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"DcnlJi of Mr. .John n. Dnnslt—Pris
oners WHI Xot llnvc Turkey To-
Morrow- Cltri^<ma« ScrylccW Jn; ilic
Chwrchcs— Other >cw» from the
The report to iho effect that Mr. Frank
,'s.y Gould, of New York, -will control the
lines now operated by i>«e. Virginia Fns
- senger'* air! . Power Company, created
much '"talk in Manchester* k test night.
Almost .all the moiormen "and conduc
: tors were heard 10 express" themselves
and they seemed greatly surprised at the
contemplated change.
It was rumored that the cars, ; on the.
Richmond and Petersburg line would run
through to Richmond instead of to
Seventh and Ferry stroeis.es heretofore;.
Application--. Js to be roade to the city
>ouncil of Richmond to. get. ;that body
lo grant the company the privilege of
MJiwiins its Petersburg car* into the city. ■
It is believed -that Superintendent Felt!
-.rill eventually have entire charge of- the
Manchester and Petersburg lines. It Is :
;.l<=o probable that Superintendent L»ucn- i
nnan will laJl a more responsible posi- ,
:ion than he now holds.
Several extra cars will be run over;
■She Manchester; and- ll«ll-street lines to- j
day to accommodate the shop-..]
? Superintendent Buchanan .has succeed-!
■e3 in bringing about better schedules on
-,he Manchester Uncs within the last few i
uavs. The cars are heated and seem to
.e 'in a., better condition than heretofore. ,
Conductor E: P. Nuhnally. of the Hull- j
street line has received, special Pra.se
jor keeping his car in such a good condi- .
■!fon and making some of the best reports I
ISii in by. any of iho conductors on |
de Manchester lines. i
'Conductor Roper has also made a good j
showing. He wfcs recently married to a ,
pretty young lady of Swansboro. .
• Mr." Ja:nes ICunnally, >-on the It of
Clothes raffiofl off by the members Oi the
SanchesTer Fire Department las^ght |
A large number of Pcvsons^ ore present ,
by Mr. Xunr.ally. _ . ; _
Ciiv Servant J. G. Saunders said last
J;Sn"pi£i l»e could not afford to feed
W OTi«oner« on turkey to-morrow. The
srtc?"f Seys is too high and the pm-
SSS^ili have to take cWd«njta«^
Of course, tlie prisoners will got ca^canrt
bread a' plenty '■ and other substantial j
9 Davis, the confitmned negro,
•rho is to be hanged January. Jth. .will
probaWy receive a. better dinner than the
resi of "the" prisoners: as U will probably
ii« hi? last Christtnas: on .oarth.;: He Is
bllnlfesrfiea r,y Messrs. William Forseo
and J H. Wilkinson. The . condemned
man-E father will carry him a lot of deli
cacies to-morrow. H has been live
months •shro~.Day.ls WHeO John Henry
Stokes. He has been a prisoner since tne
morning after the murder was commit
Alexander "vT. Williams .may be released
Srom tr>3 Manchester Jail by- : this
evening. on. s. pardon granted by Gover
•iior Montague. ' -
Williams -was sent to jail for sixty day 1 ?
for stealing S3 from a Richmond man.
•Since that time his ■■ family havn been in
great -distress and a petition was gotten j
v.p and presented to Governor Montague.
■ Representative D. L. Toney and >-ity
Sergeant J. G. Saunders called on Gov- j
»^rnor Momaj^ue yesterday and urged him j
to grant the pardon before Christmas. ;
\vm'eh may be issued in time to allow :
V/Hiiams to"' spend the holidays with his
family. -
John"-B. Baugh.. seventy-one years old.
died yesterday at his home in .the Mid
lothian -turnpike, r.c-ar Bethienem church.
The cau«e of his death: was heart lail
rrs. -■ " ' ■ -:..,.- ■ .. ■ --,
. Mr. Bau£h was in Manchester last Fn
dav and seemed to be in the best of
health. His death has caused much rc
\ret among his friends, especially those
svho served with him during the civil
tvar. - ; He was a member of Company B.
Chesterfield Troop,- or- -the Fourth Vir-
Tinia Regimont.' • " •" ■■ ■•
• Mr. * Baugh is survivefl'by his wife," two
bhildren and a' brother and sister. His
children are" John 8., Jr., and Floyd
Baugh. His brother and sister and T. J.
Baugh and Mrs. Marshall Cooke/
The funeral will take • place from the"
Bethlehem church this morning at
10 o'clock. The Itev. L<. I-. GwathmeS', of
Jlichniond; will conduct the service.
-In speaking of Mr. Bnugh's death last
evening, Judge W. i. Clonton said tnat
he waf a gallant soldier and a man of
•high "Character. Ho was -held 1 in high
■isteein by. ail who knew" — 41.
! Mr. P-augh fought bravely _ during the
rar and received much praise irom Cap
iiin Ball.
Mr. Baugh was an intimate friend of
Mr. B. H. Morrissett. of the firm of B.
H. Mcrrissett & Son. of Manchester. Mr.
riorritsfitt attended the sohcol taught by
Vrr.'Baugh in Chesterfield county several
ffturs f>SO. ■'. ' . j
Christmas services will be con_ucted in
the Oak Grove Baptist church to-morron'
afternoon •at Z:'iO o'clock iby the Rev.
H. H. Moore and theKcv' E. ±. Smith.
Jlr. William J. jtforfissett will sing- ana
■ "^ *-
Are Impure matters 1 which the skin,
liver, kidneys ami other* organs, can
not take care of -without help, there is
such an accuraulalioa of tliem.
They litter the -yvholc sytstc"in.
Fimplee, boilt", eczema 'and other
ernptious, loss of appetite, 'that, tired
feeling, bilious turrss, fits of indiges
tion, dull headaches and many other
troubles are due to them.
