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^^am^^^0^ML^ NUMBER, 16,151.
]? WASHlNOTONj Jnn. 27,?Forecnst for
I.WfednMday and TMirsaoy:
I Virglnla-lUiin Wednesday nnd Thurs
day; warrrior Wednesday ln wost portion;
ffesn oouthennt to soutli wlnds,
i North Carolina?Ealn Wednesday and
Thui-Bday; frcsh sout.heast to euuth wlnds
, Tosterday wus ono ot tho most dts
BBrecablo days of the season. Rain fell
at Intervals through tho early evening
'nnd night, lieavlly ut times, and the at
mosphero was ponctratlng.
t A, M. 38
J2 M. -12
8 P. M. 4t)
6 P. M.47
G P. M. -18
12 mldlllght . 16
Avorage . 15
Highest toniperntnro-S P. Ai. j*
T-.owest temperntiiro?6 A. M. *jj
Mean tcniporaturo yesterday. ?*
Normal temperaturo for January.... as
?-Departure from normal temperaturo. 00
Precipltatlon dur.iiib' past 21 hours... 00
January f?. 1903.
,Bun rlses. 7:15 I HIGH TIDE.
'Bun sets.r,:2S ( Morning.4.tJ4
Moon rlses. 5:20 | Kvenllng.1:51
. An ex-convlct arrested. charged with
forgery, though -unable to write?-Death
of Mr. Pcter Stumpf-T.homas Dollarcl,
a. moulder. ground to death by a train?
; Cancer cured by Riohmond physlclan who
used the X-ravs?A hlll oltered ln tho
1 Senate to crrate Btato liquor dlspensa
rles-Amendment to law rclating- to llbel
< Bults against newspapers-Trades and
i Labor Council appolhts n. committee on
I chlld-labor bill?St. Louls Exposltlon
Commission ovpanlzo-The Governor
elgns Important bills-Prlco of anthra
clte coal soon to be reduced-An opera
tlon, not serlous ln its nature, to be per
formed on Judgo Wltt to-day?A stngu
? lar caso of mental silhpension-Hlgnway
robbery leported on Broad Streot-Re?
mains of Mrs. James Monroe. to be re
movefl?Mayor will approve telephone
merger?Frlghtrned negro runs Into the
river?Stato Board of Educatlon mem?
bers to be elected to-day.
Movement to secure a local option eloc
tlon ln Danville-Fugltlvo wounded by
Windsor offle<=r ai'terwarda proved lnno
cent-Record-breaklng day at the Lam
bert'a Point coal plors-Tobacco eom
panv at Bsdford city Incorporated-Pe?
tersburg and Richmond trunk factorles
may be mergod Into a trust-Negro at
Petersburg ls turnlng white-Rev, J. R
Ronno Rlddlck 13 at home-Mayor Moss
?vetoes the proposed chaln-gang ordinance
et Newport News-Double traoklng or
tha Southern proeoedlng rapldly at Mn
jias'sas?Amateur iheatrlcals at Dexlng
lon?A sawdust nulsance suit at Wyth-3
?villc?Medals 10 bo given at University
of Virginia?Flshrrmon buslly prepar
lng for -work on tho Potomae?Staunton
youns men form a country club-Wash?
ington and Lo.e base-ba.ll schedule-Dr.
Hattle's reslgnatlon at Potersburg-Al
tercatlon on Chlncotcague Island results
ln serlous wounding of Captaln WHltaia
Butning-Ntgro found aslaep at Alexan
tfrla, but in the wronsc house-Fatal
shooting nenr Kmporla-Smallpox, at
Wcllford's Wharf-No busts of Wash?
ington for Wtnchestor schools?Smallpox
at McGaheysvlllc-Promlnent men have
????rious flght on railroad *'-ain near Blue
field?Marrlnges: Tom Davis and Miss
Kannio Burk at Burksville; Nelson H.
Clark and Miss Mattie L. Soma, of Luray;
Snmuel Harrington and Miss Mlnnie h
Butler at Alexandrla; R. t,; Gasklns and
Miss- Annie M. Huff at Suffolk; O. M.
McCauloy and Miss Mamie Lincberg at
Winchester-Deaths: Captaln \V. C.
Brown ia Plttsylvanla; W. H. Brooks at
Norfolk; Maior Charles Old In Powhatan;
William Boley at Lexlngton: Rev. Her
bert T. Bacon at Clnrksvllle; Henry II.
Irvlno at Monterey; Mrs. Jolcy Forreat at
Foster; William A. McCorkle ot Lexlng?
ton; William Henry Harrlson at Peters
burg; Mrs. Mary E. Barker nt Alexan?
drla: William H. Kent at Amhorst; John
G. Miller near Frederieksburg.
Another meeting of t.he Demoerntlc leg
Islatlvo caucus falls to reach a nomina?
tion; Walson mak^s some galns; chargea
that tho ballot-box was stuffed-Discus.
elon ln the House ln regard to the licens
lng of tralned nurses-Other Important
moasures consldered by the General /m
seinblv-The aalotwi agllntlon cor.tln. r
throughout tho Statd-Cotton-yarn spli
j ners a"t Ralelgh declde upon a ten por c-:r
? valse-A council of debate forci?d at
Trlnlty Colleg-e-The news from Groojis
boro and Durham-Mrs. Charles B. Ay
cock s receptlon at Raleigh.
