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Sfndtrrnl io Tny ""15.000 on the Am
phlth^ntrc nnd Lcnve n Mnretn for
rrefcrrod St«»ck-Hol«lcrn — Terms
of <!ic noMorU Lease, AVhlch Ex-
pire* Next Mn>v
The lease or the Bostoek animal show
•)n the amphitheatre at. Kcservoir Park
run Tints] Ma?. Ist, 3933. Mr. Rostock
has sub-lcasrd the building from the West
Knd Amusement Company, of which Mr.
W. B. Pizzini is manager. The latter
company holds a lease on tha building
until Stptcmber Ist. lf«3. after which time
the Horse Show Association will resume
rhargo of the amphitheatre for Its annual
exhibition in October.
Under the term of tht» lease Mr. Bostock
wili replace all the boxes as they were
originally, and put the amphitheatre in
the same condition in which he found it.
During the summer, the amphitheatre
wfil probably be used by the West End
Amusement Company as an indoor place
r>f amusement, the character of which
has not. yet been definitely settled upon by
the management. j
Secretary \V. O. Warthen. of the Horse
£bo\v Association, stated yesterday that
?hc association would probably vary their
programme next season by' reduefnt: the
number of events each night and substi
tuting one or Uvo matinee performances.
The proceeds from the show this year
r.-ere snflicieru. to 'pay the guaranteed" per
zrjr.t. on preferred stock, and pay. for tho
building, which, apart from the money
•übscribed by the street car company,
cost $15iOOQ. An examination of the rail
road coupons show that thero were over
E.CO3 visitors to the horse show during the
week in October. This does not include .!
;he. many visitors who attended the show
from neighboring points, who did not pur
ahase tho special tickets sold by the vari
aus railrcaos.
Mr. John D. Potts, formerly division
passer.g-er agent of the Chesapeake and j
nhl ° I" this: city, and now stationed in
Cincinnati; was hi the city yesterday. He '
is largely interested in the Horse Show '
..AsEociation. and i.s well satisfied with the j
outcome of the venture this season Hp !
believes that the show next season* will j
oclipse anything that h'iis yet been give»,'
in this city. Mr. Potts returned to Cm- j
cinriat; yesterday. . |
■Visitors to tho Bostock show were
. srrcatly inconvenienced by the many pools
of muddy wau-r alongside the car tracks
on the, opening: night: Manager Huff of
the Passenger and Power Company, has
remedied the trouble by filling in the wet
spots with sand ;md gravel so that
further inconvenience in this direction
tviii be avoided.
The lighting facilities of the arena have
been improved, the. operations of the vari
ous: switch boards having been fully ex
plained to the man in charge. There are
now 15 arc jamps and 700 incandescent !
bulbs besides a cluster of. lights over the
pteel cage, giving ample brilliancy to the
arena. ■■-'-•
Decree of the Cliniicorj.- Court— A Sa it
on Account of Vt" beat hi;
Tho c.is« -of Hazel Bottom's ndniinl?
t.au;x vs. thy? .Richmond Passenger and
j-ower Company, for Slo.OiO damages twas
oommejiced yesterday; morninc- in th*
City circuit Court. The hearing will
likely occupy the bolter part of the ses
sion to-day before it is 1 -: disposed Vof
, .|.'. 5e suil i!= *<~> recover <lamajrcs for tho
rcUijns of the little, child of Counoihnan
Davlis Bottom by a car on thr l^a.urel-
March U* UnC dvr ' Ilg ' '^ momh of
Jn the Husn'ne-s Coui-t yesterday aftef
aoon Charlotte Da\is (colored) wasVglven
two years in the penUv?nt.iary on the
rhaxgre of talcing a wallet from the pocl;ct
of a HenrJco county fanner.
Reuben Carnet (colored), who was
ennrpred with a malicious assault was
xoundi gruilty of assault and battery and
was given two months in the city jail.
Judge Grlnnan. .in the Chancery Court
ivsjcrday, granted an absolute divorce
I? *'}t*- JJenar ena Bower.« from her husband"
Frrdaie B. Bowers. The divorce was ee
cured.on statutory grounda. Mr. Edgar
B. Dnglish represented Mrs. Bowers.
the clerk's office, of the Chancery
Court yesterday evening: the lease, be
tween ;H. W. Rountree^ahd the T'nitvd
■States Government for tiie property used
i or- postal station A was recorded". The
lease, is for a term of two years, ending
fen- People Realize the Iriiiiortanec
of Com] Digo.slion Until It is I,o«1.
