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for January;, Jl.^":J 1 .^": Boston. . Houglitoh
Miffiin &-. C^>.
Xo 4. Pork Ktreot, 13. P.: Jlis Daugh
it~ First, a nov«»l. 1.-V. Arthur Shor
burnc Hardy; ."The' "Waif, n poem. Agnes
!/<■«; My Own Story, I;, j. T. Trowbridgc;
IjO'vc's Miracle; a poem, WllHam Morion
payn<?; The V»*ar Against Disease, C. ".32.
A, Wlfcloty: Charles Drckczis as a Man of
Letter;-, Alice Meyncll; Mammy, a. story.
.Tulia K. ,Tulwiier; The; Future of Orches
trsl Music, T\*. J. Henderson: The Latest
Novels 1 of .Howelis and Jamer, Harriet
Prcslon: Contributions of the
West, to American Democracy. Frederick
J. Turner; A Land of Little RaihjMary
AuMin: Travellers* Talc?. Agnes Roppli^r;
Xos Dormkuida- .Toslyn Gray: In Vi.i
M^rulana, a poem. Samuel Valentino Cole;
The Plateau of Fatigue, a story. Kate
Mihicr Rabb: A Memory of Old Gonllc
rr.on. -Sharlot M. Hall: Kn^anrl in l'K'2,
p.. Briniley Johnson: Books^Xew 'jind O!<J,
Two Sorts <>f Fiction, H.'~\V.Boynton;
Two New Editions of Poo.— The Last
Tt-ars of OM France, S. M. F.~Two En^
lifh Men of Letters, K. G.— The Kxpedi
tion <;f Lev.is and Clark. IV: The Contri
butors' Club: A Lout. Half Hour.— A ' Sonpr
Composed ma Droam.— Such ns Mother
Used to Make— Beauty in Buf-Iness^
Th<> January Atlantic opoiiP tho New
Tear v.ith :< cheerful editorial weloomc
an from Number I j'ark Street, which
TvHtily.i*uins ui> pasL achicycment« of this
tyjiiCßl Amerjcan magazine, and promises
happily for the future.
Two prominent fftaturcs of 1110 number
«re the initial instalments of Arthur
feherburno -.Hardyrs brilliant serial, "Ills
Daughter First/* thn only novel he has
•written -for many years': and of J. T.
Trowbridjje's "My, Own Story"— his remi
niscences -of a lonjj and varied career,
during which ho has seen many men,
many cities.' ;md ; snany strange events,
ail of -vvliich hr: writes about in a bright
ajid entertaining m.innor.
Other notable articles are The" Contri
butions ot the West to American Demo
rra<'.v—the ideals and the civic achieve
mems of the pioneer— by Frederick J.
Turner: The War against Disease, by C-
E. A. Winslow— an account of the long
battle of.scicncc againt-t epidemics: W. J.
Henderson's Tsie Future of Orchestral
Music— a paper giving especial reference
10 the recent compositions of Richard
Strauss;; arid R. lirimley rJolmson*s in-
Xormlng letter, on England in 1502.';
THE HOPPERORASS. Published month
ly by ■ "Thtj Little Biyces." Editorial
Staff; Mildred Bryee. Virginia Brycc.
Clarence A. Hryee. Jr., Jeannette Bryce,
IjOvJhq Bryce. Ashland and Richmond,
V;i. --
In this number "The Little Bryces" sat
isfy our curiosity by publishing their own
picture as a frontispiece of th-e. magazine.
And a good-looking lot of youngsters they
are. Ivt aluno the fact that they are
editors. "The "Hoppergrass" is mnv.'ap
rarently. a fixture among the Virginia pe
riodicals, and :i is steadily . improving
every year. We used to" complain about
The plate matter in it. but they have
Tlopjied rill that now. The. current num
ber contains some good stories and ex
rellcnt niiscellany.
Whnt the Itace Has Dour-, and is Doing
in Arms. Arts. Letters, the Pulpit, .the
Forum, tbo School, the Mnrts of Trade,
and I , with those Mighty Weapons in the
TJ.-sttlc of Life, "the Shovel" and "the-
Hoe!': A message to all men that he is
in i he way to solv« the race problem for
himself; by Rev. "J. J. -Pipkin, with in
troduction by. General John B. Gordon,
forinor niajov-genoral Cohfdderate army.
United States Senator from Georgia,
now commanding United Confederate:
Veterans, author "War Reminiscences."
etc. N. D. Thompson Publishing Com
pany, St. Louis, -New. York, and Chi
The very comprehensive title of this
book gives one an 'excellent idea of its
contents. The work is a .useful one. and
should .bo received- with pleasure by the
colored peoj)!o. Jt is conservative in its
tone, and so fur as wu can observe, doos
jiot contain an offensive line. There aro
scores of pictures of well-known negroes,
•lend and living. Among thorn we see por
iraits of Alexander Dumas, Rev. John
Jasper," and Booker Washington. Much
Interesting biographical. and statistical in
formation is given, and the general tenor
pf tlie book, urging industry as it does,
!s -well calculated, todd good.
Evelyn Raymond, Author of "A Van-
Jjce Girl." etc. Illustrated by Ida
Wai:gh. The Perm Publishing Company,
For sale by Hunter <£. Co.
Although primarily a book for girls,
this story is calculated to inspire, inter^
cKt in the boyish mind .as well, for it is
lull of the wild life of the forest and
lells of bunting and fishing and perils by
land and water. There is % mystery in it,
too, and the development, of a child's
flevotion and sacrifice. The "Daughter of
the Forest" brought up by her uncle on
a lone island, with no playmates but
the. birds of the air and the animals' she
has taught, to love her, is. perhaps, a
more attractive figure than tlie. conven
tional young girl we are familiar with,
and her training is justitled by the heroic
efforts she makes to save an unknown
father from a tragic fate.
tle'xnon. Author of "The Gunboat Se
rie?," "War Series." etc. Philadelphia.
Henry T. Coates & Co.
For sale by Hunter & Co.
eerie thoughts and creepy feel
ings come, over one at the mere mention
of the word "haunted,"' and how young
minds aro strung to the highest pitch
of interest when anything supernatural
Is brought into play: Harry Castlenion
knows well how to construct plots and
narrate incidents so as to hold the atten
tion'of youth, and his faithfulness to de
tail, by which everything is made realis
tic, isi perhaps, his strongest point. Ir
sis latest book. '.'The Haunted-; Mine."
he throws some interesting sidelights on
Hie life'' of a telegraph boy in St. Louis
r.n<3 subseQuently shifts the scene out to
the mining regions; of , Colorado, -where
exciting events ' crowd : upon each other
Ihick and fast. The opening chapter de
scribes a' scene in an cxpre&s ofilce on
l"ho occasion of the. sale of unciU.led-for
packages, and the. hero isT introduced
in the act of bidding for a box .which
h« hopes may eohuiih something of
value.. What he finds therein^ forms the
haEls for adventures of an unusual char
acter, which culminate in tlie haunted
mJnc. ■. : -'". . ... .- , .... ■ .. -; . . . '
JTM AND JOE; by Edward S. Eliis. a\t-
thor of P.oy Pioneer Series, Deerfoot
Series. Log Cabin Series, etc., Philadel
phia. Henry -.T. Coates & Co. '
In Jim and Joe the boys will find the
eiory. of two '„ youths who. by: hard strug-.
gic. and after experiencing many, vicissi
tudes and having numerous adventures,
at ta hi- places of prorhlnencK "lV is :wri tten
In the best style of a familiar author with
boys.,'! ■ • ' i ."■-■•■■' :..* ] - : - •"• ■.- " ' - .
The special features of. this numher are
illustrated ' Character sketches of Minister
Herbert AY. ; Bowen, tlie late Thomas B;
Reed, and the; late Thomas Nast: a pre
eentation , of. the case ; of England and
Germany against Venezuela, by Mr. A.
Maurice. Low; :: illustrated .articles ,, on
"Krledrich Alfred Krupp. \ the Essen Phil;
aritJirbpisu'- and "The Krupps > and -, their
Steel AVorlts at Essen." by, Mrs. Elisabeth
W. Carden : and ■, Mr.; R. H: Knorr, respec :
lively; on V ?'Thc Rural {':■ Free t Delivery
S€r\'ice." \by Day; Allen V Willey : j. and ■ on
"The; Arriericari, Ox\ and '■- HJs \ Pasture.! ,;
byi Dr. : E. Benjamin -together
with '/: discussioruE i of . ''The ■; "Advance v i»v
Beef I Prices,%3 by^Fred^C^ Croxton;;>??Tlw
Charles A . ■ Conn nt. "a nd "Thi Br itiisli
Education .Bill." by W.: T. Stead..;;
In the editorial department; "ThorPro
grcsaV;Of the World.'. 1 there'll a." full, ex
position of; the Venezuelan ?TcituaiJisn.? T cituaiJisn.
with a succinct statement of -the. reasons
for the point? in dispute, to
arbitration. V" >
Vol. VI., No. 11 ;," December-March;- l?02f
• 19CS.. Edited by; Frederick A.^Rlchardßbri.
