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nonnßnY at iniG sto.nk gap.
#T»*>nt ?SoO;*n Jlnmp* nrnl in
«>j?t> ?><rnl li*'ir1 i *'irt s r\-orU« nnrt Co«^r^!<
Tlie : ''Martyr«l*>hi of n Hull I'np,
TSIG STONE CAP. V,\.. December 19.—
<Pj>ceial.)-~The robbery at this place, re
pc:'d U\ tSJO Dispatch! a few days nijo.
--. .-< the first of any snagnlUideHo wcur
ir Bip Stone G.-.j». At tlic post-oilVo tlio
c v, s-. secured about JSOO in stamps nl.om
;:i In: <-;!5-)j. and some registered prick
sre*.' 'n or.c rnckftgC was a gold .watch'
"» ■-■-.:.<. that <say fro^i Stonopra. it is thought
'V..;t "there .was quite a ; sum of money in
the rc-ci^iorod paokapes. A box contnln
inc a pair of r^torri was broken open and
,ef; with rhf IScoftlc hole. *'too small."
ri'-fftt* the thßvcs oiitcrod the post-onico
rh y v.iT.i. to s<voral shops and borrovvod
-. iiyjTnerS; cla^eis. anil other tools for ihelr
■ y, ■■■■■■:•. ttor.s.. They then went to Hfuiribleri
V ■■;'::<-■]■?. dealers in hardware, and. blow
•r cr o;>?n the safe. Rot abo\it SliiO. and,
tsidne: s - lantern and Foir.o additio^nl
•f. ■?. proce-caod " xo tlonoHsh the post
.-v:: r The operations tool? place
Bbi ;- -• o'Cloclt in the :r.ornmp. The r<;
p -:s wrro heard by pevcral persons.
; no' : -en.p v.-cr.t to invest icr«to. The.eol
cn-a. barber* Jtsele Simaior.s. who lives
-, - across tbo street, heard the noise.
-■>v.5. -csllod "Ms tloit' oif the men, not thinkr
::.-; that Iht-r6 v,-.ishar:n afoot. Mr. H
P." Willis came whistling <lown tile street
or. fris way to his -incat ir>ark-:t, and saw
a ■■ nn tr.ter tlic- post-r«{Ticc, and then say/
four rr.cn leave . .
"It is thought this is lhe ftaiKfi- panp that
v^rki'i operating In. Russell county
.-■.■ l other pftri.s of Southwest Virginia.
On last Saturday night Jan :ntcmpt v/n.s
• r.aoe to break into the Wise County
- ■•■'<{. at Wise. "While they were at work
j~"i\[o d.-ior. Mr. N. T. Harris. Jr.. the
.■ashler, fired through the door nnd seared
■'.:: :rv. away. Tl;e sa;ne night the r:afe In
l be treasiirer's offite was blown open, but
" "' 77-mn s youthfxil; offenders. 1
Yolitbfu) thievosi three in number, about
"i "v.vts 3f are. broke throt'.rh a window
•r. the rear of J. JT. V.'lllis & Co.'s store
.— '2 carried nway fire-works worth about
?: X a few nights ago. Mr. Willis induced
tv.-v bftys to confess next day. ant! secured
v ; :? c;'n"bfls. from xmder the Town Hall,
where they hao been hidden. The beys
-?.--re wh'pperi by ihc-ir parents, but the
Teform schbol 5s a suitable place'for them.
fx'f;eems that this is not the first offense
if- ihe=e boys.
fhere is a sentiment prowing Vierc 5h
; ? vor of an ordinance thst will keep boys
Bff the street aft^r 9 o'clock at nicrht.
Bruce and Pete were inseparable
rr.r.'iP. the one was a lonp-haired St.
53, rr.-rd. Rnd very old. and the other was
t bull. ?nd scarcely «--:Khic-en months
-f sge. Together tht> trot ted va and
flown Wood aver.tie. tocrether they plnycd
T.:-h the granfichildrciv ca" their master.
G-rerai R. A. Ayers. ar.d tegether tixey
lay in lhe sun to sleep, Pete' cuddled up
sq.-iinsc Bruce. Wherever- one was seen
the other wtvs sure to be fotmd.
Last wee': they followed the wagon
out -the Virginia and Southwestern rail
road, and were walking: tocetht-r on tho
railroad track, when a freight train came
along. Bruce was deaf and could not
hear: the' train, but Pet> heard it. and
• .■.■i.nrti away at his old friend to get him
off the track, but in vain. Bruce rnisun
.; stodd,Pete. He thought, no doubt, that
the young fellow was playing. Thi
Train ran them both down and killed
theni-^Peie a martyr to his devotion to
Br: o. Many a friond will" think kindly
•-: IHtie Pete and his brave act. and hi.^
ilttlernistrces will miss him and his funny
crorped ears.
