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The King's Tryst
Tlmes ? Dispatch
TnKr!]{yArViu: 38&&&B is-whole number, 16.171.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 20.?Forocnat for
Saturday nnd Sundny:
Klrglnla?Falr, wnrmcr Snturday; Sun
dnT;. Incroaslng clotidlness: varlnhlo wlnds.
Nurth Carollna?Falr Saturday; Snnday
eloudy, probably raln noar tho coast;
frosh east lo north wlnds.
The -wenthor In Rlchmond yesterday
was rnuch more mlld than for the two
days prevlous. T.hero was a full of tem?
peraturo at nlght, and at mldnlght the
meicury was uguln below tho freczlng
0 A. M.25
32 M.?.. 37
8 P, M. 42
Ii P. M./. 40
B P. M. 31
12 mldnlght.30
Averago . 342-3
Hlghest temperaturo yesterday.42
Lowest teinperntnro ycBtorday....10
Mean temperaturo yesterday.29
Normal' temperaturo for Feb.-......... 30
Dcparture from normal rempcrature. 07
1 'roclpltation durlng past 21 hours... 00
^ Feb. 21, 1903.
Bun rlses...,n::.3 J HIGK TIBE.
Bun kocs....5:54 ( Monilng.12:03
Moon rlscs,..2:51 | Evening.12:36
Presentatlon of the portrait of Gover
nor Keinpcr to Lco Camp a notablo occa
clon; dlstingulshcd company present and
many flno speeches made-Hugh. C.
Klng, a young man llvlng near tho clty,
fihoi by some unknown person and found
ln Uie Capltol Squure at mldnlght serious.
ly wouuuud-A warm meetlng over
Htreet-car tranefers; Clty Attun.ey's opiii
lon dlsregarded-Church to declde to
rnoiiov,- concernlng a new buildlng?
lrlgg plant llkely to rebpeh soon?Ap
peal to the friends of Dr. Curry to uld
iu establlshlng a school of tcchnology?
MlsslOnary sacrlflces his heulth to the
caiiue ot rellglon-Klfteen fnmllles wlth?
out a Blblc-Pharmacy bill passed?
I'lans to rehabilltato the Capltol from tho
gi.-ouud up-Great work of a rlch evan
gollht-A proiractcd strug^lo pendlng la
(.lie Eplscopal Church over change of
naino-Shelterlng Arms rcturns thanlu
to generous donors?Southern Rallway
pays a trlbute to a dead offlclal-?Chaiti
ber of Coinmerce endorses Jamestown
Ter-Cen.cnnry-(Jovemor pardons Henry
Wrenn-Bill offc-rcd to hasten rcturns
by coirinisFion merchants?Speeulatlon
as to ?_. s verdlct In the Campbell c.-ise?
Committee on Hclfef of the Poor awarda
conliacts?Food Insnector ls recommend
ed?Suit brotieht against a rcllglous
paper-Hon. ilnrry Tucker to re-entor
polltlcs-Counsel ln Campbell cibc, who
v.-as IH, able to icave for home-Children
waylng Unlted States llags march through
tiie Senate. cliurnl-er-interesting work
of leglslatfve committees. MANCTHES
TER-L. W. La :s cuts hls throat wlth
n razor; coroner returns a verdlct of ttil
clde-Clty mlsslon organlzed-Flre
incn's beneflt well attend?Successful
Operatlon on Mrs.. Green-The poor are
aidt-d-Kcllgfous scrvlccs to-morrow.
Bedford Clty prcsents argutnents to se
curo -tho new State normal-Curfew law
ls ln operatloa-Moderu plant of Ameri
axn Asbestos Company-Hmidsome and
tip-to-dato Urislbl dei>ot almost com
pletecl--Parson Burroughs repllcB to the
nilnlstcrs of BriMol who dlsanproved ot
his matrlmunial mect-a-Pyrltes mlnes
in Slartoid-Many Iniprovcincnts at Co?
lonial Beach-New school luws rccom
mended?Llghlshlp rcturns wlthout cable
or ancbor?Fire; ln Rn.hinond county?
