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s"fce t-o**. Known a» Clcvclnnd, la
Chnrpcd With Vi^insr the Mails for
Fxvi'nd-fricni Torpo«fs-JHs Allci^ctl
gi-brinr— lnillan Blood JnTlwm.
GATE CITY. VA.. December IS.—(Spc
ris.!.)— Young I. C Robinette. who was
brought to joli here Saturday by a dop
,;tv marshal, on a charge of; using the
Siaii' tor fraudulent purposes. wns
»:s,-«3 under a heavy bond to answer
in indictment in; the Federal Court. His
:p« rents came to town yesterday and oxe
cut*3 the bond, and ho returned home
with them last ni.cht.
XJic young man is said to be exceeding-
J\ ;-!:rewd, and is a fine penman. He had
-jiVie stationery printed representing him
tc'ii to be a larjje merchant, enrrying, in
auaiJioa to a general Una . of
bicycles. sewing machines, musical
<r jtruni'cnts, etc. It is alleged
that ho r.opotiatcd sales by mall, requir
ing his customers to advance a specified
cum in every instance "as a guaranty
or good faith." He is said to have receiv
<•,]-a large amount of money in this way.
1 .:.;t none of his customers ever received
t»iC poods. ■
Tho father of the. young man has for
Tunny years been a dealer in Indian rel
irs. and has made much money by the
trade-It is currently claimed throughout
the community in which he lives that
jr.any. of his "relics" are counterfeit,
but ?o skilfully executed as to deceive
thf most perfect connoisseurs. All tho
lu-rrtbcxp of the family arc endowed with
remarkable mechanical ingenuity. They
niakc euitars. mandolins, clocks, etc., of
i lrigh order, end can make any arllcle
they desire of cither wood or iron.
The oid gentleman is :ilso. a skilful tax
idermist, and by mounting the biids, an-
Jrri3lf;, and snakes of this country and
exchanging them for those of foreign
Jr,nds he contrived to establish a highly
)ctei-csting museum, which he. a few years
t.^o, exchanged ior a valuable farm In
The famil.v carries on an immense cor
r<".'■■poncenoe. stJd contrived to secure the
establishment of the post-offices of Flag
J'end a-rsd Hodel ior their, own conveni-
1 C. Robinette. who goes by the. name
of Cleveland, liad his stationery headed
"Flag Pond. Va.. U. S. A.." evidently
planning to extend his trade abroad. The
ety3e of his ficticious f.rm Is "Collingworth
& Robinette.* r purposely, it is thought,
suppressing his cvrn initials. Colingwortn
.formerly lived at Flag Pond, but is at
preseni e-^nployod in "Wise county, and
is believed to b'c ignorant of the swindling
fhem* thai was being conducted under
.his name. An older brother of Cleveland
Robinett*?, who, it is allrged. a few years .,
njjo. fraudulently secured a $40.C*CK) rating;
Id rhc commercial reports, is charged with
"r.e;t-g implicated in the mercantile stvjn
<ile. but has thus far eluded the officers.
..-Although not descendants of I'ocahon
18.S. this family is said to be highly tinc
tured with Indian blood. Their time is
patiently devoted to- manufacturing rare
f-rticiep, which they manage to sell
through the mails. The account given of
them by intelligent gentlemen of their
roromunity is deeply interesting and ro
maniic. However much they may have
overstepped the bounds of law. it cannot
he denied that there is much in thoir
tiory 10 be admired.
Mr. W. M. Perry and Mrs. Amanda
."ones, prominent people of this county,
were married to-day. Mr. Perry is the
father of Dr. TV. J. Perry, of Gate City,
;nd Ilev. John \V. Perry, one of the most
ftioquent ministers of the Holston Con
ference of the Methodist. Episcopal
Church, South.
- ♦—
Many Improvements Going: On — -V
J-inßiilar Accident — Personal.
