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WM offer Monday 300 Boys1 and
Children'_ Suits, plain and fancy,
ages 3 to 16 years, that sold up
to $3.00 at.
Other Suits that sold up to $5.00 wlll be offered at $2.45.
P??"No goods charged or sent on approvnl at
this Monday Sale. '
i <S*s-<3><?'$><^3*Sx5*-><->3^^
Mlss Mclntiro has returned to her homo
in Hanover. after a vlslt to her aunt ln
Brooklnnd Park.
Mlss Myrtle Chjt, who has been vlslt?
lng frlends on the Heights, haa returned
to her homo In Scottsville.
Mlss Clara Long gave n tea In honor of
hor friend, Mlsa Shelboumo ,? of RIch?
mond. l
Mr. Brownlng, who hns been vlsltlng
Mr. George Smlth, of North Avenue, hns
returned to Mary lnnd,
Mlsa L. Norton, who has been qulte
6lck at her home on North Avenue, is
Jlr. James McCann, ot Ashland, Is
vlsltlng on the Heights.
Jlr. John Ramsey, who ha-s heen vlslt?
lng Mr. Jones, of Mlller Avenue. hns re?
turned to hls home in Gordonsvlllo.
Miss Grady, of Petersburg, ia vlsltlng
op Chestnut Hlll.
Mlss Helen Brlggs left Saturday after?
noon for Newport News to vlslt reln
Mlss Mary JIcMurvan, who has been
vlsltlng Mrs! W. G. Cosby, hns left for
her home In Nowport News.
Jlnster Randolph Cosby, who haa boen
verv ?-'??' 'nomc, on Vlrginla Ave
iue, Is impioving.
..ir. .. , erson, of Chostnut Ilill,
s vlslling .ni tlie Heights.
Mrs. II. C. Pratt, of Charlotte, N. C,
_s vlsltlng ln Hlghland Park.
Mrs. Perklnson, wlto has been vlsltlng
frlends nnd relntlves ln Brookland Park,
has returned to Aicxnndrla.
Mr./F. S. Anderson, who has boen vlslt
___-_u&..^-ieiHls on tho Heights, has returiicd
to Cheaterfleld,
Mr. Osear Wooldrldge, who has been
vlsltlng on North Avenue, has returned
lo Petersburg.
CaptaJn E. H. Lea nnd son, Walter,
Ictt Saturday for Washlngton.
Mr. Hardin Bache, of Vaiidergrlft, Pa.,
Is vlsillng.hia parents, Mr, nml Mrs. W.
Iv. Bacho.
Mr. Fred. Jones, of Mlller Avenue, Is
qulte slck. *"
Miss Evelyn Elarris, who has been vlslt?
lng in Richmond. has returned to her
home on Vlrginla Avenue.
Tho list of acholara on ihe roll of honor
for tho i>.,-._ week are a_s follows:
Junlor B Grade?Mlss Mabel Gllnii,
.Teacher?Ruby Jones.
Slxth Graiamar Grnde-Mlss Mabel
Gllnn, Teacher?Stella James.
Flfth Grnmmar Grade?Mlss Knto
Gllnn. Teacher?Graco Chamberlaln, E.<
telle Garland, Kathleen Gordon. Ll-Z.'ibeth
Jcter, Cbarlie Harman and James S;it
terwhite. '
. Fourth Grummnr Grade?M-taa- - Kate
Gllr.n, Teacher?Mabel Ellls aiul Nannle
Second GranuoaT Grade?Mlsa Lillle
Todd, Teacho.p? Mary ''Crouch, Blanche
Harman, Emma 1-Iopkins, Ruth Hopklns.
Fannle Sallce, Jcssle Wilklnaon. Meta
Wllkinson, Mattio Haines and Buford
. Hose.
Third Gra_mmar Grade?Mlss Lillle Todd,
K Teacher?Evelyn Carpentor and Bcss.e
Vlrst Grammar Grade?Miss Iluble
Crenshaw, Tc-acheT?Ruth Carpenter, Ma
rldn Moffat, Helen Roose, Ada Scott,
Hugh Noc-1 and Henry Taylor.
Seventh Prlmary Grade?Mlss Winston,
reacher?Harold Goyne. Otha Kutlnger,
Vlolet Chamberlaln and Grayson Lcad
Slxth Prlmary Grade?Mlsa r.lzctte
Winston, Teacher?Taylor Pltt, Wlliiam
Taylor Rady, Frank Taylor, Margaret
Brown, Lilllan Hardlng. Kathleen O'Ban
aon and G-racle Wood.
Fifth Prlmary Grado?Mlss Paullne
Gary, Teacher?Ed ith Fltzwilsoti, Allce
Fourth Prlmary Grade?Misu Paullne
Gary. Teacher?Edward Itlchurdson, Jo- i
eeph Pea'seley, Elizabeth Aimsu-uns, !
tlary Carpenter. Llllian Noble and L.na
Bay Sattc-rfield.
