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tee weffltoiaysoisPATCH;
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V»«nr« ■- O*U«, ¥o. 61C- ' east I »r»»4 ttrMti
»ew JTorkl Oflcv Xi 1^ VVt* Borin !
Tribua^ Bnllfiloff.
cixz *OT*6«ixx6iiß.!vv!- ; !;:
THE ! J3AILY DlSPATCHsdellvered^ to
iut»crJbes» ; in : lUcnmbnd|ahdpianchester
at W cecte per month;" payable to the car
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DISPATCH, fl-50 per! annum ; 76 cents for
Kilt mcathr. •" •
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5 THE WEEKLY DISPATCH' is issued la.
two par us each * week--on Mondays and
Tliunwlaya-at OVTE ; DOL.LAB "per y«n
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poet-offlee. ■ ' ■■.. . '...... .._ . ■ • .'■■/..':_.-
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all communications "The, via
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.( New 404
Suslaew 0ff100.... «..••.•••••• | qW1860!q W18 60!
■-.■;•!■ •■'. ;.. , --" ! ' : (Kew\l2s3'.
Ctttjr' *f1i£f1r........... v .i..« i Old" 158
BATITEDAY, .......... JANUARY 3, 1903.
■"■•■• A" patient,and long-suffering people are j
•vvc. Hero wo havo the street car com
pany offering to give us universal trans
fers, and weeks and weeks have passed j
without the proper legislative author!- j
1v being given them to do pp. Mean- j
while, \ hundreds of people arc paying |
double fares. They kick and complain, I
hut. do nothing more. They never think j
of interesting their- representatives in j
the Board of Aldermen and Common
Council. They can get these. -transfers
for which they havo sighed, 10, these
many years, if they will strenuously j
interview the city__ fathers on the sub- j
ject.; *V ' ■''■ - ~. -|
; The subject in question was referred i
lo the Street Committee, and by it toa i
tub-comra3ttec. ' ,
It is outof the question for action to ]
>c postponed any .longer. Let us have i
aoibc ;Eort: of report from the ;sub- :
commiUec. Let a start- be made. If
:he system proposed by -the . companies
be not a satisfactory one, why, let them
lcrtow that fact. . r v: * V
It will be one of the most astounding
things that have happened: her© in a
long wliile ,if a. transfer system'
everybody has been clamoring for and
which Is now offered » by the street Tail- ;
TOy company, is defeated by repeated j
postponements in a Council • committee.
Karly action is desired, _and it does not
matter much whether the report is for
or." 'against tho company's proposition.
The main ; thing is to make. a. start. . i
. Some enthusiastic writers are disposed
to make Olney' 'the Only "man for the
democratic' nomination.
.Says Ihc Star: The
Hichmond '■> Dispatch is hunting. for a lost
county which it'eiairas formerly belonged
in Virginia. Possibly it has been swal
lowed up by. .the, 'Rlchnumdcrs-. They
have been drinking dirt for years. .
Mud,'friendC not' dirt With that substi
tution our contemporary's conclusion
would have been somewhat reasonable*
but for the fact 1 that the streams of ; the
region of tho lost .county, .do not flow
into' the James. : ■ -,, ■ '. '"- '
The Boston Journal, in discussing "antl
- trust" legislation and the "apparent hesi
tancy with which Congress approaches tho
•task,*' -concludes that."it is by no means
the "easy thing that" seems to be supposed
Jay some to draw. up. a bill, within con
: i vlitutlonal limitations, wlxich shall accom
j ?lish what Is desired in the public Interest
■ «-ithdiit Imposing a serious handicap upon
\ndustriaj:* and* business "development."
" Our contemporary then adds that . "if
inybody imagines the contrary let him
; irV his hand merely at drawing up a
; £ efinition i ot . a trust;; and -he will cure
. himself of his : delusion." ■ • • .
.t The Journal's point as to "constitutional
;)mltatibns" ; seems well 'taken. Butiad
jkiitting, for the sake of argument, that
it Is not, it would'still 'be no easy thing
'■■' t <y secare thd ■■ passage by "a R«pubUcari
r Cbhgreiss of an effective anti-trust bilL
"-For the trust interests might be depended
ijpMj'tosee to it that no such bill -went
through^ -Yet^there ' Is an easy way. com
paxatiycly, of reaching the trusts, and
with' that way constitutional r limitations
-have nothing to do.". It 4is through tariff
S. revision. , -The - matter is .merely * one of
? arousing, the masses to a determination
to. place the Democracy, again Inpower,
■ under pledge to batter down Dingleyism.
which protects and fosters the trusts.
;,» Tariff revision : legislation is the only "an
■;■■: tl-trutit", legislation that "will accomplish
W what Is ■ desirad in the; public . Interest,"
'■.■i i- and that will never be enacted;by the .!&£■]
«i jyubllcan party. All "anti-trUßt" bills bthi
i a*tarUt reduction: bill/. that. may
|fee' parsed wiU prove mere juggling with :
«1 he Issue.: Tariff reduction will curb. the
, "jrusts by Its own operations.
============== -•._■;......-;„..-
The old custom of keeping? open house
i\n Kew-Tcar's day. was observe^ ■ this'
■ ' year In Annapolis," at least,; lt appears.;-:
'^•" Kltft-flyer.? Eddy says s he r has- j* discovered
l,|jL^^ practical . aindifp/ ;';It':Is ; to; be; hoped it
-"'Will fly. - I ' - - -'
Our WythevlMc frienda ■ teem to be in
rS^fwhor.e franehtoe.^sThWK* r «ft? nearly
i-V tumid to them, and they fourjd they
i t»k"ict ? It , out"- to; tna ; hff heat;
bidder." Bo »orr»6 or the ncwapape«i<«j|]
but we suspect that the council of Wythe
yllld know bettor than that.
•■ It fa a. matter of .-serious doubt whether
any - town or \ city, council can grant
such charters In advance • of Icgiala-
Uvc \i- ; J The^C^stitutlori'rrcquires^;
that before rffrantlngV any such
'franchise -or privilege for a term ■■-„o f •
'year?, the -municipdlity .•">.' shall-; •. first,;
after due; advertfsemerit,'; ;'; receive';; bids
therefor, % !j publicity^ in j 'such - ; manner
as ., may .bb provided ;byj law, ;. and ; shall
then act ai;: required. by law.; ; . ;
;-■ Th 6: Leglaiaturef may; or riiay
quire .the franchise to bb awarded i to : ; the
highest bidder. S This v subject ia;; before
Senator Opie's committee, and has been
discussed there inf ormallj'. : : The ; ; trend of
-thought there, . wb- think, ;is ;rather, c to
award the franchise -to - tho best
than to the 1 highest^ bidder. •I£ • the ; '"best
bidder" i ni le if s ■to prevail like unto the
laws of, the Mcdcs and Persians then the
monopolies will K keep?Lthat^ position as
long as it Ifi advantageous for them to do
so.'-- .. '■■ -■.'■:---.. .■'■•":■:': ■"'■ ■'■'.- .'.'.-. 'J ' ■'■'•.-
Again, after a public-spirited man -has"
developed a. schemo for. a. . great . public
utility, after ho has paid surveyors. and
engineers, -after lie has gotten expert opin
ions to back him up, when hV has ; awik-;
cried the public to tho desirability,: of. the
enterprise ht has planned, -,would> it be
fair, would.it be promotive of public
' spirit, 5 would it pay. In -the long run, 1 , to
let a stranger to tlie enterprise come in
at the last minute and 1 get the 1 franchise
by bidding a ■■> trifle more than the origi
nator and promoter of the" enterprlee?
