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rnSa IPSft 1^-WH'OLE NUMBER/16,160; .'
*?.^f^BH1N*QT0J,?' b"ob- 7.-Foreca?t for
Su day and Monday:
Vlrelnla?Raln Sunday; Monday, 'falr;
iresji to brltlt enst v/lnds.
?o!, lr,h an'1 So"<-h Carolina and Ooorgta?
R?ln Sunday; Monday falr; fresh to hrlsk
ea6t, shlftlng to south west wlnds.
After a day. of cloudy sklcn.' a cold.
Pfpetratlng rain bagan to fall late last
nlght. and tha chancea, according to the
Weather Eureau,. are for a dlsarjreeable
aayj followed by cloarlng to-moiYOK'.
9 A. M.'39
8 I". M. ........ ii
9 P. m.;.41
12 mldnight . 20
Hlghfest tempernture yesterday. 50
Lowtst tempr.rattire yesterflay. 31
ifean temperaturo yesterday.40
NQrrnal teDiperaturo for Fobruary.... f:<5
Depnrture from normal lemperaiure.. (?!
Preclpitatfon durlng past 21 houra... CO
Feb. 8, 1303.
Bun rlses.7:00 I HIOII T1DE.
Bun sets.5:10 I Mornlng.1:01
IWoon sots....3:M | Evenlng.,..1:3
_ , ' Fe*. !); 1003.
Sun rlses.7:W | IIIOIITLDE.
Sun set8.-,....:.:Ji Mornlng.2:<W
Moon scts....t:lg" | Evenlng.2:31
Whlle trylng to hold up Wllllam
Blate, Ephraln Reed, a negro, was
shot and kllled thls mornlng by
\v. B. Ueiis. of Manchester?Bar?
keeper rearfully cut with a blg1 knife
rr7 a n.?5ro-Creditors retartl rehabilltn
!. of-.,TrleS' Plant-Judce:;hlp nomlna
tlori wlll not be recon.sidere.tl-Virginia
edltors go to Plorlda to-morrow?Lead
lng senators- arilently advocate Dee
etatue bill?Coming events In munlclpal
otrcles--Rev. Dr. Strango fast reeover
ing hls he.ilt.ti?Elil to Investigale eon?
ditlon of negro race-Imp.-ruint bllls.in
Housn of Dclegates?Orplian Asylum
green*hous?s to, be reoalred at once
Mlnlsterlal Unlon facc to Caco with a
knotty question-4-Offer of me Sons of
the Amerlcan Revolutioh?Thousands of
pounds of butter held up by a mlatake
Of Congress?-Decision of Shafer bulldlng
Tuesday?-Pig-skin graftlng a complete
success-Rich man. wlio Uves ln the
slums to make an address her<-Case
of JudKe C. J. Camplwll cornes up Tues
day??Speedway not closed on Sunday?
Rev. c. H. Crawtord not to be re-electod
by Antl-Saloon League-Bovs arrested
t?It,ar*'*?-;'JnS ?? Chlnamaa. M.ANCHES
V.Z?-\lan- h.Jur*yi near Manchester not
yjtldentlned-Needy famlly eared for bv
?ind peoplt-rJohn H. Whaon dleraissed
oy Mayor Mauricc??*A ficjht near tho
courthouse-Commlttoe vlews the streets
?-New lodge of Elks?Ilon. D. L. Toney
III-Services In the chnrches to-day
Daughters of LIberty to meet?Ladles
o: Bacred Hsart Church to glve a supper.
Tnbnee servlce' to be held In old Unlon
6tre*t llethodiat Church ln Petersburs
Boejety news of the .w?ek from the vir?
ginia cltles?Strong argumer.ts for good
roads from Mtfcerrtn?Goc-d re-.d move
?ment started ln Nottowny?' jbrnaiine
rab*! under- Hampton Roads?Thone
rates tn Rocklr.gham ralsed-Feud be?
tween Norfolk county furio-usts a-.id
itrjlghtouts contlnues?'C'lse county
mlr.'rs' wag^s lncr*AS*|?*~rnfuwrfkl Etrth
Con-ipar.-- s er.ercr.iqns in Klng George-?
