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Market for tlie Former Was
Very Qulet,
Prices Ruled Highcr?Local Tobacco
\Market Active, Though Owing to
Bad Weather the Rcceipts
Have Been Light.
Tho spot cotton mnrket wan vory qulot
to-day; quotnilons unchanged.
Iniluenccd mnlnly by the Iniprovonient In
prices at Llverpool the market for con
tracts opened 5'ini polnts abovo Saturday's
closlng. (fl'Kht iluctuatlons followo.i, nnd
the marekt cased off a few points, tlio
board at the closo sliowlng net gnlns of
2"(M polnts
684; Ootober, S-14&?S.46.
''lIVERPOOL, Feb. 23.-COTTON?Spot
cotton In falr demand. prices 2 polnts
hlgher. ' Amerlcan middling, 5.94; good
middling, 5.6G; middling, 5.SS; low middling,
6.28; good ordlnary, 5.14; ordlnary, 5.02.
The .sales of day wore 10.00.1 bales, of
whlch 1,000 were for speclntion and ex?
port. and Included 9,100 Anierlcnns: re?
celpts, 14,000 bales; Including 7,7o0 Amerl?
can. ?
?Futiires opened steady and closed qultl,
Amerlcan mlddlins, g. o. c. Febriuirv,
B.22; February-*d~trch. 5.21(&o.22: March
Aprll, 6.2l"|6.22; Aprll-May, 5.23: ? Mny
June, [email protected]; Juno-Julv, 6.25; July-Au
gust, 6.24; August-September, 5.12; Sep
tomber-October, 4.S1; October-November,
4.GKg*4.62; Novembei'-Dece7ilber, 4.65.
celpts, 26,000 head; strong to 10c. hlgher.
Good to prlmo steers, S5.f.0tiT>.iiO: poor to
medlum. J3.2uijt4.50; stockers nnd feeders,
J2.35i3M.00; cows, Sl.40-.i-l.5O; .hoil'ers. $2-/4.75;
camiers, *1.40t<.2.a0; bulls, $2.25.'."i 1.50; calves,
t,T4>.,.s; Texas-fed slcors, SIK(i5i-S.2.">, ilows?
Recelpts to-day, -H.WJ0 head: to-morrow.
"5.0OO head: left over, 12,... head; opened
PffilOc. lower, closed on nn nockle deellne.
Mlxed nnd bulcliors, "Ki.GOffrf.SO: good to
choico heavy, J7.2-Vfr-7.I5: ropsh heavy,
}.'..!H'"iI7.25; light, "JJ.50Sii.00; bulk ot salos,
JI..95S.7.25. Sh'eep?Rocctptsk 22,000 head;
ehceii steady; lambs steady to tiac lower,
Good to choice wethers. $o?/5.75; falr to
ohoice mlxed, 5-1(56; natlve lambs, "477.'(i
EAST BUFFALO, N. Y., Feb. 23.-Ca\T
TLE?Actlve. 25c. hlgher. Prlme s*teors,
S5.I5rri-5.-IO; butchers, $4.2"."i4.75; helfers,
$3.75#4.7S; cows, $2.7tj'5r4.2f>; bulls, J3'fl.25;
fresh cows, strong A'enls, 25c. hlphcr.
Tops, *8.23ff"f9.75; coom to good, J5.5iK.i9.
Ho.srs?Light .srndes slow, others actlve,
Heavy, J7.GT.'77.75: mixod. $7..r.O-|7.i'/); vork
ors. $7.-10fii7.-l5; plfrs, $7.2"-"-77.""; st!i;,'S. ?5..71'i
G. Sheep?Strong: lambs. 10?20c, hlgher,
Tops lambs, S7C.i7.10: culls to frood. Jl.-yti?
G.DO; yenrllngs. *5.frfHj?: cwos, S4.75ti,"i;
sheep. top mixod, $5(36.25; culls to good,
[email protected]"0.
TLE?Hlgher; choico. $5.35'J5.50; prlme,
J.'i.lS'TfS.SO; goo.l, S-t IHVuo.l.l. Hogs?Actlve.
Prlrrie henvios, S7..'.VTa7.ar>: modiums, $7..'*ft'r
765; heavy yorkers. S7.-KKi7.5n; llsrht. $7.25'*
7.30: plgs. 57437.15; roughs. "5.50S27. Sheop
HiBher; best wot.hors, S5.3.|'ir..50: culls and
common, S2.50fi.>.5.;>; choico lambs, St'i.Mi'*
7; yeal calves, fS.5n.i9.
Rlclimo'tiil, A'a., Fob. 2.1, 1903.
The tobacco market fur tbe week end
ing February 20th closed active.
On account of tlie cold, dlsngreeahle
weather the past week recelpts havo fallon
off very much, especlallv on sun-curcd.
There was an unusually largo percentnge
of damaged tobacco sold tliis woek. Tbo
price for this kind looked vory cheap, yet
most of it sold for all it was worth, con
dition taken into considoration. Frldav's
market showo.l up wlth some rooiI siin
cu7-ed stuff tliat sold vory well, several
piles brlnglng from fll'iiir, per hundred.
Dark stemmlng niui brlght tobaceos
have a steady market nt prevloas quo?
Total amount sold this weok at the four
warehouses, 382,944 pounds.
Tho quotatlons nre as follows:
Prlmlngs .?. 3.50?* 4.50
Lugs, comnion . 4.50? G.00
Lugs, good to prlme. 0._b"gt> 900
Leaf. common. 6.50? S.50
Leaf, medlum . 8.50(0 9.50
Leaf, llne . 10.50? 13.00
A\n?ppei_ .>.. M.00<8>'l6.50
Smokers, common .$450(ff$G50
Smokers, modiutn . G.50? S00
Smokers. llne... 8.5*!_S-lo'0O
Cutters, commfrn .....,-. "..OO? .10.00
jCutters, medlum' .'..mooffi) 12.00
Cutters, flno .:. 12. iVNW 15.00
Cutters, fa ncy . 14.00? 17.00
FJJers, common . 5.0o?. 7.00
FI ers, medlum . 7,00? 9.00
Flllers, flno . 9.00W 12.00
"Arappers, medlum .13.00? 18.0Q
"Wrappers, flno .20.0flrT/ 25 (V)
wrappers. fancy .30.00? -10.00
Leaf. medlum . 6.50Ti> 0 50
Lenf. Rond . 6.50? s!oo
Lugs .... .?4.50fi$ 5.60
Leaf, medlu m. 6.75? 7 50
Leaf, good . g.oo? 9.50
Suporvisor of Sales.
