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r j. r jrOVmon Al«o- Turned Awnj-
J'ifO' or Onr llnxidrcd AppiicnnlK—
trVfII rtiicKitw In One .Boom nt
H«rpliJ ! «- Show Mnkcn Stranuc
jy,r hotclF «r<» crowded,
the Jefferson last night guests were
iho^n into the Turkish baths for a place
' s ] c Men with wives or daughters
P.-CTC- forced to take shelter in ncighbor
iSif . yarding houses. The management
.farted, nlso that from Jlfty to one hun
ird applying had been turned away.
Jn one room at Murphy's Hotel there
pt.TOp t . To seven Kucsts.-- However, the clerk
•i 3 s lev: more could be accommodated,
••though it might be in close quarters."
At the Lexington Hotel the crowd was
i—jjjensc. There it was estimated that
<y'c average grouping of guests was from
t jo s to a room. Guests were requestea
tOl ir> ioti: the doors as it was necessary
v, take care of ilie night arrivals. Gen
llvrncii about the lobby were asking each
other who tney were going to sleep witn.
jhe Horse show has raaae some strange
Xne arrivals at the hotels yesterday are
i& follows:
Tfcp following rc^ibiered at the Jeffcr
107. yesterday:
\V. S. Luckcit. New York; William H.
jjichael, Mrs. Michael, Wasningion; T. L.
Ejvtbn; PKtslH'rg; A. 11. Whiiing. New
ywk; L. M. Newcomb and wife, Glouces
ter:'ilr- and Mrs. Stanley Vincent. Cais
i'li. N- V.: Vaughn Knox, New York;
y.? and Mrs. J. E. Goldthwait, Boston,
John G; Morse, Boston; Mr. and Mrs.
p. Gordon Gumming:. Hampton, Va.;
;. R. Atwood and wife. West Appomat
tox; Miss Caroline Boeing, Greenwood,
Vs.': K. W. Ortman, Denver. Col.; Mr.
fe nd Mrs. Charles A. Bandor.ine. New
i'ork: Mrs. E. B. White. Lecsburg, Va.;
j(.srp'h E. . Will.ard. Fairfax, Va.; H. E.
Wilson. Edv-ard Crozer. Philadelphia;
>srs. Seiby Warner, Mrs. M. Lambert, Si.
Louis: Thomas E. Parnell. Pittsburg.
]: F. Eakle. and wile. Sweet Cnaly
bcatc: H- Frazier, Lewlr-burg. W. Va.;
Mrs. C. D. Gibson, two children and
turse. New York; W.E. Boiling. Green-,
wood* Va.; Mrs. Owlcy, Green v.-ood, Va.;
Mrs. T.nnant. Richmond; Mr. and Mrs.
AJcxander Hamilton; Miss Hamilton.
Pcterpburp; B. P. Epglcston, Drakes
Er.nich, Va.; Mrs. J. Fred. Pierson, New
York: Mrs. Howard Walter, Newport;
W. L. Pearcn, Norfolk; A. A. McKevay
nnd wife. New York; Miss Molyneaux, ;
New York; S. Y. Giiliam and wife. Din- j
wiriJie county. Va.; Clifford S;okes, Chi- i
cago; Mrs. T. J. Martin, Virginia; P. H.
Mayo... Richmond; R- B. Page, Boyce,
Va.; w. C. Hlbbard, Ncwtown Conn.;
A. T. Rczell, New York; Mrs. Morris S. ;
Barratt, Morris J. Barr.-itu' Jr., Philadel
phia- Miss Belle Harrison, Brandon. Va.;
D. D. Beach, l^aleigh. N. C: C. Stuart |
Lee Mrs. C. Stuart Lee, Baltimore; Mrs. j
G^orpe S. Bruc«. Mrs. W. T. Deal. Mrs.
\V. C. Weaver. H. W. Hall. -W.^F. Deal.
Emporia, Va.; William B. "'Attemus.
Washington: Thomss Perrett. Jr., Mt.
Olive, N. C: Joseph Malcolm. ' Mrs. Jos
eph JlaVolm. Catskill. N. Y.;. Commander
W*. S. Hogg. United States navy; Fred
Stony, manager Hot Springs, expected
with party last nlghi; Belle 'Brand._ New
York; Otto B. Shent, New York; Bernard
Kees. Norfolk. Va.: J. N. Caldwell,
Lewlsbure, W. Va.; J. E. TJlmer. New
York; J. D. Horsley, Lynchburg, Va.; L.
Feeself, New York: William H. Michae^
a'ld wife, Washington. D. C; T. L*.
fptnr.. Pittsburg. Pa..: A. H. Whiting.
New York; L. M. Newcomb and wife.
Gloucester; Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Vincent.
New York; Vaughn Knox. New York.
Among the new arrivals at Murphy's
Joe Shafcr, Ly-nchburg. Va.: C. H. San
ford, Syracuse. N. V.: Miss- Annie Bell.
Zws, Va.; C. F. Homber, Boydton, Va.:
V.'.R. Junes, Boydton, Va.; A. S. Eley
and wife. Suffolk, Va.; J. P. Carr ana
v.-ii>. Portsmouth. Vs.; F. B. Bell, Ma
rinponpo. Va.: B. A- Bell. Cobbs. -a.;
Z. R. Bell.Xape Charles, Va.; Miss £..
Mabel Selby. Oak Hall, Va.; Mrs. E. F.
Stiliy. Oak Hall. Va.; J. B. F. Williams,
;. Shirley, Va.; C. M. Walker, FarmviHe.
Va.: J. H. Irving ana wife, Cartersville.
Va.: W. H, Harp, Cincinnati, O.: Charles
U. Pfeifer, Cincinnati, O.: C. B. Cunninp-
Urn and wife. Farmville. Va.; Randall
Bear.s, Fall River, Mass.; Robert E. Boor-
Kan. Nc-w York. J. F. Bryan, Loudoun,
"a.; James H. Bell. Norfolk, Va.; R. L.
V'rKinnfy, Covington, Va.: J. J. Lear.
Covingion, Va.; J. B. Guntrus and wife,
stsunton. Va.: H. M. Hamilton. Middle
Brook. Va.; Frank Nash. Middle Brook,
Va.; William Vcrner Dunlop, Rush Run,
"W. Va.; J. J. Green and wife, Alexandria,
Vs.: Y\\ C. Stelntrof and wife. Chase
City, Va.; Miss Mabel Sloan. Chase City,
Va.; Miss Mary Lowell. Chase City, Va.;
W. %V. Moflhti Salem, Va.: C. W.
Bdshamrr. North Carolina; T. H. Hooper,
ulen Joan, Va.; W. F. Carter. Glen Jean,
t\% Va.; C. E. Hogg. Glen Jean, W. Va.;
J. V>\ Williams, Elm City, Va.; W. E.
swindeil. Baltimore: J. T. Neblitt, Lu
swnburg. Va.; M. A. Boskraill, Mecklen
dutk county. Va.; W. R. Boskraill. Meek-
Icnburg county, Va.; James A. Davidson.
Farrriville. Va.; E. A. Maule. Drake's
Rranch; E. L. Petty. Mecklenburg, Va. :
W". T. Shields. Lexington ; Miss V. Pettit.
Pulaski, Va.: Miss G. Pettit, Pulaski. Va.;
Miss P. Pettit, Pulaski. Va.: W. H.
Miner, Chicago; A. I). Jones, Newport
NVv.s, Va.; E. E. Montas-ae. Hampton.
Va.; O. Wemple. Danville, Va.; Blair P.
