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■"UiSMBBns or the n.in x-.w xiiEin.
imprcsH^ r' I'tincral .*enkc Held In
■-.-■■ Jt«i lamr; CJiurch and Ai tended By.
jinny ;t)r*tlns;wlsU«!<! People—l'rc
.•rr^'C'l the no* Tr'ft<litions"vr .the
Bench. : ;; j
The body of' Judgo James G. Lamb was
laid to; rest in Hollywood Cenictf-ry yssr
terday afternoon, after impressive *cr-
Vloes Ireid in St. James church.
The church wflfs fairly crowded by.
Members of. the bench and bar. with th«
lilddle ..'aisle' re?orvc<J ■ f6r lnombers of t)ie
JamJly and -intimate ■ friends, and <list!n
tuisned members of tho legal profession.'
Hie casket w.i s covered' with flowers.
In the morninc tho judpes of. tlie courts
Utticg; in" this 'city and the members'- of
►he bar met in the-, rooms of tho Bar
Association in tho City, Hall under the
presidency 01 .Tudpo .Wellford. A com
mittee com po.««l of Messrs.. G. Carlton
Jackfcon. W. n. Meredith. Overton How
ard, -W. A. MoncurC, John B. Minor.
60] Cutchin's. 8. -lland Wrllford. Walter
Byfinor. John Pickrcll, J. ;J. .Lcake.
George Bryan; A. B. Guidon, and Judges
Daniel -;Gilnnan and E. •-;. Minor was ap
pointed to draft resolutions? Fuitabl': to
tho occasion. While this committee was
engaged in the work, short addresses
were made eulogising Judge Lamb, his
life, and his attainments.: ".-Among the
speakers were Judgo Christian, 2^!r.* Bev
erly Crump, Mr.: .Tadtson Guy.' 2>lr. Ros
well O, Page. Mr. John B. Minor, Jr.,
and Mr. Henry U. Pollard. -'.'
The resolutions Kketcb briefly tJi<i • life
or Ju'dce Lamb. Concerning his life at
the University they ray that tberc was
no branch of collcfrc activity, with which
ho was not identified. Hits marriage, bis
career as an editor and bis elevation'
tr, the" bench in "'recognition of ..his char
acter as a. man and of his qualifications
ana ability an a lawyer" were all em
braced. !
As :i judße of tho Chancery Court his
conferees place tliis tri-nito upon his
tomb: ;
"His ability as a .'chancellor was ron
fiplcuous, hfs industry was., phenomenal,
and his courtoous attention to counsel
of : every degree of learning -iiul.expe-.
riencc was unfailing. Not merely was be
patient In hearing argument: he evinced
an '.eagerness to be enlightened ny all
that counsel could say. In this, life,
comparatively so short, we behold a
>arecr of a- modest' and unassuming
Christian gentleman, an nblc an<l Jcarn
r-cl lawy<-r. a just 'Judgr, a? tender and
affectionate husband and 'father. aXwarm
nnd faithful... frionfl, in whose Meat b wo
keenly feel the loss of one who in all the
relations of bis life; both public and
private, was an exemplar' of the trinr
and the good, and who in his chosen and
beloved profession cherished and main
tained the best traditions of the Vir
pinia bar nnd lioncb."
Tho Kappa Alpha Fraternity, of which
Judge Lmnb was a member, met in the
oliicc of Major Cutobins. and paid a
trlowing tribute; to his memory. Mr.
Charles j ; B. Antrim presided.' Tho" reso-;;
hitions say in part: I
"A grc-iit sorrow has come to our-chap
ter and to each member thereof, in the
dektli of our brother, who has • conspicu
ously exemplified: in: his life all of the
kifiy aims and .purposes of the order,
and who; has rendered to tlie order at
3argo and to Uiis chapter valuable and
loving service."
Judge Lamb was the first president of
the Richmond Alumni Chapter. ",'* '
ITlnns Kor the OliscrvaiHT of the
AiiniverKJty <»f'l,<*c'K «ir<l»«lay.
ALEXANDRIA, VA., January 2.—(Spe
cial.)— Jl. E. Lee Camp." Confederate'Vet
ojans, has made preparations for a ilt-
Isng obserrancciOf the anniversary of
.'he birth <>f Genera! P.obert E. Lee,
Tebrunry 10th. next. Committees have
Jsocii appointed to arrange for a. banquet
St wliich several prominent speakers will
make patriotic addresses.- Among the
notable speakers expected arc Senator
.lohn W. Daniel. Senator Berry, of Ar
kansas, unit Representative John P.
Kixcy, of this district. ■ :
Several; of the colored citizens of this
city, have made arrangements for a cele
hration in honor of the birth of the late
-rresident McKinlcy the evening of
.lanuary Iftli. Tlie ext- rclses will bo held
}n tho hall of the William McKinley
N"ornial.. and Industrial Institute ("eolor
pd). Dr. Charles Carroll Stewart, of
"Washington, has been invited to make
11|O oration of the evening, and invita
tions have been extended to the members
of the Grand Army .of ' the Republic
ramps of Washington "to .Vttcnd. Mag
nus L. Robinson, of ' 'this c*Jy, is chair
ruan or the committee having charge of
Ihe arrangements:
■ ■- ;; — __+_ _ ■ t
«^nR Rrccipi* of'loo-.
Tlio receipts from the sale of. gas for
Iho twelve montlis of the past year is as
follows: January— lf*oL 525.022.Ci7: 3W2,
J-24.-lOQ. February— lool. 524.4:i7.0i>: ■■ 1902,
sr-,405.<J0. March— lool. ?22,155.0T; 1002, ?2J.-
yht Vrincivul Aese< of the Success
- fill [.Business Man.