Wo think riot. And we are much; in. hope
that Mr. Opie'fl committee will take our.
view. of it.; ■■ -•■ '•' .;. '• - ; ; ;
So far as the cities and towns of^Vir-;
ginia are concerned, no subject cf legis
lation that is- likely lo present itself at
this Pfcssiori is of more importance than
thin one relating to the sale of; municipal
franchises. The chief .aim. of the con
vention was to obtain : publicity on behalf
of the urban communities and to prevent
councils from suppressing competition.
It was desired also to make corporators
pay 'a; fair; price for the franchise. Now
it is the task of the Legislature to effect j
those ends, .taking care. that the law they'
frame does "not play into the hands of |
existing monopolists. Theirs is no easy
job; all the more reason, therefore, that
the legislative committee should have the
best advice of tho best men in the city
councils of Virginia.
It is but bare Justlcoto the celebrated
Dr. Lorenz to say that when he uttered
his recent philippic against American pas
try he had never eaten of a sweet-potato
pie. A pie made after the Dispatch's re
ceipt may or may not make a person sick,
but there Is no instance on record where
the cater of it regretted satisfying his
appetite on it. . ; ; /; ■
The January number of the Southern
Planter, J. F. Jackson. .editor, comes out
in a colored cover. It is largely devoted
to 'the advaii9ement of the ilivc-stock\ in
dustry of the State, and is illustrated
with pictures of , some of the choicest
animals of -the different breeds.
The journal has. been an institution ,of
Virginia for sixty- two years, and starts
upon the New Year in highly creditable
style. •<;; ' ■ ' '.'-'■ .; ■ '. f
The Albany Argus is fair, enougl* as a
Northern' paper to^ say: * : \ ;.'
" "South "Carolina and other Southern
States are doing their best, undoubtedly/
to depose Judge Lynch; and doing it in
the face of conditions of which we in
the North -have „ but a yaguo apprecia
tion." .. ' ': ;-, :':-.■ . ■ . '
A gorgeous cai-nival of if|owcr3 was held
at Pasadena . California,; on the Ist." Tho
procession of carriagcs.iantomobiles, bi
cycles, and carts decorated with oiit-of
door blossoms required thirty minutes to
pass a given point.' There is certainly a
great stretch of climate in this country
of ours. . r]" ■"'."■!. ■
The; ;' January 'ithaw -seems disposed to
sot in early. .:-- -...! ,:.,-'•„ ■... . '_'■■ .!; .;'.
The "Pretender" who raised the cur- ,
rent rumpus in '. Morocco has announced
that he is not lighting for the throne
for himself. He is struggling to place
on it the Sultan's brother, Mulai Moham
med, aur'namedx the "ono eyed." This
may bo interesting and important to the
people of Morocco, but it is hardly im
portant, and is not. particularly interest
ing to the. rest of the world. It. ls, a
matter of small concern .to outsiders who
is Sultan of Morocco". : -
, But the world at ; large— the civilized
world at least— is interested in a way in
tho trouble as it may ultimately affect
tho relations . to .Morocco of one or. the
other of the tw6 great European powers,
which have long kept onvj eye, respec
tively, anxiously and jealously on thai
country- ".These powers are. Great Britain
and France. '■■ , .
When one gets away from - its coast
line Morocco is Quite an indefinite geor
graphical proposition, with a population
that is equally indefinite as to num
bers and' very! much mixed as to tribes.
France has dependencies pretty much ail
around the "Moorish ■ state," save- : in -the
south Atlantic littoral where i Spain
maintains a foothold, and also immense
possessions, . more or less shadowy as : re-j
gards '■} boundary, J that stretch : over the !
hinterland to' lalca, Tchad. ; -" ! '
In their dependencies immediately: con-. |
tiguous to Morocco and in parts of their, i
•hinterland domain the French have been j
prosecuting ; internal improvements, soiixo
of which have a no less strategic than
' trade significance. The . hopo •of France
to bring ; Morocco within the 'sphere of her
! influence r and ; finally," possess', the • "country
i is well understood, and it has been hinted'
i that she 'might s*eizet upon thlsjoceasion
I to take very' advance^ 1 : steps to -that end;
Clearly! in^su^n^'c^t^hoi^^rOrcat:
Britain could; not;; but "move. ; to v;, check-;
"mat* her. j* British interests • in preventing:
' Franco or v any others European v power.
i from 1 getting a grip on Morocco ; are
obvious. England holds Gibraltar, which
as the case ? now stands,- commands the
\»n tranco ! to"/ the "■;*; Mediterrjaneanx:. oh % the
Vest, : and through ! thV: Mediterraneanyand '■
tho Suez canal the route to Britain's
Indian -. Possession i ; of Morocco by.
a>>pw*er ' that 1 > could j fortify iy. its \i coast
' oppositei te Gibral tar would be a - aerlo vs 1
; menace 'to : the^o^n£^te^oj^g^'an^.tal
freedom of access -to Ure Mediterranean*
which latt*r JwwfiUoai^^^w^^^^
championed . for. over a century," as
against the- French dream of makluc that
: *^ J !^4-^.'f :^^^^^£yfel^ . _ ..•■-.. " '-■ -'Jtewai^^i
and Orcat Britain, and. Spain, who is a;
minor &n<2 almost 'entirely Inconsidei'able
party In Interest, wish to preserve the
atatu* quo' and are vrorkirtff harmon
iouefy. ' for . that consummation: but
it appears pretty r»?;3iR. v^io the
less, .that th* two f.*-st. pamed
Powvrs art; continuing respectively .to
ketp one , eye on Morocco !more i anxiously
than before ths rebellion began: nnd ■ the
other oh teach: ' otfwr 'CTritiv; corisiderabis
Suspicion; r !V ■!-;.,: ;:■;.■ ; ; :;^ : \; -/! -^v- :: '-: '■'■■'■ :' ■ ;! :-
Tho; . Sprinsfieidl ;. Mas'sji Republican, has
'■?.';■ nica thing; and ■''confessibrial'-.
article 'on ; iho. latest Kansas lyncliing. Fol- ;
flowing. "the* sarcastic remark ; that "the
differenco the Kansas .bf fifty
■years ago and to-day is that it: then bled
for the ; negro and ; now; ble«!d3 the riegro,".
arid having noted in an" equally sarcastic
:veirithat while the last lynching was; not
by' the "exquisite torture of fire,"' as in
the Leavfinworth {.affair, :- but by hanging-,
supplemented .wUh'j. throat cutting, the.Rep
ublican; continues : "This adds an ; ■• cx
i hibit of blood to -the entertainment, -which
must have made it all j the more 'delightful
to; Bleeding Kansans."
