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M«ry Hi** from the «urn« SHe
- > - - ■"■•■ - .'.■■■
ncccivc.l-llcv, Clifton Raffi" Op
toinca-Uctnfl <^V cerH . ] VVnnt P Ct '
- ier!*' ■Gavnlvhuicni . Law-. 111 .. 1 !'?
PETEHSBURG. VA:, October G.-(Spc
-.iaO-Bcforc Judge , Mullen. , of U\£ Cor
poration Court, to-day, 'argument was
neard in the matter cf a Occrce for the
sale of the property or tli= Ettrick, Manu
facturing Company. . Upon petition of
Doorgc E. Fisher, of Xew York, the own,.
tr of a large amount 5n bond, of the com
pnnv. the court several months ago,or
3erod the sale of the pretty, and tnc
sale was advertised. However, before *he
lhy of sale, upon "i petition of Messrs.
aaynos- and" Bishop, large creditors of t>^
iompany. through their coun^l. Mcssrn.
.V. B. McJHvuh.c a:,l C. T. cr ' JJjS
Cnidwell. of tho Supreme Co jir \J™sm
in injunction stopping t^c W unt n fur
her order of the Corporation Coir .
The cause came before Judge Mullen to
•ny »nd after argument, was ordered con
inued to October 17th. In the meantime
»d l.v the court in such further action as
toy" hereafter be taken in this cause
This testimony will be mainVy on me
uc-tion of the machinery introduced .in
hcittrick mill since the day of the deed
,f trust or mortgage. Way a»W: IS.S.
Martha Foreec, an elderly colored wo
nan' living on 0.-.k street, was found
ie-d' ii her bed early Sunday morning.
Death resulted from natural causes, and
ur inquest was not deemed necessary^
Mary Stuart, colored, who was so baa
v burned by falling on./ a stove at. her
iornc on Mercury street, died yesterday
rom the effects of her injuries.
Mrs. Charlotte Littlcjohn. widow of
lara 11. Littlejohri; died Sunday morning
't her resiUence, 'On HintoiV street, of
pai-alysis, after .a . very, brief illness*
in January she suffeied a severe stroke,
rom the effects Oi. which she had neany
•ccovcred. when., on . Friday. . a second
iroke came, which proved fatal. De
based was well-known and greatly,; re
jected. She was a sincere Christian and
levotcd member of the Methodist church.
shr. loaves two brothers, who reside in
Richmond. Messrs. George ami Rose Gary
:r.a near relatives in Richmond and Nor
Mr. Clifton Ruflin. a well-known young
ilUzeri of ; Petersburg and a graduate of
Richmond College, was ordained to the
nmiPtry at the First .P.aptist church Sun
lay afternoon, in the. presence of a large
•origregation. The sermon was preached
jy Rev. Dr. H. >V. Battle; the charge
:o the candidate "was delivered to Rev.
Dr. J. M. Pile -t: the charge to the peo
sle" by Rev. J. R. Doan. and the presenta-
Jor. of the holy scriptures was made by
Rev. F. W. Moore. Rev. Mr. Ruflin ex-
to go to the foreign missionary
Mr. W: AY. Townes, Jr., a popular young
•Uizen, has accepted a business position in
Charleston, AY. Va., and will leave for his
aew home on •"Wednesday.
Invitations' are out to. the marriage of
Miss Maude Sutherland to Mr. AY. K.
Davis, both of Dinwiddie county, to take
iiace ai Trinity church. October 15th.
The annual meeting of the State Coun
:il of the Junior Order United American
Mechanics, will be held in Norfolk, com
nencing on the 21st of October. The ses
ilon will be an important one, and will
>c largely attended. It is indicated that
Hr "vV H. "Wilcox, of this city, will be a
:anc3idate for State secretary.
The retail grocers of this' city will or
ganize to unite with like associations in
>thci cities, in securing from the General
Assembly the enactment of just and equi
lablc garnishment laws. Delegates will
De appointed to a State convention to be
held in Richmond October 25tli-2Gth.
The residence of Lieutenant Donahue,
it the police corps, was' somewhat forci
oly entered night before last by a man
10 much under the influence of liquor that
3e did not know what he was doing. The
tlnd-hearted olficer. who had retired, ap
sreciated the situation, and held the man
:ntil ofilciers could be' summoned -to as
list in carrying him away.
