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Chnr«c<<'rl7.ntion of Simon I.cvi an
CJonn Cnt n« n Cnmco. nnd It Tie*
plotfd <I><- HflircTT In Nevr nnd
Farornble nranmtlc l.icli*.
That sterling character actress Marie
Bates was seen in her original character
Mrs. Eagan. nnd divided honors. with the
stnr. K-.igcne -Canflcld as Mr. FininsM
•was original and -unctious. while Maria
Davis, as Mrs. Lev},, and Harry Rogers;
as Jacob Sampson, deserve ?pcc!fil notice.
In fact the entire company was adcquaif.
Unfortunately the set in Levi's Lexing
ton avenue, home in the second net was
not shown, as the management found v
Impossible to use it and make a midnight
train for Columbia. S. C, where the com
pany will appear to-night. Therefore, one
of the house sets was used, which in no
way. however, detracted from the per
Taken altogether: W.irfield and The
Auctioneer" were dramatic treats, and
the "clever character comedian by his
-tvork last night has forever established
himself as a popular favorite in Rich
A characterization as clean cut as a
cameo was the "Simon Levi" of Dave
"Warfield. Jt was as unique ns it was
charming. As full of lights, shadows, and
colors as a prism. It was withal enter
taining to a degree marked. It transport
ed one instinctively to the Ghetto. It de
picted the Hebrew in a new light, this
clever conceit of the dramatist's imagina
The characteristics of the race have
been portrayed upon the stage but never
In this light. -It was an encomium to
every Hebrew in the vast audience, for
It was an assemblage of which any .ictor
might have folt proud.
It represented the culture, the intelli
gence, the thrift, and the Focial life of
tiie city. All classes were there, nnd
•very car was trained, every eye bent
*n the one pivotal feature— Warfield.
The actor's fame had preceded him.
From the time he trod Ihe boards In a
low comedy role in "Gay New York." to
his success In a similar line of work as
a Weberfield. Richmond had evidently
beard of the success that attended Dnvid
Belascn's bold stroke of dramatic intima
tion when he took a horse play actor and
launched him on the legitimate sea.
That the wizard of stagecraft made no
Mistake, was evidenced by the triumph that
perched upon Waffleld's banners when
he made his iniiial appearance f.p a star
Dn Broadway. iFor months he crowded
ihe Bijou" and since leaving the metropolis
he has but added iresh laurels to his
It was no wonder therefore that all
Richmond tried to ! 'crowd itself into the
kcademy last jii^ht-.to add ajiot'her tes
timonial to a true artist's work.
"The Auctlonoer/.'s this new diameter
comedy by -Lee: Arthur and Charles Klein.
5.s not by any . mean's a great play. It
unfolds a simple story of love, decoit, ana
retribution as many other dramas have
done before. The theme is ordinary but
its treatment unusual;
It transports thelfHebrew from a form
er despised realnvf-arid displays in bold
relief all that is pood, noble, and true in
Tis nature. It points out the human in
stincts of business thrift and enterprise
'.n Juxtaposition with the love of home
and all that makes it dear. It depicts
Bolf-sficrifice, nnd penuriousnoss in a
breath— wanton extravagance and parsi
mony hoarding at the same moment.
This was the kind of a nature Warfielci
was called upon to portray. How well he
achieved the dramatist's purpose was
demonstrated "by ilie wrapt attention
that marked every situation, the sponta
neous applause that broke forth at everj
Warfield was happy alike in pathos and
He is a pantomimic actor of more t'hari
ordinnry ability, whose equal perhaps has
only been seen in recent years In tht
work of the lamented licrr.o. .
Wai field showed that he was" a. student
Pf human nature. His conception ot i
Simon Lcvi bespoke this fact in every j
line. The locale of the play was also coi- 5
rectly portrayed, as the scenic embellish- j
ments were reprouuetions of the sections |
of the metropolis wherein the action of
the drama took place.
The company supporting Warfield was
m every particular the same that ap- |
pearcd in Broadway. Robert Fischer war.
Keen as Callalinn in place of the lament
ed Odell Williams.
Frank Deshon. -the well-known comic
opera comedian, who is appearing in the
title part -in "The Messenger lioy." is
quite the funniest comedian on the stage,
and in his latest part there is 3>.0 end of
splendid opportunities for him to display,
his versatility. A large company ot
talented artists and beautiful women will
present the 1 piece, here at the Academy on
Thursday uif^lit.
Whether taken as a whole or in part, j
"Arizona" holds the attention of both I
Uie casual play-gorc-r and the ono who
R-ishes to g:° deeper into the story of the
passions (if life. The environment Is
such that one finds 'ceaseless attraction
In this bit of dialogue or that bit of ac
'.lon. The' characters an? such that the
soldier, the cowboy, and the woman, one
after another, occupy ihe principal place.
Having' chosen an appealing theme for
his story, Augustus Thomas, the author,
ilso selected a collvction of people who
would not only preserve all t'ns virtue
which there is in the central idea, but
who. would each, by contrast to the other.
tarry|out the central plan, and mak'o this
mimic world seem like a real ono. The.
!orce of the characters and the excellence
nf the situations fire backvd un by
3ialo£ue which is always brisk, as tho
of the West should be. and which
aas a .lightness now. or a somberness
.hen. that Is as distinct as the mountains
jnfl the shadows that form the back-;
ground, of i"c scenes.
"Arizona" will be tbv attraction at the
Academy jn Friday and Saturday ni;;:its,
xlth special Saturday matinee. - -
Ajj Kvont With the Drni«l«.
On the' occasion of the presentation of
the portrait of the supreme secretary of
the Supreme Grow. United Ancient Or
der of Druids, at Belvidere Hali Thurs
day ni^ht, the following programme will
be observe 3:
Noble Arch A. R. Courtney. Master of
■ Ceremonies.
Dwrture ' Colavita's Orchestra
Prayer Rev. W. E. Evans
Presentation Addrers Frank P. Brent
5010..........Cai>t. Frank W. Cunningham
Reception Address Haskins Hobson
Lecture on Julius Caesar.....
. Prof. S. C. Mite hen
, • . Music.
Valedictory Chaplain L. C. Mabie
ooxcEXTHATioxi or iusiiors.
I>l<r urn tort nia St. Pnul In the l»re«
. «•"<•<' of it I.nri;<v Assemblage
ST. PAUL. MINN.. October 25.-The con
n**cralk>n Of Rlshojis Stariha and Kcane
at St. Pa.ii! Ctihitdral to-day, was cele
brated in thi.' presence of a large assem
blage; Rt. Rev. John Rtariha. of St.
