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-WHOLE NUMBER, 16.173.
WASniNGTONJ, Feb. 23,,-Forceast: tor
Tuesday and vVbdiicsduy:
Vlrginia?Increaainn eldudlness T""'"'-1'""".
rnln ai nh.'lit or wednesday; vnrlablo
wlnds becoming nortli nnd fresh,
Nortli (.'.iiiilliii?--Huin ln ''iirft, falr ln
west portion Tuesday; Weilni-Hilny rftln,
varlnble wlnds bpcomlllg north und hrlsk,
Tho ranga of Ihe thermom'oler wns *v\le
yesterday. k'.Ihk from 80 nt !' o'clock to
Ui ut :l lii tli<> aftornnon. Tlie day ivi'.s u
d"lli;!itrul one, ian.1 mnny took ndvaiitage
of It fpr otttdoar exerclse.
H A. M. M *
12 M. 50
I! 1\ M. *">
li P. M. 13
tl P. M. 12
12 midnlght...... ?-*
Average .*. <*5VS
Feb; 21, 100".
' Sui: rlses.15:50 I HlGHTIDE,
fiun siih.5:57 I Morning.S:45
Moon rlses,,.,1:5s | Evenlng.'im
Congresslonal commlttne npproprlates
riioncy for Shafer bullding-Riehmond
man falla from a seaffold nnd ls imduntly
ititlud?Hlg chiireh may bo movrd to Iho
West End-Hold tlilot rob? a lady
Death of Jlu, Jamea ' C. Boyd-Des
?perate flght at a turnOce door?Ohserv
anco f.i u'nshington's Wrthdav?Mar?
rlage "f n Iili'liHion " merchnnt?Creat
Occaslon to-muiat at Rallroad Y. M. C. A.
.?The i'.'il'..). and Politlcs the subject
of u aermon?Trial ..f John M. Klng to
- day-1\ Slato baSe-ball league nssured
??The revenuo blll in tho Houso of Dele?
gates?Itallans colebrato to-day?Rich
mond man wrltes un opera-Kiehrnond
mlr.i.it*..-" sii-n n petlllon to Congress for
>.ii Interstate llquor Is-W?Men arrested,
iharged wldi tnoft?-?Great bullding to
b .;? ted ..( Tenth and Main?Baptlst
minlaters after the Mormons?Stuart
inanuincnl to be loeated ln the Capitol
SgUan-lnterestlng ehango cont^mplat
e.l in the organization of the pollce de?
partment?Riehmond Grays have ban
riu.-t nnd portralt presentatlon?Unlver?
slty of Vlrginia bllls come up to-dny?
Lent brglns lu-morro*v-Dc-ath of Mr.
Wllllam II. Tatum. MANCHESTER
-Lodge or Elks ls Instltntcd and of
fi- is i.r.- .?hoii'ii'?Aeeident to au aged
lady?Last german of the season?1 wo
... ith:?Tea to be gtven ror the b-meflt ?
of liainbrldge-Street Baptlst Church.
Washinston's blrthday ls eelebrnted
wlth nn ImpesEn'g parade in Alexandria";
rovlewed i>y Governor Slontague-Col
I'cre oratbrs ftrc heard in Lexlngton?
Tha day elsewhero ln Vlrglnla?BIkIiop
V tlson to dellver lhe Washlngton and
I ?:? haccatniireati-J.mlor Order Am"fl
can Mechanlca al Cllfton Forge?West*
orer nrgroes drown. I-?-Southwesl Vlr
glnl" tel pboni deal i- denled?Betlfleld,
. ,? ol t>, r. M-arriH. on the Vorr.,
t burn : "Drys" ivln In Darvlllc <lls
Iricl ln Dlnwiddle?Local or-tlon elec?
tlon wlll probabiy be hetd ln vyythevllle
ln the spring-Ice gorge ln the Kappa
hannock ls broken?Vnluable ;dft f> the
Unlverslty law tlbrary??An >alii negro
li'i ! at WHItamsburg and hls Wlfe ls
arrested-New rallra >d through I-uncn
burg trom RLnekstone t>i Chaso Clty
Branch of Eaetern Shore Produce Ex
. .- ;? be started iu Mdryland?A
cr?e.Jucalianal Chrlstlan college t>) he
started at Lyn-cbburK?Mnn nearly
f ?.-?ii to dentli ln Highland-A young
j_^i ? run over hy n traln and fatally ln-.
nf*rrii i,.,,- -T-h'arlottesvllte?John I.
Chalkley, *>f Hi hmond. kii'.ed ?i Wll
llamaburK?J. F. Phtlllps Rlii-il -?t
Prlnce, W. Va.?W< n ,i iu Franklin
hOlds nri offlcer at b. / with n gun?
Norfolk boy lo ? ? nngers ot both hands
-Senator Cromwell and Edltor Johnson
?i ive a IHrlit en tho Streets of Norfolk
:; Verul students may l?- esp<ll*d from
Hampden-Sldney?DoublO tragedy ln
Lynchburg. SfarriiiBOM?Garnette KI
llotte and Miss Mary Cox in Lynchburg:
11. N". Martln (md Miss I3IlsiabetJi V.
<'.-i-v,-,-- .\: Chathsm. Deaths-?Mrs: Snllle
J. Anderson B1 lloonoke; Robert Rogers
nt Poanoke; E. D. Potter at Belle Haven;
Jacob ICetiter at Blncksburg;-Mrs. Mary
Kliz,it"'th iiri.lv r:t Lynchburg; .Mrs. J.