Sontiment clianges and promlnent
Northcrn men favor the piacing ot a
etatue oC Lco ln tho Staiuray Hall at the
National Capltol-New York Grand
i Arniy men heartlly favor the piacing of
? etatua of the Southern chleftaln on the
I fleld of Gettysuurg-Coionel McClurc
1 makes eloauent plea for the npproprla
1 tlou for tho monument before full House
Rnd owwded gallerles-President Roose
velt dclivors an oloquont eulogy on Mo
; JCinley at banquet .li'i'd ln deud Presl
I dent's honor?^New Tork men seteneed to
? threo mbntbj on the islaml for etealing
t ehoes fvotii feet o? a corpse-Residents
l ot Broolily'n onter vlolent protest to ea
? tablishtnwt of a branoh of colored AV. C.
T. U. in tholr nolghborhood-Rockefellcr
/Slv(ii siVen mllllons l'or tho puri>osfl-of
orlftli.al researoh for a consumptlon
<;Ure-Repreaentatlve I-ess!or takes stnnd
befu.-e committee and rcitevates hla
former etitements, bratidlnjj Doblln'a teB
l tlmony of Monday a3 absolutely faiso?
Thlrteen-year-old boy nmngled by llons
at GharlMton, S. C.-Jlm llnyes makes
tlncendiary npeach to Washington negroe>,
? advocatluK n*o of eword and torcli to re
! slst dletrftriohUoinont ln Virginia-Flfty
j two lnsr.li'.' women burped ro death In a
! flro ln British hmnie nsylurn?Salarles
i of Federal Judgen lnc;'or.?.-d by bill tliat
passed Tlon^n of Roproaentatlves?Beriator
Quay tried tn foree pattsaire of the omnl
i bua vof'o MU?Coal etrlko commission
1 made good pre'jresa ln tholr Investlgation
lyeaterday nivl lieard Interestbig and varled
[ testlmony?Thcu.'.-ht thnt protpcol for
raltlng of bloelcade on Vcnezuelnn ports
will be shortly r.lgned. -mly detalls of tlie
?jettlement rcmalnlng to be conipleted?
Well-Known Jurist to Be Re
moved to the Virginia
?Hospital To-Day.
.Tnflt:e Kamuel D. Wltt, of tlio Huatlngs
Court of Richmond, will to-day be re
moved from his residence, on Park Ave?
nue. to the Virginia Hospital, where an
opcratlon, not a dangerous one, will bs
perlormed on Thuruday.
Judgj Wltt has beon unwell for severnl
! ^oelts, but he ls In a eheerful mood, and
' xnany fri?nds have called to see hlni,
wltliln llia last few dnya.
Judge Wltt will nebcsHarlly liave to ho
R-wny from his ofllce for several weeks,
and Judge John II. Inuram, of tlio Cor
poratlon Court of Mauehestcr, will ln the
meantlme preilde over tho Huatlngs
Court of Richmond , v. v- v ?,
The Royal Blue Ploughs
Through Local Train.
Wreckage Caught Fire and
Men Burned to Death.
ln Sight of Those Who Were Working
to Save Passengers Who Were De
voured by Fierce Flames?Ex
press Wns Running at Top
Specd When Awful
Crash Came.
(By Associated Press.)
NEW YORK, Jan. 27.?One of tho
most appalllng railroad wrocks that has
occurred ln the vicinity of New York for
many years, the loss of lifo bolng: more
than twenty-four persons, took placo to
nlffht at Gracoland, on tho Central Roll
road of New Jersey, near TVestfleld, N.
J., when tho Royal* Bluo Dlne Express
ploughed at top speed into the rcar of a
local train.
Slxteen charrea bodiaa- have now been
taken out. ElRht dead were elther re
covcred uefore the flro or dled attar being:
taken out of the wreck.
Immodlately after tho crash threa scat
tered cars of the local train took flro,
renderlDg Inipossible tho re3cuo of many
of tho wounded, who were plnnod fast
tn the wreck. Many bodles nr belleved
to have been consumed.
On board the fiyer all the passengers,
nlthough badly Bhaken up. cscaped unln
Jured except for trlfllng brulse3.
Tho dpad so far ldcntlfied are:
EDuaP* WIDLIAM, a Ne.w York lar.
C. P. Thayor. of Plalnfleld, secretary to
Thomas1 C. Platt.
HAlutY G. HAND, of New York city.
GEORGE E. TtEED, of Scotch Tlalna.
THOMAS CUM7N, nf Flninfleld.
RDWARD FDYNNT. of Plalnfleld.
In addltlon to this llst. there nre many
charrod bodlns. unldcntified, stlll at the
scene of the wrecK.
Those lnlured aro:
Among tbo Injured are:
Wllllnm Geddies, of Dunollen, both legs
Gaorge Chandler, pplne Injured.
Charles Dong Worthy, Injired all over
Mrs. iBeloh, both IcgB broken and body
Mary Rynn. Intured about head.