Wilson, Newport News, Va.; Irwin Tuck
ir, Newport News, Va.; S. W. Hobson.
Newport News, Va.; George H. Wise,
Newport News. Va.; Charles R. Farrar.
Kc-w York; J. F. Rcarick, New York; F.
A.. Morrison, Boston; L. G. Kraft. Balti
more; J. Fecedcicht, Baltimore; B. G.
Cohen; Baltimore: E. L. Crawford, New
york;v ork; Dr. CD. Hunter. Norfolk; C. J.
Cainpbell, Amhcrst, Va.; R. J. Camp.
franklin, Va.; J. C. Crusfield, Baltimore:
Lived Seven Weeks on >IIIU.
"Three years ago this month I was a
ff^at sufferer -with stomach trouble,"
£- r ltes Mrs. Willam Leigh, of Prairie d«.
rac, Wis.. "I had to give up eating
»wtt, potatoes, and sweets and lived
limply on bread and tea; ' finally that,
J°o, had to be given up. I got so weak
1 could not work, and I took nothing into
12 >" stomach for seven wceke bur mflk.
I had trlefi three .loctors, and all for no
PUrpoHej the last doctor advised me to
lt «P all' medicine. ■ 1 had to. anyway., 1
*■"&« bo weak 1 was prostrated in bed;
"A friend advised me \ to try Grapc
f>u "s, but I was afraid to when a tea
-I'oonfu! of milk brought tcan; to m
*•*'«*. my stomach was . wo raw. But i
in« 3 enc t»ahi>oonfui a day of the Grapo-
for one week, and, finding it "'agreed
v 'ith me, infreaced the quantity, in two
JJ v tU: s l could ... walk out io the .kitchen:
l!i four wec.'jj I walked half a block, ami
to-dsty j <j 0 Iny o , vri ]jgh t : housekeeping.
"J" J Hvc on Grape-Nuts, and . know they
taved In y Hfe: my people all thought, i
( "°uM not live a month v/hcnJ commenced
U «''K thun. and arc verjvtnuch surprised
n «i« change in me: I am" very grateful
jaai tlure is 'such a food to be obtained
*f those who have weak ; stomachs.' l^ .:
1. A iruprrb gown of black cnantilly lace over white taffeta -with chiffon
ruffle. This elegant dress was trimmed in .handsome appliques -of black velvet.
The hat was of black chiffon, faced with white' and crown of deep. .red roses.
2. Beautiful gown of black crepe de- chine trimmed with Escurial l lace ap
pliques with spots of black velvet; Blackchapeau with ospreys and a touch of
steel. - - : • ..:.-■ ■'■•"•••■ . •• ' -
C. W. Halloway. PhSlndelphia; Mr. and
Mrs. John J. Tyler, Philadelphia: J. D.
Brumfield. Charlotte, N. C; G. M. -Harns
bcrger. Shrnandoah, Va.; W. F. Jennings.
New York; C. H. Bratten, Virginia; C.
B. Fleet, Lynchburc; F. A. Messenger,
Baltimoro; Mrs. Meisenger. Baltimore;
John C. Stout, ' North Carolina; W. E.
JefTreys. North Carolina; W. E. Glad-
Btore. North Carolina; W. H. Kefn.per,'
Baltimore; W. A. Thompson, New York,
W. H. Hopper. New York; J. H. Cush
man, Nev/ i'ork: Jsmes P. Crosby. Wor
r<?!9lcr; Curlis W. Gesset. WorcesTrr;
John Bierberbach, Worcester; C. F. Fel
ton. Dwi^ht. 111.; William Neuman. New
York; W. H. Worthinpton: LaCrosse,
Va.: S. S. Worthirgton, So Hill. Va.; 11.
L.. AVillinmscn. Boydton. Va'. 1 ; C. J. Duffy,
New York; 11. M. Wortham. Niaconga;
G.B.'AVade. Baltimore: W. R. Dodsley
.-.nri wife. D-Mroit; Mis? Emmn A. Spoor,
Detroit; John W. Smith. Boston: B. J.
Sullivan^ Philadelphia; H. H. Gondie. Os-
Tvri^o. 111.: Then. Jessup. Chlcngo: Julius
Reis. New York; ~XV. C. Dizer. "UHlming
lon Del.: W^ S.Hnsrj. United States navy;
T. A- Parker. New York; J. A. Ranan,
Philadelphia rA. H Taft. Win *-"?ter' N.
H.; A. A Ttaft. Boston. Mass. ;' Erminie
Morcier. Bosion. Mass.: S. ~M. Bowman
find wife, Charlotte svi!le: Frarik Kyser.
Catiline. Mich.. H. E. Mottekrr. Rhone
Irlnnd; Leo M. Brnmncr. Baltimore: H.
H. Leon. J. D. Brandt. F. L. Calm.- New
York: A. W. Mceloy. Philnrlc-lpnin; F. R.
Puchlne, Hiriion.vW. Va.: William Grant.
New York; .Torin Erajitort ;.nd son. 'At
lintn; E- J.. Le\T. M. Sehornwald. New
Yorl:; A. W. Lucndo. Lynchburg. Va.; R.
Wooling. Lyr.chburg, Va.; M r . F. GrafTin,
Philadelphia. "
At the Lexington are: William Grant.
New York: Robert . M. Taylor and wife,
Baltimore; Fred- Light. Jr., Philadelphia;
13. W. TCoon and wife. Cinclnr.nti; M. S
I orpch. New York: George TJ. Butts
Nar.semond county;; Egbert H. Farr, New
York: V. B. Holonmbe. Trenton. N. J. ;
W. F. Wririrnw. city:-L. E. Smith. West
Annomatto-":: Dr. W. B. .Thornhill and
wife. Lynchburg. Vo.: O. B. Marcha.nt
Pctersbrr?. Va.; P. B. Wllkes: Norfolk;
C. H. Bliss and wif<».' Farmville. A r a.;
Wnlter "U'i'Eon.- Wn'kertor.. Va.; IT. J.
Riirwpll. Enfi^ld. N. C: J. N. Skinner
and wife. T. Z. Morgan. Wylliesbirrsr: F.
B Moselev. Rale'rh. N. C; H. PI. Pnt
'"rron. Chapel Hill. N. C: Mrs.. C. 1.1.
i%lms New York: J. M. Dnniel. Hugh,
Va.: J- E. Tehsley. Harmony; Thow's
Tmnmlinti. South BoFtot): J. J. Mklford.
rixforcl. N C. : L. D. Veozeyi Stovall, N.
C: J. B. '.'"Pearc". Henderson. N. C: H.
M r P.Tlston. ITcnflerson. N. C: E. T.
TJod-.vr-:i Birhmonrl: F. TT. Tnvlor. North
Carolina; W. V. B. Harris. North Caro
lina- J. F. French and wife. Windnm.
Ml«= c ; Mrs. J. L. Pitts. Scotts\ille; J. W.
Woodlief. -Yountrsville. N. C; r . A. Trot
ter Jr. Brunswick: Mrs. Joseph Vainey.
Carrie H. Vainey.; C. A. Vainey. Alice E.
Vainey, Bath. Me.: J. K. Sink, Salisbury.
N. C; J. D. Hodges. Virginia; J. A. .Rey
nolds and wife. Danville; J. A. Taylor
North Carolina; R. P. Taylor. North
Carolina; John C. Hughes. Danville; Adam
Smith Ord. Neb.; H. K. Bullard and
wife Milford; W. R. Dodsey and wne.
