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■ i ______ r ' ■ - " I
fr (toji OH nnd "• * r'"?*" - vi »° Among: ]
st,>«V* That llt»c— Sngrnr Active- !
Tinn<l? Pull «n«I Kcatnrclcmi-I^ro- j
flr.rf nnrt O<»icr Market*. !
yj-^" TOKK, October 2S.— ln no partic- ]
• ,' did to-day's stock market Ciffor from j
»v of the preceding fortniglit. There
pa? the same all-around dullness and
-,:'. v. nmi the little business: transacted
#i.f . .'.:i!o?t whlilly profos^ional. Commis
>■ house? reported next to no. demand.
ijjjtr for the. long or Tjlo short account.
j. • seme of the western 'nouses bought
-,:.■!?!>'- Prices msnifestcd a further
[etc? to sag in tlie oarly day, but
, . .-. later, :m»l Cosed in many instances
( ; : Mcl: r level. Strrlir.g exchansre tos
f factor, advancing to 4.S6*i ns a result]
• • ;■ . strong demand lor London remit- |
. k r.--5. Most <">f ilic day's business was !
• a -« on this basis. Commercial bills were
I, c >?$ supply, but bankers having to
.~ by to-morrow's steamer.-;, absorbed
Ar.j ; thir«s Hko a detailed account of j
>•-;. dny's doings in the stock market j
r --:v- almost superfluoue. . Quotations at -1
i'ji; o|K-nin» were iractionnlly lower .md !
rttisout significance. The early : move- j
pests included En apparently active de- |
-■ tr. for Texas and Pncilic. ;>nd St. Louis
f San Francisco, and a moderate ad
r'ce In St. Paul and Sauit Ste Marie,
H-X- an initial loss of jnorc .than 1 pc-r
: --. in Louisville and Nashville. Later,
i. . list hai'Sencd and prices advanced
c . --. gouerally. but the mctt important
c 5s at this particular time were in the
ir'^isi class, v.hich '.inclnGcd American
i .-s or. Oil and Virginia-Carolina Cherh
;-1 stocks. Manipulation waj> shown in
t'-rl movement in International Pby?<.r,
opened with a T. point decline, and
i }' .i further loss later.
. ,c marKet held fairiy steady under its
;■ ■'.•.-. b'ir.o assisted ir. part by short cov
erir'fr, bat attempts io realize on the ad
i'r.ce, notably in St. Lctiis and San Fran
tin -■ wcie unsuccessful, those issues
closing lower than on the previous day.
.:Onc of the features of the afternoon;
, eh was othorwise quite dull, was the
EtuVity mi- sugar; It was extensively pur
-■i for Boston account, 'out the stock
• ,:■■'■ i at a net loss. .\ iow special mcve-
Ecntß out of the common . included •■>■ H
''- „• decline in the price of Keokuk aria
[V "xoir.es "preferred, on the sale of ice
r;..': es. and a drop of 5 points in Western
t';.'iric. More or less uniform strength
ras shown during tho <3::y by such stocks
,~ Joins: Pacinc. Mir.rieapoUs, St. Paul,
inj -=- j -ilt St° Marie common ar.u prc
h'rred, Baltimore anu Ohio. Missouri ra-
Cotton Oil. and Virginia Carolina
Chemical. Norfolk and Western, one of
". most active feature of the clay, re-
C cred the greater part of its:early loss;
tndUvCTvk features other than those air
rtadv named were New York. Chicago arm
:i Louis; Chicago Great Western pre
ferred., and Colorado. Fuel. Lor.do? was
-■1 a seller, thouah buying moderately
r- the early decline. The closing was
The bond market was dull and feature
jss. but generally steady. Total saics.
-■ value, Sl.-ilO. n-v:
Lnited Stales ainWhchansed os
l'i aS wS"' -ales to-day were SOP.IOO
"money and exchange.;-
Close: Money on steady at 3'a3V= per
■:,:.• closing "bid and aslced Z\^\ por
Berlins exchange firm, with actual <:»s
-- in bankers! hills, at AW.7b for • c
: - d nr>3 at -J. 53.50 for mxty-day bills,
;'.-';'.-,; rates, 4.84 and i.ST^; commercial
I < 4.e^.S7L«j.-4.iS-STS.
Bar s'ivcr «'0 s s; Mexican dollars. ■,;>;■
Government bonds steady; State bonds
inactive: railroad bonds steady.
London presented rather a sagging '.one
(or Americans yesterday. Declines from
' The Important linancial interests show
co disposition of roturning to the mar
ket at present, and the market is hkei?
to continue dull, without feature.
It i? expected western roads will gen
erally concede advance in wages.
Reported that American Cotton On
Cividend will be o per cent. No proba-
Ifty of advance in Lou.svillc diyideno
from present rate. The Gates parties say
i-:r.t Colorado. Fuel and Iron election
wpj j.lace them in control.
It is believed opposition to present man
agement in Hocking Coal and Iron have
fcold out.
Revived rumors? of Lead merger.
Reported issue of $10,000,000 St. Paul new
rt'-:-k tii.ubteii. ,
Foifign houses principal borrowers ot
Etocks in loan crowd against sales to ar
' ■Aalderf-AEtoria bear pool principal sell
e's of Southern Pacific
.';•;!! peints aro out on Manhattnn.
Missouri Pacific is sairMo have a .large
t ort :nt--rcsr and should go higher. ■■
Union Pacific. Atchison, and Eric's
tbowlfl be bought on scale down. It is
fJid Philadelphia houses with good infor
ii'STton say Norfolk and Western will ad
vance the "common stock dividend to 3 per
ii&lievetl Norfolk and: "Western will
eventually sell as high ss Omaha.
Firet NationaFßahk buying of Cotton
Oil is raid to indicate a 4 per rent, divi
&K4 lepular and 1 per cent- extra.
If' Jcoks ns if Butler. Brothers were
rtafiing l.uj! manipulation in their fay-
Tjres (-cj:aE Pacific and Missouri Pa-
Erie E-?i«<?mber earnings net 51,053.300.
C«r€as(>. a<9.o»: net decrease lor quarter
Colorado and Southern . third week of
October increased Jl2.SOi.
Good advices indicate the market must
«>an isily There are too mar.y bears
».Ro a l%* short interest exists; it is eaid
Td'ier> are sliort of- almost every activ«
''•ock on the Jist. The money situation
'* working itself out splendidly, and it
.Ksrns now the only disquieting factor is
the Section of congressJonal representa
Operations in the market for unlisted
f?curitk-s wen; again restricted, yarticu
la ''V in the rt'gularly;. active stocks.