Second Prlmary Grade?Mlss Pniilhe
Gary'. Teacher?Leslie Johnson, Rodger
McLellnn. Brownle Brown, Estelle Jones,
Elizabeth Christlan, Dessle Klttinger,
Loulse Weldenfell and Marie Ellls.
jv -i'-y-l-'.-i i--'.' t-: :'.--; :.:?;?: : : ; ? : ??'?-';
|' <&
<yvmA :?'.", .?_?.'???:?-?.?-?-.:
Rev. Frank L. Wells, of RIchmond, will
to-duy fill t li ti pulplt at the Methodlst
Eplscopal Church during the absenc'o of
the pastor, Itev. J. F. Cuthrl.il. I'reach
Ing nt the usual hour, 11:80 A. M.
Sunday-School wlll bi. al the usual hour
~V>::.<\ A, M. No league meetlne uniu
next Sunday,
The pulplt at ii... Mnrsbal] Memorlal
Church (Flrst Unliariai will ! ril| I
nt tln
>,|il, :.l
. pa.-5tor, li. v. A. N i-' ,nii-ra
A very lv;. tumtd oi
lasi Sunday lo li . T. H. Sll
?' er, of New i'or i 11 urae \i
ln tho form "!' ??-. \ i ; . : ? i ... i i?i
taken from the tl.'v i,th i ui ', nf i.
. Lulto, 1 to 16 vi i . - and w
jitid much appi'iM iti I.
OwlllU to tlie ...;.; ' ,, -,,,.? A
N, Soniors, thi-)-.-' vv.'i-; no I..,- ii. ? i,( t,'|-.
I ar of the, du *t -? h i:,., , i
Bible Sludv during tlie ; ,i ? v,., i j,,,u.
cluasea will mi.-el thls wi : i, , .-],, ,, ,
! and Frldny evt-nlogs p -..],... -tfu.iy" ,,t u,(,
usual hour.
Miss lnatiel Hendry ls nblu to t,? nnt
i after a ?ovr.re nitaek of grip.
Mra. W. I', Turner. uf "Hel.ovi.-w,". ls
donvHleat'l/ig from an nit&ik or gn;',,
Mra. Frank F*. Itcnd di.d Jlrs, p, , v m.
?, Read attended thv Charity Ball ln ui i ,
' Ma*onle Tiunple 1b>u Tuesday ov'(-n ng,
. th<_ 17th IneU They y,-?ve both attirtxl
In dainty gownB of whlto, relloved only
by oholco natura.1 flowera, and were
charming in their slmplicity.
Miss Annie Shea, of Norfolk, who haa
been spend Ing the wlnter wlth the MIsses
Atklson, of Dalsy Avenue, left last evon?
lng l'or Baltlmore, via tho Vork Hlver
Tho Misses Atklson have also had ns
their guests durlng the past week tho
followlng young ladles from Bichmond:
Miss Kntie Grlgg, Miss Brlll and Mlsa
Grace Collicr.
Miss Jennle I-Iudgcns, of "Tho ReruBC,"
Is conflned to the house, sufforlns from
tlie effects of a sevcre fall.
Miss Gralt-lo Reld vlslted friends nt
Ij.vneehurst Wedncsdny last.
Tlie Woman's Study Club met wlth Its
presldent, Mrs. 3ft". XV, -Savage, last Wea
nesdny evenlng.
Mr. W. A. Calrnos, of Hnrtforfl. Conn.,
arrlved ln Highland Springs last even?
lng to make thls place hls home. lle wiII
enter into buslness of some kind.
Mrs. George Storer, Mrs. G. T. Collins,
Mrs. De Wltt Hubbard and llttle Vlila
and ihidley Collins vlslted tho Monu
mental Kinilergartcn Tluirsilay.
Several lmportant deals ln real estato
are expected to occur durlng the coming
Mr. J, W. Duilley, n popular and proml?
nent cltizen, has boen appointed to tho
government posltlon of rural ronte No, 1.
Mr. Thomaa Vauglin ls a guest of hls
cousins, the MIsses Noiin.
Mrs. Charles Beauclerk and Mrs. Baker
of Riehmond, attended the Woman s
Stu.ly Club at thelr regular meetlng last
Wcflnes'ilay afternoon.
Mrs. Seyler, of Mcadow Statlon, vlslt'd
frlends at "Lynnhurst" Wednesdny. Phe
also called on Mra. G. T. Collins and Mrs.
Storer tho samo day,
Hev. .7. F, Cutlirlell, pa-stor of the
Highland Sprlnga M. R Church has
gone on a vlslt to hls mother In Poits
mnuth aud will bo gone about two
weeks. Rev. Frank L. Wells, or Ricti
mimd, wlll prcach durlng hls nbsence.
