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31I.DT&%F?rj[t?^D^:}WH0LE NTJMBER, 16,150.
Lee and Davis Toasted
at Waldorf-Astoria.
Thlrteenth Annual Banquet of
New York Camp.
Pully a Thousand People Were Gathered
to HearNorthernOratorsPayGlow
ing Tributes to Southern Men
and to Listen to Music of
the Confederacy-Wat
terson on Lincoln,
(Epi>cta1 to The TlmenTMtpntch.)
NEW YORK. N. Y., Jamiary I6.-The
?grand ball room of tlie Waidorf-Astorla
.was in gala army to-nlght to celebrate
tho thlrteenth annual banquet of the Con
federate Vcteran Camp of New York.
Fully ona thousand people wero seated
about the tables and ln tho boxes abovo.
Above the speakera' tabla at the end of
tho room hung on ono side the flag of
Kew York and on the other a banner
bearing the coat of a-rms of tho city of
Kew York, whlle ln tho center hung the
flas of the Confederacy, and over all
hung a bluo shleld bearing a coat of
arms, above which apper.red ln golden
letters the words "Hnlted States of Amer
The toastsnvcre "The President and the
Army and Navy of the UnTten-Statos.
A Prlnce Among tho Rulers of the World,
tiut the Scrvant of a Free People."
Music, "Coitimbln."
'Robert E. Lt-c: "Nnture made him and
then broke the moiild." Charles Francls
AdaniB. Ean., of Massachusetts.
Music, "Bonnle Bliie Flag." Mra. Hol
lingsworth-Watklns, formerly of Loulsi
Songs of U.ite-bellum days (In costume),
Miss Lella Balrd, accompanlst.
Ahraham Lincoln: "Ho was not for an
age, but for all time." Colonel Henry
WiattPrson, of Kentuoky.
Music, "America."
Jofferson ?>avls: "His life was gentle;
end the elements so mlxed ln him that
riiiuur.e mlght stand up and say to all
the world, 'This was a man.' " Hon. ?? -i
llam Hcpburn Russoll, fonnerly of Mls
Musle, "Auld Long Syne."
Song. a, "Rlse uy, my love," by
Brahnm. b, "Irish love song," Bang\
Mr. Reed Miller, formerly of South Caro?
The Sllent Brlgado.
"Tha wavlng cypress and stately plno
echo th?lr requiem at rosy morn and
dewy eve."
"Old folks at home," by Mrs. Holllngs
svorth-Watklns, and "My Old Kentuoky
Home, Good Night," by Reed Miller,
created wlld excltement.
Mr. Adams, In ltla eulogy of Lee, re?
ferred to the placlng of a statue of the
Confederate at tho Natlonai Capltol. He
When It does come the efflgy, asslgned
..to Its piece me'rely by act of Congress,
ehouldbear somo such inscrlptlon as this:
Erected by Contrlbutlons.
Of thoso T'.-ho
Wcarlng tho Blue or the Gray,
Recognlze brilltant milltary achlevements
and lofty character, honor greatnoss
and liumanlty in war and/deyotlon
and dlsnlty in defeat.
The occupants of boxos and chatra of
the two tlers were:
Thomas Avery Lamb, T. B. Gale. B.
Roblrtson, P. T. Wood. Mrs, Poor. Mrs.
Do Gernett, "W. D. Gaillard, B. Elmes,
.Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Shepler, Burtin
Thompson, Mrs. Henry Vatters'm, M.
Clay, Mrs. M. N. Glbson, Hon. H. In
;gram and party, Mrs. R. W. Jones, Mrs.
T. J. Clarlc, Mra. E. M Tyng, H. J.
. Prltchard, Mrs. Paullr.e Bubose, Mrs. N.
E. Stockton, Miss Stockton, P. Banler,
gldney R. Perry, R. S. Albert,- Glenn Har
rard, W. H. WUIs, P. Maxlum Clark,
Mrs. H. A. Hollenberg, Mrs. C. Luno
echloss, Mrs. T. B. Semple and puplls,
;J. S. Clarlt, D. Gehrlng, Miss H. M.
