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m> •■;••:
>ctn«.. :.\o» MndcPnMlcßri* Brcn.ti
With the «W>T? Is .Tiellcvcrt <«> Be
I'oolblc— Ot«l r.rlcvancci: Aired on
the Convention Floor.
The morninp 'session of the convention
of tho Woman's Cnrlsilan Temperance
i;n!on. »t I tho. Seventh-Street Christian
church yesterday,' -will long be.rcmcmtacr
*-d by those who were present. II was a
very warm one, and, but for .1 timely
ndmonition from the pastor of the church.
* llcv" C^rcy E. Morgan, it would have
; been warmer. It was the first real light
and it was won easily by the "adminis;
t ration" forces, because Mrs. Howard M.
JJoge was rc-clectcd to serve her fifth
term as ' prerfdcni. The light on the part
of -the y-s-.as mado against Mrs Ho||
but she was re-elected again, the vote be
tuc 1« in her favor to 45 for Mrs. J. T.
A number of charges were made on the
'floor by members of the warring factions
and lor the first .time the Ws attempted
to explain : some of the charges made
against them.
Between the afternoon and night ses
sions of the convention a conference of
*ome of the V workers was held at the
Woman's Christian Asociation. It was
Kliortod Unit there was a good\atlena
ince at the conference, but what was
>ne is a sealed book. At any rate, those
resent pledged themselves to keep the
iolibcrations a secret and every attempt
nade last, night to ascertain the result ot
{he meeting was balked.
There is a firm belief, however,
that some of the workers feel
:hat they have been badly treated,
ajjd last night ihey seemed to be debating
what was the best thing to do. It was
pointed out that throe things arc open to
tlie.«e V's: Remain in the organization
and work with the present officials; secede
from the parent' organization and work in
dependently, or retire absolutely from the
work. One of these ladies said last night,
••Oh' that some one would tell me where
ray 'duty lies." It is evident that many
of them are in a dilemma and do not know
what to do.
The morning session was opened with
devotional exercises, which were conduct
ed by Rev. WVR. L. Smith, D. D. '
"VVhon the election of officers was reach-
cd. Mrs. M. C. Faville, of Norfolk, arose
iui'd read to the convention the petition
which was formulated in Norfolk on Feb
ruary 21th, IM2, along with the three re
quests, which were printed in the Dis
patch of Wednesday morning. Mrs. Fa
ville said the petition for these conces
sions had been signed by several hun
drod members of the V's throughout the
State. Mrs. Bagby moved that the'peti
tion be "adopted.
Miss Johnakin spoke on the question,
nnd; urged that a day be. given the V's
.-mcl for a larger recognition of the V's and
their work.' Mrs. To*vnsend said she was
a \V. gray-haired and over 50, and was not
hunting a husband. Said she was favor
able to adopting the petition, but did not
V Jigree with . the. statement that the V's
were not properly recognized at the Nor
folk convention.
Mrs. "Wells said she had been in the
work thirty-four years, and was sorry
that the State she loved best was the
first to have trouble of this kind. She
spoke on the value of being on the major
ity side, and urged those in the minority
to work up to thf other. . Said she saw
the State V secretary preside over the V
conference and never saw any one more
At' this juncture it was suggested that
the petition be taken up seriatim, and
Miss Gordon said in matters of this kind
the two sides should be freely discussed
in a friendly manner, and asked Mrs.
Hogp to take the chair.
Mrs. Jones spoke on the second para
graph of the petition, and claimed that the
V delegates had never been- refused rec
ognition on the floor of the convention;
eh<r said she was State president for ten
■j'oar.s and worked for the V's and the
Btate secretary. She tried hard to make
Clear to the convention that Y-'s had been
fairly represented among the general offi
cers and superintendents of .departments,
although it was brought out by the other
cide that only seven out of twenty-nine
silling" certain positions were repreEenta
. tives from tho Y's. Mrs. Jonos said that
the V's who were* capable and willing to
tnko placrs of superintendents of depart
ments had been given these places.' She
said they had always given V's such work
as tht'.v were capable of doing, and that
there is certain work that they could not
do. and that there are some committees
she would not like to be on herself, after
being li ft 0011 years'; in the Work.
As to "allowing the V's a whole day be
fore.the convention proper opened." seem
ed to be Mrs. Jones' strong point— she
acknowledged it was her point, and -said;
she started the trouble there. She had
suggested flt.a meeting (when four V
presidents wore present, and they did not
dissent), that the V day be done away
■with. "AW can't afford the time," said
she, -./'there arc so many things that come
•up in the State convention and we already
have four days, and we ought not to make
tlie convention longer, and thereby impose
■on the generosity of those who entertain
{■ . vss," Mrs. Jones said. "We lifted the. Y's,"
and the V's are wondering 'where to?'
"They. don't seem to -understand," said
ehe, ''that they are young, and must be
trained; we want you— our heads' arc., go
. Ing down— we want you to take our
.. On the entertainment problem Mrs.
[Jones waxed warm" and said: "Scarcely
" anybody invites us- to come; they don't
■want conventions to come any more."
She said she walked the streets of Nor
' folk two months last year 'trying to set
entertainment for the convention. She
said seventeen young women in Char
lottfisvilic'.had to take care of the V dele
; eaties who came for. V day conference
': antil the homes wore open for thorn, and
; closed with the broad statement that she
■ Joved;fhe girls and everyone in thecon
: vention and that the convention belonged
•to the girls as much as the W's.
Miss Mann said that she- was the one
.who was not recognized on the Norfolk
convention lloor, arid said further ' that
the Petersburg delegates were ready to
'ft' ask-" the convention .to Petersburg "and
had ..; made \ all arrangements for enter
,,. tairiment, 11 and, said -Miss Mann, Peters
::,burg Is small compared to Norfolk^ She
'said 'she" stood, for ".truth and honesty
- and claimed -that-, the chair of th* Nor
" folk convention did not recogriiee her.
_ -Mrs. Wall : had a few things to say;
'and .Mrs. Faville ; said she had always
found Virginia homes open, although Mrs.
• Jones had suggested; that it is no longer
-possible; to' I>^; entertained" during a con
'-vention. . ■■'. ■
Miss. Gordon spoke of the difficulty or
'+; presiding; offlccr: to hear all that is go
1: !ng". on and to : always be fair arid impar
;2;2 tiai, -'and asked .if it -was fair- to .'judge
" Mrs. 'Hojfe- for,, all;, time by her failure
5"- to 'once act Impartially.' She add«d 'fur
;■ (her> that part'ef ..the -petition , was-'out^
of place, as the- V's already had ;«qual-"
V^richtß^on the JJoory; and "likewise jn.the
of -.: "officers/ ' as: th*y,: were Rejected
■?^>jy^t>allotv in f open .con ventJoru;"'- Miss Gbr
■\ doniwas applauded: by the; youHK': ladles
-.when she said she was in hearty sym
pathy with the requests foria- whole; day
I■ % i'«>r|Ykconf<r«Jcc; ; l>ut;"said!l t- would -. Have
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Miss Johanaldn spoke in behalf of a
day for" V conference, and then denied
Mrs. Jones's- statement that they were
overcrowded in Norfolk. as\ she knew
of homes that were opened and to which
no delegates had been sent. She said
further that the t Y's were not fairly re
presented in che list of superintendents.