The trial of the suit of 'Messrsl Branch
me". Cobb agauist the Norfolk and" West
;rn Railway Company for damages caus
•d by fire to cordwood and standing tim
»er, was brought to a close Saturday eve
iing in the Circuit court of Dinwiddie
jounty. with a verdict of J-JOO for the plaih
iifls. The verdict, he^ever, is subject to
1 demurrer to the evidence, which is to
do argued hereafter. ~\
In the Circuit Court of. Petersburg to
norrow the trial 01 tht> suit of ex-Sergeant
T. F. Ruffin against the city for ,SIO,OOO.
iamages, will be resumed. The evidence
lor the plaintiff has not been concluded.
Efforts are being made to organize a,
UocU company for the publication of an
up-to-date afternoon paper. The city is
seing canvassed to-day for stock, and it
is learned that the scheme has met.witß
rery encouraging success.
Tho coal question is growing serious,
md unless soon relieved. much inconve
nience may result. The dealers here have
made every effort to secure supplies for
consists of getting the best .possible instrument at the least
possible price. There are no better pianos than the
We sell you direct from our large factories thereby saving
middle profits. '
/;. .Talk this matter over with any prominent musicianand
yon will be assured that these pianos are the proper instru
ments to bwy. s
Used by the People.
Endorsed by Musicians.
; A;.chance to prove these facts to you is all we ask;
The- Cf£t|)l©; ■.s^isilip&.lty;
213 East Broad Street.
T. G. CORLEY, Manager.
The Kind Yon Havo Alvrays Boi^M, and \ylilcli j lias been
in use ;lbr oxer 30lj(x\v!i. Las boma tlic sigrnaterp of
--'- - ami -has been, aiadc under liis.pcr
/t^^jtt^^T^ 2 - sonal supervisipiv since its infancy.,
\r&&f7}' 4 /■£c/cfU/24 . Allowno one to cleceiye 3*oll iiitliis.
All Comiierfcits, Imitations find 5* Jiist-as^grood" are but
Experiments that trifle yritli asicl ciidariffcr the health of
Infants aud Cliildren— Experience against Experlnient.
Castoria- is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops ami Soothing Syrnps. It is Pleasant. Ifc
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its -guarantee.-; It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishncss. It cures Diarrliosa and .Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels,' "giving lieal«iy. and natural sleep.
The ChUdreh's Panacea— The Mother's Friend.
CEHuiiiiE . ; 'CASTO -B I A- ■^A'-w.ays
■ • ■ ■ - f ■■-'.'■■-:'. . '. ;:
Bears the Signature of •-____ s a3 ' '
gn Use For Over 30 Years.
their customers, but they have found the
task a difflcult one. There -has been an
advance in both hard and soft coal, par
ticularly in the former.
At t!ie residence of the bride's parents,
on Market street, to-morrow morning
at 0 o'clock. Miss. Alice R.. daughter* of
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Seward, will be mar
ried to Mr. Robert J. Powell, of Savannah,
Herbert Pnrycar BroUc His Arm at
Independence— EXiuont 7-»o5c«.
iJLMONT; VA.. October C— (Special.)'—
Mr. Herbert Puryear. one of the riders at
the tournament given at Independence
Saturday had his arm ' broken in two
The horse which he was riding shied
and threw him against one of.' the tourna
ment poles. He was. attended by Dr.
Jones, of Ashland, and at tnis writing he
is iri a very precarious condition.;
The condition of Mr. Vass, who has
beer, sick/ for a long while, remains un
A diseased pronounced by 'a doctor in
this community as "pink eye," seems to
be prevalent throughout this section.
The eye becomes inflamed -and when
at the worst nearly closes.
Many young people around here are
afflicted with the trouble and it is said to
be contagious.
A most enjoyable tea was given by' Mrs.
Wright at her home yesterday afternoon
in honor of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Boschen
and Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Palmore.
Interexilns- Facts Broiis^t to Uslit
by RctC'KtrjirK.