Prints rnovca irregularly, with changes
E « « rule more decided than they liavc
t'wij recently,. i „„„
On a selling movement embracing ".°vO
f br..- 8 Muck lHiand common, reacted l.<-»
J) "'iib; under y«isterday'p closing. The
•"*!<> were made at l>~> l-'2<L'vl 3-4. tlie latter
'*S!-S thf; lowcfit figure Jn someume. The:
WeTerred sold at 87 and the bonds at S6 3-4
Iransactions of more or less interest
y tr« Virginia. Coal and Cok*;. at 35 1-2.;
*- not decline of. 1-2 point, the •.'certificates
*t 75. " . ' ■■' ' .'. ■.'.'■■' ""-7 ,-• '"■■ : . .; ■.:.
Aboard Air-Linp sssuee sndrAini:r!can ;
> 4 « -ft-ere dull, practically nothinGT. done.
Don't be like the man- in Ca
Who looked in the windowall
'Tvvaa a matier ol pride for
him not to decide
Till twenty-four hours had
passed 'way.
Consequently he missed all the
good things.
Moral— Come in.
There was some selling 1 of- lens corn
through' commission houses and by local
flour bulls. The market was very dull..
Export clearances wheat and flour yes
terday. 412,000 busncls, against 476,000 last
year. Primary receipts, 1.G50.000, against
i.200,<V)0 last year.
Liverpool, close: corn, unchanged: wheat
1-S hiyhcr.
Government reports a little .-etter than
usual,,; but about what was expected.
Gonzalcs special says: Out of twenty
five gins in the eastern half of the coun
try. o::ly two were at work and some
are closed down fcr the season.
Private reports from Memphis, of im
proved crop outlook.
Columbus, tMiss.-: Nothing short of
freeze xvlil hurl crop.
St. Maurice. Ln.: Ctyisiderabie damage
Nov.- Orleans. i>a. : Continued summer
temperature rising", crop ideas and under
mining bull confidence.
Mun:i says: "Liverpool cables some
what disappointing; iiptv,ithf lauding: good
expert business and receipts daily falling
behind lest year's prices seem hard to
move out of rut. until climatic conditions
change materially throughout cotton belt,
v;o. look for narrow market."
; 'Ju.lius; Kurige. sof Toxss. says cannot
make over 3.-50.000 bale.-- in the St.-tio under
any circumstances. Only looks for 3,000,
oy> bnl^s.
BALTIMORE. MD., October IS.—(Spe
cial.)— Baltimore market was again very
dull to-day and operations practically at
y<i»terday*s elope.
On<? h*in;ired sharps Seaboard Air-Lino
common*,. sold a; -'J 5-5. closing at 20^ 1-2
fj?29 •"-!. Th'i preft'rroO cic?cd 47 5-S bid,
:io treiisactions. Tl:e 4 per cent, bonds
closed SJ 7-S5/S5. and "the ten-year o's at
IO:*, 1-J.
Smnll salcr. of AtipnJic Coast-Line com;
mo:.nt leS S-4.
Coast Lino of Connecticut sold at 347 1-2.
quotations furnished by Thomas Branch
& Co:, Bankers and isronrers,
Merhberis New York Stock and Cotton
American Snuff, com -. ■•-. 127 ,
Anit-Tican auun', prei W5
.•uiitncau t-a«, tiun ••-• H" J A %
.iiiiuncun.v.aii, prtt 4S. < 4y__
Aiiiencan Cotton uu. com., oo'.i bi'vi
Svjimiicun irt>co.; common i.no
fcaicb.i »
Aihcn'can Loco., pref !*5 "4_
American Sugar l--?i i-iri
Anitncan tsiuciters Co -s'jVs ■**'%
Amaisamateti voijpvr -- bi?B 6i :^
AJiacuiiau. Mining Co. (no
»iu«Bj •:•; I*
Atcnitori; <;omnion oibii «<T3
Atctii£on; preferred 1W '.'^
riauiinorc and Ohio iv«?i lo.^s
Brooklyn Kapid Transit 'j-'Vs, &-%
Canada Southern (no sales) 54^
cneSHpeaAw and unio — :...-50. pOva
Chi. and Great Western in?* -^"4
Chi.. Mil. ar.u St. Pau) l^s l**p>
Chi., K. Isiand and Pacilic... lytr* !&>■£
C, C r . C. and St. L. Cno
irales.'cioseu;': •••• *■>'.',
Colorado- Kuei and Iron 9^2
colo. and Southern; com «>•;.*
<;oio. and Southern. Ist pre C.. 7:^4 <3«
CoiO. and SqutiVcrn; 2d pref.. 4t;_; 4v>i
Consolidated Gas - -I'Vj -l^
Con. »Tob., 4 p. c 66* i, Vrfi
Con. Tob.. pref. (no sale?) „**
Delaware and Hudson. 171 153
Del.. Laci;. and Western (no •
sales; closed) •-; -^
Erie, common ■-•• «3?s ££*
Eric, Ist preferred '. 6s «''*
General Electric ....: 1^ / I*2^,
Illinois Central 14. U lj<%
K. and M. (no sales, closc-d). .... -«j
Louisviile and Nashville lof. 1.-'jV=
Manhattan ; Elevated 134 _ 13«,
Metropolitan .......... 135.5s 13? M
Mexican Central gff £>j
Mex. Central. Ist incomes.. 27% ~./ s
Missouri Pacific : lOaU 110 ;
Mo., Kan. and Texas, pref.. 60 - 60's
New York Central I*>U 1™
N. V.. Ont. and Western.... o2:i
Norfolk and .Western <4** £%
Nor. and W.. pref. (closed).. _. ; .. ■%
North American C 0.... l--:- ."
raciflc Man •- «_ 4W f
Pennsylvania ....: 1«« \*sh
People's Gas • lWi 10o^
Republic Stvcl, c0m.......... -i . -
Republic Steel. ,prct ja.s f
Reading. Ist pref... §£4
Iteading. 2d pref. i|te !*•»
San Francisco -. ■••• gfi '^:
St. L. Southwestern, pref... 6s^ bM<
Southern Pacific «)■» £$
Seaboard Air-Line, c0m...... fJ" 2JU
Seaboard Air-Line, prei...... 4<* *<£
Southern Railway ............ 00-* ?**
Southern Railway, pref...... 93'. s
?^Se ( ?!oaVaKd"ifon::::. 6 || 6 &
Texas and Pacirtc 44^ _45Vj
L-nion Pacific, com.. .....103^ 1W:,
Union PaciHc, pref..... 91% 91^
United States Leatner, com.. 14- 14
Unitvd States Steel, coin. . . - . 40 f_
United States Steel, pref..... SS|;
Va.-Car. Chem.. c0m......... 6<h «"^
Va.-Car. Chem.. pref. (no __
sales) •■ a'c\l- dsi'
Wabash. preferred ............ 48fe 4S' H
• Western Union Telegraph... 91? s 91.
.•Bid. ' '< :•_-■ .