Hood's Sarsaparllla
and Pills
Hcmove all humors,- overcome all
ithcir effects, strengthen, tone and
invigorate the -whole system.
«, "I had eali rheum on my hands so that I
; could not work. 'I took Hood's Sarfiaparllla
|«ia it drove out the humor. I continued
£«» -Me.iui'lhe Bores disapneared." -Mm.
■:i.«a O. Biiowi^ Rumford FjiUs, Me. •
j. there will be other interesting features.
"The members and friends of Central
Methodist Episccf'.r church arc reAuestea
to meet in the stewards' mom to-morrow
morning between the hours of 10 aiifl^i
o'clock, with ofTcrings for the poor of the
community. Sugar, coffee, tea. flour,
meal. meat, orders for coai or wood,
money and other things will ba thank
j fully' r(>ccJvcd.
The pastor" appointed the following re
ceiving committee and requests them to
bo present between the hours namei»:
Misses Martha Ellington, Ellen Buell. E.
Jr. Bowman;; Massio- Ellington, and
Messrs. E. Redford. Charles Schaadt, M.
A. Campbell, and Charles Atkinson.
Bethlehem Baptist church, of Chester
field county, near Bon Air. wlli celebrate
the anniversary of our Saviour's birth
on Friday night at S o'cloc— An interest
ing: .and appropriate programme will be
rendered, the latter part of which will
j consist of dialogues and recitations.
I Music will be furnished by the choir,
with its chorister, J. Henry Smith, as
loader. The church has been beauti
fully decorated!
A case of ■■■'great suffering and distress
has' been reported ■in Manchester. The
family of n machinist have been ill and
the father is just recovering from an
illness of several months, during which
time, he has been unable to work. Promi
nent citizens have contributed liberally,
however, towards relieving the; distress
of the family, and they now have some
thing to cat and enough fuel to last them
several days. ' ■
Joseph Purccllv appeared before Mayor
Maurice yesterday on "the charge of
j being drunk and' disorderly and breaking
down; the door of the homo of Adolphus
Hargrave. . •
Purcell was fined 52.50 and costs, which
he paid and was released.
Rev. Father Waters has arranged for
the services which are to bo held in
the Sacred Heart church to-morrow.
There will .be low mass at 5 A. ,M., anc
high mnFS at 10:S0 '.o'clock.-
I' Mrs. W. A. Rux. formerly Miss Julia
I Goodo. of Manchester, has arrived in the |
! city from Norfolk to spend the holidays, j
Mrs. Merchant, wife of Dr. W. -F.-.Mor
; 'chant, who has been visiting her mother.
] Mrs. Virginia Holt, in Washington, has
returned to the city.
1 Mr. George Saunders. of Charles City,
I is visiting Constable G. W. Blankenship.
'Mr. Pierce Rucker has arrived from
Johns Hopkins and will spend the holi
days with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. E. T.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Abbott will le-ave
the latter part of this week to visit
friends in Norfolk.
Mrs. Charles Stein is somewhat ill a.t
her home on Hull street. :
Professor Maurico leaves to-day to
Fpend the holidays in Buckingham coun
Mr. H. L. Jones will arrive home to
day from Wilmington. Del., to spend
the holidays. :
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bailey leave with
in -a day or two to visit in Towhatan
county. ... . j
Samuel Patterson and Rudolph Fon
taine, both colored, were fined $1 each
by Mayor Maurico yesterday for jump
ing on a street car. •
Mr. Otho Bryce. of Swahsbpro, has re
ceived tho handsome ?5 hat offered in
the recent Dog and Poultry Show . for
the finest beagle hound.. Mr. Bryce with
his favorite dog, won the first prizo and
has received many offers for the animal
which is one of the finest in the city
Christmas "entertainment.
■The Christmas entertainment given" to
?nSS° rC . a A C 3> a£S Of the "First Baptist
'rt I-? f yesterday evening was a most
doliphtful affair. The decorations con
sisted of an imitation garden wall, the
bricks being- of candy. On top of thp
wall were three -holly wreaths through
which peered the heads of the little tots
who sang the story of thr>. birth - Of
Christ. The 'room was deeorar<?d with
e^-dar and hol'v tied up- with refl'- ribbons
reaching to the ehaml<--"i>r.=. Tho r?<=t
of the programme con'-i^ted of sinpi-ng
hy the ]-)orras Class and several solos
by Miss Liiinn Taylor. wl*h a recitation
hyrMrs. C. G. P.urton. The music was
"■■'"'■"• the fl'ree'ion" of Cof^r. Mi«s
Cofer. and Professor Ti'atson. To «ach
ehStd, was given a present and a box-of
Mrs. L. B. Janney. the president of the
Dorcas Class, deserves much credit for
ihe pleasant time which was given to
all those present.
Everybody Enters Into the SeanonJs
Spirit— Personal.
SCOTTSVILLE, VA., December 23.—
cial.)— Christmas shoppers from many
places are crowding the stores. Red and
blue-coatc-d Santa Clauses with their lit
tle packs and a bit of winter green tuck
ed under one arm. as well as dimple
faced dollies peeping out through ■;■ a net
work of tinsel ropes, lend a- holiday air
to.the^shop windows, and the angels of
peace and good will seem to hover over
C. F. Hull. Louisville; E. Manck.'Lynch
burg. W. E. Wingfleld, Richmond; J.
Htmlrick. Manchester; are registered at
the Home Hotel.
Professor \V. A. Shepherd arrived here
from Richniond on Tuesday.
Mr. R. R. Peasants has been threat
ened with pneumonia.
'"Mr. Robert Blackburn is out again after
an attack of measles.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. White, of Hard
ware, are in town.
