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Sketch of the City's Career in 1902 — Her Present Business, Manu
factoring,- and Residential Advantages — Prospects for the
Future Were Never Brighter orMore -Promising. -..-.;
As-predicted in' the letter-published In
last " New Year's • issue of the Dispatch.
/■ Mancnester starledj 7 into "the year 1902
with a renewed life of "growth and pros
perity. With the other cities of the
State, except where; /they, .have •been
. blessed with peculiar incentives of busi
ness activity and commercial Impulse.
i she has felt the depressing, effects^of the
stringency In the money market, and the
■ apparent-- disinclination of, monled men
to" deal- in . real estate Incident to the un
paralleled .speculaiions, in ; stocks of : all
r kinds". Being r a /where deal
..:-" Ings'of this character are iiripracticable,'
our people -have riot ; enjoyed the immense
profits" which' have- sprung / from such
y- transactions.^ We': had ' and have tilings
v/ni ore substantial and "solid to offer the
.. thinking and discerning, and which are
V;:,-: "grounded upon' truth and " real founda
1 lions of material growth/ and substance,
which have increased from. year to year
and which present a /bright future for
our city. If we can but open the eyes of
the*. Investor to their value and future
! ... possibilities.'.', we can .point him :to what
; must ./present a most desirable and profit
able" field* for 'business : and, investment,
.//which.' if '" "cultivated. ', will benefit, him
/ .AvHlleVit benefits "us.: Will the man' who
V h~as; the .means toT invest ,; will ■'; the manu
/ .lactiirer^. who wanisaTgbod; site and prac
tlcally an exemption. t from; city, taxes: will
the wbrkingman who wants a "good home,.
accessible to "street cars and thence to
- his -work, in a respectable/ arid central
.; neighborhood, and ,at fair rates, either
of >rerital or purchase. 1 study -our condi
tioris, our. situation. "'-"our"." great railroad
facilities';!, and residential /advantages? If
■. '/■"-".' he' dbos. then we. are content. /because, if
" "he : can be: convinced. -.we feel ..satisfied
that it presents facts, that- will lead him
/to- investigation.", and will
.lead to the- development of .the , most
1 -profitable of "lnvesttnent and- living
fto hlrii. We ask and 'urge* careful Inves
tipat ion. and then _cojnyictlon must = fol
:"-::: lOW. . .■ , ,-: .- -■ : "- ; /,.
" Manchester !s admirably located on the
western side of the -James river, onpo
elte'" beautiful, and Rlch
:■■'";•■ inbrid: in fact geographically. / !in the
"': ven'heart and centre' of that city.
Beautiful Forest Hill ? Park" arid - Wood
land" Heights, with their sylvan attrac
tions and beauties— these, out-lylncr ad
.^uricts to this city— are.as near the Cus
■:- ; tbm l -House, in : Richmond .at. Chim
■ borazo Park and the Lee monument. : .r;\
There are fine street car lin«?s^ in. this
' city whose " service has} been quickened ,
and^ rendered more 'during ';the
last ' year. ■ the Passenger , and Power Com
?;'-i: tjariy- having/Terhabllitated- Its illnes here.
• ' ': These >'cbrisiderations ~i' put .-Manchester In
* tht " wry. ': heart -of - "Richmond./ - i: There
jfore" .Manchester, lsj;bourid to succeed.
Those" references are;; made to Rich
aiend In] the view that the two .cities are
closely connected, arid what /benefits the
' ■'. -people; of ; the one. must benefit ; the ■people
S of^heotheK as we are: practically one
' -people f and 'one community; and by; thus
localising: our/ ctty we present -; most clear
ly s her" "geographical situs, and .her,, envi
ronments and advantageous surroundings.
The / Richmond; and 'Petersburg Elec-'
trie -Railway' was completed and com
nifcricfd opperations about* the 15th' of Feb
tuary last, arid " has proved; to ,be a- great
success." It is. splendidly ;built^ -and equip-,
bed and -alTords: a" quick arid convenient
means of transit and communication . be-
Vweenv : the «; cities "of ;i Manchester and
" Petersburg, .and the" interjacent; terri
toryTof • the county " of Chesterfield- It is
'. ai'stiried to be of ■Incalculable! benefit to
1 this cbmnj'uriity, and. 'will, --doubtless.
prove a/tfrie feeder to Manchester's trade
and general' business ;;'>- prosperity. It is
but left to tho Manchester;; people, -"and
■■' . :'■ merchants to take r advantage of the ex
- • eellerit ' opportunities i here : offered ; to in
. jreaseiand' maintain i enlarged : : trade and.
? activity. These ; new advari
tßg-es.should attract active; and ;energetlc
aj«*rch'ants"f anirl^business* trieriUo' our corin
•nunlts'.7asl"well: as {persons , beau-/
Uful? and ?"healthfuiy sites -""fbrlhorii^s.- - •
A syllabus of data will show whatMan
the; pastjand thejn
iu'f emcrits I she /has "ito;» offer :„ at •-. present ,
- <nd/inrthelfuturey iThetcity has 1 an^esti-,
mated owlthin/iiher^cqrporate;
(hhltcTofi about ' thirteen / tbousand?: people.';
tnd T there ; are ;; about /six i thousand ./Just
J^^nes.%whlcb^fcorinecti heniwlth S all I parts of
mtm WchTOond ljon '{: the >inostß^fayorable ! con-:;
H^^tlqns|pf,'/tran*sfer''l;iwhlcb';. : ,rduririsr > ..this
l^^raLrSliave^.'beeri'f' augiroented.'^VA«*? stated/
?he has \p**n* connected with i Petersburg
Sy a splendid "electric /railway.\whlc.hlalso
!"'"' '^ioi^eotislh'ei\^lth"^«.^larße^p'ortlb>i
;Cfc«rterfteld • > «>unty, ' which conectlons
taeSnTmucji \tm her; future^growth" and ! ln-j
floende.- "
jj^She , Isaf the, finest rail way an d \ transpor- 1
tftJoni facfWtleg ; of i any);' city"?, tha 1 5; we| cant
tact, as far. as her business, manufac
turing and commercial interests. are con
cerned, with the great railway systems
of, the Atlantic Coast Line, the Southern
Railway and the Seaboard Air Line, and
the steamboat companies of, the :'James
river. These rail ways traversing .her o .vn
territory arid the. territory of the febunty
of Chesterfield contiguous to her. .limits,
afford' splendid -facilities* for transporta
tion and intercourse, and. from the^situa
ticn of these lines and their length in the
city and county, toge^ner . with/ their
proximity to business centers, arid, es
pecially to ;; Richmond, present almost
unlimited sites of 'great i excellence, arid
suitability for all .kinds "of- manufacturing
enterprises arid general business. Border^
ing. the 1 Jafries; river" -for/at least'- two
.miles, the city, possesses: the most-" mag
nificent water-power which will most' fa
vorably compare with ; that of any= other
spot in. this country, as . well as fine; har
bor, facilities/ in that part: of the ..city/op
posite the- wharves of ■ Richmond, . the
water in- the river. at thisJocation onJier
side -hereof- being deep and .free fronvob
structlonsi'; As : . j demonstrated by' , the
; United ■ States engineers in "r the numerous
surveys of James river and the adjacent
lands on the.Manchester.side of the. river
there are most, admirably located/sites;
easy of access and of economic construc
tion, and readily connected with/the great
railway systems above /named, for ship
.building docks and- yards, and especially
for a great inland basin to be used, by
the governmentin time of war. The r map
herewith ; presented ■" fixes and '.'• impresses
these facts ;"and. details, by showing 'the