Detroit; Miss Emma L. Spoor. Detroit;
D O. Judd, wife, and daughter, Holyoke.
Mass " C. E. Smith and wife, Wabnsh.
Ind.; J. D. Smith and wife, AVabash. Ind.;
Mr and Mrs. G. F. McKnight, S. C.
McKnight; Chicngo: P. D. Leys. Roslyn.
V V.: John Lewis, New York; J. L
Catrick. J. Catrick. J. Z. Burke, New
York- E. B. Mayo. H. A. Mayo, D. A.
•leirson. Wilson, N. C; E. A. Cherry,
hethel. N. C: J. A. Whittey, Everett
N. C; J. A. Goodwin. New York; J. W.
Muse Baltimore; A. T. Ruddin. Kinston..
X C • J. F. Saunders. Rocky Mount Va.;
5 F Badgett. Farinsville; F. N. Crit
tenden Crewe. Va.; W. H. Smith, Char
lotte Courthouse: O. D. Jackson, Norfolk;
E A.. Bmlle. Frodericksburg; Dr. "11.
Brulle. Bnltimore: W. J. Carter. "Dillon
S C • W. S. Lawton. Flat Springs; E. S.
Snuggs Nashville. Term.; T. Theo. Rol
ling Philadelphia:""- Richard Hallcede/
L\-nchburg. Va.: E. H. Hull and wife.
Columbia. Va.: G<?orc;e H. Vondorff, Bal
timore: J. E. Isaacs. Louisville.
S R Brane. Floyc. Va.; Dr. C. T. St.
Cla'ir. Tazewell. Va.: Mrs. H. J. May «nnd
•fr>\igiitcr Tr.zewcll. Ya.: J. W. M. Creesy.
West Virginia: C. K. Thompson. Alder
«on. W. Va.: G. H. Miller, Hinton, W.
Va.; J. G. Woves, Louisville, Ky.
chilliness was very apparent in the, early
part of the evening, but as the building
became crowded, it was much more com
fortable. Society turned out en masse
and everybody chatted merrily and. it
was evident that the success of/ the. first
evening was! an assured fact as far as
fashion and style could make it.
In box No:l 5. with Mr. and Mrs. J. S.
Ellett were Miss Lilly Gary. Miss Rebe
GlSgbwl Miss Mary Ellett, W. M. John.
J^tSl Sied-Mr. and Mr S :'Reed.
Mrs^ James Macdonald. Mrs.: M. A. Reed,
Mrs W. T. Reed, and Miss Alice Reed.
Box- 3*-J. G. Tinsley-Misses Tinsley,
Miss Ellen Ruthcrfoord. Baltimore; 'Mr:
Thomas Tinsley. West VirgmiarMr. "tt ll
tiam Harvie. West -Virginia; Dr. D. D
Willeox. Richmond. y . , ,»"'
Box 13-George Cole Scott-Mr, and Mrs.
Thomas B. , Scott. Mies Mary Lemmon.
Baltimore; Msss Mary. Buford. A. T. Bu-
Mr. 'llaight. Dr. and Mrs. ' Cle.iions. r '
lYox 'SO-GeoMje: ;W. ; Stevens-r-Mrs.
Sevens? Miss Helen Stevens, Miss Louise
S*ldc-n, Cecil Stevens. G. W. Stevens, Jr.,
31^ Hotchkiss-Mrs. E.-D.
Hotchkiss. 1 Miss Alice Ilotehkiss. Mis-
Lizzie HotchUiss... Henry S. Hotchkiss., E.
D Box° ;C 4£Holikiay and": Carter-Miss
Coiide Bridges,,: Miss Annie . Smithy Miss
Posic Meredith, -Miss Hodgep, of Indiana;
Mr. Stuart Hume, Mr. / Spencer .Carter
Mr xHoHiday.*"-^ .:,:.^; '-, >>•
T. Box 61-Mx, Marlon ; Lambert— Mrs. i-*^
Bert; Mrs. Barnes. St. Louis; Mrs. J. H.
Pleasants, Mr. Staff ord. Parker, Mr. Rich
ard Wortham, Mr. J. H. Pleasants.
Box 50— Mr. and Mrs. William Todd, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Scott Parrish, • Mrs. Beards
ley.' Auburn, N. Y.
No. 53— James D. Patton— Mr. "and - Mrs.
Patton. Senator John -W. Daniel, Mr. and
Mrs.. F. C. Woodward. Miss Nannie
Leary Patton. Master James D. Patton,
Mrs. Thorn as H. Leary.
Box 52— Mr. W. S. Forbes— Mr. and Mrs.
Forbes. Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne, Miss
Riley, Mr. W. O. Young.
Box 54— Mrs. John D. Potts— Mr. and
Mrs. John D. Potts. Miss Lay, Mrs. Ben
Palmer. Mr. Pegram. • •• . ■ •
, Box 55— R. G. Rennolds— Mr. and Mrs.
R. G. Rennolds Miss Carrie Rennolds,
Mr. and Mrs. Wyndham R. Meredith; Miss
Mary Lyons, Mr. S. G. Wallace.
Box' CO— W. Berkeley : Williams— W.
Berkeley WMlliams; Miss Steele, of Phila.
delphln; Miss Hu'da Steele, George A.
Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Williams. .
Box 61— Archer Anderson, Jr.— Mr. and
Mrs. F. D. Williams. Miss May Handy,
Judge G. W. Morris, Archer Anderson,
Box 62— Otway S. Allen and B. Rand
Wellford— Mrs. O. S. Allen, Mrs. B. Rand
Wellford— Dr. and Mrs. A. L. . Wellford,
Mrs. W. S. Daniel; Mrs. Mary McD.
Rudd. of Union, W. Va.
'Box G3— R. N. Lindser— Mr. and Mrs.
Lindsey, Miss Mny Lindsey. Miss Nannie
Lindsey. Mr. Charles Davenport, Mrs.
Charles Dnvenport.
Box 6*— John F..Orndorff— Mr. and Mrs.
OrndorfT; Miss Ella Smoot. of Alexandria,
Va.; >Tr. and Mrs. Warner Moore, Mr.
and Mrs. 11. W. Holloway. city.
Box fir.— S W. Travers— Mrs. S.W. Tra
vers Mrs. Rogers. Mrs. J. P. McGulre,
Miss Jessie Williams, Mrs. A. M. Pattf
pon. Miss BeulahT. Pattison; Mr. ;F. R.
Travers, of Warwick; Mr. Henry Me-
Cance. ;".* " ~
Box - 69— Langhorne Putney— Mr. and
Mrs. Lsnfrhorne Putney. • Miss.: Josephine
Putney Louise "Atkins,, Miss Grace
Bidpood. Mr. W. H.- Miles. • ,
Box 70—1. J. and M. E. . Marcuse— Mr.
nnd Mrs. Jonas Marcuse. Mr. and Mrs
M. E. Marcuse, Mr. and Mrs. v I J. Mar
ouf<e. • .-■.■•
Box 71— H. L. Cabell— Mr.- and Mrs. H.
L. Cabell, Mr. and Mrs. J. Caskie Cabell,
Mr. and Mrs. W. -T. Moulton, Miss Ma
rianne Meade. .. • _ . ...
Box 72— Mr. Saunders ' Hobson— Mi3ses
Mnrtin, Mr.' and Mrs: George Ainsley,
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Morris.