Paul, was consecrated Bishop of Lead. S.
D., and Rt. Itr;v. Jairiee Kcane, of Min
neapolis, as Bishop. of Wyoming. Arch
bishop In hind bopr:in the ceremonies with
the celebration of .mass, In which he- was
assisted by Rev. John J. La wtor, rector
of the Cathedral parish/ and/ Bishops
McGolrock, Shanle'y. and Trobec. Bishop
A'Gtonaaa Broached tha sermon. -
Fot W©2imee aed CMHdiresn.
I Just a word to ask your consideration : of our convin
cingly and generous .assortment .of FALL" AND
every style, every price. One— best— quality at-what
ever figure. _ . ; ; '-" ."
42§) -East ISms^d i aod ■ Ammffiss.
(William Cullen Bryant.)
Thou blossom, bright -with Autumn. dew.
And colored with the heaven's own blua.
That opens when the quiet light
Succeeds the keen and frosty night—
Thou comest not when violets lean
O'er wandering brooks and springs un
Or columbines. Jn purple dressed,
JCod o'er the ground-bird's hidden nest.
Thou waitest late, and com'st alone. „ .
When woods arc bare and'birds are flown,
And frosts and shortening days portend
The aged Year is near his end.
Then doth. thy sweet and quiet eye
Look through its fringes to the sky.
Blue— blue— as if that sky let fall
A flower, from its cerulean wall.
I think that thuß, when I shall Bee
The hour of death draw near to me,
Hope, blossoming: within my heart.
May look to heaven as I depart.
Surrenders With General Cas
tello, to General Majarres— ■■
Colon Rejoices.
PANAMA, Oclober iS.— The revolution
ary General Uribe-Uribe, with ten cannon.
2,500 rifles, and 3C0.000 rounds of ammu
nition, has surrendered to General Mar
jarrea at Rio Frio. near Santa Marta.
The revolutionary forces under General
Uribe-Uribe, which were defeated October
14th, at LaCicnaga retreated to Rio Frio
and took up positions there. General
Marjarres with 2.000 men, proceeded
against the rebels from La Cienaga and
engaged the enemy two days ago. The
government general succeeded in sur
rounding the rebels and forcing them to
surrender. General Castillo was with
General Uribe-Uribe.
The news of tnis victory was received
here by General Perdomo and Gove/nor
Salzar this morning in a telegram fro;n
General Marjarres, Details of the en
gagement ;ire lacking, but heavy casual
ties on both sicies are reported. The sur
render of Uribc-Uribe is said to com
plete the pacification of the departments
of Magdalen'a and Bolivar. The revolu
tionists now occupy the isthmus only.
In the light of October 14th at LaClena
ga the revolutionary force consisted, ot
1,300 men.
COLON. October- LS.— The government
gunboat General Pinzon arrived here this
afternoon from Sa villa'. She was espe
cially sent from that port by the Gover
nor of the Department of Bolivar to brine
the isthmus news of the defeat of the re
volutionists under Uribe-Uribe and Cas
tillo at Rio Frio. iioth these generals
were made prisoners.
There is much rejoicing In Colon and
Panama over the success of General Mar
jerres. and especially over the capture of
The Xe\v» Confirmed.
WASHINGTON. October £B.—Confirma
tion of the news of -the surrender of the
revolutionary General Uribe-Uribe was
contained in the foreign dispatch received
at the Colombian Legation here to-night:
"Panama, October IS.— Uribe-Uribe ana
Castillo (another revolutionary general)
surrendered at La Cienaga with a large
quantity of arms and ammunition."
The legation officials oeclare that with
the surrender of Uribe-Uribe the life ot
rebellion in the interior of Colombia has
received Its death blow and that the com
plete pacification of that portion of the
country must inevitably follow. He' was,
they say. the acknowledged leader, of tlu
movem'ent against the government, and
by his energy and perseverance in rais
ing and equipping the troops and in se
curing assistance from the outside kept
the revolution going.
Arbitration Lik«ly. In France.
PARIS, October 25.— At ;l"i * council of
the ministers to-day Premier Combes ex
plained the steps taken to secure the ac
ceptance of arbitration on the part of
the coal mine owners. He said two com
panies in the important mining regions
of the Department of Pas de Calais had
already accepted, and no company, had
yc-t refused. This led to the belief that
the government's offer of arbitration
■would prove successful. • ,
Reports from the mining centers show
the situation to be calm, the miners be
lieving that arbitration is assured.
The Sad Cane of a. Destitute Woman
in Xew York.'
NEW YORK, October 2S.— (Special.)—
A pitiful case of restitution came to light
In the Madison-Street Police Station to
day when Mrs. Mary Cressman walked in
carrying the dead body of her ' two
months'-old child. She, had. walked
around with it for two hours ■ trying to
get some one to i.c.p.ner bury it.
The woman said- that she and, her .hus
band; separa ted some time ago. The baby,
was constantly sick and -she; had to stay
at home ; to take. -care of It. . : ■ „ ■ \
Up to yesterday, -she lived with Mrs.
McGinley on AVater street; but owing to
her large family, the additional burden ot
Mra. Crewman .. and the child was too
much for Mrs. McGlnley to carry.
; From- there she went to 'Mrs. 'Walsh's.
Cherry street, an old friend, and arranged
to stop for the nieht. At 3 o'clock this
morning the baby died, and owing to
the crowded condition :of these rooms
the crowded condition of the three rooms,
Mrs. Cressman was compelled to ..take
the body away.
An appeal to her husband, Charles,
was of no avail, she said.
Coroner Jackson ordered the body re
moved to the morgue and a collection was
taken up by the officers to see her
through the day. .
Mrs. Cnroline Strnns-Jlrx. Jrary Grtr
bcr-Dr. 31. B. Carter.
Mrs. Caroline Straus, reiict of Moses
L. Straus, died, in her.. SSd year, at her
residence. No. 20 east Marshall street,
yesterday, morning. She is, survived by
five children— Mrs. H. M. Bloomberg, Mrs.
I. Stern, Mrs. H. M. Reinhard, Mr.
Charles Straus, and Mr. Lee Straus.
Mrs. Straus was born January 19. 1820,
In Kagenbach; Bavaria, and came to this
city September ID. lS^'G. On May 21, IS-JS.
she was married to M. L. Straus, ond has
lived in this city since then. Funern!
services will be held from her late resl
denc this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Thr
pall-bea-crs will be Messrs. Jacob Lichen
stein. H. S. liutzler, Benno Hutzler. XV.
