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Christmas Edition of the ._. . . , . .._
... Works of Edgar Allan Foe.
Exclusive to the Readers of the Richmond Dispatch.
we now guarantee to deliver promptly during the specified ten days..
Volume 1.
Keraolr l>y William H. Ho»er».
EclCfT J*Jno» Hnifell LowtU,
Ketlce \>7 >'• *• "WIHU.
ACvf nture of Eui FUll,
Th« Gold Bur-
Foot B«*stf lc One.
Volume *JS.
Korflers in Sue JCorm*.
Mrstory Wit Eojet.
The B«.Hoon Hcix.
Kamincrlpts Towni la • Betti*.
Tie Oral Portrait.
Volume 3.
The Pnrlolaed Letter.
1,000 aad 2nd Tale of Scaeteniafifc
A Detccct Into the Maelttrom.
Yon Eempelen and His Dlicovery.
Mesmeric Xevelatlen.
Facts in Case M. Valdemar.
Tho Black Cat.
Fall of the Houi» of TJsher.
Eilencf— A Fahl«.
Volume 4z.
The Hasqne of the Red Doath.
The Cs.sk of Amontillado.
The Imp of tLo Perverse.
The liland of the Fay.
The Assignation.
The Pit and the Pendulum.
The Premature Burial.
The Domain of Araheim.
lender's Cottagrß. I
William Wilson.
Volume 5.
The Tell-Talo Heart.
Elenort. • '
A Tale of the R&??ed Kovntain.
The Enectacle*.
E!np Pest.
Three Sundays in a/Weefc.
Th<s Devil on the Belfry.
X-!ng- a Parapram.
TiV '
There is no surer indication of the ap- j
proach of Christmas than the Santa Claus i
letters which begin every year early_in t
December to pour into the Dispatch office ;
to be forwarded to Old Santa. For ten j
days the letters have been coming to this
office, and yesterday nearly ,100 were re
ceived. A large batch of them are printed
below, and there will be an instalment!
every day for several days, the last to J
appear on Sunday, if possible. The boys I
and girls must bear in mind that Santa I
Claus reads the Dispatch, every line, and
that he pays particular attention to their
letters. Here they go.
Richmond, Va.. December 18th. 1902.
Dear Santa.— l have been a good little
pirl nnd would like for you to bring me
something this is what I would like to
have, some picture books a book bag pair
of gloves large doll a game candy and
nuts, ploasft dont forget my mamma and
napa. lam your little girl.
*-„- *■---. ■■ LENA LARKINS.
No. 2117 Carrington street, city.
222 Harrison street.'
Dear Santa Claus.— Please bring me a
P.urby foot-ball, some wooden soldiers,
a boat, a horn, arvl mmc popcrackers.
Your little friend.
222 Harrison, street.
Dear Santa Claus,— l am a good girl so
plcare bring me a doll and carriage, a
t.-it.lo nnd ten-set arid n ohnir for my dolly
asd thank you clear Santa Claus.
vl>ejir Santaclause.— O cm a little girl
just 2 years old. I have no mother emd
f eni living with my grandparents and my
grandpapa has beer, sick for 10 weeks.
Dear Santaclause dont forget to
come to see me at 1622 Beverly stroet so
£ ood bye ' ANNIE RUTH PETTIS.
Henrico Co., Va.,
December 15. 1502.
Dear Banta. Clau Be.— Please bring me
Borne things I w3nt a train of cars and
a sleigh Some candy and some nuts and
some fire works.
Nine-Mile Road, Va.
Henrico Co.. Va..
; December ICth. 1902.
3>ear Santa Clause.-I am a little boy
I a ti oil -baby but I want a
blosompedea train of cars a tool chest
•tnd some popcrackers.
Nino-Mile Road, Va.
Dear Santa Clause.— l am a nice little
boy with pretty curls Please bring me
a Xsnae tree full of pretty things a Mddle
md hoe a Magic Lantern with pictures
a Harmonica a I^nre St^am boat that
wll» burn Alcohol to make it sail on water
V larre Rugby Leather foot ball, a horn
Some flre works an<3 plenty of good things
to cat and I will be a fine large boy.
