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Kvl AMlilu If U l£e ill I II I I I II U I
nffi?:- : - .■■••••".
w&^ ■ ■■-,--
Trfcey-'Are Rnytiiond Joyner'Mnd Sam
Wnklni* (Col.)-Two S<»rc Snffcr
- mR ■ With . Lockjair— >4iijor llnifcr
M«y Succeed , Superintendent
. M«hcr.
; NORFOLK. VA..; Jan. 2.-r(Spcclal.)—
Two Tm ore fatalities have -. resided • frorii
iihej deadly t typVr of , toy pistol/ sold here
i^ ibout l Christmas. \ J In both ; ca^es - lockjaw
I was i tixtl lmmodlate\ cause of deatli.*^' Thle
iHakesJ six. cases from vUiis : cause; Tho
Jasti two .victims were « Raymond Joyner,
Jthejflve-y'ear-oia son of Mr.and Mrs. N.
,C/|jJoyner;fof> 133 South r Maltby : Avenue.*
;Brambleton^and Sam Wllklns.; a fimall
colored boy living in Lincotaxille, Ports
inoutli. ;; : '■ ■ "/ ' .■"" ' : '"- .'-.;'■:"' ;'"*"■' *
% v Th»f<)tber "dead are v Charles -Morris.
(thirteen). I ? John T. White (colored), -ninvj;
."Walter^A. C Bmmsby, seven, and ; Harold
HorrieyV" sJx. ; , '■ -' : - : "-' " :" * '■,";•; ; V T;
fi Louis ; Calvert; ■12 years old. Is - aIBO
■gtelck'ea"/;- with ; lockjaw, ; and ., \ George
.Wright, Associated Press .messenger, is
threatened /rTTlth it. Both' were shot In
the" j hand -with .the; deadly toy mentioned.
; ; Mayor .. r : Hlddlck> this evening /issued a
~i^recial V order ' confiscating I the pistols as
dangerous s nulKances, and U': further pro
ceedings 7 are ; being considered. :/
: A cap iwhich" was dropped while he ran.
•will =: convict '^Da\ld : Harris, colored. .. of.
highway^ robbery. He snatch ed a pocket
bootoinithe'beart of the city, and- Mrs.
P-ißles/i his 'victim, to-day Identified him
byithe cap he wore. r ~ -
: Tho £ police bellve . Harris Is the man
•who* has; terrorized late shoppers for
?>feekE^ ; .:V- * ■ .-..'.;■-' : , :
iißjr? order of " tbe police, an exploded
bombshell, found by a New, Yorker, in the
old i Confederate ..breastworks at Sewall's
Point.' was to-day thrown . overboard.
-r/' ; "- '- ■■■^■MAHER:.;--. '-" ' . l->:l ->:
/; It \ ls fbelJevefl ; that,; Major Huger,'.;at
present 'superintendent of th& [ Seaboard
Alrj-Ltoe atißalelgh, N. C. 'will; succeed
General J Superintendent Maher, ; when the
latter; goes back to the Norfolk'and West
ern.s He": was here to-day "and was closet
ed iwith 'General Manager Barr for some
houraT;:^ : . "-'. '..%' , ' ; "/_ ,-*.-. . ' ; :- .;.■"/"; :
"'"lxicaji ßepublicans are upset by the
JdeaHbat Hugh Miller may get the col
iectorshlp of ! the port. They are ekeptl
sal! about". It and • hoot at Miller/s plai s ; c
hold- a: mass meeting' to discuss their
pact •with "Woodard ; and , Whltehea d. Dem
'ocratlcK candidates for the legislature.
Representatives- of the shipping; interests
believe Miller will be madie collector.
The border of -the- Court' of Appeals
Krantinß the plaintiff a iiew trial in the
caeeiof >J. T. Boush against \ the
and Company of Maryland, was
received '-■ here \ to-day. The plaintiff - sued
for v alleged ■ false arrest, 'claiming $10,000
danaases.aria a jury in the Court 1 of Law
and, Chancery on June 2nd, 1900, brought
iatatyerdlct for-the^defendant company.
The case was appealed and has been
pendlngr in the upper court ■ever since.
Bruce: Boole, who attempted suicide at
a morphine' dive last Sunday night, by
cutting his throat, has been committed to
the ; Jail? hospital for days. Booie,
"after? attempting to; end his life, was
treated Vat • St. Vincent's Hospital, jHe
came i-here from New York, where would
be suicides are looked. after very; closely
by the?authoritles. Boole feared '.that he
might n be dealt with harshly if -he re
malnedlin Norfolk, and accompanied by
his i wife, who it is. charged, had been
drivenrfrom the house. "2o6 Cove street,
fled Hhence and : being penniless the pair
walked-: out from :; Norfolk and succeeded
in : getting = as ■; far; as- the fair grounds,
where ja-s, circus" is now in quarters. \.v
stableaian," pitylrigitliefnian and his: wife,
who; were i both : wet arid almost starved,
told ''them /that, they anight have quarters
in 1 hlslstable, where they remained until
yesterday, when Boole was found 'to be
quite' ill from exposure and was brought
here. )?;■■ ':.'. ■'- \ :: - y - : . ■ \-:--v ;: :--'-";;
■ Mr.Vf.Benjarijin F. 3 Bunting, custodian
bf.thetCity Hall, died. to-day after a long
eictaie|B, resulting- froni a street car ac
clderitiat the Lambert's Poiut trestle. In
■which a lie i saved • the* life of a 5a 5 child, bu t
injured t himself to >an < extent from which
he; never recovered." He: was about forty
yearsfof 'age and married.
Three" ships to load for Europe have ar
rived S'bere thus fax « this year. Heavy
freights are awaiting them.
"' The Seaboard Air Line has signed a
contract .with the Vogemann Steamship
Company. to . form, an- independent regular
,trans»AtJantlc service, iy _ ."
iyPorty^vessels are -at Lambert's Point
for, cbali ■";-. Seventeen ,big. steamers are here
for s bunker coal and six* for cargoes, while
seventeen . are sailing craft. There is a
short; supply of ccal at the piers as a re
sult of ."the holidays. ; The first train load
of ; twenty-six cars arrived to-day.
to-da3% the American District.
