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mi ■fj Di ht LhHLI
<r"i Thousands and Thousands from
His Many Victims.
Clias. $Jsing\l.lngr, Son of the Chinese
Minister. Leads Minis Gcncviere
Dcncn to the Altar — Isle of Corfn
Mny Me Tjansformed Into Another
Monte Carlo — Some Cnrrish Swin
dles—Evil Smelling:. Bombs.
[Copyright, 2302, by the Press Publishing
• rnpuny. Xew York World; Special
Cable to the Dispatch.)
PARIS, October 23. — The groat Humbert
..Swindi'; Iv.ih a rival in the series of
r ' 's now laid at the door of a corterie
• ■! by Canon Rosenberg", Abbe Gul
• •".::. and a hanker named Mall eval,
amour ■whose associates "wore an alleged,
princs, ,•( baroness, and a dramatist.
' -■ : : f-;)>-rations have ju;--t been brought
■ ' light through complaints m.'ide to the
• < by Mrs. Civet, a woman of inde
i-.vi.;t means, on the advice of the abbe, i
■ -;i '.•.Trusted $100,000 to Alallcval, who.
Mrs Civet v.-as drawn into dealings with
; ••■"■; '■ •■ she now accuses through her de
■-.-,- for separation from her husband.
ii" had procured a oivi 1 divorce, and
*■'■■■::'■ ■-! an ammlment of the religious
A rnnn going by the name of Gadobcrt,
-• calling himself the Grand Chancellor,
■• Archbishopric of Smyrna, volun
'■'Vi{ to intercede iwlth 'the Pope in her
■ for Sl-,u<Ki. He got the money,
' '■'-' h. h'.td was arrested.
seribt-TS then: promised to use bis
■' omces at the 'Vatican, hut nothing
:•■ of his: promises, an-i Mrs. Siyet
realizing: that she was being.
• • X >yent to the police.
Brilliant Hut Uancerons.
Rosenberg has a fascinating person
•-':■'. and is a. brilliant talker, and. in
*?::<■• confidence- Some who have suf
'-''•: through him even "now refuse to
believe that he is not the saintliest man
0: - earth. His parents having made a seii
wtioaal 'conversion to Catholicism at
iio;-:.i i 0 ;-:. he went into the church,- and in
f® obtained the Canonry of Tours, but-
business instincts soon got ahead of
"is fvligious inclinations.
■fiosin tinjc- later, certain titled women.,
v ;-' !i> had followed his counsels, . found
'-caisßlves penniless, and he himself had
■' orric bankrupt; with liabilities amount
kx !•. f-rSj.im. Then he was suspended by
Tin. Cnnic He J'lnyed.
[ J!s »'C-xt move affected pious women
*'}»o -desired divorce- It is alleged; that
•'/•' iWFsed himself off as. the Bishop of
yvr-cy; th at he said he had been appoint
!'■ Vicar-General by the Marbnite Arch
''■'•h<<;>, and had the power to annul.mar
•");•>-•<* without appealing to "the Pope,
*fd.:he is accused of granting imaginary
««vorcir.fi to sanctimonious 'women: " This
° rrj ught him- in handsome' reVenue, it' iss
''■I'oittd, until Mrs. Civit's action put an'
t! "s to the businc-ps.
J>.< (c.'cond transaction Mrs. Civet avers.
■*•'■' had with .Rosenberg was to advance.
♦WJ lo <uuble him to go* Jto America to
"°f" l ' a^e a loan lor the Turkish govern-
: 'ii:t. The Canon assured her. she aaye,
the loan would be paid.: ten-fold
£««i he made up his accounts with the
■JiOßfcnliurjj is also charged with sending
pOlp 01 Ju e women to gamble for him at Mo»U v ■
"no. and with ordering: win© on ■credit? \
Er '« filing it wherever hV went- , • i
*'» F audacity knew no .limit, if the sto-: •
n^ told or him are true-. ' -^ „ k - , -, ■
, fc omf; ti me . a g 0 he signed vaTcontract, . it
* to buy a house atlCheV-Jeyllle ;,
Not the Counterfeit Presentment of Two Corners, But Two Views of the Same Corner- Under Different Conditions;
in the department of the Oise, was given
occupation pending payment of the first
instalment, took possession with two or
three alleged clerical friends, gave large
orders to. local tradesmen. ,:md _even. at
tempted to celebrate mass in the parish
church, but was ejected from the build
ing*by the local priest, and it is declared
j that, he left without paying anybody. .