Box 73— W. M. Habliston— W. : M. Hab
liston; Miss Lee. of Alexandria; Miss
Bertie Nolting. of Richmond; Miss Lewis
of Rinhriiond; Mr. George J. Seay, of Pe
tersburg; Mr. K.-irl Nolting, of Richmond.
p ox 74— M. M. Martin— Mrs.- Martia,
Miss Mnrtin. Mr. H. .C. Rioly, Mrs. H. C.
Riely. Mr. M. McGuire, Mrs. Mur
ray 'M. McGuire..: •
Box 77— J. T. Antrim and L., C. Toimf;
or—!VTr. and M"~. L.. C. Younger and J. L.
Antrim. Miss 'Ooherithy B. Lee/ Mrs. A.
J." Montagu?. " ". F. Hoskins.
Eox 75— W. I. Parrish— Mr. and Mrs.
W H. ParriK.i. Mrs. .J. Baker T.Hull,
Miss Elizabeth \% r inn. Mr. Preston No
land Mnsirr Jack Parrish. ■-■-.■ •.
. l^ox 7S— Fritz Sitterding— Mr., and Mrs.
Sitterdins?. Miss Mnmie : Sitterding.^Miss
Agnes Sittorciinc;, Mr.' John F. Elder, uf
"Roston Mnss.; Mr.- Jack" Thomas, of New
York; Masters Fred and Willie Sitter-
Box I— Mrs. Otway, Warwick, Mrs.
James Hay. Madison cotmty; Mrs. B. B
"^rockerbrbup-h. Essex county; Mrs. W.
F. : Gordon, Miss Fannie Warwick,, W.F.
Gordon. . .
Box 4— E. G. Leigh. Jr.— Mr. and Mrs.
EG LeJfrh. Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. Eppa Hun
ton, Jr.. Colonel William O. Skelton. Miss
Oc»tn^.-"i Crenshaw. Mr. H. L. Roberts,
"*Tr. anfl Mrs. E. G. Leigh.- Jr. - ■
Box 7— W. J. Payne— Mr. and Mrs. W.
T Payne; Mr. and -Mrs. S. Gordon. Cum
-"insr." of Hampton: .Miss. Eliza Harvie
Virsrinia; Colonel Joseph -Button. .
Box ?— Melvin L. Stern— Miss Mabel B.
.Sycle Miss • Florence J. Eiprenbrun. Mr.
\. : Jacobs. Mr. Aucnistus Sycle. Mr. Mel
vin L: Stern. Mr. Milton Henline, of San
Francisco. Cal. - . . .
Box 9— F. M. Boykin— Mrs. =F. M. Boy
kin Misses Boykin.-. Mr. H..S. Boykin.
Mr J. P. George. Mrs. R. G. Crouch.
. Box 10— Horace S. .Hawes— Mr. and Mrs.
Horace S. Hawes, Miss Caro R. Bayard,
L Imported costumes >, of poplin .-with small sprays .of coral .flowers
and preen > leaves,- garniture of iblack ; ; vel vet ' and .ecru lace. ; Picture ;• hat : : of white
lace and. b!ack : velvet. '_' : <■■.»;-. :.*;,-• -.--• ■■■,■:- ■:; .'.■ i „,.:"' .'.":;. ■ ,:■ %.,■'"":
2. Exquisite "gown! ini > pale blue .'crepe i^.wJth.'j^lmmlngs/^or^hite/^appHqudiV/A
distinctive touch -.was^given to" the '; yoke.! which was of tucked whue net -beaded
iriVsmall gold beads."'; The l graceful skirt ./was;* finished wlthrlarge tucks -and;briar
stltchins-. A.whi^
cowi> . ' . ' -' •'■ i . - . "
Mm. Dabney*H.'Maurj. MIM-Hlla Mon
■^^'Sifc^lfSJri^wgianJ rscott-
Mrs;PFred:rWlinara ' Scott- Dr.- an^Mrs/
George 'Ross,- ' Colon el and v Mrs. jA- B. • iju-
Tor^ColoneV J/ D. H.}Ross,; : of^Lexing-
N. Jones-Mr. -and^Mrs^a:;
N^nes^Mr. and-Mrs. : C. S. J acy^Mr..
and 1- Mrs. . W^ F,.^La^ Bor, ta, - Miss -Bdith
Jones; Mr. Theodore;; Miller. Mr. J. T.
Rutherfoord, -Mr/ Bernard-Jones. •_:-.-, ;
&' Bnvi 7— Hori '"■ H. !>■' Flood— Mr.*; and \ Mrs. :
J. R^Atw?od n :a^s Vara.W. : Burke,>Miss
Lucy Braxton ..Taylor,^George .T.jPeers, -
Esq.,; Rev. ' Dr; Georges ßraxton.Taylor..;^
Box'ls— J. T. Anderson— J.T. Anderson,
Mrs. C. A. Bandonini, Miss Spillman.- Mr.'
C. A.; Bandonini, Mr. and Mrs. : Charles
Bo"' 16-E. A. Saunders. Jr.— Mr., and
Mrs. E. A. Saundcrs, Jr.. Richard ; B.
Saunders.:. M i ss Mary;, Archer. Saunders
Mr: and Mrs. I. N. Williamson, of North
Carolina; : Mrs. •L. -F.- -Barnes| and Miss
Edna Barnes; of -Boulevard,. \ a, _■_ _
Box ,18-John P. Branch-Mr. John P.
Branch-Dr. -W. V. Tudor, Mrs. W. \ .
Tudor. Mrs. Loren Dickinson.. Mr. Fend
ley Dickinson, Mrs. Fendley Dickinscn;.
19— R Lancaster Williams— Mr. and
Mrs.=.>R. Lancaster Williams;. Miss .Eliza
beth Watkins.: Mr. John Rutherfoord, Mr.
A. H. .Rutherford, ; o.' • Baltimore; Mr.
Hunsdon Cary.- ;: ■ . , ' ■ '. .<•
Box 20— No one.
:,Box 21— J. S. Williams— W. C. L«^ebvre,
Mrs. W. E. Grant. Miss . Anne -E. Grant,
Miss Louise Jenkins, New York; T. S
Armistead, W T . S. Davis. - . _/ _ r
Box 24— Mrs. Gideon Davenport— Mrs.
Davenport Misses Davenport, Mrs. Ot-.
way Allen, Mr. Hugh 1 Skipwith. Mr. Joel
Perrin. . ' ' " ' „■• _
Box -23— C. E. Doyle— Mr. and Mrs. C.
E. Doyle Dr.. W. -T.. Oppenhimer,- Mrs.
W. T. Oppenhimer. . Miss Alice Doyle,
Master Hobert Doyle. , „ , -..
Box '5— F ,W. Hanerwincklo and Wil
liamson Talley-Williamson Talley, ; Mrs.
Senator Faulkner, •' Miss. Macdonald Miss
Bosher, Mr. Macdonald, Mr." R. Carter
Scott.- . --■-
Box 27— Jo Lane Stern— Mrs. Robert N.
Groner. Mr. J. ■B. Pace, Mr. Harry Fra
zier, W. R. Johnston. .
Box 28— Mrs. Albert Young— Mrs. Young,
Miss Arents. Mr. Hurkamp, Mr. Jones.
Box 30— Major James Dooley— Major and
Mrs. James Dooley. Mr. and Mrs. J. Al
ston Cabell. Mrs. Randolph Peyton^ .-■
Box 31— Sam Cohen— Mrs. Sam Cohen,
Miss Michelbachie, Mrs.. Max J. Cohen
Mr. .M. L. Roses Mr.H: D. Oliver, Mr
Sam Cohen. James Beale Cohen, Mr. J.
