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■ .■■ , .•'.':■" ■ . ■*■■■■!:.■•■:-. '". ■ ..'.■■'..■ ' •: - ' ■■..■■■■:■■■ .-. r:. -^ 'I I J ....'r?^iV/**^><i li": :
. [By Arthur H. Taylor.]' v
' Thft year 1902 in Virginia politics was
'narked by the successful- accomplishment
- )f a.' polJUcal revolution. That is ,'to say,
-/, ie new organic law of tfca State/ making
?ftdical : " changes, as compared v.ith the
■'' :*: * lid. one, traa qiietly and peacefully made
■ i.jflectiye and the old Undcn\-ood constilu
>^ lion discarded after thirty-two years' eer
' rice. ;
* - The .new constitution was, brought forth
Ifler, nearly' a year of labor and travail.
nany'bf the ablest men Ir; the State par-
SclpatJng in tho labors and dclibera-tlons
fc&dent to the momentous work. The
pglnishcd- constitution was ordained- July
: S/jftth7aßithe' organic law: of the State, a
.'«^Tmall ? major! ty of the members favoring
;!'/,ironiulgation' rather than* Euhmission with'
ill ; the expense thereto; and; tlie danger
M tt ."the " undoing of all the work bbey c an un
f > favorable vote. Immediately ttpon'ordaln
- Ing the constitution/, 'the;; convention,
through the medium l-ptl Governor' Mon
'MkHgixe. -' called the General Assembly .to
. ~ Ofcet in extraordinary. ; session for the.
,"■■ purpose: of giving political recognition to
''instrument.' "The" .issue lof the
„ jlociamation and the "response; thereto ;by
I j' She General Assembly afforded the desired
recognition, the members, with one ex
%h ceptlon : iitaHing ■•■ the oath'; under , tlie new
: constitution without serious objection.
.'.■•: Consequent upon , and pursuant to the
'^.Blrectfon"'of the new, constitution a <new
:? feglEtratlon of .voters, was. had in '.-: Sep
i:-:" lemyer. and , October ,. under, the - provisions
*,rf:fth"e suffrage Particle . of -the new con-I
■ *tltution. The result ; of that registration
;cf wasf to materially^ abridge the 4 ' electorate
.6nd ; to practically, eliminate . the negro, as
."■'n-'.eerlouß factor in politics. It is: con
:^ tervatlvely estimated... that not more than
C JO per cent, of the negro suffragans under
; ; 5 Ihe Underwood constitution-were retained
":.;l>n the voting rolls and that "the white
:■ electorate was diminished only about S or
S- 10 per cenL ; ' / .'"..• ■'■'.. , : r ■ .v,.;';-. ;;.;■,
;"Tha other provisions of the ConsUtu
:^U6n, or many of them, do not become . ef
c-'-fective until the year 1903. The new ju
''sSiciary plan is. one of these, and the cor
■ = poration commission, for the, granting
'•■ . Rnd .supervision ;. of all charters., and the
H .control .and regulation of all public ser-
is another/ The" new
m rommisslon has been constituted by the
.♦election of Messrs. Henry Fairfax, Henry
'}, I- C ■ Btuart ; and Beverly T. Crump as the
three commisSiOnerH. '
-"/■'The "municipal' elections in the 'spring
-o<,B.nd. the .congressional elections In. the
*Vi fall a. large share <jf , the ;at
%-; tentioh . of the people of Richmond and
those of Virginia. In the municipal elec
''.. tlbns. the most exciting contest for the
Sfisalaried officers was that between ' Messrs.
iV'jr.';C.". Smith" and 'H, Claiborne Epps' for
1 "city -sergeant, in which Mr. Sniith won
- alter an exciting contest, inyolving.a re
:•: "count and the discovery of gross clerical
:'■ ; : ; errors r in .two ,■ wards! ... These were fully
I .investigated, but all concerned -were exon
?.s" orated .from any "suspicion of _ wrong-dot,
-ing., /Mayor Taylor i.was'- opposed for .;' re
;'. election by Captain, ",'Carlton. McCarthy,
Vhd a memorable * campaign \ en
l~.wie&, Jn; which r Captain' McCartliy, ,by his
i- bold; utterances and-his caustic ; .'.criticisms
.ot '< men , and institutions and customs w«. a
the pseudonym of the "Live Wire." Mayor
i- Taylor won lout1 out easily In the election.
■though the contest served to; develop
opposition to him. The other^
■balaried officers were re-elected without
'" -opposition. ■•'." : '..- .; .
A. quiet: and determined campaign was
"'-^vag-edj against • certain members of .the
.bid Council and Board of Aldermen, with
the' result', tliat several .who had served
;■ : . lops in'those bodies ; ; were ; beaten at the
';■ polls/, " Many changes were made in the
" • personnel of Uie two bodies, and tho new
if Council had to ; choose a new , president in
' place of Mr. F." " C". Ebel.'who had declined
■ Vrereleotion. Mr.; Sol L.; Bloomberg was
and. re^arranged ;the .committees
. fof ithe^Council in euch:?i way, as to cause
.'the/ announcement tor be regarded; as, a
:^Bhake-up of that body. Many of the
; chjLnges were * necessitated,' however, by
i ; J.he declination or defeat of a number of
f 'the promihentiold members* .
i 1: GRAND JURYk INQUIRY.-^ • •:;=
■ .The most notable ueyelopmen.t.,of Qic
ll Vear ",' iu" local "politics" : was i. the exposure
',-: by?; a- grand" jury ■■ investigation' 'v of the
.-/existence' Iji • this city: in frecent years of
1 municipal corruption and widespread sus
" piciens '% concerning ".certain officials
fif pr{'ex-dmcials; and the organization there
jftu" of a non-partisan'?; organization for
; Uoo<3 ; government, ' known": as the Citi
?^senji'.; Unions " The union was organized
lurtng | the early ' fall, with Sir. Alfred B;
'o. kVillJams' as! president, and with an'es
■ »6utiye* committee ;;of : twenty;, prominent
' iitiiene. Many 'i: meh\ influential -in the
X 'SuptoessTarid'political jlif e of t tlie' city : are
, 1 'enlisted ■ in the new movement.'
1 jchlch- is simply,, and j entirely " In them
U}ere?t'of good government :■ and the se
- >eotlon of the be: men"for office. ; The
ynlon has been quietly at work ever since
-)t" was. orsans2ed.V Increasing its memberr
- jhip; and acquiring;. power ,::ln : municipal
-:-c ■ jJlsJrs. i; lts - work is in i the ' future, '■< and
it prom.isesitb be a potent factor ip local;
M sttairs during the coming year, VThe raem
'M berehlp, of the"; union; is already large and
•"> It Js" steadily, growing. V ■-".■':.. ■.