Negroes..JpMHWS ln Au^utta ahd Albe
?*r?'>-Z:*'r*J'*'r%Uo? t0~ rogariniaklng
ln Hishlar.d-?Cojr.ty 'phone systern in
i?harloi-.t-? BJackstOn* and Chate City
r?iro.?.d EUH'ty cOTn;:lettd-donfirmation
services ? at yorktown-Peterfburg
nerroes lnter*?st?d..-in. th? H^nna bill
Llght and jnwer .plant fr.rCa.pe Charles
?~T\orran acjuitiefl ln Sootsylvanla or.
eharire of t-elllr.^- i:f;upr wir.ir.ut license
A cannery at willlamfharg-Dr Rob^rt
?sCrange. of Rlchmond. hnx. sallod for two
months of^reu i- Europe-Antl-saloon
agltatlon at Siutolk-Ladv ln Rooklng
hr^m dying from frleht, wl-cn there were
n6 burglari-Historic "?Vns'nir.fton sll
verwire sfoten from the reMdence 0? R?v
pr.Efvcrly'D. .Tucker ln Norfolk-Nor.
fout' Repuhlioaas "turnltig from Rooeevelt
towannai Mirria.sro?: Thonas Jenklr.s and
..l.t-s r;;:r.a Oesterheld m Cnrollra. Deaths:
Mrs., 2Iarv Franc-s Arr.iMrong at Hamp
ton;' Taom?s' P.' Rc.b?rt?on aT Farmvllle
Mr?..Luck Flchlin .in Cutoeper* MIse Keen
Grawes in PittHVlvanla; Thomas H. Stc-e:er
at Roanoke: Romujus L. Hurt ln Nntto
way. V.':!llam D. Norvell at Charlotte
Supreme'Cofcn announced the names of
thlrty-five ?successfi;! p.ppllc^inrs, to prac
tlce law-Yo::r.-j man co>tinilt3 sulci-le
at Foreet Qity-Reslgnatlon^of,Rev. D.
P.' McGea,chy'-? Cumbc-r^arid county
wishes to Usue bonds "for road mal-:ing?
Marrled ar Durham with falsc- name?.
"Want records corrected-Petition for
Rey. T.. $rlght.-. of .AnrtSTOv.-ens-Cherry
Tree fa,me-Trlnlry College libary..the
glft of Mr. J. E. Duke. to t/e opehed
Contest eoritlnues after Co:if;iesam?n'
2-fOfOdv's.deajh^?GrteU flood of.Iocal hllis
In the Leglslature?T.he London llquor
bill referred to a subcommittee to be re
?nodeled. .
House' paSE*d ' ariti-'trust hill bv unanl
mous vote of 24o to 0-^?Polygamy again
diScussed In Senat* durlng oonslderation
of statehood bill-?Morgan resolutlon sent
to Naval Commtttee b> ttrlct party vote
Arranttements for Confederate reunlon in
Ne\v Orleans progresstng satlsfactorily
Svjcks closed rtrm and active atter sliarp
reaption on publlcatlon of, bank 'state
nient; money easy-Lee Hftll, negrow-ho
shot sherlff ofJohiiFcn.county. Ga..itaken
from Jn.il and lynclled?Tlie Slxth Vir?
ginia Reglnunt (colored). to get nearly
,S3.0C0-from war claims durlng the Span
Ish' War-Tllman'a' counsel clvo noilce
that they wlll ask for bail^?A- South
Carolina mnglrmrftto.sheorp the heart out
of a farraer?Va. Iron. Coke and Coal Co.
tncrease w'ages?^-Conferees in Congress
ngree on provisiohs"cr'fatint? new depart*
ment 'of" commerce aud !al>or?Boston
soclety people talk about the marriage
of Mr. Shaw and Mrs. Converse-An
Amerlcan, woman pcrforms a 'successful
orerntion upon her daughter ln Parls
The faet thnt Germany is In'secrot alli
unce, with Italy ha? lr*aki*ci out" ln the
yepezuplan negotlatlor.s?.stop to be put
to the practlre of haiing nt West Polnt
Academy-The citv of Caraeas may be
tn darkness by Tuesdnv nlght-Big
Loufsvi'le tohicco.-coneern absorbed by
the BrlMsh adjunct of tha Amerlcan To?
bacco Company.
(Sneetal to Tho Tlmcj-Dtspntch.y
CiraiBERCAND.- MD? February 7.