Mrs. Townsend; a W, said she was not
against tho V's, but was willing to vote
for that paper; she referred to the Nor
folk unpleasantness, and said had she
been president she would have said "I
resign, I resign. I resign."
And then cam-3 the thing that set the
executive thinking, when Mrs. Faville
arose and said that she had evidence
to show that the by-laws had been violat
ed and tho officers had misappropriated
And then came Mrs. Hope's time to say
a few things. Up to this time Mrs. Hoge
had said very little in reference to mat
ters that are causing so much comment,
bnt now she spoke very freely. Those
who had been making accusations were
mentioned, and a Richmond paper came
in for a share of- her talk. She said she
had written the editor asking that denial
of certain charges that had appeared in
that paper be made, and for a "copy of
the paper containing this denial, but that
same had never been published; thai
she, then made no further effort, feeling
that justices could not be secured in that
direction. She said that a motion . pre
vailed in the Norfolk convention that all
unfinished business be referred to the exe
cutive committee and they were therefore
empowered to appropriate money to cover
all expenses, and that it iiad never been
questioned before. Mrs. Hoge said . she
did not stand before the convention -as an
oflice-seeker, and that the. office- was
thrust upon her four years ago; that she
had striven to help the young: women.
Mrs. Hoge continued: "It rests with
you to say who are your officers.. 'l'm
not seeking. an office. We are not guilty
of any charge made in the press .or be
fore this convention. No motion .'in the
Norfolk convention was properly ; made
that was not recognized." . .- .-
Mrs. Faville : said that Mrs. Hoge had
made an elegant speech, but it did not
refute the charges, and claimed that
the appropriation of certain money should
have been brought before "'the", convention
before adjournment at Norfolk.* '■
The charge was brought against Mrs.
Sheppard that she "haG written an anony
mous letter, and had afterwards by letter
acknowledged that she did so. Mrs. Shep
pard said she was the guilty party; but
asked that evidence be produced and just
here Rev. Cary--E. Morgan.: pastor" of
the church... acted as peacemaker '■ ana
asked that' the discussion" be dropped or
referred to a committee on arbitration for
settlement; and after prayer, by Mr.
Morgan, the. convention went .into the
election of officers for the coming year,
which resulted as follows:
President. Mrs. Howard M. Hose.
Corresponding. Secretary. Mrs. Lillian A.
-'.:.-• TUe Xiglit Session.
To martial music the young women of
the Young Women's Christian "Temper
.ance Union, entered the Seventh-Street
Christian church, and occupied seats in
the front of the church, at the night
session.. Many of the young women were
nttired in white, and presented a lovely
spectacle. In the company '- there was a
number of young men; who are honorary
members of the Y's.
On the platform were seated Rev.- and
Mrs. Howard M. Hose Miss Anna A.
Gordon. Mrs. M. L. Wells,, and- Miss
Smith, State V secretary. •
The V's sang their State song, and
prayer was offered by Mr.VHoge.
Miss Kate Puller, who has more than
oncp received medals for' perfection in
elocution, delighted; the convention with
a beautiful reading exemplifying the
value of putting one's best effort in their
life work, no matter what it--may ; be.
Miss Puller then pav<? a lullaby reading,
which was greatly enjoyed and was forced
to respond with another number. :
The convention was fortunate in secur
ing th* assistance of Miss Doza "A.'Mitch
ell; the efficient soprano of the Grove-
A venue"- Baptist church, of this city, who
sans an effective religious solo. The
press from time to time' ha? been gener
ous in expressions of •commendation of
this talented young singer, and it is with
pleasure that we note, here: the 'value, of
•the Gospel in song, and of Miss Mitchell's
devotion to this .beautiful art.
Miss Anna A. Gordon was introduced,
and made an admirable address on the
work of the' Woman's Christian Tem
perance Union, of the national organiza
tion ■■twenty-seven' 1 years ago, and of us
marvellous, gr0wth". ....... .
Miss Smith was presented with a token
of appreciation on -behalf, of temperance
friends in the : State. ..
Rev. C. H.' Crawford offered prayer and
the. convention adjourned by singing "the
doxology. "■ '.-■.':. :. ":■ ■ • •
The convention. will Hold tv.-o important
business sessions and will: come -to an
end at night when Mrs. M...L. Wells, anu
Dr. C. H. Crawford will make addresses.
liuporiauce of .Confidence Between
Employees and Empioym.' =
NEW YORK, October 2.— At to-day's
session of thjj senii-annual convention', of
the "New England" Cotton -'Manufacturers'
Association, in this city, a paj)er ; dealing
with the labor question: was read : by
Charles W. Dennett, of ; North Adams.
Mass. ' . . ,
Mr. ; Dennett said, among. other things ':
"Colonel Carroll D. Wright, in his; report
on the coal "strike, situation,- gave ' as , the
fundamental* reason; for the bad condition
of things, the utter lack 'of confidence
between . employees and employers. Estab
lished, confidence' between >tho : -.help'iand
the management is :a .valuable \ thing fof
any company. Itis niuch; harder, to make
trouble when. such a feeling exists.": TbTbe
valuable it is not* necessary? that it ':be
universal. '. Thatiis too- i much to^ hope
for. -But; if- the .best help- feel "that their
employers are a willing ,■ to \ meet -; them : on'
common ground., and do the best- for them
that* business;, conditions-.permit."-.it -is a
great f point Igained. Exact;' justice" to
•every* -employee,; 'no .. matter : . how .: small
or inslffnlflcant,,; should " : be?insisted ;iupon.'
More than ; one ' strike : has ? been - caused ' by
an arrogant; : blunder! ngr.-?br ■■■ tactl ess (overa
seer. 2 Amid -alirthe^trouWeland^turmon 1
and a dispute," the-ijaw-maldrig.' andvlaw
breaking'.r incident %to v"; contests tsbetireen
employer I and [[employee.":' one ■; Kreatsitroti^;
.ble * stands .^unshaken Sand'unmoved— viz.^
that ■'■ t undamentally lit j:is Z a? moral H ques-';
1 tion [ of-;: right ? and swrorije; s j: and) >it t %will;
."Will"" Address' Clay . War«l Actives
Next ."Week on Good Government.
With the idea in. mind to create more
interest in the welfare fo'f -'.the . orsaniza 7
tion. Captain Carleton McCarthy has been
invited to address the Clay Ward Actives
on October. 13th on . the subject of "Good
Municipal Government." It is known
that ' Captain McCarthy has made this
theme one of considerable study, and
the announcement- wiir no doubt draw, a
large audience to hear the discussion.
At the November meeting of the Actives
some prominent . State . politician will be
secured for an address.
Mr. E. W r . Miner, one of the most active
Democratic. workers in the ward, who was
recently elected president of the club,
is making an earnest effort ; to ; instill
nfcwlife into the club, : so that in the fu-.
tureit will be even a' greater factor in
the affairs -of. the city than it has been
in days gone by.' In this desire Mr. Miner
is having the support of a large contingent
of the club, and there is every reason to
believe that the club will revive consid
erable interest in the affairs'- of -the "city.
Royal Arcanumites Celebrate- an In
trcatints Event.
McCarthy Council, Royal Arcanum,
held a ; meeting .'last night, in honor of
passing the 300 mark in membership.
The meeting -was 0110 of the most suc
cessful in the history .'of the council. A
large number was. present. Enght initiates
were made' ' and twlve elected.