; Company took '; charge of the
messenger /service of tho Western Union
Telegraph Company;
iTbiXiTUdny Xlght Card Club Enter
" (SpeciaL)--One of the most 'delightful
;meetlngs of . the Thursday Night Card
"Club? was -held at the beautiful : home of
Mr; and:; Mrs. ', J.V Stansburg
;Tbursday.^-evenlngl- : The ? : parlors were
cnarmlngly decorated ' with . runnirig ce
dar- ajvd ? cut': flowers, : making a pretty
■ effect, sAn elegant ■ supper was, served at
; the ■:terrhina tion » of . . the game. Mrs. A.
Randojph' Howard: won .Uie ladies': ; first
prize,: Mrs.; C. ; ; W, Steams.: the/ second;
iMr.t John* N. ; Steams, ' off New York/the
gentlemen's first, and *Mr. " R. H.-Car
nalchael, the second.; Dr.- J. N. Barney
acted 'as* scorer. " : ' . '■?
"Si Mr. 'Charles Shelton, of Stafford, and
Miss i Carri6 . Hicks, of ' thi^r city, daugh
:ter.of?Mr.;Granvino J. ■ Hicks, wcre>mar r
; ried 'at -the" reßidenoe of Mr. : Joseph j Hicks
; on ; Upper, Princess Anne street, -by Rev.
iDrl : J.* S. Dill." Wednesday , evening, at
7,Jo*clock.v They, will i reside ', in ; this city.
viCaptaln :VWHlard ; Dillon, who for ;' the
jpastje year^ lias 4 been' In* charge of the
i national • cemetery here;.will?.leaverSatur
i flay,; lor * Fort^ Smith, ■Ark.,', where he -.will
I»ft^Buperintendent|ofI »ft^Buperintendent|of the V cemetery ither« .
feHarryl Endsor,' son r of {Captain' and - Mrs.
En<Jsor, dled;at**"Rokeby.**'tlieiEndsors's
aged 1 13 -V years. He • had I been" an \ invalid
If or| some ji time, and * his death "was not
Miss ) Daisy, Durrett entertained a house
'party/ at Shear^home k 4 "Oak' Grove.";- Spot>
Isyiyanla % county/during -] the" holidays.
: Among | those * present • were i Miss -, Daniel,
ota Orange;^ Misses J-Margaret XVan ;Den- :
;b«rgh*: and I Roberta » Durrettiif rom IWash
' lTigrtoni^ and | Miss , Lawsori.i from'; Chicago*.
Me«srs. v :Burlcc. Barrett, Rol
llns.'r arid $ Durrett, : from ; Richmond.-;;. - "
mtmmmmuTMtiea =;Bjr: the Pressed Steel
Wggirr Car Company. . -^g
| NEW, YORK. January 2.—Annnounce
ipfcnitnt 1 wa«} made itoiday i that | an others iri-
has inaururated a
Tjte 'Non-Irritating
\ JL 'JntC# I '■"-
■ ■:'•'■■■■'' Wlm /MICA ■% I#■ t-'SSS?
■ : ■; : 'MM VrVI 9\7 • lylMgff
Pains ant Aches
Sure Cure
Prise 25c. a Bottle.
For sale by all druggists jor will
be sent by mail on receipt of price.
plan to share Its profits with employees.
The Pressed Steel Car ' Company pro
poses to carry for each" of Its employees
who liave. been sbc months or more 'in its
emplojv from one /to . twenty-five shares
of the preferred stock, now paying 7 ' per
bent, dividends. The men/ will pay 5 per
cent, down/and the /same amount,; in
monthly .instalments/ thereaf terr the com
pany/ charging 4. per /cent, for money
;oaned to carry stock. As' the. dividend
is 7 per cent., the buj'er will have the
advantage^ of the 3 per cent, difference.
Convict** Seek Was Broken By t"
I Fall—He Was Calm and .Walked
To the Gallovrs With m Firm Step:
Crime Was the Murder of a Fcl
loiv Convict..
For having killed; a fellow, convict,
Tack Brown -was- hanged at: the State
Farm yesterdays at' 12:45 o'clock. The exe
cution was conducted by Superintendent
G. M. Helms.'.of the -penitentiary, -and
was witnessed by Assistant^ Superinten
dent Morgan rand: City Sergeant J: G.
oaunders, of Manchester, and one or two
others. ' . ■ '_;■■: -■■- r, .:/.-:.;
Brown was perfectly,; calm when the
death warrant was .:. read ;to him and
walked to the gallows with, a firm step,
'bowing no signs of fears or^ nervousness.
Father de Moynck walked -beside the con
ilemned man and . handred .him f the crucifix
to kiss, before the black J cap- was placed
ov^er. his head, and -the "last ■ rays of
earthly light were shut Out "of his eyes
forever/Brown,, though ignorant and de
praved, bade farewell to the attendants
after the last conjforts of the Catholic
church bad been £iven him. , '
; The trap was ; sprung and the" negro's
neck was broken; , Exactly : six tniniifes
after the body fell. Dr. -Holman. of the
penitentiary, pronounced life • xtinct and
ihe body was, cut down. -"•-"
The remains will be buried on the Stare
Farm, and will "mark the resting place
of the first criminal hanged there since
the establishment . of : the farm, though it
is not th^e first murder committed : . there.
The crime; for; which i Brown died was
-ommitted last ; v November. On election
lay he arid another convict named James
R. Parker became involved in a fight and
five days \ later Parker; died from the ef
fects of. the' knife wounds: inflicted by
Brown. . ' . :^~'-"-- . .; • . . - -• . "■■.-'
The rope used to ;, hang him will j also
be"tus > ed to .. send another negro, Ernest
Davis, Into eternity next Friday in Mali-
Chester. The : penitentiary authorities
borrowed " the • rope, which is a new- one,
from Sergeant Saunders.
: ; The ' hanging ' of : T Ernest Davis is tin;
first Sergeant ■ Saunders • has . had to per
form, and he witnessed the ; execution^ur
Brown yeslerday : for tlie purpose of see
ing how. it was done. ,; ■'■-:''. .'