The head of' ihajargest _ meat -packing
Industry in . the -world, . ffori r many years,
prior to his death,, never travelled with- 1
out his physician; everywh'erc he was
nccompanicd by his. medical adviser* he
hired him for his- exclusivo -attendance
by the .year, and considered' the large
salary paid for. such service as a part of
his business investment. Ho did not do
this because he was a hypochondriac,
in constant' fear of illness and death; on
the contrary,, ho was an exceptionally
i-qbiist-; man, but ho realized that the
principal asset in : his enormous business
was his own personal health, and to keep
physically and mentally well and strong
was a business" proposition, P ure , and
pimplo. - - '- - -„ ,: - . : :■ • ■■-■..'. •■':•;.-: '■"-•":
It is so with every business man and
woman. -A slicht.coM; in the head or
throat may pass off in a .{few . days; .or
tt may develop into Pneumonia; Chronic
Catarrh, or an irritating throat troubled
in any event its departure should bej has
tened by some simple antiseptic prepara
tion like Stuart's Catarrh' Tablets, which
sre. dissolved in the mouth, and thus reach
And destroy tho germs of Catarrh, ; Pneu
monia, Consumption, before they, haVe
3. chance to propogate and thrive in v the
Inflamed mucous membranes of : the nose
and. throat. . . . * * : >
To' burden The stomach with drugs 'and
Mimulants is a foolish and often- dang er-i
oiis ;way to coin tat a cold, bt-cause" stimu
lants are always followed by correspond
ing depression, and where there is any
tendency to -Pneumonia", increases: the
danger by increasing, the heart's action. :
A popular school: teacher in [Pittsburgh
writes :iv"l am a walking advertisement
for S tuart's Catiirrh Tablets : ; the change"
from a. crowded; fitcam-heated; school
room to : a\ raw, chlil ;kept ! me
nursing 'colds ~ in the head ?and'? throat
from; fall to spring. ' Throatt- irritation
niad'i it difficult for mo to read or speak
and" 'conduct;, my : classes. My. druggist;
with; whom I :. spent a large part- of imy,
tajary for, cough and ■potash;
l ablets, one day advised me to try": Stu-'.
srt*g; Catarrh iTablets/Lahd^ I;shaH?uever
.cease. to .-thanlt : him. I .■sUll^catch:'cold : ;oc^
«;aKlonally,Vbiit;i: stop it^iir. aVday/or] two
with^ tho" tableta,;/ahd^ I^liaveT^one^mist;
♦lonarj'/ work with my pupils to . such'
&ri^ cxtent^Oia^^
jaao»tsunJmownfamonEEt ; the3^^^^^^
- - - -'-"FOR'- \ ■■ -:-;^P
Bilious and Nervous Disorders
Sick Headache and Constipation,
Cures Giddiness^ Fullness "aria SwelHne after meals,' Dfeiriess and Drowsiness, Cplcl
Chill- Flushing of Heat, Lossof Appetite. 1 Shortness ofßreath; Ckwtxveneas; Blotches
on the Skin, > Disturbed, Slcr p, Frichtfui 'DreßmS, and : alMTerTons rand \ Trembling
Sensations.; etc The First Dose *rill give relief in twenty, nrinntes. > .This isnd fietaon^
E _ su ff e rer is earnpstly-inTited'trt-try/a^Box of theSe.-Ejlls.'ind'theytift'ill^be
BEECH AM'S PILLS taken as directed, ttill quietly restore females to complete
Tiealti They promfttlT^remoifeianT obstruction or irregularity of^ the system and i
Prcporod only by THOMAS BEECHAM' St. HeJimi, Eng., and 365 Canai St., New York.
':'■■:; Sold everywhere In boies, itfc. and 2Sc : v: - ;:;;
C 22.& April-IWI, - $20,163.12:2 1902. -?19.7D9.05. "'
May— l Col SlS.Cs3.Si>: ISO 2. $17.236.60. ■-.:■' June~
1901 SH.44O.SS: ]J»">2. f11.235.50.r-, July— lSs'i,
112.44G.C3: 1502. 512.166.51: August—l9C«i;.slo,
6OS 24: IK>2 ?12.025>26. . September—lool,;sll*r
■J.Vtil- WrZ ■'-'513.C66.0-1..' October— l9ol; Slfv
</& OS: 3002. 517.578.67.. November— l9ol,- f20,
1*» , r >3; 1002, $23,451.27. December— lsol, $Ar.
-371.56: 1902. ?2",?20.t>4- Totals— lWl;"f2l?,339.e7;
VJO2. ?22? r 725.5~. ' '- . ;
RicJim'ontl Exceeded TUnt £or..Nor
folk anfl' Atlanta Comulneil.. '-
The ' Norfolk Public Ledger of.; yester
day, prints the following account of. bank
clearings, showing the; volume of ■*. busi- |
.ness for that city: ■• ' ,' ;.'• 'y
•The clearing of the Norfolk banks fcr.
the year IS?2, Just, compiled by Mr.'H.M.
Kerr, general . manager for. the".' Clearing
House Association, amount , to 577.649.055, .j
"as"' "against $71,933,047 for tho; year, "■ 150i;,i
This was an. increase during the year ; of
f{T,CO6.p4I. The clearings"; of ■■-thoi./Rich-'
mond banks during tho year, amountefl
to . ?i12,743.550.ai. or J11,i552.344.55 more than !
thpy were during the preceding, year.- - :
The enormous large figures from vßidi- j
iriond, in comparison to those ;iny Nor-;
folk, are explainci by the fact that all
disbursements of State, funds are J-'made
iii Richmond, which aleo has 7 the/bank
accounts of largo monied interests; such j
ns the Williams syndicate and several j
big.-- railroads*^; which .are constaiitl}^ -dis
bursing money.. Richmond; :in~*;'a<ldi-,
tion to all this, is the clearing houseof
the State. a»,jt were, and has a /large
business from banks in central, and
western North Carolina.
. "The bank clearances of Richmond,":
paid Mr. H. M. Korr .to-rlay. "amount" to
more during the year than the clearances
of Norfolk a rid.";' Atlanta".""' Ga., combined.''
Tito. Norfolk clearances, whjch are -by
far the largr-Rl in the State- outside of-
Richmond, show a local business., It
is true that some business from Eastern
North Carolina and other contiguous
sections axe Included in the Norfolk fig
ures, but tlio business shown' by :•; these,
figures can in the end nearly all be. called
local. Richmond's proportionate in
creapc in bank; clearances for the year
was no better than Norfolk's.
The following, is a statement of, the
Norfolk bank clearances for' the-.-week
ending Dec. 31, 1902, and for -the full
month of December, 1902:
Clearing for week ending Dec. 31: 1902,
51.226.77 D; corresponding period "last, year, r
?].311..545. ' ;■ :.
Balances accruing from clearings' for
week of Dec. 31, 3002, .$138.(371 ; correspond
ing: period last year. $20i5,545. •-
Clearings- for month of December,' 1902,
$7,745,273; December, 1901, 56.694,00.
Balances accrued for month of Decem
ber. 35*02, $54'J,529; December, 3901, $9GS,9SS.