MATHEWS, VA.. December IS.—(Spe
cial.)—The little iowr <-f >3Mhews is 'on
quite a boom. There is more work go
ing on now than there has been for the
last five or six years,
Mr. McMichael. contractor and builder
of L. \E. Mumfcrd & Co.'s branch at this
Pace returned from Maryland last week,
•where he spent eight or ten days with
iiis famiiy.
Mr, McMlchar-1. though hindered a great
d«r-l by the bad weather, is frettin? on
nicely 'with hit; buildir.s, and if nothing
prevents will complete it early in the
j-ear, now so near at hand.
Messrs. G. S. and J. F. Marchant arc
tnakinpr quite an improvement to the vil
lage by tearing down and moving away
•eight rooms of the old" hotel, and rcmod
fiiing the remaining- four, so that wh^n
a coat of paint is added the structure
will look like a new building-.
The Tidowater Telephone Company's
exchange board was to-day moved to one
of the remodelled rooms, and (he old
room in which the exchange was located
was torn down.
Dr. A. M. Marchant, the dentist who
was recently operated on in Baltimoro
by Professor Blake, formerly of this
county, has, thanks to the skillr-d sur
git?n, been restored to health apniu. 11-;
has gone to work on the many teeth
that needed Ills T attention. Dr. Marchant
'c one of the most popular and promising
vounc men of the place, and his friends
ar edelighted to see him in his ofllre ,
once more. He occupies two of the re
•■»nt]y remodelled rooms, and is nicely
equipped for business.
Messrs. Marchant will build on the site
of the hotel a handsome two-story build
ing So by SO feet. The second story will
be; used 'as a town hall— something this
plare has iK-eded for years. The first
Moor will be used for offices and a store.
5 '- ' ~ " .: - . f
£.. Will find what they want here! Every article is as it should be ; every price ; ? :
f? is the lowest possible. Additional help to see to your wants. Below we give a few "f,
*? hints of the many. . , 1
f * Sterling Silver Novelties, best mates. 25c. and upwards. ' \: >
1 . Sterling Silver Comb and Brush Sets, $3.00 and upwards. '
|J Sterling Silver Comb, Brush and Mirror Sets, $7.50 to $30.00. .■■ ■ v j'
£ Sterling Silver Military Sets, heavily carved, $6.00 t0 .512.00... ' f
2 Chatelaine Bags, $1.50 to $30.00. -, J .'" V" ?
a. Sterling Silver Match Boxes. $1.00 to $5.00. . . V yE
|a Sterling Silver Cigarette Cases, $6.00 to $15.00. |
5 Silver Belt Brooches, newest designs, $1.25 and upwards. &
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Terms From $5.00
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Closing Out Stock of Small
Musical Instruments at
Prime Cos!.
Fine GUITARS from $3.50 up.
A large stock of MANDOLINS
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BANJOS ranging in price from
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Talking Machines and Records
We have a full stock of EDI
needless to say that the EDISON
is the acknowledged leader of all
talking machines, and it is here
you find a full stock to make
your selection from.
The Cable Company,
J.Q.CORLEY. Manager
Messrs. Kirkpatrick and Basset will
furnish the lumber for this builaingr. This
lumber is being hauled every day, and
tlie six skilled carpenters engaged by
the firm will go to work on the new
building at once. It is the intention of
Messrs. Marchant to build by the side of
this a large department store, to bo used
by the same linn.