Mr. James B. Blanks, grand secretary
of the State, was; presewt, and delivered
a very fine speech., Mr. ' Harry Kemp,
assistant deputy grand regent, made a
speech in which he referred -to his recent
trip .to -Boston.
- Many other speeches were made,.- after
which'a banquet was served,' where more
speeches were made and toasts offered.
McCarthy expects 500 members by April
the Ist. The council. is making. rapid pro
gress, and; it .-speaks well for those: inte
rested. V "■ ~ - - . , ■■■ .
: McCarthy Council hereafter .will give
a banquet once every month. Those initi
ated' last night were mostly, young men.
. Shockoe Council, R. A. .
' Last night's meeting, of Shoekoe ; Council,
Royal Arcanum, was one of the most
briiliant and interesting held in; the his
tory of the lodge. Several amendments
to the by-laws were considered and deemed
necessary to alter: on account, of the pro
gress'being made in the : increase of mem
bership. Fifteen initiates were made.
Mr. W. Fred Richardson delivered an
address, the subject, of which was "Re
ward ; of Patience." -
Unique Entertainment Well Patron-
JT.eC in Fulton. .
A very delightful; "millinery tea" was
given last night under. the auspices of the
Cup of Cold Water. Circle. King's
Daughters and Sons, in the residence of
Mrs. Fred ' H. Garber, No. 610 Graham
street, Fulton.
The handsome and spacious parlors,
both front and -back, were tastefully
decorated with cut-flow\>rs : and palms.,
An. excellent programme was rendered
under tho direction .". of Mr. .- James T.
Estes. ' A duet— "ln the Shadow of the
Pines"— by. Misses. Lillian and Maymc
Jordan, accompanied on the piano by
Miss Lucy Brown,, won much applause.
Musical selections by : Misses Annie
Gayie." Pearl Smith, and Nettle Seal were
well received. Captain C. C. Rice... w : ' h
his graphaphone selections,, created much
The humorous ; feature of ; the evening
was the trimming of the hats. The
"men milliners" • were- Messrs. I-laynes,
Russell, Smith. Percy Smith; Ernest Tur
ner. Willie. Childress, Charlie Smith, and.
Ernest Burch. Mr. Haynes won the
prize— a handsome gold scarf-pin— for the
best trimmed hat : in :the latest autumn
style. Mr. Ernest Burch won tire con
solation prize^-a small' china doll baby
(colored): . •
The judges : who" awarded' - the . prizes
wore Mesdame-= R.; Nelson, Annie. Talley,
and F. H. Garber. ; : . > .
Mr. James T. Estes, Hn ■ a neat litthi.
speech, award'edvthe prizes, after, which
refreshments were: served.- ... -
Among those- present, were -Misses
Annie Gayle. Maude Duke, Susie Chil
dress, Annie Schmidt, Annie Ku ester,
Eva Wren,. Bessie Black, Amelia ; Kues-
U;r. Sallfe Manley. Josie Marioley. Pearl
Smith; Martha Black, Lillian Duke, Fan
nie Dowden.-- Laura Dowden. Lucy
Brown, Monte Leonard,' Hattio Leonard."
Nettie Seal?; Rosa Jordan. Mayrae : Jor
dan: Mrs._ S. A. Duke, Mrs. Percival
Smith, Mr.. and Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Henry
Hill. Mr. Haynes. Mr. McGruder, Mr.
.Pierc'i;. Mr. Charles 'Childress. Mr. Wil
lie Childress, Mr. 'Leroy -Smith. .Mr. Per
cival -Smith," Mr..-; Tony Marioley.'-' Mr!
James. T. Estes^ ; Mr. : ". Charles 'Smith. Mr.
Ernest Burch.vMr. Henry Hill, Mr. C. C.
Rice.' Mr. Arthur . Nelson, Mr. James
Garber, Mr. Ernest :Turner, Jlr;. : Harry
Hudson, Mr. Burns,. Mr. : John' Daughorty,
Lawyer. Beveridge, and Mr. Atkins. :
Executlve'of Virgrlnia C.~ E. . Union' to
: Convene on October 16th. .
The semi-annual -meeting ;of the Exe
cutive Committee of : the -.yifginia.; Chris
tian Endeavor Union jwilL be : held in , the
Young Men's * Christian; Association .par
lor.' here on.: the"" evening oil Octob"er > ; 16th.
Among the matters: to ! be disposed of at
the ; session < will ): be the ; selection of a
president" to fill the vacancy created by
the- failure -of M., Lewis., of
Staunton, to acc«pt the position* to": wHich
he -was elected ;byi.the;i convention ■ ; which
was.held inYthis;city. 'last Mai;ch.: There
will;; be;:several; : out-of-town *' In
•attendance. v; : -.';^". : :-v:-V; ':■:=:. -i."-t-::iv.'r'x : ' ■
'. ; . ! Sondjiy-Scliool .;'■: Study.', '.;
; The : Union •"'■. ; Snrida'y-Schbol } : ;>L*e3son
: Study. ::which r !has'-b<»eis: r confluet«dKurid«r
the!, auspices /of ?,tl»e ;-Yoon» jMeh's i Chriß-'
Association^ for| thet; past .ten^. years;;
resumed^ ;for ithe"^sesaonj Saturday i^ -after-",
iibonvat ;5 ; o'clock ; :atStne;Vroung^Mtn's
Christian Association Hall.
that ißeV^Dr^EftLu j Pell {wlll;'ag^in jbe^iri ]
chargfe?f and !'desire'|to I^emph"aslzelthelfact ;
'Jth*atythe'''6tudyjtii fcopeni 'notf^^onlyjto'iteitch^
; ersil but S thteir scholars; h-noth -not t'only itbfmeii^
>..-- : ,-■ : ■-...; company;. - : ■: garaway^
= sailing day s^- every ?VF 3 '
DAT; FRIDAY, and SUNDAY :at day
- freight" received dally .untll]6;P/ M. 1 •
- :- For further information^applyitcr^ .-,
General S O^cn^^ntJ i O^^ocketta..
General 'Agents.: Philadelphia.^
' V....V ;.•■;■■ ' dissolution. /_ . _ -;•."•■.
_- ; '^^ tober 1; . . i 902 .: :^
! ,THE 'MERCANTILE - ■-■ { I^ SI £R A _ NC . E
I AGENCY has . : this r. day ' disposed of the
Fire insurance ■ Business •; heretofore.: con
ducted at. No. 1115 east Main .'street, to Mr.
Walter. B.Claiborne, f who -will -continue
the said business' at that ■location.-under
his own name.' : representing.- the_ same : re
liable'companies: ■••■.'We request. for nim a
continuance of:; the : patronage heretofore
I extended, by^our friends. ." - '-'^. !,„ .-;.}
C.^MiFerrell. President.' . •
. Thomas H.-' Fox, Secretary. . :
Having -had fi f teen v years'. . experience ; in
the .Insurance Business. I can assure the
former patrons . of the Mercantile Insur
ance:. Agency, 'and "my . friends! that all
business entrusted to-, me • will'; receive
prompt and careful attention.' ■ '■ ".i,
■Having been associated with Mr. Clai
borne "for the last eight years, in , the
conduct of the -Mercantile ■ Insurance.