Heavy kc in the Rappahannock-Mall
bags l>urned 3t Martlnsville-Judge Sims
may be a cnndldate for the Senate from
Loulaa-NegTO barber Iclllcd by a South?
ern train near Danvllle-Firo ln Spotsyl
vanla jall?DIamond Slioals MghtBhlp had
to lly from her statlon-Solotnon Vlck
hent on to the grand jury for smokc
house biirntng-F. M. Finch broke his
neck ln n buggy wheel in Campbell
Llttle Efllc llir-ks burned to death at
CrltKndon?Another^S?ral mall routc in
l'lttsylvanla-'J^-/ ..j.k'.s mowment in
Hanover and ,1-""'.; Wllham-'oal llelds
of Wlse-d'C.i wave ln Hanuver
Stranfje phenomenon at Baskervllle
Blgainy charged at Alexandrla-Roan*
oke's water supply affectcd by an Iron
inlne-I'aul Kl<l, at Iron Gate, lost hls
llfe whlle trylng to save a mule-Seek
ford, of Luray. pleads gullty nnd ls sen
tenced at Sprlngfleld, O.-Vcil blown
from Chesterlleld Confederate monument
Grand jury Indlctrnentfs In Petersburg
New furnlturc- factorv for Lawrencevlllo;
Deaths-Harvey RIehle ln Bedford: Mlss
Virglnla Morecbck In Washlngton; W. F.
rimberlake in Frederlckeburg: Miss Mln
nle Davls ln Wllmlngton, Del.; Mrs.
David R. Shclton In Loutsa; Phll Overbey
nid Rev. Alex. Overbey ln Mecklenburg;
Rov. John Bascom Boy ln Lunenburg; F.
S. Adams at Nowport News; Joseph C.
Brown ut Chesterlleld.
The Watts llquor bill passed the House
by a vote of 4S to 30 after a day of dis?
cussion nnd the votlng down of thirty
amendments at nlght-Tho London bill
is still bolng discussed ln the Senate-A
chlld-labor hlll passes the Senate-Ro?
port on treatment of convlcts?Probabil
hy of a hung- Jury In the Blshop trlal at
Charlotte?-Greensboro argues that the
Gullford battleground should have the
Btatues of Nash and Davldson-Sandy
Stevenson ls glven thirty years for tho
cnurder of John Mlller at Wlnston-Salem.
Senato spent the cntlre day ln executlve
Bession llstenlng to debiitc on cuhnl
tic-aty statchood bill and plans to got
out ot the parliamentary tangle-Rcso
lutlon to Increase pav of Rear-Admlral
(Schley is tabled?Presldent signs the
Llktas antl-rebato bill, thus completlng
the antt-trust programme of tho acinilnls
tratlun?Pope L'eo celebrates tho twen
ty-ilfth annlversary of hls electlon
Presldent Roosevelt. invlted to New Or
leans, Indlcates that bo wlll not be able
to accept?Ten llves lost and two scores
Injured ln ilre that destroyed hotel ln
Codar Raplds, lowa-Emperor "Wllllam's
letter statlng hla rellglous bellefs is very
eatlsfaptory to hls snbjects-Negro In
New Orleuns Is smoked out of hls bar
ricade by ilre department nnd killed by
Jhe pollce?-Pnrly of Rlchmnnders hav?
lng a good tlmo in Uie. "Land of Flownrs"
;?Houso wraiiglcd largely over tho Fow
ler currency bill and agreed to confer
enco report on bill for tho protectlon of
tho llvos of tho Presldents-Mr AV J
Bryan holds an Informal receptlon In'the
cloak-room of tho House ln Washlngton
-Admlral Schley glven nn ovatlon by
the people or Now Orlenns along wlth
joo "Wlieeler-Secretary Moody rovorsos
the flndliigs of tho nuvol court of inoulry
nnd orders a court-inurtlal of the offlcer
whose grave orror was responsllilo for the
nccident nboard the Massachusctts_
Startllng testimony glven by wltness In
the Insurance frnud casos?Verdlct. for
13,457 awarded against tho Jefterson Hotel
(Special to Thu 'rimes-Plsnntch.)
IRON GATE, VA? February 20,?Poul
?ld, forenmn at tho Colla Iron Mlnon,
Jpst hls life In trylng to save a mulo
thut \vas un tho track runnlng Into tho
piliies, Tho car, loaclcd wlth ore, was
liuinlng wlld. 'I'ho brakes could not bo
i-ontrollcd, owlng to tho Iptense cold. Mr.
Kld succoedoil In dvlvlng tho nnilo from
ihe track, but ho wus cuuglit by tho car
anC dUU ln two hours from Internal ln
Hugli C. King Found in
Capitol Square.
He Has No Knowledge of the
Identlty of Hls Assailant.
The Flylng Leaden Misslle Just Grazed
His Heart in Its Course, Being Fired
fromaPistol Held So Close
That It Burned the Flesh.