„ In the congressional contests the ;• new
pemocraiic party plan "of primary ' for the
" ? TFelc-ction '; of . all candidates ' for State and
FeSerai "offices, . recently draiied, was
: riven, ItsS first trial, and the resultof the
"'- expwiment is/ \-arlously regarded. - In
■-/u6m9 sections- the* plan'^is I popular. but in
others * there is i objection oh ] the score of
'&' Mas'- expense to 'the ' candidates."* il The plan
- was- drafted •by the Democratic:' State
Central* Committee ihy-- authority: from,
" - w»fi ; under, instructions of," the ■ State Dem
i ocratic Convention. - . It wi11 .:.--; remain* ; in
force ' as the . party. s law 6t I the r State until
•'• ". -by■ a* State convention: No Ycon
v. WJtlon \ will /be; held untir thoTearly sum
' nor of'lSOi. The plan, promises .to' be
/ "oner-aed in some particulars, , but it will
'" Aarfll^ be "repealed. ' ' "
- ■ . - FIGHTS^ FOR
Under the operation" of the plan several
" excJtlne ; contests';' for j: Democratic : con
£t<gre6slbn4J^nominations were had. : In this
dlstrlct v Captain j Lamb ;was " : " opposed, by
, For a first-class Piano in every particular, that will serve"..
you satisfactorily for a life time, get the genuine, r
;. wnAStsnAvlVLiC V I
603 B. BROAD ST. ; f
Mr. Jeffireon T Wallace for the . n 6ml nation,";
:butVwoa';-out : .after^an:;interesUhs;.'_stump_'
campajgn,;' receiving a -'decisive plurality,
in 'i th c " Fourth )- district £ Congressman ~F.
R. Xaisiter was beaten for .-'rernominatlon
by Hon.<,R. ;G. Southall, 'of Amelia,:- a
member of ; the General Assembl jv : "' In^ the
Sixth district Major 'Otey;Vthe" incumbent;
having died, : there was an ihterestirig con ;
;tesi for ? the nomination in .which.. Hon.
Carter 'Glass - won over fe Stato Senator
Graham Clay tor and Colonel A. ,^L Bow
man in the primary, being nominated both
for the un expired-: term ; of •; Major Otey
and for the full; term beginningin March.
:InTthe 'Second 'district; there was -'.'another,
animated campaign; for the Democratic
nomination in tlie primary,, the. incum
bent, r ' Honl -Harry ; L.; v Maynard, ". .winning
easily over: Honl s Joseph, T." Lawless vand
Dr. : J.F. V Bryant.; There were no'; other
contests in the primary, the incumbents
in the other districts being declared^the
nominees.: •: ... _-
'.'"• Nomination by; the Democratic party
was regarded 33 -equivalent '■ to ; election,
butVthls proved not to be the case* in the
■Ninth district, where i c the- Democratic in-,
cumberit, Hon. William F. Rhea , was ; de
feated iby a small "margin by Colonel
Campbell Slemp, of. Wise county. A" con
test over the seat was at first threatened,
but tlie f manly stand • taken by Mr.; Rhea
averted one. A recanvass of the "result
showed the election- of Colonel Slemp.
The defeat of Mr., Rhea. is attributed to
apathy,; among -the- D<"mocrats; - due ..-to
dyer-confidence in many cases.: «'-•-,.■■■■
There was considerable hope that the
Democrats would elect a majority :of_ the
house of representatives, but this ex
pectatloh was ; not realized. ; As . it- .was,
however, the result showed a great Dem
ocratic" gain in almost, every": State of the
Union and some surprising, political Revo
lutionsin some States • and districts. r-jThe
result on the, whole :; had tho effect of
grea.tly encouraging local and; -Virginia
Democrats' for the contest of 1904. 7iV '.';.--■
two coming campaigns: '£:".
Interest- is already being manifested In
the contests for the Democratic nomina
tions in tho primaries for senator^and
for governor, both of which come oft! next
summer. 1 Many are - already mentioned
for. both positions, apd :brllliant cam
paigns are already assured. Among those
mentioned ifor the senatorship are Sena
tor Martin, tlie incumbent; Governor
Montague, ex-Governor, J. Hoge. Tyler,
Hon. A. C. Braxton and Hon William A.
Jones. It is ; not known at this .time
who or how many of those named will
make the race. ~:
For the governorship many have' been
suggested. Among them may be named
Hon. J.; Taylor Ellyson, of. this city;
Hon. Rufus A. Ayers, of Wise; Lieuten :
ant-rGovernor Joseph E. Wil lard, Attor
ney-General William A. Anderson, ■ Con
gressman Carter Glass and- others. ;'lt Is
impossible to tell thus farcin advance
who will enter the lists when the time
comes. Several of those . named: arc-ten
tatively, ; at least, candidates for .the
nomination. The lines * will bo formed
during the year 'l9o3, and by Jan. 1, "1904,
it will , be fairly well; known who will
mako : tho contests. . . i
Very "Little Business Will B« Trans
acted There ,To-Day.
To-day is a legal holiday .and ■under.
Mayor Taylor's proclamation the "City
Hall will be closed. The Board of Police
Commissioners .will postpone their regu
lar meeting until the : Thursday following
the Council committees scheduled to?meet
to-day will meet to-morrow. Instead^ The
Police Court will convene as nsualLjCity-
Tax:. Collector Cunningham will keep his
office open all day for the benefit of.tax
payers, ■■". '. •■■•-■ ■-■."■' ■_~ _ i .__ ! J {2aiJi'|
Nearly 900 More Arrests
Made- Last Year Than
'- : in 1 1901. '"■■]:"
The polic© force of the city made 6,002
arrests last year, against 5,119 in 190^ The
number of misdemeanors committed dur
ing the year shows a large increase with
a correspondmg falling off in the,num
ber of felonies. ■ : - ,' : '
The police force Is appointed by. ■ the
Board of. Police Commissioners, consist
ing of .Hon. R. M. Taylor, Mayor, presi
dent, and the following members : A. p.
Lander kin, J. B. Welsh, .,. C. Man nin^ Jr.,
Thomas Wlaittet, C. G. Bosher, J. P.
