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Not touched by human hands from its husking until
it reaches the consumer's table. Cooked and baked at a
high temperature which destroys the raw starch and pre
vents fermentation ? understand, prevents fermentation.
Healthful, Digestible, Clean?for AH Homes and for
All Seasons. Expert Union Labor only employed.
? i r
pmpared by prjge CEREAL FOOD CO., Baftle Creek, ftfish.
His Excellency to Espouse
Cause of Education?Many
Notaries Named?Sick.
Goi-ernor Montague left nt noon yester-.
clay for Montgomery, Ala_, whero he will
attend a conferenco of school auperln
tendenls of Al.ibama, nnd will address
n joint session ot those gentlemen and
the General Assembly on the subjcct of
popular educatlon.
Hls Excellency ls unaccompanled on
liis trip, nnd will not ho ln hls ofllco
again before Monday. IIo did not come
"fi> tha Cnpltol yesterday before leavlng.
IHe nnd Hon. W. \\*. McJntlre were In
conferenre some time rogardlng tlie i-e
xnovnl of the remnlns of Mrs. Jnnies
"Monroe nnd daughter to JHIohmoncl, to
rest beside the husband nnd father, Pres?
ident Monroe, in Hollywood. Secretary
ailtclilp and Executive Clerk Blggpr will
.bo In charge of the olrice lu tho Oovor
rnor's absence.
' Secretary of the Coihmonwenlth Eg
Eleston has isstied eommlsslons to the
?followlng newly appointed notaries pub?
lic: Mess.rs. R. S. Brooks. Portsmouth;
?R. II, Rawles. Surfolk; H. M. Harton,
Gate Clty; J. D, Tnelter, W. E. Bnr
retl. I,. C. Blankenshlp. .Hustburg; II. O.
Ilasnick. Dunip Creek; Wlllnm Kelly,
Y.'Trrtfin'-"" Newton Hnxall, Barnoursvlllo,
and \V. J. Ship. Fox. Vn.
Second Audltor Dew nnd Commlssloner
of Labor Doherty nro both sick nnd nre
thereby kept nt hnme.
I - /
'Was Buried in Mount Calvary?Coro
ner's Inquest.
The remains of Mr. Thomas nollard.
?who was kllled by being crushed under
| the wheels of a train early Tuosday
; morning on Belvldere Street. were In
terred in Mount Calvary Cemetery yes?
terday nftemnnn at 4 o'clork.
\ Coroner Taylor lield nn Inquest yestor
ji'day morning, niul tho jury rendered a
t_*QRflr"t tliat the deceased came to hls
<ionth without blame to the railroad com
jiany or its omployes.
Wc give you qual?
ity and style unsur
passed, thepromptest
possible delivery, and
the lowest prices.
Examine our speci
mens and prices be?
fore piacing your
order for VVeddintf
Invitations, Calliny
Cards, Die Emboss
in*,*, and all kinds of
Social and Commer
cial Engraved Work.
1105 East Main,
Suit of J. E. Amiss Against
the C, & 0. Railroad Was
Won by the Defendant.
Twelve mon, eonstltutliig a Jury, ln tho
Law and Equlty Court yesterday nfter
noon, nftor a dollberntlon of loss tlinn
three minutes, returned a verdict for the
defendant In wlint Is rcgarded as one of
tho most frlvolous suits over instltutod
In Richmond?a elnlm for enormous dnm
agos baaed upon tho loas -of a slrigle lln?
J, K. Amiss, formerly an employe of
Uio company, wns sulng tb'o Chesapeake
and Ohio Railroad for rjamnges to the
amount of $l,m for tho loss of a flnger
on hls right hand, tho member being the
littlo flnKor.