GLOUCESTER, VA., October C—(Spe
cial.)— Some interesting war records were
made public in 'this county during the
course of the registration under the sol
dier clause of the franchise provisions of
the new Constitution. A total of fifty-two
white soldiers was enrolled— forty-eight
Confederates; two Federals, and two
Mr. R. W. Bowden was one of the
Spanish- American veterans! Hjs great
grandfather was a captain 'n the ' Revol
utionary war.- His grandfather was a cap
tain in the Mexican war, and his father
was a captain in the Confederate States
: Mr. T. M. P. Ferry, a Confederate vet
eran and his five sons registered. All of
the sons still live under their father's
roof and none of them is married.
" The registration was completed in Pets
worth District Saturday, with the follow
ing results: "J.;" J .;
Glenns— Whites, Go; old book, 9G; colored,
4; old book, OS.
"Woods Cross Roads— Whites, 75; old
book.. 90; colored, 14; old book, 140.
Sassafras— Whites, 73: "old book, SI;
colored, : 17; old book, 115. ' .
. Hornet's Nest— Whites,. s6; old book, C 7;
colored, 0; old books, 50. .
An Eiisn{?enient Anonnnecd.
M'KENNEY, V A.. October 6.— (Special.)
The engagement of Miss Delha Parke
Powell, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Eugene
C. Powell, of McKenney, Va.. to Mr.
"Willie Turpin Carter, Jr., of South Bos
ton. .Va., is announced. The. marriage
will takv> place enrly in November.
Thievisli \cgro Captured in Warren
■"■ i- ton— Pcr.lonal.and General.
WARRENTON, VA., October. 6.—(Spe
cial.)—Stephen Ford (colored), was _this
morning, captured while attempting to rob
the store of R. W. Hilleary.' a leading mer
chant here. He had been suspected for
some time and Mr. Hilleary and the sev
eral clerks had taken turns for several
nights past in watching for him. Early
this morning shortly after light, " tlieir
patience was rev.'arded v»-ith success.
Ford is prominent in various colored'
lodges and is a great church-goer.,' His
conviction will j certainly follow at- the
next term of the County Court and a' good
long term in the penitentiary will be given
him beyond a doubt.
■ The heavy downpour, of rain In this sec
tion during the last rorty-eight hours,
will affeof farming operations
for some ' days and late seeding will'in
evitably follow.
A series of "protracted services com
menced last night at the Methodist
church, under the charge of the pastor,
Rev. Mr. Ballangee. :■ ' , .
The wedding next . Wednesday at"'high
noon of Miss Mary Randolph Hicks; and
Mr. Francis Scott Carter will be one of
the chief social events of the "season.
The marriuge will take place in St. James'
Episcopal church, and the ceremony will
be performed by the rector, Rev. G. W.
The attendance at the Fauquier Female
Institute this session, has broken all past
records' • of ■ the school. Students occupy
every, available room and a number have;
been refused, simply for lack of accom-.
modation... - '•'-■ '■'--..}■'
The wiring, of .the town with electric
light wires is progressing finely and
everything ipertaining to the. lights will
be in operation at a very early date.
"Lewis F. Hansbrough was appointed
last week a special deputy in the Internal
Revenue Service and left Sunday for
Richmond where he was ordered^ by the
department. , V-
Admiral John A. Kcwell, is a guest of
Dr. S. D. Kennedy. He is here only on
a. brief visit: . ", ," . •
-Miss Willie M. . Garner,, is. visiting her,
sister, Mrs. Arundale, in Charlottesville.-
Mrs. F. C. Hodgkin Is' visiting. relatives
in Charlottesville. and . Richmond. '. ■
; Mrs. A. Nusbaum and family are in
Washington, on a short stay and will
remain until after the Grand Array, ot
the Republic encampment.
L. 11. Chamberlain reached. here Satur
day, after an absence, ox some weeks
visiting friends, in lowa.
.The alumni of tne University of Vir
ginia residing in this county met several
days ago and . organized the Fauquier
Alumni. As.VDCiation and elected:. the fol
lowing officers: General William H.
Payne, president; Colonel Thomas Smith,
vice-president, and, George Latham
Fletcher, secretary nnd treasurer. The
following executive committee was chos
en: General William ■ H. Payne, Colonel
Thomas Smith, George, Latham Fletcher,
Dr. J. R. Cochan. Grenville Games, E. S.
Turner, J. P. F. Miller, and Edward Mill
er.. ... ' •;.. ; . . • :
Many Passing /• -Through' Cliftoji
;. Forjje— A. Fit'* — Town Notes.