The Wound Very
Groanlng and praylng for death to re?
lleve hlm ot hls lntense suffetings; then
wocplng lost the new* of hls mlshap
mlght klll hls mother, Hlgh C. King was
found prone on tha ground ln tha Capitol
&iuare last nlght Just before the belis
tollcd tho hour of mldnlgbt. A bullet
through hls left lung. flred by an un
known man from a plstol held ?o close
that lt burned the flesh and tlikkly be
strewed it with gralns of powder, was the
causo of hls desperate conditlon.
Tho young man, for he is not more
than twenty-flve, was found by the llltlo
dog of Mr. Frank P. Brent. Secretary of
the Stnte Eoard of Eductlon, who was on
his wey to hls offlce In the Llbrary build?
ing. The Bharp, excltcd barks of Black
Douglas drew Mr. Brent to the spot. and
there beneth a tree he heard tlie young
man, who. ln a broken volce, begged hlm
for God's sake to do somethlng to re
lleve hlm.
Capitol Polleeman Thomas Haynes
reached tlie spot soon after Mr. Brent
and retnalned beslde the wounded man
whlle the Secretary hastened to hls offlce
nnd notlfled the pollce and ambulance au
thorllies. Mr. Wllllam Mosby and several
othcrs also gathered and dld what was
posslble to relleve hls paln, whlch was
Intense. \ '
In a few mlnutes the ambulance, with
Dr. Klegenheimer In charge, arrlved: and
I'atrolman XV. A. Toler also hastened to
the sccne.
Whlle the physlclan with practlced hand
removed hlm to an easier posltlon and
prepared a hypodermic Injectlon of mor
phlno to relleve hls paln, King told hls
BUiry haltlngly and with the greatest
"I ara a nephew of Garland Haynes."
he said. "and I llve at Barton Hc-ights,
I came to town this mornlng with $11 ln
my pocket. and I began to drlnk. Oh,
my God, why was I such a fool as to do
it, and who had the heart to shoot me
and brlnc me to thls wretched condltion?
"Last nlght I went Into the bar next
to Putnam's Thentre, where I bought a
tiack of clgarettes. As I came out a man
met me. I don't know who ho was. and
didn't ever sce his face well. He asked
mo If I would do hlm a favor. and I re
plled that I would if it were ln my
power. Then he asked me to glve hlm
money to gst a nlght's lodging.
"I had only a quarter left and I gave
hlm that. Then somebody shot me. I
don't know whether lt was thls man or
somebody else.
"t remembcr no more until I found
myself under thls tree sufferlng ngonles."
As the morphlne began to take eftrct
on young King, he grew more qulet, and
then told conncctedly that he was burn
and reared ln King Wllllam county. hls
mother and slster now livlng two miles
from tho courthouse.
On further thought ho declared that
he could not say that he had been shot
whlle on lower Frnnklln Street, but that
lt mlght have been ln tho Capitol
Square. Thls was probably the ense,
slnce partles near at hand said later that
they ha<l heard a shot apparently pro
ccedlng from that dlrcction. It was
not heard, however, by Polieemau
Haynes, who was on the alert at tho
When King had concluded hls story
ho waa tenderly llfted on a stretcher by
Dr. Flegenhelmer, with the assistance
of Mr. Moseloy and Pollcoman To)or,
placed ln the ambulnnce and hurried to
the City Hospltal, where a moro crltlcal
examinatlon of hls wound was made.
Tho physlclan found that tho ball had
entcrea hls left breast, half an Inoh above
tho nlpple and gono dlrectly through the
botly, penetratlns the lung, misslng the
lionrt by scarce the broadth of a halr,
nnd lodging benenth the skln of the back.
Just tho sllghtest delloctlon of tha bnr
rol of the plstol and ueath would have
beon Instantaneous.
"Hls wound, said Dr. Flegenhelmer,
Still Slck When He Went.
Others Have Also Gone
to Their Homes.
Mr. Aubrey E. Strodo, ono of tho ooun
BBi for tho proseoution ln tho Campbell
Investigation, who wna takon qulte slck
Thursdny sliortly after hls arrlval ln
niohmond, linrt. Bumclently recovered yes
terduy niornliig to leave for hls liomo ln
Lynchburg. Ho wns stlll slelt when he
went, and It wlll probably be some tlnys
yot boforo ho wlll be ontirely woll agan.
Judge Brown and Judge Ixivlng also loft
yesterday, for thelr liomes ln Neison.
