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7Ennv jctjmnotJGii, r.ws rac
rKNAJ/rv roii his chimi:.
yirf<-.r«> He .Wn* Siconffil the Xojtro
CoT^tc^^»c<^ i'o $rv. Hepburn, an
Kj>li»o.oj»nl Jjlnl»>tox' — Ho %Vnn <700 l
on llu< ticnFOl«l, iind >Vns Done! in
Kißlitrrit Mlimtc*.'-.
(Special from n StafC Correspondent.).
HANOvrR C. U.. December 21— Jerry
Ivimhroussh. the man who attempted to
ass-iult Mrs. Butler Taylor, the wife of a
inrxner living Hoar Doswell, Haiiovcr
couKty, on the morning of November 3th.
was hanged in the county jail this after
noon at 1:03 1-- o'clock. The man was the
coolest of the twenty people who had
gathered ."to sec the execution. ; Only once
did he show the least possible concern,
and thai was while the death warrant was
being read to him by Sheriff Alexander.
Then he; displayed a httle nervousness,
hlshands and body shaking as the read
ing of the document was concluded.
'■"While ;iic • 'death " warrant was bein^
rca<3. there wore a. dozen, men in . the
small, dark cell; among them being the
Hcv, S.. S. lieplnirn. the spiritual ad
viser of the condemned Irian. When it:
had been finished. Sheriff Alexander said
to the negro:
"Jerry; I will have to hang you. I
ani tea Jy. and 1 hope you arc."
The man nodded that he was ready.
■sind Mr. Hepburn raised bis hand and of
fered a fervent prayer for the condemned.
asking that his' soul be received by the
Master- Tho people who were in the rooir.
Htood with bowed heads, and when the
minister said; "Amen," the sheriff and
Deputies Hail and Hardaway started lor
the ; >"t<?i>s leading to the upper robins.
Jerry jviml.-n.vugh was as composed as
: hough he were being simply transferred
l roni ' one -: room '..-to aiiotlicr. Once up the
Kteps, a youjig.man fell to v.-ith an axe
and soon had loosened the steps. "aii«l they
■Were taken down in a couple of minutes,
being placed' .against the side of tho
prison. Tl"? -trap "was placed in position.
the bolt fixed.. arid Jerry Kimbrough look
hip placeito have the Mack cap put on
and -the noose adjusted. This " occupied
ifiß than throo minutes. '
Sheriff Alexainder Ican-d over to the,
man, taking, hold of his loft arm. air.l
whispered something to him. Kimbrough,
in a low tone, said: "Save me, dear Sa
As ihe words were uttered. Sheriff Alex
ander raised his right hand, and a tight
ening of tho cords was soon, the bolt
was shot with a rattle; arid the body of
Jerry Kimbrough dropped a distance of
f-i\ feet. Everything had worked per
fectly, .liiere had not been a slip of any
Tne body remained perfectly motionless
for a few seconds, and then began a se
ries of contortions and convulsions whicn
justed for seven minutes, the inaii draw
ing up- his feet and then relaxing thorn
A few moments mor?. and then came
b drawing up of the shoulders and amid.
Alter that there was no movement. Dr.
}J. L. • Winston, a well known physician.
was in attendance,' and when ten minute 3
had elapsed he felt the pulse ai;d t=;ii<J
that it was still strong; tho heart beats
oeing- percepiible.
After hanging eighteen minutes. Dr.
Winston said ihat. the man had died very
slowly, and he advisc-d that the body be
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V>v>— . -^—il' 3^/ ■■ . . -
nllowcd to remain for a few ■ mimitcs
in order that there might be no possible
Question of the man's death. This was
dono. and after hanging for twenty-on«>
minutes, the body v.-as cut down . and
placed in a coffin. It was at once louder'
into ;i wagon and taken to the Chesa
peake and Ohio depot, where it was ship
jiod to the medical department :. of the
University of Virginia, where it will bo
used for dissecting purposes.
The rope used for the execution was the
same. used at the execution of Burwcil
Taylor, the negro who last summer at
tempted to assault and nearly murdered
a white lady -of Xew Kent county. Sheriff
Alexander "had two ropes, both of which
had seen service. One was the rope
used in the execution of Joe Fife, in
the jail in this city, a few years apo.
Jerry Kimbrough made a full and com
plctc confession of his crime to the Rev.