ITerrlijle Accident With a Pistol nt
GivynnJs Islnml. JlalhcwH Co.—
llnppeTilners atllic Conrt
MATTHEWS. VA., December 19.—(Spc
r !'/2.y_-Ben-.ard Roe shot and instantly
VfHediliis liltlei brother. Arthur. Tuesday
ifternnon. they ICth instant. An -inquest
R-as h"ld Wednesday by Mr. R. L
McCresay, justice: of trie peace, in the
•■ii.se.Tice of a cornuer,
Th- •v.f(-!,in-l?ni was made by Dr.
U B. Hunl" y. of this town. The shoot
r.g: was accidental. It seems that Ber
nard Hoe. a^'-d IT. was cleaning' an old
rusty pisiol. in the kitchen, getting It
ready .for Christmas. He did not know
live 'pistol was loaded and just as his
litii-; brother Arthur er.tered the room
from school; be pulled the trigger, possi
bly to.- see if it would snap. The pisiol
-exploded.' the ball faking effect 5n the
Tight temple of the unfortunate boy
ni.d loflgiiiK in the base of the Y brain.
The wound' caused "instant death. Dr.
.:33imley located the bullet by probing but
did. not remove it. . The mother and
whole family are grieved beyond expres
sion. Bernard and Arthur: are the sons
»f Mr. Broadus Roe. deceased, of
3wy.nn's' Islnnd. Mr. Roe died in. the
lunimer r>i ]fiO. .leaving a wife and eight
T line small children.-^.
Miss Carrie Butts, daughter of Rev.
3. G. C. Butts, pastor of Centenary
itetlipdist Episcopal church. Lynchburg".
Va.,; is; expected to .spend the Christmas
iolldays with her sister. Mrs. G. S. Mer-
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%Vind and Pain in the Stomach^tSicfc Head
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aessof Urcatli. Costiveccss. Blotches on the
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ing the muscular Svstcni, reMoring the long
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ure the mont popular family ntcdicine*
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K^s Distilleby, Trot, 6. Established 1860.
chant, of this place, Miss Butts will
arrive Saturday.
Mr. R. Soars expects to bo in his new
and handsome rcpldence on Main street
by January Ist. This is one of the finest
and most np-to-dato residences in tho
The Pioneer Club of Matthews will
meet at the home of Miss Bernico Mao
lun. Friday night, the 17th. This club
is compop^d of twenty members' and
mr.ets semi-monthly at the homes of the
young ladies. All the members look for
ward to Friday evening with great anti
cipations for they always have a grand
time. The club will have a' "swell" en
teriainmont on December 2Gth
•Central Epworth League met last night
and the
I-\-iH> Cliurch TitlliHsl
FALLS CHURCH. VA . December 19.
(Special.)—Falls Church Lodge. 2s"o. 11; In
dependent Order Odd-Feliows. have elect
ed the follovdng officors "for the term bo
ffii.ning January 1. 1903: Past grand. G.
B. Faaeley. M. D.: noble grand. Walter
Marocy: vice grand. H: A. Hunlcy: ?ecre
tp.ry, Rfv. H. A. Beach: financial secre
tary. J. Howard Brunner; treasurer,
Charles E. Mankin: chaplain, Rev. XV. H.
Wolf: organist. Edward I. -Crump, and
captain cf dc-giee team. George A. Brun
Dr. T. C. Quick. George T. Mankin, nnd
Professor E. C Line, attended the ban
quet given by Mount Vernon Royal Arch
Chapter, in Alexandria, on Friday night.
The Board of Control of the Falls
Church Library Association held a meet
ing on Monday night and decided to add
forty volumes to the library.
Master Grey Church, son of' M. E-.
Church, fill down the stairs at Jefferson
TnQ:HiiHi mi Trr^nnv finn'..n r i»R Kr'rinnccl'tr
Interesting exercises are announced to
take place .in Jefferson Institute Hall on
Friday, at the closing of the school for
the Christmas recess. There will be a
large Christmas tree, rti'jsic. recitations,
etc. Professor Line will be presented with
a handsome scarf-pin by Iho scholars.:
Pioneer Lodge, Independent Order
Good Templars, will hold' Christmas ser
vices on Tuesday night next, after which
the members of the lodge will be served
with supper.
Mr T. N*_ Conklin. of New York city.
if.r; purchased the "Watscn Loyd farm on
Lhe Lewinsville rood, ana will take pos
session January 1, 1903.
Five Marrin^es There It ccently—
Mrs. .I«)I»n A.v-I'aliii'eT l)ea«l.