S. Palmer ln Northumberlahd.
Counsel fur Ernest Haywood lssue a
gtatcment aRalelgh, Self-defense.wlll be
the plea: Funeral otLudlow r*kiun.'r?Re
??vai.l ior Young, who yluat Willlamson nt
Itamlet Saturday-Tho day in lhe Leg?
islature-The House fllscusspa the rove
iiiH! blll?County authorities ure ask
lt)if for i.lu- .Stul... sc!i'.i<>: approprlatlon
Several deaths ln Greensboro?Ur. W.
!?'. Burbanh In a flt of despondun'cy nt
fempts r.a take his own hf.-Fraternlty
banquet at Purliam-Trlnltv College's
new lli.riirv, plvrn by Mr. J. B. Luke.
1-. formallv /oppried. Walter II. P.ige
makes the Bpeeeh of the occaslon-Fiije
\. n- the Bentence in lhe Blshop pase
at Charl itte.
Senator Tlllmnn makes a siirprislngly
moderate speech ln S n:ii.' oh the In
diniinla (Ml!.?'.? poslpfflce affalr-riennle
passes tho omnlhus publlc bullding, bill
with nn approprlatlon for Klchmond??
Tli-nr-Adrnlral Henry C, Taylor presentr-d
wlth a handsoma sword by Indlana Lcg
islature?British Hausc of Commdus
passes a vote of cehs'ure on Wur Se.-n1
tarv BroderlcVi-Blrthday Of Wnshlng
ton'celebrated ln many citles of th.' lnnd
-Thomas Kclson Page pays ?loivI:J_j
?tribuu* to Oenernl Lee in Atlanta, wnere
ho nddressed tln- Vlrgfnla Soclety?Su?
preme Court renders an lmportant de
cislon in regard in tronsmlf.sloh of lot
tery ti.'kets; Chief Justlce Ftiller dlsseu-s
-Shlp suhsldy bltl b '
n Merchant Marine
rfptl fnvorably to
' Turkey promises
rms Hiiggestcd by .1
?r-There Is to bc
ii alleged erueltles p
Sii'.tes (ifiloers ln
Tth ii.iuu.-il Convon
oi uif unugnters of ili? Revolution In bcs
plon lu WushingCon: i.irr nght antlclpated
over elertlon of nfflcPrs-Plans prartl
caUy completed for iho merper of tho
intpre>n?''of plantu eonlrolled by bnef
ini'i-Nento awnrded damages agalnst
rullmnn Cuninntiy f..r fallun- to'.' eerve
hlm m?-nl untll nfter whtu- ihteous had
flnlslmrl .'iitliur?Blggest erow.l over
piith.-rcd ln Xi'w Orleans wlthessed cntry
of lte>c
(Py A??octiitoil PresO
WATHENA; KAS., Feb, 23.-l'au| Crln
Bteail, edltor ot Tho Tltnes, wag probabiy
fntally stabbed by u drunken nogro named
Ft'iinU Wnriuir, and oxcllemcnt is nm
nlng hhVM ?t Wath.inn aud ut Troy, whero^
tlio negro has boen placed iu juii. tiu>iv
(h tullc of lynelihlng iu case (Irinstead
Oiinstend served tienrly n yonr, ln juil
ln ItKK) for lihul, nnd edlted hiis piipor from
hls colt,
(hy Af.?,i-lMt..| I'roisr)
haltjmohe. mi>., Fobruary 2::.-Julu:s
'Hopklhs Unlv.oi'stty to-duy rfleiji-iiied thQ
twenty-wuv'i'ntli aii'rilvct'aui'y of Its foiiiui
|ng. Besldos |he prulfqii of L're.-ii.i-nt
'ftlilornian, of lhe Tuliipo l'.'.'illl'onii:i) Uni
ver.sltj', nnd the aiinuiil tuldie^.s of Preai*
dont Heinsi'ii. u nuinber uf degrees were
eunfi'i'i'ed, anii'iig tlio ruclplenta belng
Fiedert'k lluttnn Getmuu, uf lhe U"-'!
w?>'.slty uf Vlrglalu.
Mr. Martin Gets Ap'pro
priation Throucjh.
Virginla Senator Secures AIJ
the Money Meeded.
Wants to Know What Are the Wishes of
the People?Presiclent Cabell, of
the Chamber of Commerce,
Says Buslness Organizations
Have Spoken for Pres?
ent Site for Office.
Senator Martin yesterday tuccecded In
havlng attachcd to the omnibus publlc
bulldlngs blll, which was passed by tho
Setiatc, a sum sufllclcnt to meet the ad?
dltlonal amount requlred to condemn the
Biiafer bullding property for b slte for
an addltlon to the present postofllce.