'Mr. 11. H. Hale has had the debris of
his carriage house moved, and is' erect
ing a much larger one on the same sitelj
Mr. C. 11. „ Owens, of Guynus Island,
met with quite a serious accident last
Saturday afternoon while engaged in fix
ing some pound stakes for tho early
epring fishing.' One of the stakes fell
and struck his axe, which Hew up, strih
ing Mr. Owens under the chin and sever
ing several of the small arteries and
Dr. 11. H. White, of the Island, wa
hastily summoned and dressed the wound:
Air. Owens was doing as well as could
be expected when seen at the court-house
The yomicr people were very much dis
appointed Tuesday night by not being
able, owing to the severe storm, to par
ticipate in an oyster roast given by the
families of Messrs. James and Miller. It
s^cms that fate is against this roast, as
this is the second lime that bad wea
ther has en used it to be postponed. How
ever, the prospective hosts will not be
downed, and they have Thursday night;
the ISth. as the date for the feast. They
are especially dosirious to have it before
the 20th. for Miss Annie Farinholt- will
leave the county that day to spend two
weeks' holiday with her people in Rich
The merchants arc all doing- a nice
business now: there is plenty of money,
and it is changing hands freely.
S<riiiiß-e Find in a T,onisn FowUs Giz
zard— Frederick's Hall Xotes.
IS.— (Special.)— While dressing a small,
fryinp-size chicken some time ago. a
lady living- near here found a doll-baby
nearly two inches in length in the «-'iz
zard of the fowl. It is not known how
long the doll had remained within the
The ..slaughtering of swine. Is pretty
well over in Louisa county now. Nearly
every larder is amply supplied with pork
for the coming year. Farmers are now
turning their attention to providing them
selves with big wood-piles for Christmas,
in anticipation of bad weather and the
farther [for / the Ice 'harvest.
Louisa's broads are 'now almost ! impassaf
ble,-owing to the * recent heavy and' pro
tracted "rafna. It would : seem that ;the
present time would be a very :opportune
one to renew the" agitation' of <the ;*'sodfl
roads movement.'' People have been\ very
much inconvenienced: of late -on* account
of "the Inability of 'mills to grind. The
trouble is owing; to high water in the
streams. . . .
Dr. B. A. : Terrell is^havihg a little cot
tage,, a recent rv rcna se of his, renovated
and • painted. His large ' and commodious
dwelling, "Woodley,"; is also receiving a
new coat of paint.
Misses Belle and Natllie ' Harris ■"' will
spend the Christmas holidays with their
grandfather, "Colonel V TV. B. Pettlt, of
Flu vanna. _••.' ..-'.'■■,'' .•- •■
"Miss Maude Folndexter, who is at
tending the Valley Seminary, is expected
home Wednesday.' . ..'.
Mr." and Mrs. W. Edward Splcer and
little daughter Francis,' of Norfolk, Va,,
spent several days of this week with Mrs.
E. IT. Spicer, as did also Mr. Charles
E. Spicer. of Keswick. »
Miss Nellie Cammack will visit her pa
rents in Spotsylvania county. >
Mrs. B. J. Bibb, of Richmond, has been
a recent guest of Mrs. S. E. Harris, of this
Mr. J. H. Crank is in Richmond to
day. . ■■■■„... --■
• Miss Lizzie Terrell, aof Richmond, vis
ited the Misses Atlunson recently.
Mr. Groyer McCann, a recent igraduate
in -telegraphy from this place, was call
ed a few days ago to take charge of the
telegraph office at Walker's, Va.
Mr. Garrett, of Roxbury, Va,, who
succeeds the late Mr. N. C. Harris aa
agent an. operator for the Chesapeake and
Ohio railway at Frederick's Hall, has
arrived, and is stopping with Mr. E. H.
Poiffdexter. . " j. . ■■
Mr. Charles Talley, a worthy and pros
perous young farmer of this county, and
Miss Estes, daughter of Mr. Abram Es
tes, of Mineral, were quietly united in
maUimony Tuesday evening. The Rev.
L, J. Haley officiated.
Thos J. Morris Dead.
CHARLOTTE. VA.. December 18.—(Spo
cial.)—Thomas J. Morris, a native of
Charlotte county, but for the past thirty
two years a resident, of Palmer's Spring
District, in Mecklenburg county, Va.,
died suddenly Monday, in his S9th year.'
Mr. Morris was a man of remarkable
physique and will-power. Although great
ly afflicted with rheumatism, and with
his form bent qnd tottering, his Indomita
ble will-power k*pt him up to the last.