Mr. Hepburn, and it was read to tho
jury and reporter for the Dispatch, a
few minutes before the march up tho
steps was begun.. He made a clean
breast, and gave a pood deal of light on
many happenings that have for some
time been more or less shrouded in mys
tery. By his own words, the man in
tended tit kill Mrs. Taylor and then rob
the house. He had been engaged in a
number of crimes. Tue confession was
taken by Mr. Hepburn almost exactly .is
the man gave it. and after it had benn
read to him. in order to have the least
doubt removed as to what he Intended to
say, Kimbrough affixed his signature.
The confession was written in a. private
memorandum book of the minister, who
allowed the Dispatch man to make a
verbatim copy, as follows:
"I. Jeremiah 'Kimbrough, was born in
Louisa county, Va., March 3 si. 3579. and
being condemned to death, make this, ray
confession, to Rev. S. S. Hepburn: i havo
have "been a pretty honest fellow up until
I was 21 years old, when 1 got into bad
associations. Millard Fillmoro Gilliam and
me pulled Minor "Wood's chimney down,
and I took the habit of hunting on posted
land, and drinking, but always had a fear
of the Lord.
"Millard and mo agreed to strike and
rob Mr. McGhee, and Millard struck him
and 1 went off, my heart failing me. I
studied evil all the time when ho and 1
went together. We planned to take ad
vantage of people. We left home and
went to West ■■Virginia.' There got into
trouble by taking money from an. old
colored man and had to leave. Came to
Clifton Forge and then to Richmond and
come up to Hanover and worked on the
grade. two days. Could not get along with
a big fellow, whom I intended to shoot,
but he apologized. 1 left there and went
bacjr to Richmond.
"£n West Virginia got in the habit of
carrying revolvers, and when at home
before this carried them in secret and un
known to my father, and while in West
Virginia those two fellows— Thomas Des
per and Finnell Fransco — come to camp,
and another fellow and me put them up
to breaking in a shanty and. stealing two
"From there I strayed off to Hanover.
I went to Mrs. Taylor's, intending co
kill her and rob the house. But the Lord
would not let me do it. He said I had
gone far enough against him. He suffer
ed me to do enough for him to call me
by suffering me to insult Mrs. Taylor. 1
asked her to * * * 1 have seen my loss,
and reinstate my nature. I repent and
a-«k the Lord to forgive me before I go
hence and be no more.
J»l\T "WOOD AI'i'EAI,!?;
FJrieil for Assault on llnrry Stitzer
«>n Ilroad Strcvt.
Pat Wood, the young white man who
was arrested for assaulting and beating
Harry Stitzer at .the corner of Seventh
and Broad streets Saturday night, was
fined $25 and required to give security in
the Police Court yesterday morning.
The evidence showed that Wood had
been drinking and had wantonly attack
ed Stitzer. Wood's bonds were given by
a friend and the case was appealed and
will be heard in the Hustings Court.
D. C. Adams, another white man, was
tried on a similar charge, that of beat
ing ■ li. Schnurman on Franklin street,
near Eighteenth. Adams was also fined
$:5 and required to give a $300 bond.
Philip Bohannon, a little 13-year-old
white boy. was arrested Sunday, charged
with being in the gang of boys -who
broke into a Chesapeake, and Ohio freight
car last week. After hearing the case ir
the Police. Court yesterday, and at the
request; Of the boy's father, who is a
respected and hard-working citizen of
Fulton. Bohannon was sent to the Re
formatory instead of to the higher
ID. A. Stephens, the man arrested Satur
day night on the charge of being drunk,
and who was recently;: discharged fron
tIK- asylum hi Williamsburg. was given
a hearing in the ■court yesterday morn
ing and dismissed...
A number of minor cases were disposed
of." - . . - ' ' '
Vountf -While' "VVoman to fio to v Bal
t'lniorc Institution.
Through tho- efforts of the Rev. Father!
H. J McKcefry." :ihe Mother of
tIV" ijomn;of: t h" •"Good Shepherd, in Bal
•i-.-^/.v r;;:: / :'.-^'v;^v.-'^.:.U f - : -;-:"f ! ;i:"r : :
natc young white girl now being held by
the police <is a thief.