Tohn H. Wllllams. aged elxty-flve, ws
arraited In Pen41eton county, VV. Va.,
below Bweedlin Valley.' on the chorgo of
hlgamy. and was. lodged ln Jnll nt Fank
lln yesterday, Ho went to Pendlotou
county from Virginia .over a year ago
and later secured a marrlago I'cer.so
from tho clerk at Franklin. 011 tho rop
resentatlpn that hlsi former wlfo was
On last ? Clrrlstmas he was marrled to
SIlss Josio T.' Lambert, of Rocliing'am
county, Va. Slnce then lt was harned
that a former'\vlfo la llvlng at OUoblre.
Rocklngham county, from whom he wos
never dlvorced;- henao the arrest. it ls
oharged that Wllllams haa been the hus
bapa of fjva wlves,
(Speolsi .to The Tifflos.Pispatch.)
,'A^HEVILLIS.. N. CM T6bruary ?.?Dr.
iCurry.le reported aa resting quletly. and
M' anythlpg, sllghtly Itnproved. He has
(WMefl a falrly good day, - .
Disclosure Made' in the
Venezuelan Matter.
He Had Heard of it Before
Leavlng Caracas.
Facts All Lea'<ed Out When the British
Ambassador Asked Mr. Bowen to
Cut Out of His Note a Sentence
That Would Cause Him
Embarrassment With
Germany and Italy.
(By Assoclated Press.)
WASHINGTON. February ".?Dlsclos
ure of a secret alliance between Ger?
many and Italy conatltuted the most Lm
portant development lu the Venezuelan
sltuatlon to-nt&hL
Thls fact lias been made known to the
British Ambassador, and It will put all
of tha negodators more elosely on thelr
guut,d ln draitlng the proto>cols whlch
they hope lo suomlt to Minlster Bowen
durlng tho next fow days.
The Gernian-ltallan al.la.nce was old
news to Mr. Bowen, the fact havlng
l*=aked out in Caracas bcioro ho loft twuro.
GeneraJly speaklng, the alliance is ln
tended to secure to Italy the same treat
ment ln the allies" seulement wlth Veno
ruela us that reoelved by Germany an<J
Great Hritain.
Mr. Bowen has mad? it plain. both to
tbe British Ambassador" and to the Ger
man A-mbassador. Baron Speck von Stern
burg, that he cannot afflx hls slgnatura
to' any protocols they may praaer.t to
h{m which tre'not substajitlally of tha
same charactey as that to be 'submltted
by uic Italian Ambassador, Sigcor Mayor
| u?! Planchei, -All three. of" the flret-eet
; of prorccols to fce slgned. which' win'con
>'catn the conditbns prt-ced?nt ?6 t?,e ra-'isV
jinjof the-bloakade and the provlslons
; for referrlng the questlon Of prefefen
I tial treatment to The Hage ? for decislon,
i have W-en recelved at the Italian, Bi.~sb
| and Gorrr.an EmbasMes. Thelr contents
; are not known to Olr. Bowen. nor have
tbe*&llies' representatives here been ac
j qualnted as yet wlth tne detalls of
; e^ch others' conventlons. Several Irn
| portar.t con.erences have occurred
? throughout the day at the British F-m
i bassy ln an effo-t to reach an agreenaent
I upon the protocols,
i Several more or less aensational
S storles have been ln clre-j'ation durlng
i the last few days, whlch have caused
1 considerable annoyahce? to the' British
Ambassador and to the other negotla?
tors regardlng the note Mr. Bowen ad
j dres.sed to the former on Monday Iast
I proposir.g to rc-for the questlon 'of prefe'r
i ential treatment to The Hague. That
these reports may be corrected the ne?
gotlators are desi.-o-.ts that"'the facts
shall be atated.
On Tuesday after the sendlrigof this
note to the British Ambassa'dor.'the lat
ter called on Mr. Bowen and asked that
he wlthdraw the entire note . on tlie
ground that it was. not dlplomatlc in
chajacter.. Mr. Bowen was corapelled
to' refuse to grant this request. The
Ambassador thon ' asked ' that the sen?
tence beginnins. "On. this side of the
water we want peace and uot'aJUaneeC"
be wlthdrawn, Again Mr. Bowen re
gretted that he could notgrant the Am
bassador's request. ' ?