KEATHSA r ]LLE. VA.. December IP.—
(Special.)— During the past two days five
marriages have been solcmnizea.
Two very pretty ceremonies took place
at the Baptist: parsonage on Wednesday.
Miss Fannie C. Thomas, the daughter of
Edward S. Thomas, a well-known farmer
of the upper end of this county, became
the bride of Thomas A. Rock, n prosper
ous sailor This couple drove eleven miles
to he niarriefl, ami "struck tip" with Dr.
Beale as h2 gifts'.;' coming in fiorr. Mrs.
SiSEons' home, where Rufus A. Smith £nd
Keitie P. Ba'syc had been made man and
wife. .
At 4 o'clock- a dozen. or more vehicles
drove Into the parsonnge lot and another
pair sought the •'parson.' This time Miss
Nannie B. Clarke, the daughter. of a well
kr.own truclrer of Trilby, became the wife
of Randolph Si Harris, who also follows
the water for a living. All of those cere
monies were performed 'by Rev. Dr. G.
W. Beale. '
News reached here Thursday of the
death of Mrs. John A. Palmer, at her
home near Kilmarnock. in this county.
Mrs. Palmer was the wife of a widely
kiKiwn citizen of this couniy. who was
the former editor of the Chesapeake
Watchman. She had a son at the.Mary
land Medical College. Baltimore, and a
daughter at the Farmville Institute, both
of whom were" wired for.
E,l«nr )!ickmnn!« Plans— \VeeUls En
tcrtalnnicn**- Personal Notes.
STAT'XTON. VA.. December IS.—(Spe
cial.)—Kd^ur Hickman. who lias been a
bf«; pSat the Virginia School to. the
D«f an'l itnnd for several yoars. after
compl.Hir.p his regular course, took ..1.-s
sons in piano tunins/nnd has-now sone
to' his homo, near Bristol. • prepared to
make his living by that vocation Mr.
Hickman Is also, a violinist ot wonderful
L '?.?r^Charles S. Rradicy has-decided-.to
retire from tho firm of Miller & Bradley,
aiul- hns sold his ir.fcrest nnrt poor rwljl
in the- firm to his partner. .1-1. Clay
Mr Bradley is a live and judicious busi
ness-rnari and will be a loss 10 Staunton,
both m business and .social circles. He
expects to leave about January sth .to
accept, a rtattcrlncr offer from Daniel
Miller &■ Co.. in Baltimore.". .
•I A. CartV>r. representing' tho Hill Direc
tory fompany. 'of . Richmond, was in -the
city this week delivering: the-new-direc
tory of Sta-.niton and A uprtista county
Th* 4 pink toa Riven by the nurses of the
Kins' s Daughters Hospital was very slio
oessful.' Mirs Page, the superintendent,
was assisted by Misses Bumsrardner,
Trimble, Payne. Jones v Douthat, \Vlllson,
Henley, and Seny. The nuraos, wore for
th<» lirst time their becoming new pink
The Wednesday Card Club was enter
tained this week by Mrs. H. J. Taylor.
An Ipxcltlrig game of drive whist -was' en
joyed by Mesdames .T. C. Foster, W. 15.
Buddo, W. A. "Pratt. It. S. ICtT. and H.H.
Wayt; and Misses Katie Bell Baker, Katie
Eiehelberger, Rebecca Younfr, Annie
Child. Evelyn and Florence Tyree, Sallle
Barron; May. Grace, arid .Florence E.der:
Lizzie Atkinson. Kllie Foster. " Lottie
Haile. and Maude Kinney.
Mr. John AVood. ji newspaper man. of
groat ability, has taken charge of | tho
bufciness department of the :-•" Staunton'
Dally ?Ccws. Mr. AVood was formerly
editor and ir.ftnager, of the' Roanoke Eve
ning Times, of Roanoke.- H6 has already
I made many friends in Staunton.
I Miss Charlotte ■: Kemper. a Brazilian
i missionary, is a guest at the Mary Bald
j win Seminary. ■ :-."
! Mr. and Mrs. XV. A. Barr are guests at
j the Kalorania Hol'ol. Mr. Barr is super
intending the new free mail delivery
routes. _'"■». .
Slyron Marshall, of I'ortsmouth, visiteti
j his "cousin. Mrs. 11. M. Mcllhany, tnis
j week. ■
j Miss Katherine Woodward has returned
Ito Roanoke after visiting her cousin.
Miss Anna Woodward.
Mrs. NT H. McCuliough "■ has returned
from an extended southern trip.
Miss Fannie Foster, who has been very
ill with pneumonia, is improving. Her
daughter. Miss Nettie, of Philadelphia;
and her son. Frank, of Birmingham, Ala.,
were both sent for. HVr niece. Misc
Louise Powell. superintendent of St.