Agency,.- it gives me"; pleasure:;. to com
mend him to our, friends and patrons,, anrt
I bespeak for him a: continuance of their
patronage. ■'•'. THOMAS H: FOX-
oc'l-Wed&Fri2t " ">-.'-. -
Richmond, Va.. • October ." 1. . - ISO 2.
the firm name of SHERRY & EACHO.
who have been conducting a general.re
tail liquor and bar business at No. yOl
Orleans street, has this day been dis
solved by mutual consent, the said A..L.
Eacho assuming all liabilities and being
empowered to. collect all open accounts
duo the firm. ttt -,t,t-,-p-
I have this day bought out the interest
of Mr. Charles A; Sherry 'in the business
heretofore 'conducted under the : firm name
of Sherry :& Eacho, and- will- continue
the retail liquor and/ cigar. 'business, at
N oc V St- leanS "^^ A. L. EACHO,;.
~yy~y-:- Office of the Secretary!'
Atlantic-Coast Line Railroad Company,
Wilmington, N. C. September -21. 1502.
ROAD COMPANY have declared, due
and - payable on • October the 1. ■ 1902,
interest -on. the certificates of .indebted
ness of th-eiWilmirgton and 'Weldon
Railroad Company '.or. the six months
ending September 3\ 1802. Interest .due
and payable at the office of the, treasurer
at Wilmington; N.C The transfer books
■will stand closed, from Septemb-er .22d
to September 30, 1902. .both inclusive. ,
'. -.., ' JAMES .F. POST,
se 21-llt ■:' Secretary.
Annual .Meeting' . '.
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company,
■ Office of. Secretary. '
' : Richmond, Va:.- September S, ISO 2. 1
the- annual meeting -of . the stockholders
RAILWAY COMPANY for the -election
of directors and for the transaction of
such other business as may. '"lawfully
come before the meeting will- be held ; at
the office of the company, in the- city
of -Richmond. Va., on - TUESDAY, -the
21st day of October, 1902,. at 10: o'clock
A: M/.- . :-■ : " J. -'.I :■ :. -' i '■. ■
The stock-transfer books will be closed
at- the of lice." of Messrs.; J. P.' Morg"an
& Co., No. ' 'lZ Wall -New ' York,
on" Tuesday. " September- 23, .1902," at 3
o'clock P. M., and will-'-he reor/t-'ned on
Wednesday, October. 22, 1902; at 10 .o'clock
A! M. '• : - '■ -.::■■ . C. E..WELLFORD...
Pc l-2v.- " ' .' ■ .Secretary.,
OF- TEMPLE LODGE. No. 9. A.: - '
F. /and A. M.. will- be >.'heltl -in. : .
Masonic. Temple, corner Broad
and Adams' streets.' THIS (Friday) EVE
NING at 8 o'clock. Members of .-sister
lodges and transient- -brethren ■ are- fra
ternally invited. : ; ' - ' :
- By -order of the- "Worshipful Master.
oct 3-Frilt : -, ,' ;Se.cretary.
F. -and A. M.. will be held in.
Masonic Temple, corner Broad
and Adams stroets. THIS (Friday)' EVE
NING at S o'clock. Members of sister
lodges and transient brethren are fra
ternally invited. ■ . -
By order of the "Worshipful Master.
oc 3-lt Secretary.
' . NOTICE. " . :" . . ■
Southern Railway Company,
- Richmond. Va,. September 29. 1TO2;,
the annual meeting of. the
stockhold?:rs: of the solthekn
RAILWAY COMPANY will be held \at
the office, of the company, in the city
of Richmond. Va., on TUESDAY; OC
TOBER 14. -li/ 02. at .10 o'clock A. M., for
the -following purposes— viz. :- • '
: (1) The Election of. twelve -Directors of
Southern • Railway Company, -to. hold [ of
fice as follows— viz. : Four for. one year,
four for two. years, and- four . for thre.?.
years. ■ ■ ' ' ■
— (2)' The -ratification of the : lease, of the
property of ■ Southern Railway-Cnrolma
Division, executed on behalf, of Southern
Railway Company, under date of June «0,
1902. ■ • - : . -:.■• . ' : : :: y ' ' • '
fS) The ratification of all act 3 and.pro
ceedings of the Board of Director's.
(4); The transaction of any and. all busi
ness that may be brought before the
meeting. .'„ ■ „ .
By order 1 of the Board of Directors..: ■
•se '.SO oct 3,7,10 ■ r . . . Secretary.
'"' : 'Office" of City Engineer,
•;' . .;'■-. ' City. Hall.' -
Richmond. Va.. October 2. 1902. ;
ceived at this office untiI' MONDAY. OC
TOBER 6, 1W2,; at'4'.P.". M.. for. EXCA
x\RCIIES;. under Dock street, at Shockoe
Full- information will be .furnished to
bidders 'upon application at this office.
A certified .check : for.' 5150 must accom
pany each bid; '. ' '■ '■'- ■.'.' -
The right- Is reserved to ■ reject' any and
all bids offered, and to award the
tract as a "whole or in separate parts.
r oc'3-3t "■ . "-""• City -.■Engineer.;^-
One of Them the Shootinp of One
'-■■<•■■ Boy l»y Another.;
ALEXANDRIA. . LA:, October.' 2—Spe
cials to] the ; Record say that George
man. Jr., ' shot ; and" instantly.' killed ; Jacob
Pirt, 'at Richland.. near here: ;' ."'•."
'\t Tioga, a- lumber town, near- here,
Marshall : Moore, aged 12 -years,;' was shot
and killed -by * John ; Stallings.r: aged -111
years. Stallinga; has -been, i arrested and
jailed. ...' .';-.,•_'- t . .- 1 ", - ■-„- • ; ir «_-
Frank Joniei, the Rich Brewer,
■■ • --, ; ' - - Dead.'V- <--■>..• y -. •'•-■ v..^
Frahk- Jones, -the millionaire-brewer. : died
at his •: home here lto-day.: Mr.; Jones xwas
formerly, quite' prominent Jn : :POhtics.%:He
was Mayor of ' Portsmouth. in;lS6s.;ainem
ber ■*'. of 'Congress : . from ?. : 1575 . to ? 1579.- r and
the ' Democratic; candidate for.Governorj of
Now " Hampshire -in : ISSO. • He -was. born
at-Barrlriston/ln'this State, 1832. * ".
• ■■■■■. ;■■- .-■■>'•.,: -7— , '. :• V-^:--: : u-^L'-^:
■■■■ ":•■■ .
-^.MliirMariaii French i Dend; ;',; ', -"j
'i IfEWPORT NEWS. : VaV- October .- 2l— \
(SpedaJ.)-^Misß -i::-f: Marian ;;: ;^Hickman ■
■ French • /who ■ died , ■; inrWytheyille'Sthis'
morning.^iwas'-tlie ; daughter^ ofr^Mrs.;
Thoma3 Barton* French ■andithejlate<:ColT;
■ onel iFrench.'iJ a- distinguished I Confederate!