CLIFTON FORGE, October 6.—
(Special.)— The passing- ,of the Grand
Army "of the' Republic, through our* city
is quite a diversion to the citizens, and
there are crowds at the .station to see
each train load. The ladies of the Metn
odist church serve lunches to the excur
sionists, and from the amount already
collected, expect to -make ?500.%'Notwith
standing the heavy rain, every lady seems
in a . good humor, . and there ; have been
some very, amusing; occurrences.- .\ : .
One of the dispatchers: says he remem
bers the war, and :that the Yankees give
him, a good deal more trouble now than
then,, with their numerous trains. :■.;
One of 'the^veterans: asked a railroad
man how long it takes to make the run"
from -Jfanassas 'to Washington, and< on
being told thirty-five minutes, remarked
that he rembered • making It on foot once
iri 'thirty minutes.; He had evidently not
forgotten Bull Run.. _- . •V. " ' '
: Rev. .F.'-W. T-Foy, Jr., is away on a
vacation and expects' to .bring his bride
with" him on .his return. ~ „ ..
" A ivigarctte "stump,: 1 carelessly thrown^
away, set fire to ■ a at the .Central
-Hotel, "and came near .-causing .serious
damage. Later in the day a : defective flue :
caused, a small .lire at Mr. .George. Swish-"
er's.but in neither case was much dam
age, done. ... ."/ .... ■';"; ■;,■..•-:- I> : ' '■"-'''■.•' --■'■-.:-•
Miss -Emma Jones', of . Orange, who has
been at the Seminary -for the past year,
has gone to s Iron j Gate ;to .';• take .the : -. as
sistant's.place!;in the": graded "school. ■■'■-%
; Yardrnaster- J. -W.\C.; Bryant; is at .work
again/: after a two month's .illness caused
by a. sunstroke.;;'; 0/ , /
Master ; Machinist J. A.; Quiring' who; was
affected as - : Mr. - Bryant was, has! hot ; yet
been' able to resume ' his duties. ' _ ~ " . .-
: y-: -:Xesrro-:Tliief Confesses.
;.^VTTiHEVIL,L,E, .VA.., October-: 6.—Spo
ciaL)-^-HamtSloane. r ;«a-;nei&ro/i\vh6^r6bbs<i
the j residence ; of fD eputyiCo.Uector^Gle&ves
Brown;?; drugstore - last v-j.week.^.s has-been
Remain* of Well-KnoW Freflerlcfc>»
-linll Ciilren Lnld to R«"*;
'■ FREDERICK^ HALlif.yA'.; October 6/
(Speciai:)-jir:'N; ? C. Harris \lied suddenly,
aphis-h ome last Thursday 'evening, oc
paralysis:oHc was'vtaken with ;ai pain _m
' his > head and grew -rapidly. worse-expir
ing "bafore. the- -"nearest vphysician. who
lives' in iaight of . his house. ; could?; reacn
him, .though he was -summoned by pnone
immediately and: came /aa quickly as pos
sible. . -'. ■ '' ■ v ": ; .... ', '—'«„'„
•Mr. Harris : was a delicate, man. From
his ■early boyhood his' -friends have feared
Just? auch a death for ;him; ; But ;for vthe
last' two years hQ ihadj gained flesh and
was -so full of energy., that his .death
came as a shock. On his way home; from
Ms offlcq thnt : evening he called; in; to see a
sick-friend' and told ' him Ihe would .call
to see him again Yin the : morning".— snowj
ir.g? that he. felt then entirely well.
Surely, we -know 'not what a day may.
bring forth. . ; . •.'•■'
Mr. 'Harris married .Miss' Rosjv- Pettit.
the" oidest'daughter of Colonel W. B. .Pet
tit, of Palmyra, Va.. who survives him
with six children^ , Mr. , N, " C- Harris, Jr.,
Miss Natalie R. -Harris, Miss Belle Ellen
Harris, Miss Vera M. Harris. Master ■Wil
liam B. Pettit Harris! Master David- Paul
Harris. . ," ■ .~ '
Among the relatives ; from a distance
who attended; the funeral were; Miss Rosa
M. Harris, of Kentucky; Mrs. T. H: Wopl
folk, of Ellisville,. Mr. ..William Bowles,: of
Staunton; Mr. C. IC . Pcnclleton, ofGwath
mcy.Va.; Colonel ' William B. Pettit, Miss
' Vera Pettit, Mr. Pembroke . Pettit,' Mr.