United States refunding 2'a.reg...... 110
United States refunding^s coupon.. 110
United States S's, registered. 3UJ
United States 3'p. c0up0n...... ........ Wb.4
U ted -SUi.ti.-B- new 4's. registered....!^
United States new AS, coupon.. .... 137Vs
United States old 4's. -registered.... 111,
United States old 4's c0up0n........ Ill ■ ;
United Stales 5-s. registered.
Unittd States s's. c0up0n.............. lto^
"Atchison. general 4's •"•'• l £:
Atchison, adjustment 4s ..............
Baltimore and Oh o 4 5■......s ■ .. . .... • •- • ••• •• • "1 .
Baltlmore-and Oho 3Vis .. ; ••••• -.■*<»
Baltimore and Ohioconv. 4 fa..... ...... 109
Canada Southern 2's; .......v/.......... 10^.
Central of Goor&ia : s's .................. 109, »
Central of Georgia. Ist inc0he5........ 50^-
Consolidated Tobacco 4's ..... .. .. ... . . - .
Chesapeake and ; O2iioJ^ a ............ : IM*
Chicago and rAltonSUs— ...;.. — .—
Chi Bur- and Quinoy ;ne\v 4 5. ....... ,J2
Chicago, M: and: St.Paulsen^^e.... 113^
Chi and : Northwestern' con.- <s.-.-v^|?
;^ S c"c.^ndSt .Louis general* 4>v .im
f ChicaffO:Termina! 4's
Central of .Georgia. 2d incomes:::.:. 40U
Colorado and Southern 45. ; , . . . . :. . . ; . 92%
Denver and-- Rio: Grande 4's ..;•..•.-. ./. 101 r
Er o prior lien ■ 4' s ■. .... ... . . . '.. . . . . .: . . . 97^
Eric peneral 4'n>..:.. ;..;;.:.-....;..... *&%
Fort AVorth and; Denver City .15t...: ''114%
H0ckin5,Va11ey.4«A5;...... ............. m-s^
Louisville:- and Nash: Unified 45.:.:.:,101V 4
Mexican; Central. 4'H..;....:.:..:.;. ...... so
Mexican* Central; Ist inc0me5......... 2~s
Minn.? and .St. Louis 45.. . . . ... . . ... . : . 103?fe
Missouri, Kansas and Texas 45:..... 09Vi
Missouri, Kansas sand5 and Texa3 : 2'?;...:. S3
Mobile and Ohio co!.. trust 4 V (bid).. f'SVi
New : Tor lr Central 15t5.... ....... .....102
acw -York Central general 3'^'s.... 107
New Jersey Central gen. 55.......... 13i"»'4
Northern, Pacific 45............. ....:. 103V5
Northern PacificWs ..... ...... : . . . . . 74U
Norfolk and Western con. '4's. 1 ..- .101
Reading general 4's .:.... ... .:..... 97%
St. Louis ..and Iron Moun. con. s's::v. 'll4»i
St. Louis and San Francisco 45...... 100 ,
St ; Louis Southwestern lsts (a.).;.... 100
St Louis Southwestern 21s-fa.Y........'2 I s-fa.Y........' SS
San' Antonio and Aransas Pass 4's.. S7
Southern Pacific 4's ................... 94
Southern Railway s's .....:............ 11SU
Texas and Pacific lsls .'.". ............. 120
Toledo, St. L, and: Western 4's.. SOV>
Union Pacinc 4's IOIV2
Union Pacific con y. Vs. lOS I^
Wabash lsts .....:................ 120
Wabash 2ds "103
Wabash Debenture B. .' SO 1 /
West • Shore. 4's 113
Wheeling and Lake Erie 4's ' X
Wisconsin Central A 5. .." . . : . . . . . .." ..... 02
Scaboar<r Air-LSne Securities.
BALTIMORE. October 2S.— Seaboard
Air-Line, common. 2^-Afi^i; Seaboard
Air-Line, .preferred. 47=5 : bid; -Seaboard
Air-Line bonnsr; 4's, Si;-s^So.
Richmonri. Va:. October 2?, 15C>2.
B«<1. Asked.
North Carolina '4's. .C-.-.'..i!)10 101
Virginia D's (ncw>, C. -«fc JI.IWI ... 97^
Va. Centuries. 2-3. C. & -R. 1891. &S?i <
Richmond city 4's. R..1P20-1030 lOG^i 107%
Georgia Pacific Ist 'Vs. C. 1022 124 .
Nor. and Western Ry. Ic. .1300 100
Petersb'g Class B fi's. R: C.192R 126 I
Rich, and Meek. Ist 4'c.:..ir>4S ... P2
Scab. Air-Line con. Ist 45..10."0 S4?i Ss' ; £
Western N. C. Ist G's. C-.1014 US
North Carolina ICO 171
R., F. and P., div. obli. 100 220 232
Scab. Air-Lino, pref W> 47% 4SVi
Seaboard A,ir-Line. c0m.. ...100 -:D-}4 ?.O
American' National .....100 I?.S
City Bank 25 33
First National .;........, .... 100 205
Merchants' National 100 ?.0O
Metropolitan Bank of Va.... 25 27
National Bank of Virginia. loo 127
Planters' National ...100 330
Rich Trust and S. D. C 0..100 K,i I«i3
State Bank of Virginia 100 100
Southern Trust Co .......100 115
Union Bank of Richmond.. 50 165
Virginia Fire and Marine.... 2o P,5
Virginia State.- '• 25 -G
American Loco., pref- 100 0?, Sl%
American Loco., com mo ?.O
Va.-Car. Chem., pref., Sp. c.IOO 128^ 12fl
Va.-Car. Chem.. c0m.. ......100 W% t'S
4 Virginia-Carolina Chemical, preferred,
at 129. .
LOW Richmond city 4's at 107: -.1,000 Rich
mond and Mecklenburg Ist 4's at SO; C>
■\merican Locomotive, preferred, at 94'^:
10 Virginia-Carolina Chemical, preferred,
at 125%. ' - ■
! (Quotations furnished by Richmond Grain
' and Cotton Exrhanjre.)
' Richmond. Va.. October 25,. 100-
! Wllh-AT.
Lbngoerry 7S @. 79
Mixed J8 &■ A
I Short^crrv <S @ /3
I No 2 isd* " 9 -
Virginia, bag lots 70 @ 7S
j . ~ CORN.
White. Virginia bag 10t5... OS @ 63
No. 2 white CS .
No.; o white 67% V
No. 2 mixed : : 67%
No. 3 -mixed ;-c_:66%
\\hite, Va. bag lets (new).. GO @ Go
No. "- mixed 33V£
No. 3 mixed 3-3
Winter seed ................ d"J @ 60
Rye • 55 (3 SS
CHICAGO. October 2S.— A continuation
of good cash and export demand, to
gether with buying by Hie Northwest,
gave strength to wheat to-day, and the
close was firm. December closing l»c.
higher; December ' corn closed 3 ,£ c. lovrer.
and oats v.-ere lifjiYxc. lower. January
provisions closed from a shade lower- to
dc. higher. ■ . _ :
Opening-. Highest. Lowest. Closing.