The addltional approprlatlon is Intended
to mc-ct the diffcrenco between the sum
already approprlated for thls purpose and
that awarded by the Jury ln tho condem
natlon proceedlngs.
In other words. Mr. Martin has suc
ctedc-d ln havlng the Senato Commlttee
report favorably upon the propositlon to
approprlate all the money necessary to
buy the Shafer bulldlng. and the Senate
promptly passed tho hlll.
Itcpi?ehtattye Lamb, as soon as he
leurned of bhe actlon of the Senate, sent
tr.e followlng telegram to Mr. Ashton
Starlcc, vvlio was foreman of the jury
thal eond.mr.ed tho Shafer bulldlng prop
*j_enat-i Commlttee, under suggestlon of
Martin, havo rjjeommended ai.iount pro
yldSd for by your jury. What do people
of Hichmond say? 1am ready to carry
out tliolr wishes."
A telegram practically like thls was
soit to Colonel John Murphy .and to
otiR-r buslness men.
Mr. Martin had a conversatlon over
the long dLstance 'phone wlth Secretary
Dunlop, of the Chamber of Commercei
intnrrr.lng hlm ot what had been dnne.
Presldent Cabell, of the Chamber of
Commerce, wns asked last nlght II he
had heard from Captaln Lamb. Hc sald
ho Iuid reeelved a. message bearing inci
dentnlly upon this subpect.
Mr. Cabell was nsked If the Chamber
of Commerco would be called to act ln
this -matter.
"So far is 1 can see now and am ad
ylsed lliere is no occaslon for any meet?
ing," he rejilicd. "The Chamber of Com?
merce at a speclal meeting called to con
slder tho question of a site for the post
otllco declded In favor of tlio present
site. The Tobacco Exchanse and other
buslness organlzatlotis have taken sim
ll.ir actlon. What ls the uso of the busl?
ness organizations speaking further i;pon
tho subject? Our wishes are known at
Colonel Murphy could not be found by
a Tlmes-Dlspatch reporter, but be Is
known to favor a slte on Bread Street.
Mr. Starke does not favor tlio present
Colonel W. O. Skelton, a member of
the Board of Directors of the Chamber ot
Comnibree was blghly pleascd when hc
v.as told r.f what Jlr. .Martin had nccom
plished. Jfo thouKlit the great majorlty
nf tlie buslness peoplo wanted tha post
vilBct. where it now is. Tliis vlow is em
Jury Reacl.es a Verdict of
Manslaugliter in tlie. Trial
of tlie Petersburg A.an.
(Speclal '" Tho Tfiuos-l-lspatcii.)
CHARLOTTE, N. C..; l''C'bruary __.?
Arlliur L. BIshop, tho slayer of T. J.
Wilson, was to-day seutenced to fivc
years at hard .labor iu tho State penltcn
tlury. Tho septenco wus pronounced by
Judge Walter 11. Neal tliis morning nt S
o'clock. BIshop was accompanled' to the
cnur't-room by his wlfo uud a deputy
sherlft. When called upon co stand up
|ie aroso and dld not seem to bo in tlie
Uuist agitated, MIs demeanor never
changed one in.ta when thu senteiico was
pronouiiced, HiHliup's CQunsej gave r
lle-o of an appeal. Thls stop wlll hardly
be taken, as your cori'ospondeiit learns
that hls counsel have advlsed hlm
accopt wlthout a murinur thu sentonce
uf the court.
The actlon of tho jury ln hriiising In
u verdlct of mansluiiBht-T yesterday af
l(-i noon was' somovvhut of a suipriso. It
was gonerally surmlsed tliul tlie case
WOUld result ln a mlstlial, Tho jury
Stood Ihree for acquittal, sl.. for maii
sin_!giit.r and thrcp for second d-gfoe
inurder. Yosterday morning tlio three
men who had held out fnr hWdei; lu tlie
second deiirce declded to come oye. to
tho six who were ln favor of a verdlct
fnr manslauBhler. l.ulev ln iho day tlie
three who voted. for acquittal declded to
sgieo lo a verdlct of nianiiluughter, wlth
tlie uiiderstiiiidlngHlitU thu Judgo would
i,ot bo huid qu the prlsoner.
pluiHizcil by Iho fact that tho aettvlty or
tho Chamber <if Commerce nnd other or
gunlzall-ins wriH unanlnioiiM.
Several prnmlneiit buslness mon around
und ftbout Iho hotcl.-s laat nlght were of
tho opinion tliat Senator Martin hnd a<
oompllshcfl much ii_taln.il groat bdds, and
tlmt tho blislhess Interests of Rlehmnnd
would bo best served hy kcepinK th? Fed
ernl bulldlng whero It now Is and properly
enlarglng Its ncconiniodatlons.
Features of Ihe Bill.
Tlio press dispateh from Washlngton
Senator Fulrbiinks to-day introduced
the omnibiis publlc bulldlng hlll, reported
by the Senato Commlttee on Publlc Dulld
Iiir.; npd Grounds. Tho blll subscquently
pasaed tho Senate.