■ Helped in an Elopcnicni.
j Later, it is charged, that ho. helped a
! prirl and her lover to elope, getting, them
married by an associate, and for tins he
received ." generous commission when
J-he ..young ...people., were, reconciled .with
their 'parents, -and, the dot was handed
over. Report says he was compelled to
leave"that ■ neighboi-hood.-
Then the Canon came, to .Paris. Here
a rich woman is said to .nave offered him
a large, sum of money to take her, son
to Canada, where tile Canon is said to
have represented that he owned large set
tlements. . Rosenberg got the boy out, of
the country, but before, he could obtain
payment for his services Mrs. Civet set
the police after him, nnd he changed his
Slipped the Officers.
Rosenberg is also accredited with being
associated with a banker, named Bou
laine, who was arrested early this month
for swindling by means of bogus" com
panies. After. an examination in court,
Boulaine.~leftV.in-- company with two de
tectives. Contrary to the regulations,
they did not handcuff him, and when they
turned to . tell him to step into a cab
to go back to prison he had lied. The
officers are now under arra;t. It is
believed that when Boulaine gave the
detectives the slip an accomplice was
waiting for him with a cab and drove
him straight to the Northern railway sta
tion, where he took a train for Belgium.
Boulaine was an extraordina
rily clever man, and it is assorted
that he operated with signal success in
France, South America, Holland, and
Boulaine is said to have had a sham
telephone through which, when he had
a prospective client in his office, he-held
imaginary conversations with men like
J. ' l-'ierpont Morgan and Baron Roths
bfwtiiißui.shcd Mongolian Marries &
Comely French Girl.
(Copyright. 1902. by the Press Publishing
Company. Xew York World; Special
Calile to the Dispatci..)
PARIS, October 23.— The most pictur
esque and interesting marriage recently
neen here was that of Charles H sing Ling,
the second son of the Chinese Minister,
and Miss Genevieve Deneu. of Soisey, at
the fashionable church of St. Phillipe dv
Roule. .
'The bridegroom as the Taoti or Gover
nor of three Chinese perfectu res, wore a
sky blue robe with red coral : buttons.
Ke was born January 1, IST3. •
"His father, l^ord Yu Keng, comes of a
very disUnguished family in China. His
mother, Lady Yu Keng, was Miss Pear
son, the daughter of a Mr. Pearson, of
Boston, who married a Chinese lady of
rank - „- '•' ...
■ Lady Yu Keng is perfectly familiar with
the Chinese language, manners, and cus
tom, speaks English without" the slight
e°t accent, and presides over, the legation
receptions with exceeding charm and,re
finement. She Is the mother of two. boys
and two girls. The girls, who are very
pretty... have., learned to speak French
fluently since coming to Paris.
Charles Using Ling is the second secre
tary of the legation. Formerly he was
attached to Japan and connected with the
ministry of foreign au.airs in Peking. He
ranks second in the order of the Chinese
hierarchy. '"
The bride is 23 years old. She. was a.
piano teacher. Her father died;;elghteen
months ago. She hiss lived with her.
mother in Soisey. •.*•-"'+ +>,
Both bride and groom belong, to tne.
Catholic church, the bridegroom having
been baptised at the wish of his mother. ; v
The legal papers of the bridegroom were
all in Chinese and the register, was signed
in Chinese characters by the .Chinese •
Minister and the witnesses.. Both used
Indian ink and camels hair,' brushes -for
the purpose. The signature "Hsing Ling"
covered a space; twelve inches square.-
Scheme to Convert Island of Corfu
" Into a. Gambling Resort.