Mr. W. H. Lumsden, secretary' of the
Norfolk chamber of commerce, stated to
day that the capital- attracted to Norfolk
durlug the year, not including; the ;Nor
folk and Hampton* "Roads Shipbuilding
Company, the Heinz pickle plant at Port
Norfolk, or the American Cigar Compa
ny's plant now being erected, amounted
in round nuinbers.lo about 57,000.000.T The
capital of the Norfolk and . Hampton
Roads Shipbuilding Company is": from
$5,000,000 to 530.CKX»,000, while the capital,
invested here by the other two corpora
tions mentioned is not-given.
Still/ Another. Death From Those
Awful Toy I'istoln. ;
NORFOLK, A'A., Jan- 2.-(Special.)—
The seventh victim of the toy . pistols
sold here during the holidays is. Jessie
Eaton. In- his case lockjaw : developed
late to-night.
-T+- ■ ". :;;'.
Mnrrlagc At Blgr Stone Gap—AVisc
County Industries— A Mnrder. ;."-'>
BIG . STONE GAP, VA., January '2.—
At- the home of the bride's parents, , Rev.
and Mrs. IT. S. Hamilton, in the:; Met
hodist .parsonage, on Christmas mbniing,
Mips Loola Gertrude Hamilton, wa s mar
ried to Mr. John S. Hamblen, a'^hard
ware merchant of this : place. Rev. ; J.
E. Naff, presiding cider, for Big; Stone
Gap District, Holston Conference,; per
formed the ceremony. The happy couplo
took - the eabtbound train for 'a vieit lo
Norfolk and other points. . ." ".- ' "-" ,
Hon. II- J. Ayers is; in atendancc
upon the marriage of Editor E. M.' Slack,
of the Abingdon Virginian,, and ; Miss
Maxie Cox at Johnson City, Term. : " : -
Mr. J. F. Bullitt entertained;a-num
ber of 'his friends at, a stag party .at his
home on Poplar Hill, Monday. evening.'
December -31st. Tho ; ; r guests : were- Dx\;
James B. Bullitt, of Louisville,-" '.sCy.',; a
brotlicr . of Mr. J. F. Bullitt;, -Judge
11. A. W. Skein. Messrs. D. BrWentz,:
E. Li. "Wentz. H. E. Fox. R. T/ Irvine/,
and Judge, 11. C. McDowell. .. : : .
Judge H. .; C. McDowell, of the United
States Court, Western District- of- .Vir-;
giriia, has purchased . a : home in . Lynch
burg, and will ""move, there at once.' Hois
offering his property at" thi3~ placp for.
sale. . .;.-■.; , . :-■ . ';■ "■ : ;■.:,;.;:.:..
His many. friends here will regret to
lose him and hia charming "wife from
their circle. - . ■ .; ■'"■' : ; "' v: - :
/ Mr. John Fox, Jr.. author, of. this
place, took tea with President Roosevelt
on last . Friday afternoon, December. 3»th,
from. 4 to 5 o'clbckJ: ; ; -'2-~- : : ;
Mr. and Mrs. "D. B. : "VVentr; spent" tlm
holidays ; with reiati%-es in Philadelphia.
After : a shut down of three ; months,
caused, by .the destruction of a part, of
the.; works by nre, ■ the -extract: .works,
located ; here, will ;' : l-esume"' work i this
week. . | : - : . '. ■ ■' - "' < • Vv ' ■'■;..':'
Contractor X. ; L. Brown, of tllis place,;
has! engaged to build' oiie hundred; houses
for? the C Pardee "coke" ■ plant,; on .Black:
creek, in this county. Five: hundred- coke
ovens ' are ■ in 'C course . of '; construction."
■■■. Appalachia;-r ; three; miles ■ . f-omv"this
placed iis on a • boom: Lots ] are ; selling ' at'
fancy- prices ■ arid there are 'but few -for
sale at that: The . numerous :.new Iplants
now in •• course of construction is" the
causeJ ■ '■-:-■ -' ;; - : - . V'"- -'-■-' ' - " l - ■"'■"■■.-'» '- ?; -
At 11 o'clock 1 on Monday ■„night,;. De-"„ night,;. De"
cember :2Sth. ' B6b ; SteeloV: killed^Rosy -
Boharinari; ' bofhj colored, over, a,;'- game^of
craps. Steele ■■.-. has ;: been: - committed -.to
answer- the charge ;of murder 'in ; the
County. Court. . ' \ ■ ~.
six-NEWLY Bedded couriies;
Wliat Rockbrldß© iDid 1
nioDv During: Hie Holl4aV»-- - :\
LEXINGTON/ -VA-. January^ 2.^ (Spc- ( ,
cial;)~Arriong the! marriages^"consummated. \
i h' Rockbrldgc J ;courity. during.^^e^past'h*ol-ri
iday season— and : there were quiteiii^nunj- ■
ber, '■'■■■ judgingrf rom* y' the : • licenses § is?uftdj
ibVMheX c^ n .*y-t^^^^*^T*hosffC9f#Sh'B! 1
following couples: **"' ?/ - v, '
" M!? 8 MaggieKßrown; Bealtyf: daugHterJ
of -Mr; .and; Mr3:Vw:l:FJ ; Be^y;^|iAVia?4j
: 1 1 c) Crcek,i and Mr. (; John \ Baxter^ FisSl of \ \
cemberlSl^S JdO2.^atyth©£^l:i<3U**^lipiij«^.b"Sr j
rthelßev/iDr^Davld'A^Fenlck^. /- j
Miss Marx Kei'ieiv diiushtaf'of'yifr'uA'J
.. . : ■: . , • • ... :
Mrs. Marshall ' Kfiysef," of Healing Springs,
and;Mr..«oseph B.rKakln; 6f.,-Fairfieid
Alciriitj-, at ;the ■ home of -: the bride, De
cember 23d, -by ;the . -R«v. -D..S: Car
son:; -■,'.-■ : :,-•-" -'■--■ \- "■ y';.'\
; -Miss Martha Jane ; Hal l) and . Mr. Wil
• Ham Henry AVoods; 'both of this county,
iniliexingtori.; December 24th. by. tho -Rev.
A? Penick. " .- '.'.■ ;
; : Miss Florence; Mary Aclair.i of ;Rock
bridge county, and Mr. Samuel Thompson
Early, of Alcorn county, Miss.,, December
25th; at'thef home of the, bride's
Mr. r . Samu el l A;v Adair. oh Kerr's '. Creole,
by^thc Rev^.D. A. Periick. v.
C Miss Janle McClure. ; daughter .of Mr.
ahd'.Mrsr M.*T.:'McClure, -'-.;"of .Bethel; vi
cinity, and Mr. Edwin Bumgardiier, son
"of Mr. and Mrs. J: ■ Alexander Bumgard
herj'of. Augusta county. -, at' Bethel' church^;
Uecember 27th, by the ; Rev. James A. Mc-
Clure, of >ront Royal, ..Va.