Then bur contemporary, expresses doubt
"if the is able to improt© on-this
.precise method- of .puttings a. riegro .but
;"of : ; the way, . where th 6 idea is to get as
much murderous . satisfaction out of: the
affair as possible." and concludes its eonr
fessiori as follows: "Meantime, and again.'
16t us of tlie North cease, pointing the ac
cusing finger at. the ; South, alone." It is
time' to-look .nearer home. It i 3' time to
a6k what has come over us, that we have
these frequent negro lynchings : in the for
mer" strongholds ; of abolitionism."' ' '-'■'.
'■■ lF. c cornniei^d the Republican's fair, out
spoken and vigorous treatment o£;; the
subject^ arid in appreciation thereof, shall
endeavor to help it out^ of its perplexity.
It wants to know what has come over these
former strongholds of abolition that negro
lynchings should be so f requentjin them. ;
Why,' tlie negroes, hayo, come over thoso
strongholds in greater numbers than' ever
before/ and more general contact with
them has aroused at the North the "race
prejudice", which, at the last, is inherently
stronger in that section than in tho
South. The Republican says, truly it is
time for the North to cease pointing the
accusing linger at tne South, and to look
nearer, home The number" of_ lynchings
at the North in recent years make it clear;
that were the negro population up there:
as large as it is down here, there would
bemoro negro, lynchings at the North
than, at the "South'. ..- ■ • V :
However, we . want to thank our Massa
chusetts contemporary' for putting' the
case as it-has done, and our gratitude js
none: the less sincere because we -find
something of the sarcasm of destiny in
the fact that "Bleeding Kansas has thrown
herself open to a most stinging 1 lashing
on the riegro question,- and it lias been
administered from another' erstwhile abo
lition stronghold..' ... ."
Current Comment. - '
The Daily Press, of Newport News,
which city has a la^rge shipbuilding
plant itself, has done the graceful thing
iri v copying ; from ".contemporaries articles
expressing faith in the rehabilitation and
the future of the Trigg ■ plant.
If ..the ßvalue of money is lo bo based
on its purchasing: power, then; the dollar
of to-day : looks like thirty cents compar
ed with what .it -will? buy, over a few
yearsago. However, we are not losing
any sleep on the money question, as it
is not in our power to say what shall
and shall- not be—Clif ton Forge Review.
There's genuine philosophy for you.:
It is said that the present, trouble in
Morocco is ' due -to the advanced or .re
form ideas of the Sultan,. who has en
deavored to introduce -the lriiproveriients
of . civilization into • the administration
of 'the country. . '"...^ .""■_.. . ;;
•Some persons have supposed; it was
due to the. advance o£ the "Pretender"
and his followers. - .
. The Leesburg Washingtonian auft the
Loudoun Mirror, . botli old ■ and well J es
tablished and popular papers, have: ar
ranged, to > consolidate. . The new -paper
will be known by "the name' of the; f orfri-v
er, and will aui.ere ..to ; the .Democratic
principles of both. Many ; improvements
will be made in all; departments. Mr.
Robert N. ;Harper. : arid; Captain- William
B. Lynch -will be the proprietors; : Cap
tain William;' B. Lynch.^edltor-iri-chief;
R. J.\«N. Reid," associate editor, and gen
eral manager. . •'■:'• '. - -';•-- •/'
; The. Suffolk: Herald .has entered: its
thirty-fifth 'year. .-: Messrs;- Westi^^lcLebd,
and : Kendrick, • the present 'owners and
editors, / who; . Came 1 into control -'a- short
time ■■ back,'; continue. *to • iriake the - Heral 6 '
one of the- best and most attractive of
bur State; exchange's. „
. v I. ~ '„' Hcr:Plca. , /
' ; (Philadelphia Press.) ',
"My mission ; lies in saving: youth:
"My life work's there,", said he. ,
"O! ; pray, • then, -save," said i-oguish
. '.; Ruth, y ,;; ; .1 __ : -
"A handsome one for me." - ■ - . . .
/ . -TlieCousDlatorj-jriiousht.
-* \. (Boston' Transcript.) {'- ■ *
Gertrude:^ Isn'tcthatifur boa . very un
comfortable- around? your. : neck?. ; .^ ' J/ • .
; jEvalirie:, Terribly uncomfortable,; but it
is very": expensive": fur, 'dbh't y-ou^know.- r '
■*-■-■■ . .. '■- -'.'^ ■ .1 'As/Usaal." ;.- ".' 7 -...'. ■ .'.
■ ■;' . / - (Yonke*rs : Statesnian.) ' /_ — :
: "What do you" thinkfof niy. ; New* Tear's
resolutions ?"* -asked Ithe v chauffeurv 53.: ■ '
= i"Oh;V 1 1 suppose; you'll' have your usual
luck," -replied his wife: . : ■■■"] ■'■■.■-■'• -.;■. -■ -■..
_"What is:that?! f . : , • •
fdown -before have gone
Very far."" - .' - ;-- -'
' Opportunity. Lost. - ■
' - (Chicago; Commercial Tribune.)/
■'s;VTherei^a'"a'vtlme I"/rem'arks-ttejColo^I "/rem'arks-ttejColo^
nel.'.'.-.'wheh- 1 South > Africa3 might have;been
taught the :a4vantege-I of ; gentle ■ civiliza
tion." but now"; isuch v a- thing is : impossible."
?'i "Why ?|-' J- : asked;: the -; captain. ;; "? ; ; "s££
''.i t*They \> z . have ■ 'introduced' 'automobiles
;thert^;:"-?-. : - <" :^> : -f:i/--W . ; '
. " " '■■■ 'Wearr of Imxurj-. !.-"■'!!;, -!. ; !;S
. -^.-(Washington -Star.) ,
"Lady," said ; Meandering ■ Mike, i'.'haye
you got any; cold i turkey ; ; l in ;dei house?" Ci
t "We'vef got turkey," said the
housewife; | sarcastically: h "lf ; it | isn't suffir
"dehtly/frappe^e !inight>put; it^backv'bn 1
thoVicolfor/you." * '- "
r : K- 'No, r i Jidy ; rdon'ty trouble; yourself /Jltm
on me way. In ;dese joyous holidays : l'm
lookinV fur a place \w - here r dey\wont pass
; out^not morVS turkey J I'm|iilhin' i f urlsome '
corned beef or a ham san'wich." ■ -.' ■;?