-The governor was .appealed to in hopes
that »he "would pardon Brown, . but \ he re
fused to' interfere with the. findings" of the
Soochland County Court by which Brown
was convicted. . ' ' ; . *
All tlie Furnaces Recently Convert
ed To the Use of Oil Burners
Being Changed Back. -
NEW bRLEANS,*'LA:, January 2.— New
Orleans is now ' without ; a •; supply, of fuel
oil, and all the furnaces .recently, con
verted to the use of- oil-burners 'are being
changed back, so that- coal may\be used.
Only one: concern; in this city, the; Lone
Star and I Crescent, > has Hbeeni supplying
fuel oil. v In the : last few days ; it has < sent
: circulars to Its : customers, saying t that
after January Ist it .would be: no. longer
able ; to supply.: oil to ..them. "The company
states :that it ; is unable to. get: sufficient
oil from" Beaumont to -meet -the wants of
its'customers.:::; ■ : - - . ' ; ;: ,-
Granulated Saear To-Day 4.65 Cents
Per 'Pound \et, 30 ,Day«, Less «,.
.1 Per Cent For Cash..
NEW YORK, January 2.— The - so-called
equality y or ,-:■; 1 actorjv: plan ? in H. the v sugar/
.traded will ' be" done ; away; ; with ?;by s the :
'American Refinlnff £ Company,;itOr ;
! morrow;?' andt: granulated w-will \
f &t i4.€s^cents \ par,; pound/s net/ % thirty;.; days^
ilessil: per|ceht.lfdr;oaßh^withoutirebate3
JJThft |plan4haß|been|f ollowed ibyiihe (re-:}
fihertjforla^yea.Kfan.dtbyiltFthei grocers
i recelyed|pr6tectlon- •. to :•; thaf extentfof |-25;
; that t ka'i the; grtocert I have J not adhered |to \
;the *. terms^Sthey s made, snd if ailed | tol 'sell ?
factor. 5 plan ".terms, this step be
"coTOesglnecessary^Hereafter all «al«s j
win t»f^l'a-|aeticaßhj"basi J
JT^H i Kfp*RTl-ftj 14 -tT^TS^-^^^'ff/"~Sj^O^ \s* K : l-^ xtey^l^>l^^»|t^l^i^K' jfes or^tLgUty^
.. ... , ; . ■ ■ ■ . -. ■■. .; .'- .■•:: .;• .: ; - :■■-■:. * ■. •■- : ■■ .;■. ..••;■.
■ .- : ' OJJ^ ■ -^* irE :: : It.ICUjjIOxiXjEI^+ i; ■■■ •■ •■
■ •
Lady Said To Be a Beantifnl Itesi
.'. ■•' ■-■■; "/ - ■■'. ;..; ■ '■ ■'■".;; ,■■■■ .-.■■.■■• ... . . ;■;'•
■:*; dent oi lilclimond — - Mclnricli
Dropped Deail , Yesterday Morn
Ingln ;f ork J Jewelry Store, 1 ,
■ Where He Was Employed.
News was, received : here . yesterday pf
the sudden /death.* ; from ? heart disease^
New York,- of Jl-i:erman ; Oscar iHeinrich.
'Prmerly of i Richmond, - but for ? several
years ay jewelry^ salesirian ; in;New<>York.; ;
frThe; body is; :to.;be : brought; here for
burial, "though ; the 'arrangements to this
end; have not been ; completed: ; The ; news :
was -broken; "to 'the: relatives -yesterday
evening' in a brief/ telegram ? f rom friends
of ;the t family in ; New; York, land at first
it was) feared that; the ; young ' man had
committed " suicideJ ; These -■: fears were set
at; rest -later by a. telephone- conversa--,
tion. with Dr. Herman Kudelich, an*emi
nerit physician, who was .well "acquainted
witb'Mr/vHeinrichr and: who declared 'the
death due to heart disease, from v.wriichi
dthe ydung.'man has. been suffering /for'
many years". ' ; ; ■' :
: The New York .correspondent- of ; the
Di3patch :? traces a. relation,, between -Mr.
Heinrich's ".untimely death '- and . • the'dis
appointment ; he' is,, alleged; to have felt
over the. failure 'of a' young : . woman, "to
whom he was devotedly attached, to re
turn his love, and in part,': also, to finan
cial; embarrassment.". His relations' here
declare that he , was not engaged to. Co.
married to any girl resident ; in :; this :. city
at any time, - and an attachment for a
Very , prominent girl in New 1 ork is be
lieved .by his. brother-in-law, Mr. Carl
Wippermari. to have been broken off last
summer because Mr. Heinrich was not
in._ apposition to.marry any one of the
prominence ;of the lady ; who : . held his-af
fections. As/to his financial embarrass
ments, ;nothing v is -known here. He ap
pears to, have enjoyed, *to ; a very large de
gree, the -confidence of ; Messrs.v Gattl - and
Sterns, who employed him' for some years
in their store at Thirty-eighth street arid
Ffth avenue/ for last summer he was
placed .in charge . of : the .firm's business
at . Saratoga. ... . „;•.-•>■ ■
. Mr. Heinrich -was. the- son of Mr. Benno
Heinrich' who died in this city rather less
than "eignt years ago. He. learnt the jewf
elry -trade, in his father s store, on Main
street.; Mr. Benno Heinrich came to :■ Vir
ginia forty, years-agol" and his son,'" Hein^
rich, ; was born here thirty-five" years - ago.'
He lived here until he went' to New; York
. was very > popular ; and ■ was always
very cordially entertained when he vis
ited his mother and his relations. He
has not been here'' since. the Christmas holi
idays of 1301, > his . summer va cation being
taken up twith - his; duties in Saratoga.
The shock; of the announcement; of his.
death ->to members of his: family was in-*
tense, ;• because his mother arid sister re
ceivedletters only 'a; day. or so ago, couch
ed in ':•; the most cordial terms, and.writ
ten in a vein'; of light-hearted pleasantry
that carried conviction of his good health
and spirits. His mother. Mrs., Elise Hein
rich, who lives on Mosby street, Church
Hill/ is hearfbroken at the news -of her
son's death. -She is 71 years old, and her
boy. was tlie Idol of her old' age. ' - "*"'."