Jacob; and D. P." McCarthy. E. B. White,
clerk. - " . - : .ff : : ; : -
The police force consists of 101 officers
and men, assigned as * follows : - -* -~:
Police. Headquarters— Major B. P. -Siow
ard, Chief : George E. Pollock, clerkrCap
lain A. T. Tomlinson. chief of detectives,
and Sergeants •C. A. Gibson, T. J. Wren,
and John T. HalL . Logan S.- Robins;; spe
.cial'duty. , ,' •" t '
J First Police Station— Captain J. F./Shin
berger; Sergeants G. H. Matthews^J.-P;'
Jeter,': J. A: Otey._{and J. H. : and
twenty-sis ; patrolmen. • "* " , "
Second ; Police Station— Captain -E. P.
Hulce; Sergeants R. " J. Brooks, -F. C.
Bailey, * C.I H. j Talley, R. B. • Sow ell, *
and twentj'-sis; patrolmen. " ,\* ~ •
Third;' Police Z Station— Captain W. BJ-
Whitlock;, Sergeants .G. W. Epps. -W.' J.
Orange, W.i A. Barfoot, ;and S. W.-_Hold
craft," 1 and twenty-six!; patrolmen, o:- •
■). I Number of arrests : 6,002; ■■ ordinance ■ vio
lations, : 4,092^ misdemeanors, 5.601. felonies,
*32; : miscellaneous^reports;: 1.154. / . , .; '.',:
-- Sanitary Officers— Z. G. Lamkiri. W. A.;
Shields,- J.J.- Walton,'. and A. Burnett.
Crier of Police Court— R- N. Thomas. .
Changesin force during ths year— JOis-
. /-
' ■ tlftppy dud ■'■'■ ; Pirospcroiii/^ ; ' '
vO ■. ftfld "\ friends/? yoti ?, wlxl.) nnGL--iiß - it
charges, 1 ; : j resigned,- : 3: promoted, 3 ; re
tlrsd,!;3;idied;*l:lappointed, 9.
Married in Lyncftbrag,; '
;;LT2<CHpURG, %ykl , ; ; ""; December -31^
(SpecaalO^-Mr-tGreeh^H^l^pwlin, aprdmi
inent} tobacconist -of ,;thisi city;^ ; and : Miss
Lucy :i Shepherd; Pendletori,;-alsd. of this
city,; ; were ,j married Tthls evening. '-- il ".- -"
.; The ceremony. >was "performed .by Rev
Dr. W. L.:.PickaraVt: 'A -■reception was veld
after "the; wedding.- ;•.:■
Two .Sesroea * Arrested for 'Killing;
. ■ .-Young. Jamei ..Smiley. : ■
: ; FINCASTLe}' VA;, Dec 31.— (Special;)^
William' '".Wheeler.' arid George' Mull er,
both colored, have -been lodged in the Fin
castle ..jail, ".'the ;• former s for . doing" the"
shooting" on" the train between Iron. Gate
andiClifton Forged in which : young Janies
Smiley 'was": killed " arid Robert Rudlselj
was "slightly wounded.. '".Wheeler was fully
Identified by Rudistll. . . > :
; Muller; was arrested for carrying con
cealed'v.-eapons: and : is .suspected of being
an . accomplice. V. ; " . :; ' : ;"'.
Mr?. ; McDowell Robinson, of , the Cen
tral Hotel, .wlio; has. been very ill for some
weeks; :iS4 still confined to her room, but
is-believed to be slowly improving.- Miss
Ella Crush; who "has been down .with a
dangerous at( ack of :■ ; fever, : is also; im
proving, and. her friends hope to see her.
fully: restored to health. - ; : : .
Will .Serve Men' in Glucose .Factory.
; at Sliadyside, X. «T. -
■r NEW YORK, December 29.— The sugar
trust, through the .agency of . the New
York Glucose Company, whose rnillion
dollar plant is at Shad y yille. N. : J., across
the river from One Hundredth street, is
gosng.into the saloon business. . A dozen
saloon-keepers, whose places are, In front
of- the glucose; factory, and v/ho;depend
on" the;: tradevof the 700 employees . of
this" plant :and the 400 men employed in
the plant of the General. Chemical* Com
pany, adjoining, view the situation -with
alarm. * , .: , /" /'
Philip Meister, a foreman In the glu
cose- works, obtained a. saloon license
from Judge. Zabriskie, 'of^ : Hackensack,
two ; weeks ago. ; No one' guessed that; he
was about to open -his' saloon inside the
works. . Meisier's barroom fixtures ar
rived, on Saturday night. '.-; and were de
slivered., at the;: factory. Tha t Set: people
talking. The barroom will be established
this week. It Is said that beer will be
sold. at 3 'cents 1 a glass and whiskey at 7
Charity begins at home, so also ought
the -patronage of local :. institutions. This
Virginia State should not be forgotten
in this connection. .; : ;
■" " . G. D. THAXTON,
- . ' Solicitor;
Combine sentiment, with horse-sense
and get your policy, from-: the Virginia
State/a home institution. -
- Agents.
Practice what you preach, and keep
your money at-home by insuring with
the" Virginia State. -
: 13. C. WHERRY &• SONS.
;, . • :•' .. '. ;..." ■:- . 'Agents. .
Banking Institutions Testify to the Remark
able of the City— Deposits Al
;. most Trebled in Twelve Years.
(By -.W. .M.'llaTjllston President, National Bank of Virginia.)
Tho large .number factories— many of them new. many of them enlarged— ths
new. depots, ; the new churches, and the hundreds of new. dwellings, all testify to
the, remarkable growth of .this city;' but : there Is no better, nor more substantial
evidence of ..development than the showing made by the financial : institutions.
.■_•'" Notwithstanding the" fact that 'the deposits of Nev/C York city show a decrease
of over 550,000,000 over a. corresponding ..period, of -last -year, this city shows an in
crease of over; §1,400,000. . ; ' : ; ; : -
The growth as shown by bank deposits in the last twelve years has been great—
frbm?S,749.So2, in IS9O, , ; to ;521,187,8G5, V in 1902. ; "
-The-total assets in IS9O were §13,597,170,, and In 1802, $33,569,135. -
", These figures : speak for themselves. I know of no place in. the entire South
that offers a better field for .'investment .than." this city. "
The follo^Tins is, a "comparative statement of the conditions of the Xat
.; ional, State, 'and Savings Banks of Richmond Va., for the years ISOO,
'. - 1901, and 1902 j .- /v - ' *'■: ' . ;■"/."' " '- ■
; ' ' Dec. 19, 1890' Dec. 12, 1901. Nov. 25, 1902.