Luke's Hospital. Richmond, is also here.
Miss Margaret Lynn Cochran is in
Richmond visiting Miss Virginia Bland
at 15 west Grace street.
Dr. C. XV. Rodgers wont to Richmond
this week to attend a meeting of the
i Virginia Medical Examining Board, of
which he is a member.
Rev. H. H. Jlawes. D. p., former pastor
of the Second Presbyterian church here,
has returned to Bluefield. XV.' Va.. after
I spending sonfe time with old friends. Dr.
I IJawi's is a brother of Mr. S. H. iiawes.
of Richmond, and is. very popular in this
Mrs. Thomas C. Boiling, of Charles
: town. XV. Va., is here visiting relatives.
i Mrs. John A. Moon has returned from
i Richmond
Delightful AlTuir at the Semlnnry—
An I'nexpcctfil W r e«l«liup:.
BUENA A r I3TA. A r A., December 19.—
(Special.)— This has been a rare evening
in the halls of the Southorn Seminary.
The occasion' for to-night's merriment
was the." regular public monthly" recital' in
vocal and 'instrumental music and elocu
tion and the- "t- exhibition. The semi
nary chapel -had a full house, and the
art room to which the guests were con
ducted after the recital could- not ac
commodate the crowd. The exhibition
was a fine one. ;md it was greatly en
joyed. The tapestry painting seemed to
give special satisfaction and pleasure.
•The oil and water colors also were most
creditable. It was, indeed, a beautiful
and inspiring sight to see the fine look
ing student "body ,of this institution
they marched into tho^'chapel-to the
strains of a march. The president spoke
of the significance of the scene. He paid
a high compliment to the earnestne.ss'ahd
fidelity of the young Indies in their clasp
work, but said there was "something- that
was still better that might be snid of
them, and that was that they had been
pleasant and submissive through all tho
discipline and management of the school.
He- declared it was a great thing to be
able to say this.
The funeral of Mrs. O. B. Lackey, who
died at her home, in this city, yesterday
morning, were conducted from the Pres
byterian church, of which she was a con
sistent member, at 10 o'clock this morn
ing. Mrs. Lackey had been suffering for
some time with consumption;. in a mild
form. She contracted a severe cold,
which ran into pneumonia and resulted
in her death. She leaves a husband and
three children— one girl and two boys.
The Independent Order of Odd-Fellows,
of which Mr. Lackey- is a member, ac
companied the remains to the cemetery.
Elopements •seem to be the order of
tlie day for Buena Vista. This time it is
Mr. Emory XV. Brown, son of Nigln-P6
liceman P. A\". Brown, and Miss Mar
guerette;M; Moffett. daughter of Mr. C.
11. Moffett, who is employed, as passeri
ger. ticket, and freight agent of the.Nor
folk and Western railway. All the plans
for the elopement wore carefully laid.
Mr. Brown leaving the city last night
on the' Norfolk and Western : passenger
train. lie was followed on No. 4 by the
young lady.;. It was learned by your cor
respondent that they were going to Ha
gerstown; Md. The parents of the young
lady objected to the marriage, owing to
the young lady's 'youth. She is only 17
and a student at the Southern Seminary.
Mr. Stephen Burch and Miss Nannie
Henry Napier, of "Amherst", county, were
married at the Baptist parsonage by the
Rev. Willis L. Waytes yesterday eve
ning. . *
linrt/ Came in Hampton — I'roeess
Sepvoil on Hon. J. M. %Villi«.
HAMPTON VA.. December ID.—(Spe
cial.) — Jildson C. Davis, a contractor,
died at his home, on Newport News ave
nue, at 1 o'clock this afternoon. He was
51 years old. He was taken ill last M^on-.
day morning with typhoid-fever, which
developed into pneumonia, tho latter be
ing the cause of death. "
Hon. John M. the member •of
the late Constitutional Convention from
Elizabeth City county, was to-day served
with the. notice of a $n,OOO suit, "brought
against him by several., negro men.
The notice was served, by Deputy
United States Marshal West, and direct
ed "Willis to appear in the city of Rich
mond on the first Monuay in January,
which is the rule day in the United
States Circuit Court.
IJishoj* to I'reaeli.
: Bishop John C.^ Granbery. will preach
at the Park-Placo Methodist church Sun
day morning at 11 ■' o'clock.