Lynchburg, A'a., Fob. 23, 1903.
??hm,*J_7J-c!,bUirb' tobac<-? market shows
no material chungo as compared wlth
lafcUweek, with tho excepllon of a de"
cided increaso in ihe amount of brlght
tobacco that ih belng offered. Tho I -
cre.aso in the offorlnj-s of brlghts s ox
pected to contlnue. Prlcea remain about
stationary. whllo the quallty of tl 8
breakB shows a tendency i? imnrove
Quotations are as follows:
LnGsi S .U.?-il3.00
Common and dark lugs. 3.00fl> 430
3-"'p,1.:???,????,.* i.oOSS 5.00
Medlum dark lugs. 4.00(01 4.30
Good dark lugs. 4.25"?}' 5.00
LLAl' ?
Cornmon dark loaf. S GO? c 00
Medlum dark loaf. H-.SOOT1 ('. ;ri>
Good dark loaf. 7 i"Kia}(i s <?j
Flne dark leaf.10.000 3.
Extra llno durk leaf.11.50018.00
Black wrappers. 15.ot/u iai.oo
Common . COflif* G.00
Medlum brijiht . c.00? 7.(H!
.9??$ . 7.OC0 h.aa
LI-.A1- ?
Common cutters. 9.000-11.Mi
Good cutters .'L'.'.Kaii 11.ma
.,?''":',,cutters . 14,00015,00
Common . G.OOQ) 8.00
Medlum . s.inifii 10,00
Opod . 12.00'ij) li.00
*'">," . 15 (mi 20.00
V;'";! .!??'?"?" -"?"*'
Common . SOOCf 12.00
M-a-iliurn . 12.50fi 17.5-1
Opoa . 17.:,?;-. 35 0
Fancy .3:,..>v.( 55.ou
Report of tobacco sold on tlie f.yneh
biiri; miiik't l.y Mr. .b.lin L, Oglesby, ?.f
Ll'liches' Wan-liuiii,., for liin two weekB
endlng February 21, lSVUI:
Sold weok vndliig I'.-I.runrv llt-h, 1,"I7.
100 pounds; week <-11.u..?? February 2lst
748.8fX); decreuHc for iveek ondlng 1'a-la
ruary ?21s|. 508,800 iiounds. Snld from Oo?
tober 1. WlB, to February 21, i:n.;, i::i?;i.
3200 poundH: from Ociober 1 ISOI, i-, i-\ 1,
ruary 21, lirc, u.i'.s.i.h.i pounds; i.viia.-.
tor 1803, 1,440.4-JO pouiuls.
Rf.-.'i-ipl.s tlils week luivo in.-u much
Mghtor than l:^^t, caused by tho very cold
.v.iiither ahd the bad conditlon ol tln.
roads, whlcli. iu niiiny places, aro alniost
?'rnpaeslble. Recelpts of brlght tobacco
much hc-fivior t.luui fnr Kiniia.. tveeks pust,
Prices 011 ull KiiidoK iiuiio w.-ll Husliilijed.
Common lugs .J .l.Kjfi} 4.5')
Medlum lugs . i.tijit, 5.00
Good lugs .'. ',:,,?, a;.i?
Gwuiuiou ii-ur ,,. b.wii ti.69
New York Stook Exohange.
Kew York Cotton Exohange.
Medlum lenf . C.OO? 7.G0
l.oml leaf. [email protected]_
Flno lenf . 10.50f. 1.4.00
Wrnppcrs .,.16.00# 22..0
Green lugs ., 2,500$ 4.0C
Green leaf .001i> 5.50
Common brifrht lugs. I5.0D.C 7.50
Good brlght lugs . 7.501. R.50
Flno brlght lugs . S.W.i. 9.50
Common cutters . 7.00-if. 9.5(1
Good euttcrs . O.iiOJ. 11.05
Flno cutters . 11.00? 12.50
No wrappers ofTered.
Petersburg, A'a., Feb. 23, 1903.
Market very actlve and prices nre high.
(.iiotutions aro ns follows:
Cmniiioii lugs .$ 3.<W.f. 4.00
Oood lugs . 4.3i.fi> 5.00
Short leaf . R.OOfi! R.00
Mouiilum leaf .'.. CSOIfi) 7.50
Good to flno shlpplng leaf. 9.00W lfi.00
Good to flno wrappers.12.50? 21.00
NORFOLK. VA., Fob. 23.-Prloes in the
peanut market are qulto. TTiore Is hut
one change to note, namely, thnt of P. E.
peas, whlch Is roducod from $2.75 a bag
lost Saturday to J2.50. Tho prices nre as
Fnncy. 2%c; strictly prlme, 2%c; prlme.
2'..c.; low grades, 2c; mnchlne plokod,
l.s'd'.'lje.: Spanlsh, 70c. bushol. Blnckeye
peas, $2.50 a bag; black and spccklc peas,
11.10; clay nnd red peas, $1. Peanut bugs,
ln hnlcs-fiS In. 7 4-10c.
ri.Tl.rtSRT_.RG, VA., Feb. 23.-PEA
NUTS? Spaonlsh new, nctlve at 72c. AMr
ginin's, new, nctlve at 3c.
Steamer Brnndon, Rhodes. Norfolk,
merchandlse nnd passengers, Old Domin
ton line.
Steamer Pocahontns, Graves, Norfolk
nnd James River landlngs.. merchandlse
und passengers, Virglnln Navlgation Co.