Published at Burlington. Vt. L - -^ "": |
. This is' a strong number 6f|one.»pfithe
Ftrongept periodica Is In the country. -In
its Quarterly form the publication succeeds
the- International : Monthly, •but" compen
sation for the longer wait v Is -bad iri/ithe
fuller table of contents.. The initial article
is "How Soldiers Have .Ruled ! ! in-th*o
PhiiSppines," by D. H. Boughlori, andthd
number is filled out as follows.: ''Why
Criminals of Genius Have- No Type." by
Casare " Lom'broso: „ : "The'^Drama r in
.Sp.!in."t by ; Brnnder Matthews; * '"The
-Pnilosopliy of Tnine and. 1 * Reriari,
by. Alfred Fouillee: "*-jchnology« and
tho Science .of Religion;", .by: vThs.
Achelis; "The Beginning "of Mind; '.
by C. 3 '- ;. Mason; ,"The .American
Worl- „^ the French." by A. .and
J." Si f*W* Zola." by Gustave
Geffro. - .^ncss Amelia of . Wcimer,"
by Benjamin Well:-: "Home for
American Cities." by Ellis IV Oborhaetzer;
"National Antagonism, an -; IlJuaion.'- . by
J. Noneow; "The Recent American; Ar
chitecture,"; by Russell Stu/gis; .-'•''The
Quarterly" Chronicle." l.y 1. ]8.* Bishop.
Attractive announcements;. are made; for
future numbers. '<■■'> ':-
Yale Lectures. By Henry C. . Potter,
D. D.. LL. D.. Bishop of New York..
Charles Seribner's Sons. New : York.
3Sino: Pp. -MS. For sale by Bell' Book
.'md Stationery Company. ...
Mr. William E. Dodge, a wealthy, mer
chant- of New- York, gave a/few : years
sir.cc t'jY.-ile University a fund, the in
come of which wa p to be expended "in an
annual course of lectures on the : Respon
sibilities of Citizenship. This" duty, was
devolved during the last year on Bishop
Potter, and tlie book before; us'is'a rer
pruduction of his course of lectures— six
in number. It is needless .to say, that
the duty was performed in an able arid
instructive manner; and the'authorities
of Yale arc to be commended for ex-
tending tho interest and benefit of.:, the
series to thoughtful readers who' were
not privileged to bear them spoken by
the distinguished divine. They treat of
live topics and grave and mingled duties
ay/ailing every educated youngs man . on
his assumption of the responsibilltiea
and obligations i of American, citizenship.
The great problem of capital and labor,
the present and prospective relations of
the employer and the workingriiari : are
continually throwing themselves with
over-increasing force upon .the _most
thoughtless observers of current events.'
Monster corporations, aggregating mil
lions and billions of capital, extend their
Briarian arms all over the land. "The
power with which this cumulated and
cumulating wealth invests the few «offi
efrils who control its" administration af
fects not only the vast army of .employees
whose dany bread and meat are. depend
ent upon it; but touches at all" vital points
every communal interest — political, : com
mercial, and social. The_mcthods in i which
that power not only maybe, but is now,
with lamentable frequency, exercised cre
ate a feeling of universal unrest among
all (jur people, constantly menacing the
peace of society . ana the 'economics of
every household. .- '_ • .
No graver question in all the ages ever
confronted any people than the just and
rightful control by the government of this
money power. In the olden times," from
which. we have happily advauced, and in
other less favored countries ; than ours
an irresponsible despot backed by" a
standing army might, lay his iron .hand
on these money kings and corporation
presidents and directors and by his sic
vo!o sic jubeo control their action. ;But
lie might equally -and .mucn more .probaf
bly would- -lay- his iron hand upon the
horny hand of the laboring .man. . ; But
we live in better days and .under an in
finitely better government. .And . the
theory "of: that government! however dor
mant its operation may have been and
now is, contemplates tiie unit vote of tho
wealthiest as of no greater weight than
the unit vote of his humblest employee;
and that every such employee wields.' a
• Which falls- vis silent and' as'still
As snowllakes on the 50d..... •: .
And executes a freeman's will
As lightning does the work of God. -
Unhappily, many of these votes: of :the
laboring man have been purchasable, and
wealth has fostered and profited Jythi3
corruption, not only- in '■ buying votes, but
in buying counters of the ballot.; But- all
the while this unit vote of tho working
man has been a standing menace. - -V
Bishop Potter, by -inheritance.;- by. the
environments of his life, and oy his ele
vated position as Bishop of the wealthiest
diocese of his Church, is constrained to
conservatism' in. thought. But he is a
wise conservative, and he heartily ac
cepts the necessary result of .thoughtful
consideration of past -history and, of-, the
evolution of that history in the problems
of the present. In the threatening- aspect
to the workingmen of the aggregation of
units of dollars in millions of capital' he
recognizes the propriety and' the."neces
sity for purposes of self-protection of the
aggregation of units of workingmen in
their trades unions. But it: is idle now
to debate the question whemer there was
an j' occasion or justification for:, these
trades unions among the workingmen." It
is an established fact that these unions
do. exist, and intelligent capitalists ; must
recognize in all their calculations that
these unions have come; and they have
come to stay. .„.,...;.,.;;._.„
These lectures are pitched upon a. high
plane— none the less practicable because
the lecturer assumes that, the Golden
Rule is no less applicable ire-its universal
extent to the relations of capital; and
labor than it ; is< in individual life. YVThey-'
arc not sermons pronounced in these
discussions ofi political' matter as the au
thoritative message of a Christian min
ister commissioned in his pulpit to preach
only Jesus Christ and Him crucifiedjiand
he cannot be" subjected; to ad versed criti
cism as a 'political .preacher," but ..-; as V a
Christian citizen addressing iyoupg:>men
on tho. threshold of life and-stinwlating
them to higher ideals of political'duty by
the example -and teaching of *his -Master,
he and his lectures are worthyof alUcom
mendation. B.\ R. W.
Story* of the Real Mary arid the: Re*i
Lamb, as told by Fannie M. Dickinsoiy
"'.. and Mary herself. Illustrated.\'by ! ; H.
Alvin Owen. New York.. Frederick "A:
... Stokes Company, * publishers. For sale
by the Bell Book Company. ,;•
The title describes the character of : this
little book, which we find very 1 interest
ing. ■ '-■•■;. ■' ; ■/■>'-;; .' ■ ■;;"..- ::''c .^ : W r - : :'.'-
Island of Brotherly Love; :a ; sequel v to
"Beautiful Joe." By Marshall Saunders.:
author of "Beautiful . Joe," "For^ His
';" Country." ."Hilda' Jane." etcr*lllustrat-:
ed by Charles Livingston Bull. Boston,
•': L. C. Page&Co. '■-. -■■■ ■>-^'^,-^MWM
The sequel to "Beautiful Joe. now. out; >
•will bring pleasure to many children. .The
t rXILL the Books reviewed above and I;
X mk as published :ori>sale at MILLER & M
T RHOADS .-'Book bection,. , .
t Three new ones;;- 4 "'" ' *M
T "CECELIA/ Crawford. •
J 4rAI«ESKA> S^well. Va x |
XBLli; JKlcilMU^ v mbi'ATCli-- SU^liA-ir. /-eI A^CTAICY 4- 1903- g
book is 'weir- written:, is full of charm
iris.- illustrations."; and j has .a ;>*ery« attrac--;
live i cover. ;' On the • 'Island of Brotherly::
Love': the little folks may parade to their,
hearts'- . content, aurroundedfe, by a: host :
of- animals Tof tail kinds, on- pleasure bent.
; The airship < : steered': by^ the's monkey ; takes :
them; there and.back." Altogether. the book"
is a suitable present for the holidays,: and
one ithat will giv6 delighf for hours to a'
"chna: ■^■;:- : ■■;;,;.; ■;",: ■/ ■■', ■" ■ •.-• ■■■-,:
■;.-TION;;; specially"; int*hded for 6'rai teach
ing and adapted to general'use'^infami
. lies and .schools. By Rev. John.F. Hoff,
of :Christ. . church. .Millwood,
Clarke; county.; Va. 7 ; / .
