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lv bUY Int Untubt
sri3Ctt--rcAT»oxs '■\\.yj>* widj?.
River Improvement Comroil
<c<» Instruct* Colonel CutnbaTT, to
Advertise for Bi«l»— Fntnrc of tlic
CUy Tor ft Snljjoct of lively TJfs
r'nsifilon. .
"J3c it resolved. That the City Engineer
iw, ! rir)d he Is hereby, directed to corre
spond with such dredge builders as he
?>ccs fit and proper: that the city will
roeolve bids for dredging Tnachlncr>- sult
nWe and .id c-q.ua to for use In the harbor
nt Richmond; that, specifications and
;->lar.s In detail, witli i^'arantced capacity,
must be submlttevl with each bid. Finns
prp solicited for a combination dipper
uji<s pump: dredge suitable for putting
Material ashore."
This resolution offored by Mr. Pollock
v.-as finally adopted as the result and
outcome of a. prolonged debate in the
' Jairses River Improvement ConimHtep
"last nipht. -
TJic discusslor. was opened by a state-
T»c.nt from Captain Wilson, represent
ing Colonel Cutshaw. ' 'recommending a
ROtablnation dipper and -jvamp-drc-dgc as
tho proper equipment o^sir*^, - and im
pressing upon tho committee the impor
tance of petting thf? work under way as
)aon as possible.
Mr. Pollard offered a resolution instruct
ing the City Engineer to advertise for
bids in the Engineering "News, and cor
respond with such dealers as he sees
Jit. '. ' .
Mr. Myers objected to advertising-, as
Till the prominent firms of the country
3iad been communicated with, and such
us would undertake it were in corre
spondence ..with vie ccmniittee. They
could be dealt -with less trouble' without
After some further discussion this mo
tio:'i was defeated. :
i»r. Poliock th-in made the motion re
ported above, which was adopted.
/*hd committee passed upon the pay
roll for the month . -of November. $313: for
naJaries of the captain, mate, .fireman.
and 1 watchman ot the city tug, which
vrere ordered to be paid when, properly,
Almost two hour? wore spent by the
comrr^'.tee in discussing the pros and
cons "if a proposition to put. the city
tug out of commission until the dredging
Jplsnt was completed.
Mr. Fergu£?cn offered a resolution that
Ih6 city tug *jc chartered to responsible
parlies, ar.d that in no case shall it
be— csed by any party except <>n business
vnless paid for.
' yir. Pollock objected— that the commit
ree could not charter the tug without per
mission of tho Council.
Jlr. £. T. D. Myers. Jr.. thought tnere
Itvas no reason in me world why tlic tug
tliould not be chartered, and he thought
sometliing should be gotten out of it.
Ch&lrmsn Curtis, from his experience,
thought very little could be dona in that
direction, as there was no business for
the private tugs.
Mr. Turpin said be trusted they did ;
not propose to keen the tug in commis
sion for rive months at an expense of
M.,500 if there is nothing to do.
Mr. Myers moved that notice lie given
lo contractors that the city tug was open
,o engagement for live months. It would j
oossibly be six months, he said, before
ihe dredge could be completed.
Mr. Turpin said thai this would entail
'.he expenditure of £1,500 in case the tug
• ins not hired.
:•:.-. Myers said tnat th'i tug ought \o ;
t -i.r~; ;r •>'■■■> >t i^y '■>£ Z^o a rnomh;" H». j
•aa y*Ul l'£ i '.tr >>. sweh *at*r',or
Mr. Newton asked Chairman Curtis if
he thought it would be judicious to put
this tug out of commission for five
months, while waiting for the dredge.
Captain Ciirtis said lie thought- it would
Mr. Meyers, as a test of the sense, of
the committee, moved, that the tug be
taken out of commission the Ist of Jan
Mr ■■Pergusson offered a resolution that
■ Jnder no circumstances should the tug
;e used by anybody but on the city.:, busi--'
»pf!s, which was adopted.
'jand Gr«l»l»ers>J Titl« Held Vp in the
Chancery Court.