Mr. and Mrs. 1). A. Smith, of the Tow?
er I Iou.se, wero entertalned at len by Mr.
and Mrs. II. Y. Vlnal, ot "Vlneha\\.n"
ThuTsday evenlng.
The Highland Springs members of the
"Wednesday Club" ns well ns ni! oth.-r
members gave a most enthuslastlc gre-1
Ing to Mr, Arthur Scrlvcnor, the club's
Cornmer dlrector, who. on Tuesday even?
lng dlrected the club and reported a fino
evenlhg's work.
Tlie German Class ifalled to hold its
regular AVcdne-day night meetlng. owinp
to tho cold. but will meet next Wednes?
day wlth Mrs. B. A. Bowers.
C. O. Rudd, the popular contractor. Is
about to ereet for hlmself a modern and
attraetlvo resldence on the land h>- re?
cently purchased from E. S. Read.
Olllo Oa-kley Is occupying wlth hls faml?
ly the attractive resldence .'recently erect
ed by John Clark on hls iand at Hobln
The Highland Springs Roll of Honor
puplls nru as follows: Robert Drake (4),
Cha.rlle Drake (I), Charlie Grift'in (4),
l.llon Grlffln, Stanley Grlffin (I), Doug
lass Kidd (1), John Maranb. Henry Ma
ra'no (1),' Wiille Marnno, Ernest Pollard,
John Trlmmer (4), Nettie Brothers. R sa
Drake (l). Jnno Kidd (4), Nettie Puliard
(-1), Esther Stilcs (4),
*xSx~>"><$> ^>^>^^><$>^^<B, &$&$>&&$?.
neMeh (pories.
Tho 'flrst qtiarterly conference of Saven I
Plnes clrcult will bo held at Corlnth
Cliurch on Sunday and Monday, March
lst aml lal.
Beulah M. B. Church (Charles Clty
Road), Rov. J. R Cutlirlell pastor.
Preachhig to-day (Sunday) by Rov. F.
L Wells at 3 o'clock P. M.
Mr, Charles Reld, ono of tho most
pormlar o-C iho cunductors on the Seven
Plnea Klectrlo llne, has been conflned to
hls 'home for tho past several duys with
?ni attack of the grlp, lle is now ablu to
bc ru hls post of duty agaln.
Mra, Andivw J. Went, who has been
siii; wlth grlp, ls rccovcrlng,
Mrs, Delaware P. Wrlght, another vtc
ilm of tho grlp. Is still conflned to his
Mrs, JamoB 13. Lyno has been ill with
neuralngla durlng the past week, and
cominuca lo suffer wlth lt.
Itural work is golng on und tho lnnd
owned by tho Passenger and Power Com?
pany Is belng clea red of treos nnd under.
growth, and a large quantlty of ivoo,j
| haa. already b-.en cut thus far. Tho en
: tlre battleflelds aro to bo gone ovor and
ev.-ryil.ii,g that dld not t-xi.st diiriiig tlie
tlme of war and prlbr to that tlmo, ls to
b done away wlth, nml n boautlful parl;
will be made that will npt only bo at?
tractive to vlsltors, Init wlll ald thonrin
loealliig pogltlona, unaj \\-ili |)0 invlilng
an.l worthy of the Inspcotlon of all.
Miss Oraco Reld will viylt her cousln,
Mrs. Charles Gay, al Orccudiilo Park dur?
lng tho comlng weelc,
Messrs, Gravos, H...-,i> niul llnuston en?
joyed nn exi-ltlng fox chase durlng the
pa?| woek. Mr. Oravea claims that hla
i(i>K "I-'rcillo" was ihe leader In tho ehaso.
though after three hours' hard vun nnd
rldlrtsTi "???* fox was captured by Mr.
IjoustoiPa brats hound, ".sput."
.M nml s "Frpllc" waa hall a mile ahead
nf the p.ick. Tlio huntsmon woro all
pr-.Mrt at lb-- il.-ath. an.l the prlze was
tnlion orf by Mr. Graves, who ls pas
slonatoly fond of thu ehu.se.
'.ii-;. i*mma l-lojland, toncher o? Chleka
homlny Bohool wa ?.--<:;. iie.i tn hor home,
.".'.j, ip.'i js'orth 'i'u-.-nty-s.>i-onii Stroet,
Iti.-luiiiii;-'!. la.'-t wc'l; 011 QCCOUnt of thi
d< uli of hor slstei'-lti-law, Mrs. Anri
Marln Harrls, schoul belng susponded for
two days.