The titleOf.thiSibooklet gives every as
surance f of ;, the ; high : mission : which the
author* asks;fof; it as an aid; for the^re
ligious - instruction ■ of j the young— and";, a
helpful sorvico: for: private :and family
'worship.; The imprimatur of 'the X>ioces'an'
Missionary Society of Virginia; is : abu;%l
ant. guarantee of its conformity to ithe
.Christian; faith, as taught by tho vencr
ablo Church" of. England- and if s American
daughter "church, and commends it to gpn
eral. acceptance , ahd. ; use "for. the pious-;
purposes of the reverend; compiler.
Old St. John?*.
; A short time ago the: vestry of old ".St.
Johns-c hurch here appointed the follow
ing committee of a. history of ■ St. John's
church: J.vS. aioore,. chairman; P. R.
Carrington.; 'John F. : " Mayer, ' W. W. ;
Davles. and; Cyrus Bossieux. -
Bishop Lewis W. Burton, of Lexington.
Ky.; who, for nine years, was rector of
St. John's church, has contributed- an in
teresting, history ;of the church. The com
mjttee will embody ■ niany.; other features
and the book will- be- published and sold
byi subscription: It will contain informa
tion and statistical data that*' are ■ access!-.
.blc w from no other source, .- and .-.v/ill pre
serve and perpetuate records that arc be
coming more valuable as time passes.
Many Xota"blc Entertainnients— Witli
,<lie Cliiircli People— Personal and
. General. . •
STAUNTON. VA., January 3.— (Special.)
Christmas week was very quiet, with tne
exception of a few card parties, ion Mon
day night Miss ; Belle Mason entertained
with progressive euchre in honor, 6p Miss
Sallie Barron. of Warsaw, Va.
-After an exciting game, refreshments
were served." ■'■-' "
Among those invited were Misses Bar
ron. Jessie Bowling:, Anna Woodward,
M'attie and Evelyn Shreckhise, Helen
and; Kate Hutchinson, Ella and Mary
Rarison, Emma Iloge, Helen Baxter. Sal
lie Fauntleroy, ' Rebecca Young-. Bessie
McCoy. Mamie Allen.-Maud Kinney. Ja
.net Bell, Elsie Wellford.Estelle and Belle
Martin, Susie Perry, Ellie and Maggie
"F6ster. Louise .Withrow, and Messrs.
George :\V. Hutchinson. of Richmond,
Baldwin Ranson; E. D. Shepherd.' F.. L.
Olivier, James . and Amiistead Barron,
.George Hoge. J. D. Crowle, Jr., W. J.
Perry, J. W. H. Pllson. H. B. and Robert
Baker. J. S. . Denny, Taylor McCoy, J.
W. McChesney, W. W. Tiniberlake. 'J.
r?. and Berkeley Minor. C. S. Bradley,
J.. C. Evans, • Munford August, of Rich
mond, and Drl W. F. Deekens.
..Saturday afternoon, faster Robert Jett
Bissell entertained his friends with a
Christmas tree. Some of the little guests
were Misses Loulie Whittle, Mary Atkin
son," Fannie Mcllhany.. Annie and Ethel
Jett, Kathleen . Dore. . Margaret Bell,
Helen Holliday.- Anna Page Hughes, Mar
garet Templeton, ' Hozel Leech, .Martha
Miller, May Warden. Katharine Landes,
IVlargaret Hilleary. Ruth and Carrie Sub
lett." Margaret Miller, and Masters Willie
Farrow, / Charles Hoge. Robert Bratton.
Henry ;Tillman.. Tames Templeton, He
berKer, Jr..; Charles Benson, Philip Han
ger,- Whitton Norris, Sidney Davis. Vic
tor"Denny, Gllpin Willson, Alex. Robert
son,' Stuart Taylor. Douglas j-raser. Wil
son Eskridge, William Brooke, Willie
Klice, William Miller; andFitzhugh Laf
ferty, of Richmond. . -
-A' very ;" pretty german was given Thurs
day, night by the young "gentlemen of the
city "at the Virginia Hotel. ;. Music was ftir
lilshed by the Stonewall orchestra.
J. Lewis Bumgaraner led with Miss
Clara." Amiss, of ; Harrisonburg. Others
dancing were: Miss Helen Baxter, and
■Wills' Tyree, Miss Marie Brunson: and
John Cochran; "Miss ".Mattie .Young:- and
George Hoge, Miss May Young and R. P.
Bell, Jr.. Miss Gladys Frazier and W.
B." Timberlake, Ml&s Bessie Frazier and
: V. E. Miller; Miss :■. Daisy' Yarbrough and
'i'eyton Cochrah; Miss Kitten": Tippett and
Gunther Hoge, Miss Mamie Grasty and
R. 1 A. Young, Miss Jessie ; Bowliiigyanu
Beirne Kinney, Miss Corina Valz and E.
E. "Wooding, Miss Bessie. Wortliingtori
arid Godfrey. Henkel, Miss Mabel^Littlg
and H. H.. Trout, Miss Anna. Woodward
and Ned Valz, Miss Carter Warren and
A-'W. Blackley. '" ''„-_
'The stags were Messrs. R.--I-C. Meherrin,
Stuart Robertson, :G.P: : ; Hutchinson; J.
D. Crowle, : Jr., John Wood. J. W. H.
Philon, Rudolph Bumgardner, and R. N.
Pierce, L.H. Lewis; and Dr. F. B. Ol
hanscn. of Harrisonburg. :
; Miss Jessie. Bowling entertained the
Entre Nous Club very; delightfully this
week with a game of drive whist." .<.';•
= | Miss Elizabeth Burweil : Jones made the
highest score r and ; received; a cut-glass
ini:stand." C. M.East'andArmistead Bar
ron'had to cut for. the gentleman's prize,
and' Mr. East was the fortunate one,.re
ceiving a silver -corkscrew with pearlnan
d!e.'Some of^thosai invited were: Mr.: and
Mrs; V. L. Denny/ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Hogshead;. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Miller,
Dr. and Mrs. J. B. ? Catlett, : Dr. arid Mrs.
T.'iT. , Fauntleroy, Dr. and Mrs. Gl V'.'A.-
Sprinkel . and - Misses v 1v 1 May '._■ and - Mattie
Youngr, Elsie ■ Hamilton, Anna Woodward;
-Elizabeth Jones, ;i. Gladys . Frazier,- Sallie
Barron; Evelyn . arid \ Florence .Tyree, Eli
nor"- Levering; Kate : . and •" Emma ;; ; Hoge,
Daisy :• Yarbrough; : Bessie Worthington.i
Mamie'. Grasty, Ella Rarison, Roller, Katie
Eichelberger.: Helen* Hutchinson, Mabel
Littig. Bessie Baker. Belle Mason,' -Lutie
Moore, Bessie McCoy, . . Sallie. : ; Fauntle-;
rby*. arid Helen Baxter.: ■■ and* Messrs tA:>E." :
Miller, J. W. Laird; James. Grasty,* George
arid Gunther Hoge. >F. L. Olivier," E. P.
arid AVi P.; McFarland, ;C.-M. East,- J;
W>~McChesney, :C;: C; S. Bradley; F. ■'■ W.
Belil Harry I : Hogshead. -h- Bieme ■ .Kinney,
■\vT\y: and W. :B: ! Timberlake;f Randolph
Buirigardner, Roller,'- James arid Armlstead
Barron, -George ' W. ! ': Hutchinson. % Harry
Bowling; Will Tyree, J. D. T Crowle. . Jr.V
J. ! S. Denny, and Drs.- Glasgow. Arm
strong aridsHijH:, Trout.- • •' ..
;. 7 RELIGIOUS NEWS. t .. .
!The congregation of Emmanuel Episco
pal t: church^Rev. ; R: C. ' ; Jett; ; ; rectory wor
shipped last Sunday, in their enlarged and
; beautified : church."; The services i were, very.
: ihiterestirig. In the morning the rector was
assisted ; by; Rt^ Rev. W. -L. ; Gravatt, ; D.
D.viiblshopl coadjutor:, of .W*e£t -Virginia;
formerly of St. Paul's church, ;Richmorid,
: 'lTt^^'feVpcrfect',fi^res^a'perfecter'of-im---'.
