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.■...-■.'MrJP NOW TAKING SHAPi;.
rv'iH<J?j\-r.rnorftlilp <Jon«lnnc To Knd
Politicul Career.* t—Viec-Fresldcn
tfaT-Aji*n;cr In the XcKatlve~Mat
rimonlal and Other ".-. Notes of.Vir-
Kiuln Interest,
WASHJNG7OX. ".».'; C: January i:—
(Special.)— When Virginians meet hero one
of tho questions which arc inevitables top
ics of discussion among them is the Mar
tin-Montaguo SenaJr'rial contest, which 5a
now- beginning to tako shape. ! though the
actual fight is a. good many ;.. months. off.
yet. The discussion takes a. very wido
r.-ujjre, from the possiblo} chances of the
rival 5 candidates to the respective claims
of the two gentlemen' upon the suffrage
of the people for tho position..
Tq-<2ay a. group of." Virginians? were
Ktandin;? in front of tbo Metropolitan 110-
Icl, dbcubsinpr the qutstlon, when ony of
'■them. Mr. M. M. M«-?rmn<ii:ke, of West
moreland, said:; "1 am aii; admirer of
Governor Motilaßu «■;'», l«ut if. ho succeeds
in wjfnnini? out in this fight!/ ho will kuc
crwJ in doiiiK what no Governor of the
State 3ias dono sinco tho civil- war—sur
vive; poll tica-lly, a: term n<i Governor. Why
Jt should lie that the; Governorship has
In !h<: past been a graveyard for jjolitica]
ambition' is ■■more than, I Can tell, but it
lias proved no in wry ease, liven Fitz
hu:;U lice, with his ancestry and his war
.record, "couldn't win after he had. been
Governor. .Tlicro js another fact upon
which 1 have tliought a.great degl, and
that is that no Governor of tlvi State who
was altcrward elected to the Senate from
1835; to the beginning of the civil war, hold
the position to the ond of liis -term. I
■h'av-Q no means of accouutlng for it, but it
Ik true."
This opens i\p a wide field of specula
tion in collection with : : the contest. Why
has the Govemorsliip ended the political
careers of so many men who had t-trong
.«nouph -hol'l on Uicuheafts ; ;of the people
to be given the Jirsl position. within their
pil't? And .will these same things mili
tate against the success of Mr. • Montague?
Can Governor Montague, with his unde
niably strong 1 personality, and the enthu
siastic support' of; his; friends, break thy'
f;eemJn^ bands of f;tto which have been
thcuiidoing of so many of hiCpoiitical
predecessors? These, arc questions which
probably will not be, answered— and no
onn; knows how they will !<c answered
then— until the votes arc counted.'
But ovpji the history of llie past, does
not necessarily maljo ii so in the future.
In the oa^e of the Vice- Presidency of the
iJ:jitctl States, thero is a parallel. It has
for years and years been a. graveyard:
for political .ambition. So safely has a.
man been regarded: as buried,; politically,
Jn it, that when the astutu Tom Platt, of
Kcw York, fearing, that tlio virile- and
strenuous Roosevelt would gut the upper
hand of him in Xew York, wanted to
rllrninal?. the cowboy, statosmanffrom tho
political equation, he .put him int. •> the
Vjcc-Pr-esidency. But therein Platt'.reck
oned without his host. 'Fate was against
hint. The ball that laid McKinl<y low
undid all the plans of Mr. Platt, and
moved tlio' man"' lib' touglit io shelve up
ip tlio first position in the equation. And
it seeni3 to be almost as asfate t.hat
all tho". precedents of three-quarters' of a
century will bo broken, and tha.t. a man
elected as Vice-Presjdent will agani, by
the direct vote of his party, bo nomi
natc-rl for the Presidency.
Th-vre is no reckoning the. ways of po
litics, and whether precedent will prevail
nr not in tho Virginia. /.gubernatorial! cb'u-;
test: remains to be seen.
The following licenses to marry /were
"JsßUed to-day to Virginia.; couples, l>y tho
Supreme Court of The District, of Colum
LS. Cooper. o£ StalTord: count j% and
Mabel 'Anderson, of Ilanovor county: by
3Rev. F. M. Bristol.
.7. A. T. Shirelcy and Obriana. Allan,, of
Alesandria;-' by Rev. W. :>I. Forgufon.
Kinc; C. Spindle and Ora. Bradley; of
Fairfax county, by Itev. K. M. Jlurt
Spencer Dan- and Mart ha. Trammel, of
Fairfax county, by Rev. H. W. Pilzer.
.Ipliri J. Cliborno and Mary Caniben, of •
Danville, by L. ]. O'Neal.
Henry Mitchell and" Annie M. . Alexan- .
tier, of Tvoudoui) cvniniy, -by "-Roy. .1. A.
Norton; of Loudoun county.
W. D. Hog-crs and l^ucy F. Haakc, ot
RockJngham,, by I.cv. Il.ciiach kjchroc
3cr. , . ' ■ - -
Tlie following^ Virginians are tog i stored
nt ■Washington hotels: Miss lj; Ij. Clay,
nichniond; J. E. Farling, J. T. J. M<>
Mahar.. Norfolk: Morgan Treat,: West {:
Point; ]]. T. Campbell, Norfolk: Stewart !
John, Norfolk: John D. liooc, Wam.n- j '
'on; T. BecWiam, Culpepcr: E. D. .Starkc.
Richmond: Mrs. Johnston. T. McCraken, j '
W. L. Allen. Richmond; W. E. Tonilin
son and wife, Richmond: 11. 11. Dm vail, ;
Richmond; Conßies^man Uorscc. ■
Pensions issued to Virjrinians-aie as fol- J
Tobe Cormiyk, Indian Creek. •?".
Jyslson IJarrold, Broad Cieek,: $C.
Bdward A. Price, Potoi-sburg, ??. ■'".'■ '
IVliy It Disagree* "With Sonic"; Pcopiq".
When one needs .n reviving .stimulant
Kfic-r exhaustion, nothing can rival the
•ffects of hot milk sipp«l?f lowly.
itaiii'c people say they <-ann<'t rtigest niillc
njid.tlK-.si; are the pooplo "..who drink it
down quickly so; that the digestive acid;-,
in playing; around it, form large curd?,
which give, trouble; before they ran be
■Tlio right way Ss lo sip the milk . in.
sraall '■; anjounlM- w that each, mouthful
.■■s it; descends": into the is .sur
rounded by (he. .erastrl'Viluid, and when tlift
whole s'.asfsiul is down the effect is that
of v: spongy mass of curds, in and out
of which tho keen gastric juices course,
speedily doing'their, work of turning the-.