Mr. David Pitts and Mr. Crisp, of Bal
timore, are expected here shortly to hunt.
Rev. . Wilmer Greshani preached at St
John's* Sunday,, despite the inclemeni
General J. C. Hill came up from Rich
inond this week.
Mr. JeiT Durrett is at home for the holi
days, from Blacksburg.
A valuable horse belonging to Dr. James
Hart was badly cut recently on a barbed
wire fence.
Rev. J. R. Daniel, has been quite sick
and has not yet recovered.
Mr. Johnaihan Pitts is visiting his fam
ily here. . • .
Thena will be a candy stew at Mrs A
P. Bowies' on; Tuesday night, for 'ths
young people of the neighborhood.
Dr. Gwathmoy. Judge Hanckc-1, and Mr
G. Mason Dillard, are expected at Chestei
this week. . .
Mr. W. Henry Londercc. of Djtchley,
Va., will be at home for the holidays.
Mr. Edward Moon is in Scottsvllle. -
Richmond County Boy Seriously In
jured by a Fall.
WARSAW, va.. ' December 23.—(Spe
cial.)—Ira, the 5-year-old son. of Mr.
James 11. Gallager. a well-to-do farmer,
residing near Warsaw," was to-day thrown
from a farm wagon. His collar-bone was
broken and ho received serious internal
injuries. •
%V. Scott's Large Store and Goods
"Were Destroyed.
FLOYD, VA., Dec. 23.— (Special.)— "W.
Scott's large brick store house with stock
of goods, was burned last night. The fire
originated in the store-room. ''.lt was^die
covered about 1 o'clock by a person sleep
ing over the store -and nothing was saved
out of the store-room. A : considerable
quantity of heavy goods was saved/from
the other part of the building and from
the basement. ~. . ',
The "building, was Insured in the Vir
ginia Fire and Marine ; Company for
f 2 '^ ■-• The," goods ; insured ■ for : $4,500
in in«^*London , and ; 'Liverpool and" Norths
era insurance Company of England. . " ■ „
I -■"'■ "■' - : *■'■' ■■' ■ - '"*.'' '•'' \. ' '■• ' -- ,**-" "' -- ' . - 4 . ' -' ■-'--.. _'■■:''■ ■' '■ ''■■- "-' :' ...: -. :7\.',-: 7\.',-- ■'' '--: -T
",: . ■ ■ --...- J- . _ '■■' ■ / ■■■ ■■■'■ ■■.■-■*' I
, ....'■ ,■ .. ■ .<* ,~- ,- , ■: , -.■—» -.' ■--■■■ .■ ■■ ■ i
r fQlFFEßS^thei^ entire' remaining, stock : \
' \.25% Discount \
i ■ The Collection everything I
: that is 1
; . '[ New atn&iNovel . • j
■for. men and women, . I
Also . 1 |
: . ' • "~ ■ ■■ -- ■■■ "" ■ i
the marked • Price of every House Goat i
and Bath Robe. * I
Hoard -Will Convene 'Next .Monday
Xi^ht to Pass Upon the Petition-
There ■'•'Will Be Xo Objection. Un
less It is a Les«l One.
The Richmond Telephone Company has
petitioned, the City. Council for perrnis
■ sion to dispose of ; its -.. property - to-, the
Bell Telephone "Company , thus' consoli
dating- tho two companies.
President William M. Turpin yester
day afternoon directed City Clerk Ben.
T. August to issue -a call for a meeting
of the Board of Aldermen to consider the
question as follows: .
"Sir,— You will issue, a call for a special
meeting of. the Board of Aldermen for
Monday. December £9, 1902, rat, 5:30 P. M.,
to .consider a petition from" the " Rich
mond- Telephone. .Company,, to. dispose of
its property to the Southern Bell Tele
phone and Telegraph Company.".; -.-_
While desirous of ' absorbing the-Rich
mond Telephone Company, the Bell Com
pany, docs not wish to do so unless it is
entire accord with the sentiments and
wishes of the people of the city. If de
sires- to transact- the "deal,"- if at -all,'
openly and above board, and for the mu
tual interests of the company and of the
public. ' '
To this end the following petition has
been circulated among. the subscribers, to
the "new- -'phone I '- -and. many of. them
have signed -it;-.- - .. -.•-._ .... . .^ .
"We. the undersigned .'subscribers "for
telephone- service in ; - Richmond, v r a., be
lieve that there is no advantage in hav
ing two companies in operation, but, on
the contrary, consider it an actual dis
advantage involving, much unnecessary
expense and annoyance, and if the man
agers of the two companies can come t6
an agreement by which the Richmond
Telephone Company's exchange can be
consolidated with the Southern Bell Tele
phone and Telegraph Company's ex
change it will meet with our approval."
It is -believed that. if. .there is- found
to be no insuperable, legal objection to
the- consolidation of the two companies
that - its consummation . will be hailed
with general satisfaction. .. ....
Liquor Ordinances Recommended hy
the Committee ■Monday Sight.
. The ordinances which were recommend
ed by the Committee on Ordinances Mon
day' ■ night concerning - the removal of
screens from jefore bars during the hours
at which liquor traffic is prohibited, and
providing that those to whom licenses
are. granted must submit- to police in
spection of. their, premises are expected to
provoke a strenuous fight when they come
up for action in tne Council.
Volume, hy '*Well-Ivrio>vn Richniond
Physician is Attracting Attention.
Dr. AY. S. Gordon, of this city, has
just published a volume, of Virginia histo
rits,,which will attract wide attention.
"Recollections of the Old Quarter" Dr.