real situations.- the great length, prox
imity and yaluelof;the T raUway lines, the
extent and; the varied routes of the street
car lines, arid • the splendid and healthy
territory traversed and reached; by these
; lines. /; In fact there is no city more bless
ed with fine locations Vfor 1 mariufactories
of all kiridsj than Manchester, - in ' view..; of
these most fa ybrableV conditions^* and.; the'
cheapness of lands'which for, miles bound
tliese railways and the river. . ': . ; :
The city has a fine and,adequate.sewer
age system, which is; gradually being "put
'into full -operation, /and which has be
come a source of considerable incwrie to
| the city,: arid which [will /enable the city,
in connection with the ' Income from the
water works, which branch of the cor
poration property, owned and operated by
the city, is 'now ; becoming a source of
revenue, to lower her tax rate. vThese
water "works are in most excellent:,- con-'
dition. arid are year; by year/; becoming
more useful and profitable. They are well
managed, arid when 'a /proper system V O f
clarifica tion ;of "*. the water," is installed,
which is now beingurged before thejeoun
cil. will ,- uecome one ;of the most potent
factors: ln Manchester's municipal growth
"and prosperous life. . - : , ?£
Manchester's . lira department, while one
of tho riiost economical./ if?- one ;of the
most eflicicnt in the/Stste. The men em
ployed and engaged/ in: this /work? are
; brave." -:- active/ and .vigilant, and render
the most effective service. -The .i'.flre
pJug3; throw, the. water, as far and s with
as much effectiveness as. large steam en
gines. ■ the pressure"; being* great, / and the
management at fires Is' excellent and sue
cessi'ul.,, The. city has been for. ymany
years peculiarly ; : blessed ; by exemption"
from serious fires, and, indeed, with "the
liiiproycments which have: been finade
duri'ig .? this : year in " this ; department"" 7 and
the - oiheiv' improvements .which ; the- city
authorities" have in cdritemplatiori,"? and
v,hlch. doubtless,": will ' soon "be - made-. : our
: tiro /department will be T; most - efficient;
itim«v giyirig < the city,- increased projection'
an.l its ; property ' owners -additional , se
■ curfty.V ~:i'° : - :-".'••■■'■'■ '.-.■ ■ /■ ■■ .-■/■•■ ■'/" r ""' v - ■/
, Th# health /of the" city has been and Is
: most encouraging. '; In fact, ") the-" rate ot
mohmlity has always been low," and ;is
still ;being ;> reduced. / The .health /depart
ment r is? alive to /the- work 'in/ hand,': and.
Is progressive and ieriergeticJ The -good
"ordrr. arid exemption Z from crime of ;: the!
oity are 1 proverbial. ? .We - bayelbeen^'beire
tof ore ;and^ are Vpo'w. : blessed Iwith "j'a'4 cori->
servative/ moral, /orderly "and >.• decent
P'jpulatlon.iTheipoliceiforce, Is [alert and
oapkhJe-." We ineed»rniore men v ori the
CorLfv it ". ls*;\tfuß, ■; but " that; demand Twill"
soon lie ' supplied. .
;, The fii'arces fof* the ? city.- are"; irila i most
: t vcellent 5 condition. ; They/; are ft wellf and
citutlously//*; managed.";. , The:; •cQuricil ?~ has.
;foußd-iJhe"±w£y?cl«irJtol:re^(»'sthe ! !:tate'.
of.; tnxc»".^Oxir.itax-rategls:^City/ifcELxes;;
1 JI.IO-li«; I ? chnbl p'tax.'V 20 ;• cents ;'.• sewerf tax, i
20 - cer.ts:/: Stale ? tas.^/40 1 cents.-? making Js ;
total of JLiW-ICo; on 1 thelhuridred -fdollars.;
Noviy • thjs; compared Vwith Jthe "; tax-rite of:
Richmond /:ls^Bll«htlyJtriifavV^?of?ivian'-;
Chester. ;' :'- as/" ? Rlchmbrid's V-* tax-ratelSvis:
: sJ^loo£bh|tbe£ hundred fdollars^ac^yin^
wh!tf>h in^re|tban]makeslupTtHe^lffereriee;
of £ 10 1 cents j' above s jippearlriis^^c^aiccen-^
tuate : the rdifferehoe'"? in|ManchesteVa): fa^
w? It"* "sbwild 'i be^rea»Bxb(ir«d?ltluif t-t2u»'.
assessments in, this: city are. lower, than
they are' in -Richmond, ■.which -.. fact
makes the ; tries' still less here ; in ratio : to
the same rS^s of property in. that city.
These- things are stated in the. way of
business. comparison and illustration, and
Is indicative of our prosperous condition
in this regard and the prospects for re
duction in the future. But this tax ' rate.
it is hoped and believed, we can again , re-,
duce, as soon as our". water and sewerage
connections are fully established and en
forced. The : streets ■ and ; sidewalks are
gradually * being improved, many of- them
having had | permanent/ improvements . pu t
upon them within the last year.. and there
are now measures on foot to : devise ;and
execute more general .and persistent' ef
forts'.'in this / important . matter, it 'Is
thought that the; sidewalks will be made
of granolithic, 1 in combination with turf
ing on each side of the wallv, . thus offer
ing a pleasing, contrast and a green fresh
ness. .so necessary and -delightful. The
permanent H; Improvements/ have;: been
brought ' about by : a wise policy a.nd ad
ministraticn- on . the part of the ; street
committee ; of : the city council, which
seemed resolved ' to. abandon temporary
expedients, and the, future improvement
of the streets and sidewalks will be, it is
believed, .along different; lines from those
pursued In the past./; A plan is on hand
to .raise shade ; trees arid- furnish them to
the; owners* of .property to plant on i the
streets in front/of their lots. This will
prove >a popular move on ■ the part of ■ the
council, ; arid 'will greatly tend/to beautify
and 'improve the city.- \ ;<; <
We observe that, the educators of the
State are . more thoroughly aroused as tn
the ' importance of ./progressive and - ad
vanced ■ educational facilities and methods
than ever ■' before. This ■■ is : ; indicated In
many ■ ways— in ; the more .: general discus
sion of educational matters, the , selection
of active 'and skillful' teachers., the.adop
tion- of the. most" carefully prepared and
practical- text-books, the accomplishment
of . more . work :in the; schools; in 'a'-givcxi
.iimei:;the"enrichment. of; school.:courses-
from':the'primary to", the high, schools—
with .things that are practical as ..well
as ornamental, the advancement of bigh
schools, and the insistence of .the local
boards in > ; pressing ." for ; more /money to
meet .the- needs of the' schools. .These' vi :
lally important matters are'gradually be
coming the work of -thinking; and ex
perienced men,: who. have ; - the system
deeply at heart/ and are ' willing; to think,
heed"- and y-worli. - Notably,- are these
things true of the growing- cities -of -Vir
ginia. This great movement is marked
in ' them s by ; the erection /. of i more and ' bet
ter built and ;. better ..* equipped Vschool
houses.^ the selection' of ■ the ; best teach ersC
the /extension lot /school courses, the strict
er ..'enforcement -of -discipline, thesinclu
sion"; In I the * various grades of instruction
cf the laws of health, the rules ] of moral
ity and good : conduct, the study ; of t civics"
nature study, drawing, music, physical
exercises,* book-keeping, /"cooking, clay
modeling,; and: nianuar training, and many
other "useful things, which' are ;belng
taught from the- lowest to the highest
grades. ■;;. ; •'- - ' '■;• -■ , ■.';
x The . larger . number of- children, . who at
tend .school," leave permanently. - „ when
about - fourteen 1 years of age, and ■' go ■ Into
. the-. iworldJ totally ■ unfit .;to • meet )its>:re-.