The r.all of nf.uor for tho Seven Piries
Bchoo) la ns foilow:: :
l'-'.nar.l HottoniH, RnymoiHl Bnttoms,
Wlllla Ir by. Murry Posenaw, Karl R,-I(|,
Kr.-d, Wernor, Vlrgle Bottoms Nttttle
Uottoms. Mary Urugg, tlui-el Roid, Carrle
Wrlght nnd Nellle Wernor?MIsb B. Fua
acll, loncher,
Tho roll of honor for Chlckahomtny
Sohool ls ns followa:
Clydo'Ellott fl), Wyntt Eltett (2), Walter
Clmvos, Lonnle Gravea, Ellon Illcka,
Myrtlo Hard, Drury WatklnB.
I E^iT lSi_M?l0 I
1 I
The Bostocli beneflt recently glven tho
Moaonic Home. was a grand success.
There was an Immonse crowd, and the
box otllce recelpts on thnt day were InrKcr
than on any previous boneflt day. Thoy
rooeived half of the proceeda of all tlck
eta sold outslde of the box ofllcc, nnd nll
over ,.2.GU tnkon In at the box ofllce whlch
was {30.00. The entlre nmount turned over
to the Institutlon Is not known, but n
splendid sum It wns?and a most ngrconble
aurprlae as well.
Jlr. S. C. Slde. who haa been at the Eye
and Enr Inflrninry aufforlng wltb hls eye
whlch was seriously Injured aome tlme
uko ts now so much Improved as to be
able to attend to hia bualness affalrs.
Jlr. nnd Mrs. Flock returned from n
trip to Florlda enrly ln the week, and
stoppi'd at tho homo of Mra. Flecks' moth?
er, leavlng tlie next day for thelr homo In
Bnla, Pennsylvanla. Thelr llttle daughtor
nccompanlcd them.
Munyon Burnett, of Wost Vlrginla, In
a recent letter home, states that ho Is
very successful In hls naw occupatlon
mlning, and that hls health ls flne. i
Mr. J. Slmpkins, of Forndale la Improv
lng slowly.
Mr. Pleasants is sufferlhg greatly wlth
one of hls eyes which seoms to be ln a
serlous condl. on.
Qulto a uniber of young people from
East RIchmond. attonded a ball Wednes?
day nlght whlch was glvon ovor on tho
Mechanlcsvillo Turnpiko and all had a
ivery niorry tlme.
Mr. Charlea Pnrkor and Mr, Evans, of
Rlchinond, wero vlsUors at Woodblne
Cottage during the week.
Wlllle Franck has recoverod tho use
of hls foot which was soverely fr .cuired
somo tlmo ago. y
Jlrs. BIshop, of Wllllamsburg. aujom
pariied by hor littlo Bon, Ernest vlslted
Jlrs. Falikrier during the present week. .
Tho roll ot honor for Mlller's School
ls as follows:
Freddld Deltrldt, Arthur Oakley, Ver?
non Oakley, Wlllle Fowler. Indle Strnlth,
Laur'n Itayhorn, Eva Kock, Blalr Dow
den, Henry McEwen, Parker Thornton,
Ilnzel Byors, Fannlo Byers, Ruth Itay?
horn, Carrle Thornton, Wllllo White.
Thanks to Shockoe.
Tho followlng letter from Jlrs. 0111 to
Shockoe Council, No. Sl)5. Royal Arca
liiitn, aeknowledges an net that ls in
accordance wlth Arcanum prlnciples:
"Malo Orplnui Asylum,
"RIchmond. Va., B*ob. 5, HKXS.
"Jlr. Wm. JI. Myers, Secretary Shockoe
Council, No. SS5, Royal Arcanum:
"Your communicatlon of February 2d,
reeelved and read wlth much pleasure.
"Plense accept my slnccro thanks for
your generous coiilrlhiulon to my boys.
Jlay Heaven's rlchost blesslngs rest
upon your noble order for your klnd ro
membrance of those who aro left help
less on tho "sea of llfe.' I sincerely
trust thnt tho many noblo dced3 of love
and charity which are dono by you to
relieve suffering liumnnlly may, rcdound
in griuideur nnd glory to Shockoe Coun?
cil, Royal Arcanum, In whose ranks are
numbered men of noblo Impuls-e and un
selfish devotlon to a causo that ls just
and true.
"Very* gratefully,
Chestnut Hill News.
Littlo Wllllo Chapln contlnues to Im
prove after an lllness ,of several weeks
with pnuumonla.
There wlll be servlces at Ascenslon
Chapel this afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Mr, nml Jlrs. J. C. Bowman have Is?
sued Invltatloris to thelr twenty-fifth
marrlage annlversay Thursday, -.Gth In
stnnt, from S:30 to 11:30 o'clock.
? Mr. and Mrs. W, R. Vawter entertain?
ed thelr friends ift a card party Wednes?
day evenlng in honor of their guest. Mrs.
