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rwflTf Mcmliorii of Coiiktoh* lnolri«l
fd In thf OrKfinirntlon. "iVlJIch ; l««
Kcpr^i'fßtfd tn. Tlilrl y ■•■ .Sinf<>< —
fntnr of th«*"'M«*»nl><»ri» " nr«ldlTiK In
Tbr r.sJional convention of. the Phi
Deltfi Thetn fraternity will m^et- in New
Tork city during Thanksgivinß week. It
prrn-nif'e* to be by far the larpopt fra
trrnity convention ever held by any col
3(P>cg! fraternity. .... •
Phi Delta Theta wap founded in 1S4 1 ".
ft.nd;now has a membership of over 12.0 V).
President Benjamin Harrison was one of
the wirly members of "the parent chapter
at Miami University. Ohio. Other distin
fTjifhed dece.iFed members' were the poet,
TAitzcnc Ficjd. and Roy. David Swing, of
Chicßcro. Among prominent living mem
ber?; are Hon. Adlai E. Stevenson, ex-
Vice-Presidont: Hon. .1. \V. Fosfer. ex-
Bocr^tiirj* of .State: Hon. William": F. Vilas.
-x-Secretsry of tho Interior:' Hon. E. H.
Contrcr. Minister to China: Hon. A. C,
liarris. ex-Minister to Austria, nnd .Brip
juJier-Gcn^ral Frederick Funstpn;
The, fraternity has twelve members of
Congress, including: Senator J. C S.
Blackburn and Hon. J. M. Grigps. chair
man ':{ of the Democratic Conpresslonal
Campaign Committee;:
For the last twenty years Phi Delta The
tn has had more college': chapters than
B.ny other fraternity. It now has sixty
e!ch* Ichapters in thirty States. Since the
]p.st biennial convention the fratornity
hss entered Canada. establlshinß a chap
ter ai McGill University: All of the
imporiani eastern colleges and western
uri'i sputhern State universities nre rep
rfconted on. its roll. Forty-seven of the
chapiers occupy houses either rented or
Th« Phi n°lta Th^ta Club of New York
city numbers tW.niemHeYs. and they, with
th" chapter at Colunibia University, will
b<* the; hosts at thr. convention. Business
sessions will be held at the Hotel Ma
.1 p ?tir. h^jrinninc November 24th. A la rye
reception will be held that evening, when
VtayorSeth Low- is expected to make th**
iddrcs«: of welcomed" Elaborate ju-ppara
dons have been made for the social fea
tures of the convention, which will in
;]'ide a smoker, with vaudeville features.
*t Sherry's, a. banquet, a theatre party,
md an excursion to West Point. The
rsllroads have, established a .rate of one
md a. third fare for the' round trip, cer
tificate; plan, for those who will attend
!h" convention.
Fhi Delta ;TliPta formerly." had a. 'flour
ishinc ij.chapter at Richmond Collepe.
known | ; as Virginia Delta, but several
y«ars ago jt«; charter was voluntarily re
linrjuisbed by. the few remaining mpm
liers. fj, .
The fraternity still has chapters at the
University of Virginia. Randolph-Macon.
and "Washington and L^ 1 .
; The- following are some of the promi
nent aliijinni of Phi D^lta T.h**<a residinn
In Richmond: Hon. Con way R. Sands.
George Bryan. A. TV. Patterson.. .Tarn^s
T\ T . Gordon. Harry L" AVatson. Aln.\and<r
H- Sands. E. T\". Steams. Drs. William
5. Gordon. Clifton -Millar, and Greer
BauE-hman. GrarivJlle g. ?j)d E. P. Valen
*.ine. C. "VV. Tanner. Malvcrn'<"'. Patterson,
P-?brTt L. Powers. John Curri<\ Preston
■W" Noland. Percy S., Bosher; Adolphus
Blair. Jr. ! . A, B. AlEop: ;: John* P. Lea. B.
bollard Cardoza. "^"inston F. Wilson.
Ja.mc-F W. Marshall. John TV. Avery. and
rT'r, n rs.
Am»rioan Citcnr Company "rjom^st)- j
onxeri" — Rfv. WPKfnn| K. Calm Desul.
RALEIGH^ N. C November 21.— (Spe- 1
rial i-Th<=; American Cigar Company has
<^m<--.<=T:cat<=d itself in this State, with
headquarters at Durham, and Frank L. •
~ui)er as jilts representative- Its <"apital
' ? sin/irio.n^n. of which SP.^.'W is paid
tj-,= pension warrants"" are n n w being
"■=r>!dlv prepared, so that all can be sent
ou* by Stat^ Auditor Dixon D^/ember
15-th Fir?t-cls=E pensioners will this year
ec $v. second-class. ?4f?; third-class. ?"5. \
find fourth-class, including widows. $i4.sf>.
States; District Attorney Harry"
Pkinner Ipft. to-day for "Wilmington, -where
? term of the United States District Court
h»c-;r>? Monday. .He says there are some
Important post-oßice cases in the docket.
Judge Purnell and United States Marshal
Bockfry will leave hero Sunday for-Wil
mingrton. |
Great rc-gret is expressed here at the
c^ath of Rev. Weston R. Gales, a native
of ' tiis city, at Montreal, a colony of
vhich he was the founder. He' was an
lndepcnclent'jevaiigelist and conducted ser
viefs here during the.-weekr of; the State
Fcir in a Baptist church. He had for
a in nX lime been in weak health. He
*,-c a ;;r, n o ;" th" late Major Scaton Gales.
li ■VVonld Appear That Local R«-m«»-
rl jo.. Wniilfl Hr'nrM for Cure of
< ilUirrli. ;
It would seem at first glance that Ca
tsrrh. being a disoase of the mucous mem
krsrif, i+,at salves, sprays, etc.. being ap
plkd <jirectl>'" to the membranes of. the
nose and throat, would be the most ra
tloiui trr-atment. but this has been prov
•Ti noi to rifitrne.