If her wishes are "carried out the body
will be; brought' home at once, so that she
may "look upon his face again, as a
journey to. New Yorkis out of the ques
tion, as far as she is concerned. Mr. Carl
Wipperman," who is Mrs, Heinrich's son
in-law,;, is . making^ arrangements to this
end. and ; the body is. to -De laid;' in the
family. ;• lot in . Holl jTvood. „ . ■ , . . ; .
: Absolutely , no caus ,can' be fissigneu
by the family for 'the mental-depression
v/hichKhe-New York dispatches declare
that ; Mr. , Heinrich suffered. If lie 7 had
any troubles they are hot known to his
friends here,' and' the ide& : of an affair,
of -'the -heart with a ■ Richmond girl: is
scouted -by -those who were his closest
friends, as it. is believed he had not re
covered " from - : his love affair ':■ with the
New ; York girl. There had been no' for
mal engagement, it ; is asserted, and this
is- probably true/ as "the Germans: look
upon a betrothal as almost as sacred as
the * marriage vow, ;and , engagements : of
this sort are never broken. y
;,: The following dispatch was received
from the New York 1 . : correspendent of
the Dispatch last right: " '
-"Herman O. Heinrichs, a salesman in
Gattie & Stern's jewelry "store, at Thirty
eighth street and- Fifth avenue,; who said
several days ; ago that :he had no wish! to
meet , New : Year, dropped dead ■.'-.to-day,
while showing, a- customer finger rings.- •
"He had said he did not v/ish to live,
because a young woman whonv he j .had
been .' engaged "■. to marry had jilted him >'as:
a Christmas present and because he had
financial ■. troubles. : . , - :
"Heinrichs, who. is 33 -years old, -had
roomed with Dr. and : Mrs. Joseph Rus
sum. at 121 east Sixtieth, street He was
well and apparently, happy until Christ
mas-Day, when ■' he received a letter from
Virginia", which had a depi-essing effect
on^hiin. "- r:^ .:■:.:..;; ' .■ , :
."He remained in his room the rest . of
the day, and the next day; went to work.
In 'the evening: he kept to. himself in his
room, and - New Years-Eye Dr. Rossum
went to -him and- asked f what was,; the
matter. repliedUiat his:sw.eet
heart'had jilted Uum,. and :.that he' did not
care . to see. New Year/ and; besiaes, -he
said, ; he' had -moiiey troubles.; ..-: - - : - .;
"All "of New Years-Day, he staj'ed^in
his room. ' When the: doctor and his wife
called and -as-ed. if he, would not;,have
.medical attention ; or ..something. : to . eat.
he replied -; in tho , negative, saying all
ho wished was- to be left- alone. ■;:</.
■•■•' was his ; custom *o~ rise early and
walk l'rom ■•-■-his', residence to . his work.
He: started as ■ usual this morning." -No
one was- up ; when '-he left,, ana: he:.wa.s
not heard-to leave..- -/ ; V v ','
"He appeared weak -. and sick when ne
reached the store, and said nothing- more
than- the customary '- '.'Good < morning. . .: .;
"He-had been ■; in the* store only.- a few
minutes wheni arman * entered .' and askeo
to-be shown somesfingerirings. It.was
while showing . the > man J.the , rjngs .that j
Heinricbs clapped "his "hand "to his. chest
and- dropped to the 'floor. ■;: By -the t.m?
the ambulance h from New : YorK. - Hospital
.A Guaranteed Cure lor Piles; ■
Itching/ Blind, : Bleeding, and Protrud
ing Piles. . 'No ". cure, no ; pay. : 'All > drug
gists are authorized by. ; the t manufacturers
of ' Pazo £ Ointment -. to , ref und ; ■ the '■ money
where : it fails to curei any case : of'piles,
no ■; matteV;: of i how v long: standing.* Cures
ordinary? cases in '"six days;- the -worst
cases -in i fourteen -■ days. One ' application
gives; ease^and rest. -Relieves: itching in
stantly.; This - is :' ajnew ..- discovery, r, and
It is the only pile remedy : sold on . a-.posi
tive guarantee/; no ; cure, 'no. pay/ Price,
50c. '*,«;--• :: r ' - : .
For infants and Children.; .
The Kind You Kavs Always laug|
Signature of C^/f^^&ijU^,
■ ' -. .■■■.-■■■■ , • . •-: .■■■ ' -'..■.-■■. ■■■■■■: ■. y. - ■.■■■■■■;
; ■..'■ Via- the Atlantic Const Lineß. R. '
Winter tourist tickets are now on salt
toall'Southerniwinter. resorts'jVlaitne^At
lantici Coast; LineJ^ThlS' line\ is I the j short
est;^ quickest ; and I most:; elegantly-equipped
between* the =■ Northi and ;l Sou th.< ! 1 1 1 offers
, to % health S and W pleasurfr-seelseis £ service
equalledrby i none. : You , make no changes
toiFlorldarresort,. - .
><v For full? particulars, apply to any agent
of A the 'company, or
Sis^sWjJllafci. 5 BtreeLtKichmoud.- V*.
' i A DftAII E \
/ pliliUii|n|t I
\\ "hysicians highly recpramend it as a specific //
:,^ remedy incases of , , I
FOUSER\ 4 CO., 26-3-)-/^
arrived -he v was : dead, - arid the body -.was
sent 7: to ' the s :undertakingrrootns ; -oi :,the
"American >-; ; Casket / Company,!/; in ; Great
Jones streets. ..'' ■'■ ~— - .- •' ' Z." - .
; 'VxielnrichS' ;came to ? -jNew? York, five
years :• ago ' from -• his / home,': ln Richmond,'
Va,/' where it; was 'saia'/he .was connected
with onerof : the; best .:" : ' /.
: ;'!Asto^the- ldcnUtyV of J;the?young;wo
man,, v nose breaiung of /the- engagement
also broke hia heart,/; little is known.