Loans and Di5c0unt5... ..........^..... $9,390,462 16 $16,257,649 14 -$17,815,085 67
0verdraft5.:.............'....-.,....... 40.276 49 ; 31,251 40 28,533 75
Un i ted States Bonds:. . . . • . . . . . .... .'-. . . 743,000 00 3, 124,464 25 3,548.760 00
Stocks and 80nd5^...;...... ....... 493.602 15 1,140,634 93 2, 166.386 60
Barikinp: Houses Furniture & r Fixtures. 245,291 75 422,294 96 '413,896 26
0r1ierEeaHE5tate..;..'......."........... ..........:.........., 164.639 86 ■-: 122.887; 48
Cash and Due from 8ank5:.:....... '.V:\. 2,684,537 60 5,262,069 79 ;4,851,032 28
,-Premium.V. . . . ..••„•• -•■ • ••••••• • : ~ - ;■''■■ ' v': - ■"■ ' ; 19,85253 ; : : 122,163 48
-' - ;;:-;; ; : ' '' ' '; ■:-'.. .[•513,597,170 12 526,422.848 i.161529,068J745 52:
Capital Stock.... •...:................♦.■... $ 2,548, 737. 37]S 3.643.137 50 $3,543,030 00
■Surplds'-Fund and Undivided Profits. 1,781,345 59 2,788,667 69 3,004.755 56
Jsat-ionaißank .-Kotes Outstandiug,... 227,240 00 1,517,00000 I ;1-775;1OO 00
Bond Liabi1ity......................... ............ . 62,700 00 65t,7Q0 00
Dividends Unpaid...... .2.513 45 3,16150 2,034 87
»Depositßi-i".Ti-.'.~-":; : .. ;...:................... 8.749.502i22 18,199:419 99 v 19 ,187.847 17
Rediscounts" and Bills Payable..;.... 287,531 86 108,123:37 768.163 21'
Interest. Accrued :....y.>.i,..... : .;r.i..., i .................. 85.975 12 131,541 47
Due Insurance Company..... _.v..i.V .................. 1,662 99 t 4.173 24
;.- ■■■''. - ;v; v _"••-'"' -"" ; ■ ' Deposits.^ : Assets ; :
Trnst Com9anies (T0ta1). . ...^V..:..;.';..^ ...... . . $ :2.006.018 <74 54 490.890 09:
■8ank«(T0t51)...V.............;.;..^..:...;. ..:;.,. ....:.. ; 19.187,847:;i7;29,C68 745 52
Grarid^TdtaV 1902.^.. ..... ................. . .... . . . . -2U187.865 91 33.559.6^5 61'
Grand Total 1801.:..... .,..........:.:..........»:..:..;.;...... 19,725.348}17 ; 30.343 303:14
:Grknd7r0ta11590::::.:.^..V..;.........;...^..;.;..-..».... 8,749.802 22- 13.597,170 12
1ncreaie;fQr;La5t^ear:.V....;:.;^............. ........... -jj^62.oij 74 ,3,214.332 47
Increase since 159Q,;;..;.r..;..;;..:;.......^..,...: . . ....... 12,438,063; 69 :19,962,460 49
.- --.-:•-.■ -.-'.;,••-•.-■ --"■..;•■ "-f.'.vZ ~y"t£S ■-: •*-■>.■•:(-;- ■'■■. -■.. -:■ •--■::■>:■..■•■,-::■ '■-..-,.■' ■;.-.
JFredericksburg:.;. ..;.'.....'. ;./.;..:;.^..;.....w.»..V...........-1......./... I 695,060 00
Newport l?e\vs ..".:....;..;./...'.>..'....:.'...: -931.140:00
Alexandria^.v.-i.i.. .:»»!. :..:;;;:..;;..:.:.:;.... ...^i.. .......:...;......;;. v:l.826.070:00 ;
Pet«rsbur^....;.-..^...-...V...^r....ftX....^.....».;«.....^.....;.i......^.i....^; 2,1 99,88 aOO
;-L^chb'u^, :^^ii\-i>^. ; :^^^^^ 00
Norfolk.: ; 9,871.960 W
Total Seven Cities $21,066,760 00
.Ri6Kmond,ya..:..;^-..».iV...;;v.........Vi M .. ..;...;; .....i.;;...;;.......v.{;.:;-.;.. $21;187;817 17
Atlanta. Ga ". 14,29 1,460 00.
uUaiita, Ga.^ll""!l!!!"!l"*»»iV!^^l"""?l!"lllll!"!^!!"]"l!l!!l!!!l!l!!"*^* 1^ 736* 159 58
Kichmond Yd.! .*.**.*.*." .*."."« J.".'."".*T.'.V." .". .V.'.V;! V'Hlll" !!!**.*.!....!!"**!]'*" I 684* 14
Excess over Atlanta and Norfolk.... —::- $- 5,746.080 29
bUnufililUli Or DAltlvoi
iTITS, A?*D : DEPOSITS* > -.. :
Ktacreasing: Demand for Money Has
Aroused : Xeir ■■. Interest . ii» Proposi
tions Looking ; to tlie Expansion of
the Money Snpply.;
" ; . During the past year the increased ; ; de
mand ;for..mchey iniall: parts' of t the coun-,
tr.y.» has ; aroused hew! interest in ', proposi^
■tidus"' looking-: to a safe and , adeguate:ex
par.sion 'of : : the. money,- supply.>The con-;
viction, has also}growri: that -the currency,
can bo safely furnished only, . by, : tho
banksj^ Elsewhere JnAthis:issue^appears~
a table . showing? the: marvelous develop-,;
mentof the financial: institutions of- Rich- ;
niond "a.s a" whole. -The; condition of the
principal banks in tlie city is indicated
here:". v;"..:i:' : -:" : ' .'/' ;• •"-. ~ : - :'■:'-■".-. .":"" ; -:'"'."
Virginius " Newton; ; presiden t; ;.; John -B;
Purcell, vice-president ; ; John M. Miller,;
Jr., cashier. ; ■ Directors : Virginius New
ton, John ■:' B. Purcell, S.~ Dabney . Cren
shaw:" A. IL; Christian, Jr.,- Ch-rles
Davenport, D. ;O. Davis, G. ." A. ; Dave
nport, J. B. Mcsby. T.: M. Rutherford, F.
Sitferding, T/:Stern., - .' ■ :
Capital. $G00,000; surplus and profits,
less expenses, and taxes paid, $507,000;
deposits; 12,750,000. " : :> : -
"V^'.M. Habliston,. president; T.K. : Sands,
cashier; • O. • S.M Morton, . assistant: cashier;
'Directors: F- E. Nolting, -F. c D; .Williams,
'T : A Gary, George ; L. Christian, ; H.
Thetdore.Ellysonjß. Lancaster Williams,'
T. H. Ellett, :J. _W.-;- Rothert, Benjamin
P. Alsop, George R. Cannon, Robert S.
Bother, John: Addison, B. Ran Wellfofd,
James II Capers, R. G. Rennolds. H.M.
