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Miller <S Rhoads. Miller 6 Rhoads.
A White Bed Spread Sale
.An entirely new lot of White Rcdspreads?many of llicm with
tlie prices scalcd down from what siniilar bcclsprcads have been
Belling for. . _?
Two rcasons for scaling these prices?one is tliat wc bought
elosc.y and can sell thc same way, and thc other is?well, it just
suits us to stimulatc busincss a lillle by making sacrifices to some
A neat arrangcinent for a brass or iron bed is thc bc.lsprcnd
with thc valance. or cnt out corner?the spread fails over thc sides
and thc "cut out" arrangcinent fits snugly in around thc corncrs?
no imsightly looking bed with this arrangement.
75c Value for 65c.
Good quality Crochclcd Bedsprcnfls,
11-1 size; well hemmed; several de?
Special Value at 92c.
Medium welght, full 31-4 size, Mar
selllcs designs, nll hnmmod, soft fin?
ish and launders well.
$1.10 Value for $1.
Fine Crocheted Spread, 11-4 size, with
heavy ralsed designs, .
$1.25 Value for $1.10.
Same dnslgns ns the dollnr spread,
but finer qunllty.
$1.50 Value for $1.25.
Fine Crocheted Spread, ln Marscllles
$2.00 Value for $1.59.
12-4 size?the InrR-cst mnde?sult.iblo
for Inrge old-fashloned beds; nicely
finished Jn Marscllles designs and
herringbone hemmed.
A Special Value at $2.
12-4 Flno Crocheted Spreads, wlth vn
lanco or "ctltout corner" for bmss
or iron beds; hean-y hand-tied fringe,
$2.50 Value for $2 00.
Real Marsollles Sprend, 12-4 size, In
beautiful floral nnd scroll designs.
Fine Values at $2,98.
Real Marsollles and Sntln-Flnlshed
Spreads, hemmed or frlnged and
very nffcctlvo designs.
iUarseilles and Satin finished
Spcads in white or colors, $3.98,
$4.50 and. $5.
Our supply and assortment of
Spreads for single beds, cots and
cribs is just as complete as that
for the full-sizec. beds.
Crib Sprends (or Child's Bed
Spreads), of nll klnds, ln whites,
blues, plnks and satlns?75c, 81.2*5.
Single-Bed Spreads, $1,00
Fine Crocheted Qullts, in Marsollles
designs; soft llnish,
The young?t vlollnlst ln ihe world wlll
nppcar nt .Jj-o- Y. M- c- A. Thursday eve?
nlng. Hfj. is..w:illhim F. T. Mollehhauer,
Jr., ond'is only four years and nlne
months old. Ou tho platform will ap?
pear at the samd tlme his gvandfaxlu-r
and his father, Messrs. O and E. Mollen
liauer. This -vviil be the flrst tlme tlmt
XUphmonders have over hnd an oppor
tunity ta s,-n threo gencrutlons perform
5)ig together.
Tho llttle fellow, who ls actuallv less
?than li\-i- years old, is a beautiful chlld,
wlth dark halr and large dark eyes, soft
as those or a gazelle.
He performB'on ajnlnlatiire instrument,
but hls notes nre plainly heard when tho
threo play together. He Is also a com
poser, young a.s he ls.
Hls; father saTd yesterday that iho
abllfty to play tho vlolin was born In hlm.
The boy hns played In New York,
where ho wns very favorably reeelved,
He i-ocs from Richmond on nn European
lle does not play a melody or two
pounded in by car, but plays his snios
from the page, ns wlll be seen ln tho dlf
llciilt Hall Trlo ln which hc performs the
llrst vlolin, Hls father aud grandfathcr
nre noted vlollrilsts,
Mrs. M. C. Callahan thc Vic
tim of a Thlef on Fifth
Slrcet Yesterday.
Suddenly and unekpoctcdly an unknown
isnatch thlef robbed .Mrs. M. C. Uullahan,
of No. 730 North FJfth Street, last )ilght
nf her shopp.lng bag, contaiulng llvo dol?
lars, a number of valuablo papers nnd
qulte a few dress somplus. na she was
comlng up Flfth Street Bhortly nfler 7
o'clock, iu roula t'i tho clty, where sho
Inlcndod dolrig a lixtlv shopptng-/or to
day. ' She was ud'ompanied \>y her mo?
ther aud both screamed lusilly whon
tlie thlef got away with the satchel, ns
ii result r,f whlch many peoplo wore at
tracted nml no end of excitcrticiit
A fow mlnules after tln- rpbbery both
appe ired at lh ? & '"'.<1 Sl i.l i .. whi ?
Scrgeani Tnlley was possi i ,i pf iho
facU ln the case. H-- aaslgned the uf
fulr t'i Olllcei Cox but al a late hour
|asl night no clue i,* to thu iduniltyof
Ilu' thlel had been uiicovercd by the
patrojman, although lie'acourcd tho vlc
iiilty in h.-arcit oi t'i., m m or some ono
who got a clear \i- vv of him.
