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Ji* i» Secoiul Choice, mid Make* <he
Clo»c»t Jvind of n. I'lnUli WUh
Donro — G. "WliltJicr the Only IVln
niucr F"n^orltc.
\ "WASHINGTON. D. C. November 19.—
Xfae track at lsenni«g-s remained in a
sticky condition to-day, ann caused nu
■ai.jro«s scratches. The chief event— the
ifoJininss S{>ocial~-was wow'by me sr*
ond choice Andy Williams, in 'the closest
■Kind of ;i finish with Douro, Lone shots
captured Lne lirst two events and «.
Wliitticr, the only winning favorite, the
c*os;2J£ race. Summary:
_ First race- five 1 njid "ii half furlongs—
XU.-C damsel *o to l) won. Prancor i-io to
]j second, Vl hite Owl ({, to 1) third. Time
UlO 2-5.
Second race— maiden two-year-olds;
"^ iurlonps— Lulu Marr (10 to 1) won
Sonlng (12 to 1) second, Alhambra (5 to 1)
iiiini. Time, ] :05.
Third race— Vestal Flakes: threo-year
oids; one an<J a half miles— Moon Daisy
ti to 1) won. Adelaide Prince (11 to 5)
>econd. Merriment (5 to 1) third. Time
£:■»■! 2-u. ••....
Fourth nice— Benning's Special; three
s<ar olds and upward; one ami a half
miles-Andy Williams (11 to 5) won, Douro
(v to 5) second. Huntress (2 to 1) third
Time. 2:41 3-5.
Fifth race— two-year-olds: six fur-
Jongs— Oranaturc (tj to. 3) won. Star and
Oarter.fs to 1) second, Barrance (S to 1)
third. Time. 1:1$.
Sixth race— three-year-olds and upward;
on-j and one-sixteenth miles— G. AVhitder
(.a to .'■> won. Trumj) (lv lo 1) second.
Contend (3 to 1) third. Time. 1:53.
CINCINNATI. 0.. November 19.—Re
jruHs at Latonia:
First race— six furlongrs; selling— Pierce
J. 00 to i) won. AVeddin.^' March (10 to 1)
fcc;cond, Floret (.0 to 1) third. Time. l:l'u? 4
Sc-cond race— live and a half furlongs;
fcllins— Little Boy (13 to ;■) won, Laiis
downe <10 to 1) seconw. Not Wisely (5
to }\ third. Time. 1:14.
Third race— one mile; ■ selling— Locust
Blossom (o to 1) won. Hinsdale (9 to 2)
second, George Gardner (li* to 1) third.
Time-, 1:30.
Fourth race— steeplechase; short course:
"handicap— Jslip (,t5 to 1) won, Handvise (<
to 2) second, Sauber (11 to iij third. Time.
Fifth race— five fnrlongrs— Miss Gould (a
to ';; won. Suburb«"»n Queen (0 to 1) sec
cv.c. Glbrimundi (10 to 1) third. Time.
I :'.'•> 3-5.
Sixth race— one mile — Flop (S to 5) won.
Xi::g Barleycorn (S to 1) second, Tibur
oa (.5 to 1) third. Time. 'l:49»-».
CHICAGO,— ILL.. November 19.— Re
pults at Lalieside:
First race — cix furlongs— Sue Johnson (5
to 3) won. An nu (10 to 1) second. Dodie
B. (4 to 1) third. Time, 3:19 4-5.
S-scond race— six and a half furlong-s^-
Kt-ntucky (6 to 1) won. Mack Gyle (7 to 1)
fiecoEd Morani (6 to 1) third. Time
Third race— six furlongs—Corinne-Un
landvO.o to 4) won. Barklite (4 to I) sec
ond. Little Jack Homer (12 to 1) third.
Cime, ins."
Fourtli race— five and a half furlongrs—
Majw Johnson (even) won. The Don (5
to 1) second. Ajrnes Mack (15 to 1) third.
Time. 1:11 3-£.
Fifth race — five and a half furlongs—
Angeio (7 to 1) won. Dr. Worth (S to 1)
second, Arvensis (1(0 to 1) third. Time
2:J2 4-5.
Sixth race— one mile nun three eighths—
I>ittle Elkin (C to 5) won. L-ou Woods (3
to 1) second. Erne (S to 1) third. Time,
$ :S2 l-5.
r*lj-sterioTiß ArroKts r\Jndc in .lernoy
City and Ilolinkcn.
JERSEY CITY. N. J.. November 13.—
fSpcciai.'i— Four mysterious; arrests of al-
Jeged Anarchists wore made this after
noon by the police of Jersey City and
Hoboken. It is believed the arrests were
made In connection with the rocent plot
To blackmail wealthy men In New YorK
nnd other cities. Two of the alleged
Anarchists were captured in the Hoboken
post-office. They had gone there to se
cure mail. The other two were arrested
on the street nc-arby. All were hurried to
polier headquarter?, where Chief Murphy
put them througii thp "third degree."
All information is refused by the Chief.
He called up New York police head
quarters by "phone and informed the De
?«ctive Bureau that one of tho men
snrv.'crtNj the descripiion of the lame man
wanted by the New York police in con
ruction with th<? plot.
The police horc and in Hoboken and
?Co-w York are to-night hunting up the
records of the prisoners. They are Carl
Ktrubell. of New York; Fritz.' Seiber. of
Brooldyn; Jacob Gubcr. of Good Ground.
Ar,i3 Fred Beecher, a German, who arriv
ed last week on the steamship Friet-Jam».
On account of Mrs. Dexhrmyer's story,
<~hief Murphy says general orders have
Jbeen .issued to round tip air suspected
Anarchists! 1 '
Doard of Health Ks<nl»lii«he« a
Qnjirantine -\K-jiinsl Shenan
flo.-jJi and WflVlliKTidly I^n
fdroc It With Cluardw.
V.-JXCHESTER. VA.. November IS.
