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FoIIowb nlosoly ln bho wnko of JMEIUT;
Bticcusr HtaiulH ready to orown merlfc,
And inorlb l? tho naturul followlng of
You cnn havo no bottor rnnrcBontntlon
of nll threo of theso rcqulsllcs than tho
.flSRAK^i: BBABIft _ 1
If you piu'chnsoono of those planos thero wlll bonoroam fordlssntlsfnctlon.
In maklng your CALOULATIONS for tho best way to
. glvo plcasurc nt homo
PlnyB tho best of muslc wlthout nnv former mnslcnl educatlon. Ono
lesson of flftecn minutes nnd you havo ull uecessnry knowledgu to produce
anj'composltlon of intisiu, from tho lntcst enke walk to tho moat uilUculb
olasBics, Just stop In and lut us show you. Write for catalogues.
Offlccrs of Navy Find Them
Especially Satlsfactory
on Shlp-board.
(Speclnl to Tho 'XlniM-Dlnnaitch.)
YORKTOWN, VA., February 21?
When tho war-dogs of tho L'ntted States
navy are ridlng safely at anchor on tho
bceom of tho noble York, one of the
most striklng and pecullar scenea ln con
jioctlon wlth thelr vlslts ls the Japanese
tervant on hls mlsslon of provldlng daln
tles fior tho ward room offlccrs' table.
ln an intervicw not long slnco wltli a
nuval offlcer, your correspondent had tljo
opportunity of galnlng a great deal of In
tormatlon in regard to theso pictures>-;Uo
60J13 of tho far East. As eervants, they
outrank by far any other natlonality,
creed or color. with a suavlty of manner
pccullarly their own. Of strict Integrl
ty. qulck, efficlcnt and sonsdole. they aro
ideal Bervants. A^few Aniorlcan negroes
ond a few Chlnamen are tho only oppo?
sltion theao "a3ons of tho Mlkooo" Tiavo
plttod agalnst them. Another vltal ques?
tlon ln thelr favor la the fact that they
are olieapcr, will work for less, than
any other menlal. Theso llttle follows
come honestly by Lhe appellatlon of "l"an
kecs ot tho Oriont," for they aro nearer
tho Amerlcan in etraraeter than any of
tho Astatic natlanollties. Contrary to tho
ordlnary impresslon. theao llttle follows
aro not of the lower grado of Japaneso
life, but come rather frdm tho very flrst
families of thelr nattve land. ln dlrect
opposltion to our vlew of thelr statlon in
llfe, thoy seem to thlnk it an. honor to
corvo a gentleman, and this; moro than
unythlog else, ls the reason asslgned by
naval offlcers- for thelr services biina
bo mucli in demand.
Tha docltet ot the County Court has
been heavily burdened for tho past slx
months with caeos entlrely too trlvlal to
cngago the attentlon of such an august
body. Not long since a razor-back hog,
not exceedlng ten dollars In actual value,
engaged the court's attentlon at two or
threo scparate ond dlstlnct torms, besid&j
>xhaustlng the services of two or three
Justlces of tho peaco, In the vain en
Seavor to establlsh the ownershlp of tho
linimal, and now there ls a sult pendling,
fcalllng for the services of a Jury and
fifteen wltnesses to decide the ownership
*f a cat-boat, whlch, to uso tho exprcssion
tof one of tho wltnesses iu tho case, lsn't
Worth a "cliaw 'terbacker."
Tho people freely tsxpress themselves ns
belng thoroughly dlsgusted wlth this
ktato of affalrs, ond long for the day's
-?.pproach when the new Constitutlon will
,i>ut an end to all such trlfllng cases by
eonslgrdng thom to the Juattcea' courts
Mid rellovlng tho publlc of so much pctty
annoyanco. "
The lnformatlon received horo a few
3ays since of tho proposed repctltlon of
last year's vlslt of tho Old Dominion
Pilgrlmage Commltteo of New York,
meets with unqualifled approval and de-'
light at belng again able to spend a few
momonts with the distingulshed ladles
of tho party and Joln wlth tho rest of
tho Old Dominion ln exter.ding them
all tho courtesles nnd hospitality for
whlch tho good old Commonwealth is
Tho object of the vlslts is to enhanco
tho lnterest taken in the past history o?
Amerlca nnd proscrva the sacred le
gonds and prlcoless rellca of a glorlous
Mr. Charles rjallngher, of Gloucester
Point, has ponding beforo the Court ot
Cln!m3 at Washington, D. C, a case In
vnivliifr between ??7.000 and $2R,00O. Thla
clalm ls bnsed on the loss of the schooner
"Nlnirod," whlch was enptured in 18C4 by
Confoderates and destroyed. The "Nlm
rod was owned by Mr. G.'.H'U'hcr, but
wns ln tho service of tho Fedcral gov?
ernment in frolghtiug suppllos to tholr
troops on tho 'Penlnsula. Gallnghor was
at thnt tlmo chief of thn Commlssary
TJopnrtment. The clalm hns passed both
houses. of Congress sevornl tlmog und
referred back ngaln to the Court of
Claims for settlement. Tho coso ls sot
for tho envly port of tho comlng month.
