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Miller & Rhoads.
Miller & Rhoads.
Saturday Special
In Embroideries.
Match Sets at Half Price.
For to-day only wc oftor soventy piecos of Edgcs and Insort
lifg, in assorted widths, on tlio finosfc Nainsook and Swiss Clotli,
50c Per Vard, Which is Just Half Their Value
Those Embroidories aro all haud loom mado, and vary in
width from (3 to 15 iuchos.
Tho jehgths nm only from 6 1-4 to 131-2 yards, nnd tlio
pattoms exclusively onrs in Eichmbnd.
12 1-2 To-day Buys I9c
Worth of Ribbon.
Two specinis: One is 'an All-S!lk
Taffetn, 4V4 lnchoi wlde, ln blnck only.
The oiher ls nn All-Sllk Crepo Taf
feta, flve Inches wldo, nll shades.
Both of lln.se Rlhhons sell rcmilar
Iv at our countors for 19c. yard.
Special prlco, 12Ho.
Four Needful Articles
Low Priced.
39c. Veilirgs for 25c. yard.
T'-n new pattorns' In Black and
Whlte Mesh Veilings.
50c. Bolts for 25c.
Flve row stltched turned-In Cnlf
Bolts, wlth silver, guh-metal and black
bijckles. All sizes.
Bishop Stocks, 25c.
New Bishop Stocks, sllk cat stltched,
In nll whlto and whlte and black com
19c. Mouifi Wash foy 15c.
Meado .<i Bnker's Carbollc Mouth
?\Vash, one of the best made.
Five Values in Hosiery
Somo of It cspeclally sultnblo for tho
present cold snnp, such ns AU-Wool
Rlbbed Hose for children, mado wlth
doirblo feot; nll slzes, -."><!.; and All
Wool Hose for ladies, ln blnck and
gniy?very pllablo and comfortablo ln
the feet, and an cxtra valuo at 2f>?.
A Blnck Cashmoro Stocking at "t?e.
Is just ns soft as down and very silky
In appearnnce. (It'll wcar a good dcnl
better than sllk, too.) All slzes. "
39c Lfs/e Hose for 25c.
Ladies' Blnck Gauze Llsle Imported
Hose, doublo feet.
50c Lisle Hose for 39c.
Laco Gauzo Llsle, In all new dcslgns.
Rcgular 50c. hoslei'y.
MVve ten new patterns In Gauzo
Llsle Boot. and All-Over LACE EF?
Maybe our memory ls defcctlvo, but
we don't remember of evcr havlng
anythlng better at flfty cents than thla
W?* &v\
IMcresting Bill Offered by
Mr. Owen.
More Evidence as to the Jordan Oyster
Bill?Roads Committee to Report
on Corporations To-Day?Im?
portant Matlers to Be Up.
Hon. John J. Owens, of Prlnce Ed
ward, has offered ln the House a blll
whlch wlll be of Interest to tho commls
flon merchants, as well as to the far?
mers of the State.
The measure, whlch Is deslgncd to
make tho farmer more prompt ln thelr
rcturns for goods conslgned to them, is
as follows:
"Be it enacted by the General As
sembly of Vlrglnla, that whenever any
commlsslon merchant shall have made
sale of nny conslgnment of farm product
he shall not later than the followmg
day niail to the consignor an itemized
Statement of the transaction, showlng
the date of sale, the quantity and prlce
of tlio products and the name and ad?
dress of the purchaser.
"Any c/jjumlsslnn merchant wllfully
falling .Jjj poraplj'' with the provislons of
-ihls act shall Jorfeit hls commlsslon on
nald sale and be flned not less than ten
tlollarc, nor more than one hundred dol
lars; to bo recovered as other fmes duo
the Commonwealth."
In ciscusslng the reason whlch actuated
hlm in offering the measure, Mr. Owen
said when seen last nlght:
"Many of the famiera and shlppers of
farm products have complnlned to me in
regard to tho delay ln gettlng reports.
from their shlpments, They also com
plaln a.s to shortage ln welghts, and
prices below market quotatlons. They
nre compelled under present conditlons
to rely entirely upon the stntements of
the commlsslon merchant. This blll ro
quiros tlie name of purchaser to be yiven
in these reporta, and consequcntly tho
shipper has a wlder flold for Investiga?
tion when ho tlilnks ho has not been
trcuted falrly."
Tho Jolnt commlttee meetlng of tho
Simata oti P*tHh nnd Came, und of the
Hou*e or: the Chi-.suvoi.no and its Tribu
taj-tes or, yealfinflay nfternoon was pro- ?