I Remain Your Little Boy
• Address. Church llilL
<!• sit eont' clause - ' want you to brlr.c
\ 'rat a hobby horse and a' train that will
F run by Itself and two Htie pug dogs and
1* J crindjns: organ a pound of candy.
; Corner west and rome street,
.>:: /■■;.... PetersbunC
>t;«^** r Bihta CUaee.— PltaM bring: xne a
ip^lf: Automobtil, and' » > dtaiond -Bine. I
►j'-Sr^-y^pt much dont you forret the
fe^SS 4 -** 1 * " ■ JSVELYN.HABRI*.' .
ooo\^ vU 'L'©
Good for Richmond Edition
PoeY Works.
When presented at the office of the Richmond
Dispatch this coupon is good for one set of Poe's
Works, when accompanied by 20 cents for each vol
ume — that is, $2.00 for the entire set.
Dear old Santa Clause.— l am a little
girl 8 years old I want a horn to blow a
pair Boots to wear to school when it
snows and slay watch and chin and Ring
and baby house with yard and porch and
'^V^aleScS'' 1
Dear old Santa Clause,— l am a littlo
girl 5 years old I want a baby and car
riage table Boots slay Ring chin braclct
trycle watch and a little lamp for my
doll and good thins.
Dear Santa Clause.— Please bring me a
big doll with long curls I want some
kerchiefs with lace on them and a bottle
carnation eolone I want a nice chart and
a pair of nice kid gloves I wauld be glad
to have, a pretty brooch with a opal in it
Ide like a box of nuts and candy I also
want a lamp to set in the center of my
table and some nice fire works. Good
bye from your friend,
703 China street.
Richmond. Va.. December 17, 1902.-
Dear Santa Clause.— You say you will
givo presents to all good little boys, I am
only 5 years eld and I have been a real
I- roc little bo>. so p'o'isjj Ming m> ; ii l:\v^e
drrm. a gun and a steam engine and a
whole lot of good things, and Dear Santa
Clause please don't forget my sister Edna
bring: her a Bicycle, and anything gooa
you want to bring her. I willgo to bed
early and won't peep. Good bye.
Your little boy,
Dear Santa.— l am a poor little Boy I
live on Cherry street 501 please don't for
get me I will be glad for anything you
bring just so you will bring 2 packs of
popcracks and some nuts and candy I will
be thankful please dont forget my little
Erother I will now say good night from
Please excuse this as I have only boon
to school 2 seasons.
Cutler, Virginia.
December IC. 1002.
Dear Santa Clause,— l am glad of the
opportunity to write you a letter for I
want to become better acquainted with
3 r ou. •
I hope you will not forget me Christ
mas. I want a doll and a Bible and as
many other things as you can give me.
1 an» ten years old.)
Wishing you a merry Christmas, I
subscribe myself.
Your lit tie friend,
Good Santa Claus.— lf you get down
as far as 7 Pines please bring me a pretty
set of white furs 1 prety dolly and go
cart a little stove and if you are lucky
nun* to have a ring left over I wood love
to have it. Sister Carry will give me rib
bon to tie It on I been good 6 months
and say my prayers. Your little girl,
Richmond. Va., Dec. 15. 1902.
Dear Santa Claus
I want you to bring me a rugby, a
printing press, a book of Stone Wall
Jackson, a wagon, a drum, a book bag,
and some fire works, and nuts and candy.
From' your little friend ,:
312 W. Marshall St.
Richmond, Va.. Dec. 16, 1302. .
._y Dear Old Santa,
Hello T Central, give me the Richmond
Dl«j*tch. Thtnk you central.
Za that you : Santa, at the phons. Well
BvBXX tbiM i» Uttl« JBddl* Lowry. of 608 W.