Gordon has called the volume, and the
stories .which it contains , of the people
who used to live out' in the ' "quarters,"'
arc as 'entertaining r as.. any. which have
come from "the peris , of Southern writers,
notwithstanding/ .-.* the, . f act 'that ' ■■ "among
these ■ are some of' the jbest-known names
in American literature." The stories, to use
a hackneyed term, "smack of- the soil -*'■
The : doctor tells stories i of. Virginia .dar
kies, and whites, .too, that- recall to the
mind, of every man, who has ever gotten
a taste of Virginia. country life,; his expe
riences among the rural whites land dar
■ Uk-s." .The stories , are - in: dialect-r-really
scientific dialect", -as is -promised by-, a fore-
In the abodes of the. rich and the poor
Dr. Burkhart's Vegetable Compound is
esteemed as a positive cure ;for- all Blood,"
Stomach, and Skin Diseases, Sick Head
ache.. Palpitation of . the Heart. Catarrh:
Restlessness at night. I.laiaria, -Night
Sweats, Pimples " on the - race, "and La'
Grippe. 10 days' trial. free:. "Ail druggists.
UK, W. S. BURKHART, Glnclnnntlj O.
' dc.24-lt r \ . ' - -'--.. :; .
I (jive a £>iamond.^ : C
> You. may .find .them cheaper ., than" ,
> than ! you.;think/!f; you.' getiLums^ ; :
Z: den's prices!; ; ■: ':[ .
X '\ 731, Main Street.
word, giving the. reader the fundamentals
of Afro-American speech.
■■-.: The: illustrations are excellent.- They
are made, from half-tone photographs of
scenes in Eastern Virginia, and will be
recognized by many { readers. .-
The book is gotten out by Moose Broth
ers, in Lynchburg, and is most eminently
creditable to the publishers. The me r
chanical work, from tlie cover design t<i>
the finis, is superb. ■"'
: The book is for sale by tne Bell Com
pany and Hunter & Co. •■ : s
"Oliver Typewriter Convention.
Agents/- and representative? from all
parts of the world will assemble. in Cni
cago in the next 'few- days in attendance
of the Oliver Typewriter Company's an
nual convention". Mr. Samuel S. Rosen
dorf, their representative- in this section,;
leaves to-day to; attend. .
R. B. Garland Elected Baptist Field
— ■ Secretary.
The Baptist State Mission Board met
yesterday and elected R. B. Garland
Field Secretary. He is ,nov; a. lay evan
gelist, but was, formerly in the employ
of Jhc old plumbing firm of John H.
Gresham ."fe.- Company, -and' afterwards
with the' Whittle-Sydnor Company.
.Mr. Garland was elected- to. succeed the
Rev. C. J. Thompson, who resigned his
position, some weeks- ago to accept a
call to Durham.. . '
- • ■' -■ Mr. Cp-rrardln to Leave. -
. ..Mr. . Cowardin, civil engineer for, the
Passenger and Power Company, will
sever his connection with the company
after January 1. Mr." Cowardin is highly
spoken of by the officials of the company
and they regret having 'to "dispense with
his services.'. .
Barton Ileisrhis to Have a Late
...,.._....,. Schedule Asain". ...
'■ General rManager Huff has amended the
schedule/on the Barton Heights, line 10
allow for- the first car arriving at First
and Broad- street' at 6:SO. A. M., and the
last car leaving First arid Broad streets
at midnight. ; .
: Mrs. John D. Potts," who has been the
guest of Mrs. C. 08. Cowardin, 100$
Grove avenue, returned to. her home in
Cincinnati last night. . , .
-.'. Miss . Susie T. Elam, of Hampton, is
'the guest ,of Mrs. Richard -H. Claibourne,
No. 017 east Marshall street.
Mr. R. R. Jones, agent for the Standard
Oil Company, with headquarters at
Greensboro, N. C, is in tha city. He
will spend the holiday here. -
. Mrs. Lue Reid Cecil, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam ■..-Marshall, and Master: Willie Mar
shall, went to Norfolk yesterday to spend
trie holidays with Mrs. Robert Reia.
■The services at "the. Church of tho Holy
Comforter, on Grove avenue, will be held
at. 9 A. M. Christmas . Day. Holy com
munion will be administered at thisser
\ice. A special musical ' programme has
been. arranged. .
Mr. .Richard H. Claibourne, of Clai
bourne" & Woody, will leave to-day . for
Danville, -Va., his' old".- home, '.to spend the
holidays- with his. mother, a venerable"
lady of that city.
■" Miss "Aileen ' . Cowardin • has returned
home to spend her vacation, with her
mother, Mrs.vC.-O'B. Cowardin. •'
Sudden Death of a Prominent tJanies
.-," '..J ""., '.-.-. City Resident.
AVILLIAMSBURG. VA..: December 23.—
(Special.)— Sir. Robert R. Cole, one of, the
wealthl'tot and . best known citizens of
this community. .died r suddenly late this
afternoon of he-art disease at his coun
try home, on Collc-ge Landing road. " "Mr.
Co'e.was in Williamsburff as laic as- 2
o'clock to-day, and -'seemed in his usual
health. .'When the* n'ows: came, that he
\\-as dead,' it created: a profound sensa
tion. '.Deceased was about 5G y^ars of age,
and oldest son of the late Robert
P. Cole, so -\veJl known in this section "of
Virginia. He was : the descendant of an
old -rand honored family, and: was a- man
of sterling- worth and integrity. His. only
surviving brother is Mr. H. D. Colo, o f
this. city.-.. '• ' ... •:'•■ .
The funeral will take place - to-morrow
afternoon -from the residence, and the
interment will: be in Cedar-Grove- Ceme
tery. -■.-■; ■ '■ ■ -. : •.. ; .: -.; ;i . . .-
. ; ' Call -to Rev. Dr. -Thames. •
; DANVILLE, VA:, December 23.—(Spe
.cial.")—It ..is : currently.: reported ; that Rev.
