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;M^^i^A iw. WHOLE NUMBER, 16,157.
"wE&^^TON, Vph- S.-Forecast for
"edncHday n.nd Thursdayi
vlrglnla-Ujiln VVcdncadey; Thurstlny
imr, inudi coiclcr; frosh to brlslc south
winus shlftlng io west nnd northweBl.
m,Nort!* f-nrollna- R.-iln Wednesdny:
Thursdny falr, much coltlcn hrlsk. south
to yvcst wlnds. ;
Tho wenthnr ln Richmond yesterday
wns iininp nnti uhsbasonably warm. At
night a flno niin bogan lo fall, eontlritltng
iiI lntiirvnlH throughout tho night. Tho
(herrnotnetcr at, mldnlght reglstered 66
nnd fell sllghtly thereatW,
9 A. ,\l.M
??$ -::::::::::::::::::::::;::::::;::::: 8
U mldiilBht .65
Average .>.f,s
JIlKlifst tcmpenituro-:' P. M.,.,.G3
Lowest tenipernture?0 A. M. 19
Mean tempornturcj yesterdav.IA
Normal tempor.ituro for February... M
Dcpnrture from normal tempornture. M
Prcclpitalion during past 24 hours... W
' , Fob. I, IKM.
Sun rlses... 7:13 ILHJH T1DK.
bim sctJ?.... r.::tTi j Morning.S:26
Moon potn...l2:O0 | Evening.9:11
I.. (' Ynungcr's blg esl.ibllshment de
.tro.yci? by flro* ?ntalllng a loss of a liun
qred|tnoufland dollars-Barksdalo's pure'
eloctlon bill rcporte<l wlth a kllllng
amenoment?Measuro croatlng ah Instir
aneo commission recommonded-Chlld
iilior hi 1 to bo consldercd to-nlght?
Terry. wlits his: case In the Ulitted Stntrs
Circuit ' ourt of Appenls?Death of Mrn.
vv. B. \M)ltloci<?-Nothlng to p/event
Boiunrrn Railway'.. securing n. franchise
noro??Shafer building matter to come np
Saturday?Richmond Telephone Com?
pany to dlseor-.tlnne servlce February
,y?th-Blg- order for cnglnes given
Slany declslons by the United States
i ourt?Mlnlstorlal studerit entirely re
covera from smullpnx-Chargef" regard*
lng methods formerly u.?ed to get bllls
Uirough made |n th? Senate?Toblet and
a toniKlono to the memory of -Miss Robhle
Yager-Ministers dlsagreo ns to conduct
and purppse of their union?Interestlng
test to be made. to-dav at Murphv's an
nex-Florida. Irip of A'lrglnla Press As- i
hoclatlon arrangod-Tnx recelpts must
l>e shown ln order lo vote-Blg school
hlstory light ln prospect-Statement re
gardlng the educatinnal instlt-.nions of
the siate?(>ai coming to Richmond?
An aK*a poiiceman stricken with parnly
sls-A young mlnlster In danger of total
deafness.-MANOHESTBR ?- A new
renstiB mny he orderod soon-Movo for
Street Improvement?Nlne bovs under
arrest-Vacclnatlmi beglns thls morn?
ing-Many oomplnlnts of dopredatlons
Manchester lady wede-Cotllton at l.eac
er Hall-A watch lost-Box party to j
be given.
Local optlon petition In Augusta Isl
lacklng ln slKTiers?Winchester peopio
try Fasteitr treatment for tho hlte of a,
inad cat-Miiiilao erealcs a dlsturbanoe
ln .l Lynchburg store-Driver of a wag?
on killed hy a Lynchburg trolley car?A
ealf escapes nt I/oiiisw. as thougli by
mlrucle-A fortune ln Texas awalts a
mall carrler of Portsmouth-Old !:tdv
ittwkcd by a negro ln Northern Hnllfax
for Mcr money?Frederlcksburg- has good
mall farilltles-Old oliurch at Peters
biirB Is ngnln gold-Totinr? man arrested
ut Newport News on serlims chargo
New commission in tiio Schmoele land
iiw.-uii ense; tlie declsion nf Judge Wnd
riill at Norfolk?Coroner's- vcrdfet on
death of Rhodes In Roanoke?Nlne In
dlctments ln Bpotssivanla for selllng llli
i.lt whiskey??-|Eollness Church at Dan?
ville, closed-J?n" account of factlons in
congvexiHimt^? A truo hear storj- from
the ril.smal Swamp-Generai Fltzhugh
l.eo buys'properly and wlll bulld a,home
near the rnlveralty-..-? Ama.hu.ir Iheatrl
cals at AVaarllngton nnd l.ee.-Marriages:
J. F. Carroll and Mlsa Ylola.Johiwon at
Priiioeton: Charli-s V. Brooks" and MIbk
Berta ICnthleen Ingram. at South Boston;
T. A. Hultlsli and Miss Bettlo May Pollard
nt Alexandria.?Denths: A. S. "Haynes
et, Roanoke; J. \V. Cailanan at Roanoke;
Mrs. William Page In King George; Mrs.