Judgo Lovlng waa Uimself feelliiff far
?\from w?Jl,
"ln an oxcoedlngly RerlotlB one, nnd It
ls too early yot to mako predlctlons as to
tho outcomo.M
Whllo King waa belng cared for In
evory way posslble, the pollce of the Flrst
and Seeond Diatrlets wero at work. Ser
goant Wcrner waa In olmrge ln tho for?
mer. and Sergeanl Jetor went personally
to mako an ln>vesllgatlon. Mr.' Werner
said later that ho wns snllsfled the uhoot
Ing occurred ln tho Capitol Square.
Young King'U a man of pleonant face
and of a somowhat ellght, thougH ap
parently nthletle flgu're. Ho was for a
tlme employed as a collector by a Rlch?
mond tfrm, but of lale had been with hls
uncle, Mr, Oarland.i Haynes, who ls a
truckcr. He Ls said to bo well thought.of
at Barton Helghts, nnd lt was apparently
unusual with hlm to drlnk anythlng.
There Is no ground for tho bellef that
he accldentally shot hlmself, for he said
that he hnd no plstol. and hls uncle, Mr.
Haynes, eald thls mornlng that the plstol
kfpt by hlm nt hls house was, ho bellcved,
stlll In plaeo. Ho ihad boen llvlng at the
resldence of Mr. Haynes off and on for
twe years, and has been'of remarkably
good behavlor.
From lndlcatlons thls mornlng, tho clue
to hls assailant belng so sllght, there
soerns Ilttle llkellhood of the mystery
belng solved.
Celebrates Twenty-fifth Annf
versary of His Electlon.
Struggled to Touch tho Hem of the
PontifFs Robe?Golden Tiara Pre
sented to Hlm That Cost
Twenty-five Thousand.
(Ity A'noelnted Press.)
ROME, Feb. 20.?"It seems- imposslble
that lt Is twenty-flve years slnco I have
been there," was Pope Leo's cxclama
tlon as he lookod from a wlndow of hls
apartments thls moi ning into' the sunlit
plazza, of St. Pat >rs. Ti:lt was the
Pontiff'6 only reference to h-E long term
of self-lmposed lmprisonment In the Vat
Ican, durlng whloh he has never gono
beyond the palace grounds and St. Pe
ters, .whlch ls considered to be part of
the Vatlcan.
"What a glorlous mornlng for the Jub
llce of my pontiflcato," proceeded the
Pope, as he eontinued to read namcrous
telegrams, lettcra of congratulation,
whlch have reached tho Vatlcan from all
parts of the world.
The Hall of Beatiflcatlon, abovo the
portlco of St. Peter's, where the PontlEC
held hls Jubllee rec-eptlon, presented a
brilllant scene, It was beautifully hung
with antlque brocades and lllumlnated
by thousands of clectrlc llghts and wax
candles. The boxe;? ilnlng the long
narrow hall were fllled to thelr capoclty
with members of the Roman arlstocracy.
diplomats, men In evenlng dress. Monks
nnd Slstcrs ln rellgious garb. Here and
there troops of Papal guards, ln full
unlform, lent color. ? Notable among the
diplomats was Count Alodovar, head of
tho speclal mlsslon sent to represent the
King of Spaln at the jubllee.
The struggle to get Into the hall was
terrlflc. People were swept off thelr
feet and women were overcome, but no
one was really Injured. There was a
long and tedious wait before the cere?
mony commenced, and the audlenco was
growlng restless, when soddenly a great
roar of "Long llve Leo" and' "Long
llve the Pope-KIng." announced the ar
rlval of the Pontlft. Hls Hollness was
borne In tlio Sedla Gestatoria on the
shoulders of elght men hablted ln red
brocade. The Pope hlmself woro gor
geous robes and had tho triple crown
on his hlad. He bestowed hls bencdic
tlon rlght and left as he passed through
the cbeerlng concourso, whose enthuslasm
was great and whose dc3lre to touch the
hem of the Pope's gown was so Intense
that the presence of the guards scomed
renlly a necesslty for hls protectlon.
"When the Pope advanced to the throne
the Peccl famlly stood on Its right and
Count Alodovar on its left. Subsequently
tho presentntlon of glfts occurred, In
cludlng tho gold tiara, the'Jubllee pros?
ent of the Catholic world, whlch cost
$?25,000; the gold medal and the symbollc
keys. After bestowlng the apodtollo
blessttig, the Pope returned ?o hls apart?
ments. nmidst the onthusiostic plaudlts
of tho multltude. Tho Popo completed
the functlons of hls Jubllee to-day wlth?
out undue fatlguo. Upon returning to
hls apartments he exclalmed: "Tlils Is
really tho liapplost dny of my llfe."