Vai-ghan, W. M. Habliston,': George W.~
Stephens. . ■-"";■ ; ;■'• ;;, /. '"..-;.
Capital^ $500,000; surplus and profits,
$131,525; deposits, 52,374,100.
J&mes N; Boyd, president;, Richard -H. :
; Smith, cashier. Directors: . James N.
Boyd, J. J. Montague. W. J. ; Westwood,
T. William Pemberton, Morton B. Rosen
[ baum. .
i ; Capital. $300,000; surplus and undivided
j profits, $800,000; deposits,. s2,Boo, uOo.
! John^S. Ellett: president; William M.
Hill, cashier. Directors: Alexander Cam
eron, John """S. EiletC Joseph M;
Fourqurean, T. C. Williams, Jr., Gran
villo G. J Valentine, James D. Crump, J.
L: Antrim, A. R. Ellerson...;
Capital, $500,000; surplus and. undivided
profits, ?250,000; deposits,. $2,000,511.85.
Virginius Newton, president; J. B. Beas
ley. cashier. : Directors: Virginius New
ton, R., ■ T." Arrington, ; Jr., B. Alsop. T.
.W. : Pemberton, .'; N. : W. Bo we, Charles
Davenport, J. -B. Beasley.
Capital, ?219,750; undivided profits, $300,
000; deposits, $1,400,000.
John P. Branch.; president; John Kerr
Branch, vice-president; John F. Glenn,
cashier. Directors: John P. -Branch,'-. Fred.
W. Scott, C.'-S. Stringfellow, A. S. Buford,
John-". Kerr Branch. J. P. George, Alex.
Hamilton, R. C. Morton, -S. T. Morgan,
A.' Pizzlni, Jr. ■
Capital, $200,000;' surplus and undivided
profits, $630,000; deposits, $-$,250,000.
diver -J.: Sand?, president: Charles E.
|$13.597 > 170:12!526,422,848 . 16|?29,068.745 52
■'y~' ■:■■■■ j-siz. <■■:■■■ ..■;.-. . ..- ■- -■■_l_i_^j^__i_i^__,
gaBB BS&MKJ j£^^s!s SfiP&SgS irVi?
•~. 1 - " if/"
Wirgo, vice-president;; O.'. Baylor. Hill,
cashier ; Waller Holiday, assistant cashier.
Directors: "William C. v - Crump, W.R. Mii-
Comb, .William J. Payne; '■" Oliver J.. Sands,
Err.mett Seaton, Charles E. Wlngo, Henry
W. . Rountree, James R. Gordon, Edgar
G.'Gunn, Phillip Whitlock, Jackson. Guy.
Capital stocky §330,000; surplus and
pri-fit5,?70,921.77; deposits, $1,781,50184." ■"
William H. Palmer, president; E. B."
Addison,: vice-president; J.- W.- Sinton,"
cashier. Directors: E. B. Addison;
George W. Anderson, James N. Boyd;
I. D. Cardozo,- S. H. Ha wes. A.;L.!Holla
day, .William Josiah Leake, E. T. v.
Myers, William PI. Palmer, S. W. Travers,'
W. R. Trigg,- B. B. Valentine.
-"•'■" Capital, ?400,000 ; surp lus : arid ■ undivided
profits, ?105i 000; deposits, $1,000,C»}0. . ; :
R. : A. Patterson, president; I>. Z. Morris,
vicf'-prt'Sident; Jamis; M. Ball, cashier.
Directors: N.:D. ilargro%-e, F. Sitterdlng,
Grar yillo G. , Valentine, H. Theodore Elly
son, H. Seldon Taylor, John W. . Gordon,
George L. Christian, William H^Zimmer
mari. P. Whitlock, B. Alsop, O. O. Owens.
Capital, $100,000; : surplus and undivided
profits, ''".$41,500.86; deposits, 51.237.517.06.
l.ucien B. Tatum, president; Henrj- L,.
Cabell, vice-president; H. A: .'""Williams,
cashier. " Directors: Thomas :N.: N. Carter,
Jj. . ; M. Williams, ;Cha. .*:s B. Antrim, Eg
beit G. Leigh, Jr., Lucien B. Tatum.
William H. Parrish,. Jr.,^r. F. . Green,
Htsrii-yVLi. Cabell, A. Yon N. : Rosenegk,
Bcvcrley T. Crump, W.R. Ellerson.
'".'-. Capital, $125,0ij0; Profits, "' sls,oou; deposits,
$Joo,yoo. : . . . .
; ■ . ■
;J W. M. Habliston, president; J. AY.
Rothert, -"vice-president; T. K. Sands,
second vice-president;. Andrew M. Glover,
cashier. :
Directors, B. P. Alsop, H...F. Grimmel'l,
Jonn Murphy. Charles Itutzler,. J. W:
Rothert ; T.. 11. Ellett, F. 10. Nolting,
R. E. Glover, G. W. Minter, M. E. Mar
cuse, T. K. Sands, I. H. 'Kaufman,
W. M. Habliston, JL. ;M. Williams, John
G.; Walker. ft i'
Capital $200,000. Surplus and undivided
profits, 514,0*30. Deposits over §3CK>.OjO.
„■'..: RICHMOisD, VA.
S. G. Fairbank, president; C. D. Larus.
vice-president; Ro. Mr Kent, Jr., cashier.
I Directors, S.G. Fairbank, CD. Larus,
j H; Sv>ririeford, C. Lorraine^ F.; T. Sutton,
:J. L. Hill, John C. Hagan.
Capital, /S4S.iSO. Surplus, and undivided
I profits, $5,212.30. Deposits," 584.056.23. .
S. Galeski, president; W. Gray Watt-
I son, cashier. , :. ;
•v Directors'. Bey. : T. Crump, ,S. ; Galeski.
I Hiram T. -'.Gates, Morgan R. . Mills. James
|. Whittet, - Joseph 8... Montgomery,
I' Capital,' ■'$-56,000.';. Surplus and undivided
I profits. 57.5C0. Deposits, $143,000. '
POSIT COMPANY. -.. ■..-:■■
John Skelton. -Williams, president;
i James H. Dooley, first vice-president;
I Henry L. Cabell, second vice-president;
; Lewis D. Crenshaw, ■-'-.: Jr.. treasurer;
! Charles B. Holladay, assistant treasurer.
| Directors', E. B. Addison;- John L.; Wil
| Hams, James H. Dooley. S. W. Travers,
-John W. Rothert, John S. Ellett, W.. M.
more; . C. Sidney- Shepard, - New 'HaveD,
N. ; Y.; Robert C. Davidson,- Baltimore;
Ernst Thaiman, New. York; F. R. Pern
berton,: New York; John Skelton. Wil-'
Hams, Robert;S. Bosher, Robert A. Lan
i caster, S. D. Crenshaw, E. G. Leigh; Jr.,
J. "Stewart Bryan, Beverley B. Munford;
Heriry :L. Cabell. :^ ' *
.Capital- Sl.OOO.OoO.;; Surplus arid undivid
ed profits, ; $710,000. Deposits. SSOO.OOO.