quirementsjin Information, moral strength
ariu t' aptitude , - for ; work.-. This ..practical
leaching in the • lower ; grades ! tends//, to
lessen": these -defects;- and r \ disadvantages
and gives" children from the time"'th'gyien
ter r : until they*. leave ;schooi ; such} training
as -will ,best3 inure ! to/ their/ welfare; : so "it
matters not! when s th"ey>leav"e/schdol,:. they
always carry^witti; them somettraining;in
and;knowledge; of these! practical,' neces
sary thi ngs.'t that \ give) strength in i virtue
'and; aptness' in work. i Under the"^ present
system- in : this: state ■ (and ; it .is : a very -pre-'
dreniare's mainly > trained? to? sora'e /extent
.in v mere - educational --/matters. '[■■. hut they,
have [virtually! no training; in -these ■essen
tial "things : of fe very-day; li ying and" ; work;:
.The** object^iof - the .'■' movement \ is 'to 7, mcct 4
thesoTdemands -and :": V to ;■. make /■ teaching
iwhile^ strongly ■:■ 'also':-, conducive'
tol : the; forma tion/Zandf strengthening % of
character, ;^ theVbuilding^up -faridj; pjreserva- '
tion "of;health./arid-Uie'fpractlcilvatipjica
asj)to^imore7conipletely.; fit:' children -i leayi;
•' irig; "our schools ? for) the t du ties ; ~ arid s evic
tions "•' of .; healthy, virile;- intelligent".- ' arid
: useful - : citizens^ \^ ;"C J.'-'. :;■;;•//'•' ■ ? :' "^ : :^--:-" '■ -■•>■" '•
-:-:'/ SCHOOL. > STSTEMf ADVANCEp/- .-';-'
made} a.; decided fadyance": iriS this 1 direction'
:In [the-'adbption i of suggestions I f or J the ' im-:
tlon.^ tralningf and which]? hkye.
;becn S presented { in I bur ;r schools ] in ! thet'past,i
efficient, ijcbrisid^rlngTour^ meanssand;facil- ; '
riU^the^ > deeni|lt"fpnly^a?eb^|b^Q'nin"sl
:l^\what^sbouldr : be?don^£'lnKthe^efnewer- :
ana smo>e)op'rj^^ssjye|ithingsiifor;i| th«;
i fry;catcrS| advancement --of our schools.^
There I. a"geneisl.-r«oogiiltion that ti*
Public ;; schools i ofj the : ; city?, are.s; admirably^
l?6n& u'cted;"! arid i are | forceful Vandrjefficientß
! sThe"' teach lersta reTca !pable \ arid .- pjrbgresslve,'|
;thel be'st'fmitb"ods"^d f system
fp^ublic?achobls;i-thej I buildlrigs.farid|eq
vmen lti^lexwllent,-"; arid "=S the 'jfesulte «? rnostt
satisfactbry^aa \% farS'as '/..they F^pply^ouri
(needs/if All
ivyithl"^ the;?; truth y that^j' good h schools fa"dd ;
rriuchlto:the;advantages o2 a;;city, : arid'.we.
: tern ( of Instruction isa- mqst'attrac- j
tJvoVaud^poterit element' in: bur' city's Uife;
« rid f' gro wth:sThere ': ' is ' ?a"' ' mo veirierit 5 on '
fGOtritoJerect'.fa 'fine:; high' school
Jn:: t lie 'city. * The council !has "' indicated? its i
piu'posefand : desire; to assist V the? school'
authorities In this , most /desirable ..Im-;
r pr'oyc : ri"cr. t /-and / to grant the ?use^ of i the '■,
bcnutlful ilotvat; the corner >Ql l ßainbiidgej
arid V -K!oyonth;> streets; -for the i- /purpose: ]
.The erctf ion of this building \will ; greatly :
Vtio:tl&le , the educational .enthusiasm of
'ouripfODle.-rarid. aid the* progressive 'meas-'
i urcE ; con temp latcd • to '■'. bring :' our/ schools jto
;ihe/gr^ test:; degree : of excellerice."-',;; -. ' ; ;: :
fAt present /Manchester Is: blessed .with
and /benefited by a : ; most!" prosperous and
' finely-managed 'bank— the ; ; Mechanics ( and
-Merchants'.;: From, its . beginning; to; this
date its presence in our, city. has been; bene- 1 ;
; f icial," arid * strengthening ;' to;' all. - Under
the ; conduct? of :■; its 'most capable" arid
courteous cashier, Mr;. J.' H.;Patteson. and
the "f.vlgilari t , ; and ' "active ; directory, .this
worthy, 'institution :has ";. prospered /; and
grown in , /influence ' and popularity,' . until
it is to-day; the ■ most -potential ; factor "in
bur/business- and 'commercial /life, 7 arid is
of igr eater a'"ryice", arid iri-
; flueric'e: .' We are/glad ; to ' congratulate : M
upon a year of almost . uriexampled i pros-"
\ perity ; and )' usefulness, ; just 'with
'profit :. and success. But we are glad to
state as indicatiye;of Manchester's growth
and increasing "/commercial
that she is soon to enjoy advantages and
; benefits derivable from ' a national*: bank, i
Under the active direction 'and y efforts /of
: Mr/;' Cla"rence/; ; yaden, / one of/ our -■; most
progressive and .energetic young business
; men., this ■ important ; acquisition ■' to • our
commercial : and -business Tfe' is. to be iri-
I stituted about-'. Jari' : i 15/ 1803. '" Its capital
1 stock will be frbiri; $50.000;; to ; $200,000/ The
.prospective of fleers iof / this / new -' institu
tion are: A. D. Shotwell,: president; Clar
ence. Vaden, vice-president;,. directors, R.