MAY HAVE l;!:i:.\ ',', illTK.
Mrs. Cullahan is doubtful whetlu r ihn
roblier was a white iii.in 01 .?? negro, Sho
says he was a young fellow nnd a good
riiuii(-r. He was nf llght romi-lexion,
nud may havo been a Caucaslun, uut
of thls she l_ not positlve.
Th,> oftlccra aro not reudy to bellevo
lhat t.lifcs robber was a whlle riiun, ul
though f'acis polnt to such 1, Ing t ?;,?
.(?use. They qrgue that tho hold-up o?
eurred lu a sectlon of tho city Uugoly
Infi-iiii'd by negroes, and thejtthliili th,,t
the robbv-r wa.- a lealdc-nl of ti?- ,...
(*?. Vka r-ut-cry was one of Uie bt>ld_..l re
corded In polico clrelos In some llme.
whllo facts brought out by Mrs. Cal?
lahan load tho ofllcers to bellevo that
tlie thief must have boun both deter
minod und perslsrtcnt.
In order to get possesslon ot thc cov
otod bag the robber -was compellcd to
hold with Biicli tenaclty us to break a
heavy wrist chaln, This choln Is still
iu Mrs. Callalian's posscssion.
ll was only n llttlo past sevon thnt
Mrs. Callahan nml hor mother wore com?
lng up Flfth Streot. As they nenrcd tlio
corner nf Lelgh Stroot a )nnn hove lnto
vlew. li.. was udvaricing frnm tho .ip
poslte dlrectlon and no partlcular ntUn
tlon was (jlvi n hlm,
They turned in enough to allow tho
roan to pass, but ns ho enmo aiongslde
Mi ?. Callahan, who wns on tho outside,
ho grabbed tho hand bau, evldently
ihlnklntr. sho was only grinplng u wlth
her flngers. Thn satehol .iif| not glve
way, ni ti... tivin twlstod nnd jorked wlth
tho deslred result, tho satcho] separat
Ing from tho chaln,
All of thls had come about so r'uickly
thal both hnd boon taken by surprlso,
Tliey had oxpectod nothlng of the klnd,
and tlio robber wns movlng alone once
!: ? oi fore they had nn opportunity to
'-'?" -"i alarm, whon Mrs, Callahan
1 ? imi d ;.t th.- top of hor volce.
Number-. of pooplo wero attractied by
the nol - bul bof re nny biitslder iir
'''*?'?"' ' : ":' ci ".- tlio mnn had dl?an
P ' ? i i awn .-. ii,-.,rl,y all, v, |i,. waa
'"' '?'???' Uka the wlnd, so they camo dl
tlie Secopd Statlon nml niade
II -ni' .1 whi tlior Iho mnn \vhO
" I":!"' ' ?' ? ' no bag lost nlght is one
"'. ati or? i ?:? : gone or slmply a Btray
crhnlm l wl ? happenod ln Rlehmonij
but, 1 |VI illu I- |, il,-- oIllCOl'H aro naiv
lous tli.it tlio womon of th,- eltj bc eau
? i nol in -? irry too much . hatigo in
' ?. or . .' rv ii,, ni too loosely
1 '? i y foar ii ri petition of tho a.ar
-ii.f ih.- emitcli thi-r.
II. V. t vn v ipsi.ie ,\i. rnsiiR
307 North 7ih St.
Telephone 2H2.1
Kviiiltnttt 328V
A Delegatlon Waits Upon
Baptlst Mlnlster Here.
They Inslsted That He Cease Mnking
Publications Regardlng, Joseph
Smilh, the Hend of
Tholr Church.
Tho Mormon scct, as lt Is roprosented
In RIchmond, hns manlfeated a distinct
and declded dlsapproval of an attack
made upon it by a Bnptist pastor here,
lt hns done nothing more nor loss than
appolnt a delegatlon of elders to walt
upon tlio mlnlster In question and cxpos
tuluto with hlm?have lt out, ns lt were.
The matter has attractcd some liltlo at?
tentlon In tho East End, und the end of lt
Is not yet. The Baptlst clergyman, lt ls
true, reeelved tlio delegatlon nnd nrgued
with them, but he dld mot change hls
views. So far from rctreatlng from the
posltlon ho hnd tnl.cn, bo prepafed an?
other broadsido and wlll very shortly let
fly agaln,
For somo tlmo past Ihe Mounons have
been qultf? actlve In RIchmond, partlcu?
larly on Church Hlll, where they have
been maklng a houso to hotisp canvOs,
How successful they have been In win?
ning converts it is Inipossihle to say, but
they havo cortainly been at work.
Upon the Hlll Is sltuated the Broiidus
Memorlal Bnptist Church, of whlch the
Rov. Clarence P. Stealey is the pa.stor.