The case of .Matthews against Glenn
Vas argued before Judge Grinnan in
lie Ch I "nc*Tj - Court yesterday by A. AY.
f'atlerfon and 11. C. Reilly for tho com
plainant, and J. "R. "Worth for the de
The case involves the title to some
■•property in the city that was sold undor
;he land-prabbtirs' law. The attack
made in the litigation is on the deed
wecuted to the purchasers by Clerk
Walter Christian, of the hustings court.
The matter was carried into the su
iprepie court of the State some time ago
by "the complainants : and the de<jd was
declared thore to be a good and ■suflieient
one. and the ca?« v,as dismissed. It ha?
now been brought in .another form and
■fh*} right of the original owners of tho
T>roperty will be sought to be re-estab
Ati Injunction has been in . force for
Eoriie . time restraining the defendants
from collecting the rents and jiroiits of
tho property pending the adjudication ot
3ie mutter. -^
Mrs. Eva was granted an abso
*u;q divorce in the " l:r.v . and equity court
i-esi^rday from her huHxitid. Thomas
L.. Martin, on th^ grounds of desertion.
The custody of Elsie.,, tli[e. SfVHti-ycur-old
rlri.ld. is awar<lc-d Jo the moihor. "and tho
husband ordered, to ]>ay J3O per mouth uli
tnonyas well as "Jic costs of the suit. The
oouplo were married in Richmond on
•Tan. M. ,mi. by Dr. Jabor. Hall, who was
ih<>r. .pKsltr u£ the Seventh-Street Chris
linn tl rcr..
A charter was granted to t!ic King
'Brothers Co. in the City Circuit Court
>-etterday. The company is formed to
search Icr minerals and develop mineral
propcrries hi ihe State. The stock is
limited to 510.00C1, but 2iot to be less than
?l.(0:'. TJic oJliecrs ar<;: President." Wil-
Jiam King: vice-president, Joseph M.
JCJKg. and secretary and treasurer, D. H.
King. lUchrnond is to ho. the liomc
office asd the company will have the
.-JgiU to own fifty thousand acres of land
n the State and ten in the city at ihe
vamc time.
Grcenstrcc-t. administratrix
•' 2. T. Grer-nstreet. instituted suit in the
uv.vr a:id Equity Court yesterday for
.15.000 damages for tho Wiling of her hus
; 'and. who .v.-as an electric light trimmer
Mth the Passc:i£Vr ar.d Power. Company,
>nd vas trimming a lamp . who struck
; hy a train bound i'or }\'est Point. The ac
| Cidcnx happened nearly a s : enr ago. The
cult -was brought by Edgar. 13- English.
The jury ia the case of Bottoms vs. the
Richmond Pnsenser and Power Company
.., could not ogrec yesterday and was ad
journed until this morning-
It was stated that the jury, is evenly
B^., , Eea<lache,blliouEnesß,heartbarn,indl-
■ gestton, and all ii ver m s are cured by
g. Civ BOW lv ill d^Klrti.^ 25 cents, *..
?! ■ 1 ■ ■:■.•■ ■ ;'" • / .• ■ " '..: :.\ • ; - "■■■s■
a '' ' ' ; ' „>.■■.,■„..■, ■»■,,- ....r "i" i '■<<,''■■', ,i. iV" .i. ... .". ■ • t ' ' ;'';' i : i-iiii _.. L r*' M 'T"i;r"' " i ■..■....1. — " -♦■ I
I' '. '■■■ ' ■ , T"7~^ --------- f , . ||
tf The peers of any in - Riclimond; : to be sold at UN DER-VALUE PRICES. |
I -"'--" , - ' • " -'S :
i Beginning THIS MORNING we shall place on sale nearly |
• . .: - , .. -: ■ ®
I One Thousand Sisits ana Overcoats. t
i+ -:. "■ — i zr^^^z^^^ CT^^.L.j^ M "rrrr;!^.. ' .;-•■" ?