A. Evans. I. J. Marcuse. S. L. Bloom
berg. E. A. Ezekiel. and Monroe Levy.
Mrs. Mary ,~Garber, -.-wife of the Inte
Michael Garber. "died suddenly last night,
at 10:30 o'clock. ; at the- residence of "her
daughter. Mrs. S. A. Duke, 510 Nicholson
street, Fulton.
Mrs. Garber vras 73 . years of age. and
was a native of Hanover, Germany. Sho
had been sick only a few hours. Death
was caused by a severe attack of con
gestion of the lungs. •
Mrs. Garber Is survived by two sons—
Councilman Fred H. Garber and William
H. Gnrbcr— and five daughters— Mrs. Nor
man Jordan. Mrs. S. A. Duke. Mrs. John
H. Pease. Mrs. James A. Black, and Miss
Mary Garber. . ' . ■ . .
•Karl Herman Schuricht died suddenly,
in the 37th year of h!s age. The funeral
will take place ' to-day from the Main-
Street Depot, and the interment will be
in Hollywood.
The funeral: of Gertrude Steigelder, the
little daughter of N. J. Steigelder. will
take place . this afternoon, at 2 o'clock,
from her father's residence. Robin P.ark
farm, on Nine-Mile road. The interment
will be in Oakwood. - •
The funeral of Mr. W. E. W.hi*ehiirst.
who died Monday night, will t.iko place
this afternoon, at 3 o'clock,- from the
East-End Baptist church.
Dr. Marlon B. Carter died yesterday
evening at the home of his sister, Mrs.
L. Lindsey. , 51(5 north Third street. He
was GG years of age. . .
Dr. Carter had been ill with' pneumonia
for some time. The funeral will take
place to-morrow morning, at 10:30 o'clock.
Trie funeral of Mrs. Martha, R. . Long,
wife of A.; J. Long, who died Monday;
took, place yesterday evening from the
home of her daughter.' Mrs.' Willie L.
Ellett, of Henrico county.
Charley .-Groner Johnston will be buri°d
this morning. He is. the son of i.lr. and
Mrs. Joseph M. Johnston. .The funeral
will take place at ' 10 . o'clock from St.
James' ; Episcopal church. '
Mr. Ryan Escaped Uninjured— Dis
tinguished NebrnnUan Continues '
His Journey In a Refrig- ■'
erutor-Car. .
CRIPPLE CREEK. COL 1; October 2S.—
The. Bryan special crashed - Into the <^a
boos-e of "a. fnisht v at- Rena, :in Brown'
Canyon, fifteen "miles above Leadville, to
day. - The special remained on the track
but .the caboose was thrown from the
trucks, and three people saved their lives
by jumping. The freight had pulled, on
a 'siding .to ?et the special pass. The
cabGose hnd not cleared the main line,
when the special swept around a sharp
curve andcrashed into;the cabooee.
; The : . occupants of i the Y .caboose were
warned of their danger in time to save
their, lives. IMrl Bryan, was ; uniniuryd;
: The track was obstructed iso that the
special ; could not j:Mr. ', Bryan and
hisfparty werej put' Into' an ' empty irfrige
ratpr car ani; drawn : by/a freight" engine,
were taken: to . ' Nathrop, • seven "'miles
away. There a chair | car : was attached : to
, tho ''eneine: aiid- ruij s-to • Buena- Vlsta;'-and
LaadvUl*.. * '. '
Mr. Albert Slieppard KlHed *3fcnr
nißliland'Pitrlc and Mr. Graluim
lloiiKon Hnrt In Gooclilnud— The
.Latter 'Will Recover.
'One man killed and one seriously,
though not fatally injured, is the record
of yesterday's hunting parties. Both the
unfortunates were young men of Rich
mond, with wide connections, and the
news of the ehooting in each case;caused
much excitement among the respective
families." ■ . . _■
■-Mr. Albert Sheppard. about 13 years of
age, who lives at 35 north Fourth street,
shot himself in the abdomen -while out
hunting with friends near Highland Park,
about 3 o'clock yesterday . afternoon.
While passing througn a field, the dog
suddenly Hushed a lark, and the young
man took a shot at it, and then passed
his gun .to a nearby companion. In the
act the gun, which was hammerless. pre
maturely exploded, the whole load tear
ing its way through Sheppard's side. The
wounded man was taken to the city hos
pital with all possible haste, where he
died about an hour later.
Dr. Morriss. of the- ambulance corps,
attended the young man, and did all
in his power to save his life, though it;
was thought from the first that the wound
.was fatal.
It seems that the young men had gone
out to train a clog, which Mr. Sheppard
wanted to teach not to flush until bid
den. * This was the reason for passing his
gun to his companion. Mr.. Tony Liegers.
Both young men were standing in some
brush, and it is thought the spring of
the gun caught against a twig, causing
it to go off. .
The young man was a. nephew of Cap
tain J. R. Sheppard. For some time he
was in the editorial rooms and business
office "of -the Leader, where he was highly
thought of.
The funeral will take place from the
Seventh-Street Christian church at 3
o'clock to-morrow afternoon.
Mr. Graham B. Hobson' was accidentally
shot by his brother. Mr. de Graffenreidt
Hobson, while bird-hunting, on the Hob-
son farm, in Goochland county, yesterday.
His wounds, though painful, arc not con-,
eidered serious, and he will be out in a
The group of hunters had flushed a
covey of partridges, and were following
them through the bush. * Mr: da Graffen
reidt Hobson, who was about fifteen feet
from hia brother, had just brought down
a bird, and was reloading his gun, when
it went off in some unexplicable way,
striking Mr. Graham Hobson in the ab
domen. Fortunately he was so standing
that the shot did not penetrate the body,
but cut away the flesh from the front of
the abdomen.
Dr. Holman. the resident, physician of
the State Farm, was summoned, and the
young man moved to the home of his
father, which was nearby, and his wounds
treated. There is not thought to be/any
danger of blood poisoning or other com
Dr. Edwin L. Hobson. Jr., the patient's
brother, left for his home.dmmediately,
and will stay with the wounded man for
thf± present. ~ Mr. Hobson will be brought
to Richmond as soon as he is able to
travel. ' .
Mr. Hobson is a son of Colonel Edwin
Hobson, and is well known in Richmond.
He is connected "with the Tredegar Iron
If 10-fva Declares for n. Remedy He
Will Work for It.