ICay, Miss M. S. Stovens. P. B. Clark,
fPr,- John A. Wyeth and party, Mra, J.
JH. Stewart, Logan D. Howell, John C.
iCalhoun and party. Franklln: Brooks,
/Mr, and Mrs, Paraons Corbln, Pr. Leroy
'Brown, Ernest Harvoy Symonfls, T. 0.
'Kennard, Reed Miller, Edmund Harvey
Symonds, J, N, Thompson, A. Leonard
fiall and party, B. W. Hendrlck, Mrs. R.
.A. Lbu, -Bavld Roblnson, Mra. j; C. Hale,
'Mra J. J. Crawford, Mrs. Moirmnn. T,
B. SempU, Br. C. H. Mook, Almuth C.
Vandlvlr, Miss C. McKemlo, T. J. Waters,
Mlas L. R. Rlnolda, W, P. Hlxj John S.
Wlso, Lawronco Prlddy, Dr, J. H. Clai?
borne, L. B. Alexandor, Br. W S. Blck-'
ham, E. Owen, J. Altsliler, B, L Clark,
Miss E. N. Howell. Mra. E. B H. Cas
tleton, MIh? M, F. Hoolt, Mr* F. \V.
Wotklns, Eugeno Shepard, II, K Burras,
Mrff. M. L. Brodnax, John Tiompson,
Mrs, M. Hurxthal, John H. Ke nard, V.
W. Alexandor and many pthefs, mak?
ing about 400 In the boxes and chairs
alono, whilo every foot of tft? huco
floor spaco was ocoupled,
(Bnrelnl to Tho TlniM-l'ilsniitph.)
ABILLA^ID, VA? Jan, 23,-Rev. J. W.
tVaie, rectov of St. James Church, has
f'rderea his reslgnatlon to the. vestry.
lr. Waro has accepted a call to St. Ste
hen's Church, Culpeper, His resfgnatlon
rll) tn)te effoct after the socond bunday
, February, and Mr. Ware will enlcr
ipon his now dutlea on Februaiy 15th. |
Mr.Claytor's Dispensary.
Bill in the Senate. .
Has the Co-operatlon of Judge
W. H. Mann.
Senator Harman, a Preacher and Tem
perance Advocate, Says He .Will
Strenuously Oppose the Meas?
ure When It Comes Up.
Mann Bill to Be Pressed
by Temperance Men
The whlskey questton ts developlng Into
a very llve one in the Tjeglslature and
bids falr to be even more so ln a very
short ?while.
Senator Graham Claytor, of Bedford,
has prepared and will offer ln a fow days
If not to-day, a general dispensary law,
which will apply to the entlre State. The
bill will embody some of tho foatures
of the South Carolina plan and others
simllar to those of the locnl dispensary
lawB now ln foroe at Franlclln, In South
ampton county, and other towns of tho
State. Ono of the lnteresting facts In
connectlon with the matter ls that Sena?
tor Claytor has conferred wtth Jud?o
William Hodgcs Mann on tho eubjeet,
and the latter agrces with the Bedford
Senator that the passage of the measure
would go a long way toward solvlng tho
liquor question.
Senator Claytor has prepared the
measure with tho utmost caro and snys
he will press.lt earnestly when lt shall
have been offered.
Tho bill will provldo that any county,
city or to.wn ln the State may vote upon
the question of havlng a dispensary, and
whcrever it shall be carried tho general
law will apply and govern all with per
foct uniformlty.
Senator J. N. Harman, of Tazewoll,
who ls a temperance advocate and a
preacher as well as a lawyer, said last
night that he and those who stood with
him would flght tho measure, as they
did not believe that liquor should bo
sold in any form ln tho Stato.
"I believe my bill ls the only solu
tlon of tho liquor question," said Sena?
tor Claytor ln dlscusslng the matter last
night, "and so beheving, I shall do my
best to socuro Its passage."