Tho suit went on trial yeste'-day morn?
ing, and tiio bulk of tlie ovldonco was
In by noon. After the lunch hour the
attorncys, Mr. Gariand Tnylor, represent
Ing tho company, nnd Mr. XV. B. Smith,
ropresentlng tho plalntlff, argueil tho case
brlefly. It was submltted to the Jury
at 4 o'clock, nnd two mlnutes later thoy
returned -with a verdict, llndlng for tlie
?Amiss untll recently hns beon em
ployed by tho company, nnd -whllo en?
gaged with scvernl other men ln romov
lns tho roeks from a culvert ono of them
Blippcd, inashlng hls llnger so badly that
it liad to bo aniputated.
The sult aroused mitch lnterest, ln viow
of tho large amount asked for tho Injury.
In tho Chnnccry Court yesterday morn?
ing a deed of bill of sale, convoylng the
property of tho Morris (Ineorporated)
Compnny to Mr. Suniuel Moore, was llleil,
tbe amount sllpulated being J2.500. Tho
business wlll be continued tlie samo ns
beforo tho transfor. aml nn chango wlll
be mado in tho pollcy of the flrm.
Tho Morris (rncbfporated) Company
conduoted a handsome and well-known
soda fount and coiiCectlonery establlsh
mont at No. fi25 East Broad Street, tho
president of the concorn liolng 3. A.
Morris. Last summer tho resort proved
ono of Uio most popular in the olty, a
largo' und desirable patronage having boen
bullt up. It wlll ho gi-nllfylng to ntmi
bera of ladies and lovers of soft drlnlca
to learn that tho business will bo con?
C. A. RJohardson qunUfled as ndminls
trator of Mary Rlohnrdson yesterday
morning ln the Chnnccry Court. Tho
estate ls small.
Mrs. Jennle "Whltehurst qunllfiod ns
admlnlstrntrlx: ln tho samo court yes?
terday of tho ostato of \V. E. Whltehurst.
The property Involved Ih not a grcat deal.
peter (Paul lnstltuted sult ln tho City
Circuit Court yesterday against Wyatt
Chambers for $300.
Tho Tanner Palnt and Oll Company
flled sult ln tho Circuit Court yesterday
afterii'oon jigalnst R. E. Lowls for $;!20.54.
The doclcet ln the Hustlngs Court hav?
ing been complcted, tho jury hap been
discharged. ?JUtoJiL(J?iiriiS
Reception To-Night.
There wlll be a receptlon given at the
Lelgh. Street Baptist Church to-nlght at
8:30 o'clock.
* 5ftarton JfotyAts, |
Miss Mnry MoMurrau, of Portsmoutli,
ls visiting nt the homo of 'Mra, XV, O.
Mru. J. O. Cole, of North Avenuo, lit
visiting friends in Henrico.
Mr, Wnlter Stale'y, who hns been visiting
friends lu BJgliland Park, has returnetl
to Norfolk.
Miss Annie do Pralrle, who ls visiting ln
Washington and Portsmouth, ls expected
to return noon.
Mra. May Oordon, who ls visiting rel
ativea on tho llolghta, wlll lenve next
v.eek to epend tho rest of her tlmo ln
Mib. Coffoy, of Brooklnnd Park, wlll
k-ave ln a fuw days lo vlslt her paronta
In Louisa.
MJsa Almu Cartor, of Loulan, la vIsIUmb
lar cousin, Mru, George E. Carter,
Mru. l-'rajik Ilotinlnger has roturned to
her homo ln Qeorgla, after n verv plens
niit visit to Mrs. L'arler, of Rrooklaiid
Mrs. J, G. Jetor hns roturned to hor
home "u Ladies' Miio ttoad, aiter a vlslt
to Mrs. AV. M, Luck.
Mrs. Morgan, of Columbla, who ims
been VlBitlng Mrs, XV, II. Bevoilago, has
returned liomo.
Miss Pattlfl Llgon, of Bnbot Isltind, who
hns been visiting Mrs. S, A. Long, ls now
virttliig ln Rlchrnond,
Mr. and Mrs. .lobn E. llinding wlll leavo
the latter part of thls week for Washinir
Mrs, V. L. White, ot Ashland, is vis?
iting hor diiughtc-r, Mrs. (>, U. Pensoley.