MARSHALLTOWN, lA.. October 2S.—
The largest meetings of the lowa cam
paign were he'id here this afternoon anu
evening. Senator Allison delivered the
principal address in the afternoon and
Secretary Shaw also spoke briefly, cover
ing his views of the tariff revision and
the "lowa situation." Secretary Shaw
svas tlve principal speaker to-night. His
address, in part, was as follows:
"Our polU.cal enemies demand a de
fence of the details of present tariff laws,
txnd they charge us 'with standing pledged
to the *■ maintenance of existing rates.
This Is. not the Republican position, and
so. officially' to answer the charge, it is
eminently proper to make the declaration
contained in the lowa platform.
"If the State convention of lowa should
fl-oclare- specifically for tariff revision, or.
t"or any specific remedy for trusts, i
doubt not the lowa delegation would b2
very prompt to lead, and certainly the
lowa members of the Cabinet will bring
the subject to the careful attention of
the President.
•'How soon we may expect a substitute
for the Dingley tariff law. I am not pre
pared to predict. The responsibility is
with ', the Congress. I anticipate some
opposition wilibe engendered among the
Republicans and Democrats alike if an
ntt'empt shall be ' made to remove the
tariff from such articles as are prouuevd
by large corporations, popularly called
trusts. The idea is. not novel. We can
stand high prices far better than we can
stand idle labor.
"No one will wish to apply the Breck
enridge idea of a .removal of the tariff
on trust-made goods to an industry upon
a naked rumor that it Is controlled by a
monopoly, but it will take no more evi
dence to throttle it under the Sherman
act than it will to lay the foundation
for the application of the Breck\=nridge
Question to Be TxiUen Up on Rcas-
KCiiibllni; of Propaganda.
ROME; October 2S.— The appointment
of an Archbishop of Chicago to. till the
vacancy- caused by the recent death of
Archbishop Patrick A. Feehan will be
taken. up on the reassembling of the Con
gregation of the Propaganda in Novem
ber. The election of Bishop John L.
Spalding of the Diocese of Peoria (111.) is
probable, objection having been received
to the " candidature of Bishop Muldoon,
administrator of the Arch Diocese, while
Father Riordan, pastor of St. Elizabeth's,
Chicago, is not In good health.
A proposition is . current here among
th'o Cardinal's friends composing the
congregation, in the ■ event of : Bishop
Spaldins: being ' selected for the Chicago
ArchD iocese, to recommend the transfer
there of Archbishop 'lreland, of St. Paul,
the Aroh Diocese of Chicago bomg rcon
ridvrrd mire adnpt"d tn Archbishop Ire
land's activity and talents. .
; PoMfrißit all tlie bfd.-vt.re and anrityue qualities of
Opln»t. but pro tuce* no sickness of the iloicacb. In
Rent» rerrouo Uiaordors Ills an tnvaluabls Kemedyv
B^cohtroo-idcd by b«t t*hy»lci>m« erery where.
WEIGHT'S INDIA' 1 •"— •- «? "ILL CO., New York.
\ (no 13-Wly)
Malaria, Chill>
'•"; , " are quickly cured by .the;.'.. " ;
-i "MALGA."
' All druggist*', Small bottle, 50c; -large,
H. , ' , ' — 18-dU
■" 01% SOD f HEM
Schedule .itii Effect, Jaly SO, 11>*>2-
Train. Leuvc and Ari Ivo .I4tli-Strect
:-' : ' -" , 'ii.ztlon.' ''■■ ■ "':- - / , .
• • , - ' .'/_ ' ; . ...: - :
»p:ic A. JM. No. fl, daily for Durham, N.
C... DanvHU, ar»d alinoc-ti^tii""^
south.- • ''connecting; :.at."i3urKeY;iw
with Norfvlk' ani We3terp.raliwaj.
■ -for Farmville, Lynohburs- ana an
. 10.-al -stations West; 5.t JetTrt-ys -10...
■'.. "ocai stations on Norfolk Dlyl«*™n
to Danville; at Oxford, for Ht>n
;derijo»,. . :•■,;;-.] v . .*•- - '
B:S© V Al.. No. S&. Uialtcil train _<Ja»^»
i-./r JacitJi.on vilie ana all f l ©"^.
s»olcta; Htvvtna. Nassau. _etc con
nects at Moseloy. with .rarinriJls
and PowhsUn" -railroad;^.*'
.Qreenaboro' for Purbarn, naieisc
and Winntou-Salem; at' Charlwtt«
with No. R. United "Statss fast
mall. j.oi!(l train, dfel'y, i? r «.O,^\l
Orleans and polnta Scuth. wnica
carries Sleepers to New ; Orleans.
Drawing-Room Sleeper Rlchmonil
to. Atlanta -anti B.rmlnsham..
TtircuKn train. wltU -B'eepsr. aaii»
burj- to Mamphlß. Dlnlnff-i.i? s*?
vlca. . .
U. 05 p. m.. No. 11. Southern Express,
dally for -Atlanta. 'Augusta. Jicit-
«ir.v!ii ( and points South. 3'eti"J
tot Dai«!lie. Greensboro"; " BaiW
bury. and Charlotte, open at P-lco
mond 9.."j P. M. Connoctlon witn
New York and FloMJa Express ana
South-srsst-ni Limited, which car
ries through Sieepers to Augusta-
Savannah. Jacksonville. \ TanU-a,
Nashville. Memphis. Atlanta. Nf w
Orl<>d.na. etc. Complete Dlnins-Car.
eervice. Also. Pullman ' To-jnst
SJeepe' Mondays. Weant-sdaya. ami
Fridays Washington to San Fran
cisco, wltnout cn».ngc. with conneo
tlons for nil- points in Texas. Mexi
co, and California.
«.O0 p m.. Ne. 17. local dally. «ic*Pt
Sui.day. for KeyHville • and inter
mediate points. . - - "
7:OO A. II.) . : ".
6:4 ap. j..) Ftoto Atlanta." A'JSUSta,
Jacksonville. AahevJlle. and *1 ;
po.'nta South - . .. . • ,
«:*O A. M.. rrom KeyavilU an 3 locai
*:20 p m.. from Durham. C?iar!otte
■. Danville and intprm^dlatc st&;lon»
i.orvr, FRRir.HT.
Noa 81 m& S2. between Manchester tn<s
NY tpolli. f
I'm-: i'AVuiUiU no Lit; .\oitxu.
Li. Alii; lUCUiiu.ND.
4:»o p. ai.,l x\o. 16, Baauinure Llmitea.
daily, e*cepi s>L'nua>.x, tor W'.-s;
Point, connectiU£ at West Puiai
with steßintrs tor Baltimore und
York-river landings.
