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Tun wis.vmrcu.
WASHINGTON, D. C.. November 13.-^
(Forecast for Friday nnd'Sruurday: Vir
ginia and North Carolina— Fair Friday
niiJ Satin-day: 'light.' variable winds.
The weather in Richmond yesterday was
bnJmy and pleasant throughout. The
range of the Dispatch thermometer Was
as follows:
d A. M. ...-. ■ — • •• 54
S A. M - •- •'•••• 5S
J2M •• •• •• ... 6*5
S P. M Tl
sr.-M : cs
Mean temperature «21-6
November 14, 1301
pimKiscs... i*:4r< j HIGH TIDE.
gun Sets 4:55 | M0rning......... 3:11
Moon 5et5...../. 5:23 j Evening:.; 5:29
Messrs.: Henry Fairfax. Henry C. Stu
»ri, and Samuel A. Anderson, expected lo
hf> nominated as members of the Corpora
tion Commission to-day— —Second day of
tV:t Virginia: Methodists conference: en-
Spwmcnt of Randolph-Maeon College:
c. nomination at Virginia Polytechnic In
ft'inte; mission work in Korea- — Mrs. S.
31. IJnwes sells Hoge house site to Vir
ginia State Insurance Company: former
residence of: Mr. John Skclton Williams
jurchased for Dr. Howard Fletcher, at
cl.Si'v — -"Banana war"* here sends prices
;o rocki bottom — —Council expected to
ratify action of clear water bonds
Chamber of Commerce" discusses live
municipal questions- — Son of Contractor
G'=>?cr arrested, charged with betrayal
—MANCHESTER- — Henry Marshall.
t youth, mysteriously shot Murderer
Davis insists on his innocence and hopes
lhat he will pet a new trial Many
rjtilng scrapes and other cases for Mayor
if-iurice this .morning — -Death of little
■tfsry Weathers Jenkins..
Sensational' suicide of Mrs. C. Haier
Heater, a prominent Frederick lady, who
resided at Middletdwn.' She ate a poisoned
■F.pple Suicide of .Henry Jackson Bus co
per in Charlottesville — -Ex-Sheriff Andor
ra Etten, of Wythe. dies from an over
dose of laudanum; not known whether it
was taken accidentally or with suicidal
hiient — -Case of United States Deputy
Marshal A. H. Staples, T. M. Staples and
Constable H. C. Woolwine, charged with
shooting James Hill, of Patrick, comes^ up
in the United States District Court at
Danville to-day; an interesting question
•of- jurisdiction is involved Meeting of
the Virginia Baptist General Association
in Norfolk; officers elected; Interesting re
port by the treasurer. P.. A. Jacob; Dover
Association led all others in contribu-
Jems; reports en Ministers' Relief Fund
aid the Orj}hanage- — Richmond Convoca
jnn at Gloucester adjourned yesterday
('orrell Bros,' livery stable bunied; sev
rral horses perish.- —^oaths: L. B. Par- ■
V(-r, at Falls Church: ss IJzzle^ Silcott,
In Loudoun; John P. ynolds, in Fred
• rlck; J. H. Suitt. in " yport News: Mrs.
Caroline Haug. in I .port News; Col.
Henry DJ-Beall, of Vi .r.inia, in Baltimore;
New York stock market closes weak—
AH grains at Chicago end higher Ne
pro murderer r :augred by a mob in court
liouse yard -,: . .. Ltwisburg 1 , Term. Col
onel, F. \V. Benteeifs- remains are re
moved from Savannah t.o Arlington — -
Loner and short haul case of the Aber
deen Group Commercial Association is
argued before- the Interstate Commerce
Comniissic--—— Three favorites and two
second choices win at Bennings- — Na
'tjona] Hankers' Association adjourns af
ter installing Caldwell Hardy, of Norfolk,
us president, and John Skelton Williams
a 5 a member of the executive council- — r
Annual convention: of : American Kedera-'
tion of Labor meets in Nov.- Orlean.s
Merrimac Manufacturinp: Company will
i-u'in work directly on its $1,1(5.010 cloth
mii! at Huntsvilie, Aln. John Southtrn
Shot and killed by Deputy-Sheriff McCul
lougfi at RogersviHe Junction, Term.