Mann, of Bramwell, W; Va. Mlss bottle
Llvesay nml Jlr. C. S. Llvesay scored the
highest and each was presented wlth
a book ns a reward.
Mr. and Mrs. L, M. Starke entertained
Ihe Euchre Club Thursday evenlng. Mrs.
Charles Cross and Mr. Winglleld scored
the hlghest, Mrs. P. E.' Hedd and Mr.
Charles Cross next.
A delightfui gnme of seven hand euchre
was played at Dr. Redd's Frlday eve?
Asconsion Giiild will meet nt the resl?
dence of Mrs. J. R. Llvesay Jlonday af?
ternoon at 3:30 o'clock.
Mrs William P Redd entertained the
Woman's Auxiliary Frlday afternoon,
L.iss Maude Llvesay entertained her
frlends at n peanut party Frlday eve
niug. rhoso present were Jlisses Wlng
field, Mdrsliall, Sale. Lewds Clarke and
JIasters Lewls. Todd, Hoppe, Sale and
MiiHtcr Jullnn Todd won the prlze, hav?
lng found the greatest number of pea
nuts, nnd the consolatlon prlze went to
Mastfcr Rlchnrd Sale. Games were then
played, aftor which rcfreshments were
Union Council's Smoker,
Unlon Council, No. Bl, Royal Arca?
num, wlll have n smoker nt their hall,
corner of Twenty-flfth nnd Brond Streets,
Tuesday nlght. Thoro will be special
muslc and speechos from several well
known Arcanlans Includlng a humoroua
licturo by n vlsltlng brother.
A good tlme Is expected for all thoso
who attend. Old Unlon Is whooping
thlngs up, and Regent Frank Butler says
the future Is ausplcioua.
Of Great Importance That Children
Have Proper Food,
A chlld wlll grow up wlth weak and
small bonos or strong und sturdy framo,
depondlhg on the kjrid of food glven.
That's why feedisig the yaungstors Is
of such grcnt Importance. Tho chlldren
do not selcct tho food?tho losponslblllty
rcsts wlth tho , parent or guardlan, or
with you if you solect tho food for a boy
or glrl.
The sclentillo seloctlon of tliis food
should begln as early as possible. That's
when tho dellcato littlo plant ncods tho
tonderbst care. A wall-known lady of
CallstOga, Cal., says: "About two yeara
ago my llttle nleco was tnlten slck.
When medlcal nld wus calleil ono physl
clnn pronouneoil tho' caso cnrvnturo of
tho spine; nuothor called It softenlug of
the bones and gave but littlo hope of her
pecovory, For weeks ahe hnd been fall
liiL- bofore her pnronta thought lt any?
thlng but trouble from her teothlng.
? siu- had i"'. ii t'l'U ,in mushca and soft
i'o,.iIm ot dlfferont kinda. but at lnst her
stoniiii'i, couKi retaln ocarcely anythlng,
At thls Uin., sho hnd boyoino a, vvo|il|
littlo ekelpton of liunmuliy thnt could
not much moro lhan stand alono.
"TJiq iloi'iois changed hor food soveral
tlmes untll llnally slm was put on tirapc
Nuts, whlch slm rollshod from the llrst
and ato nt ftlniOBt every moal, nnd liur
recovery haa beon wqnct-rful. >sh_ ima
beoi) gulnlng cvit slnco in strength nnd
"huo hns eatcu doznns of packngos of
(Jrape-Nuts iu tho lnst yenr atul u j-)Jl|fi
and llio cliild Is now a rosy-choeked und
health). Iltt.io glrl, atlll clinglug to her
?'lt Is plnln tho Tood has saved her ltfo
by glving her body tho nccdod materlal
to koop It WOll nnd the bono maturial to
liulld wlth." Name glven by Postum Co
Battle Creek. Mleh. ''
VJews of Members of the
Street Commlttee.
What Messrs. Patram and Abbott Have
toSay on tho Subject?Could Mako
lt Ono of the Most Beautiful
of Citles.
Fermanent -"nprovements to tha streets'
of Manchester is tho lmportant toplc of
the hour, and thore ls not u singlo dls
santer in tho whole clty to tho ootion of
the Flnance Commltteo In ,making the
large approprlatlon of "7,000 for streot lm?
Whlle tho Strcot Commltteo has not yet
mapped /out the work for tho yoar, tho
general understandlng ls that a systomatlo
scheme for permanent Improvementa wlll
be flxed upon, and thnt macadam wlll bo
argely usoa in tho flxlng of roadbeds. It
has boen gonerally nccepU-d by the pub?
llc tliat Sommes Street. one of tho most
frequontly used streets In tho clty wlll
receive much benellt from the approprla?
tlon. Tho vlews of two of the prlncipal
advocates ot -.ermanent lmprovements ara
hero given, one from Chalrman Patram,
of the Street Commltteo. and tho othor
from Mr. J. T. Abbott, who has for years
advocated a systomatlo permanent im?
provement. Mr. Patrum says:
"I wlll say that havlng served a term
of elght years In tho City Council of our
clty and not belng on the Street Commlt?
tee In that tlme, that when I was elect?
ed as a member of tho Board of Alder
mc-n whon that body was organlzod, of
course I was pleased to bc made onalr
man o' th? Stroet Commltteo.