I'n connectlon wlth his church Mr. Stealey
edlts a llttle paper cnlled "Thc Ques
tioner," ln whlch he prints the news of
hls congregation and ln whlch at tlmes hc
tia_ something to say cdltorially. The ac
tlvlty of the Mormons came to the atten
tion of Mr. Stealey, and be nt onco throw
nn edltorlal llrcbrand lnto the camp.
First of all he gave a loiig strlng of Mor
monite prlnciples.
'Must now," he said, "there is need for
tho peoplo on Church Hlll to Know wno
the MOrmons ure, and to have n llttle
better und'erstandlng of their doctrlnes
lhan they,are liable to glvo in their llrst
efforts to wln a hearing. We have a great
many facts in regard to them, and wlnie
there Is no personai feeling agalnst the
young men who uro dlssemltiatlng their
literature under tbe name of Latter Day
Salnts, we do want to warn our peoplo
Lhat they are of a late day and have no
connectlon whatever with tlie spirit und
teaching of Bible wrlters, They are
'wlse as serrjehts,' hut you can go no
further ln tho quoiation. Here aro somo
Of thelr bellefs. ??*???_ the nextt issuo
we wlll have something more to say."
The "next issue" appeared ln duo tlme
and ln it Mr. Stealey went pretty heavl
]y after Joseph Smlth, tbe great prpphet
bf aiOrmonism. He nrgued that no rellg- |
ton can riso above the xnoral statue of its >
founile)-, nnd he thereupon proceeded to j
declare that Joe Smlth had no moral ,
statue at all.
"lf there is nny system that Is worse |
than Mormainism,'.' sald Mr. Stealey. In ,
coricluslon, "we cannot thlnk what lt ls, j
for It clalms to honor tlie Bible, at tho \
.--atn.- tlme puttlng more honor upon such !
vlslons as joseph Smlth clalmed to have. ?
'No streafn can ri^o hlgher lhan tho 'foun- |
tain-liead.' "
Thls was too ruueli for the Mormons
and a commlttee of elders have recent?
ly been to see Mr. Stealey abo.ni the mat?
ter. They dvL-lared that what be had said
w.is false, and tliey made a pretty urgent
suggestlon tliat lie dlscontlnue publlca
tions of Ihe surt. Jlr. Stoaley said yes
tcrday that there was no fhreat or anj'
ihlng of the sort. They wislied, how?
ever, to lriform hlm that whut ho had
sald wns false. Accqrdlng to the pastor
of Bi ?iddus-Membrlal he replied to the
elders tliat he wus pretty well satisficd
with tho sourccs of his informatlon.
The upshot of tlie wholo aft'air is that
Mr. Stealey hns written another edltorlal
agalnst tlie Mormons, and will publlsh
it in tho t'orthcomlng issuo of hls _>.i
per. He said yesterday that hc had no
Idea of withdiTiwing from tho field ur
ceoslng hls fire.
Iwo whlto men, Charles Johnson and
Edward Bontley, were arrested ln East
1'ianklin Street lnst niKht by Detectlve
Sergearits Wfeli and Glbson on a charge
of having robbed .1. !?;. Cook, a vlsitinr
me rehnnt. of a gold watch nml a diaxnoilu.
rlng. These are .still mlsslng;. not as yet
havlng been recovercd. ' "
Fioni all nccounts II seems tlnt Cook
was out Saturday nlchi with two mon.
supppsedly Bontley and Johnson. Ftnallv
".'??V^,'V'nllul "i' i'1 the l'nlon Hotel, corner
of Fifteen and Maln Street, reglsteritig
for the ni.-lit. "
When Cook awoke he dlscoverpd thnt
hls diamond pln an.l watch hnd been
taken. ihe pollco were nollfled nnd Chief
Hownrd nso-'lgnod Detectlvcs Wren aud
Qlbson io thc case. They last iiKht ?_?
rpstedMhe two above meiitloned yoniu.
mon. Thoy were locked uptat the Flrst
?i'_,_.5',.:;n;l?,,!'K,,r,"""!""' "> "'
Presentation of Porlraits and
- a Grand Banquet Last
Tho annual celebration of ih?- Rich?
mond. Gruys, Suventleth Vlrginla Roiil
Sf...'*,. ";..l,i'"K'lt. was a uillquo affalr, nml
?h 5 . .'' ,'"-lu>''1 by both the acllvo
and yetenui membera of the organlza
conslsted of t.ie presenta
wres .it .il] iho ex-captiilna
lo ilu- n.-'.n 'laili.n, ?ml h
'i i" all ai Dlckanson's
i.'.'"i Rroad Btreet,
llon exer.lsos took placo
und werp very Interostlng.
' i ? x-cantalha follows:
'U. V: V. Crawford. ,1. K.
i Mityo, Edward I3rani.li
insi; i.oiii,; j. Bussloux li.