Tho Mann liquor bill ls being earnestly
urged by tho church and temperance peo
ple all over the Stato and will llkely bo
consldored along with the measure to be
offered by Senator Claytor.
The Senate passed by tho consldera
tlon of Senator Harman'3 habltual-drunk
ard bill yesterday, and It will come up
on tts engrossment again to-day.
'street-Car Fare Will Be $50
a Man, or 32,800 for a
Wnole Year.
Havlng been referred to them some two
or three months ago by Common Coun?
cil, Messrs. Gilbert K. Pollock and T. H.
Ellett, after v several oonferences with
General Mannger Huff, of tho street rall
roiici company, yesterday formulated a re?
port, recommending to tho Council that
the FJnance Committee be Instrucled to
spproprlnte ln tlio budgat for the present
year the sum of $2,800 with which to pur?
chase transportatlon over tho trolley llnes
ot the city for the benerU of the mein
bfcr;1 of both branches of the Council.
The Passenger and Power Companj>
aprees to haul tho members of either
branch at any and all times for $50 each
per annum,
There being flf ty-six members In the two
bodlcs, $2,800 will be necassary to inaugu
rato flie system. Accompanylng the re?
port of the special committee Is a resolu?
tion, rocommended for adoptlon, calllng'
on the Flnance Committee to appropriala
nuoh an amount ln the budget of this
year. ' .,.;...- tj^il
(Spnclnl to U'be Tlnies-Dlsputch.)
BAt/riMORE", MD? January :!6.--Rev.
Edward H. Inglc, rector of St. Bartholo
mew'a Trotestant Episcopal Church, has
received a call to becoma rector of Christ
Church, Mlllwood, Va, Ho has the call
under conslderatlon. Mr. Inglei Is a na
llve of Washington. Ha Btudied at the
Virginia Thoologlcal Semlnary and* come
to Baltimore in 1SS5.
Tlia pulplt of Chrl&t Church has been
lf.ft vacant by the departure of Rev.
Courlney Jones, who was formerly >U tho
Chapel of Atonement, In this city, Pro
vious to his work ln this city Mr. Ingle
was reotor of St, John'g Protestant Epis?
copal Church, Roanoke, Va., and the Dm
manuel Church, Athens, Ga. He suc
cerded Rev, Gohlson as rector of St. Bar
tholomew's, the latter going toi.Alabama.
Mr, Ingle has Iabored hore with great
Buccess, He ls a brother of Dr. Lowery
Ingle, of Baltimore, and a cousln of Rev.
Gsborn Ingl*. of Frederlek. H? ls rnar
Estimated Loss by Sunday Night's Fire Fltty Thousand Collars.
Almost Govered by Insurance.
No time will be lost ln the recorstruc
tlon.of the stemmory of the Contlnental
Tobacco Company on south tenth street,
destroyed Sunday evening by flro. With
the settlement of the matter of insurance
the debrls will be at once cleared away
nnd a new factry .will rlse on the ulte of
the rild.
WhJle the. loss on the building it
self ls not entirely covered the stock
tli<*ri? and.ln the plants adjolning was
fully Insured. The chlef damago was to
fine tobacco storcd in the houses and
even where the fire did not reach smoko
and "water penetrated and carried do
structlon with them. The total loss will
run between $55,000 and $60,000.
From a spoctacular point of iview the
fire was one of tho most brllllant of re
cent years. Throughout the city people,
attracted by the blaze, which east Its
ruddy glow far and near, stood and
They Are Opposed to the Bill
to Create the Offlce of
Chaplain to Legislature.
Any ertort to engago the servtces of a
chaplain for the State Legislature will
nieet with the vlgorous opposltion of the
Baptist ministers of Richmond, who are
even now setting their guns for a broad
sldo as soon as Uia enemy looms tnto
The bill offered in the Senae last week
providing for r. chaplain -was the themo
ior considerab'le dlscussion at tho meotlng
ot' the Baptist Ministers' Conference yes
tciday. Several expressed vlews upon tho
matter. and It l.i easlly evident how tho
land Iles. If the bill ls ever pushed there
will bo preclpltat-sd Immediately a long
and bltter flght?an old battle such as tho
ono waged when the ciiaplalncy for the
penitentiary. hung the- in the balance.