■ fit ' V V 4S'P er f ect vfigures.'^lt ■ follows the lines
; II .M ! IV i- of^the^pcrson.-idevdoping- s]];thc'
Slit*S lit* 1 1 rWV* natural --beauty/; of "' the £ionn jind,
liV'Vr WWV*? assists the breathing and digestive v
■:Rt\V*v -W\"-fun«!?ns.--^ ! Ai All Dealers
'lWV-- mvVK" Price up from $t.co ..
.; jjlj Hw H \V:> .-? 377 r 379 1 Broadway. Hew' Tcrk ,
ffeirVi *4No'otlier corset can tike th^ pUce of the
1 .% ,' W. B. Ef ect T&ra.r Accept 00 substitute.' .- (
and Rev. J. M. V/hite.'Vand : the >erfnbri
was preached by Rt. Rev." A. M.- Ran
dolph; D. D. ■•": -■-.-' ■ : •:, ■ •
In the; afternoon: a children's
wasiheld.and an address made by Bishop
Randolph. ; - v ' :" - : ';" ; ":
::;At : ' riight -the rector was . assisted" in
the service by the Rev. Y. Q. Hullihen.
and the Rev. . J. M." White. The sermon
was preached by" Bishop Gravatt,! after
which Bishop. Randolph : confirmed two
persons.; : " ; ." ' V-
One. reason for enlarging tho church. was
to. arrange for a vested choir, andfevery
thing possible ' was done for their con
venience. The. beautiful musical pro
grammes rendered Sunday assurerl.eyers"
bnoHhat the undertaking was a 1:a 1 : great
succpss. : ■■„.:,;. -
."Watch- Night" services were held at
the Methodist and Baptist churches *nd
largely ; attended. At the former a recep
tion preceded the service. . '
:James. Dore, -who died here from; the
effects of "wounds received by the. acclden-
tal; discharge of a gun on Christinas Eve.
was one of the most popular men in the
cityi He was a' brother of John arid' M
ichael Dore. of Richmond. . .
-r/A.'Now Year, reception, was given by
the Young Men's Christian Association,
and proved a very .pleasant affair, the
secretary, W. D.: Hoge. having arranged
a varied programme to entertain the call
. Mrs. R.L. May has returned to Rich
mond, after visiting, her sister, Mrs. J.
R. Gregory. - „
.Shirley" Culpeper. .the little white boy
who claimed that his mother left, him at
the. station, has been taken back -to Mr.
Arch Christian's, to whom he had been
bound for two years, and from .whose )
house he" ran away. Culpeper is from Nor
folk, and vows, he will not stay at Mr.
Christian's. '
G. D. Eiiritt and T. R. Woodhouse
have bought out Mrs. M. L. Weller, and
will continue to run a"dry goods. store at
the old stand.
Mrs. Donald Allen. is visiting Mrs. Dr.
Hugh Taylor in Richmond.
Lewis Whittle has gone to Petersburg
to visit his uncle, Fortescue Whittle.
Miss -Katheririe.. Anderson: left Wednes
day for her home in Hanover, after vis
iting Mrs." Arch Kinney. :■'
James E.Cleland, of Lynchburg, 5 is
the guest of W. A. Bowles, Jr.
Dr. D.-.Bell Kerr. of the United States
navy, is the guest of Mayor W. H. Lan
des. " . -.: " '."■-: ■■■■-'" /
Mrs. J. A. Garrett has returned from
Lyrichburg, where she visited her 'daugh
ter, Mrs. R. D. Apperson. • '.
Thomas H. Mitchell and r . J. Tyler
spent several days in Richmond; this
week. - '" ' "' :
! Miss Jennie- Mason, who was a guest
at John Keller's has returned to Rich
mond. • :
Dr. Hall Canter and wife have returneu
to Ashland. While here they ; were the
guests of Rev. and Mrs. Isaac W. Carter.
. C. L. Hilleary, of St. Louis; agent of the
Big. Four railroad, arid R. H.\ Hilleary,
a prominent manufacturer, of Columbus,
Ky., with their wives, were-here this
week, visiting their aunt, Mrs.' 11. A.' Hil-.
leary. ' % _
John' P. East; a- prominent member of
the Southern Society of New York>spent
the holidays here," and left yesterday, for
Dr. J. M. .Winfree has returned to Rich
mond, after visiting his father. Rev. J.
11. . IT. -Winfree. .
Finle'y Pilson has returned to Richmond
and E.~T. Pilson to Norfolk, after spend
ing the holidays with their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. S. F. Pilson. " " .; ..
• Rev J. M. White, of Clifton . Forge,
was the guest of. H.:W. .liillcary. this
week. . . ■
EnsrlnndJs Many-Colored Guns.
(Harper's .Weekly.)
There is a gorgeous iridescence about
a recent dispatch from , Aldershqt, Eng
land's great depot for arms and. men.
which sheds fresh and romantic -interest;
on our, new great: gun at Sandy Hook.
We had better say at the outset, -that we
do not place implicit ' confidence .in the
said dispatch, but regard it rather as a.
vey promising first effort in J;he. difficult
field,- of modern realistic .fiction. Tne
writer- begins : by announcing " that ■ experi
mentsat Aldershot have revealed .the in
teresting fact that the invisibility of ar
tillery can be secured down to compara
tively close ranges by the device of paint
ing the guns and carriages with streaks
of red, blue arid yellow— the; three primary
colors. These colors harmonize ; with the
natural surroundings and background in
£?iieh an effective manner: that at 3,000
yards field glasses have the greatest ai i
ficulty in- detecting the guns so treated,
without other means of concealment be
ing attempted. One battery, with its rain
bow-hued . guns approached' to' within ; a
thousand- yards . without being seen. The
writer goes : on to aver, that • this new dis-;
cdvery Promises some very . interesting uo
velopmerits, and no "doubt it will bring
about a- revolution in the riiode ol con
ducting warfare of the future. The pres
ent- regime at "the War- Office, with its
indefatigable search for : reform . in 1 Eng
land's military procedure; will becertain.
says our writer, -to decide -on; some very
radical changes with reference to .the:
new. invisible- color, scheme..- The idea of
decorating, the big guns with fanciful
patterns . and wall-paper figures in the
three colors is. looked : upon? -with high,
favor. ; as coritribiitirig: a ; ; joyful.;;note>to
the solemnity of battles, andfprovidinga
delightful accessory, to tho glory of .page
ants dnd. military reviews. - : - It: has already,
been v:,whispei ; ed, ' our dispatch 'declares.^
that a War. Office a gent- has ; been visiting
tho'^ studios iof - some ■ well-known British,
artists, with •a . view to securing their
talent'for the decoration of>thb;guns,of .
the Royal -Horsed Artillery;^ The .powers;
6f'the^Wai\Offlce.have*determiried;that in
applying: the ; to the" guns
it ' shou ld ' be ' done in as artistic' a. manner
as- possible,, in order that = tho guns may:
as well be ornamr n tal in ;tiriics of 'peace
as useful -in actual 'warfare. . .
- ■. "■*.■- . . , --■-■- - •■ -.* * ■-"- i ■ • - . -' • -.. „■ . ■ *■ .
■•'■ ■' ';".-■ ■-■-.■::- "■.- -.- - .'-. "" ' .:
" .-.-' .Explained. : '•*.:.
"Jenks seems to •= be pretty prosperous
now. He says his income is out of
sight." ;' -, .' > - "- , • ' ' '-
;. '.'I should ' think it: would ;. be. He lives
so far b'eyondi it."— Philadelphia Press.
G L ?! ; s^^paSy.^ ;;"iSS^.
m Appointed sailing: s days --■ every^.TUES-v-
DAY^ FRIDAY.: and; SUNDAY; at day
: r j-eight •- received daily \un -11 • S ; P-" M. ;' : -
General 1 Southern Agent: Offlce.vßocketts.'
: ; . • ■"V-.-TV. P.CLYDE &CO.; • *
" ; General -Agents.
. ! I .CHESTER. ts*%&
Every houf from 6 A. M. lo 10. P. M.
iL'asi*carJU:3otP^:M.-"' > '
1 SOl Minute* irAiterS Bvery^Hour r i I tpm% 6:36,
y#^^^S^SM.ltO3;lo:»>!P4M, I lSgJ^^^
ltWkt^oMnwrfi y i i lrifi%n
fu Effect. 3 Tot, SO, 1002^5
"traUks Ileave "i richmoxd^«Brth--
• - •
WAIW>. „ .
k 4:15 A. M. Daily from BYRD-STREET^
J ; .STATION;- ; for;r.Washingtonv.iand
beyond. ! - Stops sat MHf ord.iT-Fredr;
• .'. erfcksburk» arid « Alexandria.it Stops
r ": ■■ ; " Occoquan i Sundays. ; .v Sleeping 2 Cars
_ ... .;,--.- ;..; ito >. -Washington;,- and^>- New -vYorlc.