M*\ 1>. L. Grahani left yi-steiduy evo
nlng for Hultlniore on a vlblt. Jln wlll ho
Houe several weeks.
Mn -i Mary .'lonr's, of Brook Road, Is vls
ItlriK her aimt, Mra. Clmrlui 1', Jones, of
He Will Go to Washirfgton
This Week to Study
Coionel A, M. Bowmrin, Commlssloner
of Afjrlctilturo Kolner nnd Ilnn. Georgo
E. Murrell, flrst naslstnnt hn tho prop
arutloiiH fnr Virginia exhiblt at'the St.
I.oula Jfixpoaltlon, were In conference yes?
terday, nnd aa n result Mr. Murrell will
go to Washington llle latter pnrt of tho
worlc for tho purposo of studylng the va
(rloua cxhlbtts Slntes hav'o prevlously
made nt world expnaltlons nnd formlng
therefrom In hls own mlnd nnrtie jilnn
whereby tho ^no.OOO upproprlnted by Vlr
glnln mny bo exponded to tho best nd
Mr. Murrell left the clty lnat night, but
?will go by hls Bedford home boforo go?
ing to the Nntloiuil Capltnl,
Tho question hna been enrnestly dla
cussed as to ?whero Mr. Murrell will havo
liis offlce. This will depend to a con
sldernblo cxtent on the llbernllty of tho
aovornl rnllronds ln mnklng ngreements
for transportatlon. Two cltlcs nro most
prnmlnently mentloned as tho cholco of
thn commission for the locatlon of ita
general offlce. Theso nre Itichmond nnd
But Mr. Murrell ls not going to spend
much timo ln any ofllco. He will tnwel
horseba'ek over this ontlre State?at least,
"thnt whlch Is remoto from rnllroads,
mnklng nn'angoments for articles of ex?
hiblt. He Is taking hold ot tho lmpor?
tant work wlth great enrnestness, Just
as the commlssloners know ho would
when they cler.tcd hlm, nnd tho succeaa
of Vlrglnla's part of the great show ls
assiired. i
An Urgent Appeal is Now Made In Its
The Educatlon Commission of tho Bap?
tist Oeneral Assoeintion of Virginia haa
Issued nn appeal to the churches of the
Stato in behalf of tho Brlstol Institute.
The paper, whlch Is publlshed In the
Herald, ls slgnerl by the president, Mr.
Simon Seward, of Petersburg, and nll
the other members. It snys In part:
"Brethren, our actual condition c.ught
to bo Icn'owri to you, nnd we present it to
you wlth perfect eandor. We havo In
actual cash, nnd ln certain plcdges of
money, whlch become lnstantly avalla
?ble. when the wholo nmount la raised,
about $n.fi(K>. This leaves a def.'clt, and we
do not f->el tliat thoro ls nny wny to
meet thla case exee.pt by asklng the
Baptlsts nf Virginia to gVi-e tho rest of
tho monoy.
Wo went carcfully over the llst of
the. churches nnd found that mnny of
our churches liad not contribufed. They
have not yet given anything, and not
a few of these churches nre strong, and
well able to help. They nro churches
that otiglit not to nllow thcmselvos to
bo left out of tho concerted movement
whlch tlio Baptlsts of Arlrglnla'are mnk?
lng for Brlstol. We deslro to sny to the
pastors and members of thoso churches
that wo nre constrnlned to ct.me back
to them nnd ask them to dlscard the
appenl thnt we mako to them. We feel
that we ought, also, to call tho atten?
tion of some of tho clmrohes io tho fact
thnt they fell qulte bolow -tha amount
that thoy -wore asked to gk-o, nnd thla
in part explalned our trouble. We ro
spectfully nsk tlieso churches that they
will come up to the full measure of thell
apportlonment, and tln their part."