T.B. Thames, D. D.,: v/ho recently re
signed the : pastorate of the First Bap
tist, church, of this city, has been called
>.o,fl}l the,pulpit;of a churq.li in Elizabeth,
N..J.'.. Dr. Thames .preached at Eliza
beth last. Sunday. The report is generally
.accepte'd'as true.' : - }~, . ■•■'
■\Vcll-ICiiown Ashland Ulan, Loses
His Life In New York.
.ASHLAND. ;,VA.,: ;i December - 23;—(Spe
cial.)—A telephone message to-nightl from
Brooklyn, ;N.;>T.'. gives the 'lnformation
that; Mr., Percy Botrgs, of this place, was
drowned to-day. No definite 'particulars
'could be.-lbbtained: ; The^ remains \ will sbe
. pent '^ here 'tb-mbrr-'w. ?He '• was;ja ".-. son'-of
the-, ;iat«L:Dr. .ißogss. • of lithe"; Methodls £■
[.church, and' well known," not only in .Rifch
!: mond, s .' but [ in , Gl ou cester/coun ty. v where" -lie
-. conducted f f or ; "; some' tlma i Buccess£ully3 ai
*' latcs ' sclr ' ■ ' ■ * : ■'■'■■■ ■ ■■■ ■ ' ■ ~■ ' •■ ■ ..■■-...■■■■ v■.■u ■.■
<i -- -...--■ ■■ . '—.--- '-
He is Described as "a Strtkins.Per
sonality"—Tlic Court, It is Snlcl^
... : : . ■ ■ . ■ ....-■ ; _._:.^
! " Has . Made Cabinet Frivy <o__ Cir
jj — • cnnislances of Princess"' .niffht as
. It Sees Them.
1 (By special cable to; the '; Dispatch; copy
righted.) .
BERLIN, December *"3. : — The elopement
of .- the : Crown Princess of ;, Saxony^ creates
extraordinary excitement ; there, and the
sensational world-learns that for months
the Crown Prince and his wife have been
quarrelling ■ and she began to hale him.
He is unpopular everywhere. .The Crown
Princess could not stand the penury of
the Saxon court, and for this reason she
is everywhere in Saxony to-day an object
of pity and sympathy rather, than con
tempt.:"'. / '■' ' ;•■•>■=* -:-. '^"--v-f-is
A voting- , French master named Giron
is her: lover. He is eminently handsome,
about.' 2s years old, with sparkling black
eyes, black curly" hair. '' They, both arc
still in Geneva.
The theatres and all public places of
entertainment throughout the kingdom
are closed to-night. -as ..the. land has lost
its future Queen. The illness'from which
the Crown Prince suffered, It Is alleged,,
is an invention. He met no accident, and
it is said that on his return to Dresden
lately, thel Prince ill-treated his -wife. It
is this'which caused her to fly. to' her fath
er at Salzburg to beg him. to get, the mar
riage dissolved. .
The princess's suite at court has been
dismissed,, and her letters' confiscated
The tide of popular opinion, so much
against the Princess'at first, seems chang
ing, to' her. favor. She expects accouche
ment in May. , , ; j
. . Similar Scan Vial in Vienna.
(By special cable to the Dispatch;
" '."Copyrighted.)"
VIENNA, December 22. —The Saxon ar
fair is more- complicated to-day. Tho
Crown Princess' brother,, Leopold, intend
ing to marry the dancer. A'damvoiss. ask
ed the Emperor to allow 'liim to give up
the.- prerogatives of birth' like his Uncle
John. He' is supposed to have -left' Saiz
burg ..with, his sister, arid Adamvoiss, tha
French teacher of the children,, nov/ said
to be the Princess' lover.---The Emperor i?
terribly, upset at .the, scandal, -the: affairs,
following 'close upon each other.
The Crown Princess, of "Saxony is hero
under the- name of Fraulein Yon Ob*n.
Her brother 'Arch-Duke . Leopold -Ferdi
nand, and Professor Giron, are. at the
same hotel. Ths arch-duke has assumed
the name of DuEuriano. The party nro
living quietly and propose to spend Christ
mas here. ..... . !
: BERLIN. December . US.— A dispatch
from Dresden this evenlrig;-.to tho Lokal
Anzeiger confirms previous advices from
Geneva •to the effect • that--- the • Crown
Princess of Saxony is in Geneva, -.with
Professor Giron, a French teacher of
languages, . whom she niet 'during her
last trip to Paris. He is' described a's 24
years of age; and "a strikir.g.'personality,
with- large, bright eyes." : .
DRESDEN, SAXONY. "'Dec. 13.— King
George and the Crown Prince Frederick
know where the Crown Princess Louise
has sought refuge, but they have decideci.
to accept the estrangement of the^ prin
cess and- her husband, as : 'irreparable.
They have made" the "cabinet privy to the_
circumstances of » the . princess' a flight | as"
they sec' them,: and a decree of .divorce
is talked of as' a necessary -sequence to
the nricess' resolution to leave the court
forever. - ■ -.- y; .-.-;'
This determination, the princess an
nounced to her. husband early in Novem
ber, after one of their frequent, violent
scenes. . She also- confided her intention
to separate herself utterly from the court
and' "all ' its wretchedness" 'to' two or
thrse of her intimate friends and dis
cussed vvitji them ihedmpossibility of her
longer enduring ths artificial:- etiquette of
the court and the "forced. companionship
of a man who was loathsome :to her."