I Garments cut in the latest styles and' of the most approved ' fabrics— Su ffs and |
I Overcoats which are superior to most offered elsewhere at $15;, $16.50, and $18, %
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111 1 ■ J ±
5 in, addition we offer the following specials in .our. Boys' and .Children s.Departmsnl:' 1
I Boys' Knee Pants Suits, worth $3.00 and $3.50, Special price, '= $L 85 |
| Boys' Knee Pants Suits, worth $4.00 and $4.50, Special Price, = $2.85 I
I Boys' Knee Pants Suits, worth $5.00 and $5.50, Special Price, - $3.15 |
I Boys' Oxford Overcoats, worth $6.50, Special Price; -----'- $4.45 §
I Boys' Oxford Reefers, worth $5.00, Special Price ■- . :--. = •- = $2,65 |
©. - - 'w ■. ■ ' ■ . ' ■ •- %
2' " ■ " - - - — ■ - ■ • \- - - ■ .. . hp
divided for and against a verdict for the
plaintiff. The suit is for 510,000.
In th'i Chancery;, Court yesterday
Carter Brander, was appointed and
qualified as administrator of the estate
of A. C. Brander, deceased. The estate
is smalL
A marriage license was issued In this
city yesterday to A. Bryco Curd and
Julia A. Morris.
A Young 31a.ii: from Goochlaml Couttv
t y Develops Ivlcptoiuania.
Charles C. King-, a young white man
from Goochland county, came to Rich
mond last week to do a little Christmas
shopping. While here he developed a. case
of kleptomania, and proceeded to take
watches and. pictures. The Davis Gal
lery and the Old Dominion Watch Com
pany suffered from his visit.
In the Police Court yesterday morning
the fact was brought out that the man
was Of unsound mind, and a commission
of lunacy was ordered. lie has once heon
in tho asylum.
A very pathetic case in the court yester
day was that of a 17-year-old girl, from
Fulton, who was charged with forging a
name and stealing a dress. The girl Was
up some time ago for stealing a pocket
book and was discharged. Her father is
in the lunatic asylum, and it is thouglit
the girl's mind is also affected.
After discussion of the subject, it was
decided to try to get the girl a home in
the country, and if this is accomplished,
she will bo saved a jail sentence.
Mitchell Hill, Iho negro who was-ar
rested liy Mr. J. H. Spears, in Henrico
county, and locked in the Second Police
Station, charged with insulting Mr. Hill's
little girl and stealing: :■: it bicyelc. was
sent on to the grand jury.
Fraiik nianton, AVho Stole Brasses,
Vinited byllis Wii'e.
Another one of the tragedies of life,
which occur in a city every day and are*
not known, was brought to light at the
Third PoJice Station last night* when
Frank Blanton. a respectable young
white man. was arrested and locked up
on the charge of stealing brasses from
(.he Locomotive- Works.
Tire wife, who is a young woman of
some culture and refinement came to the
station to see her husband upon hearing
of his arrest, and the scene between thy
two was pathetic- Tho wife was broken
hvartpd over the net of her husband, and
couldin no way explain it. Sho said there
was no need for his taking the brasses,
as the family were not in absolutes want.
At the sight of his wife the man wept.
He confessed all. and taid ho had no us"c
for -the brasses, and did not know what
made him take them. '
The couple have two small children and
live on Brook avenue. Mrs. Bianton says
that her husband has bq*on acting
strangely for some time, and sho be
lieves that his mind- Is unbalanced. The
man seems entirely irresponsible.:
.John .Smith Stabbed.
Johu Smith, a negro living: at Xo. Sll
north Third stivet, was stabbed in the
back last night near his home. The;am
bulancc surgeons took the wounded man
to his. home and treated him. lie could
not give the. name of his assailant. '
Mr. Cuarles Unutcr at St. James.
The friends of Mr. Charles 'AY. Hunter.
Jr.. will tre glad to know that ho is spend
ing the holidays With his family, and has
consented to sing the offertory at St.
James Episcopal church to-morrow morn
ing: Mr. Hunter's voice has lost none of
its old-tiniQ sweetness and expression.