Many people suffer from dyspepsia and
do not l:now it They feel mean, out "of
sorts, peevish, do not sleep well, do not
have a grood keen appetite, do not have
the inclination and energy for physical
or mental work they once had. but at the
same time do not feel any particular
pain or distress the .stomach. Yet
all this is the result of poor digestion.
an insidious form of Dyspepsia which can
only be cured by a remedy specially in
tended to cure it and make the digestive
organs act naturally and properly, digest,
■trie food eaten. Bittors. after dinner pills.
and nerve tonics will never help the trou
ble; they don't reach it. The. new medi
cal discovery does. It is called Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets, and is a specific for
dyspepsia and indigestion. It cures be
cause it thoroughly digests all whole
some food taken into the stomach, wheth
er the stomach Is in pood working- order
or not.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, by digesting
the food, instead of making the worn out
stomach do all the work, gives it a much
needed rest and a cure of dyspepsia 3n
the natural result.
"When you are nervous, run down, and
sleepless, don't make the common mis
take of supposing your nervous system
needs treatment and fill your stomach
with powerful nerve tonics which make
you feel good for a little while only to
faH back farther than ever.
i'our nerves are all right, but they are
starved, they want food.
Nourish them with wholesome, every
day food, and plenty of it, •well digested,
snd you can laugh at nerve tonics and
But the nerves will not be nourished
from a weak, abused stomach, but when
the digestion has been mad*; perfect by
the use of this remedy all nervous symp
toms disappear,
-Who ever heard of a man or woman
blessed with .a vigorous, dlcostion and
eood appetite being troubled . -vyith tlieir
nerves? -„: . , ;•
Good diprstion means a stronj? nervous
system, abundance of energy, arid ca
pr.city to enjoy the jjqod, things of. life.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will cer
tainly set your stomach and digestive
orcam; ■rJch't: they can't help but do it.
bocautc they nourish the body by dipest-
Inp th« food eaten, and rest the stom
You jiet nourishment and rest at one
and the same lime, and that is all the'
worn out dyspeptic needs to build him up
and give new life to every organ.anJ.
'td(sr?<3 zeot to "every; pleasure."
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, are a god-
Kund to ihnl army of men and women
wiiU weak fctomaclin,.. wtak^ncrves.. ajjd
justly mc-.Jts the cJaiin" or bc-iiig one of
ihe most .worthy medical discoveries of
iiuß,tlrn«. " ■
Richmond Belles.
Not only favor/ but actually endorse - -
They realize that it makes the skin soft as velvet and keeps lady and baby
is sweet as roses, and they have discovered from experience that it is the great
est preserver and enhancer of the complexion. It is more soothing than cold
cream, more beautifying than any cosmetic, Munyon's "Witch-Hazel Soap is
fast supplanting the 50 and 75-ceat French soaps in the favor of the women of
this country. If YOU have not tried it why not take the endorsement of those
who have and realize for yourself that it is the best and purest Soap in the mar
ket to-day? Sold everywhere, 15c. per cake.
Juire .10. 3904, at the yearly rental of
In the Law and Equity Court yesterday
morning, judgment was given -by de
fault against "Mrs. A. D. Atkinson and
Samuel T. Atkinson for ?2So.7t> in favor
of J. W. Sergeant."
,\ date .for the trial of the King case
will be fixed in the Hustings Court this
morning. Tho case will not be tried
during this Verm,, but will probably come
uj» in January. '
The fall term of the Chancery Court
will come to a close this afternoon. The
January term will commence on the
first Monday in January.
Mcctiui; for Orgrnnization Ilcltl in
'Z'lilk City — OflleiTs Klcctcrt.
The various W. C. T. U.s of t hip" city
met yesterday morning- at Broad Street
Methodist Church to organize the county
in the work of the W- C. T. U. The fol
lo-n-ing officers* were elected:
County President. Mrs. O. ?I. Ruascll;
Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. .Carrie
Wall: Recording Secretary. Mrs. P. P.
Palmer: Treasurer, W. P. Jones.