The -princess i-wrotei -wrote to .her. mother
at the end of November that It washer
purpose to leave the crown prince, and
give up the prospect of the queenship,
which instead • of being attractive, the
•princess frequently said, was detestable
to her. She formally told members of her
entourage that she was goins to visit' her
parents at Salzburg. The letter of th^
princess to her. mother brought the arch
duchess immediately to Dresden; She im
plored her daughter to reconsider her; de
termination and make the best of- an un
pleasant, situation for the sake of her
children and see as little, of -the crown
prince as permissible. The princess" re
ply, according to one of'her confidentes,
was that she would see nothing^ of '.'that
beast."" that the tutelage of her children
was largely taken out of her hands and
that she could not bear to see them
spoiled by "the hypocrisies of the court."
What she complained of in. the prince was
his intemperance.- his infidelities and. as.
her partisans affirm, his cruelty of dispo
They affirm : that he has had, for years
a liaison with an actress, named Baste,
and it is credibly reported that at a re-,
view of troops at. Grimma. a couple of
years ago. the prince fell from his horse,
i intoxicated, in front of his. regiment. ,
; However true these incidents may be,
the court and all Dresden knew a chasm
separated the affections of the crown
; princess from the crown' prince. 'Though^
no seemingly had genuine admiration for
his wife, the prince ; did his share of
quarreling, and often tried to impose his
will upon her; but he always hoped that
she would in the end humble herself.
His attitude; recently, until .she had
actually gone. ; appears to have been that
of disdainful indifference .and disbelief
that she. really intended to carry put her
threats] . '... ■ „.".'. L
'The Crown Princess',. days.. at Salzburg
were • spent ; in controversy with her
father and mother, ./who. did. riot excuse
her 'for a moment in her .mad desire to
leave her position' and -family.' -Her
brother,- Archduke .Leopold/ Ferdinand,
took his sister's part. ..The .circumstances
of^the Princess; 'flight ."."are. titill obscure
here and' no further, reliable hows is avail
able.-.-The only fact -: that set-ms clear, is
that the king-, and Crown '.Prince "know
where-she is; ?.nd .are, ;in communication
with her, but it is learned , that; she 'is ab
solutely intractable. ',' : .."' ".-..- „' ,-■'.
' Dresden-is absorbed by the. sensation.
The' theory: that therCrowri Princess. is
suffering .from- mental aberration is- now
only feebly prop3gate<r"~'by" 'the Saxon
court, and "the crown prince's -adherents
intimate that an illicit love affair is .the
cause o£ the Princess' : desertion.
■ Thf Dresdner Nachrichten.^ one of: flic
principal "newspapers arid having conser
vative .leanings, after saying" . it could al
niosi .be sorry for ; the - princess, " with ' a
disposition incompatibler-with that of the
prince, and; disliking the. etiquette ■ of , this
court,' suggests that ."to find; the reason
for her departure ■ one -'must find* the
man."'The man in* this: case, who Is^as
soclated by gossi p -wlth ■" the p r lhcoss*' ■' is
a handsome "Frenchman.' who was tutor
to the princess' i children. V He was pe
remptorily discharged by "order of the
crown prince, Dec. 2. • - ; .. • " - . '.-,.
r The crown : princess had a- lively .Vien
nese manner -> She .was independent and
high ' spirited. ; and.'. was inclined • to : ridicule :
the observances / of. the : little ■. Saxon court,
. which ;: takes § itsel f most serlnus] y. .The
-, crown who has.; recovered from
'sthe i:V lnjury .;::. that --he ; • sustained
,^wiiile ■jHuntlnsr,. drove; out to-day with ■ two
OjC .bwreoHa^i;; V ■;••: . :?;' -; "' <;/-. .' _--. .
;'■ SS^iV ALL^-ABSOBBINGVTOPic:-, ±'- : ;
Lcrown princess" , of : Saxony : Is" the r'absorb-
Ing. topic of 'the day hero. ■- All kinds X.of
sensational S reports are ; in ~ circulation.
When she lef t "salzburgr. accompanied by
J her brother. Archduke * Leopold ■ Ferdl
nahd, the princess went to Jllunich.vvvhere
a French tutor awaited her. Her brother
was -also joined there by a beautiful
Viennese woman, .and' the two couples
proceeded to Brussels; and thence to
.Geneva. \ •■."': - : '- _ ,■ - v
It* appears that when "tha crown prince
returned -recently to Dresden, after his
hunting 1 accident in ths Tyrol, he discov
ered secret correspondence existed be
tween, the, princess and the French tutor,
whoso former- relations "with -her had cre
ated a scandal resulting in .the tutor's
expulsion from: Saxony. Besides disclose
Ing'the couple's relations, ths letters re
vealed another scandal. Immediately
afterwards the princess" left her home and
went to Salsburg-. The" fact that she'took
a trunk tilled with jewelry and other valu
ables indicates* that she was prepared for
an emergency.
It is reported that Archduko Leopold'
Ferdinand has. written "to Emperor Fran
cis Joseph renouncing his rank and digni
ties as a rieraber of the Imperial house,
and saying lie will become a '.civil 'subject.
The: whole {of the "archduke's career is
redolent wfth scandal, dating from the
time when-iio btarted^to accempanj' the
heir to the throne on a tour of the world.
He only got" as far as Colombo, where he
• was obliged to leave the ship owing to his
; scandaoius behaviour. The archduke has
since been n?iixed up in a number of af
fairs and .vras confined for some months
in an asylufh.
Keport by the, Boaril— Post Lights
Along James River. -'_
•WASHINGTON. D. C. December 23.—
(Special.)— Reviewing the work of the
government on light-houses and signal
i stations for the iiscal year ended June
130, ISO 2. the Light-House Beard; in its
report, just issued, speaks as follows Oi.
light-houses on Virginia coasts:
. . Assateague.— The shell road was ex
tended to the south boundary, its borders
were dressed, and adjacent beds of 100-re
sand covered with pine needles. The
gate :' was removed to suit the location
of the new road. About ICO ornamental
trees and shrubs and some sevds _were
furnished for use cm. the grounds. Some
minor additions v.-ere made to the map
of the station. Various repairs were
made. - . ' -
' Killick .Shoal.— A fuel platform . was
constructed undvrneath the light-house.