By tho blll the ambjtnls avallablo nre
Incronserl to tho followlng:
Harrlson. Ark., tlOO.OOOi Home, Ga.. $131,
000; Jacksonvllle, Fla., .528,000! George
town. S, C 1630.000; Annlston. Ala., $150.
0>;0: Ellzabatli Clty. N. C, $110.00-0; Dnr
ham, N". C, $130,000; Goldsboro, N*. C,
$50,000; Nasl.vl.1e, Term., $73-1,-1-; Martins
vlllr;. Va., $15.0-0; Rock Hlll', S. C $15,000;
fchcrman, Tex.. IU5.000; Batesvllle, Ark,,
A new bulldlng Ls authorlzed at Natch
Itochs. La.', to cost $00,000; addltlonal Im?
provements at Macon, Ga,, are authorlzed
to cost $300,000; addltlons and Increase,
Richmond, Va., to a total of $591,628; At?
lanta, Ga., Increase for sito to. S-oO.OOO.
(Bj- Assoelat.il Press.)
CHICAGO, ILL., Feb, 23.?Harry Bro
laskl, alleged swlndler and head of the
turf Investment concern of H. BrolaskI
<k Co.. fallcd to appear ln court to-day
and Justlee Hall declared hls bond of
$2,000 forfelted. BrolaskI was to bc ar
ralgned on four chargea of con,ductlng a
gambllnj- Institutlon.
Mlss Mattle .Woodln. manager for Benc
dict & Co., and M. J. Bc-ck, tho attomey,
were in court. but thelr cases were con?
tinued untll March 5th.
Plans Practically Complete
for Merger of Interests.
The Big Concerns That Are Involved in
Judge Grosscup's Decision Will Not
Bo Included in the Merger
for the Present.
(By Assoolateil Pr_*s.)
CHICAGO, ILL., February 23.?Plans
are practically complete for tho mcrging
of tho Interests of the flrms that com
prlse ,the so-called beef trust. Unless
something unforeseen arises Aprll lst wlll
see the offlcial anuouncement of the in
corporatlon of a securltles holdlng com?
pany, which eventually may control the
meat trado of the world. Unlikethe pop?
ular idea of the packers' merger, how?
ever, for the time belng it Is not to em
brace ovcrything in slght, nor is it(j to
be capltalized at $500,000,000, as announced
for the Unlted Stute_ Packing Com?
Further, the plans contemrlate n'o
frlctlon with the Federal courts becauso
of the recent decision by Judge Grosscyp
agalnst the packing house comblnatlon.
The nucleus ot" the great comblnatlon of
world-wlde interests, is to he the merger
of the smaller independent plants boughjt
last year by the bl? packers preparatpiy
to the general merger planned at that
tlmo. The seeurities to be held by the
new corporatlon are those of the G. II.
Hatnmond Packing Company. the Ohiaha
Packing Company, Ihe Anglo-Amcrican
Flcrwer Company, the St. Louls Beef
Company and the Unlted Dressed Beer
Company, and posslbly several of the out
slde stock-yards now controlled by
Chicaso interests.
Clilcago wlll be tho headquarters of the
comblnatlon, but as far as the public
i.s cbnoerned thero wlll bo no immedlata
change ln the operatlon of the Indlvldual
plaiits under tho new regime.
lt is planned to head tho new securl?
tles company wlth present offlcials of tha
Indlvldual compunie.s instead 6i with tlie
blg packers themselves or those imme
d.ately a.'s_ic...Uo wlth them in "Thij
Hig Six" companles. The slute.of offl?
cials for the securltles company has been
prepared unu is said (o contaln tho
namc-s of J. C, Mc-lvln and J. P. Lymnn.
of tlie Hatnmond Company; Frederick
Cowa.n, oi' the AriglOrAmerlcan, and E,
!?". Robbtns, of the Omaha Packing Com?
pany. Probably the Iist-iiamed will be
chairman of tho Board of Directors.
lt is not known deflnltely what- will
bc the capltal of tho secuiities holdlng
company. but It Is thought the- flgurp 'wlll
bo In excess of the purchaBo price of
the companles to lie comblned, probably
somothing like $50.000,000.
ll!.. Assochitcd Press.)
CON'NELLSVI'LLE, PA.. Feb. 23.?Two
ItiilUuis wero kllled, two fatally injurod
and a number of others sligl.tly hurt by
an exploslon of dynaniite on tho jinltl
moro und Uhlo double-tracklng opera?
tlons, near Rock wood, T>;\, The men
wero thu-.vlng dynamlto, when lt ex
liludud,' scntterlng death und destruction
ln all diroctloiis. The two Itullmi..
klllecl were hurled lnto tho Costleman
Rlver, a tllstahce of one hundred feet.
nnd thelr bodlos wero horrlbly mutllat.d,
Tho naines of tho kllled and Injurcd
cannot bo learned, as thoy aro k.iu\__i
only by thelr worklngL numbers,
(lly .Vssii.,liit.d press..
DIXON. MO.. Fch, 2.1.-Tl)o St. Louls
and Sun Friinoisco fast overl.iud train.