Wheat— No. 2—
Oct (1^
Dec. ...12%®K'x~.i 73-; i '- s .'s "3U
May :.."4V t rtr%, Jo T4!4£>4 W&T?
Corn— No. 9 — '
Oct 56 1,2l ,2 S7 56^2 57
Dec bIYi r a^. a\Hfi% 50%. 57 (g^i
May 43 ! , i 13-& 43%;
Dec"' S Cn*ew)3l 3U,4 ' 30?4 * SOTS
May S2ife 32U 32 (§•% 32»5,
Mess PorK— per bbl.—
Oct. .....?16.40 SIC 40 516.40 516.40
Jan ....-$15.55 $15.70 515.55 515.G5
May ..... $14.75 §14.87^;- $14.75 514.55
l.ard— p«'r UK) lbs.— .:
Oct. .... .511.50 511.50: $11.40; $11.40
Nov. 1.1. $10.80 $10.52»2 SIO.SO 510.52&
Dec -1.1.S 9.9-3 SIO.OO ■ ? 9.57H § 9.95
Jan.* 11111? 9.2716- ;S 9.40 S 9.271; S lU2V&
May 5 8.50 $ 5.65 $ 5.50 ? 8.60
Short Ribs— per It 1 :! lbs.—
Oct. .....512.25 $12.55 312.25 $12.25
Jan . S 8.25 S S.S.i S 5.25 S S.io
May "..."..$ 7.77 Vi 5 7.S2'A S 7.77Vs 5 7. 50
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour firm. No. 2 spring wheat, • 73Vic.; I
No. 3, [email protected]"2c: No. 2 red. 71VsS71;4c. No.
2 corn sfc.; No. 2 yellow. oH^c. No. 2
oats "29c; No. 3 whiiV. 2S ; [email protected]'/iC. No. 2
rye 49 l ac Good feeding ■ barley, 3Stf4]c:
fkir to choice malting, 4lSs.sc. No. 1 flax
seed SI 22; No. 1 Northwestern, $1.24.
Prinie timothy seed, ?4.00. Mess porK, per
barrel $]G.6!Mi?l6.7<>: lard, per 100 pounaf . >
Jll 40'g511.42 1 .-'.r short ribs sides (loose),;
SU.SOtjH2.OO; dry-salfe.-i shouklers (boxed),
Slot«ra'slo.2s:. short clear sides (boxed),
?11.75g'512.00. Whiskey, basis of high j
wines, 51-^2. Clover, contract grade, $10./5.
On the. Produce Exchange to-day, the
butter market was ensy: creameries. ICh
@24'icf; dairies. Ic^lc. Cheese, steady at
lO^Sjll^c- Eggs steady, loss oft, cases
returned, 22c. •
NEW YORK, October-2S.—Flour—Mar
ket tlrrner and fairly active.
Rye Flour— Quiet. ,
Buckwheat Flour— Qui'tit.
Cornmeal— Steady. f- ■
Bye— Firm; No. 2 western. o9c.
Barley— Firm. . -' •■ '•
Wheat— Spot, linn; No. 2 red, <S5 B e. xn
face of bearish homo statistics, including
big inferior receipts, wheat acted yerv
firm to-day, advancing to high point, ot
the season on bullish Australian .crop
news, light offerings, and scare of shorts.
The' close was %(&'"£c.' net higher. May
closed 7STsC, December closecV ."a%c.
Corn-Spot steady: No. 2,. 66?ic. Option
market opened lower and was gen'c-raliy
•weak under fine crop news and disap
pointing' cables until rallied in.-the lata
afternoon by wheat. It closed dull and
about steady, at aViSVic. ■ "et advance.
January closed SITbC May closed 4S^c.
October closed 6G?ic -December, closed
steady: No. 2;, oats, '•331^.
Option market was fairly, steady all day,
with . a fair, trade. December, [email protected]%c. ;
closed,' 35% C • '
' Beef— Quiet. . "
• Cut-Meats— Irregular; ploklv-d bellies,
; 125i(5137ic; ;; pickled hams. [email protected] .^._
Lard— Firm ; western steamed, . Ill.iO;
, October closed $11.70 , nominal ; ' refined
;flrm. , '"■ " * ■' " .-■; ~- , :
Pork— firm. . ■ -■■„ -„ -. ■ '; ;
Tallow— Easy. : . -„ . : . ,V .
, Rosin— Firm: ': . ■ , t _
Turpentine— Easy at 031,-jiia4c.
: Rice— Firm. . _.-.'"-•
I: Cortee-^-Spot Rio •auiet;-N0.i7,; invoice,
5%c; : mild steady: -.Cordova. :.,., [email protected]
Coffee futures opened quiet.- with quota
tions unchanged .to s\points lower,;" and
later ruled.- flat 'and , featureless/: thera be T
ing neither: offerings or.; demand^of-suffi
cient volumeUo'alter quotations a/ter, the
start: - Sales tvere 5.500 *; bags. ; with :-- : the
final tone quiet- and. prices; net unchansed
to .s'Jpointsvlower.iv%-V.'-..-v' : -.. ■,-. •:-:.-.;■ V^-'iA^
I ; ; gu»ar— -Raw V; firing and ;■; stea dy : s. fair ■ tre
"ftnln'gfiSlrlSc: centrlfusal,\CsrciesT« test,
Thomas Branch & Co.,
(Established 1S38), .
Iny^fnieni .ISSBunfies
Eutfer— Steady: extra creamery, 25c;
Stale U3iry,-16-'i24c
Cheese— ifirm: new State full cream,
smaii . colored fancy, old, 12tic. ; .new,
ir-ic; small: whire.. old. UU s e: new,. 12V-.C.
i;ggj;— Steady; State and Pennsylvania,
'average best, 24"ai5c. . : '.
Potatoes— Steady; Jersey. 51.i38-51.5Q;
State and •v.-fsterh, per IM> pounds. :ii.'io'&
52.W: --L.or.sr Island. South Jer
sey sweets. ?2.'-)o'''?2.w.: . .-..:.:.
Peanuts— QuietT fancy hand-picked.
514 c/: other domestic. 3?iif sc. ' .
Cabbacres— Dull: -•'•Long Island. per.:loo,
?I.si;jv?2.ijO. ' •
Cotton— By. steam to Liverpool. 12c.- ■'■■
BALTIMORE.. MD.. October 2!s— Flour-
Quiet and unchanged. -.
V/heat— Firmer; spot and October, [email protected]
ioc. : southern, by sample. G^g-TSc.
Corn— Easy; new or old November, oic;
southern white corn. old. Goff'JSc. '
Oats— Finn; No. 2 wnit'e. S'jaoGVjc. ■: ■
Kyc— Firm; No. 2, ofic.