William Van Venter, cut about body
and face.
Everott Relghton. both leg-s cut off.
Miss Dlzzlo Keller, scalp torn off.
Porcy Irving. Dunellen, legs crushed.
Mrs. Quelean, bruised about body and
The train which was run into left New
York at B:<8 o'clock and runs as an
express to Bound Brook, making stops
at Ellzabeth. "Westtleld nnd Plalnfleld.
Boyond Bound Brook is runs ns a local.
Tho Royal Blue left flfteen niinutes later,
but trnvels at a hlph rata ot speed and
maki>3 no stop except at Ellzabeth. and
ls scheuuled to overtake the slower train
Just boyond Grnceland. where the lat
tor swltches from track 3 on to track
?t to permit tho Royal Bluo to pass.
Thla evcnlnir a freight train was
blocked on track -1 nnd tho loenl re?
ceived orderd to proceed on tho express
traclc to Dunollen nnd there take the
outslde or number 4 track. Shortly af?
ter rer.elvltig orders tho train hnd to
atop for a hot-box. which delnycd It sn
tiiat when sho got under way again
sho was due at uun'elleri*.
Sho had Just started antl was moving
slowly when the Royal Blue, trdvellng
apporontly al full speed, whicli nt that
point usually npproximntes Blity-flve
miles an hour. erashed into the rear enu.
Tho heavy engine of tho Royal Bluo
toro Its way Into tho rear car and nt
tho same time drove the forward end of
that car Into the rear end of tha car
nhead, whloh in turn was driven Into the
third car and thla |n turn wns driven
Into tho four car from the rear. The
fourth car was only partly wrecked, but
the last three wero torn to pieces.
The engine ot tho lioyal Blue left the
ralls and lurned over on hor side, tho
engineer nnd flreman slicklng to their
posts nnd going down ln the wreck. They
nro now In tho Muhlenberg Hospital, at
Plainf.eld. and the engineer ls not bo
lleved to havo a chance of llving more
than a fow hours.
Papcngeis on tho flyer Eny the engineer
appllcd tho brakes hard a mlnuto or so
beforo tho wreck, Tho train ahead had
sent a fliiemo-n back, but lt ecoms he
wns recalled when the train got undar
way, and nllhoueh ho left torpedocs. the
Royal Blue dlfl not hced them or else
was goin too fast to Rtop lu the short
dittanco rP.v.a'.niiiE. Tho man wlio went
bu>k to ftqs tno train had Just swufiS
Into tho rear end <?f hls train, and ls
omonn; tha dead.
Tho englno and thre? worst wrecked
cars wero plled lr.to an awful henp, con
talnlng at least ona hundred dead aud
Injured. Frorn tho mass cama fearful
crles for aid.
A mlnute later Ihe wreck oniight flra
from tho flre box nf the locomotlve. The
Bcreams of the Injured In tha heaps were
Inteiislned u. they found thomselves
hemnied ln by tho flnmos.
Tho pa*n?r.gors ln tha t wo forward enrs
of tlie fttst train and all the r.ien from
the expresa and ovcryone in tho neigh
borliood Btarted work at once to get
out the injured before the flames could
roacli thom. At. time*. whllo lolllng In I
tho wreckivgo tho lliiincs roachetl.the rcs- \
rtiers, and Iholr clothlng took flro, but
thoy workcd on, though lu CdtlUtant diin
ger of bolris: killed thonmolvoS. Somo of
tho Injured wero burned to death in sight
of tho men who wero working with des
poratlou t'b oave them, hut Iho flnmo"!
soon ffnlnod coniploto mastcry of tho two
laal. cars.
Tlm flronien from Westfleld were ailm
nioncd by telophone; but arrlved too lato
to savo many llvos. Doctors wero called
for from Ellzabeth, Wcstf.eld nnd -Plnlli
fleld, and thero was a score on hand.
Tho pnrlor cars of tho Royal Bluo T.lno
train wero convrrtcd Into temporary hnn
pitals. Tho doa.l K? they wero taken out
wcer lold In a row nlongshlo the ttnck
unill monns could bo found to convey
them to Flntnfleld.
Tho flremen after n tlmo mnMered tho
fln.meg. Then tho wrfckago was attacked
again and the work ot rccovcring tha
boiilos wii.s bcgiin. Out it tlie 11" l car
eight bbfllOH wero talion.
Tho sight whlle Ihe wreck was burnlni;
was horrlfylng. Men could bo soen ln tha
wrccknge plnncd fast amld the tlmbers
of the' co rs and struggllnjr to bo free,
while tho flames roarod around them.
Tho rescuers were helplesa to ald them,
ns they already had been driven from tlie
wreck by the flames. Ono of tho>e who
tried to tako out a man plnncd in. found
that he w-as hold down by one leg near
the ankle, nnd see-lngr lt would be usclcss
to do anything elso. Is nald to hava fl
nnlly sevored tho man'a leg and then
carrlcd him to ono of tho pa.Tlor-cars.