He -died on the road to the post-office.
Deceased was a kind and hospitable man,
and one of unquestioned honor, i Peace to
his ashes.
Leesbursr ManJs Thrlllingr Adventure
>'*•'■■-' in H-SiTOllen Creelc.
LEESBURG. December 18.— (Special. )—
Mr. Henry Gibson, of the London Mutual
Fire Insurance Co., and one of the direc
tors, of the People's National Bank, . had
a narrow escape from drowning yester
day. While attempting: to cross a stream
leading from .the turnpike to Belmont,
the. current was^so.'swift' and deep that
his horse and wagon was- completely
submerged; -and the animal itself extri
cated with great difficulty.
Mr. Charles H. Gross, the millionaire
lawyer of Philadelphia, who died several
days ago, was born in Trappe, Pa. Mrs.
Gross' maiden name was Cassady, and
her family moved from Loudoun County
alter the war.
Dr. and Mrs. T. F. Keen, of Hamilton,
lave returned from New York. Dr. Keen
has been taking a pest-graduate course
in the treatment of diseases by X-ray.
Mr. Maurice Powell has rented the
house recently vacated by Mrs. R. H Mc
pnn'iel; whose husband met with a fatal
accident several weeks ago.
Kesrrets Necessity of Resortlns: to
." Forcc'Cin. f-'Veneztieln—Prosperity
for TrnnsTaal,
LONDON, Dec. IS.— Parliament was
prorogued this evening by royal commis
sion. Only a score of members of the
house of commons .were present when
Black Rod summoned the lower house
to the house of lords to hear the King's
speech, which was, a lengthy recapitula
tion of public -events since January, in
cluding the action taken in connection
with Venezuela, in regard to which it
says; • ,
—■I regret that the constant complaints
which my government found it necessary
to address to the government of Vene
zuela in regard to unjustificable and ar
bitrary acts against British subjects and
property during the last two years have
beeen persistently disregarded and that
it has become necessary for my govern
ment, acting in. concert with that of His
Imperial Ma jestjv'the .German 'Emperor,
which has, also serious \cause for com
plaint against Venezuela to insist upon
measures of redress." .■ •
The speech refers to the conclusion of
the. Somh" African war and adds: :.,
"There seems to be every reason to
hope that material prosperity greater
than any the Transvaal and Orange
River colonies have yet experienced may
visit these regions and that all sections
of the population may live together in
friendship for each other and loyalty to
the Crown."
Paragraphs deal with the postponed
coronation, the Colonial conference, and
Colonial Secretary Chamberlain's tour,
which together are expected to be of the
"utmost value both in respect to their
immediate effect and as precedents in the
Other topics touched upon were the ex
pedition against the Mad Mullah and the
co-operation of Italy therein; the accept
ance by Chile and Argentine of the Bri
tish boundary award; tho Brussels sugar
■8 *T'^wr m W*iF^'^»**P^-tr'lwAF*mw*S''twm3F^MjP m mSFlrJ^^ :
3 * ■ * ' ■ - - " ■ •*"
J L/Ull I JLI|II\V - ■( ■■-/;■■
I Your Cakes
I■■ -,:- ' - - . . , •-■- - ,%;/- • ."; -:■ , -. . ,'. .- ,-" ; ---:.•■■ . *' * - " • '■' • ' ' ' -. '
If Until you have "seen tHe'j3ure and' wholesome Cakes at Bromrri s; ;
% . Bakery. Then you won't' do your cake-baking at home. Our „;
i ! baking is home-like. We use nothing but the best material and •; V
I • employ- only thoroughly experienced and competent men. Save v \
\H money! Save time! Save trouble! Let us be your baker. /
h . v - .; ' --: . --:./-•-. . ; -. ;:■.■ ■ r
«B "T^ •/ /^ 1- ■'-'- -! - FullLineof k Your Special Attention is Called !■
r rruit Cakes, 'ii w i Ss* toour J
3 _ ■■■■■ :=- ■■■■! •-•■■■ German Cakes, Tr . - .