The girl is not a Catholic, but her case
commanded so much pity that creed was
hot taken, into consideration, and the
homo secured for her. It was that or go
to jail. The girl is half-witted, and is
not responsible for the evil things she
does. . .. . • l~[ .-:.-;
Judge . CrutchlieKl received ?1 from the
priest yesterday morning to start a little
fund to cover the' expense of sending her
under the care of someo ne to Baltimore.
It. will take about $12 for the two, in
cluding all expenses, and the judge is
icady to send her as soon. as the money
i: given.
The raising of this small sum of money
will moan saving the child from a term
i-X the foul temporary jail, and will pro
\ido her with a home where she will be
taught bettor, and .afterward provided
with •"sruardiaris.
Period of Boyish Delight Besin»
.Next Wednesday Morning.,
Orders have been issued from police
headquarters by Chief Howard to his men
to arrest hereafter all minors found on
the streets in an intoxicated condition, and
to hold <.horn until they divulge where
Uiey^bbught the liquor which made them
drunk. 1 *~ ' — "•• ' ■
The police have been instructed espe
cially to be on the lookout for such cases
during the holiday season. The authori
ties are determined- to break up the sale
of liquor lo minors ~Tn this city.
Chief Howard has also issued an order
callins the attention of the police to the
State law prohibiting the sale of cannori
crackcrs larger than No. 5. Dealers who
have supplied themselves with crackers
of the unlawful size have been warned
not to sell them undcr:the heaviest pen
altj' of the State- law.
Mayor Taylor has., consented lo allow
the shooting of fire-works and crackers
on the streets from- forenoon Wednesday
until daylight Friday. Outside of that pe
riod the police will arrest all offenders.
How "Will Purchasers Get Around
Order of. Chief Iloivardf
The Chief of Police: will not allow any
hig baby-wakcrs.to be. fired in. the city on
Chri.stmas-Day.'.'The" limit is fixed at the
No. 5 cannon-cracker. which is about five
inches long. In detonating power it is a
mere whisper compared with some speci
mens of bombs that are for sale in the
shops. There, seems likely to ho many
violations of this ordinance, for many
have already, invested in the. baby-wak
erc and they are very useless articles,
except for noise-making purposes.
Called to Ilritton Parish.
It is understood here that the Rev. "vV.
A. R. Goodwin, of Petersburg, has been
called to Bruton parish, in Williamsburg,
of which the Rev. Mr. Roberts formerly
had charge. It is stated that he will
probably accept the call.
Dr. IJroadtlus to Jlurry.
Dr. "VV. E. Broaddus, son of Clerk John
E. Broaddus, of the "circuit court of Hen
rico, will be married on Dec. 30 to Miss
Mary Massic Gray, of .Hanover county.
The' ceremony will be performed in the
Christian church near Rockville, at ; 2:;»
o'clock in tho afternoon.
Governor at XorfolU.
Governor Montague left' yesterday
afternoon for Norfolk, where he will . at
tend a rally in behalf of the tercentenar.i
cause. He will return torday. and spend
the Christmas holidays -in this city.
Mr. D. A. Ritchie, private secretary tc
the Governor, %yill leave to-day for Fair
mount. -WJ Va., where he 'will spend hi.'
Christmas. Executive Clerk Sam "W.-
Bigger will make "a '.flying trip to Bal
timore this week for a visit of. a day or
two. .
If You Will, But That,,
li(J{( I ulilu illlil(&ul(i{uuu!
Prunkennoss is a disease and is so recog
nized liy ' the. medieal< profession. '-The.- diseased
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cbiiorui:il state of -lht» • nerves of \ the stomach
demand moro than -will-power to. effect n cure.
"ORRIUE" will positively destroy all crav
ing, and desire for liquor. This remedy is pre
pared oa- well-known medlrul principles and is
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temperance soeieths. "ORKINE" Is tastele«*.
odorless ! and colorless and. entirely without bad
effect, v ami can bo "slvcn; WITHOUT Till]
I'ATIKNT'S ■ KNOWLEDGE, ' ia water, mi I If,
ten or coffee. In f.u-t,. It tones up the dlseas-il
stomach; and gives a hearty appetite and row!
digestion. Stoady nerves " and .: normal rendi
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in the 'country should
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Two Stores— Broad: str^«t:?>Tflin. street.
.. .-■ . r>'v ,-•']_ ■
Crime of the Pardoned Girl Was the
■\VliippinjK of n. Child to Death—
>'iclioln« Albino, of Norfolk, In
cluded in the List.