The mucous membrane is made and re
r^-'r"] from the Moor] and catarrh is a
blood Q^ease land any remedy to make a
P^nri^nent cure must act on the blood,
ei-q vhen the blood is purified froni ca-
Urrhsl poison, the secretions from. the
ouro'is membrane will become natural
•nr h»a'.thy. ' ■ .- . ■
Ir. * ijs rlimate. thousands of people
t^«rn >.<\trc»lyl ever free from some form
c ' rr '3rrh: it get? better at times, but
tach v. inter becomes gradually deej>er
*^'-o. and alter a time the sufferer re
;'igm himself to it as a, necessary evil.
r V; rrhai cure? are almost as numerous
«* tat;;rrh sufferers, but arc nearly all. so
inconvenient and ineffective as to render
thtjr :,«,. a nuisance nearly as annoying
irsHf; anyone who 'has used
ir> '-' r-'-K pprays. and powc.«.rs. will bear
*i;it'- t . so their inconvenience and, failure
fcreaJiy oure.:;; " . : -. ■ - , :. ■
Thc-rr- ATf > a number of excellent internal
;' :Iri " - - for catarrh, but probably the
.■'; certainly the safest is a new
<omposr-d- of Red Gum. .Blood
**?'« -r,<s similar antiseptic, remedies, and
ti -w-< valuable catarrh specifics. •
this remedy is in tablet form, pleasant
;' UV ta^to and sold by druggists under
'"'■ ii^!n<- of Stuart's Catarrh Tablets, and
*ny our- xuttzrlh'ig from : ca tarrh - may ustr |
|j' f: ' f - t:;b), : i s W ith absolute 'assuranj'f. that
_"'>"•■«. u la in no oocaine. opiate nor any
>"'^r, n ,,., s jnineral whatever.
a Ktjjjjj, .irupgj^ j n Albany..; -speaking
'^lairh ounvsay?: "J have Bold van-"
' U1 <a?;irrh cur^H for years, but: have
\T' T ""'^ «nyi that , gave sijchgehi-rai ,
« Wart ion as Stuart'B^Catarrh Tablets.
Jr,i V " r ' nI?J '» in pleasant concentratec
, r!r » »\\ th<» bf«t v and' latest .catarrn; !
tjm ll * ' ar " 3 CJ * t ? rrn sufrererswho.hav^r :
' \^ i: h«;j.-, sprayp and salves. ;have j
n «tiio-ilHlied at the quick ireHef an<! ;
jr-fcults obtained arteHa^week's j
1 4n, " f s " !f!r t>iCat4irrb:Tabl<tß.Vr^All; j
wff I?^t ii*lF : Ji£i§slf ■■•Hi lUj
ft iw^MliSi illli
"Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable^ Compound cured me wheii all
else had failed. - I suffered a lohoc time with female; troubles. 5 ' v
" Mrs. Pinkham's advice and- medicine saved me from a
cal operation. ■; Doctors said an operation was necessary. " : ■
Thousands upon thousands' of •.vomen throughout this country are not/only expressing such sentiments
as the above to their friends/bu'Va.^ to Mrs.
Pinkliani until she has more than^a million from women in all classes ofisociety who' have been- restored
to health 'by her advice ami medicine; after all other means had failed. - '"'" -- ; • . : - .'- '
Women should reme^nber: that it is LiTdia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound that, is '.perform-.
inpr such remarkable cures, assisted by Mrs. Pinkhani's ad^ce. , v;, '.. i
If you are askd-dby- a; 'druggist.;, to take sometHing:else, : demand the medicine -"which you knowis, bestA
the medicine which has made -the-i greatest number -of cures— rthe medicine whose record-is by.
any other medicine, exclusively .for -women, in the world;' • . ' . '^\- . ,--• :'r
who died in IS7?. and a great-grandson of
th» noted Joseph Gales, who was known
all over the United States as one of'the
»duors of tii'?. National Tntelligencer.-.
Judge-elect"- Charles M- Cooke. ofJLouis
burg. was here to-day, and was a caller
at .the executive offio^. He; was on his
way home from Shelby, -where he spoke
a* a larc^ r<">in"on nf for-Confederate yete,r
News v reaches' her*-, that Dr. J, L..' M.
Curry, for some* time sick at -Asheville.
is now improving:.
The stockholders: of the Oak; City To
bacco Wai-flioup? and Investment Com
pany, met. here to-day and elected ..officers
arid directed: This company; has bought
a loi now occupied for city purposes, arid
will build a large l^af -warehouse, stem
rriery: etc. .. ..,-■• '"•'
The "day nursery-" which is for „ the
special benefit of working mothers, was
opened hero to-day. It is maintained .'by
on<- of. the circles of King's Daughters.
Thirteen convicts; have been sent from
ilio penitentiary to join the /large force
at the State farm on the Roanoke river,
leaving only about sixty-fivelcqnvicts : In
the main prison.
This afternoon th<r funeral; of Mr., J.