f Pound Cakes, such „ Victoria
t Angel Food, Honey Cakes, Fruit Cake.
t Marble Cake, PflasteivStein, ThivwtiiefiMftcafceewr.madom
S ' - "-' - —, s , ' . this city. Rich and will keep moist for
II Jelly Cake^^ Spnngele. Mon t |
B - ■- - ";. ; '..-'■'.•■ .;'■'■.■ i ■ ' " •- - ". " ■ - ■'.. '■ . '' -
EBE B - ' ; ■'■'.--.. > ' ■ " ■ -
P Prompt DeliY'ry _„ _ --\' . irc * ' Caießatery *.
L 1 516 East Marshall Street. ! •■ - ■ J
«a ■ . i— . .. . _ - . . ..... . . .-,-.■ . y .
convention; and the alliance between
Great Britan and Japan, which the king
believes "will be of advantage to both
countries, and contribute to the mainte
nance of general peace in the extreme
LONDON. Dec. IS.— TheAnglo-Ctfinese
treaty is referred to as promising to se
cure not only for this country, but for
the commerce of the world, valuable fa
cilities and advantages. .
The speech closes with a reference to
India, where the anxiety regarding an
other famine has been averted by a
plentiful rainfall, and where the. corona
tion Durbar was associated with a period
of unusual commercial and financial
prosperity. The speech entirely omits the
usual . reference to foreign relations.
The Agricultural Society In Fine
Shape — Cotton and Tobacco Notes.
RALEIGH, N. C December IS.—(Spe
cial.)—The State Commissioner of Agricul
ture has received a copy of the bill Intro
duced In Congress creating a Bureau of
Public Roads. It carries an appropriation
of $20,000,000.
It is asserted by some persons that fully
a third of the Democrats in the Legisla-.
ture have not yet made choice of the
man they will vote for for United States
Senator. It will require 73 votes to elect.
It is claimed that one aspirant has .50
votes safe, but this is denied by the
friends of others.
The Executive Committee of. the North
Carolina State Agricultural Society held
a long session here and found all the
affairs of the State fair, financial and
otherwise, in the very best shape. ; The
payment of the interest which falls due
next month was ordered paid. It Is the
plan to make many improvements of
buildings and grounds before the fair
next October. The grandstand was built
in 1573, and part of the main building
the same year; other parts of the main
building in ISS4 and 1891. This is one
of the most successful State fairs in the
Nearly all of the cotton crop and most
of the tobacco crop in this section are
said to have been marketed. Next season
there will be ample warehouse -and stor
age room; also a large stemmery.
Rev. Dr. W. C. Tyree. who camo here
from Durham, has taken charge of the
First Baptist church, and last evening
preached his first sermon there.
The local Elks are arranging for an ex
tensive plan of aid to the poor during
the holidays, by a wide distribution of
Christmas sifts. ..
Secretary of State Grimes left for the
eastern part of the State to-day, to remain
until after the holidays. He has com
pleted his report to tho Governor and
North Carolina Judge Tims Ad
dresses a Jary Whose Verdict
Greatly Dissatisfied Him. _
WASHINGTON, N. C, December 18.—
(Special.)— "Go back and bring in a ver
dict of guilty,", said Judge Fred Moore
to a jury in the Superior Court here Wed
nesday. A case came up in which the
defendant was clearly guilty, and the
judge said so in his charge, but the de
fendant's attorney, who is a blind man,
presented his case so ably that they de
cided in his favor. Then the judge ordered
the jury, to ,jive another verdict.
..-.. Sons o£ the Pirate.
-WASHINGTON. N. C, December IS:—
(Special.)— There are two men in Eliza
peth City who are lineal descendents
of the pirate, Edward Teach, and since
the appearance of the articles about
the famous pirate in Sunday's Dispatch
they have written your correspondent to
that effect. In fact, they seem to feel
proud of It. They are well-known and
respected merchants of that city.