- Mies l.ynn 'Graham, ;; daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. A/J. Graham,, of GOshen vi
cinity, and r Mr: William J. . McCutchaii,
of Front Royal, ya., at.the bride's home,
Lrecember 27th, by r tho Rev. H. j*.. Young.
Marriage of Harry Gordon Moore
' and Mis* Mnry. M. Cnrtcr.* ;
. LEESBUBG, VA., January 2.— (Special.)
On the last day of the old year a high
noon Virginia wedding, was; solemnized
at "Credual," the country homo of tho
late Coionel and Mrs. Wclby Carter, at
Uppcrvillc, in this county, when- their
daughter, Miss Mary M." Carter, beca mo
trioj'bride of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gordon
Moore, of Columbia; S. C. - The brother of
the bride, Mr. R.Welby Carter.Jr., was
best ; man M and Mrs." A: C. Marshal!, the
bride's sister, was tho matron of honor.
The young and pretty bride was gowned
iiv white crepe dechinc and carried fra
grant Bride's roses and lilies of the valley.
The matron of honor was gowned. in filmy
lace." set off by the beautiful cluster of
pink-roses which she wore. -;:
Rev. Mr. Sydnor, G. Ferguson, of the
Methodist Episcopal church, of Leesburg,
offlciated. , . -.. .
; Mr. Moore is an extremely prepossessing
man. of d ignified bearing; Miss Car ter" is
tho daughter of the late Colonel :R. ; Welby
Carter and granddaughter of the Hon.
John Armistead Carter, for many years
one of the most noted law -makers of his
hativoState. - .
• After the ceremony an old-fashioned
and bountiful luncheon was served.
The' newly-wedded;. couple left on the
evening, train for AsAville and: other
Southern . cities. They will reside at Co
lumbia. S. C, where the groom has large
business interests. " ■
Figrht Against Oscnr J.. Spears—Ad
ditions To n«lcit?li7(i Hall of His
tory. : - »- -; • ■ t .^
"', RALEIGH, X--. C, January .}'' i>.4f (Spe-:
cial.y^There were not many,: Nev?^ Year's
calls here yesterday, ; and but few fam
ilies received. "" -; ' ;...'.;■ ■;.;
; Much gratification lar expressed by the
public at the good "showing, "made by the
penitentiary, as; to: finances. V : >;
; James; H. Young/ colored, whb.'is .in
the revenue office 'here. "want, the" Li
berian mission, . and is said ■ to ' have
aomo backing, for it. * ' ".' , :
i The friends of F. H."Whitaker. ; who
was the State chairman of ; the. Iridepen
dent "party, are making the "greatest ef
forts to get him in the place as. assist
ant district attorney, now held by ..Oscar
J.: Spears. It 'that. WhitakeF,
too,- is hard at work.' ItMs; ieali-ried. that;
two or three reports made by special
agents, adverse to ' ■ Spears, arc •on file
in^tlie Department of Justice. ".;
The; receipts of 1 the; Raleigh postofflce
during 1902, were 54,200 greater;" than
during 1901. ' • "
:r: r The :;; latest arrival ; in. the "Hall of
History," Aln the State ■ Museum, ; is a
buffalo, whicli is placed opposite the elk,
both representing: animals once ; numer
ous Tin North Carolina. . A panther ;is
also being prepared for mounting. There
are yet panthers and, wolves'in^theowest
ern' part of the State, arid five counties
arc authorized; by: law to off or ; bounties
for wolf: scalps.'; .- ";■;',; - ... ■' :
• L . The State text ;book commission meets
to-morrow, to take up the scores of com
plaints, against ; the text book companies
for failure to have "the, books on sale
properly in the various -counties.
• ..V; Happy Birthday; Party.
; Mr. and Mrs.'TSJi C.; Meyer." gave amost
delightful .children's ;; birthday ;.;; pa.rtyi- at
their; residence, ' No.;: 511 ; east : Leigh j street, '
on; New. : Year's • day; - : in ;i horibiv of £ their
littlo niece, Seliha' Foss, it .being .her"
seventh -birthday. "- . - : '■ '. ..-.
= -AH - : kinds :of : juvenile sports ' were in
flu'god in, . including a. . ','dorikey game."
fo: ••hich three : ;prizes' wereToffered. Lit-,
tie ; ! TillyejCohen -won- the ; first fprize, ; .
Marcus .'- Kaufman the :i second; 'and "the
booby . prize ' fell ;;-. to Joe .; Lichenstein. ;
Games being \over the entire' doinpariy ;
was invited into ' the spacious dining-room
whlch'-had been -tastefully; decorated ~f or
! lie ,) occasion with > holly;- and ? running cc
- 'ir, to '., an spread, l -which was
f ."» joy ed by. all.-/- , Among ? the :-; children
present were' little ■" Misses "■•_ Selma ; Fbss,
Rinh, :Caldwell.-. r .Sophia\;Meyer, -iMillye;
Cohen, 1 ; Aneida'- P> - le,' .Florencer.Lichen-
stein;;,Rhae';' Ellick. • ,'; Leah ; ' ' Hirshberg,'
Gracie j Bull, • Sadye .-. Kaufman. Irmai Cald
well. - Rose ; ; MeyeW'V; Matteline „ -. Taylor;
Earl \ Tay lor."- Masters ■ Philip - Meyer.^Mar-'
cvis r Kaufman,:; Julius "Meye>.. Joe fLich-'
Harold Hirshberg, : Milton Meyer; - George
Folly arid iinany..; others: 1 " ", ; . "- \■/■\ ■/■ >>' ; :
Cherry Pectoral,
Get well before you have
to * think of weak lungs,
bronchitis, pleurisy, or
consumption. Take the>|
; Lme.drcmmtjnmgo^tory
f pfescribeStnep rneuicinel
llU|hX;liU,' UL I Llillll;ILU
: • ;; JcIJJIJjI J. X r, xJif & M* JtSSjRvrs. BLOAt 11 ■;-. 1. 1 •/?
Mr. Pollock?* Endeavor To [Postpone
v. •-, Election Vritl 1 Qnaiificatlbnß of
::--.':-- : '-'i "; . >: " :^. j; .'-^ c - ::--•■ ■■.-■{"■•".Vj/;f.-"'v-*'-;-.i. I.W;l .W;
: ; Applicants -Could -Be In<inlrc«ri Into
Defeatc"«l-*-J-:H.: Pampiin <lie Sue
.-'■ -ccssfalCnnrtidatc ' -
■ ; Mr. : .T- ' A. Pampliri.- engineer :'of ■ the:Ma
• sonic j v v -a"s ;' elected ) en-.