Address the Orphan Boys,
Mtv.H- L. Keiui; late of Mexico, will
addtvss the boys of the Male Orphan
Asylum Sunday afternoon, December 21st.
at 4:15. Take transfer car at Beach and
ilain streets.
Mr. Steal«y*a Subject.
Rev. C. P. Stealey 'will preach at
Broadus-Memorial - church to-morrow
morning on "Handle Not. Nor Taste, Nor
Touch, 'and sir 8 P, M. his subject •will be
a "Pious Fraud." :
Tbay TeU TJiclr Stories v>f Boycot
ttue e"«l Intiiui<la<io3i Durir.s
tl»» etrilic— Ailjoiirnisicut of
Cumuiissiou To-Uaj-.
SCRAXTOX, PA., December .19.—Non
union men. some of their relatives and
oih'crs, to the number of thirty, appeared
before the Anthracite Coal &iri«.y Com
mission to-day and told their stories 01
alleged boycotts, intimidations, dynamit
ing, and violence in various forms, during
the late striive. Kaeh witness called was
a sufferer in one form or another at the
hands, they 'alleged, of union men. Four
witnesses 'said attempts were niado to
blow up their houses, many of the wit
nesses were threatened with bodily harm,
several were beaten, one was shot - m the
leg-, and one was stoned, boycotted; or
huns in cfiig-y. .
One school teacher testified to having
lost his position because his father did
not strike. One man v.'ds asked to 'resign
from a Catholic temperance society, and
another witness was expelled from a local
lod^c- of the Ancient Order, of Hibernians,
because they, were classed as .'unfair men
or wor l *.:nen. . :
Joseph H. Dugan, the man who was
reiiiit&usd lo giVe up his membership in
the temperance society, 'remained acJwprK
uoinq- repair work and acting as a watch
man? lie v.-ept on the -witness-stand as
he told how they ordered him to leave,
after many years of pleasant association
with its members. He said he had been
stoned and otherwise badly treated, and
addtd that a good clubbing would not
have hurt half *s much as the action. of
the .society in throv.ing- him out of the
organization. -
Chairman Gray asked the witness if ho
remained at work so that , the pumps
could bs kept in good ropair. and thu^.
keep the minis from beins destroyed, and
he said he did. ,
Mr. Darrow asked Him how long he
worked, and examined, him. in such a w:sy.
on the subject that he brought the state
mo ill from Chairman Gray that men will
work fifteen hours or more to help save
a neighbor's burning house.
James Mitchell was the man- wno. was
expelled from tho Hibernian society, ti^.
said he worked during the strike as a
repairman, and did not consider it un
fair, because he did not mine any coal.
He had to c'en a member of the society
twenty-six or twenty-eight years, and
at a meeting one night during the strike
the question of his unfairness came up,
and every membter present voted to expel
him. . ' - - ,-,••.
A Polandcr named Max Lasar, who did
not quit when the strike was inaugurated,
told of how a man threw a quart bottle ot
giant powder, to which a lighted fuse w-as
attached, into the parlor of his home. Ho
'extinguished the fuse. The powder was
shown to the commission. "
Other witnesses testified to having been
hung in effigy once or more -times; that
grocers, butchers, milk men, and ice men
refusvd to serve them because they were
afraid their business would be boycotteo.
and that they were severely beaten and
socially ostracized. \ .
Tho. commission will meet' at 3 o clock
to-morrow morning, and will adjourn a..
11:45 o'clock for. the holidays.
The Big- Railway Conjpaaics Organ
iio io Fiffht Them.
NEW YORK, December 19.— (Special.)
The big railroad systems of the country
have practically completed arrangements
for a protective association to deal sum
marily with ; fraudulent ticket agencies
and ticket forgers.
The. new body will take the Bankers'
Protective Association as a model, and
will employ a detective agency to : do all
the work of tracing, ticket frauds.
Preliminary steps have been taken to
perfect the ..organization by the Trunk
Line Association, the Central Traffic As
sociation. Western Traffic Association,
and .New, England Traffic Corrpany.