A. Bowen, R'/C.-Broaddus, W.J. Car
ter, E. H. ..Wells,- S. : R. • Brame arid /Keri
'neth Smith. The ushering' in of. the new
year bytheorganissation of. this bank fit
tingiv illustrates -the in ireasing prosper
ity. Banks add : very . much -.to.-the.-cbni
mercial power and' influence of ; a commu
nity, and can be. of great assistance" ln. the
developn-t-nt 'and -progress of -business of
all kinds. ."/We feel assured ;that, with two
fine and ■'capably* managed banking insti
i tv Lions the growth -and; wealth;' of our
citywil! be augmented and accelerated...;
About three; years "ago' the -Manchester
Light, and Power: Company "obtained ". a
charter and franchise from the city coun
cil,,.its business. beirig to. supply gas to : its
customers." This. company has prospered,
and is ' gradually becoming/a .favorite in
stitution in the ; city. The gas f u'rriTshed
is "riiost excellent,' and; gives i-a light., of
brilliancy ■ and steadiness, which attracts
much < attention and: appreciative'"•';'com
ment. This company is 1 prepared ' to" fur
nish gas ' to : all, and, j what is the" "most
commendable' _ to- furnish, it' at cheap
; rates; so that it is within ; the reach; of
. all/who are willing .. to, make ; an effort to
procure it.-. - . '• r . • •- ';:
'. lUost of the. churches. of the city have
"made decided improyements- durisg the
past year. • Manchester is notably '" ble>i.
ed, considering its - ; advantages, ;- with ex
•cellent church; edifices. -There; are ' six
teen church buildings .. in . the ;' city— ten
white . and six : colored.. 1 No;more/beauti
fuj structures ; than - the Central/ Metho
dist,. corner of Porter arid Thirteenth
streets; the Presbyterian, corner of Por
ter and Tenth streets, and ..the j Catholic
church, corner of ' Perry; and' Fourteenth
streets. -are -found in any save the -j large
cities. The other church buildings /> are
creditable, and' in most Instances, -very
attractive; and . commodious. . The'/ Bap
; tist ! church, corner, of: Eleven th. and " Bain -
.bridge. streets,' has'beeri* •remodelled and
rendered very commodious -""and attrac
tive". - It.iis: now .one.of vthe- handsomest
church edifices in -the city. 'The interior
is-Very artistic- and/ with the fnagnificent
organ and ; its splendid .lighting equip
ment, marks a; most: decided .improve
ment. -The congregation /of -Central
, Methodist is expecting to soon- get ..into
"the splendid auditorium.o f their hand
some : edifice. This". is- a large and. beauti
ful : room.', and %vhen ' furnished and. decor
ated will . . present . a" fine ' picture. . The
good work of teaching; and preaching the
Word, of God is sedulously carried." on; in
all of these ■sanctuaries,': and the religious
lifeof" the city is now, as ; it" has-been in
the years, past, active and influential in
t its ■ blending /with the- secular .'.existence
of this ancient.municipality. .
The Business. Men's Association; is one
of. , the ; most * active', and" potent ■ agencies
In the city's, existence' for : her:; upbuilding
and. "enterprise. This .association -is [com
posed ; of abou tone hundred \ and • seventy
five members, drawn from some; of tho
most thoughtful and \ influential \ business
men of; the city. The present ; officers of
the association are: ; D. .L. Pulliam.; presi-:
dent; A.' ; L: .. Adariison. :- vice-president;
Clarence Vaden, secretary; W. H: Wash
ington. : treasu rer': John ;S. • Al vis. : •■; ser
geant:at:arms" Executive Committee—
David ;L. Pulliam. ;H.C. : Beatiie, Dr.
■William • P., Mathews. Augustine : Royall,
■Julian C. Snellings. M.. "A. 'Campbell."- A.
J.-Daffron'and: E.H." Wells. : ■
Manchester hasyma'ny.most [prosperous
business and manufacturing
ments. Among, the most prominent 'of
these : are: r : ' / . ' /. 1 .',-..
Three -tanneries— A. ;D. Shotwell; & Co.,
B.- D. Chalkley & Co., and -the Virginia
I.eat her 'C 0. ./ the - Richmond WTqbd Work
inp./Cq.., the? Johnson "Axle Foundry. ; the
Rich niorid Sta ndard Steel; > Spike and Iron
Co.. Warner. Moore fe^Co's.': Flour/: Mills,
The Linto Coated Paper ; Co.;; Geo." E.
Paul : ,& :. Bro.'s /Manchester.; Ice Factory,'
Tf.lerj&:;Soris Stove and/, Plo.wiWofks.the
Manchester; Paper Twine ;' Co. .-. Woodward
&>; Sons Wood- Work Co.,'' The Southern
Shops" the ■' '■•; Virginia-Carolina , /Chemical
Co., ; the James. River Furniture and Mat-,
j -tr'esp C 0.,? Aleghany Box * Factory, the
Electrical Machine Co., the Stephen Put
ney,: Shoe .Co., > The Eureka: Furniture ; Co.,
tne ' Ma n Chester ■ Shirt - : Factory. /: the" Man
chester/Trunk 'Factory./ the: Standard 4 Oi!
1 C0.. -George- E.Redford : Brick Co.; Davis
1 Brick i Co.; I the Harrison ; and 5 Green : ; Brick
Co:, the: Rady; Brick Co:. W. E. Gillj&
Bro.;- Brick \ C 0. ,; ■ Manchester: . Feed Mills,
the Standard ' Paper Manufacturing Co.,
the American Bridge Co. John: A.' Waters
& C 0.".-; \ Machine .* Manufacturers, the
Manchester Furniture Co.. and the,&lan
crester Bag Company. .There ■ Is . to ; be"; es
tabliPhed'; here, in the : near ' future! a. 1 large
; knitting ivtnill V arid an excelsior factory,
ftvh:ch:= will (add '- to our • mci easing /list : of
manufacturing - enterprises. Gradually
'■- the advantages of oiir.^city asa;ma.nufac
turirig J center, " are being '• appreciated
utilized. -"All '-?■. of . -these" ■ establishments
j havoTtdone ;a; prosperous/ :and ' enlarged
j business . during the past % year.T arid \ have
J increased' their ; foree > and r output; ; . ' ; ,
\ s VThe'i people : l of ; this : city/; have : ; generally
'found ? emplojTiierit^ '"during r ; the past I year.
Bi «t - few; idle . nien .were ; sen . on : . the streets.'