C. 0. lius.'i,' ix i-;, ]|,..s A.
Charles 0. Snvllle,
it offlcers ai.: Captaln Henry
',. I iirl:i I'H.m ainl I.U-uii-uaiits Ttobei't Le
MaBiuier and llaivoy l_, Jonltlnu. Cuii
taln Travers Danlel rprido'the speoch iu'
'"iiiliiK the liiii'lrnlls, nud it was a mull
happy ono, They woro recnlvcd mi be
half uf tho as-ociatioii hy Mr. Joseph <"
llickorgoi), wbo spoko lu a niost Imi.ny
and uloquent velii, '
Al ili<- lianqiir.1. Whloh was ,-in olcglint
one lu ovory dotall, fornier d.leuteuant
11. <-. i.ai'i'lsi.ti preslded us tiastmustor.
nnd nruyer was offered bv Mr, W
Fii'tcii.-i" Rlchardson. L'ovi rs' woro lald
im; wns
cvenly-llvi!, nml ih,
ta.'iitly onjoyed by all w|i,, at__niled.'
Tho "W.-M-Kiiil A,?,,|?' ma,|,. ,,,??,
inaiidolln ijiuslo, nnd tlutre was orutary
,-,iiiiin-. Manv Hpepehes w.-iv madq and
ih. y \vera all vory _)_u>py, inn oC au iiu
i rom] iu nuture.
The Gruya is one of th,. ,,|i|.-.i uiiiHury
iiri.-.aiii'/.illiiiiii iu tln- B.iute. havlng cuino
llito c_.ll.lv.uv_ iu J.H,
Establlshed n Century Ago.
Qorham Plate.
?yyEHollGoi'liiitii flith'-l TabloWnro
ntthb'itiiiinifii''i"''<'tl Pll??2i
Thoquanlltyis nlisolutoly Uio (lnost,
nnd for Ihni. ronsoii wo kcop no otlior
tiGFUpon satisfactory references
we mlll bo pleascd lo send goods on
1107 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washlngton, D. C.
The City Full to Ovcrflowlng
Witli Guests-The Great
Parade of Rex.
(By A-.nnci.it..1 Prroi'l
NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 23,-Wlth thou?
sands of vlsltors hero from ovory soctlon
of the country nnd with ovory arrlving
train swelllns the congoslinn nf strnngers
on tho streets. New Orleans carnival ls
now in full swlng. The llve trttnk llnes
for the past woek havo boen pushod to
lhe limlt of thelr resnurces ln hnndllng
tlio travel to tlio clty. All tralns aro
from threo to llve hours late. Evory
hotel ls crowded to its capaclty, and huri
dreds of boardlng houses aro full to
overilowlng, -whlle half a dozen or moro
steamers aro provldlng accommodallons.
Tho weather to-dny was por feet, and
the route of tho parndes was a mnsa or
color. Canal Street and Interseetliig
streets held a multlludc of peoplo whon
Rex. tlie king of the eirnlval, made bi*
entry into the clty. Thousands on tho
river front grooted tlio royal llotilln. The
merry monarch waa eseorted through lhe
streots by the pecrs nf hls realm nnd
a numerous mllltary and naval eontin
gont. Miss Allce Roosevelt. Admtral
Scliloy, General Joe Wheeler nnd other
distingulshed guosts vlewed tho parndo
frnm tlio balconles from the Carial-Stre'et
He Will Appear nt the Academy of
Music Friday Evening.
The nnnouncoment that ex-Governor
Bob Taylor. of TenncsseO, a humorous
locturer of fame, and a mnn who crowds
hls houses, would appear at the Y. M.
C. A. Hall next Friday nlght Is an or
ror. Tlie entertainment will bc given
at the Academy of Muslc, and ls taken
there by tho Young Men's Chrlsttan As
isoclation, because tho demand is so
great thnt tlio Association Hall wlll not
begln to hold thoso who deslro to hear
The snle of rescrved sents to non-sea
son tickot holdcrs goes on to-day at 1
o'clock, nnd there Is alroadv a Ilvejy
inimber of orders in, but seats can be
secured hy 'phone at 1 o'clock to-day ut
thc Y. M. C. A. bullding. and will Tjb
on sale nt tho snmc plnce untll Friday
night nt 7 o'clock. when tho chart wlll
bo taken to tho Academy,
Onvr-rnnr Ta?lor is ono of the most
popular lecturers in Amerlca?a man
who brings run*=hine and good cheer
wherever he goo*..
He Celebrated Washington's
Birthday, and His Lions
Qbeyed Him.
