. ttlv> Demo
cratic nominee, notifying him of his nomi
nal ion and acceptance, naid offering to
Jointly dlscuFß the issues, at/ any time
or place. j - ,_ J .
Coiiittiissioncr Kbltner toJUinld a Se
fics X«*vt \V r ce3c— DiitcH aud
Commissioner Koiner>«in holfl a series
if farmers 1 institutes ne&t /week in South
west Virginia. The datec are :is follows:
Marion. Smythe count\- Moicday; Ab
lngdon. Washington county. Tuesday:
•Tcnesville. Let- county, Tliurpday; and
Tavewell Courthouse. Satißrdff.y. Wherever
on institute h;is been held • the farmers
have been anxious for another, realizing
the great good which results from, the
practical talks of men \vho ."have made
careful study of the subjects -,t hoy discuss.
"At these institutes Professor ,"S. B' Bar
ber will speak -open ■■Econorriv' and Prolit
in Feeding Stock." and : . "How. ±o Get Bet
ter' Results." Proiespor S. B. Heiges.
'manager ; of tho test farm at. Sax e. will
tak« up the subject of fruit growing in
nil its . branches. Professor Kiiiges is
acknowledged ns one. of the bcstfautKorij
i[frs on fruits in this countrj'. ; Commis
missioner Koiner will give a, practical
talk upon "Th<> TTconomlc Uso.,of Fertili
; : Thß fertilizer inspectora'. are-, now • work
ing: in- every district;^ of the. State, and
■the chemists in the hew ' lalx»vai"ory are
kept;busy a-nalyzlng the samples that are
JsentKoithV department:" ,
. Thrtr Golden" Annirertiarr.
'Friendship Kebekah LodgelCo. U (the
ladies*- branch of tue I. O. O. F.> will have
>: very intereKting- meetins 'to-night. The
Celebration of lhe fiftieth anniversary of
)ho order will take, plare. This "will be
\ - ory impressive and beautiful. - After
«rards an entertainment and grar.id ban-
Jiuet will follow. A pleasant-, .'time 'is
promised to :ill. .Members may bring
: . ' - , C. C. Ell?- Convicted.
L.YNCHBI3RO. VA., September IS.—
■ {Special. )— C. C Elly, a.- white man,. was
.ihis morning found ■ guilty- in the Mayor's
Court: of embezzlement from the !.■. B.
Prior* Mercantile Company.; whoso head
quarters in this State are At Xr>rfolk. It
I Steel *nd Gopper-Plate
I Mi ood Business Oais
'The only nouse in . the cit 7 turning out
*1I branches. of this work
> ; -f under its own roof.' "
t" . :V " . ' ;
e^« guarintce our wiprk to fee equal to
►V any. Northern House, " :
W. Designs ani Specimens Furnished.
I (i J^f- f * Jim Dumps a daughter had who spent • \ \
'tWms Her strength on social pleasures beat. . - . , ■
' iS§P ( ' So haggard and so thin she grew, n •
• ' .'■"-. Her" chooks took on an asheriihue; .. . -. „.\ * . ■-. .-/.. ; ., *- ,-.-.,?. «*
V^^ -J^^^s*>^>. »"fwas "Force" that sobn returned her vim,. • -r?-rs___ - :-— V?
S^t^^^^V l^^ She's how^aS;Spry; as M Sunny Jim;" ■ --\ ll^^^^l^xv :-;\ '•:>-
Sweet, crisp flaHes of wheat and malt— eaten cold/ Cjl^KiiPcJ^ '•
'"' -■■;■- •-■-.■"' ' ■"■ ■ •■ - : Girls Must Bo Well Fed. "';! ■■■' .■■ . ■.".■.■."..-' '^. - / '"'-' jl§«\ '■' ■£'''js'
■ " Between the ages of twelve and sixteen girls develop with ; groat rapidity, both men- . ,W|fO ' &*m •
k'vandpSlv The body must be well supplied with thenmtenals:out ofwhiclrto . ..- X$Q(/- ./ js»<-.'-- =
• -SaScturc •energy and the elements 'of repair-in other words, girls must be well fed." . ' £pr ■■''&&s?
25 , Dr. Alice M. Hart, in "Diet in Sickness and Health." •. . . •- . • '. '. ■ '(pa&r^ - ■
was the Mayor's first intention to fine
him ?•"> and costs, but finding out that on
June -3d of this year he was fined JlO and
costs for 'the larceny" of goods from C.
M. Guggenheimer. his Honor, sent him to.
jail for thirty days instead.
Pi»<ol Wonnd Proven Fatnl to Wm.
Bnolhe, of' Concord. .
fSpecinl.")— "William Boothe. the. colored
man who was";- brought here two or 1 three
w-ecks -ago from Concord • with a wound
in his neck, made from a pistol bullet,
died at the City Hospital last night. The
physicians were unsuccessful, in their
effort to, place a compress upon, the.
wounded artery, and the negro slowly
bled 10 death. Deceased was 45 years of
age. and his remains were shipped to
Concord to-day for interment. ' "
Idea of Xegrroes' ; Moving: to Africa
BIRMINGHAM. ALA.. September IS.—
The feature of the morning session of
the National Negro Baptist Convention
was a report on foreign missions, read by
Rev. L,. G. . Jordan, of Louisville. The re
port dwelt especially. on the need of . ag
gressive "mission work in' Africa, though
the commission discountenanced the; idea
of American negroes moving to Africa 'to
reside. ' and added' that' the; American
negro is in better condition than the ne
gro in any other part of the; world. In
his address. Rev. E. C. Morris, presi
dent of the convention, .urged, the negroes
to talk less about what .they are going
to do. and accomplish more.