Commissioner, ; Farmer, of the Trunk
Line Association, said, to-day the
eral passenger agents of the trunk lines
had decided to enter, the association at a
This signature- is on every box of the genuine
1 Laxative Bromo«Quinine Tuweta :
the remedy ili&t cures a cold in oue day*
meeting in this city about two weeks
"The idea has been generally applaud
ed," added Commissioner Farmer, "aa
the only practicable way of putting an
end to ticket frauds. There 'has been in
crease of late in ticket forgery."
■ . • • - : i
Vjlaa Koaiains: tlie Street of an Il
linois Totvu Raises Lots cJ
ELGIN, ILL., Dec. 20.— A man attired
in woman's garments and wearing a
heavy mourning veil has been terrorizing
young .women, about the streets here for
a week- He has become known us "The
Woman in Black." Upon accosting a wo
man on the street he peers into her face
and presents a revolver. In each case
reported he is. said to have remarked:
"No. you are not the one; if you were
you would get this." presenting his pistol.
The women are' 'terrified and tin fellow
always escapes. He is supposed to be.in
sane. . . •■ . •
Alil»oi"t e<11 General Manager of the
Guateniala Northern Haihvay,
AVith Heatlquarlers at Gua
temala City.
PHILADELPHIA, -PA., December 30.—
Charles Otey Gwatkin. formerly general
eastern agent of the Wisconsin Central
Railway, has been appointed general
manager of the Guatemala Northern
Eailway. with headquarters at Guate
mala City, Guatemala.
Air. Gwatkin will leave New York for
ill's"! -new post on next Saturday* Mr.
Gwatkins is a native of Lynchburg. Va.
He entered the railway service In ISSO as
agent of the Great 'AVestern Dispatch
Fast Freight Line, at Binghamton, N. Y.
Since that time he has held positions, of
responsibility With various railroads.
i I£o«se Commiltee Slaves FavorEblc
Keyort— Provisio^ts o£ Measure.
' W \S T iINGTON. Dec. - 19.— The house
ccr. niittee on Interstate commerce order
ed a favorable report on the department
ofx commerce bill: The; vote on reporting
it stood 5 to C. The provision for inclhd
iag the bureau of labor in. the new /de
partment was retained on a tie vote.
; The bill as it will come from the house
will embrace in the proposed department
of commerce the lighthouse board, the
lighthouse service, national bureau of
standards, coast .and geodetic survey,
bureau of immigration, fish- commission,
bureau of statistics of the treasury,
bureau of- foreign commerce of the State
department, fur seal and salmon fisheries,
bureau of la.bor and census' and three
new bureaus, insurance, -manufacture and
corooration. .
The province and duty of the proposed
Bureau of Corporations is. under the di
rection' of the Secretary of Commerce,'
to gather, compile, and supply
useful information concerning corpora
tions engaged in interstate or foreign
commerce. . . „
Xo Ganal Treaty. This Year. ;
AVASHINGTON, Dec: 19.— Confirmation
of the Panama canal treaty with Colombia
has again been moved, into the future,
and it is now said that no treaty can be
expected before Christmas and probably
not until. the beginning of next year. "
;:-■ iesro Homicide Xcar liaurens.
CHARLESTON. S. C. December 19.—
A special- to- the News and Sour ier from
Laurens. S. C, says: This morning, on
J. X.; Kennedy's place.- two. miles north
of ;;this tcrvra, • Joe Davis stabbed Tom
Harris to the heart,: killing hlm;instantly.
Both ■-) are ; negroes. ;. They ;-; quarreled ,, . last
night, nnd Harris attacked Davis with
a; gun . this . morning, striking, him fop the
heaa.,; Davis .•finally.; drew his knife and
used it. He did not attempt to escape, :
and -vvas promptly arrested.
Raleijrli" T. Parker, of Cartcravillc,
. Met AVitli Severe Acci<lent.
Other Xcws.
cial.)— Raleigh T. Parker, of Bush Park,
about, three miles from, this place, .met
with a very serious and painful accident
on yesterday afternoon in hauling wood
from his works to his house. The wheel
of the wagon that he was driving struck
a stump, throwing him to the ground,
breaking his leg near the ankle joint. Dr.