Paul Pettit: Dr.' AY. B. Pettit . and .wife,
arid-Mrs. '■ William P.: Bagbeo. r •
As the hearse containing the flower
'ladeh' caEket ' in which rested the earthly
remains of the deceased slowly wended
its way to the old family burying ground
Saturday evening, there followed it the
largest, crowd of sorrowing friends and
relatives that has ever gatnered together
on a similar occasion in Louisa county.
There was every evidence of the profound
respect in .which Mr." Harris was held by
ail. The floral tributes were, so numerous
they" had to.be carried in a separate ve
hicle, in which sat as driver "old .Uncle
Matt," with "Aunt Charlotte" by his- side—
the latter Mr. Harris- old mammy," and
the former his father's carriage driver
in ante. bellum days. Many of his former
slaves' were "also among the followers.
The services were conducted by Mr.
Parker Richardson at the residence and
at the grave. Mr. Richardson's remark's
were earnest, pathetic and appropriate
as he alluded to the bereaved family and
prayed that He who rules on high would
put His sheltering arms nround them and
protect them from all harm. Beautiful
music was rendered by Misses Atkinson
and Hurdehburgh.
Foot-Ball Captain _Rcsiarns— Wash
ington and Lee Sophomores.
• LEXINGTON, VA., October 6.—(Spe
cial.)-Alexandery . McDowell Smith, ot
Lexington, the captain of- the foot-ball
elevenof Washington and Lee University,
has retired from the University to accept
a business position. 'The vacancy caused
by his withdrawal has been filled by the
unanimous election of Charles Cnamber
lain McNeil, of Charlottesville. Captain
McNeil played on the first eleven two sea
sons ago, arid, returned to the University,
this, season to complete his course." The
retirement of, A. M. Smith Is a great loss
as he was a fine athlete and was equally!
at home on the diamond and the gridiron.
. Judge Jere Black Leslie, of Great Falls, ■
Mont, who has received the Democratic
nomination foe. Associate Justice of the
Supreme Court of Montana, ;s a fllstir.
guished alumnus of Washington and Lee
University, class of 1873-1575. He matricu
lated . at the University with Frankfort,
Ky., as his home. . ; :
.-j./The .Sophomore Class of. :": "U r ashington
and Lee University, at a meeting held to
day in the lecture-room of Dr. Wi...am S.
Currell,- elected the following- officers for
the ensuing year: John Monro Banister
Gill, of Petersburg, Va., president; Mal
colm Duncan Campbell, of Lexington,
Va., ' vice-president; Charles Newton
Campbell, Jr., son of Dr. C. N. Campbell,
of Cnarlestown; ; W. Va;, president' of : tne
Stephenson Female Seminary of Charles
town,' secretary and -treasurer.'
A washout between Lynchburg and Bal
cony. Falls on the James River Division
of> the Chesapeake. and Ohio railroad, de
layed trains Sunday afternoon. Trains
Nos. N 9 and 10 west and castbound, respec
tively, did not jget through. Each train
arrived at the washout, and after it was
found impossible. to get through and com
plete the scheduled runs, the passengers
and their effects were transferred around
the washout. - • ! ;•■
Disbarred Norfolk Attorney Notv.
. Ciiurg-ecl "With. Emliezziementi"--'
NORFOLK, VA., October G.—f'Vecial.)
Peter J. Morris, the attorney %\~o was
disbarred .from three courts last summer
for procuring a "Dakota" divorce for a
client, was to-day indicted by the grand
jury for, the misappropriation of $1,051,
the .property of Mrs. Cora L. Livesay, a
client. Mr. Morris,' himself,' went to the
clerk's office arid gave a $500 bond-with
R. Kouter, one of his former ; clients as
:■: ■ Mr. Morris said that' the proceeding is
spite' work. He declared ' that the agree
ment with Mrs. 'Livesay was that she
was to lend him the. amount mentioned
for $20 per month. He said she has since
drawn some ?300 of the principal as weir as 1
the interest agreed upon.
ci ■»'•■"■■ ''■'■•'<" r ■
It is the duti of th/kend of ev/ry homs
holdtoprovidi r against -thit htaUh-ftrils, ; pe
culiar to summ/r.:,: Promptness in tht _■ treat
ment 6/ thns maladies i-iowld. often trevert
serious illness, perhaps death.— MUNYON..;
. -Munyon's Hornoepathic Home Rcmf
diss arc the) suristi safeguards againsi
disease. If "they .are not; in the. house
ithey should be bought and kept on hand.