Steamer Yemnssee, Slmmons, Phtladel
phia, Pa,, xnerchandlso nnd passengers,
Clyde llne.
Tug Radlant. Baltlmore, barge of oll,
Standard Oll Compnny.
Tug Tallie, Baltlmore. fortillzer, Vlr
glnlii-Cnrollna Chemlcnl Companv.
Dredgo Rognon, Taylor, SufToik_. J. C.
Shafer. .
Stenmer Brandon, Rhodes. Norfolk,
merchandlso and passcngors", Old Domln
ton line.
Schooner E. A. Schrlbner, Dodd, .James
Rlver, light.
Bai-ge Alliemarle, SIpple, Baltlmore,
Steamer Charlotte, Murphy, Baltlmore,
pasengcr nnd general cargo.
Steamer JIary Tyler, llayncs, Matta
ponl Itlver landlngs, pasoiiKers and gen?
eral cargo.
Stenmer Charlotte, Murphy, Baltlmore,
passengers and general cargo.
Slenmer Slienandonli, Llverpool, /
Steamer Stnnhope, Savannah. '
Steamer Almora. Glasgow.
Schooner Eagle Wlllg, Boston.
Schooner Dcnnlson, Provldence.
Schooner Low, Salem.
Barge Darby, Allyn's Polnt.
Bhrge J. A. O'Drlen, Washlngton.
Steamer Buona Venturn, Portlund.
Steamer Slanhope, Bremon.
Steamer Rappuhnnnoc, Llverpool.
(lly Asso. Inti-it I'ress.)
LONDON, February 23.?The negotla
tlons for the purchase ,by the Canadlan
*Pnciflc Railway of fourteen B'eaver Llne
stcamshl.is from Elder Dempjstor and
Compnny were sallsfactorlly concluded
to-dny. The price pald Is not yet dls
closed, but lt ls said to bo about $7,500,000.
The deal ls regarded here as havlng nn
Important bearing on the proposed Ca?
nadlan fast mail servlce, as it probably
will elliiiinnto the tonder of Elder Demp
st.or and Compnny tihere'for, and leave tlio
Canadlan Eacidc Rnllroau Company in
a better posiiion td sccure the contract.
D. O. Mills is Better.
(Hy Assoelutod Pri-ss.)
NEW YORK. Feb. _3.-Tl?. condltlon of
D. O. Mills was better to-day according
to statem'onts made at his resldence nnd
It wus said thnt he had not been so ill as
reported. Ue hns a cold and expect s td
be out in a few days.
Indiana Legislature Presents
One lo Indiana's
(tly Assoclnted I'rpas.)
INDIANAPOLIS, IND., February 23 ?
A teptlmonlal sword wns presented to
lte:i.r-A<l|t>lriil.l Icnry C, Taylor, who com
mandod tlio battlesliir- lmli.-ina ln tho
Spaiiisli-Aiiii'i'li-:in war. tu-ihiy hy Ihe |.co
plo of Imliiiiia through llu- ,.1'iii'ial As
MioMy. AdinlrnJ Taylor, hls wlfo aiul
daughter weio present.
Governor Durbin presented tlie sword
niiit Admlral Taylor responderl.
Governor Durbin recplved tho follow?
lng I'-li'i.inni. fi'oiii Hi'i'i i-lai'v ol Iho Navy
"Pormlt mo lo expresa thc giniiii.'atlon
<?r the nnvy and my own us well that
(iu. Stuto of liidlauii has i'liiifi-ii'.'d so alg?
nal an honor upon Admlral Taylor. Tho
lllgh rupiitation he |)an v.on ln war In
Ihe coinmtiiid uf Un- idilp v.lk-i, |,earH
I!...- nninc .,i your Stnte ho itii.iQ tliiin
niniiilaiiiH ln pL-uco, Aa chlef of tln- pcr
>?? mnol apd prliu Ipnl odvlsi r of tin- Racro
tuiy upon military -tuetuliiria. iiiumi him
n.-is lareely tlio loa'ponslblllty for tho
I'liiiii-iH'.v of ilu- navy for tlm natlonal
ii.'i.'ii..-, und i vv.'i.oin,. thi--. ocfdslou td
Wui ti'iitlinmiy-.to Ui,- fldellty wllh Whlch
lli dlHchargpii hls trust,"
i :.,i,-ni.ir puililn reeelved Iho follow?
lng iiuiii tln- I 'ri's.d.-iii:
"Whlto llousv, Wa. Iiiiigioii, |). c
"Fobruary 30, wk
"My ]),-nr aovcrnor.-r-l om hq nicnscd
I i ll ,iin thal yoi. uro 1(1 |)r< Sl iu ,i HWOI'tl
to Adinlml T.iylor. il.- i. nnu of ilu
pmst "iio'i.-iit olllcera ln |ho ouiln. navy
i|- . vviirk lli l!u- wai cOllOgu wa... oiliv gf
tho i-iil.-f iiistiuiiu.ntulUli's ln Hcpuiii.B
Un- pii'p.-.ii'iliii'.-is nf ihe nnvy whleh mado
il ko <lfi''U'ii( lu .he Hpanisli war, nml
ln- ls ilnliur liivuluiililc worl. al Iho prca.
i.u imiui.-iit os dilel' of tli,- |.li;,,?.?,,, 0f
Su vig.-ilion tl.at ir;, piarlically, as ilih-f
of bta-ff.
"I'*iiltlifiiily yours,
'?Tlll_;<_Jf* 'UE ROOSEVELT."
iv.'? ??-.
Argument to Be Heard Before
House Committee.
Body to Regularly Orgnnizc Next Mon?
day?Senator Opie lll?Resolution
toCut Off Introduction of Bills
After March 5th?Gosslp.