Rotli rescued and rescuer wero badly
When tlie englno ploughed Into the rear
car it partly split tho car open and at
the same tlmo llfted it up and on to lt
solf. This car was the flrnt to tako flre.
and most of those ln lt ara dead. Some
of them are bellcved to be beneath the
ovtrturncd englna.
Thos<> in tho car ahead, which was
(Continued on Third Page.)
The Senate is to Choose
Three Members To-Day.
Profs. W. A. Bowles, of Staunton, and
Charles W. Kent, c' the Universlty,
Thoughtto Be Certalnties?Oth
ers Who Are Mentioned.
The Senate to-day wlii ? eleet three
members of the Stato Board of Educa
There aro llvcly contests for the po
sltions. Under the new Constltutipn, tha
board will ba composed of the Governor,
Attorney-Generai ajid Superlntendent of
Publlc Instruction, together with three
othor persons to bo deslgnatad by the
instltutlons that recelve financlal ald
from the State, who after being choson
by their respectlvo lnstitutlon3 are to be
elected by the State Senate.
Tha balloting wlll begin In tho Senate
aoon after that body mcots to-day. Yes?
terday Senator Claytor offered the follow
lng resolution:
Resolved by the Senate, That ln tho
electlon of members of tho Educatlonal
Board on tha USth thnt all tha names of
candldates shall be piaced before the
Senate and the vote taken vlva vooo ln
open session, the nnme of tho lowost
candidate to ba dropped, and the three
members having tho hlghest number of
votes shall be declared elected; but each
shall havo a majority of the Senate vot
It Is gjencrally conccded that Professor
W. A. Bowles, tho prlnclpaj of the In
stltute of tho Deaf and Dumb and tho
Bllnd, at Staunton, wlll bo ono of those
elected. Dr. Charles W. Kent, of the
Universlty of Virginia; Dr. J. M, Mc
Bryde, of the Folytechnlc Instltute, nt
Blacksburg; Professor J. R. Jarman, of
the State Female Normal School, at
Fnrmvllle; President Lyon G. Tylor, of
William and Mary. and Superlntendont
Scott Shipp, of tho Virginia Mllltary In?
stltute, aro the other "ellglbles," haviu?
been nomlnatcd by their respectlvo lnuti
In polltlcal clrcles it is generally
thought Dr. Kent wlll bo a winner, but
hls friends aro not bo sure as tlioso of
Professor Bowles.
Judge George Yv". Morrls, a former
State Senator, and others aro hero huit
llng for Dr. Kent.
Former Judge A. A. Phlegar and olhers
aro working in tho lnterest of Dr. Mc
The board wlll have to elect all ihe
city and tho county suporintendenta of
schools and will havo the adoptlon of tho
now tcxt books to be used ln tho schools.
Ohlemacher Said Man Had Promlsed
Them to Him, But He Got Three
(Spoclal to Tlie TlmfB-Dlspatch.)
NEW YORK, January 27.?Cl-sment
Ohlemacher, Nlnety-seventh Streot, was
accused of collectlug nn alleged debt ln
a ivery niean way, by William Greely,
ln the Harlem Court to-day.
Greely said Ohlemacher had called at
hls houso nnd asked as a frlond to see
tlie body of the compalnant's father, who
had dled lu tha HnYlem Hospital. There
wero many mourners In the Jower part
of tha house, whllo the body was ln
one of tho rooms upslajl'S.
Greely uakl he nshered Ohlemacher Into
tho room and left him. A few mlnutea
later the man went away, and the son
went to tha room. The feet of the body
wera protrudlns' nbovo tlm sldes of the
coflln, the fhoes having dlsappeared.
Greely ran into tho street after
Ohlemacher and had him arrcslcd. Tho
prlsoner told Maglstrate Crano that tha
dead man hnd promlsed him tho shocn
two weeks bafora lio dled, and he thought
tho bosi wav to get them was to take
thom. Maglstrate Crano nentenced Ohle
inacher to three montlis on the Island.
The Dread Disease Yields
at Last to Science.
Little or No Patn ls Attendant
Upon the Method.
A Plan Which is in Vogue Elsewhero
lntroduced Here?Tho Pallent, Six
ty-slx Years Old, Was Cure.d by
Twenly-four Applications,
What Dr. Beadles Says
Concerning lt.
The flrst distinct success ln tho new
palnless and liarmlcss X-ray treatment
for cancers and other mallgnant grnwths
has just been reported ln Ric'mnond. and
lt ls moro than lihely that as a result no
dlstant day will see an extenslve em
ploymer.t here of this method, which ls
already being used with advantago ln
Northern cities and hospltal.3.
Tho new t'reatment, to a large extent,
robs the cancerous growth ot Its terrors
to the patler.t. Heretufora it has been
with dread that the sufferer submlttcd
himself to the caro of his physlclan, for
It was known to him that* lf fortunata
enough to bo curcd of the dlseaje tho
harsh, caustlo treatment or the necessary
lncislon was of suoh character as to
leava its lastlng mark upon him. the s'?n
of days of agony. Now lt Is all dlfferent.
The X-ray searches out tho spot and de
stroys the genn, whllo tho patlent suffers
aboslutely v.6 paln.