'(Copyright, 1902. -by th« Press Publlshinff
Sipany^ Xe W York ;. World : ;, Special
Cable to the' DlspatcJi:) J . „ .i' -.' . -
VTHENS. "October 25.~The'sdieme; to
co'hvcrt ■ the beautiful; island of Corfu ;into
He Was a.- Member ".of -'the Greatest
I'"~I '"~ Xihe-'-k'ver^at'tiire" "Vi|'iversity", > "ann" ;
Later at Vale— A Gallant Ilongh
• Rider, Too.
Mr. John Greenway, whose engagement
to Miss Alice Roosevelt; daughter. of the
President, was rumored, last week, has
been one of the most conspicuous figures
in college athletics since ltt)0.
During the session -of ISOO-1591, -hie '■ caught
for the University of Virginia baseball
team, when Murray McGuire, now a law
yer in this city, was pitcher. The two
formed possibly the greatest battery that
the University ever placed on the dia
mond. The ball team. of that season has
been recognized as the standard by which
to judge the merits of those that;preced
ed and followed it. They played the Bos
ton professional team to a standstill dur
ing that season, and in the games with
the colleges, won nearly every contest
in which they engaged.
A Gresit Battery.
Greenway and .McGuire were in the
points that year. The infield was covered
jby such fast ones as '"Pop" Smith, at
j first; Billy Abbott at second, "Tubby"
Benner at third, and Thurman at short.
They were a quartette of infielders that
had no superior among the college teams
in hitting, base running and fielding. The
ouUield contained Winston, in center;
ocl.loi\ left, and . Addison Greenwy m
right. Five of the members of this famous
team were over £ix feet in . height, and
wore quick, active men. good hitters and
fast fielders. John Greenway was a safe,
hard hitter, and ;m unusually swift and
accurate thrower. In addition to his skill
in baseball, ■', he was a tip-top football
player, holding down one of the ends for
the University the same season.
: One'. of the most memorable games play-
The destruction of the veneraWeHoge .'residence,' at Fifth: and Main; streets,- exposes ; to view for;the. first .time hrthomem- „,■.
•ory-i of (the -oldest "citizen.? the southern u side 'of^ the^Second; Pres^erUnVc^urrt^ fl^? the t foreground ,of , the > picture, coaceaJinsll
the sidewalk onMaln street, aa weU;a»=the lina~of the lot on which stood the HogV a ou«e, are piled, la a long- ro<r, thousand! jofjg
brick whioh'enterad- into* th»fcVwtro^ . _ .'" . , ", ," .
Ed by this team during the session of 1590
1591. was with Cornell: Only "one hit was
made in the; game. Arlclison Greenway,'
1 John's brother, and formerly a. pitcher on
the University:- tea'm, hit over -the-right
field fence 'for '-a; home run, winning -the
game from Cornell by the score. of Ito 0.
' Andover; Yale.
John Greenway subsequent^ went to
Andover, where he played on both baseball
and football teams,' and. when he entered
Yale a. year or -two" later, "his reputation'
in this -department- of college -sports pre
ceded -him, .and he -had 'no ' difficulty -in
making' : the "/Varsity '• teams. He;.' aiid
•Hinke'y ' played- ends for - Yale, ' and their
;prcm ; cVs'r In '.these^ositiohs 'we're ~ heraldba
far and wide in the college world.^Hinkey
forhis brilliant following, of the'bfill, and
Greenway for " his • safe and .- steady.- work.
■ ; John's brother, GillGreenwaj", also play
ed at Yale, although not during the same
session with his brother, and still another
one of the Greenway brothers, Jim, row
ed in the ; ' Varsity crew..- The four broth
ers had ...unusual ' aptitude for out-door
spcris, ■' and; had the physique to engage in
them. Their family counterpart in this
respect can -be- found- in the athletic rec
ords of the Poe brothers at Princeton.