*„ ■ •■ .■-■■■>■.■-:■ ' t ■■■■'■:■■ ■ ■■• ■ ' •-'■■ -' ■•■' :
'. ■ ' Reflectlonß;ol-t».|Bachelor. •
(New \ork Trtiss.)
.^4|sirr's "education should begin where
charity, does-^at* home -^^
girl"; who l^nks Stop| muchfofjier-i
B€>f^Ulnot>«etVanybody r elß©to. „
? : t It'- tiik^:yeiy UHWs^Usttt- bu^*he;?lamp
offlove. -but the wicK must 'always be
fresh;and well trlmued. -T^g
MjC3fve' a. woitsan a looking-glass] and $sn©
• ■
were nobody «Is<s in ihe -world to sec her.
! belldve4vHeriiunieSdl:ti^ftnakj^'her;AbeH6vej
-that ;lio - doesn't i think ; some i other woman
Cbmmeiit;of 'tfic" Press vO» a Tarletv-;
' ,:;•,.-.-;:.; ..; ; of TopJcf. -' ■
Lc6 will always be a name . to conjure
with Jin 5 the ;•; Southland % Fitzhu'gh ; ; Lee
lias not : proved unworthy!; of, tftat mame.--.
Nashville ' News.
' ' Ey e3^ t o . the f fori t: : and ca tch up !v(-ith : the '
progre£s5 t of; the >, bour. \\Wq cannot 5 stand j
and v mark • tlrrie',' ■ inusirig of the past;"; when '
the" spirit ;of» r the;age .is forward, : imarch:
Thise3ilre!the>'clays"bf bur' 'opportunity.-^
"Augusta jCliroriicle.." '-"-:-■_ ;-''?• -.- i"' - ••
■ -The Alabama of to»day. is infinitely more
prosperous than the'Alaba.ma of ten years
ago.— Montgomery Advertiser. . ; : '■'■'■'. ;
-The success at Niagara ; Fails! in mak
ing p"aper cottonseed hulls.; inearis
a.' great .deal -: f or ' the^ Sou thi i 'T.Th6 _■ experi-;
mCnt'of this coriipany! with hulls produced
a Soft ; andHorigh : pa.per,; : and!the!opiriion
was "expressed ;.: that ;: a good ; •: quality^;-; of
writing >^paper. could be manufactured
from the Southern product.— New Orleans
Times-Democrat.. ;!' : . ~l ■. .• ■. ' ' .
There. is no doubt that: if there were no
negroes •in ;■ the:, South, ! in the -. course ? of : a
few.years this: country would : be; filled
with";; settlers ! from v all ''sections '•- of - ; lae
world. ;.V Whether . they ; would! belong **.to
the clas3 u which- the South wants,; is a
question/but there Is little doubt that
tlfey; would, come; in- great.mumbers.—Co
lumbus Enquirer-Sun. : y~- ~- '■.-'■ " " "
The: greatest hindrance to the growth of
the; South is- the" idea that. prevails that
it is. a land of sickness. The idea: is erro
neous. The death rate is ' riot higher in
the South thaii at the North, but it can
bo "made ; much: lower. ; It would-be lower
In Southern than in Northern; cities ; if
sanitary , conditions in the former wore
made ; as good as possible. \; The two dis
eases;; that claim most 1 victims in :nearly
every country in the world are consuirip
tion.and pneumonia:; These are :less - fre-.
quent in the -South than.; at the North.
The climate of the South is more. temper
ate than that of the North. Without ;De-.
ing hotter In the summer i t is not nearly
sb,flold-in the winter. .This'gives.our;sec
tion : a great advantage— one that ; wouia
soon become known if -it were not ; ob
scured by death rates increased by-inat
tention to sanitation! Many: cities in tne
South are in as good sanitary condition
as any? in '/the- world. 7 SuJh: staridatthe
top in healthfulness. . What !we wish is'
that their number be increased.—Jackson
ville Times-Union. "'-..
We! cannot see that there is .any ne
cessity for forming,a new party for,- the
purpose of curbing .these monopolies
and -depriving them: of their, unlawfully
acquired; powers. The Republican party
will not seriously take ! the 'matter in
hand. Any earnest effort in this direc
tion by it would be the signal for its
downfall. A creature of ; these monopo
lies, it cannot afford as a party, measure
to attack them, though it tries' to fool the
people; into the belief that it! intends to
do so. The relief from the evil could be
had through the Democratic party. If its
leaders /would display more independence
and backbone. Their conduct ■ in the past
few years, though, has caused the people
to have very little; more faith in their
protestations than in those of the Repub
licans.—Wilmington. Messenger.
lietermiucd; Woman _ Bo'ardinjf
Honseliceper Obtains n Fuel Snpply.
- (New -York Sun.)'
DETROIT, MICH., January 2.— "Here
is §7.50. Write me out an order- on the
yard -for a ton of coal." ' . .
SamueV Boden/ clerk 'of the coal .firm
of Stanley B. Smith & C 0.," looked up
from his books , to-day: to gaze into the
barrel; of a revolver held.- in the hand
of a? woman/ ou whose face was a deterr
mined; expression. ' <
■„ "You -said that you would not be asleep
if I -attempted to getr coal in your" yard/
Now I want to : tell you that' this "gun
won't be. asleep if j-ou don't write out
the order and write it out-mighty quick."
The woman was MrsJ W/ T.: Richardson,
who keeps a boarding house. She secured
a full- tori of; hard -coal for 57.50. Shehad
a wagon outside, and as; soon as she re
ceived the order . she drove into the; yard,
got the coal, and went home in triumph.
' --.- ■ . ..;■ ■ ■ - . 1O(M. - ; . '":
What Will Its Luck Be?— Strangrc In
- ;.;■.;■ cidenU; of 13. -.'/ •" ~
, (New: York Sun.)
/To. the: Editor of the Sun— Sir:;.Will;l9o3
be a lucky ' or an" unlucky year? ;It con
tains the number 13, and all the figures
added amount to 13. . In the- months r o£
; February, * March, and November, the
13th will be on Friday. II; J. R.
. New York, December 31st. •
Head of Treasury Unfittingly Call- *■
ci Watchman ma Hurry, f
(Baltimore American.)- j
Secretary -Shatv .went over to the j
Treasury Department to read some of !
his letters. Ho took a friend from lowa j
[wlih him. \ -.= ;■; : ■-- V' r ':': ; , :^,\ ; ' i
" The;; Secretary found one. long letter. j
that; interested .him.: He ; leaned back in'!