Ono thlng in the bill was given parti
cular attention yesterday by the mlnls
ters. It was sUtcd as a reason for tho
resolution that local preachors decllned
to visit the Senate and open tha sessions
with prayer. A roll-call or something of
tlio sort was taken yesterday and the
ministers unanimously declarcd that they
hcive never refused to serve the Senate
when asked and that they will be always
wtlllng to do so.
ln the event that any eftort to secure
th& passage of the bill IS made, thero will
certalr.lv bo a struggle. "Of course we
would fight such a measure," said Dr.
j B. Hawthorne yesterday morning. "1
don't believe the Legislature will dare to
' Others were seen and expressed the
same vlew. "We wouldn't be Baptlsts if
v,e wouldn't nrht that bill," said Dr,
Application are rolling in for the pro
posed posltlon. Sonator Barksdale. the
patron. has received several appltcations
from those who want the posltion, an fo
hos Mr. Button, clerk of the Senate.
Some of the applicats are not minis?
ters of tha gospel.
OvnnriM tn '.'?||>? Tlai??.Di?n?teh.)
NEW YORK, January 26.?Mary Galla
gher walked from her home, at No. 219
\Vi?t Blxtleth Street, to the Toombe
prison on Saturrlay and back again. She
went to tne pr!i>on to see Edward Galla
gher, h?v husband, who Is charged with
bolng an expert safe broaker,
When Mrs. GallaKher \?ached home she
took her sho?s to a pawn ehop and 'got
twenty-five cents, with which she bought
the first food her two littln daughters had
eaten ln twenty-four hours, The pawn
tlcket she placed with slxteen others,
which tell the story ot har suft'erlng for
the last three months.
Mrs. GallaKher producfd seventeen
pawn tlcktts, which ahowed that skirts.
shoes, bed clothlng, and other artleles
of the hom* had gone for a few cents
at a tlma to buy food. .
watched and aovoral fhousand of them
hurried off to the sojne. 'The crowd waa
probably the largest ttiat has ever wlt
noased a flre of tne sla?.
The building waa located at the cx
treme end of Tenth Street and was
owned by the I. N. Vaugtia;* estate, Re?
cently U was leaaed to tle """ontlnental
Tobacco Company, wlYi'A'/used lt as a
stemmery In conjunctlon (with the R. J.
Iteynolds Tobacco Company, of Wlnston,
N. C, really a part of the Contlnental.
It went by the namo of the Tenth Street
Factory, No. 1, and lmmediately adjoln
Ing lt was Factory No. 2, a ono-st?ry
Tho blaze was ftrst dlscove-red by two
poltcomen, who saw the flames shooting
out of the roof of the four-story fac?
tory. They at onoo hurried to englne
house, No. 7, on Cary Street, and from
that point the entlre depurtment was
called out. The mlserable wator faclll
tles, howover, again lntorfered.
Before a slngie respectable stream
could bo played upon tho building lt was
in a light blazo and was hopolessly f;ono.
Tbe only flre-'plug ncarby was out of
use, and flvo englnes stood on tho 'Ittle
wooden brldge o<ver the canal putr.plng
water out of the stream.
To confuse the sltuallon stlll more one
of the large hose burst and came near
drowning everythlng ln sight.
Herolo efforts on tha part of the flre
men savodi nolghboring bulldlngs from
destruotlon. Several of tho men narrowly
eKe&ped Injury by falllng walla, It was
Imposslble howevcr, to check the pro
gress of the flames on tho burnlng fac?
The place was entlrely yutted as was
factory No. 2 and Is at total loss. To
day, one grlm, wall ls all that stands to
tcll the tale.