'Superintendents— Xon-alchdhblic Mecli
caiion. Mrs. Bdwen; Scientific Temperance
Instructor, Mrs. W. D. Carneal: Sunday
School Work;' Mrs. S. E. Bate.". Press
Work. Mr 3. D. M. Burpess: Scientific
Temperance Literature. Miss Ivy Robins;
Uhfttrmf-rited "U'ino, Miss Bessie Hechler;
Prison .>\'ork;- Ada Richardson: Homeless
Children, Mrs. Rowc; Soldiers and' Sailors.
Miss Bullock: Purity Work, Mrs. Clifton;
Red Letter Days. Mr?. Bickers; Flower
M'Sf-ion. Miss Myrile Davis.
. Committee on Resolutions— Mrs. Bickers,
Mrs. Palmer. Mrs. Wall, Mrs. Jonks, Mrs.
TVl»i<c Ymith Fought in Vain to Keep
Out fit Keformntorj-.
C. L». "Roscoe, aged seventeen years, was
sent to the reformatory by Justice
Cnitchfield yesterday morning. The boy
was arrested as an- accessory to larceny
committed: in:. one ;0f the Broad street
stores. lie declares that he had nothing:
to do with the theft, which was of a pair
of slovcf. .and. did .not knim* ". tjiat . his .
partner had taken them until they got
some distance, down the street, when. the.
other boy pulled them from his pocket.
The clerk in the store saw the boy take,
the gloves and followed him. When the
boy took them from his pocket and start
ed to put them on the clerk put in his
appearance and both boys ran. The clerk
followed Roscoe.
Roscoe begged to be sent to jail, but
the court would not hear of it. The boy
claims to be from Xorth Carolina, and
says ho worked at the locomotive works. ■
lie has no home nor relatives, he said."
"Walter Lane, the negro who stole a
bicyrle from a messenger boy Wednes
day, proved to be/a well known and. bad
character He came from Essex County, j
Though only übout 35 years of age, he has j
served eighteen years in the penitentiary, j
It was also proven that lie stole another
bicycle. He; was given tix j'lontha in
each case and put under a bond for
twelve n.-onths.
' - . ' - . ■ I
Mary Pollard was given days for being |
Closes Page was given six months in
jail and twelve months security for steal
ing from the C. & O.
George Moore, colored, wan sent to the
grand jury for breaking into -the store
at* Eighteenth and Franklin streets and
carryirg off a lot ot under clolhing.
Arthur Adams, colored, as a suspicious
character, ; was placed under security for
three months. He w.is seen .•.wandf.ring;
about the streets at 1:30 A. M;
Ives Racks, colored, was arrested on a
warrant sworn out by Policeman Murray,
because the popular sentiment in the vi
cinity of No.- SOS Brook Avenue was
that he ; : had attempted to break in a
house and was shot.
A reputable witness declares that Ives
was in his place when -the shooting" took
place, and he- was discharged.
lice Cinip May l{e<nrn Veteran
iron'.'ll in Oiiio.
Mr. .1. C. TlenelJ. an inmate of the Sol
diers Home, vtjis tried beCire Souire
Lowis, of llenrico County, on Vi'edncsday
on the charge of being: <lruok .and dis
orderly. The magistrate required the old
fellow to give; security of $100 for six
months, but unable to give this, and hav
ing- no friends,- he v.-as tent to jail.
A movement i.= or. foot to send the old
fellow back to his home in Ohio, and at
tho meeting of the Lee Camp to-night the
o.iK'stlon of paying 1 his transportation to
Cincinnati v. - ill be brought up.
The County Court was not in session
yftterday. liut the docket v.-ill be taken
up <o-'Ja>.
A marririge license was issued yesterday
in the Cleric's office of the County Court
to David F. Dooley and ?.liss Florence E.
I In Richmond: \Y. H. Adams to G. C.
Tvler. 10 feet on West side Thirteenth
street, 100 feet North side of 1-eigh,
! JOOO. ' - .
W. L. Cafneal and wife and W. Creed
Davis and wife, to Miss Eva-'j-raimore,
o> 1-12 feet on Xorth. side. Marshall street,
120 feet West of Graham street, $5,150.