Finally, the Ambassador. represented
that tho latter part of tlie sentence re
gardlng ihe ontlnuance ? of the alli?
ance or" Great BrlLaln wlth Germany *ind
Italy would cause him embarrassment
when submltted to tho- Italian Ambassa?
dor and tho German Ambassador, Mr.:
Bowen roplled that he would be only too
glad to do nnythlng. that ? would further
the negotiatlons, and-** once struck out
the objectlonable clause, ? whlch read as
"And. it will occasioti' ereat surprise
and rt-gret when it beeoraes known that
Great Britxln has even ?'proposed con
tlnulne har< present alliance with Ger?
many and Italy one rauraont longer than
she must." . ...
Wlth thls change the, noto waa for
mully transmltted by the- Brltlah .Ambas?
sador to tho German embassles.,
It was purchased by English
Adjunct of American To?
bacco Company.
(By Assoclatcd Pr*SH,)
LOUISVILLE, KY., February 7,?Tha
Courlcr-Journnl to-dny says: "Tho enor
mous rehundllng tobacco plant of W. S.
Mathews and Sons, of thls clty, has beon
tibacrbed by the Brltlsh-Amerlcan Tobacco
Company, the Engllah adjunct of tho
Amerlcan Tobucco Company. John V.
Mathews, tho head o,. the Mathews
platlt, wlll leavo to-day. for Now Tork to
coaiplete the final detalls of the deal. All
tho maln terms have boon agreed upon,
the purchaao prlce belng. lu the nelghbor
hood of f2,oai,000.
"Tho Now Orleans rehandllng plant, the
largest under the contvol of tha Amerl?
can Tobacco Oompa.iy at the present
tlme, wlll be tranrlerred. here atid wlll
ba merged. wlth tha Mathewa plant.
Other buslness jf a slmllar nature also
wlll bo transfwred to Louiavllle."
The new owners of the plant wlll in
oorporato, th.e capltal stpcb belng placed
?at about fa.OOO.OOO, ,' " " ?mr>'""?
joh-n ^mmm
cJOHN -HanPDEN pleasants
Hon. John M. Glenn to Deliver
an Address in Richmond.
Among the dlstlngulshlng features of
the thlrd annual meetlng of the Vir&lnia
Conferenc6 of. Charitles and. Corrections,
whlch wlll begln ln thls clty on Tues
day nlght -nest, wlll be the preser.ce cf
three or four philanthropists of national
famo, about whom thoro ls much that
Is Interestlng ar.d ln some cases unique.
Addresses and statements from these
gentlemen, to secure wljom the Vlrgihia
body has gone to much trouble, will forai
a symposlum, ? whlch will be a distiaet
featureof tlie sesslon.
One of those who wlll be here will be
the Hon. John M. Glenn. of Baltlmore,
who wlll deliver au address Thursday
nlght on -."Organlzed Charitles." Mr.
Glenn ls ' ex-presfdent of the National
Conference of Charitles and Correctlons
and has been prominently .Identlfied 'wlth
philanUiroplc movements throughout tho
country.' He ls a wealthy banker and
ls'as prominent ln soclal as ln buslness
'Thero is an lncldent ln the llfe ot Mr.
Glenn whlch ls Interestlng to a blgh de
gree. Recently he was marrled to a
daughber of Wilcos' Bryan, of Balti
moro, and now he and hls, brlde have
moved lnto the slums of- Baltlmore and
pernianently taken up thelr. rosldenco
there.- They are making practlcal ap?
pllcatlon of thoorles and are studylng
condltlons flrst hand. "When he .speaks
here Mr. Glenn wlll tell sornethlng of his
Another Interestlng featura ls Mr. Jae.
Alllson, superlntendent of tho Hou-=e of
tlefuge. of Cinclnhatl, Oh'o. Dr. Martin
L. Barr. a physician of Elwln, Pa., wlll
speak Wednesday nlght. Dr. Barr Is
at the ,h?id of a big tnstltutlon for the
feeble-mlrided and ho wlll glve some val
uablo Informatlon a.bout tlie work In thls
A well-known mlnlster of the gospel?
the Rev. Frederlck H. Wlnes, D. D. LL.
