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It'' ln- of tlie MO»* -Strenuous. Kind,
Lkpd J«.- Deltfclitctl In by tlus Execu
tive— str«. Koofivelt Often Rides
With the President. " ■ ' "
WASinNGTON. D. C.. Dec. 27.—(Spe
:ial^— President Roosevelt is* enjoying a
genuine rest Uiroußbr .the -.hollfiays. and
vill continue to "have some respite from
exactions "utj til : Congress^ reas
sembles, on January -sth. "purins the
Session of Congress lUeiwork of:a Prcsl-
Jent Is most laborious ■ and trjing.Bc
tides a. large numVcr of constantly oc
jurrinc and recurring questions affect
• an:" the frovcrrimcntAl service, and U»e
■£Q«ally iir.portam "Qucstioiis of interna
tional' moment, the President must deal
x.osi wisely -and- carefully; too" with the
' 'aiUltltuiSlnoiis. demands .of. senators, re-
Stje.sts of represents lives and the impor
tunities of hursdrods of .otliers" below this
Dfilcja] grade. The consequence 5s that
ihe President 3s. confmca to his . ensce
practically every li our of the day. When
sot listening io the various matters laid
bct6re' him by the cabinet: officers, con
pressmen and others;; he mutt, in the
lolitary moments of his office 2nd house,
pivc consideration to' the "requests and
questions laid: before him. . .
President ItOosCvelt is a most ardent
'(over ".of out-door, sport, and the confine-
Went of his oflice is irKsome to him, if
too long:-. -. Consequently he is
;xr»oricncelng great relief -during the
holidays, when he is permitted, by the
lbser.ee of senators and representatives.
\o "escape, the; .ey«'ry-<lay, grind of his of-
Jce while Congress Is here. Just before
Jhe holidays oliiciar ■announcement was
aade thai President Roosevelt would see j
Icvr callers, and that he would keep no i
j*e£ular ofiice hours. Tho announcement :
',£ being- literally. Jived up to. ssid the
President. wUli the oxceptJon of Cabinet
days, is. out of his office, a great deal"of.
his * time. He is sixjcylng the exercJee
rcost ? pleasant ano agreeable to him—
'.hat of horseback riding. The Presi-
Sent, as Is well kiiOfm. rides with grace
snd c-ase, and hiis the tenacity of a
rowboy. in. remaining firmly in the, sad*
13©. His blooded,' ' high-spirited horse
ij.nr.ot go too fast* or have too many
j:a!ts for- him. Tlie jostling and jolting,
infi the 3>t-en winter winds, cause tho
blood .to 'pulsate through ' him, and evory
V<An to run fast with the animation -of
arid vigor. If the President haa
Vfeen \b\e to dispose of the Venezuelan
question sooner, he would not have "had
Ip remain in his oJTice nearly as much-as
Sc has. With this out of the r.-ay he will
have &. -.number of hoors each day.
v His '.' ..riding ..companions arc Senator
Lb;dge, r lhss bosom' friend: General Lapn
trd Wood, of whom he thinks a great
£ea.i; and. for. viiiom' he has deep admira
tion;. Secretary " Root, his closest cabinet
aflxiseri and' others who are good horse
men. .It takes a good horseman, too. to
keep pace with ..the President. The
weather/ makes no diU'erence to him. 1
Vv^hether the rain" is pouring In torrents,
■whether the thenndmetcr registers zero,
or whether it goes, .to the o,xtrenie and is
iOO--'iii the. .shaded 3ie gets the same lively
tiatisfaciion out' of a long ride. It is re
called, thai, when Prince* Hehr'y was' here,
the President 'invited him to go on a
r/oreeback ride. They, got to the out
skirts of the city, when the .* hardest
thunder-storm and rain-: in years over
took them. The President did not change'
his course vfor an instant, and for two
hours he and Prince Henry, galloped. 'up
liiil and down, over roads and through
wods. At Chicfcamauga" in 'September,
when the President .-visited Chattanooga,
he mounted the finest calvary h6rse at
the army post there, and rode the troop
ers of the United States calvary the
swiftest race they ever had in their lives.