Guest of Roosevelt.
Last fall John Greenway was a guest of
President Roosevelt at the White House.
He "had served under the President, when
he was- in- command of the Rough Riders
at San .Juan Hill, in Cuba, and his ex
perience on the gridiron and the diamond
in. many a 'blood /and bones contest with
rival teams, gave, him good preparation
for the" more serious and strenuous con
flict that he afterwards encountered in
front of Spanish rifles. He held the rank
of lieutenant in his troop of Rough Riders,
■which was no small tribute to his control
of men and his personal courage among
so many men of more than average ability
;:s fighters. Colonel Roosevelt held him
in the highest esteem for his soldierly
qualities, and for those personal charac
teristics which made him a man of line
Old and Respected Ex-Confederate
Crosses the Darlc Hiver.
ROANOKE. VA., October 25.— (Special.)
David Williams, an old and respected ex*
Confederate soldier, died at his home,
near Hollins, this evening,; aged S3-years.
He was one of the best-known citizens of
Southwest Virginia. '
"Pie leaves a' widow, three sons, John M.,
James M.. editor of the Roanoke .Times;
and W. W., of the First National. Bank,
and three daughters, Mrs. W. , P. Huff,
Mrs. Letcher Nininger, and Mrs, W. O.
Kiser. all of this city.
It Snrprises the King George People
-Mucli— Pwblic "Sciiooi "Difcsatlßfae
tion In Si>ot.sylvania— Foot-Ball in
Prospect — Personal >"otew.
(Special.)— Fredericksburg will soon have
1 'phone connections with • Tappahannock
and all tne principal points in the county,
on "the south side of the Rappahannock
river. " Work on this line between the
first-named village and this city is rapid
ly nearly conclusion, and already- several
'phones have been put-in. It is expected
that the oid line will be finished before
December Ist. In addition to being able
to communicate with points down the
river, the new line with its connections'
will also' put us in touch with . Norfolk,
West Point, and other cities in the tide
water region. '
The erection of the new line was made
possible : through the efforts of business
men here, and in Essex and Caroline
The public schools in Spotsj-lvania
county opened this week. Reports to the
newspapers of this city state, however,,
that there is some dissatisfaction among
the various teachers, and some of them
were assigned schools which .they will not
accept, 011 account of having to pay, board
out of the small salaries paid.
A good deal of surprise has been creat
ed in King George county, by the adver
tisement; for sale of Somerset Beach, to
satisfy a deed of trust.: Somerset is a
summer resort on the;Potomac river, and
which was. planned and originated, several
years ago,' in the hope that it would de
velop into, a town " of some importance to"
King; George county. , The wharf at Som
erset is. a magnificent structure, and is
said to -be /the finest "on the . Potomac
river. -.' . .. ; ". - . ;-~ „:
'■ The hotels and other buildings are new.
and ample. A charter to the Somerset
Beach Development Compamy was grant
ed , by. Judge MasGn. several, years, ago,
and the fact that" the iricoriiorutors in
cluded such men. as Captain E..H: Ran
dall and- Mr. Van Hoy, of .Washington,
and F. W. Payne." of this county; left
but little doubt in the minds of. many that
tho enterprise would be. a success. . f
The: Enterprise Building Association, of
this city, 'holds the .mortgage on the'pro
perty.-; '■' ->:._-. , • ' . ' ; . ■ \ ,:[
Mr. Edward Sneliings, an aged Confed
erate soldier, died suddenly at the home
■of-his son,- Mr. Carter Sneliings, in Fal
parent healthup to:the time of his death.
The funeral,; which 'was -largely attended,
took, place in' Falmo'uth to-day: : -,?:
Rev. Dr. }.T;B. Thames; of Danville, was
, I here one night ; this. week.' and-paid an
■official visit- to- the commandery of this
city, as "a representative of .the f grand
commander. of ;the.'State. : ...