Mr. Gnllnghor was at ono tlmo a resl
dent of Riehmond Just aftor tho close of
tho war. He has anothor clnim nlso
still ponding for *.1),000 or "10,000 before
tho samo court,
Mr. Churlio Beer, Hvlng Just (( short
way out of town, has a dog with a rocord
that ts second to noiio ln tho etato. The
cnnlne's accomplishmonts lay along the
llno of n'ormlnts of tho woods, havlng
jl ijiot avorslon to any of naturo's trlha
thnt make tho forest thelr homo, "Dalsy"
hns botween forty nnd llfty scalps of
oiiosfliiins, nnd a numbor of cootis nlso,
"Dalsy" has on intorcstlug famlly of two
young hopeftils, whn arn showlng oon
eldornblo of thelr mothor's tralts, nnd
of whlch shn I.s qulto proud.
Mr. ,T. Sam Phiiilps, of Poquoson, hnd ns
lils guosts durlng tlie week Messrs. Cur-'
tls and Tlgnor, of Hampton, wtth tholr
beautiful pack of twenty fox-hounds, A
flne run. wns Tiad and a groat deiil of
ploasuro ln the exoltlng chase,
PostoHloe Inspectnr Rulla wns hero the
early part of the week Inspoctlng tho
oostofneoa in tlio lower part of tho county.
Mr. Fl"vnk R. Byam' and fumily, of
Jl&Sxi'l, arg at home asaln, after a vlslt
or ten daye to their old homo at Col
lingswood, N. Js
CMr. C. H, Shlcia, a promlnent young
attomey of the town. w,_ ln RIchmond
Wednesday last, attendlng a meeting of
tho State Bonrd of Flsherle... ln oppo
sitlon to the idea of curtaillng tho clam
mlng s(--ason entirely, a conditlon whlch
the clnmmers say would work great liard
shlp to them.
Captaln J. W. Wainwrlght, oyster In
Bpc-dor for York county, also attcndod
the meeting of tho board In connectlon
with buslness pertainlng to hle ofllce.
C. P. Taylor. of Ozcano. Essex county,
was a vlsltor here ln mld-week, and spcnt
aeveral days In tho. county.
Mlss Josephlne Glbbs. whose reslgna
tion from the posltlon of contral at tho
Che.sap<_ako Telephone Company's offlco
ot Grafton, was announced, ls agaln back
at her post. much to the plcasuro of
patrons of the line.
Mr. A. O. Mauck. of Temple Farm,
is still in Chicago, ha/rlng been dotalned
thero by bu..inc33 for the past flfteen
daya. /
Mr. ,T. W. Rogers has been in Norfolk
during tho entire week. ettendlng tho
sesslon of tho Unlted StateifCourt. ? '
The followlng amounts have been re
cel-'-id by the treasurer of the Jefferson
T-)-j.vls Monument Assoclatlon sinco last
Cape Glerdeau Chapter, Mo.$SS 00
Francls Marlon Cockrcll Chapter.
Mo. 5 00
Mrs. Thomas B. Pugh, Sr. 5 00
Cash . 10 00
Confederate Southern Memorlal As?
soclatlon .25 00
Atlnnta Camp, No. 159.25 00
LnFayette McLaws Camp, No. 596,
Savannah, Ga. 10 CO
Camp Benclng, No. 511, Columbus,
Ga.60 00
Confcderato Vetoran Assoclatlon of
Savannah, Ga., Camp, No. 676_61 60
Dr. R. A. Patterson.10 00
Mlss Salllo n. Malone, Atlanta, Ga., 5 00
A Delightful Dinner.
The dlnifeT1 glven Frlday evenlng hy the
Young Men's Brotherhood to tho men of
Grace-Street Baptlst Church, was a most
delightful nffoir. A largo number of men
wero present. The locturc-room of the
church had been transformed by the la?
dles into a lovely banquet hall and was
a vlsion of bcauty. After a bountlful
dinner had been served. brlef and In?
teresting addrcases were made by Mr.
D. C. O'Flaherty, the presldent of the
Brotherhood; Dr. Tl. H. Pltt, the edltor
of tho Religious Herald, and Dr. C. S.
Gardner, tho pastor.
The occaaion waa pronounced by all to
bo most profltable and inaplrlng and help
ful to the rellglous llfe of tho church.
Speclal attentlon was called to the se
ries of speclal meetings which wlll begln
in the church the lst ot March."'
McCarthy Council.
McCarthy Council held Its rr^ular meet?
ing on Thursday night at Lee Cnmp Hall.
Much routinc buslness was transacted,
af^er which ten new members were
eiected and fiftecn candldates lnltlated
lnto tho mysterles of the ordor.