:•■• '■■::.■ j ■'■"■ Dining i Car. ■ *:r: '>-:- ; :::;:;.■.-■ ■■-#%<?:(■?. "■'■
i 6:45 'Ar M.^ballyT^frbinfMAlN-ST'KEETi
:*"'; , STATION; i Florida^ and?; Metropoli-:
>> v : tan v ;Limlted;-'. f or ,t Washingtori*ard
beyond/, v Stops -r. at ,5, 5 Fredericksburg
and . Alcsandrra'l'f: Buffet Sleeping-.
-•';:-/■>• Cars" to JNcw:.-Yqrk/;*V. ' : '■'rss s^-."'-;.-:
7 :OO A; SI. Except Sunday, f rom • ELBA
"STATlON,. accommodation for Ash
-■'■'.':■■_ ■•> land v and? intermediate ;Dointa3 : J
; S :oO 'AVf ai:^Sunday • V orilyv- I roiri^-B YRD-1
f • ■ STATION; f or> Washing-j
•~,'-. .:•; ton ': and ." beyond. r; : Stops " at >Elbaj!
- "■■:. N : Glen '' Allen, 'and :-y: -y- local .^stations,*
Ashland to : Cherry Hill inclusive.
Negley,; Occoquan, and Alexandria.
. -^ ;?Buff6tj Parlor.,: Car. n YV-v^^i-"— -
8 :4O A. M. Except Sunday; from BYRD
■.'-.- STREET > STATION, for Washinp
: ton . and >bey6nd.": Stops "sat Elba."
Glen Allen,- and local; stations, : Ash
" land to Alexandria, inclusive. Par
,; :.; . lor ; car.y .. < . ; '':- -' _ .'".->
12:05 Noon. Except 7 Sunday, from BYRD-"
■-<■ . STREET ; STATiON. i for ..Washing-'
" • ton ;and ..beyond. ''■ Stops at Elba,
Ashland, :;; Doswell.- Milford,- Fred-
; eridisburg. and Alexandria. -Buffet
Parlor Car.. £ Connects -with ; Con
gressional lilmited. -."
i :OO Pi M." Except : Sunday, from BYRD
STREET>; STATION,, accommoda
tion- for Fredericksburg and' inter-
V mediate -points. ; ;; ;>: : s >; /
S:CC P.- M. Daily'; J i from JIAIN-STREET
STATION, for--. Washington- and.be
\ yond- '"■: Stops at Doswell, -Frede
f rickßb'irg, Brooke.. Widewater. and
Alexandria. Buffet Sleeping Car to
-New^ York; -',-_." -
G:25 P. M.^-rixcept Sunday; frbm-ELBA
STATION; 'Accommodation - for
.Ashland? and-: intermediate points. 5.
I S:OS P. M. Daily; from BYRD-STREET
STATION, for Washington and be
yond: ; Stops ;at Elba; Ashland.-
Doswell; ' Milford. . Fredericksburg.
Brooke. Widewater.-Quanti co, and
Alexandria. Stops at \> other- sta
tions Sunday.; Sleeping Car;; Ric
hmond to New York, and . Washing
ton to Philadelphia. • ' :
11:15 P. M.v Except Sunday; from ELBA
STATION..":- Accommodation' .:-' for
Ashland and intermediate points.
'__- ' " ' AVARD. ■ .
6:40t A. ; M.~ Except Sunday, '■'„ at; ELBA
STATION. Accommodation from
Ashland and intermediate, points.^
S:OO A. '-.-.M:i- Daily.; at I BYRD-STREET^
STATION. Stops at: Alexandria,
Oecoquan, Widewater,,: Brooke,
Fredericksburg, Milford. Doswell.
■ Ashland, and Eli.a. . Stops at. other
stations Sunday. . Buffet Sleeping'
. Car New York to Richmond." *:-' •
8:25 A. M. Except Sunday, at
tion from "Fredericksburg '-and- In
: termediate points. . ; .
12:01 P. "M. Except Sunday, at BYRD
STREET, STATION, i Stops at lo^
cal stations, -Washington to
land inclusive. Glen Allen; and Elba.
Parlor car. •-
2 :05 P. ""■' M. : Daily, at MAIN-STREET
STATION. .Stops at Alexandria,
Lorton, Occoquan, Quantico, Fred
ericksburg. Milford, Doswell. - and
Ashland. Buffet Sleeping Car from
New York.
C:00 P.' M; Except Sunday, at J!LB\
STATION. Accommodation . -from
Ashland and intermediate points.:
6:46 P;M. Daily, at BYRD-STREET
STATION. ;, Stops at
"Fredericksburg,: Doswell; Ashland
and Elba. Sleeping cars from New
York and Washington. Dining car.
000 P. M. Daily,*; at BYRD-STREET
• STATION. Stops at Alexandria and
local stations, Quantico to: Ashland
inclusive. Glen Allen and Elba. Buf
fet Parlor Car. ; : .. . :
10:20 P. M. Daily, at MAIN-STREET
STATxON. Florida and Metropoli
tan Limited. Stops at : Alexandria
Fredericksburg. and Doswell. Buf
fet Sleeping Cars from New York.
il:OO Pi M. : Except Sunday, at ELBA
STATION. Accommodation from
.:■ 'Ashland: " , '. ;-'.:,.; -'.:,. •
....... .i w^ p TAY j ,or; Traffic' Manager. '
W.D. DUKE, General Manager.
>; E. T. D. HYERS.- President. '•*. .
SchTeflnle iii Effect, Dec, 14, 1002.
Train's Leave and Arrive 14th-Street
Station^ "\ .■-'-.
•- -' ■' •• ■■_ _l- . v ' . ■■
7:00 A. M.; No. -7, "daily for Danville.
Charlotte, and" all local . stations
south,- connecting: at "Danville for
stations to Lynchburg. also with
I>. and W. railway for Martins
. ville and stations ; on that' line. •At
Greensboro 1 for all stations east
and west thereof. :: .
12:50 p. M., No. 13 limited train dally,
for ..TacKsonville and all -Florida
Points; Havana,. Nassau, etc.; Co
n' nects at; Moseley with Farmvllle
and ; Powhatan i railroad; at
- -Greensboro' for Durham. Raleigh,
. and -Winston-Salenn; at Danville;
■with No. 35 United States '.fast
xnaii. solid .train, dally.', for New
Orleans and points South, which
carries SleeoersT to New Orleans.
Columbia, Ss^annah. : and Jackson-:
. ville. Drawing-Room Buffet. Sleeper
Richmond to Atlanta and Birmlng
. ham: Through ? coach for^ Chase
City, Oxford, 1 anu Durham. Through
train, with Sleeper, Salisbury.^ to
Memphis./ Dining-Car service.
11:05 P. M.^: No; 11, Southern Express,
daily, for Atlanta, Augusta, 'Jack-,
fionvllle.' and points South.- Sleeper
- for Danville; Greensboro. Salis
_ bury, and Charlotte, open atJKlch
■> mond 9:30 P. M. Connection ■ with
New York and Florida Express, and
Southwestern Limited, which: car
ries , throve** Pleeners to Augusta,'
Savann~h, Jacl-.sbnville, Tampa.
Nashville, Memphis. Atlanta., New
etc. Complete Dining-Car
: service. Also. Pullman '.Tourist
Sleeper, Mondays; "Wednesdays.- and
Fridays Washington to : San ■ Fran
cisco, without change; with connec
tions for all; points inffixas.Mexi
_■-_-. cp, and California. ; - : :
6:00 P. M.,i No. 17, local .daily, except
„ Sunday, -for Keysville a,nd interme
diati.:points. ' -. .
,«:55 A. M.) ■"■ '- ' ""'' " / /: '■ ; - "
: 6:25 p. M.r From Atlanta, Augusta:
■ ■;; • Jacksonville,- < Asheville, and all
points South. -:'• ' a ,
; 8:40 A. M., ; from , Keysville and .local
• 'Stations.- ;"-..,- -. ... .- .-■:....", .