In; case of sudden development" of th?
symptoms of any trouble the proper cure
for- that trouble ;i should I. immediately be
'obtained at the druggist's. /' '
• 'For indigestion' and dyspepsia take
Dyspepsia; Cure. For head-;;
r a;he from "■heat,; or, caused by nervousness;
orprostration, take>Munyoh ? si Heaiiache
:Cure--it will cure-iri^th-ree;mihutes.c::Fo;;
l i>iJousness, jaundice and; liver, jtroublet,
Muriyon'sLiverCure affords quick and-
disorders ;bftn
; blood,; and eruptions that ar« chiefly an-.
cnbyingimsummer; takeVMunyoh's Blood:
j Cure. .Rheumatism Cure j ls,
t-fdt usually In;6ne to three hours and in a|
I few. days cures entirely." ■
!;- Munyon's vPileSOintmehtcspeedily.and
ipositivelyTcures^all forms Tdf.; pHes : and? h ;
:especialty"e^cacious:in alleviating-ahe.
fpainvintensified^duririg^hotl'; weathers
tdiarrhosaalways^be (fortified; witfuMun
{yon!s.v W~ D; / and I C£ cur^MlAunyq njsj
LConstipatioS^Gure lhas \] relieved ithoug
sands of, the most, obstinate cases where
f everything' else 1 has failed.
* iruisLtj; 25c I'm vi»L
The Goltimfeia;;
The Modern Disc Machine., t ,
. "With its inclQ.structibfe -rdebrj]
is so widely known that it is not
necessary to explain its many ad
vantages over other 'types,"
-The $36 Machine is of elegant
design and "finish,' and thY $25
one, though somewhat - smaller,
is as perfect in • coristfuction.
BOTH machines, use both 7-inch
and 10-inch records. An elegant
assortment " ' of ' -music : '; jus t'; re-,
ceived. Call and see them at
Manly 8.. Ramos & Co.,
.119 East Broad Street.
\ that during the month of Sep
tember we executed more i' orders
for' ) : . [ ■•' '» ".'"■■
Engraved Wedding
Invitations and. 1'
than ever before in" the history of
our concern. Besides the usual
. large patronage accorded ,us at
home, for which we, are very
grateful, our work has this sea
son received, we may <say, . NA
We haye already, filled orders
for customers in ; the States, of -;■
Montana,' • Michigan; '
Alabama, : ; Vermont, '•
North Carolina, lowa. .
Ohio, • '. Massachusetts,
New York, Connecticut, ,-
Texas; - .-Georgia, .:
Kentucky, ; v Washington,
South Carolina; ; Pennsylvania,
. Florida, _and;
• ? British- Columbia,: Canada. -■-'.:
to -EVERY ; ORDER, and^FAIR-!
NESS OF -PRICES ; are "responsi
ble * for such ; success and reputa
tion. If interested in Wedding
Invitations , J call ;, and; examine ,
specimens in our v/eddiag-ordef
room. - If out of /town; writeius;"
and a specimen" book^; with : ;-;air<
dstails, vwill^ be mailed 1 ybu^ '"''■ft^''
HOS East Main Street:
■ JSKK^iI c»» pasitirelr euro "red noia, r'«d f
r'fH^ f*c« and blotchy, pimply, ugly skin,' fcs»
tf i-L ; flB no ' niatt«r ; what < tho •■ causa. ; Con- R p
B!**:fHtultaUoa ; iti3perßOtt;or by latter i» hi f
lUjL': :3rltm and •trlctly oonfidw»ti»l.*4s&tt' R:«
W»%jJOIW a;WOODBURy.D«rm«t«I«iI«t. £■'
Wedding. Gifts
of silver.. You will be impreasedmore than ever with, the suitaDllltj of silver ,
as a gif t-once you have seen the Lumsden Silverware Exhibit. -Modest, yet ex
quilitely fo?med° individual serving pieces-complete sets of ? table silver, tast.v !
fully incased for presentation-and .even the more . pretentious.-, family; chest.
holding every requisite piece. .. ■ .. -. >■ ;
These and many other suggestions., not only In sterling and solid silver
ware-^-but in cut-glass and jewebry as wen. await your leisurely choosing here! ,
73/ MAiN
:,;. .. ,; . . .-- .:,..;>;■,-;■; . . . ' loif.l
have "the largest assortment of
Elegant Bridal Silver and Rich
Cut Glass- ever shown in the
.-yin-Gu-Ol is specially, indicated; in
run-dotjrn, ' tired-out conditions.