It ls Believed that the Case at
Charlotte Wlll End ln a
(Speclal to Tbo Tlmes-Dlspatch.)
CHARLOTTE, N. C, February 20.?
There Is every ovldenca that the Blshop
trlal wlll result In a mistrlal. In faot,
your correspondent was informed to
nlght that tha Jurors nre hopelessly dl
ivlded, and that thore Is no clianco of
reconclllng the wldo dlvlsion that cxlsts.
So far as it oan be learnod, the Juryi
ntnnds threo for murder tn the seeond do
gree, slx for manslaughtor, and three for
oxcusable homlclde. The lntter slmp.y
means that these thrco Jurors ennnot
ilnd the prlsoner giillty of any crlme, that
hls aotlons were ln self dofense, nnd.
that he novor exceeded the rlght of self
Judg Nenl was Inforniod to-nlght thnt
the Jury was ready to report that It could
not ngree. Ho no'ltVed tlie deputy shorlff in
charge thnt It was hls deelro that tlie
Jury bn hold togothor ln order that
a verdlct mlglit bo renehed. A seconq
tlmo Judge Neal was Informed that the
jurors could not agree, and thoy wlshed to
bo dlsohargcd, but the Judge has docidod
' to hold tlie men together untll inonilng.
New Orleans Negro Held
Police at Bay.
Refused to Corhe Out and
Shot at Every One in Sight.
Negro Was Smoked Out and Shot
Down by Police?Origin of Trouble
Was Trivial, but Negro Seemed
to Be Crazy?Several Thous
and Negroes Congre
gated?No Outbreak
(Br A?soclated Press.)
NEW ORLEANS, LA., Fobruary ;o.?
After holdlng half a hundred policemen
at bay for several hours. durlng whlch
scores of shots! were cxchanged, Lafay
ette Slms, a desperate nt-gto, was kllltd
by the police early to-day In a negro
boardlng house sltuated on South Ram
part Street. The room In wlilch ho was
besiegod had to bo set on llre and the
flre department called out before Slms
could be drlven from hls post. As lio
attempted to escapo, stlll carrylng hls
gun. he was shot down. The body was
taken to the morgue wlthout any de
monstratlon from a mob of several thou
sand negroes who crowded the vicltiity
of tho tragedy.
The orlgln of the trouble was trlvlal.
Slms occupled a room ln the boardlng
house, In whlch there were seven bed6.
On retlrlng last nlght he lockcd the door,
and when the landlord early thls mornlng
asked hlm to open so that another lodg.T
mlght be admltted Slms refused. Then
the landlord sent for tho police. Efforts
to persuade Sims to open the door falled
and a hole was smashed In it. Through
the aperture Slms began shootlng. Onu
\bullet knocked a plstol from the hand of
Officer Wlpsteln nifd a necond shattered
tho lantern wlilch the oflioer carried.
ThereuTX>n additional policemen were
sent for and the house surrounded.
When tho relnforcements had arrlved the
negro landlord and an officer agaln went
to the room and pleaded with Slms to
como out and surronder.
"No. I won't" he answered with an
oath. "I'U shoot If you don't go away.
?l'm not golng to loave here. They'll buni
me ln oll; they'll (ry me," Sims had
piled some furniture ln the room agalnst
the door, and was prepared to flght for
hls llfe. As the landlord and the officer
retrea'ted the desperado flred at them,
wlthout any damage.
All efforts to Induce the negro to sur
render havlng proved ineffective, Super
intendent Jotirnee decided that there was
nothlng to be done but to smoke the ne?
gro out An alarm was turned In nnd
a portion of the flre department brought
to the scene. A qtiantity of cotton oll
and sulphur was sent for, the cotton
rolled Into balls and saturated with oll.
a match applied and the blazing sub
stanco hurled into the room, every ave?
nue of escape belpg guaTded. The furni?
ture in the room caught flre qulckly, flll
Ing the place with smoke and flames.
Slms hunp on to hls hldlng place,untll
ho was nearly suffocated and then made
an attempt to escape. As ho appeared at
the door Patrolman Fred Smlth fired nt
hlm: tho negro staggoi-ed, mortally
wounded. Instnntly other policemen flred
on hlm and ho fell dend. The firemen
exllngulshed the flames and the body was
dragged out and taken through a lane
of exclted negroes tn the police statlon. ?