City Readers*
Clay talking to you, say can you hear
me, I am five years old, and a very good
...tie. boy indeed. This is Xmas 1902, and
my slocking I shall hang up for you, my
wants this year will be very, very few,
a nice little drum, train and wheel barrow,
too, and cf course in my stocking I shall
look for candy and nuts too. I have three
little brothers, hope you will remember
them too, and all the good children who
loves you.
.'; Your little. Red Headed Boy
603 W. Clay St
- ™ *
Five Forks, Va.. December 15.
My dear Santa Claus
Christmas is nearly here and I thought
I would write to tell you what I wanted
you to bring me I want you to bring me
a big Doll baby and a Doll carriage some
candies nuts and pop crackers. A merry
Christmas to all of your little girls and
boys. I hope you will not get too cold
Cnristmas night. Good bye your little
Richmond. Va., Dec. 16, 1902.
Dear Santa Clause,
I am a little boy 6 years old as you
come down my way please leave me a
bicycle, tool-box, sleigh and a stocking •",
Your little boy —
Richmond. Va., Dec. 16, 1902.
Dear Santa Clause,
I am a little boy 2 yrs old I was born
the day that Me Kenley got elected the
second time and was named after him
so. I think you might bring me the pret
tiest wagon in the storo
Your little boy, .
No. 209 ISth St.
Richmond, Va.. Dec 16, 1902.
Dear Santa Clause, - . : -
I am a little girl 4 yrs old* I was born
the day that Dewey. took Manilla Island
I think you might bring me a large sleep
ing doll and a carriage.
Your little girl.
Dear Santa Claus,— .
I want you . Plsase to send me some
pop crackers. Fire works, and a Foot ball
that laces up, and a Kettle drum. Bring
brother some pretty things too.
Your little boy ■
1304 W. Main St. .
Dear Santa
I am a good little girl my letter was
printed in the dispatch rong number of
my house so wont you bring me lots of
nice things some doll baby's books and
toys and dont. forget shirt waists.
" My name Is . ■ -■
•'•■ 603 31st St. '■■
Dear Santa. Claus:— .
' I am a;s\yeet little' boy with big blue
eye« and sometimes I cries, when I-dont
get what I want, but Santa Claus I am
not. a bad boy so I want you, to bring me
a big rocking horse, with, long curly dair,
a horn, a jumping jack, some pop crack
era and candy. Dont forget to come to
sec your little, boy, ' - V '.'.•*
■-"""■■... 511 N. 7th Street.
Dear .Santa:— . v •«• :
I am a- little boy very much admired;by
the girls. I want you to brin* me Santa,
A Virginian's Endorsement
Here is a sample of the many written and
verbal expressions of approval we have re
ceived, from those who secured copies of the
first issue: .
"The bound volumes of Poe to hand,
and are beautifully bound and printed.
Every Virginian should own them. There
is no better Christmas present, and I wish
I could duplicate my order a dozen times.
Congratulating the publishers and the
Richmond Dispatch,
"Norwood, Va."
These Coupons
Identify You as
a Reader of
Call at the office, Ninth and Main
streets, or address
first of all a billy-goat, a fire engine, a
candy dog and Santa please dont forget
to bring me some pie. I live at 412 E.
Clay St. Good bye Santa,
'i ' -' / Your little boy,
Richmond. Va.
Dear Santa Claus
Please bring me a foot ball, some books
I can read, for I am only seven years
old. some games, some handkerchiefs and
plenty of fire works.
Your Friend
IS N. 30 St.
Santa dear:—
My name is Archibald, some call me
Baldus and Santa I have been a very
good boy since last' Christmas when yju
brought me so many nice things. I want
a velocipede, a bank and a picture book,
and a box of zu-zu's. Santa, till my stock
ing up to the brim with goodies. My
number is £31 No. 2nd St., and my name
My dear Santa:—
Plea 1 : bring me a base ball and bat, a
soldier suit, drum, gun and orange, and
plenty of candy and nuts. I'll go to bed
soon and be a good toy if you will prom
iso to remember.