. his chair to- read it. ' : As .? he -leaned back- j
he threw one foot up on the corner, of the j
desk.- The friend from Iowa" sat looking J
out- of tlie : window. -Half : a:minute:after
; the ;., Secretary : put ■ his/ foot : on : the T d(?sk
ah -excited :man. with a .big pistol . in each
j hand,- burst v into v the iroora:/ ' ." . j
"lie looked . around and -pointed . both the
'pistols vat' the 'friend rfrofn: lowa.- ; '
: ''Don't shoot," yelled the Iowa ; man : as'
he put both hands high in the air. ' '
' :,"What ,' the. .— — ." shouted Mr. : Shaw,
■kicking, his chair over: and':, making, a ;
"wild .leap f or^ the other: side' of *tlie; room:
'.'What's :the matter ?" h inquired '] the man ;
with .the pistols.-; Vls|thi€ man trying^to
rob'-ybu^'f: and heVpointedf suggestively
withrone.^of his- pistols. : : _ ' ■"-'-, ■
VNb.'-V' shouted; Mr. Shaw;fromMils;van
tage:, point, on .the ; other side of ; tho room.-,
''■'That's' no /robber.': That's .my friend.
■There's .some ; mistake.".- -• — -.-._:- .
The": Secretary : vras right; There ./was
a ; mistake.- When ■he Iput : his . foot on - the
desk :he pressed .'a. ..button that: calls .a^
'watchman f to : his : ofiice : in ; aV hurry,: "and
'■ theiwatchman:: came i in a hurry ; just as
iheT was/expected : : to;; /; \/> ; - " :
1 Predicts World Tragedy To Follow
' ' Opening of.Panama'Canal./
i,i '■: . - y ;; (Baltimore;: American.)- ! > ,-'.-:.;;.
1 January fl^-Iri: the: course Vof ;
i an -exhaustive^ review;; of; the': history,; of
; ;theuworldi^ contributed «^to 'the: Neaei-Freie;
;Presse, : sliy Max:Nordau;ftoeiwrlterjdeep-i
i. lyTdeblores.^ 'the "growth"; pi? military_:iinperi-;
'}_ ialism^inlthe'rllnited States, fand^says:tha.t
{ by ■*, the : admission? of i the spirit ; of ( military
>; -iJßi^^w^ich'wasJformerlyfrigidlyrexcduded'
"' America ?Is;: raising^: obstacles % to _j.they erii-.'
i -trancer of ?emigrant^Hwhose?ohly^capltar
• i'is'dtheir^strdng'ijiworklnjf- arms. -
■I %Si Speaking '< of :■} the^l future of i : the ■ new.
.! iwbrki^Nordaui/s^y^phefope^infe^ofJths;
5 \ Pananm"^ canal ] underjAmerican ; ownership | ;
" will " mark'; the ') bdginninig^ of \ hl, riewl epbchr;
■j vThe 'i tragic " stage ' of ;. '. the • historyv'
C iwhich^lrifanclent^th^n^lcehterjedfinTthe 1
'I 'Mediterranean;'^ and lwhichv moved^injthe j
I navalvagesto' thefAtlantio^lwilllthenlbe'
. transferred -to' the:" Pacific ->, ocean.".' At
% sflf^arte^n^l6jrSaxonTel^en't|^i|»eelr;
is* hq^dri ye out '- the 1 German ? and; : FreS2hfßags
i"; : floating; over jslnslelpoints ;iti|tha JPaciflc
i ffurtherSto;the r - Asiatic "coast. .'.wliere/Ah^
I |jgso-'Sitxonf : and; Russians : will ' laroltqi^de^
►1 f^d^&ef^manJtp^s'twarid^
; waether -Eastern and Soutberh Asia, ehaU
\ "t*T*"^" BHMMh'.orßtujaian.'^To'LthlgTfdre-^
»'■ j£Mt£M.!N6rdau : iddß:_?;^
y\ ' ■ ■ " ■■ " w^^sM W*ii
t Piano ? v I
al Here's^ One. A'f.' :
;g * A*'good' Piano/for little fj^
! :^ -money.; Has! been used., jRv
■■[•■trlo : about 'one year. ;. Absolute-; 'w^;
%. ly fIIGH-GRADE! ' Regii- J: ;
v price' $450."-Onr:prics:;a ; "
$300.00 M
v^g:!" ! This is an opportunity if ;^|^
- w ;; you want a piano thnt Trill «
e!-jß^laste !-jß^last a lifetime. ; *
•...-/« "'a Drop mi see; and hear it.; M : !
■I ; P r rT : F T^T^" m ■'■■
I <J 1 ILrl 1 I
* 431 E. Broad St. §
such a gigantic struggle of nations and
races will signify." • ! - .v
Representative Vnderwood Says, lie
: Is the Man for Party Soiaina-;> "
tion .For tlie Presidency. ■-.
WASHINGTON, D. • .C., January 2.—
(Special.)— Ropresentative. Underwood, . of
Alabama, one of the floor leaders of that
that party in the House, called at the
White House to-day, and on his departure
was .asked -his views as . to -the next
Democratic! nominee for President.' "I
am for: Richard Olney," he said, "and I
find a ;growing" sentiment for the Massa
chusetts "statesman. ;; Judge Parker, .of
New York, is a goodman.; So is -Senator
Gorman, of Marland, but my ; choice is
Mr. Olney, for a great many reasons!; The
first is that he is an old-time Deriiocrat,
and what tho party needs; is to get back
to "old-time principles, which are 7clear
to the hearts of the people. Mr.. Olney
is not a man of expediency, and the Reo
plc o£ all classes would : trust him. ,;He
would unite .both.the Cleveland and , ; the
Bryan \ elements; of : the party, ; .which
mighty few other men could do.' .The
Democrat party .sometimes, runs : after
isms v of different, kinds, but it sobers': up
afterward, and; becomes as .conservative
as ever.'- So longas prosperity "continues,'
the Democrats will have . to flght hard ;to
win a President, ; but if tirries begin. to'get
worse, and the' people _. should ' : conclude
to change administrations, as; they will
be sure to do when that time comes, w ; e
want a man as President, who woirld be
capable of -guiding, the country through
capable iof guiding the' country - through
troublous days." ' - ~'. •'.- *.
Ncvrport A'cvrs- Yards "Still After
, t Business— Value of: Imports : Over n
-Million. -. ~^ ;,..■,,";:.'..
NEWPORT NEWS, VA., January 2.—
(Special.)— General Superintendeiat W. 'Ai
Post/of the shipyard," will leave for; Wash
ington in a day br4'so to Join President
C. ;B.;; Orc'utt with the bid that will be
submitted by this company on ,;the . two
new. cruisers, for which .proposals will 'be
opened Tuesday. It: is: beilevea here that
tile 'yard stands a gcod..chanceHof ;get
,ting one contract."- and it is known: that
•tho" company is anxious to get one "or
both.'; ._ V. . :" „._■.",■".. -;::.:..,,
:;~C.~ F. {Bailey, chief engineer. of the ship
yard, left for San -Francisco . to join, the
Pacific mail \ liner Korea. He will make
a voagc on her. to observe the .;behavlor
of. her engines. The Korea ',was : built here.