2:15 P. it.; JNp. lv, ciaiiy, except Sun
days, local express for West" Pom;
and intermediate stations. Connects*
with stiige at. Lester .Manor for
Waikerton and Tapijalianriock. .
CW A. il . No. 74. local, mixed. i.-eavc3
dally, except Sunday;" for Weil'
Polr.t and Intermediate" atatlons.
cotuifctinif ivlin aUtjje at t^sCe.
ilanor t*T Walker*un and lappa
9:15 A. M. No. 15, daily, from West
Point, with connection from BalLi
moi'e. except Monday.
10:-lo A. M.. No. 9, daily, except Sundays
and Mondays.
4:00 P. M., daily, except Sundays, from
Wrs; i'uiuc uuu >niei-nit-iiid.tc sta
tions. .
Nos. 15 and 16 will make no stops be
tween Richmond and Quintcn.
Sieaniers sail from West. Pdiit 5:5n P. M
daily, except Sundays. Steamers call at
Gloucester Point and Claybank Mondays;
Wednesdays, and "Fridays, and Yorlnown
and Allmonds Tuesday, Thursdays, anJ
District P i^rfe.-..;t-.- .-njent,
J2J east Main str-et,
; Richmond, Va.
"*" Q«uej."al PassenjfT Agrnt.
fJeuera'-JTanager." Washington.. DC.
Schedale fj- Llffect May I^s, l'jil'i.
lUAiiVa LiiAVli iilCiliiOMJi—.Soii'iii
4:22 A. H. Dally, from BYRD-STRISET
STATION, lor v\ aaaui^ion and
buyuni'. Stopa at Viaurd. Fred
ericksburg.'ifam' '/Alexandria. Stops
Occcquau Sunflays. Slft-ying Cars
to -Washington and New Yoric
Dining Car. '. . . - ■
O::43 a X. l>tiiy. -Tom MAiN
BTREE'i 3.VATION. Flt.rl.ia antf
Metropolis,- Limned, lor Wiati
ln^ton'' a'to beyonfi. dtopa. at
Fre(iericksb jrg end AU-xar.dria.
Eu'ifet' SlccpinsTpars to New i'oriv.
7;0O A. ?.[. Except Sunday, from ELiJA
STATION, accorut-vic. tion tor Aati
l.ir.i! and inrc-m<'--iiat'! points.
M iiil a. M. Sim lav ot:iy. from ISTJTtD
BTRidET STA I'IO.V. io r Washt.i.-;
.on anil bcyonii. ■ Stops: at' Kiba
G*n Allen; and livrtl ?tat{or..i.
Ashla'ni/ to Cherry Hill Inclusive.
NfeSTley; Occoquan. and Aiexnndrfa
Kn!T''t 'urN^i Car. -„ '
S 5O A. M fixi.;-:>t Sunday. : from
Vtnsmutrton and bt-ynp.,).. . Stopa at
EJoa. G>cn Ai'en, and local sta
tions. Ashlar.d to.Accotink-: inc!u =
five. Seminary/ and . .Alexandria
Parlor cnr.
1^:1).^ Sa.,v. S-,ir:ftay. from T.TRD.
BTPRRT STATTON'. for V/nshir.-r
ion i.ml beyond. Stojva at Elba
Ashiar.fi. r>->«wrii. Mrfr.r.l. F"r*rt
erlf'Ksburs. nnd As«»xnn<lr!ai'-BufT»»t
Parlor Cai'. Connects-v with Con
ercsstlonal L!ir.!ted. ;
4:t>O P. M. Except Sunday, ■ frotr.
commodat! >n .. for Fredr-rlck"=}nir°
r.nrt ii: termer.. ate oints ; c
8:O5 P. M. Dally, tiom MAJN-STRFETr
STATION 'o- TTashinjton and
boyond. Stops at Dost/pJI Freil
crlck^bure. s^nd Alexandria' Q!eeD
mp 'jar to New Vovk.i . '
«:iap>i Dally, from ELBA ETA
. TION, for W.nFhinsrton anrl beyond
Stops at Anhland. FredericK-.=bi:rq
and Alcxandrln. Sleepinr Car to
Npw York. Dininc '"ar"
B:80 H. T,T. Except Siir.day. from ELBA.
STATION 1 . Accommorjat'on 'or
Ashland and intermpiilnrr. n'>lnta
»:OBP M. D.iily, from BTRD-ffTRP^T
. bTATICN. for Washington and'be
vond. 9»"P-s >it Elbn. • Ashfanrt.
Doswpli.. Mllford. Frpderi.'kabiirg
Brooke, Widewiter, Quantlco arrJi
Alexandria. Stops at othpr' sta
tions Sunday. . Slipping r f , r Pich
mond lo New Tnrk and Washing
ton ■ to Philadelphia . ■
11:15 P. M: F.xcept Sunday, from "ELBA
STATION. Accommodation for
Ashland and intPrm.-dtjitp Points
O:4O A. M. Except Sunday, at ELBA
STATION. Accommodation from
Ash'ar.d and •ntermediate points
8:25 A. M. Except Sundry, at Wpn
tlon from iV^dprlcksbure anil >£
termedlate points. ■ a in '
«:4O A. M. Daily. at BYP.D-STREET '
STATION Stops : at Al?x("d-j/
Occoquan. \S r ldew?i.ter. 'BroakV
Fredericks-burg. -Miifn-d Dosu-pM
Ashland, and J-JlbaO -Stops at o^hi
stations Sunday. Sleeping Car\'p»
York 'to Richmond. . Aew
12-01 P. M- Except Sunday. •at Rvnn
l/i - cTIKEKT STATION. ■. Sto»> s a t w:
cbl station*.. Waahinston to A J)T
land inc'.us,,vo. G !on AU Pn \no
F.lb:'. Parlor car. • - - * no
2 .02 P. M Dally, at^ EIIBAJ STATION
Stops at 'Alexandria? Lorton. Occo-*
.qunn: ■Fre-lerlckshur*. and \tilfonll
Sleeping Car from X ew rare
Pininsr Car. . . ? ant
2-O5 P. M. Daily, at .•IAI2r-STRK IK'T<1 K'T<
— "D" D . STATION. -_ f1t0M ...«-- Afexindr^
Treder:okßbur B .- Milforrt. nosw f :f,
%&, 11 - BJeepin « Car 3s^"
to.OO P lA-: Except.- Sunday.-; ai Kl,3v'
. r.TATION Accommodation 'rum
• Aflbißr.d and interm<Mliat^ 0,,:,,.,-
T:IS P. M- Daily. . at . BYRD-STRRpT
Freder'ctesburg.: DoaweU, "\»hl»i 3
aT ,d Ei na Sleepin X ria „ , f "m
New York «nd W»«hJi, E ton. d<?