How tho flre startcd Is a complete mys
tery. Flremen nor owners of tho prop?
erly can lmaglno an ortgin for tho fierce
blaze. N<groes are wpnt to prow] about
the nelghborhood a good deal and bulld
fire-s to keop warm. It Is posslhle that
fiu'ch a flre carelessly left burnlng com
munlcated with tho factory and aet' lt
Tho estimated valuo of the stemmery
wns $10,000; the Insurance amounts to
J7,f.00 held> through Chapln & Humo as
follows: Hartford, $3,000; Hamburg-Brem
en. $4,000.
The stock was fully covered as fol
Mr. Thomas Courtney Jenklns, of Bal
timore, Weds Miss Elsie Wood
bury Brown.
(Bp?cl?l to Tho Tlmes-Ulapatch.)
NEW YORK, January 26.?In St Fran?
cls Xavier Roman Cathollo Church, MIbs
Elsle Woodbury Brown, daughter of Mrs.
Frank Gould Brown, of New York, waa
married to-day to Mr. Thomas Courtney
Jenklns, son ot George C Jenklns, ?,{
Baltmlore. Tho ccrcmony was performed
by Carnlval Glbbons, of Baltiinora,; who
cams here by special train to ofliolate.
The bride, formerly a Protostant, re?
cently Joined tho Roman Cathollo Church.
She was attlred in a rich gownof white
satin and exquisite point In-co, w-lth tratls
ot' orar-gj. blotwonw. She wb attonded by
Miss Qortrude Mison Brown, hor cousin,
as mald of honor, and Miss Mary Eno
and Miss Jessle J, Fnnshawe as brldcs
malds. They wore pretty costumes of
pink and white.
Mr. Jonklns' best man waa hts brotlur
In-law, Mr. Rlal Parr, of Bultlmoro. The
unhers were Eranois Stevans, J, I,orrlrrier
Worden, Henry S. Lehr and J. DeH.
Nurman Whituhouse, of this city; Robert
Honey at Ncwj)ort, and Epiest Jenkina
and william Lehr, of Baltlmora. Tho
ceremony was followed by a rec&ptlon for
rnlatlves and Intimata frlenda at tho Wal
dorf A8toria,
Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins will visit India,
Chlna and Japan on their honeymoon,
which will lau a year. Mr. Jenklns has
spent much time ln those countrieB, and
haa many friends in the Orient. The wed?
ding was very lmpresKlve and waa one of
tho most beautltul ln New York in recent
lows: Reynolds Tobacco Company, $2^,
100; Contlnental Tobacco Company, 18,000.
Factory No. 2 went down with thojother.
Tho stock was hisured for $2,000 through
D. N. Walker & Co., who also carried the
other. Tho fixtures in a shed ncarby,
which were totally lost. were Insurcd for
While the buildings escaped, the facto
vles ncarby suffered considerably" from
wator and srnoke. It Is estlmato<J that
?0 per cent. of tho tobacco in Vaughan"s
Tobacco warehouse will bo a total loss.
Tho insuranco carried upon this stock
amounted to $25,000 held. by D. N. Walkef
Si Co.
As soon as the Insuranco is adjusted
(he Btemmery will be rebuilt by Messrs.
Vaughan and lt will ln all probabllity,
again bo occupled by the Contlnental.
Meanwhtle, some hundred. or two nrn
ploy.ss are thrown out of v/ork.
Ordinance Committee Was
Unable to Secure a Quo
rum Yesterday.
Owlng to the failure of suiflclent mem?
bers to put in thair appearance at the
City Hall yesterday afternoon, the
scheduled mceting of the Council Com?
mittee on Ordlnances, Charter and Re
ford dtd not take placo. It will be held
later ln the week.
Tho committee was to have consldered
tho puro food ordinance, and City Attor?
ney Pollard was on ha.nA to lend as
slstance In drafting tho measure. It was
the sanse ot the gentlemen present that
Mr. Pollard should proparo an ordinance
to confonn with tho suggestions which
have from time to time been cxiprestrtl,
and agreed to do this.