Washington's blrthday opened brlght
and clear. The hour of opening was
announced for ton o'clock, but from nine
o'clock r:ght forward steady stroams of
people arrlved by every car. The prln?
dpal feature, lhe crowniug attractlon of
the wonderful contlnuous programme
that was given all day was tho reappcar
anco of Captaln Bonavlta, tho marvol
ous monarch of lions nnd tho greatest
nnlmal traincr of his time. For the
lirst time since tho opening of thc ex
hlbltion In Dccember last, owlng to tho
very many llghts ot his wild aml savage
anlmals, and In honor of Washington'.;
blrthday, bo was able to present hls
rchiarkable pyrnmld act o? tho Pan
Amerlcan Exposltlon.
Yesterday varlous lions acted ln perfect
harmony, obeylng hls sltghlest wlsh aud
command, and sebrhlrig t" recognlKo that
they were prepared for once in thelr llves
to b ? docile cliildron, subject lo his Wlll
nnd command ln honor of tho Father of
hls Gountry, Geurgo Washington. thc
founder of Uio grcnt Amerlcan republlc.
'i'll.* day was an oxceptionally Une one,
nnd tln- iiiai-.y other "ealures or popular
lnterest lhat were provlded by tht: man
ugcm.ont contrlbutod to thc oxceptlonnl
progruti7i7ie and tho amuseuient of the
Positlvely curctl iby fcUeso
Liltlo Mlla,
They also relicvo Plstrcss front DysncpsLi,
Indigcstlon nml Too ""earty E-.tt.ig, A per
I'cct remedy for D'jziness. JTausea, Drowi.'
'iess, liail Tai to in lhe Moui j, Co;l'c<l Toiigue,
I'ain in thc Side, TOlvPI'J LIVI-R. Tl.ey
Reguhtc thc Uov/cli Twdy ycgelable*
SmaH Plll. _ Snia.l Doa-5.4
? Ooctai and \
| tPersonal X
" TIh mnrry ln hall, whon boiirds wng
And wclcoirro mcrry Shrovctlde."
Slirovo Tuesilay dorlvos ||H namo from
tho narly church prnollco of _liri.stl.irip
confosslng thelr kIi.s nml lmlng shrlvmi
on lhat, day in prepanillon for thu ponl
tcntlnl sensoh to follow. lu the cbuts'o
of llme n revornliin to tho old i_updrba
llnn und llacchanullnn t.pi-lngtlmc Ets
tlvnl. dpv'oloped llio originai Slirovc Tu.a
day Into tln! Mardl Gras of tho Franch,'
llio carnlval of ttnly, tbe Fastcu
Evo nf Srntliind, tlio Ffenst of tho blg his
for the Grccks nnd tlie I'uuuakc Day of
rural Engllsh nnd EngllBh Vlrglnia.'
No ono cnii cxnclly till tho nnsurlnltnii
by rlght nf pancukes wlth thls osptSblnJ
day of tlm week nnd tbe year. An old
Snxnn name for Februnry Is trauslatcd
lnto "month of cakes," because thc nn
cient Pagnns used to offer 'cakes lo the
sun-god during its courso. Auotbor
reason ls glven by/ti Catholic ecclc-ldstla
ln tlie followlng pnrngraph:
"When l.Dit wns kept by a strlct uh
Btlneh6e from ment all through Ihe t'or
ty ddys. ll was customnry 10 uso up ull
tho tlrlpplngs nrid lard ln tho maklng of
pancaltes. To consumo nll lt wa.s usual
to cnll in tho apprentlee boys und pjh
ors about tbe hnu-o. nnd thoy were _um
nioncil by a bell. called tho pancake bell."
A dlttv of Molhor Guoso refcra to thls
pancake bell.
? "Pohcnkes and frltlers. i
Say llio. bells of St. I'olor's.
Where must we fry 'Clh7
Say the bells of cold lllgham.
ln vikhI't laild tlmnow.
Sny tho bells of VWllinborough."
ln many of tbe Engllsh hnys" schobls,
"tosslrig tln; pancake" ls nn event of the
school yoar in which thc groattsst Interest
ls taken. Much ceremony attehds it at
Wrstmlnsti-r. whitSS the cobk in lesplen
?,lent white attlre, boar!r_- a panenke ln
a irylng pan, ls preceded by a vorger
wlth a sllver maee, who es-corts hlm from
the kltchen to the school room, where
tho boys nre nsscmbl.d ln cager expec
tn ncy,
Thc cook trlos to toss his pancake over
nn Iron har runntng achoss thc Hchool
)'onm. Thc boys make n ru-h. ono boy
for c-ich form In tho school. and lli" buc
cessfuT contostnnt In '.taklng the cakc"
is awarded a gitlnc-a hy the dean of tlie
school. lf tho cook acqults hlmself ivith
distlnctlon, he also recetves a porqutslte.
As Regards Audrcy.