Object of. tive; Meeting: to Heap
.... Chnrpfvn Against McMahon,. ■ •'-•»
Chief-"of-Poli<> Howard "said.■yesterday
afternoon that th= object of the meeting
of the ' Board of Police Commissioners
this afternoon will-be for the purpose
of trying Policeman Thomas J. McMahOn
on the charge of insubordination While
on duty. ' -.•..."
"If tl'.cre are any other " matters that
are to oome before' the board- I do. not
know of thorn," -continued -Major • How
J. D. Casliicn. Accused of
l4Qi>iltor is Exonerated.
In the Police Court yesterday 'Squire
Lonnie Graves dismissed 1 the case of J.
D. Cushion, a blind man. who .was up
on complaint of Mr. J. O. Allwood, who
charged, the blind man with appropriat
ing and burninj; certain pieces of lum
ber, the property of Mr. Allwood.
In yesterday's Dispatch the item noting
the complaint against Cashion.' made it
appear that Mr. Allwood had; been ac
cused of taking lumber. This, of course,
was an: error, as Mr. Allwood appeared
in tho roleof the complainant.
Gambler Decide* to. .Pay Fine anil
TJndergro lmuriNoniucnt. ■
Arthur ; Hankins. one. of the three re
mninirig gamblers upon whom warrants
were/served on. August -Ist. and who es
caped the. vigilance of Officer Wyatt.
gave himself "up yesterday, and was ar
rested by Mr. Wyatt and taken to the
Second polir.e station: He -was after
wards bailed to appear in the Police
Court this' morning.-
After learning of the court's leniency,
Hankins. it is said, decided to : surren
der. It would be better to- pay the. fine
and undergo the short imprisonment than
to 'constantly dodge the police.
Two warrants are still out— one for
Jaraea Anthony .and the othor for "Pres"
Xucko!s>: Mr. . Anthony . is : expected back
in a. day or two, and- theii his. case w : ill
probably - take . the same course as the
others. ■ ■
Tlip Police Court Docket.
■ In the Pplice .Court yesterday, Willie
Hope, a 'negro youth; was sent to the
reformatory for, . eighteen months . for
stealing- a. watch— his second; offence. -
-A. E. .-AVhife". for allowing his horse to
run loose was. fined $2. %■ - - /* .
G. H. Flagman for allowing his cows
to run loose v.as fined $2. . '• s
A young white man. giving the name
of a .prominent bqsiness-man^ 'was .ac
cused of insulting a young lady' by going
to Jier room 'at midnight. /The young
lady.'s.brother against the ac
cused, who was fined; S5. He took 'an
appeal. . „
E. B.; JOelson. for carrying: concealed
weapons; was' fined $50 and siven : thirty,
days in Jail. ; ;• ... ■'• : ;: . *
■■■- Leola; ■; Johnsc.i and Annie; Taylor, for
dancing in _the street. wer©> fined $2.b0
each. ._„ * . - , : „ " ■■;■:. ' •
A. L. Dixon. for- fighting, was fined^Ss. : '
PhiL.Seay was aooused of cursing and
abusing • Willie Dudley. His case -was
continued.; ..■: . -■ . .- . .
; Lorenzo . Lacy ; was accused vof stealiti"
a pair of suspenders.- His case was also
continued. . ■ • •
James. Christian., for house-breaking
was given six: months. •' . -— . v
; Matthew; Thompson and Sandy/Hack
ney, .suspicious characters: thirty -days
each: ; ;. ' ' ; ; ;-- , :.-. ■ ;.' v--.--:— ■< , ;•/■ "■.■■'- ,
Jienry .Tucker, for ;. being "'disorderly
was 'fined JS. \ . -:• -.r- :■:-■■■■; -y .-- •,:■:.
■: :'; ■'~~ — ~~r~- ■■ . \ .
y "Biillooii. Anoensilon;; _ :S: S \ r
There, will •' be ji balloon ; ascension- at '. (h*
Pescrvoir; Park: 'this ; afternoon ;*l:<;:30
o'clock: = This : will .probably , be the last
of.tlie season::-;; - ';-"--.: . :"- r .'-/---..".-,.'
JTl'l»«'. 3lary" ami IV^iretslpc -Solil : io: r ,Tsi-";
■-.■ ■.-. ■.'.■.■•.■■. ninlrn Pnrrlinnrrii: _ ,'
. XORFOLK. VA^ySi'Dtember l&^Spe^
-i A • Dn.vls as >d Samueli'
FJolmron. of r Kinsr^or Jnmaica: arrived
;< , : ... h;->-s™ai
A. B. LeCato.'. of the Merritt Wrecking
Company, his yacht Mary and Berenice.
She -is the swiftest twenty-footer' afloat,
and has. won. everv- .'.race in. -which she has
ever been entered. '.The "Kingston yachts
men came here especially to buy her.
Beinpr l>i«ted In Pctcrslinrg.