Old David Smlthson.
"WASHINGTON. N. C, December IS.—
CSpecial.)— Old man David Smithson.. a
well-known character in Pasquot.ink
county, has at last gone to the poor
hotise. This old man owned the queerest
dwelling in eastern Carolina. It wus a
one-room, ■ single-story, roofless house.
Smithson was a shingle, maker, and al
though the roof had fallen and rotted
away, he would not shingle it, saying.
sententifii'Sly, . 'When the sun's shinin' I
clon't need a shingle; when it is rainln'
I can't. 1 ' ,
A Brave J.wJlor'n AVlfe..
; WASHINGTON. N. C. December IS.—
(Special.)— A brave jailor's wife, standing
with, arms akimbo* in the jail door, hold
ing a : broom, prevented live negroes and
one white prisoner from escaping Tuesday
night. They.: had obtained a key >to the
outer cell door, and as none were, danger
ous men, their Individual .cells were left
unlocked," andLthey were - leaving for : hap
plerßtamplnsVsTOundß...when stopped by
th» hrave iromsn. ..; ;:.,' ■•■•■CO- c
A Quarrel Between Her and <a Mys
terious Male Caller.
SIOUX FALLS, S. D., December IS.—
Members of the divorce colony here are
discussing the 'latest developments, in. the
case of Mrs. Roland T B. Molineux. It is
alleged that a quarrel occurred between
Mrs. Molineux and a mysterious person
age, whqse identity has not yet been re
vealed. .
It is rumors that several persons who
live in the hUel at which Mrs. Molineux
is a guest wi-e startled Saturday night
by a man entering Mrs. Molineux's
rooms .She was apparently greatly
angered by the words of her caller. Oc
cupants of rooms in the vicinity could not
help but hear the . angry voices of ' Mrs.
Moliheux and her unknown visitor. ' - ■
There is foundation for the belief that it
was not-a Sioux Falls acquaintance who
took the liberty of quarrelling with her.
The alleged caller, it is hinted, may have
been a New York friend of Roland B.
Molineux, who quietly came to effect a
reconciliation .between, the woman . and
her husband and to induce her to aban
don her proposed divorce suit and return
to New York. Others intimate that the
caller may^ have. been, a; New ; York.-;ac
quaintance ""who decided to visit Mrs. Mo
lineux. the quarrel resulting from some
cause known only to themselves.
Mrs. Molineux, now that tho seige of
her apartments has been raised, takes a
long walk almost daily, and makes occa
sional trips to nearby stores, but Is in
variably unaccompanied. No male com
panion has been seen with her, and, so far
as can be ascertained, no one, either as
an emissary of her husband or otherwise,
has recently arrived from' New York. .
Richmond Transfer' :: * Company have
moved fcfeir Union Ticket. Pullman and
Bagga^ Transfer Office to No. Sl9 East
Main s?7eet, between Eighth and Ninth,
with increased facilities for handling
business. Both 'phones — 16.
S. H. BOWMAN, General Manager.
Ilolidny Rate, Richmond to Norfolk
and Return via Old Dominion
StcnniMbip Co.Js IVisht I^ine. :. jr..
The. Old Dominion Steamship Company
will sell special tickets. to Norfolkand re
turn "at. 13.50, including stateroom berth
in both directions, leaving Richmond 7
P. M., arriving in Norfolk next morning
at 6 o'clock. Tickets will be on sale De
cember 23d, 24th, 25th, 27th. 30th.- 31st. and
January Ist, limited to January 3, 1903.
.To teachers and students holding certi
ficates from "president, principal^ or su
perintendent of institute, holiday tickets
will be sold at the above rate commenc
ing December 16th. with final limit Jan
uary Sth. JOHN F. MAYER,
V Agent.
V 1212 east Main street.