Iv.gtA and tnterfcfltlng. Varlou$ part'.os
from Northampton eounty nppoared
H-jpjiort of tho Jordun oyBtor bill
break the BaylOr survey, Mr. ? Wllklns,
ot Nortliampton, nn oyster Inspector
from that sectlon, was tlio flrst Inspcc
tor who hfu? been favornble to the break
ing of tha survey who haa yet made hls
appearance. Ho waa followed by Messrs,
fc'with, Witiie and others, and liio ques
ilons from tlm TldpwAter members nf
tl-.c- coninilttei- drcw OUt tho fact that
they were plantera, whose grounds
abutted very closely to th> present llnes
of the Baylor survoy, nnd Mr. Wllklns
eald thit lf tho survey was broken ho
would ba deluged with appllcatlons for
ground. Mr. Wllklns waa asked somo
quesllona as to the cosl of abao'utely
i acparnte tho
barren area
nit llnes, nnd
at he dld not
m r.tl ????.'. ? ?. aatlsfactorlly. Theso
gi i I llov ed by ex-Spnator
..:?"? ?'? ? ' Glouccster county,
wbo apei h a. charactorlatlcally 011
Uiuslastle Mr. Stubba denled that ho
waa ropn uy , i : -i.- interest of the
toiigs-.M.. , H( clilmed t'n.it he rrpre
Bented t ??? ? ? nl '?''. farmers, m'er
<'!r.:.t- ? i I? ? ?? ? ? men. nnd sahl ho
I'-uii,' i iuiiI tho plantera who favorod tho
Jordan blll In Gl< iccaler county on tho
vr.n ?!?:> <; one hand, ll<. produced flg
vints t.i ahow the compnrntive tax paid
by the countlei <,t Tldewator und other
neetl'in-j. At tlmo* be ongaged in nplr
(ted colloquies with the patron of the
Mr. Lycii, <,f Kichmond county, moved
that Mr. T, .1. Downlng. of Lancaster,
(ie heard ln oppoaltlon to the blll. imi
?ft?r some dlaousalon further lieurlng
?vas odjoiimed unill 8 1'. M, to-day.
Tho IIoiihu Cominllten on Roads he'd
u conference with the General I-awa Com?
mlttee of that body yesterday afternouu,
and completed tho flnal draft of thelr
report on the subjoct of corporations. and
It wlll be submitted to the House to-day.
The report, whlch is a volumlnous docu
ment, Is largely the handlwork of Colo?
nel James lt. Caton, of Alexandria,
though after havlng boon drawn by hlm,
it wils consldered for days and days by
the other mombers of the subconxmlttee
and then by the full committee.
Tho report takes the artlcle of the new
Constltutlon on corporations nnd blends
It wlth the present laws on the subject,
so as to make them comform to each
other ln every miuute detall. The Houso
wlll likely take it up for considoration
as soon as tho tax bill ls dlsposed of, and
lts conslderatlon wlll requlre a great deal
of time.
Full and eomplete provtslons are made
for the new Corporatlon Commlsslon.
whlch Is to take offlce on March lst, and
ln short puts Into operatlon all tho ma
chlnory along thls Uno whlch was pro?
vlded by the corporatlon sectlon of the
new Constltutlon.
.The Roads Commltteo of tho House
met yesterday afternoon, nnd fixed March
4th at 10 o'clock as tho time for hear
Ing argument on the bill offored by Mr.
Toney, of Manchester, to requlre street
rallways to vcstlbule thelr cars between
the months of September and Aprll ln
clusive. The bill to rei>cal theV famous
Loulsa Developmcnt Comp'.iny's charter
was set for hearlng on February 20th.
There Is a declded sentlment, especially
among the lawyers of the Legislature in
i'avor of tho effort whlch is golng bn nll
over tho country, to brlng about uriiform
lty of leglslatlon In the several Stati s
of the Unlon. Bills have now been of?
fered In both branches wlth thls end ln
vlew. and they wlll bo pres&ed at the
proper time.
The Committee on Frlsons nnd Asyium.s
of the House have fixed March 1th at 4
P. M., as the time for hearlng argument
on the bill to amend the present law In
relatlon to the return of harmless Insanc
persons from the State hospltals to tho
county and clty authorlttes for care and
S$t the TJheatres.
"Foxy Grandpa," whlch Is fllling a
three days at the Academy, nnd wlll be
Been ut matlnee and nlght performances
to-day, Is perhaps the most perfectly
appointed muslcal comedy soon ln thla
Tho company is not only a largo one,
but lt includes the names of many fa?
mous stiige people. The sccnic appolrit
ments are superb nnd llght eft'ects are
soen to pcrfectloh.
In Charles Newinan's latest muslcal
comedy, ".Mr. Jolly of Jollet." whlch
comes to the Academy next Tuesday,
Edward Gnrvlo plays tho tltlo role. It
has all tho snap of the brlghtost French
eonutructlon. it Is us Ingenuous as any
of the lnvolved farces of partltloris and
Iransoms that come from "Gay Paree;V
but lt is so rlch ln wholesome Amerkun
.ftiu thut there can be no dnuht as to
Its entlre orlglnallty. There is not a
suggcstlve llne in lt. it is huin sliiipty
for purposes of laughter, nnd has beert
undenlnbly successful, Scats nre on sc
Baby Vlrena, the clcver chlld actress,
who nas made such u hlt wlth the com?
pany now produclng "At Crlpple Cicek"
nt tho HIJou. will hold a receptlon after
tho matlnee thls afternoon. Tho gallery
Is sold mit for thls performance and sevon
cxiih rows havo been udded to tho ca
paelty of iho orcheslra to meet tho de?
mand for trlckets.