The-'demand ■ f or } hands . has ■ been great in
RichmoridJ^andi/in >thisV city.'.;/ A > great
many? 'people' bave*°come to this city/ to re*
side::^Hundreds;'■ have been ; coriipe.»ed ;to
seek /■ homes ; in : Richmond ? and % the " sur;;
?Ma ncfc'cster ? are 1 occupied^ % It r is i cbnserya^"
,'fiyely; estimated f < that at -least ' from (400; to
£00 .Snew^houses /could ;* be ;: here V In
'theiriext :fewr months,- if^built; to JmeetUlie
demand.' ■/ which i I s ' f or/ houses fwi th modern"
cbiiVenierices% and % improvements Jat"?? rear
sVnkblet";;': profitable ;./ rerital&'iThe i outlobk
for) real (estate ; is i'yery ; encouraging; fbwlng
to tthc] numerous. 1 enquiries^ made': con'cern
iric'lhat ""class j of j property, jand; the"? many
salesl niade- during^ last < year^";c: ':• : .%^/ ■ ;
fe"A "/ lar'ee^ nu mber :-,. of :"i houses & have -been
bui lt'! r eceritly. l bu t 'i the ; demand ) is "no thi ng
Hk^isuppl led ;;.j There/ Is jaj-riVostjC excellent
chance i attbrded : tbf investorsl-tq t' build I here
arid aretairiT;: remunerative ! rerits;i as s reri ts
; The| South'erh'l shops j^haye "^eeriTflrijTsome
!depaft"menter^eqla^ed;'frie^essitaUri*g 1 4^
! ; emplo>^ent3lbf|a-*[large'rJnumbe^
vr lie "fotheri; mariuf a ctuTing. plants "l ha vJ»| in'
I; tnsnyi* Inptanqesl".; Increased I their^- output
a^%fiirces;V 'Af flneXbuildirigf tqSbVfiiiaed 1
I for hotel "and res taurknt 7 p.urpo»ei' isi be&ir
ply fikftr V* /* *l IT I
jxcw real i
■ / We wish ■ one arid -all a Happy.
•■'■"; Ne w;i Year fwlth2 thanks f for past . -
ft pa tronage. f / soliciting ■ a cpntin- : /!
- -uanceof 'same.', • ■ ■/ /■;.-/■:'
: : S ; '--/- : : ■-'■•.-•' /--'-" '- :? '" :',/'.:/■■/.■•'■;', -■/ : -"-.
Yours "Good
for the Eyes;
The S, Galeski
Optical Company,
9th and Main Sis.
erected by .--llr. W. ; J.- Dobbins ... at the
'corner, of . Hull fand^Seyenth; streets, which
supplies a much 1 needed-; enterpripe in that
part of the city.* The splendid stbre-build
irig of Mr. : H. V. Baldwin, on Hull street,
in" wliich/he proposes '. the establishment
of -a large and up-to-date- department
store, where all manner of goods, articles,
etc.; may /be purchased,: signalizes a com
mercial spirit arid | ambition that is worthy
of emulation. Many.- improvements: have
been made by our worthy townsman, • Mr.
H. . C. Beatie, iri:his": handsome and com
modious} stores; which emphasize the ad
viince and ; extension ; of : his business en
terprises.-/, ... : : :.'■./ „ :.. '
;A\"e could accentuate in connection with
the increased -interest in'real estate, and
the/active establishment of manufactur
irg; and mercantile -plants and business,
the low rates of taxation, as they affect
such ; plants ami . business, prevailing
under, the ordinances of. this" city. The
rate of r taxes in .this city. applied there : is
a/ graduated ".one. and ;is based upon the
business-done and not! the specific capital
inested. Pnrmittme'tq illustrate: Richmond
(arid If select Richriibnd j because/ more ac
cessible'and familiar) imposes a tax upon
the -capital : invested, in; manufacturing
business; or wholesale., mercantile ,busi
'nessJ Asiime : that " 5150,000 are put in
the.business r iri Richmond, th etaxes
would amount ■ to; SSIO. , In ' Manchester, if
$3=50,000 of;: business -were "done in a year,
the '; taxes would' amount; to 5175. a clear
saving .'of • $35.00. ";The. 'same ratio -would
obtain as to/all amounts. "
: Again, a . lot J- iri /Richmond ■ for such a
manufacturing- or mercantile, ..business,
unless it were in a -distant or inacessible
part cf the'eity. would cost, from 'five to
ten times as much. as a centrally located
and' accessibleilot, situated upon a rail
road, suitable, to : such business; would in
Manchester, and this .'.lot In Manchester,
v/ould. practically be in .the heart of tha
business, part of. Richmond .with fine
streetc ar and telephone facilities to aug
ment" its suitableness and accessibility.
Are these. advantages; not too plain to be
any: longer ignored?; Should not this light
.be.set- upon". a = high hill. and not hid under
abushel? We would invite" verification of
bur statements. *"'sb 'that the manifest/ad-;
vantages.. of^ this', city, as a .manufacturing
andiWholesnle" business*, location- may be
known 'to all. ;. Many merchants and man
ufacturers .have .found- it out and have
located ■'here. We instance a few of them:
W. t?.: -Donnan Hardware 'Co., ' Stephen
Putney Shoe Co^..- Virginia-Carolina
Chonucal : Co..' The: .Electrical Machine
-Works. The Richmond' Working Co., and
the Johnson .Axle: Foundry.
We should, recognize ;thra .we 'are- living
In a great /community. v Wh»n we consider
ths'.ei. tended and extending territory of
Manchester and,. Richmond, the many
broadening. influencesTand power 'of our
community, the" demand ..for, labor, and
especially for- labor of. /a- higher grade,
the countless favorable natural and
physical 'conditions i\ with which w*e are
blersetV. and the .bright* auguries tor the
future that /greet, us on every hand, we
shoul-J-take'- heart of- grace/and courage.
and*;c!n all' we can to -advance and pros
per : along, all ; lines' of -endeavor and enter
pnse." This great community with all of
its --.resources,:' advantages-: and possibili
ties, /should be bne'ln- Interest, in sym
pathy, in purpose and .in. achievement.
We; have ; made, mistakes '-in-:, the '-'past,'
while we have had. a measure of prosper
ous ' life / and action. We should turn
from the evidences of ./our defeats and
sorrows to ■ the ; happiness of a renewed
prosperity. Let us have, "a s long pull, a
strong /pull., arid a_ pull!;, altogether." and
the- bf i eficent and ' potent results will
be felt and enjoyed in /this year, of Our
lord. 1903, and thosethat may come to
our people in the 'days', that are in God's
keeping./ ;; -." ' ,"- " _
Killed the- Whole Covey.
Feat: of aVirginia Gnnner Who Had
1 Only Tyro -Cartridges '-. Lefti'
; .-■"■ (New York-. Sun.) , ■■■■ . .