Butter— Firm and unchanged.
Cheese— Firm and unchanged. . '.
Esrgs— Firm and unchansred.
Sugar— Firm and unchanged. . '.
BALTIMORE, 'October 27.— Hogs^Tlie
week's receipts, computing- to noon- to
day, were. , S 353. head, against 9.421". head
last week. Receipts light. iMarket steady.
AYe quote: Westerns. 57.50; from other
points,: [email protected]>7.35; rougns,
Sheep and Lambs— Receipts for week |
ended noon to-day, 5.423 Tieatf, including 1
— - head for expert, a gainst .10.761 head,
including head for export, last week.
Receipts for to-day light, ilarket dull
and lower. We Quote as follows: Sheep,
1 to 3i£c; stock sh»cp, 75c. "to ?3 per
head. "."' Lambs. 3^@sl4c. '
Horses and Mules— Draft horses. $60". to
S200: drivers. SSO to $-00: southern chunks,
150 to ?96: mules from SIOO to ?200 a head.
Calves— Receipts for week ended to-day,
3fG head, against 533 head last week. Fair
supply and -market steady. "We quote:
Common. to prime, CV&S-^ic. ...
CHICAGO, October 2S.— Cattle— Receipts.
S,'ooo head, including £00 head Texans. 3,000
head westerns: market steady.^ good io
prime steers nominal, $7(fiSS.4O:" poor to
medium. ?3.755t5'3.75; stockers and feeders.
$2.25((?54.53: cows. [email protected]: heifers. [email protected]?s;
canner?.-sl.-10e?2.o0; bulls. [email protected]: calves,
[email protected]'57.35; Texas-fed steers, [email protected]}.4O;
western steers, [email protected] '
Plogs— r cceipts to-da;--. 26.000 head; to
morrow. 30.000 head; left over. 4,500 head;
market 5 to 10c. " lower than Monday's'
close; mixed and butchers. [email protected];
good to choice heavy, S!i.'}j(«so.Ts; rough,
heavy, 56.15(ff55.45; light, .?U."OS-?0.55: bulk
of sales, 5«.35(5S | '..u5.
Sheep— Receipts, 30,Wf> head; sheep and
lambs strong; ' good to choice wethers,
[email protected]; fair to choice mixed. [email protected]
?3.50;;.- native lambs, $a.50-t/'?5.50.
EAST LIBERTY, PA.. October 2S.—Cat
tlo — Steady; choice. 5C,[email protected]?7; prime, [email protected]
JG.fiO; good. [email protected]
. .Hogs— Slow: prime heavies. ?6.505i.56.93; |
mediums. 5G.75; heavy Yoncers, S6.6o(JiSfi.6s; j
light Yorkers, ?G.35g?0.C0; pigs, [email protected]?0.55;
roughs, Zxtfr Su.SU.
Sheep— Slow: best v.-ethers. 53.50(?{-$3.75 ;
culls and common, $I.3ol' ?*J; choice, lambs,
A'eal Calves— s7.so©??.
NETV YORK, October 2S.— Beeves— Re- '
ceipts, 77 head; dressed beef steady; city '
dressed native .sides, S''yl2c. per pound;
Texas, [email protected]~VaC^ 'Cables^quoted American
steers at 11V14114c.. riro?.-<f<.-: weight; refrig
erator beef at ll?»ll^c. per pound: ex- ;
portr. to-day, beef, 'estimated. 730 head
beeves, 1,372:-head sheep, 2,'J10 quarters of
Calves— Receipts, 123 head: veals sold at
[email protected] per 100 pounds; a. bunch of grass
ers at 53.75.
Sheep and Lambs— Receipts, 4.191 head;
both sheep and lambs steady, but very
dull; sheep sold at - W.Ty^i.GO per 100
pounds; a few selected at ?i; lambs
S4.C2 1 / [email protected]?5.25; dressed : : mutton, o\~ r it 7c: per.
pound; dressed lambs, [email protected]?f.
Hogs— Receipts, 1,.>57 head.
EAST BUFFALO. N. T., October 2S.—
Cattle— Receipts, 300 head: market ciuiet;
asking steady prices: veals steady: tops,
$8.25^88.50; common to "good. Js.soltsS.
Hogs— Receipts, 5.5 M head; market fair
ly active; shade lower: .ieavy, 50. [email protected] 57.05;
one load fancy. ?7.12 1 «: mixed. [email protected];
"i'orkers. [email protected]; light. Yorkers. Stj.oOtft
10.55; pigs, §0.50;' roughs, 5'5.25'a.?<i.50; stag 3,
V°Sheep'fand Lambs— Receipts, 5.600_ head;
market steady; culls to good, 33.7r>5?54.b0;
yearlings: $5.75554; ewes, [email protected]; sheep,
top mixed, [email protected]; culls to good, §[email protected]
$3.25. / '
CINCINNATI, 0., October 2S.— Hogs-
Active at ?1.65<556-SO.
Sheep— Steady at $1.50?? : 53._35.
Lambs— Dull at $3.50(g56.25.
LIVERPOOL, October 28-74 P. M.—
Cotton— Spot; moderate business done;
prices barely steady; American miadling,
4 70-32 d. The sales of the day were 7.000 i
bales" of which 500 bales were for specu
lation and export, and included O.'JOO bales
American. Receipts. IJi.COO -bales, includ- i
ing 7,50ij bales American. Futures open- ;
end barely steady and closed .quiet;
American middling, good-ordinary clause. ;
October 4 55-100 d.. buyers; October .and
November, 4 49-10 Cd:. buyers'; November
and December. 4 45-100 d., buyers; Decem
ber and January. 4 '43-lOOd.. buyers; Janu- ;
ary and February, 4 -IS-lOOd.. sellers; Feb
ruary and March, 4 43-100 d., sellers: March
and "April. ■ 4 43-100 d.- sellers: April and
May, 4 43-lOOd., sellers -./May and June,
4 43-100(2., sellers.' _ .. , ..:...,
NEW YORK, October 2S.— Cotton— Dull;
middling, rsS.7or net receipts. 210 bales;
gross receipts, S.SI3 bales; sales, 429 bales;
stock, 51,133 bales. ..
Totals to-day, at all seaports: Net^re
ceipts. 55.492 bales;. Exports— To Great Bri
tain, 15.836 bales: to the Continent, 14.409,
bales; stock, 613,113 bales..
Consolidated, at all «c;iports: Net re
ceipts ■:' ltvs,Slo bales: Exports— To Great
Britain 55.73S bales: to France, 21,760 bales;
to the Continent, 65.504 bales. .