The pace was' so hoi and fast that a
dozen of tlio- troopers 'were dismounted
by the breaking of saddle-girths and
ciher-"nii. c "iftj)S;. and many others lost
their ' h&ts' and other -portions of their
v/earing apparel. The day was" intensely
hot and the cloud of dust left behind by
Xhe on-rushing calvacade,' headed by the
President, obscured ' the vision of the
thousands of iiccpte trying to follow in i
carriages and on Hoot.
Pur all of his horseback rides the Pres
ident attires himself *n suitable costume,
tnd Is perhaps three or four hours in the j
saddle. Mrs. Roosevelt often joins him. |
Their custom is t6 leave the" White House I
-jv a carriage anil lake their horfces in the
Suburbs- of the city; - '■ ' : -
■'Wh'en ' the ' President first came to
Washington he went I walking ': frequently,
sut it \vas tiresome. . to him to be
.'cllovred : everywhere by secret service
snen, : , who feared that soms one
iv'culd attempt to' do him harm,
50 by his horseback rides he is
3ble to le.-ive the secret service men be
n:nfl.: Very few', of. them would be able
to keep up .with Mm.' if they wanted to.
One of the President's escorts on these
"irips. • however, is . a cavalryman who
»res for his. horses in the White House
jlabtes, and who . always sees that the
•?esf horses. arc put QUt a£ the disposal of
tlje." President.^ ,/"■
.._With the reassembling, of Congress, the
President's horse will "get a long rest, and
he will get two months of hard work in
his ; office, months that will make him
feel relieved when Congress has again
idjourne^ an<3 the representatives of the
people. have gone honie. • ; "
• Henry- A. -Wiseman Xo More.
i\O:\:iLLE. ■ VA.,. "December 27.— (Sp-e>
tial.)— Mr. ., Henry A. Wiseman, a well
.fcnown -drug-gist, ; died at his home in this
iity'-.to-night. He was in the sSth year of
ft -"•■'• '"' "'" ■ ■ ' - -'■":" 1 , >' ' ' '" '.^1
"«• . . ■- ■ ' ■ . „-^ • ; ' . • , ■:■-.-..■■ .. ■ . t.
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t eliance to buy a Good Rocker, Morris G hair, Desk, f
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After Bating
Nausea between meal?, belcbing,
vomiting, jElatulerice,^ fits of "ner;
vous Leadache, pain in the stora
ach, are all symptoms of*dys
pepsia, and tlif» lonirer ifc isjneff
lectfid the harder it is to cureiit;
Hood's Sarsaparilla:
Radically and permanently ctir"e
it— strengthen and tone the-sto.
maoh and other digestive organs
for the natural performancei'pr
their func. ions. '?' f< ,T:, T :
Accept no substitute for Hood's
"I had -dyspepsia twenty-five years and
took different medicines, but got' no :help
until i:beean taking Hood's Sarsaparilla;
Have taken four bottles- of -this" medicine
and can now cat almost; anything, sleep
well, have no cramps in my "stomach.t-ho
burnfng and no distress." Mrs. William
G.- Barrett. 14 Olney St.. Providence, Rl'l.
Hood's Sarsaparilli promises to cure
and keeps the promise. : ■- ; .:•-. - •
his" age. -Mr. Wiseman was taken -sick
at church two weeks ago. * '&'•* i'-Jt-
Since that time h\> rallied, and. had
been able to go about. He came in from
Lhe. street this afternoon, feeling better
than he had felt for a long time. '--Art
hour lafcr he was found on tho floor
dead. . '■*-'•
Mrs, Mm. Townes Walker Dead:; .;
COVINGTON. VA.. December 27.—(Spe
cial.)—Mrs. Mary StoKes Walker, sister, of
t..e Rev. Colin Stokes, of the Covington
Presb-tcrian church, dir-d to-day in' North
Carolina. The body will be brought'.' t6
Hempden-Si.ney tor interment, and'- Mr.