Throughout tha North tho new treat
mont ls now being eitensh-i&i used with
mirked success, As: usuajp "hjweuer, lt
has been slow findlr',(!: Usdway Into the
South. and at this Ume l^i Juat entering
Several IocaI physlelans now have cases
ln tho conduct: of which :.hey are employ
lng the new method, but Dr. F. H Bea?
dles ls the first to bring the treatment to
a successful Issue. So Interestlhg- and
important was the matter consldered that
lt was reported last nlgiit to the Academy
of Medlolir*. One or two photogrnphs
clucldated the explanatlon, which, from
the point of vlew of the laymr-n, was
rather Involved. Rrdueod to ordlnary u*i
teihnteal EYigllsh the explanatlon given
by Dr. Beadles ls substantially as follows:
"My patlent ls a farm<=r"*Trom Orange
county, and Is slxty-slx years of age. Ho
1ns been suflcrlng with epithelioma (sktn
cancer) of the noso. Treatment at tha
hands of a Charlottesviile. physlclan was
without effoct and then ho oppllcd to me.
He camo to Richmond on the 12th of last
December, and I at <-nca applled caustlc
salve as a ;jropnratery treatment. On
the 23d ot December 1 gave the flrst X-ray
treatment. and slnca then thero havo been
twenty-four oxposures. By the end of
the fourteerith er.posure there was a
nfsrked Improvcment. To-day the patlent
at the end of the twenty-fourth cxposuro
ls apparcntly cured."
The new method which ls Just coming
into vogue here ls palnless and leaves no
marks. The prlnclplo Involved ln It ls nn
exposuro to light and n. drylng up of tlio
cancerous growth. The success of Dr.
Bendles and of the othor physlelans now
practlclngr this new method will without
doubt Insure the wldespread use of It
ln 111 Health for Years, But
Confined Only a Short
Mr. Teter Stumpf dled at his resi?
dence. No. 115 East Marshall Street. at
11 o'clock la/rt night.
His hoalhh had not been good for some
time, but lt was only (wo weeks ago
that Iw was suddenly taken very 111 at
his of.'lee In tho building of the Mer
o'nants' Cold-Storago and Ice Company.
Ho wna taken home and his condition
liad been sertous ever flnce.
Mr. Stumpf wa.s ftfty-two years old.
He was a native of Germany, was born
and c-ducated there, nnd came to Rich?
mond clther ln ISffil or 1870. Hie. hnd re
nlded hero ever slnce. His parents are
both dead. Messrs. Juseph Stumpf and
E, A. Stumpf nre his brothers. The lat'6
George Stumpf v.aa another brother.
Mr. Stumpf leaves a v. idow and three
ehlldren in Richmond and a daughter
bv hla flrst. niarrlago In liermany. IIIs
last' wife wns a daughter of tho late
Ott oMoygonstern. who for many years
conductod a cafe on Broad Street.
Mr. Stumpf wns for sevwal years eon
rWOted with tho Youngllnff Brewlng Com?
pany. Ho was tha ploneer In the estnb
ltshmcnt of Iho browlng oompanles thnt
are now In exlstenoe in Richmond. Somo
ten year6 or more ago h? formed what
Is 'now known n" tho Home Brewing
Company. For a few yenrs Mr. Stumpf
eonducted a enfo on Tlroad Street neir
Fourth. When rho Morchants' Cold
StorngA and Ie? Company waa formvd
he wns made. the president of the con?
Mr. Stumpf wa.s a man devoted to tho
city of his adoptlon, and was a publlc
splritod man. Ho wns a whole-soul.cl
man, a most cenrpAnlonablq gentletnan,
and the nows of his death wlU'ho re
gurded by mnny' people In Richmond ns
a pei-Konal loss. Mr. Stumpf h'lor.ged
to several ordf-rs and soclotlaa and wns
nne of the leidlng members of tho'
Gesangverlen Virginia.
The arrangemenis for tho funeral had
not beon made last night
A Remarkable Charge
Against J; T. Lane.
Reputanle Merchants Induced
to Draw His Checks
He is Alleged to Havo Succecded in This
Manner in Securing a Sum of
Moncy?He Was Released from
the Penltentiary Only Short
Time Ago, and Bears a
Very Bad Rejjutation
At the lnstanco cf Detoetlve-Captain
Tomllnson, Jullan T. Lane, who was
only released from tha penltentiary last
week on a hnbeas corpus proceedlnu
brought in tho City Circuit Court, was
arrested yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock
by Patrolman Folkes, ot tho First Dis?
trict, on two chnrges of forgery. The
ofllcers aro contident of securing a con
vfloUon ln each case, although Lane
stoutly denlas nll knowledga of elther
of tho crlmes which have been lald at
hls door.
Tho arrest of Lane, who slnce hls re
leaso sccms to hava been operatlng under
tho alloa of J. T. Lowry, divuiges ono of
tho most remarkablo crlminal operations
with whicli the local pollce have ever
had unythlng to do, the cunnlngly clevor
work of the man being an absoluto mar
vel, tho llko of which has never beforo
happened in this city.