Tha next meettng wlll be held on March
6th, at whlcli tlme a class of between
f.ftoen nnd twenty will be inltiatod. The
members of McCarthy aro dotermined to
make thls the most proaperous year In
tho hlatory of tho council, and with thls
ln vlew there is great activity among
After tho moeting adjourned Chairman
Lou'ensteln, of the Entortaipment Com?
mlttee, Invlted tho membera to tho rear
room to partako of delightful rofresh
ments, whlch were onjoyed by all.
Mrs. J. J. Crutchneld Is vlaltlng her
daughter, Mra, A. T. Goddin. In Jackson?
vllle, Fla. Sho wlll vlalt other polnts of
Interest bofore returnng homo,
If the consumptive could
only keep from getting worso
it would be some encourage
Scott's Emulsion at least
gives tired nature a brcathing
spell. The nourishment and
strength obtained from Scott's
Emulsion nre a great relief to
the exhausted system.
This treatment alone often.
enables the consumptive to
gather force enough to throw
off the disease altogether,
Scott's Emulsion brings
strength to the lungs and flesh
to the body,
Send for Free Samplo.
6COTX & pOWNii. Cken-tati,',*?.-'eartst,, N. V,
Mr. Duke Stands for the
Oountry Peddlers.
Mr. Cardwell Secures Such an Amend?
ment to the General Revenue Bill.
Real Estato Men May Lend
Money?Day's Proceodlngs.
Both branches of the Gonoral Assembly
(were ln |sesslon yesterday, and they
dlsposod of much buslnesa.
Tho Benato devoted another day to
dlscussing tho chlld-labor bllla, but took
no actlon, tho vote on tho qucBtlon of
engrosslng tho Cabell-IIalsey measure
dlscloslng the absence of a quorum.
Tho chlcf speech was made by Senator
tBarksdolo, ot Holifax, who earnestly ad
vocated the Lyle blll, and he was fol?
lowed brlefly by Judfee Mann for the
Caboll-Halscy blll.
Outalde of thls there was littlo busl?
ness of publlo lnterpAt ln the Senate, and?
the body at a llttle after 1 o'clock ad
journed for lack of a quorum.
The House held a four-hours' sesslon.
devoted malnly to a further conslderatlon
of tho general tax blll.
Tho Roads Commlttee reported the bill
relatlng to the general subject of cor
poratlons, and it was read a, first timo
and ordered printed.
There were no bills offered, but several
membera preaented petltions favorlng the
Mann llquor blll.
The blll offered by Mr. Angell to allow
cltles and towns to Issuo bonds to dis
obarge outstandlng obllgatlons waa ta?
ken up out of its order and engrosaed.
Tho general tax bill belng taken up
was amendcd ln several materlal par
One was that offered by Mr. Cardwell,
plnclng a graduated tax of from S5 to
$100 on oyster packers, and tho other
was the one offered by Mr. Duko, of
Albemarle, to reduce the tax on peddlers
of country produce in cltles from ?500
to $50 per cart
Another amendment was securcd by
Mr. Jennlngs to allow real estate deal
ers to take out private bankers' llcense,
In order to facilltate thelr buslneas In
tho matter of negotlatlng loans.
Neat week promlses to be a very heavy
one in legislatlve clrcles.
The Senate.
The Senate had rather a remarkablo
sesslon yesterday, the matter under dls
cussion belng the chlld-labor bills of
Senator Lyle and Delegate Cabell. Eoth
bills were on tho calcndar and Senator
'Halsey moved tho engrossment of the
Cabell blll. Upon thls motlon argu?
ment was made hy Senators Mann
and Barksdale, and a most unique
situatlon was rcvealed. A majorlty of
the Senators were present, and a ma?
jorlty of those present would have votcd
for tho engrossment of tho Cabell blll,
had they not been palred wlth an eq ial
number absci.t who would have voted
agaln8t such actlon. But seven of the
remalning elght present who wero not
paired voted agalnst engrossment, show
ing that lf the absent Senators who were
paired hnd been present the motlon to
engross the bill would have been lost. As
a result, there was a deadlock as the rec?
ord could not show that a quorum was
votlng, the names of the Senators pres?
ent and paired not appearlng in the roll
Lteutenont-Governor Willard called the
Senate to order at noon, o_nd Rev. W. B.
Beauchamp offered prayer.
Two bllla were , Introduced. One by
Senator Whitehead sought to amend
Sectlon 2401 of the Code in relatlon to
Hens on crops for advances to farmers,
nature of agreement therefor, where and
ln what manner docketed and the effeet
thereof and the manner of enforclng auch
Hens. The blll would hnvo tbe amount
fixod at tho beglnnlng of the transactlon
and thls shall not be exceeded.