<^wrd into j>i>i'toiKs that the -.tissues cim
tako up. .*: :
Tii make sure of. eomjOcto dig. siion take
one or two of Stuarfs Dyspepsia Tablets
ai'tcrxyards as the pepsin' and dJasst'asc they
contain increase the quantity and eftlci
encyof thfi gastric juices and supply the
natural dißostive ferments which all weak
stonuiciis lack. ,
Mi«< Anna Folgcr. a professional: nurse,
ypcakjng of \h*. value of Stuart - s Tablets
in convalescence, says: '"In adult patients
recovering from severe illness and espe
cially in children where milk disagrees,
cjcor.nvo tablets ovorcojno any dilHculty
ahdsec-m to strengthen thr: stomach in a
roniaikably; short time. 1 myself have
lined them daily for years, when my: own
digestion has .suffered, from the Irregular
ities and 3oss of hleop consequent upon ray
bccuiiaUon. :: -
"Xot only children. and invalids, "but pro
f<;j>f-ional people and others, whose meals
arc' necessarily.' hurried or irregular.' will
■ iind Siua rt's Dyspepsia Ta blets i -of j the
Ki'oaio.sL valuo in keeping up the tone and
digeslSve vigor of t ho stomach'. v£
They, contain; the active digestive fer-
ments, tho lack of which** is really the
only .;: cause of indigestion; and , : t>tbiiia.ch':
1 roubks. and tho rtgulardaily use of them
'-J.fter.^ mealK; will probably curciany.; case
of stomach; uouble;Cxc*r'tßUch as; arises
from cancer "or. ulceration. I ; :'4
druggists have said that they ; sell
m&ro i ; Stuart's; Dyspepsia.; Tabletßjthan al«
other stem achVrenjediescombiricd: y ;■ : ;"; r - ■->.';' .
rrT*Wj f. for perfect fijju'rw— aper'f«(eir. 'ot iro-)
W■ VIV I i«k pw/ect f figures. ; It folldYrs the - lines \' -.
k':\ I\% of c the: person, dereloplpffiaJlithcS v,
l\;\i¥^v'Wturalil>caut>vofitic'.iorm,-:aa4U :
VV I rwNV: assists the breathing- and digestive;; j
iftV* "•■- VyvV Unctions,; At All Denlers;
myilWw^X' wetngarteh; bros. y.-. v
[IJ «■! \\. * •• 3^-375 Broadwtr. Ncv.jYcfk ; .
f ft. Vi ' *>a ctber centf "an "ufee*"tbV plase «f i|i*°£r
f* - VT. B. Err^-.t Form. /.ccrptno mUtifjlt. •■ ; /
J. .1. "\Vhisj>cn*K IntcrcstirisT'Trlp^ to
Nor Ui Carolina-Mrs. "VV. c] Goffl
gan' injured. . * : «.'-**'' .i
YORKTOWX. VA., January^l.—CSpe-.
cial.)— Mr. J. J. V.'hispell. the^ycteran
caw-mill man.'. is iust bark from- a ten:
days' stay in the wilds of the southern
part of North Carolina. .The. tJme;;was
ifpent in . Onslow and Pender.^ counties
not far from tho Capo Fear- river-::' -His
description of that isolated, and drugged
country.' its peoplo. and customs, 'forms
a strikingly peculinri story, -weird, : and
strangv. Christmas was spent' :.atSthe
homo, of an ag<--d patriarch;,pf^that;.£ec
tlon, and the day .was :one long.to^bft-re
membered. The ten married daughters
of tho old man. together with .their: hust
bands and familfcs numbering -thirty.
srrandchiMron among them, were prfisent.
as were also a rumber of invited gruests
from forty or ilfty nsilfs around. .-They
sat down to a bountc-ous dinner, ( the piece
do ■ resist a rice of which was an, immense
diPh of follardp. crowded with an "enor
mous lion's bead, which" occupied, the
crnjor of the table, ami was" garnished
with oid-fashloned .'ashe-cake:* antl baked
sweet pota toes. This, .together with a
copiotJS allowance of black coffee, com-/
pletvi the unique repast. ■
Dinner over, the squeaky -ugtes: <ii -the
country fiddle pvrmeated the room: ; and
in a few moments Ihe place was a .scone
of mad revolry and fast-flying jfeet, .the
coarse shoes ' of the women and hob T
nailed boots of the men doing' th'eir very
best in r.n oW-fashloned breakdown!'
These poor' people are hospitable to a
fault, showering courtesies.; innumerable
upon the. stranger who happens their.'
way. Their homes are rough- cabins,
built of pine logs, and bare— nota", single
pan« of glass in "their whole construction:
The country is very thinly inhabited; the.
houses being ten miles apart. •■B'ian deer, »
and wild turkeys abound in. this -section,
which is a., sportsman's paradise.:.., Inj
ir.unse tracts of timber— untouched by .the
woodman's axe— can be found in. abun
dance. The soil is the same as when
the red man tramped , the '" forst's
maze. Tine and cypress are the prin-,
cipal -woods, and "are of "iriconiparable
Mr. AVhispell purchased a lO.OTiO-acre
tryt of this fine timber, and will develop
it with northern and western capital and
immigration, in which he is interested;
Mrs. :>V. K. Gofliigan had the misfor- !
tune to meet with ..a severe .nnd^painful.
accident the early jiart of ■ this week.
While poming down stairs she accident
ally slipped and fell, brcakingoneof the
small bones of tho ankle. Tlie.injured
member was set and treated by' Dr. !. O.
.Cook, and she is now resting easily.
■ Colonel L. W. . Lune. Jr., of ■■■Williams-"'
burg, and Captain K. VS. Maynard.Jof
Binler's, wcro hero Monday negotiating:
with Oyster Inspector Wainwright^for
the rental of oyster bottoms: ; /
Harris .Grove, the new post-office four
miles below here. " hdidled its first mail
matter to-day. It will, be 's'erved'by a.
special carrier from Graf ton. Mr/ T.'. S.
Harris has been appointed postmaster. ;
Mr. A. O. ?-lauek is home- again, after
a month's, stay in Washington. D. C,
attending the short session of ■ Congress.
Oyster Inspector TTninwright is '"out
again, after a sewfe attack of rheuma
tlsm, which -lasted him fifteen; days."- v
. Providenco Methodist Episcopal 6un
; day school celebrated its annual Christ
mas entertainment yesterday evening.
Tire programme; v;as '.up 10 its usual high
Elanuard and was much enjoyed. ; :. ',
The big: United States monitor. "Puri
tan, came in the harbor .yesterday,; and'
will spend, the remainder of the* week
here. -■ ■ ■ ■ ■ /' ■
f Mrs. .7. T. Welch, of Newport News.' is
. AVillLear has returned to' his homo
in Kiehmond, after several days spent
with friends: of the .town. . '* ■:
. • : ♦— _. _.
'"Olifton Forge Personals.
CLIFTON" FORGE, VA.. January 1 -
t>pecial.)-.T. A. . Qulnn: superintendent
of the Chesstpeakie- and Ohio shops, "in'
dangoronsly ill from tho effects of a car
buncle on his ricclr. His intensft' suffer
ing caused inflammation of the brain,
and he had to bo placed under the in
iluence;of an -anesthetic "■■'whil^ the physi
cians used the lance. '.His condition" in
somewhat .improved. :; ; •-
• Captain C. J. Muut.-r. one of the oldest
and most, popular conductor*; on Hki
Chesapeake and Ohio, is critically ill
from pneumoniM.- , 1 ' '.: ; .
Miss Ashby has resigned her position,
in Lhe Alleghany . Institutfj to take; the
place In . the srradod school vacated : by
Miss . Macyc Webb, whoso failing" health
forced her .to return to her homo in
Eastern" ;Virginia.