: Dr. Thames, during his visit, made a
speech which was highly complimented.
Fredericksburg. with o.ne of : the ' best
foot-ball teams, in the State appears .to be
particularly unfortunate : in arranging
games for this season. Last "year, this
team defeated their opponents in every
game played, but this year, on account of
-cancellations by other colleges, Fred
ericksburg has pulled off but one game,
defeating the Episcopal High School, o»
the latter's grounds. . They. were schedul-.
Ed to play the . University of. Maryland
here, Friday, but the Baltimore men fail
ed to show up. .The management, has,
however, arranged to. play Randolph-
Macon, Fredericksburg's old rivals, at
Ashland, Monday.
Mr. George Warren, of New York, is in
the city. ; " ■' '
Mr. John Scott Berry" has returned from
a pleasant visit to Fauquier county.
Miss Hallie E. Chichester, of Staff ordv
is visiting her sister, Mrs.' John Lewis, at
Bethesda. Md. ' " . ~: :•■••■
Colonel L.H. Gadd and Sheriff Beasley,
of Annapolis. Hia.l' were here' Thursday,
looking over the Virginia Brick Com
pany's plant.' ' "
Mrs. James Sprunt, of "Wilmington, N.
C., with her son."was 'a* guesfof her sis
ter, Mrs. Charles II." Hurkamp, at Bosco
bel, this week.' ■■■'■ • -■■'■■
. Mr: R*. L. JBiscoe, of this city, is build
ing' for the shirt" factory at Urbanna,
waterworks.- consisting of a ■ 10,000-gallon
elevated tank anda steam pump.' ■
Body nt Mary Lynch Found in Her
« ■• Her Room.
.NEW YORK, October-: 25.— (Special.)—
Mystery surrounds the death of Mary
Lynch, whose" body was lound to-day in
her. apartment at S.U east Twenty-third
street. She had been' deact more than a
month and her: body was 'surrounded by a
pool of blood. '
Miss Lynch had not been seen by any
of the I other boarders for some 'weeks,
but no, one seemed to think it strarige. : To
day; the janitor, * John Steck, broke open
the. door. .■ *•' '.' .' .'."..■ \ ' ■,
The police learned that up' to six "weeks
ago the dead woman had lived in the "flat
with her,, brother Aiichael^and a boarder.
Because of -tJiis boarder' she had trouble
with her brother, ; and he left. Since then
he has been living, at 9S Greene street. •
He Jtold -the "police that he had -visited
the: house several>tlmes, but; hnd always
found the place locked, and: believed his
sister -was out. lie was positive' there
was no reason* why she should 'commit'
suicide.. He' gave the police the'eame of
the ■ boarder, and they are now : looking
for him. . . • .-.'-.'' ■-■■••.- -• ■ .■""-•_"• '■''":,":'':■
Horses and Oirners Disqualified at
:■ . Charleston Restored. ; :
.-. NEW- YORK. 'October 25.— At a meeting
of ; the .stewards :of the' Jockey Club, at
. the : race « course Jit" -Morris ; , Park :.'■ to-day,
it was ordered that all persons and horses
disqualirted through racing at: the Charles
• ton .meeting and .who. participated In that
meeting L' after. >A pril 1,; 1502. ;be restored
to J good standing at all;, courses racing
under the 'jurisdiction' of the Jockey Club.
Efian, ot Harvard, Defeat* ;MoFar
. - . laud, :of PennaylvAmla. /
; Chandler,;Egani"; of • Harvard :\ won » thel In
fdiyidualg championship tot % the ■ •IntercbUe
| glate.SAssoci atlonj t romlHvl B.t McFarland. ;]
to-day' by [thr*ai.ui»f»j(idi
risht LonK Waged In the Connell
. Has Finally Been Won.
To Illnatrate the 3larked Change Ir
the Appcnrnnce of the Streets, tht
Dlspateli Print* Companion I*ic»
i tares Showing "Wires" nml "?fo
Wires"' at Kißhth nnd, Bro«il
Street/*— A Bit of History.