,i BURKE VIL.LB. ;VA..- December -SO.—
To_; kill six partridges", the total number
in [the .cbvpy. ; at \' one -'rise, with a thirty-
Inch double-barrelled "shotgun, is a per
formance.- that /for this* part of the coun
try .is - likely to . stand ; for - some time to
come. It -was done in the presence of two
witnesses /the/other,' day; by. R. M. Tay
lor, .of Amelia county. - :;■'
? . With .two "friends arid, three pointers,
one. "of, them an inexperienced -Apuppy,
Taylor had . been • hunting, partridges since
daybreak, arid it : was ' not until after "sun
down- and .with only two shells' left in
the outfit that the'; remarkable shot was
made. The men were- returning to the
village with their game bags: comfortably
well filled, ;. when one ~of the older . dogs
stood", a - Rock jot birds : that: had covey ed
for ; the night ' in a ; small slump of dense
pine scrubs,' standing ;bn a slight eminence
in the middle of a big' field '■';■. of broom
grass. - • '■•'■ /;.■.-;'■ :' -
: As" Taylor had the two remaining shells
the' chance; fell, to ;him, arid; he had: ap
proached-"to "/within; thirty, yards of : the
outer edge of the 'pines : when the puppy ■
broke 0 his stand, - and, .running over / - : his
field partner's ; point,, 7 flushed, the birds.
,The ; covey r came up : ou t . of : the little . clump'
in a compact ball like a toy balloon: ;
'/j There was no V opportunity /"to /pick a.
bird^ ; and Taylor j; fired -\ his } right ■ barrel
point 'blank into the;mass. Every * quail
■but brie -fell;; arid .this ones'" v/as ' grassed at
a > distance '; of = fifty - yards " with the ;; left
barrel. The ; entire family -was 'annihilated l
in rles3;than : two 'seconds. /"../' -.' :
>The shells were loaded with three drams
of : deris e : powder and ■ ■: an / ounce* and "' a
quarter of : No.- Sshqr.. The right- barrel
of - the gun iwa"3 "a plain' cylinder; and \ the
Ueft^fulKchoke..,--^ : ' ."-
:";,' Disease 1 of ithe-iWrltlna: . Trade.
(M.'A. P.)
■; : .'.Many r s have/ diseases which
are / more: br.^ less -Inciderital' to them^; and^
literature vis^nbti exempt: The: twbimost
'preyalent i?literary.& maladies:^ are writer's
'crainp'and swelledrheadi^The i unfortunate"
;thing| abon't?. writer^s |cramp • Is / that; It ?ls
never; cured. ' .The unfortunate thing about
sweUedjheadlis'ltiiatiltjneverikilla./ ' : : : /
Itnai Floi and Plants.
' Blooming Plants^ Ferns, eta.
"Rose3,^Vlolets;"^Cariiatioris, i etc,-// Largest '
): With ( th'e:"adverit of the New. Tear -; it
would; be' well to level our telescopes at
the dramatic horizon and view, at .^closer
range the '■) ■ meteors that /have risen and
the- stars -.that have ; fallen (during the
past twelve-month. A few. theatrical com
ets have blazed and flashed h in the. Thes
pian/sky, but :for a moment, -only- to dis
appear and be : lost forever ' in the • eternal
blackness .of : things dead - and forgotten.
A^ few lesser satellites bava I twinkled and
gone /out, ', . 3Jjd ' what . promised Ito'• be a
starlit j heaven has now only : a ' few; lights
to illumina it, and the" dramatic wan
derer must ■be guided ;by ;- , those fixed
planets, whose brightness , and "effulgence
might almost seem to be perennial. .
' ..' ln/-,shqrt. it ; requires no fan-fare .of
trumpets /or/ soaring pyrotechnics -to sig
nalize: the: dramatic triumphs, of tha year
just ] past. _ j //-..' .
.;/■ Bilt one : " must needs dwell' In the re
trospect; as /uninviting .: as it may seem.
In order' 1 to determine just what advances
arid;whatretrogrades the stage ha 3 made.
* Since Paul Potter set to work to put
Dii; Maurier's Trilby into dramatic shape,
whjen, ,'owipg to /; the widespread populari
ty-of • the:; book; and the clever conceit
of. the playwright,- attained unqualified
'success in the metropolis and . the - pro
vinces, • eriibrj-o dramatic jugglers, and.
indeed, some playwrights of /renown,"
have fallen over .one another/ to give the
"stagesa; glimpse of the locale'and person
ages^ portrayed -In the. folios of : Morocco^
bound novels an* novelettes.' Consequently
there/ has been an over-production •of so
called .book-plays that, .for a time.' and
In ; fact- v everi now. threaten t</; deluge the
efforts of ;-■', more ambitious swritsrs of
things dramatic. Simpering "Janice" Mere
dith/- absurd "Captain Jinks.'" impossi
ble "To Have and to Hold," and, the two
widely-trumpeted gold bricks, "Audrey"
and f "The- Eternal City," are only "a "few
of 'the »: many-, puerile-, dramatic' attempts
that- have.; met with the condemnation of
the critics; and, in the main, _t;.e disap
proval of the public, who.'after all. ars
those 'who give up their hard-earned
shekels, " and are "consequently, the 1 ap
pellate judges. S. • ./
/; So much i^f or the book play writers, What
have ".the other, dramatists been doing In
the , meanwhile? The unusually prolific
Gillette' has .fallen as it,were; Into a state
of inocuous desuetude; and /seems - : to -be
content .with the money " that' has . poured
into -the "box-offices to see his y.'.'Sherlock
Holmes."/ "Then, too, he has several other
plays : in". which he achieved' distinction,
and which are. still drawing good royal
ties;, due ■, to the .material they; furnish
for '; Stock 'organizations. '., • '." ■
/'Augustus Thomas, who. started', out so
bravely with "Alabama',." followed by
"Arizona," and who 'threatened to name
a, play for each star on the flag/has-done
nothing during the past: year. '.-, .;
The indefatigable Clyde -Fitch. :.who
grinds out. a play between ;the courses of
his dinner, has been as energetic as of
yore, and while ; his name'; emblazons the
three v sheets in almost ' every-- bne-nlght
stand and water-tank in 'the country,
yet he' haa'given the stage., so* hungry for
good- food.. nothing, to. appease its appetite.
. -Piriero,-. from' across the* sea."' has sent
us -''lris;*' which has aroused /more com
ment on account of its moralistic atmos
phere 'and . repulsive theme tlian"> any clev
erness of construction or. brightness'oflts
lines. - ■
Richard Mansfield has scored another
triumph "in. New York in his ", magnificent
spectacular production of "Julius, Caesar."
but after all It was Sir Henry: lrving who
originally ; made and used" the scenic out
fit in" "Coriolanus" In /London, and .ec
centric Dicky put the,- whole- 'outfit/ on
the /bargain counter. Leslie 'Carter -has
been too 'busy with Dv ; Barry ""■: to .-attempt
anything, new. ;■■
Mrs.'Flske has scoredfan.artjstlcv If not
a 'popular triumph. ln:i"Mary /ofiMagda
la,''..',bljt: J i the play has., been, condensed
on •account, of Its seacrilegious" bearing.'
i Mrs. Pat Campbell, Madam 1 Diise. 1 ; Mar
tin Harvey,' ard Mrs. Langtry' are 'again
on this; side of the pond^ .but the Italian
actress Is perhaps r the . :. only r ;j one ,of
the quartette who has achieved ;anythlng
bordering upon success. . .'.