"'J-pr-oiai.)— Owing to the prevalence of
Tmr.H-pox at Strasburg. Shenandoah
county, and the action of the authorities
■ryl that county in establishing a quaran
'•'■-■': the Board of Health of this county,
this; afternoon established' a quarantine
"gainst- Shenandoah county. As smallf
• ■-.X has ji<sver existed' in, this county, -the
eravest apprehension is f<:lt by the resi-
Ov/r.ts that the disease will spread "to this
section.* Special policemen w^ere appoint
""< *« patrol all roads leading to the in
vfected districts, and all persons from
Ph^nandoah will be arrestvd when th<?y
r "rr.i- into this county anri held unti!
'"';'! da-mrr-r of infection is passed.
■■: Mr. Joseph M. Lydor, a well-knowri Con
..Jederate \"^teran. died suddenly this af
i^rnoon. aped 5? years. He served in
Comtiany a. Fifth Virginia Infantry, I
stonewall Bricrade. and was twice se- I
Vf-reiy wound'fd. A wound in the stomach
ti<-y,-.-r completely healed, and this caused
j ■"■■ <:i:n. Of ]]js company of Pixty men.
'*nsy two remained at the close of, thy
of 15G4. th^ balance of them
havjaj- fijher boon killed, wounded, or
I'ljw Factory He«Bme«.
r ? 4-MP!.IX4 -MP!.IX CITY. VA., Nov. ifl.-fßpe
raaj.i_Th« pipe facton.- «i.t this place
P^'w*»d f>peratf6ns on Monday last! after
♦> "•'"'-''o-wti of a f/>w w^eks, owing to
experienced, in obtaining
lork. Turf Correspondents and Race-
Hprae owners; capital $50,000, whose, suc
f'^'.fui <] a j!y forecast of winners on the
iKir.se races has formed the turf sensa
won of Wl and 1'.K)2,. invite th»^ specu-
J'Uive public to an invftstiga-tion of their
Plan for making money during the com
i-K race mc-vling at New Orleans, coni-
Wtncing Nov. -jn. The Maxim & Gay
Co. has ''.] been before the . public two
V'-ar.v. ]t numbers nmong its t stock-
J:rjidi.-r« and patroriK 75 per cent, of • the
country's noted horsemen, including
»''.'n for famed in "Wall street and in
MHlUßtrJal UfildH as well as on Uie turf.
A BysticanatJc play -of the horses at New
v»rli:ai)s this fall and winter is. planned
°» the same ba>:is as mode tliere with
tU'-h stupendous success last year un
f-"-rf -"-r the oonjjfany's auspices. A rigid ln
aulry into the; Maxim >&: -Gay methods
will reveal- an exceptional opportunity
*<jr Jnoney-inak'JtiK.V- -.For- full- particu
fer« adflresfl MAXJM & GAY C0.;a30-131
Btewart; Building, 280 Broadway;; N«w
1 *?k city, aoU-XiLTh&S fit
- . • . .- - - ■-.- .-- ■
A Well Known Cure for Piles.
Cures obstinate ■ sores, chapped hands, ec
zema, skin diseases. Makes burns and scalds
painless. We could not improve the quality
if paid double the! price. The best salvo
that experience can produce or that money
can buy.
Cures Piles Permanently
DeWitt's is the original and only pure and
gcnu'.r.-. Witch Hazel Salve made. Look for'
the name DeWITT on every box. All others
are counterfeit. pre? ar E dhy
coal. Wood is now used as fuel until caol
can be procured.
J. B. Fleshman. of Philadelphia, who
is here on his annual hunt, started a deer
yesterday and followed the hounds for
twelve miles, when he gave -up the
"Bear" Tolley, whose death, near Buch
anan, was announced in The News of
rsov. IC, has a number of relatives in
this vicinity, who are descendants of.
Preston Tolley, who came from Arnold's
Calley. near Glagow, Va.
riac-e of His Next Trinl ' Xot Yet De
cided Upon.
IP.— (Special.)— It is not yet decided where
the second trial of James Wilcox will be
hold as Judge Moore has not made known
his decision. This holding back is not
worrying the prisoner at all, and; he re
gards the situation with very little in
The attorneys for both sides of the case
are still on the scene and are anxiously
awaiting the outcome. It looks to your
correspondent as if the trial will be hela*
at Edenton in Chowan county, and at b.
date not later than the middle of Jan
uary. This case has been hanging over
so long with costs accruing thaV the
county v.-ants it tried swiftly, and it is
thought that Governor Aycock will nam h \
a special date and trial judge to get the
case off the docket.
Wilcox is an interesting man. And he
is an odd specimen of human kind. To
think that for months this man has
shown a front tiiat haa puzzled the best
01" criminologist.s. And none of them has
been able to advance any idea as to the
man because the case is different from
any that ever came under their notice.
If Wilcox is a guilty man, he fools every
one, and if innocent he is entitled to all
the restitution and favors that the people
of Elizabeth City can bestow upon him
for his imprisonment.
The Elizabeth City people are sorry
that the case will not be again tried "here
They are glad to assert that the -prisoner
v.-ould get as fair a showing n ere as at
any other town.
Thinks the AVcst Virginia Delega
tion Leans Towards Dnlzell for
tiie SpeKkership of the ..
NEW YORK, November 19.— (Special.)—
United States Senator Natlian B. Scott,
of "West Virginia, is at the Fifth-Ave
nue Hotel. "I am in the city only to
attend to some personal 'business,'" he
said to-day. "Of course,- as a-good-Re
publican. 1 am an interested observer of
the friendly contest that is going- on
for the speaker-ship of the Fifty-eighth
House of Representatives.. I do not know
how our solid delegation of Republican
members from . West Virginia will stand.
They have taken ■no action as yet But
Mr. Dalzell, of Pennsylvania, is our neigh
bor, and he always comes over the line
into our State to help us with his.oratory
ln our campaigns. I know that we- all
feel under great obligations to him, and
entertain jcreat respect for his ability.
The natural tendency of our delegation
would be to support him for Speaker.
"But I have no right to speak for the
West Virginia members of the House.