Granite -Building:: Company to Charles
jy '"Robinson. "5 feet on Souin side Ba'tov
street. i"<o. ... - ':" ,- 1 ■'■
11. 11. llarwood and wife and G D.
Pcarman . and wife to Anna M. Wilson,
So feel on South side Hospital street be—
tweoh Fifth and- Seventh streets. $050.
William Moar to same, &> 3-12 . feer on
East side Mosby street, 51 G-12 feet from
South East corner Cnrrington street,
.■JSSO ' , ■ - . - •':. ■■ ;
J. J. Powell, trustee, N. Blanche, "Wm.
P. and Mildred Loe Drewery. Mary Kath
arine . and Sterling Bossieux to' ■ Cathe
rine O"Sullivaij. '-11 7-12 feet on South side
Park Avenue, 33 5-1:2 East of Morris street, ;
$2,700. ' • ' - - "■'■'■; '
H. R. Pollard and wife to W. H. Adams,
V. feet on North side Grace, street, 113
feet East of Allen Avenue, SI.CSO. „ ; .
; Richmond Collrge to Mary S. Cnnipbell.
'3i iVot ■on South side Franklin street, : 337
feet East of Lqmbardy;r.s4.£oa ; /•-.,'. '.:' "' '.
James T. Sloan to J. HJ Tarj ton, 74 feet
on East side Thirty-second street, 45 tcet_
U;i±K JctiCiiALO^JL; iilifei^AXCii-iitil/Ax, ' ilii^Gi^ Jiiii^iv I*;" l^J
South Marshall street, $1,728.
Thomas Sterling to H. R. Pollard, Jr.,
and John Bagby, trading as Pollard &
Bagby, 309^ feet on East side Reservoir
street. 30 9".£-12 feet North of Dobson, $5.00.
Jn Henrico: Samuel 11. Pulliam and
wife to L. J. Cheatwood, GO feet on East
side Twenty-eighth street, 120 feet South
of T. street. $150.
Same to same, 15 feet on North side
Orange street, 50 feet West of St. James
street. 545.00.
D. 8.. Wallorstein to same, 3 lors in
block L, plan of Gal way. $1,600.
■Joiiu I'eters nml Commissioner For
. ■ ■ . ■ ■! *J
rcstcr the "Winuinff "Favorites. .
. NEW ORLEANS. LA.. December 18.—
John Peters and Commissioner Forrester
wore the only winning favorites. ?um
First race, six furlonps— Marco. 35 to 1,
won; 'lrene Mac; 8 to 5. seconi; Can'J.iree,
20 to I, third. Time,l:l7.
Socoild race— six furlongs: selling —
Anders, 16 to 5, won:.Harry Wilson, 11 to
5. second; Bummer, IS to 5, third. Time,
,1:16 2-5. -,
Third race— seliing: one mile — yesiivla,
v20v 20 -to 1. won ; Alfred C, Z to 1, second;
Elrcr. 5 to 1, third.. Time, 1:47.
i.j~ "Fourth race— handicap; mile— Jessie
jarboe. to 1, won; C. B. Campbell, 7to
2, seconu; Moore. 5 to 1. third. Time, 1:45.
Fifth race— five furlongs— John Peters. 7
to 10. won. Ben More. 12 to 1. second; St.
Tammany, -li) to 1. third: Tim':. 103.
Sixth race— selling; mile and one-six
teenth—Commissioner Forrester. S to 5,
won: Optimo, 7 to 2, second: Atheola, 5 to
1, third. Time, 1-22 3-5.