"As I had always taken a great lnterest
ln the city of Manchester. and especlally
her streets, I anvmost heartlly In favor of
permanent lmprovemonts. both on i.ie
cross streets as well as tho prlnCipiU
streots, and as the City Council and
Chalrman of the Street Commlttee.
Board of Aldermcn have seon nt to make
a much larger approprlatlon than ever
before for street work, I cortainly hopi
and expeet to mnicc marked Improvement
In tho streets of our city durlng this year.
W'hlle being heartlly ln favor of perma?
nent Improvement, l cannot see how we
can altogether stop temporary improve
ment as there are lots of places in our
city that need lmmedlato attentlon.
There are several streets ln Manches?
ter lhat I thlnk ought to bo paved wlth
brick, and havo stone curblng. nnd l
would also llke to soe that wherever wis
put down slone curbing, thnt we could al?
so put a rock or stono gutter to carry
off the water. As for some of tho streets,
I thlnk that gravel' and crushed stone
make a vory good sldewalk.
"Beirg tho oflicial head of the Street
Department of Manchester. I will say
that 1 shall do all that I can to Improve
the streets of Manchester. and to make
the Improvement as permanent as pnssl
ble, at the samo tlme to rellove tho great?
est number of our cltlzens, ns they use
the streets the most. Not havlng boen on
the Streot Commlttee before, I dld nol
know much about the dutles of tho place
but havlng the lnterest of the ciy at
heart, 1 went at tho work wlth n deter
mination to do the bost that I could and
I l.ope before Ihe yenr shall have explred
the citizens will havo belter streets to
walk and drlve on nnd show to vlsltors
moro than they have over had or expected
to have."
Mr. Aiabou';- lemara'a are along tho
same line, although, posslbly a llttlo moro
olaborate. llo says:
" 'Let us havo good streets,' should be
the slogan and goiden rule of every munl?
cipal governmont. Certalnly, It ls truo
that a clty is judged more by its streets
than any othor one thing; nnd Manches
terians aro comlng to reallze thls fact.
Wlthin the pa-it t'ew years tho questlon
of permnnent street improvoments has
sorely puzzlcd the city fathera. and It can
bo truthfully sald that thls questlon has
taken lirst rank among lmportant topies
of munlcipal economy. Many cltlzens
would llko to sco the pollce force Inereas
ed, a groat number would llko to have a
now clty jall, a multitude deslre clonr wa?
ter, but thero ls a unnnlmlty of opinion ln
regard to the pormanent improvoinont of
tho streots that admits of no doubt nor
deiay?they demand it.
There is no dllferonce of opinion ns to
what should bo done, but tho wherewithal
to do lt Is tho rub,
Many plnns, Including asphalt roadwaya,
gravel roadways, etc, havo been dlscuss
ed nnd rojectod nnd the oonsensus of
opinion among the cltlzens would seem to
indlcatQ that tho fotluwlng plan la lha
popular ono: lt is proposed to pave
every promlnent sldewalk and roadway
to bo paved wlth viUilled brlck, nnd
the sldcwnlks. from Uio curblng half tho
dlatanco to the fonco llno wlth ordlnary
brlcu.. The dlstanco from tho fonco llno
to the brlck pavement Is to be turfed.
lf tlils plan enrry, lt wlll tnoiin thnt
cows wlll havo to go, ond thoro wlll
doubtless bo snino opposltion on tho purt
of Iho oow-ownora, But thoso latter
could very ensily club together uikI bm
gngn the sorvlcea of a boy at a numlnal
wage, to drlve tho cows out of mornluge
to pasturo und to brlng thoin back In tho
oveniiig. Tho butter pasturo afforded by
tho eountry would buoiti to justify the
trliling espendltun;. Front fonces could
thon bo done away wlth und the saving
thua effoctfd would moro than pay the
speclal pnvlng tax which lt ls proposed to
Tho conliuct fur tho pavlng?whloh at n
rough estimate will amount to "lGO.COO
wlll be given to ohq company, wlth the
provlslon tliat ten yeara bo roqulrod to
Ihilsh tho work; ln othor words, lt Is a
yoarly contract for ten years, $15,000 a
year to be expended an,_permaneii i im*,
pnuvsnieiits. /
Thcro lss*bsjlutely only ono practlc/J
*< Tlie jnost wonderful part of our being is the blood. It __,
the fountain of life, the vital life-sustaiuing fluid, contaiuini?