3:25 P. -M... from Durham. Charlotte;
■;•: Danville. andintermMlate stations. 1
Nos. 61 and 62, between Manchester ' and
. ' Neapolls. . . " •-•-•-■■ ;.. r .
pK-filVEßglliE,; vl i«S
4:30 p. ai.lv No! .16," Baltimore ; Limited. :
, - daily, -except ..Sundays, for ;-Weet
• Point. ■; . •: Connecting » at West Point :
with steamers for "Baltimore :• and
Tork-river, V? landings v Mondays,
Wednesdays,- and 'Fridays. ; ; -:: -
2:15 P.v. ji;;-;.; Noi 10^-Local= express for
West Point-iand* intermediate sta
■ tions.iMondays.J Wednesdays.," and:
Fridays, .i Connects^ with j; stage -at
■■; Lester- Manor" for- Walkerton and
•■■ "'■:'.: Tappahannock.-'. ;- ;' . - -;: •■■
5:0O A;:M., "N0:V 74. -local mJxed.^Laiveis
; ' daily;, except :t Sunday. , for iWest
• v Point : and ' Intermediate : stations.;
1. connecting =;; with T; stage : at . Lester
UManor.^for ; Walkerton and 1 Tappa
'■- •'■ .; •"■r;hannockv'*-.:- ; -fe- : - ; '; :: s'^V"';-j"".-VK. :: y ; ■=■ ?;-^
y."b:i's;A : ;^if.;^N6^' 15;-;' daily,"
. ••••; Point, i,with Vconnectioni from-Ba<tl-i
: more ; Sundays/ Wednesdays, and
HV/v Fridays, j
10:45 A. M.;'s No. 9^-From- West Polht'arid ;
. :■■'•■-"-'■£>•■■ local i : : : stations; : Wednesdays and
i- '-4:50 P.-vM.-^daily/' except^ Sundays.'-' froni:
.-..-■ W est - Point ■> and .j intermedia ta 5 sta-;
M Steamers I sail g from -West t Point ° 5 :30 JPJ
;M^ -SWednesdays^and'SifFrl-i
dayi.'- andswill
sbank^and:! Gloucester -■ -point."- :-S^mm^M
: -■;•■ »' -C. W^WESTBURT,Ssfer j
: &!&§&?''' ■ -- District s-PaasenfjeTilAsent^Pf
S2O: east: Main: streetrSßlchmond.^VaJf|g
| |ilS§?: • - Ge'nera.i:Passenfer ; rA»:enilW
'. M«S£" .■•.; •■ . ;: •■c. ~ h.~ ackert,' -
I iiOenAraVMtaaKer/ftWajlunftttD^piSC^
> MEWmfiilTftEEt iSTATiJ4,
fe Xoyember 2», 1002. '. r
■>7 ;45 A. , a£r Except Sunday. Newport
-»»;:-' :: ?News:-Locaj;^; All jstops.^v^"^" ; :;" v : :^
L-O:OO Al iaiiUDaily.llor OldvPotat, I****^
V?w -•".: " porti« News, -;2 and ;'f Norf olfcKiTwO
Jk: . -hours « and : twenty-five 1 minutes ta
:m V
■&7 port ;N^ws.-Hamplon. and Pboebuji
y'y- s ' 0n1y. ?.: Parlors cari Richmond ;to ■_ O%
-< .Point. ".'■-.''"''■'
'A :OO P. \ '■ M. Dailjvt except Sunday, - for
-' Old Point; Newport -. News, .... ar>d
Norfolk. : ? Two ; hours andDtwenty
> v five ; minutes 'to; Norfolk. -Stops »vv 11
h ;.-U; .-U Hi itamsburg, : jVfNerw».'v ano
JHampton-ronly. :Buffet Parlor car,
»& .- 1 Gordonsville • to \ Old:a Point. " ■> Xon-.
-i V v nects at -Newport- News 3 on ; Mon-r
S'-'days.* .Thursdays; :: Fridays, ana
Saturdays, with M. and iL steamer
■£» to t BalUmore; at Old Point with
"^ - "Washington;^ Baltfmort.v and s Cape
Charles steamers: - at? Norfolk witn
..Old Dominion i^Eteamsrs for Lew
.■-'■^■z:}:- : . "■-; :-:.-:;':.;';■; ;; ;-;
■ ; : f 5 :0O « P. M. ".;' Dally, for Newport J*ew»
and Old Point. On Sunday cniy
-. . ..connects for Norfolk. Alakespr»n
•"•'■•; , oipal: stops.- - ; '■■■•■ :■--. .U- -.;--._
10^ 10 iV!. ■• M.y Local; ; i Eicceftt i Sund&r. : for
-/ Clif tor. Forge ; connects for Oranpe,
■?f. ; Culpeper, iCalverton, and Manassas.
2 :OO P. M. Daily. Cincinnati and Louis
ville Express: Buffet Parlor Car,
' > rto; Gordonsville. • Pullman i-;, Sleepers
Gordonsvillo -to Cincinnati.'- and
Louisville; Dining = Car on at;Gor
donsvilcii .Connects ■ .for Virginia
; Hot :Sprlngs." A' local train from
Gordonsville' to Sraunton follows
for local stations, except Sunday.
?•:.*? - 1 ?. P. M." Except Sunday. Accommoda
-.- ; tion to Doswell. ,
7:OO p: af. "St. Louis and Chicago Spe
cial." Daily; with Pullman .cars;
', Richmond to -Cincinnati ;- Gordons*
V ville to Indianapolis, and St. Louis.
>: '-Parlor car. :; Cincinnati i to Chicago.
-^- , Dmingcar. on at Gordonsville. .
10:20 A. > ai. Daily; for Lynchburg. Lex
?C ington; and €lif ton ' Forge, except
-.•. • j*. V Sunday; for Rosney^Alberene. and
<&;•■ New. Castle. Parlor car..
; 9, : .f 5 F. ai. Except Sunday, to Bremo.
ff ; From Norfolk and Old Point. 10:05
A. ar., and 0:30 1?. at. daily; U:«
•te A. M. and 7:20 P.' ai., except Sun.
:tf- day; .- ■/.:■ _ :
• g. "~ aiAIN LINE>
- From. Cincinnati and the West. 7:45
•*: A; ai.; daily;. and 3:30 P. M.v dally.
Local. : 8:3o A. ai.,~ except Suuday,
and 7:10 P. ai.. except Sunday. .
,; ■■■'■ JAaiES P.I VER - DIVISION.
f. 6:35 P., M. Daily and S:4O A. 51.; ex
.'s V ce Pt ; Sunday.'.-.-. ' " .
"^•Pply at.' 809 east atein street, 903 east
aiain street, aitirphy's Hotel. Jefferson
HGtel. and -Main-Street Station for fur
ther Information, rates/tickets, and Pull
man reservations. •':■;■ "-"-: V
■ W; O. WARTHFN, "
. District Passenger Agent.
General Manager. Gen^ Pass. Agent.
Schedule in Effect Nov. 30, 1002.
,7 rives Norf oik. 11:20 A. M. Stops only.
V at Petersburg. Waverly, and Suf
>c - folk. S tops at Wakefield only to
m let off. passengers holding tickets
from Richmond and Petersburg.' -
■it for Lynchburg. ixoanokre. : Colum
i. bus, Cincinnati; and Chicago.
'"..;.- Buffet ; parlor/, car Petersburg
to Roanoke. Pullman sleeper.Koa
noks to Columbus and Bluefield:to
Cincinnati; also; for Bristol. Knox
ville, and Chattanootrd. .Pullman
„ steeper Roanoke to Knoxville.
;-..-'•'; -..-'•' Farmville. -Lynchburg. Boanoke,
'.'*■■■■ and intermediate station. . v
Arrives Norfolk 5:20 P. ivl. Stops
•i- 1 only~at ? Petersburg, vWsverly, and
Suffolk. . Connects at :Norfoik with
' . i steamers to .Boston, Providence,
New York," Baltimore, and Wash
inijtori. . ■ :
6:56 P. M.v for Suffolk, Norfolk, and In
■ termediate stations. Arrives at
: Norfolk at 10-.-10 r\ M. f
0:35 P. M., for Lynchburg and Roa
' noke. Connects at Lynchburg with
■; '■■■* -.Washington and Chattanooga Lim
1 - ited. Pullman sleepers "Lynchbursf
i- -to Memphis and -'New.. Orleans.
•)-r Cafe, parlov,- and observation car 3
• ; Radford to Attala.Aln. Pullman
sleeper between Richmond- and
-' Lvnchburg. Berths ready for oc
:'- cupancy at 8:30 P., M. Also. Pull
.<'. man sleeper Petersburg ana Roa
noke. ■-■* --.: : "
, Lynchburg and the West daily at
7:35 A. M. 2:OO P; M.. and S:SG
" P. M.; from Norfolk and the East
at 11:10- A. M., .11:42 A. M., and
O:."O P. M.