N. P. Snead set the broken limb.
As the Christmas -holidays are ap
proaching announcements .are -being made
of many social events, embracing mar
riages. &c. -Among the most prominent
entertainment will be given by the Ep
worth League of the Cartersville Meth'o
uist church for the enjoyment of the
young people of the loasue.
Among the marriages- which are an
nounced is that of Miss Annie P. Palmore,
of Powhatan county, to Mr. Bernard H.
Mayo, of Richmond. The wedding will
take place at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Alvy Palmore. of Cumberland county, at
3 P." M., Dec. 25.'
Mrs. Carrie Clarke, formerly of Fowha
tan county, but more recently of Rich
mond, and Mr. Thomas Tunstall, of
bolmeade. Powhatan county, will be mar
ried next Wednesday at 4 P. 1 M. at Mud
dy Creek church, Powhatan county, the
Rev. Dr. John R. Bagby officiating.
Among the visitors from Richmond
who are. in this section are, Mrs. Ruth
Hasley. who is visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. R. T. Swanson, of Trenholm,
Powhatan county.
Mr. E. T. Whitlock, night stationmas
ter of ths new Main street depot of the
C. & O. railroad, who has, been on a visit
to his family here for the past two days,
returned to .his duties yesterday after
Mrs. Mary E. Palmore, who sustained
such serious injury by falling down a
flight of steep steps a few days ago, is
unablo to walk. -
Peeling in Blueiield Strong 1 Against
Lee Palmer's Slayer.
BLL'EFIELD.. W. VA,. December in.—
(Special.)— Matt Dodd, the boy who shot
and killed Lee Palmer, was given a. pre
liminary hearing this morning and sen:
on to await the action of the grand jury.
Dodd was guarded last night at the
residence of an otHccr by several resolute
men, for the feeling against him was
very strong.
A very ugly case was made against
Dodd and it is thought that things will
go' hard with him. * A brother and uncle
of the dead man arrived this -morning
and took the remains to Uuntington to
night where they will be interred to
morrow. "
John A.' Hopkins? Funeral.
BEDFORD CITY, VA.. December 13.—
(Special.)— The funeral of Mr. John A.
Hopkins took place this afternoon at
3 o'clock from Hickory Grove church in
the county. in the presence of a large as
sembly of relatives and friends, a num
ber of whom were from Bedford City.
Tiie ; services were conducted by Rev.
Edward E. Lane, "of .the Presbyterian
church of Bedford City. , ._
On Thursday morning Mr. Hopkins
was found sitting in his chair in his room
dead.' For some years he had been 'a
sufferer from bronchial trouble and asth
ma, but the immediate cause of death is
supposed to .h ave been heart disease.
"He was a brave soldier, of . the 'Confed-,
eracy, a member of the famous Second
-Regiment" of Virginia Cavalry.
.-; I' ■ ■ . . ■'■ " ' X ■ " ■■ .- ■ • • ;;: .
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-Itching, Blind, Bleeding, and .Protrud-^
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gists are authorlzed'-by the manufacturers
of Pazo Ointment to refund the money
where it i falls -to cure -any case, of piles,
no. matter of how ;long standing. .Cures
ordinary cases in six days: the worst
cases in fourteen days. One application
gives :. ease >.nd: rest ..Relieves itching : in
stantly. .This is at new discovery, and
it Is the only, pile' remedy,; sold on; a posK
tive guarantee/ no '-.- cure, no pay.. Price,
We . : •;/ :..-'-;■'■ *■ .
Bontc.o 'i'lirongh Dinwiddie Hare
Jrteccntlj- Been Surveyed — Plans of
the Projectors — Junior .Order
. American Mechanics.
PETERSBURG, VA.. December 13.—
(Special.)— After an illness of some weeks,
Mr. W. C. Flynn, for several years- the
manager of the Western Union telegraph
office in this city, died this morning about
4. o'clock, at his rooms on Tabb street.