Examination of the room followlng the
trngody showed Slms had gotten posses
slon of Officer Wlnsleln's revolver after
shootlng lt from hls hand.
Story-Telling tyachine
By Joel Chiindler Harrls.
The Times-Dispatch will inau
rato to-morrow n new and highly
interosting feature, especally for its
juvenile readers. All boys nnd girls
havc rend nnd ?njoyed tho storiea
of "Uncle Renius." They will read
with equnl dcliglit "Tho Story-Toll
ing Macliine," by tlio same nuthor,
Joel Chandlcr NnrrN. This "ma
chinp." is the qucer ohject found by
Buster John, Sweetest Susan, Dni
Billa and Billy Biseuit, under the
gnidnncc of Wally AVnndoroon. In
the. flrst instnlnient the childrcn go
to visit Billy Biseuit, and on tho
wny dirtoover the "old man who is
looking for tho good times wo ufcod
to hnvo."
This is but one of tho many at
trnctivo featino* to ho found in
to-worrow's issue of Tho Timns-Dis
patch. Thoro will be speciul artioloa
that will interest nll cImbqs of rnnd
ers, and nll of Ihe ostnblisliod fc-ti
tures of tho Sunday papor bpsldes,
Tlie nows of the entiro world will ho
covered thorotighly; our foreign
page will bo found tuiusimlly inlcr
csting; the sentiiiioiits of Alplyonso
and Gnston nl ? Wnshiiigfon birtli
day celebnitjon will bo found entor
tuining and eeasonabloi Robort
Bnir's story, "Tlie King'a Tryst,"
and tho Bpreial nrtcloa by Mnx
O'lU'll, Jlorolh.v Dix, KHa Whoolor
Wilcox, finiToti P. SorvisR und other
distinguisbed wrilors will bo relished
by nll lovers of good litertituro und
wholcsoma thought.
Altognthor to-jnorrowV issuo nf
The Timos-Dispnli'b will ho thn best
yet isBiicd.
Mlss Vlola 111, who was Instantly killed
In the awful colllslon between ? a trol?
ley car and a rallroad train ln Nowark
Thursday mornlng, was very well known
ln Rlchmond, where she has frequently
vlslted, and where sho has scores of
closo personal friends. It has not been
many months slnce she was hero vlslt?
lng friends.
Mlss 111 was a beautlful glrl. just sev?
enteen years old, and was a great favor
Ite In her soclal clrcle. She and Mlss
May Brauer, of thls clty, wero something j
of chnms, and almost lmmedlntely after
the accldent a telegram was recelved from
Newark by the Brauers. telllng of tho
awful accldent that had befatlen thelr
The trolley car that carrled Mlss 111
and almost one hundred other young peo?
ple, had on board a party of hlgh school
children on thelr way to the mornlng
sesslon. They were, slnglng and maklng
merry. when thelr joy wns suddenly trans
fornied Into horror, as they saw that tho
motorman could not stop his car, -whlch
v.-ac golng rapldly down grade towards
the tracks. upon whlch a train was com
lne at hlgh speed.
The crash came, and amld the smoke
and steam of the englno and the debrls
ot the street car the shrleks of agony
of the wounded arose.
II was all over in a minute. Elght por?
sons were killed nnd twenty-five injured;
several of the latter may dle.
Insurance Fraud Case Brings
Out Alost Rovoltlng
(Br A6soelntcd Press.)
NEW YORK. February 20.?Testimony
of a startllng nature was glven by wit
nesses in the examlnatlon of one of tho
clx men under arrest, charged with
swlndling llfe Insurance companles by
substltutlng bodies, which came up ln
tho Polico Court to-day. Joseph Trepanl,
tho undertaker in tho case, was held by
Maglstrato Zeller In $3,000 ball to await
tho actlon of the grand jury.
Francls B. Foster, formerly an ngent
for the Unlon Central Llfe Insuranco
Company, tcstlfted that ho had agroed.
at Trepanl's suggeslloh, to swear to the
death of men insurod In tho company,
whlle the knew, he sald, that tho body of
some ono elso had been substltuted, Fos?
ter aald ho rocelved sums ranglng from
$100 to $000 from Trepanl when tho poll
olts were patd ? ln these cases. Ho was
flrst approached by the prlsoner, Cyrano,
and, wlth Dr. Ollver Moore, of the com?
pany, examlned ono I'romborula, to whom
a pollcy wns issued on thelr report.