Mrs. ; Rossum skJd that ne never; told : her
who i she was. ■; except'- that . she' ; was* beau-;'
tiful/and/a member Jof. a:/ weal thy 'Richt
mond ' family./; It r was ; known \ that> he wor
shipped; her,/, as .- he - wrote .continually .to
her. and spent; all he. earned on presents
fori:her/" v --. •■ ':; -'■ "■■_■'■■■■■',■■ "^ J---'-^-' ,-' ■'-. ':'-;':■
birthplace /of Zachary/ Taylor, .twelfth
President i-;'o. tne United • btates, and j a
;little farther on within view)' of Mont-;
'peller,; where rest the remains ; of . James
Madison," before reaching Charlottesville
and its kindred; points in the landscape,
the University, and Monticello.
"Mary. Washington Monnment." .
'•Ten years ago I stood; in the presence
of our then Chief Magistrate, bearing,"
with others, an: invitation for him: /to' be
at 'Fredericksburg on the . 10th of :May,
1834/ to. take part in the dedication ; of -the
Mary, sVashington; monument/, at that
place. The/then; President said that. he
had told Mrs. Walte, : the widow of Chief
Justice, who was at the head of the so
ciety "representing the : patriotic women of
American;. who /built the monument, that
her invitation t was one that he could riot
decline/if he would; that he could not fail
.to honor / the "■ meriiofy j of Washington ,; in
.every way' possible. TVe feel. /Mr/ Presi
dent, / that you and 'your advisers , will
.corrie to the University/ at the time/ desig
nated, ;to do honor to Jefferson's memory
in tthis -centennial year, so intimately con
nected'with his, fame as~ man and Presi
;dent.: "■' ~~ / -.. ;.. , ■ _ .... / \- : - %
Jefferson; Madison; Monroe. r
"The University . of Virginia, Mr. Presi
dent and ; gentlemen, ;'■;, was not only/ the
University of Jefferson/ but at; his death
Mr. Madison' succeeded him : as rector, and
Mr. Monroe was one of the Board of: Vis
itors,/ the governing .body of the.,institu
tion, ali vf these serving after ; their re
tirement from the Presidency. ' :■':.;
* "This invitation is not only to as
President of the .United r States, .but to
you as an honored son of Harvard, and
to^your Cabinet, •whether- they be' distin
guisHed alumni of .Brown, Cornell,, or. Har-;
yard, or arereckoned as those not forme >
collegians who have : been graduated In
tlie high scho.ls of business life, as shown
by their marked careers of usefulness and
activity in private and public callings."
ion the Knapp vessel would be the best :
cargo afloat. :- ; ;;'
The J building .of ; these' vessels, which 1
are rapid of construction, as engineers
claim they can be; built in' two months',:
time, would create : an' industry- hitherto'
unknown,- and would certainly be 7 the.
means Jof causing prosperity wherever ;
the location of the ..works may be, and r .
as far as he could now see, Mr. Auerbach;
said Richmond will be the place. .; . "
Description of tbe yessel. .;■ -.•'■'•.
The tubular, boat is . described as.ah.
elongated ■ cylinder with ." cone . . shaped
ends inclosing two other concentric cy
linders, an air space ] between . the middle
and outer, cylinders, and a space for car
go between the middle and inside cylin
ders. The longitudinal ' space .: is ' divided
by ; cross ; sections , or 'partitions ; dividing"
the ; boat in, its length every twenty feet/,
causing. a solid bulkhead, creating. a non-;
sinkable .boat, which, if struck in ariy^
compaftmerit will in no way interfere
jvith . i the general running ; of; the boat
or" injure its cargo. The details- of- con
struction :internally are arranged to^ suit:
rhe different classes: of- traffic. For -the
transportation :of oil, proper v generating
valves are connected; with each storage
section preventing combustion or danger
from fire. Stout steel cross beams from;
one cylinder to the other . give the -neces
sary 'strength and rigidity. -.; A flooring
.ilong the lower part : of tne inside, cylin
der, forms .'• the deck, whilst the loading
and".; loading Is. done by centrifugal
'sumps without any extra cost other, than
"' he' vessel's own;power. The total weight
of. the " tubular ship is : only' one ■ third tne!
weight of the present type of. steam
ship .and -has - over 'double the carrying
capacity, and can be built '; for one . quar
.'.er the price of that' of the present type;
- The objection . may; be;faised as to what
will, prevent the 'ship from rolling" and
burning -bottom :up. -To "-.'this Us; answered:
The centre ;6f gravity is always/beneath
Lhe water-line;^ seven tenths of the total
weight j ofj the ; ship : and of . the ;. cargo , are
Mnder/the "floating line. %The '"centre; of
gravity ;is .under .the : supporting^point,
and" there isino reason. why a weight ' of
lO.OO'J : or even of '15,000 tons should : be
raised without any cause.' The : tubular.
:' <hip has then an equilibrium much ; supe- s
dor ' to the One possessed ; by the box ves-'
•el, in .which the centre of gravity is
Above : the floating line.'. -' v
A "second advaiitagfe which the Knapp
vessel - has .is her construction, which 'is
most simple. A huge 'tube ' four or: five
hundred -feet long,- need not ; be built -in
: special shops nor 'by specially skilled
takers.;-/;' ■_ ' . ' ; . : ;/: : :'.- _ . .*.
Well Known Harvard ; Scholar /To
Address the- Historical Society.;
,:' Prof essor. Albert B.: Hart, - of Harvard; 1
*ias accepted the invitation to" deliverUhe
annual before vthesVirglnia sHis-
Jidrical ; Society ; Jan.^ls. in .the hall: of the
: Hoiise of : Delegates, in ■ thie c ; capitoi; bund
ing ' • :
f. The annual , meeting was .postponed t this
Vpar.* I «t: Tvillibe; held ': on \ the \'i 15th. i Apr
blicatiori : ' will : be,: made . to )theu legislature
.for 1 the use ;of -iihe '■ hall, which "will : ; be
Trail h-mI
■■ Frofftsor -Hart's y family;- consisting of
his" wif e. ;;.tw6 ;: children, ■ and; a T governess;;
are : e spected there^ iri^ a :(f ew^i days J- J and
Have 'en ereged j rooms for/ a ; month " at ; Mrs.
:Eubaiil;'s.. on East Grace street. : .
.'•;■• Professor Hart' will not come, until
laic. '
Lookout for Child of Prince»«.