Desplto that Lano can nelther read nor
wrlte, it ls alleged that ho perpetrated
ono of the smoothest forgerles Imagir.a
ble, by which two up-to-date, twcntleth
ccntury bush.css man wero duped. ono
after tho other. It ls fur! her clalmed
that this man, who-nas for the past eev
en or eight years been conflned within
tha dreary Xie.Ua ot tlie Stato penlten?
tiary. concocted a mode of procedure by
which ha used one flrm as a tool to aa
slst him In robljlng another.
When tha ni.ount of money dovlved by
Lnne is known, one Is lead to bellevo that
the gama wns not worth tho cnndle, but
tho cfllcer attrlbuted tho size of swlndla
to tho fact that I.ano during hls long
conilnoment was led to regard one pen
ny as the average man would look upcm
a dollar. Money to the amount of $10
was looked upon by tha ex-convlct ns a
small fortune.
Whllo yet clothed In tho garb furnished
by tho penltentiary ofTlclals at the ex
penso ot tho Stato and whllo hls fornier
fellow-prlsonors wero envylng tho good
luck of Lane and probably wondcrlng how
ho wns onjoylng his long-sought libcrty,
the man, lt lo charged, was Involvlng
himself, nlone but asslsted, in a crooked
operatlon. which proniises to send him
once more to the prls^n, In tha event a
convlctlon la secured.
Accordlng to pollco statemonts, yester?
day Lano had succeeded In actually
swindllng or/ " -T. J. King & Com?
pany, of No. ast Marshall Street?
tho amount l. g only $7.0:!. But tho
worklngs of tiio operatlon, the manuor
in which Lano played one flrm against
the other, wlrining the confldence of the
head of each. sounds moro llko a fa'ry
talo than lt does the trut.h.
Last Saturday Lane a.ppeared at tho
braneh store of tho Klng Company on
East Marshall Street. He saw the man?
ager, Mr. R. E. Bruce, to whom ho stated
that he had been marrled only n few
days and was deslrous of purchaslng a
cooklng rango for hls better half. 113
had also promlsed hiswlfa a new lamp
nnd several cooklng utonslls. all of which
ho wlshcd to get as qulckly as posslbla
without puttlng tho flrm to any great
Mr. iRrucn ahowed Lane several stoves
and tho man finally settled upon ono
worth about $17. Ho wns in 110 haste
to close tha trade, howevcr, and several'
times attempted to get a small rcduc
tlon for cash. Thlu bMng donled him,
Lane set about buylng the utonslls and
tho promlsed lamp. It requlred ncarly
nn hour to oult the deslre of the mnn,
aiLer which ln tbo most stralghtforw'ard
manner Imaglnnblo ho told the BBJesman
that hn Ilved at Hanover Courthouse nnd
would want tho goods shlpped there.
Lane Informed Mr. Bruce that he would
havo to get a chock cashed before paylng
for the goods, and would return later ln
the day. There was nothlng Btrango In
thln, nnd Mr. Bruco thought no more of
tho aiTalr, having tho atovo and other
purchnses lald aslde prcparatory to
shlpping them on Monday following.
Whlle In tho storo tho man spoke of sev?
eral promlnent people at Hanover Court?
house with whom be was acqualntad.
this llno of conversation Impressing Mr.
Bruce thnt he was deallng with a well
known cltlzen.
Leavlng the Marshall Street house.
Lane sauntercd around to the h.irdwaro
storo of Mr. H. Clay Lynn. No. 409
Brook Aventio. He found tho proprlolor
nnd told practlcally the snmo story to
him as he had provlously relatod to Mr.
Bruco, He wanted a atove'for hls wlfe
an.l a few cooklng utonslls.
ln tho same raothodlcal manner Lane
searched tbo houso from one <nd to the
other In the hope ot flndtng a stove that
would sult Mrs. Lowry, ln h-ivlng In?
troduccd himself. by that n'a'mo, clalmlng
this tlmo to livo ln -Ashiand. Finally thg
rango was salocted. a* was the lamp and
one nr two othor trlvlals, tho entlre bill
amoniitlnB to J17. - :
Lana thon said that hn *-lsh?d tha
goods fthlpped to Ashiand nn Monday,
put would pay for them at once. Ha
Bskcil fnr a check 011 the First Natlonal
Bank, but aa there was none ln the
hoiinf, Mr. I^ynu changad a Natlonal
Bank of Virginia chock, turnlug It ovar
lo I.ano to fin out.
The ?x-convlct aald he could not wrlte,
end askert that Mr, r.ynn draw up tho
elieeki Thn name and amount was flllod,
nnd ngnln tho papfr waa pastcd to Dynn
for his slgnnture, but tho mnn shook his
hoad. oayltig ho could only mako hlu
Mr. Eynn wroto tlio nnmo J. T, I.owry
In tho proper plnce, leavlnfr a spaos be?
tween tho Inltlnla and tho nnmo fo!/
T.ano to mako his mark, but tho niin
would not placo the mark In thla place,
olnlmlng that ho had a Bpeolal arrango
inmit with tho bank by which hn'always
mado hla mark in tho rlght hand corner
nt tho paper. This was done, and tho
dcal cemoluded, no far ns Mr. T.ynn was
concerncd, he Intendlng to havo tho
paper cortlflod ut tho bank Monday bo
foro shlpplng Uio good:? to Aahland.