PrcEidcntla.l party arrives at scene of
MißSlssippi bear hunt Explosion in iron
works at Lebanon, Pa., causes the death
of four workmen, and the more or less
serious injury of forty others^ — Cresceus
trots a mile at 'Montgomery in 2:07—
Stete " reports read at convention of
Daughters of the Confederacy — -I. M.
prj-ee. of Virginia, one of the speakers
at the convention of the Southern Sup
ply and Machinery Dealers' Asso.cia-j
non— -Pennsylvania. .- i - ai!way announces
ji) „,-.r cc t .j)._ wage increase on its lines
'••.-t of Pittsburg and Erie Coal -strike
r t'mmission will b^irin its hearings at
Scrftnion to-day- — Entire; block in busi
n-'ss Quarter of Oliphant. Pa., is burn
ed- — Republican members of Congress
ivin probably attempt again to secure re
duction of representatioii from the
South "Would-be woman suicide rescued
from brink" of American falls at Niag
ara — Frug Is poisoned :in Camden. N. J-.
; court ro show a jury the agonies of a
human being- dying as a result of • poi
soning with strychnine — -Sitting of Aus
triaTi Reichsrath suspended, owing to
nif-mhers coming to blows Admiral
Dewfiy will sail: for Culebra Island, to
TOmmaTia fleets in Caribbean manoeuvres.
D«eember jst Reinterment of remains
>>f GfciK-ral Greene at Saviinnah to-day- —
Southern Surgical and Gynecolo/rical As
'sofl.iikm decides to hold its next session
at Birmingham Ala. Cardinal Gibbons
breaks ground for new Apostolic mission"
house on ground* of Catholic University,
Vrartiington Annual meeting of arch
bishops in discusses Cath
'■■ Indian missions and questions per
taining- to American coilepre at Rome
Oanquet given in /Washington in honor of
foreigners who came to America to at
tend dedication of New York Chamber
of Commerce building Volcano of
Pirornboli in terrible eruption Contest
"f v.-i!l of John A. Gibson, of Cincin
r.v>i. cc-rtHin W. C. Brush. . of Boston,
<"-!'.'«c<3 president of Delta Knppa Epsilon
fraternity Francisco Millian returns
'o Tampa; and is accorded an ovation- —
v;.- t r. m in hold up Monon express train
' •:'.' d by bravery of engineer- — General
'"Matos lands at" ill-s — Cvn
.,--■•< f-v-rtion in New Tork lis con
'.;.rl___n(](]; declares for Platt's re-elec
tion to the Senate.
The Virginia State Insurance
Company; May Build at'
Fifth and Main,; :
Wr. s. H. Hawes.Vthe well-known coal
fi^ior, yesterday sold the piece of/ pro
perty'on the northeast corner, of Fifth
and Main streets to the Virginia' State
insurance Company for ?30.0M. -••.. .;
H was rumored on the street that the'
company would erect a:i immense ' office
building:. on th<; ground. .'but Mr. Robert
Lteky. fcc-ci ctary of the company, when
»«<-n last night, said that as yet the
company had not .'decided what they
*'ou!d do with the property. He said that
!f they did decide to erect an, office upon
the rite it would be for the exclusive use
M the company and would therefore be
<* bitJinury dimensions. . - : :
The jjrojjijrty is a landmark. '. For many
J'ears it was occupied by the late Key.
••iofice D. : Hoge, D. D.; pastor of- the
Sftcoad J^resbyterian : church, adjoining.;
J'tect-ntly Mr. Hawes purchased the) pro-;
Wrty and tore down Hhe' historic house tc
fl ve place t o modern ! dwellings. It i« j not
i:nown whether, Mrlv Hawes ; will? "how
Proceed io build -else where, as he^ could
**t be seen last night. . ' ; -. . ,
ir-p~%~Tg a mM j ' ' -|m^~i_ "Vl ' " -j-^ '>* - - ■ ISf!!rSam i— •'" '" ' —*■ -.asas™** ..ygmg'. - •:-ggagag*&%
Whose Appointment ax a. Member of the Corporation Commission is Ex
pected To-Day.