He died of heart trouble, complicated
with other diseases. Mr. Flynn was an
accomplished telegrapher, of -"long- expe
rience in the business, and ono of the
most competent and rapid operators in
■ the State. As an official and as a gentle
man, ho was ever courteous and obliging,
and as such gained many friends all over
the State, who will grieve to hear of his
Mr. Flynn ■■ was a native of Danville,
Va.. where his parents, two brothers,
and asister reside. While he was visited
by all of them during his illness, his de
voted sister remained with him nearly
the entire time, and; was at his bedside
when the end came. Mr. Flynn was for
a while manager of the New York and
Southern office-, in Danville. After the
consolidation of .this company with the
Western Union he was sent to Lynch
burg as manager of the office there, re
maining in charge for several years. He
came to Petersburg as manager of the
office here on January 15. ISS?, remaining
in charge until a. few weeks ago, when
ill-health forced him to resign. His re
mains will be taken to Danville to-mor
row for interment.
It is understood that two surveys have
recently been made through Dinwiddie.
county* for the proposed railroad from
Blackstone to connect with the Seaboard
Air-Line. One of these routes is known
as the Westboro' route, and the other
as the Danville route. The promoters
of this enterprise are prominent and,in
fluential citizens of Blackstone, assisted
by northern capital.
Captain J. M. Harris, of Blackstone, is
president, and Mr. W. A. Land, of Black
stone, is chief engineer. It Is said that
a meeting of the Board of Directors is
soon to be held in Richmond to deter
mine whfch of the routes will be adopted.
In any event the road will pass through
•a fine agricultural and timber country
The road is to connect with the Seaboard
Air-Lino at . McKenney,- a distance of
about twenty miles from Blackstone. It
will have, the advantage of cheaper cost
in construction by reason of the fact that,
running on this side of Nottoway river,
there will be no bridges to build.
This road has no connection with the
; proposed lino from Blackatouc to Chase
; City.- .
State Council Secretary Thomas B. Iyejr.
of this city, this week received two ap
plications' for the organization of new
councils of Junior Order United Ameri
can Mechanics "in this jurisdiction. One
of these applications, with 00 names, at
tached, came, from Richmond for the
institution of Elba Council -in that city,
with" Hie promise that over 100 members
would be on the list by Tuesday next,
the day set for the organization of the !
council" The other application came from j
Dorchester, with a list of twenty names, }
and more promised. Tho Juniors expect
tosJcrnalize the coming year with "A great ■",
increase in the membership of the order .
in t^e State. i
Mrs. Mary C. Keen, v.idou- of James
T. Keen, dfcvl this afternoon at her resi- (
dence on > Davis street, aged about »J7 j
years. She %vas stricken with paralysis i
It week ago. /and her condition was such :
as to preclude all hope of rc-coverj'. She
leaves a sister, Mrs. Baird. of this city.
and a brother. Mr. Roger Atkinson, of
Richmond. Mrs Keen was a lady of love- (
Iy Christian character, and her death will {
bo mourned by a large circle ot" friends. \
The banks of Petersburg arc preparing £
for the payment ot fi large sum in divi
dends to th-iir respective stockholders on
the first of January There are three
banking- institutions in Petersburg-, as 1
soiid and safe as any in tfio State, and ?
IV- ' ■ ';: • -..-■ t-
I:. ■ — t-.: " {
I suflered from constipation, s
f About three years ae;o I no- i
v ticeel Eipans Tabules adver- 1
> tised and gave them a trial. I , 3
j used them according- to direc- i,
d tions and got what I failed to <
/' get .from, other remedies; that y
> is, a permanent benefit. Since 3
y then I use them occasionally \
i and find they will do all that '\
/ is claimed they will do. In the V
>; course of my business I am ?
y thrown in^ contact with other -
<y men of my class, and I recom- <
I mend Hipans to iay fellow- i
> workman whenever I hear him J
j complaining of what I had A
<£ suffered from myself. I always * £
/ get the same verdict (they are
? fine). : :••;. J
i.-? •- r\ \ ■.;". ~:~ :~ .' •• i
|| At Druggists. $
S The Five-cent packet is enough for au ordi- s^
? nary occasion. The' family bottle, 60 cts/ >
v contains a supply: foe a year.