Mi>-s Ilitlen Woodward, a, 'student, of
the Wumon's College in Lynch hi: rg. iV
spending her vacation at the homo of
J. W.C. Bryant. Jr. " ;v- •
Miss Enima'; Jones--, of ..iron Gate., is
visiting friuiuL? ai ihe seminary;
The Clifton Woollen l.iill lias closed
for the -winter, ns not much work can be
done in cold weather. The niiHgivesenir
l'loymcnt to quite ;t number Of people. -
and is one of the town's best industries, "j
--I+. ,^_ ,_, .. ;.; ;.« .. ]■
l'eoj)lc !)«;ci»lj- Intorcstcil in' the St.
Lonif* Exhibition— Smsll-'P«ViS llt
PEXNINGTON" GAP. V A.. January .I.—
(Special.) — 'i'ho people of LMo eoimty. f-e.em
to, have a deep concern in seeing^thc State"
v.-e}l and: creditably' represented^ at
the. St. Loui.s l-'xnosition. N'oive have
been lu-arrt tv «in;il:iin of tlui action Of
th<« Le-yislature in ajipropriatincr :tli6
Sjs\M»o Inr preparing an exhibit .at ; .this
fair. Most of the peopiv whom iyour
.corroKi'OnilC'nt has : heard express'-thvm
selves say tho sum is in:n]ef|uate to "show,
uj) the Slate's resources and' possibiJi
. ties, and some have .suggested' that th'o
Legislature authorize, the several •; boards
of suiieryis'oris; 0f... th0 . .counties of the
State to make appropriations, out- of the
county levies, and in connection with Use
tslate's 'exhibit . have county ■' exhibits.
Why -should not the Legislature do this?
Let others in the State give an : expression
on this idea. The..Lec '■ county- j^oplc
hope to see General Ayers. of Big' Stone
Gap, appointed on thy St. Louis Commis
sion. „;.... . . - ■ : . ■■ ■ ■ '
The small-pox that broke out in J: - S
Parsons' family in- November has not
spread. The Board of Health- of -ihe
county released the inmates of Mr. Par- ;
.-ons's family, and has raised the quar-"
antine. :; — „■...-■■;'•.-:••■- •■.-.«■,-..;..,:
! Death, of C. AV..CliaiiiblSii-lVd,Mnr-
• = ■■■ <„. rinses of lutere.st. ./ V
UEESBURO.'. -VA.. Jan. : l.r-(Special.)—
Mr. C. AY.' Chamblin." of this countjv but
for some time a 'rt'sSdeiit ; of -Washington,
died in that: city on Sunday: vHJs-c body [
was brought to Bluembht oirTuesdayVaiid
buried at Kbenezer. : Mr. ChambHn'wasiua
years of; age. »__ ""'.*-
Mr. Thomas P. Preston, a- residentVuf
Hamilton, in : this county.! and, MissjEdna
;Ma'yVTribby." of the vicinity" of., Hillsborb^
weromarried by : the Rev. D.:C.;Hedrlck^
oflliiisboro;- on December 30th. J The s con- i
tracting parties are socially i.well. known '
in the northv.-n partof. the county/-,
„ Mr. John Davis arid \ Miss ■ Naomi \ Marsh- j
all/'bf " thisfequnty, were'/marrle'dtat^thd
resid<»"nco of tho bride's ; parents ; on' t>ecim-'
l.er 25th. the ; Rev.^ Mr; ■ Edwards: officla.t-.
ing. . . .
'■ ;T At =anen tertainnien t ; si venti n 5 tba?opera'
: House,.: called' theSVOldiMaid'sTpqn^ent
: t Jon," ■■ <n\ ': : Mohdayj underi thexav^pJceii of
wcro realized / ' .' ■:;■', :\
' ' ' '** ' ' * f " -*'* *f . <""' *, j- ,1. -J, "" .. i -
N AdLl tUtlun UtftUi
,:Ov-,. .-; .—.,-• ■;::.,.,.:,.:■-■■=■'■■ ' - - -'
.,,., :v .y:j ■;-;>"'-":;;■";"-:'■:.-':■• ■■:':-■' :s<-^'t: r ' :,': ,'
Bright ;Tonngr; Writer r On. the : Preas
* "SuccumTied : : to -?f«nrnlgrl»;- of "the
j 1 Heart "Testcrday~Suinmon» Came
{When the Fajtire Was Bright Be-
: NEWPORT ■ NEWS, VA., January ■• : :t^-;
(Special.)— ln ', the death of Waldo Porter
JoHnyon, ■ who ; ; passed away at :,' his ; hoirie
ifais morning with an attack of. neuralgia
of ; the ;■ heart, -the '•; Daily ■; Press; loses -Its
bright associate editor and -Virginia loses
enc of her- most successful and most
promising" young, journalists. , ; Only:: 30
years of age. possessing, an exceptionally
brilliant mind, a splendid education, long
and valuable experience: in his chosen pro
fession, and engaged to bo married next
summer to a beautiful young girl of Pow
hatan - comity, ..the; daughter, of a pfomi
nent family, ho had every reason to ex
ipect ahappy New. Tear, and a prosperous
'future. The ; old iy'c'ar had been. dead'ltfss
than seven hours; when tho light that
shone so. brightly and illuminated the way
to a career, 'apparently. pnly ; jn .its in
fancy,'was extinguished. . * "
; '' '■■>; ins LAST PIECE OF WORK. - :
Mr. Johnson's last work for the Daily
Press was a "dramatic 'criticism which -he
turned' irTat rriidhight: - AtVthat time : he
was in his customary good spirits and>as
well , aridl* happy as: ever. Before.: retiring
ho wrote'] a letter and remarked that: he
was completely / worn out, a complaint
thai his relnlivfes and : his; associates in
business, had. never heard from his lip
At o::j'J p ci«xK he enterea his father's room
and complained of nervousness and : slight
pains iV around ■' the heart and arm. His
father rubbed his arm and h is body, and
he". seemed to. get better- -He did not waut
«t/ physician summoned, but hisfather.in
sisted .on. this, and assisted him in. every
way' he could ; until 'the doctor's, arrival.
While" the: physician ; was ..preparing; to
.'give the ill man an injection, the second
attack was suffered. : After that he did
not.' stem.t o realize what was happening.
Jit?; failed to respond -to. the injection,
and died at 7:33 o'clock, apparently "not
in very great pain.
. W. P. Johnson was tho son of Mr. and
Mrs. Porter Johnson, and, was: boi'ii thirty
yeans ago at Westen; Lewis county. West
Vjrpn'hia.. His early ; education was re
ceivedat Churchland Academy, , Nanse
mond county, and later he took a course
at: Washington and 'Leo University; >at
Lexington: His first, newspaper "expe
rience was .'as reporter on- the: Charles
ton ( YV. Va .) . Evening Mall, and laterj he
hold for somo little timo the. posilionVof
city, editor of the Charleston Gazette. He
went to -Norfolk; where he accepted the
position of city editor of the Pilot, arid
a f terwards li tlcl '"a". ' similh r position with
tho ..Virginian-Pilot after the consolidation
of the two pa pers.. After . three years ; of
Kcod ,york in Norfolk, ho returned. to the
Crt.irleslon Gazette, and came to Newport
• Nfcws In ■ November, IS9B, accepting tho
position of city editor of the Daily Press,
lie. was promoted afterwards, to managing
editor and editorial writer. 'At the time
i cf -his death h«,wc« associate editor. He
ihad.au excellent record as. a. newspaper
'.correspondent, Vand . represented, among
other papr.rs! the Norfolk Landmark,
-Richmond Tines,, and New York Times.