In tho past twenty seasons mlllloiiH of
tneatre-eoers havo wltnessed Lewls Mor
rlson s performance of Mephlsto nnd heen
dollgiued wlth tho elaborate ueonery pro
yjdod tor the Harden, BrocHen and npi.th
eosSs b '??>??- m "Faust." Lewls Morrlson
comes tn tho Academy on Wednesday
next. and will glve hls flnal performance
of Mophisto nn that nlght, bo far ns this
clty Is com-erued.
Tho most Hucceanful of nll romantlo
drnmas la "The Prlaoner of Zendn," nn
derllncd for carly prsentatlon here next
Tho now trlek pnntnmlnip fiirbe "/,|p-.
X:is Alley," wlll recelve lta flrst presen
tutlon at tho Hijou next week.
Tho play ls by Jnmea Gormam mu*lo
by Karl Wclzejbaum, and norven lo in.
troduco 7a-.\i apd JSarrow aml a blg com.
pany of oomedians in what l? claimed
to he a new depurture ln the fnrce.
comedy il.-ll. Star ?peclultlc? nre Inter
Bporsed thrpughout the actlon nnd a
cjiorua of pretty giris are teen lu origlnal
muslcal mimbers. Trlel; scenery uiij
wonderful niechanloaj efltcia aro fea
The Seeond Church to Decide
v About New Building.'
Serviccs ln tho Churches To-Morrow.,
Rev. Mr. Cave on "Church and Pol
itics."?"Lessons from the Llfe
of Washington."
A speclal congregatlonal meetlng of the
Seeond Baptist Church has beon cnllod
for Monday nlght next to docldo with
reforbneo to tho erectlon of tho new
houso of worshlp.
Some tlmo ago, lt wlll be rocalled, the
congrngatlon mot nnd detennlned on n
revislun of tlie plans with a vlew to ao
ouiing better facilitiea for the Sunday
school, lt was dctermlhed thut, lf no
cossary, a new slte ullowlhg moro room
should be secured, Thu wholo matter
waa referred to the Business Committeo,'
which slnce that limo has gone tharough
ly over the ground.
Tlio committeo la now prepared to re?
port, and on Monday nlght. lt will make
certaln recommendatlons. Several mem?
bers soon yeatorday decltned to state ln
adirance what they wOuld report.
Dr.iJ. B. Hawthorno wlll prench ln the
mornlng nt the Grove Avenue Baptist
Church on VElcments of Etornal Llfe."*
At nlght hls subject wlll bo "The Seed
and tlie llarvest."
The pulplt of the Flrst Church wlll be
tllled mornlng and nlght by Dr. George
Cooper. In the evenlng Dr. Cooper wlll
preach on "From Thlrteen to Thirty?
Forgotten Klndnoss."
Tho ustial senrices wlll be conducted
mornlng and nlght at tlio Seeond Bap?
tist Church by Dr. XV. R. L. Smith.
Tho Rev. Samuel H. Templeman wlll
1111 the pulplt of Randolph Street Baptist
Church mornlng and evenlng In the ub
sencc of tho pastor, the Rev. I. S. Boyles,
who goes to Danvllle to-day.
Dr. C. S. Gardner wlll preach mornlng
and nlght at the Grace Street Church.
The'Rev. Dr. I. S. McElroy will preach
mornlng nnd nlght at the Flrst Pres?
byterian Church.
Dr. Wltherspoon. pn-stor of Grace
Street Presbyterian Church, wlll occupy
his pulplt to-morrow both mornlng and
at nlght. The Doetor wlll preach at
both servlces, and for hls mornlng dls
courso wlll tako for hls subject "Fol
lowing Afar Off," nnd at nlght hls sub?
ject wlll bo "Tho Proflt of Prayer." The
selections by the cholr, ono of the best
In the clty, wlll be npproprlate to the
Mr. Charles N. Crittenton, the mllllon
alre druggist of New York, wlll preach
mornlng and nlght at Unlon-Statlon.
Tho Rev. George H. Spooner wlll preach
In the mornlng at Trlnlty nn "In Spite
Of Appearances." At nlght his subject
will be "Lesson From the Llfe of Wash?
The Rev. XV. A. Cooper will preach In
the mornlng at St. James on "The
Mnnn Bill?Is It Falr?" The sermon
wlll be n reply to newspnpers and others
that have crlticiscd the blll.
Dr. XV. XV. Lear will prench ln the
mornlng nt Centennry on "Not Achleve
ment, But Salvatlon the Ground of Ro
jolclng." Ills subject nt nlght will be
"The Mnster's Questlon and the Diclplo's
At tho nlght servlce at tho Thlrd
Christian Church the Rev. P. A. Cave
will preach on "The Church and Poll?
The Rev. B. H. Melton wlll preach
at both servlces at the Marshall-Street
Christian Church.
Tho Rev. Cnrey E. Morgan wlll preach
In the mornlng nt Seventh-Street on
"Maklng the Crnss of Chrlst of Moro
EITcct." At nlght hls subject will be
"The Seeond of Paul's Four Wlshes."