Stokes to-night left for that place..- The
news of Mrs. Walker's death came as a
4 kM 7 «mploy^esult/from"the negligent of, a superior officer f*J^<^
\ " : ' "'/"'"'■'
>X f X 1 company, right, or tessg. charged n
I I "; 2O..with the duty, to control or direct the., general .service's or - *? ,k '.* '
Sf Jl T - KsV tio'imraediate Work of the party. injured, or the genial 'jjfcj^ : '
1. J \NUS22- vices orihe. immediate work of the co-empl^b^^^^ N ,J , -,
•«^ 5 I \^3 he is injuredj |§tef&?Bg^^>^
>, , T \ > co-employee engaged inanother department „;; '; ■ -^^f^^T>V. '
;? f l A \26-anotheV^lrain of^^^ switch,sig- A-f^'f^ f
| I ingirains or transmitting telegraphic orders therefor, and / |fg
' " Nc? ? H?"29>hether such negligence be in :t!^^ p^ .3
T or non-assignable duty^Kno^edge, by anyju^em- . , |-? |-
I i. . - ' I I" |j. 6f^
- SJv' V■■ & dition of any machinery, appliances, or- -structures, |^£p^
r| ". 33 shall be noWenc^toj^t^^^ thereby. ft; StR -f |fi I
. ;■; :;^^hen"de^^heth^instantaneous 'o^ otosJ^. results^ "r^^KpShf ■ > '^ '
"I <? 0 < V 'so from any injury K^^a^ploye^^r^^d^^^aaakl, V % C | 5^
\ '\ >< 374^under the: above provisions, had death not occurred, -i< >. | | .
V A^^^ representative, surviving consort, and I§j M C §^5--&"
\^ - 39 relatives \o^^^^ shaj^re^ : |,
■■."'■■ "."." '■'.■■■ ■ ' ■ ■ ; ■- . ' ' ■■■/■.:.■ .■.•'-* ■■ •■.■■: ' - ■ : ' ' .•* ■»* ■■■■:■ " -•:. . : '■ .
sufprisa : to : Mrl Stokes.^ Deceased was an
accomplished lauy^and-theadaughter/ of
' .Irs. v Susan " Stokes.*' of -t Hampden-Sldney.-
Eleven" years ago she wasfunitediln^mar
rlace to the Rev. WilliamtTownes?Walk
er. Jr..^ who has had charge of Presbyte
rian churches - in/ Lyncn^urg, >,> Hampton.'
Jullock; Towncsvillc. Oxfordrand Weidon.
She Is i survived Iby :her husband;; mother,
.wo brothers. ' the Rev. j Mr.: btokes, of this
city.* and':Mr7 Robert Stokes, of -Hamp-
Jen-Sldney. and two sisters: v Mrs; Tyler,
Mrs. .Cummings.^and ivlrs. Terno, all of
Kentucky. 7 \~ '•'. '. - .' .
Chnrcli Xotca of Interest— A Coaple
Who Have Been Married 01 Years.
LEESBURG, VA., December. 27.—(Spe
.ilal.,—Mr. Rixey has -introduced, in Con
gress a' bill for the ' relief •; of Mrs.' Mary
sra;i, of Fairfax county, to ; the extent of
V'l.iyX) fcr~ r?amppres- ; fsone."".to her farm by
the Engineering. Corps of the northern
umy during t/;e war. • .. ■
Rev. Frank Page, fit Vaco Tex., has
-cctived a call from the St.* John Episco
pal church, of Brooklyn. N:.Y. Mr. Pag/ :
was formerly stationed in ■;■ Fairfax, and
is well-known in this county. " ;:
■ Mr. and Mrs. -George S. ' Ayer- have,
-noved from Warrcnton to this county.
This venerable couple have been married
sixty-one years. Mr. Ayer'Js 86, and Mrs.
Ay er is S3" years of a ge. Mr. Ayer , ha s a
desk which he bought at. a sale at Mount
ernon years asro.; He has refused a >.iou
sand dollars for it. ' : -, •; .
At an entertainment given in the.Meth
odist church on Friday. December 26!h,
Professor Nelson R. AVood. -bird taxider
mist at the National-Museum. Washing-:
ton, D. C. and Mr. E. C. Hough, exami
ner of patents, addressed a large audience
on the subject ;of their respective spe
cialties. . „ ~ .
Mr. H.^xA. Trundle has, just completed
the construction of a double track elec
tric railroad -between Amsterdam and
Schenecta'../: N.'.Y.. and is . s—pping his
oig construction plant to Kentucky, wuere
he has a big contract for the ChesapeaKe
and Ohio railroad. . , .