Tho bllls offored respoctlvcly by Mr,
Boaz, of Albemnrlo, and Mr. AVest, of
Loulsa, deslgned to pormlt the croatlon
of nn executlve ihead for tho "Unlverslty
of Vlrghila, will como up for flnal con?
slderation by tho House C07nmltteo on
Schools nnd Colleges thls afternoon at -I
o'clock.. Hon: Charles P. Jones, reetor of
thc University; Hon. Eppa Hunton, Jr?
of this city, nnd Mr. Danlol Harmon, of
Chnrlottesville, who wero na7ned by tho
Board of A'isitors as a subcommlttoo to
appear ln behalf. of the Boaz blll by
the. Board of A'isitors, are ln tho city
and held a conforenco at Murphy's last
7i!ght. They will appear and pross the
pnssngo of the Boaz measure, which pro
vides tor tho slmple crentlon of an exeoti
tlvo head and leaves tho deftnltlon ot
hls powers, dutlos and salary, as well ns
hl3 olectlon, to the Board of Vlsltors.
Tho West bill, which was offered by
request, provldes for a compostte board,
containing threo members of tho Board
of A'isitors, threo of the fnculty and
three of the Alumnl Association, whose
duty it shall bo to elect the presidcnt,
doflno .hls powers nnd dutles and llx his
lt ls sald that tho faculty and the
Alumnl Association nre behind tliis bill.
Mc-ssrs. Jones, Hunton ni7d Harmnn and
Congressman Glass aro nmong those who
will speak to-day for the Boaz blll, and
the olher measure will have a number of
strong advocates. So tho meoting prom
iso.5 to be a very lively one.
The Legislature ls golng to take a step
shortly looking to a termlnntior. of its
sesslon. and most of its membc-rs seem
agrceable to thls course.
Not long ago Captain Charles Trotter
Lnsslter, of Petei'shiiry, endeavored to
secure tho ndoptlon of a resolution Ilmit
ing tho sesslon to tlie flrst day of May.
Thls was earnestly opposed by Mr. Hun
ley, of Mathbws; and otbors, and ftnnlly
a substituto,. prepared by Mr. Cardwell,
of Hanover, was adopted, whlch declared
lt to bo tho purpose of tho body to dls
poso of Its work. ns speedlly as mlght be
found conslsteht with tho publlc good.
Now Alr. I-Iunley proposes to do a llt?
tlo llnillliig bhnself nnd will to-day offer
tho followlng resolutlon, cuttlng off tho
introduction of new matter aftor March
"Resolved, by tho Houso of Delegates.
the Senate cohcii'rrlhg; That after the 5th
of Maroh. 1903, no bills shall be lntroduced
othor thnn thoso 7-ol:iting to thc revislon
of Mie laws to con form to the new Con?
stitutlon nnd those ennctlng such new
Inws ns are necessary to put said Consti?
tutlon lnto complete aud effectlve opera
It Is bolleved that even wlth the Hunloy
resolution adoptod, tho Legislature wlll
havo enough work to do upon mattors
already lntroduced lo keep It hero untll
lato ln tho summer. The resolutlon of
Mr. Hunley will llkely pass. as strong
leadors, both In the House and Senato,
havo declared themselves In Its favor.
Ohalrman John AAr. Churchman. of the
House Roads Committee, snid last night
that he bolleved that his blll on the sub?
ject of corporatlons would pass both
houses ln tlme for the w.w corporntlon
commlsslon to organlzo and proceed to
buslness on Monday next. as pr&videX ln
tlio schodulo nf the Constitutlon. The
House wlll llkely finish the conslderation
of the goneral tax bill to-day and wlll go
immediately Into tho subject of corpora?
tlons. Tbo latter blll has been prepared
and revlsed by several stub nnd full com
mlttoes, nnd Mr. Churchman thinks there
is no reason why lt should consunie a
great deal of tlmo In either house. There
is somo talk of an omergeney act, en
abling tlie commlsslon to organizo, s.iould
tho general blll fall to set through thls
woek, hut a strong larwyer who was a
member of tho commlttee of tho conven?
tlon sald last night that thla would not
be necessary, as. the Cnnsiltutlon Itself
made nmplo provlslon for organization,
both ln tho body of the instrument and
in tho schedulo. Thero are a number
of promlnent Eomoera ls npplylns for
plncos on the clerlcal staff of the com?
mlsslon. Since tho retirenient of Mr. C.
Leo Moore from. the race for chlof clerk
It ls hard to say who wlll Ket thnt place,
but the frlends of Alr. J. Smith Rrocken
brough, of thls clty, aro prodlcllnfr that
he wlll havo a good appointmont with
thc comnilssioii. There .seoms to bo a
dlsposltlon, other tliings boing equal, lo
distribulo tho pulronage with somo re?
gard to geographlcal locatlon, and each
grand divlsion of iho Slato ls expected to
got a sllco.
lt is llkely that Hon. Bevcrly T. Crump,
of thls clty, will bo mado presldent of
tho commlsslon,
Among tho promlnent Democrats apply.
ing for places with Iho commission is Mr.
AVlIliam, Stegor, a promlnent buslness man
uf DdiivillB,
News renohed here yesterday nfter
noon of a dlitlculty In Norfolk clty yes?
terday afternoon between Sonator E.
I'MiaU-y Cromwell, of Norfolk couiity, aud
Edltor Johnson, of tho Norfolk County
Alr. Johnson nml Senator Cromwell had
nut boen on good lornts for somo tlmo,
belng at Ipggorlieada ovor fnctlona| phr*
ly troubles in Norfolk counity, and whon
thoy met. accc-rdliitj t" tln- story,
bluws won- passed, Thoy nre both well
Known iind promlhenl Democrats in
thelr section, bul Sonator Cromwell Is a
"fusioiiist" aud .Alr. Johnson n "straiglit
Benator John N. Oplu Is lll nt hls room
ni tho Vai.-iiiin.. Houso. Sonator Oplo
has noi t.n well Lu- Rome tlmo, but lt
ls only wlthin tlio last low days thnt ho
has tui'ii forced to ithandiiri hls seimlo
rial dutlrs.