Jnß Car. : .. ■ ' -.
8 :50 P *1. -Daily, at BYRD:STREET
STATION. Stops at Alexandria n-Hn -H
local rtatlons.Quaatlro to -AshlSnrt
polltan Llmltedi • Stopa ■ -at"'. a,t ■■
anfirla, FrederlcksburK. ., Dosw^fr
and Ashland. v Buffet Sleeping-Cars
: . ■ from :NVw^York. ? •-/C; i•■]■.-■i •■]■.-■ <>! • r
ll:«*o:p:.M.:TCxcept ; LOundj>y. at '•": KLBV
STATION. - AccommodaUohk.frdm
;: .. :;:" Ashlant.:"^:: <'.:.-■■•:"^^>- -:■.:■ -^-K-'--t':-J:k-^^.--- ■■
"W. ?P. 'TAYLOR. i Traffic Ma rikess'^
j : - m. t. xx imn|iF)Miuat^MM]
: ScbeilHl«Alii "Effect Sept. 2S, 1902.
Vraias* - lEAVB iiicinioxiv-Bi ku
. »:0O A. M., NOJtFOLK I^'ITKD, V£
\y. Arrlvftj Petersburg 0M *:„**'>
Norfolk 11:20 A., M. : St«W^only «
: Petersburg. Wavrly.- and ff SJJi.'«-0:05S JJi.'«
0:05 A. M Dally. Arrives- P« tenure
• 9:49 A. »U F.mporlavn:os .A;^*A"
Weidon 11:50 A. M:. . -;. -Faye tteyHW
•; I.:-- 4MI P. M.. Charleston „11.1^^:
■/;■[; M.. Savannah 3;W 'A^ aI --- /.Sa.m
"■■- Ponville 9:05 A. M.. Jampa* 10M
P. M.. Port Tampu 10:30 P- M.-Con
necus at VVlls-.n with No. 43.-arrlv^
Ing Goldsbofo'-3-15 P. M-vWlhTQin^,
ton 6 PM. Pullman Sleeper > e w
York to ' Jacksonville. _ ..__ hU rc
12:2O p.- M. . Uaily, arriving Petersburs
- 1:00 P. M: Conmcts with NorfoiK
and Western railway for. RoanoKe
• and Intermediate Points. -Stops ai
Drewrya Bluff. Centralla. .ana
8:OO P. e M. er bCBAN SHORE I*™*%?%'
Daily. Arrives Perer»burK 3 •*;_?,
M.. Norfolk S:2O P. M- Stops onlT
at PelersDurjf. Waverly. ana BU4
.'.; 4:So;k M. Dally, execp. -S^^.i^fn'
rlvea Petersburg s:ls ?."«.. ,^3?S, n
- Y7:35Y 7:35 P. M., and Rocky Mount 9.05 t'.
- ' M. Makes aii mtermsrtiatf b 3°^*
6:O« p. M. Daily. Arrives Pexersburg
'? P. M. Makes all stops. __
DIAN LIMITED. Daily. Arrtvt."
Petersburg S:O2 P. M. Co,""^.C 0 ,""^.! 5 !
vflth Norfolk and Western ior r^or
folk and Intermediate P°^**:i. J?t
pona 9:08 P. M. ( connects y» -n iv
lantic and: Danville ror slat -ons oe- #
t^ecn Emporia and r '/JPStI.
vHIeK Weldcn 9:C P. M- f %Va
vi11e.1:25 a. M.. Charleston »:17^a,
M.. Savannah 5:35 A. M-. J a(^ s ??~
vine. 1:15 P. M.. Tampa 10:00 P. -M-
Port Tampa 10:30 P. M. nr-na-
GIA POINTS —ArriV.njr ■^''• u T' 1 .' t
5:25 A. .2VL. Macon 11:35 A. M:-_ A ;;
lanta 1:00 P. M. Pul^^^LrK
New York to" Wilmington. Charles
ton, Port Tampa. Jacksonville au
gusta and Macon. Dining car «er
9:35 p. M. Daily. .Arriving Petersburfi.
10:15 P. M. Connects at Petersburg
- with Norfolk -and' 'Western rau
way, arriving Lynchburg -:4a a.
M.. Roanoke 4.45 A. M:? Bristol 10 .*0
A. M. Pullman Sleeper Rlcftmono
1 1 :8O p° M yn °Danyf ' Arrives Petcrabdf 2
- 12:10 A. M. ' ' ' ' .'
4:12 A.M. Dally From Jacksonville.
Savannih. Charleston. Atlanta
. Macon. AugusU, and »fl pointi
South. ' .
T35 A. M. Dail7. From Petersburg
Lynchlujrg. and the "VVVst.
. 8.48 A. M. Dally. except &-un(3a7
Petersburg- lccal. _
11:10 A. M. Dally, except Sunday. From
Rocky Mount and Intermediate sta
tions,' Norfolk. £-d Suffolk.
■11:10 A. M. Daily. From Petersburg.
Suffolk, and Norfolk.
IJ:4»A. M. Daily From Norfolk. Suf
folk, and Petersburg.
2:OO P. M. Daily. From Petersburg
Rotiioke, and intermediate rolnta.
O.SOP. m. Dally. From Norfolk, bux
folk, and Pt-te'rsburg.
7:4."5 P. M. D;ily. From Miami. Pen
Tampa. Jacksonville. Savanij -a.
Ohar^ston Wilmington. wcU's
boro', aii-J all points South.
. 8:56. P M. Daily. From Petersburg.
Lyncbburg. and V>?3t.
Traffic Manager.
Assistant Trafilc Manager.
V 7. J. CRAIG!
General PaF'scnger Agent.
C. ?. CAM"T-!RT>tj.
DltlpJoh • Pa.-«srne«"- ARpnt
in U W» prut M^»r. *tr»~i
Schedule In Effect Sept. 2S, 10ft 1 !.
rives Norfolk 11:20 A. M. St.-pj only
ct Petersburg, ■ Waverly, and Suf
folk. Stops •at ■ Wakefifld only to
. let off passer^era holding tickets
from Richmond jluu P' t> rsuui X
for LynchDurg, Ruanokc. Ooi-.:m
bus, and Chicago. Burtet lr '* rl °/
Car Petersburg to Ruanokp. Fmll
maa Sleeper Itoaiioke to co»um
bu.s; aiso, for BrJatol. Konivillp,
and Ch-Jtf.-nooKa. Pullman Sleeper
Roanoke 10 iCnuxville.