l.ane. however, was not ready to loave
tho plnco. Ho had another matter on
his mlnd. Ho askod Mr. Dynn to draw
another check for S27.M, pnyablo to lilm
eelf, This was done, nnd onco again
Lana, a.llus Lowry, mado hla mnrk In
tho corner of tho oheck. Ho remnliod ln
tho store for wmo llttlo timo talklns
about varlotis thlngn, nnd more than onre
rcforrlng to his wlfo. When ho loft ho
gave Mr. Lynn a hearty hnndshnke,
promlslng to call ngaln when ho camo to
With the check for S27.50 in his pooket,
Lano returned to tha Mnrshall Stroet,
house, But In tho meantime ha had,
with a penknlfe, scratched his mnrk off
tho corner of tho paper. and tlio work
was so cleverly executed that It. was not
To Mr. Bniea he tendored tho check
ln payraent for tho goods ho hnd agreed
to take earllcr Sn .the day. Tho differ
enco between tho amount of the purchase
and the face of the check was only .17.02,
and Mr. Bnico hnd been convlnced by the
rptlet manner of the man that he was all
rlght; so he agTeed to glve him tho dlf
ferenco In ca<ih. Bofore doing this, how?
ever, Enne tnade his mark on tho back
of tho paper, by way of endorsament,
and this time tho mark was made be?
tween tho Jnltialj and the name. It was
(Ccntlnued on Tenth Page.)
New York G. A. R. Want the
Alonument at Gettysburg.
opposrnoN is narrow
Col. Goulden, Head of the Grand Army
in New York City, Heartily ln Favor
of Honoring'.Southern Chieftain.
!n Pennsylvanla Legislaturs.
<Spc!?l to Tha Tlor'.fi-Plbpatfh.)
NEW YORK, Jan. 27.?While there haa
been somo opposltlon nt difterent Grand
Army Itepubllc posts in Pennsylvanla to
the MU prepared by Coionel a. K. Mc
Clure, of Philadelphla, nnd lntroduced
In the Pennsylvanla House ot Rcpresen
tatlves this week by Represontatlvo
Thomas IJ. Cooper, of Delawaro county,
provldlnn for a statue of General Ro?
bert E. Eee on tho fleld of Gettysburg,
lt ls thought tlhnt the G. A. R. men of
this Stato will come out in favor of it
If tho matter be brought befora tho posts
Colonol J. A. Goulden, tho head of the
G. A. R. In this city, said to-day:
"Ttho matter has not been brought up
hero, but lf it should, I for one am m03t
heartily ln favor- of erectlng tho monu
ment for General Robert E. Lec, neirt I
have reasons to tielleve that the mn
Jorlty of our m?n heTe wll! agree with
me. Th're ls -not one of us who <".-o-es
not know that Robert E. Lco waa a
most ihonorablo enemy, that ho fought
for what hn thought wa.s rlght, and that
In honorlng our vanquishedfoo we honor
"Opposltlon against this monument be
speak-s a narrow-mindediicss that we can
only hope Is Umlt?1 to a few fanatlcs.
Wo of tho North havo ?rected monu?
ment 3 for our soldlers on tho battleflelds
In tho Soirth. and there Is every reanon
wfhy w? shoidd let no opportunlty pass
to honor tho mon of the Bouth, who,
thougih foes once, nro out ibnethren now.
I slncenely liopo that tho Mll will pass."
(Special to Tho Tlnioi-Plspatch.)
WfNCHESTER. VA., January 27.-Some
thlng In the natiiro of a sensatlon was
creatod at a mceting of tho City School
Board last night- when that body de
ollned to considpr a proposltlon to havo
busts of Georgo Washington placed ln tha
John Kerr public schools. Sculptor Mc
Donald, of New York, had wrltten to Mr.
Peter Wlnohester Rouss In regard to the
matter, and he Indlonted a dlsposltlon to
asslst In tha work. The busts wero to be
an exact copy of tho Houdon stntuo In
AcvocatesUse of "Sword and Torch"
to Rcsist Virginia Legislation
and Disfranchisement.
t'Epecial to The Tlrao*-PI*p?tch.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, January 27.?A
muss meetlng of colored agitators was
held at Lincoln Momorlal Church last
night. James H, liayes, a Virginia negro,
rnused his hearers to tho hlghest pitch
of tremy and political excltenient when
ho auggested the uso "of the sword and
the torch" by tha negroes ln forclbly ra
slstlng tha Virginia legislation and all
ncts of disfranchisement passed by South?
ern Leglslatures,
He created groat omhusiasm. Ho said
nll sectfonal feellng between the North
and South was dead, and during all tho
jears slnce tho war the negro has not
advanceJ one inch beyond the placo ho
hdd when llborated from slavery,
"There Is nothlng ln Virginia for the
negro," he ahouted, "but degradatlon, un
lesn tho negro makes a stand for his
rights and will dle for thom. 1 am not an
anaichlst, but why should we lei peoplo
kill us?" This pnovoked loud applause.