Wbii,- hiB conditlon ls nui i-imsiiii-i-i-d
serious, thc frlends ,.f tln, Vtilloy Senator
appear a llllh reBtless coiioqrnlUB hlm.
aml lln-y all Inapo ln- will shortly reebvor,
Tho Houso ('iitiiinliioo fur Ce'urts of
Justlce has ropprtuil fuvoruhly' tho blll
offored by Ilon, 1!. S, lslnekbiirii Smith,
of Clarko, ti. aiitiuii-izi! iho appointmont
by thn new Clrcult Courts of ono ball
oornnilHslonar for >'ii<:li bf tlio counties uf
tlu- Slato Th.. blll ls t.i li.-.-.im-j 0rfeg,
tlvo when tho new .indl.'lniy systoni i-n.-s
Into ii> .-r-iiiini un tim ilr.M day of Feb,
ni.iiy, |90] The lit'jl lunvld.-s lhal iho
court shiii .?i|i].nint one of lhe comm|_
sloiiora ln cliaiKory as ball i'<>iiiiiilKM<im>r
for eueh ciaiinty.
The Houso CominlUoo qjj the Chesu
?i.i-:il.<> und lls Trlhularlos aud tlio tionnto
Commlttee on Fish and Qume wlll pioot
thls iiltoriioou lo comnloto thu Inklng ..f
lOS||mon>. 'I"-' .I'lr.lau bill to break tim
llaylo? Niirvey, und lo i..-|i,.rt Uie- uu-iis
urq una v-'.'.v or ainailn-r u. ii,,. lv,-i, |,?
dl.M for nctlon.
Good furocasters aro i>redli>tlii_ tliat
tlio hlll wlll bo ndvor.iely reported, but
w]H most llleoly't-ru-f- tho Houso, Wlint
t -o Its rato In tho Sonnto, howover,
la stlll a question.
Mr. XV. IT. Mttllon, secretary ot tho
Trado and "Labor Council, hns boen np
ipolntod Stato orfcanlzcr for tho Amerlcan
Fedcrntlon of Labor, Ho wlll nssume
tho dtitles of hls now posltlon almost lm
moillntoly, but wlll probably oontlnuti ln
hls present posltlon wlth tho local branch
of tho trciricndous ordor.
Mr. Mtillon recoived notice of hls ap?
polntment to tho covotcd nnd honorablo
nnd responslble position lnst Saturdny,
slnce whleh tlmo ho hns been tho rocl
picnt of many congrntulatinns from hls
numorous frlends.
Tho duties of tho posltlon nro set forth
by Iho name whloh lt carrlcs. "Stato or
ganlzer of tho Aemerlcan Federntlon of
Labnr," He wlll bo conilned onllroly to
Vlrginla, and lt wlll be hls duty to or
gnnizo such local brnhches as mny spring
iiiP over tho atato. The posltlon is a ro
munerallve one, and wlll pay Alr. Mulion
Jlr. Mulion is ono of the best known
labor men in the olty, hnvlng onon con
nccted wlth the Typograplilcal Unlon for
Mr. William Webater Ellsworth loc
tured on "Tho Personai Washlngton" at
Y. M. C. A. Hall last nlght, dellghtlng
tho large and representntive audlonco,
composed of many members ot tho Wo
man's Club, as well as lovers of beauti?
ful Engllsh.
Mr. Ellsworth is a pollshed speaker,
and hls hearers enjoyed a treat;
The lecturo was splendldly lllustrated
wlth stereopticon vlows, sliowlng Wash?
lngton from youth to old apro.
A largoly-nttendcd reception at tho
Woman's Club followed.
(By Assoclnted Press.)
EVANSVILLE; IND., Feb. 23.?Floon>
from trlbutary streams havo converted
the Ohlo Rlver lnto a soa ln some places.
Bdtween -here and Pndueah; Ky,, tbo rlver
1's'tirteen mlles wlde. Thousands of acres
of wheat uro under water. On the In?
diana slde, opposite Owensboro, Ky.. the
land is covered for a dlstance of .seven
mlles. Stenmbonts cannot land nt many
polnts along t.he rlver- because of tho
hlgh water, and thls causes hardshlps ln
communlties where they dopend upon the
boats for irnnsportation nnd niails.
(By Assoclnted Press.)
VIENNA, Feb. 23.?With the object of
stopping the wholesalo emlgratlon ot
young girls to Amerlca, which ls occa
slonlng tha llungarlnn Government con
Blderable concer'n, Promler De Szell hns
sent a clrcular letter to tho local authorl
tles of Hungary calllng tholr attentlon
to what he describes as thls "melancholy
fhct." He dtrccts that the authorlties
onlv permit mlnors to emlgrate when
sanctioned to do so by thelr parents or
guardians and when they travel ln charge
of ndults.
-. -
Not Congressman Lamb.
Somo of the frlends of Congressman
John Lamb have concelved the ei-roneous
Impresslon that a Norfolk speclal, print?
ed in an afternoon paper a few days
ago wlth reference -t-d a possible duel,
which was not fought, referred to the
representatlve from tho Thlrd Dlstrlct.
Such was not tlie case.
House of Cpmmbns Pass Vote
of Censure on British
War Secretary.
(By As.oel_.ted rreaa.)
LONDON, February 23.?The crltlelsm
or the Brltlsh War Oillce to-day culml
niited In a vote of censure on War Sec?
retary Broderlck in tho Houso of Com
inons. Tho motlon was In tho shape of
an amendment to the address ln reply to
tlio speech from the throno, rogrettinfi
nie r.ict lhat "the organization of the
army wns not.suited to the neods of the
Emplre, and that no proportioiiate gain ln
a sirength of otllclency had reaulted from
tlio recent Incronso of military experl?
Tho motlon was ldentlcal wlth nn
nmenilment movod by Slr Henry Camp
liell-Baimerniai), tho Llberal lender, wlien
Mr. Brodorlck introduced. his army ro
lorm scheme In 1901. To-day, however,
tho vnto of censuro was ?proposed by Mr.