Climates wear out. Rmokesnnd sprays •«
do not cure. They relieve symptoms -p
Instead of removing causes: nLoirns. M
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the system -that \ nothing 'remains g
which can produce an iittaek; sufferers 8!
are soon able to work, cat,' sleep and '■■:• IS
stand exposure without the slightest :Ej
return of Astbrnii. lkln.fi: right in §
.principle our treatment, does : •wlmt"'." B
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nounced "incurable" ciises. •■. If you are g
skeptical.it is because you a rfi ignorant c
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Asthma, write for our Book 73 Frae. .: S
P. HAJXOhV 'HAYES,^ BUFFAii^; K. Y. '; I
Cornclirrofessor "Will Bring an A«
«lstarit flitd n Complete Labora
tory—Drs. Ciirrcll ami Kent Also
Engaged for the .. Chnrloitcsvllle
Mr. E. C. Glass, superintendent .of the
Lynchburg schools, was at the .office of
Secretary Frank- P. Brent, of the State
Boara of Education, yesterday. They
were 'discussing" the plans for the sum
mer normal to be held at the University
of Virginia 'during the coming summer.
Mr. Glass has secured the services of
Dr. E. B. Titchenor. of Cornell Univer
sity, as director of psychology at the nor
mal Dr. Titchenor will be accompanied
by his assistant. Professor Laird of the
same institution, and will be one of the
most eniinent'acquisitions to the faculty
of the summer school. He will bring
with him a complete psychological labo
ratory outfit for experimental .purposes.
Dr. Titchenor is the author of several
college text books on psychology, among
them the "Outline of Psychology" and
tne "Primer of Psychology," and he is
recognized as. the most prominent teach
-■r of experimental psychology in the
United . States. Mr. Glass is very much
pleased at the success of his efforts in
securing Dr. Titchenor. as other normal
pchools in the country have been after _
him. but, he. decided to come to .the Arir-"A r ir-"
g:nia normal in preference to others.
:Dr. AV.:S. Currell. of AVashington and
T^ce. has been engaged for four weeks
during the session of the summer nor
mal. He will have charge of the criti
cal study of literature, and will conduct
classes in daily themes. Dr. Charles W.
Kent, of the University of A r irginia. will
have the same work that he so success
fully conducted last summer.
To accommodate the large number of
teachers who will attend the normal.
Mr. Glnss has secured the use of the
University dormitories, where 300 teach
ers will room during the period that the
school is in session. The dormitories will
be alloled on the basis of first come first
served, and their nearness to; the class
rooms will make them very desirable
Mr. Glass said that he thought the
railroads would grant to the Virginia
normal, the same rales that were given
to the Knoxville normal last summer
that is, a rate of one fare for the round
trip. Last year, the rate was one and a
third fare to teachers in A r irginia, and no
special rates were given to teachers from
other Statpg. The Virginia normal was
discriminated against with the result
that many teachers from Southern
States who wanted to come to the Arir
ginia normal selected the Knoxville
school on account of the special rates
given to that institution. Mr. Glass.be
iteves that the conditions will be chang
ed this year, and in, anticipation of that
belief he will advertise the advantages of
the FChool at Charlottesville throughout
the States of North Carolina. Maryland,
West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.
The attendance at the A r irginia normal
last summer ..was over 1.100. and tho out
look for this summer indicates that there
will.be an increase over that number.
..Mr. Glass would not say anything
about his expected candidacy for Super
intendent of Public Instruction in this
State. He has been prominently men
tioned as the member of the new Board
of Education to represent the city
The Board of Public .Works .was. in
session at Governor Montague's- office
yesterday. A greater portion of the time
was spent, in hearing the contest between
the Newport News electric railway and
the Hampton Roads electric railway as
to rights at a grade crossing. The board
granted the latter company the right to
cross the tracks of the former at AVar
wick avenue and Twenty-fifth street i.i
Newport News.
A list of convicts subject to pardon du
ring the Christmas holidays has been
prepared by PJxecutive Clerk Sam AY.
Bigger for Governor Montague. The
Governor has not. definitely settled upon
those whom he will pardon in conform
ity with the custom, but he will an
nounce them the first of next week. Dr.
Charles V. Carringlon. surgeon at Ihe
penitentiary, has made his recommenda
tions to the Governor, and several of the
inmates -of the State prison who have
made gcod- records during their confine
ment, will be made happy by their re
lease-during the approaching holidays.
Commissioner-of- Labor J. B. Doherty
received yesterday a •'handsome bronze
medal from the Paris Exposition .Com
mittee of Award for the labor statistics
of Virginia shown at the French exposi
tion in 1000. The medallion is ah artis
tic piece of work, and is highly prized
by Commissioner Doherty.
George M. Muse, treasurer of Roanoke
county; C. H. AA r alkor, treasurer of
Charlottesvill>v and AY. G. Sheppard.
treasurer of Hanover county, were call
ers at the : ollice of Auditor Marye yes
nip. 'Calicll's Lhtest Sinry.