They will do whatever may seem to them
wise. So far as I can judge from the
I newspapers. Mr. Cannon, of Illinois, ap
pears to be in the lead, and I suppose
that our delegation may join his col
"But there is one subject upon which
I can speak for West Virginia, as rep
resented in both branches of Congress.
We are all agreed that we want no re
vision of the tariff. The Dinjley law
fuits us right down to the jrround. One
Republican who got scared about the
tariff was Mr. Fose, of Massachusetts.
The result was that his district elected
a Democrat. T uiink that all Republicans
should stand firmly against all assaults
upon protective tariff."
Senator Scott was asked whether he
still favored the nomination of Sena
tor Hanna for the presidency.
"Certainly I do." he replied. "I have
always said that Mr. Hanna would make
an ideal President. But that is because
of my personal admiration for his great
qualities of mind and heart. Every tri
bute that I can pay Mr. Hanna I will
pay. But that docs not detract in the
lt?a'st from my admiration of President
Roosevelt. I have never uttered a word
in opposition to him or to his candidacy."
American Ciwrar Co. Increnses Wages
of Employes Out of Richmond.
NEW YORK. November 19.— (Special.)
A corps of clerks in the offices of the
American Cigar Company, of this city,
were working to-day on a schedule that
when completed, will add 5,000 lucky
girls to the 'list of those whose wages
have already been increased by the com
pany. The amount of the increase is
based on an average of 20 per cent, for
each worker affected.
In the 20 per cent, increase that the
Cigar Trust is to " give its employees,
nearly all who will reap^the benefit are
girls. They are employed in factories in
Carnden. Trenton, Philadelphia. Balti
more. Jersey City, Passaic, Dayton, Cin
cinnati. Louisville. Cleveland, and Middle
town, O. Most of the employees in tne
other factories •;' in Virginia, - West Vir
ginia, the " Carolinas. Georgia, Kentucky,
Wisconsin. Ohio, lowa, and Missouri,
have already received the increase. Those
who have not yet benefited by the com
pany's action will be looked after later.
"We want to do this as quietly as pos
sible." an ofiicer of the company said
to-day. "We are making money. As fast
as our business increases just so rapidly
will we share the profits with our em
ployees." ..
This the Charge AffaJnst a Pretty
Brooklyn Girl.
BROOKLYN. N. V., November 13.—(Spe
cial.)—May Holton, a pretty young woman
of twenty y^ears, is locked up. in the.
Adams street police station, Brooklyn,
charged with murdering her common-law
husband. John Johnson, an actor, by
shooting him in the. left temple.
She denies the charge, and says Johnson
killed himself in a fit of - Jealousy after
they had had a violent quarrel.
The police say. however, that she did
the shooting, and point to the fact that
when' the room in which the. dead man
was found was, broken into, she was found,
with the plßtol in her hand, standinsr^over
the dead body of Jolinson. ' : ' /
;A : book containing a 4a 4 picture" entitled
.''Revenge," wivs v found inear thej body. : ;
, The tragedy was enacted in/ a furnished;
room house at No. US I^awrerice streeti :
Brooklyn,: where the couple have been liv-
■:-'.-■•:•-- . •• ;v. . •
Senator: Andernon, -of Richmond, In
troduce* a -Bill Affecting Munici
pal Council*— Mr. Mcllwnlne Pro-
Poncx Special Tax- to Be Applied to
Payment 0/ Pcnnions. '
The Senate yesterday held the longest
session since the General Assembly con
vened here a week ago. The body did not
adjourn -'for ,the day .until after 1 o'clock,
though for a few moments the dignified
senators were in the hall of the House of
Delegates, engaged in confirming >the
nominations of Governor Montague for
members of tho Corporation Commission.
Lieutenant-Governor Willard called the
body to order at noon, prayer being of
fered by Rev. Dr. George Cooper, of the
First Baptist church. Senator Shands,
of Southampton, and- Senator Whitehead.
of Pittsylvania," were present at. the ses
sion yesterday.
There were a number of bills introduced,
many of them being of the greatest im
portance. The bill of: Senator. Mcllwalne,
of Petersburg, providing for a special
levy of 5 cents on the $100 of property,
to raise a fund for the payment of pen
sions is probably the most important of
the day.
Senator Anderson, of Richmond, -offered
a bill providing the method of selling pub
lic franchises.; The law is proposed under
that section of the new Constitution
.which provides that no franchise shall
be granted by city councils without com
pensation on the part of the company
securing- benefit of the public utilities.
Senator JUcllwaine, of Petersburg, pre
sented the following, which will lay on
the clerk's table for one day:
""Whereas, by reason of the reduction
in the rate of taxation by the constitu
tional- convention the revenues of the
State are insufficient to meet the expenses
of the government, properly administered,
to pay Its indebtedness as it accrues, and,
at the same time, to make proper, pro
vision, for the payment of pensions to dis
abled soldiers, sailors and marines, • n nd
to their widows, tinder the general, acts
of assembly now in force; therefore,
; "Be it resolved by the senate, the house
of delegates concurring, that the com
mittees on finance of the two houses ,be
and they are hereby instructed to pre
pare and report a bill, or bills, providing
for the levying of a special tax for pen
sions on all the property in this State,
real and personal, which is subject to
taxation, not exceeding five cents on the
hundred dollars of the assessed value
. Senator Mcllwaine suggested that the
resolution go to the committee on finance
for consultation, : .^-- -
Senator Wickham said he favored the
resolution, but that he saw no reason for
the reference of ; the resolution. It was
clear, and he would support the proposi
The lull was allowed to rest on the
clerk's desk.
The senate concurred in the joint resolu
tion providing for a session of both
branches at 12:30 o'clock to take up the
nominations of the governor for mem
bership on the corporation commission.
Senator Mcllwaine presented the fol
lowing, which was laid on the table:
/Whereas, a' large number of the most
important" sections of the Code' of Vir
ginia have been -amended since the same
went into effect on the first day of Hay,
JSSS; and, ;,
. "Whereas, the adjustment of the exist
ing statutes to the provisions of the pres
ent constitution will require many more
changes, both material and consequential,
in the said Code; and.