"Western Branch' Elisabeth River.— ln
j November. ICOI. the wreck of this beacon,
j which, it was feared, might prove «lnn
gerous to vessels, was removed. Borings
were made on the opposite aide of the
channel to ascertain whether a better
foundation could be found for a more
stable structure, but without suceofs.
Tork Spit,, Entrance to York River.—
Soundings wore made around the light
house in ' July and October, 19011:; The
erosion of the shoal has be^n considerable
since the structure was built in ISTO. '
Cape Charles City Harbor.— An eight
day lantern and lamp- were repaired in
July. 1501. Tn October the southern beacon,
which had been badly damaged by a
passing vessel, was rebuilt. It was again
partly wrecked on November 1% 1201, but
a liccht is still shown from it." In No
vember; the erection was completed
iof a wooden structure;- 8 feet
j by 10 feet in plan and one story high,
anchored en the. end of the jetty to
serve as a fog-signal "house and to sup
port the light of the northern beacon.
On February 20. 1902. the latt't r— a fixed
red pnst-lantern light— was moved to.
and exhibited from, the new structure,
and a bell was established to be struck
by. : machinery during thick or fogssy
weather, a single blow eyvry ten seconds.
I The new position of the li^ht is about 150
feet to. the westward of the former site,
and it? height .above mean hiih water j
is twvnty-ej'cht 1 feet.- A -one-story struc- ;
ttire was built' to accommodate a dynamo
and other machine-y ' for the purpose- of
automatically winding the fog-boll appa
ratus. - : . . ... ; ..- .. ■ ■
Cherry Point. Entrance -to Piankatank
River. — Tho following is " 'a copy .of a j
letter dated Decfrribef*. ~isul.' from the'Svc- i
rrtary of the Treasury fo the • Speaker j
of the Housfcrof-Rppresahtatives: . {
This department has the honor to statcv. ,
r at. the ' instance of the Light-House
Board, thai, there arc two danc^rous bars j
nt the mouth of the -"Plankatank river,
Virginia, -which in foggy weather and at
nicrht make an entrance exceedingly diffi
cult for Wrfselp bound up the river.- c c pf
cinlly as the Piankatank-is a very bold
stream: The vessel men state that lartre
quantities of oystrrs are shipped from I
this vicinity, and that the many sailing
craft which fr.-quent tnis riyer~are much
ir.conveiiivrcerl. .as they are only able tc
navigate by flsy with, safety.
Th rt -Lisrht-House Board at its session
on November 4. 1501. considered this
.question.-, when it was .decider! thru tht'-re
-ought to be erectvd. at an estimated cost
of $5,000. on the point of rhoal off Cherry
Point. Piankatank river. Virginia, an iron
screw pile structure to show a small
white light, in nbout eicrht t>et of water.
It is estimated that it will cost about
$3.»K0 to establish this light. The depart
mvnt, for the reasons stated, concurs
v/ith" the Light-Hou?e Eoard in recom
mending that an appropriation oi this
amount.be made th°rf>for.
Ragged Point. Potomac River.— Tho fol
lowintr recommendation, made in the
board's last six annual reports, is re
This- shoai malces off- from the west
bank of the river at a short turning
point. It is important that this point be
marked by a light at night and a fog
sigr.al during thick weather. It is'esti
mated that a light and fog-signal station
can bt> established here for $20300. and it
is recommended that an appropriation of
this amount be made thprvfor.
Pagan Creek, Jam^s River.— The estab
lishment of range post lights at entrance
to this creek has been det'er.vd until the !
channel is opened by dredging, as is
Burwell's Bay Range, James River.—
Tiie front light v.-as lowered by placin?
it in a box on th'o edge* of the bluff, and
some trees were cut ay/ay that obstruct
ed the lights.
Church Point. James River. — A post was
erected near the southeast corner of the
wharf at Jamestown Island op June 20th
and thy liirht will be exhibited on the
nieht of July 7. ifOL'.
■\Vilcox Wharf Range, James River.— -
Two lights werv erected June 21st on the
bluff below 'Wilcox Wharf to form a
ranse for the swash channel past MinzlejS
Middle Ground, and will be lighted on the i
niirht of Ju'y 7. ICO2.
Jlavcox Point Rang"c. James River.—
Range lights for the main channel of the
river from Wilcox Wharf to Buckler
■Point buoy were erected Jun^ 53d. and .
wiH b= llshtPd on the night" of July 7. 1002.
Meadowviile. J-^mes River.— lt tft-ing ■
found impracticable- to keep a spindle
on Woodson's Rock, on account of drift
wood during freshets, the light was dis
Woocsor's Rock Range. James River.—
Range lights were put up on shore, at •
M'i?pflowvil!e on . June 2-th to suide .clear
of .Woo(Jpon' c Rock. They will be lighted ■
on July 7. ISO 2.
: Gliallin's . Bluff, James River.— On Juna .
en ■ga*am>ahssa T «™ 1 THT,.m. M irOTT- ■■■—..r,,— ». m , — — — — — —
1L Jim Damps' near neighbor, William Ross, $
&; Was called 111-Will, he was so cross. -ff
■wi . Jim Dumps invited hira to tea $
• • W And fed him " Force." . He laughed with glee, if
'. % For "Force "was just the food for him./ M
i ' % "It fills the Bill," said "Sunny Jim." ffl
/fiia& ■■■ .-." Tbo Eeadj-to-Ssrre Cereal C^jt-^ >.. .
II^F S-v?cet, crisp flaKes "^X-/*^^^* i
M|g!_' cf wheat and malt.