The Dispatch prints herewith a diagram showing a page of the constitution of 1901-02. as it came from the convention
and was referred to c.ie Committee on Revision, and the changes made' in tnat page by ' the Revision Committee. : and there
were about 155 such pages. Some of. thepages" passed upon by the Revision Committee are not so; much .changed ..; and
marked, but others were so much ena r.ged -.' that they, had to be. entirely rewritten. The page portrayed is, therefore, a
fair specimen of tne whole document. - .' . . • . J
:Jn the illustration the. passages marked out' or blurred are either entirely eliminated by the committee or superseded
by the language written. in the margin. , . -
The specimen page, showing the work. that had to'be done on the Constitution is of especial interest at this time as a
guide to the General Assembly and al-nost. unerringly shows the necessity for the appointment of such a committee by
the General Assembly before it has entirely concluded the work of code revision. While the* code is not so Important
as the Constitution, for the reason- that it can be far more readily and easny amended. It is yet of so much importance
that it ww probably be necessary to '..aye a final revision before the adoption of the finished work. Such a joint committee
will; --in air likelihood, have to l>e appointed.: . ■
* The page shown in the illustration is from the corporation article, the printed page showing the section as/it came
from the committee and the entire page showing how it looked after the committee had clone its work. The pa go as it
would read correctly is printed in the constitution, as finally published.
Important Work Entrusted : to
Competent :Hands— Eco
nomical Arrangement;: v ;
; . ■■ -.-:V;-_- -".";■'.:■:.■.■■•- ■-- . ."'.;- •• . ■:■'■-■: -
Mr. John Garland Pollard and Mr. Jacob
N. Brenaman are now. hard at work on
the • contract recently awarded them by
the. joint :■ finance, committee ? of the: two
houses,- In connection with the work of
re-codifying, -the statutes of the : State.
The work, to'be done by these gentlemen
is that authorized; by ■ the. act recently
passed, appropriating $aCO to facilitate
and expedite the work of code revision.
It is, in a sense,. a revision, and is no
small task, and one well worth the sum
to'be' expended. In fact, the State ..will
save /money, under the arrangement , af
fected,.for if the work were not referred
to some such commission by contract,; it
would have to be dono^by the two house?-,
or. by the committees thereof, and both
bodies would have to sit while it was
being, done.
Mr. Pollard and Mr. Brenaman will
cut copies of the Code of ISS7 into • sec
tions and ■■■ paste them on pflper, leaving
a wide. margin for amendments, and cut
ting out all the repealed statutes- and
substituting in lieu thereof those passed
to supersede them. Wherever changes
in the present statutes. have become nec
essary as a result of the changed Constitu
tion.'places will be left to' insert them in
these pasted pages, line ; two gentlemen
will,' .in* effect, bring the code up to die
December session of 1902, with the stat
utes .arranged in ,their^ proper sequence,
leaving only the new scatutes to be drawn
at 7 the present ■ session .?■ to Y be :■ Inserted. .
■There ls : a r :yast'ftmount: of: legislation; not;;
amendatory, of, ; but supplementary to. the ;
Code of .1887, which : mustj.be ; inserted. 1
amounts £ to between ; TOO and j ßoo l pages. 1 1 I
•nust j be i cut. .classified and, pasted in Its j
i'Vroper.place and sequence.";- • ••' ■-: .: i
'. 1 This .work i is i practically Just u what :the ; }
Generali Assembly VseyeraLtimes refused. [
after spirited debates.-- to refer : to a com- .
mission or even "to a Joint committee of ■
the ; two ; houses.; It is far cheaper -than;
the I work 1 could : 6 therwis'e be done, . and it
|3 -."doubtful ,-. if -two more competent meri.j
could : have been secured to do the work.
; .The bill proposing the appropriation ;f or
this purpose .was drawn and offered ' by
Mr. ' R. S. '.-BlacUburn Smith, of Clarke,:!
who, foreseeing the economy of such a j
procedure, deemed it best to recommend
the small expenditure, rather than subject
the State. i to one "very much larger for
work ttiatmust be done. "" 7 : ' J ' \
"Went Into Effect on Kichmond and
Petersburg- Electric lane. Yesterday.
A new schedule on the Richmond "and
Petersburg electric line wenUinto : effect
yesterday..: Beginning I»st night, the last
car left Seven th^and Hull .streets. Man
chester, nt 11:30. instead of 11:45. arriving
?n Petersburg at 12:25. Thelast car from
Petersburg left at' 10:35 arid arrived in
Manchester at 11:25. Superintendent Felt
says -=that: travel over the. line has been
quite: heavy recently. ; : •• V
Rlchmoiiders in New York.