Robert Adams in Washington! John Bry
nnt at L/yncUburg; Mrs. T. P. wilson ln
Purcellvlfle; Mrs. Harrlet JIathers nt
Lexington; Mrs. Snsan Hettrlck at Roan
nko; S, G. Diiver at Ilarrisonburg; Mrs.
Charlotte Trenary at Boyce; Mrs. C'hrls
tlna Sheltn at ISdlnburg; George Ounn
nt. Danville; James A. Saunders at Pe?
tersburg: l.ewis Gee nt KeysvJJle; R. L,.
Bohtmaon at Williamsburg; Mlsa Louls
1'itx.hugli at Charlottesvllle.
((^C^iaiRa^hargcd wlth murder. is Identl
tlJcd^fJtel^fight years and makes full con
res?raniT? IJefcctive tlue cause.s a flre near
NVilmlngton-Wusboud at Wlnstdn-Salem
shoots hls wlfo nnd then himsolf;?'Judge
Boyd slttlng jn the United States Circuit
Court at Greensboro-Good work of Wll
nilngton's tlro department-Buckner
claims his election to tha Stute, Senate
Meajiiiro lntroduced in tho Stato Legis?
lature ln regaxd to big hats In theatres
Durham Tractlon Company elects offi?
cers? Union forces at Ashovillo dcclde
to flght fOT an elght-hour dny-Pollcc
rnan sued at Wlnston-Salem for wounds
received while rocklng the officer-Utley
cscapes from Jail nt Fayettevllle.
No advlccs as to naturo of proposltlon
that allles wlll now mako as to settle
lnein, of Venezuolun dispute. but hellef is
Bcnoral that au anilcablo settlement. re
Jiultlng ln early raising nf the blocltade,
wlll soon be rcachcd-Tobacco men who
aro to protest against the glvlng of prizes
nnd prcmlums effected an organlzatlon
Sharkey Is to Ilght Jack Munroc. and
Corbott has signed artlcles of agreemont
to flght Jeffrlcs for tho heavy-welght
ohamplonship-Stock market waa dull
agnln yesterduy-Contracts awarded for
the, two new crulsers-R. Bldllck shot
his swcetlieart and lhcn ended llls own
lifo wlth rnrbollc. acid and pislol bul
lels-Ilobson may not he nllowed to re
Slgn from the navy because of the need
or men In tho. ooustructloil department
Commltteo ropnrta its ilndinga on Ihe
Lessier ;brlbery charges Hnd practlcally
states that Doblin was gullty of perjury
nnd mado appr6ach.es to corrupt Lessler
on hls own responslbillty in nn eiTort to
TOii-Ko monr-y-Boauvolr. the hontn llie
President or tlie Confederacy. now the
properly of the Mlsslsslppl Sons of Vete?
rans?Elkins hlll. deslgned to regulate
commerce l>elwern t.ho Sta'?j8, passed Ihe
Senale-Roiiresontal Ivo Pnvn'e unable
to prevent the pnssnge of i?|vate claims
bills in Ihe House-Amerlcan squailldj)
orderod to Ilonduras, owlng to involu
tlou, aud civil war thore?Venezuelan
GovernmeiiL troops wln .great vlotory
over tho lusurgqnts-James Cowflon |'s
not aliowed counsel fees by commUtee
whlch regarded hls attempted contest of
Rein:esentatlvo Glass' sent us a fiivee_
Robbeis lu Cambrldge. IU., loot a bnnk
of ten thousand dollnrs, but are captured
nnd lodffed In jail-Steel trust i1fis Inrgest
orders ever boolted, amount lng to over
flve inilllon lons ? Negro ln New Orleans
cluims part of reward that -was offered
for tho eapturp nf President Jeffersoji
Davis, and do-ilos tho story that Mr,
Davis dlsgulshcd himself iu woman's
Thn nichmonil, Fredei-lcksliurg nnd Po?
tomao Railroad Convpnny has glvon a
contrnot lu Uie Richmond Uocomotlvo
Works lo bulld ten up-to-rtnto englnes.
These wl|l 1)0 cqunl to .'Ul.v now used by
thls cniupan.v.
Thls compnn.V wlll hnve nt lensl flvo,
nnd probably ten euglnes, bulll by Iho
Baldwln Company, nt Phlladelphla, Iho
nontrnct having been mado through Mr.