'gincer. of ;the City/Hall, at aeilaryof
■$75 : .:"; per •;■•" nibnth.f- by 'the:'; Committee '"'on
" Grounds;; and Buildings, : last night! /after
: . <-t ,. H>.fd ■ fiR-h t. . led fry; Mr. ' Gilberts K. ' Pol*
4 lack,; to the: election; until "the'.iap
:p|lcants;~s!iould). submit their -names- and
cftialifica lion's to; the city "engineer -.tOjbe
.parsed' upon by : him-;as ; tb their; compe
ten^v., : ' '.''." 1 ."■
The' election exerted ] considerable '■ inter
est and '■■: fiyalry and -the chairs " in - the
.rooni. outside': the railing were filled. with
applicants, and their friends. ' - - " '
" The resignation of Mr. Disney^ was; read
Clerk ; Bates, ; and [was I accepted iby 1 the
;i committee, .. on,; motion of ., Mr.'. Pollock;
, who/; took i occasion ato 1 pay* Mr. Disnejr a
:high. tribute -for] his -fidelity to duty rand
goodiservice.-tOi the' City.: ' ■ '.''-■■ ''■■'■- -'. vc
The motion to go into an election, which
■v/as^then ; made, i. was ■',the^: isignal for "a'
.strenuous ; effort; on; the part : of "Mr! Pol
lock, Raided by one or more other members,
{to*: stave; it- off. : -.••/ ; ; ' -.:/^ "■- ;■' -"■'■ - : \. ;
Mr. Pollock- said: that ''the" position was
one of -great responsibility, and the coni-;
mittee.; should go slow in - filling it. V The
lives- of : every body Mn the City Hall
were in the hands of : the incumbent 'of
this; position, rmd the election^of an in
competent ; man might result in their; all ;
being blown up. ;The ; committee did not
know what were the qualifications oCsthe.
applicants for the positions- and: 'these ;
should be passed upon by some competent:
authority.;, before the election; was Jgonc
into. He moved as a substitute to the mo:
lion to go' into an. election; that all the
applicants be instructed to - submit :their
■clai ms to ': th c . ci ty eh gi n 'e'er by noon Tues
day, and that .the -committee' ballot;: on
such names as this olficial recommended
as competent. .He asked; that Captain
Wilson, the representative of Colonel Cut-,
shaw. bb heard 4 on; the subject.;' :
Captain Wilson was accorded ; the ■ floor,
and^he stated, that Colonel Cutshaw^con
sidered it most: important that: the place,
should -.-bo filled' by -a tried "and "skilled
machinist. However, if the "committee
thought 'that it was In a position' to i go
into ..the -election without delay,- tho .' city
engineer did not desire to interpose ob
jection; - • : -,- ..■'••■.';■" ' "
: Mr.- Shea hoped tho matter would be
settled to-night. The ordinance prescrib-r
ed qualifications of the assistant engineer,
and if..the)man elected did not 'fill the.
■bill, he would not be entitled to the
office. He had helped to elect, Mr. -Dis
ney, and no such was raised', at
that time. - ■' ■ s •
Mr. Whittet said he was glad to : see
that the gentleman from Jackson -Ward;
had turned over a new, leaf. 'y-\_ . ~ :
•' Mr. Pollock (sotto voce), it is a new
year. (Laughter.) : ,
Mr. Whittet,' continuing, said he had
never seen the gentleman as exercised
over an election -to . fi 1 1 an office. ,; He f eft
sure -that '' the .gentleman's nerves • were
disturbed, and his; fears exaggerated -by
the . • state ; of ; his constitution. : . -. ■ Z
• : Mr. Pollock's ; substitute was .then de
feated, I and the motion to elect -. adopted.
Tho application of Messrs. . Thomas B;
Farmer,: J.E.iLane. Johnston Lee, J. "a;
Pa;niplin, William , H. Taylor, and O. P.
Fowden,'- were read. , •
.i On theroll coll, r Messrs';-. Bottom, Bur
ton, Ellet, Gilman, Hicks, and ; Whittet
.voted ; for, J: A. Pampiin; Messrs. Adams,
Washer,, and Grimes .voted - for O. P.
Fowden, and -Messrs. Pollock and Shea
.voted for .-Edward -O'Neill. '■:'- '§. . >
JMr.:Pamplih. was declared elected.
Man Charged With Killing' :of Wm.
Hill Christmas Etc.
■ At. the; preliminary trial :of Grant
■Vaughan. and Willie •: Bowler, -charged
with the killing of Willie Hill Christmas-
Eve, heard before 'Squire George W.
.Thomas-y esterday .morning at the county
court-house, ; Willie. Bowler was : dis
charged from custody and Grant Vaughan
sent on -to the grand i jury.-:, v: •
.:. -The evidence in the- case was not suf
ficient ':. to impneato ■ Bowler in ■■■ the af
.fairy :." :-." .■..- -./ , : - /-.. ' ■ y i - .
"■; Thomas Bell, charged with assaulting
and striking Mrs. : Mary," Ec-^Kellv; brt
north Twen ty-fif th ; street "Thursday, was
before 'Squire; Thomas yesterday morn
ing. Bell, was: fined $10 and -security ? in
the sum of ?10p required : for, his good * be
havior; for. six months, in default of which
he went to jail.; . .
Editor of AVorldJa Work To Address
Randolph-Jlacbn Men , . ~ . ; ,
' Mr., "Walter; IL ; Pagc, editor^of i the
■World's AVork. and. partner -of -the- pub--'
lishing. firm :of Doubjeday. Page-; &:Co.V
has S accepted : the ", invitation i 'of r the s Ran-;
dolph-jVlacon/jllumni,. Association"; of ithte
cit5 r ; : to speak i- at their, annual- banquet,
to be held, the latter; part of -this monta."
Mr.v.Page; is; an- alumni of .'--Randolph- 1
Macon, -; and . has taken an - active j interest
in all matters .educational; in ;the South.
He; is a fl member (of i. the t SouthernsEduca
tron Board, and is closelv identified? with
l>lr."- ; i-Rober 1 1 C. Ogden, rof ..--New .York," 1 ; In
the. movement looking to the development
.of fipuKlic I schools in the | Southern ". States:
-- : A'Grcat-Meetinsr'for.Men. ■■*'...