NEW YORK; December 27.— (Special.)—
Fol!ovv-ing are the Rlchmonders regis
tered to-day in New York:
Marlborough— G. W.- Harrington.
Fera'd-Squarp— H.\. Heller.
Waldorf— B. S. Forbes.
Imperial— H. 8. . Watkins. .
Hoffman— J.: W. Christian and M. M.
Martin. ■ . ■
T-wenty-Six; Thousand. Dollars Add
ed to the City's Bank Acconnt.
City Tax Collector Frank" W. Cunning
ham had. quite a run yesterday, from tho
tax-payers, but not as much of a run as
he thought there ought to have been, in
view of the ■ multitude that are still to
come. He receipted for $26,000 altogether
during : the day, but says he should have
collected $50,000. , -,
"Oh. yes." he said, "there will be a
siege next week. Many are waiting 'until
the last moment, and then they will think
it yery hard if they. have. to wait. We will
keep open until midnight on the 31st of
December, the List day before add ing the
penalty. I am satisfied we will have all
the crowd we can handle then."
Richmond* - Peculiar System of
■■■_" Huildlnff Inspection.
Richmond has a building- Inspectioa sys
tem all her own. ond ; it consists of an
upright, -self-adjustable- and > self-acting,
but not automatic machine, with; two legs
and two .wide-awake eyes, which, peram
bulates, from 'street to street, r upland
down ': the : ben utifully. rolling country in
which. the city's lines were originally cast,
and sees for itself— or does not see. as ; tho
the C case may. sometimes be— what ■ new
structures are going up "or have gone; up'
and whether they are Budensieck or ' sub^
stantial'in character, etc. ;In other words;
it consists of -the -man who: may happen
to be the incumbent, of the. office of ■com
missioner of {revenue, and -he i Is ; 1
to ;use'. his j; eyes ini,thisTrespect < >wlth.*a !
view j to. preventing loss to' the V'cltyf s 'rey^j
enues Vby -to add ; new ; hulldlnirs
to Jts.i taxable .values. - . . . '
"^ Mr/- b. I 'A;;lfewkJn3, s 'thei commissioner b i
ravianu^iobn^wUlitake'W s I annual fstrbll
Monday, Matinee and Nsght, December 29th,
Two Gala Perform ?nc3s. Fxtra Matlnea iil|,
[• At night will again be presented ; Clyde Fitch's acknowledged masterpiece
-Prices— Matinee, 25, 50, 75c, and $r| Night, 25, 35, 50, 75c., $1, and
.$1.50. Seats on sale Friday. / 7
;M(ip!A- : HFMV ist,
Aftix\-L/ll.lVl:;X .MATINEE AND NIGHT,
■t ■ - . _■*;-"■ ■:- . t AND ■" - .
In Sir A. Conan Doyle and William Gillette's WorldlFamous Romantic Detective Play,
t As presented for 300 nights in New York an? ten months in London, arid reproduced
i here -w.th Ibe entire London Lyceum Iheatre Seen c and Electric Lquipment."
XP I nrßlVf! ra H ! I P ! P f^ay and Saturday,
fllifl I r li/l 111 r III! 1 1 1 111 1 January 2d and 31
T\r^ W7/M P fTAnriFri an(i the greatest company of slng{nT
\jr WOLr HDHHrrC comedians in America, in a magnificent
> L -' A -' YV"V/i-/l fiv/1 * A-' ATJk - musical production entitled
Mr. Pickwick........ .De" Wclf Hopper! Arabella. ...........Louise Gusnis-
Sam "We11er........... Digby Bell! Polly.. .Margruerite Claris
Alfred Jing10. ............. .Grant StewartJ Mrs. Bardell.. ....'......Laura Joyc»
Old Weller.... ........Henry Norman j Winkle-. ....Louis Payai
Seventy others.
PRICES— SI.SO, Si.oo, 75c, 50c.
ESI I feJ %*x*s3 %to&Jr W£^^ YEAR'S
"-n r. QEORQ E FA WC ETT presen ts the
in William Cillett's greatest play
"The Most Perfect Melo-Drama Ever Written/*
Old Favorites in ihc Cast.
about the city looki^ for new buildings.