BERLIN. . January, 2.— The Saxon court
i.tair£ypossessjonS oi^the^espected fchlld Wot .
rthe?:Crow"n;>Prlncesa.- according to the
Cwirieivjand^has? Iri.structed?lts?
■ chief ■ police agent, ; Schwars, ■■ at ;' Geneva,
to";. keep a, 'sharp lookout, and avo!d de
ception hy the substitution cf another
' The intention of the Crown Prince is
to claim the 'fatherhood of ths child, and
educate it at the Sax*n toxitt
, r^sS^^^^^^^^^^^^p ;
Death : of Miss Flora. Ha tcher^-City
To : Tax Petersburg? '■■ Line— Xcv.
"Transfer- System— Sale of , ; Tele
. phone Lines— City Sergeant ' Wit
nesses Hangins^Comraittec Meet
ing— Other Son Uisiflc Xcvrs.
jAil kinds of characters, from that. of ;a
clown 'down: to ? that ' of a simple negro
wlth,a'frisky air,"";, were" impersonated • at
the. : masquerade: ball ; in .the Leader Hall
last night. ' The" young men and the young
women vied with each : other in z - their : va
rious gj-rations,- arid for a;time the -party
resembled. that of a comic opera ensemble
rather "than the society folk : of Manches-.
ter. It was a . creditable ; gathering. One
person -was attired in ' a costume ' made
of the Stars , and Stripes and imperson-'
ated;that familiar figure known" as "Un
cle. Sam." Dante's inferno was also rep
resented to some extent. . ■ . -' ;
. .The rustle of -velvet and silk; among
the "'women; lent an air to the -occasion,
and -their -gaudy attire added lustre to
the' scene. The" tympanum of each car
rang with the sound of the music, and
the; couples danced through the figures'
as gracefully as - a Grecian : water-nymph
glides over its accustomed stream. It
was indeed an occasion that was as thor
oughly^ enjoyable as could have been an
ticipated.: In fact," the occasion was
graced by nearly all of the youth and
beauty of the city society set. ;' '
.'The ball was given to the friends of
Miss ; Weisiger and Miss Hyde." ' ■ "
-Supper was served at;l2 o'clock last
night to the dancers. The dancing was
kept- up until 2 o'clock this morning. •'■■'.
Among some of , those present ; at ". the
ball were: Misses Minnie Weisiger. Maude
- Patterson, Mary Patterson, Helen Rot£.
cr tson, Marlon .Robertson, , Mamie Weis
iger, Reita Weisiger, Bessie - Weisiger,
Mamie : Lyons, ; of" ' Petersburg: *' Amelia
Coal ter, of Richmond; Elizabeth^ Polly,;
arid:; Edith? Hyde, Mollie Bridges, '• of Ash £
land; Loula Jones, -Yirbyv'TElla; Mayo,*
Laura ' Taylor,; -Mary. Wooirldge, , Lucia
Owen, Terry, Alice Mcßae.Florrie Mc-
Rae,; Josephine Mcßae, Helen Mcßae,
Nina .:. Owen, . Bessie Reid ; Messrs. Willis
C. Pulliam, Thomas Fendley, Lacy Fend
ley, Samuel ; Patterson, William Patter
son, Henry A Patterson, Thomas Turpin.
Royall Turpin, Gus Goolsby,' Clifton .Rob
ertson, Bernard -Robertson, R.7T. Coal
ter,- F. B. - Spencer, ; of St. .Louis; George
Cox, Frank Sampson, T. W. Edmunds.
E. ;E. Early. James Lucas, Graham Weisi
ger, H. G. Carter, H. i^olland ; Mr. and
Mrs. ■ George E. Gary, Mr. and Mrs. Ham
ilton ■. Chalkley,"; Mr. and Mrs. Edwi.rd
Hyde, Mrs. : Mollie- Turpin, Mrs. Kate
Page, Mrs. William B. Ball. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles E. Friend, Mr. and Mrs. Freder
ick Robertson. Mr. William B. Ball, Mr..
E. W. Weisiger, -Mrs. T. M. Fendley, ; Mrs.'
B. M. : Robertson, Dr. Lawrence Ingram,
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Weisiger, B. P. Vaden,
Mrs. W. F. Winnie, Mrs. Dr. Brodnax.
Mr. and Mrs. John ' Morris, Mrs. Kate-
Vaden. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Robertson,
Dr.'.Easley, and many' others. '
• The home of Mr." E. W. ; Weis;jor, the
druggist;. was entereU and rob'oe'd Thurs
day' evening. A cloak belonging to Miss-
Weisiger and other wearing apparel were
std!en.--The " robbery has been -reported,
tosthe police, who are" at" work on' tho
iase.S '-;" ; - ;: ' ■v - Y}\ . '.:.•:' ■■■■-■" •-'■ t'Js* ;
'Several petty robberies have "also been
reported in Manchester within the ; last
few*, days*;- • : ';.: " : -' ,; - ]■ "- ■■'"■.
. No ' traco' has been mado 7 of : the ne
groes who robbed Mr. Joseph -Moore, in
his saloon Wednesday night. ■ ' .*■'"'
-The funeral of Miss Flora Hatcher,
who Idied at. her home in Chtaiemvui,
county Thursday, will take place from
L-ie Chester Methodist Episcopal church
at 11- o'clock: this morning. :,= : •■-".'.
„ Miss Hatcher was about 23 years old.
She ' was the daughter of ■ Mrs. „ ..lartha
Hatcher, _a -relict '! of William Hatcher, _
who lived near Chester. Her brother, Mr.
Thomas Hatcher,; resides in Manchester.
he married Miss Hall, of .this.: city.
■ The City Council will within 'the next
few weeks inquire of ' the Passenger and
Power Company: the . reasons for its re-,
fusal to issue transfers" to passengers
taking its car^ in Manchester to air its
lines in Richmond. An effort is to . be
made to ; have a new transfer system es
tablished, whereby the people of Man
chester may .." ride- over to any part 'of
Richmond for five cents. } At present the
transfers are refused over the lines -for
merly operated by the Richmonu Traction
Company., • v ' ■ .