Dr. XV. E. Evans wlll prench morn?
lng and afternoon at Monumental Epls?
copal Church.
To Be He!d Each Day in the Episcopal
Churches of Richmond.
Tho usual unlon servlces will bc holu
by the Rlchmond Eplscopal churches dur?
lng Lont daily at 5 o clock in tho after
ncon, excepling Ash Wednesday and
Holy Week. Tho schedulo is as follows:
Moridays, St. Mark's; Tuesdays, Grace
Church; Wednesdays, Holy Trlnlty und
Monumental; Tbursdays, St. Paul's; Frl
days, St. James' und St. John's; Satur
duys, All-Salnts' nnd St. Andrew's.
ln tho course of a long cduurial on
Lent the Southern Churchman says this
wook: "For a great whlle in thls country
tho Lenten season seemed to be not only
pecullurly, but exclusively, tho property
of the historlc biunches uf the Christian
Church. They alone, so far as appear?
ances went, made any uso of Its valuable
opportunlties or gavo any heed to its calls,
But for somo reason, aud possjbly those
reasons are not so very far to seek, those
conditlons seem to bo changing. Others
piitslde of the historlc biuiichos of the
church seem to be wuklug up to the fact
tnat tho Lenteii season offcrs to organ
Ued Chrlstinnily such dn opportunity as
cunnot come to lt at nny other seuso'n
or by any other means."
I*osltlvcly curctl'by thciSO
Little Pills.
They also relleve Distress from Dyspepsl;.,
Indigestlon nnd Too JTcarty Eating. A per
lect rcmedy for Dizzliicss, Kausca, Drowsi
?;i-ss, Bad Tastcin tlie Mouth,Coatc4 Tpnguy
I'alninthcSlde, TORPl'D L1VER. They
Xtcgulatc the Iiowels, Ptuely Vegetable.
Small p|||. ' small ?ose.
Small JPitIqq.
and flnd ont what a
really co'mfortable
shave is.
Collapsible Tubes
25 cents at
Barbers and Druggists
R. Bremer Co., Ghlcago.
Chamber of Commerce Com
mends the Great Com
ing Exposition.
At a meetlng Thursday tho Commltteo
on Exposltlons of tho Chamber of Com
merco adopted tho followlng:
Whereas, an act of the Genoral Assem
bly of Virglnla, approved March 10th,
1002, has authorized the formatlon of a
company to establlsh and conduct an ex?
position to commommor.ite tho three hun
dred'th nnniversary of the plniitlng of the
lirst English colony at Jamsetown; and.
Whereas, sald company has beon duly
organized; therefore, bo it,
Resolved by the Rlchmond Chamber of
Flrst. That the patrlotlc purpose of cele
bratlng tho most Important Incldent ln
tho history of our country and State re
celvcs our most cordl-Jl endorsoment.
Second. That the exhlbltlon of Vlrglnla's
lesourocs, slde by slde wlth those from
other States nnd eountiics, ar.d the large
number of persons who will vlslt the ex?
position will, of necesslty, result ln great
beiKflt to the wholo State. and partlcu
larly to Rlchmond. Its capital clty,
Thlrd. Wo therefore reauest our repro
sentatlves In tho General Assmbly to sup?
port heartliy and enthuslastlcally the
necessary measures looklng to the sue
cess of sald' exposition, and hereby pledge
the earnost co-operntion of tho Rlch?
mond Chamber of Commerce.
By authority of tho lloard of Dlrectors
ot the Rlchmond Chamber of Commerce.
Committee on Exposltlons.
Attest: R. A. DUNLOP, Secretary".
(By Assoclated Press.)
KNOXVILDE, TENN.. February 20.?It
Is reported here that the Loulsvlllo and
Nashville road Intends to build a llne
from this clty to Chattanooga, crosslng
tho Jellico and Knoxvllle maln llne near
Ollver Sprlngs, and crosslng the Tenne3
see Rlver near Klngston, and runnlng on
the east bank of tho rlver to Chattanooga.
Thls would glve tho Loulsvlllo and Nash?
ville its own entrance into Chattanooga
from Loulsvllle and Cincinnutl. and would
glve Knoxvllle a llne to Chattanooga com
peting wlth the Southern Railway.
(Ily Assoelate-d Press.)
JACKSONVILLE, FLA., February 20.?
The Industrlal Record, the ofnclal naval
stores trado journal, published to-day
reports from the turpentlne belt that not
less than thirty per cent. of tho vlrgln
boxes and ten per cent. of tho old boxes
were destroyed by the storm of thls week.
The tlmber was blown down by the wlnds.
Thla loss will greatly redtice the turpen?
tlne productlon in thls State.
More Capitol Plans are Put
Upon Exhibition.
Along wlth tho various other plans for
repalrs to tho Capitol buildlng. those of
Mcssrs. Fryo and Chesterman. of Lynch?
burg, and Noland and Baskervllle, of thls
clty, wero hung upon the walls of the
rotunda on yesterday.
A bill has been passed approprlatlng
$100,000 for thls purpose, and Captain W.