Judge Mann offered a Wll to amend
and re-er.act sectlon.) 2, 3 and 5 of an
act approved March 2Sth. 1902, entltled to
incorporate the Presbyterlan Orphans'
Senate bill No. 70. the Lyle Child Labor,
and House blll No. 40, tho Cabell Chlld
Labor Blll, were a speclal and contlhulng
order for 12:16 o'clock. Senator Halsey
moved that the Cabell blll be mado a
substltute for the Lyle blll and be en
Tho argument was opened by Judge
Mann, who spoke brlefly for the Cabell
bill. Ho was followed In an elaborate
argument agalnst thla blll by Senator
Mr. Barksdale made one of the stronp
ost speeches of hls caroer In the Senate.
He eaid the Cnbell blll was nothlng but
a makoshift and would not haive tho
effeet deslred by its patron.
Mr. Barksdale Is tho chairman of the
General Laws Commlttee, to whlch theae
bills wore referred. Ho declarod that
the bill struck at tho cotton mllls,
tobacoo factorles, and yet dld tho la
borers and thelr chlldren not one par
ticle of good.
Senator Lyle called the pendlng ques?
The vote was: Ayes?Senator Tyler.
Noes?Senators Barksdale, Chapman.
Cromwell, Dlnwiddle, Ford, Garrett, Gold,
Lyle, Sears, Whitehead.
Tho followlng palra wero announced,
the flrst named votlng aye paired wlth
tho last named votlng no: Senators Wlck
hnm wlth Hutoheson, Bryant wlth Bruce,
Keezoll with Wallace, Anderson wlth
Lupton, Oplo wlth Hobba, Walke wlth
Hnrvey, Halsoy wlth Moon, Donohoe wlth
Claytor, Mcllwaine wlth Revercomb,
Mann wlth I-Iarmnn, Salo with St. Clalr
Bynrs wlth Cogblll.
Senator Mcllwnino, who was presldlng
at the tlme, held that no actlon was tak?
en, ns tho record did not show a quorum
votlng, Sonntor Barkadnle, who waa on
the eve of vlctory, atarted to force Sen?
ators to break thelr palrs, but Senntor
Wickham sald lt would never do in tha
woriu, and doslstcd.
The only way out was for the matter
to go over. and upon motlon tho body
ndjourned amid much excltement
The House.
The Houso was called to order at 10
o clook hy S?taker Ryan, and Ihere was
no prayer.
Tha roport of tho Commltteo on Roads
on the subjoct of corporatlons was sub
mltted to the Houso and rond a flrst
A numbor of bills wore roported from
tho Commlttee on Courla of Justlco, but
they woro mostly local lu tholr naturo.
Bills wero i^carco ln tho House and
Messrs, Btoarnos, of Newport News nnd
Jones of Appomattox presented potlUoiu.
fiont tholr constltuonts favorlng tho
Mann blll.
Tho blll to authorlzo tho taklng of tha
ceneua of the clty of Manchester was ro-.
ported and road a flrst tlme.
When tho report of tho Roads Com?
mltteo on corporatlons was given 1ta flrst ,'
roadtng and ordered' prlpted Chairman 'l
Churchmuji a_iked that when lt came&
"Wlll-Powor" Wlll Hot Curo It.
Drlnk Is tlio great'st cur*i> or nuuiklml. Mnny
n young mnn of criantcst pmnilm- Iws fnaiii.I thn
(llslionored maro of n ilrunkHrd insteml of nn
honorslile plncn ln iwclotr.
rbjailclnns liavo long n-eognl?/-.! tbat con?
tlnued Intlulnenco ID hioohollc stimnlniiia causoii
tho atomach nnd oljeentlvo orijana to taecoota
dlnoaieil. In tho Taat iiiaij.irlty ot cnso-, tlu-ro*
forc, Imbltoal drunkeniiciy ls n lali.vnlrnl dla
mho, nii.i no atnount of tni-ntal rmolvo or
"fnlth enre" wlll curo lt.
*Vo guarnntoo thla nml ?lll ro'.'nil thn tnourir
should tln* retriedy fall. Ilut It nevor doea falll
"OllRINE" l? tastolnsn, mlorli-as nml color
leaa, nnd ran bo glrt-n without tho pntlent's
knowlcilKO la tea, coffen, wnl-r or mllk. It
tiinfa np the dlaonsed stfunn.-!. ond glrea a
henrtr appctlto and goo.I illKrstion.
Mombera of tho W. 0. T, o., cli-rgymen, phr
slclana and publlc men nll over tlao iaml cndorso
thla wonderful rome.ly.
Bar. Thoa, 0. Easton, T).D? 027 B, Cnpltol Ht.,
Wnshliiirton, V. 0? wrlt.a.: "i nn .stifi-ly nf*
flrm, from eiuwi uiider mr ppmonail ob?i>rYatlon,
that OEIIINE la a mnrri-lnun nnd pormancnt
remiMjjr for cbronlc Inrhrlatrs."
tl pr laox, 0 laotes for $n. RaicnrM/ s>*aIo";
poatr-ald. Realed IhwUM tiinllcl free on rc*
q.ioHt. Adilreas OtlRINn ro., ropo Bulldlne,
Washluirton, D. 0.? or call on
$1 PER "30X?G nOXES FOR $5.