Sweet Catawba Wine, qt...ioc
Blackberry V»"ine $30
Quart Bottle Imp. Port Wirxe ...... 35
Quart Bottle Sherry Wine, imported So
Quart Bottle Congress Whiskey...... 75
Juart Bottle Gin; imported. .6. P3
Best Claret Wine, per gallon ....".... 50
Wine for -Jelly 40
California Sherry Wine 70
Imported- Sherry Wine .100
Port Wine SO
Claret Wir.cs. per bottle, imported.. 25
Rye Whiskey 125
Oid Rye Whiskey ..150
Old Rye Whiskey, 4 years old, 2 00
Old Rye Whiskey, 5 years old, ...... 2 40
Old Rye Whiskey. C years old, 3 00
Fine N. C. Corn Whiskey, 3 years old 2 00
French Brandy. 2 years old, ........ 200
Pure. Old Virginia Apple Brandy 2 00
Old French Brandy, 5 years old, S 00
Imported Gin 200
New England Rum , 2 00
Blackberry Brandy, per gallon, .... 00
Fine Catawba Wine, per gallon ...... 50
Pure "Va. Peach Brandy, per gallon.. 2 00
Good Holland Gin .'....150'
Sv.-eet Cider, per gallon 30
Kenton Valley Whiskey, 5 years old,
quart ". 50
Virginia Sweet Claret Wine, per gal
lon .50
Duffy's Jlalt Whiskey S5
Jamaica Rum ..200
S. Dliman's- Son,
Down-Town Stores 1820-1822 East Main i
TJp-Town Store, 50G East Marshall Street,
Manchester. 1212-1214 Hull 'Strset.
• de 3-W,F,&Sut3sth
It Has Been Fully
'liviiiUiidii dim
both by elaborate analysis of the
Water and trial by thousands of
people that
Springs Water
is. the best Dyspepsia Water ever
It has been endorsed twice by
the Medical Society of Virginia
and by distinguished physicians
all over the country. Won't it
pay you to try Nature's remedy
for this most common disease in
America— Dyspepsia in . any of
its forms?
. -Iticliiuoncl, Va.
C.--A. COLHOUN, Proprietor,
Allejrhaiij- Springs, A r a
O.Cranz. Q.Cranz. Jr.
Importers and Dealers In
.beg leave, to .call attention to
their large stock of the above
. mentioned -goodsy-rhpstr.v'of
• which are : of their 6wn!impbr
: tation. ■ ■" ■*-'.. ,
Season for Activity Ajuonp Shop
fiiHcrs, FctV of "Whom Are Detect
cil—S'oi' Lack of Articles Suitable
for Men «ncl Women- Tilings That
CntcU the Eye.
The delightful weather - yesterday
brought out thousand of. shoppers to -the
stores on. Broad street. All during the
day, especially in the afterrio'on, the
thoroughfare was crowded 'with
peole busily engaged in selects
ing articles for Christmas . pre
sents. Merchants on Broad street say
that the volume- of business :■■ this sea r
son Is greater .than that of last year,
which was unusually good. '"The ; only
thing wo dread i.s rainy weather," said
one merchant. "Two or three, days of
very inclement weather seriously, crip
ples our sales, and we cannot make up
for the lost opportunity, on clear days.
The people are buying a higher class of
goods than, were purchased last f Christ
mas season." : •.:•'
The department stores were thronged
from morning until the ..closing" hour.
Especially was the true of those shops
where articles ranging in .prices from 5 to
10 cents are sold. This is. the season for
activity among the shoplifters. "I hate
■to -think of the things that are going out
of this store that are not paid for," said
one merchant,, "but despite 'thej watchful
ness of our men, it is impossible to de
tect" but few cases where goods * arc
taken from the counters by shoplifters."
' There seems to be a regular ;. brother-;
hood or sisterhood of shoplifters who
operate during the week just before
Christmas. They do not confine them
selves to taking goods from the stores;
The most fruitful source" of revenue is
derived from pocketbooks that " are~ care
lessly placed on the counters or upon
the seats running alongside the counters.
A lady in shopping will frequently put
her pocketbook down, and in her inter
est in examining goeds will wander sev
eral, yards away from the original spot,
and on seeking her money will find that
some theif has picked it up, and lost
himself in the 'surging crowd. '-
Only this week two young fellows en
tered a. large department store on Broad
street, and swiped a pair of gloves. They
had been in' the store on several occas
ions before, and their action?? attracted
suspicion. They were watched from
time to time, and on their last trip, they
bagged the gloves. One of the employees
of the store shadowed them to one of the
side streets, where they pulled the gloves
out, and tried them on. ..Each of the
young- fellows r tri«v| on a glove for a fit.
While experimenting. the employee
tackled them both. One of the shoplif
ters struck at him, and the other, in get
ting away dropped his hat. It was pick
ed up by the employee. The owner of the
hat took to his heels, pursued by the em
ployee. He was overtaken at Seventh
and Franklin streets, and compelled to
return to the store. The other thief's
name was .secured. The captured youth
was sent up to the reformatory for a
good long term. _.