D. Cardwoll, of Hano-ver, has presented
another measuro asklng for $100,000 more.
Thero aro many wlro bellevo that tho lat
ter measuro will pass, and that tho Leg?
islature wlll go for givlng tho peoplo such
a Stato House as they manlfostly doservo
und doslro.
It |s understood that tho Capitol com?
mlsslon ls nwaltlng actlon by tho Logls
laturo on tho Cardwoll bill beforo mak?
ing any further movo In tho matter, and
1 nothing doi'.nlte Is expocted untll tho ad
journmont of tho present sesslon.
Tho plans of tho Lynchburg nnd Rlch?
mond nrchltects reforred to aboro nre
very attractlvo.
Each of tho wings has three columnar
gabled fronts, so that the vlow from the
npproach ln any dlrectlon ls pleaslng to
the eye nnd ln harmony wlth tho origlnal
Each of the wlnps?west, Sonnto; east,
House of Delegates?Has a hasement
nbore the ground sulluble for commlttee
ronms or ofllcos.
Moar.ii of entrunco nnd egross nre nbun
dnnt. Tho most Imposlng of theso ls the
wlde south portlco nnd steps, leadlng into
the rntun-la of tho maln hulldlng. The
connecting entrance lobbles jolnlng the
wlngs to the old buildlng permlt entrance
on both sldes, both to the basomont nnd
to the maln floor. Another entrance tn
each wlng Is on the far west and fur
east sldes. rpspectlvely, Into the baso
ment, whore tho ample corrldor leads dl
roctly to tho olevator and atulra in the
maln buildlng.
| Ooceal and 1
| ZPorsonal %
5 *
A colonlnl blrlhdny rocoptlon will bo
glven Monday, Fobiunry 23d, at SitlO V
M. by tho Lndles' Ald Socloty of urico
Bplacopal Church, ln the Sunday-sehoul
room. Rnlnbow-colorod silk Backa havo
boen sent to nll tho mombers of the
congrcgatlon, with tho followlng qualnt
ly-wordod lnvltatlon:
You aro lnvlted to attond a colonlal
birthday party,
And assurod of a wolcomo, wnrm and
It wlll bo glven at tho Eplscopal Church,
We beg you don't'forgot the place.
Tho day and hour wo will toll you,
Monday, February C'ld, at 8:.'10 true. .
Tlio refreahmonta wlll be served with
And consiat of glngorbroad and nectar
Popconi and applos arranged ln the
Our parcnta used In colonlnl dnys.
In thls Ilttle sack, ploase brlng or send
As many uonnlos, ray doar, klnd friend,
As years you havo spont on thls great
Tho Ald Soclety thanks you, ono and
The colonlnl featuro wlll be carrled out
ln docoratlons, costumos and refresh
menta, revlvlng the most plctureique and
beautiful period in Virglnia's nlstory,
when tho women were all statcly and
splendld nnd the men wero nll gallnnt
nnd dovoted.
Ladles hito whoao akilful hands the
work of decoratlon haa boen Intrusted
are: Mra. XV. K. Martln. Mra M. L..
Unrrlson, Mlss Isa Smlth, Mlas Abblo
Crenshaw, Mlss L. Plummcr, Mlss A.
Plummer and Mlss Jonea. The colonlal
colors, blue and yellow. wlll amonr
ln yellow shades, wax tapei.i blue rlb
bons ni ?.' jonqulls,
Guosts wlll bo recelved by SIW, Roht.
Pngo G.ymrs, Mra. Landon Maaon, Mrs.
F. T. Boykln. Mrs. A. E. Jordnn. Mrs.
Robert Green. Mra. G. M. V'llsdn and
Mlss Alico Tjolgh. Those who have
charge of tho entertalnrnc.'t f',r tl|r
oveninp. Mrs. W. S. Munay, llr<, ',v.
R. Phllllps, Mrs. A. N. Whlte, Mra. M.
W. Crensi nw, Mrs. .1. V. Maaon Mlss
Loulsa Leigh nnd Mlss Kon.i llunmuiln,
have arranged nn nppioprlitte nnd do
llghtful maslcal programme:
1. Plnno?rrofossor F.inic Eugono Coa
2. "Auld Lnng Syne?Mnle Chorus.
3! "The Minuet"?Mlss Mary Hart C'cn
4. Vlolin-Mr. T. Cllnton Wnymack.
15. "Ye Oldtlme Song"?Mlss Lillian Tay
\ lor.
0. "Old Onken Bucket"?Mnle Chorus.
7. Colonlal Rcadings?Mrs. Jennlo Tea
8. "Annle Lnurle"?Mnle Chorus.
II. Vlolln?Mlss Annle Loulso Rolnhnrdt.
10. Homo. Pweet ITome? Mnle Chorus.
Accompnnlst. Professor Cosby.
The young gentlemen cimprlslng the
chorus and members of the vested antl
nhonnl church eholr nre: Mr. Jnmes
P. Lay, Mr. SHden Wnlko. Mr. Rohrrt
TTasklns. Mr. R. Brown f'renshriw. M.\
Cecll D. Tlnrb^rdt. Mr. TIerbert V. T.iv
lor, Mr. C. C. Cllfton. Mr. Thnddeus B.