Totals sinco September, at all seaports:
Net receipts, 2,109.051 bales; Exports— To
Gi-eat Britain, 554,751 bales: to France:
152,068 bales; to the 'Continent, C75,-;iu
bales. - j j
Cotton futures closed barely, steady ana
opened quief. Closing. Opening
OCto'uiir ........ S- 3< . \\ A-lA -l
November ........ ...... S.3"> j.«
December ......... S-43 ,■ S-aj , ,
January .." S.po S.t>l
_ ; February ........ 5..« "^
March,. v 5.31;; S-38 „
April ............ ........ -8.02.. -^
May >* J ■.-..■'.:
June ••••• Hz-- i'-li
July S3: 535 ;
. ii^u^ust ...;..,... .o. ll* . . t
Spot°closed"dull: middling uplands, SS.7O:
middling: Gulf, SS.SS; 5a1e5.,429 bales. ■- .-
The cotton market opened quiet, with,
prices unchanged .^o 2 points- lower. ,and
for the 'balance of the session was dis
posed to -further ease off. in the absence
of public support and bulling by the Avail,
Street pool elemeat: The room was bear
ishlv inclined; owing to the failure .01
frost predictions: to materialize.' and. alsjo,
to estimates by local statisticians foivan
'increased- movement: of hthe.crop in ; the
•immediate future. The weekly crop wea
ther report from .Washington was summed
up ? s favorable :: for Jate cotton.- and, in
dicative, of a small crop. The Liverpool
c? ble=; were slightly disappointing. >. and
the foreign- .market; orcers,. as a; rule,
'^nt to. 'the^hort:side:of. the, account;
The spot market news -rrom-.tne. South
was about ;as expected. Tne -market ior
futures was finally barely^; steady ; t wth
nrices net 4 to 9 points^ lower. Total sales
werc^>stimated.ktl2s.Coo: bales.-most of
.which was January. , March, and May con -
tracts. - , - " : '
NEW ORLEANS, LA.. October 2S.—Cot
•ton-;futures, steady. .-:- .. ; : :- r^ •;„ .;■:-. ■';•••.
Ootober ; . : .-.^'... .•:-;---;^^-^ ,-;> :
.. - : November .::;.. "• '. ■% Vi • •■; »-g||-^ |k ; ,;,.
• . -. December :>: > : . :i. y/ • r • ;. : YMtf, - '
-January. .....-:• -••>-, -- - • |-i| f s:s'|-; - : .
- : May ......:-. [email protected]^:^
The f spot r cotton i market;" is:- fairly s easy,
for. all grades."; Quotations vl-lficir lower .-;
The -^general, tendency^ or "prices £inf,tne
market f 0r ... contracts ■ was toward: a some
what' lower level." r-The^fallureV of ; cold
weather '.to. 'materialize i:in;. the.--;belt-!last
night*, proved:: a disappointment^ to^ the
bulls, -who jin consequence Jfailed,;to -sup
port price?- at the 7 opening, : and ;to still
further add :to their, discomrort. the - last
weekly, crop ■ condition report .came ; iu,
showing-fa-: general improvement in~; the
late^crop.- '/^y<'-Jp-i '■• %':^2':- ' '"^ ■''■"' ".■'■'■■'.^"^ '-'
I SAVANNAH,. GA.,» October; 2S.— Turpen-.
tino— Firm at 49c. : receipts.;: 1:434 casks ;
sales. 4"0- casks ;-cxportP,: 851 casks. ; : ' .j
Rosin— Firm:' 'receipts. 3,055 barrels:
safes ■ 1 923- barrels: exports.- 'Sso:: barrels.
Quote: A", B, ;C;- and ,D, $1.35; E. Sl.4O:>F. }
$1.45: G" $1.55;,^' 51.75; I.;s 2.00; K. J2.00;
M. 53.00; N, 53.50; wlndow : slass. SS.io;
wjiter- white, : 54. 15. „ .; -. f ■ . „
•-, WILMINGTON. N. C, October 2S.— •
Spirits- Turpentines-Nothing, doing; re
ceipts, 22 casks.; ■" ; ...--'* -.' ...... ...
-Rosin— Firm at $1.25'@51.30; receipts, fi&f
barrels. ; ■ .; ' '„'-. '■■■■ ' _--,„„
Crude Turpentines-Firm at ?I.<d to so.W>;
-Receipts. 29 barrels. '.
Tar— Firm at 5U40: receipts, 43 barrel?.
. CHARLESTON^ S. C.. October : :- 25.~
Turpentine and Rosin— Unchanged. -
NEW YORK. October ,2S.— Cottonseed
oil I was more freely offered and a shade
lower on ; spot. oil. Prime-crude, here.
33e.; prime crude. .f. or «b. - mills." 29c.;
prime summer yellow.' ZSVzZiZlc: off-sum
mer yellow. 36c. : primvj summer yellow."
SSVa'sJSTc;: oft ""summer.' yellow, 36c; prime
white. 12c; prime winter yellow, -}2'/i 43c;
prime meal. • $27.00*4 525.00 nqimnal. .
NEW YORK. October 23.— Home .de
mand for- 'dry-goods, was moderate again
to-day..- and without special feature. Buy
incr vT-as ;mainly for quick delivery, for.
v,"hich full i prices were paid. "Print cloths
continued dull; but firm in price. .Export
demand for heavy brown cottons was in r
active.. : . \ 1., - "\ " V ' ; , .
PORT OF RICHMOND. OCT.: 2S.' 1902.-'
Steamer Berkeley. , Catherine. Norfolk,
merchandise and passengers; Old Domin
ion Line. , - .... • ■
Steamer Pocahontas, Graves. Norfolk
and J&mes-nver landings: " merchandtae
•*nd passengers; Virginia Navigation Com
pany. 'I '-■
■ sailed: - - : -
Steamer ' Tcmassee. O'Neil. Philadel
phia, merchandise and passengers; Clyde
Line. .
Steamer Berkeley. Catherine, Norfolk,
merchandise and passengers; Old Domin
ion Line.
OCTOBER 2S. 19CC- ..-. .:-•'.:
(By telegraph.) •- ■. y -• . .-
SAILED. 1 ■..-, ,
Steamer : Orion, Havana.
Schooner Alverda S. Elzey. Newberne.' '
'Steamer Amshcldyk, Rotterdam and
Amsterdam. . . -
But Atlantic-Const Line People Say.
TheyMl Par, Only 5 Per Cent. — .
1 Holdinp Cp Pricca.
NEW YORK. October -:s.— (Special.)—
The Wall-Street-, Journal to-night says:
The bull interest in Louisville and Nash
ville innistp that a dividend is to be made
ot the rate of 6 per cent., and that this
fact will keep the stock fully up to the
present level: The authority for. this be
lief is not given. but; ; the. operations of
people, who 'Insist that .Louisville; and
Nashville' is to be'a' ~$ per cent.: stocks
have created a following and .sentiment.