Tlie Natlon Hotel Roporier says:
"Publlc ' curloslty may he m.-inl
festcd to know the name of thc hotel at
Warm Sprlngs, Va., where Mlss Mary
Johnston, of "To Have and t" Hold"
fame wrote her novel 'Audrey.' A hotel
wlth llterary atmosphero and cnvlronmeni
should add tn Its regular. every-day
buslness. And th?_re nr<- some mcii aiid
women who have written books whu
should go tn such an estubllshment bc<
foro they write another,"
Fosslbly lf "somo men nnd women" hnd
seen Mlss Johnston's cottage. smobhored
ln tho enibrace of tho red rnmblcr io-f,
hnd drlven over thc mountalns whlch
wnll ln thi- Warm Sprlngs valley when
tho rhododendron was ia lli.' full glory
of Its hloom, or had watched the hlde,
xitid seck of llio Bhadows on the long
rldgo leadinp. to Flng F.ock. they would
let nolhlng prevent thrni from gainlng
tho addltlonal Inspiratlon which nature
in such a guise Imparts:
Betrothal Dinner.
The engnKemont of Mlss Lucy Colden
de Lancy Kearny. the debutantc daugh?
ter of General nml Mrs. Kearny. of W'asli
inpton, to Mr. Julien Hlll, oC thls city.
was announced at n dinner par'ty glven
Saturday evenlng last In the home of
Mlss Kearny. Thoso present wero Miss
Allco'Vv'nrd, Mlss Poselthwalte, Mlss do
Peyster, Miss Hlll. Miss Crosby, Mlss
Powell, Mlss Washlngton, Messrs. Sel
berti Borghettl, V.'ills. Azplroz, Kearny;
of Now York; Pulldo, /Vckland and Hlll.
Decorations a.-proprlnte to the occaslon
took the form of hearts and cupld.:.
Mr. Julien Hlll, who ls one of the most
popular young soclety men ln RIchmond,
Is the son of Mr. and Mrs, Wllllam Hlll,
hls father being promiitently ossbclated
with the Stato Bank of-Virglnia. Tlie
nniouncomcnt of hls cn_rngem<'nt natu
raily creates much Interest here,
Another betrothal ln whlch Rlchmoml
nnd Vlrglnia people have a llvely con
cern apri"ared yesterday In the columns
of tlie New York llernld. which said:
?li'3. Thomas Marshall announced on
Vv'i'dnf-<-(lay tho engugement of her (laugh?
ter, Miss Sbpliy Grlswbld Marshall, to
Jlr. Ju!if>n Jncquclin Mnson.
Mlss Marshall is a cranddaughter of
Mr. Davld Parlsh Barhydt, of thls clty,
nnd a gieat-gtanddaughtcr of Chief jus?
tice' Marshall. On the tnaternhl sldo Bh.
is reletted to the Wnloott nnd Griswold
fiimllles, ni" New England,
Mr. Mnson is n Smithernor, rclding ln
New York. nnd helonus to tlie old A*lr
K'nin famlly or thnt. nanip. The weddlng
will probably take place thls spring,
Committee rieetings.
Thr- ladies of^thc Florlda table. Con
federato Bazaar, wlll please meet thln
nfUrnoon at 5 o'clock at Ko. OU) Eust
Franklln Street.
* ? *
A meel Ing of the Lo.ulslaria tablo com
r.ilttr-e will be held tn-d-u- nt 11 A. M. at
tlie home of Mrs. Coleman, No, !S North
Flfth Street.
The commllteo nf the South r'nrollit.-i
tnblR at tlie Cpnfederate Bazaar will meet
In the home ol' the chairman, No. w>3
F.ast Grace Stroet, thls morning _Lt 11:30
o'clock. Mrs. Eubank specially reiiucsts
a full meotlng for the ncljustment of
licci-ssary nnd Import-iht questlons.
Mrs. Archor Anderson, chairman of tln?
Vlrginla tablo nt tho Confedernto Bnzaar
for the Ditvl'i monument and tho Cou
ftderato Mtrpourn, hns called a commltlco
mcetlrjg bt that Iclilr- for tliis fon-inon
nt 11 o'clock. Tbe moetliiff will be held
al No, ir:.i West- Franklln Street to dls
russ buslness ol' gi"nt lmpoi'la'uce .
The Alnbnnin eommBtee l- rbn'tiesi -l
to rric-ot wlth Mrs. J'. II. l.ni'a-, ut No.
1_00 Floyd Avenue. to-d/iy al nooti,
Tho Oonfedcrhte Memorlnl ._!tor__ry So?
cloty wlll nieej VVedliesday ?| uorm.
Tbe Confedcratn B 'i.irir AssQclntjon
wlll uieqt Thursday ut nooii lu Lee Camn
Tlie Rlclimoiid German,
Tho last uotUlon bf the wlnter sehiion
wns danced by niombi.r's and guesta of Ui.
Itlchmo id C| i".,',n ciub laut es-bnliiir in
Ui ? M'i-ioiiI ? Tomj lo
Colonel Jo l._-11 ? Siern led. nml iii? ep
tlllon ln pyory respect wus both brililant
uud e'.cgi.nl.