"Whereas, it is desirable that the laws
of this State should not only be brought
into harmony as speedily as possible, but
promulgated in such form as to enable
the people to know what these laws are;
and, whereas, it is almost impossible for
those not "learned in the law" to ascer
tain what the law is, although they are
conclusively presumed to know the same;
and, whereas.the great mass of the peo
ple look upon the provisions of the Code
as the embodiment of the law affecting
their rights and remedies; and, whereas,
it. is evident that the Code, as revised,
will be so much of. a patchwork .as to
prove a delusion and .a snare to those
who would rely upon it in matters in
volving their vital interests;
"Therefore, be It resolved by the Senate,
the Houso of Delegates concurring, that,
in addition to the duties assigned to the
several committees of the Senate and of
the Houre of Delegsttes by the joint reso
lution agreed to on the 13th day of No
vember, 1902, the said committees are
hereby instructed to consider all the
sections of the Co&e of Virginia with
amendments thereof, with a view to a
codification of the same, said' committees
being required (o take charge of the sev
eral subjects which would be referred to
them respectively under tire rules of the
body to which they belong-, and from
time to time make report by bills cover
ing the several subjects before them. -■
• The following bills were presented and
referred to committees for report:
By Senator L.yle: To amend the Code
(■2-155) in relation to reduction of rent,
where buildings are destroyed or." lessee
deprived of possession. . '
By Senator Shackelford: To create a
bureau of banking, 'to provide mode of
election and fix term of office.
By Senator Opie: . To provide for the
election of commissioners of the revenue
by the qualified voters ol the' State.
• By Senator Lyle: To -provide when
For the U. S, Army.
Some soldiers are- badly affected -by
coffee drinking. The hospital steward in
one of the army posts in the West, says:
"Though in tne medical service of the
army, I suffered agony for two years
from a case of chronic gastric indiges
tion, and now that I am free from , all
tho tortures attendant upon it, I attribute
it to the good effects .of Postum Food
Coffee, both as a food and as a beverage.
"I used 'medicinal and mechanical
means ; to relieve' myself during^those. two
years and even though I had left off' the
use .of coffee, I did not- find myself ; in
any measure free until I had commenced
using. Postum. -. ...:^.; .-..-•. ..-.'.. ..■..•.
"Being _in ;charge- of ; a . detachment . of
the; Hospital Corps. United States army,
I. of course, had supervision of the mess,
and by degrees I have initiated into using
Postum, every member, of the mess, some
of V whom v. were formerlj r ; very '■. loud .in
their denunciation of : anything 'manu
factured.' And, going still further, I ha.vw
supplied^it to bur' patients in~ lieu of "cof
fee; none havo found fault/ while many
have praised it highly, : and; when returned
to 'duty, /have continued the v.use.of. it.
when it was possible, for": a soldier has
an, extremely .hard time in ..trying to
choose, his own. food. :.: ■ ;,' •- ■
! "For thejpast eight monthß, not a. gratn
of coffee has been used. in .this^hospital,
and thanks; to a ; cook who prepares,Pos
tunv just-, right— -thore is a brilliant pros
pect- 'of^coffee. ,takinff a;perniahent seat
irK tiie f .-. > .;• - ... " .
.'\ ''One ;wh"6 haa .passed through the- hor
rors of indigestion ias I have, .3 shudders
as he looks back: upon his sufferings, and
; coffee. ' as i\\ e\ wou Id ' a. "rattl esn a ke. " ."■ Nanie :
,giyen -bjr Postuni'CdmpaiiJVißattlo
Wfir hi* • '" ' ' ' " '- • '" *
beware of yosms coops i
judgment not to be arrested : or reversed
■In\ criminal cases, on account of failure
of the record to ; show , affirmatively the
place where the crime was committed.-
By -: Senator [ Shackeiiord : To regulate
.the prices to be paid by State and county
officials for advertising and printing. .
;'■■ ".-;, TO SELL, "FRANCHISES, v '
Senator Anderson', ;of Richmond, of
fered . the following, which .was • referred :
Be; it enacted by the general- assembly
of Virginia that before granting any
franchise/lease or right of .any, kind- to
use any ..public- property or easement of
any description, except in the case of
and for a trunk railway, it shall be the
duty of the city, making the. grant to
advertise, the proposed ; ordinance mak
ing the grant for thirty days in the news
paper published In and havingthe largest
circulation, and the ordinance may -be
advertised as many times in such other
newspaper or newspapers . published in
or out of the city or State as the council
may select. or determine upon. - >.
Such advertisement shall invite sealed
bids "for the franchise, privileged or right
proposed. to be granted -in the ordinance,
■which ,bids are to be delivered sealed: to
the clerkof the. city council, to: be by
hinv delivered, with seals * unbroken, - : to
the president -of the- council,- or- if there
be more than one . branch thereof, ' then
to the president ■of the most numerous
branch of the city, council in. open
sion..'" . - : . - ";!;. .'.. ' ..-7 V *;.' .
The bill further provides that bids shall
be received at any. time during the ■.thirty,
days and -for ten days after the advertise
ment has been published. The successful
bidder for the franchise is. to pay for the
advertisement. The right is reserved, to
reject all bids. The tolds are .to be read
in open session and shall be communi
cated to the other branch of the council,
if there is one. The council is to award
tho franchise to the highest and best
bid.-By a two-thirds vote the council
may accept a lower Did, provided public
interest is best ' subserved. Such award
is to be approved by the > mayor.
No francise is to be extended, or new
lines laid (except renewals) or any right
granted until the provisions of the bill
shall be complied with in every particu
lar. ... . .: -
By Senator Lyle: Relating to the Juris
diction of justices of the peace.
The Senate, at 12:30,' marched over to
tho house, confirmed tho corporation com
mission nomination, .and resumed session
at 12:50, and adjourned at 1:05.
The senate and house of delegates of
Virginia, in joint executive session in the
hall of the house of delegates, yester
day from 12:30 to 1 P. M. considered
and confirmed the nominations of Bev
erly T. Crump, of Richmond; Henry
Fairfax, of Loudoun. and Henry -C.