831 East Maln Street.
back from tho printc-r that tho mombera
would exnmlne .lt spoviuy |n or(ler that
it mlght ho quickly dlsposed of. os tho
proper worklng of the new Corporatlon
Commlsslon dependod upon thls course.
wrion tho calendar was tnkon up Mr
Angell, of Poanoke, clty, called 'un
House blll No. ts out of its order whlch
has for Its object to authorlzn munlcipal
corporatlons of not less thnn C,0CO populo
tlon to lssue bonds for tho redemptlon
of outstnnding bonds.
Thorei was ponslderablo dlscusslon over
somo Immatorial amendmonts.
Mr. ?lpo moved to Htrlko out C00O so
ai to allow oll citles and towns to come
This was agreed to and the blll waa
ordered to Its cn gross men t. Houso blll
No. 3S was thon taken up, this belng the
General Tax blll and Mr. Cnton offered
a scrles of lamendmorits deslgned to
equallze the burdcns of roglstratlon foes
on corporatlons, ond he spoko earnestly
ln their favor.
The momber from Alexandria was clear
and" forceful ln Mh utteranccs, and was
rollowed by Mr. Folkes. who spoke vl
gorously In opposltion to thn amendments.
Mr, Folkes declared thnt the blll Itself
had borno moro .heavily upon cltlzens
nnd buslness men than corporatlons and
that he was opposed to any moro reduc
tion whatever. He defied the House or
any member thereof to show that tho bul
was falr to the peop'.o as compnred wlth
corporatlons and throwing hls hands
abovo hls head, he shouted out his chal
longe again.
"I dare you to try it," he sald. "You
can't do it, and you know you can't. You
slt thero llke you were tied ln your seats,
because you have no arguments to oucr."
Mr. Folkes and Mr. Caton became In?
volved Jn a brief colloquy, and then tlie
former proceeded wlth hls spoech.
Tho effort of Mr. Folkes was ono of
charaoteristlo force and strength and he
wns listened to wlth tho utmost lnterest
by the House.
Mr. Whltehead spoko agalnst Mr. Ca
ton's amendment and ln referrlng to the
alleged Inequnifties of the blll, he de?
clared that tho gentleman from Alexan?
dria would have the corporatlons. re
lieved and: allow the tax to remain on
plle-drlvor*, mud-machlnes, . bnth-tub?,
barbers' chairs, etc, and there was a very
lnterestlng colloquy between Messrs.
Whitehoad and "Woodard, the latter be?
lng a member of the Flnance Commltteo.
Mr. Boaz epoke ably for the bill ns it
came from hls commlttee and ho was
questioned by Messrs. Caton and Sipe.
Mr. Cardwell spoke agalnst tho amend?
ments offered by Mr. Caton and his effort
was a strong one. Mr. Sipe spoko for the
amendments in an ablo manner and was
closely followed by the House. Tho
amendments were lost. and" the sectlon
was further considered. Mr. Folkos of?
fered an amendment striklng out the pro
vlslons exempting tho real estate of cor?
poratlons from the computatlon and it
was adopted by a large majorlty.
Mr. Cardwell offered an Independent
sectlon to the bill provldlng for a gradu
ated license tax upon oyster packers
ranging from $5 to $100, accordlng to the
voljime of buslness dono. The patron ln
explalnlng hls amendment said that if
the dlscusslon of the oyster questlon had
developed anything, It had beon that tho
packer was not now sufliciently taxed.
The amoudmtnt was agreed to without
Mr. Jennlngs offered an amendment
which was lost. modlfying tho law in re?
latlon to peddlers, so as to exeinpt mor
chants who have regular places of busl?
ness and who open branch stores in other
citles and towns.
Mr. Duke, of Albemarle offered an
amondment which brought up an old
Mr. Duke's amendment was ln the
form of a clauso inserted in tho sectlon
irnposing $500 tax on peddlers by wagon,
and read as follows:
"Except that tho tax on peddlers of
butter,, eggs, poultry, flsh, oysters, game,
fruit and farm products, not grown or
produeod by them, shall bo flfty dollars
for each vehlclo used in such peddllng."
A companion amendment provlded that
tho peddler's name shall be oonspicuously
dlsplnycd on the vehlole.
Mr. Duke mado a very ablo speech ln
favor of the amondment and he produced
a number of flgures to show that tho
law was now ln the intcrest of monoply
and favored classos.
Mr, Cardwell made a Btrong speech
agalnst the amondment and much ploas
antry was indulgod in as to Hanover
farmers, of whom Mr, Cardwell said he
was ono, only prnotlelng law as a matter
of amusemont.