"ln Virginia," he added, "you are Jlm
Crows. You opened to-nlght by sln3ins
'My Country, 'TIs of Thee,' but for my.
self, I am a man without a country," 1
Change of Sentiment in
Regard to Halsey Bill.
South's Bitterest EnemySays
Virginia Should Decido.
Sayr, Hc Had No Time to Conslder thev
Proposijion, but is Incllned to Be- '
lieve He Would Favor Recoiv
ing Slatue of Generai
Lee for Statuary
i-snerlnl lo The Tlni?j.DI?ptt<>h. i
WASHINGTON, D. C, Jun. 27.-Thaft
there Is a change of. .sentiment about tha
Capltol ln regard to acceptlng the pro
posed offer of Virginia to place the sta- .
tuo of Generai Robert E. Lee in Statuary
Hall Is evidant from statements to-day
by promlnent Repuhllcans. Senator
Chauncey M. Depew, ot Now Tork, was
or.o o? those who favors acceptlng the
statue, and Representatlvo Crumpacksr.
of Indiana, was another. Senator Bov
erldgo, ot Indiana, said he had not had
tlmo to conalder the question fully, but
he Inellnod to bellevo ho would favor ac-A
ccptlng the Etatue.
Represcntatlves H>.y nnd Flood are,
both strongly ln favor of tho Leglsla
turo passlni? too Halsey bill.
Ot all the Northern men who have
been seen, Senator Depew, of New Tork.
Is tho most hcarty In hls expvesslons of..
favor to tho acceptnrice of the ntatue...i
Many say prlvatcly they would not op
pose lt, but Senator Depew does not
mlnce words. Tho following ls hls state-:
ment made to the Tlincs-Dispatoh repra
sentatlve at tho Capltol to-day:
"My oplnion upon this subject ls very
elear. The wa? betweon the North and.
the South was fought for the prcserva
tlon of tha Union. This question had
been dlseussed in debate by tho two sldos
evor slnco the framlng of the Artlcles
of Confedcration. The Union side won.
The Issue was accepted at once by tbo
dofcated side, and I thlnk tho placlng
of a statuo ot Genaral Robert E. Lea
ln Statuary Hall would be an cmphatlo
reoognltlon of tho fact that.wo are nll
now advocatcs of natlonality and its per
petulty. I an? haartily ln favor of re
celvlng tho Lee statue."
Senator Bevcrldge, the promlslng youns
Indlanlan, said when asked his vlewa on ;
tha Lee etatuo: "I have not had tlmo
to give the matter conslderation and t j
should llko to go Into lt thoroughly be?
foro giving au oplnion. I am incllned i
to think, however. that I should favor
recelving tho statue."
Representatlve Crumpacker. of- In- I
dlana, one of tho leading Republicans In !
tho House, and a man who has been try
Ing for years to have pnssed a measurn
'looklng to the rcductlon of representatlon
of the South. ls another who comes oub
squarely" with the nnnouncement that ho
would not opposo Senator Halsey's plan.
"In my oplnion." said Judga Crum?
packer, "the settlement of thl3 question
should be left cntireiy to Virginia, Rooerr.
E. Leo was a aistinguisnea cltlxen of tnw'
country. Hc was a conspicuous tigur*
ln tho cause or tne conreaeracy?a causa
virginia espousea?ana ir virginia wanta.
to remember him by placlng hls statue in ,
Statuary Hall. personally 1 seo no rea- ,
son why sho should not do so. Lee in '
Virginla'a son and lt ls for lier to decld?i
this quesllon as eIio sees flt."
Representatlve Hay, of Virginia, sall'
to-day that ho had come to tho conclu
slon that It would be Just as well for
tho Virginia Lcglslaturo to go ahead and
pass the Halsey bill, ' The statue of Le?
could bo offered and then let what mlghs
happen. Representatlve Flood was ot j
tha same oplnion.
Mrs. Frederick Alfred Reads
Through Opaque Substan
ces Witjli Apparent Ease.
(Sparlal rjto Thn Tlmes-Dtspatch.)
NEW Vt'iUlV, ..anuary 27.-Mrs. Fred?
erick Alfred, a woman of forty, has eyes
that are ablo to see through subiiances
that ?are opaque. When tlghtly bllnd
folded, sho cun read from books or let?
ters, which sho has naver seen before,
She has known for tha last two years
that she has this po\v<?i> ar.d has fre
quently exerclsed It bafore her t'rlends.
Mrs. Alfred has been submltted to a
test where her haad was so wrnpped
In handkcrchlefs that every partlcla of
ilght waa excluded.
A book waa plcked at random from *
Bhelf and piaced open ln her hand. Thore
was a hesltatlon of a few secomls. and
thon thn readlng hegan and It cofctlnued
without break until a full paga had baen
covered without mlstake. Then Mrs. Al?
fred, ccmplalning of eevera pains In h?r
head, asked that the oxperlmeiit bo dl?
(By Asscclated Prea-j.)
LONDON, January 27.?Tha reiitence (r,
tUath passed upon Colonel Arthur Lynch,
who waa found guilty ot hlgh tr?aaon on
Friday laat, has been coinmuted to pen&t
?itxvltude for lif?.

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