This walk is of vital importance to the
city, it is said, for if he failed to dis
cover a new structure, it would, in all
probability, not foo assessed, and the city
taxes. Uieref ore, would not be forthcom
Commissioner Hawkins' work 13 no
easy one. On his annual tour ho must j
watch for additions. w"hich are t sometimes j
hard to see. Another story added hero j
and there is difficult to detect, especially j
when the whole building has b^en freshly
painted. Improvements in the rear, ma
tetially increasing the value of the pro
pert3-, are even harder -to find, and might
easily escape the eagle eye of the most
conscientious. But Mr. Hawkins' work j
becomes easier in the frame house dis- j
tricts. because such nouses cannot be j
erected without the permission of the ll;*e
department; it is then the conftnissioner
may work in conjunction with Chief Pul
ler. . ■ : ' ' • . - ' . ' ' • . ■-.
Passenger and Povrer Company Will
Endeavor to Render Them Com
The Passenger and Power Company
turned on the heaters on many osf their
cars yesterday, and they will try and keep
the oars warmed up in the future.
A defect »n the machinery and the short
age of coal combined to prevent. the prop
er heating of the cars heretofore, since
cold weather began.
Manager Trafford.' of the light and pow
er department of the Passenger and Pow
er Company, says that failure oi the con
tractors to ship a portion of one of the
huge engines for the Johnson Island
plant 'has prevented, the heating of the
cars. The necessary parts : have , been
shipped, and Mr. Trafford says. he ex
pects to have all cars warmed by! Mon
day. .
Eleven Villages In Ruins— Six Thon
"} santi Houses Destroyed.
•ST. -PETERSBURG. December 27.—Lat
er advices from Ashkabad, Russfan 'iurlf
estan. say that in the country around
Andijan, eleven villages are in ruins, as
a result of the recent earthquake, arui
that fully 6.000 houses have been destroyed
in these scattered settlements. Th-»
weather is warmer, artd the. work of res
cue and succor is proceedinsr.' wittr bet
ter results..- -
The villages are,, sufficiently-■•■provis
ioned for. some time, but the government
will; be : obliged to supply the wants "of
the working people at . Andijan until
the spring. No one is permitted to enter
And'jan without a police pass. Even rail
road -, employees' on their way to work
are obliged to show permits./
3lis» Hattie B. Payne the Bride, of
: —Mr. C. A. Owens.
WARREN'TON. VA., December 27.—
(Special.)— ln. the Presbyterian ;Church
here this evening at 6 o'clock, a wedding
of , unusual brilliancy was solemnized:
The contrr "ting parties were Miss Mat
tie Bvrne Payne, of this place, and Mr.
Chartes Allen 'Owens, of Savannah, Ga.
The ceremony was performed ;by the pas
tor. Rev. "Walter H.-; Robertson.' The
bride was beautifully gowned in : white
mousseline de ;.'. softe, over : whita ."silk,
heavily trimmed with handsome, lace,
\nd carried a bouquet of Bride's proses
md lilies of -the valley with tulle;stream
ers." Miss Nannte Brooke' Payne. .'sister'
'■.if the bride,, was "maid of honor. -vand the
bride's only; attendant. She was charm-;
ngly - attired ; in : a white ; lace ; robe, • and
carried -Beauty;:roses.yr Mr. j
Harry^Owens. : >brother of, tire groom," was
best : man. -The ushers iwere.Mr.'v'Fitz
; Payne, of ;Crewe. Va:; ..; and rMrf Keith;
•■ Payne, •■ of West ■Virginia; brothers = of . the ;
bride; Mr. l7 A.KH.^Fouschet.. of Durham,;
N. ;C; iMn CWV^ Li. V 3Lockwood/,;of ?;New
York: Mr.v Alfred; Tyler. -of
andiMr:: Ed. Henry, ;, of ;i Norfolk. "Each
, usheri wore ? a % boutonnier©; of j white |cai^ ,
.nations. .......... , : _. : .. -...........:,,, .....
iThe bride ,Tira»' given : away , by ; ncr, uncle,l
t ."-,.-.-...: :■<>■■■ v;:v;.'r ; -',,-:^.: -■: ,■■■*;.- .... .-. .-.- ■.-',..-.-- ■..'.-
Mr. William T. Brooke, of Norfolk.