Mr, H. Lee Carter and Miss Mary Eliz
abeth Warriner Married,
A very pretty inarrlage was solemnlzed
at the home of Mr, Henry Watson Cot
trell. No. ftOiS North Twenty-aeeond Street,
at 5:15 o'elook yesterday afternoon, the
brldo lielng a cousln "of Mr. Cottrell.
Miss Mary Ellzabeth Warriner and Mr.
If. Leo Carter wero tho contractlng par?
ties. The Rev. M. Ashby Jones tled the
nuptlnl knot. The couple came Into tho
parlors to the atralns of Lohengrln's
wedding marcli, played by Mrs. Tt. H.
The brldo wus accompanled to tho lm
rrovlsed nltar by her friend, Miss Kate
Grlgff, who woro pink organdy and car?
ried carnatlons. Tho brldo wore a tall
or-mndo suit of blue cloth and carried
La Franco rosea.
Tbe groom wns attended by hls bcat
man, Mr. Arthur Ii Mull.
Tho parlors wero ta.stefully decorated
wlth paltna, pink candelabra and shaded
Mrs. Carter is ai daughter of Mr. John
Taylor Warriner, of Amella. county. The
groom is a tolegraph operator at Chula.
Va., whoso home Is also ln Amella.
Mr. and Mrs. Curter, accompanled by
her alster, Miss Blanche Warriner, left
on tho Southern road at 0 o'clock for the
homo of the brldo.
Seated Delegates.
Delegates ha/i-e Rieen seated by the
Tradea and Labor Council aa follows:
Local, No. 44, Journeymon Tallora' In
ternaUonnl Unlon?J. J. Mundln, B. B.
Cahlll, _; M. Byrnes, J. A. North, Au?
gust Becker,
Irou Mouldors' Unlon?W. J. Llpscomb,
H, B. Fnlrcloth, Louls Anderson, John
Hodgers, M." P. Murpny.
Locnl, No. 01, Jounioymen Bakers' and
Confectlonora' Intcrnatlonal Unlon?Her
trian ItiLwloa.
Ko Sfronger Evidence Gan
Be Produced.
Look well to tholr record. What thoy
havo dono many tlmea In years gono by
ls tho best guaianteo of future reaulta,
Any ono wlth a bad back, nny reudur
suffering from urlnary tioublea, from any
kidney Hls, will find ln tho followlng evl
dunco proof tliat relief nnd cure la near
at hand:
Mr. n. M. Myors, tlio well known shoc
maker, of Wlnchestor Avenue und Four.
teenth Street, Ashland. Ky., says: "IJonn's
Kidney 1'llls nre llko truo frlonds?tlie
longer you know them tho bettor thoy
aro nppreclatcd. 1 can uud nothlng to tho
stiitcmont 1 flrst mado in is%, aftor I
procurcd the remody at tho VeiltUlft Dmg
Compnny nud took a course of tho trent
inent, whlch cured mo. I was absolutely
froo from nll Imckacho for nearly three
ycaisi thon I notlced a sllsht acho, ns the
rouult of a cold, ln my buek. A box of
Doan's Kidney Pills ilispoBed of it. 1 hava
raiormncndeil thla remody to mnny nnd
havo never heard of ono who did not cn
doiso tlio elalnis mnde, for lt."
Fnr salo by all dealers. Prlco, BO cents.
Fostor-Mlllburn Company, Huffnlo, N, Y,,
anl? agents for thn Unitcd States.
lii-member tlio uuino?Doaii'ts?und take
no substltut^ ? v' .?
Syrup.of FI^s
ih<~b&st l&mily laxative
It is pure.
It is gentle.
It is pleasant.
It is efficacious. ;
It is not expensive.
It is good for children,
It is excellent for ladies.
It is convenient for business men.
It is perfectly safe uiider all circuinstances.
It is used by millions of families the world over.
It stands highest, as a laxative, with physicians.
If you use it you have the best laxative the world
Its coniponent parts nre all wholesome.