[veteran^ Sho ; •wasfa? sister-in-law ; ;bf ,« Su-j
a'niece bfiSethfcßartons.Preach?;aiwealtby;
Sclicflnln in Effect Sept. 28, 1903.'
a^^Ns?i,^^.^nicHMbprb rr ßyj l f?;;
r^-^v&STRBBTiSTATIOS. 1 ' - '
:-,; »:6o A. MJ;-NORFOLK:UMITBD^.P^;
■:.,- ly. Petersburg- 9:3lvA.^»^
Norf oik » U :20 ' Ait Mi a Stopj» ? onlnav
. ri Peteraburg; i Waverly- and ; Su^^
0 :05 A.': M. . Dally. - Axnvea jPeterßburg
7 '-'• ' ' Weldon - 11:50 : A.I M. ■ T Fayettevine
;■',.,; ' P. M., > -Charleston" 11:15 -^.r.
.. I M.. ' Savannah^3:oo-f A.' M:. ; >>» a^n
?•-; .'■':-■ sonville 9:05 -AY; M.;; Tampauo^,
; ; ; "fP.'M.v'Port Tampa 10:30 P/M- ■&£-;
■ ;:;, ' nects?atf\Vilson wlth-No. 49,,arriv
■ ing Goldsboro',. 3 :15 ■ P.: M.; .Wilming
-",■, ton 6F;:M.:- Pullman Sleeper; New
• York to Jacksonville. , ' ■
12:2O P. ,; M. : .Daily; < arriving Petersburg
;..':; ..' : •■■ • l:00*P. M: : Connects with Norfolk
,;,--:-: --■ and? Western for? Roanoke
; ' and intermediate" points. . Stops iat
Drewry's ; Bluff, Centralta, and
;;■;>; : -.j Chester.--' ' ■::.-:■ i.y .'>y .:"- .'-.,:.:■
, Daily. Arrives Petersburg' .3^o P
1'- ' M., Norfolk 5:20 P. M." T Stops only
-at Petersburg; Waverly." and oux-
; Vl . ;--;follL.::. -.■- ■ ;._ ,• .: . ■ .-: -. '- ' -
4:80 -p. M. DaHy; e*cep» Eur-daj. - AX
: .-rives Petersburg 5:18 P^M... Weldon
. . 7:30 P. M.; and Rocky Mount 9.00 P.
M. Makes all intermediate, stopsw.^
«:O« p. m. Daily. Arrives Petersburg
,„ o v IK- M - Makea all stops-_ c _ ._
; DIAN LIMITED. Dally.. Arrives
Petersburg .8:02 ■P. M- Connects
with Norfolk and Western for >»or
folk and intermediate polntar Ett
,' poria 9:OS P. :-M. .(connects with At
lantic and Eanvllle ror stationg^be
ville I^s a.: M.. Charleston bill A.
. M.. Savannah 8:35 A- M.V "J a * s S>*
ville, 1:15 P. M.. 1 . Tampa 10:00 P- M.,
Port Tampa 10:30 P. M. r w^ri R
GIA POINTS— Arriving -/Augusta
' 8:25 A. M., Macon 11:35 A. M.. At
. . lanta 1:00 P. M: Pullman Sleeper
New York to -Wilmington. Charles
ton. Port Tampa, Jacksonville. Au.
- gusta and Macon. Dining car serr
-' ■ -" vice. 1 . ■ -. .- ; . . ■ ' ' ' ■ ■' -
8:35 P. M. Daily. Arriving Petersburg
10:15 P. M. Connects at Petersburg
with Norfolk and Western . rail
' way, arriving Lynchburg . 2:4 d -A.
M., Roanoke 4:45 A.M., Bristol 10:40
> A. M. Pullman Sleeper Richmond
11 :SO p. M^ nC Da!lyf " - Arrives Petersburg
12:10 A. M. ■-■•■■■-.■•■
4:12 a. M. Daily. ; . From Jacksonville,
- . Savannah, Charleston. , Atlanta.
::.: Macon. • Augusta, and . allpointa
■/:■ South.
T3JS A. M. Daily. From Petersburg,
■ Lynchburg, and the West. _
8:48 a. M- Dally, except ; Sunday.
■•-Petersburg;, local. ■ ' ■ "ii_
11:10 A. M. : Dally, except Sunday. From
Rocky Mount and intermediate sta
■ - ; ?• tions. Norfolk, and Suffolk. .
11:10 A. M. Dailjc From Petersburg,
Suffolk, and Norfolk. „ „
11:43 A. M. .Daily. From Norfolk., Suf
_ folk, - and .Petersburg. : ■ V- •
2:00 p.- _M.' Daily. .From Petei-sburg
Roanoke, and Intermediate points.
6:B0P. m. Daily. - From Norfolk, ouf
7:45 P. -M. . Dally. From* Miami. Port
Tampa, Jacksonville, Savannah,
' Charleston, Wilmington, Crolas
boro' and all .points South. ,
8:56 P. M. Daily. From Petersburg.
Lynchburg, and West.
, - T. M. EMMERS6N. .
" r Traffic Manager.
Assistant Traffic. Manager. "
W. J. CRAIG. '•■- ■--.■■. ; .
General Passenger Agent.
: ■ Division Passenger.Agent,
ia;l< ■:-> .- ;823.ea«t Main street.
Steamers leave Norfolk for Boston
and SUNDAY : at G R M. ; :f or Providence
DAY; at r 6 P.- M. - . -•-.
Accommodations :. ana cuisine unsur
passed. -, . -,--■',.
Passengers and- freight taken for all
New England points. ;
Tickets on sale at Chesapeake and Ohio
and -Norfolk -and: Western railway ■ offices
and 303 east Main^ street.
:--■■ R. H. WRIGHT. Agent. "
apSO ' . - Norfolk. Va.
"^p^ DAY LINE.
Steamer Pocahontas leaves every MON
7 A. M. for Norfolk, Portsmouth; Old
Point, Newport News. Claremont. I and
James-river landings, and connecting at
Old Point and Norfolk for Washington,
Baltimore, and the North.
- State-rooms reserved for the^ night at
moderate- prices. -
Electric-cars direct to the -wharf. Farp
only $I.so " and '?l~'to Norfolk. Music -by
Grand Orchestrion.
Freight' received for above-named places
and all points in Eastern Vlrjrinia' and
North Carolina!.: . IRVIN . WEISK3ER,
: - ' . - General . Manager;,
Fi. A. Barber, Jr., Secretary. ja 2..
Via C. & O Railway and
Old Point.
Leave Richmond, via Chesapeake an d
Ohio railway; daily, except Sunday, at
4 P. M.. connecting at. Old Point with
the superb steamers of the Old Bay Line
leaving at 7 :15 : P. . M. f arriving j Bal tlmore
6:30 A. M-. in time to make connection
with all, trains North. East, and West.
Short rail ride' and all nleht on one of
the finest steamers In southern waters.
Returning, : arrive Richmond 10 A: M.