Since the publication of "The Love Let
ters of Fnlstafi"," the progress 'of ■: James
Branch Cahell in tho world of letters has
been watched with interest, especially in
Richmond.'- where he is so well known,
and his many admirers v.-ill be glad to
know that the Smart Set for January
prints another story -from him. "A
Shadowy Past" is not nearly so gruesome
as /it sounds; in fact, it suggests that
the writer. -with his bright style and
pointed wit. might make even a shady
past attractive. The motif of the present
story is hardly more than an episode,
but, as in the case of all well-written
fiction, much more is implied than meets
the eye; and if there is a vein of sly cyni
cism underlying the brightness, we may
forgive it, provided, of course", it be in
our own peculiar line of cynicism. Like
the story first alluded to. "A'~Shaclowy
Past" has to do with love letters, but
what part they play in- the action of the
plot must be left. to the reader.
This number of the Smart Set presents,
perhaps, moro than the customary array
of entertaining fiction, catchy verse and
pointed paragraphs. Guy \Vetmore-Carryl
contributes the opening story, the title
of. which is "'The Lieutenant Governor."
a.nd such names as Carmen Sylva, Edgar
Saltus, Maurice Jjrancis Egan, Clinton
Scollard and many others of equal note,
give sufficient guarantee" of excellence.
Two:', Cases" Amomr Negroes Near
.". Hnlateud's Point.
YORKTOWN. VA.. December VJ.—
(Special.)— There are. two new small-pox
cases anionff the negroes. ■■■ Drs. 'Martin
and Curtis ".-held a consultation over: the
situation a few days ap and quarantin
ed botlr the houses In which fhe malady
exists. The pest has been located near
Haisteads- Point.: There : : seems to be
much useless alarm over the- situation
among people living 1 in Mulberry Island,
a portion of "Warwick county about eight
or .ten miles distant. There appears to
;be little chance of the disease spreading.
It -is. confined exclusively, to negroes.':
■. The United . States -revenue- cutter
"VVindoni, Captain 1 Maguiriv was a .! caller
;l:ere. yesterday:
'Mrs; Henry; Stryker spent- yesterday- In
Willlamsbiirg. She was accompanied by
•Mrs.. Thomas Lackey. - '■'■'
- ;Dr.;H.;.W ) ; ; Curtis, .of ; .L,ee';Hall, ; has
entirely recovered from his recent acci
dent,. and\-wa.s \ on : our streets ; yesterday.
TA KevY^K^N.l'CrooksSis rseverely indis-
AN PHIAL SALE .A-^4 Vw^X^'v^'
- Greatest jn-ifhisWorßd- " ,
fathers of families, business men, statesmen, mechariics, •
farmers, lawyers, ministers, doctors, bookkeepers, bankers, sailors, soldiers, traveling- salesmen,
railroaders, laboring- men, men in every -walk of life, in every line of activity, keep their bo"wel3
regular with OASOARETS Candy Cathartic. They tell other men about tho wonderful merit
of this wonderful little tablet. They take CASCARETS home to their wives and families. The ||
consequer.ee is a ealo of nearly A jVITLLION BOXES A MONTH, made by merit and appre
ciation. A man who keeps hi 3 bowels regular with CASCARETS Candy Cathartic, can keep
strong: and healthy even without much exercise, for when the bowels ars rogular and tho diges
u tion strong- the system is safe and the muscles, brain and nerves will have inoshaustiblo
« elasticity and life. £il druggists, 10c, 25c, 50c. Never sold in bulk. Tho genuine tablet stamped j
I CCC. Sample and. booklet free. Address Storling Remedy Co., Chicago or ITow "York. sss '
I Very J^ovi Priced. i . . '/ |
I if yOU have not BOUGHT your Xmas Gifts yet, you can consider the fact a fortunate coincidence,
1 for we will place on sale, beginning Friday morning, the 19th, an extra large stock of Watches,
I Diamonds, and Gold jewelry ! This is IN ADDITION to our REGULAR stock,'a:id was sent us on j
I CONSIGNMENT by the largest wholesale jewelry house in New York city ! The greatest values ever |
I seen in Richmond, if not in the entire South. 1
I Kow, whatever portion of this large assortment of Jewelry we fail to sell will be returned to this \
i jewelry house in New York Xmas morning. Therefore, there is no expense to us en account of this , I
I rare consignment of choice Jewelry, and v/e will sell every article at the. lowest possible margin of I
PT You have practically New York's Jewelry stock from which to .select your gifts ! If you fail
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I Pscarf pins. s OI id c^d ...... .............. ..7,c. tTS^T I^h^.^";;.;;";;", -±;;;^^^< ) \
1 I ■.! Scarf Pins, with Diamonds ::5.00 to ?m;oi» ascr!> Dm Books-Best Leather. . Watch \
: I ■-'■ Cuff ButtDns, Solid Gold .......... ..J-'.OO to St.'.OO Chains— Solid Gold and Filled. Our Filled' Chains aro
I Cuif Buttons With Diamonds S l.o<> to .;i.'»(i made by Simmons, who are conceded to be the finest
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% I Colored Stone' Rings ...?.".00 to $10.00 bears our gtuirantee.