Ho recently, had occssion to decline sev
eral offers fro:n other, -newspapers in- the
Statf. preferring to, remain on ■ the : staff
of ,th<v Daily-Press. . About: eight months
ago his family moved here from" Charles
ton, W.Va., to reside. „-'
'Besides his' father" and. mother, deceased
is survived by five brothers and four.sis
ters— William J. Johnson, of Thurmond,
W. Va..; LndweilH.' Johnson, of Kich
mond; R. M. Johnson, advertising] man
ager of the Daily Press;, LeakoMoC.
Johnson, inchorgo of the, Daily Press's
..press-room,' and James- B." Johnson, of
i.. is city; Mr;-. Vincent Costello, of
Charleston. A"\". V;i.; -and Misses ■ Edomriia.
P., • Olive. M., ar..l AlicoL. , Johnson, of
this city.
Mr. Johnson was a member offthc Vir
ginia. 'Press Assbciatipn,..; the Newport
.News Chamber, of Commerce, and the
Alumni : Society of. Washington/ and Leo
University, in all of which he was an
active worker:: , ■
7*hc funeral will be at 2:50. o'clock to
morrow afternoon.' and: the interment in
Groenlawn 'Cemeterj'; -The services .will
bY conducted by tho Rev. George W.
Wray, pastor, of Trinity. Methodist Epis
copal church. , -
The announcement of Mr." Johnson's un
timely death cast ,n. gloom over his
friends,.- who were legion in 'this section;
3ic was.univorsally.rpopijla"r by reason of
his. splendid ..traits'- of cnaracter, his lova
ble, apposition, his. puro .and -elevated
ideas, ljis -••tfe.rsatilo pen; arid his admira
ble habits and exemplary ;lifo.
AV'cek . I'ast. AVns Full; of Fan .Muni
cipal Matters— PcrsonalN.
WILLLVMSBURG, VA.. January 1 —
: (Special.)— This has been a week of;en
tertainments, in "Williamsburg, affording
infinite pleasure to old and young, who
seemed to enter into the spirit of. the hour
with a determination of -enjoy ing. them
*elyfs;to its.. fullest measure. „' ' :
Lost night Mrs. J. B. C. ] Spencer, gave
aii~:old year party" at tho Colonial Inn.
The, parlors were .beautifully! decorated
with' e.vergreens;. holly berries and mistle
toc/'whil-j many -candles heightened the
beauty of the scene? Mrs. Spencer, always
a charming hostess, "received her guests
in* iv most gracious manner. The merry
party. : watched the pld year out. and Avef
comed the new with song and feasting.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Spen
cer. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Roberts, Mr. arid'
Mrs. H. G. 'Spe.nc.or.' Misses Pattie,' Pinkie';
and Agnes Morecock; Misses Bessie Scott, :
Permanently Cured
.• ; "OBRDTE" 'is a preparation- based .on*: •well
;knouii medical ■'• principle? r'aDdy. prepared' by
- I'hemlfits ; of ; many - years' ■s ta nding. '•■'. ; 1 1 • is . taste
■ less, • odorless, colorless ' and ■ entirely- . without
; any S bad i effects : whatever. It ca n >be giTen ,in
.water,";: milk, ..> tea .- or : coffee, -■ without The ■ jia-
UlPDt'Bjknoivlcdge.V: :\ , ~ -.: ■"-' -„.■'■ ;■.:.->•■ i '-*
; i In most • cases the i craTing for liquor; is : not a
mere : hal>J t ; but ■ a'-. disease; requirlnp- more ;" than ;
will-power.: to eare^ it. >z We'? positively;; guarantee
• that VOKEIITE" will destroy all desire: for;al
: cpholle ■-. stimulants '- in •' any u form,'-; and '■■ wb « will
refund ; tha moner should it ! fail ; to | do .Viso. '"■■ But
; It- never fails '. ;• It'; tones i up ;, the : diseased ( stom-:
; ach ;■■ and Ogives ; - a '.= hearty^- appetite ■;; and ; . good:
digestion.'.v Steady v nerves '* soon s follow « Its •■ nse.^
: DooklPt (waled ) r mailed :■ f r«> > on ,' rpquest. - ■ " -: ; -
|S3 VOERHfE'. 1 - i* ■ endorsed Jby th* *"W; •• C. " T: : TJ,,':
. public -y men.' v clergymen,?* physicians,:?-, nombora j
of i thc'-Y. ; M.. 1 G- A:, aad. thousands "of :otherß.~;: otherß.~;
i i Jtx.r- B, ;f F.i: Bmlth,-? President s of ; B. i Fv-i Smith :
Fireproof $ Construction's Co., C; ,
.writes : , "Numerous $ cases ; have ; cqme t ; undcrj my]
observation of ; the ; wonderful i ipower i t>ts- ycur, !
i remedy » for,i alcoholism.;'.. 1 1 envy.-, yoa I the \ great;
. opportunities \ you !to \ bring ;; Joy, | happiness •
ajid ;■ health ~: to •: makkind.' j May :r- you ? prosper
yourjgood work." \ , , , ■{ ; " ,
; ; JI. FER BOX— 6 BOXES 'FOR 15. -
534 east Main street.
■•^iSrttarid Broad ctreoc*.
f~— ~l j . --;—.-- : '^™ I'^^1 '^^"1" 1 '-<*.'' i,'i : '~" "v ~i i^.;""'"
-,•'-. jrm, '1. '_*'* ■_-, j-j- il - _.- V - ■ '*_—-,'.-_' ~- ■■■■ *, ■ -V- "-■ _■ '"' ■-
:bfrEwelU Sheldon,' o£ Madison, TV'is^; Vir
ginia [Peachy* Wise, . Suo Webb, .Xbuise^
Ida; :and Catherine: Henley, Mary.- Waller
Mercer, Lcttie .Warburtoh;: Louise Harri
'so'n,';: Julia Arniistead. Nannie Turner," of
Louisa: the Mesdaincs Chapman, and Miss
!Chapman^oC'^ r is'conshi.-';;'Messi > s;'iM:^B."'
;Harren,NE. W. Warburton, T." G: I Peachy,
. JaTtnea Barron. of the TJniversityj'of Vir ".
gihia; Armistead Barron, ; of Norf oik," Va. ;
John .Hundley. /S: C. Blackiston. and E.
Irwiri, of 'Hampton; : Oscar JOanc,-' Blaiiy
arid Peachy Spencer, R. B. Dado, H. L:
Kobertson, of Ottawa, 'Can.; Dr. -H. A:
Wise, Mr. C. G. Reeve;" of" Green -Spring."