PETERSBURG. VA., September ; IS.—
(Special.)— Registration to-day resulted as
follows: Whites. 117: colored. " 2fi. Total
registration for seven days— Whites. 1.041:
colored. 43^. _ . ; • ,-
In Richmond: William ' L.:' Carneal .and
\Y. C. Davis, trading as Carneal & Davis,
and their' wives to'J.J. Miller. 17 11-12
feet on north side Marshall street. Wl
1-12 feet west of Graham street. S2.S2S.
Caroline and Joseph Holzgrefe. : Mary
Lizzie, and John Amrhein. and Miss
Katie Schepers. to G. Arrighi and C Gian
notti; trading as G. Arrighi & Co.. IS
feet on north side Cary street, northwest
corner Seventh, street, subject to -deed
oftrust for J3.000. ; 57.000.': '".-"v . ;'r '-7 ' -■;
Samuel " Horace Hawes' to. Katherlnc
Heath Haves. 21 fi-12 feet . en Mai:i street,
lOS'i feet from Fifth street. $5.
J. W r . Johnson, to T.Crawley Kcnner,
17- 1-12 feet on east^ side - Second street,"
4C 5-12 feet" north of Jackson street, and 20
feet on east side Third street. 33 feet
north .of Jackson. $2.150.
Elizabeth Shanks, and .-Vnnie T.' Shanks,
S.S G-12 feet on west side Twenty-fifth
street, 41 feet north of M street, $5. etc.
.In Honrico: Joseph" L. Rohieder* and
wife, to Lillie C. ■"■ Rohleder,- "^ 'acres
near. Fair. Oaks station, on York Kiver
railroad. $1.500..-' '■; ; ; .■'■
Hereafter They Will Be Sum
y : mariiy^Dismissed- for;
Employees of. the city, stationed in or
around the City 'Hall, must riot -indulge
in drink to the extent of inebriation. A
resokuion- ottered ■by i Alderman Adams,
and "adopted by the Committee on Grounds
and Buildings yesterday, provides sum
mary, dismissal of any. suc'u person, .with
out appeal. The order. was directed, to be
sent . out to' all the employees.' *■*■ ■ j ■ >-
The adoption of this resolution was a
compromise that :scved : the.'"6lUcialt- life
of a watchman who had been suspended
for inebriation. He was reinstated, but
with a reprimand added, and eveiv this
was only after" solemn pledges from the
offending '■-'watchman. . - ■ ;■ . -;
The case provoked <ong discussion in
the., committee, and even some, of those
v,-ho favored the' reinstatement of the man
admitted that in doing, so they felt they,
were, neglecting ■ their, duty to. the /city,
but "were actuated! by sympathy- alone..- -.. '■■
. .Finally. ..: Mr. ■pollard's, motion that ..the
culprit be rc-primande-i and' reinstated.'
with the understanding tha t "another of
fence meant instant dismissal, was adopt
ed. .Messrs. ; Bottom. Hicks, and Burton
voting in "the negative. '
Then Mr. -.-Adam's." offered --his resolution
providing that, .hereafter any' employee
who reports , for"; duty in nn intoxicated
condition shall, upon -bring reported to
the city.engineer by the ssrgcm-.t-nt-arms.
be summarily dicmiesed. thnt such action
by the' official • fhall be final: and; that [a
copy of same; shall be served- on every
employee. .. Tt if?" further. pro^'Mcd -ihrifariy
one charged .with neglect .^cf, ofilciaj <luty
shall -be : ' arraigned before t'ne-ocnin-iittee.
md in the event- that iho ch.irgos arc sus-
(ained, shall:- .be'; rl;r.mi?sed. . This resolu
tion was -unanimously adopted.
It came out' in ; fhe'.discusslon. : tha.f there
has been considerable comment and orili-.
cism.pf alleged neglect of duty by some
of the .employees of tho'-hall. and one
or« more, members. of the ■"cfimmitieo coin
cided in Hhp '-.criticisms. ■'. Thi-> new. roirs
raittee showed a. disposition to bp more
dra'stio :ii'. ".dealirisr with ...ihosi>.- who ne-.
gleet their" work. .'and 'saved .'notice .that
no" such conduct wi'.i"- be longer tolerated.
' : - - ; GS Y5» A—Si% £% K3 S,"
/:,•""•• AND
■ ' trip":. .: -vTRip- - -
• ; „ . FAsmvEsfißUijED 'trainVl,??
Richmond; By rd-Street, Station;
: sXK J S? r -' Si:jNDAy ' ; ' lit; S:3u:A';Uvl.Vfor NOJR-)
j^BEACH;;i arrlvlngi Norfolk ai? ; A;M;^with ;
: through jcoaches^between^rßichmond^antl-
AMrginJa' Beach; and; connectingratvNorfolk'
; and :r Western? depots Norf oik. r.wlth | SPi2-
Beach-6:30',R;M.; ;Xorfolk>7:ls P.:m.. ar-
F riyinerJßichmondUOiP;SM; "
O^A^ rP)rONLYfAjLD-RAID;-RpPO:E.!f|i#.r P)rONLYfAjLD-RAID;-RpPO:E.!f|i#.
•:>iTickets7for'3alc at'N. 'anU- W^oJflceiaiidT.