R. Bafkley was. h«!d here. He was wide
ly known for years as a commercial tray-,
oiler. His health broke down - some,
months as"-. He was a Confederate vete
ran, and the local camp paraded at /the
funeral. He was a prominent •; member .of
the Baptist Tabernacle. . „.-..-,
RALEIGH. X. C. November ', 21:— •
fSpecial.)— Two white youths, one giving
the " name of . Paul Bradley: - aged- IT.
from Tarboro. and the other named.Al
bert. Munson. aged 15, -. from • Petersburg. ■
were jailed here to-day for the alleged
opening of Seaboard Air-Line cars.- and
stealing goodS therefrom. ;„
Beaver Dam nrippinpr*. .«.-_-;
BEAVER DAM. ~VA.. November • 21:—
(Special.i— Dr. Lewis Coleman Morris has;
a party 'of.- friends at Clazemont for
the shooting season. Among: those who'
ll aye 'arrived are Mr. R: M.. Nelson.. ?of-
Richmond: Dr.' William M: Dabney. >of
Baltimore, and Rev. James Morris, of
Richmond. Mr. Harold Sill and.Dr. Ta»
lor. ; of Philadelphia, who have; been; En
joying the pport. have returned honie'.;..!
The new office and -waiting-room; here,
is nearly completed, and with- the hew
platform adds, greatly to the appearance
of. the place: '~* ; y.
Rev. James Morris, of Richmond, was
a visitor at Oakland on the lSth. "-/ . , '
Mr. Ednvjnd Fontaine returned on"; the:
ISth from a visit to Baltimore and Ch'sx
lottesville. * '■':■■- ".
■Miss Mary Willis Minor., of Baltimore.
is "■■ spending a mo'ith in San:; Antonio.";
Tex., as the guest of her brother./ Mr 1 .
Roliert, B. Minor. Miss Minor -repre
sented the Daughters of the Confederacy
of Maryland at the . conventioif'reeently _
held • in New Orleans. \ -.■"'•;. '- '
Mr. Everett C. Terrell, the merchant,'
is out-again after a month's illness. 'j-■::-.j -■::-.
Clifton Korjxo SpnrUn. -t.
Cl - 1 ETON' FORGE. VA .. November ;21/.
(Special:)— A revival at * the Methodist;
chiiroh.'u eoiid wcted by the pastor. . Reys.
C— : !?•■ Stauiiton. Is 'unusually - well r.-*at-.
Vended, and i miich ' interest is manifested^.
. Mrs.rJ- A. Barker, who' has been -ionjthe;
the sick list -since her return from^the;.
convention -at; . South Boston, *is much :^t-j
teiv ■ ..,>c.v, '*:' '--'•'. '■■ '-^. : ' ';•'. \ ' : r' : }''i'>-i^ i i
' . The' -boilermakprs; and .machinists,^ of ?■
this j^Bce are;;rejoicing n oyer.;a;tralse;^f|
15- rents V day in their wages. :; j : : ?r
TheiCl(fton;>F t oVßeßo\ie-R ; h
its , first' appearance this' ' :^^^M^^
new management, was printed - on. paper
i made at the Oovington-./Va.) Paper Mill.'
and the improyerrien t ' i ri - d r ess was; very
noticeable." • ::.---'-" •
•Mr. O. Hiilman.. whose -family will re
move from Iron Gate (o Hartford/ Conn.;
| ho? decided-, to make: Clifton' Forge," his.
horn" for the ■winter."' -" . .
Mr. S. D. . ."Weeks*, having': resigned ."the
secretaryship of , the ": Railroad ".; Young
i Men's Christian Association; herd:.to;ac
cept that • of^ the "association at; East
Deerfield. Mass. rTt 'is hoped a -live, man
will take his 1 . place.'.; ; The .building here
is next, to, the finest railroad' association
building iii the United States..: ..and '< this
being .an important _ center, one of. the
association's strongest -men is. needed. ■•
•■ ■_ • .. — — — -.♦ :: — ~r. - '..•.'
A Remar"knl»lo, Stncr. - - -
LEESBURG. VAv. -'-November -20.—(Spe
cial.)—Mr. Z. T.- Pierce.' :6f- Rectortown.
father of Mr. Carrbll.'.Pierc>.'of the'Lou
ddiin. National Bank,' sold" a remarkable
sTteer a. few days \ ago.; The: steer was
21-2 years old.- and '.weighed 1,377- pounds.
• Removal 'Sale. .. : ; ' :
See the Underwear for men displayed ;in
rim; window— priced ': a t Vb t cents .per*.g-ar
ment.; See if it ; cjvi be; duplicated; in -.'wwn
for double the money. "-..We 'mean to, sell
every garment in -the' house. . v "■'.,.
As' for tailoring.'. we/willmalve^any suit,
at 'cost for the nexttthirty. days.;. .-■' '.
'<:- : constable ; bros.;.
-For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always; Bought
■ v :football. r :/-
Virginia vs. Carlisle ; Indian«,\'Xor-'
154I 54 'folk, Saturday, ..-.;. "Xpv. ; 22— 51.25
Round Trip via^A. C..1-. and "V. &
■ AY. ■"Railways.* ■■■ . V --;•:.• : :.-■:.' -. : ■:•.■■ ■ ."..;
Account cf : the above. ;'football; game,
the' Atlantic Coast -JJine and 'Norfolk v and
Western Railway: -will - sell .-'round-trip
tickets to -'Norfolk-Vat 1 -;- one v. dollar .."and-- a
auarter Train leaves -Richmond, Bj-rd
street station. 9 "A: : M. : arrives Norfolk'
11:20 A. M. .Returning,' special train
will leave Norfolk ;; 7:SO7 :S0 P. ,M., arriving
Richmond 10- P. M; ■_,' ,:} *-*vr; .--;•■-;,• -.".t --':.
-For tickets and further: ".information,
aßplv "to W. Steele/, Ticket. 'Agent, Byrd
• street station: John: ?E.; Wagner. City
• Passenger . n nd Tickef-rAgent. 'ti 83S ■ Ea st
Main, or Y\ 4C::S^CAMP,BELL^ ■ ; .; \
7r.---' .'■ DivisioniiPasssenger -.-Agent.:- . .