George |'\ Jones, the agent for thls com
panw, iu piuJunond. "~
May Be Prosecuted by
U.S. Attorney-General.
Lemuel Eli Qulgg and Hol?
land Co. Exonerated.
Charge That Representative Lessler
Was Approached isSustained, Think
the Majority of the Committee,
Though Ihc Minority
Holds Other
(By Associated Tress.)
WASEUNOTON, Feb. ?.--The House
Commltteo on KavaJ Affalrs to-day re?
ported to tlio Hotisa Its findlng's in tha
mntter of tlie invostigatlon of the l-rf-ss
ler brlbery charges. A minority report
signed by Representative Klichin. of
North Carollnn; Vandlver, nf Mlssourl,
and Roberts, of Massachusetts, also waa
On tlie flnal voto on the adoption of
the reoort as a, wholo, Reprcsentatives
Kitchln, Mudd, of Jloryland, nnd Rob?
erts, ot' jMassachusctts, vou-d "present."
Ropresentatlva Vandlver, of illssouri,
votert in the negutivo, each giving an
oiplanation for so votlng.
Thero was a deslro on tnn part of
some of thn members to make tlie llnd
Ings tnurr- sweeplng in nornc respects.
The majorlty report, after summnriKlng
tlie tesiimony given by Lessler and Dob?
lln and the latter's rctraction, snys:
"A witness .worn h.v the chalrman,
ns Iti thls case, who states any mntorlal
matter whlch he iloes not believe to l>o
trim befnrc a committee- of tho. House
eonductlng nn Investlgation under au?
thority of tho House, conimits perjury,
and Is llable to punlshmcnt tlicrofor."
> In concluslon. the report says:
"Your commltteo has most carefully
heard and cnnsldercd lhe testimony ta?
ken before it. and upon the same has
come. to the followlng conclusions:
" ' That ilie charges made by Alr. I_-s?
]er thnt an attempt had been made to cor?
ruptly lnfluence hls action icspoeting pro?
posed legislation is sustained by the com?
mittee, and such an attempt. in tlio opln?
lon of the committee. having been made
by one Philip Doblln, on his own initi
ntlvc and rcsponsibillty, wlth the idea of
mnklng money for himself If hfi should
fltul^ Mr. Lessler corruptly approachable.
" '2. That there ls no evldence to sus
taln the charge of an attempt by Lemuel
E. Quigg to corruptly lnfluence a member
E. Quig to corruptly lnfluence a member
of the Committee on Nnval Affalrs re
spectlng proposed legislation pending be
f-nc said committee and tho public.
" '3. That there Is no ev-idenca to sus
lalri tho chargo of nn attempt by the Hol
latifl Submnrlne Boat Company or any of
Its agents. to corruptly lnfluence a niem
bermfriho, Co'mmltten .oifj is'aval. Affalrs
icspectlng proposed legislation beforo said
committee and tho House.*
"In vlew of the foregolng we recommend
tliat tlie clerk of the commltteo bo dl
rected to certify to the Attorncy-Genernl
o[ the Unlted States a copy of the tostl
monytaken at tho hearing, with a reffuest
tliat he take such action as the law and
tlie fnets warrant."
By a vote of nine to six lho committee
dcelded ngalnst the proposltlon to author?
lze adilltlonal submarine torpedo boats.
minoritv yi_j\y.
The minority report submlts the con
cluslons of tlic minority. tho lirst ot
whlch is as follows:
"1. That tho chargo that nn attempt
was made to eorruirtly Inflnetico a mem?
ber of tho Commltteo on Naval Affalrs
respectlng proposed legislation pending
boiore the House, ls not sustained."
Tlio minority dlffers with tho majorlty
only In Its flrst concluslon. In other
respects the concluslons aro Idontical,
The Southern Railway Can
Be Granted One Because
it is a Trunk System.
II developod yesterday afternoon thnt
the question rnlsed in tho Common Coun?
cil Monday night as t? whetliev Uie. dty
has n. rlght to grant a new fnuichlea
to the Southern Railway ainounLs to
nothlng, no legal quostlon as lo tlio rlRht
of lhe. Counoll to take suoh aotlori stanil
ing In thn wny.
lt In understood that Clty Attorney Pol?
lard hns given It ns hls oplnlon that thn
city has n perfect rlght 'ln ginnt n
The new ("onstltullon states pliilnly thnt
nll IVniiehlses, except. thoso for trunk
rnilrnads, shnll bo put ,ip :,( mii-tinn nnd
sold to tlm hlghest lildder. Por somo
reason thu framers of tlio Curislltutloii
snw flt tn oxcludo trunk rallroads* nnd
thern ls no nuestloii nbout tlio South?
ern being Hiich :i n.vstem.