Office: S3SMain street. .:
,s City Passenger- and Ticket Agent..
■ ■' C. H. BOSLEY.
" . District Passenger Agent.'
,T, ; General Passenger Agent.
General Office: Roanoke; Va. t e 23
, Air Line RAiuwasr
Short line to principal cities of the South
and Southwest, Florida; Cuba; Texas, Cal
ifornia' and Mexico, reaclung the capitals
of Fix States. -^.
• No.-27. , ; ;.No. 3L • :■ ' ■ '. ; : 1/ '. •
2:15 P. M. 10:37 P. M.—Lv. Richmond.
2 :53 P; >r. . ■ 11 :20 P. M.—Lv.' Petersburg.
6:58 P. M. 4:15 A. M.—Lv.- Raleigh. ■
9:35 P. M. 7:15 A. M.—Ar.. Hamlet.
9:45 P.rM. 7:35 A. M.—Lv. Hamlet.
7:35 A. M. 4:00 P.: M.—Ar. Atlanta.
1:15 A. M. 11:20 A. M.—Ar. Columbia
,- ' (Eastern Time}.
12:20 A. M. 10:25 A. M.—Lv. Columbia :
! ;"• . ' • --r. (Central Time).
: 4:55 A. M. 2:35 P. M.—Ar. Savannah.
i 9:15 A. M. 7:00 P. M.—Ar.; Jacksonville. *
U:is A.M. . — Ar.St.. Augustine.
6:00 P. M., 6:45 A. M.— Ar. I . Tampa.
10:32 P. M.' 10:33 A. M.—Ar. Charlotte. '
i 12:51 A-'M. 10:30 A: M.- Lv.' Chester.
I c 3 :25 ! Ar M. 12 :37 . P. M.—Lv. . Greenwood. :
5:58 A.M. 2:52 P. M.—Lv. Athens.
7:35 A. M.' 4:00 P. M.—Ar.- Atlanta. -
5:40 P. M.—Ai. Augusta. :
11:85 A. M. 7:20 P. M.—Ar. Macon.
6^.^ P. M. S:2O P. M.—Ar. Montgomery. -
;> - " 2:55 A_M;—Ar. Mobile.
'<•' 7:25 A. M.—Ar. New- Orleans.
6 ioo P. M. 1 :S0 A.; M.— Ar. ; Nashville. *
BiOA. M.; "i 8:20 A: M.—Ar. Memphis. :
Train No. 35 leaves Richnond 9:10 A. M.
daily for.i Petersburg. Norlina. N. C.,' and
all'^ Intermediate points: Connection- at
Norlina with train' arriving -Henderson
2 :02 • P. I.'1 .' M. ■-. and -■ Ral eigh ,3:40. P. tM. ■ daily '
and Durham i4 P. tM.:dailv. rexcept;Sunday'
a Connections \at <i Jacksonville : for; all Flo
rida v :East T Coast" points.- fAr : Tampa ,for
HaVana ~; and ■ all i points In \. Cuba. *At At
lanta for^.Montgomery. New -Orleans, and
all?polnts rini Texas; Mexico andiCallfor
;nia; r; also,:- for : Chattanooga, : Nashville
■ and ; all - points 'west; : .- - J ,j. ■-. - : . "*
~ .: DAILY.
•6:35? A. Mr No. 34 (From : all points South
; 4SSP. M.; No. &i \ -and Southwest. "
5:45 P. M.,"No. 3iJ.;from:-:Norlina. N. C :
: Petersburg; and s local; points.- * j
: Kjbs. 31 :: and;34^Seaboaird>Ex'press. Fnll
■ manj .; Drawlngrßoom.' - ' Sleeping-Cars be
tween New York: and, Tampa. -Vestibuled
Coaches ; between Vis ew ; York t and - Rlch
: mond;> : and » Richmond : -: : and 'Jacksonville.
Pullman Sleeping-Cars (daily) s between
vJaQssonvillo ' and" Tarapa;« Also, through
Drawlng-Roorrj^ : ; Sleeping-Cars
New^ i ork and Atlanta -and Care";; Cars ]
be^een Hamlet and; Atlanta and ;Hamlet'
ahJLSa vdnnah-.Trl-Weekly Sleeper, between'
-W^hington: ahd^Pinehurst; >leavins
'Washington; : Tuesdays ,: Thursdays; • and
'Saturdays; X returning. ■$ leave ;?Pinehurat
Mdndays. Wednesdays,iandiFridays. : v ; t ■
27 '■ and^66-^Sea board sMail.-
■ man - Drawing-Room \ Buffet i Slecpinjc-Cars*
i between ; NewaYork « and Jacksonville^ con-r
inerting .at 'Hamlet =withi Sleeplng-Cars. to
?anfl « f roin vfAtlantar ': In '•* connection ? with
'which ? through- Pullmans tickets^ arefsold?
•' FiSest ; f■; Day3,Coaches; .; B u£f et ; i: Parjor^
Car- Service ; - between i • C 'WashlnKion.^
S6ytr>rii "Pines. '--.-and Hamlet. :.'Uav
"ln^^>yaßhlngt«i^_Mon'days^ ;^\Vcdnes-;
fda^.-' ahdf Fridays; fretufning,'.: leave^ HamSt
•Jet^Tuesdays, rand? Saturday!.:
fessr^.L' V/. J. MAY.lCTtyjrTlcKetKAJßtnr^S
O:0o a. 51.. P^PP^S
Dally.w Arrives? FctcrsDurKiaaLfA.-^
SI.. ; Norfolk:lJ;2ft/A^it:iatop«]onh^
' -'-- at^Petersburs. ::,Vvayerly.'. ; ;aa<£|S'^^
S:SO-a. M. Daily. Arrives Peterafcurjli
%-■ • -r:-t:3s^p.'^M^*CliarlC3tou^Uasa^^
:n .; .3l.;»PortsiTampa%7:3o>P^M^ACoc^
'■■■*-■; •;i'--; J lngr G6ldaboro'2;&s P.\M.;HWna»l|UP^
ton S:G P.:M;:Pullman ' sleeper/ Jte*^
12 ao p. ? ai.- Davy.- : arr«-Jns - Petersburg!!
: and yf^tcrz'- railway "i fdr!Roanofc<*fg
'-':■ 2. n( *^tenaeaiata^ points^ 3 Stop»?af^
; ;Di"ewry'sr Blu2, -Centrallac^saoddl
- -Chester.-- > :v - »"^esss^
. 3:OO P. 31.*; OCEAX : SHORE >LIMrTEX>iti|
- X>aily; ?Arrives:Petersbur^s^>J?V;^
M.. 'Norfolk s:iO-P.-M. Stop*}oaly^
at Petersburg," Waverly;-? and jSr.t-^|
folk- f , -
V. +:1O P.-iM; Daily.-- except i Sunday. S-Aj^ffi
.: -:".rive3-Petersburg34:s3?P.^l^"^eF^
flon'B:s4 P. M.i-andißoclcyjMoimtg
• 8:10 P. at.:, Makes aUJntannedlateS
-.. - su,}>! '-;",'. ■■;• ' : ■■■-■-- ■ ■_; „ '"■"■ •-■ - '._*-"-j>!*.-ys.r
5:5 Cp. -Mr*Dail>\v. AriWes Petersburtfg
"-,. ■ 'B:4S P:+M;'aiakes-.all.stops.-'K^^^M
: Peter3ours~7:33*F. .M-vjConneWKfj
. witd.*i\ortolk rand -Western' louiiNwrr^;
folk .-an.-? : ; Intermedia tv:p"lr>f":.,Em-ijfj;
'f^^gDoria'S:43 ! P.;M.Kconhect»v'with.^At^
lantie andri-'aaviUe lor stations; b#»fst
ttvrcn -"Wti>rtorlft'"'flnd *L"^' rM "ce«t-5Sj
vHle);'Weiaon 9:09 P.M.. Wllnira©S
ton 10:10'A/;M.viFayettevmo 13:*T/j>ii^
'Charleston iS:4S^A. J :M.^ SaTOnjife
nah 7:55 A. -M.." Jacksonville -I'M , ;
-JP«ar;r-Tampa -10:00 iP.^M.;PorV^
Tampa U0:» Pr M. ' ,'
* Sv. vv r -»-. UNK -=XO VMIDD I^B^fe
GEORGIA "POINTS— Arriving. 'Au-jjf.-
Kusla 3:23 A. M., Macon 11:35 A. M-.