: The' Baptist" V" Sunday : school : : gave i- a
Christmas cantata Tuesday night, under
the direction of Misses Cornelia' Mullen
sndLucy Vaiden. An interesting 1 "pro
gramme was rendered, and ■ at ' the close
]:Sarila c Cla.us. assisted by the Fairies, "gave
! avbeautiful box of candy to each 1 boy "and
■girl. " " '. " ' ' * '
The Methodist Sunday school, will give
its Christmas tree to-morrow night, the
arrangements and decorations having
been almost completed. ; . : '
.Miss Emily Christian delightfully . en
tertained to-night the Willia'msburg Senior
Whist ; Club. at. her home :'on Francis
The ladieK of Williamsburg will- give a
return germanto the young men of; the
town and college in tho William, and
Mary: gymnasium next Monday night. -.'
The Williamsburg Business Men's Asso
ciation will' hold its next. regular ,:meeting
to-morrow night, at which ;tiin'e reports
from the committees on 'tho" advisability
of . holding, a county lair, and the estab
lishment of a. canning factory, 'will bs
heard. . ' ' . • V
Mrs. J.B. Spencer has just;icarned. that
.her uncle, Mr. F. G. Rogers, ie dead in
•Portland, .Me. ;jVlri ; Rogers "married Miss
Mary Cary Peachy, of Richmond.
. Efforts are being made to ascertain" how
many electric lights private families, and
firms will take in town, in ordei that the
City/ Council may bo able to make. a!
proposition to the -Board of 'visitors of j
William and Mary College .jo have; that!
institution furnish from its proposed new |
.plant .lights for' tho'streets of • Williams- •
burg-/ v .-: ■■ :■'.:..":.■■"" -" _■?.
. Mr.* Hamilton Ward, of Buffalo, Is ex
pected here in a few days to visit friends. I
Mr. C.B. Chapman is in Madison, Wis.,'
visiting his former home. .';-'"
. Mr. H. L. . Robertson, of : Ottawa. Can.,
.who':has;beeiv the guest of his college,
mate, Mr. Blair Spencef. at the University
College of Medicine, left to-night for Rich
mond. : '
• .Mrs. ,C. ; G. Reeve, of : Greeii . Spring, , has •
been spending the holidays- in Camden. |
N. '.T. ;" : - : > " ; . ■ -
Miss Louise -Braithwaite, who has been
on a visit to her; mother, Mrs. W. H.
Braithwaite, has gone to Rbanoks. ;
Dr. A. V. K. Deekens has returned from
Fredericksburg^Md., where he; was called
by" tho death of his aged father. :
Mr. Armistead Barren, of Norfolk, and
Mr. James Barron,- pf the- University of
Virginia.'are guests' at the Colonial Inn.
w - Misses E.lrwin and Winder Segar, of
Hampton, were in town to-day. ' ; -" ! .
.Rev. William A. R. Goodwin, of Peters
burg-, was: here yesterday, the guesUof
Dr.. Van F. Garrett. . ■■■. '< ::
Sheriff M. r R. Harrell spent, yesterday in
Richmond. . ■.., . : - ■>_ i". ,"
■ Lectures have been resumed' at: William
and Mary ■ College", although there j are
many students lingering at home- ■ •
The colored people .for' miles ..a round
flocked to .Williamsburg 'to-day, the occa
sion being the "'emancipation celebration."
It is not figurative to say the streets were
black with people, and in all manner of .
costumes. " A parade, took place, and- the
hand pin yod. The crowd: was orderly and
very enthusiastic, , -:
Brilliant Affair M "Ellcralic"—
Many 'Have ;• Obtained" Ice—PcrftO
..: ;«alx. : .' - ■ : '
I—^Special.)— Many of. Louisa's peopuj
.filled their, ice-houses Monday. The ice
in -sonic instances was three., inches in
thickness with a. general average, "ot-itwo
and a half, inches. -A great number o£
peoplp failed ;to. get any ice afall,'owmg
r to the lack of water, the breaking ot
dams, or, the "unfavorable position; or
their, ponds. . . • » '- .
The happivst anrl grandest event. of th^
holidays in this section was a". grand ball
given r.t •'EUorslie". by Mr. and Mrs.
B.'F.Yaughan in; honor of ; Miss .Plaiiio
•Vaughan,-. of: Richmond.. Friday night-..
.Dancing' began at 8 o'clock r. ; M. and;
continued until 2:30 A. M. At midnight
there was served an elegant supper; of a
substantial character. . which consisted of
meats, pastries. ' fruits, tto. . The recep
tion hall and- ball-rooms were artistically,
and elaborately, decorated . with -ferns/
! running cedar, and -mistletoe :Music, was
furnished by the piano and .violin: ' , -
Among those present and' participating
in the delightful occasion were Miss Eva
Atkinson, of Frederick's --.Ujill, and <her
sister. Miss Myrtle: Misses -.Lucy; and
Bess Holladay. Misses Sadie and -Eliza
beth Hardenbergh. Miss r Mattio Leiteh.;
Miss Clara Harris, Misses -Lucy., and
Daisy ;. Vaughan. • and -Miss; -Hallie
Vaughan/ of Richmond. Among the g't-n
tlemen were>Messrs. Xewtph. and Rich
ard .Vaughan. yof Ashland; Walker and;
"Alplieus-.Chewning. of,. Richmond; Dot
Boxley.' ;H*enry and George; Davis, .and:
■\Villiani'H.enry Maddox;^ of -Spotsylvania'
county; Clarence - Chewning.-of I Caroline
county:* Drs.; ...Massv;y; ;: DeJarnette.' ; arid,
Dew. .'all of Spotsyl vanla. r county : Messrs.
Garth; 3Sllett;D«Jarnette, : ;: Everett- and
[■•Bernard 'f Harris. ; ; Willie .Carpenter;- Mor-i
rissett, of Richmond;: Frank Vaughan,'
i and Dr. E. A. Terrell. v ;; : V . ' .._■';. '
■ :;Jlr. -, HampcJen P."" AValler, of.
•:ton, : - D. C. "is spending a few- days-v at:
iK'esmick .with his friend, ;Mr.;C. E.
■Spicer.. '-,.■■'..■■ -v. . . -, ". ":'■; '••.. ,^:'- : . -■■-. ,-: .■,..■-:
A\Mr; -Thomas B. Young- j visited'; friends;
near ;Louisay this S week. y. -. v 1 •- . : "
: . Mr.™ Charles Hardenbergh: of Richmond, .
is: visiting: his' home, at: this "place. T ,,:. ,
: .Miss ■ Mary.J.-HarrJs, of; Richmond, after,
spending '."'several' .- days "-with C Miss '.[ L. :
; Maude L-polndexter.,; has ; returned ;h oriie.:
•'■■■' Mr. Conway . Chewning,- of - Partlow, IVa.f
'is «; expected ;.;.' home -.1 from "' Harrison burg. >
'where •he has been spending: the Christ- "■
mas week; on the-; 3d : instant. : . '; : ,'v<3 - : _ ; , ' :
i'-Mr.3Percyß; Spicer, after .paying hiSv
parents"; 1 a>; flying visit, is ;aguin at I : hisi
"post ■of duty. lat Hewlett. ...Va'--: v .'' ; '•-;-..• VHV H - ;K'
k?v!udge"F^ W. ■ Sims. and ■ Hon: i"R:v Lindsay:
Gordon;* of ; Louisa;'; spent aportion ; of ?,thei
.week^with 1 Colonel ; Winston, of ; this . cpun-*;
ty,«fox-huhtfng. . ,
I? Captainsß^ ; A: ; Trice.- after a magriiOcent"
'chaeesyesterday., \'tailed"sa;spleridid/gray>
Jfox>onrfLittle;;river.J;Louisa is .yerilS-.-.the':'
spqrtsirian's paradise. \
>.;^y '■:-:'£: :';-A r "^.".V".' * ' "■"'■'*' V| '.?; v!\- : : ~'- "• -'.:V ■
A Dance At Smithfield. j
SMiyiIFIELD, VA.. January- 1.-rSpe
'cial.)^The. Christmas .festivities were -joy'^
: fully brbugrit to_ a close here last;riight;: by.- ;
;a;slargelysattendeds^dance given at .the
About 10 o'clock the dancing b't;:_in to
m^rtclftirnishedSbyf Howard's ;; orchestral
of^Korfollr., , \<gm
Araongr those present were Misse? Con-
Minnio Boykin, Ives,Bar^|
:rt^i'Ma^3Be'rsin;^irKima : feUndeTwo'od^
;L; L U Itc hJ Jor3an^V^si^BraMi^,Cjack";Un
.derwood, Geofgie | BarroTr; ; Maggie ■ Bat
;ten.-Nelly Batten,* Nannie? Chapman. Lot
.tle ;.Wilson. Emily 'Doik, 4 air's.'; ~El : H." Cof erj
i Mrs:- W.VC. ; Ames, " Messrs. ■John: "Wilson;
Dick .^•flson, .Frank Simpson. James :,T.
lia P™^ n ' James 1 Chapman.:: H. B.
: Chapman, Ryland' Chapman. L: M. Cobb,'
Clem- Powell,-- Blair. Langhornc;":rTouris
-oykin,' Pegram; Boykin/. Gordon -Delk,'
: Harry Folk, "Peyton Young, s Peyton Turn
errrßudolph Siegle, Hari-ey Min ton,: Jack
; Barrow, ,. Ray .Turrier.-iTom Turner, 1 ; Sid
ney Johnson. Charles Libby, -and Dr.- L* C
Brock, of this -place. ' ':.'■"■'■ . ' , „" .
.;■ The out-of-town ". guests: were -Miss Eu
nice Mintori. of? Chuckatuck: Misses' :,Ur
quhart and Mary. Jordan.. of , Suffolk; Miss
>V"hite: .. of Lambert's' Point; Miss ; Annis
Berrj". of Bedford City; Miss Sauriders,.
of Nansemond; Mr. ajid Mrs. TV".';J.-Phy
sioc:- .' of Ossining, N. V. ; Messrs." White;
Atkinson^ Smith:, and Meredith, of "Nor
folk; Messrs.' Phillips, 'Branch, Withers.
Holla day, Elam,rand West, !of Suffolk;
Mr. K.F. Gay,. of Washington i and Lee
University, and Dr. Kcllam, of the East
ern Shore. ;.".! '; .• >
.'.At-half after 2, the dancing ceased, and
the ; majority of the dancers repaired . to
the home of Colonel. R.E.' Boykin, where
supper .! was served.- ; - : " ■[ J . .: :j
Messrs. Leseurc 111 At Xerrport X'eTrs
An Old Ladj-Js Death.
ARVONIa, VA., Jan. I.— (Special.)—
Mrs: Berry -Leseure and her son. .Mr.
Frank Lescurc, have been summoned by
telegram to -Newport News, on account r.f
the r illness of Messrs. William and'Foun
taine Leseure". ,< The former'is convalesc
ing from an attack of. pneumonia," while
the latter is critically ill at the hospital,
suffering from -typhoid pneumonial
Telegrams^ are received : daily at this
place, stating : the "condition of the pati
ents.-.-. ■■'. - * -'■ ' ..;; :.: ;' ";' - /
The widow" Tancey, of New Canton, was
found, dead; in a chair Tuesday , evening
with her knitting in : her hands. She was
a very old lady, and her death was the
result" of- heart ; trouble. ' .'" : : ":;"''. • ■■:■"■ ■..:-■"'
: Misses: Susie M. Wilson and jiacie Wil
.liams will leave- Arvonia- to-day « to make
.a visit to -their [relatives, the-MissesVVVli
liams, 16 South Third "street. Richmond.
Miss Lucy Duval, ' a teacher at Hannah '
7'lore Academy,- Reistertown,.. Md., left
this ; village .Wednesday to resume her
duties. ' : ,■;.;
-vMiss Pearl Thfockmorton. of Richmond.
ai >6r . spending . the holidays with friends
here, has returned home. 0 - •. : -
.; Misses Du^ - al.. Edwards, Anderson arid
Bir,d,*;'pupils of Farmvllle Institute, v/ere
visitors during "the -holidays. . '
. jVIr. John . Shaw, who has been iinder
the treatment of a Richmond eye special
ist, arrived in ArvoniaV Saturday, much
improved. '"; , ' -
Bis ' Sale of Cattle—Jacob Hepner
111— -Tyro "VVctldinss. „.'"'..•
"WOODSTOCK. VA.. January. 1-—(Spe
cial.)— Mr. J. Alexander Carter, of Mount
: Jackson, v- Shenandoah 'county, has sold
: 100 head of cattle from : Mount' Airy ; farm .
whose ■ Average . weight was. 1,339- pounds.'
.These cattle will be shipped' to Baltimore
in one lot. v.iiere they will be exported. .
Mr. Jacob Hepner, who hoids the dis
tinction'of being the 1 oldest man in' Shen
andoah. county, having arrived at the ago
of 03 years, suffered from a stroke of
[paralysis -on'- Friday. morning,Vand is in'a
precarious .condition.: Until recentlj' ha
was able to do a. full day's work, and
thought nothing; of walking several miles
to visit neighbors. * "'-■"*!'
On" ; next Friday; night, King Arthur
Lodge, Knights of Pythias, No. 75, the
most., flourishing ..." lodgoV in Shenandoah'
county, will install the : foi lowing officers
for tho 'ensuing. term : ;.%V.; .%V. L. Dosh, chan
cellor^ commander; B. P. Hoover, vice
commander; (i. AY. Lambert, rnaster-at
arms'.rG. IT. Uaun, master -of , exchequer;
J. IJ.' Dulin; master. of finance; Rev. J. 11.
Haley, prelate-; Rev. "\V. J. Coqlcc, 1 keeper
of records and seal: P.M. P'ravel, inside
guard; I. 11. Harris,; outside j guard, and
Rev. \V. J. Cocke, Grand Lodge repre
sentative,; .; .- -. ■■. ' ' : ■■ ■■ : : " ./ -- ; '■■'■.■■■ .■; ... : :." ;
Miss Eftic C.Pinglc and Mr. Walter R.
OrndortY, of Qranda. Shenandoah county,
.were T>iu)et|y. married at Toms Creek.yes
terday.» The ceremony was performeel ■'■ by.
tho Rev. T. J. Feaslor. . at tho United
~<ret!u-en Parsonage. •- . -:
Miss: Lucy Downey, daughter of Mr.
and 'w?5. D. D. '.'.-.Downer, of Bowraans,
Shenandoah county, "was married rat" the
home of the bride's parents to Mr. TV'il
liam C: "Gfandstaff." The ceremony, was
performed by Rev. TV". J. Cocke, pastor
of thc'Christiah church; at Edenburg. .
I Glinipse of Its Progveas •iv ■ 1002-.
j /Proposed Fprniiare Factory. f v
I : CHASK CITY. .VA., January I.—(Spe
hciaD^-Iri ;alluthe: lines of v material : .ad-i
h.vancernent. the past, yedr^ has.; been a. suc
hcessful one for this town.. New. buildings
[| have? been erected, new enterprises "com-
I ■ menced, : progress . and prosperity are pro
!. claimed -in 'every direction.- '_ . /. - •
, The tobacco market from actual ; sales
I of ; the raw product : has exceeded- "all
previous y eiars * and the . amount - of ' money!
placed'in circulation:; at ; least' doubled; ;'
- .The; business, outlook ;fpr another year
is unsually: encouraging? .There : is: now
an /active, demand \f or residerices, lots,
and' .manufacturing:-, sites.;:- Contractors
Icaririot, get enough hands: for brick' and
carpenter's: work. •;. •' ; , , „. ' ..
A .meeting 'of;' citizens r- was;:, held >: this.
■ week- to y start ;:a;;plan.^for' the)-establish^
■ merit of 'a furniture | maiiufacturingTplarit :
"at^thjs; place, ijtjwill;: require]] Ho,ooo
•ebmnience the enterprlse.^Of: [this. amount;
stock . has; already; beeh t ; taken ■■"exceeding
?10,000. ■■■;« For ; the 1 balance ; we < assured:
}the -chief of ' the : schehie/^arid
ythorpughly-ifaniiliar;\with; .th^bualness,t
■'subscribed^ . : s3,ooO.'"- ; ; "An faburidance-of-rnate-;
;rial ■(. here:- is^ now >\ going, "to", was tel* and ;
rwhichvcan^beXutilized/vThe ;demanoVjfor
\ furniture^ is ': coritiniibus^andSwlth^ skilled
workmen ; : arid I 'modern "there ;
:i3 : good \ profi t ; : f or^ the. ; s t6ckhplders.VThe I
, experience -; of shundreds;;bf (furniture :-fac-:
; torles U. in '<■ the % Sou thtJ substantiates ?" this ">
JSThejfartners"; complainjof ; a? scarcity ; of '•■
i negro. i labor, > but Vt;the; ; irsuccessful^: ones';
i utilize itheir ■ • 6 wn ': : white I help' arid if say ? tho ;
|^gr^can^shiftj;for^himseJf." ' ;. „-, - r -
Jw^Thlst is practical "' philosophy and a
of I the i trouble: Jt •is i their : pur- "\
more ;:thoroughly'SehfJchj the? land.* \
"ho new hotel. . VThe" Mecklenburg-."
ir all its '.appointments, is a
[great;; attraction • lor \ the,; town', and 5s
"already receiving a eocd shrkre of, patron
■ ifut^rjUMieri the] man» ffexnentjof the same
: ?S«ntlOTens,whoircontrolsth*lfainousTJ^f^
■ [yoi^fr^doubt^|Th^lsa^torlunil?^<spart^
} raent; with Its|spactous|»tmllg!ht:||conrl^l
1 dors, 1 ; extensive £'. \ baths,^ unique f mineral'
| iwa^s/fajjdjup;^^
: ■t]wiplaCTfa';lia'i ; en» ff a : liope^£orith6'afflfct : ?j
'cd. '■ ■ - ■I- \^t##
'i '?.. One |bf - 1 the ? best /evidences >of vtho ! subjj
tatahtial ;fadv^«zneijt |6f . sinter^.
f ests flier : o] is i| the Jrepor t\ of iitlfej twdibanks."
' which 'show; such y^surprlslnsilncreasa'ta 1
■resources. - _„ . -'%*^M
>•; The educational jj! opportunities *& here ;
shave neverbeJ!n;better.provldedffor;lan<l r
f their v patronage ? evinces ? the f appreciation^
■ to? which they, are held.'- ;
jp The condition 'of Mr.sWalter»y. J ; Gregory. :
(chairman ~'iof | the'-Board (of; Supervisors \ of
I Mecklenburg,'! • ..who ±i.vras;Si stricken s,'with"(;
\ paralysis %in Danville ! A3 few ? weeks I agoA
i is ' still Jseriou:3. 1 ! Hctjs:now; at{bisshome
I here. ' - _ ' J .i~'.~',-~ :~?-h'£.: ~?-h'£. ■' ■ '" j~-
::Jessc^ Jones,;' of vHamptoar^Va:^
who>. has '■'. invested * largely in \- hotel ] • and;
fpther : property * at* this : place, . yes^
(terdayiwiUi\jtiview/.to further^purchases
and Hmproveinents. : ? ; ;^> v-- ■„ .
~i Engineer. McKennon is now. locating- .the
: Blackstone and^ChasQ City^ railroad,, and;
vwork 'will "commenceTajr; soon (as^posslble.^
: 'J£- charter ha s' been "granted ■ for,; this roadi;
•When CbuiltjYts i ; advahtageito s this town"
and the"; county of vX-uncnburs '-will, be in-.
: calculable. •» • ■ / - '--• -
v JWc haVe now one railroad and although
within" threc^and- aihalf-hours jofßich-l]
mondvwe have a stm-dovrn and a mid-"
night : train? from sthat ; city. _
? ,With improved ;■ mail - and .passenger
facilities, the town . -would,; start on tho
new- yearswith ' renewed hopes. -But -now,
.we Tarej handicapped^ 1 by the ': most misery
.able intolerable :• ■ m*ail y" and .";• passenger
' schedules; from -'Richmond, the place; with
which iWe ;l.Use;;to be : in . direct and speedy, i
'Attendance' Goort In Spite of Cn
: faTornWc Conditions. :
I NEW OKI/EANS/ ; LA.. 1-—De
spite unfavorable conditions, tho attend
ance at the races to-day was good. .Light
Hunt and ; "Witful were the winning fa
vorites. Summaries: ,?'l l : : .V. .".
:'\. First race— five furldngs—Mamselle (15
to 1) -won.' Mrs. .Frank Foster (S to 1) sec-:
ond, PrideFof Galore .< 3to 2) third, -.Tune,;
l:05;l-5/";;;" ;;.'/:".; ;.'/ : ". ; : "' ; ;-- -; : -" ■' ;-';; -' ;i ;V. : ' :-\: -\
! Second race— six f urlongSr-Philo (12 to 3)
won, Henri' McDaniel (11 to 5) second,;
Scorpio (Si to 5) third. Time.'l:lG.
f Third! race— five: and a half furlongs; ;
selling— Light Hunt "."'(? to 2) won. Paul
Crey tohl (10 to 1) : second, ; Barnassus (8 to
I); third. Time, 1:11 2-3. " / \: _ "';'.; ".;
-:■': Fourth race— New._Tear handicap: mile
arid seventy yard&r-Witf ul . (2 to 1) won.
Maghoni (15 to 1) second, Clendon (2 to 1)
third. Time, 1:52. -;• .. .-"■'»*
V; Fifth race— seven furlongs; selling—Mo
roni (7: to l)'won, Lord Neville'- (15 to 1)
second. Zack Ford (7 to 1) third. w Time,
1:41 1-5. •■.'•■ - , ' ;;.:;•• . "
Sixth- race— mile and seventy yards; sell
ing—Mosketo (S to 1> won. Flaneur ("5 to 1):
second; Miss Shanlcy"(so to 1) third. .Time,'
1:52 1-5. '■ ■'• -■ ;' * ' ■-'•■' - ':-'■
Joseph n. Lamar, of Antrnnta, Named
i. . to Succeed Him. „
• ATLANTA, GA., Januarjrl.— Associate
Justice ■ ; 'WIlHam A. Little, of the Supreme
Court of Georgia, to-day . t endered -his
reslsnation to Governor. Terrell "The GOV7
ernor named Joseph K. Lamar, oEAusus I
ta. to succeed .Judge^Little. Illrhealth
was the cause, of \ tho resignation.
St. Patricks Social Club.
: St. Patrick's Social Club will give a. 1 de
lightful-musical 'entertainment on next
Tuesday, evening - at-, their., horna oh Twen-.
ty-sixth arid Grace -streetsJ "
Quito an elaborate . musical programme
has been arranged, and % some or the best
musical .• talent in . the city will - take part-
New Year's Dinner
will be complete when you/have
added one or more of our Des
serta to your menu. "
; We mention a few. . "
Ice Gream, all flavors,* Bisque,
Tiitti Frutti, Matron, and Nesse
•brode Pudding/ Pistaches, Plom
bier, Blanc Mange, and ■ other
frozen. desserts, too numerous to
mention. .;..'.• l
Charlotte Russe, all 'styles,
Fruit Gakes, arid twenty other
'kinds. Mince and Pumpkin Pies,
and others.. ; : ,
• It will be to. your interest to
call at our -store; and v see the
choice collection of Toys, Boxes,
Gornucopias, Favors, Cases/ Bas
kets, .&c. " \ . : ;:
We defy competition in
Prices as low asany, and qual
ity and variety superior to all.
GOME and; SEE: ■ " i
Let tis have your "orders early.
. 11l East Main Street,
Both Phones.' " • : *
We Are
We have the resources, talent,
and experience for supplying
these goods in a manner that ad
mits of - neither loss nor dissatis
faction to our custoaiers- We buy
laTgeiy,becaasews:;seU largely.
Large buying ; makes low- selling:
possible, while preserving a high
standard of - ; quality/ at^the -same;
itime; ■ ■::.'^^r
After Sickness
I^^^^"'- : - : " : ' ; -' j '"-"''' ?; '-?- ii ' > -'^s :^^^s
THE^SYSTEM, : -;?|lfl
c ;^y jii Rcfnnfl .tlic f Prices o*o
Vinol if It Fails,
-t.'-Xnc.TppTStp>ai'rt of sicktiess> freqmnSfS^
ly, is getting over H. "
The patient's ; strength i» fdepleteja[|fl
his Bystem ! is genefally, Vdemoralind^l
relapses V ai«?cont^uaUy?fciu^vfia#|:l
naturally.;. ■■ '. . " ;-§gg^
r\;;) The I one ,thin^ : to aid : recovery;.: ItfjM®
give tho patient j^at whichwill etuib^g
him to get Vtro|igV 'twi'd at
giyej'strength l j difect'to ■ the v \iijffereirf M
organs of the tody.'- .
\ like VmhVr- £■&&?
I »tes ';a)he«lthy:!appetiite^^dVeMl>le4^
the digestive organs ; to obtain7theSec*^|
j , essary:eleme^ts. to increase .^j^ivigiifi'l
| ;;'of the patierit^nd to make new ha^t&jf lj]
| flesh and muscle tiMnxe i and pupe^ricftj^
red Hood.
! ■; i . The ; flowing (|a^'\Utter |ihw^Diii
'where Tm^;was' : tai^ : fMdi;did : goc«3
after a • case of ■' aiclcdesi.^' v lt wads^aSfi
follows: I * V I
' ■ ;. ,"I ,wishto"cer«fy;.(toltiiß;.wy gr»t,l
teAefit>whi^' : ehas : :beeAideriyed.|ilro^^^
the use s 'of '^Vinol in'yinjjr;. family. S|Mji|||
- afterward nan "down.f*ofi^^
bottle of Vinol places her; on. her feet |j|
in better condition' than ; she) had \ oeexitSf
before in six months.
ommend ; and (endorse' it." — HKnrr,jj\ ri
Sturtev ant, 84. Huntington St., Brocln ;
ton, Mass. . . .;■ _,-- , ■-.
Everything that Is In Vlnof fs
plainly printed on the label ol
each package. . f
We know Vinol Is a splendid
preparation* And in many cases "■■ 'i
we ha ve bten able to see for our
selves the wonderful results it
'brings about. ''-Ir.1 r . , - . ■ \
Remember that we guarantee ' ■■■■
Viriol # : and v refund ;; tlie ' pu>dtuaa||
money if you are not satisfied;
The TraglejDrugCoiDpaDy; , ;
We Wish You a
Hajppy I^ew Year
as Veil as a. '-.prosper-,
eras one. -We than£;
y on fpT; vpttr "spleiir;
'', did ; Koliaay patron
age -—the best you
V&ye K'eyer 1 .; git en ttsy
i : :W c '■} thianK you for
your ;patiepce and ;
jProod huidpr in wait
: ing t cheerfully' on '\
:the 'fcrp wded days."
' t ; ,W e > solicit your .
'" future* businea«;andv
policy of Ibj^esipbs^}
sible prices,"consisfe|?
ent with^good. qual- ";
i4th and Main Sts.
A Lc«tb«r Or«ss Salt C«i» |
-: ■:- ~f*anWwlCl»rW(n«»fre«enL /. [\\]*.
Coma sad see th« eleaant ttjlea we hava,;, -.
■v.."'-.;;;'-.-:- ; :' joat reccyed. - c - .
We 6an Show You at v s6*^ -[:
- ,
the kind that you have alway* «eej :S
marked at $10.00.
We carry a full line of
and can give you/, special. valttwlStf^i
Shoe and Trunk^H6use;:;:S
6iBE: Bto^ StOet. / "Vf^|gd*vS
i . ■ . ■ 1 '■ 1. '■ - I.' i..-i.ass S 1
... ;■ ;*. Vir--: v;.-..: .-"--».v-.v;-i";-:v.,\.: .;::;• :,X'-,'r::?-M-:-izssSS^^
j ?iWe want your, hauling forl2CS^¥o4lS
want to save ' tuoneyi - ; Then slett^tßpSi
manager call and make you an estt.v vj
Independent Traiisfe^Co^-;
:': ' : :-rQ^ : :,^-SBOTHtiPHONESinsS- 2 " >; 'o*m, j
;£Tba t quick' ■ and } ww ;eui«.yf or ; M«sili: -^
kidney*. ~: Small >. bottU > Sfe. i large-.-fft&^jp
- .>*■ - v--~

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