These Nominations Expected to Be
Made to Leplalainre To-Day.
Mr. Fnlrfax, Wealth?- Civil Engi
neer and Farmer, of J.oudoun; Mr.
Stuart, I^eadiaK Cattle Raiser in
the State, and Mr. Anderson, of
Richmond; a Talented Lawyer—
All 3len of Higrh Character.
Henry Fairfax, of Loudonn.
Henry C. Stuart, of Russell.
Samuel A. Anderson, of Hichmond,
The nominations for membership on the
Corporation Commission are expected to
be transmitted to the Legislature to-day.
Governor Montague will to-day Fend to
ho General Assembly his nominations
:or the three men who will constitute the
Corporation Commission; that is, at least,
he general expectation, based upon inti
nations from the Executive himself.
It is now regarded as reasonably sure
hat the three gentlemen named are those
ivho will be- recommended to the General
for confirmation. There is .no
loubt that they will be promptly confirmed
tvhon their appointments are announced.
The commission, as above constituted,
s regarded as a strong one, every.mem
oer of it being: a man of high character,
incorruptible integrity, and fine abilities,
and all well equipped to giv« the new
corporation ordinance a fair and full trial.
The appiontment of 'Messrs. Fairfax and
Stuart is regarded, as beyond doubt, and
that of Mr. Anderson as almost as cer
tain These gentlemen have been selected
out of a field which Included many men
well qualified for the work and well en
dorsed by the business and transportation
interests' and by influential men air over
the State. There is reason to believe that
all the appointments have been unsolicit
ed, and. in one C3se, unexpected.
Serve Vary? nj? Terms.
The three -commissioners are to serve
for terms of varying length, but "after the
first term the successor of each will servo
for six years. The General Assembly., it
is understood, will assign the men to the
short, long and longer terms. One. of them
will servo for but eleven.months; another,
for two years and eleven months, and the
third for four years and eleven months.
Their successors are appointed by
the Governor. Under the terms .of
the ordinance.! one of the mem
bers must, be a laywor, with v the
qualificxuibns of a judge of the Court of
NEW YORK. November 13.— (Special.)—
Herman; Schnitz,' a cisarmaker; '/^as
round hanging in the kitchen of his home
on east Tenth street this morning. .He
left a note saying he had been discharged
for ; habitual lateness 3n t getting to; work.
He attributed this, to., the: fact ; that ;hls
Wife Would not rise early, enough to, cook
his breakiaet in Urn© for him to g»tjt«
Welcome Address. by Rev. Dr. J.,tT.
Taylor, Freemason's Pa.itor.
Showed -the liargrest Contributions
Ever Made— Dover Association. Led
All Others by Giving $16,95-1.23;
XorfolU, Portsmouth, Petcrsbnrpr,
and Suffolk Next— The Ministers*
Relief Fnnd. :'-'.'•
NORFOLK, VA., November 11—(Spe
cial.)—The Virginia Baptist General As
sociation, convened this- morning .at .11
o'clock with the Freemason-Sireet Bap
tist church. There is already a large
delegation present, -Richmond being espe
cially well represented and the meeting
premises in every way to be a fine one.
The. weather is ideal, and Norfolk is not
only easily reached from all parts of the
State, but is an admirable place for such
a meeting, and possesses many attrac
tions for the visitor.
Officers Elected.
The association organized by the unani
mous re-election of Rev. George \V7 Beale,
of ..Heathsville as. president. There were
four vice-presidents elected— Rev. C. J.
Herndon, Rev. W. F. Fisher, Henry L.
Schmelz, Esq., and Dr. A. B. Dunaway,
The Secretary, , Rev. Hugh C. Smith, oi
Roanoke; the Treasurer. B. A. Jacob.
Esq., of Richmond, and the Auditor,
Joseph B.: Montgomery, Esq., of Rich
mond, were all re-elected. :
■The delegates were welcomed -to Nor
folk by the pastor of Freemason-Street
church, '. Rev. J. .J. Taylor, D. D., in a
graceful and striking speecn. In speaking
of what Norfolk -had done for the de
nominational work, he said that thegreat
American Baptist Publication Society now
of Philadelphia, was really born in a pas
tor's study, in this city, and tha.t Profes
sor Crawford w"ho_ went to the South-.
cm Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr.