The' bride is the daughter of Mrs. C.
E. t\ Payne, and is oi a distinguished
Virginia family. Her grandfather was
the late Hon. James V. Brooke, who
was the leading member of the Warren
ton Bar and .well -known 'throughout -the-
State for his rare legal ability.
The groom is -prominently connected
with the Standard Oil Company, and is
at this time located in Durham. \
Mendelssohn's wedding .marcu and thp>
chorus from Lohengrin, were beautlfuu?
rendvred by Miss Sarah Barteiistein.
Following the marriage, a roceptloa
was given ' at the home of the bride.
Those present from a distance were Mrs,
Charles Owens, of Savannah, mother of
the groom; Miss Haynes, of Savannah,
cousin of the groom; General William H.
Payne, Miss Paulding, and Mr. Charles
Hagner, of Washington.
Mr. and Mrs.' Owens left on the north
bound train at 6:53. and after an extended
bridal trip will go to Durham, wnera they
will reside. •
Contract Represents an Expenditure
of $700,000, and is a Record-
Breaker in the South.
BALTIMORE. MD.. December 27.—(Spe
cial.)—The Seaboard Air-Line railway
has awarded a contract to the South Bal
timore Car- Works for the building of
1.000 freight-cars of 60.000 pounds capacity
each. Deliveries on this contract ara to
begin in March next, and the whole or
der Is to be finished and turned over to
the railroad company before the 3umm«r.
It is. in fact, a hurry order for 'equip
ment, "'as the Seaboard Line, despite the
acquisition of several thousand new cars
in the past year, is still short of equip
This order Is one of the larevst placed
during the present year by any railroad
in the South.
The contract renresents an outlay of
about $700,000. The cars will each be S5
feet Ovi inches long. D f«et wide, and 21
feet 11 Vs inches in height.
"Will Address the Southern Society/
ofXew York, In February. ..
STAIJXTONT. VA.. December 27.— (Spe*
cial.)— Her- A. C. Braxton has b<?en elect
ed by the Southern .Society of New. Yori
to deliver an addrpss at the Waldorf-
Astoria on Ffbrisary Cist. The other
speakers will be Judsre Oliver W. Hclmei*
and Dr. Woodrow Vv'ilfon. . ■
— — 4 —
Wc«ldinar Of Dennis ' Dlkks and Mis*
Praiices Chase.
- Wn.LTAMSTON. N. C. December ?T.
(SpeHal.V-There was a pretty marr'ajr*
at "Wilson Lamb's res'^ence h<>re "VTed'
■ n^sflav nichl. when M". Dennis B'ar?3
■nresic»nt of the D°nnis-S!iri Tr> on 3 L.umbei
C^rnoany. led to the' altar Miss Frnr>ce(
Ch^se. a handso-ne Vlrgin.a sr'rl. Llea.
ternnt Ch^se. who was .: present on thf
in^i^na durlrg tho ; Spanish war. is t
brother of the bride. A few Inyiten
fln)e?*s attended th":-Tr>»rrla£ce. Tbe con
p7e have go-e to Florida, lon their wed
dfrg tour. So quiet was "the marrlagi
that it only became known to-day.
Committee Meetlnsr.
To-morrow evening, ithe "Committee- on
Streets will meet "- at: s o'clock; the Corn
mlttee on Water at. 7. and the Commltte*
on Printing and Claims at S o'clock. •;;-,
Via the Atlantic Coast Line R. ft.
Winter tourist tickets, are . now on sal«
to all Southern . winter resorts ,vta;tne'At
lantlc Coast Line.*: ; This * line is the : short
est.vqulckest:and most^elegantly-equlppeOl
between the 'Northj and South, at- offers
to>he?.lth Cand.,-pleasure-seekera servic*
equalled by ; cone. You make no change*
to -Florida, resorts. ','.: : i^ ■" : ; - .
c For : full : particulars. • apply to ' any agent
; of I the l company. : v or ,;..-■ U- ■ ■■* ■■'*-- ?■■■-'■■ '■:: .»? -". '„- ■ -..z-- 1
Division jPaaaenger »Asent«:
j|||lfß rEaamala! ate wt^lUchoead^Vik: ; ■

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