S3S East Main, street^ Richmond; Va.x
' • ; \vtnte""-". tourist; rates. ;■■;■■.
- Yin The Atlantlc-CoastXineß. R. ; .
■/■'.winter^ -tourist tickets '.are: ,now> on 'sale:
to all Southern ; winter, resorts via ':the^At~
lantic-Coast Line:. -This' line is' the sho_rt-v
e'st, quickest, and>most < elegantly equipped:
between the : North ;and ? Sou th:j: lt . offers ;
t b - health and plea sii re e'rs "; ; ser vi ce^
equalled by .'.none:" You ' make {no^ changes]
ito'Florida resorts. - " ".' "I
fuirparticulars^apnly .jto-ariyjagent;!
of -the company, or , -
,V\, ,-.:..■: : ;-'■.■ -iC;? S.| CAMFBELL,"-:/ ;..
Division Passenger/Agent,
Vast: Main istreet:fßjchmond;:-A ra:j:;;r a:j:;;
, Pink Carnntioni. -25 .cents ;P er ; - dozen.;. at
Hammond's, ;107 east Broad-, street. - .
Every day of his' life he gained, one.and. and
a" half * pounds: .An- accurate ..account of
the; corn fed amounted only/to.severi'bar
rels. Price received was ,5*2 cents 7 per
pound. "; .' , ' . .'..'_j...-'a^,4!,*
:[ j ',.- v - Grnre!' Hfll Xiiggct.". ... ..-: :.
: GRAVEL HILL. TA.. November .- 21.—
i Special. I— Mrs. ;f. E. West-. and : her chil
dren returned on j"esterday ironi a/Visit
of. several weeks to friends and' relatives
in. Albrmarle county." ' .
'.The 'weather, with us "now. is fine' for
handlinp- tobacco. Fully-half 'of the pro
duct in .this section will be, sold in' the.
Jiarn to local" buyers. One hnyer'has pur
chased up to this time -nearly .one hun
dred thousand -pounds. .-.'-";'
Mr. R. C. .Nickolas. of Charlottesville.
Mr. '.Philip. Nickolas.- and Nick. Page. -of
Arvonia. were in this section a. few, days
ago hunting partridgesand rabbitst. They
bagged- quite, a .number. -•-, ■: ... •■■■-.
' Last ' Friday night an" oyster supper was
served the. .members" .of Stonewall 'Lodge.
No. 200..A.; F. &- A. M.. at Arvonia. Work
was done in the first "arid third" degrees.
Among .the visiting brethren" was Mr.
Raymond, master of Taze wel l' "Vn '.';'• lodge.
:.'- The oysters 'were served at'the "hospita
ble home. of Mr. .William G. Edwards, and
the. lodge; is'- very. greatly indebted 'to Mrs.
William' G: -Edwards,.Mrs. Pierce,
Mrs. 'Lou'. Pierce, and Miss ? Edna Spencer
for their kind assistance." '; ... • :-.;-
lAViiuJsoiv. Gossip. ." .
WINDSOR. VA.. November,, 21.—(Spe
cial/)—Dr. Frazier. ex-president .of the
Normal. School!'-, delivered. a. yery. : :fin'e ■:ad
dress -here on "Education" Tuesday-night,
which was enjoyed by. a large, audience.
. The 'cou n t y ., con yon tion of • the . Woman's
Christian .Temperance Union ,was,to have
met.- here ori;-yesterday,- but ;.oiv account
of the very, inclement^. weather. ..was post
poned iUo a later date. Mrs.'fWeljs., State
lecturer for the VWoman's Christian Tem
perance Union, delivered an ' "address at
night- at{ the Christian- chinch 'to a-good
sized audience. „ '■_■. . - '. . '." : .; :
.Miss ' Laura -Williams, from Silverton.-is
the guest of " her ;Mrs. :: T.'B.\Mar-,
shall;-: • ■• '■ . : ; . .: ■: -:. -• - '- "}■.'..' ■;%- .-.
; Mr. James, Holland, .who presides near
here, is extrefnely t ili;with fever.; and -has
had a -trained nurse in attendance; since
la'st r Sunday. ■;'■;.-.-.- - - ; . • ■ •;
i Henry, AY. Fleetl 6f;Ciilver .Military
1 . . Academy, is Assisiied. - -„
.'(lndianapolis Journal.") A . . ;
- CTTLVER JND.. -November. :.H.— Henry.
W • Fleet, -a graduate -of the"- class, of 1899
and for the past- two years ..instnictor in.
the Culver Military 7 Academy. ;hasr just,
received his •commission <as:"secon(l- lieu-
tenant United States army, and 'has/been
assigned 'to > duty.'with j the; Second Infan-'
try The Second- Infantry is next to? the,
oldest - regiment in /..the v service. ; was^or-/
ganized under ;<act: of Congress ;;pf .March
3**1791, and ; has had. a brilliant -record: in,
every war in- whichHhe; country/ has.since",
; been engaged."? Lieu tenant? Fleet v reports i
November: 17th :at-.ForJ:.:Sheridan;for:,tem^!
horary. r clut>%'"and s in'.' a'vfeW' days? "i will i- joint
! his "regiment! ■•. now.: on.; duty, in ;, the Philip^
■;pines.::v- ; r \ .'-''■: ■'■.'/^ ■'■' / ::.'■'.;:,■'■ : V" r 'T":::!'^ '■■:-'"
' Lieutenant Fleet was born- at- Columbia^
; Mo.', and fis a < son /of : Colonel ■■ -A; * F.s Fleet. : : ;
; formerly --Professor.;: of f Greek 1 , in -j the'vMis-;.
i sduri :: State;-: University;':i versity;': and 'now;" superb
iintendent' -of 'the. Culver f Military rAcad-:
!,emy..l * ' ' _ -
- v, Colonel ?. : A !^F": Fleet .: is ii f romvj the :- well-*
known ?King : and^Qiieen':family.Tandtma"r-J
iford{fcouhty. ?? a"'SniecejiofiHpn:rsJamesiAS
; Seddorii'. Secretary: of-:War. of^the;Confedi|
feral eof^Wiss'sfeßrlgadeiduringiXtheKclvlU
war ■ - * '
nil fmi ii ll Tn IlimiT
;^;-:Ep^iA^l^CTu'aE;;AT : Y.-:31.'-C.-:A.' -.■■.
long'-isLand.- railway, man.