The shoplifters , do not draw the line
on small things. One hovered around
th'j perfumery stand in one of the large
department store just to get a bottle of
violet water that might have been pur
chased for a trifling sum. Some pick out
more valuable objects, but in these cases
the danger of detection is great, and the I
eagle eye of the shoplifter : is more fre- I
quently turned to the tempting pocket
books that arc lying- around. . They can
more easily be disposed of, and are less
liable to identification.
In the book stores, the great rush is
for calendars. The Christmas card, has
seen its best day, and the Christy" and I
Gibson effects in the line of calendars
have supplanted them. There is a large
demand for leather goods, the burnt
leather variety being very popular. Pop
ular novels have been in demand con- |
tinually. They are found in abundance i
in the department stores where they aro'f
a. necessary adjunct to the sales depart- j
merit. In the housefurnishirig- stores, j
chafing-dishes are selling like hot cakes. |
One large dealer said yesterday, "people
arp looking after their appetites this
year certainy. for we have had an un
precedented sale of chafing dishes." The
new ornament vacs in gilt and metl,
colored in imitation of rare procelain, are
very popular. They are thoroughly ar
tistic and very reasonable in price. Por
celain tiles in blue margins of fancy de- .!
sign with central panels depicting Ger- j
man scenes, the whole encased in frames i
of black stained oak. make nice decora
tions for dining-rooms or hallways.
Nothing has taken the place of cut
glass articles Tor the buffet and. dining
tf.ble.- The varieties this- year are more
artistic than ever before.
. The haberdashers present everything
attractive in the line of appropriate gifts i
for men. Bath robes of every conceiva- |
/ble figure and color, smoking- jackets of
silk and plaid goods! and the Inevitable
scarf are displayed in abundance. Of
course, umbrellas will be sold .by the i
thousands. They are always au fait for
a gift, and being recognized by some un
written . code as public property, they
freely circulate among; people whenever
the weather demands and the chance oc
curs. There . are fancy silk suspenders
for the unwary, but generous woman
who wishes to specially favor some man.
Fownes' and Perrin's gloves are always
acceptable gifts for a man, unless you
want to spend 510 for a nice smoking
jacket. These articles are displayed in
unlimited quantities, with many inno
vations in design and color. Handker
chiefs, another wandering article in a
man's wardrobe; are very servicable,"'
but don't get the kind with initials on
them, for it's embrrassing when you hap- 1
pen to get the other fellow's handker
chief. ■".. : ..
As . for articles suitable for a. woman,
there's no end of them shown in the
windows of the big shops on 'Broad
street. A father can make a daughter ,
happy with one of those feather boas
or some recherche affiair in the way ■
of an opera cloak. The boas in- black •
and white. . exquisitely delicate things '
that may be warm, and certainly are -i
becoming, adorn the show windows. As ."j
to what a man can give to a girl whom <
he loves, opinion is divided. Of course, I !
there's a reasonable line to bo drawn in I
the way of articles of dress. I 'surlily we (
stock their dressers with articles' of sil- (
verware." They look expensive; -are fre-^ \
quently decorative,, and some 'times are
useful. •■■-: Conceits in stationery are more' \
.varied, this year than usual.". They are
very eligible as gifts.' Articles In leather \
suitable for decorative or useful pur
poses can be found in greater variety' ".
than ever, before. .If you want to go \
stronger., the. jewelry shops can -furnish'
you with stuff that will almost put you
on.youruppers until spring comes. ,
Don't ever give a girl any kind of book. ]
It makes them sore. to open the package. \
Fancy stick pins' of the real metal !
please, women. They can be carried .
around arid shown,' and it's some pleas- '.
we for .a girl to point to one and tell t
who gave it to her. They. are the min
ute evidence of aftection, ; and come in
handy.with those mysterious shirt waists
and fictitious [collars whose begining; and
end like that world; is unknown. ;. Women rj
like to . swing and dangle things. "Deli
cate/; chains for jthe neck, with dainty
pendarits.r wlil do • all "right, but doVt
atterinpt. such gifts uniess. the; material J
is, genuine arid many' carats tine. % Fancy',- s
uinbreilai and; highv&radj&., gloves ;wlll ; . ;ri
go," ; especially whon : : your, judgement-tells'; o
>ypu^4hat ; ,they : \vi|l^l>e ;aceptable,;:ibut ; ;t; t
fuHbar. thanTthat^in.the : line-;of;w6nian.*i: n
Gifts Should Be Mementoes.