Stuart, of Russell to be members of the
Virginia corporation commission* "There
was no objection on the part of any one
to the confirmation of the three. : The
joint session acted on each name sepa
rately, the action consuming a little time,
but all being unanimously confirmed.
Joint executive sessions of the- two
bodies are rare, and it is an interesting
ceremony. The senators, walking in col
umn of twos, proceeded to the hall of
tho house, the doors were clos-sd and all
save members excluded. •
The senate held a session a.fter tuie
joint assembly ' had been dissolved, but
the house 1 immediately adjourned until
to-day. There was no other import
ant business before either body. "',
There were no reports from committees,
and no bills on the calendar. Senator
Shands, of Southampton, and Senator
AVhitehead, of Pittsylvania, were in their,
seats. The number of bills presented to T
day was larger than any day during the
session. ..-. ■
The house of delegates was called ? to
order at noon by Speaker Ryan and- the
Rev. J. P. Smith. D. D., again offered the
opening prayer.
The reading of the journal was again
dispensed with.
A message from the senate announced
the passage of house bill No. 20, and joint
resolution naming Archibard Cary vice-
J. Stewart Bryan on the electoral board
of Henrico county..
The finance committee reported favor
ably the- bills providing for mileage of
members and the relief of treasurers who
have lost school warrants.
House bill No. ■ 24," Mr. Churchman pat
ron, providing for regulating speed of
automobiles was favorably reported. .
Mr. Sebrell, of Southampton, offered a
joint resolution fixing 12:30 as the hour
for the confirmation of the nominations
for corpoiation commission. He was. di
rected to communicate the action to ■ the j
senate. A few. minutes later, Mr. Wick- ,
ham, on the part of the senate, announced
the concurrence of that body in the joint
resolution. .
The house then took up and read for
the first time house bills No. 22, 23 and
24," already referred to as having been re
ported from the committee. .
By. Mr. Bowman: To appropriate $50,000
to Virginia exhibit at St. Louis Exposi
tion. ■ . ■"..- • ..
. By Mr. Gent: To repeal an act entitled
an act to prohibit the sale of liquor in
Tazewell, Giles, Buchanan and Dickin
son. .-. ; -: ■ ' _;- :"
; By Mr. Carter: To authorizethe county
supervisors of Scott to make fence laws.
By Mr. Toney: Requiring all city' and
suburban railway companies to vestibule
their cars and to close the sides of said
vestibules during the; months of October,
November, December, March and April
of each year.
By Mr; Harman: To make the Broad-
Street Banfl., Richmond city) a State
depository.' ' v
Col. S. M. Newhouse. of Culpeper, and
Delegate S. S. - Simmerman, of Wy the,
wer« in their seats this morning and were
cordially, welcomed back by their fellqw
niembers. •"■• -- > ' .. . , ,
/.The -finance- committee of the house met
yesterday, but did nothing more than v 're-_
port the two bills mentioned in the' house.
proceedlngs, the bills being taken up and'
State Senator TV". ' TV. Sale, of . Norfolk
city, stated, yesterday that a.bill^redis
tricting a portion of. the State f of., repre
sentatiori "in Congress' is being drawn and
would -soon be offered by.; himself Jin the
Senate, and by Hon. S. Gordon Cumming,
in the . House. It apply only to' the
Second and First* Districts, the Second
District taking -'the- initiative In the mat- :
ter. It is* expected. that the members from
the- First 7 District generally .will ." oppose
the bill, .though just' why is not stated..
It is understood that the Second District
largely exceeds any other in the State
in population, and as. the Second District;
which adjoins it does not come" up .to
the required number, it is proposed to
equa lize' the two ,- by transferring ; the
Peninsula- counties of the" Second District
and the city of Newport News to the First
District. There -is little - doubt .^that the
biir will pass, and- that it will become a
law ; over -the Governor's veto, if he:
ahould.veto it. - "-•■>
i Hon. H. 1 D. Flood and State; Chairman
J.s-; Taylor.: JCllyson, , of ithe- Democratic;
State Committee, were among the notable
visitors attending ; the . sessions ;of «tha
HoiisoJ of , • £ *. - ; ;J--Major.J.'.; J -
Major.J.'. T„, Cowan,', of;. Montgomery,'; a
well-known- stock iraiser,and;farmer:mem-*
Her/of VtheiGeheraliAssembly.rwas^Jnr.thel
"city* yesterday, i and ■'was auvviaitor 1 Uie^
capUoL" - . ....; „ -„:,,:
cmEF/jysTilcEfiyyTTEp to sit is
';' ; '?-':^SI^FRAGiB": TEST 'CASE;'-:
Attorney-General Anderson "Will Be
-Assisted, 'by Messrs. Christian &
Christian— What the State ."Will Cnw
' dcrtake; • to x Show — Case '"" Attracts
Widespread Attention.
; ;A.caseof unusual interest will come up
in the United States Circuit Court of Ap
peals at 11 A. M. to-day, when argument
will be heard on an application for. an in
junction restraining the State Board of
Canvassers . from awarding certificates of
election to the Congressmen elected on the
ff.urth day of November in ; and for ;the
State of Virginia.
.; Chief Justice Fuller; of the United States
Supreme Court, has been requested to
come here to sit in the case. Attorney-
General Anderson is one of those makins
this request. , to which no reply had been
received last night. /
This is the; proceeding instituted by^
James H. Hayes, a negro ; lawyer 'of this
city, and John S. Wise, an attorney of
New York, as counsellor William Selden,
William ;H. Anderson and other negroes
of this city, who allege that they' have
been deprived of the right to vote con
trary to the laws of the United States
and of .the State oi Virginia. The case is.
one made up by "the negroes 'of Virginia!
to test the constitutionality of the .new j
suffrage law of. the State, . drafted : by the j
new Constitution. Attorney-General "Wil
liam A. Anderson will be present to re
present the State of Virginia and will
be • assisted in that function by the firm
of Christian & Christian, of this city. "
WTiile the action is brought in the name
of the! negroes ■ mentioned, it is really
a movement by the negroes of Virginia,
who nave subscribed money and employed
the ..-attorneys named with a view to mak
infr a test of the new Constitution and if
possible overthrowing it. As far as the
procedure thus far had indicates, the
petitioners will seek to show that they
have been excluded from suffrage despite
thefact that they have property sufficient
to entitle them to vote. They also raise
a question as to tho legality of the.pro
clamation of the' new organic law, and
attack it generally.-.:
: In the argument the State will under
take to show the; entire constitutionality
of the new organic law, and the right of
the convention ' to proclaim and promul
gate the instrument. It will be shown that
ir. its language the Constitution is valid
and in no way in contravention of the
Constitution of the United States nor of.
the amendments thereto.