"The change in purpose of those who
control -Louisville is possible, but .we
feel justified in • saying that this pur
pose now is to keep Louisville on 5 per
cent, basis for certainly, one year and
perhaps, two years. Surplus earnings
during that time are wanted in . the pro
perty, and while the argument that the
price'paid for control justifies 6 per cent,
dividend, the controlling interests have a
bread policy and are willing to see a small
return en the investment at the outset
on the belief that it will be increased
hereafter." ■'(■
The Atlantic-Coast Line people wish to
have' It understood that the dividend is
to remain at 5 per cent., and that there
should be no misunderstanding on this
point. Official announcement of the pur
chase of company will be made after the
Coast Line stockholders' meeting in Rich
mond. . : '.. - . „•?-. —. • ■■ ■ ■ -" ;
Marriage of Mr. White and 3XI»i»
aiaade Lee Bragg.
CARTERSVILLE, VA.. October 25.
(bpecial.)—A beautiful marriage wa3
soi'-ninized at the Aicthodist church par
souajj-B in this piace '.this afternoon at 2
o'clock. - the Rev. Hugh J. Paylor oifi
ciatinjy. The ■ contracting ■' parties were
iMiis Maude Lee. Brass, the precty and 1
attractive- daughter of Mr. and Mrs.iWil-.i
liam Bragg, of Fifer. -Goochland, county, ■;
and Mr., TnomasTate.. White,- a success
ful farmer of the same section, i
To-day is County Com-t day for Cum
beriand. A number of our people, are
in attendance, and a.big time is expected
there, as quite a number of speakers will
be 011 hand to address.the people. /
Mr. Adkinson^ -who is connected with a
large: tobacco ware and sales house at
New: Canton; Buckingham county, left
hero this morning for Cumb&riand Court
.house,:'where 'ho goes- in" the interest of
his house. \: ; ■ ■:■ .'-- 1: : :" :-':'■: •.. --'-'.;" ■■-"
Misfi Ethel Rhodes;, of this place., wno
has l;;en on a visit to her aunt and uncle,
Mr. and: Mrs. 8..M. England; of, Clinton,
returned homo to-day. • .
• Mrs. Berkley. Robertson, of . Cartersvilte.
has been called by telegram' to the bed
side of her mother. :who-i l osides in -x.»ch
mond. She .was quite ill ," -yesterday after
noon. • . - --' . . •• . '•' ■
Yesterday":. and, last night a' hcaii'-ra.n
fell in- this section, causing the Jam-is
to y riae fully; six-, feet: . 'At; this ; .writing it
is: still "rising:. '"' „•-■: ■^••.-.. ' :■ .'■
; Ttere are t%vo gentlemen in this sec
tion' from West Virginia: -They are look
ing at- Cumberland lands.' --.'.'-. .'']•'. ~
. Mr. -Alexander... Hobson. of Po'whatan
r county. is visiting/Mr. J. C. Hobson. near
Pemberton, in Goochland county.
Miss Annette Garrett; ■of the: neighbor
hood of Tamworth, has been quiteindis
:posed-.for' some time with an acute, at
tack of dyspepsia.---' - ; ; - " -' :/ V
r Mrs. v Ann J. Palraore.'v of -Powhatan
"county; who has. been on; a Ivislt to he.'
daughters - in. Lj-nchbu'rg and Amherst
for the last ten days, ...-returned" /home
Yesterday, accompanied ; by ■'/ two . '•■ of ~ her
grandchildren^ I. '■] . - „ -■■' '
: ■■•.:; Fireman -Spicer.Hurt.
BRISTOL. TENN:r October .< 2s!-~(Spe
cial.)—Soutb-boimd locairpappenErer;; train
No.' 11 . on 1 the .Norfolk V and Western raira
way.'left the" track .near^Seven'.JVlile (Ford,.
Va,. this -nTternoon; and ; was. partially.;
wrecked.;- As -far* ?is.«n;arc -here, -no lone;
except 's- Fireman ■ James , : j.W." : : Spioer *:-yrasi.'.
injured/ dThe ; fireman 4wa7icausrht- under,
the engine. : and his injuries .-imay,v;prove;
fatal, /Engineer 'Robert. Hopper
and escaped -injury.": 'riie.'expreFsmanrand
baggagemaster ;sxnd- some^of vtherpassen-;
gef s ■• as well received " r. severe shakingr
! 3 ". YOU rcAK' t^AFFORD /TO -MISS
P. auction; salej^f realestatk^:
: Wj^AW^Gilt^dg^|iT^pa^an;he*;tia ; l;
'4 V October 29th^?6th,:and3i8t^4:3o;p^ Mr"
$ ti See legal^dyertisements or apply.,_to_"i; :^
1 •:; trust; co., , /
?j / :-.-"G7 East "Main ■Street.-.-, . •
saving a. portion iof your earnings, fee it ever.,>o
smillJ It will helpjyou provide for, the proverbial
*« riiriy-dayV^xr later years^ in '-life; and; add] to
your comfort. It is the duty of every person,
young and old, to save somfcthing. If '-you are not
alieady}a depositor, at this bank, we invite . you to
become one. ■ ' ,'. ;." / \- : : ' , ■",-'" : ; ; i :
"MUiiluyill JniiilUi) fllifiu.
911 last Sain SfrsßS
S. Galeski, President. W. jßray Waiison, Cash.
Riehiiiond Trust and
Safe Deposit Company,
Tentli aiid Main Streets, KlchTnoiHl/Va.
Capital and3arp!us^ $1,71 0,000.00
' Executes Trusts. Receives" Deposits from $i:oo and Upwards.
v Allows 3 per' cent- interest on Daily Balances Subject to Check.
. Accounts Solicited. ■ 'Correspondence Invited.
President. JAMES H t> ooley> HENRY L. CABELL,
t ■ t Vicc-Presidents.
f IRGmnjS BEWTOH, Pr..a.»t. : .' ■■ J. B. BEASIBT. Ca.W.
Union Bank of Richmond
Deposit your savings with a Solid Institution. " The strongest In tar Soata.
CAPITAL - - - - - - $219,750.00
UNDIVIDED PROFIT, - - $300,000.00
DEPOSITS, - - - - -$1,400000^)0
Snail and lerge Deposits Solicited. LOANS NEGOTIATED
Interest Allowed.