3 . Eat •'Foroo'* t'^reo tlmoa a day* . ■ • S. ;
AxW-'C'--'^-- "Oar people are eating ' Foxes* threo times a daijr.S '^k '
Woman's Corner
Wednesday, 24th.
Reduction Sale of
Fine high-Gi^ss
Woollen Waists.
i Not every size of every style
makes broken stocks — hence th?
cut in price. BUT your sizemav
be among them. ■----■. :
AII-WOOI Tricots, tucked bacs;
and front, full sleeves, were
$1.50, now $1.00.
• Ail-Wool French and Botany
Flannel Waists, made" in the best
style, tucked and with full sleeve,
perfectly tailored, were 52.95.
now.SI.9S. •
Best quality French Flannel
.Waists, finely tailored, were
£3.98 and $4.48, now $2.98.
'• Lucille UnderskirtvT "
Some fine mercerized sateen,
as those we sold for $1.25. Very
silky appearance, but these have:
seven rows of tucking-, with the
top finished with a band of seli
material. No -better quality v
put in the ordinary one-dollar
and-ninety-eight-cent Skirts.
Miller & Rhoads.
25th a post was placet! on the end of th?
jCity at mis p. ace. and tha ngnt vvm on
oxhibiiod on tne mgni. ot July", layj.
Uiouceoter Point v^ hcri. i>ji\v tuvcr.—
in 'bep'i.'emper, Iwl, the post, whicn. b;xd
been oi natural coior. was painted red.
PotopotanK CrecK. Yoric Kiver.— This
structure was destroyed by the oollistuh
oi a raft ot logs on the night of May 5.
lirOl. A temporary light was shown trora
the wre'ekea structure until the post lighc
was rebuilt, on June 'J3, liiftl.
■■ . . — ■» ■■
l Attempted to Jump on a Southern
j Train at .Lynchliiirn'.
LYNCHBLTRG, VA., . Dec. 23.-(Spe
ciai.)—D. W. Laughman was kiiied this
morning or. the Southern railroad.
! Baughraan jumped en a train and the
I door of the vestibule car was closed. Pie
I clung: to his dangerous position, but was
j knocked off as the train was passing
1 through the freight yard. He was then
struck by the yard engine and cut to
j pieces.
I From papers found in his pockets, it
j seems that Baughtnan rcpresor.ced the
} Wood- Bending Company of Bridgeport.
I Conn., and purchased timber for the com
j pany in this section.-
A Coroner. Invesitisates tlie Death oi
f'rivnto Slbs IVoliver.
ALEXANDRIA. VA., December 23.
(Special.)—A Coroner s jury met here this
morning; and conducted an lnvestfgatltftl
into the circumstances atrendingr ' the
death of Private Silas Woliver.- of the
Forty-seventh Company. Coast Artil?*ry.
United States army, stationed at ' Fort
Hunt. Va.. which occurred Sunday after
noon at the Alexandria Hospital as u:e
result of an accident earlier in the aftar
noon on ths Washington. Alexandria and
Mount Verr.on railroad, a short distance
b^low this city. Several witnesses were
■examined, after which the jury returned
the verdict that the ''deceased had come
to his death at the time and pace - Inrit
cated by a fracture of the skull, result
ing from bein£ struck -on the head by
the ?j£rnal beam. which at that place i?
■used for service on both trades, and that
his death was due to the- : carelesssness
pnd ne?lir°nce of the officials of the
Southern railroad in not providinsr for a
safe ard ppcure fartenine for the t*'tm.
William Verr.on and Henry Burke, con
ductor and moforman. rfrpecMvely. of rh*
electric car. grave evidence which showed
that t'r-> sicrai gate wa? 5n its position
across the tr^ck of the Southern branch
when the electric car approached. Then.
it swung amtir.d ard 'caught the car near
the cab. The evidence of. several eti
plpyves of the Southern road was to the
effect that the gate had bscn fastened
with a bolt through n. stat>'« wh^n last
uffd for th? passage oi a train. W. H. F.
Finke.' an ■engineer. admUtert. fbat a .lock
hnd b'Vn u?ed b?forc, but of late, ho
?aid. the bolt had been substituted. Tha
Southern railroad f-mployees a!I e v pres?sd
th^ onirf^n tliat rome one must have re»
movM t>— « brtU rftrr t ne track had been
used by the company.
Officers at. Fort Hunc have 'staged that
nn.ifss sorafi relative comes forward to
"lfim the- body of Privato "W'oliver. is
will be inferred in Arlington Cemetery.
Corporal Thomas H. Appl»b"y. who was
•-.eyerely injured in th- accident in -.rhi--'h
'us companions was l--i"led. is reported to
be -doing well at the Alexandria Hospital.
f-I<s also su?rr>ined a f'-a^tu-e f tli^ o^-jIL
Thro rptr.«"ins of Miss Alice Lambert,
who died Sunday in "Wa?hingtor!. were
buried to-day from Patrick - Episcopal
church, in Fairfax. She wa« 19 y^ars
of ace, and was a daughter of Dr. K. C.
Lambert, of Occaqiian. Prince William
Georjiin ."Vorthern "Bocsrlit t»y A. C Ij,
MACON. GA., December X.— The Geor
gia Northern railroad, extending from
Pldcoclc to Aibany. a distance of seventy
milss. has b^en bougrht by the Atlantic-
Copst line. The price -vas something ov?r
■fSOO.'COO. The stock was held by the Pi*
cock Brothers.
— — 14. — _ _
Globe Co.!» Supper. .
The Globe Clothing Company -rritl gly*
their employees a supper at Mtirphv's
Hotel to-ritrht. This .firm has made th's
an established custom, and th* occasion
is looked forward to' with great plea
sure, by every employee.

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