Mr. Whltuhead spoke for the amond?
ment and lt was opposed by Mr. Chrlstlan,
By a voto of 3li to 20 tho amendment
was agreed to and Mr. Jennlngs offered
one to allow real estate dealers to take
out prlvate bankora license ln order to
faclliato the buslness of negotluUng loans,
and It was adopted' without divlsion.
Mr, Gardner moved to amend by rals
ing the license tax on monoy lendera
from $100 lo "209 por year and he spoko
for Ita ndoptlon. it was opposed hy Mr.
Wtvitchead nnd lost.
Tho Houso nt 1:1*0 o'clock P. M, on
motlon of J. M. NewhouBO adjourned to
me-ct nt 10 o'clock to-morrow.
Telephone Salo Donied.
(Spoclnl l? T"u Tlincs-Dlsiantch.)
ROANOKE, VA., Fobruary 21,?Beau
ro'gard "Lauhon, general manngor of tho
"Vlrglnla "ind Tonnesseo Telephone Com?
pany, who Js loeated at, Puinskl Clty, de
nles Uiat hls company waa aold out to
tho Bell Telophono Company, whloh was
afntod iu a report sent out from thia clty
last nlght, E. ?T, Webb, tho locnl mana
gcr of tho Bell Company, nlso sitya lt ls
ull nows to hlm,
Thu "boat. for uUions.iouH, conatlpa
S tlon nnd llver troublos,
10c, Three for 35c.
Tragle Drug Company,
817 East Brqtid Stroot.
Will Be Organized by Dlstrlct
Deputy Kelly To-Morrow. "
Already Dolng Good Among tho Poor.
ThanksoftheFiremen?Want Street
Improvements?News Notes
and Personai. '
The Tlmes-Dlspatch Bureau, '}
No. 1102 Hull Stroet. J
Bocauso of the sovorc weather of last
Monday nlght, the orgnnlzatlcm ot tho
Manohestor Lodgo ot Edka was postponed
to to-morrow nlght. At that tlmo Dlstrlct
-Doptrty Phll. G. Kelly, of RIchmond, and
ofllcers of tho RIchmond Lodgo wlll meet
wlth tho forty or more ilanchoator gentle?
men who are on tho charter Hat ln the
Manchester Bank, ln Man-ehoator, and
from tho orgnnloa-tlon. OfHcors will be
choBen, and tho election of theBo oHl
cera wlll be made pormanent at the ln
Btltutlon on March 16th.
When tho Grand Lodgo meeta ln Bal?
tlmore next July, iMancheator wlll have a
All thoso who have oxpressed a deslre
to Joln aro heartljy ln favor of the elec?
tion of Mr. T. ,R. A. Burke, seoretary of
RIchmond Lodgo, as Grand Secretary ln.
Baltlmore at the next Grand Lodge meet?
Muoh crodlt Is due Mr. Eugene W. Lipa
comb for hls efforts In gettlng the organ
'lzatlon to a head ln Moncheater, Tho
oharter 11st Includea many of tho beet
known and most influentlal men ln the
clty. ,
carr misbion.
Already much good ls belng accom
pllshed by tho ladlea o? the City Mlsslon,
Just organized, and a number of noedy
famllies have reeelved temporary rellef.
All contrlbutiona or ordcra for food, do th?
lng or fuel Bhould be sent to the commlt?
tee, care of tlie cashier Oj." the Manchester
Bank, or to Mlss Ruth Brandls, the treas?
The thanks of the members of tha flre
department nre extended aJl those who
helped them so; much by attendlng the
splendid performance of "Tutters" at
Leader Hall Frlday nlght. Tho affadr waa
a complete financlal success, and the ob?
ject of the cntertalnment was achleved.
Tho lvmnJnB of Mr. L. W. Bnss were
burled ln Maury Cemetery yesterday
morning. Mr. Base was found dead at
tho Watklns' plaoo on FTlday morning.
Mre. Laura Aleyers, who dled at her
homo near Drowry's B_,uff, Frlday night,
wlll bo burled thls afUrr.oon at 8 o'clock,
The funeral wlll bo from the home of
Mrs. Parthenia. Chalkloy, near Zlon
Hlll Church, the servlces to bo conducted
by Rov. T. J. Nettlea. Her husband, Mx.
Henry Meyers, and three small chlldren
Biirvive her,
James Kltchen was fined $2.50 by Mayor
Maurice yestorday for trespasslng on
the property of tlio Paesengor and power
Company, and Herbert Winston pald $t
for drlvlng hls horse on tho sldwolk
Tho case of Bernard Cole and Henry
Kahn, charged wlth flghtlng, was con?
Merchants who use dellvery wagons are
loud ln thelr pralses of the Clty CouncJl
for thelr llberal approprlatlon for good
streets. Like councllmen, thej' favor a
systematic permanent lmprovement plan,
taklng stroet by 6treet.