Thei; Spepker Jl« : ;Al»o;;Chn4rmnnj"«-f
r^.thc Gciiernl . Kflncintlbn Bnrirfl- His.
. Suljjcct Appcnls "Particnlarlj- *"
' Thouichtfnlißnsinc-iJ-Jlcn— Gn'cst nt
• «-3lr. A'sileiitliieJs. -.■■.";':;':-/' r ■?' : .; ' .
' : One 'of the most hitercsting;. educa
tional events of the season. : and one
which the public is looking -forward to
with:much pleasure.- not nlone because of
jfhe subject. .but on: account of thejiiian,
is the addre'ss-of Mr. William \l l. Bald
win, : Jr.. on/Why- Business-Men Should
be Interested^ in- the Subject of Public
Education:" -to be delivered -to-night . at
the -Young . Men's ; : Christian Association
Hall. -- ' '..' :. - ' :.'■■--. --..'"■/.. ' .; .
.Mr., Baldwin- is -the president of the
Long Island railroad, and is also., chair
man ■ of ; : the" General Education Board.
Pie is a ' cultured V gentleman as well; as
a' practical business-man.
.; He was for. some years a . resident of
.the • South: --".He- knows its conditions and,
.understands its rpeople. , -He . is one of
those younger '-'successful men" of the
business world to whom a. broad and
sympathetic patriotism; is- a : sort of reli-.
gion. To his contagious enthusiasm, to
his large knowledge of .men and affairs, :
to his keen perception of concrete condi-
Uions. as wellas to his native sanity, and
force, are-due, much, of the hopefulness
of 'the ; present educational :. movement.
Knowing the statistics of a given = situa
tion is one thing. 'Knowing the; flesh and
-blood of : a situation is another. '.Mr.
Baldwin has: touched the South'- through
experience. -' ' ; ■ • - ;
; -The 'condition of: the public schools is
a subject .which; is holding the attention
of the - educators and literary people
generally, all over this country, but espe
cially in Virginia. Ja'rid' it -.is. -.expected the
hall will-be crowded to-night. .-..-.
* The North has. at, last, become inter
ested in education throughout the South,
through the, efforts of these boards and
those members in speaking or the matter
said: ~ "You have, shown, .us that the
South is trying' heroically, to ' deal not
only with, the negro, but with ''the great
linprivilpged masse? oC. its white popula
tion. You . unrierstaml- your" own- people
and your own problems as we." do not.
This -work is therefore yours. it
and do It. Insofar as we rair ..help you.
■<xc are at- your service.. We have no de
sire to meddle or interfere. .If you will
take' the helm. -we "will stand by you not.
as : northerners, but ias fellow-citizens of
aiebmrnori country.''
■■' It is such motives as these which re
present: not the '.-pittance -which helittles.
bufthe fraternity ; which ennoble? every
thing-; it touches: Tlfrough them is seen
the- great. spirit of love and good fellow
ship. Such an attitude _is not. thf> con
descension of •'charity";' it is the justice
of patriotism. _■ ' ...
Among'the southern members of tiie
hoard are Dr. Edwin A.: Alderman, form
erly president of the University of North
Carolina., now; the president :of Tulane
University. . New Orleans. T>a.: -.Dr.
Charles W. Dabnpy. president! of tiir-
Univprsity of .Tennessee' 'at Knoxvine,
: Tenn •':<•• Dr. -Charles D. Mclven president
of. the-- North Carolina State .Normal
College "> for Women, -at;. Crreensboro.
N- C: and Dr. .1.- Li M. Curry. ex-Con
ffderate soldier, statesman. -and' author.
ex-Minister ..of tKeJlJnited; States to
Spain, and easily ■ tli» most commanding
figure. among. south«=fn educators. / Dr.
Curry has been? for -some years>thf> aeent
■of; the .Peabody and;; Slater: funds. HI?
relation .to : the Southern. - -Eudcation
Board will bethat.of supervisins^'direct
or. "His labors for education'- at • the
South haverniade him a figure, of inter
[ national prominence..; and .the "work will
1 .be' largely, dependent 'upon' hi?, broad ex
perience" and resourceful leadership.
-: :.To the • number ' of "southern 'men upon
. the board might well be added two of its
members now living"at "the North—name
| Iy. ' Mr.- George!" Foster P»abody." of the.
! well-kriown 'banking .'house, of Spencer.
Trask' &'■. Co.. New 'York' city;, and' Mr.
I-,. Walter" H. Page, "formerly editor of the
Forum and of the Atlantic" Monthly.- and
now prUter of the - World's v; Work. New
York. Mr. Page is a nativn -of North
Carolina. ; and Mr. ;P<-abodyJs-a native. of
Columbus. Ga:,r^
•-■Among- the- northern men o" hroad and
patriotic temper. Mr. Robert C- Ogden.