M. Kayne. - „ •_, „, ~
Box 32-Mr.'E. C. Mayo— Mrs. C. C. Me-
Phail. Mrs. James Welch. Miss Selvidgo,
Mr. William Grant. Mr. Dudley McDon
ald. Mr. Sch ward Mayo. ■ ■
Box 33— Mrs. Charles H. Senff. of New-
York— Mrs. Nash. Mrs. Newton McVeigh.
Miss -Rachel Cooke, Miss Fannie Mera,
Mr Carlton McKenny,.Mr. McVeigh, Dr.
Miller, Mr. P.' St. George Cooke. \
Box 34— Mr. Maxwell Wyeth— Mrs. Wy
ethj Mrs. W. J. Waller, Mrs. John R.
Cooke. , „ ,
Box 35— Mr. W/ S. Donnan and Allen
Potts— Mr and Mrs. Donnan. Miss Mary
Donnan. Mrs. Courtland H. Smith. Mr.
Courtland H. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Allen
Potts. Mrs. H. C. Bcattie. -
Box 37— Mr. and Mrs. S. Dabney Cren
shaw—Mr. and Mrs. S. Dabney Crenshaw
Mrs. Clay. Miss Warfield Crenshaw. Miss
Fanny Crenshaw, T. D. Crenshaw. Jr. .
• Box 39— S.:T. Morgan— Miss Mabel Meri
am. Miss Blanche Morgan, Miss Maude
Morgan. Mr. Thomas McAdams. Mr. Ro
bert Cabell. Mr. J. M. M. . Gregory.
Box 42— P. H. Mayo— P. H. Mayo, Mr.
and Mrs. Snelling. Mr. R: P. Page,, Mr
and Mrs. Thomas N. Carter, Thomas: At 7
kin?on, Jr. ■■ ■■ ■. ' .■ • ■•'■■ _
Box' 43— Mrs. Langhome— Mrs. Dana
Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Langhorne, Mrs.
Richard Wallnck. Mrs. Craven.
. Box 45— John G. Walker— Miss A. R.
Walker; Mrs. W. A. Marye, of Wash
'ngton, •D. C; -Miss Camm, Richmond;
Mr. Eoorham. New York; Mr. John S.
Davenport. Richmond. '
B OX 45— Mr. John A. Coke— Mr.' John A.'
Coke Miss Michaux. Mr. and Mrs. John
A Coke Jr.. Mr. William Massie, Mr.
AVilliam G. Kean. ' „
. Box 47— E. O. Meyer— E. O. Meyer,: Mr.
and Mrs. L: Borchers, Mrs. .W. G. Moso
ley. ■
Box 49— Charles Evelyn Smith and Jack
son Guy— Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Smith,
and Mr. Guy; Mrs. John D. Grimke, of
Charleston. S. C.;-Mrs. Allen Maury, of
Ashland; Mrs.. Frank Nalle. of Ornn?';;
Miss Annie Bell Borden, of Goldsboro*
N.-C- •; —■ ■ •■-:'■•■■■■
Box 4S— Clarence Millhiser— Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Miilhiser, Mr. Gustavus. Mill
hiser Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Schloss.
■ ■ Box 57— No. 57— Mrs. -T. Bollin. Mrs. W.
W. Morton. Mrs. J. W. Allison. Mr.
Thomas Boiling, Jr., Mr, W. W. Morton
Mr. C. C. Jones.
Box 56— Joseph E. Willard— Mr; and
Mrs. Joseph E. Willard. Mrs. Henry Fair
fax: Mrs. William Prescott Hunt. Mrs.
E.8.- White. Miss Tennant, Mr. William
Preston Hunt, Mr. Phillip D.. Mason.
Box- sS— Alfred T. Harris. Jr.— Mr. and
Mrs. Harris. Miss Harris. Miss Kate Plar
ris. Mr. Palmer Gray, Mr. Robert Camp
Box 66— E. D. Starke— E. D. Starke, Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas PI. Starke. Miss Mary
Carter Anderson. Miss Evelyn Ryland,
Dr. J. Rufus Hunter.
Box c,7— J. B. Mosby and J. G. Far
land—Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Mosby. Mr. J.
G.Farland; Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Ginna.
Plainfield. N. J.; Miss Slingluff, Balti
more.' Mfi.
Box 03— G. W. C. Drexel— Mrs. G. W.
Drexel, Miss Roz;t.
Box 91— Robert S. Bosher— Robert S
Bosher. Miss S. J. Bosher, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Charles G Bosher, Judson S. Bosher. •
Box 79— R. Carter Scott— Mr. and. Mrs.
Scott. Mrs. Buchanan; Miss Cover. -of
Winchester; Miss Russell, of Winchester;
Miss Carter, of Loudoun; Mr. James W.
Graves, Mr. Lewis Brunder, Mr. JoseDh
Button. Mr.: W. Talley.
Box SI— R. H. iDulaney. Loudoun coun
ty—Mr, and Mrs. Dulaney, Miss Dulaney.
Miss Terry Dulnney, Mr. John Dulaney.
: Box 82— W. Brydon Tennant— Mrs. David
B. Tennant.
Box S3— George W. Wallace— Mrs. J.
Wallace Carmichacl. Miss Annie White,
Mr. and Mrs. Arrington.
Box 84— C. 'B. Antrim— C. B. Antrim.
Mrs. Calvin Whiteley, Miss Hattie Ross.
Miss Ma ry Hayes, Mr. John ' Young, Mr.
Calvin. Whiteley
. Box S6— Mr., and Mrs. Charles U. W_il
liams and Mr. and Mrs. John W. Atkin
son. Jr.— Mr. and Charles U. Wil
liams. Charles U. Williams. Jr.
Box 87^L. W. Brnnder— Miss Brarider.
Mrs. James Scott. Lynchburg; Miss Rus
sell.'Winchester;.Miss Bolton, Charlottes
ville; Miss Booker. Hampton. Mr. James
Scott, Lynchbursr; Mr. Selden Walke,
Mr. L. W. Brander.
Box DO— E. M. Crutchfleld and G. C.
Bidgoorl— E. M. Crutchfield. G. C. Bid
good. Miss Nina Armistead. Miss Julia
Bidgrrod, Miss May Bidgood.Miss Rebecca
Gordon. : •
Box 91— Miss Nannie Winston— Miss
Winston •-MlssJnllaaiagruder^ Miss iCally,
■Ryland Mr. « Gordon S McCabe.:: Mr. ; to
ward • Yenable^'Dr. =S tuarU McGulre, s^
:i. J Box 80^-Mlss 1 Ruby-.-Bodekerf-Miss JKxiPyi
Bodeker^Mles •; Emma ? Clarke;vMlss i'Pearl
Bodoker/tMr;: W.KG." Haryey.-?Jr/,iMISB
Adelaide:Watklns f ? . Miss Ellen'Gulgon^Mr.
"Box'SS-^HJW. Fuller— lUiss rFulier.^Mrs.
H.-W. .Fuller,'-' of iWashington.vD.C;; Mr.-
Fred >. Sterry. of ii Hot . Springs,^ Va: ; ' ; Mr.
George : Hoyt, of "New/rYork. ■" - '
arose afresh all over the vast halir- as the^
spectators comparea their raws astotne
merits "of -the ;; various contestants and;
awaited eagerly, the announcement ? of the
result. Following the victorias came vac
harness horses in ■ pairs, and .though ; th'eru
were" but;.; three entries < they; .werej all
worthy of" prizes and the' judges had dif
ficulty :ln deciding to' which the 'blue rib-,
bon should go. Their decision was ac
knowledged, by the better/ judges among
the spectators to.be a- just one. .; \ ,
. Tlie JLady , Kiders. .