I /. 7* /frllen & Co., Fourteenth and Main Streets.
posed by a spell of grip and a slight
bilious attack.
Mr. J. W. Rogers was confined to his
bed yesterday: by a slight" attack of
Mr. and "Mrs. J. I J. "Wainwrisht. of
Graf ton, nre gtie=ts to-day- of County
Clerk T. T. Hudgins.
Mrs. Johnson, the aged mother of Mr.
C. . A. Johnson, is critically ill . at her
son's home near "Indian.. Field."
Jnmcs DiiiU-y Hurt in a. Ils:n:i«siy
A'cciileiit — rcrsoniil Xote«;
KETSVILLE. VA., December 10.—(Spe
cial.)— Mr. James Bailey had a narrow
escape in a runaway accident on Wetl
nesuay afternoon. As he was leaving
Keysville for .his home, a few miles dis
tant, his horse ran away, throwing Mr.
Bailey into a gully. The frightened ani
mal ran upon the sidewalk, in front of
Hawkins's drugstore, and was captured
by Drs. Gregory and Morton. Mr. Bailey
then got into the buggy and drove home;
seemingly not much the worse for his fall.
Mr. Wirt \Vbod has sold his farm, in
T.unenburg. and has moved, whn his fam
ily, to Keysville. He has rented the house
owned by" Mrs. James Minor, on Jcftress
Mr. and Mrs. AY. T. Snoddy have moved
into their now home, on Church street.
Miss Lucy Morton, of Richmond, and
Mr. Weber Morion now attending Hamp
den-Sidney College. will spend the
Christmas holidays with their parents, at
Morton Hall.
Miss Annie Jones, of Drewry's Bluff,
was a guest at Morton Hall this week.
The little folks of theMethc'uist Sunday
school are expecting a "big time" Christ
Vertlict in John :Isryant?s: lsryant?s Cn.ie .In
DieUenson County.
FREKLING, VA.. -' ; December 19.—(Spe
cial:)—Creed ■Florning, who was tried: upon
a charge of forgery nnd: found guilty at
this term of court, was given four years
in the peniientiary. Fleming.-is about £0
years of age and unmarried.. . .
A motion for a nev; trial will be macle
in <he ca.«o of tho Commonwealth against
John .Bryant, 'who was triod :it this term
of court as an accomplice with his broth l
pr, Wilson, in the murder of William
Vanover. ana found guilty of murder in
the second degree- Itis punishment was
fixed. ;it eighteen years in the peniten
tiary. Jt was. quite a surorise'to pll when
the verdict was rendered, as It Was ex
pected that the funding would be tiia
same as that in tlio case, of Wilson
Bryant., who was .tried 'at "the November
term of.. court, and found guilty of. niur
'■ler in the first -degree. The jm-y ■ took
tlnee hours to deliberate in the John
Bryant "case. . .
Xopthumlierlainl nn<l iiVnrnif t.s.JJ
HEATIISVILI.K. VA;. Decombor 20.—
(Special.) — As thf> winter ; comes on and
food -stows' scarce, many an unwelcome
"varmint," leaving; 'his woodland haunt,
pays a visit to .->tir hen-roosts. As ex
tensive and successful as trapping has
been hereabouts for several years.' !*■ has
proved ineffectual in ridding .Northum
berland of minks and other fowl-mur
dering 1 posts. Only a day or ago : the hen
roost of. a colorerl resident of this imvr.
was robbed of. ten .fowls.' And several
There is no more appreciativcrnan on
earth than he ■who is -born in the South.
All the old-time stories of chivalry, gal
lantry, nblility of character and the re
fining influences of ijfricleness smoulder
in his breast. • -lie Appreciates his home ;
he prides himself on her r-"at'ural products.