The oi-dlnnnee, whlch waa held np Mon
diiy night. stntr-s thnt tlie HouMiern ls
n. trunk rnllvond. thls cIqiiho having
beon insortcitl hy iho <Mtv Attoi-ney ror
thu purposfl of making lt clem- t?"j lho
Counoll that th*- nrdlnnncn mlght be
pansied without vlolatlng tho Con?tltu
General Insurance Aleasure
Insuranco Men Oppose, But Without
Success?Tonnage Tax and Child
Labor Bills Up?Big Day Ahcad
for the Legislators.
The Senate Committee on General Laws
yesterday uCternoon reported tlio Salo
general insurance blll, after two ses
slons at the former. of whlch there were
many spceches ln oppositlon by the in?
suranco people. Tho flnal session was
brief, and there was no dlscusslon.
Thero was a meetlng of the commit?
tee during the morning and fire insur?
ance ngents were heard In opposi
tion lo the blll. Those who
were heard were Messrs. John W.
Gordon, AV. tt, Sands, attorney, T. A.
Cary, and D. R. Mldette. A nmnber of
other agents wero present, but did not
address the body. Flgures were quoted
and arguments advanced In op(pqsltion
to tbe blU, stiowlng that". the oa'mp.-yiies
could not stand tho proposed *^nf>rease. '
Mr. Salo said jhe was prepare_\ to ad
mlt that all that the agents had said
was true. He had never beeji ono fot
them who could not provo that his com>
pany was the best and paid the largesrl
dlvidends. But. all the same the com?
panies wore taking ln two mllllon dol?
lars annually rAid paying one mllllon in
Vlrginln. The ngents, he said, could
provo that tbe Stnte was recelvlng inore
than sho paid, but hc could not under
stnnd it.
When tlio committee rensscmbled in the
afternoon, tlie voto was taken at once,
and the blll reported withotit materlnl
amendment. and by a inianimous vote.
The bill Is not satlsfactory to the Insur?
ance pcople, in that it roqulros them to
bear the e.vpeuso of tho commission.
Tho blll creates an "Insunince Bureau
and thou goes on to deal wlth the entlro
snbject or Insuranco in. Virginia. Sena?
tor Sale says lie Is suro his 'bill will pass
the Senate.
Tho House Committee on Prlvllegos and
Elootions yesterday consldered the bill
lo sliortcn tho oyster season hy slrlk
ing ont the month of September and it
went over until to-dny.
Dr. Bowoln and Captaln S. P. Miller,
of the Stato Bonrd of Flshorles. ndvo
cnted tho bill and It wns opposed by
many oyster planters, Tho bill to trans?
fer certain oyster bottoms In "Wtfstmoro
lan'l county to prlvate jmrtles also went
over. Hon. C. C. Baker is opposlng
thls blll, and ho snys his ponplo havo
reoontly assembted in mass-meetlng aud
endorsed lils course,
Tho hlll of Mr, Jordan to break tho
Baylor survey wns flxed for February
Tlio Roads Commltteo of the Houso
held a hrlof session yesterday and heard
Messrs. R. K. Phlllips, engineer <if thn
Washington and Arllngtou Railroad Com?
pnny, nnd J, 13. Clements, Oonnnon
wealth's nUorney nf Alexundria" county,
lu favor of tho protection ot sall stock
holders ln corporntlons. No notlon was
taken in the matter. Tho commltten wlll
n-port to lhe House on tho smbject of
corporntlonr, to-dny.
Tbe House Oomnilttco on Agi'lculturo wlll
meet thls morning and tako up tho
Whltehead blll to iflose a tnx oC S cents
por ton on coal, iron and othor ores. A
numbor of Southwosl. YlrglnlmiH wlll np
poar beforo the commltteo lo opposo tho
The Sennte Committee on Clenernl l.nvs
wlll meet lo-night to flnully coimlder tho
Cabell clillrl labor liiII, when habor Onm
mlHslonei- 1'iolierly wlll glvo hls vlews on
the nubjeel.
It looks us lf tlm hlll wlll be adversely
Tho Toney ivumloipal frnnehlso hlll wns
eonsldernd for somo linie by lho Counties,
Cities nnd Towns Coniniilten) of tha
Houso yostnrday nml piissed over inttil
thls morning at lii o'clock, Mr, Toney
thlnka hla blll wlll-pussj muutor bcforn
Uta vepilllltteo, - > ?
Whole Business Block
Was in Peril.
It is Not Entirely Covered by
the Insarance.