Sargennt. Mr. Pamuel R. Prorlconbrotish,
Mr. Woodson P. Waddy nnd Mr. M. E.
Rofroshments wlll he served under tro
supervlslon of Mrs. C. B. St.nov. Mrs. T.
A. Brnnder, Mrs. .T. XV. Relllv. Mrs. J.
R. Whent. Mrs. Wllllam Ar-h^r. Mr.<
M. L. Wnllaco and Ml.ss Lnura Warren.
On Moriday nft^rnoon from 4 to fi
o'clock th" Lndle-' Ald RnHoty wlll glve
n cherry treo entertalnment for chlldren.
Two beautiful trees. vhtch must hnv?
heen mndclefl nflor the nr"> on whlrh
Ilttle George YV.ishlncton used hla hateh
ct. wlll b"ar oherri^s, ench one of whlch
Tint.nln prizes. Llttlo peopl" wlll pln\
hntchets on these trees ln cngor eom
pctltlon for rv.?rrl*s nnd pr'zes. Tho
lndles wlll welrnmo the chlldren nnd
pi-nmote thelr enjivment by every pos
slble means.
Five-Hand Enchre.
A number of Mlss Wlthers' friends
were handsomely entertalned last after?
noon ln tho home of Mrs. Stephen Put
ney at a gamo ot flve-hand euehre.
Guests sat down around tho card tables
at 5 o'clock and the game closed at
? * ?
Prnfessor S. C. Mltchcll, of Rlchmond
College. oddressed tho members of the
auxlllary lecture course at thelr flrst
meetlng in the Jcfterson Club paiiors last
Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Be
Klnning with March Oth, Mlss Aunspaugh
wlll glve a serles of leoture-readlhgs be?
fore the club. The flrst readlng will bo
from the pooms of Sldney Lanler, the
seeond from Eugene Fleld's pooms, the
third nnd the fourth from the pooms
of Robert Brownlng.
Lecture readlng is a now feature in
the llterary clrcles of Rlchmond. Evi
dently a useful future awults such work.
Mlss Aunspaugh has developed thls
plan as a means of bringlng her au?
dience Into sympathy with the the poet
by lecture, and under the dlrect Inlluence
of hls thought by readlng hls pooms.
Next Thursday, Februnry 20th, MlftJ
Marla Blair wlll glve one of her de?
llghtful locturos on "Venice"?a subject
which wlll brlng out Mlss Blair.s well
known powers of doscrlptlon and draw
upon her store of trndltlon nnd romance,
to sav nothlng of her art lore.
Professor Mltchell's subject, the
'French Revolution." was handled in a
masterly manner Thursday aftornoon.
Mrs. Phlllp Whltlock. Mrs. u. 55. Morrls,
Mrs I^nn Dottelbach. worc nsaisted by
Mrs] Arthur Levy, Mrs. Harry Cainp
boll, Mrs. Wllllam Sehwnrzsclilld, Mlss
Rebecca Helstcrn. Mlss Mary Thallilmer,
Miss Hortenso Bnttlgholmcr, Miss Cora
Blnswanger nnd Mlss Fannle Mlttoldor
Mlss Marla Blair wlll dellvor a lecture
on the "Llfe nnd Legonds of tho Ma
donnn," nt the Woman's Club on Frlday,
March 6th, at 8 P. M. After the lecture
a dellghtful muslcal programmo wlll be
rondered by a select qunrtette, with
Mlss Mamlo I-larrlson ns soprano and
Mlss liYnnces Dlggs ns contralto. Several
Ave Mnrlns wlll bo sung and, by requost,
somo of tho old Scotch nnd Engllsh bal
Tho entertnlnment ls glven under the
nusploes of Mrs. John B. Llghtfoot's Clr
ole of King's Dnughtors, nnd wlll ho for
tho beneflt of tho Freo Klndergiirtcn und
Day Nursery.
n Red and Whlte.
The pnrlora of Mrs. Massle's homo. No.
2721 East Broad Streot, whero n Confcd?
ernte receptlon wlll bo hold February
24th from 8 to 11 P. M., wlll be benutlfully
deeornted ln the Confedorato colors, red
nnd whlto rlbbnns extendlng from the
chandellers to tho llngs grouped In Ihe
corner" of the room, red shndos nnd red
nnd wlilta candlcs maklng tho rooms br||.
llnnt with color. lu the dlnlng room red
(?arnatlona wlll reat ' on luco, ovor rod
Mesdames iMasale, Snelllnga,' Beasley,
ITUBhes, Rlchnrdson. Blllups, Chrlntlnn,
Ilnrwood nnd Rlddlck, thn renelirlng party,
wlll he nss'stod by Mlsses Mnry nnd
Mnrlo Curtls, Mlss Nunnla Miller, M|m
Vlda Ohnlkley, Mlss BcbhIo Fronch, Mlss
Edna Barbour, Mlsa Jnnlo Powors, MIks
Rosa Mayer, Mlas Mnbel Dobblns, Mlss
Franees McKevItt, Mlss Alino Goodwln,
\Mlss Lillle Atlee, Miss Jullet Woody, Mlss
W. It. Ooufflaa makes and solls
moro mon's Goodyoat* Wolt
(handi fiowoef nvocess) shoos
than any othoi* manufaolu
ipop In tho world.