Spend Christmas at 1 Home— Greatly
Reduced Rates Via Norfolk: and
Western Railiray, ; Account Christ
ma* Holidays.
Ti»- "-ts will be sold on the following
da\o« To points on Norfolk .md Western
Railway, Dec. 22, 23, 24. 25. 27. 30, 31. and
Jan. 1 to all points south of the Potomac
and east of tho Mississippi river same
dates as above, except Dec. 22. all good
for return passage until Jan. 3. 1903. To
students and teachers with proper cer
tificates these tickets will be sold Dec.
16 to 22, final, limit Jan. S. . 1903. Round
trip rates from Richmond to Norfolk,
$3.50;'- Lynchburg. r $5.00.. ...
For tickets and" further Information,
apply Richmond Transfer Company,. Sl9
East Main street; ticket agent,. Byrd-
Street Station, or at company's i office,
S3S. East Main street; John E. Wagner,
City Passenger and Ticket' Agent.
- .;.;. : :: C. 11. BASLEY."
. •. .Division Passenger Agent.
■ deS-t 3t;- ': - -•-■• --- -,-■-':•—
Christmas Holiday Hates, .via CUeaa
pealie and Ohio Railway.
To the Public: '■ V- •' ■ ' - '
Holiday excursion: tickets will be sold
Dec. 22.. 23, 24, 25, 27. -30. 31,- and Jan. 1 be
tween all stations on the Chesapeake and
Ohio Railway; also on Dec. 23, 24, 25. 27.
30, 31, and Jan. 1. holiday will be
sold to any point : south of the Potomac
and Ohio rivers and east of the -Missis-
The following special rates will apply:
Richmond and Lynchburg.ss.oQ.
Richmond and Norfolk, $3.50. ,
Richmond and Old Point, ?3.00.
Richmond and Lexington. Va., 5G.90.
Richmond and' Clifton Forge. $7.70.
Norfolk and Lynchburg, JS.IS. . . .
The; above tickets, limited to expire
Jan.^3. -
To teachers and students, holding certifi
cates from president, principal or super
intendent of institute, the holiday tickets
will be sold, commencing Dec. IS,, with
lim:£ to expire Jan. B. „ .
Via the Atlantic Coant Line R. R.
Winter touriat tickets ; are now.on M sala
to all- Southern winter resorts via' the At
lantic Coast Line. 'This'llno Is the short
est "- quickest ": and : most elegantly-equipped
between the North, and South. It .offers
to "health and pleasure-seekers service
equalled by none. You make no changes
to- Florida resorts/ ■ - .<•••,
For full particulars, apply, to. any asrent
"of -the company; or -*■• — V'-. •- ;' l-.-.\
[ ->.*:-:-;: : : , ■■■■: C.S. CAMPBELL,
>.-.,.. *- i'Pivlalbn -Paaaenger Agent,' -
; ■; -. . US East -Main :«trjM*, J . Wchnjond.:.^*,- : ;
Popular Presents
Popular Prices
are our inducements to one
and all. Christmas buying 1
at our store results in the
delight of the folks at home.
"We put at your disposal ap
propriate gifts for every
member of your famiiy. We
insure you a saving of time
and worry in selection and
a merry money-saving
Open Evenings Until 10 P. M.
209 E Broad St.
Old 'Phone 2643.
We Cure Cancers,
and -without the use of the knife, as
well as Tumors and all Chronic Sores!
All examinations free. We will board
you if re while making the cure. Come
end sen what .marvellous cures wo
have made, and are daily making.
If we fail to cure YOTT, wo will pay
your expenses!! "Write us about your
trouble, and wo -will tell you what to
Kellam Cancer Hospital,
Twelfth and Bank streets.
dc 10-Th,Sun&"W-ly
Riclimoml,' Fredcrlcl«j«l>urff & Poto
mao Company — Holiday Excursion
The Richmond, Fredericksburg and
Potomac Kallroad Company will sell spe
cial excursion tickets to points on the
Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac
Railroad and Washington Southern Rail
way, account of x the Christmas and New
Year's holidays, at reduced rates, as
To the Public: Tickets to be sold Dec.