"Meteor," was wrocked lu'st night utar
thu aiiscoiunti) -Rlver crosslng, ut Ar
Uti4.t1.il. Wlllluin GlfCord, Wells-Fargo
express mosweii;jor, of Sl, Louls, wiu
kllled, aud J.nglhe.r I.ocl.cr, of N'.wbu.g,
suslnliied brokun rlljs and Internal ju*
Juries that iiuiy provo fatal. Four of
tho crow wcro\ soi'lously' Injurod, Nouo
of tho passeiigcVa were liijurcd, except
slightly. \
Death This Morning of
W. H. Tatum.
Had a Sudden Relapse and
Then Sank Rapidly.
Served His Country Valiantly Durlng
the Bitter Civil Struggle?Since the
War He Had Madea Name, for
Hlmself for Honesty and
for Ability in Busi*
ness Affairs.
"Mr. William H. Tatum, one of tho
oldest retall grocers In Riehmond. one
of the bravsst soldlers in the Confede?
rato service, and one of the most hlghly
estcemed'1 cltlzens of thls clty, dled at
his resldence, Xo. &M 1-2 East Lolgti
Street, nt 1:23 o'clock yesterday mornlng.
He had not been in good health for
some tlme, but hls fatal lllness dates
back only a few weeks. TIe was, how?
ever, thought to be recovc.rlng from a
severe attack and was able to move
about the house, when he had a relapse
and then sank rapidly.
Mr. Tatum was born in Henrlco coun
ty, not far from Riehmond, on the 15th
of Aprll, 163S. He came of a good old
Vlrglnla famlly. After rocelving a bus?
lness education he, in 1852, entered tlie
prroccry buslness in Riehmond a? a clerk
for George A. Hundley, lle served tnnt
firm until the war came on. Then he
enllsted wlth thp flrst company of the
Howltrsers, s'ervjng with that commnnd
throughout the wnr. Ho was at the
surrender at Appomattox. There was
no truer, bravcr nor more devoted de?
fender of tho Confederato eause than
At the close of 'he war ho agaln en?
gaged in the grocery buslness on Broad
Street. The tirm wa.s known then as
Hundley & Tntum. After a year or
two Mr. Tatum embarked ln buslness
solely on his own aceount. That wa.s
In 1807. Ever since tliat time he lias
conducted hls store on the samo hlock.
Since tho bullding of Loo Camp Hall
hls storo has. been on tho ground door
of that structure. There Is no person
or flrm who has. conducted a' groctiry
buslness In the clty for a longer perl^d
of tlme.
Mr. Taturij was threo tlmes married.
Each wife was named Mary, Tli-3 flrst
wns Miss Mary Armstrong; tha {'???c'ond
Miss Mary Pearman, nnd the thlrd Miss
Mary Walker, who survivc-s him, Thcro
wero chlldren by each unlon, a few of
Senator Cromwell and His
Brother Havean Encounter
With Editor Johnson.
?Spivliil t.a Tho rimea.puiiatcli.)
NORFOLK. VA.. february -'!.~a per
unter oeeurred this afternoon
trcot ln fronl "f tlie Clianil
s.inal an
ou Maln
of C'oiiiuiiii'i'O l.i'tu.'
tor of tlio Norfolk (
Benator e. 'e. cron
Bliorlff A, <?? Cron
?xt'haniro.l. t
llugli Joh
uty Domocrut, nnd
?11 und hls brother,
II. Sevornl blov.s
imbtitints ware
sopurntod nnd place.l under arrest before
nny one hnd been diunnged to any exu-nt.
All partles wero urreatod and t.iken to
tho pollce Hlntlou, where they wero bij.ll
a.I ,.. ........ ....,., . . . ' : i :' I Ni'ii lll : t , . , i. ? . t
iqnlzanee to appear
Taylor to-morrow nioru
ed in tlielr
before Just
Ing, , ;
Tho ntfulr growH out oi tlio posltlon
tliat Edltor Johnson has taken in hls
pupor iu refenmoe to tho ruglstrutloii
in Bet'kley. Senator Croniwell has bmui
ci'ltli'ix.'ii hy Mr. Johnson for not obttiln
Iiik th.! pausuge of a spoalal act tluii wlll
allow a I'Offlstratlon to bo had, aud Sona
lor Cromwoll has dofendotj hls position
hy stuting th'H the matter ls biilng con?
sidered by a commlttee. Mr. Johnson and
the Cromwells havo been, ou opposHe
siilas in thn f'"'',~c,li fl?''t tlutt haa been
fa'o|i)g,..oii"~iii <*N0"*7 l)buiity,
?' \ < \M
whom aro now livlng. Mr. Tntum also
leaves a brother, Mr, John Tattun. who
hns born conncctod wllh hlm tn buslness
fnr thlrty years, nnd ii slster, Mlss Loulse
Tiituin, who rosldcd wlth hlm.
Mr. Tittum was a M.ikou and hold mem
bcrshlp ln st. John's Lodgo, No, 88. Ho
was its trcosurer for twonty-flvo years,
TTo was nlso a member of the Royal Ar?
canum, nnd carrled lnstiranoo ln thut
Mr. Tntum was a most dovout Chrlstian.