everythingneedfttl for the growtli and development of the body
and as it circulates through the system carrics material for the
making of bope and muscle and nourishment for the nerves
and tissues. Every atom of the body is dependent upon the blood for its existcncc. The
boues would decay, muscles shrink and the skin become parched and shrivelcd but for the
nutriment they draw from the blood, and so long as it
remains uncontaminated and pure we arefot'tjfied against
disease, and health is assured. But the blood is constantly
exposed to poisonous elements from a thousand sources;
we come in contact with, infectious diseases almost every
day; we breathe into our lungs the germs of Malaria;
the water we drink is teeming with millions of microbes,
the dust of the streets is filled with. bacteria, aud when
these gain acce^s to the blood are distributed to all parts
of the system and the blood becomes a carrier of disease
instead of health. Deadly poisons are generated within
the body itself, which pollute and vitiate the blood, from
which serious and often fatal maladies result.
There is scarcely a disease that cannot be traced to
a bad condition of the blood. Rheumatisin, Scrofula,
Catarrh, Eczeraa, _etter, Acne, Contagious Blood Poison
and many otlier equally as distressing aifments are due
to a dep -aved condition of the blood, for which there is.no
.ure except through tlie purification of the entire blood
system. Sores and skin eruptions of the most frightful
character, ugly splotches upon the skin, blackheads,
pimples and the red disfiguringbumps so often seen upon the face and neck are also evidencea
of diseased blood. The use of cosmetics, face bleaches, soaps and lotions hide tlie blemishes
and conceal for a time tlie roughness and redness of the skin, but do not reach the cause,
which is hiddeu deep down in the blood and beyond the reach of extenial treatment.
The blood is the maiu spring of health, the life current that strengthens and refreshes
the hody, and upon its purity depends your health and happiness. If disease has already
entered and you are suffering from some malady for which au impure blood is responsiblc,
a blood purifier aud tonic is what you need, and none is so good as S. S. S., which for nearly
fifty years has been recognized as the standard remedy in all blood and skin diseases. It is
guaranteed purely vegetable and can be taken by old
and young without fear of any harmful after-effects.
S. S. S. is a perfect blood medicine; it destroys and
eradicates germs and poisons of every description and
restores to the weak and innutritious blood its lost
properties, makes it rich and strong agaiu, and under
the yitalizing effects of good blood the system rallies,
and the patient enjoys again the blessings of perfect health. ,
If. you have Rheumatism, Scrofula, a Sore or Ulcer, Catarrh, Eczcma, Telter, Acne,
Contagious Blood Poisou, or blood trouble of any kind, write us and our pli3*.sicians will advisc
you without charge/ jtfg SW/FT SPEGIFIG COMPANY. ATLANTA,, GA.
Tho Best Blood Purifier, Tonlo and Appotlzor.
I had about as seyere a case of Eczetna as falla
to the lot ot' euffering ntortala, but am excecd
Ingly glad to infonn you that I am now aa
eound as a dollar, not n vcstjge or Bign of tha
disease rctnalns. Four holtles of S. S. S. drove
lt out of my system aud I helieve ciTectcd a por
manctit cure. I shntl continue to take S. 5. S.
for some time tn decrcased doscs because I con
aldcr it a great blood purifier, tonic and appe
itizer. Youra truly, N. A. Randaij,.
3125 East 10th street, IndianapoliB.Jnd.
Unfltted for Work.
Gentlemen: For over two years I Bttffered
greatly front impure blood, causing tno to feel
debilttated andunfitfor work, had no appetite
and could ?ct no rclicf from doctora or medi
cinea of any kind, until fmally I was persuaded
to try S. S. S. I soon noticed a change in my
health for the better, I continued ils use, and at
the end of three months w.ib cotnpletely well
and my appetite haa been good ever Btnce, and*
I now weigh 250 pounr'ia.
I consider S. S. S. the best blood medicine ttf
be found onywherc. . Yours truly,
6ro S. Market ot., Nashvllle, Tenn.
blo way In whlch tho money to flnancler
thls deal can be raised?a speclnl tax. Tho
clty has reached the limlt of Its bond
lssue allowed by tho charter. If there bo
three thousand taxabla cltlzens In Man?
chester and each one 1 e-assessed nn ad?
dltlonal tax of llve dollars, the money
thus raised wlll solvo the problem. Iiils
tax. of eourse, would bo assessed for only
ten years; and nny cltlzen who has the
imeiesi 01 his city at iieart wlll gladly
pay that.
At tlio oxpiration of ten years. it would
be no Utoplan dream to say, that Man?
chester would be one of tho most beauti?
ful cities In the world. And more man
ufachirers would be nttracted. for resl
dences would bo erected. and truly Man?
chester would be an ideal clty.