Carried Out Kegs of Powder When the,
Approaching Fire Had Already
Made Them Hot--The Fire Well
Handled bythe Department,
Damage lo be Repaired
as Soon as Possible.
"With thousands of Rlchmond's citizens
gazing on nnd npp'- uding the' gallant
efforts of tlio bruvo ilre laddles, "under
the leade-rshlp of Cbicf Pullor. and their
suecessful i .attenrpts to " ehfil-k ai b|_ze
which for 'ia-tlma looked; as- if-Jt''would
devast.ute aud lay waste, to_Ajl critive
block, the wholesale groccty/ij>?l liquor
storo of L. C. Vounger, locatedvat N!ps.
102, 104 and 10-J Virginia Street. was gutted
by the lire tiend last night.
The total loss is estimated at $100,000, of
whlch $;."[000;ls on the stock of groceries
and whlskeyp, the Aalanco bolng on the
three bulldfifgs, which typre oj,vned
spectively, accordlng to tb/elr ]
the Crenshaw estate, T. e.;~\i
tate and thn estate of Mrs. Qr
The loss is partially covered by Insur?
ance, as follows:
The Insurance on the buildings wlll
entirely cover the loss, which wlll amount
to sometliing like $25,000. Tho policles
were carried by the Homo Insurance
Company, whlcli covered the first store,
No. 102/ and t)y tbe Mutual Assurance
Boctetyi^of VJnjinia, whlch carried tlie
TiviTrance on>the other two buildings. ,
The dam?ge. to the stock will probably
amount to $75,000 or thereabouts. covered
by insurance to tho exlent of SGfi.OGO. A
bulk of the policles were carried tw'
Julius Straus _ Snns, who held abo^lt,
?38,000. '? X tabulated statement of tlie
whole ls as Irtllofc-s: ^ g? ??
German Firo o? Baltlmoq^Ww^,^J2,5O0
(Contlnued on Second Page.)
House Committee Reports it
After Inserting the Word
The Houso Committee on Priviloges and
Electiona yeslcnlay afternoon reported
the Barksdale pure electlons blll for a
second time, after a stormy sosslon, but
with an amendment whlch the. patron 6*e
clares wlll destroy lho titlllty of tho'
Hon.-S. Gordon Cumming, of Hiimpton,
suceeeded ln putlinK on his ?much-dlscui
ed amondinenl, Inserting tlie word '*cr.
riiptly" beforo the clatmo rolnling lo lho
spondiiiFT of monoy, nml thnt rcferrh
to lnfluence ln eloetloiiH ns Well.
JTr, Barksdale wus present aud made
a splrlted flght iig-alpst; tho nmendmciit
whlch he declared wlth somo shuw of
feollng would tlostroy hls measure, nnd
render lt n dontl lelter ovnn If passed,
But tha commltteo thongiit oUierwlso,
nnd vmed to put lu tlm 'imetidinont. Kcn
ntnr Bai-ksdiilo wns not at ull plea ^r<|
over tlio matter last night, aud wus he.
Ing ronsolcd hy pomo frlonds ln lhe
Hniise, who snld llioy would flght |o
slrtko off tho pmendmoiit wlien tlm i>ji|
i.-oines up for final nctlpn.
"If the peoplo of Virginia iiienn wlmt
they Huirl ln the (."onstltiillonnl Conveu
tlon, nnd If tholr nfl ropented party
declnratlons nre to ho oniifiklmed ns \vd\-.
thy of moment, lt BOOmU lo mo tliul Iho
timo has (101110 lo piiilt'y the oleellons of
thn Stiite. ln this innttor I feel thnt 1
utn hut doing n'rtuly ' own 1o tlm peo?
plo of rny Htnl? aml whon I shnll havo
ouri-led the fight on tho floor nf tho
Houso. thrniigh roy fi'leiuln theiv, my
duty will have been rtona, wlintc-ver tl<o
notlon of thnt body, I hope'lho wori|
Vnrruptl.v* wlll bo .'trlcltou onl aud |
shnll not stop righilng until tho lnst r-j//
ut Ixivu shall liuve vaubbco,"
Utley Gets Out of the Fayette
ville City Prison.
Several Prisoners Were on the Same
Floor and the Jailer Roomed in the
Building, But All Profess Ignor
ance of the Strange Affair.
. (SdpcIiiI to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
FAYETTEV1LLJJ, N. c, February 3.
The people of tliis community nwoke to a
sensation this morning when it was an?
nounced that Edward L. Utley, under
twenty years' sentonee for kllllng Hotol
Clerk Holllngsworth, hnd effected hls es?
cape from the county jail.