T.'.G. Jones, who became president of
Richmond College, and Professor William
D. Thomas, who for twenty years occu
pied the chair of philosophy Jn'the. sanie
iustitutipn.'all went from the&lty of Nor
folk. The : speech was responded to by
the venerable Rev. T. S. "Dunaway,- D.~D.,
an ex-president of the General Associa
tion. " ■
It was expected- that Rev. Dr. E. W.
Winfrey, of Culpeper, would preach the
introductory sermon but he is detained by
severe illness' in' his family. The "alter-,
nate. Rev. J. W. "Wildman, of South Bos r
ton. will preach- the sermon 'at-, the even-:
ing service. _ '..'■
• ■•"' Treasurer* - Tleport. .
, The treasurer's [- report was read by
B. A. "Jacob, Esq., of Richmond. It was
in many .ways the best report .ever sub-
: BROOKLYN, N.^Y., November. I*.—
(Special.)— Because he • couldn't geWjnis
home-made "wooden ■'. : leg .10 fit, .George
Coles.^73 years old, attempted 'to take' his
life Jlhis « afternoon ; in the 1 stable Mm the
rear ; of > hisl daughter's home, ibyj jinhal-;j inhal-;
ing gas. .Coles wasa>jewelry speculator.
He yainly t tjied to'makeiallvlng,* butlbe
lievihg • :. tha t*'he .: could : not succeed," (took ;toj
dfink/^yAccording: to ; • Mrs. ' s Yarrlngton^
his2dainfhter,j he had been in" his' cups
•ver irinWthVflrst of th» wctit-
' ' : DLETOW3T, VA.
Relatives Deny Self-Destrnction, But
* Physician Differs "WJth Them,
The ■ Unhappy YonnsrWonian".- Was
Sn»picious - pf Her Husband, a
.- : .Well-Knoxyn. Man of Excellent
Connections — Poison Evidently
Killed the Wife, But She Denied
Having- Taken Anything?. \
WINCHESTER, VA., No\-ember , 13.—
(Special.)— The most sensational suicide
in; this section for years occurred last
night when C.-Haier Heater, a bride
of four months, swallowed a dose of
strychnine and died in two hours at her
home in -Middietown, this county.
Considerable mystery surrounds • the
young woman's rash act. as her relatives
deny that she committed suicide, while
t^e attending physician, Dr. D3.visoh, who
1b also Coroner and Justice/declares she
took her own . life by poison, but he did
not- hold an -outops'y or an inquest, to de
termine the cause of death. '
Formerly Miss Ellen : Grace. '
Mrs. Heater was formerly Miss Ellen
M. Grace. She was the widow of Wil
liam Rogers, who was killed on the rail
road at Cedar Creek. Va., two years ago.
Last July she married Mr. Heater, a
young divorced . man; 'member of one of
the leading "fami'.ieWof this section, and
a son of Hon. C tV. Heater, president
of the State Board j..f Agriculture. Since
the wedding the couple had not lived hap
pily together, tne wife being suspicious
of .her husband's conduct. With a young
woman of Middleton: There had re
cently, it is said, been a. quarrel, which,
however, . had been followed by a recon
ciliation: . .? ■
Ate nn Apple} Then Died.
Late last night, Mrs. Heater,. returning
from a neighbor's house, ate an apple
and was immediately taken ill. Dr. Davi
son was summoned and saw that she was
dying from some. poison.. The woman de
nied that she ■ had taken anything, but
asked that a younger,; sister, living .-in
Winchester be sent -for, as she had an
Important secret to tell her.. . ■'
Before the. sister -arrived Mrs.. Heater,.
was dead. 'Her husband was with her
just.before she ate tiic fatal apple, which
is supposed" to na-ve contained -the- poisori 1 ,
but he refused to say what transpired be
tween them/ and can ;rive no reason why
his wife wanted to take her life.
Mrs. Heater wr>s'34 gear's of ase; si" 1 |\«»
sides her parents, she* leaves a brother,
Mr. James Grace, of Baltimore, and three
sisters. Miss Maggie Grace, "and "Mrs.