Another thlng that a great majorlty
of tho merchants, and practically oll of
tho other citizens, deslre Is an Increase
ln the pollce force, and it is not olto
gother unllkely that the matter wlll come
up agaln When Council meets.
Rw. Father Watens will preach on
"T-he Holy Bacrlflco of tho Mass" at
Sacred Heart Church to-nlght.
Rev. John J. Flx will preaeh at tho
Presbyterian Church morning and even.
Rev. H. C. Coombs will preach at Co
wardin-Avenue Church at both servlces.
A meeting of tho Bulldings and Lands
Commltteo wlll be held on Tuesday nlght.
The danoe In honor of Miss Helen Batt0
at the MoRea resldence on Frlday night
waa a soclal success ot the season.
"A Washlngton tea" will be glven by
the Ladies' Ald Socloty of Flfth-Street
Methodlst Church to-morrow ' night ln
the lecture room at Flfth and Decatux
Street-S. Ice orcam and tea will be
Tho ladies of West End Church will
glve a colonlal tea at Cersley's Hall,
Swansboro, on next Thursday nlght.
In the Corporatlon Court yesterday
evenlng Judge Ingram, in tho haboos cor
pu_3 proceedingB Instltutod by Joseph E.
Eggloston for tho recovery of hla daugh?
ter, declded that the chlld should rernaln
with hor foster-father, Mr, John E.
WllBon, but could not bo tnken from tho
Juxlsdlction ot tho court wlthout permis
slon of thnt court.
Mrs. Honry Whlto and Mrs. Edward
Burton will glvo a toa at the rosldenco
of Mrs. A. C, Hardlng, Twelftlv and
Bnlnbrldgo Streets, March 0th for tho
beneflt of "Balnbridge-Stroot Baptlst
Church. A good programma haa beon
Trled to Cllmb on a Freight Train and
Was Run Over.
(Speclal to ahe TlmeB-DlHpiitch.)
WTTHKVJuLLE, VA? February 21.
T.onnlo Jones, a whlto boy eeivoii years
of ngo, was run over.by a frelght at tha
W'ythevlllo statlon thls' "a.teaiooii n^d
Tatally Injured. Ho trled to ollrnb'"on tho
train whllo lt was in. motlon. nnd loa
ing hls footlng, waa dragged honeath tho
car. Both legs woro cut oleiutly off hnlf
way between tho unklo und knooa, Tho
nbdoinoii wns bndly cut, a, frncture of
the eltull was inllictod and thu entlre
lowor portlon of the body lltornlly rtian
glod lnto u pulp. The chihl llved an hour
and a qunrtor, retolnlng perfect con
BclouBness throughout. Tho shock ron
dered hlm bllnd,
Bltiss the Stations.
The new "Stations of tho CrosB1' placed
ln St. Mary's Ohurch will he blcjssod t_>
rilght nt S o'clock 'by the Rt, Rev. BIshop
llald, of North Carollna. BJtihop Hnld
wlll also proach and hold masa at U A.
M, und preach ngulh nnd hold hlgh masa
at 10;30 A, I.M.
Mrs. Wood's Funeral
Tho funeral of Mra, Lucy A. Wood,
who dlodi Frlday nt hor rosldenco, No.
107 Went Clay Btreet, wlll tnkn place at
8 o'clock this uftorncion from tho houso.
-uid the lntermciit wlll be ln HolIywooU,
& ;!S'
a, Tltalized and TllaUrlnc modlclnul Food.
Whlch wlll ir..ika "on f-*-l youaGt and tlroair.
Itisa Food made from tne pwost ?-lected ooA
llvf r oll, vltallzed, tnulrvcoll;*.! **nd medloaUd
by thn addltlon of tirpophosphltes.
NuFnod andno mediclnbwlll doyon ao maobi
aot:i? 1 priottcul good ns thlancl-nt blo strsngthro
or, ili.sli.frtrmormnd t)nllil?ir, 071OMUL3 ION.
Komatter by-rrliat dis.-auoyna moybeaflliotod,.
no ranic-r what organ or p*.r.t of your 'body (??
i*?nl-, Oionnililoa wlll, with pitlcnco,uxako you
well and itrong.
To?op?poople. j.ooostxMoea toloolc todrcra
for ro!lof frnaecilirts BtidlUa, thin may >*-m hard.
of bellaf, but thoae who. know tlie trao n?ed of
tho body will eanily aolst-owlsOge lhat only ia
fco<S ln to be "ourldthnt ettenuth whtohle tha
fntindntlnn of hsaltb, an4 wltaoub nhloh drnn**,
and potlons are ?? uaeleas farbotsterlag-np yonr
?ystema,B lutbrtie paper forstopplng ? leiltlnsL
Therofore, lf enffarlng; frota soraa chronlo
eomplnlnt, put yonr folth in 0/.omul*ion, and it
Will notdUnppoinb you. lf lunsi or ciioitnro
w?.?k nnd you auffor from eonijUs and coldi,try
Ozomnliion. If impOTcrlsha'd blood ohows itasLC
tn plmploa, blotohes, aicln ti-oublea, ?to., onrich.
your lyttem witn. Ozomuiaion.
i To thoeowho woaia lffcototry the wonderfnl
ptop-rtles of thla groat modldnat Ji'ood^weosjr :
Bond ui your namo and full uddraSi, and wo wlU.
forward you, by mail, a aample /ru. Addreaa
82 De Peyster St., Now York. >
{3iWftCJdE.Si \MffiS
Paris. ? J-m
BERLIN. -?*^
- ROME. ****%?$&?