Then came amid renewed and frequent
ly repeated applause the ladles', saddlers
with some of the ■ best ■ known eques
triennes in this'or any other State sitting
them as they waikeu,> cantered, or trot
ted around the arena. Every. one had his
favorite among the six competitors for
the honors. -Tne aecision awarding to
Robin Adair.'s. owner the blue ribbon and
the massive silver cup was received with
prolonged applause. : *
■ Without disparaging- the interest in the
other classes shown, -the competition in
sporting tandems 'and that in the free
for-all hunters and jumpers aroused the
greatest enthusiasm. The tandems were
a close second in -point of popularity ..o
the splendid' exhibition of the star jump
ers,-and the fine vehicles rolled around
the arena they were followed by, almost
continuous applause, which, was renewed
when the leaders were, taken over, the
jumps. The defeat; of wavier Harumanu
mate was not unexpected, and the de
cision of the judges was received with
satisfaction. . .- .' •
A Popular Feature. .
The green hunter's class brought on a
spirited competition : with eleven •■ contest
ants and' afforded a superb exhibition of
jumping. : While the decision of tne
judges awarding^ the first honor to Mr.
Juiian Morris's superb chestnut was sat
isfactory there were many in the audience
who thought Goliath, recently purchased
b> Mr. Courtland H. Smith, deserved sec
ond, honors. His "clean jumping, without
halting or,- shying could not be excelled.
As it was he" did not get a mention even.
The decision of the judges awarding.a
ribbon to Mr. 'Stewart Bryan's Elevator,
was a popular one with the crowd ana
was merited by tne clean jumping o£ the
gray. "
The crowning event of the," evening had
been reserved until the last, the veterans'
nunter's competition in which the match
less Hornpipe again vindicated his title
to the fame he had already won, captur
ing the ' blue . ribbon in a field of thirty
four competitors. . It was the greatest
lield of hunters ever seen in this city, ana
it is doubtful if such another was ever
seen on this continent. This exhibition
aroused the greatest enthusiasm • and was
followed witn eager interest by all pres
ent. . . , .','... . ... ,
An Auspicious Openlnjr.
Altogether the opening: exhibition could
hardly have: been more auspicious, and
the brilliant success of the show is" al
ready fully assured. ■ .
if, indeed, it had not been guaranteed
in advance. As an exhibition, ..as a
brilliant and distinguished .! gathering,
and as a financial enterprise, the secoml
annual, exhibition' could not have been
more favorably begun. Nearly 5,000 pco r
pie -were gathered within the doors of
the coliseum, which is. admirably. -design
ed and equipped for such, shows. 1 .*,'
It is a matter of gratification, too, that
with such a throng .and with' so-much
liability to accident In the jumping
classes and the . wheel . •exhibitions;' the
occasion was unmarred by any serious
injury. In fact, the only, injury of -any
sort was. a slight. one sustained bycMr.
Hurkamp as he retired from the , ring
with Amaret, after tnat : superb anirridt
had already disappointed his admirers. ■
Idenl Weather Condition*. !
The weather was ideal. A moon 4 al
most full shone from a cloudless "sky."
and the air had that bracing autumnal
edge that portends . frost, and .which
makes exercise not only pleasant, but
exhilerating. It was none too cold in the
great building, and the temperature was
just fit to give the spirited horses zest
for their work. ...
Th-3 arrangements for •" handling the
crowds were excellent., All lines of
street railways led to" the Coliseum; and
all of them hauled well-filled— not to say
erbweifcd'-cars going out, and • returned
empty up to 10'PJ M.' ' Then the crowds
slowly began to disintegrate, many tak
ing advantage of the opportunity, to
catch a car home, but missing .the' best
feature of the programme by hurrying.
The Passenger and Power Company call
ed into requisition every available piece
of rolling- stock, 'and the large crowd was'
well.handled. A. H. T. '
llott the.Hor.iM Appeared in the Vn
rioss Clnsses-The Winners. ,
The only demonstration of dissatisfac
tion at. the judges' awards wasmade when
the blue ribbon was given to. Mrs. Young's
pair of brown geldingrs in -the pair horse
class. The' disapproval of the spectators,
or at least a "decided portion of them, was
manifested by continued hissing. To fur
ther show- their displeasure, the spectators
heartily cheered Mr. West's pair when
they were driven around the arena after
the decision had been given:
The rebuke to' .the judged was not de
served. While Mr. West's pair were
splendid actors.' moving together in.sup
erb style, they lacked the general good
appearance that mnrked Mrs. Young's
pair. Fashion and Whirl were too badly
mitched in color. {_ to rank above Step-a-
Bit and Act-a-Bit— a pair beautifully
Long before the amphitheater was filled
the horse and victoria class was'exhibit
ed. In this class Miss^ Fortune. Mrs.
Albert Young's exquisite bay mare. ■ was
scratched, and but 'four entries responded
to the bugle call. The superb,: and true
all-round action of Act-a-Bit, Mrs..
Vc""it's brown gelding, caughtithe popu
icy at once, and- while there was
i demonstration in Act-a-Bit'sfa
■ c temper of 'the spectators .was
J i.v:n ; his favor, and .when the .blue
ribbon was pinned on: him hewas.greet-r
ed with cheers.. '.; ■ ' -; -
Colonel -Barton Grundy's Nizam took
the. red ribbon, and ' earned it, ij notwi th
standing -he was against^ such a= ribbon
■winner as Wyejh & ; West's':Fashiori. '.The
latter captured rthe.yellowribbonj and Mr.
Langbourrie Williams'; re
ceived the ;.. -white. ' The latter ; was out
classed by; his "competitors^ as a horse, and
the appointments -were . not , finished
enough" for/the, company. • ■■: . /; . :
' ' Mr. Henry Grant, \with Windward, .was
thp' first to; swing, through , the gates, in
th e ; Horse and Run- About cla ss. ; He " was*
warmly welcomed, as was Mr. V Allen
Potts, who followed with Coxey, Mr. W. .
Gordon ;• Mc'CabVs c bay -gelding^; ' ' ' J,\
The rlarge". number r of features; In" ;thi3'
class— sixteeri-^rowded I ' the ring, {and .Mr.:
: Kennedy. ;in -^charge. ; had tto .'order /, the
drivers; tql keep Cwell In^ line; to sprevent
collisions. • { -P3§^£?Z?o- -". ''-. ' .' . '
; : ManagerC.W: Smith .drove -^his.wife's'
entryV Reta N. f Mr^WestFdr6ve\hls Lady
Majorle^in fine 'style. ' . \
~m tord - Mrv" GJ :^WV« CM Drexel's
black I fieldins,^ driven by Mis» . Rozet,~with
groom accorapanylng;?was ; as ; graceful an ;
i animhl '. as • appeared ' in HheT: ring,! with Ipe'r? ;
i t ect : and [casyTstride^ ? Mr.jGranti
had \ : more ? friends : f. ;amon|; % the^ spectators '
■< than the.i'other^diiyeri, ''■'■ evldently.'i- f ori hei
and;; thereby and ';the* behavior,-; of ;5 his hbay.