'I'romborula soon after was roported
dead, and when tho body was oxhuined
tlio fraud, was revealod. Dr. Moore testl
lied thnt ho was sent lo tho conietery lo
Identlfy the body exhumed, whlch wns
sald to bo that of Tromborula. Sald the
physlclan: "I found It to be that of a
much older man than tho man l had
examlned as Tromborula, and tho oxninl
nntion of tho body rovcaled tho fact thut
there were mlttens on tho haiids. When
they wero taken off I saw thut tlio glovo
hnd been stuffod wlth glue and that the
rlght foicariii was mlsslng. The rlght
foot was also mlsslng, tha shoe havlng
boon stuffed wlth a block of wood shapod
||Kn fl foot. The llps hnd Ueon sewn to
gethcr fo as to conceal the abscnce of
teeth. Tha inouth waa stuffed with cot?
ton, cnuslng tho ohooks to puff out and
give tho body tho uppeanmce of belng
that of a much younger man."
Asslstant Attornoy Krotel mnda publlo
to-nlght a confesslon mado by Foster, do
tf.lllng tho methods pursued by tlio awliul
lers. Foster says ho had boon Cor innny
years tho chlof sollcltor of tho Unlon
Central Llfo Insitrunco Company of Cln
clnnntl, whlch had n liranch ln thls elly,
He admlts that he nmdo falsn hlnntlilca
tlons of bodies nnd mado pnsslble tho rol
luctlon of $10,000 ln fraudulent luaurunce
from hls compuny.
Frank M. Flnch. a Cattle
Dealer. Found Dead on,
? f ? the Roadside.
CSpeclnl to Tbo Tlmen-DIspnteh.)
LYNCHBRG, VA., Fobruary 20.?Frank
M. Flnch. a cattlo dealer, pf Campbell
county, was found dead to-day on tho
Campbell Courthouse Turnplke. Ho had
fallen out of hls buggy and had cau'ght
hls head ln tho spokes of a wheel in such
a way as to brcak hls neck. He was
dragged some dlstanco by tho horse, but
hls body became wedged In the wheel
in such a way as to brlng tho vehlclo
and the horse to a standstlll. In thls
postltion lio was found some hours nf
terwnrds. Flnch wns forty-two years of
nge. nnd Is survlved by a wlfe and three
Tho papers of agreement ot settlement
betwcen tho Trlgg Slilpbiillcllng Company
nnd its supply Hen orcdltors at tho North
aro belng signed as rnpldly as tha crodi.
tors aro reached. Not ono of thoso seon
&"> far ha.s refused to slgn, and nono aro
?cxpectod' to do so.
Many ot tho credltors aro far apart,
and somo llttlo tlmo must ho consumed
ln roachlng them. But they aro all ho
lleved lo bo willlng to slgn. Mr. J. Jordan
Lcake, counsel for tho company, sald yes
icrdny that ho hoped the yards would start
lo w.irlc n-saln enrly In March. He \\a?
|nc|ined to belleve thls. but could not
spcak poMtivoly.
in>- Abitoelated I'reaa.)
SAVANNAH, C-A., February ?<>.?Elab
oratn servlcos wore hold here to-day ln
tho Cathedral of St. John tho Buptlst,
Iho :hoad of tho Cathollo Se.i In Gcorgln,
coirmemonttliig tho tweiuy-ili'th iiunlvor.
sary of tho olevatlmi of Popo Leo to
the pnpuoy. A spcclnl muslcal programme
war, rendorod, ? und Rlght Rov. Hlshop
Kelley dellvoiod n sermon upon tho llfo
of tho Pope nnd hla ucooiupllshmeiits, A
spcclnl ohoir sang "God Blcss Our JW ^
Never Such Eloquence
and Audience There.
Cols. W. E, Cameron and C. T,
O'Ferrall Chlef Speakers.
General Lee Stirs Brilliant Audience to
Highest Pitchof Enthusiasm?Major -
Tyler and General EppaHunton
Are Warmly Greeted?An
Ovation to Dr.
Lee Camp had tho groatest meetlng last
nlght In all Its htstory. Nothlng llke iij
was'ever seen In the hnll before.
The occaslon was the presentation of tha
portrult of General James L. Kemper,
formerly Governor of Vlrglnla and a gat
lant Confoderato soldler. The four ex
Gorernors of tho State now llving were
present. and al] made magnlftcent ad
cTresses. Governor Montague, the present
Executlvo. spoke brlefly, and was fol?
lowed in a speech of great power. stlrring
the audience to remarkable enthusiasm
by tho only former t7nited_3tates Sena?
tor now llving?General Eppa Hunton.
The audience was one of the most dis
tmgulshed ever gnthered ln Rlchmond.