Ifo had long been a member of tho First
Baptlst Church, and was ono of the most
regular attonriants upon tho servlces
thero. He conducted n Sunrfny-Bchobl
class, whlch was ono of tbe largest In
thr, clty.
Mr. Tntum was a true blue Vlrglnlan, a
gentleman of the old school. All who knew
hlm llk.d hlm. Hls was a famlllar flgure
on Broad Street, near hls buslness plucc,
It wlll besadly mtsscd. Ho was given to
works of charity, and thore are many
who wlll call hls memory blessed.
Mr. Tatum was n memhor of I.cc Camp,
und a detail wlll bo mado to attend hls
(Br Assoclsted Pross.)
LAKE CHARLES, I__A., February 23.
Passengers on tho incoming Kansa3 Clty
Southern train last nlght reported that
a terrlllo riot took place on the train, In
whlch a negro was shot to death and
three white men seriously Injurcd, one,
probably fatally. ,
A crowd of whlto men boarded tho train
at a saw-mlll town south of Lcesvllle,
took possesslon of the smoker, nnd then
Invaded the negro coach. Instantly a
flght started, shots and" curses were heard
and tho car was almost wrocked, When
the train reached DeQulncy the tralnmen
managed to cject, six of the worst dls
turbers. No arreats are yet reported.
It is thought that ono of the wounded
white men wlll die. No names are given.
In Jealous Rage James Cooper
Shoots Wife and Himself.
The Man Will Probably Die from the
Terrible Wound Which He Inflicted
Upon Himself?His Con?
dition Critical.
(Speelul to TUo Tlnies-Disputeli.)
LYNCHBURG, VA.. February __..?One
of the dttrkest tragedles tihat has been
rc-corded ln Lynchburg for u long tlme
occurred here to-nlght. In a monient of
jealous rage James Cooper drew hls re
volver, und after shooting hls young wlfo
In the head, sent a ball crashlng through
hls own braln. Mrs. Cooper wlll recover.
but the husband's condltlon is now so
serlous that ho wlll not live until morn?
Tho couplo came to Lynchburg from
Reldsvllle, N. C, to accept posltlons ln
the Lynohburg Cotton Mllls. According
to statements made by those who boarded
in the same houso wlth them, they did
not get along very well together, nnd Jlr.
Cooper seemed to he jealous ot. hls wlfe,
who is an exceedlngly pretty glrl of
about seventeen years of ugc.
Al about haU-post _ o'clock to-nlght
Mrs. Cooper prepared to leave with sev?
eral frlends, with tho intention of spend
Ing the evienlng out. Her husband com
ni-.ndcd her not to leave. but some time
ufU-rwaiils siie- walked through tho lia.ll
way to tho back porch. In less than a
minute two pistol shots were heard. Jlr.
Cooper Iuid followed hls wlfe, and when
they reached the porch he liud pulled
out his pistol and lired.
Tlilnking that he ha.l accompllshcd hls
liitentloii. he then turned the w'eapoil 011
hlmself. Cooper fell from tho pptveh wlth
hls bralris oozing from a hole that entered
r.ear tlle ''Ight eye and passed entirely
through hls head. Mrs. Cooper was shot
just behlnd the rlght ear. but the' ball
glanced around the skull, and her injury
ls not necessarily danfeerous.
Tho scheme to bulld the Richmond and
Tldwater Rallroad has npt only not been
abttndoued, but Mr. Falrfax C. Christlan,
tho promoter of tho onterprlse. thlnks
tho chnnces aro growlng better every day.
The poo;ple of tho countles through
whlch it wlll run from RIchmond to GIou
cester Point, has the dcepest and
tho best imused hnrbor on tho Atlantic
coast, are clamorlng for tlie road,
and have voted subscrlptlons to tho capl?
tal stock.
Mr. Christlan ls of opinion that tho
Richmond peoplo wlll eveiitually see tlio
groat value of such a road nnd wlll como
to the support of tha movement to bulld
lt. He sald he had l'.gurcs to. show tliat
on aceount of tho Jack of faellltles for
doallng wlth Rlohmond, BfiUl'moro, I'hli
adelphja aiid New York gotii iinnually
S4.n00.000 of trade from Iho seetion pro?
posed to he tra.orsod., whllo Rlchniond
gets hardlv inorp iluni $_2.ooo,
llly A_sueUit.il Press.)
CHICAGO, ILL,, February 23.?Pence
relgneil supremo at tlie jolut meeting
hero to-day of the Amerlcan nnd Xn
tlenal Loiigues and tlm Niitlonnl Asso
ciiilloii of Mlnor Longucs. When tho
RiitiierinK udjoiu'Divi lo-nlght a unlform
foul strlke rule had boen mloptuil;
prfctlou atldeel to tlie rule rogardltig tlio
tii.ike-up nf the dluiiioiid, und an amend
ment nildeil to tho ba||. hull rule.
W(th tlioso change^ and ? few otliera
of mlnor linportance llio commlttee de?
clded tlmt tho ruloo wero as perfect aa
cmilil bt1), and to-morrow's sosston will
bvi devoted to llio formallou of sehedulv-.s.
stralghtout Deiiioerata und luslonists for
thu past two years.
Supreme Court Renders
important Opinion.