The committee w.ns also to have con?
sldered, the anti-theatre hat law, offored
In tho Common Council by Mr. Allen, cf
Marshall Ward. In addition, the ques
tlon ot salaries ln tha dlfferent depart^
ments would haive been taken up,
The meetlng of the subcommlttee of th*
Grounds and Buildings Committee, which
was to have been held yesterday morn?
ing in the offlco of the City Englneer for
the purpose of conslderlng. and settling
the mooted questlon of extras on the
contract at the now city Jail. was post
ocned until this morning, two oi th*
three members being unable to attond
tho meetlng. It is probabla that a com
promise will be roacherl this morning at
11 o'clock.
cSlvolnl to The Tlm<*.ni?piiteh.)
NEW YORK, January 25.?Buffeted
throughout the entire Journey by we.st
erly gales, the Cunarder Etrurla reached
this port yesterday, The veseel had
hardly cleared Queonstown before she
caught a westerly bjow, and whero that
left offi another began. The re.?t of' the
tale ls of sullen ciouds g;ay seas and
flerce equalla
The pa3s^ngor3 told excltedly of a wave
which burst on bourd on Friday morn?
ing?a burly sea which deaH the ship a
blow so savage that the stoock awakened
all who had been asloep bolow. Some
partly dres ed and hunied on deck. fe'ir
ful thnt the via-,-1 had hit a derellot nr
an iceberg, or had herself ben smitten
by .some other cir.fi, They were reas
sured to find the good old ship stlll pltch
Ing heavlly In the seas, but unharmed.
The officers lavmhed when a?ked about
the Bea which had dlsturbed tha pass?n
gers "We shlpped a S'-a owr th? star
board bow," Bald Chlef Offlci>r Rlchard
son. "It may have Jolted the people he
low a blt. but It did no harrn to ihe ship
?xcept to damage a section of the bridge
tm: .'.',? ;?."??:
Doblin Declares That His
Statement is False.
The Statement That Qulgg
Offered a Brlbe Untrue,
Doblin Testlfied That He Has Made No
Improper Proposals to Lesslei?At
torney for Mr. Quigg Inslsts
That Matter Be Probed to
Very Bottom?Lesaler
Has No Statement.
(By Assoolated Prcss.)
WASHINGTON, January 26.?Phlllp
Doblin, who testlfred before the Naival
AffaJrs Committee Saturday the.rho had
approached Representatlvo Lcsslcr with
an oftor of money to iniluence his vote
on the submarlna boat bill, and who
mnda the furthor statement that ho had
been told thoro might bo $1,000 in lt fW
hlmaelf, made tlie astoundlng odmisslon
beforo th.it committee, that ho had made
statements on Saturday which woro not
true, and he wanted to retract hla atatc
mcnt that Qulgg had offered a brlbe to
The statoment came without warnlng
Mcmbors of tho committee looked at one
anotlier in amazement.
Gustavus Rogers, an a.ttorncy, said lio
appeared for Doblin, who had Et.atcrt to
him that he (Doblin) had mado some
statements Saturday, which were falso.
Tho oommittoo wero unanlmous in their
domand that Dcibllri appoar forthwith.
Ho a.ppcared and stated that all ntate
m?nts ho liad previously made legardlng
Qulgg's attftmptliig to brlbo him wero
untrua. Ho paid ho war nvrmmoriod to
Washington by Lesnler, and tolrj that lio
must stand for Lessler's story about the
Subsequently he was taken to the com?
mittee and told that he was ln tho hand/i
of friends, and that !f ho would back
up Eesftlcr everythlng would como out all
In an.Twer to a question, Doblin assert
?u it was Qulgg who had offered a brlba
of $5,00), tvrid after he returned to New
York, Doblin rec'elwed |t telegrnm read
Ing: "Statement all right havo no fear,"
slgned by Lesrdcr.
To-day Bobli-n sa;d: "It was a quoB
tloTi of whether I was going to substan
tlato myE,?lf iboforo a commlttoo of
friends anO Lesuler, or wh.other I was
then anfl thoro /.'Olng to make Lessler's
statement ftppeav untrue. I decldod that
I wowld. just mako my same statement.