: ■■:- '„ -- . --JI;«&V? - -
-■-■■■■. -.- -
WiMnain's Corner
Saturday, 20th.
'Sr.oo will buy a Christnia,
present of the best Kid Glove ir
the United States for that price
the YALE. We've handlec
about all kinds in seventeen year;
and .the Yale surpasses any of 'en
The correct tiling for walking
or ciiiving is our English Walk
ing Glove at $i.oo.
Harness sewn outer scam e've
it ji: c t enough of a misculine ap
pearance to make it attractive.
Amen jiandkarchiefsfor W-zo.
Sheer and. '.fine for this price,
with daintily worked initial.
Hand-Embroidered Pure Irish
Linen Handkerchiefs for 2;c.
The initials are surrounded
with pretty designs of wreathe
and bow-knots. Half dozen in «
pretty box.
Miller '&Rhoads.
tfco year has been- a profitable one with
The beautiful v.-eather this week has
brought out the Christmas buyers 5n
great number. The streets and srores are
thronged, ' ar.d the trade has been very
large. „
It fs\imderstood that Governor Montague
has consented to grant a pardon to Pat
rick IleelnmT. a young man serving i
term in. the city. jail: and it is expected
' thst'he will soon pardon D E. Wii-Uns;
the young North Carolinian, who was
convicted of robbery in the . Hustings
Court of this city a year ago and sent to
the penitentiary- There are many who
believe that Wilkins i^ innocent of tfaa
chargo on which he was convict?*!. ar:d
strong- efforts have been made for his
Miss Pattle ?,IcGehee. or Richnaond.
gave readings this afternoon and to-night
at the entertainment at Washington-
Street Methodist Episcopal church, for
tho benefit oi the Pansy Missionary So
The Catholic and Episcop.il churches
arc teir:^ handsomely decorated for
Christmas, and nrograrnntes of music art*
bc-ing arranged. The Christmas music in
the churches this season will-: bo very
elaborate ami beautiful.
iJr. Frank £?fc€rn:aiu the c'rarnpion pool
player oi! the world, will give an exhibi
tion of his skill at theEljta Pool Par lcrg,
in this city, to-marrow night, and all th*
lovers of pool ..in town wilt be present to
see him.
Mr. Gerald M. White, cv Ns.w York, ha> ■
taken charge of Clements cat".?. v popu
lar restaurar.t .->. nd dicing saloon cit Syc
amore street. Great improvements are to
be made.
_ ;—»; — »- — — .
Fnmplin City Gossip.
PA.MPt.IN CITY. VA., December 19.—
(Special-)— The Phiiadetphians, who hav
been here for some time. Mr, J- B.
Fleshman and Mr. Childs. were joined a
few days ago by Dr.- 11. E- Miller, of the
same city. These'- gentlemen, who are
old sportsmen, have had flne success and
bagged a large number of birds and
caught a number o" foxes. Dr. Miller re
tr :ed ro Philadelphia this evening.
Mo Union Telephone Company. whos«*
lines extend to lied House, Reugh Creek,
and. Charlotte Courthouse, are putting
up poles to connect: ; with Rosser's Mill.
Darlington Heights, Prospect, and Farm
vill. The company has been very suc
cessful, and the convenience of bringing
! the rural district in closer connection
'■ with our "city" has been very much
- _ -^ :
All . tlaiot at tJie V. 31. T.
LiEXINGTOX. VA., December 10.—(Spe
cial.)— Everything is quiet at the Vlr
ginia Military Institute now, and th«
third classmen have settled down t«
their regular work. They count them
selves fortunate at getting off so easily
_ j,
To Cure :t Co It! In One Day
Tcze Laxative Brorao Quinine Tablets
Tni . signature ,*(?& g, >n everj
box. 25 cents. *i£> Sfj&nnrz^ box.

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