•n'a ily:'- «Ai.-3t .\lar.6az.'. '■-. ;\ ap3o
FMC SteamsMp- Co.
a.: 1 :■■ ' ■ - : - '-■ '■ ' .-.: " ■-■'■
.BETWEEN::.;-.; -V
The Bto Steamers
leave Richmond nightly at 7 o'clock* 5 for
Norfolk. Fare, one-way, $2.50; round 'trip/
<4 50 including: state- room- accommoda-;
tibn'^Arriving : at Norfolk > at 6 A.: M;; there
transferring to ; New York steamer, daily,
except -'Sunday; :. : ' • - ■- . "■.•: \ "':'■-.■ -"
-Passengers' can -leave daily, except Sun-
A-w by Chesapeake? andc Ohio railway. at
S^0 v A^M: : and; 4 P::M-:or:9rA.M;.and-3
P Mby I Norfolk and g"W astern I railway;
both - lines V connecting-: at J Norfolk iwith di
rect steamers -saiLngisamef day.; -
Freight' for "allsnorthern.^eastern, "and
for eign '; port3 ; ' • received ; ana 'Xi forwarded
daily except ■'.% Sunday, •;,; at'
whar^,ißocketts-' -" :"-",/a'. : . '-v:i' '<,'-]:, \\:-:- .;■■.'■
-: Tickets lon ■ sale at ; company, s | office, mos
121* % east I Main" street; ?• Richmond (Trans
ftr. f Company; No^SpS ;, east - Main'3 street/
Murphyfs $ and ?= Ohio
and Richmond -rand. Petersburg '.depots.
Richmond. Baggage checked through to
"1212 east Mainstreet;:Richmond.~-Va^
■ .■ . "--^.X^J.-JCBROWN,',--,
- ' GeneralvPaawenffer eAffent^'
H- '.' B Mrr^NewjYork):
jy 23 - "
■■• -■• --' s ■ ' ■«,;,„'- "■'- I
place tto-raorrow.; from « St,' "Vincent's iCath-'
olJeiS chiirch/S? of sjwhichll deceased fywas B a
. .
Air LiifE Railway
knrf • «?mi thwest ■■: Florida, Caba. Texas, »^ai-.
of ;six *.' - : "■■,-■ ;V_
trains ■ Cleave ; richmoni^-main
• ; N0.;27. ' *'x?a a. . .- . ■•.-.;. . .
■>-15 P M : 1037 F- M.— Lv. Richmond.
>2-56P'm* -11 -20 P.'M.—Lv.- Petersburg.
7 : i>7 P Mi !v"il2:A: M.-Lv; Raleigh.
10 :25 P. M. 7 :00 A. St.— Ar. Hamlet. ,:..-.. .
10:35 P. M. 7:20 A:' M.-Lv. Hamlet. -
7:50 A. M. 3:?5 P. M.-Ar.:At lanta
2:00' A: M. 10:35 A. M.—Ar.i Columbia^
. ■■•.-.•■-. . \ (Eastern TiaseV
1:05 A. M. 9:40 A M.—Lv.~Columbia
\ (Central Time).
4u55 A. M. 2:10 Pi M.-Ar. Savannah.
9:15 A. M. 7:00 PJ M.— Ar. JacksonviUe.
10:50 A. M. -:/■■ I — Ar^StJt Augustine.
5:45 P. M. ' 6:45 "Ai\M.— Ar. Tampa. ; -
10:32 P. IVL 10:08 A.M.— Ar. Charlotte.
.1:35 A. M. 10 22 A-M.—Lv. Chester.. -
3:43 A. M 12:35 P. v M.—Lv.-. Greenwood.
6 :13 A. M. 2 :50 P. \ I.— Lv. A then 3.
7:50 A.M. 3:55 P.M.- Ar. Atlanta.
5:40 P.M.— A r.- Augusta.
11:35' A. M. 7:20 P. 3C.— Ar. Macon.
6:25 P. M. 9:20 P.:M.— Ai. Montgomery.
2:55 A. M— Ar. Mobile.
7:?5 A. Sl— Ar. New Orleans.
6:55 P. . M. 1 :40 A. it— Ar. Nashville.
8:20 A.M. 8:20 A. M—Ar. Memphis. ;
- Train No: 35 leaves Richmond 9:10 A. M.
daily -fcr Petersburur.|Norlina. N. C. and
all intermediate points. ; Connection at
Norllna -with train arriving Henderson
2:10 P. Ar. and Ralel{:r» 3:50 P. ' M. daily,
and Durham 4 P. M. daily/except Sunday.
-Trains leave Richmond for Washington.
New York, and the East daily— No. 34 at
5:45 A. AL. and No. 66 at. s :fS P. M.
Connections at Jacksonville and Tampa
for all Florida East Coast points and Cuba
and Porto Rico: at New Orleans for all
points in Texas. Mexico and California.
6:35 A. M., No. 34 ; From all points South
4-55 P. M.. Ao. 66 • and Southwest.
S 5:45 P M., N0.36, from Norllna. N. C,
Petersburg and local points. •
JJos. 31 and 34— Florida and Metropolitan
Limited. Pullman Drawing-Room and
Sleepiugr-Cars between New York and
Tampa. Vestibuled Coaches between
New York and Richmond, and between
Richmond and Jacksonville. Pullman
Sleeping-Cars (daily) between Jackson
ville and Tampa. Also, through Draw
ing-Room Sleeping-Cars bet- een Ne*»
York and Atlanta; and Cafe-Cars between
Hamlet * and Atlanta and Hamlet and
Savannah. - -.-; -
Nos. 27 and 66— Seaboard 'Fast Ma!L
Pullman Drawing-Boom Cu^fet Sleeping-
Cars between Js T ew. York andJacksonviHe.
connecting at Hamlet with Sleeping-Car
to and from Atlanta, in connection with
which through Pullman tickets are sold.
Pullman Parlor-Cars between Jackson
ville and Tampa. Finest Day Coaches.
W. J. MAY. City Ticket Agent.
: Z P. Smith. District Passenger Agent.
'Phone. 406. ; 1006 East Main street.
40&&bd$8$fci " : -- PASSEHSEB " : -
September IG, ■ 1002.
7:45 A. M. Daily. Newport: New» Lo
cal. All stops. ■ . . v-J-vrUw.
S:SO A. M. Daily, for Old , Point. New
port . News, and Norfolk. T *c
hours and twenty-five ml™^-™m l ™^-™
Norfolk. Stops Williamsburg.- New
/ port News, and - Hampton onL>.
Parlor car. ' ■ ' „ ''. ■ , -•• .»,,
4:OO P. M. Daily, except .Sunday, ...tor
Old Poir-t. . Newport News., and
" Norfolk. Two hours andxwentjr-nve
-'■ minutes ■to - Norfolk. ' Stops WU
liamsburg, Newport; News- ~na
Hampton only. Parlor car. Con
nects at Old Point with v ashing
ton. Baltimore, and Cape Charles
steamers; at Norfolk with Old Do
minion steamers for New * or >/ „
6:OO P. M. Daily, for Newport - r News
and Old Point. : Makes 'principal
10:10 A. M. Local. Daily to Charlottes
ville, and. except Sunday, between
. Charlottesville and Clifton . Forge,
* connects for Orange. .Culpeper,
, . Calverton. and Manassa3.
2:30 P. M. Daily. Cincinnati and Louis
ville Express. Parlor car,
cept Sunday, to'Gordonsville-.i'uii
man from Gordonsville" to Cincin
nati. Louisville, and the: west.
Connects for Virginia Hot Springs.
'" A local train from Gordoasyllle to
■ Staunton follows for local stations,
■ ■■; except. Sunday. - ,„
C:3O p. M. Except Sunday. Accommoda
tion to Doswell. ' - ._. .
7:00 P M "St Loiiis and Chicago
Special." Daily, with Dining and
Pullman cars, to Cincinnati, in
• dianapolis. and St. Louis; except
Sunday, with Parlor car, Cincin
nati to Chicago. • Dining car on
' at Gordonsville.' ' . _, '■ " ' „
10:30 P. M. F. F. V. Limited. Except
Sunday to Gordonsvill'--. daily be
' yond. Pullman to Hiinon, connect
ing with Pullman--- to'. Cincinnati.