In contrary with the custom that has
prevailed with Virginia's governors, a
number of pardons were. granted yester
day; by Governor M^ontague to convicts
in the penitentiary. Nine conditional
and eight absolute "pardons were issued,
and the beneficiaries of the Governor's
clemency will be liberated by Superin
tendent Helms as soon as the official no
tices reach him.
In many instances the pardons are
granted on account of the ill health of
the convicts. Some were pardoned
through the strong- recommendation of
the judge, jury, and commonwealth's
attorney of the court in which they were
convicted. . . '
One of the most notable cases among
those that were presented to the Gov
ernor for consideration was that of Jane
Wright, the young white girl, "who war
sentenced to the penitentiary for five
years from Franklin county for whipping
to death a child that had been left in
her care While the older members of the
family were away. She is one of the
two white women in the State prison,
and has already served a portion of her
sentence. She is a very pretty young
girl, about 1G years of age, and the
Governor's pardon will come -.to her as
the most acceptable Christmas gift that
she could get.
Nicholas Albino, of Norfolk, who was
sent up for one year for voluntary man
slaughter, is also included in the list
of pardons. Albino is a tine-looking
young fellow with strong, clear brown
eyes and a complexion that confinement
in the penitentiary has not been able
to affect. His case was one that seemed
to merit attention particularly, for the
circumstances surrounding the killing
were such as to bring it almost within
the pale of justifiable homicide. Most of
tho pardons were for short term convicts
or those who' have served the greater
portion of their time.
The list of conditional pardons is as
Charles Pitman. Isle of Wight, two
years for unlawful wounding.
* Garfield Pollard, Prince Edward, five
years: house-breaking. .
" John Davis, Norfolk, one year; mali
cious shooting.
Charlie . Turner. Roanoke city, six
years: malicious shooting.
Jane Wright. F.anklin, murder second
degree; five; years. .
Moses Wiley. King and Queen, ten
vcars; house-breaking.
" John Jackson. Pulaskl. five years;
'ilichard Johnson. Charlotte, five years;
Nicholas Albino, Norfolk, voluntary
manslaughter; one year. _ _
Absolute pardons were granted as fol
1C George Brown, Surry, cattle-stealing:
Teorge ar B-ell. Norfolk,' malicious cut
ting; five years. - „..„
Isaac Hall. Floyd, two and a half jeai.
for attempted. malicious burning. .
Patrick Heelan, Petersburg: twelve
tO iav,d" °g"an' h °SV... «- >™ f ° r
""'■"x'coSr'jr.. D a ,,v,,lc. four ,—.
voluntary manslaughter.
Montgomery Prc«l>ytery.
lurches with a view to accept a call to
Tom's ; Creek. In Abingdon Presbytery.
Mr. Frank Dnnncrfs Model Busiue.™
Offices at TwelCtli and Main.
Mr. Frank Danner. of the Eauitablo
Life Insurance Company has had his
new offices on the office Hour of the old
Dispatch building, at the corner of
Twelfth and Main streets, equipped with
ah entire new outfit, and the appearance
they now present would do credit to busi
ness offices of a much larger city than
Removed Sale To-Day.
It was reported last night that there
would be a sale of loose tobacco to-day
at one of the warehouses. Ofiicially, the
markets, have closed until the tirst Tues
day in January. The report of the sale
to-day could not be confirmed.
I'ytliian.s to Meet.
Section 202 of the Endowment Bank
of the Pythian order will hold its annual
meeting to-night at S o'clock at the
residence of the secretary. No. 219 north
Twentieth street. T-ho election of offi
cers for the ensuing term will be held.
This branch of the order has greatly in
creased during the year.
Apples for the Ilispatch.
The Dispatch staff is indebted to Mr.
G. E. Sydnor, /who handles the world
ronowned Albemarlc pippins, for :x box
of splendid apples. The. fruit was grown
in the orchard of Mr. G. E. Murrell,
of Fonticello. ■ .. ■"-... .
■ I
AY. A. Keinlinrt's Stable DestroVefl—
Thieves Workcrt While Flames
COVINGTOX. VA.. December 23.—(Spe
cial.)—An entire block of stores and
dwellings were threatened early Satur
day morning by a tire which partially
destroyed Mr. W. A. Rineharfs hand
some "stable, back of. his residence on
Court street. The volunteer fire com
pany responded to the alarm and did
efficient work, confining the flames to
the loft of the structure. All that saved
neighboring .buildings" were. the 'still. night
and tin roof of the stable. The efficiency^
of the fire protection in Covington has
been tested several times recently.