P,?wlll bo one of the vlsltors. Dr. Wlnes
ls of Washlngton, and he wlll have
some thlngs to Kay about State charitles,
Mr. Jeffrey.R- Brackett, of Baltlmore.
wljl deliver an address on tho openlng
nlght, whlch wlll be ono of the strong
A flnal meetlng of tlie Exeeutlvo Coun
eHwaa held yesterday afternoon nnd the
tlnlBhlng touches wero g-lvcn to the pro
gramme and the arrancements for, the en
tertalnment of the vlsltors. Ttoports ro
oelved showed evorythtng to ho In a
most satlsfnctory condltion. Speclal nt
tentloh Is belnpr gWon to tha receotlon
on TueRday nlght nt the Executlve Man
ston. when Govcrnor and Mr*. Monra
gue wlll reeelve members of the confer?
ence and vlsitmfe.
Tho councll rec&lvefl and accepted from
Mr. John Stewart Bryan an invlttnlon
to make the rninainc of The Tlmes-nig.
patch the hendauirters for tha confer.
once. A apeclal ronm wlll he eet annrt
for the pnrpone and a bure&tl of Infor?
matlon wlll be estabUshtd,
Evolution of Journalism
ln Virginia's Capital.
Plants Were Small Compared
With Those of To-Day.
Brtlliant Editors and Successful Business
Men Were Identified With the Lead
ing Publications in Richmond's
History?This the Birthplace
of Many Papers?Some
Historical Facts.
"The newspapers have blazed the way
for the progress and the espanslon of
the United States."
Whoever may lia.ve glven expression
to such a sentiment may not have rea
lized at Uio time tlie full meanlng of hls
words, but ono needs not to go from
Rlchmond ln order to learn the truth
of the statement.
When we come down to rock-bottom
faots, tho ovolutlon ln tho nevspaper
tield has been, parhaps; greater, than
that In any other fleld. The truth ls,
newspapoi-g havo expanded even more
rapklly than the country. Take, for In
stanee, the old Willlamaburg Gazette.
When lt was known that the Britlsh
forces durlng the Uevolutlonary War
werei going to Invade that clty, tlio capi?
tal was removed to Rlchmond. The Ga?
zette camo here and -was published as
the first hewspaper printed ln RIoh?
mond. True. lt dld not long survlve. Tho
war soon ended. Thls country becarao
a republlc. Everything was In a chaotlc
stato. Polltical partles wero formed.
Partlsan feeling ran high. Each party
had Its organ.
It was an oasy matter ln those days
for any ono to start a nowspaper and
to conduet lt for a fow months. Condi
tlons^are as much chaneed now and
more so than tho map of the country,
Then we had only tha thlrteen colonies
on the Atlanclo coast. We had then a
ntHwspaper of about four or fivo col
umns to a pago, not ovor four pages,
and very short pages at Jpat. The of?
fice was such as now would not ront for
fivo dolfars per morith. The editor not
only wrote hls edltorials and "loaals,"
but he generally dld the most of tho
type-settlng for hls pap$r, As a rulo,
he had one person toasslst hlm. If ho was
a man of famlly aod had sons, generally
the elaest was taken In'to'the offloe tp
(Cvnttnued v? Second Fage.)
Marriage of Alr. Shaw and
Mrs. Converse. '
(Speclal to .The Tlmes-Dtspatcb.)
BOSTON, MASS.. February 7.?Boston
soclety ls ln a ferment over tlie news of
"Bobby" Shaw's marriage to Mrs. Charles
H. Converse.- of Newton. Mrs. Converse
first began her soclal success as the wlfe
of Charles Henry Converse, of Newton.
Related by marriage to the Tudors, Hlg
gtnsons1 and others of the most excluslve
famllles, her place In soclety was easlly
assured. As an ardent horsewoman and
a faithful attcndant at the Country Club
fiinctlons, she became even better known,
and met the dashlng "Bobby," who ls sald
to havo specdny become enamored of her.
Althbiigh she never.partlclpated promi?
nently ln, the Boston Horse Show festi
vlries, she is sald to have frequently met
with remarkable success at the bigger
fi.nctlon ln New York. As "bobby" was
a prominent llguro at both shows, rldlng
hls own polo ponles ln the ring, they met
v,ory often.. .