$25,000 REWARD ;tV'a7,C?o"uOT
1 ??? Miitf mrnt.
? Bccauso \V. L, Douglas is tho
largost manufacturer, lic can huy
cheapcr and produce his slioes afc a
lower cost than any other conccrn,
wliich cnahles him to sell a shoo
for 83.50 equal iri every way to
thoso sold elsewhero for 8G.00.
Alao 147 other
ntj'lei and ahapes
in all kiu Is of leath?r.
F1T MK13
Tho Douglas secrot procoss of tanning tho bot
torn soles produces absolutoly puro loathor;
moro floxlble and wlll wear fonger than any
other tannago In tho world.
Tho salos havo moro than doubled the
past four years, whlch provos Its suporl
orlty. Why not glvo W. L. Douglas
$3.50 shoos a trial and savo S1.50
on ovory palr.
Note tho lnorease In hnnlneag.
1609 Salca: $2,203,883.2 I
1902 Sales: $5,024,340.00
A galn of S2.820,456.79 In four yeari.
riie best imported and Amerlcnn loatliera, Hevl'a
lvitnnt Calf. Knamol, Hox Calf, Calf, Vlci Kld,
Cornna Cc.lt, and Natlonal Kangaroo. Fast
\ Color Kyelfits uaeri oxcliialveljr.
Boys all wear W. L. Douglai Stronu Made
S'J.OO ahocn ; Ynuth'a, 81,75.
OAUTION.-Tho gnmilne havo W. t.
nmiglaH noino and prlce atntnped on
the bottrnn.
Sbooa by mall. 2.1 ?vntB extra. Illui
trnted Cutnloguc freo.
\V- L. DOUULAS. BrocUton, Mui,
623 E. BROAD ST?
W. N. WATKINS. Manaocr.
ls n blesslng. Thoso who need Glnwcs,
whetber children or adults, may roly on
our expert fervlce nnd wxmro tho Ijest only
nt Ipwcst posrible prices. Wo look to tho
prtJBCrvatlon of tho cycslght as well ns tho
nppcaranco of tho wearrr. Completo
Optlcal Mnnufncturlng plant on tho
Grace Schermerhorn. Mlss Waddy and
Mlss Kato Pullcr will reclto, nnd a mu
slcal programmo wlll be rendcred.
Miss Chrysanthemum.
The Mlsslsslppl table at the bazaar haa
about declded to adopt the name of "Miss
Chrysanthemum." and havc a pretty Ilt
ilc Japanese deslgn with Klmonaa and nll
klnds of eastern ciirlos In fans nnd san
dalwood boxfs for sale.
ln the meuitimo the Mlsslsslppl Com?
mittee aro to have a Mardl Graa festlvul
for Ilttle chlldren next Monday at No.
215 East Franklln Street, from 3 to fi p.
M., when all sorts of carnWnl games
wlll be playo'd, and confettl wlll bc
throwh for tho pleasure and fun of the
carnlval company.
A children's tea In honor of Wnshlng
ton'a birthday wlll be glven to-day from
3 to 6 o'clock ln Lee Camp Hall for the
beneflt of the Tennessee table at the
Confederat Bazaar. A ehcrry tree wlll be
In evldence, uud cherrios wlll be pinned
on ic for prizes. A wonderful d ,11 wlll
be shown. In short. tho programnie
adopted contalns somo prospecllve pleas?
ure for all "V'lsltbrs, who wlll bo cordlally
The Texas Table.
Monday next wlll be a day of plcasant
happenlngs. Among them wlll be a "sll
ver toa," given ln the homo of Mrs.
Adolphus Blair, No. 111 North Thlrd
Street. from 5 to S o'clock, for the bene?
flt of the Texas tnblc.
The tca Is Informal. No Invltatlons hnve
bec-n isEUfd, but- Mrs. Blair liopes to sce
her friends and all who are lnterested ln
tho auccess of tho Texas table. Tho re
ceptlon hours liaiv been extended so that
gentlemen can call with the ladles.
Red and whlto wlll prevall ln tlio color
schome of decoratlon and Mrs. Blair wlll
be nsslstofi in tho seryirig of refrcshmenls
by the young ladles of tho Texas Com?
mlttee: Mlss Nancy Cookc. Mlss Char?
lotte Yonge, Miss Mary" D'rewry. Mlss
A'-jnes McCarthy, Miss Edlth Jones. Mlss
Marlanno Meade, Mlss Stanlcy Atklns,
Miss Bowe, Mlss .lanle Wingo, Mlss Ella
Bmford, Mlss Suslo Harrlson. Mlas
Amella Coalter nnd Misses Brldges. These
young ladles will be gowned ln red nnd
Committee Meetin.sfs.