Two companion pictures presented in to
day's Dispatch represent the corner of
Broad and Eighth. streets, looking 1 south
from Broad street, ..the one picture show
ing'the corner as it is now and thw
other, the same corner as it wilt appeal
after March 15th next. In one casa it
will be observed that the horizon is riark»
cned with the maze of wires and •cable*
that span the street or "cross" here dis-»
tributing the .electric current- in various
directions. In the other it will be observ
ed that the atmosphere has been cleared
"of 'all siich obstructions and ; menaces U
human life tbat^ cumber the poles ant
•cross-arms in -the other picture. Th,
poles themselves will be cut away and a^
the wires will have been burled before
March 15. 1005. . ' -, -' ,
Another picture presented .representf
one of the iron posts, ornate and of suet
dimensions as not to obstruct the street*
which -will 'supersede the telegraph pola^.
| on which the fire alarm boxas were forafr,
erly attached. - These iron' posts" will bt
provided each with a fire alarm -box and> .■'-.•;■
telephone attachments for use in caae* «' ;
fires.* In the event that for any reaaoj -„■
the fire alarm call box falls to perform It
"destined .on the other "elde' 07
the pole will be found a telephone' at
tachment and fire alarm telegraph cal ?
combined, .at' which the fire chief ;or ans I
one delegated by him so to do may seni ■
"a message to the department stations ot,V
ring in an alarm. The. sectional view «;t
j the metal post shows the wires radiatini ' -
from the box to the headquarters and Q'
" all> parts of the city. . ; .V ,
.These pictures and their story represent ■ .-:;
"the beginning of a great reform In; th»
matter.^ of ; clearing the streets of encum
bering v wires anu unsightly pole; ,t ro ..,
form brought ; about ' under the reuuire< ■-,: .
. ments of > an . ordinance approved ■ March ?
15,, 1002, amending section 27 of Chuptei i
SS. of the City "Code of ISO 9. rcqulrlriar ] h
telegraph, ' telephone, and electric light
wires and cables' to be placed undersrrouc«i"{
on certain strcets'of the'city.'This am«nil-|
ed ordinance requires wires to :b<s - under
ground in the conduit- district by MarcJsti'ii;
;13,; 13, 1903. '•"_- -'. ;; ■>?{■:,
'■':'"■ '■'.'. 'Tlie Underffronnd District. ■
The district embraced in this under- v;
ground order is bounded en t'ha eastjbjr.i
Fourteenth street. : - frcin and Including A
:the north sido' of Broad ,stre«t; theno* .
alon? the west aid* of Seyenin strr^t from /
Cary ~ to _;.'*', point halt way b<rtne«n Grnc*
and Broad ttrests; thcnc«,w<««twjiri! 3lorg*:|
and including"; th* ; : votitb ; sl-Je ; of lirocA^l
'street ' to -Adams stre? : : the-nce ' ncrthwstrd^
to and aero«» so : as to inciud* 'tba hortrt^
side of;!Bro&4;Str*?tj2nd ihonc* 'a«onit:'''»b42i'
incltidins|th« -north side\of Brcad'strait'W
frocpr Adam*" to tha point of b«j!nnins : Rt :;
Fourt«#nt!h^ street. ":.-. , ~' ;" ~ ; " *'
T ;;thts;;«JUitr!ct <ail the -Vires Tot^
erery deioriptton " except tin*; trolley wtres"'---
must ;b»;pl*oe«l jtho ground befor* ; ?
;tn« 15ttrd«y; of March. 1 ."'•• ' . f
:■-.;■ -- V... ; ;;AlT«u'dy Vi ;Oat:{©f ■SJ*ht.^ . - •-■■■•■■■; '-^
Thft wlrea of th« . Southorrt Bell 1fe!«»
r phonava^diT«l<Mrfa^»l C6mp*ny|lbiiT»T«ii|^

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