.ilember of Cliicasto Boa rd of .Trade
Hn »l Sorrow Escape from Fall
in Roclc Island ElcVatbr. _
. CHICAGO. Sept. IS.— Suspended , only by
hisVnahds. .MicXaughton Wright;' a promi
nent member of the Boarsd of Trade; hung
between life and death iior twenty min
utes yesterday" at the top of a grain chute
in the Rock Island elevator.•■•'-When-res
cued Mr' Wright was exhausted and r on
tho point of; reTeasinc: ; his. hold, .which
would haye s meant' a fall of 100 .feet to the
hard -floor, of ani empty; bin/, and^certain
death. ' ' < . t ■• • .) .-■■ •; ':■:'■ '
. He had entered the. elevator .to inspect
some- wheat.' Making -a 'misstep*, ho. .fell
into . the chute.: but. succeeded In * clutch-
Ing Ulio edge-and hanging by his hands.
Mr. ; Wright's, calls' for. help. were finally
heard by an employe, who 1 , pulled«"him
out.; -. • ; "i-'-W'i :. : V'-.-i- •
No ]Ei<rn Scasion of Leglslatitre to
-BVpeni Co. Innnrancc Claiase. '.- •-■
JACKSON; MISS.. September ' 18.—(Spec
ial.)— Governor Long, in an- open- letter,
to-day r^.f used... to call the" "Cegislature
in special .> session .l. to"-, repeal the : "Co-In
surance". cMauso. on "cotton. ■ which has
caused muc.^ dissatisfaction to. the State'
for some tim>t- , . ";'...
Il.nrrhii faille Completed. . . ;
LONDON, SeiNtember. IS.— The subma
rine telegraph calVle, whtch is to join the
United States ano\ Hawaii, sxa the first
link in the systenY to-'the' Philippines",
has .-been complete.^. .-> and' is -now on
'ljqar(l*;.thQ stdanXerSilyertown? lyinsr
in" the" Thames'; preparatory' to s'aili'iVg-,
September ;20th, for*. San; Francisco,
whence the vessel will immediately; begin
laying' the cablo .tpr-Hovaolulu. The Sil
vertown is - expected fto -'rc>ach Sari . Fran
cisco 'early" in , December. < cable is
wound' around' three. -enormous spools,,
each ithif ty ■ feV-t in '_. diameter. : jits ■„. total
length. ;is 2.413 .miles." 'iner strands " are
one to three ! inches thick.-; , * ... -..:•'
Says .'ftSettselcßs. V?rejudiceJ> Exists
ABralnjre v Them. | :
c "LONDON*. Sept. .IS.-iThe- Pall' Mall Ga
zette this afternoon;'- Voices the general
feeling of Great "Brita^ :in sounding a
note of ; .warning: in connVction with what
it. terms '"the senseless^pr^judico" against
and "persecution" of ;motonists." It says:
;.- "Great ■.energj- and-. entertvrise arc ; cori
centrated; in France, th<; tvnited States
and' Great 'Britain in the.; invention, of new,
tnacnnicry. for rapid; travel;, a\id-it;,isab-_
surd to permit fanatical, -; unreasoning: -, op 7
position to strangle or se'riousl^v- hamper
the big industrial development." \ i. . ■;'::
The; paper also declares that VPoed -is
no test' of danger, ."as a slow "macX'iin.oin
unskilled, hands is the" most dangerous,
.and it maintains . that thirty milc\s.\ an
hour.'; by -a skilled driver isa 'reasofvaVle
standard. "• . . '"■: ... . ' '\" '
T!ip Locomotive Firemen. . ■ \
• CHATTANOOGA: .TEXX., September-, i
17.— (Special.) — Most , of. the morning scs T
sion of the ; Brotherhood .of - Locomotive
Firemen -.vas consumed in' a- discussion
on ' the ■ proposed changes in. tlie constitu
tion// ;..; i :'- -,;. . •'. ..'" ■; '• •■;■:.
i[rs. .Sargent^ president of tho Ladies'
Society. ' announced that- : Mrs. \\\"l Bi
Watts, wife of the medical examiner of
f.ho Brotherhood of JLocomotiye Firerhe.n
had .been appointed editor of the' Ladies
Departmentof ■ the Firemen's Aiagazine
Osto'i-Gerain Alliance Denied. . :
THE HAGUE. September -IS:— ln .'the
first ' chamber of the. States-General .to
day, during the debate on the addresser,
reply to the "speech from the. throne, the
.Fore U;n Minister.; Dr. .R. "STelvil Baron
.yon Lyndon, set at rest: the- rumors of
r.n alliance between -Holland and : :Ger r
many.;. saying 'there, was no foundation
whatever for them: Th"c country!s^per
sonal relations -.with otrier States; headd
ed. remained . unchanged: ; There had .been
neither estrangement rior more"; intimate
relationship. -. -
• Ap EIU .yivL-y' Succeed Henderson"; ■
DES "SIOINES. ; \IO\VA;' September .
Through the columns of the ;.Waterlob
Courier. ;Charles E, Pickett, of ."Wa-ter
!c6. Past; Grand Exalted; Ruler --'of 'the
Elks, this afternoon,, formally- announces
his candidacy .to ; succeed ; Speaker ; Hen
derson:, It is urged that hV. will .unite all
factions : of; the'' party.. : '. -. ''.'■.;
.'---'_ ;Rielimoii dors' in Sew.York. . : .
. NEW ".TORK, September. :IS.— (Special )
. Fifth f Avenue, Airs. McCormack, Misses
Glasgow.'. V ;;. ■: . • " ; ■ .'■- : ." '..- .-.* ,
Marlborough, M. C. Patterson, E. Roh
iev. ' • :"-; . . ; ■-■--. ■;■,.;.;.