: James "N. Boyd, president;' Mann S.
Quarles, : vice-presiuent; . L. D. Ayiett,;
secretary; John U. Southall, treasurer. :;
Directors. T. C- ■"VyiUiams,? Jr., James N.
Boyd," E. ,B. Addison, Virginius Newton.
Joseph 'Bryan, Samuel T. ' Morgan; - J."; J.
Montague, John P. Branch, Phillip Whit
lock, L. Z. Junius : B. Mosby,
T. '-William Pember ton. Morton ' B. Rosen- :
baum, "C- W. Branch,- W. S. . Forbes.
Mann S.Quarles: . c ; " "' . - ."'
"Capital, - $500,000. Surplus " and • undivided
profits. $30. 000. Deposits. ?521.500. - . :
John Addison. President; J.D; Crump,
vice-president; John Tyler, secretary and
treasurer. . - ' ■ : • .
Directors, Granville G. Valentine, W. :
S.";. Forbes, R. H. ; Harwood. ; E % : R. Wil
liams, ' "W. J. Whitehurst. George B.
Games. John Addison,-; J. \D. Crump, J. L.
Antrimr J/-W. Jones. ■;- ..- ■.■■■:■- ' :V- '
••;. Capital, ■{lOO.OOO;;: Surplus; and
profits. $17.000. : Deposits.- 5170.0C0. v : - - '
' H. Theodore Ellysbn, president; Henry;
S.\Hutzier, cashier.- . "' ;: ...."
.('.Directors,; H. Theodore Ellyson,
; Charles ; Hutzler. N. _, R. . , Savage.- M. "V J.
Strau s, ; W. • C. '•; Schmidt," H. S."Binswang
er, - Ro. S. Crump.; 7 : ' '? "." ''/'" '/"
r This company : has been;gradually^-.galn
ing-ground,' and is -now- on\ the high road
I 1 o ', prosperity, *as wi 11 be seen, by; ref eren cc
to 'our, published list ":■. of 'dividends,'; lssue
of December" '3o, 1902, "-it will /pay a!" large '
suni. semi-annually, as dividends."; which"
profits '- show - a very healthy ' state ."; of
affairs. . ■; ,- ' , * -. „ -
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and ; ' get :' your. : policy : from the' Virginia
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If ,yoit insist- on iit any ,; agent in Rich
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•;.-;•-■. IN ■ /-\
/Father .: Ryan has beautifully expressed
tho' > thought '"'.that ■; is uppermost in the
: mind :of ■ the fashionable : world, as v the
jNew Year is ushered in; amid the ringing
; of ; bells, tho tooting . of horns, and the
popping of fire "crackers.
j .: J'Xet the New Year sing '
:■: . At' the Old Tear's grave:- . •
;1 '-■- Will/the: New Year bring;- ■; "•.' '".'•'
-"What the Old- Tear gave:'*' ■ .
; Considering the many, brilliant ..enter-,
talnroents and remarkable .number, of
; swell ".weddings" that characterized; the
year 1502, the .query is a reasonable. one,
as/a resume of the events will -show.
It was a.rnatterof universal regret that
with the birth of 1302 one of the most
popular Governors that, has ever.ocupied
the": Executive; Mansion, . Major . J.;*lloge
Tyler,: and his charming family,': ;who, for
■ fouriyears had been' an acquisition to the 1
social iifeof Richmond. -returned to their
home in Radf ord. The in-coming of : Gov
.erhor.' Montague on' .last -New
Tear's Day, was a '■['. brilliant af
fair, "-W and the the reception . at ■: the
mansion that evening was attended with
all - the " eclat that handsomely • gowned
women, gallant staff 'officers 'in striking
uniforms,-/ elaborate decorations, and in
spiring music could combine to make
\ Richmond society gave a right hearty
welcome to the.new Governor and" his
delightful wife, who have done their
share of entertaining during the past
season. The same month* the doors of the
mansion were again thrown open, on the
occasion of an elegant reception to the
Colonial Dames, and later in "the winter
Governor and Mrs. Montague entertained
in honor of the members of the- Constitu
tional Convention and their wives.
Other notable social affairs during the
year were the French salon, given on
■January' 3lst,' att.ie home of Mr. Warner
Moore, for the benefit of the Huguenot
Society: a german at "-the Masonic Temple
on Jai.uary 17th, given by Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Atkinson, in honor of Misses
Eda and Bertha Atkinson: the annual
tea of the Richmond Chapter of tho
United Daughters of the Confederacy; the
reception at the home of Major Norman
■V. Randolph to the Jefferson Davis Mon
ument Association, and the visiting 1 art
ists; the reception given at the Jefferson
Hotel by the Richmond Art Club to the
artists; who competed for the Davis Mon
j ument; the tea at the home of Mrs. I. N.
Jones, given' by the Commonwealth Chap
ter, Daughters. of the American Revolu
tion, in honor of the Pilgrims, from the
North", who visited the city under the
chaperonage of illrs. Caroline Foote-
Marsh: arid Mrs. Hatch-Willaru. several
handsome entertainments given by the
Jefferson Club at their palatial club house;
the meeting of tho Colonial Dames •at
Westover, where they were" entertained
.by Mrs. William Mcßamsey at an elegant
luncheon/ and many small dinners, lunch
eons arid teas that were perfect in all
their; appointments.
Dancing seemed to increase in popularity j
and several new german clubs .were or- I
gaiiized, and are "now Jin ?a nourishing
condition. Some of. the most popularare
the Richmond: German, the Assembly, the
Richmond Cotillion, the Friday German,
and tho :Friday Cotillion Clubs, besides'
a.number of fashionable dancing schools.
The devotees of whist have lost none
of their enthusiasm, and many of the
exclusive set belong to several clubs, and
in. consequence pass a couple of after
noons every : week enjoying a : spirited •
game.; The Milton ■■(".'. "Work, Kate Wheel
ock, Emma Andrews, and the Woman's
Club Whist Club, seemed to have had
new life Installed In them, and the mem
bers are among the finest players of the
game likely to be found. -A team from
the Milton C.^Work Whist Club recently
won the travelling trophy after a warm
ly contested game in Washington, which',
in turn, was won from them by the Kate
Wheelock Whist Club, and the trophy
now remains in the possession of the
Richmond ladles, who are Justly proud
of. the emblem of 'their victory.