23, 24, 25, 30 snd 31, 1902, ' and Jan. 1, 1003,
good -returning until Jan. 3.
To students and teachers of schools and
colleges, oniy on presentation and sur
render of certificates signed -by the pres
ident, superintendent or", principal -of
school or college, Dec. IS to 22, inclusive,
good returning until Jan. S.
Round trip rates- from Richmond to
Fredericksburg. $2.55; Alexandria, 54.45;
Washington. $4.75; and to other points
in proportion. Tickets good- going only
on date of sale and for. continuous pas
sage in each direction. ' '
Apply to -Richmond Transfer .Company.
819 East Main street; Jefferson Hotel and
Murphy's Hotel: or i.eket agent. Byrd-
Street. Elba and Main-Street Stations. ..
W. P. TaYLOR, Traffic Manager.
del2-t3O ■;■'.'•• ' "
Seaboard Air Line Railway—Christ
inas Holiday Ratesl
On .account of the Christmas holidays
the' Seaboard will sell: round-trip tickets
from all stations on its lines at a rate of
one- and one-third first-class fares ' be
tween all points east of the Mississippi
andpbuth of the Ohio and Potomac rivers,
including Washington. D. C. ;and St
Louis. Mo. One first-clas3 standard fare
will: apply, for the round trip between
points in the State of Florida. Tickets
will, b e sold Dec. 23. 24. 25. 30 and 31. 1902.
and Jan. 1, ISO 3. Final limit. Jan. -3, 1903.
For Students — Same rates; will. apply as
above noted on presentation and .surren
der of certificates .signed by \ the super
intendent, principal or president "of a
school or college. Tickets will' be'sold to
students Dec. 16 to the 22, inclusive, in
addition to the above-mentioned dates.
Tickets sold to students will have a final
limit Jan. S.-1903. -. i '■•"..-* - •
; For further, information, apply -to any
agent or representative 'of the Seaboard,
or write or. call" on ■ ■.v'"-:. s *^^^
■ Z.-P. SMITH, - ' •- W.J.MXT,
\:.: Bis. Pas3.Ast., : -GltyiTlcket^At-VV
%■ 100$ . K»»t Main strwt, Richmond, Va~
A Fine Weber Piano In
perfect order, cost in
New York at the factory
$650. Bought , by one of
our best families, 1 and now
must be sold. Fully gua
ranteed. Priced-
Manly B.Ramos
119 East Broad Street.
New 'Phone 1580.
You cannot afford to malce
your selection of Xmas presents
before seeing our immense line
of Cut-Glass, Pland-Painted Chi .
na, Italian Marble, in Busts, anc
Pedestals, Clocks; Metal AH
Goods, and various other suita<
ble and acceptable gifts. W<
will be pleased to have you makt.
an inspection of our stock,.
We are showing' the largest
and most complete line of Toys
and Dolls ever brought to Rich
mond. Our 5, io, 25, and 50c.
counters are filled with all the
latest novelties in Toys, and at
exceedingly low prices.
1b EJ, Mtflß CO,
No. 1011 E. Main
: . and Wiii
'•■■ No; 9 I. BrdadSt
KviT I linvi iK^V
H Lutlitr Dms Silt Cas«
/' . Is in tdtal Christmu Frtaant .
Come and tee th» elea»»t atjles wq &ats
" ■ . . "- jiutrecetTeA. • ■ ;- ;•- .
We Can iS\mr You at $6
the kind that you hmwt alw»y« ae«a
marked at $io.oo. :,; '- v .
We carry a full line of ; : / .
and can. give -yon : special Talaea tkia
'season. ■- , vV ::' ■ ■■'•'•.tvl/--'-.--' " ;-: ■-.: : '=\- V.--.- ;
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