.'of: New York, the president of ; thp board,
should bp nrst mentioned: The ; cause' of
education is not a fnd;with Mr. Ogden.
It is • a -life-long enthusiasm. Although
at. the head of. New York's "Wanamaker
Store." one- of thp largest.- retail estab
lishments of the' world. ' Mr. . Ogden is
never too busy, to "respond . to the 'appeals
and the. obligations of ; his'Kreat lahor of
love.' While he is; also" the .'president or
the Board of Trustees of .Hampton Insti
tute and while for- twenty years he lias
been' identified „ with . mis. "the greatest
existing ;- institution for the . industrial
education of backward- races.; he has al
ways ,taken a frank? sensible, ''large
hearted view of the educational question."
He knows the. South and he knows^and
trusts "its people./ The - unprivileged
classes of: our.., own population appeal Ito
■him. as deeply as the- needs of any negro
or Indian' in the world. He; -wishes .to
help the negro, and the Inrilan. but Tie
does not wish, the phiianthropby of the
country to neglect the poorer classes of
our white people. He:; sees the whole
educational; situation as s a unit. . -• ":
Three other: important; members; of the
board are Rev. J Wallace.,Buttrirk. P. D..
the well-knowii : ; Baptist clergyman ;of
Albany. \ ; N; V.: Hon. H. H: . Hanna. ;6i
' Indianapolis. . Ind.. .and Dr:- Albert Sha"w."
of : New. York. As ; the editor of. the Re : .
view of .Reviews. his : sympathetic, inter
pretations of :_so\ithern affairs have made
• many ; friends for him south .- oi Mason
and -pixon's line.. As".' a ; Christia n . states-.
"man. an. educator of tried ability .and;
sagacity.. Dr.. H : ;B.Frissell.. the princi
pal'-of - Hampton .Institute, will } be. .of
: marked -service to . the .organization. Dr.
Frissell.- for more than "twenty, years.
■ has. been a. resident of .Virginia:,; .;.
•Mr. Baldwin .will arrive ''this morning
■and,. wHl be the guest at the
of- Mr. '• B. B-: Valentine.:; He. will : prbba
:bly r remain -in the, .city until Monday.
:■ The address .will .begin: at. S:3O o'clock.,
and th c ■'■ spea ker . will he "introduced :: by
.Major James H. Dooley.
„- - .Home for /FrunTk* Cox. - .
'■-Superintendent , George '-B.; Davis, of the
city /almshouse, : -has y;- secured
didfhome for Frank McKinley , Cox.vtho
small 11-year-old- boy .who j has, beea'.at
the- alms house ; for the 'past two weeks."
The -ittle: fellow' w-.- go ; to' the* country
iwhere he will •"•be • ediica ted and given'
liome'traihins. " ; '. v ;: ; - ;; - ; ?: -.;" ■! ~\ r-' : - : _
ft —^ •-- -IRMSI&'.. -^Ssf3l
Sick Headache and Constipation.
-Th^ cure ! Giddiness,' Fullness and Sweilingraft^^^
•'ColdChills, : Flu3hmgs'of ; Heat,;l>>s's r ot':^^ T
BlotcHes^6n the Skin; Disttirbcd Sleep,^ Frightful Drditn^'andallN^ousMdTrMnb- '- -. . '
Hing Serisatibns," etc. f The First.^^
fiction. For ; a\y/e^SiMi^hi : -Dl^^iKdlJwfkhdiTn^lnd DigfsOott^^M
they act like if Magic' V^Efery "sufiferer is earnestly invited to try "a Box of these Pflla* .•" /. •
and they will beacknowledged^to be ; WITHOUT/ARRIVAL, * " „-_*■
BEECHAM'S PILLS taken as directed, will quicWy restore fen»!es to coniplctt . "
-health!; They^promptly 'remove anyj obstruction 'or irregularity of the system, ' '" " ■
;-" >; '■'". *U. S^A- Dqjot^36S Canal St., New-.Yorici ; ■ In_ boxes, and 25c _ r t
In the Police Court yesterday morn
ing. Henry. -Wise.- colored, went down in
'default" of &.X>' for; being .drunk. . ',' "..
R. . T. Power pa id 51: for being disorderly
in the bar-room of. E. G. Boyd. ' .
.William Morgan was detained byV Po-'
1 iceman:. Kraft for. reckless driving on the
street/?. If cost him $2.n6- ' . ; ;
«; Sarah. Robinson.- colored, was fined 52.50
for using profane language on the street.
, : Thomas Gwin.* colored, -was assessed
$10.90 for beating Otelia Ball, also colored.
James Fye. was charged with stealing- a
half of^a. box of 'cigars from R. M. Tur
ner. *Tt was' shown' that he" was^drunk
when .-he"' took the box. and. he was lee oft"
after being fined -^.M for. being drunk.
Mr.' Peter StnmpPa: IHlncxn. ;
.-Mr. Stnmpf. president of-the Jler
dhants's. Cold .Storage ; and' ; a popular
restaurjinteur. was taken "suddenly, ill yes
terday.-: after noon ■ short ly. v after, 12. o'clock
in the.'.'offlce of - : the company .on south
Seventh -street. '..
Mr." Stnmpf was removed to his home.
15; east Marshall street, in a private am
hnlance and was'made.comfortahle. ■'
■Supreme Cnnrt of Appoalx. '■;■■"'■■'
. : £!>la: .. .'. -^, - w .. .... - . -•; ■ '■ .
Tuggle vs. Berkeley and others. -Argued
hy. Judge . William" FT. .- Mann for appel
lant, and N. C.rManson for appellees,- and
suhrnittf^d: _ . ... ' •
• Cityy of Newport!. News vs. Johnson.