In some respects It was absolutoly wlth?
out a peer or parallel. So far ns any one
recalls, never before In tho hlstory of the
State had all her, llving former Governor3;
been gathered at a meetlng and mado
speeches where the lncumbent Executlve
wns also present and spoke. Every cul-'
tlvated elass of Richmond and Vlrglnla
people, was represented.iii thls notabla
company. It Included' mlnlsters, many
members of the General Assembly at
Vlrglnla, leadlng lawyers and physlolans
of tho clty, a hostof the most representar
tlve men to be found ln Richmond. whlcli
boasts of hor gentlllty nnd culture.
Many ladles of the" gentlest blrth in
arlstocrtio old Rlchmond and Vlrglnia
were present, the fashlon and beauty o*
a. city notea beyond the ocean for her.
handsome women. were gathered wfthln
the honored hnlls of Lee Camp head
This splendld audience heard addressea
from sllver-tongued orators, stlrred to tho
depths of thelr bclngs by tho great occa
slon of whlch they were a part?addressea
brllllant and flowlng with a rythm and
eloquence rarely heard In these days of
money-gettliig and business actlvitlos.
One of the most striklng features of thls
meetlng. brimful of striklng features, waa
the ' ovatlon glven Rev. Dr. James P.
Snilth, tlie. commander of the camp.
Thls was tho result of General Flta
Lee's relntlng the noble deed of Dr. SmltU
ln shleldlng Stonewall Jackson's body,
with hls own when the former was fa
tally wounded at Chnncellorsvllle. Tha
brllllant audlenco cheered Dr. Smlth
agaln nnd agaln untll thls brave and
tr'uo man was vlslbly affected and tha
tears of gratltude for tho recognltlon and!
klndness wcllod into hls eyes.
But other lncldonts were equally nota-i
ble. Former Governor Cameron said In
hls address lio had no regret that the;
war ended ns It dld. and now that, aR la
was all over. none would, lf they could,
brlng l>ack the conditlons before tho war,
Uo wns gratlfled that the result of tha
strugglo was as lt was,
This sentlmeiit was grected with som*
When Cionoral Leo was called out h?
referrod to thla and made the remark
ablo statement, stlrring up wlldest en?
thusiasm, that he would never rejolce ln
tho consequences of tho war. Before h?
would express such a sentlmont, or lf
such o. sontiment was In hls heart, he
would head n mob, und, golng to the
West End, would tear down and ecattor
to tho winds the splendld statue of R.
E. Leo; ho would go to the Capitol Squaro
and mutilato and break to powder the
hronzo statuo of Jackson; he would say
to the ladles who are holdtng falrs and
bazanrs in thelr efforts to raiso money
with which to honor Confcdernte hcioes:
"Ceaso frnm your Inbors. lt ls usolesa
nnd your heroes aro now worthy."
Ho would never say chat It was not
best for thls country to havo two re
publlcs Instead of one. Ile declared that
if Gettyslmrg had been won, and h would
have been won, ho contonded, had the
orders of General Lee been obeyed?tha
South would have been vlotorlous . and
two republlcs would havo riscn In placa
of tlie present government, or, at least,
tho South would have gotten tho recognl?
tlon hor clue.
Those sentlments were. relterntod by for.
iner I'nlted States Senator Eppa Hun
General llunton declared that ho dld
not want to soo the man who oven- now
dld not want tho South to vvln and-would'
not liav.-i anyihlng to do with su. h a one.
Ue wns a Confe-drrate and would dis
ono. Ho would dle to-morrow ln tho de
feitse of tho truth and I'lghteousneaa of
the Southern (-'aiuo. As he salrl th?Wo
worda hls oye-< brightcno.l and tlwbt'd aa
those of a young uutn. and hls tall form
towered over those amuud hlm. .V few
niomonts later, when h.* had conciuded,
ho had to ho asslstod to hls seit. nokr tha
front. no {onger tho youxhful soldior,
flghtlng over the battlos agaln. but a
feoble, though dlstlngiilshed looUing, old
Vlrglnla genlleninn. the very son! of
luntliit'KS und gentloiioss.
lt wns noarly 11 o'clock when the greal
moettng wns tloclnred ut an end, und an
evenlng of rnro enjoynient, tlirllling
Mtiecdote nnd oloquonoe, paa?ed Into hls?
tory, nnd a company of loynl Vlrglnltna,
represontipg tlie best stoik ln tlie oI4
i State, tho descondanui of tho tfreat ui?x

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