Donallon Hay nt St. Paul's Church
Home fpr Aged' Women wa. obsfi'ved
ln n gruUfylng nianner yesterday.
Ladli'ii comppwlng tlio Boavd ol' Manu
gor.-i fnr Iho Homo wulcomed visltors who
called and luncli wus served iruin | to i:_o
I', M. Mih. Alslon I'lboll i.nit Mra,
lliuighti'xi usslHiul In tlm dlnlng ioqiu,
Jlriiiy (locosriury urtlclrs ln tho v.ay of
IH'iivinioiisi nml J'lU'lilalilna- woi'e sent. tn,
nnd llioso iiiloix-slid iu tlie lliiine winii
to express thtlr (ippiec!iitlv>!i to ull wlio
rciulereil asylstancu and rellef whero It
wns greatly neoded.
Patriotic Reception.
A pretty nffnlr of UiIh rvo:)ln.?. from
S to 11, wlll ho Uio t.'onfii.lei'iite rbqoptioii
hold lu th" ho-.ne of Mih. C, \\". _NassJe,
No. :'VM East Brotid Street, fnr the b.ni'
iit of tlm Oeui'Mlu tabhyal the Confade.'nlo
Uuzaur, Those recelvins wlll' lo: jiies.
PRICE $ I, ? hk.wr wuik s price $| ,
Arni-lt.vlnsncrodric.Unn? kIiiiUIiiit, splry, brnlny. r-nllfdilenliiLr InMrncllvo
nnd hopn-lii?|.lrliifr book, rovcliHii? Iho nui, thn now Inl our i vrr-llvliii i.?n h *
tlnofc Kiilrltiu, iv tluiugh now lmiv.iII.mI lu hmtl*B,cliry"(ili"llc Blate. Tha boollta
unlipie, glll, IInlsh iind cgrriictly eiititleil J nn nook. is
(Written whilo a sojourncr at Lee Camp Soldicrs' Home, Rlclimond Va ho
cause of wountls), Author of "THE PROMISE OF PEACE" and other works ,
- Itc ui.i.,110 til.li, of tliU.NEW STORY siiwIncCty prbfncc" tlils .on.nrk-' '
ablo iMAk, whllo u,o nutl.of proVcs his Oicbry stop by Btop. an.l dcmofislratds
Uuil, in lhe rtilnc-s of Uie*tlmes of Iho Chilstlnn Rogcneraliorii man comes I
i n.rth rtiiBW nnd freo of tlio;bdhdnt-o of Stdnii nml coh"ei)itoiit donth, h.ell nml
J Uio gravn, nn linitioilal spiiitn-siihstaiilial iniin, porfcet. riven ns our Fallicr
wlucli ls irt Jlonvrm is pdfecfci BaUin,nnd nll tltnt Ifl iniiiiic.il lo Ood, thctice
ronvm-il. forei'oi' nml etcrmilly non cst, For, in tlio fnliipss of mnri'fl rtootiei
nttir.li tlicrc vtli'ily <'.,iii<.h n. now nnd bU'riini stntc of Uiiii;rs?lhe Sun bf>'iin
" mnnifest, Ood nll in nll, ||,e tcmporal n.trtli nnd tlio lie.ivons tlieienf is
tlicn past, enrfying wlili (liem nll that wns liorn of or einiiimted from Adn'mio
(IihI<?vnltv, nnd ivlmtBOever is itiiniiciil lo the C'lii'i?t,> for in" tlie ,iow and
cloinid cnitli ni,,! Iieavciis?then renlaiiifosiPtliCrc is never nny mme plnr-e
f.utfi.l for .Sula^pml liis kino.lrmi, wliicli could only ljo In ii77(l of tlio pn,"s.lic
temporal e.trtli-t.lio oiirse of tlie fjroiiml--miide for.'fallcn man's snkri, until thn
day of inan's lopurifli'itl i.m und thc loxlitiilion of nll tlifngs of Gbi", Hut see tho
BOOK. lt -iH iiidebd miirfuc, f"V.ciiro n cripy ut once. Onlv 1,000 copios ordered
al prc.-ent, P.rlt'b ONE BOLLAR per copy. .
-Address nll coiiimunieiitioti.s (o
or Thc J. L. llill Priiitinjr Co., P. 0. Box 8/,3, Riehmond, Va.
clains Mu&sle, Snclllfiffs, Boiisjoy, lluirlic.
Hlchard-on. Bllluji*. Chrlstlan, HarwOod
and Rlddick. The recolvlng riarty wlll be
afHlsteffl by MIsses Mary nnd Mrirla. Cur
? i--*, Miss Nonnte Miller. Mi*s Vlda Chalk
lej'i Mi.ss Ho-vtilo French, Mlsa. Edna Bar
hoin, MIs- .hun, Powers. Miss Rosn
-'?"uyir, Mlf.., Mi.ho| UbbblnH, .M I *?< Pri.h
r-teii Mclfdvitt; Miss Alic<* Goodwin: Mlsa
i.illie Alleo, iriss, jyjiel W., Mi--.