:AH "of the State': insane v asylums are
closed , to .the three lunatics i now here,
there being. no ; room for them, according
to letters just received; by City Sergeant
aiilstead.-. ■ " . aya v „ ' _- ':
The consumption entry, reports "for De
cember, were valued atf J300.000, making
tlie total value of all Jmports over $1,000,
000 for the month, which was a record
breaker. . ■;- .;.: • . : .'. : : . '/.■■' L
Mary Johnston, who has been at "Old
Point for ; ; some days, will . use Hampton
and vicinity, it is said, . as the . locale ; for
her -next novel, on which she is already^
busilyengpged. „ T • , . ...
The ; steam-yacht Meyerdale, owned by
Captain Mulcahy, . of Atlantic- City/, ar
rived in Hampton Roads to-day. : The
monitor Puritan . passed into .Hampton
Hampton Roads from If orktown arid pro
ceeded to .the navy-yard. " i , .^' .
Next Convention of the -state; Son
day'.';School Association in April."
LYNCHBURG. VAV, January \ 2.—(Spe
cial;)—The? executive committee .of the
State, Sunday-School , Association; cat a
meeting here, has decided; that the' next
annual State -\ convention'.; shall^be held
in Lynchburgnome time next, April. The
exact date will : be fixed later by a sub
committee.; The convention ••'•; is expected
to : be . a' large body, -it being -estimated
;that last year at Petersburg ; there were
1,-00 members^ ; C'"'-- ■'"-'"'
■■'. In Richmond: Georgiana and' William
D. Carter to H-/Al.' McCurdy; thirty ; feet
on north^side , of M^. street.;: thirty feet
•west/of •Thirty-first street., sl. - -" . •" *:'
Vjohn ; E. Doherty's' jtrustee. and wife,
to' Honora S. twenty-sevens feet
on-north side ;; of T Masn' street, fifty-three
feet of '.■ Fourth ; atreet,^ s4,lso. ; V
Anderson .Eaton's trustee ':■. to James IT. ;.
Sloan, 1 ;": thirty ', t eet ;-? pni- north % side ; 'i Clai-^
borne \ 10L f eet v f rony ;; Marshall
: Reservoir, SSS. " - '.:{■■ \ t J: : .
; .', John" Hughes. . %to i • John
Sloan, i 23 9-12 i feet on .north : side of: Pop T ;
; lar' street, No.' 1424, $450/ -", - „
.■. ■ :R] ; L., Montague, ;; special: commissioner,
■tbVJohn :w.: Hughes,; 24% ;f eet on;eastfside
bf^First or Howard street,? No .; 509 south?
$230. ' ' -
: v Herbert .- E. Richardson ; and wife -to
■ Jbseph!.P.. Thomas,"lS H£-t- feet^on?soutH
;s»de; Marshall* streets &i 6-12 feeti.westfr.bf
■ Smith AStreetK §2,soo. • "
■ : Alexander i>H 'Xi Sands? ■ speelaU - commls
:sioher^ttbJJ.*tFulmer^Brightl|:sioher^ttbJJ.*tFulmer^Brightl| forty-eight
\ feet Joni south -, sideTof iCanal s street^ Nos.'
I^3^and:s;-^rest,;sl^oCOr' . -T -
. '- " (C.& O. Appointments.
ScAUvjx -"order, A Issued l;;by :>f Superintendent
Knapp;jofitne;.Chesapeake : and s 'Obfoi:ralH
way.?t,-- apjirovedi.; by "'' General-Manager
Doyle, 5 makes the ; following, appointments :
" Mr.: E:"- J. ':''-. King^ train-master'jof g the
Peninsulaf and? Rivannandlstricts? of «; the
Chesapeake stand §2 Ohlo,\*vlcsXMr.\iE. r sP."
Goodwin^prbraoted^and'Mr." C>Si i *'WriKht.';
:chiefMtrainSdispatcher^of£thet ßichmond
il>jLvision, i fc.vicesair/jiJ. l lJitK!ng,f promoted. 3
Both % of « these ? appouitmentsri.becamo ? ef
ifectlve-iohf January: X 1903. -■
covycih Voters;; jo retire thb
' '~ -^ ' 'I ' ~ ■'' : --'"'::':':h ■"-.•;■ "-..'-■ ■' .
City fathers Asked To .Appropriate
' £ ?r,«HM) •; For the Work— Mnnicipnl
! : iKccelpts .and tExpiendltnrr*— Oril'f
y;.- fin Orsain! Dead— With tb> Secret
sbrders— Police Ifeir*.^; . : r;!
;_::.,;.>■:.:.■ . .'■■-.• •;■:■. .-■":■ "
I i BETKRSBVRG^YA:, January^ 2.— (Sp4-'
;cial:)~Th6^ Common -Council; at «its meet
ing*;last;-'evenlngrs-transacted o business ■ of.
! much '■■■ interest. i? important ' among .which
iwas ; the^passage r of anrordinanco:;pr6vld
; ing; for -the retirement f of : ftSO.tXX)' of 8 per
cent.?.bdnds 'of ■ the v city/ ; issued i in 15»3. :
:- by .-the 'issue of ■• a : like amount* or ;ncw
■4- -per*-' cent.- fconda. -to- run -fortyjyears..
-;The : bonds to :'-, be : retired iwll l f all : du« .4 In
.Mafch'inext. The nsw.:bondi ' .will^ : com- ;
mand* a- premium on the' market;' '.and will
;be -gladly., takenV by 'irtvestorp. -"By the ;
change 'in' the rate -of; interest *the city
-will be ■ benefited ; . -.to : the;- extent of -.-fV.«?. ! O
annually.,, .: .: : ..,,:: '• ■ - : -.-. : ••.-- ■■■■■-...-:..
! President :Burgwyn, ; of ;th© 'Petersburg
Iron i Works,; and 'in rbehalf of that com-.
!pany,: presented; a -petition totheCouncJl,
asking, for. a speciaMappropriattonof '.fl.Wtt
'to complete ■ the dredging of the sand;bars
in Ithe jriver,;- the iworkiof which, under
government' contract." is now: in .progress:
The government ■ appropriation.' however,
is -not^ sufficient^to complete -the' .work,
andthe desired depth of a 12- foot channel
through the bars. .Colonel Eurgwyn .ad
dressed the .Council on'thc I subjects and
"presented strong; reasons for making toe
appropriation: . The government would; be
:more-i.prompt- in carrying out- the, diver
sion i scheme, if. assured that the city .is
itakingi active interest ■: In ;tho improve
.ment of its waterway; the benefit to com r
merce. would be greatly increased wlth-a
12-foot channel, and the Iron Works.Com
pany. v/ould bo 'enabled to -continues to
take contracts? for. building large size ves
sels at thn ship-yards in '. the city. The
matter was considered of such import
ance,as to be referred to tly.i Finance
Commlttte, and it is believed "the appro
priation will be recommended. "
--. ' ---. 1 ■< TURES. • '.