........ -M
"*'-*lPF ?'??- ' S?
feB- lisiill:! ??
- tur-i
SPECIAL NOTE.?TFe ask our readers to take advanfcago of thu
loral oit'er. Wo know that Ozoniulsion is mado on honor and -wil]
) them good.
Ozoniulsion is on sale at all druggists.
I fulton 9?gws, ' |
Fulton Bureau Tlmes-Dlspatch,
People's Drug Store,
U900 Willliunsburg Avonuo.
'Bquiro B'. R. Woodaon, of Varlna, waa
treated to a bath very unoxpectodly
Thursday, and lt waa ono that ho dld
not enjoy,
The genlal 'Squlro conducts a dalry
and on thla Wtter cold day two of hla
flneat cows scrayed away. As soon aa
tholr departuro waa made known to thu
'Squlro he started ln pumilt. Ho nt
tomptod to cross an old woodon bridge
over Mayo's Croek. when the brldgo gave
way wlth him, throwlng hlm lnto the Icy
waters Boveral foet beneath, Tho 'Squlro,
after a hard struggle, manu-god to pull j
hlmaelf out of tho creek and rcachcxl hla
homo, whoro ho ls now conllned wlth
Mr. Rlchard Trueman Is conflnod to hla
rosldenco, on AVllllarnsburg Avonue, wlth
tho grlp,
Tho splondld revlval tluit has boen ln
progreBs at Dcnny-Streot M. ID. Church
wlll closo to-nlght. Rov, George W,
Jones. of Norfolk. who hns houn nsslst- J
Ing hla father, loft/'yeaterrtay for hla
home. Rov. Mr, Jone;., pastor uf the j
churoh, wlll accupy hls pulplt at boih '
iiorvlcea to-day.
Rov. W. S. Lonkiv wlll preach hls last
sormon of tlio serlea on tho Ten Com*
mimdmonta to-nlght at Fulton Baptlst
Church, Hls subject wlll bo tho "Sln
of Covotousnes.i." At 11 A. M. hla
subject \vlll ho "ICInUlluB A Flro For
Shlvarlng T'ooplc"
Itev. 15. B. Hnead will llll hia pulplt
at the uaual sorvlcoa at Weddell Memo?
rlal Clinpol to-duy.
James, tho littlo _H.a ?f Mr. Jolm Kon
nedy, met wlth a sllght accldont yes?
terday afternoon whlle playlng with hls
frlends. The littlo fellow while runnlng
foi! and sustatned a severo cut over hls
left eyo. Dr. D. J. Coloman dreaaed th<
Mrs. Dora Edmunda Is quite slck at
her resldenco, on Nlcholson Street.
In a coJlislon with a stroet car Frlday
aftemooii a flne tnulo of tho RIchmond
Cedor Worka was kllled. The accidentN,
occurred near Seventh and Loutsiana
Mlss Tuly Roberts ls qulte slck at
her resldence, on Nlcholson Stroot.
Mr. James Harden Is slck wlth pneu
mouln at the resldence of hls brother
Marlou, on Seventh Street. ii
Captaln James D-tnford coatlnues qulte
slck nt his resldence. on Loulslana
Mr. John T, Neagle, who has beon con
fined to hls resldenco, ts nble to he out
The Cup of Cold Water Circle of
Klng's Daughters and Sons wlll meet on
Monday nlght wlth Mlss Dowden, ot
Graham Street.
Mrs. Charles E. Brown haa returned
homo. aftor an oxtonded vlslt to heir
old hor--*. in Clnclnnatl.
Mrs. Wlllluni K. Mlllor, who has been
qulto sdck, la much Jmproved.
Mr. Bornard Seals is on a vlalt to hl
paronts, on B*ulton Hlll.
Mr. Melvtn DII1. of Baltlmore, la tlut
Kue.'it of Captaln Frunk Thompson, ot
NIcholaon Street.
Mr. Charles Fentherstone, of Amella.
oounty, who has been vlelting W* aon,
Wlllluni, has returned, home.
To Wed To-Morrow.
A marrlage llcensa waa granted ye_?
terday to Mr,--Wllllam C. AloDowell tp
w*_d Mlss Muttle S, Allcn. The ceremony
wlll bo performed to-morrow afternoon,
Uoth pnrtica aro well-knowo ln tt?

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