Verdict of Court Sustains the
Lawof 1595.
opinion Written
by justice harlan
lt Declares That Lottery Tickets Are
Subjects of I raffic and That Con?
gress Has Perfect Right to
Prohibit Their Transmis
sion from State
to State.
(By A'soelatrd Press.)
WASHINGTON, Feb. ".I.-Tho power
of the government to prcvent tho pas
sage ot lottery tlckets from one State to
another outsldc the Unlted States m,il1s
was passed on to-day by the UriltOd
States Supreme Court. Tlio questfin
arose ln connectlon wlth tho c.iso of
Champlon vs. the Unlted States and that
"of Francls vs. tho Unlted States, and in
both cases tho constltutionallty ut tho
act of Congress of 1S05, prohibiting the
transmlsslon of lottery tlckets trom one
State to another by exprcss and other
wlso was challenged. Tlio opinion In
tlio Champlon cas? was deli,72ri'd by
Justlce Harlan and sustained the valldlty
of tho law. In lhe Francls case J113
tlco Holmes spoko for tho court, holding
that the offense alleged dld not come
wlthin tho seopo of tlie law ln questlon.
The cases have been on docket of tho
Supreme Court for a long tlme, and evl?
dently presented many knottj* problcms
to' tho court.
Champlon at tho tlmo of hls arrest was
in Chicago, representing ivhnt wa.s
known as the Pah-Amerlcan lottery o.
Puraguny. Tlie partlcular ehargo agalnst
liIm was that of delivering a box of lot?
tery tickets to the Wells-Fargo Kxpress
Company. in Texas, for shipment to
Callfornia. ITe was arrested in Chl?
cago to be tnken to Texa.s, and linme
dlately sued out a wrlt of luibeas eorpus,
whlch tho Fcdornl Clrcuit Court slt tlng
iii Chicago refused to grnnt. II-: ap?
pealed to the Supreme Court, and it *vns
thls appeal which was decided to-day,
tho declslon being adverse to him.
Francls opera ted In Cineinnati, Oliln,
and was charged wlth conducting a "pol?
icy shop." Tho numbers wero sclcctod
by players In Newport. just across tiie
Ohlo Rlver, tn Kentucky, and brought
to tlie maln ofllce, lu Cineinnati, by fer?
ry or over n brldge by carriers, Tlils,
It was charged, was a vlolation of tho
statute of IStio, and Francls was arrested
and found gullty. Hls sentence was
ntllrmed by tlie Circuit Court of Ap?
peals for tlie Slxth Clrcult. and the case
then removed to tho Supreme Court. Tho
effect of Justlce Holmes" declslon, revers
lng the lower court, Is to send Uio case
back for a new trial.
The- prlnclpnl contention of counsel for
tlie lottery mon was that tho suppressldri
of lotterles belongs to the pollce powers
of the several States and not to tlie Fed
crul Government, and conseciuently the
law of 1S05 Is In derogatlon of the Tenth
Amendment. They nlso cohtended that
Iho sending of lottery tlckets or policy
(Contlnued on Second Pngo.)
Mr. Joltn I. Chalkley. of This
City. Instantly Kllled
(Speclnl to "'Tlio Tlrups-ntspnteli.l
WIIjLIAMSHURG. VA., February 23.
About l o'clock tlils afternoon John I.
Chalkley. foretnan of the force of palnters
at tho Eastern State Hospjfal, fell from
thn new ward bullding nnd was Instantly
kllled. Tlio imfortunato man was at
work on tho cornlco on the south sldo of
tlio portlco, when without wnrnlng. tlie
rope sllpped, pro'clpltatlng hlm to the
ground. forty or f.l'ty feet beneatli. Hls
arms, legs and neck wero broken. and
he was uthorwlso mangled.
'Mi', Chalkley wns about thirty yenrs
old nml l'.'\-i\] iu Itlchniond, whero he has
n wlfe anrl soveral elill.lren.
Hnd tlio ncaldent, whlch caused young
Chiilltiey's dniiih, ouourrod flve mlnutcs
later anothor l'atnllty would have lie.>u
added to tiu" horror, hh another patnt.-r
was preparlng to mount tlio same scitf*
fold from whlch the uni'ortunuto man
fell to hls death,
As tho man fell ho sald, "r.ookout,"
In falllng he turned over und over lu
tlio nlr, sti'llilng nn tlio linrrl oement tloor
In the areuwny south of tlio portlco.
Chalhley wns n sobor and In.lustrtous
nuin, who was very popular wlth his us
Tho remalns woro talcon charge of hy
tho liosj.ltai nuthqrltles and will be
shippod to Illcliiuond tL)-niorro\v*'nii>rnlng.
Tlils is tli? sepond b*S(| neeldeiit tlutt
has hns oecurrea at tim noiv buildliig,
but tho other was not fulal.
Mr, Chalkley livod with his faniily at
No. 110? North Twenty-seveuth Street. He
was lu ehargo of tho ptilntiiiK con tract
at ' VVIIllamsimrg fov Messrs. llet.ri.-r Jt
Ciunzert, of this clty, '
A Steel Building is to Go
Up at Once.