';.' Hoffman; .S. T:, Jlorgan. A". B. Alsop,
W;.>W., Christian', c Miss • pickinsoh,' . Miss
Tohipkins. _ ■ . • ,
Astor,; G.;A. Sinrjair-'andiwife. - ._„. _„ ;
Broadway. ,' Central. "W".'; Thomas.:
/Navarre. . E.tß. Sydnor.. " ,"" "X - ''"'''} "*,*■'
■ liVendomo.'C.iManriing."I iVendom o.' C.iManri ing." : Jr., "H.';'J. -. Coh'n;
J. *J. Crutchfield.
'-JHblland,;-^!., E.iMarcxise and "wife.; ..
Bis l«'lri» In Allefchany. .
' T'in^SßUßG;,PA:vfSeptember^iS^A i inre;
•ip ft lift j Mil tual ;Buildin?r, "l Ohio; street, r f7Ule£f
gh'eifiy? - this •■ a f re.moon. '.-/, destroyed [/-'.>, .the ■
stock' of th*' Wheeler Paint j Company,
faiid. i*h:idly (damaged? , the"; lower^ttaofjiotj
the; building . i •
Harry Gloi-s r.r .implode, wn* fatally)
burned, anil one of the nrerocn was-over^
come by Hie sraok<\ but will recover. THe
loan Is ftinsated at 850,000;" fully Instirw??
' '- / ' ■'
. ; ." .THE-COPiTRACTOUS^^o;;;^
Citri;Hn^nccr ; Declare»;TUat Stcvrnrt
' ■' Irbn T Work!i Have;F,ailcrt 'to* Comply
'.}..", -■'-' ':.■■:'-' ;?.j.;:-".'-'.Vi',- '." ';' i .'• I - v"-.* : . "'*• - '-1.--.- '.^-O- . ■-.
•: ' IWitliVtUe^Tcrius of .Thciv Coatracr;
' ■"■ Matter Will He Considered This
• | Morhintr. ■...•-'•';■- \--'r:-%U'-/--:-:r~-./:: : ;-_ -'■"--;.;
'-•The ''Council '.Committee'; on? | Grounds Ai}d
'Bull-aitigs ■ will meet, at .10; o'clock Utis
movmr.gr for •■the*!, purpose : of ■ .he a ring "the
representatives;: .of ,' ;the:;.;Stew.irt'. ■, Iron.
Works'; of Ohio, in the Vnatter ; of the jail
"contacts': and, the 'dispute -between the
contractors Vand;; the ;: City ' Ensrineer -.-' as
what, are to be charged as extras.-; - -
' Mri : George ' J. .Woelf el,- general superin
tendent} of-.the company, 'and Mr. ;Stew
art."-' of', the -'the -members., were pres
ent Vat V : the :\' committee meeting yes
terday, but owing to the inability of the
, city.' engineer; to be V present longer and
the unwillingness of members of the com
mittee, to 'proceed to a (hearing in his. ab
sence "tho ; matter, was:, defened until this
morning.- t ■'■■.- . - v _.-^ "-. „; -i t "y ' ??.
From the statement made by City Engi
neer Cutshaw. yesterday it seems that tie
and the , contractors • differ on several
points and are • unable % to " reconcile their
differences; ' hence 'the /hearing before the
obmmittee, ( the cchiractors having cpnie
here' "to present their.^side of the case."
Colonel" Cutshaw claims' that the com
pany"; is; r undef. contract"' to put in a bake
oven, and that /they 'are not putting ;in
adequate*, heating"- arrangements as called
for". by ;the,conti-act. He says,- the steam
pipes .are too small;' the contractors say
not." Colonel Cutshaw states further thai
the' company .has never submitted all the
specifications 'for his_ examination as re
qtiired.; -.The t company is. willing to p.ut
in : certain;apparaius as extras which the
representative of • the . city ' thinks arc de
matided *by cbritr act*.- ,".•"" - . -
-. •■-■• AS TO HIS WHIMS. "
■ In speaking of, :ihe: differences and ot
tho '. correspondence ,-v with the . Stewart
firm?. ' Colonel "Cutshaw - incidentally
referred to ;the' : •"statement., 'in"; one
letter^ ; that "" he; ;:';-h'ad-> ."•whims." That
however, he said. ; had .nothing to' do" with
the question at issue, .but-vras a'personal
matter, which could be settled in a.per
sonal way in' five 'minutes. He said it
like; he meant -what^he said to be con
strued as -any one -chose to construe it,
and; there" was ;'a smile on the facts of
several of the committeemen at. the ex
pression." 1 ,.- ' ::i: :i , *' ■ .... .' ;
; Mr. Woelfel.; representing the company,
appeetred-' before : the 'f committee, and de
manded"- a^ hearing: "He claimed that he
and his - associates ; were.heree '.here ;at great
expense 'on the assurance^ of the cbmmitr
tee that they could.' be heard yesterday.
He insisted that "they.;, could not afford
to await the .convenience* of the cbm
mittee. :In' 'fact.''" ths superintendent was
rather emphatic and peremptory, in his
speech. \ • . ] . r ...