I I from the^ 'thousands -of Holiday Goods *in this ,
1 store, arid ;youll: give something that will ever you iritoj
I happy remembrance. 'Our warefooms have never- been so;
I Music Cabmeis, 200 NEW PIftNOS.
I WITH MUSIC TO FILL THEM. I t The greatest stock of Pianos to choose Jrorn that Rich-^
ffl There is no necessity for j . . .'•
i you" to <*o elsewhere The , mon<^ has ever seen/ Even* instrument) has f a
I most complete and elabo- ' They are. the; "["['' "\ V '"- ' '■■'■.•/* •; /. :i
| rate line 1 we have ever car- CTn^UHU CTiiininri
J Iriecl",andevery,pieceofmu1 riecl",andevery,pieceofmu- 5 I tiiiWAl, OtAftUAKU,
Ifel!^!^ KNABE, KSr/IBALL, i(
I O^Hvanin g ,UntillQo^. HABDf¥IAPJ, iIND HAINES.
I • - I . ■ . ■ *•. . "" ..---- .- ■.. .-I
i QITS^II I JlQfS'iimPnfQ Qnly after reputation is secured is it entirely safe, even
* osiiuii iii Dii yiii&ni-Di 7 . -."■■....' ' .
I I - for an expert, to purchase, a Piano. • ' ;
[ Choose from a stock that . V "' .
!is the largest and most com- ' " ■
plete 1 in the South. Pick !. fl PI^MIIS 'fi 1^ hf^ IflF A I PI FT
'where you: will/, for every Hi I'M si ULH IV M ll "IUL. H L U I V I
piece is fully guaranteed.: , It is every one's instrument, and is appreciated -by must
, Many seasonable sti£rq;es,- . „ ... , r . ~,~ ,-. '\- t, t
;•?: - ■: „ .. / - ■=& a cian anc i jayman alike. The Pianola is unquestionably to-day-'..
m tions are here. - i „*-<:-.,- -> :
I _ J^. J ___— — - _ ,_! tne greatest and most widely popular instrument within the
| Open Evenings Until 10 o'Clook. sphere of music.
jI ;■ -R^nff--. y!£TOBy !£TOB TALKING MACHINES;
I 1I 1 it Another Car-load Arrives.
I s disc Music Box made which"-:! a They will make hundreds of homes happy with Christmas
p ; is provided with a mechani- cheer and melody.
| ism automatically changing • r _;;..... ' ,'' ,', , , ■ , ' '~._____^___ _ ;
I its own tune sheets. Sft i i ~~' 1 IP w%"~~~ * '• ' ~ff»i'"*~ "
I '■::-..;.-•>-,■•■-,- -1 Sold on the Easy-Payment Plan* i
I Open Evsnings Until JO o'Clook. I ■„ ■ ;- „„.,„„„ , „-J.,..,.. J '" " - "\ :
I Largest and--- Oldest Music ''Hduse-in''i/p<?;;:^tith; ; ' ■•
I ...,,; .'..,.. ,:103- BAST BROAD STRHBT/o^^ : :
[■■'For -Presents.;!
I Goia Eyeglasses, |
\ Gold Spectacles, |
I Opera Glasses, I
j Field Glasses. i
& Presents will be exchanged at S
I any time free of charge to suit |
I'the eyes of the wearer. |
I Cameras, 1
I Kodaks, i
| . Photo Supplies.
i V
g Free instruction and free use |
| of dark room. ■■--■■ 1
I Mail orders receive prompt at- |
j tention. '■ |
i'The.S.Galeski.; I
| '- Opiicei-Company, ]
1 90! E. Halh'Si.'. 1
wear,' don't trespass. It isn't that they
don't.viant other things, but you are not
•supposed to know what they are. Only
g'jnius-can afford to be unconventional.