'gelding; : "Wihdwara, v was :theV: nicest^
*The large number of entries in this class
"made a" decision: very. flifflcu ll -^ Buring.the;
delay Incidental ; to a careful -inspection;
of i runabouts, v harness ' and ; appointments,'
the seats were* being: rapidly filled by the
itardy/folk;;--: ' ' ,-y' 'r^^b^li^: 1 "X
v'There were many, good ones shown, but
Xady ; Wootton was * too'; fine to" dispatch
her,' claim ;. to^bliie rlbbbhship". ; *';■ ; „
■ Wootton 'and "? Lady ;^ Ma jorie
"were "put : to test^ by the "judges ; to . de
cide ; second : position. /.The wonderfully
smooth faction," grand i behavior, and su
perb conformation, of jLord Wootton^ gave
•h'm thoV red" ribbon/ Mr.* West contenting
; with 'third place.- wh;le' : ;Mr3.
Young's Miss Fortune ranked fourth. , •
The victory of Mr. Drexel's "choice: pair,
met with the hearty approval of L the spec
tators. In matter, of ruitaboiit/ harness,
and appointments, to say nothlngr, of the
animals : themselves, 'the " Philadclphian
was beyond his competitors. ; Lady
Wofttton. the winner In this class; is a
snp«rb black .mare, and as; well; behaved
as a dutiful child: Her performance was
just a. shade better-; than her"; stable com
panion.* Lord W*bottbn. ; They will.be' seen
.inpair-Th. rsday night, and will make a
grand exhi..ition.^ - :
The paJr horse class in -harness brought
out a I!n:ited number of entries. Mr.
West's: Fashion^ and Whirl were plainly
the popular favorites. Mr. W r est has a
dash inchandllng the ribbons that w?ns
friends for him and his. teams always."
Mr. Richard ! Walloch handled Dr. Ows
ley's handsome bay geldings, while Mrs.'
Young's 'pair, :Step-a-Blt and Act-a-Bit.
wereiinder control of a coachman. The
chief drawback- to Mr. West's pair, was
the unmatched colors." In the matter of
appointments Mrs. Young's pair showed to
better advantage than either of the other
entries.' ■ , . , -„
The first prize narrowed down very
quickly between Mrs. Young's pair and
that of Mr. .West. .. ■:■■'...* :■
>The judges took the reins and put the
pairs around the ring for a few minutes*
Mr. [West's pair had more knee action
than the rivals, but the general all-round
action of Mrs. Young's pair was superior.
The decision was. not long in coming,
and It was preiminently correct, although
it was ' laudly hissed, and when Mr. West,
.who was awarded second prize, drove his
two horses— they couldn't, in the proper
sense of the term; be designated as a
pair— around -the -.arena,; he received an
ovation of sympathy.- while \the. applause
for Mrs. Young's blue ribbon winners was
light. ■ " '. ' - - -
Mr.West's popularity must have in
fluenced the" spectators to hiss the decis
ion so roundly.- by which his Fashion and
Whirl were assigned to second place, for
the' condition of the class in which they
were entered called for a pair, not merely
two horses, but matched horses, and
however handsome was the action* of Mr.
West's pair, they suffered the drawback
of being too oddly mated; apart from this
fact. vStep-a-Bit "and Act-a-Bit are fine,
showy animals -of good -substance and
conformation, and there was no technical
reason .why. they should be deemed in
ferior to the pair displayed by Mr. West
ljtst night in this class, however good
his were. Dr. Owslcy's Rajah and Pasha
were piaced third. , . •
Robin A'Dair, Mrs.' Blair' Johnson
owner and . up. won the first prize and
siXer trophy cup; in Class 23. tor. ladles'
saddle horses. Robin A'Dair is a large
r-'jy gelding with four white feet, and
was the handsomest horse of the' six- that
competed in the class. . Lightfoot, the
showy black of McComb and Boro, ridde*n
by Miss Daniels, was given second place,
justly earned it for his graceful gaits.
Mrs. Allan Potts won third prize on
Royal, Rival, and was perhaps the most
warmly welcomed rider in the arena
during the exhibition of this class. The
fourth prize went to El Capltan, belonging
to W. S. Forbes & Sons, and ridden by
Mrs. Futman. The other saddle horses
A. M. Smith Seeks Separation from
His Wife— City Court .Votes.
Mr. W. H. Beverldge. . representing tha
plaintiff, yesterday brought suit -in the
Chancery Court of the City of Richmond
lor A. M. Smith against Kate A. Smith
for a divorce a vinculo matrimohii-
Sadie Hardaway, colored, was given
thrte years yesterday in the Hustings
Court" for. highway robberj'. Mary Taylor,
also colored, who was held as an accom
plice, was acquitted upon the statement
of Commonweal th"s Attorney D. C. Rich
ardson, that he. had no evidence connect
ing the woman with the case. James
Harris got twelve months of .housebreak
igS- . . ■-
James. R. Gordon filed yesterday, in the
Law and Equity Court an award in a con
troversy submitted to him by R. L. Haynes
and J. L. Taliaferro, late partners trad
ing as Taiiaferro.& Haynes, doing a gen
eral lumber business. A short while 3ince
che firm dissolved, and the members were
unable to agree; on a settlement. The
matter was left to Mr. Gordon, and to-day
he awards Mr. Haynes the sum of 51.017.57,
and both parties to pay one-half .: of the
coists.': . A .judgment will be entered in
accord with the award. \--
Marriage licenses were issued in the
clerk's orlice of the hustings court to-day
as follows: ; .
Reuben Sherriffs, aged 50, and Emma G.
Bruce, aged 22; Richard Pokrass, aged 25.
and Alma Edwards, aged 20; Samuel L.
Longest, aged 37, and Mattie C. Ileads
peth, aged 26;--,'Angelo- Donnini, aged 30,
and Stella Lenzi, aged 26; Herbert Mork
lin. aged 25, and Cora B. Duke, aged £0:
and William P. Jones, aged 22, and Dora
Vasherer, aged 22.
AVhlte Chapel, Lancaster Co.
MILLENBECK, VA., October 11.—
(Special.)— Below follows a statement of
registration ' in White Chapel District,
Lancaster county, which closed on the
11th instant.
There are ten whites in Corrotoman
Precinct, arid about fifteen in Litwalton.
that did not. apply. -There are 275 colored
voters on the old book at Corrotoman
and 150 at Litwalton.
White vote registered at Corrotoman
Precinct. , White Chapel District: Ap
plied, 122. Registered »as soldters, ,1S:
registered -at - sons of . soldiers. .52; regis
tered or." property, 17; registered ; - on un
derstanding, 33.- ■ Total registered. 120.
RVieeted. 2.
.Colored— Applied. 105. Registered as
soldiers." 4; registered as sons of soldiers.
7: registered on ' property. 22; registered
on •understanding. 15. Total registered.
4S. Rejected.! 57. ? ,
F.peistered at Llrwalton 'Prpcmct,
White Chapel District: White-fAonHprt."
I.=>a. Kefn'stprert as solrliers, 23: "registered
as sons .of fselfllprs. •: 54: re£ri?teri»d on
propertv.iSl: rerf«tf»red in understanding.
VI. -Totnl. reVl^tfred. ISO.. V
': Cni.nTPrt— A nnlipfl, 57. ; Rf* clstrrcd as sol
ftt^rc ;3: resrt^t-prprj- r>r> property:" 11; rrc
irtnTefl >n ur'i=r' : f-' > r > f"n.rr. 11. Total regis
tered.:^. Rejected.- 32: ;: . .