;The City Treasurer reports the total
cost of receipts- from all sources for the
' month^bf December to have ! been $59->yS-
The bulk' of this was: pali in on ac
count of "the Second half of the year's
taxes. ; The City Auditor, reported, the
expenditures for tho month at ; 146.320. a
large - portion of which was for interest
bn^city Bonds. _
Mrs. :',W: W. Taylor, wife "of Mr. W. J
W. - Tsiylor, a prominent cltl2sen of Bran
don, .died in this city this morning, of
pneumonia. Mrs. Taylor came here sev
eral weeks ago to be with a. sick duugh
ter. Thfi young lady recovered, but the
mother was taken ill and died. The re
mains; were sent down to Brandon for
burial this evening. :.'■■ -
/Mr. Grlftln^Orgain.- aged -about. -SI years,
son of Mr. A. M.>Orgain, Clerk of Din
widdie'county, died this afternoon at his
father's" residence,; at the county court
house.? of heart-disease. -He was taken ill
only a day or two ago. Deceased was
a deputy in the Clerk's office, and was a
young man of most exemplary character.
He was very; popular in the county, and
well.ahd fa vosably known here.
; "At ; 'the meeting of Naomi 'Lodge -of
Knights of Pythias; ; held last night, the
following were elected: Chancellor Com
mander, - -E. "W. Wells: Vice-Chancellor,
.H.'S\V.-c-Mackassey: Prelate/; B. N.Keys:
Master) of "Work, E.. H. Tltimus: Master
; Finance. C. C.;Cashon::Master of Ex
chequer. J. R. ,W. Smlth:Master at Arms,
W. -E/ : Traylor :- Representative to Grund
' Lodge, R: ■ H. Mann.: '. : . :
Deputy-Grand-Master Edgar Currier, of
this city, has i presented, to Petersburg
Lodge ; of Odd-Fellows a beautiful gavel,
to be used in the lodge room. It is made
of • ."mountain laurel; cut • from Lookout
mo"ntain. ; •: ' ,' . ' . ,
; Chief-of-Police Ragland has received
f rom • the: Chief of Baltimore pictures,
.with; descriptions. '.of "the two young men,
Orlando Shields -and Arthur Rhlneheart,
under arrest in that city for --."flim-flam
'ming"' or playing the "short change
game on people. Chief Ragland is asked
to furnish the criminal record of the two
men;in Petersburg. They .practiced; the
"flim-flam" : game here about a year ago.
-but- positive' proof could not be obtained
against" them. They were put under "530*
good behavior; bonds. -.*•
A • movement was made in ;the Council
last . : evening to abolish the ■ old : powder,
magazine, as being now of, little use, and
a thing of expense. The, matter, -was re
ferred for the preparation of an ; ordi
nance. The magazine- Is -a brick build
ing,, located on the Chesterfield side of tho
Appomattox. some distance from any
dwelling. It has long been, used for the
storage of powder, owned by our mer
chants. » . "'-"
: : The newly elected officers of Petersburg
Lodge of ; Odd-Fellows | were installed last
night.- with:. proper ceremonies. There are
three thriving ;; lodges of rtho order -in
•Petersburg. - : - ,
Chlef-of- Police R. F. Ragland has ap-_
plied ; for "an Increase of nis salary from :
$850 to '$1,000." It. will doubtless bo grant
ed.-v- '- "> . ■ ■ ' . ■-.:• ■■-• '■ « --"'■
" ; v- LABOR RANTED. ■..-■.'. ; .
There is great demand for. labor in th«
various, manufacturing establishments of
the city. The American Cigar: Company
.warit 200 : : girls, in addition to the large
number already employed, and "the cot
ton Sand .'tobacco factories,; foundries, and
mills. are looking for more hands. ..
: Past-Grarid-Regent C. C- Berry, of
Staunton, will officially visit -Sycamore
Council, Royal Arcanum, .next .Tuesday
night..'. :■- .- .;■;■- '• '." /■;■-'■ ' - ■"■••■ -■£> :
A telegram received to-day states that
Mr, Sidney yrnith/; who is ill; in /Wise
county of appendicitis, "is somewhat im
proved,. though his condition is still criti
cal.-: Mr. Smith is" the son of, Mrs. ""Judith
£mlth;" principal of Anderson"" ; Public
School/ In : this - city,"; and ihas many .rela
tives and- warm friends here.
! A gentleman of this, city,: just returned
from Charlotte! N. C. , where A. L. Bishop
is confined in jail for killing Mr.: Thomas
Wilson; says Bishop is well treated' and ; is
visited by his- friends. ;He is: in good
spirits -and; hopeful. His trial -vyill take
place in February.; when he will bc ; der
fended by three. lawyers. : /- ■; •:*■ .
Rev: Dr.- H.W. -Battle has not yet been
extended' a cair to ; the Baptist : church in
Greensboro', N." C. : The ties between him
self ' ; and his church - and • people^ here are
so strong^that he would probably con
sider; long lbefore severing^thera.
Ilalnfall Alone the Valley: of the I
: ; .--:: ?Jame» Heavy Yesterdar
■ Unless- the weather clears up to-day, a
considerable rise > in . the level of th«
river may be anticipated." The i rainfall of
yesterday . was unusually* heavy in this j
vicinity; . and : from 'reports received *he j
:falliiwas general; in the iterritory; tribu-:
tary to ■ .the James ; -River •; Valley. The
river ! had -been 'soihewhac above 'i the. nor-i
maf-Je'vel for several ."days. i and ; the great
downpour; bf yesterday.: afternoon >cannot_
; fail'Uo" further ':~ swell ' the ■. small ;- streams
that feed the: turbid i' river. In this; city ;
the "i fall ''.' between 5 and 7 ■' o'clock ;P.i Mf.
" was =so -hiivy as tbV overflow., the ' gutters
and ? b&dy-i wash ; the^ unpa yed I streets. ; In:
some* places the rentire>pace. between the
street ca^ track and "=the pavement was a
| -'runni^ I '>stfe^ra^7makingslt-fdifficnlt''4to
ooard a? car [dry-footed^ unless one woro
: rubber tioots.
■ another; day^of rain, and ; time /for.
i Hhe if all t of J yes^er^y^: up Uhe i country/to
! hrqacn'* tnls]'"point;f a : j considerable" j rise?? in
I Jth^Tstfeanrmay?beTantlcipated.v Whether.
I■ 1 tTwill ibe r sufflcient tol flood ; the lower" pbr^
I ; tions i of ; the , city cannot'; be • foretold.- '."-s
Some Visiting; Colonels.
Colonel James Lyons, a wel 1-fcnown
lawyer? of j Buck Ingham "f county;* formerly,
a.] resident 1 : o£ Uhlsr, city jand \widely; known
herefewas ? in H the B city* yesterday.*'! com
bining.^ business •s.wlth T- pleasure, ia Colonel
Lyons jhasiraany4ftiea<ls!ln this city.sand'
was ■■ cordtally i gre«t cd.