219 Governor St.. City.
Richmond. Va., Dec. 15.
Dear santa claus bring me a go cart
bring -me a doll trunk bring me a horn a
foxy , ; grandpa .book a Christmas tree a
doll baby a doll house a doll bed some
candy -arid nuts ;
• Your little girl
Dear Santa
Will you bring me this Christmas I want
a magic-lantern and a boat and any nice
story and a soldier suit bring me a wholl
lot of fire crackers please dont forget to
bring our little dog's frisk collar bring
mo any thing else you think I would
like ■•■
good bye
'■ Cutler. Va., Dec. 15, 1902.
Dear Santa Claus: "'
I am a little girl eight years old. and
think it is co nice in the Dispatch to
let us children write to you. It, seems
a long time since you were here before, I
am glad it is nearly time for you to come
again. I hope I can stay awake to see
you come "down the chimney. My father
is a doctor, and if you get burnt, he will
cure you free of charge. I hope you
can bring me a Bible., a set of dishes,
and a doll.
Your little friend. ■,-
Denr Santa.— l am a nice little girl
Jest seven years old Will you please bring
me a set of brown fur and a pair of ear
rings and a. little lamp and a pretty
story book and eny pretty toys you have
to :spair and some candy and nuts dont
forget to' bring grandmar something be
cause she is sick she. lives 707 11, st good
by from little *
Dont forget my number 2210 Venable st.
Darvills, ,Va., Dec. 16.
Dear Santa Claus,— l .will- write you a
word to let you -find out what I want for
Christmas well "for one thing I want a
doll baby, and. l want you to bring me a
album, rand I want j^u to brins me a.
Richmond Tuesday
Good for Richmond Edition
Poe's Works.
Please send me, post-paid, V 01 ........ for which I
enclose ......cents.
Name. . .... •• • • .....•••••• •• • * ' * * * *
v Post-0ffice. .. ..... ••• • • ......... ...
Enclose 25 cents per volume, or $2.50 for the ten
volumes. •
doll baby trunk. I want you to bring me a
pair of vases. I want you to bring m« a
cup and saucer. I want you to bring me
a teaset. and a work box. I to
bring me a rattlebox for the baby I
want you to bring me some candy and
nuts. I want you to bring me that stand
at the- store with a dore and a drawer
I want you to bring me a tub and a wash
board in-iL that is all I want you to
bring me so I will close but I am go ng
to put a Christmas tree so I will sign
my name plea^i^^-omethmg.
My age in 9 years old. mark our names
on our boxes please do bring me
I somethin.
Darvills. Va., Dec. 16.
Dear Old Santa Claus.-I will write you
a few lines to let you find out what I
want for Christmas I want, you to bring
me a doll baby dressed in pink. And I
want you to bring me a piano and I want,
you to bring me a pair of vases and I
want you to bring me a stove and pipe
And I want you to bring me the United
States flag. And I want you to bring
me a knife fork and spoon I want you to
bring me a cup and saucer I want you
to brins some raisins and some candy and
some apples And" I am seven years old.
Bye bye Old Santa Claus. from
621 2S st Newport News Va
Dear Santa Claus,— l want a doll baby
a pair leggins. a story book, and a whole
lot of candy.and a jump out of the box.
I have a nice little brother come since
last xmas. bring him something nice, he
'takes any thing you give him fill both of
his little socks, cause they air.t very big
621 28 st Newport. News Va
dear santa claus.— l want a wagon and
a knife and pearl handle a pair of woolen
gloves and a billy goat if you got one
that smells nice. ■ ••:
gcod bye JOHN KRITZER.
Richmond. Va.