■."- City Sergeant J. G. Saunders returned
last night: from the" State Farm, where
ho witnessed* the. hanging I of "Jack"
Brown yesterday, for the murder of James
Parker.; . '. '
.Sergeant : Saunders is somewhat nerv
ous, but saj's . that he will be ready for
the hanging of Ernest Davis next Frt
day. .. ; ' . : : •. ..:_//"._, " : _ '- -' ;
"' Sergeant Saunders has brought the rope
with , "which Davis is :to be hanged : back"
frorri the State ; Farm. -"The rope is to -be
used for two hangings , within a' week. .
•r ManyACitizens have applied, to Sergeant.
; Saunders for permission - to witness the
hanging. , : At least twenty-five persons will
see the -execution. - •- ■ . ; - ,
The fact ithat; the Manchester Telephone ||
Company's lines : are 1; to be i. controlled by
the ■': Richmond Telephone/ Company after
January, 31st is causing considerable : com
ment in Manchester "'Just?a.t--thlsr -time. -In
fact, ■it is .believed, that central head
quarters of the ■'. Manchester ; lines", will |be
■ moved ; to .the new. 1 building ' of -the ; . Rich
mond; Telephone- Company, in Richmond:
Just what ; will be done with the; young
ladies •in the Manchester; exchange" cannot
betforecastedrias^yetJ^:.:'' 1 - ' \ • ' \
: It"was generally believed several months
ago, ; that the Richmond . Telephone Com^;
pany^would get control of; the Manchester
lines, , The .' superintendent, : of the ; Man
chester,: conpany,. denied that there would
be; such? a » change ■) at^that i^tlme. ;A^>eat
many£imprbvements i wilKiie made in ; the
servic c : the"' la tter part : of. this ;-. month.
m Clerk ; Hillary, E. \ Du Val; of, the Corpora
[ tion I Court, ,' has comple ted , the ? record » of
-the'fHll ton .trial; ;; which' Is ; to be submittea
to the:; Court bf ; r Appeals^withlri*!:the;next
; few- days by/; the : prisoner's counsel, * Mr." .
-G'.i.Sl' Wing,lwhoi;is:to n try*toVgetia-:new:
trialifor- his:clientlri]the higher jtriburiat: 1
rMr^HSSI." SmithY;; Jn;-; of .will I
assist- air.;. Wing. in^ his effort .to T get afnew. •!
trials of Hfltoh -iriithe' Court 'of Appeals."-
'{:. The :neWi hotel !of ; Mr^^vVf J/jDobbtas, at j
i Seventh 1 Hxid\ Perryrstreets^ ; is now ; nearing :
; completion. . The work of putting ■'•■■ the
windows In the structure ; was begun -yes-"'
Mr. Dobbins j move tnto the hotel ?as
soon as It is>ompleted. •
5i Mr.' Huriter^y s ßaldwin's n«w store near
Twelf thfarid '• Hull ?stre«ts < 11 3 T alao * riearfair
A movahas b*«n- started for th* pur*
to finding i a suitable ; location : for; a new,
city hall .in 'Manchester. .
'<v It- was^at^flrst^thought that OldCehr,
I ' tral v, churchY; would hbe « bought^ ; ~ bu t-f,the ;
I pariy/- has already purchased ;that»*propr°
erty. _ * . - ,
i;■ Just when v the new city ; hall , will be
;;built" is ajmatterl of -conjecture;'; but' ther&
iisjmdcbvvtalk^as '-' r to'' tho need / for ; such* d
| That which is / now used ; as a city hall
! : is vat~;Tenth?ari<l ; Hull^ streets, j It £is tod
i/siriall vtotfmeet ithe^requirements." /; !
■> : An , : importari t ;^>neetins //of the - ; r special
committee Which is ;; to 'discuss the ques
tion-. of "/ taxing "the Richmond and Pe
ters electric; railway|will be -held 'ln the
couricil/chamber in Manchester next.Tues
,day night. '"* " . '
.; ■}■ The cars of the" Petersburg line .; are
operated in Manchester over the Hull and
Seventh"/ street tracks of the Passenger
and , Power ; v Company; '.'''"' The *;city; . it Is
. claimed, / receives ; no -. revenue /from the
owners of the Petersburg line for allow
ing: its cars to "be /operated r through; the
streets of, Manchester. - v ' :
/Among;: those/. who will, discuss the mat
ter" Tuesday night .will : be Messrs. . J/: S.
Wakef ield; W. B. - Bradley. J: W. ■ Barrett/
'Judge ;;;W. rI. Clopton, /- Joseph "W. / Btq-Z
. naugji, ; R;.:jV". Owen and Counsel M. M.
/Martin, of: the Virginia Passenger arid
"Power Company. / L : • "-"-• ■■ ' ?
The members of the Manchester fire de
partment are preparing .to /give an- en
tertainment; in the Leader hall, in the
near future .for the -benefit of .the fh:e-'
men, as well as for the purposes of rais-
; irig • funds : : for purchasing:^ rubber boots
anil coats for- them. ..•> y
The f irio showing made by the depart-,
ment. during the last year has been re£
mniked .upon'by almost every one in
Manchester, and it is taken for granted
that the manufacturers who ; are con
ti"'n'i>l.':tiKK. It c;it.*r.;; ; u« Manchester will be
all: the mnre e:if".' ura £ e cl .when they learn
that--;tlie fire leases for twelve months
amounted t0; 0n1y.. 5493.
.Chief WB Crocks-, Fireman W T..
Smith, Ct irence C-tlori, W. E. Smith
and othev rr>em!>»:fs of the department
nr-i l>emg /c<'iisr«!i-it:sted> for, the fine, work
' they have done <lvi ing the last twelve
Miss Edna Toney, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. D. L. Toney, of Manchester/enter
tained her friends Thursday x night in ■ , a
delightful manner. Games and dancing
by the party made; the evening only too
short/ Music from the banjo of Mr.
Aaron Belcher/ who. behind the palms m
the dining-room/ played for a long time.;
was . an tncentive ,for every one to join*
In the "dance. A / few :of : those present
were Misses Lillie. Hihnant, Bessie'Garjv
Pearl/Hinnant, Alma Ow;en. Emily Gary.