• Winsome Maude Adams ha 3 been de
layed'von/ account of illness, from giving
"Rosalind," and Henrietta- Croasinansha3
failed •to find anything so \ remunerative
or artistic' for her purposes, as "Nell
G.wyrin.V ": .- ," "
-The : old-timers. Jefferson. Crane,, Rob
son'. I Sothcrn; Modjeska. 'arid the": rest* are
going. ''right' on In beaten paths, * and we
have,'"Rip." 'T)av- Harum." "Tho Two
Capital, Sales;, arid the Number : of Employees
Ml' Show \^r3rSubstantia.llncrease Over
"".;,". Former Years— l,2*Bo '".Plants Do'
': -r $^943feJi7 i^ Business.
;■/ /• (Copyright 1 903 by J; H. Whitty.)
v Richmond. continues to hold her.high-stariding as a manufac
turing among thejirnportant seaboard ' cities. Her indus
tries are growing stronger. During the past year the iron, paper,
glass,sagricultural^impiernent, and : furniture branches 1 were,espe
cially prosperous. in the;totals below are plants nr Man
chester,;and suburbs properly belonging. to 'Richmond.. The re
port "'following shows, increases in . capital, handstand amiua!
sales:';:: ' . - '• / " : . ' -
; '\ ■'} ■■•■• . /" '■■ ' ; I Kb. of- 1 ..- ITvof -rr-tpftal In- rArinual
V.-t '.:': '. •: : '•' : j Pap*!!:; j,Han«ls._ |Bii«ine?s.- ;:Shl«s.
,Bafrs.Paper.-" Twine, IloxesVXets.'AwnfnJrs.j ■'":/. ■"■/ '"V' ■ '-„' /
-undTJir5;....... .......;-.....•..■.:...-«...-.. !.>'? 23 ;■.;/■ -' 1,g17 <•' -.. "» 6T^.of« $ 2^lV^i
:Eik>r5 ........ ........... ,:...~u:;. r -33 « VQ 136,1t0 353^3
Ba>kets,"':Br«xnns», Brushts, * btuk; 't-umflc> :'••'-. .. "^
,W00dcntvare...........'..:;. .-'...-.... ♦ '8- ' . 038 /. . '- «?. ) c.OOO '• 1.5»7,<33
Beer. Ate^Mln r«l vrHters-.;.:..— ...i „ 14 , .247 ; • .<*«.»«<) 1.T21.214
Black«n>lthp; Hrr3»shoers.-Wh«»et?rr(KOta.... . B.V ' ,- ' 294 ~ ?»"5,t77 1 TM.24T
•Blftvk Bo'k«.B!afHnpr.:Publlshinir '»'....... ■■«) ;. : 1.210 '■" .' .-l^Rt-'.ft'O Z.KT^'O
ißskingr £!<>vrd«rs. Bluing-. Spices," Cotfee:.... : ,25 ' -3U ' 27l.t*f» 3'3.'T*>
sßooisand Shoes ;....-....;-..:.:. :..'.i......... 239! -I.WO "-.- &i71«2 SJST.'.S
;80xi»!'.y8arre10..;..*.........v-.. ...;;;.-......... .9 -• 217 ' STV2S BS* f2O
,Brrft<Ti T e9, Granfrp, Stone;-jiu»-i»l«,Glasß.. . Hi "'■*■■' •*'-.. &Vi -"»-..* ,' : 6VK2T: 1,127;T(5»
C«ndi"p:^Con ect0nerjr.;.;.;...^.;..;;. ..;.;... .M(H i ** T ' '257- *:.;' lV'Tnj } -t.T,KO
'CHrppriter3;BulWers.C<ntrHctura';..v...:*.;.... ;,-110: Ij '..l^Xi> - : 4?n poo piS^C*'
; Cairlage«.iWajrnns, Cart5. :.....-...'r..^.;.V... ;;18 \i: ?S v&r - • 275" 13ft s!ao<X)
Clgarettfa.'Clg-arn. Cb-r00t5.v. ................ v 4tv. 4 J15 - '2,127.235 4.518^77
Clofhlntr^ Merchant Tailora;^Sblrta, Under- * ': « „-• , v- , '
r ;;......;... r'«7 .; ' • ; ,S^.l2S ) fCS.ri)
-.Prujra^M^aicinf's. Meatrjuice;';;'.'.^".-. ! .-.^..J ' V 75 '• -VJ4O' *C3O.OGJ> .-1.59T.753i/
'EnCTavin^.-.lvLitljOifraphlnif.'t.Electrotyping-.j'^ v .'- ., "•■•'"; .'" v- -, • ;r; r
i ; ?.Bwnds,'Biehclla;;..v:«v/;;v-::r.t:v;'-.";V.'C.-.;^..i;v''.;-il3 i : ;■-'■. cW>"-- 2WJTS 552131S
i Fertiilwrs^Ghemc-»*..Llme;;Plaster.^.......- 'f.lO - * 817 4,086.113 ~ 7^'A£» :
:Fl<mr. Com Meal. PJcklera,Canners,-Klitvor- ■' %' , I■-"■I ■-"■ ; .;:;
r-.-.ing!« ;.....;. ;;..-..-.-;.v'. : --.i-.:;:"^'.';':'. ! : r .;;;v £ ':;";.%; ;•.'-/■■' 8 »•?•• -V*-2«a', ' I 4MI.2ZT I, -.934.432;
;Furni»urr,j ; .ttttr*:s«es. t '.lTphoL»terv; Frames ; 43-/, 3«7 - 3SBSU 6l»jL3
Gunsmtths. -Locksmith', 1 Ayireworkars;.Um- - - . , - : • ~ •^■1 ~
-;brella«,'H!i!rworkr?:i..r.«:..;;^.:T. :.•-;..; ' *13 / V '03 - :2*J23"i li'l.TiS
jHarnesw;Saddle*>.G>Uarß;Trnn«r*;sHides.;.:.. ' ?13*.^ '-.->SW':;-: -S«Vi 5 Tt.H.*.»r
?Iw»;Tir, Pa«to> ; 1 Ground Glue.' OitvPafnis.;... ■/'■"■' 2o ;\"; KS , ' '437^00 •■• 1.U7,21f /
: Iron; JTaila; Machinery, Foundries;- Agrtoutu- V '%-"- /:■">': "■;'{,(:/' j, .v; ; :""
: r^raiamp!ementjj.;.-..-c:v.;^.:^...v.^;v;.i... , /-:'2B :-- ; - _!6^37' ' ['/"B.SSM2.V ';?.$3<UKi
;^w-iiers-.:.;-;r;v-^;v;;:::.^:v:.: : r r^,i^i.-i.: ;v.'S9^: s >.*V:-v-«3 ■ v- £, 3"A^f--
Packers, C»rT3, Butcher* Soap*, Sfteap Dtp.. ] liO' ", M 9 ; *8«7.««>
iPJumberp';Tfnners;G»sFifteri»::.^v.:..s;i..^i . - 55-;' - :^ -S«7' *^"- 'i- 2*N.T» - iTSXTI
Sash; Ueqr«, BMnds, Planlnsr Millr^.ii;..-',.. -;ilo' ; > ; "2»;;; ': ,SI5.!0O 72-Ua.