The readers oC The Tlmes-Dlspatch will
nmember that on tho 23d of January, in
tho Superior Court of Cumberland county,
Judge C. M. Cook presiding, Utley waa
convlcted of murder in the second degree,
sentenced to twenty years' hard labor in
llie penitentiary, and wus in jail pendlng
an appeal to the Stipremo Court of tho
State. ,
,rihe Cumberland Jail ls a three-story
bBicb structtire. nearly new, surrounded
byjnv board fence fotfrte'en feot in lielght,
niTd^is' situatea in tlip rear of the eourt
hbGse. on Uio snuare bbu'nded by Mumford
jOndGillosplo Streets. lf has steel cells,
Al*h s'talrcaies aJjd doors and concrete
flooring, and has always boen regarded
ns a secure prison. The jailer is James
l'ate, who has served In thls capaclty
?ABjy-.about two mouths, having been ap
pplnted~li Deeenibcr by the new slicrlff,
W. II. Marsh.
The jaller's story ts that he entered the
jail at 8:30 o'clock thls morning to feed
the prisoners ,and found a hole mado on
tho second floor by tho dlsplncemcnt of
the wooden cnslng of tho. stalrway. Opeu
Ini: Utloy's cell, he saw hlni, as ho
thought, on hls col, wiapped ln hls blank?
ets. IIo then went to tho other cells,
found nll tho other prisoners safe, re?
turned to Utley's cell und dlscovered that
tho Shap'e on tho cot wns made up of
tho boards from tho stalrway caslng,
wrnpped ln Ihe bed clotbing, and Utley
was gone. Ho then no-tlilcd Cnptnln A, R.
Williams, ohairnian of tho Roard of
County Commlssloners, of the piiaoner's
Pato admlts thnt tho iron door of tlie
enrridor leadlng Into tho tler of cells
ln whlch Utley was conflned wns open,
as ulso thn othor door leadlng to tho out
sldu stalrway of the jail, whlch he says
uns nustoninry. Of courso. ho hns no ex
plniiiillou to offer ns to how Utiey got
out of hls cell, whlch wns found locked.
nr how ho mado his exlt from the Jail
No oluo hns yet been found of tho es?
caped prlsnner.
(Kpeclal lo Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
BOSTON, MA.S8.. February 8.? Up
wards of onn hundred shoo Irndosmen,
niombers of Iho Nationa.l Slioo Wliole
salors' AsROciallnn, attended Ito-day's
opening sesion of thn annual convention
nt Iho Hotol Romnrsot,
Ono of thn mont Important papers wns
dellvored by Jo|iu \\\ Crnddoolc, ot
Lypohbiirg, Va.. ton "Tho flalosmnn ?
Fddtor ln l>lsiilbiit|on."
A baniiuel was held Ihis evening,
Tlm flgi|rp? al tho pantofflco. show a
most ii'iiiiirlvablo IncVnaso 'lu 'buslnoss
ovor tlio tnoiiili of JnnUHvy/of last yoar.
Tho nsBI'oifHtC of sales of poslal Htip
plles aiiinuntH to lu per cenl. morn thnn
thoso of tho con'ospomiinB moiRIi of luat
j-citr, . I , ?
?-? ;. j; r ( ;
Settlement Expected of
Venezuelan Dispute.
Representatives of AlliesHeld
lmportant Conference.
Minister Bowen, it is Thought, Will
Agrce to Give the Allies Preferential
Treatment for Onc Month and
Possihly for a Little
\ l By Ajsoclated l'res.1."-.
WASHINGTON, Feb. S.-Thero aro ns
yet no ndvices from the allled govcrn
ments respectlng the nature o-t tha next
proposal they will submit to Mr. Bo?
wen, Venezuela's repreaentattvo, for a
settlenicnt of their clalms, but thoro is
good authority to-night for tho state?
ment that Iho noto of. Sir. Bowen ad
dressed to tho British ambassador last
night wlll result ln an adjustment ot the
trouble. At the British embassy to-day
tho moat important conferenco that the
reprcsentatlves of the allles hero havo
yet held among themselves took place.
Sir. Bo-ven, of course, was not present.
Tho conferenco wn.s called to conslder
tho recominendatlons, whlch tho Itallan
and British anibassadoi-s nna the Ger?
man minister should make lo tholr gov
ernments as to the next step to bc ta?
ken. As a result of this conference, tlie
foreign olflces at London, Berlln and
Komo are ln possession of stiggestlons
whlch, If adopted, wllj mean the success
of tho WaRhlngton nesotlatlons ond the
rai:<lng cf the bloukadc. Thn allied "Pow?
ers havo been agntn roqucsted by their
ropresentntlvs to oonscnt to priorlty of
payment of their claims for a lirnlted p-a
riod only and wtunllty of all clalmntit
nations thereaftor. Mr. Bowen has stated
that he ls wllllng thnt the allles re
celve preferential' treatment for ' ono
month, lf at lho end of that time nll
the clalmant nations be placed on an
equal basls as to time aij^ pYoportlonnte
payments. ."
eshnk^itJy fair.