It acts gcntly without unpleasant after-effectfl.
It i9 wholly free from objcctionnble substances.
It contains the laxative principles of plants.
It contains the carminative principles of plants.
It contains wholesome aroraatic liquids which are
ogreeablc and refreshing to the taste.
All are pure.
All are delicately blehded.
All are skillfully and scientifically compounded.
Its value is due to our method of manufacturc and to
the orginality and simplicity of the cornbination.
To get its beneficial efTects-?buy the geuuine.
Mauufactured by
San Frrxnclsco. Cal.
Loxilsvillo. Ky. Now York, N. Y.
The Man
1492?Ben Metzgor crossed tho' Rhlnc.
2000?Sam Parrlsh purehased n now coat.
? ? ?
Wo tako great pleasure in thanking
Mr. Fred. Jurgens for the benutlful calen
dara ho sent us.
They shall hnng above our $75 roller
top, so that wo may seo at iv glanco whon
it ls tlmo to go to lunch.
Wo overlook our lunch so often thnt
whon wo do go after it, KIrkwood lias
to shut tho doors on everybody elso, for
we aro propared to eat all |n tho house.
And -when the calondar runs out, wo
shall tako the beautiful pictures off and
put gllded frames about them. and hang
them on tho wall ln our hall room, so
that when wo awako ln the morning wo
may seo thoso beautiful eyes, those rosy
llps and tliat sweet amlle.
* * ?
A man went Into Mooro & Burke'a
place on Hull Street with whlskers on
hls chln and said:
'Xrood evoning.
"AVha.t do you sell whiskey by tho gill
for?" ho asked.
"Becauso we aro hero for that pur
pose," said Mr. Burke,
"I mean, why do you sell it at for so
much n plnt?"
"You menn you want to know how
much wo chargo by tho gill."
"Eight cents."
"That's hlph. Everybody else charges
"Can't help what others chargo; that's
our price."
"Lemme try it."
So he got a gill in a cup, and then
poured lt In a glnss.
"That's all right," ho said, "now lommc
see If I got tho prlco."
Then ho dug down into hla panta and
pulled forth a roll.
"Seo that roll," he said, "I lost lt last
night. It was *..ts way. It waa a dark
and stormy night, aad I went to seo
Bomo lady friends. After we had been
sitting around the flre for awhlle, thlnk
lng and breaUiing hard, somobody said
it would be a good night for candy.
"So I ups and goos out and gets a box
of candy, and 1 e:irrles my roll ln my
hand all the tlme. After wo had set
nnd tnlke.d Ull about 10 o'clock, I ups
and goos, and whon I glts up the street
a llttlo piece. 1 misses my- roll.
"And whero do you thlnk I found lt?"
Everybody gavo It up.
"In tho candy box."
Tho moral of this wholo story ls that
even a man with a roll wants to get
all the llquor he can for tho prlco.
Festive Season is Now on and Laundry
Work is Be|ow Par.
"Krog HI Lun Nen," the chlneso Now
Year, was appropriately colobrated by
tho loenl colony n( celestials yesterday.
Tho fostlvnl will contlnuo for a week,
nnd during thnt tlme very few collars
nnd shirts wlll be "dono up," for lt ls
looked upon as a season of rest
Very little elso than eating, talklng
und sleeplng wlll be engaged lu, and chop
souey will be consiiined ln irory large
lt wlll be the rule to dlno out during
tho liolidnys, and each celestlal ln hls
tlmo wlll eiitortnln hls follow country
inon.t All bllls must bo paid up by. Ihu
Chlnnmon beforo Uie season closos, .ns
lt ls consldered a great sln to go Into tho
new year with a debt bolng ovordue.
J'at'rmount 7few$
Tho Council of tho town of Falrmount
mot ln called setslon on tho evening ot
tho ?0th Instant nnd appointed a commlt
t*io, whloh drew up nuitablo resolutions
of their estoem nf tlie into J. P. Now
beiry, who died last Saturday, thn 24th.