Somo four years ago her husband dled,
ar.d slpce that tlme she 1ms been more
oi* lnss a stranger to soclety ufl'alrs ln thls
ylUnlty. Foud of travel and possessod of
a considerablo Income, slie spent the ma?
jor porUon of the year abroad, prlnclpally
ln Frunce. where "Bobby" agalo met her
reeently. She generallv spent (he wlnter
at Lakawood. N. J., where, "Bobby" often
wcnt for polo playlng. Lust wlnter she
spnit at the Hotel Somerset, ',whero he
Mrs; Converse-Shaw ls about thirty years
old. rather petlto and a declded brunctte.
Slie is of euperb flgure and of nn cx
troinely attractlve persouallty. She has
one chlld. a daughter. seven yenrs of age.
It ls understood that tho couple wlll
rcies thelr honeynioon in tne West.
lllv A?8fx>lated Presn.l
WFUGHTSV1LLR, GA., Fob. -.-Lee
Hall (colored), who shot and uiortally
wounded Sherlff D. A. Crawford, of John
son county, last Wednesday nlght, waa
taken from tho county jail here to-day
apd lynehod.
Hall was captured yesterday and was
brought here nnd Jallod yesterday after?
noon. Threats wore made early ln the
nlght, but later the exolteraent had aome
what subslded. Early thls mornlng,
however, a moh forced tho jail ofll
cials to deliver Hall, whom they carrled
a. few rallea from Wrlghtsvllle and
Sherlff Crawford ls reported to-day to
b-? barely aliv*.
Negro Killed by a Man?
chester Man.
Three Negro Men In the Gang
of Mldnight Alarauders.
Thev Were Endeavoring to Rob Wllliam
SlateWhen W. B, Wells Cama to
His Assistance?The Negroes
Drew Knives and Mr.
Wells Shot Ephralm
Reid Dead.- | .
W, B. Wells, of No. 10C5 Hull Street,
Manchester1, thls mornlng at 1 o'olock
shot and almost Instantly killed
Killed Ephralm Reed, a negro.
highwayman, on. Mayo's Brlde, -wlthln
less than flve mlnutes after the negro,
together with Aurelius Moseley, who
is now locked up at tho Flrst Statlon.
attempted to hold up and rob ; Willlam
Slate, also a citlzen of Manchester. The
capture of Moseley wa3 effected by Wells
with the asslsta.nce of Slate and Joseph
Nlxon, Immediately after he had flred the
fatal shot at Reed.
Ten mlnutes after the tragedy Wells
surrer.dened himself to Patrolmen Hacett
and Keegan. He was carrieM to the
Flrst Police Statlon. where he -spent the'
night In tha office. pendlng the result^ of
an inquest over the remains ot the dead
highwayman, whlch' will be held this.
morr.tng by Coroner Taylor in the Old'
Market Hall.
From tha .statements of Slate and
Nlxon, both of whom wero eyi-witnetses
to the tragedy. , Wells fired up6n Rted
just In the nick Of tlme, otherwise h'4]
would have teen cut to 'p'eces with, a
knlfe ln the liands of the now dead man.
He was advandlng rapldly upon' hls
slayer with an Open knlfe ra.lsed in his
lian^s, rea'dy to strlke. when a bullet
from the llttle'32-cal.br? pistol lald hlm
After belng shot Reed jumped about
two feet ln the air. ran about one hun
dred yards. ' falllng stone dead just be
yond the canal. Here his body'remalned
untll about 3 o'clock thls mornlng. when
lt was transported to the' Old Market
Hali'by order of ? Coroner Taylor. wno
vlewed the remains- shortly after the
? > TWO:OF'/A GANG.' ?"'
There 13 llttle doubt but that Reed and
Mosely are two of a gang of hlghwaynien
who have been cbmrnltting depredations
in the vle'nlty of Mayo's Brldge for sev?
eral months. both Wells and Nlxon
claimlng positlvefy that they are two
of a bunch of seven who attempted to
hold them up no later that last Saturday
nlght as they were returnlng home from
Shortly after midnight thls mornlng
Wells and Nlxon, both of whom are
steeple palnters and whose families oc
cupy the same house in Manchester,
started from Richmond en routo to thelr
residence. They advanced as far across
Mayo's Bridcje as tha toll-houso. where
th^y stipp^d to deposit thelr fee with
Kesper E. W. Seay.