Dismissed/ '.' -'- '' .
• Pr>s?taij,Telegraph Cable. Company, vs.
City oY^Nonolk. . Continued. ...
The -next cases to be called are Haney
vs. Mrirris. and Blantoh Heckocher,
Nos. 10 an:. 12. '"■ •' ' ' ' '" ' ":■ '
' I.cctnrc; l>r Or. Sporry. :. ;
The^tbird entertainment of the Associa-"
tion Course will be given at the Young
Men'Sj'-Christian /Association Hall next
Monday.. night at 8:15 "o'clock. It"'will ;be
an illustrated lecture -by Dr. I.yman iB.
Sperry.; of -Ohio. ".Through Heart of the
Rocki^'s.'to the Crown of thf Contltient.-*
Dr. Sparry is known the country over as
a physician, and was for years professor
of chemistry, geology, and philosophy. .Hp
is a fine orator, witty arid magnetic.
S?ats are on sale, at the Association build
ing. . ; ■ . . : ; . .
Slorrii»«'»t'Bcrscr -Exhibitions To-Dny
♦ ' - /■■ -:_■ -
;. .- Co«clati«* EiiginKPmcn*.
This" evening and 7 to-night will mark
th» last i exhibitions of -the;"-Morris -and
Bergerj- combined carnival and midway.
whlch'}iis> located at the: corner. -of Vine
nnd ;>tain streets. * "
All of-th" shows will be s-ointr this: eve
ning and -night, including Luriptte. th«
flying -lady: Katzen jammer -Kids.. Fairy
land. -Fair Japan. Small. Horse. Bobo." who
eats 'em'alive: the Australian -wild -girl.
'The Girl jrom Up ; Thefe." Old Plantation.
Hous<» I'p-Sidp ' Down: ..Trained Animal
Show, Deep. Sea Divers. ,and .others. •" '.'f> ■■
The' same price." of admission, will he
charged.'i ; aUhough..a completp change" of
programme, is announced* in almost all
of the attractions. ' '"■ . , %
■ K-vnojjeliJit «t\-3letho«li»< In.itli-n-te.
-Evangelist Allen, of, Philadelphia. -tvho
ha? b?en speaking; for.: Secretary . McKee,
of. the Young Men's Christian Association,
in t-hejjSjhops* of Richmond " for the .past
two- 'we/fks." will "preach : at the '"\Eethodist
Institut'p'.building. corner Nineteenth and
Main Ptce.etp. on. Sunday night arid every
night ripxt...week at "7 o'clock. "Mr. Allen
is a git'ed speaker, and has captured , the
hearts' of, the men; in the shops ot Rich|
mond. '■'■ : . • , '..';■. , '
Visitors Look I npr; nt l.and- Condi tlonj
. V ; of (he SioJv — Personals." ; ~ .] '
CARTERS VII.LE. VA;, November 21.—
('Special.^ — Four gentlemen from;-"»Viscon
sfhfarri veil "here to-day on th»:' noon" train
from Richmond; and are now out.. through
the . rotmtry' inspecting Cumberland lum
ber. ; •*•■.* .-.-■':- - '■ '■'■■- -.' ■
- Capfain C. D. Davis, of Finley. 0.. a.c
eompariied' by Mr. Landonbaiser. 'a 5 for-;
mer .Virpinian. but fur a-numher of years
a resident of ■ Ohio, is in this' section,
looking. over thf large trartAfLMM acres
of -land .•■ owned- by the Ohio I«ind .and
Lumber^ Company. : - ;*. 1, ' ;
•: The.'young and lifted pastor "of the
Methodist church in this place." the ' Rev.
Huglv^J. Paylor. returned from. Richmond
on 'yesterday, -where -he had been in at
tendarie'e upon the session of :tlu; : Vir
ginia -Conference. To the great delight
of every one. Rev. Mr. Pay lor -was re
turne<ir,*to this. charge for 'another year.
Mrs.^Mary Robson. who has been quite
ill -for -'some time, is much better to
day, pfiv . :: • • •--.■■" ■■■ ■ -. - -
" Mr. .John Hoe. of Trenton Mills, in this
count jv, who has been. so. extremely ill
with typhotdffever. is gradually "convales
cing.' ■ '■' '.-.."•".■»-'';'- "- ; . • .
-• Mr. Charlie Smith. •■who'.-.w.'is :so unfor
tunate -some, .time- : ago as., to lose ■ the
great ;toe of /his right foot.'by .a.prerna-;
ture explosion of his- gun while hunting,
is -much' better- to-day." .-"•''.; • .
: Mr. "Marvin A. Palmore.; the', corres
pqndetit of the. Dispatch rat'-Klmont.' ami
wife, are on- a-- visit, to their parents. Mr.
and- Mrs. B.\V. Palmore/* of this, place..
One :of : the" old-rim* Virginia negroes
of,- •-; thirf section.- Abraham: U'arren by
name, died near here last night. 'and will
be, buried to-morrow. 1 ; ' ' _. V
Mrs.-^AnhaM.; England, of Gravel i.ill.
Buckingham" cotintyr who* hasibeen on a
visit for the; last ten Mays-to.-her^mother.
Mrs. A-.'J. Palmore.: ofr.Powhatan couaty.".
returned home .this, morning. ; - .
-. Miss -Rosa. Curd, of Xelsdii; county. c ,who
has been" on a visit 'of several . days to
her " sister. Mrs.- .1. L; Staley. of Pem
.b'erton/ returned. home to-day;on' the. noon
train.- '•' • ; .;..--', : ■■ ;'-r -V -•■•_■?"*-•■".'.- "■'/
■ Blnp RidKe Hosiery Nlil.