Pearl Fuqua, Carrie- Vaughan. Some of
' the gentlemen . were : Messrs. Russell Hart,
Meredith ~ Owen, Stanard Archer, Win
ston | Goodman, Harry Gary and many
others. Mrs. D.L. Toney and Mrs. W.
L.- Martin chaperoned the party.
The members or'both the almsiiouse arid
street committees of the Manchester city
council.were entertained In a most en
joyable manner ..Thursday ■"' at the home.
oil Superintendent Allen, of the alms- 1
house.. . - : /;' ■ " . ' :
- A sumptuous feast was served, ot which
all the members partook. All the <leu
cacies'6f the season, were served. The
'possum, was unusually good. . : .-
Among; some of the members present at
the feast were Messrs. J. T. : Abbott, C.L.
4.-ettit. A. R. Hooker, J..W. Barrett, A.'
W. :Fahr,- J. S. Wakefield, -' W. D. Fergtis
son; R. V. Owen, C. C. Cox, A./L./Samp- |
son; Captain Llpscomb and others. I
A. Jennings, of Richmond, has re
ceived 2 the contract for papering thf»
new national : udnk of/Manchester, and
has begun/ the work, . . „ ," ' /
-The Richmond -Woodworking Company
is -putting in the fixtures, and Mr. Va
den, who is to be at tho head of " the
. new institution,* is now looking for the
man who wlir do the painting. ' /
iThenew bank will be open by the lat
terrpart/of this month with- a capital of
not-less than 550.000. . • /
In view; of the fact-that the city as
sembly, has "taken up the matter of In
quiring why/ the members of "the council
failed to "attend committee meetings, it
is thought there wiH;be : a quorum at ttit
meeting? of the health" committee .to
night, for the first time in nearly six
months. O . ;; '* '' »
Every member who fails to-attend the
meeting will be reported. The meeting
will, be an .: important one, as a large
amount of business is to be transacted./.
The amount of damage done by the fire
In the; barn of Mr. R- C. Broaddus, in
I heard of . Ripans Tabules
through an old friend of the
family who had suffered for a
number- of years with indi
gestiori so b ad th at he could
hardly sleep. He has taken
thetii for about two years, and
caii now eat most anything
and sleep like a top. .
At Druggists-
The Five-cent packet is enough for an ordi
nary occasion. The ':. family bottle, 60 c:s.
containß a supply for a year.
Woman's Corner.
Saturday* 3d.
We beg to announce to the
women of Richmond a gene
ra! reduction sale of Ladies*
and. Children's Coats and
Furs /and- Ladies' • Shirt-
Waists and Dressing Sacques,
Our January White Sale
opens this mornings
Chesterfield county. Thursday night. Is
$150. The property was occupied by
Joshua Andrews.
Mr. Hugh "■%,, Kldd.- of Manchester, shot
his index flngef off while hunting, a day
'or; two ': ago. - Ho was treated by Dr. Lav.*- :
rerice Ingram- ; . : • •■".- / :
The case of L. M.Btshop- against
Fietcher Cole, for the recovery of a.
horse and %$, was continued .": until this
morning/- when It will bo h^arl betor*
"Squire 1*; W.Chcatham. '
-Because" he assaulted Annie i\.»nney and
threatened to do" her bodily, injury, illl
ton Booker (colored), was fined $5 and re
quired to/ give security for his good be
havior forjsix months. He did not have
the /money, and will hive to remain in
jail sixty days. ; ; .. -
An. entertainment; was given at th»
home of Mrs. Connelly ; last I night, tha
proceeds from which will bo placed to the
credit 7 ; of ; the Organ fund of the Central
Methodist church.. ;
"An entertainment will bo slvea in th»
tieaddr . Hall.' next Tuesday ;, nigh t, by the
;West-End Comedy ; Company. .; under \^n
direction of Mr. Charles P. Hail, : i a part
of the proceeds from which will go- tc
Mr. William Turner, of Manchester, wh*
Is an invalid and unabld t6 do anythinr
for /himself. >; ;..;'-"' :pr ■■ r '''.i'"''"" - '
Mr. and Mrs.* S. : J. Henry have returned
from their, bridal trip. ' - - '" •* .
.' The funeral of Mrs. Virginia Gutbxl*
Edwards, who died Thursday, wlir taJS©
place at* "11:30 this morning from ; th«
home of her aunt, Mrs/- Clara Na"3h. No.
708 east, Grace street. The body will ha
taken to Powhatan county, /where th*
burial will/ be 'made. .
.The remains of Mr. Everett Bolton.
who .died -at the Virginia Hospital
Thursday from wounds received at the
Locomotive Works the same day. wera
taken to Scottsville /yesterday momlngr,
where they were" interred.' •
Mr. C. C. Levy, the manufacturing-up
holsterer of Brook : avenue, ■ has : received ■,
a/letter from relatives in Alsace, Ger
many, announcing the death of hisfath
er. Leopold Levj r . "Who -formerly lived
here. : . .
-..:.■■ Famplin City %Vcddlngc*. .
CITY^ VA./ Jan; ::.— (3p>-,
clal.)— Miss Nanrila ; . Legrande. -of Appo
mattox county, was married ; to , Mr.. W.
Douglass Mason.- of this -place.:-: at ,thi
Hotel Hamilton, Bristol, / Tenri..; Dec. 3'\.
Mr. -Mason and his bride are now at ; th<-
Hotel Pamplin. where / hia / brother. Me.
C...L. Mason, who was married -~a ; feY
days/ ago to Miss Zula Calloway," :o{'
LjTichburg^. resides. . . „; " = V-XJV
MI3S Annie :. Swan, daughter of ..TC.; W,
Swan. ;of Five : Forks, Prince Edward
county, will Le .; united in marrfage ,thli
nfternoon ; to Mr. Luther R. Carwilai., os
Farmvllle, by_ the Rev: J. Ii: Couch:
The rural delivery of v tha ; mall to- Hlx
burg and Hurtsi-llle .commenced- t.o-dayi
Mr. Boyd Ford is the contractor. ',
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Xc ;» Laxative : Bmmo Quinine Tabletat.
Thi ." signature J?f»V CL __ -_:m: m evQJ^
box. 25, cent3.<9 /fj&rxrtrt^^cnL. ■

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