Atlanta 1:00 P.rM. Pullman sleepe»|l
N\:w.York To'WUniinßtoniCharle*^
ton; ;Port Tampa. vjacKsi»nvyie»*AvU|fe
arusta;: and Macon.' Dinins car i ser<M«
vice. ' -r-'
'0:35 P.'-M; Danyv'- ! Arrive3 Patersbur«tp
10:15 P. -M.; Connects at PetersbUjl
with Norfolk, and Western :'.raU-;S;
way, 'arriving sLynchburs, 2:4s "AvSv
M.. Roanoke -.4:45 ;/LM.. Bristol i|
10 :40" a; ai. r Pullman j sleeper Ricb^Cf
monil to Lynchburg. " ~ . \si^g;
ll:3O p. M.tl Daily;.-' Arrives s.Pcterahurjt^
■-■'" 12:10 A. .ai.>. :>;:„- :.-^ - :*-,".
4:07 A. M. Dally. •■
Savannah:;l<Chartestonr ' Atlanta.sj7
• Macon. Augu3tu r and ■ all . pom tal 3^5
1 ' ■ South.. *..-. - - -.- ■;-,.. -:■ ■ : : :V.v"4Si3t|ji
1 . 7 :W5 a; M. v Dany. ~ From : Fe tersbury<
i Lynchtjurg, and the Wost." ■ --i- -='"/
; S:4S A. -JR Ti.iily,- except Sun/ny, %l
Petersburg local.' f.-;-; £•:&£*
. ll:lOA^.ar. Pa l.y. 'except Sunday. - Ftomp
Rocky-Mount and lntermediata.stai*s^
tions.^Norfolk, land Suffolk.' . ' .: } ..
111:1 ft1 11:1 ft A.', at:: Dally. -From Peteraburfc,
1 Suffolk. a,nd Norfolk. • "-- m '-'-i\
I 11:42 a;- ar. -Daily/^J From Norfolk. :Suf*f?
I folk, and' Petersburg. . . : • :
I 2:OO P.o,ii., Daily.. > jKrom Fctersburff*^
1 Roanoke, and intern'Vdiate points, fr
j 6.-5O P. ai,. Daily. .From Norfolk* But*4f
I ■ ','- :folk.an.d Peterabursr. ; "- '< $
I 7:4n P. ai.= -Daily. ="- From aiiaml,- Forts?
;■ Tampa. JacksanvilJc. Savannahifi*;
i Charleston. * Wilmington. :Galds»;f : '
i v boroV and alrpoints. South. , . .ci-S ■§s?
< > S:SG P. ; M, . Paily.% From" Petersburii^
i ; Lynchburg, and Wwt ; ' • : :-:;M
:• : I a: ■ z z : Traffic Mana««r. ! taj?
w; 7. craig. - :i
Geaeral- Passenger Agent. - ; ■•■"•;■,, ;.-:■>'■;
. - " :- " ."■ C."S.--'CAMPBELI.».: it-Wf,
■■..-" . .Division ;PassenKer Agent. : j ,' t-?
ja 14 ■:':"<•; l -j-S3S Vast Main streetv. -.'
j^J Old Dominion
P^, Steamship Co.. : '[
;"";pAILY BETWEEN . -v."
Tha Mew Stsamers ;
Leave .Richmond rilgntly; at' 7 o'ct6ckifor|
Norfolk-, "stopping- ftt ■/Newport^Newj^aji
both " ■directjflna.l'.arrlvins aYa V
0 A M-, there transferring to
stenmer, dail jv >xcept- Sunday, at u T. ' IWff
Passengers car leaye^: daily, except. Sun- :;
day by GheEdpealie'anrt Ohio. railway, at:-
S :SO' A. - M. 1 and -4- P« • Mw ' or . 9 A- M." and '■ 3 j
P M by Norfolk and,^Western : ! rallway^
both lines 'connecting at Norfolk -with; dt^
rect steamers sailing same ; day. - ?■_<■"
Freight for ; alii northern.- eastern.,, and, |
foreign ports, received^ and .; forwarded;,
daily except. Sunday;* at company'siwhartl
(foot of Ash;Street).«Rockett3. '^
' Tickets on sale at company s oface^Jso^i
'1212 east .Maiii" street;:Rlchmond; : TraßKtef^
Company. No. 819 east Main street- Mm^
phy's Hotel : 7 Chesapeake ; and Ohio.;, and ;
Richmond i and Petersburg .depota.'v and s at
company's' >wharf.^Richmond. ;Bas«ag»|
checked ■through;to:all:points.. - * ■
Lo^al fare.?? -between; Richmond , ana j
NorfollC^New'port News, 1 Old Point;? and i
Hampton; $2.50;. toßaltlmqra and Wash*!
ington;;s4.Co.' ■.'-.'/-.. ;" T -.-.:--.r-'^S^;DS3
Round trip-fare between Richmond ana i
Norfolk $-1.50.~.Time limit. -10 days. -Abova
fares inclue stateroom berth betw«en Nor*/
folk and -Richmond-^ "Jleala.v Table \ d'hote^ ;
50c Richmond to?Naw York, all •water^-ort
rail and water. $3.00. -Limit; Z days. ; Rouads
trip. ' 514.C0. -Limit, 30 "days,: including !
meals arid'state'room" berth. ' .: *. :TJ«3|^f
---■••:- --:JOHNF.:MAYER; Agent.
1213 east ''Main street.* Richmond, -.Vai>^:
J. J. BROWN. Generar Passenger. Agt:%k
H::-B; WALKER. Tramq ; Mgr.,N.;T;r£
de 24 ' 1; --*-%.■ ' ■- :'
Via C. &O. Railway and ;
Leave Richmond- via. -Cheaapeaka and
Ohio railway ' daily, except Sunday.; = At i;;, g
4 P. M., connecting at Old Point -wltik
"the superb- steamers of the; Old Bay?Line^|&«
leaving" at 7:13 P: M.; arriving Baltimore .;,;;
6:30 A.' M.3 in > time.' to 'make connection . °. ;,
with all- trains •North. East, and /Wfeat. ,/
Short-, rail '- ride- ? und; all,' night /on." one .. oZ:£fig
the finest .' steamera .In : southern waters.
"Returning, arrive .. Rlchraonxl 10 A. H. "■[.
daily, except Monday/ - " ;
■"'• For • Tickets -= and general * lntormatton. . j
aDDIv» general 'omces vtChVisapeak«S and rfi 1
Ohio" Railway. •Richmond- Transfer iCont-^P
pany, and Vi'fi f'^st Main street. .
sfojr 'iismn miGiTioi ?s||
Etfctt_ier Tocahon Uu» . !cav e» \ v cry iiON 1 * ?'** ,
DAY > WEDNEs«>A3f.* 3 and 7FßX2>AT^r«|^
7 A * M. ' l or-'Norf otic; ■„ Por tsmoutnr^Qlfiffv|i
' point,-- Newport '-Ntfwa.^ x ? Clareuiont.it an4-pSEg
James-riv«r landtnss;"s and I conoectinri«l^J
Old "i Point * and r Norfolk « for i Was^Jn^ t«?«tf Fi#
Baitimora.; and >, tha- North. - ;-_.;■..:**!&£®oktgM; -_ .; ■ .. : **!&£®oktgM
f State-rooms ;;re3er»e<X -] for ■ tfco 'atgbt|a#l^
moderate prices. " '
. Electric-cars : direct . i to ; ;the wharf. '■*Vat*t : M3k
only; Jl.si>? and sll s to -Norfolk. -Mu3ic by !
Grand Orchestrton. > t :J^.ii-- :«---;.' " : x?£>
1 ■ Freight received*, for, abojie-naraed' places ■ : it %
and ; all ■ polnt3 l ln 3 Eastern^Vlrginf »3 KndSMl
North CaroIina;^ IRVINE WEISKIEB.T'r >
-■ : E.^ A:^Barber.SJr;^S«<trßtary^agrla >v w ;tferj
' PSteamew'^ leave SSNorfQlk :-":fo'r V^jSoata*^^
and ' SUNDAY" at-O <p^M.-;s l or)Pravld«oe»^*g
: i-DAXiatiO-P.^M. ■ . •■'";'
■ :v - ; Accominod«tlou* ■$•* and 3 cai»n«i H ua»ttP<j^^
passed. * - '"
freight.! tikengford all v :■?
I iNe.^tEnflaa4*notot».'>*T.
: : ?&Ttdwt9 : oi»i sale ; at r CbfsapeaJtft «nafO'w*^Pi
: and' : NQrfollc!a3d^Western; zz^ncyj tOkm.^}

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