Of course, one of ihesc is tobacco, and in
this the Southerner knows 'quality better
than anyone. Iris tinneccssaVv, there
fore, fj acquaint him wsh . Piedmont
♦ibacco. or^to praise Piedmont Cigar
: He :' l Ja».'*^-/. I**1 ** excellent quaiity
Oi ouO ■ ' - ■ ■- - ..- , '■
Ba /& S73*l ***^ I?*% -*^^ Aff T*» 'ST& ? 4*"* C^ B
m I
I We have a few high-class Music Boxes to be closed cut, and have • f
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I Gold Eyeglasses, , |
I Gold Spectacles, |
I Opera Glasses, I
j Field Glasses. I
% Presents will be exchanged at |
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1 Cameras, I
I Kodaks, I
1 Photo Supplies. I
I -'■ - : ■ " : • " I
1 " Free instruction and free use p
& of dark room. ' ||
5 Mail orders receive prompt at- jK
f tention. £
| The 'S. Galeski " j
| Optical Company A
I 9DI E. BSaln St. : I
persons have reported the loss of chick
ensrecently. But now on then the
trespassing animal forgets and takes a
path leading to his utter annihilation.
Hero there live a tew darkies, who ; make
their- daily bread by trapping, and each
morning, of late, they have had • Hae efi
cuuiusemerit :tu continue in the business.
In short, a great. . number ■'• of ;"musUrats;
[possums, coons. , and. sat timeis. minks,
are. caught. . v ; .-. ; ■,-. > '■"... : . ..;:.- 1
Taking Chinamen Home. •
NORFOLK. VA.. : December 19.—{Spe
cial.)--Thlrty nvt : (Chinamen, six guards.
Sloi ETaadacho and rolicvo all tbo troubles incV '.' ■
dent to a bilious stats of Mio syst-rm. such «•"■;
Diizlnew. 'Nan^ea, ■ Drowsiness, .'distress aftfffji' |
er.tir..'. I'aiu in tha Si:!c. .';c. TVhilo tiiolriaosk^i '-;
recallable si:ccc^3 h;is l>cea shovf i\ ia coriflg i-
Eeadache. yst C.irtflr'» Little Hirer fins' ant v.
equally v:ili:ublo in Constijjaijoa, curing audprvff |
Tenting tliid;i:inoylii({complaint.wliil«tli6y *l*o ; ,>
correct all n^TOiilora of tho«:oai™cb.«tiinii!atTtlx«^ ,
liver and ro-juLite the bo weld. £yen i£ they out J -.
Achisthey won id boaknostpriw-lcas to lho*>TrfiO * ~;
euSer from tills ilStresslng com;.latn:; b»t fortu*"/ m,
E.-itoly their gootlaeHa dc<sa ziot<su<\ tie ro.a»<l tho<*» „- p
whooncotry them will find theaa little piliaTal"*.}"- 1
Able in so maay yr;\yc thfts iher will uci bo yrtt»\ |
ii^gtodo without thoia. But af;erall3lcJciMft4:
Jstht base of s^ m.any live* thne hero lswher*.: 'M.
■wemakowuf great boast. Our pills curs it whti» M
ethers do not. _-." ':■■ :'-: :: >'Z ii
Carter's littlo Liver PilUaro're^r; small ajsdf M
rery easy to toko. Onoor twopUl3makeadosni.li J
'fhoy are stricUy vegotablo aud dt> not gripe oc' %
•pnrc'V bat by their gentle action please ail «rbg» ; I
.use them. la vialsat'Zj cents :flv« for St-.;? Scisli *§*
by druggists overy^Thijre. or sent W laaii. - J ;3?^ $
MR M-fa, MM
9 -<CrY ' O»t««^ai ruxt Only Oe««l«*^Ra*S' !§§
9J ,*4J:*\ SAFE. Al*»» « n'UM* Z.a<ii«*. »»* UtaJriit
■pi'"^^ WJ Dangrroa* S»ab»tltnUon» un<* Imlt«- : ,
VI ~~ W U»n»;;3i«/ of janr Drni&l-x. 4? ttw\ -Its. In
1V- ■■jf'n»mp» tar t*«rtl«ulnr^ TnttlnoniaU
I>C» ,V ma 4 '•"•"•«" f«rl^itle«. > rn»l»t«^ b;^. S
-«X A 7A 7 tnm Utll. 10.000 rv..invi»uO«.'-<oU»» I
, - > *"•"■"»" •"■"» all DraettM*.-' CAlvhvctvri'hvnatmilCflw s
>Je3tl»e &!•-••'• . M-vUaon M«.in— . •*«U.*.. i*^2 ;;'?
of obatimitQ s«ppre!«»lonruny cuuso tit p^th
ol«K>\ our monthly resuliitor^latls to rt?li«ve i
safe. h;«ruu!v»t» ; mall how lun^ suppre&setU''?
I>r. Jackson E. Co., 163 Deartoru St.; Chic&f
and a United Statrs marshal • pas»«
through here last. night U'or Naw-Orte&a.
and San,' Francisco; for deportation ii&bs '

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