At tho funeral of Mr, J, P. Newberry,
on tho 27 th Instmit, ntCliilst Church,
thero was tha largeat crowd, perliaps, of
nny funeral thnt hns gone out from Fulr
Mr. J. T. Nuckols, who wns talton vlo
lontly ill lust Saturday night, ls now con
Mr. Wron, oornor of Twonty-thlrd nnd
S Stroots, who hns hcon slok for more
than two months, ls slowly linpi-ovlng.
Mr. D. T. Mltoholl, who has boen slck for
moro than a yenr, has in tho lust fow
drtys been Blttlllg np, but remains vory
weak, lie lost a littlo glrl uhoiil threo
weeks ago. and tlie only remululng child
la uulto 111
Miss E-olly C'liapmnn, of No. 1210 North
Tiventy-Huvi'iilh Btleet, silffoied u palnful
opiiratlon on last Saturday, nnd is now
imieh relieved nnd hopoful of permnheut
Tho Oounoll of Kn Irmount hope to havo
thrt lown llghted by uleclilcty by tho flrst
of April, and a splendlcl system of water
works by Uio last of thls year,
Norfolk & Western J^'y
. . TRAINS..
9:00 A. M. 3:00 P. H.
6:56 P. n.
run solid from Byrd Street
Union Station, Richmond,
into the Norfolk & Western
depot, Norfolk, without
change of cars.
TICKET OFFICES: Byrd Street Union Station; Richmond Transfer Co., 819 Main Street
Murphy's Hotel and The Jefferson, and OFFICE OF THE COMPANY, 838 MAIN STREET.
City Pass. and Ticket Agent. District Passenger Agent.
Chalmers' Gclatine
All Ideal
will include a delicious
made from
Chalmers GalatlM
Taylor & Boliastg
Southern Agents
Richmond, Virginia
Have You
A Tumor?
Why not curo It? Have dootbra
falled and given up hopo of curlnK
i-ou? We will CURE you-or you will
owe us nothlng!
w?JPosltlvely ouro Canoors, Tumors
and Chronlo Sorea without uslng- n
luilfo. W'o nro making ?wonderful
cures every day. Como and see what
we aie rtolng. if tlion you aro not
ButlKfled wo will pny all expenses!
If you cnnnot como send for prlnt<M
tnattur, nnd Htato your enso. Do not
delay?como or wrlto to-dny.
Kellam Cancer Hospital
Twcll'tli nnd Bank Streeta
Richmond Iron-Works,
(Establlshod 1SC9. Incorporntod 1902.)
Fifteenth and Broad and
Flfteenth and tiraoe.
Mnnufaeturers of Knglnos, Bollers, Snw
MlllH, Agrloultural Iron Works, Flro Ks
capes, Cirllls, Fenc-lng, rulloys, Genrlng,
Slmftlng, Vernndas, and llalconles,
Brass and Iron Casting a Speclalty
Rojialrlng pronuitly. attended to, '
and POULTRY YARDS, both Woven
and Barbed Wire. We have the best
and cheapest line of FENCING made.
Write for catalogue and prices.
1215 Main Street, Richmond, Va.
I Our Great Removal Sale I
Will continue for the next ten days. Several carloads of High
Grade Pianos and Organs sold at and below cost.
Full line of Mandolins, Banjos and Guitars from $1.50"to m
$5.00. g
Popular Sheet Music, 5-10c.
1 Fergusson Biros., , \
| New Store No. 11 W. Broad. 815 E. Broad St. I
It is Our Pride
to have made and to keep this the
best known and the best-every-way
laundry in this section of the eoun
try. So you need have no fear of
having your laundry work slighted.
We want you to speak well of us, as
others have done; we want your
trade for years to come. Try us
M. P, GORDON & CO., Prop.
1519 West Main Street.
Old 'Phone, -118; Now 'Phono, 500.
//^\ 25 cents aBotfle/^faT
it is a

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