Louisville, and ths West. . Connects
for Virginia Hot Springs.
1O:2O A. M. Daily, for Lynciiburg. Lex
ington, New Castle, and Clifton
Forge, except Sunday, for Rosuey
and Alberene. Parlor car.
5:15 P. M. Except Sunday, to Warren.
From Norfolk and Old Point. 10
A. M., 6:30 and 7:20 P. 21. aally;
• 2:20 P. M., except.- Sunday.
. MAIN LINE _ ■■
From Cincinnati and the r Wesc.
7:45 A. M., daily; 3:45 A. M.. except
Sunday, and 3:30 -P. M., daily.
Local. 8:30 A. M., except Sunday.
and 7:15 P. M.. daily.
6:55 P. ; M: • daily . and 8:40 A. M-.
except Sunday. :
Apply at SO9 east Main street. 303 .east
Main . street. Murphy's Hotel, and Jef
ferson Hotel for further . information,
rates, tickets, and Pullman reservation*.
. •'District Passenger Agent.
General Manager. Gen. Pass. Agent.
• • ' je 28
»| {if RPdU &I JT •H ■ £x**" \5 B i ■ ■-•■
JlryW mm^Htsm
Schedule In Effect Sept. 2S, 1J)02 %
rives Norfolk 11^0 A.' M. Stops only
at Petersburg, " Waverly, . and Sat-.
folk. Stops =at Wakeneld only to
let off passengers holding tickets
from Richmond and Pet^rsbur*.
for LynciiDurg. Roanoke. Coium.
bus, and Chicago. Buffet Jfanor
Car Petersburg to Roanoke. Pull
man Sleeper Roanoke; to Colum-.
bus; also,- for Briatol.' Konxviue,
and Chattanooga.- Pullman Sleeper
Roanoke io iCnoxville. ,
12:20 P. M.. :•':',• Roanoke Express. for
Farmvllle, ; Lynchburg. Roanoke.
■„„ and intermediate Btatlona. "
3:OOP, M.. Ocean- Shore limited. Ar
rives Xorfolk 5:20 P. M. Stops only
, at Petersburg, Waverly, and. Suf
- folk. Connects at Norf ol!c ; with
steamers to iJjston. providence,
.Yew. York. Baltimore, ; and WasH
- ■ •.-'■"tajrton.-. ■ " -■-:"■;■■■ ■"- ..;■.:' - '- ■ "
fSSP. M.; for Suffolk. Norfolk, and In,
> termedlate stations. Arrives at
.-; -Norfolk at 10:40; P. M
0:35 P.. M;, . rot- - Lynchburg and Roa
; aoke. Connects at -.Liynchbari with
- : " Washington and Cbiittanaoga Lim
ited. Pullman Sleepers Lyn:hbur^
to Memphis and -New rOrlean*.
Cafe. Parlor, and Observation Cars
; " Radford to Attala. -Ala. Pullman;
■".' -Sleeper -between - Richmond '. and
: Lynchburg.^- Bertha, ready: for * oc
.cupancy az 8-J6 ~ P- ; ; M. Also. Puii
■J: man Sleeper , Petersburg k and Roa
noke.. -- :■.-:■ ;■■.'-■"■. -■'■- ■■- :"'■:..■' ..
drains r arrive Richmond from Lynch
sburg and the Weat daily > at T:B*
A. M., 2:00.P. M. and «:stt;P. M-:
/ "■ from;--; Norfol- and- the* Eaat ■".•af
".-'■. 11:10: A.; -Mr. ••'ll:4S; A. M.. and
- :O:5O R M:; . ■'■-""■-- -■ '• ■ "
- OOce:.B3B;Main' street. -^ .r. r :
.-■■;>- "-: .-:> JOHN c. wagnbb, - : ;
City Passenger, and '-Tickets Agent, v
■ C.:h.ibo3ley. -^;v ;
■.: ■■■■ "....-::""■ '-- General " Paa3eaKer' r Airent.'-- r
General Office:; Koaßoke.^yk-' ; :*■ j fe 3:>
? ; :■:■' SEVENTHS :! STREETS.- MAN- : .
CHESTER^-' r^v-;: -:■:,. :,.-;
EveryShour from 6 A^:M. to 10 p. M.
Last? carlll :30 v P. $S&& £»-•- I
30 f Minutes §AfteriEvery*Hour'jfrora^6:3o
&JTjidvj«^3 Sunday 3 pG^all^eursioev
In Effect, July 20, 1002.
Trmlnm ;'L«ave and Arrive .14 tb-Strett
' Station. ,
10:15 A. M., No." 3/ dally for Durham N
C DaavlU*. and all locti staiiiaj
south,: connecting at Surk B v-iu
with: Norfolk and Western railway
i for; Farmville. Lynchburg ami ail
lo"al stations West: at Jet Trey? *o
loco, stations on Norfolk Dlvfr.oa
to Danville; at Oxford for Hsn
I:K>P.Ji..Mo., ». Ilmltctl trala dill
lor Jacksonville ami all Florida
. i>olat«; Havana. Nassau, etc. Ccs
nect3 at Moselay .with ParnwUU
«na Powhatan railroad: »s
Greensboro* for Durham. Raleiafc.
and Wln»ton-Salem; at Charlotn
with No. J5. United 3tats« Tas:
/.mail, solid train, daily, tor New
\ Orlesaa «.nd points So.itb, whlci
carries Sleepers to New Orleans.
DrawlnjC-Room Sleeper KtchmonJ
to And Blnninghaai.
Tbrouca train, with Sleeper, sJaii*.
bury to MumpbJa. Dlaing,-Cir at.
vice. .
11-.05 p.. M.. No. 11. Southern Express.
dally for Atlanta. Augusta. Jact
•ocvilir and points South. Sl^jwr
for Da'jvUle. Greensboro. SalU
. bury, and Charlotte. oi>en at Itlch
. monfi 930 p. M. Connection with
New Ycrkand Florida Expreas an 3
BoutliTrsai-rn LlTnltedL which car
ries through Sleepers to Aug^ta.
Savannah. Jacksonville. Tampa.
Nashville. 3iemph!3. Atlanta. N«\t
Orlftins. etc. Complete Dtn!ng-Car
. service. Also. Pulimaa Tourist
Bleepe'- Mondays. Wednesdays. an><
Fridays Washington to 3art STraa
ciseo. without cnangc, with conr.e*
tlona-for all 'points In -Texas. 31ezl<
« J « COl '* ad California."
«:O0 P M.. N«. 17, local dally, axc«Dt
SnT:day. for Keysvllle and I.iUr
m«<l late points.
T:0O A. M.)
8:43 P. M.) From Atlanta. Ausui:a,
Jackaonville. AshevllU. and all
points Soutb.
8:«O A. 24.. rrom Keynrille and local
b t» tiona.
SIZS P. 11.. from Durham. Ciariotta,
Danvflle and Intermediate stations.
Ko» 61 c.nd. 82. between Manchester sjsa
- ?f# iDalia.
;.- L,*iAVK aicaiio.ND.