• The cigar stores are filled with articles
suitable, for smokers. Tobacco jars will
do* very well for tho fellow- who smokes
in a ;imokin.tr jacket. ; A real briarwcod
pipe or a fancy match-holder of unique
design .is ornamental. The fellow will
generally search his vest pocket for the
match,' however. Don't- undertake to buy
any tobacco in any form. The comic pa
pers are filled with jokes- at woman's ex
pense about this time .of year, ' and you
niajvunintentionally inflict a severe hard
ship on your best friend" with a tobacco
Among the expensive articles shown in
the shop windows are. articles of furni-_
ture.' Handsome, effects" in burnt oak."
.Turdiniere; stands of teawood and rook
wood running up into the big figures, and
oriental designs for tobacco stands. can
bo had for a snug sum. , The inevitable
jardiniere and . the comfortable morris
chair are displayed for. those who* wish
to buy; something for the comfort. ahd ;
decoration of: home.
In the -matter of. toys for children.:
there's ho end of them.. The very ex
pensive kind of French design are not
shown here, save in the case of dolls,
but there are enough of riioderate cost
to gladden the hearvs" of. the little . ones,
and they can , be easily broken so that
the inside, that /mysterious.- part, of a
toy to a child, can be Investigated.
They Suiull>a»sr~'a c ßaltlnsore ;Mnn and
Take Mid Mouey.- ,
, December IS.—- Barney
Abrahamson, . an able-bodied man, was
» sandbagsedj and robbed ' early yesterday
; morning lipy . iwo f worn oh Sf go tpad^^ < One
of^theirr stnicte ■ih£m|a.';stunnlhg'bjo^v.ln
the - face.V He ;- fell l and -the. other "woman
;hefti'l him. down' an* the '.pavement. "; ;■: -Jl-T
" ■'■■'.■. ■:J;: J ; ■„*, ?^. ."'"**- ." '■ ]--^':*M.
The grand wind up. . Before January 1. 1903, ; \ve : want to clear out &%
stove on hand. The nbove price will doit. If you want oil c order it at 'onifaT
"When these are EjonTe yonr chance will -be pone. If you^want the best, we hay?
it, "THE WILSON, ." the acknowledged 'KlNG oLwood heaters. C:
Handled only by gt*
Headquarters for ' Wilson Heaters and Other-Wood Stoves* -T
Hurd;vare, K«)ofinjr. Tia l*late. Tar JPaper, .
13arbed Wire, r ails, &c, -
I Groceries! Groceries! ! Cheap!!! !
S 1410 East Gary on January Ist §
They will sell all of their stock at reduced prices until that j|;
j| time to "save expense of moving it. / . %
• Call early for bargains. - -%- :
Pay Cash if You Wish or Have It Charged. 5
Christmas Presents at
Reasonable Prices.
At our store you frequently secure two presents for the amount yottq
thought one would cost. The selection of appropriate presents requires 'i
very little deliberation here. We are ever ready to assist you in selecting ■
the proper thing, and the price will not exceed your expectation.
. Rothert Company, \
Fourth and Broad Streets, Home Furnisliers.s
1 lie 1-^Cb t Id liUl X \J\J VJUULi^
Therefore you should'inspecE our stock of Nuts, Raisins,
Figs, Plum Pudding, Fruit Cakes; Hojiie-M ad e Mince.
bleats, Olives. "Pickles, and Chutney. - : • } - <■
We beg to call your attention, to. our unexcelled
stock of: Sherries. Port. Rums.^ Brandies^ Cataivba.
. Cooking ■Wines, Rye and Burton- AYliiskies. -
500 and 502 East Broad Street. ;
' '.'Keep your mouth, shut and wj won't
hurt you." saiu the woman- who had
struck 'him. ; ~- "•'■■-. ~-. :.
•'Give tis your, money; if you rnukea
sound ,.\ve";wHl..eut;"your.U_hrqatl" said -the
Other.'; ■.':' iS'^uM '}'■ "'■ . ', „ !,'■' v
;!■" "[have only $3; talc* It "all," gasped
the ■.victim." , " ■■ . ',::./'.■ •
; Segro Itep'orted Lynehi>d.
A negro named ' Scott Bishop la reported
to have .been ■] lynched „ to-day;, near " aiar- ;
b»iTv' : ;"Ala.'uaw^ts^mites v -'ffo^§W^nl^K
.goirieo"- 'BiahopXlt'la xhai ;^<J^murd«i4^
Wade Hicks.- a white man. •- •

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