.It- is the best' medicine for weak
people i; and those suffering; with .ner
vousness, overwork, and^worry.
":•■. There is nothing that will do ;. so
much" good as '"Vin-Gu-OI if yoii are
suffering with general debility, lossof
appetite, loss of flesh, : etc. '
: The reason that' Vin-Gu-Ol is such
a good; remedy is- that it contains the
very best medicines, -and, it is made
right. '-:■•■;--.. -:.•'- .-,- : .-. ■"•-;;■ „:. ..'. =
We know, that Von-Gu-Ol will bene
fit' you..' .'There ,has ;been sold thou
sands. /; of bottles in ~ the last few
months. - -_ •"■"-■< '■ ■•" ' : ' ■■'■'■' •
c- Merit goes .with, every bottle.* 'The
true worth of .the preparation is one.
'of 'the main levers that makes it go.
■ People r who?" have - used "Vin'-Gu-Ol
telUus^theyi.neveri hads a .medicine ) to
benefit; them so much.
•| Don't think that it is: an ordinary
.patent medicine. -It is not. '
f The formula is on the label. Phy
sicians ; prescribe it.
ViN-GUrbL, y
:. ■ . ''■'•'■•■".■■ - .."■■■ ■■■■■:■■■
Prepared only by
T. A. MILLER, Pharmacist,
5»9 East Broad Street, -
■,S .'-'■■■'"■ .yr.- EJ AEMSTEONG "&* CO.,
Distributing Agents, <■ ; Petersburg, Va."
|Be^^re-!6f^ : : :;■:.■ ; I
I Ty ph 1 oid [-Feyer ;|
:;: i Don't ; wait ' malaria" or "i 'typhoid-'
fever fastens ■ its. deadly hold oa you but
fortify }. your:, system U&ainst ■ ita . attacks
;by. taking: lregultr.-ddseatof^v - -~\
j' g °* : ?**g : at '. a H grngatwgaf. SOcJ bottled i
; -"all mmm^^kofanxHhAijPA cils
..- . , .-.•"?" -
After Two Years in the Court:
Our Contention is Sustained.
The Court of Appeals Decisioi
Removes Nuisance (the Sub
way Construction Plant)
From Our Front
Thoroughly cqnipped and in complete order,
cation most oentral and convenient.
European Plan— Popular Prices.
Your Patronage is Solicited.
B.L. M. BATES, Proprietor.
tbi/ii I*^'"^ '*i ■. „
■"*""* 1 * SRa *il"taS-tTW« CCBBZST EJtVIRIC »"«,"'
' £?T- ot tWs P»P«r. : X» w«;hi a<ST»awi w.' '"
to«;po«Uite S u»rjntf«. COSTS AtHaSTMOTHIMawP*""
; *}«* "»o»6 »n other tr«;us4ntiL I>J «l^ish.J Eiutk" o">
than iSO aUlae.ts. I Onlr car* am f»«- «U n«r«»« *!—"*
'SS-SV7*?* »» <l , <11 «»«»»"«' For complete «s»M *«»
s«£™ t^\«»t»lo»ne.cut thuaa.ous and mall w «*•
Mm«y. SwcwUry or Tertiary 3!<wd ?&*
ifvnnsaaaXij Crowd. . You'caa t» treirt*ratJw.Bu
leaaea in. 13 to 33 daysc* If you have taken »«£»*
fetches ia^MoatK-i Soro .Throat, Pimply, fop?«f op?«
I Colored Spots;* Ulcers on »oy ©art oi the K>Uy. U£
[W -» inittxnm falling- out, write for psooiSi of 9V^^
IllH^Of olf'SHt cxD fid y ; '.^»o* i

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