Site at the Corner of Tenth
and Main Streets.
lt Will Be Occupied by the Amerlcan
' Natlonal Bank?Work of Tearing
Down the Old Structure to Be
gin April lst, and Contract
for New Building to Be
Let Soon Thereafter,
Tho Amerlcan Natlonal Bank yester?
day decided to erect at Tenth and Maln
Streets an elght-story steel bulldlng to be
a, homo for tho bank and a modern ofUce
Messrs. Oliver J. Sands and Wllilam C.
Camp, tho former presldent of tlie Amer?
lcan Natlonal, and the latter. manager of
tho savlngs department of the bank,
spent all yesterday in Baltlmore in con
aultation with tho architlect. After tho
conferenco they agreed upon the new
building instead of reniodelling tlie old.
Mr. C. E. Wingo, vice-president of tho
bank, said yesterday tliat much would
dcpond on the result of tho consultatlon
with tho architect. Last light. when Mr.
Sands roturned ho sald tliat the old
building, now tho buslness home of tho
Vlrginla State lnsurance Company. Whlt
tet __ Slieppcrson, the Prcsbytcrlan Pub?
lication Commlttee und others, would bo
sold and tho worlc of tearing it down
would begln the flrst of April. About tho
flrst of May tho contract for the new
structure would be let und Its erectlon
would bcgln at once thereafter. Jlr,
Sands sald furtlier that lt w__s thelr pur?
pose to havo the bulldlng ready for occu
paney by January lst next.
Tho cost of this tallest structure ever
erected in Rlohmond will be $175,000. I_
Is to bo a model and modern olfice build?
ing from basement to roof. The Amerl?
can Bank wlll be on the street floor. and
will have as handsome quarters as any
bank or other ilnaiiclul institutlon in thn
South. Tho basement wlll be handsomely
tltted up for ofllcos and beglnnlng with
tho second lionr for seven stories oflices
wlth every convenience will be piled one .
upon another. There are to be elghty
rooms ln nll. These are for renting to
lawyers and others. ?
Thls is to bo RIchmond' ffrst sky-scrape'r.
It wlll be the flrst modern olllca bulldlng
to be erected here as such.
Saturday nlght, Mr. Robert Lecky, Jr.,
vlcc-presldent and secretary of the "Vlr?
ginla State." reeelved notificatlon that
tho bank would want their ofHces the
earllest" nioment posslblo, as the old build?
ing would probably have to go, The Vlr?
ginla Stato, never wllllng to stop tho
march of progress, but over ready on the
otlier hand to join In and help
it along. oftentlmes ambltious to lead lt.
at once surrendered Its iease and spent
yesterday"moving while others took holl?
day. Tlie company will soon be com
fortably lixeel ln Its oflices at Ninth and
Maln, formerly occupled by the Passen
ger and Power Company.
The fates ot tho other tenants ot tho
bank aro nlso worth followlng. lt ls a
romarkablo and Interesting fact that
every ono ot the chlef tenants of this
bulldlng Mill erect handsome buslness
homes of thelr own.
The Virginla Stnte Is to havo a splendid
structuro at Fifth aud , Maln. Messrs.
Wtiittet and Slieppcrson aro to haife an?
other on Klghth Streot; hetween Maln and
Franklln. whlle thn Presbyterian Commlt?
tee is havlng plans drawn for an edlf.es
at Slxth and Graco tliat tho clty will be
proud of. So far from perplexlng and
dlscouraglng tho buslnoss people of RIch?
mond by runnlng them out, lt only glvea
them a good excuso to set a home of
their own.
Tho proposed oflico building at Tenth
nnd (Maln will bc a sp.endld adverttse
tuent of tho presporlty of RIchmond and
tho Aemrlemi Bank.
Pickett Camp lnst night vyas preslded
ever by Conunander Phillp' Paul Win?
ston. Major James II. Dooly, Flrst Vlr
glnla Reglment, wns eiected a membei
ot' tlie camp.
Mrs. Halsey, a member of Gencrul D,
If. Maury Chapter, Daughters of tha
Confederacy, of Philadelphla, wns tlcoted
f.li ihonarary inember of tha camp, nn.
the vetorans adopted a set of resolutlon./
of thanks to her uud bor assoclatcs ol
llio chapter for the work they haii ae,
c.iinpllshcd Ui ralslng ;u inonumont to tln
Confi dordte dead,
Ccinmonder William Kean, of Louls,
Camp. visltod tho camp and gave somo
valuablo Information in refcrenco to ihe
pi iisl.iti law.
Comrado l_.mmai.uel Francls sang some
Coufederato songs. which were very much
enjoyed by tho commandcr of I_oui_a
(Hr A..,?-ht.,| I't-o.-.-.
JOLIET, ILL., February 23.?Two men
wera Instantly klll.d. two fatally hm_
aud one badly tnjurecl last nlght at
Braeoville, a mlning town south of Joll?
et, when tho Alton iuid l_ariaa_ Clty
Llmlted struck a oarrlag.. comalnlng tiva
mon. Tho men had boon to a funeral
und were on tho way to tholr homts ....
South Wllmlnston.

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