Backott, an inlluuntlul Conservntlvo, who
was Ktipportod by a conaldernble seetion
of rcvoltlng lJnionlsts,
Major l-i't'ly, ConseP.iUlvo; Charles
Dllke, udvaiicod Radicttl, frhd otliors hav?
lng spoketi lu (U-nuncliillon -of thc War
Otllco, dvcliirlng tho coiintry wus "tlroc'i
nf lls pollcy of moss nnd mudtllo," Mr,
Broderlck ropllcd; He snid he welcomod
n dlrect ntlack and defoused healedly. If
not very coiv. Inclngly. iho schemo for
which he was responslble. Ho rldloiilog
tho Idea that droa. 'Britaln could *._?
poud on hci'-blllzeii army, whlch ho do
scrlbt-d as "a mob of ?. oluuloors," and
pleaded to be glven tliiiuU) carry out hls
army cofrs scheme, :is tho result o(
wliii'li "tlie army for tho I'.rsl llino ln
livlng momo'ry ls abovo Us supposed full
stroiigth lu every braiioli, axcopt Ihe lu
Tln- foiirs thiu tho go't'onimenl mlght
bo diifeateil on llio Hrodciiak uiiHuiiluuini
ln tho Houso of i.'omjuon_ wero tntiilo tbe
most uf earili-r |U tlie dny by tlm Houra
wlto appiireiitly lnllupiiced tho sliiup ye,
lupso whleh took playc ln consols ou llio
Stock Excliange, (.'uiisliig depressloii of
I the gouerul ll.t ut tho ulosv. of tlio day, \
New Scheme That May Soon
Be Presented In Council.
Tho Iden Is to Flt Up a Statlon In the
Basement ofthe City Hall and
Abolish iho Present
Preaent lndlcntloii3 polnt to tlio Intro?
ductlon ln tho Council, nnd iposslbly the
Pollce Boai"d, nt an early date, of a schomo,
which, if adopted. wlll result ln the rovo
lutlonlzatlon of the pollco depurtment of
tho clty and tho inaugiirntlon of an en?
tirely new system, whlch may show a
decided lmprovement over tho plan that
has beon ln vogue for yenrs,
It Is proposed to cstablish ln RIchmond
what ls known ln pollco paxlance as the
olght-hour system. Thls means that In?
stead of operntlng as now, tho department
wlll bo placed on a new basls. tho men
belng rcquired to slave only elght hours
ench day, whcreas they now work Togu
larly nlne hours.
Instend of throo districts wlth a statlon
to each dlstrlct, as there are now, there
wlll be ln the future, grantlng, of course,
that tho plan carfles, only ono' dlstrlct,
whlch wlll embrnco the entiro corporate
limlts, and ono statlon.
Thls will be centrally locitted. |ir?r
sumnbly and preferably ln the Clty Hall.
By the abolltlon of the threo districts.
none of the oflices of captaln wlll be done
nway wlth, whllo probably all of the
sorgeants wlll "also bo retalned.. But. In?
stead of a cnpt.-iin being held responfllble
for a certaln dlstrlct, as ls now tne cus
tom," ho wlll for tho perlod of elght hours
each day be hold nccoumtablc for the do
lnga ln the entiro clty. nnd he will have
the manngemont of many moro pollcemen
thnn he now has.
The plan doesn't contemplnte any
change In the executivo head of tho de?
partment. for by those who nre most ar
dently advocatlng the system it ls renl
lzed thnt no better or more capablo per?
son could be sceured to till thls naturally
necessary posltlon. In n word, the duties
of the Chief wlll be pretty much ns thev
now aro, wlth the exception that ho wlll
he brought In close touch wlth tho de
The agltatlon of the olght-hour system
Is the result of tho repented demands for
moro pollcemen In the clty. Certnln Inter?
eated city olliclnls h_.ro lately been Inver.
tlgatlng the pllice systems of dlfforcnt
oltles, nnd it has been dlseovered that
the modus operancli ln RIchmond ls qulte
dlfferent from tho present system in
most cltles over tlie country. It is clalm?
ed that fewer patrolmen are on the
streets In RIchmond. than in other towns
wlth a department the same size nnd
worklng under a dlfferent system, as
result of which the proposed change will
be ugltnted.
It !s nrgued that tho olght-hour system
Is much chemper. More patrolmen. it Is
clalmed, could be put on the streets for
less money than under the present pollcy,
while the men would bo better fltted for
duty. In a word, It Is stated that Ihe1
Richmond plan ls nntiquated and Ineffl
elent, wlllle the now system would provc
an emlnent success.
Tlme after tlme, year after yenr, thc
Board "of Pollce Commlsslonors come to
the Council with a request for moro men,
They nre not g_.en slraply because the
city dnesn't see its way clear to paylng
the ndditlonol expenso. It has been ad
mltted that the streets are not sufllclntly
patroled, nnd that more pollcemen would
prove a boon to the communlty- ln the
way of protection, hut other departments
have gotten away wlth the spolls.
And so it has happened that the coun?
cllmen, realizlng tliat more men are need
ed on tho streets. Jiavebeen looking about
for some system for reach Ing thlm result
without putthig more men on tho pay
roll. And nt lost >t is clalmed, that the
plim has been worked out and wlll. if
trled, prove a xnammoth success, estah
lishlng nll that is clalmed and 5 vlng the
people better protection for the same
money and without addlflonal men.
To be conclse. tho new system embraces
an expendlture of 11 few thousands for
the purpose of flttlng up a sultable cen?
tral statlon, but this sum. It is nrgued,
would soon bo ropaid to the clty. lt ls
proposed to remodel thc basement' of the
Clty Hall. makinjrlt lnto an up-io-da'o
pollce bnrracks, wlth cells sufflcient for
the retentlon of those prisoners who may
bo taken In during tho nlght or day.
By thoso who havo Investigatcd the
mattor it is stated that those cells could
be erected for a comparatlvely small
amount. and that no o.h-er expendlture
would bo necessary to put tlio system in
It ls proposed to do away with tho
three statlpns, ceftti-allzing tlie men nt a
central slatlon. For Illustratldn snke,
!t. will bo slalcd lhat 100 men are netlvo
l.v engaged ln patrol duty, outslde. tho
captnins and sorgeants.