: FinalU'. after a prolonged discussion, it
was decided to hold-: a meeting .ot the^
committee this : iiiornitig, when . both . sides
of the case will '-tit* heard.' ■?. ■[■:.s '■ ' - •
vTho; con tract ■ for.- the. jaiL was let to the
Steward Iron Works over the Van' Dofn
Itfoh ".Works Companj-r-whose-plaSis were
regarded T by the'. Cityj.'Engtticfer lad(7^e-J
\ •<.- /; ■■/' Still Keepn It'Up...^;, . ;.;
.' "During a - period of ■■poor health some
time ago I got- a. trial bottle of DeWltt's
Little Kairly; Risers,", says Justicetof-the
Peiice" Adam Shook,- of jNew: .Lisbon,;- Ind.
•'I kook them, and' they .'did' "me so much
good. V have used; them ever; since." Safe,
reliable, and' gentle' ' DeWitt's Little Early.
Risers neither gripe ;nor, distress/ but stim
ulate .the liver ...'arid^ promote •■r"egvlar.,."and
easy action of the bowels— '-..'i ..f -.. .&.
lioVv. Rates .to". California via" the' Se
n' . 'board- Air-tine RaUwny.
The Seaboard. Air-Line i.'will sell on Sep
tember 27th. 2Sth. 29th; and. 30th. special
round-trip" tickets. to San Francisco and
tiOs ."Angeles. ■', These special ticket? will
havel 'very'; liberal,';. stop T over privileges,
and .have a ; return limit November 15th.
The fare from Richmond and Petersburg
will only ".be 595.70 for the round trip. Call
on "• or. 'write, any agent.- of;' representative
of i the 'Seaboard ; for/ any further informa-.
lion. . • .. :_ -
■Baaratha ' Kind WuH^eA|TO|S' Bali^lt
Very low Rates to. California and
. the West yla Seabcard Air line
•". Kailyvay. --i „ ', '-..-'. '.-'., • • ■
| . Every day iluring '. the months of ' Sep
tember ' and October the Seaboard -.will
sett ;: one-way -settler's--., tickets' to San
p,~ijnciseo and other , western points at
ex\^e<3ingly low", rates ■ . ' .
E\oY furthsr -information call ' on ior
writ.a. to -any; representative of the Sea
lioarkl. v-- .-■:■ :'■ . :' . . : - .-:'■ ■- ,'■'■ 'y~ :■":■,
" C\-<% S3 "S? <3 S^. X J&. . . -"
Bsarsth©. v i_y^^' r ' c Kfnd.You. Kav6>lway3 B^flht
Signature '■-.FjFr.^ Zo^^~^ .■. ■
Very Low S"»^tctc California and Ke
. .turn, ViU Southern Kaihrnj-, "
;On -Septembeg:\27th.' 2Sth 29th,' and , 3oth
Southern Vailwfi:^ v will .sell special' round
trip ; tickets froiviX points on its lines -to
Los < Angeles v and x Bah% Francisco and re
turn a t : specially \tow -fates, '. with return
lin.it . Vovcntber . I\'i\i..;- with ; liberal, stop
over' piuyileges. ;,Tliv-Eie r tick«ts2may. apply.
through'.'Memphts. K»assas City,- and-Col
orado;; or 1 through AManta and New Or
leans;-; For" this -rc-asv>:i . the rcund trip'
rats : ' from .Richmond ■;• V> -I-os Angeles or
San" Francisco and return will : be 355.70.
1 ■■-- . j .-- "• ' ' ' r':
„. V: ; -.■: ,<p ss <^> 3e&:.3: ,
Bedrs tao ' : ' /}^ i»ind=You:Kw Always Bcjghi l
. ... ■ . -':'-'■• ••:.•*■-'.■-".■; '•■'.■^'••i-i'vO ';'•--.- : :? / ..V"-;-
Seaboard Air-Unc ;;\ Rail-way,-, \LiOtv
' '"Rates'tb Calii'ornlaand the ■,W v *st.
>:EveryVday'dur)ps7th^ montlisVof^Sep-" Mr^lJonati WeUvSatiiflcd ,\Vith ,1U C
tember and October r •■'they Seaboard Air- - r ' . .Urond-strset GroiwU.. . '■'..-.;■... .-.;■..
Line {railway. ' -wlHtseH^ one-way, .secoi.^- : air^V Donati presiderit'Of the Trl-City
'class^settlers'Atickets^to^Califofnta 1 ! arta/ T.e as {ia aast.^ight-asn'^irto 'a Dispatch
:other,wester n: ppints:; a t ; ; e? cceedinsl y . ;; lo^. reporter"? that irheYoM^aSe^baU^irkVon
paisbd^by^KnyrailroadH^the^SoUth^ ?. i ,^;^?^ a^ v^ , -
-^Further information- cheerfully' furiilah- I :y le^? d ;s^e}offictals^o^the^leaßue-had
ed^by-agentsVor^representatives of^the:l ;l<:^v c ? :? . tn ?^ pro ? o?e^ ?o^":- aml h^ d
Seaboard, of^call^on Tor^ 'address - i decked that-.the expense of^srandln?; ;it)d
' :-'";:' Z. P. SMITH, the Arcction of a new building, would he
: ■! <; bistrict^Paisehseri Agent, too giVat ''
1006 east Main street. Richmond, Va. Thc^asue hns a :r'.sht . to'three yearK"
,--::. •— o ■ ■; • • orcunanW -of their vprospnt^strounds. -for
Sitecinl Uttt«*« to t"«lJf«rnla nnd thr which thW pay,:'s«)o?p^r :anniirn: ft wilt
Wthwent Via SoatUrrn Ktt » wny «-o-«t comparatively little to put th* old
„-.".. . '' . ' . - stands' "in- .shape; '■•.while Uhpexpcv?^ nt
way^secSndiclaias settler S itick C t3 f to^Call^ 5^ d !^ n '^ 0 wouM
f6rnia-and'the'Xorthwesf-;at s Kreatly fe- mn " nt lnt ." r > v t^'«*«™'^
duccd=rates.T Superb" raVrvioV is offered by Mr - W*^ l^ f*'?- I'^1 '^ th '^ «'«l-v»K C- n-xr
ithis" route. For details, call on- agents nr "eason are p sj£.§iS n^^*
reprPsentatlvPß of. the , Southern railway, V»o*«n t fairly profttAble and the>.'att«n«t,im : e
toj^adrassi C. W- Westbury. Diatrf^rt 4pa3- soiv; '^'y^VtiWJHiß^^
:: " AYe announce- to-day the coinpiction of oitr collection of V
"TAILORED DRESSES— and' a proud array ,t hey make— aA
- : gaLlierinjr- of'ccstunies ■of highest type-^-rcfined^exclusive, \
elegant— unusual in -every way. " • '-; • '
> ■? Chiefcst of -the. showings— - very strong?attractioiis are the
;;;products^whiciv : \v'e.contrpi-tor Richmond— of the most ex-.-'..