SPARTA N'BURG; S. . C. November 21 .—
(Special."*— Ati'a 'meeting ot the stockhoUl
ers of the Blue Ridge Hosiery^ Mill. :. held
here -to-day.. it was unanimously decided
to : dbubl e : * t he ' present capi ta l stock ■of
the mill for the -purpose of increasing
the capacity of the. plant-.The! Blue. Ridge
Hosiery.; Mill was ' organized 'last •; year:
with; $20,000 capital.: and:^ makes
seamless"* hosiery. ■'■ The,; m ill -* is located ■ a t
Landrum, and • is ■; one..-: of'; the* few.*.--suc
cessful 1 hosiery concerns in - the ; South"" to-"
day.;* t:^- :',,.. S -' .>';■: i'*..i<~ : '-.V~#,>-: "£'.:' r^Ki.
Let Us Lend You a-
Ph<o no graph.
If you'U.buy. a' dozen, records. iwo'U
■ tend youv a. 'phonogfraphtfor ; 30 days.
"Why ? :■ ; Because '.. w» .want ,to gtv» ; you
a j chance "to "find ,'out ;: how '" : much'
pleasure "' and entertainment may tw
i gotten.'^ out •'•of \-a"> ganulns -EBISOJJ"
talking -.. the .Vbest in \) th«
: -."and '; It'll i PAY "US to ;. do : It.
Call v for : and " hear - some
new records. Or write *us. Y«»!
"We'lt;send" : machines bat -of town, too,
on, this .proposition. . . :"■" - -.. ','•['■
Dealers wanted* In every town." : -
: 729, 13. Main Street. '
Bell^JE»houe 2690. "
Carrara! Gaitaial
Carrara! !!
AVhat is ; it anyhow?
P^int! P^int!
' AVhat kina-bf Paint? ;' - ;
The Greatest of All Paints,
'Ask-. :":■:;, ,■.■.■■■■;:.:./■;/■■
Taylor & Boiling,
■ . - , »-';> ' i. ■■ ••■■■■''.'■■■ - ■— ■
Richmond, Va.
Sick He'sriochoaad relieve all the trbnbles lncl» :
.dent to ' a bilibu3 ; state oi . the system, such am ; ;.S
Dizziness, Nausea,', Drowsiness. Distress ; ; after, ' .' r
: eating. Painin-the Sl-.le. 'ftir.r-, While thelcmos* .-:
remariable success has been shown in curing .
Headache, ijefc Carter's "Lit Ho Xiveir, Pills U9 \
equally T;U;iabJe in Conatipatiou. curing and prs- •?-'=:
'venting thiaannoyinjjcomplalnf.-waile theyalaa i,y^:
correctaUdi3drirersortheßtomach^timnlateth9 . : . :
lirer and regulata the bowebii JEven if they only . . .J
Ache they wonldbealmostpricotesstothoeewho ,- "
• suffer from this<listrcssingcomi>L-»Uit; J>ntfortu-, X .':
I nately their goodcessdoes notend hera.and thosa "?**•
who once try them -will find these little pills vafo-'\" ? ; !
ißlo ia so m-inywaj-f; that they will hot bo wit *-.
Hug todo without them. But after all sick *M*4 ;■',-"
Is the bane of so many liven that hew Is^hnr .->os
'..we make on r great boast. ' Our pills euro It whil» ri;;:r i ; ; :
others do not;..-v.^ ._". ; ■./ .'■ : \, ; r-j '-•;•: -r..^ •'•.^ .."*'.*■■;:■• ".-?,^
y; -Carter's little Liver. Pillaar© very .staill sad :;.;<
■very easy to take^", Ono or two pills wake & dos9^i^i%
.They aro strictly.vegetableanil do cot' grips or r• ' ■
pnrguJ but by their {ysatlo action please all . -whs :
H3O fhemoln violsat 25 cents ;i five for $1. SoJJ '.
by draggiata every where, or sent by maiL ;
MHL Ml fca, -jsJl'Rk;/
.bosti nate suppression; any cause In patbologf,*
my = j monthly .regultttocjfatls'to rBU<-ye»sai*t».^
iharmless: mail how,'lons'supprerfse«l. „'•' _.
Dr."Jack3on E. K C0.;:169 Doartorn'St.TChicas*;
— — — — —
: refund money if wo do not cnrcVToa c»a O» ttomttam r f"t j
Ur»t with.' t&oso who |m M prefer to eova»hetn-m
wiU contract to ; curs I th*morp*y«p»nw«o»^yj
HT £?;, gr J igflal ,11 gK^ 1
M*k« no H a."* M|ill|il <*•*■*» • ; J
wo mi to Pi i ar»mAtmommm^m o-ara.:- I m
yoa hAto u^^a. mv» » M ccnr» WUtepnUafcyi ;■«
stUl - h*Tft «chcs ;. and MM P^m- *»«"• **?«*•
in rooath,i«o«J Throat, Pl»»U«.C«ygosC»l— y >■>
>d WtKrtJS Ulc*r«onany, KTll^^'^^rJ^* 01 * i
euaraat«> tocuw^Wo fl»Uattha «»•* J^?tt S
: the aVHl of: tto a<Mft l^|*»lße»t ! »"J ■«■■■•■.■?.?
; ' Kor many ysap* w* na»» ■■■■■'E*4'l« ft^SSS^* i ;; l? ®
txcaUnfr thU dUe»s« wtu* oar «A«l© ■« >t *ti*iT ■• '■<
' iuv« ASOO-OO** s capit»l - bfthtaKt! vuc '- nncQiKttUQiM ps
jmrant^.%/rit«i iL,*ior «O^PS«S^ i alS5 tl lU' 1"*1 "* 1

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