El'zabeth Kurtz, of Baltimore, and Miss
Mamie Grace, of Winchester.
. ft
Snlcide of a. Chnrlottesville Man
Who Pnt <a Bullet Through His
(Special.)— Henry Jackson Busenger com
mitted suicide -at 1:30 o'clock this morn
ing at his home, 631 West :Main street,
by blowing his brains out. He had been
engaged for some time" with the
Ice Company, and was off for a few days
on leave of absence. He became de
spondent in reference to business affairs
and was drinking. He went to his home
last" -night "at 1:15 o'clock A. M. and re
marked to his people that he cou.d not
eat or sleep, locked himself in his room
and soon after several shots from a gun
were heard.
Persons in the house rushed to his room
and broke in the. door. He was found
sitting-in a chair with a-bullet 1 hole from
a" revolver through his hearl. He was
still living, but aied soon after.:
Two bullet holes were found in the ceil
ing of -the room and two in the walls;
tho 'fifth ball had passed through his head
just back of the ear. : . .
He leaves a wife, but no children. His
wife was absent, from . home . at the time
of -the 'suicide. • . '.
■ Busenger was thirty-six years of .age,
a hard-working man, and well and favor
ably known in this city.
. T This is his third attempt at suicide;
twice, before by -.use of laudanum. ,His
mind has been unbalanced, for several
years and when he would use liquor he
became violent.
It is Sot Known %Vlieiher tlie Drug:
" "Was TaUen Accidentally or :
-, ) : i With Suicidal Intent. V _
• WYTHEVILLE; NOV. IS.— (Special.)—
Former Sheriff Anderson Etter, died at. his
home at Rurual Retreat, in this county,
ar few days ago, presumably ; from an
overdose of laudunum. "Whether the drug
was taken' accidentally: or without
cidal-intent is not known. He was sheriff
of. this-r county, some twenty .years ago.
lie leaves a wife and a grown son. '-..'
At one, time he was a man- of consider
able inauence- in both the business and
political.: arena, but at ;the time of : his
death -he", had : very, little property. J -
';:■;■.,'".■.'■ AND DRANK CARBOLIC
BItOJIvLVN. N V.. Novenoer A3. - !
. (Special.)— Mrs. Rosie Schneider died t this} ; -;
morning:; as a result iof drinking two
ounces of carbolic. acid. The .woman lived: l •
with herhusbandvand three children, v and! [
awakened .l the ;:.famHy£ea*ly;; :.famHy£ea*ly; this morning. .
Then Jshelgulpedi down tthelcarbollclacldi j
before Vthelr^n6rrified?gaze:l: The bhlyjex-? <
planationTof j MrsJM Schneider^ J' act -i ts£th at \ \
she fthad *v been " despondent '?• lately * through* f
Who Is One of the Trio of Men Expected to Be Named, am Corporation
.■--•.-■ .■;■■" Commissioners To-Day. . . . . .
Death-De«ilinor Debris , Scattered
Throughout the Works.
"VVeepihs: Women; and . Children
Crowd About the Place, Mnkinj?
Frantic Efforts to Obtain Tidings
of Loved Ones— Some of Injured
Have Eyes Burned Out— Others
Their Hands -Blown Off.
LEBANON, PA., November 13-— The ex
plosion of a large boiler in scrap puddle
furnace No. 3, at the West works of the
American Iron and Steel Manufacturing
Company's plant, late this arternoon,
caused the -death of four workmen arid
about \ forty others were more or less'
seriously injured. The "dead are:
JACOB BRICKER,- aged 67 years, of
Sunnysioe. a laborer; leaves a wife anu
six children. : „' ' :'..-•.: '..-•.
"WALTER TURNER, of this city; a pud
dler; leaves a wife and one child. . . :
JAMES KISSINGER, of this .city, a
puddler; leaves' a wife and four children.
JACOB NINE, died on the way to the
lospital. . -
The calamity is the worst that ever
occurred in Lebanon. The .boiler, exploded
without .warning, and in an". instant .the
entire.place was black with death-dealing
debris. -The wreck and ruin of the' nine
puddle furnaces was complete.