I made it, and. I now rotr^ct every word
ln which I said iMr Qulgg tendered m?
any brlbo in any way.
Doblin said he had made no Improper
proposal of any kind to Ijpsslor, and that
Lessler's statement that Doblin had men
tlnned $5,000 to him wis false.
Questloned with a view to developlng
(Continued on Twelfth Page.)
She Laughed When His Note
Was Handed to Her. Had
Been Insane.
(Specisl to The Timcs-Dispotch.)
OHARLOTTE, N. C. January 26.-A
horrlbly double tragedy was enacted in
Union county, about flftccn miles from
Charlotto this afternoon, E1I R'egers, a
v/lll-known young man of Union county,
shot and killed Will Richardson (colored),
and after walklng three hundrcd yards
from the dcad body of Richardson he de
llberatoly levelled his gun at Mis3 May
Pressly and killed ho.r Inslantly.
R'ogers wroto Miss Pressloy a rrote sev?
eral days a'&o, and tho negro Will Rich?
ardson was the mossengeri who deiivored
it to the young iady. When Richardson
returned, Rogers asked for tho roply.
Ricliard:,on told him there was nono, and,
furlhermore, added that Miss Fressley
lauK**'d when tho note was harjdrd her.
Nothing moro was thought of the tncl
d?nt ur.tll to-day Rogers appeared at
the negro Richardson'.-, house and called
him out. Just as Richardson Bf>pped
from his door Rogers fircd at him, tlie
ball eritered the n^gro's heart and dcath
resiilted nTmost inatantly,
Just abnut three- hundred yards from
tho negro's house 13 tho honio of Mr,
Jackson Heims, the riep.fatlnir nf mu-s
Precsley, RC(jT?rs left tbe dead negro and
procced<>d to tha h'T'mn of Helmf. Atrlv
Ing at the liouro he rang the bell and
Miss Pressley came to tho donr. Without
saying a word ho pulled his gun and
shot the young woman dead. Rogars has
twlco been an Inmate of the State asylurn
at Morg^nton. He ls only twenty-nvo
years old, and W? people are qulto proml
ncnt in this section of the State.
(Kni-Mnl to Tbe TlmfS-Plipatch,)
WINCHESTER, VA., January 5q._
Major Tlnlmes Conrad bfcfore- Ie,-wlng to
day for IUehmond, where he Is engaged
ln the Campboll lnvestigatlon, declared
that he would not b? a candidate to biic
ceed State Senator S. I/. Lupton from the
countiej of Frederick and Shenandoa.h.
Major Conrad's extenslve law pr&ctlce
will not peraiit ot it.
But a Large Gheck Had
to Be Signed First.
Bondholder Attempts to Break>
Off the Deal,
W. C. Heinroth Said He Had Not Beervf
Informed of the True State of Af
fairs?Statemant of Mr, Moore.
The Price Paid by the Bell
for Richmond 'Phones
Not Stated.
Desplte a strenuous attempt on the J
part of ono of the bond-holders of tho j
Richmond Telephone Company and a ]
Btrong dlspositlon of certain councllmen '
t'y pi.stpono llnal action on tho ordinance j
pcrmlttlng this corporation to be absor- |
bed by tho Southorn Bell Company, th?
Common Council last night, after a de
llberatlon of two honrs, voted to con
cur ln tho action of the Board of Aldcr
nien in passing the moasuro, It is now
up to tho Mayor to approve the merger,
after which tho forclosuro salo will bo
effected and the property turned over to
tho glgantlc telephone concern.
The ordinance was passed by an yea
and nay vote, and It was, tncreforc, Im
posslble to tell Just how tho members
stood on the proposltlon. This' action,
lunvover, was uot taken until after Mv.