12:20 P. M.. -Roanoke Express. for
Farmviile. Lynchburg. Roanosa.
ana intermediate stations.
3:OO p. M.; Ocean Shore Limited. Ar
rivts IVortoik 5:3> P. M. Steps only
at ■ Petersburg, Waverlv. ■ and Suf
folk. Connects at Norfolk with
aitainers vo I'rovidence,
.N't iv York Baltimore, aiiil WasH
7:25 P. M., fo- Suffolk Norfolk, and in.
termciilate statlor.a. Arrives at
Norfolk at 10:W P. M
0:35 P. M., iui- Lynchburg and Roa
nr.kf. Connects' at . L-ynchb'tri w»th
Washington end Cn;itth.noog.i Lim
ited.- Pullman dletpers L~yn';hbarg
to .Memphis un<l New Orleaa*.
Cart-j Parlor, an-1 pbaervaUOn Ctr*
Racixord to Attula, Ahu Pullman
tileeper betwt-. i; ?!"hmpnd and
, Lyut.iiburg. Herifea rn.-.dy for uc
cu^ancy at fs::»-> P -«i Also, l'uli
ni.-.i: bieepsr Petersburg and Roa
noke. "
"riuiia arrive Richmond (r^..i« Lynrn-
Ooii z.nd tiiß West dnily at T:SO
A. M.. X:iM P. M. and S:."J<i P. M :
from Norfolk u.ncl tha Ka«t at
11. to A. M.. ll:-»- A., ii.. ami
tf.T»O P. M.
OEJce: sJo Mum street
City Passcngtr ■•ml Ti^kc-t Agent-
District Va<i6^iiii^c Agent-
General Ptutst-n^er Agent.
Hensral OfKce: Roaaoie. Va. f e 2S
&ti A8317E
October iii>, ll»U^.
le we itxcmiuxo.
7:45 A. M: Except Sunday, Newport
News Local. All stops.
0:OOA. M. Daily,' tor Old Point, New
port News, and Norfolk. Two
'hours and twenty-live minutes to
>*'irfolk. Stops Willlamsbui-g. New
port N.'ws, Hampton, and fhoebus
only. Parlor car Richmond to Oki
. ;Poh:t.
4:OOP. M. Daily,' except Sunday, "for
Old Point. Newport News. av<l
Norfolk. Two hours and tweiuy
- rive minutes to Norfolk. Stops Wil
liarnsburg. Newport News, and
Hampton only. Buffet Parlor Car.
GoTqonsville to Old Point. Con
nects at Old Point with Washing
ton, Baltimore, and Cape Gnarled
steamers; at Norfolk with Old Do
minion" steamers for New York.
5:0O P. M. Daily, for Newport News
and Old Point. On Sunday only
: connects for Norfolk. .Makes prin
•. cipal stop.s. '---■ .
1O:1O A. il. Local. Except Sunday, for
Clition Forge; connects for Oranc-e,
Culpeper, 'Calvertosv and Manassas.
S:OO P. M. Dally. Cincinnati and Louis
ville Express, iiuftet Parlor • Car.
to Gor'iorisville. Pullman Sleepers
Gordonsville to Cincinnati, .and
, Louisville. .Dining Car on at Gor
clonsvf.e. Connects for Virginia
Hot Springs. A local train rrom
Gordonsvilie to Staunton follows
for local stations; except Sunday..
5:13 P. M. Except Sunday. Accommoda
tion to Doswell.
7:00 p. M. "St. Louis and Chicago Spe
cial." Daily, with. Pullman cars., to
Huntington. and GordonsvlMe to
Cincinnati, Indianapolis. St. Louis.
and Chicago. Dining car on at
Gordcnsville." - »
1O:2O A. M. Daily, for Lyiichburg. Lex
ington, and Clifton Forge, except
; Sunday,' for Rosney," Alberene. a"<i
•New Castle. Parlor car. .."
5:15 p. M^.' Except Sunday, to BremoJ
From Norfolk, and Old Point, 10 :CJ
A. M.'. and tJ:3O P. M. daily; 11:45
A. • M. and 7:20 P.; M.. except Sun
"day. "■ " ■■'•:-
From Cincinnati and the West. 7: V 5
. A. M.. daily; and 3:30 P.M.. dally.
' Local. 8:30 A. M:, except PSiu.day.
and 7:10 P.M.. except Sunday.
. 6:35 P. M.DaUyrand S:4O A. M.. ex
• cept' Sunday. - ■ ■ : -
Apply at SO9 'east Itfain street. 903 east
Main "street, ; Murphy's Hotel.- Jefferson
Hotel;.- and: Main-Street Station for'fur
ther Information. crates, tickets. and-Puit
man -reservations. . ; , ' -
• : ■ : ; "■•■ :W.;O. WARTHFN.
• - > ■;..'■. District. Passenger "Agent;
.General Manager.' G«a. Pass. AgeaL -•
,oc l< . . *
Air Line Railway
" Short line to principal cUies <>: tft» g out v
ond Southwest. Florfda. Cuba. Texas, Cai
ifornla and Mexico.- reaching Xht capiuil
of alx States.
No. 27. Ko. 31. -"
2:15 PM. 10.37 F. M.—Lv. RlcrsmonO. •*
2:6rf P. M. '11:20 P. M.-Lv. Pel-raQu.-g.
• 7:27 P. M. 4:12 A. M.— Lv. Raleigh. *"
10:25 P. M. . 7:00 A. M.— Ar. Hamlst. {
10:35 P. M. • 7:20 A. M.—Lv. Hamlet.
7:50 A. M. Z^ P. Sl.— At. Atlanta.
2:00 A. M. 10:33 A. IL— Av. Columbia
(Eastern Tlreiv
I:CS A. M. -9:V) A. M.— Lv; Colum&liu
(Central Tlciii
4:55 A. M. Z-M ?. M.— Ar. Savannah
3:15 A. M. 7:00 ?• M.— Ar. Jacksonville
10:50 A. M. — Ar. SL Au?ustta».
5:45 P.M. 6:43 A. M.-Ar. Tampa.
10:32 P. M. 10:C8 A. M.— Ar. Cfcarlotta.
1:35 A. M. 10 22 A. M.-Lv. Ch^3t<r
3:« AM 12:35 P. il.— Lv. Greenwood.