jVclusive '-'firm oi ; ma nil facturing tailors in New York. ;
, "'The s'owns Vare on" living figures; the contour.
n : ;fit;>and finisK areV superix: ;They are the most ARTISTIC
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"-.you'd think. \ \[ \
■ -THURSDAY; FRIDAY, and SATURDAY are view ]
■ Mays. Come, if its-j ust. tq. look : you needii-t:buy if ,you can
[^i]'^ufliiii'^h^^(p'- ;;^irwi'(P i^ jiirn !
. vThe advent of cool Fall : "days renders, the Woollen ' Waist i
.both correct and comfortable. The splendid selection at- !
forcled here makes choosing' a pleasure, and the veryjneon
siderate -prices "make.- possession easy;' ■) Styles-are: newest :
sizes, and assortments .complete. ■ These, in particular, for
their very moderate prices:. » \
.'. WAISTS— AII wool: -Black and colors, buttons. |
silk : stitchiugs,' embroidered cults and stocks. X I
all sires . . .... . V. . . . . .'. :. - <&**/*&O
-"IJNAVY MOHAIR. WAISTS.— HandsomeIy -finished, with' I
silk;embroidered stock and cuffs, trimmings of. (^"5 f\ g[
• tucks and buttons /. ..... ... . : '. .. . ... . . . ■'-'. '-..«PO •y* £s
:■ .'-FRENCH FLANNEL WAlSTS^Handsomely tucked
and silk stitched, \yliite embroidered collar, and "5; O X
cuffs, all 5ize5. . ..... ..... ". . • . .:./■. . .?. :J..t 3.«P3 .«PO »y t?
cial number • has separate, embroidered 1 hemstitched^ white
. collar and cuffs, is elaborately tucked back and front, has ex
■';tfa long blouse front, is>made fuH'and carefully finished, and
is- a most remarkable waist in every detail, tl 11 <Tb
;for v ..: ... ..... .............. :... '..:.:. .5^ i-vi V ;
".,',• - . ■'■•"'"■';■ .''•.-• ''"..';•'' ' ! v - •■ • . .". ;■■;.'/... ■ -■■■ ; ;
!:; ; ■ ' ■.■ --TEMlPiy|||ipm
BfiW ■mill— M^PKO— ■^BßOl — l^^—^^^^—B^l^M^W— >■ I ■ ■Wi»— —m^i ■'"■— *«C— <WM —— W»^ mt^ .
ferable.^Thc sum; of §60,000 was appro
priated, -and this was soon afterwarn
supplemented by ; an additional_appropria
tion'-of $S.SGO. If the company^- conten.-
sustained 1 by. ; the y committee-it
is going to cost the city even more before
the new- jail is completed. ;The matter. cr
the delay. in completmg the work was not
discussed by the committee, yesterday.
The. whole -matter will; probably be
threshed out at this morning's meeting.
Congrressmnn PlcaHed Junior .'Order
-'■' •. ;. -of American Mechanics.
■•- ; The--' Junior Order of United American
Mechanics. held a social entertainment at
Old Market Hall last night. mem
bers oC;.th;> order, .with their" wives and
daughters, were present. . and the affair
was ;" thoroughly instructive and enjoy
able;- -.V . • ■ ■•-•■■- . .. . " ... .'
Rev.- John Hannon. D-D., pastor .of
UnioniStation Methodist church.; opened
with "prayer, and a few appropriate' re
marks; '. Addresses were then made by
Rev.' ' J. O. Babcock .and" CbiiKressThan
John iamb. ; Both speakers* took for their
subjects "Public Schools: the Flog Kafsal
over: Them. "and;. tlis, Bible Read : ;itv
Them!" upon which fundamental princi
ples-the order is founded. '■*'■ .► - r
« Captain. Lamb -made -up his "address
!from. a paper prepared 'on -the -subject for
a cciebration several years ago. and. the
result. was ;a mos>t comprehensive 'talk,
whichTheld .the .attention. of-..aU present.