«:JM) P. M.. No. 16, Baiumorc Ujbi£*s!i
dal:y, except Sunday .<, for yjV>«
Point. -conaectiDg at West PoJai
■with ateamers for Baltimore and
York-river landings.
3:15 P.M.. No. 10, daily, except Sun.
• days, local express for West Poinf
■ and intermediate stations. Connect*
with stage at Lester Manor for
Walkerton and Tappabanaock.
o*o A. M.," No. 74. local raised. Leaves
daUy. except Sunday, for West
' point and intermediate station*
connecting with 3tage at Leatei
Manor for Walierioa smd Tappa
9:15 A.M. No. 15. daily, from U'eaC
Point, with connection J'roai Ba.lt!
more. except Monday.
10:45 A.M.. No. 9, daily, except Sundayi
and Mondays.
4:50 P. M.. daily, except Sundays, froa
West Point and Interm^diata sta
Nos. .15 and 15 wlil make no stops be
tween Richmond and . Quinton.
Steamers sail from West Point 5:50 P. Jj.
daily, except Sundays. Steamers call at
Gloucester Point and Clay bank Mondays,
Wednesdays, and Fridays, and Yorktown
and Allmonds Tuesday, Thursdays, an 4
Saturdays. _ q WBSTBDRT..
' Dlstrtct "-Passenger Agent.
J2O eaat Main street.
.I7rt • -■■■■' ■-.•.-■ Richmond, Va.
O«naral Paasenger A^eni.
General-Manager. Washington. D. C.
Schedule in Effect May 23. 300:1.
4:22 A. M. Daily, from BYRD-STREET
STATION, ror Wastiington and
beyond. Stops at iiiuord. Fre<l
erlcksburg, and Alaxamlria. Stop*
Occoquan Sundays. Sleeping Car*
. to .Washington, and New York
Dining Car. „,-«
«::«s a. M. IViiiy, rrotn MJuN
STREETI 'iVXTIOH. Florldu and
Metropolis - LJmltwJ. Tor Wtwn
ingion - ano beyoaa. Stops *t
I-YederlcJcab i?g and Alexandria.
Sleeping Cars to New York.
7:OO A. M. Except Sunday, from ELBA
STATION*, ancomodatlon for X*tx
■land and Intermediate pointa.
8.00 a. M. SuaJay on£y. from BTRD
.on and beyond. Stops at Elba.
Gi«n and local statioarf.
Ashlan</ to Cherry Hill Inclusive.
Nepley, Occoquan. and Alexandria.
Buffet r*ar!or Car. .
& .BO A. M. fixcepc Sunday. from
Waahingron and beyond. Stops at
Elba. Qlen Allen, and local a»
■'■--. tlons. -AshtantJ to Accotinl: Inclu
sive. Seminary, and Alexandria.
- Parlor car.
12:05 Noon. Except Sr.n&ay, from EYRCK
STP.KET STATION*, for Waahlns
tea. and b«yond. Stops at ElbA
Ashland. Doswcll. MMford. Fred
ertcksburjf. stntl Alexandria. Buff*
Parlor Cai". Connect? with Coa
gressional Limited.
4:00 P. M. Except Sunday, from
- commodation .for Fredericksbura
and interraeCiate .itoints.
5:05 P. M- Dally, trom MAI.V-STREET
STATION. ?or 'W'anhinicton and
beyond. Stopa at Doawell. Ft*m!
erlckaburs. and *.lexandrla. Sle-ep*
• rng Car to N»:v York.
«:ia P. >1 Daily, from EX.BA STA
TION/for Washingron and bpyomt
Stops at Ashland. Fredericksbur^.
and Alexandria. Sleeping . Car to
New York. Dinlntr Car.
«:8O P. M". Except Sunday, from SLBA
STATION, f AccornmodntJcn lot
Ashland and Intermediate point*.
»:OO P. M. Daily, from BYRD-STREKt
KTATICN. for Washington and be
yond. .": Stops . at. -Elba. AahlaaA
Doswelt. MUford. Frpdericksburs
Brooke, Widewater, Quan'tco. ar.i
Alexandria. Stops at other sta
tions Sunday. Ble*plns r&r Rich
mond to New York and Wauihlar
ton to Phtladelph.'H.
11:15 P. M. Except Sunday, from ELBA
STATION. Accommodation to:
Ashland- and intermediate poIaU.
O-.40 A. M. Except Sunday, at ELBA
STATION. Accommodation from
Ash'and and intermediate point*.
B:2S A. M. Except Sundry, at UYKIV
STREET STATION. " - Accommod*
, tlon from Fredertcksburjf and 1»-
I termedlate -point». ■
Bi*O A.'-M- Dally, at- BYRD-STKSS"?
.STATION Stops at . Alexandria.
Occoquun. .Widewater. Brook*.
Fredericksburj?. /Mllford. Dosw<?!?.
Ashland.' and Elba. Stops at otfc'V
stations Sunday. Sleeping Car N'e*
■ .York* to Richmond.
12-01 P. -■■"M." "'Exempt Sunday, at BYBD
* •tJ'IREET .STATION. Stops at lo
■"■•'.-■-car station*. 'Washington to A&'
:& land Incluaive. . Glen Alien xs*
. "" Elba. Parlor car.
3:02 P. M: Dally, at ELBA STATION
'. - Stops at Alexandria. Lotion. Occo*
7 • quan. -FrcUerlcksburg 1 . and ilil'oni
.; Sleeping". Car from New Yor.'c
Dining Car. ;
2 : 05 P- IX- Dally, at
STJtTION. 7 €top« «t Alexa-n<lr!i
"rederlcksburs. Mtlford. "Doswelt
and Ashland. .Sleepliur Car frorr
New ' York. - ~
6-0O P. M. Except Sunday, at ELBA
* STATION 'Accommodation from
"• Aahlac<i • anaifnterm«»dfat«» point*
7-15P:-Ma Daily.
* . - STATION.) ... Stop* .at . Alexanar!:*.
1 FrederJcksburK." Doswell, Aahli-i^
-; an<l-.tElt>a.- Sleeyfnjr Cars frora
■ ■ - K»w cTork '«nd: Wanhlnxton. Dta
; - -?'- - -lnK. i »Car-'-- ' '■::■-:-,,■ : : ... - ■ _ .-
' 8-5O P« M. r DaiTy; ; at BYRD-STRKST
..- r" ■:■- ' STATION.- Stops at Atexandria aaJ t
: "local ietatton3.Quantlco to Asnlas* .*
. inclusive.: Glen Allen and Elba. Buf-
Vi Parlor Car.: ': :■-■ "-•">•.- " ; ■ - -
1O •** sp.O M. D»fly, : at ■■ MAIN-ST RSST
■ -f. STATION.'",': iPlorld*, and M<stro- :
''■'•'": if polit*»p limited. S-j Stops at Atef.; ,'
•-:. ;? ■;^ andrlariisPredcrlckaburjf, ' E>O3 *tf!l
' iandfAshlajKLr.sSleeptnff cars frow
-■-• -. .New, York. -• .-.-v> . .. _ .
Il^lO'P^MAExcapt^Ounday.v at ELT-* ,- :
STATION; /Accommodation ttv •'
_ .^AaWan^s^Ssi^p&ti,--"--:-'""--: '
- •.: "•■ - W.-i P;i*mpß.':Tn«e -^MaaM^ •; , >
SST.R Milt. TiiMMint. •*>».

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