About $30 was secured from W. '. G.
Martin's marble shop by thieves who
plied their trade during the fire. J. F.
cole's bar-room was also entered, but
the robbers left before completing their
task. . ' - . ■ .
■ . -♦— ■. .
Well-Kuown Danville Lady Passes
Away in Her TOtli Year.
DANVILLE, VA., December 22.—(Spe
cial*)— Mrs. C. M. Fretwell died shortly
after noon yesterday at the home of her
son Mr. B. Y. Frttwell, on Grove street.
Mrs. '■ Fretwell was in tne 70th year of
her "aso. She had been confined to her
rooin°for about seven months', during
which time her sufferings were ; intense.
Three of her children / survive her— Mrs.
C." ; A Reynolds, of .» mston, X. 'C. ; Mr;
AVilliam A. Fretwell. of Richmond, and
Mr. B. Y. Fretwell. of -;this ■ city. She
also leaves two sisters and two>rothers—
Air '"W A. Lockett and Miss Mary Lock
ett' of Yanceyvliu. N. Cr. Mr. K. L.. L-.iek
ett. of Winston. N.C. and Mrs. Samuei
Crowder.. of .Richmond. • : \\i
-The remains wiii be carried to . } ancey
rilleV. :N.;:C.V -Tuesday ■ mornlngr^for^ in
'l?7T^?r?t. •■■'.-■;".•;■■■.<;■.:•■•■■ .', ■ .- -vj-,- „':/-■ ; J*;« • - : :■:...'■■. ■ • J :
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our stock.
' Come in and let^us help you •to
solve the Holiday question.
Booksellers and Stationers, : :?,
1 Groceries! Groceries!! Ghep ! .!!
1 1410 East Gary on January Ist.
i They will sell all of their stock at reduced prices until that
time to save expense of moving it.
I Call early for bargains.
We have a few high-class Music Boxes to be closed out, and have
made special prices that are very tempting on them. Also, some
to go at about factory prices. "We are going to quit handling MUSIC
BOXES ; and, as we are agents for the EDISON PHONOGRAPHS— the
best talking-machines in the world — we want to close out these disc ma
chines. Come and see them. We'll make' the price to suit you.
HPI-IIP UAV I^^ 729 E. Main Street,
A JlllJL/. JPLiTk JL V/V/*f Bell ' Phone 2690.
We Have 'Removed to
525 East Byrd Street, 304-316 South Sixth Street.
( One Block from Byrd-Street Station.)
We also announce that we haxe installed a GLASS BEVELLIHB '
now prepared to fill orders for these items from stock that have
heretofore been compelled to be executed out of the city. . . ■'.
I Santa's Most Pleasing Present ■
i To the neat and busy housewife would be a
I BisselVs Sweeper. 1
* Note our prices. Grand Rapids, Japan trimmed, $2.50. . *
5 Also a full line of - v ' - - ~.! ** •■
m ■•■•.. • ■ ■ ■ ■ •.. "~" - - ; i
♦ Persian and Smyrna Rugs. I , ™
™ '" '' "■ ' ■■-■'■'■'■■ ':- "■ -..-.■■■ -'■' ■.: : - ■"■'-}'■' ''■ ■■.:'"' :■
I George W. Anderson
I 215 East Broad Street ?
liusiuesa Now Condncted by Colo
nel Dlllon»« Soni. : . ';. .
-- The . lima v kilns at Indian ■ Rock. , Bote
tourt covinty. Va.V "which ■were^establlshed
..byiColohel B. vDHlqu after ■ the war. and
a few years ago. have been ably managed : -?
since i by. Mr. John -C. ?P«xton. .lons th*- s
member of * the firm '■ of E./. Billon > & Co V■ -
as the principal: -By limitation. Mr. Pax-*
ton ; now*, retires. •> and ? the -- business ■ will %
be .-: conducted rby Colonel ;>DUlon'a s son*-^
Edward ;and»l/uclua^Dllloh-viCr^ Paxtaß %
ha* purchased a plant • near WoodstodL
Vau, wh«ro h« will maaufactorß rHm^JTadk i
l« now wnoTltif ;h»» .family, t» W«a|.

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