£1 Colonel 3 George 37. V- Miles, o f sitadf ord, a
Va^h&ul i of I the I St;f Alban'si Schaofciwas
!nenUy"m«nt»oneaiwc*ntly«littf connection':
wfth?theWnivewttK presidency-
IS CotQnel - *Bobert fs Catletfcf of
Commonweal t b/s ?Atorney /oC iJßocJtfirldjje,;
;• ... i\i: _. . . „-is&u
Sleep f or /Skin; Tortured
Babibs arid Res^for
Tired, Fretted Mothers
In warm baths \vi:h CuTICURA Soa?
and gentle applications of ;Cuticura
Ointment, purest of emollients ztA
greatest" of rskin"; cures. -This; is the
purest, r sweetest, most speedy, :per
rnanent" an^ ' treatment fo r
!torturin£';di3figunris:, : itching, burning.
; bleeding • sea Ky ; crusted, and pimply
skin and scalp humours, tczzzma,
'rashes and irritations with ioss of iiair,
of :; infants '] and/ children," ever com
pounded.- ; .
So.l throughout the world. \ "
artci .formerly assistant ., in ithe office of
Attorney-General Anderson, has been if
the city several days, on . : business.
Three Stores, With Their Contcntu,
- ' Bcstroyed— Loss. £20,000.
:*GADSDEN', : ALA.". ■'January. 2.-A fir<!
started early thi3 morning'in;a room over
"the Cudahy - Packing ;Company_ establish
merit, and quickly spread to the D. C.
Turrentins wholesale grocery stor?, and
Turrentinft bottling works: Three store*
with- their contents were destroyed. Tin
loss is estimated at 520,000; partially cov
ered by Insurance.
' -Joseph Wilson.' in .whose room tho flr»
is said to have originated, was burned to
death, and -W. H. Gewin, who occupied
the room with him, had a narrow escaoe.
A Great Convenience.
It is expected thafc Postmaster Wray
T. Knight Vrill. avail himself of the per
mission granted him ,by the Post-Offlca
Department- to locate a branch post-of
flco in the State ■ Capitol. A resolution
was recently "passed by' the General As
sembly, asking for "the establishment or
such an office, Mr. Heermans, ot Mont
gomery.; being its patron. Ttse office M\l
be a great convenience to members oJ
the two houses and, to. tho officials of ths
Capitol generally.
The difference betweea good
engraving and poor amounts to
but a few cents in price. In. sat
isfaction the difference is consid
erable. It is worth something to
know that your engraving is done
right and. in' the* latest of; Dame
Fashion's caprices.
Come in and talk with us re
garding engraving invi
tations, -> visiting cards, and the
like. Or maybe- a few sugges
tions for a crest or monogram on
your note paper would be of in
terest to you. We'll help you all
we can in the selection of ; a de-
The engraving we do is super
Can't we be of service? - %
of obatlnato suppression, any cause tn patb
olojry. our monthly regulator- foils to relieva,
aafe, harmless ; mail hour lons suppressed-
Dr. Jackson E. Co., 169 Dearborn. St/, Chicago
Td\» quick and sure- cure "for. Malaria.
Chilis, Fever, • and Grippe. :.'3A^ powerful
Tonic and Appetizer. 'Try It for. your
kidneys. ; Small bottle 50c.: larso slzv» SL
Hst^ Secrc* Remedy Ahnolatelf Vnknawa to th»
profession. rPerm««cnt Cur«» la 15 to »
J^efead money It we do notcur*. Tou caa bo trw*t«l «S
>e« j : wttH those who jii] pref crto comajb«r« w»
will contract to euro |-^ them or paycivfntoot
comlnff, ■■■■in i in. iii BSHBa J*. »Jfo»a
we rail to WmTrr&wm&ts?<Bc*i TwunT 1 car*. Ii
]»3 ]i»» Uic.!n mor-ra a««T»l»iU«»eD«rta«ia3Ja
cUll have aches and Eg, &£ paliw. Mucous PaCrhc*
IX. month, Sore-Tiroat, ?SS 0 ? 1 " I **^ o ,!^
«5d Spot*. m««»» oa aar rJ^% R?*? o ' K°
Secondary cr Te«l»rr faa\ E»«»* F<Oaoatb*t w»
atoe»»«»andclialleiiatejp«rt thotrorUlfor»f»»o wo
cnaaot tore. TaTi «H*lw^ |ease ha» aiwmys baited
. tho tklU of tto mast Ifc 9 eraln«at pliyrtctaaa.
¥o r Hianr years » «t*-»» UM nwu! •-'«« £jto#nai ty ot
treating thl» dl- J *ase «it& oar 3UUIC BSXXDt aad w»
tu»o *500.000 capital -behind : oar nncoadttioajl
> tmaritnce«. - wrttOTL* for t OO^soce Vonk *nd. aJMolat*
irwjU. ■ JwMress COOK Ji!KW JSJTK * CO^
KHinXLtuutnlc Temple. CMcago. Ullnolt.
mßk-. CHICHISTER-S INGUSH - ;--■•.
Pennyroyal fills
■ --£yK~v "■"■'■■ Or!cln«l aa<l Vnly C*anlj»«t .
Pj^^i>*S.SAFZ. Al-»*»« r»;»»I«. Xa.li««, %iX Ornet-a
V . -~J&f& •»!<*» bio* riVx». Take ■« *Ui«r.' Rcftu*
■,tS\ Hfix <»jfj I>«aeor»a» HatMtitstlaa* and, italic*
»"/ ~ •"_ flrtl»«».?B»jr of jwrDm<gi»*.er«ea4 •♦<«•!•.
: I (m. v . jj' : mum?* tar ■ P«rtl«nUn>. Tw>tlaion(aX»
.■' \ «• : ' • '■ Ep - »od "Relief for I.« JI»," fc» utntr *t »••
Jkf -' y *in 31*11. I O.»utt rt«t)anol«l». S*tV
■~-,^«" ■"'-•ll Drvfiln*. "v" v 'C2>!«heat«rClk«ml<>*l *^"^
lOtlniUiurwc H>Uwb !)«un, PUIU.. i*A-
large Pdre© |
Poaitively Cured at Your Home.
- I completely remove every spotand blerotah
> A^-^'; from 1 the! (ace , or ■ oody^, rendering
'/^^■m : - the sJtin clear, smooth and he*!tiiy.
--LsimZ Consultation free. Write for Boo*.
ija; : - -w ; gg lTeiit sag aw JTcw York. . ._,
oAULllili 1 1 AM jitn j
We want your .hauling for 1203. You
want to save money. Then let our
manager call and make you an esu
lllULUCuuwUV llailMwl vv # >
■ . • ■*

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