Dear Santa,— Please bring me a pair of
rubber boots, a drum, a scare face, some
popcrackers, ducks in a pond, some nuts
and candy, and a Christmas tree with
seme bells on it never mind about the
candles I have some I will be a good
little boy so
Good Bye Dear Santa From
605 west Clay st.
dear Santa Claus.— l must hurry up and
write so my letter will reach you 'before,
you start out so you wont forget to come
to see us I am a little boy eiarht years
old and i have two younger sisters and
we hope you wont forget to come i will
not ask for very much- 1 want a ball and
desk and a school bag and pretty books
to read and a drum tire works and all
kinds of good things to eat bring lois and
florence. a doll and c-ny things else you
think they want now, dont you forget
to come i live at Chester ■
716 N 24th St; Richmond.
Nov. 17, 1902.
My old friend Santa.— l cannot write,
but I am, telling Mamma what to say. I
want a tool chest, at $1.25, or bigger if
■you: want to give it to' me. I 'also want
that. little green wapon Papa saw down
town Then .'"don't-' forget a nice gentle
Billy goat, with horns on him. in front
and a stump, tail behind, bridle and sad
dle thrown in. I did want a horse and
saddle: but will wait tlil next Xmas for
them.-* ;■ •; -.. . , • „ -. ' . ''_':
• Have you forgotten that' day I met you
.on the street up town, a year ago?' You
were glad- to »c» me Bring 1 "Mamma &
nice cup and saucer and do not break
them while coming down the chimney
■with all your misht. Bring sister a nice
little cup to take to school for she has
never missed a lesson yet. Bring papa
some cuff buttons and you'll find the
money for them in my stocking by the
chimney. Please stop in California as
you go home, and remember my dear
Grandma and all my loved ones I called
to see you in the "Conemic store*' one day
but you were gone to dinner, and. Santa,
don't, forget the poor. I am going to
give them something myself. Bring my
little friend Lalla Bayliss some switches
for his mother to tan him up. You arc
my very best friend.
Dear b'anta,— l am getting a big girl
and I wont ask for much I want a
doll and paint box some picture book pnd
some games. I want my big doll dressed |
ever I want her dress to be a white one j
and little pair of blue shoes fasten with
v/hite buttons and a little blue coat with
a hat trimmed with blue. I want my
dolls house fixed up new. I want a side
board full of china, some candy and some
i.uts and raisins and pleaseput a coral ;
necklace. I hope you dont think I am i
asking for to much we have changed our j
number and hope you will find your way ;
Good-bye old Santa Claus if I could see I
you I'd shake, your .paws.
Park Aye.
Petersburg Virginia.
Dear Santa Claus.— l am A little girl
enly nine years old and my name is Alma
May Kitchen and I want you to bring me
A china doll and a little teaset and a
gold ring and a pare of roller skates,
and a doll baby carriage and a little toy
stove I am a very good little girl only
nine years old good byel do not want
very much that is all my name is Alma
May Kitchen. I live on the corner of
West and roan street
December 17 1902
Dear Santa Claus.— Please bring me
two packs of tarperters 12 packs of num
ber 1 pop crackers 1 pack sky . rockets
snme baby waiters some whistle booms
some roman. candles some devil crackers,
and red lights, a horn, a drum, a collar
with a lock for my dog Jack. My name
i-. eddle bailey, 703 China street, Rich
mond, Va,
Henrico Co. Va.
Dec. 16. 1902.
Dear Old Santy,— l am r a .little boy. 6
years old. I do not want much but I
v/ls--h you would bring me something. I
want a little boat, and a ball pocket
knife and a horn and some roman
candles and some of the largest fire
crackers you have and some skyrockets,
and a little, ice wagon, and some capes
ir.d a pretty tie to ware, and some niits
and candy and onnye and lots of good
Yours truly.
Richmond. Va.
Dec. 25. 1502.
Dear Santa Claus.— l have been tryng
to be a good little boy this year and hope
you will not forget me. I want a wagon
a horn a game a drawing slate a book
ax I am trying t s -.'tail. Please do not
forget my little brother Fitihugh Lee.
Good bye Santa.
From Oscar West IS2O Carrington,
street.. .
Dear Santa Claus.— Please bring me a
natural wig for my blgr doll, a- light blue
dress a pair of bluo la.cc shoes with heals,
a little hat trimmed fr. blue ribLcn. and a
Volume 6.