Excitement Intense. ; .
Thousands of- persons were attracted to
'he scene, and weeping women and, chil
dren crowded about the place,- making
frantic efforts to obtain tidings of their
loved ones. The : excitement ■« was: so" in
tense, however,- that "considerable time
elapsed before any /information, could '_be
Kivon them. Physicians were . called :■ from
every quarter of the. city and the hospi
tal ambulances and other vehicles were
hurried into service. The offices- bf' the
works were at once converted into a hos
pital, and a corps of nursesfrom the Good
Samaritan Hbspitar were bi-ought" to the
place. Into the. temporary; hospital .the
maimed. and 'scalded; workmen were car
ded'aridgiven attention: 1 Some have their
eyes burned but, "others their hands blown
off. It is impossible^ to learn the- names
of the .injured.' Many of them, it is be
lieved, . cannot live: ' through • the . night.
Women and children throng the entrance
to the works., crying and begging to be
allowed inside. »- < • • ■.'
* ■■. - .Probably Mote ..Dead. •
It is feared the list of: dead will be ma
terially increased when the .'ruins of the
nine: wrecked 7 ; puddle:': furnaces are; ex
plored. : The 'exploded boiler >; was' hurled
high into theair;and passed over"the.of
flces. burying itself in the south bank of,
Quitthpahilla ; 'jCreek, 'I\:I \ : several ; hundred
yards away; No information "could be: se- ;
cured "at the' temporary "hospital^ at the
works. The plant has been- closed, asthe
workmen are removing .the debris.; -.
; .. NEW YORK. November 13.-r(Special.)—
Guatave- Limgberg,' a Swede, committed
suielde by hanging to-day. Two attempts
■failed but he wiped, the blood from his
'ej-es, made i another attempt, and suc
ceeded^' He ■ ! use(Jya i ;strapiiwhlch?hetbrdl^
} pi^nosf actoryr- where t he>^wasS employed;
occaelonal spreeß and was ; drinking; heav
ily Sunday. Monday b» wm &Imc%itwiA.
LnU tv If ULIL.IJ InLai
Endowment of Randolph - Macon
College a Topic of Cosslp.
To-Day a Special Train Will Bear
Members of the Conference to Ash
land— Methodists Propose to Bnfld
Church at V, P. 1^ BlncUsburg;— Dr.
. ReidJs Address on the Work in
Korea— Notes of the Conference.
Bishop Duncan used keen sarcasm, dig
nified appeals, and positive commands to
suppress the constant flow of conversa
tion in the rear of the Broad-Street
Church auditorium during the first part
of the second day's session of the confer
ence yesterday. He then lapsed into si
lence and held up the proceedings for a
time until perfect quiet, or the semblance
oi it, was secured. Possibly \ a cause of
the unintentional disorder that prevailed
yesterday morning was the fact that there
were no issues that involved any spirited
debates by the able leaders of Virginia
Methodism upon which the- attention of
the big audience could be fastened. .,
The. proceedings were devoted to hear
ing the reports of the ministers, and were
of such routine order that they did not
interest the. mass of .the audience. , How
ever, Bishop Duncan himself afforded the
chief topic of interest by. the brightness
of his remarks, his concise manner, in de
livering them, and . the dispatch -'with
which he "facilitated the business of the
conference. -He was 'frequently disturbed
bythe constant talking, and only once did
he make use of his gavel. "Inever use a
gavel," he said, "but I am going to in
voke the aid and maledictions of Bishop
Asbury.t: This gavel was -made from the
wbed of the house in which' he died," and
the : presiding bishop picked up the gavel
and rapped lightly ; with it. Then.he con
tinued: "Out on the Pacific coast I pre
sided over a conference/ and the audience
was such a quiet "one.t I suppose "these
Californians did not feel that they had' as
many privileges *as Virginians." All that
the bishop said ■ was spoken with his: usual
kindness and composure. His ;; reproof ' : to
those who so often disturbed the meeting
was of the patriarchal tone, and he final
ly won- ■ ' : '.':'. '-,*'..- -"':
• Preachlngr -at University.