H'arner Mooro. liad drawn a. ehftck.;.for IP,
$'.',112 and turn'od lt ovor-to City Audltor
E. J. .Warren'tn paymtnt^ for .tho-taxes
of the Richmond company for the prea'-<
ent year, a ehort recess bolng talten by,
the Council to permit of this rather ro
marku.blo proccedlng.
Mr. \V. C. Heinroth, of Chicago, who Is ,:
proiiiinently coimectud with tho La, :
Cro;sse Electrlcol Constructlon Company,. v
appeared at tlio mceting last night lu J.
company with Mr. Gcorgo Bryan, as his K
legai roprosentatlvo, and toguther they ?
opposed the passago of the ordinance. u
asking a poatponenient of thlrty dayj. r
Mr. Heinroth ls a bondholder In tlitk .
Richmond company to tho cxtent p?,$-,'^"'
000, and as such he urged that the pro-s
posed merger be held up for a. short
tlmu, on tho grounda that ho could Inter ?
est local oapltal sulllclently to place tho ?
concern on a paylng basls and thereby
gtve tho cltizona an ludopendoat com?
pany and guarantoo competitlon.and low
t rates,
Tho allegatlons of Mr. Heinroth and his
attorney cama with a suddenncss that
was surprising, no opposulon from such.
a quarter liaving been oounted upon by
oven those who wished to defeat tha
proposltlon, and It. looked for a Ur.ic
as lf tho well-laid plans of the company
would fall and the merger bo held up for
another month.
In Bpeaklng from his cllcnt, Mr, Bryair
alleged that until this year the Interest <u
hia bor.da has been regularly paid, andl ':
ho had been kept ln ignorance of. Lhi
true state of affalrs. Ha claimed furthei' -
that the other bondholder, Mr. Warricr
Moore, had never receWod a cent of' In?
terest, and that the procoeds of the fore
closuro sale would llrsl be used to pay
the lndabted Interest, the stockholdora \
and his cllents suftering as a consa
Mr. Heinroth stated from. tho floor that
he was flrmly of the opinlon that tha
Independent company could be made to
pay a handsome dlvidend lf It were prop- i
erly rnanaged, and he cxpressod a beltef'
that local capital could bo induced to i
invest, provided the ordinance was held |
up for thlrty days.
?Mr. , Moore was extended tha courtesy ,
of the floor, and e::plalned at longth the'
up-hlll fight the Richmond compnny had j
made. He said that every singla ro- [
sonrce had been cxhaused in the hope of i.
intere.-tinij additional capltal, and did not
think that tho company could be made
to pay. He said that the concern had
now only "50 BUbscrlbers, and a number
of thesa had gl'/en orders for the removal i
of th*lr 'phones.
In feiponso to a questlon from Mr. Pol? I.
lock. Mr. Mooro said tha interest on tha 1
bon<?s he held would amount to $10,000.
Ho d:d not cara to dlvulgo tha prlca tha
Belj Company propossd paylng, but w.ont,!
ot soni6 k-mgth Into certain datalls,
statlng that tho proceeds of tho eala I
woi;M first go towards paylng the Inter?
est on tho bonds, after which tha floatlng 1
endeb!(>rii',p?9 of tho compnny would ba
paid "off, and then remalning prncefds
wouM go to "tho stockholdars, President
Maupln paid that tho company would
gpiffer a loss of J60.000.
During tha moetlng there were sev?
eral llvely apats between Council mem?
bers, but the flna] vote showed that a
declded majorlty favored the comblna.
R., F. & P. IS CLEAR
The Temporary Embargo on North*
bound Slow Freiglit Removed.
? At the ofllces of the Richmond, Freder-v
lckfihurg and Potomao Railroad yoitc-niar
it was eaid in referenco to tha afttcle )ni
The Times of Sunday aa to tha condltton
cf the freight movement over tha Rloh*.
n.ond, Frederieksburg and Potomao Rail-'
road, that the lemporary embargo pa
nortbboun* slow fvelght for Washington
and points north has- beon removad, and
thera U now no accumulatioa ot freight
upoa ta? rallroftd.

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