-The'capacity.of the .Young Men's Chris
tian; Association -.Hall . will ..doubtless be
tested | Sunday c afternoon - at ; 3 :30 ■■ o'clock;
The- first men's -meeting; of- the- year : will
be one i of ' peculiar - i n tere'st. : The speaker
will :be "Rev. J »/Dr. : A. LV; Phillips, n secre
tary of : the^- Presbyterian." Board -of vPub.'i-!v Pub.'i- !
cation," formerly of iNashville.-:i Nashville.-:, His theme
will; be, VA: Mighty ■ Decision."!The;musi
cal programme will ; be of unusual interest.
Mr. : George r E.: Garretson,-; of iNewj? York
city, .will render sacred hand-bell and vio
lin SOIOS. : , V '=■ ' \. : -,:''■': \"' :: -; ' --:'y, .":.-':■: '- ';
Invaluable Book : By a Fo rnier Resi
dent of : Richmond, Well; Remeni-i
V EJectficitv is a. mystery to -.the average
; Intelligent', person'" despite"-: the .familiarity,
of Its ordinary • uses. * All of -us ;haye : dif
ficulty; in r gathering any intelligent idea of
its - composition and ; qua.lities,:- -because
;mdsti of .those' ■who rhaveSiinder taken" to
write about lit-haveUloneVso'from a*scien
: tific .;-"■ and £ technical % standpoint, ' and £we
' are ; constantly, confused .with I terms -which.
■ the S layman » : cannot '.understand. "rj-The 'late
. Charles ITripler -: Child.* who J,was i'ai Rich-;
; mpiidt irianl and : - is iwell \ remembered \ here,
his :; death Avrdte » a 5 b00b,? entitled
' !'The : How. '= and : :-fWTiy; ; ; of -m Electri city,''.
; which % is : now .publish^ ' and i,.onr: sale: ',The
Electrical > Review, J of. New sYork^ prints
[the'followinginoUce.ofjthe'work: . . .
"The J manuscript :- : for/-; this k; book I xwas
i completed übutS a\\ short : time « before & the'
death • of/its i author.!; Charles iTripler J Child
ihad f- received £ ior% a' i
i bookiitreating j on *the .j generalStbeme a of j
[ electrical >i phenomenal and* the if operation]
:6fcfamiliarJelec tribal;; apparatus.-^lt;iw.a:s
;in g response ;:to'j such? appeals ; that'-hel set'
;to|worlc3oh.Sthe|tnanuscrJptK l yirhich^bears!
: the ? above^title. ~Ss Hel was * one^who^ pos- 1
• Bessed -: a"3 rare »f acuity- of fejcplainingl in?:v.
burdeheffiwlth 'technical Uanguage^becdme J
hard?for3the unschooled reader: to- compre-"
hend^l^The Mow^ andSWhyi of iElectricityJi
5s |notl a - hand-bookfiby ;• any > means ; iit? J s
a »charminsilitUe%story.Btold%ln^ aSyein-
Tvhkh*s the H layman Scan s readily.^ appreci^
trom'which 1 the brqfesslQijal: man cax^g&in*
is sM««*i»tfr^ii*^tlJi£e; ch>lb^i*.f a**
imfjeiu* lilgntTT**^ : j* r^ tlt "/ itTr il^li I^lt J )["»■ tiimx*
&*£&• • .....v... ..'.. ". 35?iy?
J ' A '■* ■■-■'■.•-• :.*'■■; J- j- *".'■-' ■■■- - *' •'• ■': ~'-t ■•■' ;'■•■■■■'. ■ ■ ■ :■ ■ ■ ■ ... ■. ■ ■ ; i . ■■■■.■.'■■■■.:■■ :■ . ■ ■■ .« ■ '■■* -,;• ■< ;~-— . r-*.; i* ■' *• f% - .- : „->,-*••■' z. " ■-..
'^Mfm^^MM^^^M§M^^f^MWWWmpWMfW^^W^mW : jir^^m^3^^
Founded Jl. D. 1728 by Benjamin Franklin - -..-.■:■■. - " =V,.^,^
- ; The -Saturday Evening-, Post is n&ti publishing what is^rhaps tfitf-m
importarit^series of articles |ttiat Avill^appears in any American magazine this y ear : Tfce j ßerollecEio^
of de Blowitz. For more than thirty -years^MLde Bl owitz.hasf been the Paris; correspondent of
the ; London / HisTuniquc
plane? vritli the Pleading =statesmenTofji Europe. ;^'
v By W. T/ Stead. This is the title of six cx
l'■'-:l '■'-: traordinaty articles by; the ; editor of j the (London)
Review ' Tof ..-i ßeviews' \^ oh; sucli: men as Morgan."
" ;; Witteand Rothschild.W; ; ■ : ; , _ '
; : _;■ A- new seViesv : by; George Horace >Lonmer.
'; . author, of . Tlie -* He tiers f fom ■ a Self-Made i Merchant
:;; to""" His Son, v in; which Void -John ; Graham,; tliejself-;
' -made^merchant/ tellsthe storjo^ his early struggles
and his rise to wealth. .V, ,? < i ; :
TITLED; .- FORTIJ NE: ; ■■"S- ■" I -i "'
: HUNTER i| '
: By David Graham Phillips, v A> foreign noble
man comes to America in search of an heires.<.
He is promptly taken >up by the smart set and
: meets with many absurd adventures. ' .
Mr. George Ade, whose fables in slang 'have
made a whole continent- laugh;, will hereafter be a
frequent contributor to -The Saturday Evening
;;^-Post: --■:--;■,■;■-: •,■-;-;■;: -■ ■;;;;•■■,_ ;.-.,..
Among the hundreds of clever writers who will Have stories in early numbers of the magazine are : ,
.'..-■'. LLOYD OSBOURNE . - * V , . ' ' M.EJM. DAVIS ; ; ■•
5 By The Curtis Publishing Company The price will be increased to Two DoU«ri
Philadelphia, Pa. ' • Year February 1.1903
Five Cents the Copy at Leading Dealers. Will.be delivered to any address
By ROY DUDLEY, Distributing Agent
212% Marshall Street, Richmond, Va.
ings which- avoid all; complexity, and are
easily, comprehended. The "volume con
tains 125 9 pages, and '•: is ; printed on ; sof c
antique .' paper, v ;. finished : .with .. deckled
edges. The. binding is of dull greerijcloth.
thev illuminated title being "worked .:;; in
silver-leaf. Th© size Is five^and; one-^
quarter .by seven and three-quarters
inches.' ' ; ; .--.■ . : •■"* .-: ;* • -V
f'No effort has been spared. to make the
book as attractive as it is valuable, ; and
the sentiment which the author, inspired
in all those with whom -he came in con
tact will, the publishers hope, be per
petuated- by the. little volume which ho
left behind him.; .