It will ba shown that the complainants
had their remedy, if they were unlawfully
refused, registration, had they but chosen
to avail" themselves of the same. It will
be admitted that were the applicant for
registration was refused registration when
he was entitled thereto under any of the
clauses, prescribing conditions therefor, the
fault was in the administration of the
constitutional -provision and not in the
Constitution itself. In order to show in
validity of the Constitution, . it must be
established that the instrument on its face
and by its express terms makes a discrim
ination.on account of race, color or pre
vious condition of servitude. This, it is
believed, cannot be shown." In the event
that the. negroes bringing the action
prove, their contention that they were un
lawfully refused registration, an act of
maladministration only will have been
proved; it will in nowise affect the validity
ef the Constitution itself.
The case "will be watched with wide
spread interest thoughout ' the State and
the entire country, it beins the first at
tempt to overthrow a constitution prescrib
ing educational, property, military service
or understanding, tests as prerequisites to
suffrage. In order to -affect the Constitu
tion Itself, it will' bV recessary for the
petitioners to show- that it discriminates
against them in such a way as to come
in conflict with and contravention of tne
Federal Constitution and the fourteenth
amendment thereto.
I*hex Are Miss France* Roger* anil
Miss Bertha K. Brandt.
NORFOLK, VA., November 19.—(Spe
cial.)—Miss Frances Upshur Rogers,"
daughter of the late Dr. Algernon Sidney
Rogers, 01 Princess Anne county, Va.,
was married at Saint Paul's Episcopal
church to-day to Mr. Frederick William
Curd, son of Dr. Curd, of Richmond. The
church was handsomely decorated in
palms, ferns, and white chrysanthemums.
The celebrant was Rev. Dr. B. D. Tucker.
The "best man was Mr. Thomas Curd, of
Richmond, brother of the groom, and the
maid of honor was Miss Helen Wood
Rogers, sister of the bride. There were
no bridesmaids. The ushers were Mr. W.
Edward Willcox and Mr. John Howe, of
Norfolk; Mr. Joseph Stebbins, of South
Boston. • Va., and Mr. Archibald Brice
Curd, of Richmond.
Miss Bertha K. Brandt; daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Brandt, and Mr.
Herbert Rosenthal. of Raleigh, N. C,
were married at Ohef Shotem Temple this
It "Would. Appear That Local Reme
dies "Would. ■ Be ■■ Best., for Cure of
It would seem at first glance that Ca
tarrh, being a disease of the mucous mem
brane, that salves, sprays, etc.. ijeing ap
plied directly to the membranes of the
nose and throat,- would •be .the most ra*
tional treatment, but this has been prov
en not to De true.
' The mucous membrane Ms made and re
paired from the- blood and catarrh is a
blood disease and any. remedy to make a
permanent cure must action the blood,
and when the blood is purified from rca
tarrhal poison, the- secretions from' the
mucous ' membrane will become natural
and healthy.,
Jn this climate, 'thousands of people
seem scarcely ever free'from some form
of catarrh; it gets better 'at times, but
each, winter becomes! gradually, deeper
seated, and after, a, time the sufferer, res
igns .himself to itfas a necessa.ry evil. ;
' Catarrhal. cures 'are almost as numerous
as catarrh . sufferers, hut are nearly all, so
inconvenient and ineffective as to render
their use a .nuisance nearly as annoying
?.s ,; catarrh . itself; ". anyone . who ha s • used
douches, sprays, 'and "powders, will bear
witness to their inconvenience and failure
to really cure. , ' " „
"^■-Thereare a number of. excellent internal
remedies for V catarrh;-; but "probably the
best and -certainly the -safest is a new
remedy, r composed of Red -Gum. Blood.
Root and similar antiseptic remedies, and
other -valuable catarrh , specifics.
This remedy is in \ tablet form; pleasant
to; the 'taste 'and sold iby ' druggists under
the name of Stuart's Catarrh Tablets, and
any ■ one f suffering i from \ catarrh may use
these tablets ;Wi th" absolute assurance that
they j contain- no -cocaine,-'^opiate nor any
poisonous -mineral ■ -
.A leading, druggist; in Albany, speaking
of catarrh ; cure, says : ; "I have sold van
out catarrh cures for 1 years, but have
never i sold any. that gave? such general*
satisfaction '■? as Stuarts.Ca tarrh Tablets.
They "contain in t pleasant 1 ebneeritrated
form? all ; tha bestjand, latest- catarrn:
remedies, and \ ca tarrh ; sufferers "who have
used r;:dbucheß,\ < sprays*-; and: salves, have
been •; at -.the . quick ; relief < and ;
per^anent-results'obtalnedrafter a v week's
uaeZjof ; : Stuart's AHj
: druggists >: sell full "sized , packages -for : 50
s° mmmm GRiiii
I: ■ .:■■■-' :;■•■ ■■■,■..;;-.•...»■: ...■•■ . ,—, — : — '■'- ' '.' ' ; ;__ 1 »i-^ .- / j
-3.1 - — '% V ■ ', - .'; "
- £/ iM^Sk^Sfiil^ Deputy County Clerk Ander^.*
BURXETT, 'CAli.'— Mr. Andree "Ander- j and given v.p to dfe' are cured by Peruna..
son. Deputy County Clerk Louisabesbro I This happens every day; . Like Mr. "• An^s
county. Cal., and ex-posmaster. writes: derson. of California, many ■ people >h"air»"||
"Xo one seeing me to-day Would been . thousrhz to be past recovery?: anS.-j*'
thinktlmt I was at death*, door a found in Periinaa perrnahen^cure^Therivg
•..:.;, are a great many naople to-day who or*, ,;
few years npo with pulmonary tron- singing the praises of Peruna vthat^g
blea. I had frequent "bleeding from would have been in their graves - raariyj I- 3
the lnn S «, my stomach wnn ont of years ago had they not discovered P.*
■ • ■-„- ■ '.-,- ■•■..-• : runa'in time to rescue them. ; -- '-=;v
order and when I came liere for xny - ■ - -^ "•• ' : ".