It ls the convletlou ,ot onc of the nego
tiators at.-.ioast that thls proposltlon ol
Alr. Bo5j*yn is emtnently falr. It In
volves a compromlse of the Powers' orlg?
lnal* request for slx-years' i>roferonUal
treatment, but wlll enablo them to re
tain a part at least ol" their prestlge.
Tho 1061101? is growlng thnt a perslstoin-o
in their present posltlon can result only
ln loss of prestlge for the allles and bad
feellng against them, not only In Vene
zueln, but elsowliere throughout the
Amerlcas. >
As a result of these coiislderations ?t
the conference at tho British Kmbassy,
it was agreed that a note should bo ad
dressed to tho three governments of
Great Brltaln, Gcrmany nnd Italy, set?
tlng forfh tlie exact attltude of tho
Unlted States. wlth refereneo to tlie Pow?
ers' preferential demands, tlie aceeplnnce.
of preferentlnl payments for a perlod
of from one to six montlis. Au answor
is hoped for from ono. If not all. of tlw
allles within the next twenty-four hours.
Confldonce that a settlemont wlll be
forthoomtng: at Washington ln n short
time Is bnsod to n conslderable extent
on the actlvlty of Baron Speck von
Sternberg. Ho Hiafl Klvon every evldence
that he slncerelj- wahia the dlspute ad
justod without prolonglivg lho bloekade.
Tho German Government hns been ln
formed of tho dlfficultles whlch puhllc
feellng ln this country hns hoen restraln
ecl from an outburst ngalnst the Anglo
Gerninn nlllunce nnd tt ls believed that
It nppreolates the necesslty of early set?
tlemont of the wholo dlspute.
Tlie President to-dny received a call
from Ruron ftternhui-g and the two spent
(Contlnued on Second Page.)
Patrolman Louis Temple Frazer, of the
Tliircl District, in a Cri
ticnl Condition.
Patrolman Lowls Temple Fr.wer, of the
Third District, Iho oldnst altacho of Ihe
pollce departmont ln that part Icular see
tlon of Uie city, and ono of tho ploneers
of tho Olitlro force, ln coullliod lo liis
homo, No. 111 Monroo f> treat, wltli a
stroke of paralysla. He. was strlken last
Friday afternoon. whllo dolng houao duty
nt tlm Third Stntlon.
JSergeunt ISpps, who' wns In chargn at
tho tlme. dlsobvered tlie sorloiisness nf
the old patrohuan's condition aud sant
lilni home forthwltli, after which he
called Dr. C. XV. P. Brnek, tlie pollce pliy.
slelnn, who hns slnco tliat llme boen n,t
tendlng him.
The. condition of Patrolman Frazer ts
not regarded as npcessarUy fata?, nnd
slrong hopes are entertalned for hla flnal
recovcry, altlinugh hls ngo~.scvonty.two
years-Koes agulnst h!m, lt is hardly
probabla tliat tho ofllcev w|l| o*'er again
do patrol clUtJ". ln whloh evont he wlll
recolvo a monthly pension from tho Re?
lief AtjRoolntlon.
Pnlrolman Franor was elected ns a
-member of thn pollce force in July, |S73.
He lias served ln the Third District for
nearly thirty years. hnVirig dono duty
under nlmost every ottlclnl ronnocied wlth
tho depariment. lio has nhvnys been re
ganle<l ns a tlrsl-rato polloom.ni aud 1ms
been unlversnlly populnr wlth his fellow-'
workers, who hsv* learned of hls mis
fortmio wlth much sudnass, .
Governor of State Guest
' of Honor at Banquet.
Handled the Negro Question1
in Moderate Manner,
Southern People Should be Left to Set?
lie it Themselves as They Best Know
How?Hypocritical Advicc Could
Do No Possible Good?Mayor
Low Among the
(By AssnMnted Press.)
NEW YOItK, TYb. :i.?Governor JW;
eph jr. Terrell. of Georgia, waa UiS'
guejit of honor at a. receptlon and ban<
nuct given to-niRht by the Georgla So*
clety of New York city at tlic AVal-f
Those ;it tho guest tablo Included Mif1
yor Low. Goorgo Fostcr Pcabody. ClarW
Howell, James M. Griggs, N. A. Mor?
rls and the Rev. Dr. S. u\. fSteele. Mrs,
Terrell was escorted to the table by,
Charles H. Williams nnd Mrs. ClavK
Howell by r. II. Mercer.