;- .- : . '.- ■ The Grocer.V.To-pny. '
- • Th» rftniK frroeors and ; peneral m*»r
chnnta of ; ,Rlchmorid will ;form- ; -a State
-i<r«sfi^iaf»rn -: : o.t'Ca rnnptiri^- toAbe ;.holtl "in
the-TCni'nibbr of Commerc© Jthis i 'mbrrilrisr
*at s 9, o'clock. .; v\ .- -\ .';!,'• . • T .- '
"■:'.. Rpv. ; M: Solly' will :'bpen ; rr ' wlth.;4p"ray'»r
will jmalte ?addr?ssesi;and i;tno^re«fulnr
organization {will ; be J perfected iw|tlv4the
election of officers land the'appolntment of
committees- '
To-Day, Ho-trerer, the Au«ciatloa^
"Will Take Stepw 4o X»re-r«siit • !*•»••
tition of ~Ln*t. Sc*ne»-
Street-Car Service Wai Exception
ally Good. .' "
Some one was severely to blame for, thy;
way the carriages were handled at -th**
front of the building at the conclusion b\
the Horse Show last night. There wcr«
twelve . policemen at the show. 'but whei •'
called, upon to" do anything, it is said,
they made the pica that they were out
side the jurisdiction of the city and. St.
were compelled ; to remain inactive. Car-.
rlages "were driven almost into the floor
way where the people streamed out to
take the cars, and it Is a wonder thaf<
no one was '; seriously Jijured. Horsea
pranced almost on top of defenceless wo
men who in the gtare of the electric
lights became dazzled and knew. not for,
a moment which way ;to turnl ; The driv
ers and those In charge of , the carriages
were regardless of the right 3of pedes
trians and ordered their men forward.;
while the crowd looked out for them-,
selves. There was no semblance of order.-
There are eleven . exits from the. larg«:
building. There was no occasion .Tot
handling the crowd using hacks from; th«
front or main 'exit, people mlgh!
have been/ handled from either, sideband
ho trouble would have occurred, .^itr.
good police regulations these drivers coult
have been forced into a double line, on«
going and one coming, so that the car
riage contingent could have been driVer
away with ease, from the west side
alone. It is true the space is Umlted'arid
there were upwards of one hundred ve
hiefcs to contend with, but a single llri«,
of carriages might have extended . wesv
as far as the lake If necessary, and the
carriages, when filled, '.. could have left,
going west, until they, brpke ; through "a
gap in the; long row of cars, xnts ar
rangement possibly .. might not suit som»
of the » "hackmen, who are usually in a
hurry to have their carriages started.
Once or twice last night a catastrbpha
was narrowly averted. Carriages blocked
nearly all the available space between the
building and the line of cars. While ~thf»
vast .crowd .was • trylnjr to get seats for
the city, hacks dashed through the one
narrow opening. Some of the horser
which had been standing for some time
In the chill air became very restless and;
were champing at the bit. When they
had the opportunity to move, they ran
into the streat-car" crowd, bumping into
other carriages and backing Into the. cars.
The street cars happened to be summer
cars and the people on foot only, escaped
by leaping in between the seats. One
lady within a cab became so badly fright
ened that she jumped; out and came'.ta
town on the car. Other people who couia
not find their carriages did the same
The management of the Hor3e, Show
will investigate the trouble last night and
arrange so that It will not occur again.
Some method will be devised so that
carriages can be handled without In
conveniencing the pedestrians, and a
number of policemen will be sworn "in by
the Sheriff of the county to see that order
is maintained. -'
The public was .very grateful for. "-the
excellent car service rendered last , night
and the management should be accord
ed a word of thanks.. During the hand
ling of possibly 5,-w people there was not
one hitch and there were no delays.
There were about 1-5 cars on the ; three
lines altogether; sixty on Main, street,
forty-two on Broad,. and about twenty; ln
line on Clay street, six o£ which were
through cars -to Manchester. There=wer«
fifty extra cars, besides the regular, schef
dule, which was , kepi, up during the
evening; To put. these cars into commis
sion It required all the men in both the
day and night shifts, together with all
the extra men that could be gotten. - The
Horse Show crowd started to leave about
10 o'clock and the exit was steady. Atn»
time, as far as ■ can be learned, were any
of the passengers forced to stand- for
lack of scat 3. At 11:40 me performabcf
was over and, notwithstanding the delay
caused by moving cabs, the crowd wa»
all moving towards' the city by midnight
with the exception of the last car witn a
handful aboard which ieft at 12:05 A.*3l.
As this car left a number of unused car*
were seen making for the barns.
The Business Portion of a California
Toivn "Wiped Ont.
ASHLAND, OREGON. October 14.— TW
most destructive fire in the history o»
Northern California visited the town ol
Klamathon, at tho crossing of the Klama
then river, to-day; and wiped out the en»
tire business portion of tha place— a n«H
saw mill; a sash, door and box factory,
and more than 5,000,000 feet of sawed lum
ber, and dlddamagc estimated at $350,000.
The Southern Pacific Railroad Company^s
station, freight house, r'ollinff itock arid
side-tracks were also destroyed. Most of
the dwelling-houses of the town, which
were situated on an elevation, were saved,
as well as one hotel on a back street. ,
The conflagration was visible, eighty
miles away.
Abont "Blood Purifiers" and Tonle«.;
Every drop of blood, every bone, nervr
and tissue in the body can be • renewed 1»
but one way, and that is. from wholesom*
food properly; digested. There is no othc* "...
way and the idea that a medicine In Itself
can purify the blood or supply new tissues
and strong! nerves Is ridiculous" and on 'a ::
par with the fol-de-rol: that dyspepsia or
indigestion 13 a germ disease or that other
fallacy, that a weak jstbmach which "re
fuses to digestfood can beYmade to do so
by -irritating; -and 'Inflaming the • bowel*
by pills and' cathartics. . •
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets cure Indiges
tion, sour stomach, gas, and bloating af
ter meals, because they furnish the " dtge*-'
tive -principles which weak stomachs lack :;
and unless the efficiency of pep3in an*
diastase Is' supplied, , it 'is useless, to
tempt to cure ! stomach trouble by . the fuse
of ."tonics." '.*pill3" and "cathartics" which
have absolutely no digeßtlveip6wer, ana
their only effect is to. give a temporary,
stimulation: :■' " V '*
One grain of the active principle 'in
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will digest 3.CCO
grain's of .; meat, 'eggs and similar foods.'
arid experiments have shown that ithijr
will -do this in .a glass bottle at proper;
i temperature, but. of course are much more "
: effective in the stomach. :^ ; /a
! '. .There ; Is - probably no remedy so imhrer- "'
I sally used as' Stuart's Tablets, >because ; lt
I Is hot only the"- sick and ailing. . but -wielt
• people wfco "use ■ them ;at everj' mear =to
! Insure perfect : digestion arid ; asslmil&Uoa
I ofithe food. / . ■.■J. : : -..-•' "'"'■ .'':■■ : ,-",y-.tY
■-. People . who enjoy. \ fair health ,' taka ,
Stuart's Tablets as regularly as they; t*ki*l
their ■> meals, ; because jitney/ waht *to!|keen-
i well;^prevention ;. ls} better :thah 1 cure.'*«jndl
[ Stuarfs" ; ; Dyspepsia^^vTabletsXdojbothvxtheyl
prevent ■indlsestlori.f arid remove Jit;
[ where It : exists. , The regular i use i ! of jTonaJ
or* two- bt ! themTaf ti»r. I meals lwlllj demo»rj
itrat© thelrß merit '■?■ and ■ efOdaacy "ib*tt«r
- ■ .-- . ■ , - - :-•■•■

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