6:13 A.M. 2:50 P. M^—Lv. Athens
7:50 A. M.: 3:55. P. M.- Ax." Atlanta.
5:40 P. M.— Ar. Augusta.
11:35 A. M. 7:20 P. M.— Ar. llacr-n.
8:25 P. M. 9:20 P. M.— Ay. .vlor.rsomerT
2:J5 A. M.-Ar. Mobil*.
7:55 A. M.— Ar. New Orieant.
6:55 P. M. 1:40 A. M.-Ar. Nashville.
H-JZH A. M 8:20 A. M.— Ar. Memphis.
Train No. 35. leaves Richmond 3:10 a. Jl
dally fcr Petersbur.j. Norllna. ii. C.. ao,{
all Intermediate polnta. Cor.nectlor at
Norlina with train nrrtvlriK HentJerjon
2:10 P. J*r. and Raletgn 3:50 P. M. daitj
and Durham 4 P. M. dally, except Sunday'
Trains leave Richmond for Washington
New- York, and the East daily— No. 34 at
5:45 A. M.. «nnd No (56 at 5:C5 P. M.
Connections at Jacksonville and Tamp%
for all Florida East Coast points and Cub»
nnd Porto R!co: at New Orleans for aii
points In Texas. Mexico nnd California:^
6:35 A. M . No. 34 I From all points Sout*
<:s:*. P. M.. Wo. 66 [ and Southwest.
5:45 P M-. No. 36, from Norlina. N. C
Petersburg and local points. *
NO3 31 and 31— Florida and Metropolitan
Lhp'ted Pullman DrawlnK-R"orn anil
Sleeplrg-Cara befveen K^- York and
Tampa. Vestlbuled Coaches between
New York and Richmond, and betwt»n
Richmond and Jacksonville. Pul!rn»a
Sleeplrigr-Car? i.daily) between Jackson
vllle-and Tampa. Also, through Draw.
Ine-Room Sleeptns-Car3 be' een >; e ,
York and Atlanta, and Cafe-Cara between
Hamlet and Atlanta ar.d Harr.l?: and
Nog 27 and 65— Seaboard Fast 2{-,m
Pullman L-rawinp-Rocm '.'utd Sleppin^l
Cars between New York and Jrcksonvs;: c
connecting at Hamlet with Sleeplns-Car
to and from Atlanta. In connection with
which through Pullman ticket are soli
Piillman Parlor-Cnra betwppn Jnc!«-on
ville and Tampa Finest Day Conchen
W. J MAT. City TlrlfPt Ae.nL
Z P Smith. Dlstrfft Pasa^nsror Ar»nt.
•Phone. 406 lOOrt E.tpJ sfr^-t
Every hour from 6 A. M. to 10 P. %i
Last- car 11:30 P. M.
30 Minutes After Every Ho::r from 5:30
A. M. to 10:30! P: M.
Friday and Sunday special vxcursfonai
ye. round frin Tr> c"=n% _\n<?'i«t Tth.
A2iD rKO/IDEKCZ, a. I.
Bteamera leave Norfolk Ccr Boat'",
and SUNDAY at a P. M.: ror ProvitTenca
DAY at O P. M..-, •/
AccommodatJoDJ ana culslnt; unsur-
Passengers and freight taken for all
Nc .v England points.
Tickets on sale at Chesapeake and Ohio
and Norfolk, ar.d Western railway otllc«»
and S*.'3 east Main street.
K. H.WRIGHT. Asreat
ap3o Norfolk. V*.
Sltii^i-^ Pocac6iiia.d leaves tvery .MOX
DAI, U'EXJ-NEoLrAA", und FKIbAI" at
7 A. M. for ;' Norfolk. Portsmouui, O.d
Point. Newport Ne*.vs. Cla!-2in.-T!t. ani
Jaiiies-river landinys. and connecting at
Old Poinc and Norfolk "or
iisiltimora, and the North.
Stntc-rooms reserved for the riijrht at
moderate -prices.
KUctrlc-cars direct to the wharf. Far*
only f1.50 and $1 to Norfolk. Music by
Grand Orchestrion.
Freight received for abivr-n.nm- ■! p!ac*H
and a~ll points in Eastern Vir-:'nia and
North Carolina. IRVIN WKISTttER,
Gener:«l Sfanager.
K. A. "Rarber. Jr.. Secretary. !a J
'fey Old Dominion
p^ Steamship Co.
icethSkb usi,
U^PilT 1 BSE
Tha Hew Sfeamors
i aye RA-hmbnd niffhtly at 7 o'clock foi
X-rfo'k Fare on» way, JJ.SO: rouncJ trip.
et'so "inciudlnt; stateroom accoramoua
non" Arriving at Norfolk at 6 A. M. iheri
tr-in^'errlr.i: to New rork steamer, dai.j.
!e«.vn daily, except Sua-
A.XA .X- d by Chesapeake and Or.io railway ac
W M. am! IP- -M.. or !• A. M. and i
t> \l'by Norfolk and *A .-stern railway.
both lines connectlns at Norfolk with di
rect steamers sailing same day.
vrPi^ht f or all northern, easrern. and
fo-el-n ports received anu AWan^
dally! except Sunday, at comranya
°on e s"ato at company's offlw. No
rn-> e-ist Main street: Richmond Tran»
ffr Company. No. >» east Mam Janwt
M^rphv's Hotel. Chesapeake and Ohio
a r "l P Ktchmor.d and Petersburg deco&k
Richtnoi-d: Baggage checked through t«
all points. jqhn R MAYEK . Ap , a t
1212 east Main street. R^hrnord.^3.
General Passeneer Agent
H. B. WALKER. Trafilc Msrr.. New YorS.
\pponted sailins «I*ijs every. TL-E*
received dally until 5 F. M.
For fxirth«r Information ■•>??!>' "' „•
Genera! Bouthorn^A^ng^O^.
l^nerai Agri^ts Phtmd*lphl3.
Via C. & O Railway and
Old Point.
Leave Richmond via Cnesapeake arrf
Ohio railway dally. « 3tc «HV-'UKn? 7 «Ui
4 p. M.. coanectmj »t Old Pulnt *«••
the superb oteamerji of the Ota Bay, "="•
leaving at ; T:is K.M-. arrmnjc tattUno'*
6-30 A* M.. in time to make «^»»^f
with; alt trains, North. East, and \\«*J-
Short rail ride and all n!cht on one -^
the finest; steamers In aoutneni. *^'v
Returning, -artlv© ;Rlolunond W a . ~

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