Patriotic societies have done excellent
work and have laid many plans for .the
future. Nearly all; of -them- have contrib- j
uted to : the embellishment of the model
'school, •.besides taking a lively interest in
other matters. A new chapter of the
-Daughters of : the American^ Revolution
has/ been '~, organized, and Richmond, ; like
most, of f the other large cities, can now
boast of two '_ chapters. ■ ""■'".
■Thg-Daughters of the Confederacy ha vo
probably. 'accomplished more , during the |
year than any other organization, of its j
kind. In June, through their; untiring i
energy,, a nt 'ci of the memorial arch to j
be erected ,t« efferson Davis was selected, j
andat the Cri-iC'tiag of tho Jefferson Davis
Monumental Association at ; that tune.
some of the most representative .women of.,
the country were present, besides a num»
hereof distinguished: sculptors. .The worlc
[of., collecting ; -. the'. funds, which "'-has 'been a
hard. one, has progressed wonderfully.-and
• the" treasurer has ndw i in bank . over. $-13,000. ■
AH have been made" for a*
bazaar— to be given in the early spring,
at; which,; each, State In ; the South-w ill be"
represented, and the proceeds will ; be di
vided between :i . the United Daughters of
the Confederacy and the' Confederate Me-
I morial Literary Society. I . . A
I ;;An Interesting occasion was the' unveil-'; i
j Ing in the fall of; the monument in Holly- j
[wood, -to '■■ the Confederate- dead, who' are-j
I buried - ■ in ' Philadelphia. V and erected by i
[the General Dabney: Hi' Maiiryi Chapter ;
i of the "United: Daughters of the* Con fed-'.
I eracy. The ceremonies -were very Irnp'res
; siye, and the. ladies of the Hollywood Me
| morial "Association^ assumed charge of the
! arrangements', 'in which all J the Confeder
ate ; societies in'. theT'city participated.
■'•"■ The Hebrew, " Oakwood, and Hollywood'
i Memorial : Associations have' splendid re- :
; : ports ; - f or - : the year, and : the : appropriation
glvenjby.the Legislaturelasrsoason have (
materially^ aided ; these ": ladies ,' in their f
labor. 6f. love. The Confederate ilemorial:(
'Literary -Society,- has ; striven > earnestly {
to obtain': contributions :to the . Confeder
ate Museum, and :• nearly every week . relics
are added ;. to the already Invaluable col
■lection. :. ■ : ; '
Hi No fmore; popular organization exists in
i tfcan ',', the : Woman's "Club. ■ tne
'membersr.ipl;of/which Includes ; the most
Inrluen tlal and : fashionable^wonien :of the
city, and whose; home Is ; an Ideal '■■ estab
lishrneht:';"where; the'^culture and 'refine
ment* of ..Richmond Is represented in - the
weekly. Vmeetlngs; "when. • the ?leadins liter-.
ary, imusical, arid ; other ■ - cur vent topics
are ; discussed. has had an oppor-!
tonityof seeing; and hearing 3 some i'of 4 the.
most vfamousi "stars, at the Academy -of
Jlusic'during; the year.;:. Among; them/. may:
be mentioned^Rlchard-iiansneld;: who ap- j
peared;here \ ln "- January. Paderewsk!; ;Ma- i
darae ;Macorida* :' v .Mat!ame^ ;'-.\Schumann-! ■
Eleanor"! Robson.'
,Box parties galore were. given, which were
followed jby; post-theatre suppers, "many^
;Of (which > took the form of Informal;chaf
ing-dish parties. ,
;iThe fyear 1002 will , ever ;ba Tenjembered
i foJVitbe iauccess'jbf the ? Richmond .; Horse
Show iia.il which such an array ofibeauti
jfulflwomen^in rgorgeousi attire^ at j once
I ; daszled Hhe { eye] and I captivated ; ; the ! hea rta
liOflth^^nlookerV^ProbablySnovcr ibefore'
! in., the. capital city of -this 'Old Dominion':
I i.waa 'i suc^i!a^vast|ass«nablai?e I of .
[ charming women, -whose gowns rivalled
! ths.^Grand Prte in Paris. 'A new build
| ing was .erected for the purpose, and th«
I week was blessed; with Jprdpuious weath
! er, so that : tho fair sex could: don their
[ finest "gowns ..without a sigh.' and know
i that there" was ho ; danger of : their curly
! locks icing effected -by -the damp atmos
phere. The horses exhibited reflected much
credit, and ; some of them were so attrac
! tlye". as to cause a pang of jealousy.- In ;th«
! hearts of "the "fair ones, who ' happened to
r sit next to entnuslasts .and had to listen
: to the most lavish expressions of admiral
; tion being-; wasted -611. the favorites, for
i some of:, the itupid men ; would almost
■ forget, that although the horse was Utnat
[.'of the * horse show; that: ; tlie ;hbr3«; show
i would be nothing without its queens.
I '". Mrs. Allan Potts. Ati 33;3 3; Gertriule Skel
i ton ; and Mrs. Robert ; G. Shaw made aa
; indelible impression and this .trio of
[ charming equestriennes won ''tha hearts
I of the .- audience by their skilful feats ofi
horsemanship! ; Other States: sent > beauti
ful and gracious women ; who wers eater
tainedand dined" during their stay and
j shown marked .attention. Miss Ruby
1 Bodeker had as her guest Mies Emma
( Ciarke, : a tall ami stately Washington
i beauty. ; Mrs. R. Carter Scott had a
j b<ivy. of charming women In her boxj in
1 eluding Miss Mamie Russell, of Winches
"ter. Miss Virginia Cover, also 6£ Win
chester; and "• Mrs. Charles J. Faulkner;
I of West Virginia. Others who attracted
I much attention were Miss May Handy.
I whose exquisite gowns were marvellous
i creations. "Mrs." Charles Dana Gibsou.
I who has lost none of her youthful beau
! ty. Mi?s Huldah Steel, of Philadelphia;
i Mrs? R. Lancaster William?. Miss Car.
; radine, of Albemarlo county; Mlas Chia-
I holm, of Charleston, S. C: Mts3 Stotea
: bury, of Massachusetts : Miss Merriam.
'. of Minneapolis; the Misses .Morgan and
[Miss Katherine Heath, of Norfolk.