The gentlemen had been In the place
scarcely two mlnutes. when Wllllam
Slate, out of breath and trembllng with
fear, dashed np, statlng that he h".1 just
been hold up by two negroes at the Rlch?
mond end of the brldge. He asked for
help to go back and Investlgate;
Neither Wells nor Nlxon had a pistol.
but the toll colloetor volunteered a smnll
32-i-allbre gun. Thls he hnnded to Wells.
after whlch the thn?e Jburheyed baek-tb
warda Rlchmond. Thc-y had reaohed tho
fifth span of tho strticture (rom thls side.
when the shndows of two men coull be
dl-nly obsem-ed through the stllly dark
Tho negroes wero not aware of ?** a*'
preach of tho trlo of whlte men. and
wero leanlng cbntentedly upon the rall*
Ing of the brldge. Cnde-r the eover of tho
Inton^e darknoss. Wells sllpped arourd
the negroes, suddenly'sprlng'ng In front
of them with tho pistol In hls hand. He
conni.indcd them to stirrender, but in
stend thev both took to th.-lr heels.
.V second commaild brought them to a
halt, hqwever, and when tlie nien ap
proached N'xpn and Slate .erappled with
Mosely, whlle Wells cpvered his man with
tho pistol once more. Seo'ng, however,
that a hard tussle was on between hls
frlends and Moiely, Wells lowered hls
crini long onough to go to their asslst
Thls wns the opp'M-tunity sought for
by Reed, and he ralsed hii knlfe- to strlko
a denth-dcaling blow upon Lho person,
or Wo ln. but ho was not fnst ennutrh,
?-mri ivn.i shot before the blow landed.
Thorn ls thouyht to hnvo beon a thlrd
uegro ln the party.
(By Asioetatei) i'ret<.)
NEW ORLEANS, February 7.?The
Confoderato Heunlon Conirnlttoo has de
oided to oi'fer n prlza of K'3 for the de
slgn for the emblom to be pliccd on the
ba/dges for the reunlon ln thls clty, A'l
tho committee repo^.'ed at the meet'nar
last evenlng, an.i arraiigenients weie
found to ho progresslng raplJly.
A oonirnlt^ea jvlll have chaigi of feed
lng and.. iodglng veteraps who como
wltbout/'provsloiv for their stay,
.\dJut/mt-Gen>'ral Meckl* has en
nouiioeJ" that General Corbtn ls muc'.i
better.jand wlll start at onca on a, lec
^?turlng ftour ln the North.
Bill to Regulate Them'
Passed Unanimously.'
Democrats Trled in Valnto
Insert Teeth ln Blll.
Thls Was on Amendmentof Mr. Thornav
of lowa, to Make Filing of Return*
incumbent Upon All Corpora?
tlons, Seven Re'publicass ; ."
Votlng on. Thls With
the Democrats.
(By Aseoclated Press.)
WASHINGTON. February 7.?By ?
unanlmous rote\of 215 .to.O the Heusa." ?
to-day passed the aiitl-trust blll. Th'ar
closlng chapter was devold of escltement.
For three hours the Democrats offeTea-j*
sertes of amendment3 doslgned to . placa
"teeth" In the blll, but they .were elther
mled out of order or voted down by. m
strlct party vote. ???-.*-?
On 6nly one vote were the ? polltlcal
ranks broken. It was on an amendment
offered by Mr. Thom' (Republlcan), Iowa<
to makn the iillng of returns Inpupibenl
upon all corporatlons , mandatory. Od
that ahiendmont seve'n Bepublicans <vot?4
wlth the Democrats. i
The blll as passed riquires corporatlon*
"hereafter organized",. to" nle retunta'
showlng its artlcles of Incorporation, ?
Cnaficlal- cornposition, ? condltion, etc.'.,
with the Interstate Commerce"Comniis-'
sion on penalty of belng rastrained fronv.
engaglag ia "interstate commerce,. jre
Fcrrbasr.pe'pnlties for fAlso returns, etc.
The .commissicnls given'autndflty ln Ita
'disoretfon' to eall foi-simliar returns from
existing corporatlons dolng.an Interstat*
busliress., The commlsslOn ls' glven power
to compel the answer to qtlestlons, .and '?,
ih\e ,not to exceed $5,000 Is imiiosed for
failu're ,to obey the commlaslon ln thia
respect., . <:.'<-'7.\
flebates by jbarrlers is made punlshaSTa
wlth a-fine of, not less than 51.000, an'fl .
corporatlons vlolatihg ' tne provlslons.o'C
thjs sec'tion are forbldden the use of tha.
instrunientalities- of interstate commerce.