" Atlantic-Coast Line Railroad Company, ;
•""'• Office of the Secretary.
j October 9. 1002.-
RAILROAD COMPANY has been called
by the Board of Directors, and will be
held at. the office of said company in
the city of Richmond. A a., on MONDAY.
the 17th • day of November, A: D.. 1902. at
10:30 o'clock in the forenoon, ipr the pur
pose. o£ voting upon a proposition to in
crease the present capital stock of the
Atlantic-Coast Lino Railroad Company
to the amount of .fifteen million ■ do Uar*..
to consist of one hundred and fifty thou
sand shares of the common stock, each
of the par value of one hundred dollars,
the rame to be in addition to tTie^ capi
tal stock already issued and outstanding,
and for the purpose, also, of voting upon
a proposition to increase the bonded in
debtedness of the company by the issue
of thirty-live millions of dollars m col
lateral trust purchase money &$&&&*
i ncr cent. gold, bonds; such additional
stock and bonds to be applied and used,
as far as may be necessary, to and to
v.-ards the payment of the purchase price
of three hundred and six thousand shares
of thp capital stock of tne Louisville and
Nashville Railroad Company, which un
d-r the terms .of the purchase thereof is
to be pledged as collateral security for
the payment of said bonds.
B>- oW pf th 3 b £Se°J ?. ir Fo°s r l:
. oc l"-t no 17 mc Secretary.
OfTice of the Secretary.
Atlantic-Coast Line Railroad^ Co ..
Richmond. Va.. ■ October ol : My-.
oc 29- 1 no 17 ■ Secretary.
up. The wreck happened at a place mo3t
inconvenient fo-. the wreck creW« r eacW
and it was late to-night before the track
W J S F^imiV Qf B , and coun ty, and Miss
Aiirp "Allen of Pulaski. Va., a well-to
do "couple, eloped to .Bristol last
night and were married to-day by Ruv.
J. P. Baird. .
High Price of Coil Will Force Xity
Council to Come to Relief of the
.;■ Department.
Owing to strike conditions the City
Council will be called "upon at the next
meeting to provide more . money for the
gas works. At the last meeting of the
Light Committee an additional sum of
money, amounting to S3.GCO was asked for
the coal and oil account and pay rolls.
Now it has been ascertained . that this
amount will be inadequate, and. further
relief must be. given the department.
- It Is estimated that the coal strike .has
cost the city, in the gas works alone, at
least. $12,0)0,or UZxm.. an 3. there <s ...little,
relief , in sight now. Of course tne fuel
is easier to secure at present. tnan it was
several : weeks ago. but foe price remains
greatly in excess of the figures that. pre :
•vailed "when the budget was made up
last ; February. - .■■ * . .1
; ;"Th'o "Chesapeake: and Ohio agency is
again the gas works with coal, but they
will "not touch "it ib'r anything like the
contract price, which ..expired when i..c
strike iwas declared. Th«j price is $2 more
per/.tbn now than it was when the trou
ble beganl" : ' - -■■ '
A meeting of the Light Committee has
been called for next Monday^, evening at
6 o'clock, to send arequest.to tl!eCom :
mon .Council : for relief for the gas works-
This relief must be ; gotten; at once or tue
gas r work? wni not be enabled to continue
in full operation. „ ;• ..
Hon. R.VLindnny Cordon. Dere in In- j
tereat of a I«oulaa Citizen. j
Jli-rt Lindsay Gordon, member of the j
late Coiisiitntioi'val-' Convention 1
-Loui«=a county, arrived in /this city ,-ycq. ,
terday It :«s imdei-stoofl'-that he is.hc.-e i
:to; get' James .'P;-/ Eastman.: a
: white farmer from : that county, out of U:.'
•citv jail^ here; where hh r is. serving i^a,
for : attempt iii't;.
| to abduct ; a young: colored girl named
jjoscphirie- Johnson; -' - * " ■ >';■; ■ •
|<:-Jlr^ Harry Glenn.. the. attorney v.ho de
jffehiled Eastman at the tirrie :of hi? trial;*
' was r.t M'.'rphy's Hotfl ..lost Tnisht -to. talk
prerult . of.'ih'-.' conuTPhre. ;,ard ;t! plan*
I f or "pro'-'-Vfhir"; .".rr •■/.not rV^ ■"■Civ.-fr. ;:o;!t.
!r'o'3i"' vf '!'>^ 'iuf ?r iUl'.Sr.Kn. i : iicliiyaV-'itryjpjr.;
'had* b-enb -en ( VI ?s«I n itirl : buried t w o y sarsrjandl
We will loan you money in any sum
from $ro up, on the building and loan
association plan,, on -your household
furniture, pianos, &c. , and allow you to
pay us back in monthly instalments in
amounts to suit your convenience. No
expense unless loan isinade, and iigi4
confidence always observed. .
Suits 33, Third Floor, Merchants' National
Bani 3uildißg; 1103 E. Mala Stroat.
Tnke elevator. so 6-xy
Contractors : ;
and Others:
FANY, No: 1200 east Main
street, issues :
Proposal and contract bonds for all
kind: of work. ' ,
Guarantee bonds on trusted employees.
Judicial or court bond 3. ■
■ % Applications acted on promptly.
(cc 19-10 1)
Business M
Persona! Acounts
Richmond. Ya,
~~~* ~s-*y-r-^~~- . . o{Jlc(? Qf ..^^ Secretary
Atlantic-Coast Lint* Railroad Compauy. .
STOCK of that . company. , on nl! stoctc
outstanding on November 1. IK'2: dividend,
due and p.-iyablo at th^.otßce ot the 1 rea
surer at "Wilmington;. N.C.. on >O\EM
BER 10TH. The Transfer Books will
stand closed 'from "November 'lst to No
vember 10th, both in^lve. .
oc 21-t no 1 iuc - , Secretary.
■ OflVce or the Secretary ;
Atlantic-Coast Line Railroad Companr. -
Wilmington. N. C October^. 1902. >;
ROVD COMPANY have instructed tho
INDEBTEDNESS of thnt company, which
have been Issued in lieu of the V:Pre
ferred^ Stock:' interest due and payablt
at 'the office oC the-Treasurer, at AVil
mlngton; N- C.» on November. Ist. . TII4
Transfer Books wilt stand closed front
October 21. 1902, to November Ist. both
inclusive, V ja^s ; ;F. F6ST. / ,
V; oc' 2l-t no 1 inc ..-,;- ; , >-l ; . j' Secretary^
u ,^v^./v-^.-~vvv^ October 24, IW/2.^":
ing •; the foiloivicsrSUPP^iKS lory Laurer-
Reformatory for-^hree'montns. commence
Ing November 1; 100-. to W delivered ow:
ihTrrt." as "far as practicable; 1 - each month
at.onc'dellvcryf.-o- b.:~> * : * '■
' 45 barrels Spring AV!:eatFiour.j ; \:
to barrels Winter -V.'h'oatFlcur.;
lAM pour.da Coffee ;for.ta:nai*:». - -. .
.120 pounds CoKef- for. employees.
- E ■■«si«fniKxtra«;t^VaiUiia. - ,- " - •"'
; U> p->ur.diijGr»lnißlack'.Pepper
ll;, '••!•) pounds*. Ginger* ■
- • K. A. CAThTB^m
»'- •'-■« »-«Wi» : «•«.'-» t» \f*minf«tr:»M«\T» ; C«>inTnttta» s Ei

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