- ,i* iv '■■'!--■ ■ f ';- : _-V ■ „ Dr. S. B.Hartman. Columbus. Oj ;,-?ii
health no one tlionjrht I would re- -. ~' . . ;
v - . . - Dear Doctor; I fleilio to expren ';:
■ ,r, r ' -v 'a " • it.- <. i. j t ' j *«> you my sincere tlmnlcar. fair" tU#.
"My brother in. the east had been cured ■- ' - .. ■ - . . ■■."■.
; of a very hard cold on the lungs by "us- interest yon-have shown In my caae, .
; ing Peruna; and he wrote me and arlvised and for the timely aid and ad-ciee
me to try it. I" had little faith, rbut wWcll w elfecte.l a enre of aa bad \
thought I would ijive it a trial. I noticed •:„:• .■-... <
a change in my appetite' the. very'_ first a pnsc of consumption as could >*• - ; |l
wesk, . and found, that. I. soon began "to well imagined. - ; ' v
sleep well Gradually I began to feel bet- « Peruim nnd iM analln have done
ter, and took on flesh. Recovery was ' , ■■ ■■• - ,- . -„'. ■
slow for I was ho far gone, but after rfrhai thirteen of the fcest physlclann
seven months steady use of Peruna I was In the connlry have failed to do
my old self once-more For more f han : tnree years T doctored for; ;C; C
«I now weisrh 1... pounds, am in conslimp tfon. and spent thirteen .weeks
fine. health and spirit nnd have been in a Pulmonary Sanitarium at Milwau- .
n well man. for two years, thanks ke °- > VJs - bl «t finding: myself growing; V>
_ ■ , , ■ •.■■•■. ...... wor«f:. A3 a last resort,- 1 came west, where ;•?■;
to Peruna. It certainly saved me i wa3bedfast for many weeks, ahd^
from an untimely grave." — Audree the"i»ltysicianai -which my husband ■-. ■'./
Anderson.'; .. called pave no hope, but >ald,, 'Slier
A Congressman's Jitter. ennnot possibly live more .tnanvi* : -j'
Hon. J.H. Hulinp. ex-member of Con- few daysV Hut thanks toPernna,
gress from "West ' Virginia; writes: "Pc- T,„ ,„ t *».„„, ..n : - - " •' .^
runa as a cure for catarrh and a tonic of T f°°le<lf °° le<l tbem *"'
most serviceable excellence is beyond all "In an incredibly .short, time after .1 . f
question.' and has- been proven by many be ?« n to take Pcnina., the , hemorrhages ~-H
of my friends who have, boen benefited stopped. I began to. mer.d- slowly at first,
by its use."— J. H. Huling. P. O. address. bllt ■'. the .improvement -. became more
Charleston" "West "Virgini-i : marked, and 'now T "can truthfuUy say. ;•
Consumption Often Cnused by Ca- there !.- isct . the^ightesf trace Yo« V
.... . •■. -.- .. . . . . my old compia:r»t. ;' , ; , . ' > ;
• nI T .** "I would have .written you a long\tirn«.
. :Very: few understand tborou'ghlv that ago. but have purposely waited to: ."eo!?
consumption is caused by catarrh. It if the effect was lasting: ard In' conclus- .
may hays begun as catarrh -of the'head sion T would say. God bless you and keep
or throat. It silently and gradually, you with'us that * you 1 may go on with, '
creeps "down the bronchia! tubes to the yonr- work of mere—'for «many years .tbtf;
lungs. After the catarrh has reached come.'"— Mrs; M. A.: Close, Cheyenne,
the lungs, it sets up^the disease known »,yo. -- . : .
asconsumption. " V :p s :_-i' RXtl going-^to- visit- friends in ;. : v
Peruna is not recommended as an in- Wisconsin who never "expected to see ma
fallible . cure • for consumption. It is not alive again." : ' "
likely, that any remedy will, cure con- ,« ' ' . , ; .
sumption after the disease. is fully es- " you oo not derive prompt and satis- ,
tablfahed. but Peruna wilt cure catarrh. cto P" res «Jts from the , use of Peruna. V;
lt-wil! cure catafrh when it is located at. once to Dr. Hartman. giving^a; . •
in the throat. It will cure catarrh after fuU statement of. your case, and he will -
it has reached the lungs, if It" is -not put be pleased to give you his valuable ad
off too long. ■: vice gratis.
Many cases of catarrh of the lungs Address Dr. Hartman. President of Tha .
that have been pronounced consumption Hartman Sanitarium. Columbus. O. .
evening. Rev. Dr. Simon, R. Cohen 1 offi
ciating. The -bride' was* given away by
her venerable grandfather, Mr. Jacob E.
Myers. - - • •
The matrons of honor were Mrs. R. TV.
Jackson, of New Haven, Conn., aunt of
the bride, and Mrs. Maurice A. Brandt,
and Mrs. Marcellius Hofflin, of Norfolk,
both sisters of the bride. - Mr. Jerome
Rosenthal, of. Baltimore, :brother ;of the
groom, was best man. .
Marriaß-e of Mr. Jameson and Miss
Johnston in Roanokf.
ROANOKE. VA., November 13.—(Spe
cial.)— To-night at Green-Memorial Meth
odist Episcopal church, a most fashion
able-wedding was celebrated. The groom
was John M. Jameson, son of Comptroller
M. C. Jameson, of the Norfolk and West
ern, and the bride,. Miss M. Elise John
ston, daughter of the late James D. John
ston, of this city. - The ceremony was
performed by Rev. Harry M. Canter, pas
tor of Trinity Methodist Episcopal church.