Urace "-"chermcrhorii. Miss Jultet VVoddy
md others. Mlsa K.-aie Puller wlll reolte
and n muslcal progrnmrrie' wlll be r.-n
Elegant Reccpiti|n.
Shrovc Tue-'dny wlll hmf a brlllinnl
? I .slnr- in RlchmonO. for one of the most
! gapt receptioos of tho wlnter wJII bo
tivon thls evenlng by Mih. Charles !?;>..
lyn Smlth, farhed as q hoftoss for her,
graclousness ond powera bt'ohtertainlns.
.Mr. nnd Mra. Smlth wlll be assbnod In
?vloiim Ing-, thelr frlends by Mr. nnd Mr*.
l-lu'gh Skipwlth. Mrs. Sm|th wlll be ln
; inK ai:.! Mrs, Skipwlth in whlte. Dccora
tloria wlll be ln pjji'h and green, palms,
l..i I'mii'.- roses and pink carnations
fonnh :r beautiful parlor, llbrary nnd din?
lng room ndornment; A number of >..ft,
molodlpiis selectlona wlll he played diirlng
?'?? eptlon hours.
The number of gallant gentlemen nnd
beautiful fr 0711011 present wlll uirn thc
tideof tlme a littlc backward and roylvo
the berlod whon tho Intermlngllng of tho
exes hrought aboul tlie Impplest poss]*
hle results at all -*>oclnl guthcrings.
Mrs. C. I.ee Mooro will entertath at
prpgressive euchrc thls evenlUK ln honor
-if her slsters, Mlssoa Susle, Rhoda and
Edna bavls.
Mrs. Moorc wlll bo assliited by Mra.
\\"yih>* Davis aml Master C. !???? M ao'ro'
r., wlll score. Decoratlons "111 i>.- ln
ink a nd whtU.
A mcetlne of the nebrcw Mcrhorlal A?
oclatlon will bo held Tuesday aftcj noon
al I o'clock to sottle up thc buslness in
Ident tn tlie t'-.i recently Blven. Tho
ladles dcslre t? return thanks to thoso
who so klndly assisted them.
Much lnterest ls helng manlfested In
tho colonlal tea and lecture whlch wlll
ba given l.v tho your..,- ladles "!' Lau?
rel Btrebi Jlotliddlst Church t..-i:!-:'nt. The
pastor, Hev. Dr. II. B. ""ohnsbn". wlll maltc
on address on "Woman -What Wus Sii.j
Made For?" Those taking v-'.ri ln the
entertalnment wlll wear costuraes whlch
wero wuni .luritig the colonlal perlod.
The "sllvcr tea" given yesterday from
:? to8 P. M. in No. llt N'T'ii Thlrd Btreel,
the home of Mra. Adolphus Utair; for thc
bencflt of the G.-orgla table, waa n greal
Tho iadies'who liad ehargo of the "Mar'dl
Gras party. -given at thc- Mount Vernu.i
last afternoon, frorn II to 6, feel tliat thoy
havo inuoli reason to bo satlsflttd with
tho lssue of thelr efforts nnd the pleasure
iftorded thc littlc people of thelr ucauala
Dames to Meet.
Thc- Colonlal Darrjes will linlil their Fob?
ruary meetlng ln tho rooms ol lhe Vlr?
glnla Hlstorlcal bullding thls afternoon at
4 o'clock.
? * ?
Thc ladles of lhe Arkansas table htv.-c
:-oeiire.l ii unlque a.:ul attractive pouvenli
for thelr table, through Mr. taperton"
local ilgeat of the \Vhltchur3t & Hoag
Cbrnpuny, in the snape of u cellulpld
-treet car tiekot holder, : 1. c,!:.-,-_ the
State c'lul-of-ar.iis on ono flde. nnd
a handubrce cut of the "fiddle" om
hlomntlc of tho ?'Arkansaw Traa/cler." on
thc othor in eolors.
The souiviinlr was espeelally deslgned,
and tho .Arknnsns table will get the ben -
Rt 0" its llrst urpaioaranco ln Hlchrhoiid.
Souvenirs for tho Mlasourl tablo nre
cellulri'd "apo rriciMures \\UU-U ovory wrj
mnn will'ltnr.ioiliut.-ly aeslro ns an invnlu
nb!e .-idilll!o:i to her work hashet. Or.c side
has tho crbssed Confcileratc. ilass ln
eolors, the other tho Missoiifl cbat-bC
:iv:ns agaltist the red. Miito anil blue. Tlie
chalrman und commlttee 01' -t'm- