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WHOLE? XUj\IBER 16^130.
WASHINGTON, £>. C .: Jan. '■. 2.—Fore
tasiTfor Saturday and Sunday:
Virginia— Rain Saturday; Cooler, in ex-
Ireine southeast portion; Sunday, fair
Mid co\6(s; variable winds, becoming
u-ctt to; northwest, and fresh.
North Carolina— Fair in wtst, rain
md coWer in casf portion, Saturday; Sun-
Jaiv telr; fresh west to northwest winds.
The weather in Richmond yesterday
w&a ra.iny. cool and "disagreeable in ;the
sxtrernc. Th"c range of tho Dispatch
Ihcrmomcter was as follows:
fi A. M... 4^ \
« a. m...... ......:..... «
12 M..... - ..4*
2 P. M....... :....."...... 41
c p. m. .:... .■...-.; -40,.'
13 Night..... Ai
Mean temperature ...43 5-6
Thomas Bruce, a great Erraridson. of Pat
rick HerirjVljeld in Newark. N. J.. on the
charge- of bigamy, llemarkable storyjpt
j,i s ]jf c Marcus Auerbach says he will
remain in Jiichmond to build new tubu
lar steamship K. Cv Helrirlch." a former
rcsiiScnt, drops dc^.d in ICew Yqtlc, fol
io wing receipt cf unsatisfactory letter
from Ills sweetheart J. A. Pampliri
elected to succeed James T. Disney as
OHy Hall cn^incr Heliglous Herald to
ce'cbiate Its Hi »v-sevcnth anniversary
tb?r month- — Final cJlort will' be made
Sunday, from Baptist pulpit?, to save
Virginia Institute from forced sale— -
Delegate "West's report on status of Dr.
McLean In Uie General AEsembIy—
MANCHESTER-Masqucrade ball given
by Misses Hyde and Woislg<>r a brilliant
i.ucccss- — New transfer system may be
inaugurated- — Funeral of Miss Flora
Hatcher at Chester— Home of Mr. E. W.
"U'eisipcr robbed. ; ,
Three more fatalities result from the
toy p.'sJoJs sold In Norfolk. This makes
&'.x: laiest victims arc lir.;-mond Joyner,
.Tf-ssie Eaton, and Sam V Jlklns <;color
,,d)__Louis Calvcrt and 'George-Wright
have lockiaw in Norfolk; both hurt by. toy.
pl Ein is — -Rev. Dr. Frank Pape. brother
of Thomas kelson Pac?c. rccei'-cs a.call
from St. John's Kpiscopal church. Brook
lyn Natural Bridge Hotel Company
chartered; it will make a modern park
bt the bridge Ernest Wright, of Nelson
county. ' accidentally shot and killed—
Deaths: "-3\lrs. Sallie Yaricey, .at New
Canton; Miss Flora Hatcher, in Chester
field; Benjamin F. Bunting, in 'Norfolk;
Mrs. Lucy Easley. in r'ttsylvanla; Mrs.
\V. W. Taylor, in Peteiaburg; Griflsn Or
pain, in Dinwiddie; Mrs. K. L. Evat-s, in
Alleghany Clarence Howard (colored)
mortally wounded by John Henderson
(colored) In .Roanoke Calvary Baptist
church Uoanoke, has called Rev. J. M.
Thompson, of PHtsburg. brother-in-law; of
Mary Johnston, authoress— —Captain C.
.T. Hunter, of Clifton Forge, accidental
ly given an 1 ovrdose of strychnine A
shooting in Floyd county.
Kew Tork ' stock market dull. • Call
money 15- — Bearish foreign news main
cause -for lower prices in wheat at Chi
cago RocV Island Company— new com
pany—declares quarterly dividend of 1
per cent, on preferred Dun says new
year begins with every prospect of ex
ceptjon.il activity in all branches of busi
nfiss Representative Underwood de
clares, for Richard Olney as Democratic
nominee for President— —New Orleans and
San. Francisco railway chartered-r—'Dele
gation of Virginians invites the' President
and his Cabinet- .to visit the University
of Virginia on^the 16th of June, alumni
da.y New Orleans now without supply
cf " fu»l oi!^—^Thrce stores in Gadsdcn."
Ala,, with t.hbir contents, .burned- — -South
ern railway flits, answer denying allega
tions of discrimination "against "Live and
Xfct; : Live' : Coai; Company" — —Bolivia and
Peru "agree to arbitration by Argentina
bf their boundary d.cpult — -Money in suf
ficient demand, at New- York to make' 9
to. lo per cent, the rato for most of" the
iunds put. out Post-office at Indianola,
Mies., closed, the postmistress, a colored
woman, having' resigned under compul
sion., it is alleged, and case "is turned
over to Attorney- General "for action--: —
Pacific cable completed to Hawaii: — Cas
tro's condition was an alternative nropo
fHlon: that Venezuelan case be tried -.by.
one of the American republics — —Senator
Hoa.r. makes public his anti-trust bill — -
Pressed Steel Car Company proposes pro
fit-sharing plan-— So-called equality _„ or
TActor' nlan in . supar trade to
be • done. away with by the
American -Sugar Refining Company
Coll'ory, caves in uncler heart of town
of j Oliphant,. Pa., and four houses are
•^nguJied. '.but nobody is hurt Wild en
£rin«> rrnshes.into fast passenger train
D.I Stielbourne. Vt.. and the crews, of both
locomotives are killed Bret Harte's
estate valued 'at Sl .Soo— General Greene,
New, York's new Commissioner of Policf,
"will ."appoint three additional Inspectors
and Inaugurate a system of telephone sig
nsJ boxes Proposed base-ball peace con
ference- will probably not be held
Northeastern Sacnperbund will rehearse
programme for its June lest in Richmond
April 13th..
Thirty-Fourth Anniversary
Finds 166 Members on
the Roll. ~
Damon Lodge, No. ; 7. Knights of Py
thias, celebrated its thirty-fourth anniver
sary, last night at Masonic Hall, on Twen
ty-fifth street.
The Lodge held a business' meeting at
iVTarehall- Hall. Tho annual .report was
read, and showed the organization to: be
to excellent condition. Tho record which
Damon Lodge holds is "one fof. which it
should be proud. The lodge has 166 mem
bers., The report for the. year showed
an increase of twenty-two , and ' that
there were no losses from death or sus
pension, something which- is ; very: un
common, indeed, and particularly hi a
iodge the -size;, of Damon.
The olfieers who were elected In July
were installed last ni^ht. They are: Chan
cellor Commander. ,E. D. Richardson:
Vice-Chancellor, \V. C. Butler; Prelate.
W." E. Sherer; Master of Work. G. W.
Herndon: Master 6f Finance. AY. Dickey;
Master of lixchequer, J. T. Allen; Master
of Arms, J. W. Arnold; Inner Guard,
J. L: Speights; Keeper of Records and
Seal, 11. A. Hughes; Outer Guard," W.~C.'
Gale. "'■ ; : ; : . '— .. ■; -. ' '
After, the routine business, the lodge
aUjournedi to Masonic Hall, on Twenty-
Jiltli street, where a. iriasjnincentj ban
quet, was .'served, tho menu being an" elab-.
orate one. In the, course of the-' evening
remarks appropriate .to ; the '"'.-.. occasion
- were- made byi'tbe officers -and members
of f . the lodge.- Past GraridtCharicellor D.
C Rl chardsoa, acted as toastraaster.,^..
There were a 1a 1 number of visiting breth
ren present, and they, also, were called
upon- to "speak. * ' - "
In- July, 1500,. Past GrandtChancellor.
: Rjchai-dson offered a handsqirie.-Pj'.tliian
jewel to the' inembcr ■u-ho would ;bririg
Into the . lodge : the greatest „number ■ ; of
acoeptablo members before -January ...: 3 ',.
"1501. 'During tlie two : terinsu there: was
X a- tie, ; but -at the end of; 1902;^ Mr.? J: -".L'.'-
;. Speights v.-as declared -.the wiiiner. ;ancl:
the ;mc-<lal was presented .. to him; last
; ;. ; night. Hon. : Jefferson : TValla ce,i " a ■ merii-;'
her of Tyantioe Lodge; "ma/lo'thepreeenta-
UonH The r bajiquet;"clos^S'wlthi^he"s 6lnK-;
1 lag of th* 1 Lodge od*. ' " " '
!■■■ - > .
Scion Of One Of Virginia's Most
Prominent Families In Jail,;
BciicTed to. Have' Had Many- Dis-
Rraccf ul Matrimonial Vcntnrcs.
His Jyast W T ife, Rednccd 1o Poverty.
lv Xe*v York, ■'■vill prosecute Him
KcleiitlcKcily— His First "Wife' Who
WaV Minn Lo«I«a Howard' Lives in
•Riciiiiiond and IJeclare* She Has
.Vcvor Been Divorced — Prisoner
Kxtrarfited by New Jer»ey 'Antliori
tlcn Yesterday Ik ri Great .Grand
won of -Patrlcic- Henry and Widely
Known - In A'a. .; .'
Thomas Bruce. Bon of one of the most
prominent families in Virginia, an^
grrcat-grandson of Patrick Henry, after a
remarkable career, in which he has
sipated a. large fortune, and spent fifteen
out of forty-live sears as an adventurer
ais(i .i professional bridegroom, Is held in
Baltimore jail to answer the charge of
Just how many wives Mr. Bruce has,
is not accurately known at this time.
Tbore are certainly two, . perhaps :' three,
and one/at least of his victims believes:
lhat them may bo a round dozen. It; is
charr/1 • that since Thomas 'Bruce - cut
himself ; adrift from his relations, he
has sujiported himself by. his matrimonial
ventures, and: has robbed his auondam
wives of. all their worldly fortunes.
After his arrest in Baltimore, • Bruot*
! was released on J2.000. bail, but ' Governor
; Smith has "granted the requisition of.'the
New Jersey authorities, and tho "prison*"".
w*! l be taken to the sceno of his last
! matrimonial venture, to answer the
charged which, if proved, will settle him
behind the bars of the New Jersey peni
tentiary for a long term of years. ~
Mrs. Collie Hammond Bruco. tho last
wife of Thomas Bruce', is in Nrsw Tork.
in verj'. reduced circumstances. She wan
seen there last night by a Dispatch cor
i respondent, who secured an interview with
| her and her aged mother.
j In a Pitiful Plight.
In a* pitiful little apartment of , two
rooms '/U l^o. 234 cast Sevent3 r -sixta
street, the Dispatch correspondent "to
night found , Mrs. Mollie Hannon. Bruce,
tnird wife of Thomas Bruce, alleged
bigamist, of Richmond, and her, aged
mother, -Mrs. Hannah. :
The furniture was meagre, the woman's
apparel I ' was neatness itself," yet showing
signs of poverty. ;.
The two women, not many months ago^
were in affluence. .They had a comfor-"
table home, in Jersey,- and all that money
zould want.; Mollie Hannan, "■ is an ac
complished painter. .She is talland-state
ly, with the bronze hair that Titian fam
ed. Her features., are classical, her
whole personality artistic to tlie finger.
tipsY ; .-'; ■ : ; -- ■- .. : '-:,*:'
Thomas* Bruce, the, husband,- is under
arrestVln Baltimore.i-charged by'-.the
women; with bigamy. His third wife; to
night said he was a "professional bride-.
groom.'' • Her mother told with tears-in
her eyes how Bruce had robbed- them .'of
The, women are going to prosecute.
The other 'wives have been asked to
join." Bruce may be punished., but as
| Mollie Hannan said to-night as she pat
ted the-.head of -her white-haired mot'u-'
er: '. '.;..■."
"We ,must begin the struggle; of life
all over ; again."
Saia His Wife Was Insnnc. -
.The story is so. very distasteful to; me
, that I really shudder to relate it. It was
late in ISS6 when I first met Thomas
i Bruce. He was introduced to me at my
\ homo in* Newark, N. J., and frequented
our house almost nightly. When he/be-.
I gan. paying attention to me Ire told mc
ho was' a widowfir and told us all that
his wife had' died In an' insane asylum;
in Richmond. He posed as a very wealthy
man and spent money quite liberally. "He
i led us to believe he was largely interested
■ in coal and timber lands in Virginia."' He
; also represented himself to be the author
of various works on mineralogy. "
We lived together for fourteen months,
Ire making frequent trips as I supposed
on business, but later I discovered he
j had a wife living in New York, whom he
I had married May 17, 1596. Her name is
Pearl Arnold. She is' an actress 'ana
known on the stage as Ruth Deshon. As
soon as I' heard this I began an investi
gation.; I discovered that his first wife
.was still ■living', and he had not even
obtained . a divorce. He has, " I'm sure,
several; more wives. I discovered that he
was Ireepirig an establishment in PHts
burg. The woman whose . rent he. was
paying there, is a woman physician. Her
name is Mrs. Annie <..nristian, atMO-
Pennsylvania Avenue. She may be one
of his; wives. I wrote to her and warned
lrer and asked if she had been .deceived
into marrying him. Here is her. reply:
"Dear Madam: I beg to thank you for.
the. Information you have so kindly.fur
nished-me."- , . .; ■■'. ■'■'; ."v .'
"Kindly" was heavily ujiderscored.. His
first wife was Miss Louisa Howard, whom :
he married in Rivhmond in 1879. He. talk-:
ed to; me continually about his properties'
in Virginia and his Richmond home.but
whenever I. suggested; going there he had
an ; excuse. i ". '.-;.• ; ■: ;
•'/"When I made my. first; discovery and
began to" investigate. I found my husband
was a "professional bridegroom." He be- .
came acquainted with the Jaw in; New
Jersey, which -outlaws the crime of big
amy after failure ;.to prosecute within,
two years. Among his effects I, > found
hundreds of -letters,, all -of, the most, en
dearing description, and scores of photo-,
gi'aplis of women. In many letters he is
addressed "as" ■husband.' • „ . , -" .
"I. believe' if" the matter is thoroughly,
investigated, it will, be found he has a:
dozen wives. ..He Is a cousin V of William
Cabel Bruce, formerly Senator from; Balf
ti'more. In Richmond he has an juncle;
whom I must blame for misleading me.
I •corresponded '-with him. Scores of 'let
ters have 1 written to him in . the^ past
three year's. In none of his letters did'
he ever disclose the fact that his. nephew,
had so shamefully deceived me. Surely:
he must have, known' that Bruce's: fiTst
«-Ife," whom he. claimed "died in a -Rich
mond"" insane asylum, "was alive and' well. .;.
.', When I wrote": to his. undo, about my
husband's periodical desertions, he wrote;
me, kindly enough, letters . telling ; me I
must get usod; to it. for he" : charged; thatv
my, husband was demented. '. :./-,
" .Fronrwhatl have discovered, Iffeel-;
; sure : Thomas Bruce made . a good living;
by being "professional; bridegroom.*! . 'lie?
got all our iriori ey. ■;. He kn o ws New Jersey.:
law, which outlaws bigamy if it goes un-^
prosecuted for '.two years. From ' his \ let";
ters I " have .; found .this; Important*;. fact.:
that he -Invited; aIU Ms prospective ; brides:
to ; - go V- to! Jersey ito get -ma rr led. ;;■: I'£am t
glad helwill atilast be punished, not ialone^
for what ho ih'as done, to us, 'but for the,
good of all womankind. r " : ; ' :
'" ■ '■ :^y^l ' PrbVecb'tie^'.Yfsoroualy;;^ -i\o
'■ i',l r aril* 1 ! an b old * .woriian." %salii r Mrsi' j Ha-^
rnbs t ; done. ■ ; Thomas ;• Bruce ■ robbed
noto alone -of proper ty^vbut^ of
<laughter.:v^Her ;;life';hasvbeen ; ;; wrecked ft
Bruce' borrowed ' life insurance' money , ; that
;I -'received v ehortly ':; after ; ; rriyj"; husbana's
death.- He- made;mariy ? promises : about it. •;
He".; was ■to i use } it~and 'return ; it- "•'•'■ He ;ha3
not I^sol4; my, ; entire; household if urrilutre'
and : goode and - gave ; him ;■ the proceeds .;
-We /are : absolutely*^periniless.;: rFroin,; a
'comfortable, home. :we . are 'c reduced • -i to
these "i pitiful rooms on".: this".". ■ east-sldt>'
street; ; and but"; f or> iny;daughter;s Blavery,
I would .starve?' ;t Shells; ariK artisCi'ancl
paints In' oil and vwater. colors.-; -At; pres^;
erit she Is doing' sewlrigTand.;dressmaklng
in order to get - imriiedlate money? for '; our.
vrants." When Thomas i ! Bruce .rourted Tniy.
daughter, - he; showed^me :mariy^ letters
from Virginia people of : ; prominence,) and
all - of *us believed ; hiirti; to :be^ a • wealthy
-Virginia -gentleman. He spentmuney.;lib
erally.; Now -i: realize it -was ifny money,
which he had 'justi. begun to borrow. My
daughter was married? to him , in
on March U.ISD7,. by ...Rev. -'Dr. iFlamaii,
who is now in Brdoklyn." We shall prose
cute Bruce to the utmost extent of law."
Penchant .for :Batl Verse. ; ■ .: ,
A few weeks before \Miss. Moliio "Han
nan was married she received this,effus
ion from Thomas Bruce, .who was then in
Richmond: : • : •- " . „ •-'-"-
Mollie Darling-, . good night, I putv.it in
■ ' .verse—..' *;- " -:■- . ■ ' „
In that sweet hour between thy . prayer
and sleep — , . -. .-
When twilight fades to darkness still and
deep. .'.-' '....; , ' ;
And ; some brigh t ; angel .. from the realms
abovo . .':•".: ." ..- " .. '.-•';
•Watches';o'er thee with- tenderest love,
iJook.up, give one -sweet; kiss to the air
And.in I heart and: spirit will be there. •
When love grows cold : and turns away
From fields', it, used to •delight," -, :
It seeks ;new gardens to; sing Its "lays.
And leaves the old in the night.
Six months after marriage he sent her
this: ; - - ■■ - '."- • „- , ■
Say, when does it como when love resists,
Its pledges ' fond; and;.true; : ;• ■
.When- does it come that lox'e desists,'
Forsaking the old for the . new? .
Say, -when does;it : como when love: for
sakes ', > > J '
Its object and: leaves it alone;>. .; .
When does , i t come .that 1 ove partakes :
Of some new sphere, and J. goal? .-• ■ . .
Baptists to Make a Final :Ef»
fort to Retain Virginia'
' The movement to raise 512.000 : by :• Jan
uary ]1, 1903, with • which to pay off cer
tain debts " on ; the Virginia : Institute, has
not J yet been carried to • successful con-,
summation. It: is understood ' that i there
is yet to be\ra,ised-about.s3,ooo;toVpreyerit
the sale of "the /property urider.'-prderjof
the* court; As. the cou. T.i does 'riot"- meet
for ten or twelve. days", yet, -it ' is. still the
hope of /the ;frlerids of the school .-: that
the ; requisite'sum lwill be raised^ without
difflc'ulty. While ;Vno 'authoritative ,:an
nbunceinent.".. to i (i that I effect?:; hag.;.: been
nf.de, it is stated that an .'effort;' wlll^be
made v. by ;an ■"appear'jfrom-the "*\Baptist
pulpits' next Sunday : t to", secure -thef desired;
sum: 'The weather, prevailing. for ; several
weeks ; ,has • considerably; retarded .'/ the
effor-t to. secure ' th"c. "money. ;' ; ■-,*■ ;-'; r"./'r "./' '*
■■ ;The; school .wasiformerly known as the
Southwest- 'Virginia^* Institute." ] There; is
now;' on . the> building^' a " mortgage /of
|i5.000,v butr'rthis .carivbe •'■ carried - without
difficulty. :if ..the outstandirig debts,, over
and ; above the \ mbrtgage,: ccarn r be^paid'off."
Unless .paid;;. by .January Ist,., the) court
was »to' be : : asked -to order a sale .of ' pro- :
perty.;to ; satisfy the ','debt/ : :','" f L''V ; - '
- ' The'J school ;■ isian eligibly located '/arid
oxcelle'ntl jc-.eQuipped , : brie, and with \ a,' fair
start : a ! su ccessf ul * career • for [it woiil^-' be
assured.so" i^s'.frierids. claim.-. It *ls};the'
design .the .Baptists ; of Virginia?, if ; this
sum ;""can ' be I subscribed," to | correlate/', the'
school : with j.they other"' Baptist? col jegesVof .
Virginia into' oiie 'I great ' system, ; the ' lower,
grade 'schools leading -,up to : the 'higher,
schools for both sexes.-- It ; will j,be!:kriown
in':afew."days;whether the .Virginia'; lristf-;
tutc'n is to be . added to the prospective
system." . ' { ' ' ; ':~ : 9//i>%t/?XKi
REV.-DR. FRANK : PAGE, \ " •
Brother of Virginia's' Gifted Anthor
"Wanted By St. ; Jonns Episcopal
Chnrch— Xow In Texas. .
NEW TORK, January 2.— (Special.)—
Rev. Dr. Frank Page, brother of Thomas
Nelson Page; the author," has been "in
vited to : the j rectorate; "of | St. John's* Pro
testant Episcopal 7 church, - Brooklyn," -to.
succeed Rev. ■ Dr. George : F. ;. Breed, who
resigned about twomonths'ago. '; .
Dr. Page is rector of'Stl Paul's church,
Waco, Tex., where: he ,has ; a largo .and
thriving work. "Dr.. Page".isL44 years of
age. He was graduated from the" Uni-.
versi ty of Virginia,", an.d , from 'the Vir-«
■ ginia Theological "^ Seminary: He Is a
native of Hanover -county,-;- Va.. ...' .Mrs.
Page, who is also a native!. of Hanover
county, was a IMiss. Morris, ."'■■and':" she
comes from one of Virginia's best fami
lies. She is regaraed" as a brilliant wo-;
man, is prominent, socially, arid is much
beloved- for her;.culture : and charming
manners.- Dr. Page -will; preach at the
morning service in:; St.- John's ; church r onr>
Sunday.- : ; " : . -■"•'"•:'• ■";;■"'■' -: - ". ' '-i [ - : . '■:
Tlie Interesting' Matrimonial Ex
perience of Mr. • 'Joseph -J. Sirkusti.
FIRST" PAGE."' . ".' ' ' ■-?- : kv— e-. :
, POCAHONTAS.: VA., .- Jan. .^2.— (Spi>
ciai;)— Mr. ; Jos. J. 7 Sirku'sb«:> an employee
.of - the ; Pocahon tas Company, : of
•this place,. ."sonie'-time. since '-placed' an ad
vertisement "in ; sbriie. matrimonial ;: - paper
for : a r wife,", giving the ; as ; to
looks and yqualitfes. -He): received'numer
ous answers, ; but none seeihed '" to.^strike,
him so -favorably ---asVa -letter./ .received
from a Miss: Shanks f rbm ;Keokuk, j Iowa;
He itnrriediately/e'ntered : into -a correspbri
dence with 'her.. ; and: was; so with
her letters, which "were -'.full of ■. '■: good
'sense .. and cleverness, ■; that ;he - coricludea
to pay her- a visit. -.Accordingly,:, a- : tloi?
was set upon, and Mr.- Sirkush, iccordintr-'
"y. was : granted/ a ■■leave of ■' absence ■ aud
started ;for/ the west. *-"!,""'.
; Upon' his arrival at the home of the fair,
"arly of .his dreams, .arid- while congratu •
f 'aUrig.;himself -'upon % the -fact that ;:,sne
had ; not; fallen '"-short 'of; hislfondexpecta-'
" ions in both: looks arid;gbb*d 'jqualitiesj^he
was recalled toj his post" of idlity at :Poca;;
horitas after only.a few hb.urs.^jHe,'h'ow
;^ver,' 'i- was>:s'o .': weir; pleased, Ithat'lhei ear-
Saestly" begged -rtheUady ;to:;payi •hirriiUhe
next .visit;'; knowing* that; sher;riotsbejng
in- 'employee of '- a* vsoulless.l'corporationj"
both": hud
•;le elded ;■ the Y great ■ Question ;?of -Clif e. . J'-A'c-'
Ijov dirigly.t the "vladyVpromised ;to ;'cqineT aiia
Pthis^afternoon ';Mr.l:;Skir'suh.^dressedSin
/ lls I bestp .waited i' patiently]* for s tl •<i m
; that'lwasl:abbutHw^|Hou^Uate%;Butl;hls"
* waat rewarded J- and theT/se<iuti|t'V
the affair is 'likely tbjJpccur^at^uy.
"moment "j upon | the* yqurigill^yli 5 -- decuiip s
;to.?i»ake a" permanent -Jicme in Poca-
JioiitM. . : -.. ■ , ; , .........:
This theJSesult ofLong Considr
eration by the Cabinet.
Poßti«aiaiterJ>-.;.*"' : " Colored 1 Woman,
.- Resigned - Under : Compulsion , if:';.
Office Will Xot-Be Reopened TT 1"1 "* 11
the People In* the ■ >elgliborbood
Concerned Arc Willing To- Acpcpt
; the Colored Woman -As Their Post
niaster — Statement;-.-. ,From the
Wiate Hon*e C(n the Snbjiect— Post
mastei-Js ' Reslgfriiition \~Soi Accept
ed, '= and Papers >in Oase Have" Been
Sent, To the Attorney-General For
•\.-.-.--- ■.- r :.-.. :n-- % r :^r r " -^ :■;■■--• -- - . ■ ... ■ :"::..'}
Action. -.; ■•-. ; : > : i--;; : ' ■.--'"■■-
WASHINGTON.?- D. .C.,, January. I.—
The feature of ■thc'cab'Jrict meeting to-day
was tho decision ■; to ..-close the postoffice
at Inidianola, I Miss:,- from which Mrs. ' Cox,
the ■';■ postmaster, ' colored, : resigned • under
compulsion a ". few .(days ago, ..since which
time the cpostofflce has been "closed.
The bondsmen have brought the matter
to ;the ; attention ,qf the^ authorities- here,
wih -a .view to; being; relieved of the. re
sponsibility. •of the : accumulated 'mail.
The postmast'er-gc-rieVal • has; had _ a^thor-.
ough investigation;; made, and has becorhe
satisfied that the worrian was obliged to
resign under, duress— in fact, ' that her
life" was endangered. ; Having represent
ed ; this state of affairs to the cabinet, " af
ter; a long discussiQiVi the' decision /above
rioted was . reached^V^i'id the office will ,
:not';be reopened- 'infil the people .in ;the
district ; are .ready, jto accept "this woman
as'their : postmaster. "; ; ; '„--.-•,.- .- -:■-■'
During the.afcerrioon the President'dis
cussed with several' members of^the cab
inet 'the "case ;of ; Mrs. • Cox, Postmaster-
General -Payne -being in" > conference. ' ; with
the for van' hour, or; more.' ; It
was ; decided • finally J ; to tissue .. a '■■. formal
statement i concerning ■ the } Indianola case.
Secretary. ' Cor telyou,"" ' f oiv tlie ; President,
made "public"; the, following: ;_ - •-■/•".-
■_•-:' -■ Tlac : ■Womanl's -Record. .<\ v '. -
: "The postmaster; at Indianola,- Miss..\ Is
MinriiQ-M.rCox,- a.f colored'".- woman.' ; ; She
served jj three ■■ years^ as j postmaster ■ under
President .Harrison. " . Wnen; President
McKinleycame iri/'she was again appoint?
ed,- -l ln v 1897," ;j nearly-;: six 'years'fago. ;Her
character, and: standing | in. the | conimunity
are endorsed -.by ' the best ; and J most • repu
table people -in the' town. Among^ those
on;rher bond ?is .the- present -Democratic
Sta.te:Senator;from: the •District, together
with the leading; banker- of .-Indianola,: and
an ex-State ; Senator; from .the "district, also
a Democrat. \The" postmaster and her. hus
band own from i $10,000 \ to . $15,000 :wor th of
property '; in Sunflower county. ; The re
ports of ;p'ostoff ice^ inspectors ■ from Uime. to
tiirie show ;that she ; has the
satisfaction j: to Vall^ the I patrons
postoffice; ; that she(was : at all'times faithi
ful.' . competent"; ar^;^hbriestlin>the".:dls
charge of her duties."? Her moral j standing
in':' the i "comiriunity, is- • of;: the," highest; T:"her
reputatlbri^is'bf'the'besL "Fewrpostofflces
of i-thlsigradein. -the- State- are -; conducted
■better.; ' ';■;}■.; - .*;'/■■-'■' 'J."-.":': :; - ';
i-.'--"'~:i -.'--"'~ : - '■". 'Resignation Forced.'
;'-.; '-. -"Tho postmaster, recently forwarded; her
resignation, .' to take effect on January, Ist,"
but, the report of inspectors-arid;inforriia
tibn-received:from .various reputable white
citizens of the town and the neighborhood,
sh'pw/.that- the resignation" was forced.; by
"a" bnital and lawless element, . purely.upon
«the grounds .of; her color, and - was j obtain
;"ed3 under. -terror^ of threats ..of ;- physical
violence.;- The^ mayor of the town; and^the
sheriff ' of ,the county both told '".thel'post
office: inspector^ that if she refused ■> to ' re
sign,* they .would not' be;answerable -for
her ;saf ety. although ; at the sariii" time riot
.'orie'.word' was? said against-her mariage- ;
'rnentof the'omce. On ; January Ist,. i the
.bondsmen' of the postmaster telegraphed
that'; the postofflce was •■'closed^; that*' tho
.postmaster ; "clalnied that 'her :,resignaj
tlbn"; was' in the President's hands, jto j take
effect January Ist, arid that ;there::had
been no "advice", of the appointment of jher
successor. The telegram • closed;' with;, this
stateirient: . ; "Prompt 'action j' necessary^;f 9 r ;
relief •of business . interests.*; - '- -.-'-;.?;
Wrong Mnst Be Resented.
"In the view of the ; President, trie re
lief of the business; interests; ;.which ' are
being injured solely by the action of i the
lawless element, of ,the- town.; : is wholly
secoridary to. the ■preservation ofjlawand
order, and the assertion (of 1 the fundamen-;
tal principle that «his government^wiUjnot
connive^ or tolerate ; wrong and outrage
ofi such- flagrant character. -..;.'.. '■, .
' ."By | direction of the President, ) the . fol-.
lowing •:; telegram ; was * sent " by " ;tho , post-.
master-generaL to the : bondsmen: " 'The
postmaster's ; ■resignation . has - been " re
ceived/ but i not accepted. ]In view of the
fact that | the office at. Iridianqla'; is .closed,
all 'mall j addressed -to "that ofi^ce- will-be
forwarded .to Greenville.* .; , ': : " -
"The papers in the case have been sent
to : ; the attorney.-general".; for faction." :
Wall-Street Banks : and^lnr
;. stitutions Turn .Loose
$2 09,605,619. . ;•;
' NEW TORKr January -2.— (Special.)—
Wall street 1 banks and r: financial :>iristitu-;
tions; paid out to-day a total : of ?|09,'605,6W
for interest and dividends , , without" dlsturb
'ance''..to^trie financial Jsituation.-:' ",".*< ■'■-.:
■ ', ; Of this" enormous "total, V bonds Vhavlriffj a
par;, value of .53,712,9^2,0« -paid; interest jto
holders "' of : ; $72,448,694,. as J with"
$69;523,'4S0,' interest J payments" on -'January
:2d;,lastiyearJ:."-:;:-;:.,;: 2d;,lastiyearJ : ." -:;:- ; :., ; -„'.' • -»J>, - --• ,-:
;> Holders; of ? stocks,: whose .; par ßvalue r, -is
51, 427,053,051f:. received; dividends- to-day}ag
gregating. 537,156,9i5. 7 iThis; is 'less ; than j last
year's ", dividend ■ payment i on ; January / 2d,
when the ;totanwas'slS,67s,6H. . ;
.; There rerrialris Ho be -paid? later | ; in :. the
month • over.' s3o,ooo,ooo ; in' interest anddivK
derids.'-which'Will^ make: the total forithe
iriionth?; ! in .- excess ; of - $140,000,000,"; which
breaks" all ipreyiousVJanuary^records. ;
It is predicted i on !.Wall\ street riow,"J triat
ithet interest arid^diyiderid"payments?haye
been;made, ".money "wiir be easier^arid spec
;ulatioiv more 'active.' " '
Popular TiiVF. : [& ] P. : 'Agent- 'At/Ashland
>■■.:■■■-..■'• -Will- Leave His" Post. - ;
' • ASHLi A ND, "■ • VA., ■ January, 2.— (Special.)
J.ti.B.'K Hall^;who;: has i f qr'A ten i years
■ been:; the % "efficient t an. d a popular^ agent iof
I the'^ Ricbmopd; ;! FrederlcksburgTaiid I Potp^';
; : m*ac : Tailro'ad i .hir.e^has:teridered;h}s",res^
> nation. Mr. Hall has many frjepds here
; arid "elsewhere t.lio 4\!irbe'S surprised, to
ilearalbfcf his v aetion. > H© ■; has jas i yet^ no
fde.firiiteSplainsf for;tthi>^ No^s
j Day, if Possible.'
It-Is Presented By .• Delegation ' : Head«
■":■■■ I ' : -^ed;By;^Judsre;'Sener,'?;- ,. ; : .:■■_. ,
Remodelling; of Latter In Accor
; dance' With / Architecture of For
iner^To tite Erui That Jefiersonian
.--.Jdcali Might Be^the More Fully
Pieserved- — 3fr. " RooseveltTa
"Friend AVilnier» Must BeAt Unl
; versity When President "Is, «Or
There: Will Be Bloodshed"—Ex
presses "Wish That' "William and
Mary /and University^ Might .Unite.
: ' WASHINGTON, VD.'C., January". B.— '
■ (Sp'cciaU^A- delegation oC .Virginians,
headed 1 by. ex-Judge James B. Scner," pres
ident of the General' Association of Alum
ni .of " the. University of -Virginia, called
(on the President to-day, to invite him and
his cabinet to visit the University on the
■ 16th of: Junei which is Alumni; Day. .
,The delegation was introduced by Repre
sentative "Hay, of the Tcventh District.
'Among -: those who „ composed it, besides
Judge Sen er, , were the following: Dr. J.
rW."ilallet, vice-chairman; of: the faculty;
;R. ."Walton Moorer chairman of the Execu
tive Committee of the I Board of Visitors; ;
Judge George W.Morris, and ex-Judge R. ,
T." 'iv.'~ Duke, of Charlottesville; Surgeon-
General Rixey, of the navy; -Dr. P." S."
Roy, secretary of "the local . Alumni As
sociation ;; J. George Hidcn. of Culpeper.
and' James Hay, : Jr. v ■'_.. \ .'. -■ . '
: Responding to the 'address of Judge
• Seh'er,^ which;, is given below, the Fresi
dentVgaid^jin part:; . ' .; / ; . ... ; ; ;
'*/-" /President's Remarks.
"Mr. Chairman, Congressman and Gen
tlemen,—l ■• am indeed glad to : have -the
honor of a visit from v you" to-invite me j
to visit- the . University of Virginia- / ;. I !
have. long hoped for. an opportunity -to !
visit- the institution. V-I can no better show j
my 'interest ; in it \ than .to tell you ■ that j
r when >we were preparing to remodel ■ the
j White House/; the first thing ] I did | was" to
sendVfor pictures , of: the J 'University^ build
;ings,; in f order (to^ study^them, and toMn- |
corporate more fully the Jeff ersbnian idea" |
of "architecture in ; the^remodelled -White . |
iiouse. .These" .pictures,'!; as; Surgeon-Gene- !
ral 'Rixey . knows, .are now hanging in the ; i
; White; House halls. ;> ;• . ' ■.■.:. I
■■:. "As •' I ';- have : said, ; 1, long have wished |
for an opportunity to visit the University. |
My friend. Drl;Thomas Nelson ; Page, ; has ;
time and again. .insisted on my,' visitin'gj
it, j and a . f ew ; Sundays :- ago, when I j vis- ; j
lted my; friend ..Wilmer, at Rapidan,; he ]
also • pressed me ■ to . visit •[ the-. .historic' in-
stitution.' '..;;- 1 ..;...'. ;.. . . .■■-,..'- . ;
"• ■?; :•";■":■ Trip West Intcrf era. ■ '■- " : -^ ■ |
'/Nothing could induce me to forego that;
on ;the day. you "mention,' but" my
trip; West, whichVhas already been;ar
ranged;, for; My itinerary , has j.not yet
been : made ? out, . and} I : . cannot yet : tell
whether I , will : get? back in ' time. '.-. 1 1 have J
to ; be v in , SL "VLiouis jln ; - April,' to do honor J
to the -memory of ' Jefferson; on- another,!
great:: occasion, and .cannot itell ;w-en.l i
will; return.: However, I will do my -best |
to arrange to-be present, and if I cannot, I
will -b e: very glad : to come af some other j
; time.-: M : : ; . -■■•:'-.■ ■.■'■'--.■'"■.■<'■:'■: .v.- : '- .-;■
: j "As to my Cabinet, I would regard it as J
unwisesto. take them all with .me awajT j
'from ; they seat of ; government,.', yetil^ will!
try ' to ; arrange to have one or- two .with!
me.- And/ by - the ',way, ; : when 1 1 -do come,
■I -want "you? to have 'my friend -Wilraer
"there." lf '• he "; is not'there, there? will be
bloodshed. . - •'• '■■ •- , .' :
V; , William and Mary.
."I have not only been . interested in • the
rUniversity, but |in | her, 6ister> institution^ ;
William j and . Mary, as well, which,' as you
know, is the o»dest- college: in ,tne: United
■ States, 57 - next r to ; Harvard. I have thought '
:thats'it^is"la 'pjty;' that "it :: could" not
"consolidated with -the University of Vir
;ginia.;;in .'order to; give ,it a continuous
history... « ; : " „ .■ -' "
• "You need not press it upon me to come,
for ' I assure you that it •is my earnest
desire- to -do so. : . , '
Tennessee Institutions.
;."There : are; other. Southern institutions
In ■which * I : - am "deeply interested, among
which ? are . the University , of .Tennessee,
"arid fSewaneeo the president of -tlie .flrst
of ■ which,- Dr. Dabneyf; is an alumnus of
the'.-UnlversltyJbf -Virginia. •'::•. r : -,'■
"If ';I.'ha.dltn'o ""otherj' reason to want . to
visit • the" Univ£rsits?.;l would find suf->
ficierit 5 reason in wanting Ito see the , his
toric'spots which are pointed: out in --thej
map' which Judge Sener has presented to
me, and to which he nas Preferred in his
; Judge. Sener's address, which was read
;by.him, was as follows:
:'".■■..■>:■■-': Jndge ' SenerJs Address. ."
.""Mr. President,— By^your permission we
liiyite : you; and your? Cabinet to come : to
the "University ::of "^-Virginia jon Alumni
l>ay, .. June - 16tb. ; .; of •: this - year.v 1003. : - .This ';
■invitation ? Is I riot » formal 'and ■ perfunctory,
'cessor'of -Thomas; Jefferson, 7 ; who' held,", a
century ; ago,:- the y great : office ; you now •
occupy. .The 'University"; was i founded by;
\ Mr.:" Jefferson 1 (who .was ._ its ; first % rector,), " : j
and. as you know, he "asked that this 'fact j
should be inscribed, -as -it is, upon .his I
tomb. '" ' -? '.;-. : . -,■■ : >/":;'-;; :
" '"As the head and onlbehalf of.the Gerie-M
: Invitational assume that : your; Excellency
Iwill "readily." recognize the ')- eminent : pro-:
prietyVqf our" missibn, I arid we believe that
our,inyitation.wiir command You"r t thought-:1
ful : consideratiori,'and'that;you : wiirhonor I
Jefferson's .; name :. arid -.memory ." -by; i your.
. acceptance ,-; now, -arid Jyqur : presence -at
the .University next June:: - : ■ ." ■;.'.. I
V ; ■ ; .The 'JXortUTvest'Ccsaion. . .
V "You aridyour. Cabinet need mo remind
er . that ; this i ; is " : the one hundred and twen- ;
tyrsecond" annlversary^of^the^day.: when
■Virginia^ atT the -i request^ of ethe(Acti6f :
: Congress ,of / Se'ptenVber>li .-1780, ;*pref erring:
the^ good of the country Ho every; object of.
smaller .Hiinportaricej^ resolved I- to*: yield v.t6-\
the;f .United -I States : i ail - ; -right, /■; title^Tand :
/claim\to ;. the lands north west (of; the 1 0hio^> i
which was duly ; deeded : iby r ; Thoiriasi Jef
: f ersori, ■ Janiea ? r : Moriroe^e t .: als., .' March 3 1,~; j
1784/vtOvbe7erect^d: into: distinct republi- j
can; Statesloflth^j^ra^lca^iUnioni^with^j
Ithc -^sovereignty ; and ;indeipendence; of ;i; i
"offer^;of {cession iQccurred"|whilst-:Mr.\ Jef^ij
'fersori twas ? Governor^apdjC was^ the J f ore^ !
runner " of S that i-'gfeat | extension .'■ of terri- i
aridf gulf sjwhf chfwas Jy|added \
to'S,by ?-tfce < treaty of Paris f of fApril^ax;
(^algpTSof l^tiruify g 2^l§4S|gfoyrv|miridii
|Mf^Pjre^dent;:lnaturally.JreTCrtsl ;^|^e
igj;eat.wor]£- ; done;by}Mr."iJefferao|i';ln^
)~* „ ....... .-., ,
.;^-.fc--ifr .r -■-■■;: --c;<-,^-^-^- ■;'" ~_^_ *-_■- -y*"-'- 1->, : -* ■-* -^--y. .■.r^-' - .-,-■---■-■ ;---*■ V-vl;^ 1 ir - l y';^. i ;;"V l /^" l^X- ■■■--■ •":?
• --- - • ", - - • "i
how ;tq-day. ; of Ithe^tertyrfive gStates lofj ;
carrld ?out? of ;sy.irgtoiaf aSith-e|SUt9|was^ |
\ \t ormed rduriris*"thej BevblutlbnJ^ herjnorthri
iwest r?cecsibn,'s the area? cc-yered IbrithW'
: treaty : of -Paris f arid % theltfeatyJof i Guada- i
' loupe JHJdalgb^wWchT^^Jnegotiated £byj
SNicholassP; VTrist^h»|nai^^ns|Vw|ip>
married if Mr.S r Jeff e'rsori's t gr^ddaushteivj ;
: arid twhojinT hisl early* life" ,was ■air rsrJeffer-|r s rJeffer-|
sori'sTprivate] secfetary.-Jandlwho; studied ;
: law y under Mr. .^Jefferson. ;.: ;,- ;: ; ,; ■ '{'H~:
Historic Albemarle. %
- Jin "j asking (you to f Cornell to '; tho Unl-
; ye^ity^bri^Alumrii iX>ay3J it i Is^that »; you
may: visit \the University '■■ of | Jefferson^ to -
seeLhis homeV; hislblrthplacel and; his tomb,
to] enter the ' town" ; of . Charlottesyil le.'lwhose
streets ;the^ feet' of tJettersim so' oftenjtrod.
to" look fupon- the spots :wherq Merriwether
Lewis : wa s ; born. ; where ] IGeorge" : Rogers
: Clark "first {came 1 into sbeing.^ to-' stand; at
Uie place- where . Nicholas^ P.' Trisf was
. born; and .to he * in i rAlbemarle,^. the) birth
place of ..Thoiriaa Sumter.'r the : last^ sur
viving general of/ the 'war of the' Revolu
tion ;~ to' go ; loathe" home'bf J Andrew " Ste-;;
verisori, longeriSpeak^rriof * the?rHouse • of;
any other* rriariV save -Henry. Clay; the
county. ; in- which William iiWlrt - plighted;
his; troth; .where >Edwaxd; Coles. lthe first
: Governor "of f. lllinois,-: was : born;: where;
William " C.v Rives, -whose; fortune "as ah ;
Amencari;ininlster: it .was ; to' witness", four,
changes' of regime in. ; France.- arid \to
recognize two /of f them } on ; behalf of our.
government,!; lived £-arid ; died.* "The ■ faces
of ;1 these-; great "'departed //ones, ? you will
agree -wi th ; us, we ■ are .■ sure, axe ! among
the s'most ; distinctly striking in; our great
national portrait 's gallery. ;" ." ,.'_ 'V; " ;
•V.:i VirscinittJa; Literary Centre. ; :
. "In \ making your^pilgrtaage; to our Vir-';
glnia "literary" center, a: map ' of ;,whlch : is
herewith 'presented,' leaylrisfUietdistrict,
ten ;miles; square^' with; the* setting aside
of h whlch, f and.;its ! dedlcatiori»as , the seat
of government. Mr. Jefrersonhadso much
to ;. do, you i pass alriiost : ; nigh \ enough | to"
Mount Vernon's . tolling" bells to hear their,
sound; through Prince W'illiam.Vwhbse soil
is- made forever.' classic :.by r5r 5 the .blood -"■ of:
Uie brave: on by John ixiarsh'all s birth
place, in . Fauquier.- thence a through Cul
peper. where Washington,:; July .3),; 1749
w. ;S.),,took>;the ;oath of /his firsti ofllce.;
tliat of surveyor;, by- and in sightlof "the;
Mystery Surrounding-Death
„ of J. L, Manson in Park^
way Circle Hotel.; v
; NBW : - YORK.- January : 2.— (Special.)—
The mystery surrounding Uhe death of a
young . man who" registered .with \ a> hand* .
some,- richly-dressed 5 young to
Parkway Circle , Hotel, < lif th ; avenue and
One Hundred arid Tenth street, r^ ."James
Wilson and wife," "which "the police look
upon as savoring of _; the: noted Florence
Burns-Brooks" tragedy, , was partially
solved to-day. ." •-•■—-
\ Pie. was J.li.Manson, a. travelling sales
man. I eriiplbyed j in'; a down-town j dry. goods
store," arid* son of Donald IL Marisbn.* who
holds a responsible "position with 'the firm
of Fred." Butterfleld . arid ; Company. ' Fath
er-and son,: it is sal^were; sufferers ; from
heart ".-: failure, fi and; ; this; disease *. is be
'lievfd tb;havei;beenitheV*actual:cause .of
death.. i. ■ -;•■ ■'"."•* *; ~~'..^'~\ -\ .-',"■' :. -'■ ;
' . Cor oner Jaclison this evening: claimed jto
reveal the identity* of ■ thefjjjiirig (woman,
who. ; he - says, was the; .companion '■-. of
Mansoh, 'by . asking the' police to i request
Bessie Hargraye/ofjN'o. £04 twest -Eighty-^
third tocall at the; cornoner's of
fice, and fif possible; throw ; more Might on
tiie mystery.;, Careful search ! of the apart
ment house _ failed ;- to show - that Miss Bes
sie " Hargfave ever 'resided -there, ;br was
known to anybody^ Un the ■ building.
A; peculiar 'coTncfderit; is that the young
woman for wTiorn;;- Coroner j Jackson Is
searchiris ; has/a '\ name ': somewhat \ similar
to Uhat of. tha'sW^ejorMansbn's brother,
Donald: iMrs^jSelarisbri's maiden name was
Hargreayes. g Stio' baa . a : sister.*" Anna jHar
gfeaves. Mrs.';>Hargreaves -, said "she : had
not " tne slightest ' Idea' who: the woman in
the case was. uriless • It '« had been ; a . yourig
woman friend : of jManso^'s, who lived ;out
of town. Wblle-.the:giri;was talking; to
Coroner. Jackson, af tj;ijVMansbn's ;; death,
she' f e II . on her," knees' and begged ! him not
to'reveal herildentlty. ;* : . -
"It will break 'iiny/iriotheVs heart,** she
sobbed. "Please" ''don' t■:;let't ■: ; let'V my name ; be
used. I've know _this ■ boy>for ; years, and
we.were erigaged 'to be married." ;;. .;
The girl was hysterical 'with grief when
she .was told that Marisbn was dead." f She
Implored the physicians ir and ; theVcoroner
to save hlin; and knelt by his body/weep
ing, when told • that further efforts^td' help
him- were useless. When Mansqri's; father
heard. 1 of .his son's .death '_-: he 'broke down
completely, and;had"to" be taken" home.
MONEY AT 9 TO 10 ;
This the ;Rate For Most of the Foods
; . ; Pat Out— Time; Money Easier.
NEW YORK, Januarj- 2.— Money was
inYßUfficierit demand. to-day to make 0 to
10; per cent- the-rate -.for "most ;of the
funds put out. : This level' was quoted by
the> banks i; in >mostj: instances," '^wheri;' re
newals or new; loans asked ;' for, \ arid
while ; increased • ease *j was \ reported ' In . the
time-riaoriey sltuation,";heavy lenders quot»
ed the 5 1-2" per " "cent: *; rate as ; ; the only
basis ' at which : they :wou ld : ; release : funds.
This attitude .was explained • by.;the large
banks- in* tne prediction \ that .money "will
continuef ln . active "« -demand -through the
next t; fortnight,, .or? until ~~x the funds;als
bursed-in. 7 dividend shall ;< re
turn in some volume ' from" the : West : arid
: South. •■'■:"'• : '■"'"' '■. ■ ■■ :'.:'' '" : >-; ■•' '' •',' ' ."
TVhat Happened To a Xortb Caralina
■."■■;■ : Plpie-Wbrier Conn ectliiar Pipe; ..
WASHINGTON. N.V C. January. , 2.—
(Special.)-^-A -i large- pipe £ being { placed c at
;r; r the H top of v the " Washington Lights arid
: .Water Company's' plan t;< fell^ this'iafter-
, noon arid :struckr a- platform); a|fewji feet
below. 1 : on which : ,waa ; aTpipe ) worker con'"
riectlrig ; pipel" The Y platform f. broke" : arid
ithe ; man • was. turned .a;:somersaultsand
falling :: wheriohlsi;<:hanti; "caught^a
trailing;; rope -tied ito 'the top "j of steel
ifrarne.- rHe held; on jwlth"; ai- tigntlgrip : and
was soon -lowered; tolsafety;:Heididi;hot
Jreturn-to"workthls^evening. v "-/;- ; r; --,
Clarence '^(Col.) ";Shot/ ;By
| 'John Hendersbtt'Anotherj X e jrVo ■ In
hoanoke. • - ,-
i cROAiSTOKE, ;- .VA;,? January i^SpeciaL);
fjohn S~ % and - j - seriotusljr
; wounded*; Clarence 3 Howard \ V tlilsis.niornt]
(trig.i-;( trig. i-; He ;*uscd % a '£■ and ? clalw** he
did vfthe -3 sbootiiigft in |sslf*«3ef ehee.") How^
*thatsHen4erspn gwent'^ to| r a >
jfired S hlmfout^TOeyXaf teHrords * met Jand ;
•Henderson "? shot 1 hin& Henderson Jsurrenr
r de«sd?tq^tKe i'authoriUe^f Howard's fconi*
fdi lion? is 3 serious I and s « hVtwill £di«?| both
jaenTar^coloMdr '
. .. . ._'*..
They Will Be Built In Riciimon^^
, r - : --.v-Saysi Wi\, Aueirbach^i^^^B
This Xocation the Beat- For \ tlie-'Piur*
' . Vlctt» " : -
■-'-- "^ -■ * ' - . ...--...-■ .. ■ v ~- .-,„■.
Tne Knapp * I nventio n Doubles Ciir*
.ryinjf Capacity and Will Enhanc*
; ;Proflt.i : — Seli-lTn-i
- loading: Grain Steamship Compan* '■%
■ Chartered By ~;ParJlianient- of C»n-""
ada and -Has "-Ifen of ;UndbnbteV.^
Stnndfnsr Associated "With Jt— Sow*
■■■ Figure* As To Pointbill ties of vOtl %
and Grain Carrying:. Trade-^Fe*- :■
tnres Cot? the Knapp '; Invention.' «
"Yes. I am here to stay— for a time, :a< :
least. We •' will build our boats -here. <
either through < tho - Trigs • Company. <• or .i; «
Independently -of •": it '■ .■■But 1. take ?thaCf«
back. It sounds 'like: a threat. ' I_am net ;■
in the.- habit . of .making -threats, and- E.- '-.
don't mean' it la that \senac." .;
'So ■ ' spoke Marcus" Auerbach,"* the yourisr •■:•.'.
Napoleon ; -of; the ■*, tubular oil-carry ins f
boats,^m. hi 3 rooms »t» tho .Jeff orson.^
yesterday. ' - . . ,
' Mr. Auerbach'ls a quietly but elegant'
Iy. dressed' riian, yoiinser in- appoaranc*. :v
than ' his ; tiUrtyrtwo years*, i exp*"erience't of J|
life would ; ordinarily,' lead one;'to.;expect»^j
Cleari/shavcnr^with lbrbad'.':foreh'eadj|re<^
ceding Vat '.tno> top. : high-bred if eaturea(^||
breathing, bpeririess 7 and, '■• self-confldericeyfil
wjth'a r trlck^of
looking ; you "atraisfhtuin: the"lface;>;an>f|^
greeting ; y bju s with",' a' pleasing ; sirilleTaKd; i[<,pi
firm"; grip : of? the ' hand," Mr.' f Auerbachl inK :j
presses) one-^wlth"; the ;feejlns^that r ;what«l^
ever, crfticisrn |; he ; may; ; or ]) riiay J not ;' b'^v
liable ; to^ori sthe; score of ' enthusiasm^a*n<J |^j
of being^over-sangulrie.- lack of ; slncerlt^S;
is, not one (bf : his foibles. "' ; . '"'':/■ \ : :':%
"You /? seriously} contemplat«: locatingrp;
the buildi ng ;■ of . these : vessels in ~»Rich» ?v
morid,'-then?'* , he Vwas asked. - - "','•'■.
; •'Ido.'.'ihe'said.^;. • ;; r '-. ■ "l;;/^ : :■:''[■:: : ' ,;•;
Not dependent .On a Shlpynrd. : : "- "
•The- building *of the 1 tubular yesssli^
does i nnto t < esaen tially > requlr a -a - snippy a'rd^i|
in the ordinary; sense of the term.-a 3 the^^
caniba;bullt- anywhere; orithe^rlverifrontj^
with v the : ;US9;*.ofi a- pneumatic jrlyettlri^liS
plant i and - the* use Vo f t a ; small ; - purichl^.s;
and | shaving Consequently;: shouid|s
we riot; make V satisfactory.;' arrangementE^tll
to have our vessels. built: for] us. ourVcojsirs|l
,pany ; lntends >;toi at once set,up ; aiplarit|s
'and ••'* build '-\ tjiemi themselves. ' '. "\
\ ;"We}have' made farrarigeriierits vtOTfAm^fi
mediate /"delivery ?of fsteel ;raqulred . v-foriv -fori X
the^buildhig; of ioiir- first vessel.'*" : : Ss
1 As ; far' as he could : judge. Mr. f Auerbach ;g.
said;ho Jcouldiriot" find (a better,;' location If
for •the.;. purpose i than Richmond. Thl»];;
Is : about i the 'nearest ; point in • relation "jto~£
the ;ioil * fields. that r would r pla'ceru3* in «aiV
posltioa :to do; a'^ coastwise .traded ; ;';_. ■•.;■_'>»*;
:.;";.■ V:OU.As a- Fuel. *, ' • '
-it oil lis'to; be burnt as a;fuel.thejciti«flr||
"wes t : of ; the * lakesiS in border to Vcompets|k
iwlth the-'East*ln >producU6n»7,must: alaoj;!;
burn:;otWi"arid^ there * Is^brily .' brieVway j io%i r
which Chicago can : get 'oil at •a i f air jprtce^
arid .that "would be : by ; means Tof transpor-^i
tation s on vthe'jKnapp' tubiilar;!shlp3, n r,vla.j|.
the - St.^ La wr ence I carials^; the j key ;.<; to i, thap
situation. .Hence % the^ yaiuc. ; ; o£* theseplOTfJl
priced y; tank t a teamshlp3,-;, which ,<caa : -;.;b< |||
built for/ one: 'quarter; [the Jcost ■': of ;Ub*|£
present r type : of * vessel sand ;.would | hay« &
over (double the .carrying capacity. . / ,*,
Grain BoiitsAha To Be B a lit. ;
But.-the. oil ;. carrying :; boats constitute!!
onlyrbne 'string ; -to vour: bow,;;air^Auer*|^
bach cbri tinned^' : It the building V;
of v the. Knapp si tubulai^ " self-unloadlri^ ||
canal i grain"' steamship/;; A ;{compariyJ'hj<fS
been; organized r for ?'the'^purpose ; of /car«g
dlan : cdrial3^ : providing -a^route : 500 % milei;^;
shorter "than any ; now existing-; ;:-Undet|^
a: special act of VarUamerit /of! Canada.*^ i «C,l|
company I-has ." been" chartered I with { $3,000.^*^
000 capital; for 'the "operation : of . th&} Knap » ■: ■
inventions jon - the;* S^ Lawrence capals:^;;
' '"'. Connected with ; thi3 'company;-; are J suc>'|?;
men as- iHori.': Oeorge^E.
Financial * Mi n Ister/ofJ Canada.' arid .< Mat*
thew "ar/ . member;; of > Legis* 'pi
lature-; tar/., Quebec- - ' "... v
Sel(-l- r nioadJiisr..G'raiß yes«els^ :.;;;;
If there, were 'orie_ hundred; vessels;': of?!
thi3 type -put Into' serviced nastJsprtwfSS
for the transportatlonrof ■fAmerlcarij grains
even 1 this \ large | of ."vessels Iwould M
not'beadeauate;;to handle ;the^4oo.ooo.Ci>(f|
bushels" of ; grain awa I ting!; transpor tatloa||
and '■■■, whicjh;"-- ! with the growth "2 of " the fri
Canadian v- '■Northwest,'' ;wiir^double .s thii^i
The iLauriib iEnglrie^Coriipany^haSi «t ;^;i
amined .the^'plans arid i hat. "stated, thaV. :
this carrying: ;K.O€Oo bushels 2o*«
grain*,'. with 'a* V sel f-uriloadins^conveye? -
and elevator, -could beSbulft^f or^?Ss.oCO^ v
but that^were a; ! number -of ithese^vea-Iy
eels 'i constructed ;-;a't - oncc^ the; cos t^would :;
.be very ;tnuch* reduced.' '; - -.".•;
I ;; Captain"; 'Jlcltlwalne, V.nautlcaF r v advisee^>;
to 'tho- Canadian In ;a ir&-^i
portvto • the^Pepaftment ; of j.jrarlnejT'slw^:
cries of Canada; states that In ;h|3/opln-^;^
tcoirrnsnrED on . secojtd page.) .
Coincident With Announce- ;
merit is.Report Ke Will J
-■■-■"*■ ■■.---.■■- j7 -. ..-.-.: „ ( . -■■■<:; f; ;. :■,-.-■■-.,
Re . "
-- -: : :-. \ ,;.. : .v. ,'-'-" .*, ■-■ -1 : -'"&?•:-<:£
i r Cpinclderit : lwith r.. the % announcemaat t; ok;^J,
• Hon. : Harry Ist.; George 'a f movlngc:^
'on the . 13th ; Instant, :■ la lthej report '; that jfce
will; enter; the political' arena of VlrgloU ,1
again/. ; ' ' , t ' ' --*"-.■
; It: Is -said.; will she shiijtliap;
"next'-subernatorial race and' future -
J books ;onthi3 mirinlnejcha rices ; place jhla»Sg
at - very ; shbrt/odds.' \ During: : the j past \ yea*^i|
!he has represeated ;' the ; Southera|Educar|?||
; tlqn "Board .! in \ lts^V irglnia:; work! tbraroua«^||
mterest»in the variousj'schooKdtotrictsfqt
the ; SUte "'.-..■ be half >-Tof ilbetter^puW^^
Schools/ ■ His t-i wide •" pbpularlty^j has % Vs«a|i|
attested \ at," every.;|placetihesba3|spoltett^
but / thrbughqu t|the ? StateVland jwiseVpoltrpg
Jtlcafi observers fsayjhea.wmi; s be lth9t?mQ3%S
: formidable; { Candida te ' j I rit the j RelfcZ^MSMm
(. ,1 1 Is -.'; v nderatowl.%l however;!-] thit §ait^p
hTuckerit^W^ n oVS*^^y™, c^^S*« ail^i^'^
? dacy u = for^Qoyernorj h\|case fAttorriey-peh-»%|
erar Aridersbhf'shb'uWlbe^al Candida tejfoif^
son's =*carid!dacrßh¥vwi!l>receive ? theT«i*p*||
; r MriiTucherVwlil Ibe married; at MAt!anfie^|
'Clty,^X. : *fX®Hi3>spr«pectlve^brido||l«M
rpqssessed ioS£ aSy o ry .ij lirgaf f oTrtunal'2'eitl^|
mated |"at:f nearly; '%, h^fptjmillloaf<fcUar»^
'HerlbroiA«/ ; w^T*lmemb«rJofl.C?onip?eJ^
;f rom ' Pennsy lvarita^iWheri i MMT^cK«r?tt<lK||
:prewnt«d|thc\^e9thl ! yir^ia>l>isirr^^i^
L the 2 national lleslslatvre^ and I la^thei «»• Js
jTu«keri&f|Q^ W^rtolJyi *ssjf te*|;bs^|t3p.g|
fPenß«ytvani*« norutmu.^althoos^ «t m
e^^ w e ' ■- - "-*'sMm

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