"The- book -sells for $1, prepaid, and is
published : by the Electrical iteview Pub
lishing Company, -New; York city." ■
I The .; book ; will | be | read \ with interest
and found valuable everywhere, >but will
excite special interest , in Richmond. Mr.
Child was; popular here, not. only because
of his intellectual rgifts,:. his, high stand
ing in the electrical worlds and his social
qualities, but because of his manyaccom
nlishments,:: including ;his proficiency in
music. Mrs. Child sang; here ' at the last
series of Wednesday Club concerts, ;ana
itv is announced that the profits of the
■ book "-will. 'go to her. ' :
Senii-Ccntennial To Be Cclel>ratcd.
,; - ■.. .-'; " . S'eit Jane. ' '<■■':■ '■ .'> ;■>•;
The semi-centennial of Koanokft. Col
lege. Salem. ,.Va. p is to be celebrated next
June, > the institution : having been- estab
lished in 1553. An" effort -is being made
to obtain a complete roster of the insti
tution, and the faculty : : find some • dira
cultj' in locating, those who attended the
college just before and after- the war.'
A list is . givenvbelow of -students who
attended - from -^Richmond, ;:;the figures
given being; the year -or ; years in. which
they' attended:' The chairman, of /the: fa-.
culty : would tllke torlocate :these members
of the alumni of thetinstituUon: ' . -■:
The names- are .as ;f olio ws: :-: Albert ?M.
Aiken, 74; J. ; H.i,Blake. : J6s:fC.\"W. i ßruds^
f ord, ■•'■:— ; . Henry :j Curtis, 57; SG. 'E. * Craw
ford.'6s; Irvine' C. Clark,' G7; William H; :
Clarkson, 73-7t>; E. E. Depriest. 00-56; -T.
J Davis, 65-66; H.-D.-;Dicken, ; 65-66; John
WilUams Hurt.i6S: ; Hill"Ksng,-65; ;Charles
W." i^eonardj- 69;- Charles Parkhurst, 63-6-i;
C. E. Rose, 65; William Anson Richards,;
70-73: jßobert'B.vSemply, 55; J. A. Smith,
65; R. E. Styll. 65; John "Andrew Smith,
69-70' P. P. Wilson, 65; ; W. E. Wilson, 6S.
Commissioner. ; Boherty Will Inaugn
rate Sew'Schemc To Get Data. :,
i Labbr-Cbrrimissioner ; James iB. ■ Doherty
will inaugurate a new series ; of - schedules
to secure trade statistics jin Virginia : dur
ing 'the - year.- * the ; Labor.! Bu T
reau has collected •: statistical : material 'on
thedinTerent manufacturing enterprises- In
tne ? ; State, and" no "schedules 'have tbeen
sent but to f ascertain the building develop
i mentis During j the : year? Mr. 1 ; Dohertyvwill
collect * data " bearing .> upon ■- the ; amount tof
construction - throughout Virginia, so \ far
as ; it j to; factories, public buildings, ,
farm- build'r.gs.v and; rfcsidences. ; > ■'■-•, ':•- ■■'■■■
-;-, Figures -* concerning s: all ' the: material
used in the construction; of buildings -will
be - gathered; and^ carefully tabulated Iby
CoinmSssioner % Doherty '•;- and ?-■:? -■: hl.« ■? clerical
force •; and .will ■ form valuable"* tnf ormatioa:
in 'the : regular annual > report; issued - : from
; the^Labor rßureau. : i :■ •' ~ - ' , : - - : L '
i Governor. Siontaguei was ~ : at; the? Capitol
yesterdayFdisposlngs of .a'- quantity.; of ; cor
respondence that i had-; accumulated during
his -irecenti, confinement ', to -i the ;, mansion
from <a ; severe ; cold. -
.: f.i; v?v;; Monroe ; l^cvrls? Future.- ■
i r Monroe sLewis,^ a" manv convicted; in 'the
County /Court^of SElizabethsCity^ county, 1 *
of ;{murder| in *.the ?firsti; degree/i arid;; who
: wasssentenced4tolhang,Tandowhose;sen-,
.'-;;:>.. so©™ - - - 3pjl
l 'It is a well established fact that South- ,
Ithelrchoice of tobacco.'- They, know,the :r ,
Equality? of itHe|tobaccoJthat f grows ! f rom^l
8 the sou where tHey. ; we«TiiJs«(J^in(J theyjil
S'jboow'tiat tHa£ := fcpbaccoi3 ? j&ood ' tobacco^
That is *ny Pk<im"ont : ,Cigarett«ikayJsp
1 S6uthern^niol^;g'Tjhey|kiJ^^tK|§
c famous Piedmont section '.of • the : South, ■'■'_:
|wd ; thAt^jmjJ^'foo^_dgajpd*^^:r:>'^,^
Not since Anthony Hope^^\^te^& Dolly D»?
• ; logiies have i we^found; such: s^ft^ cle^cnt.verhaV
- ; r ; fencing.- such clever< repartee^ such charming-)'%xeis*
•>;:; aiid-take fas ;threaidsithese ? sparkling^! tafes.iJ
-'. - \yill appear at brief intervals >' durin; tfte"\yfnter. ' ."'
Byßqbert ßarrv r ; ; ■An'farnusiri'^ 'stringpfj'anec
flote's:MdVp^^nal;"ad\^n^ei^with;i&e^^- l g3imfi
of the collector's jungle^ ; ; 7 ' >^: ' ' ' A
Three tales of an Irish .; philosopher -and his
surprising adventures in the far West. ! ; " ByEraerson
v Hough. ."".- ;. : ; : '-■-'.;;'- ii v-'.v -'. :-':^ : <y :: -y
. -ByT. Y. O'Connor, M-P. : j This h the title of
C; ; a series of papers on London -, affairs of special
interest to Americans. _ " , "" : " .' ;
The fairest and= niost -"attractive proposition
fever"' made. -Each- memlicr pays ?1 a weak
on a ?12 outfit or" ?2 a week on a $24 outfit.