Under the -clght-hour system tho "hun?
dred mon would bo divided into threo
squads, not nece.'isnrlly ati equal num?
ber for ench of Iho threo dlvlslons of. tho
day. It ls recognized that n's many offl?
cers are not needed in tho day ns at
nlght. consequently ll has been suggest
ed that tho hundred bo apportloned us
follows: Forly between 4 P. M, andl'P
M. und 12 P. M, nnd S A. M. This would
eave twenty men for the dny duty, from
S A. M, untll 4 P. ]._.
Tho change wlll contempluto the reduc
tion of threo sorgeants, two boing used
on ench watch nnd three In the station
Tho wiitehos would he llH follows;
Day wntoli, from ,S A. M. to 4 P Jf
Evonlng watch, from l v. u. to 1*2 i>. m
Morning watch, from 12 tn s A. M,
(fly As_nclnt.il Press.)
PORTO CABHLLO, Fohrunry 23,-Tho
Venczuelun giinbont ReHtauriulor, whlch
was enptured by tho Gci-tmina, wus haiid
?>d ovor hy them to thc Veuezuelmi nu
thorltleH hero to-day,
Al 11 o'clock thls morning Commundnr
I'linlboud, of thls port, jieciimpniiieii hy
:.n liitcrpivter ninl Ihe Gorman Coiniiio
il'.iro ghrcdqi'. went 011 bourd ihe Restau
niilor, whlch Ib now lylng In tii|s' hnr
l_nr, ln order to effeet tho .Ivery of iho
slilp to Vonussiielii. At 11:30 o'clock tho
German llag wus lowored, tlio Genniui
ciMilsor Vlnota llrlng 11 suluto us tho col?
ors wero brought down, At 2 o'clock thls
uflcrnooii the Kestuiirudor holslcd a Veu
iKiieiaii lUig und-wUs then .hniidoil ovor to
Coinmuiulci' Chulboud, by Cominodoro
Hhredor, Tho 'Viiiuta uftorwurds stcamed
out of thls port,
ag5I0 Lot
In Srcnlor Now Yorkv Bnlnnoo
ffl per motit.li or 12 pur cont. 1)1h
cotint. for Cnnli.
Thoy wlll ho worth !fo,000 fcon
yenrs front to-day.
25 per ccrit. (luarnntccd Incrcme in tho
Valuo of. our lots wlthin oun yonr from No?
vember, 1W2, oryour monoy rcfuiulod wlth
fl por cent,. lnterest. '
Wo linvo *H,(X)O,000 lnvoslwl ln Urooklvn
Lnnd. Park-llko linprovimii'nfcHfi'uo ftn-,
"iorfeHuro Conl.rnot, Prcc Dccdln ciiseol
t eutli.,. No ilotofl, 110 niorlgngos, no tiiYr-H
tlll Jnmtary, 10O5.
I"""""E TRIP TO NKW Y01UC. Can rofnr to lfl Hnrikfl; also to Cornmerclal
Agonclcs, For fiirthor pnrtloulnrs cnll on or writo
"Roprescntlng "Wood, Ilarmon & Co.
42?13 Merchants Nntlonnl Itnnk Bullding, RICHMOND, VA.
' Surplus and Undivlded Proflts, , . $628,852.94
DoBignatod State, Uniied States and City bepo3itory.
BaSa Collectians a Speciaity. lnKS)J
Largest Bank Dcposltory South of Baltimore.
JOHN P. BRANCH, Presldent, JOHN F GLENN, Cashier,
JOHN K. BRANCH, Vice Presidcnt
Want to Take Second-Baptist
, to the West End.
And After Discussion Lays the lmpor?
tant Matter Over Until a Littlc
Later On?Some
Lengthy dlscusslon last nlght by the
congTcgatlon of the Second Haptlst
Church developed tlio fact that qulto a
number of tho tnost pro7n!nent and In
fluentlal of Ito members are ln favor of
locatlng tho proposed now houso of wor
sliip far Into the West'End, whoro In the
courso of the developmonl of the clty lt
wlll be tho center of what promlses to be
tlie most prosporous nnd desirable com
munlty of I.Ichmond. The entlre quos?
tlon, however, was lald over untll thc
next buslness meetlng of the church.
when a llnal vote wlll probabiy be taken.
It wlll he recalled tbat tbe plans of the
church were rejected for one reason be?
cause they dld not provlde what many o.f
the members thought was an adequate
arrnngement for the Sunday-school, It
wns deslred, above all thlrigs, lo have a
briglit and cheery room for the childreri,
But the lot at Franklln and Adums, It
was hold, would permlt of only ono con
structlon?the Sunclay-nchool would have
to bo in tho bas-emont nnd partly in the
ground", So the church appointed a com?
mlttee to consider the advlsablllty of so
curing a new sito.
Last nlght thls commlttee reported to
the effect that no. othor slte waa avall
able. It recommended that the new church
be erected upon the slto llrst selected nt
Adnms and Franklln.
Consldorab'.o dlscusslon followed the
nresentation of tho report. Thoreupon de-"
veloped a proposltlon that tho church
move far out lnto tbo West Hnd, where
it would bo in tho llne of the march of the
clty. Promlnent mem!>ers urged that iu
ton yenrs' tlmo thls great sectlon In the
nelghborhood of Lee monumont would bo
thickly settled by somo of tbo best people
Ir. Hlchmond, nnd that an old and strong
Baptlst church would ho needed tliero.
Somo of the downtown members mlg... be
lost by the change, but the church would
De bullding for all tlme, and would have
to look far lnto Iho future.
One of the most influential members in
the cnurch declared that for hls part he
waa wllllng to wult flve or ten years to
bulld, provlded the church oventually
went further west. Personally lt wouiu bo'
rnoro convenlent for hlm to have tbe
church at Adams and Fi-anklin, but he
was forcod to see that In the days to
como the church would regret lt If lt
loeated there.
Counter nrguments were presented, and
Unally, when a vote was about to be
taken, lt was moved that in vlew of the
great importanco of the matter It be laid
over untll the npxt business meetlng of
the congregatlon. Tho motlon prevalled
by a large majorlty. 9
New Seaboard Trestle.