; An incident of the session yesterday was
Bishop Duncan's remarks conceminar the
absence of a chaplain at tue University of.
Virginia. : He was ■ :. veryj much surprised ;
when' RevJ w: H. Edwards, of .Charlottes-^
ville,; in giving' his "reportf. stated thatj
there wa3 no chaplain, at the ; university,
but; that: ministers ' were invited in 1 turn
from different parts of the to
preach ,to the' students. He .{was^some
what caustic In his criticism of this: meth
od, but. he seemed rather to "criticise the
; ARLINGTON. ; _N. ;;J:. "413.—
(Special.)-f Edward ? Riley. ;>!a;- young-man'
of Kearney,^coramtttedfauicidet«aVlyTthi»
: morning.; His body was - found i near/- the
Catholic Protectory in Arlington. Riley
sat -up \ alnß V''^*KHi*?*HP I *^ n « a
revolver to his forehead, blew out .his
bra'ris. . Rlley'i sweethaart Waa * younf;
woman who resided !r> HTearsey, A -$tw<
diy» ««o thiy. b*4'r;trt^iix r wrr*L-?^§
IncLVL rAuCo
■■■■:: V : ■ '■■ ■ - * "'" ' ■.■""■■■■ ' ,- ; "■■■ "■■-■>■ ■..■■.■ .. , •■■■ .■■ ■.■..■ ■■■■■■ ■*■■-...,-..- ■ ■■.
" ■ .: ■ ■.■.'.■'.■ v . ■;*■■■ ■ :«■■ ■.■■■■■ ■ .:.■■■.-.,■■■.■ ■■■> ■ ■■•-, It •• ■
Wills Says 'J Ogfl e»by . Toolc : Hi* : oWilt
..-'-.-■ ; Life. ■ '' " '
causß; of a anrsxEaur
There Were No Witnesses Sa-ro tn«
Ttvo Youn jf ' Die n Involved—lmpos
sible to Gain a Clue as to the Rea-«
ion of the Fatal Encounter— Hotli
the ■ Participants i, Prominent in
Social Life.
:-■ L.TNCIIBURG, - VA:. : November/^ &i : ~
(Special.)— A . tcrfibla tragedy occurro4
to-night at a Uttle pa3t ;tt o'clock,; 'jitjd;*/*'
a result of It I.E. S. Osleaby, . keepej-,;sr
the City Cemetery, is dead, while T : P.?
Norman Willis, ? a -clerk of tha?Chesa»J
peake and Ohio railway; Is ;despiiratelj
wounded. Both youngr men ;arar :weU
known in the city, and are - members ,: oi
hishly r respected : families. _ ".-.-'.''
.When ; last'?acen together they were
Ing UP Fifth .street They had ;had - *
quarrel, the cause of which l3:not known^
and - it : is : stated they were heard ; to .'sajr
they; would I ; settle later. At about"; half
past 11 o'clock" persons residing ? Inltha
neighborhood of Seventh and -Federal
streets heard -three pistol shots, and f a«
they looked out they saw a younsrimac
walk away from the corner ' and . dl3ap»
pear down . Seventh strtvt. -
; . - Shot Three Times. ■■•-.-■; : - ;
Another young man was left lying: jon
the ground, and when they!: reached -his
side they, found jj that | his head ; and faca
werei covered ;with bloo<i. and ; that- lw
was dead. ; - ■- ■/ ■■ ..-.-;-; ; . ; . " , „
It was/tOslesby, who had been killed,
and the pistol which lay ..beside him had
three of its ' shcll3 empty. .Wills ; walfced
to his home, tlve or six -blocks ; away, j and
told his - family -that .": hv> had been - shot.';
Doctors were summoned and art. examt- .