Club nieets weekly; and at every meeting
some one member; gets a. Bhonograph ' f or
JUST WHAT - HE : ; HAS : PAID IS". Every,
"member eventually f gets a 7a 7 machine ; . and he
. CAN'T PAY- more' than 'the cash price . . Ke wi
clubs' just 'forming. Got in,:;--
729 E, Main Street.
tehco' was commuted 'byy Go.ver'ior Mon
tague . to . .imprisonment- in T the . r»^f»t«:n
tiaryJ f or : eighteen I years, was received ja t
the ■ penitentiary i Thursrlay,' and was given
the usual': day in solitude. \ He wiUJte em
ployed in. the factory. ■ f
; A Scries :o£. Sermons. ;.
Rev. A. N. Somers, minister of tho Uni
tarian church; now holding ' services "in
the ; , Smithdeal College .building. : corner
Broad and ; Ninth : streets, rwilt; preach the
following ' " series 'of * sermons : du ring ;i. the
month- of "January;" 1903. on; 'Twentieth
Century : Problems ;; in Religion." l January
4thj • "Present Movements.' in -. Religious
Thought and Organization.",: January ; tlth,
"The Principles of. Democracy in Religion :
Why .; Should' Not the s Religion for the
People. Be of tho" People, and by th»i
People?" January: 18th; "The Incarnation
of God in the Life of 'Humanity.'* January
25th.; ''Influences ; That "are 'llumamzin^
Religion." The hour of ; service is 11 a. M.,
and all. aro;cordially .welcome. .. ' r .: :
\ A Hand Bell Artist.
. Mr. : George E.Garret3on, the unique
"entertainer of -: New ,York city. : will open
a'-:-ten- ! days' tour of Virginia at the;.Cen
rral; Young ; Men's ' Christian Association"
to-nlghtvi.GarretEon ;is a'; clever* artist
and . an' : expert .- manipulator.; of.*, musical
novelties. ; -. including - ; ■ coins, ;.: ' hand-bells,
sleigh-bells, saxaphone. violin, and guitar.
He is also ,7 an ; excellent juggler. v Thc
entertainment %-will; be "for men only. ;
O WantToßnr Virginia Dirt
;. Commissioner G. "VV. Koirier ~ i .=» in re
ceipt of letters from Messrs.: G.:"VVY Oster
bone,'>of J-Davidi-. City. Neb., and . D.'i A.
Thomas/ -- of (^Newark, :, 0.. making vin
quiries s concerning r Virginia ; f armr lands;
■with : the view:: to settling jin this J State, n
Tbe'Rcllsions Herald fi Will ; Issue a. '\
: Memorial Xumlier To Celebrate. . , s i
::The; Religious Herald;, the Vorgan ofthe i
Virginia ; Baptists, will : make its issue of j
;■ January,: :lsth.-; a j memorial .(or ; ; annlyer-]j
"sarj'-- number ?, ebmmembrating?; the - se\-en- f
'the-: paper. . - .:':- ; :.1
;.r. The %pa per/ iwas;j founded; January; 12.
? IS2B, S being i first % published bjby>;\Viliiam ! j
; Sands, , ; an "; Englishman a arid Jar practical:
'. printer. ?.- Revy^Heriryr Keeling.^ fortiwhomi
the % late'f Henry.- K>. Ellysoh jwas^ named;i
vwas5 [ its "first 'editor.^ MrS Sands % continual
ed" to "^conduct :'. the c )pubUcaUqnl* of i 2 the;
paper 'until '{ it \ -was \y sold J to f Jeter:"&"; Dick
•-• mson ;in -1565,* the aflrmVibeing i composed;
i of ; the;; late ': Rev. ; J;J B-f Jreter^ tD. vD.; > and :
Dr. A^? E. Dickinsonv Uhelsuryivins^part
ner still ■holdlng.;his interest- in; the jpub-.;
lication. • . ' .c. c : »
SlThe iol^i'Mr^SandSj arid?^Df.; I
■ Dickinsonlwith |the»paperi covers "ithe'/eh-; i
Uire vjseventyrfive : ; years f v'ofs|lts^history;; i
}B.evl R.^ H, ? ; PJtt£l> *' p.^ r n6w|? jiini6r| cdi tor. - i
Ibecamolassoclated *witli^the;paper'inilßSß^ j
[andi hns been connected %vith^ it ever ]
since." ■ -- - „ , - it , V",'«^fe^
| It Js Wortay ff note that durlnyahej
ithreeiqTJarteni fof a ■ century , of ,Jth» ; pa-]
[ijSrmted:^-- % ri^!
j;-tTho niorr.orJa! number ?. ill contain
Jairticlesfof |*| hlstbricals niturejfromltJMy j
penslotlTOci I welt-icabwp^wrfterlil as!>Dril i
Ok. Gaauu.'nVßtait. aaal olh«r«. On tt«
Mfc *... ...... ;/_ fc ««rf
*SBSSPJ§" I| s§s?3=&
(^KIIf(SL ; _I
Gil RE '-
Kck Head»che>and "reiufwall tlidtrouJilai fMaV"^
flent to a bilious state of tha »7«t«n,»ucl»- «• -y-'i
j DizziaeM, - Wxwe*, DrowsiaM*. - Piatrow i uMt^'A
Seating. Pain to tho Ktla, ke. ?% While HuAxhaaati%%
lemariablft auccew luia t«a •Uow/;io curing ;. [J
■Head*cbfcl7et; Gate? a -Ltttla Zbne;sVß» turn,. -_•
I eqoallj valuable la Con«tlp»tioa.CT«rtug«ad war
Tentlag tW««janoytefrcomplaiat.-wbii« Uior ■!••,■
correctalleU3Ofiieraoitha»tonuwajiiinH»l*t<tl -
lirer and xegoAta tta bowels." ZTen If fltqrpada^^
Ach«thej wonld b«alnioatpric^««»to tSwiawl»»|^
; suffer from tMadlatrs««iflaconjptatot;bo»fc»rta»-w'§
I oateiy thair goodaasadoea notaaahat».»n<Hl>fl— Ws
whoenco try ticrn -will dad tha**UtQevW&T*lTi>*j i §
•Wa lo soßtanr «&7C I»a* «»«? wjll wA b« wflr ilff
Hag to do without thsnu j Bat mttoc all if ra haal .^|
Xsthe bani" of iio mint V*«* tlu« fc«» ii wiaa»f|§
ytemakmont grs»t boast. Our pilla cureUwaile >;
Others <lo not. ; . ■"/» ii'"^ ■'■'•■.•.-■■: .- '- ■•;-.:--- sr'Fr'-n.i- :-~: -~
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Committee Ob Police ¥IU M«rtU«rt
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:--.: Chairman s Harry f- C. ■ Glean i ha* :."cati*4
♦ ,C«mTnltt^ Son !f Policed ;Bl«ctld«i»f»Siit^j
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