Carrlers are pnihlblted frotn kirowingly
transportlnsr artlcles prodiiced. manufa<;
tured or'sold ln 'flolation of the Sherin'au
act. , . .;c .
In cases of prosecutlon, no person ls to'-l
be excused from testlfying on tha grountj'
that- such testlmony would tend* .ta'-Zi&iS*
crlmlnate hlm, but for such t&tinjony'.'
the witness ls not to be prosecuted. Tha/-.
Clroult Courts are given Jurisdlctlon in '
cases of vtolatlon. and.it ls made tha 1
duty of the dlstrlct attorneys to in- ?
stltute proceedlngs to pravent vlolation*.
and Individuals damaged by "rtolatlon ara ?
given authority to. sue.
General debate on the antl-trtist .bill -
havlng closed yesterday the blll was reaiS ?
for amendment under ? the . five mtnuta "
ru!e. Mr. De Armond, MIssourl, offared
the minorlty amendment to the Crst seo?
tlon. prov-ldtng that all corporatlons wlth':
a capltal of $100,000 or- more doirg aa ".
Interstate buslness. "now or harea'ter"'
organlzed. should make annual returns* .-""
The bill of the commi.ttee.. he explaineiS-.
only reqiilres returns from corporatlons
"hereafter orgahlsed," except whera-'.
called for by the Interstate Commerca
Commlssion. He thought all corpora?
tlons should be placed on an:eauaj foot- '
Inc ln thls regard.
Mr. Overstreet. of Tndiana fRepuoll
can). speaking for the majority, sald
that it ^deslred fo "steer ' a mlddla
course." It would. compel future cor?
poratlons to flio returns, but lodged wlth,
the commission.-.the dlscretion, to cail
for repot-ts from existing corporatlons.'"'
The amendment was voted down-r-74.
to 96.
Mr, Sulzer (Democrat, N>w VorkA
charged that clever trust lawyers "6?"
New York had proposed the bfll. He ."
sntrt th'it at one tlme he thought ,Mr,:";
LlttleflHd wns slncere. but tha,t he waa..
now reluctantlv comneiied t-o give fh*
oninlOTi that bill of rh?. "Tru^t Bu>?ter
from Ma'ne" wns "seven pounds Ughteft-'
tlmn a strnw hat."
Mr. SLulzev sakl he belleved the Prea*:
Idont was hone-<tly H-vlnx to a'ccnmpltah '
so-pfcthinpr. The dtffioultv w-as that hlfc
p-irtv would not sunn.irt him. The penfl?
lng blll was ai Ineffectual as a ,"putty?
blower wo'tld be to stop an *5jopoant ott.
the rnnir.aco."
Mr. Heurv I'Democrat, Texas,) offereft"
as n new seeUon nn amendment to plac*
steel rallv "olndlng twlne,- paper arid
some other nrtlrles nn the fr?>e llat.* T4
lt- Mr. Llttlofield mado a p>o|nt of or*
der. ' ? , ' ?
A mnnber of other amendmont* wera
off?r?d t,i tho fir?t leetion. and all wera
voted down. Mr. Do Armond rS,CI??inUrO
fllnally moved that d'hita; on foetlon j
cl'i.-se, nnd hlr, morion led to n sharp per-^.
ao"'I rln^h wlth Mr. Littleflejd.
"Ha?i Hio p^nMe-i-an tnk^n" eharge.ot
tha bill?" ns<*-ed Mr. Llttl?n?ld. '
"I wlll sny to tho gemleman from
Maln*." renlled Mr. Da Armond. "that l
do not thlnk there ls any suggeatton that
anybody ls 'taklng charge of th? blll'
nnd there mtght be some reaaons to ?ug
gest that not very much of anybody haa
had 'charg? of the blll.' I wUh to reach
a polnt where amandmants that we h*va
pr.-p.ired wlll be voted on. and I do not
caro to play lnto the hands of the gen
tleman from Malne or anybody ?1?* ^rtio
may be di?poied to fritter away tlme oa
thls occa?ion,"
Mr. Dittl^flald: "Let me a?H th<? _
gentleman <3oe? ho und?rtak? to lntt?.
mata 'the getitlemaji txoax Slaloa* ba*'

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