nation showed; that his wound was In
the abdomen, almost directly across thY
nave!. ; ... ." : . '" ; :■• - , " .; ■'- -" \-
Willis Will Prohably Die. ;
.'■ The physicians state that the ball haa
penetrated to a considerable depth, -and
that the only hope for ihe young: i man's ;
life'is an operation. His condition . Is 'pre
carious^',. '. : ■ ' : . ; : : ""'*•.-'
Wills made, a -statement after * reaching;
home that OBlesby.had 'first 3hot ! at hJci:
and then shot himself. / "
William Ba ln, "Who Fotsprht on Dot*
' Sides. Pleads Callty.;. ■-•-'
" NORFOLK^ VA-, November 13.-i(Spe'
clal.V— "William -Bain, a -vetera it of botr
sldes of tn*e- war between the States ;
now. an inmate -of tho ; Soldiers' Home n t
Hampton, to-day _ r pleaded guilty -in - the
Federal Court ;to , perpetratingiaj.penstqn
fraud. : He jwas "twicea /deserter. ."having";
left thy? Union -;-. lines" and: gone- oyerjftt;;
the Confederates a- year before the iwail
closed,: and three months later, j having;
been captured by j Federals, he Sagain fot. ;
10-KVdrthe .flasras a "galvanized Yankee/
with other prisoners, who found f reedonvj
thus. Once more he deserted." and :.wltl?.:
this act. his ; record as Bain .ends.
pensions jas Christopher Brelt ; and ; Henrj *.
C. Roumain. V He- has be'en an ''Inmate *bl :
three " Soldiers" Homes. The Judge re.
served his decision in the- case.
And So James Blackwell Shot K«al
Grnyson In" Prince William. :;
" iCoantyv
MANAPSAS, VA.. 13-— (Spec'
clal.)— James i Blackw'ell and Neat .Gray-"
son, (colored), beceme Involved; in a;quar
rel over ; a woman i whbni they,: both ; clalm
ed.as.wife. near/here last night. Grayson
was so badlyshbt that .he will probably
die. Blackwell gave himself up to the'au»
Ihorities to-day, and his counsel ; waived
examination. He was sent on to; the
grand jury. ; ;
To Meet Xext Year ;lri Blrmlnsham-<
New Officers.
CINCINNATI. 0. , November 13.— The
Southern Surgical and; Gynecological YA»i
sociation: to-day decided to hold its-stz*
teenth annual session next November .{at
Birmingham. Ala. .
' The following officers were elected r r ;
: President, Wesley Bovee, Washington!
; Secretary," -Vf: D. Haggart. Nashville^ )
-Treasurer, Floyd ;W. Mcßae. Atlanta. ; ?
Result; a Glut on the Local
Market— Two Cents
a Dozen.
The Banana Trust, it is reported. !s try- :
ing to force the Richmond Fruit Company J
out of business. This latter concern la the .;
only Independent one m the. field.: and
opened ■ on Cary ■; street a ; few days ago.
The manager of the Richmond Fruit Com
pany said yesterday that hfs company
could stand a fljht if the trust couid. H*
reported •; the > sale of / 325 -bunches of ba
nanasias. an evidence that they were in
the market.
Owing to/ the fight;and heavy jreceiDts.
bananas are a glut on the market. Therg
are about; four cars' of yellow fruit, most
ly, ripe, now.: stored in this city, and~to
make'mattera worse." four more; cara ar*
expected to-day. This will be eight ■car»s:
ffor the dealers to handle..' which i means
4.800" bunches. As 1 the continues
Iwairo; ? thls"frust!rlpens(quicltly and .will
not keep;; therefore. ' some one stands to
loss considerable money.
i.BunchcaKof^bananas. /averasins . six to
; flfteen';dOTefi'to|the] ; hank.J were knocked
'down yesterdayJat'a'uctlonJfbrilS'centait©^!
30 xentg a* bunch. J~Thte iwaa j about 2 cent*
|a cdozenHthe^lowest price recorded fr?
.rma'nyia^ day?%T^selabhoiTnal i prjce*!\rta
J stimulate.' sales, and b:;y*rs will b* <su<
| '■■:?. Commission l men i handling i banana*" |y^
gret at > this fthnej thai ltftilhit&ifeuckittr
1 licensed ?miPracti»UyJproWb|t»[p^f«JltMrU~
„thia truit about town.; m is don«Vjp [«Ul«r
cities. The fruit fiwatjtyJretifNljtlF
tnf condition, but vwtn : «oq» '■■*» ivtw^takv-:-;
*n<i th«o wtu tpoil ;, - - ;. >-
.... _- S {.^;>?>7."' :-: :

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