Tobflcco-^mokinz, Ctowiogr, Sr^uiUiv-rs, and ■-■t-i'i- .'v-- ; v , ; : ;.;.-;» -^ „-.;-.. : v;
:":-#^fST*-::*" """ *' 3S ' -^_ '^^^ "^^
W&£iSm£i?-C*~''rnra*3 - ■ I t ' ■- *>»4fV* ' ' J--»«'»«V# «i.i»'-.'-''»mv« -^ «< ,'■■■
f#-^loet«a»"lOTer4flC«'i'2ii^. v S";'i?J'r'^^ii';, > ..V.'i.«.. -833 .' „7 va 111 1 i: 9L.iT2LOUkv
Dromlos.'*:.'arid ": Lady;Macbetlt ; as of old.
Sottiern .Jhas/ again broken".* Into the "sa
cred « domain : or' the Bard (of Avon, and
is 'giving- ; a""circu3 revival 'of ' the melan
cholyl.'Darie. .while . Gillette ']} promises vt
surprise/ later^o*n*|tb the /sam« > role.'/ and
threatens'^to' portray, Ham let ;a ; la Sherlock
Holmes,; with' /rubber-soled t shoes, try
ing. to '^sleuth- out "the murderer of %hls
murdered ; sire.. So much for th« drans*
and Thespians "nations Uy.»; ? •
. What /of 'local. •conditions? What ha«
been put - upon the theatrical table • In
Richmond to/ satisfy the , hungry "craylns*
of {dramatic . Has j the . drama
been "going -to \tHe bow-wows hereabouts*
and / is hlstrioriy 'indeed 'dead?.. Both rlqcal
bouses have* enjoyed ' fairly good;patron
age lin sunshiny and Jblustery" ; weather.
Amid ;wiriter*s "snows and summer's suna
the" theatrically r lnclined have Invaded ita«
two ;te.rripl?s: dedicated^: to -art. Tha^ _*Xi:d£*
emy of-,; aiusic;agairi finds itself tha
theatrical .' sea.- with ; Pilot f Lea th Tat tha
helm, while the :'Bljbu,; which was cbir:
pletely: redecorated and remodelled during
the: summer months." ls still guided by th»
; energetic, and .Wells. ■ A ;pollte.
capable; arid 4 altogether popular, staff : oC
attaches, are ,stlll 'helpmates "to -those.-; at
the ■ head •; of •: the two ; local '■ theatrtjs. Char^
lie Rex," at the Academy, and CharU*
McKee. ; morc popularly ..;. known as "Mac,"
at' the . . Bijou.' -give . able assistance arid
number; new -friends on account of ; theur
devotion to. duty and anxiety to plea 3«.
"Both' houses now, pride themeselves In
pressagehts as versatile as they are pop»
ular." Hughey Cordoza spins yards of ad
vance notices to; the local press from his
'deri7 ■in " the pritty little Broad-street
playhouse, .while Herbert C. Duce. well
known as an able dramatic critic and an
iill-round good - fellow. ■ performs journal
istic stunts ;for' the .Academy.
■' In the twelvem onths just passed .the
Academy has 'perhaps- offered a higher
claps of attractions than ever before tri it»
history, t This 13 due to the fact that th«
public^ taste 'hereabouts for things dra
matic Is -.becoming educated, and
viands that once tickled the theatrical
palate as, bonbonsn bons are now- ILks .worm
wood and -gall. :• ■ ■ ", „
; The clientele .of both houses has been
raised ; in- consequence, and the "syntli
cate'-Vwhlch'controls-the "destinies of tht
drama v here has " at last -realized that l(
must needs send better attractions int«
■this territory, if it would keep Its pre3tig*
andrits dollars. • .-• .'
; Inl/consequence we are getting bette?
productions and. stars year, by year,, and
at-no time has this been better exempli
fied -than during the> season just paat.
The;* future booking at "the. 'Academy com
pares favorably- with any city of like. slza
,to"Rlchmbnd in.the cotintry.'and .while.-'oj
course,' a. -mediocre attraction is sched^
ule'd- occasionally. .stlllr;this, is the* lot oi
any/city.-aridv/e must take the bad only
to more thoroughly appreciate the good.
' During the "sum»"er. months the Giften
Company again rf turned to the Acade
my.with almost a "complete roster of ntw
faces and-, scored an artistic. If not a
financial,., success, - In. a succession of en
tartainlng;and -.well' staged productions.
' Manager" Wells' was' also alert to the
needs .of £ - the ■stay-at-homes during th/?
heated term; and gave entertaining vaude
ville;bills at; the .pretty Casino, swept by
breezes from the lake, at prices ' wfthla
the'reiich of all.'. . ' " .".'"• •'-.■.
! When he moved ,;hls -forces. Into towii
he had almbsta-newhome of amusement
a waitings them : on Broad street, as Itlia
Bijou; ;had -;uudergpne '.'. many needed ' re
pafrs .and'was In many respects, as Its
name im*pires. v a "j^wei'Vof a play-house.
* 'Manager," Well 3. "wl:h:.wl3o forethought,
broke'awny frqm vaudeville^, of which<th*'
public , had grown -tired,, and provided ,'f\
succession lof'musicalcoriiedles" and- dra
matic productions.: interpreted, respec*
tively.'* by the Bijou Comedy:orginl2atlott
and the -George, .; Fawcett : Stock Compa*
nies." Both are.;made up. of 'popular, fa
vorites "and -capable -players, and- the' re«
suit; was ..'that inevitable 1 succe33. / artist ta
and,flriancial. h<is:been stamped upon tha
Bijou banners.' "/" : ."■■/" ". ..
Holiday .Rite,. Rlchmdn'rt - to i JVorfoll*
: -and ■■' Return : vla .Old- Dominion
■ Steamship Co/a .Xisht Line.
, The Old Dominion Steamship Cotnparij
wllKsell special tickets to ' Norfolk and re
turn.- at. 33.50. including stateroom ; berth
In ' bothf directions. r leaving Richmond \
P. M..'-arrlving In Norfolk. next morning
at- : 6 .o'clock." ;Tickets willbe r on sale.De-.
ceraber 23d;- 2-lth; 25th. 27th.S0th.Sl3t and
January Ist. limited -to- January 3.-1303.
I To teachers and students holding certl
flcatcsrfrocn president.; principal or suptr-
Intendent.of instltiite. holiday tickets will
be-so!d~at the. above rate commenciu?
December; 16th, .with final limit January
sth. John p.majer:
-;-•' . . • " . u- .. Agent,
.' ■-.:.. .- . 121 C East Main atrest.
>Bloomins -Plahta, Palmi, Ac, • .'
Roses, ■Carnations,' .etc.. at ■ ' • t
■ " . '. r " .*" ' ' 'HAJIMUND'S, - -
:„: '. ',' / ; 107 east Broad street.-

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