(Speclnl to Tho Tlmos-lilBiMitcli.')
BUSH, VA.. February 23.?A force of
hands has been at work on Long Branch
trestle, near here, on the Seaboard Alr
L,ine Rallway for saroral weeks past,
putting in a new frame brldge ln placo of
tho old plle bridgo.
? Tho fnrmers of thls sectlon nre bnck
ward wlth thelr wprk. Llttlo plowing
has been done and few tobacco plant beds
havo been burned.
Aiessrs.i Arthur Fcrgnson nnd John
Colemnn, of Dlnwiddle county, kist elght
cows ln Nottowuy River during tho
freshot lnst week.
H, budwlcjt Marcuson, who has been
engagod ln business ln New Yorh for the
lnst twelve months, has returned to mako
hls homo In this county.
. Polk Miller at Blacksburg.
fSi.ua.lnI to Tlio TJinoB-IllKlint.'li.)
BLACKSBURG. VA., February 2".
Folk Miller nnd his negro qunrtette guvo
an lnterestlng and enjoynblc concert ln
the Vlrglnla Polylechnlc Instltute Audl
torlum lnst Friday nlght to a crowded
Tho roads belng so mnddy between here
and ChrlstlaiiHblirg, Mr. Miller sald ho
bo|lovod ho could snfely say "lhat' ho
had been all tlio wny through Mont
Bomory county."
. . *
Petition in Bankruptcy.
(Siio'ti.l ti. Tb" Thiio>"-l.ls|iiiti-rO
TA'NCHfllJlta, VA.. Fobruary 'J3.?A
poiltlbn I" bankruptcy hns boen illoil in
tho clork's olilco of tho Unlted Stutos
District Courl from E. II. Amos, a farm?
er nnd denler lu tobncco at Cumbcrlaiul
Courthouso, wlth llabllltles of $3,2H7T0 aml
c-xou.ptions of "180. The cr"illlors reslde
ln Hlchmond, Ciiinbcrliind. Farmvllle und
. Rlchmonders In New York,
(Sjioelul t<> Thc Tliiios-lilnpiitcli,)
NI3W YORK, Feb. :;:*.?1 loiol uirlvals:
?\Valdorf, T. D. Kloltos; Aslor. W II
Thimipaon; Hiiloii Square, M. -Miller 'Al
belt L. IJutului", St. Donis, (j. R i-iielpa
und wlfo; Hroadwny C!oiilru|, i? Hi-lllu'l
nior; Coiitliienlal, l>3. I>, Bniriiiiori-oii; Ash?
land, O. W. MeCitrthy; Uolfmnn, p. |,.
Audrcws; RliiKfci.iroiigh. Q, |.;, Btnuis. \V.
1-1. Tliompaoii; Navuro. B. V. Goodiiuin. 1.
1. Struuso, M. M. Slrniiso: Cadllluc, 13.
"WcstbrooU und wltc; NetlicrJund, li.
C. W. Branch & Co.
Member* of New York Cotton Ex
chango and Chicago Board of Tra_,_
New York Correspondents?
Prlvata Wircs to ?? BOSTON.
Richmond, - - - Virginia
CAPITAL, - . - 35CO.000.0-i
SURPLUS, ? . ? $240,000.00
Presldent, JOHN S. ELLISTT,
Alex. Cnmcroni John S. Kljctt, Jos. Jt
Fonrqiirenn, T. C. William.;, Jr., Home,
S. Hawes, U. G. Viilcntln.., James ]).
Crump, J. I. *? __t_lm, A. H. Ellcrson.
J. .... GLIFT & CO.,
BLrLL. 'PHOiNE 397.
1015 E. Main St. nichmond, Va,
Bonds and Stocks Bought and Sold
for Cash or Carried on ihe Most
F.,/orable Terms.
Investment Securities a Speclalty.
?Phone 366.
Dealers in RICHMOND, VA,
Correspondenco Invlted.
A Remarkable Lettcr_ Read
by Mr. Crittenton Last
Mr, Chanos N. Crittenton, tho mllUon
alro drugglst of Now York, spoko Sun
l day afternoon to a largo audlence ot
' men gathered at the Academy of Muslc.
j Tlio meeting wns ono of tlio best evor
I held under the ausplces of the Y. M. C.
A. Thi-'iirrungoinotita were excellent and
every detall went ol'f smoothly. As usual,
thu slngliig was a speclal featuro of tho
Tlm sermon hy Mr. Crittenton mado a
great inn.n'os.sion. Tho speaker read to
tlio aiKlii-neo a letter whlch creatod
somewhat of n sensatlon. it was nd?
dressed ln hlm nnd came from ii man
who wanted to know lf he crn^Jd ho
a.ived. Tho iotlw guvo mioh u record of
crlino and honor us was sufholent to
rnlso tho halr on tho head of thoso who
hearil, Mr, Crittenton read ,it to show
what tlie splrit of Ood could do wlth a
man, however liardencd ln slu,
Tlio I'ovlval inoetliigs belng hold at
Unlnu-Stnllim Methodlst Church hy Mr.
Crittenton wlll contlhuo through noxt
Sunduy. Two iner.tlnKS wlll ho hold each
day, On We.dnesibiv un xill-day moetlng
wlll 1)0 held. Al l>:_!0 o'clock ln tlio moi'll
Ing ihei'o wlll bc Jl sunriso servlco, con
ducled by Mr, Frank Bulea; at 0:30
o'clock a prtiyer und pralsn servlco, con?
ducted by Guptuln Moiitgamory; at 10:31
o'cloclt a sermon by tho Rov. Mr. Okey,
of Danville; nt !tii>- o'clock u aermon by
Dr. John llnillinii; at -1:30 o'clock A _>ur<
mon by Mr,' Crittenton and at nlght A
sermon by Mr. Crittenton. Tho peopli
huvo beon rcquestod to biing thelr _____?
nor und oat at the cliurcU,

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