K«rattT«".f A. Gordon Pym.
Volume 7.
The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Tether.
The Literary Life of Thlngrumbah, Ei^.
How to Write a. Biacfeflrood Article.
The Angel of the Odd.
Hellont* Tanta.
The Duo do romelette.
Volume 8.
Th« ITblonsr Box.
Losi of Breath. >
Tho Man, That Was tTjed Up.
The Business Man.
Tho Landscape Gardes.
Haelzei'3 Chess Player.
Poems of "Words. i
Tho Colloquy of Monas and TTna. \
Tho Conversation of Giros and Chartnlon.
Shadow — A Parable.
Philosophy of Furniture.
A Talo of Jerusalem.
Tha Pphynx.
Volume O,
Hop Trosr.
Tha Man of tfca Crowd.
Never Bet the Devil Yonr Head.
Thou Art the Man. i
Wh7 the Little Frenchman Wear« Sli
Hand in a Slin^.
Bon Eon.'
Some Words With a Mummy.
Tha Poetic Principle.
The Philosophy of Composition.
Old English Poetry.
Volume 1O
Complete Poems.
The Raven.
The Bells.
chased bracelet, ani some' kind of toy
any -kind will dV. .url- pfemy vi me*
% ooil bye
from your little £ir<
414 West Clay street.
Dear Santa Claus,— Please bring me a
natural wig. a light blue dress, a pair oC
Hue shoes, a little hat trimn.ed in blu*
for my big doll, a pretty chased bracelet,
and a" pair of gloves for myself. But
Don't forget, some poodles.
Good bye
. from your littlo girl.
Dear Santa Claus,— Please Lnng mo an
niitumobile. a little train that has a track
to run on, a box of race horse?, a. v^r
lcf-opede with rubber tires, a goat th.it
*iil say, bah: a little summer ca-, v
clown and a dog turning the rope wlvl*
the other little dog jumps, a magic lan
tern, a foot ball, and some l.re worn?,
and some nice things.
* Goodo bye from your little boy
Dear Santa Clans.— l nm a good lifUe
boy I xvant you. to please bring mo a box
of peanuts and a box cf ca'.-t.' and a
racking horse and expres-s wa^on.
Your friend.
Dear Santaclause,— l am a little girl •
years old I do not go to school Bet may
sinter will write it for mo doll baby
dressed in pink silk blue eyes a go cart
and a set of tushes and a table and a
cooking stow: a kitchen set and a slda
board and a wardrobe and a parlor set.
Your friend
3002 7th street.
Dear Santaclaus,— l am a littlo girl S
years old I go to school a.n-1 this is my:
first letter I would like you. to bring m«
a Christmas tree a doll baby with brown
eves dressed in whito silk, a, sawinj?
machine a doll house and a set of dishes
and a cradle and a chair. This is all X
ws nt.
Your little friend
5302 7th streoU
Richmond, Va..
1 Dec. 15th. 1902,
; Dear Eanty Claus.— Won't you bnni/
ycur little boy a locipede and some P 4 "-**
cr/ckers ard roman Cuikllps ami bni!£ my
little sister a shoo My -and a doll baby
.««hf> is a year and a half old and I am
most G years old. Good bye don't fo-.s,et
•ny no and my name.
. 1400 Jacquelin street.
; ; :': Ri':h:r,ond. . Va.
Dear Santa Claus.— Peas birg my pop
horn he gon to Wasliin, bing some U>bl«
some dishes some baby coragc and sosa*
candy for baby.
1705 Be verley street.'
Dear Santa Clause.— l wont write for
much this Christmas .because I want you
to send little sister Rena something- send
me a go cart and baby
Your little girl most five years old.
. Richmond.
Richmond. Va.
Dear Santa Clause.— T am ; a" little boy.
I will be 3 years old in : January. an«
I want you to brinsr m«:a nlco^Shufly. %

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