Miss Nome B. Read was maid of honor,
and Walter Jameson, brother of the
groom, best 'man. The bride was given
away by her brother, James D. Johnston."
The bridesmaids were Miss Augusta Con
rad, of Winchester, Va.: Miss Middleton.
of Charleston; S.'C; Miss Virginia Alorti
mer Rogers, Miss .Anne Davant. Miss
Mary Foster Miller, of Roanoke;, and"
Misa Mattie Goode. of Bedford. The
groomsmen were Messrs. Robert Howison.
of Richmond; Charles Hamner. of L,ynch
burg; Dr. J. C.-Bodow, John Wood, 'W'aik
er Read, and Walter S. Sauriders, and the
ushers, Messrs. Charles' Ly'e, Robert L.cc
Ott7Harry Dunhington, and "Charles Free
man. ■ - 1 ...
Pretty "Wedding: at Enston. Pa.. With
Richmond 3lati as Groom. I
• EASTON.: PA., November "ll— (Specjal.) i
The wedding of ; Miss Ethel Penn-Gaskell
Harsh and Mr. Henry Eugene Baskerv-111.
of Richmond. v.-a 3 celebrated here'.th's I
evening in Trinity Episcopal church. Rev. j
8. . J. Davis, rector, performed the cere
mony.' ; " ■."-.. .. "V- '■'.. ;1 ■ .' ;
The bride wore a white satin gown, with
duchess, lace. and. carried a bunch, of j
white orchids. Her ornaments were a dia- J
mond crescent and sunburst. .gifts of the !
bridegroom. . - ; •.;.;-/'.': j
■'.Mrs. Nelson Jackson, of Burlington, Vt.,
attended . heri as- matron of, honor, and
Misses Elizabeth. Detwiler. '-Mabel Schuy
ler, Laiira. Drake, and Mrs. Frederic
Nesbitt,. all of Eastoh, Pa.; Miss Mar- j
guerite Martin, -.of .Buffalo,- >";', V.. and I
Miss .Anne. Teh nan t. of-; Richmond, Wv ; re |
bridesmaids. All wore costumes of white {
chiffon.; and silver, and carried bunches of |
American Beauty' roses. -.- . ■ . '"
Mr. Frank . Allen Davenport.- : of ;, Rich
mond, was best man. : .. . V
. Mrs. William Wallace Marsh.. the bride's,
mother, gave ;a . magnificent " reception af
ter the church ceremony, at her residence
at ; Reeder and Parsbhi streets.
Mr. arid Mrs! Baskerv-ilfjleft- for. New
York, and , will sail for Italy • Saturday.
There, was a brilliant ; assemblage^ :both
at the -church and 1 " the residence. ; The {
decorations were charming and consisted J
of garlands iof "southern smilax.W palms, \
ferns, 1 white :roses,and ; orchids.- V. : "..
-V;-V, Slngrletary.. Loses an Eye.' -",
TVlt-MINGTOX;^X.VC^ November: 19.-r
JSpecial-^Ho; Singletary ; was brought to
the ; James iWalker;^ Memorial ';vKo3pltal ,
;h«re);V.esteriay, :: *;withV'i*-:bol^t* v w6u'hd'Jn"i'
"his 'right eye." * necessitating HheVremovai >
of^the |eye;]byjat;speciallst';tb r day.; The^
operatibrt!; was v in vieveryjiwayi successful??
. and/ theY hospital Vaikhbrit^«.?aid ;
tb T nlghtythat^elinjurea|rnaii; would .^be=
ableiitoTsleavetthe- lußtltutipa'ia la- lewi
* „.."„.. .... ... -«- ......
days. The bullet was net located, ana
the surgeons are of tne opinion that
the wound was a glancing one. Parti
culars of the reported lynching in. Bladan
county are unobtainable here.
Shooting; : Affray Sne to Xo Fence
Law — All F-arties Concerned .In .
Trouble Are White.
.CHARLOTTE. N. C. November, 19.— A!
special to the Observer from Faye</e
vilie. N. -C., says: .Solicitor C. Ci Ly6n.
who is holding court here this 'we*»K.
received a telegram .. to-night. gi\ - ing i the
news of a shootingaffrav and 'subsequent
lynching in' Bladen. ; *The telegram is
from Elizabethtown, and read*: .
"H. Singletary. who resides three miles
from Bladenboro. was "shot -Monday ; night. :
He was carried -.'-to ; th*" ;. -hospital at Wil
mington. Pie Is . iupposed to hi»ve .been
shot by Ed. Davis. . Th^ no fence law'
caused. the shooting. A letter received tof*
day says that- Davis' s house was broken:
into last night.- and the prope^y. left
intact. Davis arid his boy. have, disap-:
peared. and It is thought thoy :iwer«r
lynched." * . : ; •
• Further particulars could not be had to
night. All parties -.concerned are -.white..-
A portrait of "Judah P. Benjamin ;,wilT
be presented to th«» .R. .E. Lee Camp.-
Confederate Veterans, at their haTT to
nipht." Dr. E. N. Calisch; : wii! make; the
presentation 'address, and JutTsre ' Georce
L. Christian will accept the prift ■■■with I ! an
appropriate address. -■ : " \
50,000 Users ?
in 50 Months 111 1
prove- tho merits of th? Oliver ;
/ Standard, Visible Typewriter. ; ;
not what competitors ss.y. Gold ,
rrriedal.- the highest award Pan-"; !■•
..American -Exposition. • : '['f-.-^'i iS>
:.-■ •■!. ;.TIONERY:CO-..' i; >.' :■ --:-V ■-..:'• -^
Twelve-Sbc Main street. ■■> ;v;
.; ■,■-■"•-■ Old 'Phone IS&3, ; New SSS. ' , :
■ Ail makes --.-of Machfues ;ex- r ■
-'--. changed., sold, rented, and. 're- 1 . '. M/

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