A meetlng of tho commlttee for tho
Loulslana tablo wlll ho held thls mornlng
at 11:30 o'clock ln tho homo of tho chalr?
man, No. 007 North Tenth Streot.
? ? ?
Tho Alabnmn Committee Is rerjucstcd
to meet with Mrs. J. H. Drake at No.
VM Floyd Avenuo next Tuesday ut
? ? ?
The young ladles who aro to drlll nt
tho approachlng Conl'edorato falr to be
glven for tho bcnellt of the Home fo,r
Needy Confedcrute Womon wlll rolienrso
at tho Executive Munnlon thls nl'tcrnoon
at 4 o'clock under tho chaperonage of
Mrs. Montague nnd tho instruction of
Colonol Jo. Lnne Stcrn.
Mrs. A. von N. Rosenogk wlll hnvo
chargo of tho basket booth, ono of the
most nttrnctlve ut tlio Confcdernte falr.
Mrs, RQso'n'egk's booth will lio suppiled
with fancv und usoful bOSkPtS of every
varle.ly, ninny of them belng contrlbuteil
by friends of Mrs. Moiitaguo in New
York. A let tor has Just been reeoived by
Mrs. Montague from Mr. Ooorgo F. I'on
hodv oxpressing hls aiipreclntlon lor Iho
prlvllego of conil'lbutlpg to so worthy a
causo us tho Confedcrato Wonien's Home.
Surpriso Party.
A dellghtful surprlso pnrty wns git'on
Thursday evenlng in honor of Mlss Itosn
May Belmaf at hor homo, on Onkwood
Avenue. Tho ovnntiig was iiponl ploiiHiint
ly with games und >vocal nnd Instrumentul
muslo, Rot'ionhmcnt.H woro sei'.ved. Among
tlioso present wero Ml.s: tea Mnymo Drnko,
Mnymo Black, Rosa M. Bohunf, Mni'ghret
Murphy, Irone Gelslnger. Annle Mc?
Doimid. Mamlo Murphy, Btownrt Wafle,
Okey .lumen nnd Mruy Ix-wls, nnd Messrs,
Robert Knlghtly, James Culliuan, Malden
?Couper, WUHfi Johns, John Culllnnn,
Maurlce I'owers, Benjamln Wllliams,
John Ponahue. Charllo Glbbons, Hudglns,
Clarence Holtzback, Joseph Lewls. Eddlo
Johnson. John Schaaf, Herbert Schnnf,
and Churlle Schaaf. The party was chap
t-roned by Mr. nnd Mrs. Schaaf and Mrs.
Personal Mention.
Mlss Anne C. Bentley will be lnfo/
mally "at hcme" thls afternoon from 1
to C o'clock. Mrs. P. J. Brookc, of Alex?
andria, wlll be wlth Mlss Bentley nnd
wlll unlto with her In givlng a coidlal
welcomc to friends calling.
Mrs. Junlus B. Lynch. of Norfolk, an
hoii'ired- guest at Lee Camp HalP-last
evenlng; ls vlsltlng Dr. and Mrs. Juniua
B. Lynch.
Jlrs. Russell Roblnson, who has been
spehtf?*V tho last two wecks ln Rlch?
mond. left to-day for Washington.
Friends of Mrs.Allce Cabell Palmer. of
Nelson coiinfy: will be glad to know thut
she ls the gucst of friends ln Rlchmond.
Friends of Rear Admlral und Mrs. Ilar
rle Webster wlll be glnd to hear of thu
latter's return to Rlchmond and hls In
tention to remuln at No, 300 West Frank?
lln Street.
* ? ? ..
Tho weddlng of Mlss Befcsle J. Haney
?ind Mr. Crawley M. Oarrett -tnok placo
Thursday evenlng at 1) o'clock In tha
home of" Mrs. Welch. No. 2000 East
Franklln Street.
Mlss Carrle l.eftwlch. who hns been
spendlng the winter In Washlngton. has
returned to her homo. No. 116 South
Thlrd Street. Mlss Leftwlch ls lookmg
romarknbly well and hns had a dellghtful
stay ln tho Natlonal Capital.
Mr. Willlam Gray reached Rlchmond
from New York Thursday evenlng.
Mrs. Herbert Gray Is vlsltlng her brother
Mr Tho-nns Flippori, ln Cumberland
county. She wlll be ln Rlchmond later
in the spring. . , .
Tho Emma Andrews Wlilst; Club met
wlth Mrs. Bevorly Crump Frklay after?
noon. Those making higbest seore north
nnd south were'Mrs. Banjnmln Nnsh and
Mrs. Boyorly Crump; east and west. Mrs.
James Kelth and Mrs. R. II. Lindsay.
* f *
Mlsses Kldwoll's danclng class wlll rrlve
a danee In BelvMere Hall next Tuesday,
Fobruary 21th, from S::;o to 11:30 P. M.
Tho Wednesday. nnd Saturday classes
wlll ecntlnuo weeltly throughout tho sea
* ? *
M'ss F.dnn Pngh, of Fnrmvllle, Vn.. la
spendlng a few days wlth her sister. Mrs.
n. .T. Mallory, nt No. 801 East Muishall
a *
l THAN !

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