I Scarcely had • tho glare and glitter o{
[ tho Horse Show farted when the sociaJ
j world was agog over the foot-ball game
on Thanksgiving-Day. It really seemed
I "like old times" to "see the rival teams oC
[ the University of Virginia and tho Unl
! ;yersity ; ' of; North ■ Carolina 'once again
playing in Richmond and society turned
out en masse to grace tho occasion.
which . sutucus to say, that the event waa
a red-letter day -in th-i social calendar.
Christmas week ot* 1002 was remarkable
for the numerous juvenile parties that
were given and tho '-'littlo folks heartily
entered into the spirit of the season
which more than repaid the fashionable*
mammas for tho 'inconvenience of having
a' Christmas-tree' party. All tho german
clubs gavu a Christmas german and th»
Masonic Temple resounded evening after
evening with the happy laughter o£ tha
devotees of Terpsichore.
■ Nor. has Dan Cupid let the raoinenta
pass without playing havoc with the>
hearts in the community. Week after
-.vcrk has b^en Jllled r.witii fas'hionablo
•weddings and anuouncein^iit of engaB I*
ments until one would wonder "who
next." Conspicuous among tho mar
riages of- the year were Miss Ainto Eliza
beth Harrison, of Petfrsburg. to Mr.
John "A. Coke, of this city; Miss Jlaria
..Ward Williams to Mr. Lewis Catlett WU- ,
Hams, which occurred at '-.-Monumental'
church, and, was followed by. a. handsoma
rfeccption at the. homo of "Mr. and Mrs.
John L. Williams: :a.isa Annie; Leo Four
fjurean to .Jlr. Algernon Stbrrs "Orant.
Miss Mary "J. Goodloe, 'of ACtor.. to .Mr.
W. Bailey Saunders; Atlas Ruth Thread
eraft, of Portsmouth, to Mr. Lanshorno
Putney, of this city; Miaa. Isabel Pigman.
the daughter of Captain and lira, Georgt>
Pigman, ■■ United States navy; to Ensign
William Christian Assertion, Unltefl
States navy,, on board the "United Staw.i
recelvln,/ ship Wabash: lllas Saklea B.
Whltlocfc to Mr. Simon Block,. which took
place at Beth ivhaba syriugogue. .-'on Jan
uary lath;; Miss Elsie Eell '-'Smith, to Mr.
Charles Francis Myers, of £* Lexington,
which occurred ut Union '•" Theological
"Seminary: Miss ilary Lyons Mayo to
Mr. Richard Parker Crenshaw; illsa
Lelya I.c Moyne, of New York, to Dr.
Charles M. Edwards, of this' city; Misa
Gv/endo!ino Loul3« Prossor to Hr. B-
MoVganS Shepherd. Suss Mary N"ewbold
Lawrence. to: Mr. Heth I.orton, which waa
a brilliant event in: New, York aociaty-
There were fewer debutantes list sea*
son than usual- but in November and Ds«
e'emb'er several handsome debutante rp«
c«iptl<>s-i3 were given and the season ol
1903 will not be lacking In thia very neces
sary contingent of society. Some of. th*
buds -are. Miss Nora Leary. M 133 JanU
Wingo, Miss Helen Stevens, Miss Camp.
Miss Belrne. Miss -Helen O'Ferrall, Mlsa
Mary Drake, Miss Shields, ami IHss-Spir
man.'.;. :. ; -. :f.: f. .- .
:',Golf continues to hold sway, and th»
Hermitage Golf Club Is situated on th«»
site of -the old Exposition Grounds anil
the enthusiastic members enjoy an after
noon sp^nt on the links as? much as thai"
would i a ; german. reception., or tea; «. Th»
Hermitage Golf Club kept open bousV
last New Year's Day and will also enter
tain this year, in the oi terrtooa from i
t0. 5 o'clock.:^
' .The Richmond Art Club is making rapid
strides forward and Its members hay*
had the pleasure during the past year ol
meeting congenial men who are . winning
fame in that profession, such as Gcorsi
Julian Zolnay. William • Couper. \ Louii
Albert Gudabrod. Charles Albert Lopes,
C. C. Pillars. Rudolph Evans, ; Lorada
Taft, of the Chicago University. ; who de
livered the Thomas coursa of lectures af
Elchmond College last ralJ. besld«sr b«lnt
constantly In t touch with :<: < BJchmond'i
famous sculptor, ;E. V. Valentine., --
"The exhibit ~ of the Art " Club last • sp rinj '.'.
was very creditable and gave ths pub*
lie ; an Idea of "the work that had. been
accomplished. . , . ;: :
.Standing on tha brink of tho,- New Tearii
one 13 forced to hesitate when . ha ; facet!
the question "Will., the new year brtni ;
vrhat tha o'fl year gave?" ■ .-
The Virginia State Insurance Compatnji
has assets exceeding SsCO.frXi, and aurplut
to policy holders of $275,000.C0.
".-■■" " , • Agents* ,-
The "Virginia . Stat": • "isurdnce Coriipksi
has assets ; :exceedini ■£(KJ,OOQ, aad -sitrp^il.
to policy holders of 5-T5.000.00. . :
. : ;;■ CHAPtN J-&' HUME,./
- .- ,■ . ■ ' "' ■■ -.-. ■ .. Ageats.
: .:■-:•'■..-•-'' -"■ Ji .""."'.," -„"-. ■'»*; " ---■■-■■■ ; - ..;.,.::,;
Cbcsblne sentiment '.with horse-Miiat
and gst; youi'i policy 'from ths Virgin!*
State, a-homeinstitutloni • ■
i ;' ; :;--V- ■-■■ , . -\:;. /■■ .CHAPIN & HUMS.. '_
! - : '"■'.'■'.■ ■■ " ■:'- " •-■' ■ As«nt3. "
I ; ■"' : " : :- ::| . :■'-"■''•• ■'"'•.. . '"'_;.—• - -' "-.'"•'■."'
Chanty besin3..avhcme, < so also oughi
; the patronage of .local institutions. Thll
Virginia (State /should not bo'^forgottta
in this connection. ; '_-.., :
' : 'r : r ■::'- '■[ ■ V CHAPIN & HUMS.
-. ' ':/ : ' • '. - ■ ' :.. ':■■ :. Agents. -"
'\M : 'i ■:•■':- ■.' : ;.; '•'■' : i '_■'"■': •„/• ;"'/-- : '-::
.""■practievs what you preach, and kee?
your money tat = home by iasuring with
"th»";^VlrsiniavState;>/-;: ■;'•■-:':■,;■;-'■:';■'- .
». .. ,
j Combine sentiment with horse-sans*
and : get your policy from the .:. Virginia
Sta»tei^ j^^hozn^ ' icistituttoQ- ■

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