At. the end of the speech he presented -the
order '.with a bill which, through hi?
labors. : was passed in Congress -restrict
ing .immigration. Unfortunately. -the. biJ.
was: defeated in the Senate. ;; : : .-,
'The ".order is opppsed- to .making .the,
United. States a poor house. for " : th>v other,
nations.; and the ncmSsrs are. .much in-,
terested m tha passage of a bill .restrict
ing emigration. t ■■-. ;;'■; '. ; " . - -
Refreshments and fruit;? wero ..served,
and' a' 'string ' band was; in -attendance.
Coaacil'. Comnsittce _ JfnUe- Regular
. ;■*" iVciijectlon of Alt tie Citr
; , • /. . - * - Parks. : .; - '-: :■,. ' :
* The. Council Committee -_ ; on "Ground
arid; Buildings yesterday afternoon ma«Io
an'-!-inspectioiv of all' tvx-'- city :p^rks. Of
tlta p.irty were Chairman. John R. Grimes.
.Messrs: ■'■vi'asiher;- Hicks.- .."Gilman: ■ Shoo
Btirwi; and Bottom.; The '.trip >m? rcvide
in - a .tally-ho furnished gratis by T'lr.
Hicks} 1 <i; rnemVjjr of -th<? • committee. ' an«i
thivtrip: vras n pleasant one.. The various
parks were found well" kept a r.d in:satis
factory condition;; After; rebirr.ins-' from
the .ride the. committee adopted "Ir. Pol
lock's; nioticn '. thank' lr.g llr.^H:ck3 for, th»
cburtesy.'ar.^ r-Ir. .Hicks 'retaliated; by of
fering' a. 'resolution thar.ktrjs : Mr.-v-Poileck
', ter?: Ills "efScieat service - : in blowing the
'aovii'.'r-'.i '-~7 : y\ "'■■■• „-. -.--" ": ■ >:: r-r -' ■ '\ ""■ ■ v -.
I] n Bp^nfln.Aiiiii
; A" large stock ? of' NOVELTIES f 0
HORSE-SHOW: USEf Also, dozejis cf
other styles in TRAPS/RUNABOUTS,
We build to order any styie of vehi*
cle you wish. We "ccrdiaily invite yoc
so visit bur repository acd examine otu
jtcck. ■__■ : .
Petersburg, Manchester, . and Ricl
is being contemplated.
Xo Verdict JTt Ca<it of V.'J:sf;ilold
A-s rnnscjiKcr r»«d. Power Cn.
Ir. the Chanc?ry , Ccurt . ycstertlny tbe
enso :. n:" itfiry '. Jane '"WinstVid vs. th-
RlchrncKi! Passen.q-jr ;.T.niJ Power Com
pany, .in action in which the plair.cl.T
c';aini3 'iamases ;o the cisount of S3>.V.
occupied thearrention of that tribunal
The plaii:tiC_.sjts fortUthatin alfshtlr'jj
irom .1 car> of the ••I^fonrtant cGtnpar.y,
th-i car : starred off before she Had rcachfi
the' street: "the motion throwing h«r <->ff
and inf.ictin;; injuries for-which. she pr 3> r !»
■iamases. ;■'-
The : testimony m the cas?. occupied th?
court up to the '«2ir.r.<?r recess, and aft"-r
wards to.? glvon-t-V t::--i : j;:ry. After se\”
eral . hours* cor.sicl^^ation. tiiev rspoi'tcd
inability, ta a^rse. ar.d were aisclnrsel.
■The casi set for- trial to-day. that of
-Mar>-_ Ann 3i:rr.ett vs. N'etheriar.d A
.iJrban. ".: .tos disthir.sed, ha\-lr.sr; beer, set
. Ir. the n:'.: of 31r3. A, P. D«!v'n vx.
A T2. Donnan. a verdict for the defendant
~;-jl3 returned.- ■'.'*• . ■
3X*GUli;jt: T S t'StVERSITY SCWiOt,
Opp. "Jlonroe P:irlc. IMchtnonii. .Va.
.Th ■» thirty-eighth 'session begs^ • S<>t
IS. Entrance days Thursday anil Friday
Assemble in • school: ■■ house! Momtar v Sep^
"J2. ■ ..' . . ' ' "-<;•■. ;■■■: -Sep:ls-t5-17-IS-13-20.
■SzxtionnX Kncnm|»:m»i!t, Grand .VnnT
;■•-: Kei>ublic. '.--V/nahlnston. I>. C. "«•»<•.
; V Xow X. V., Ootober :<• to »*.
';;.-"l_!i4!»^.:- : :; ; -;..:" -';-'■ y- : ■ ■ ' \ ■ ,
iFof^the abovfr occasion; ; the Atlantic i
,Owstv r ;|n^nii|Jro^U r wJH;Sc!! tickets fron 1
.i»6|nts : :'on|i_ts';.lir.tV'at sreatly; rt-diuvil rat"}
T<? U'nshtujrto^. D, C. i\t-.tJ ,\V\v York
N". ;Y.. imd i«»tt!rn: tickets ;to b»» sold Ot?
;tq]ber^ 3tli: vjth;^ sth. .a;u? : .t>th. with rt:vv ,
JMrnttiOf'lvr" 13. t^ : |
■_;^or;'fMM -information ■'■in "•■< refer>>rtc<? i t* *
Kite*. , Tollman ro.vM-v.uion-*, stop-overs,
«>tc.^ a iVp! y" ; to ', any : h sehti! o f ■ t h~ ; 'compnny^|

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