Social for the Boys.
On nexi Tuesday nlght the junlor mem?
bers of the cducationnl classes of the V.
M, C. A. wlll be given a dellghtful en?
tertalnment by tho commlttee havlng tho
matter ln charge. The object of the
meoting Is to brlng all the boys aud
thelr tnstructors togcther for soclal In
tcrcourse. and a good time generallv.
Muslc. speeches and refreshments wlll
bo ln evidence. It is to be hoped that
every member may be present.
Prlvate Car for Lakeside.
Tho presldent of tho Lakeslde Country
Club has arranged to havo a speclnl car
leavo First and Broad Streets everv Sat
urtlny afternoon at 3:-_'0 o'clock ' c'om
moncing next Saturday, tho 28th Instant
tor the oxclusivo use of Its members ahd
invlted guests.
Thls will be a great convenlonce and
will doubtless make thls famous club
moro popular than ever.
Church Hill W. C. A.
?f"A,,mee,t'nB ?f the Church Hlll Branch
or tho W. C. A. wlll bo held Tuesday
xrrtern,?2" at * ?'clock at thelr homo,
No. 2C0.1 East Franklln Streot.
Speclal Exercisesand Amuse
ments For To-morrow.
Gorilla to be Named.
Monday next wlll eee another return of
the birthday of General Washlngton, the
Amerlcan hero, and tho father of hls
country. As a general hollday. the nian
ngement of the Boatock Aniznal Show are
maklng special proparatlons to produce a
programme of moro than exccptlunal and
oriliiinry Interest. As Is customary nt
hollday tlmes, the doors wlll be open at
: 10 A M. untll 10 P. M at nlght and n
! contlnuous programme of never end
j Ing, never ceoslng fund of athusement,
I merrhnent nnd laughtor wlll bc placed be
foro the publlc on thls occaslon. Bobby
Mack. the funny Bostock clown. wlll
eialjorato new tdeas nnd varlous comlcnl
ltles for the amusement of tho patrons.
Speclal excurslon tralos and cars will
run from Petersburg to tho exhibitlon on
thls day. The baby gorilla on this occa?
slon wlll reeelve hls new nonT?. for at
present, ho Is absolutely namelcss, and tho
mnriagement do not know what to call
hlm. To the lady or gontlemon who may
send In tho most npproprlatf- name. a very
handsome llon's claw mounted in gold,
wlll bo presented. sultabie for gentle
roan's watch charm or for a lady os a
During tho past week, schools nf thls
town havo recognized Its romarkable
oducatlonal facilltlos apart from the
amusement portlonB of the pcrformanco.
The Rev. Father McKeofrey, of St. Pn
trlck's School, wlth 200 scholara, tho prl*
clpals of Bowllng- Green with IM, Brother
Marcellus of St. Peter's School wlth an
erpial numbvr of schulars have alao visl
ted the exhlbltlon and exprossed thelr
admlratlon at the beautiful colleetlon of
anlmals ' placed before them nnd the ro
marknble performunces that are glven.
At $65.26 Round Trip, via Chesapeake
&. Ohio Route.
On aceount of the Goncral Assembly of
tho Presbytcrtun Church of tho Unlted
States, held at Loa Angeles, Cal., May
__lst to Juno __d, and the Natlonal As?
soclatlon of Master Plumbers of tho
Unlted States, held at San Francisco,
Cal.. Mny 10th to __d, the Chdsapeako and
Ohlo Railway Wlll on Mny '.id, Uth. 1?tli,
13th, Uth, 15th, UJtli and 17th sell excur
???ioii tlckets to San Francisco or Los
Anj-eles at $i__0.2_, llmlted for return to
July loth.
Dlverse routes may bc used for golng
nnd return trlp. If ono way. vla Port
land or Puget Sound points, the rate wlll
bo -Jll highcr thon the above rate.
Theso tlckets are flrst-class ln every
No atop-over east of Colorado cornmon
polnts. , , , .
For detnll lnfornintion. schedule ot
routes, Pullman reservution. address AV.
O. Warthcn, D. P. A., Chesapeake and
Ohio Railway. Richmond, Va.
ls tho remarkably low rate at whlch
he Southern Railway ia selllng colonls
tlckets. ln connectlon with whlch pas
ee-ffera may avall themselves of the
j through excurslon Sleoper three tlmes
weekly in whlch berth ls only ,i. Stop
I over may be had at polnts ln Calltpr
I "For detalls apply to C. W. Westbury,
!D p. a" No.,020 past Maln Street,
Richmond, Va.
Q of
Ranging in prices from $4,50 to $50 is now in, and we assure you that
the styles, prices and serviceability aie far superior to anything we have
ever shown before. Don't, by any means, fail to see our new line before
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419*21 E. Broad Street, between Fourth and Fifth.
Qt off the price t
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