The loasts wore as follows:
"United States," drunk sstandlng; "Em<
plrc Stato ot" the SouUV' Mayor l/owj
"Emplre Slate of Iho North," Gover?
nor Terrell; "Emplre City of Iho World,'*
G. F. Peabody; "James Ogle.thorpe*
FouncbT of Georgia," Oscar B. Strans.
Governor Terrell, in ppeaklng of ' Uia ,
"Emplre Stntc of tlie No-rth;"* sald:
"I.011R before tho era of raiiroads and!
telegraph llnes, your forefathcrs made
New Vork city their great warchouso of
supply. The peopio of Georgla. and tha
South hnve known thls busy city intl?.
mately for nearly a century. It ls un&Vfj&fc
tunale that thls intoreourse, cultllbite.dSysE^T
It was by the representatlve clnsses}aP^V
the South, dld not extend into .the prtf- ^
vincial dlstrlctf, In which event. tho X^
friendshlp whlch so qulckly rlpened be?
tween thn mercliants and businessv men.
of a groat.section and a great city would
have. compassed nll' the people of both
secttpjis, . nnd the bond thus wolded M.
would never havo been stralnod by pur.
lltlcal mlsundcrstandlngs. ?i^^i'^r't
"Georgla does not como to U]jfc.J!peopIsl
of thls' section as a self-anpotnfed pre
coptor in loynlty, but ns a rlghtful mem?
ber of a great aud impregnable union ofi
States. Sho comes as an indopendent.
self-respectlng inomber of the common
slsterhood, glving brave sons to tho con?
tinued trpbulldlng- at each call. i
"Wlth^loldlng nothlng from nny inferlor1
race thsvt /nny ho or that may hereaftcr
como aniongst our peoplo, In tho way o(
all the csseutlals of life, llberty and
prosporlty, nnd a full mcecl of Justlco iiv
nll matterh rolatlng to their well-belng.
we should cducato our children in thn
great central thought. that the best antl
most eiidiirlng Amerlcanlsm ls founded
cn the unyleldlng rock of Ciuicnslanlsm.
Tlio best wny to afldto our countfy'a
strength ls- to incu'lente lofty iileas'oe
supeiioflty, just as tlic surest way to
enc-ompass our land in doubt and stirlfa
und gloom ls to encourage low ideaa oC -
cqunlity. ,
"ln the solution of Internal problems^
ns they rolatn to a Stato or section, tho
people moro diroctly inlevestcd need ln
telllgent sympathy wlfjiout interference*
moro thnn they do Ignnrant a?sistance;
Wlth prejudloed inlermeddling. II is bet?
ter to leavo tho adjuUment- of all social
prnblems to those who como Into daily
cont act wlth them. At thls partfculan
slngo of tho world's history. it s?ems a.
splendld time for all tho States to rele
gnte the Pharlseo nnd the theorlst and In?
terest thomselves in attondlng to their"
own affalrs. whllo they watch wlth a
common pntrtotisni the dnngers that
mny awnit Amerlca ahroad."
Governor Terrell wns entortalned at art
informnl lunclieon this nfternoon by Con
gtessiiinn-eleet W. R, Henrst. pre.sldenb
of tlie National Assoclation oF Detno?
cratlc Clubs. |
Among those present were Clark How?
ell. president of tho Cieorgla Senate and
editor of lhe Atlanta Constitution;
"Newt." Morris, speaker of ino Gcorgla,
IIoin;e ot Bepresentntlves, and others of
Governor TerreH's party.
Judge Edmund AVuddlll, Jr., has setv
asldo thn nward or tho conuiilaslonVln
thn ep-nrioninntlon nf lnnd fnr the Nor-\
fiilk navy-yar/l Tlie commission awarded
$574,000 ilanwi, -l%w proceocllngs will
not be ho.irdl itftev Saturday, when
thn question .1 '? Shafer hulldhvg wlll
come up. Shl l a Jjiry he deciiled upon
ua necessary \ -o condemn lho Sha.fer
InilUlIng, lho sa.mo oonrso would very
Ukely bo pursucd lu roforenro to th?
land for the Norfolk navy-yard.
fTSpeolal b? Thu Tlmn?-llUMUSi.l
NTW BM"NSWK'K, N. Jf, lrob. 3,
Judgn Klrkpittrirk, ln the United State*
Court. at Trenton, dlscluuged under ?\is
penslon of nonteuve Emll Uan.se, tlio boy
who robbed a mail saek (o get. tn'W/
for caiuly.
Hanso wns eleven years olri when n>
commltted tlm erline, nu<t was kept in
jall ttvcr.a niotuiu awuitiu^ uij.!,

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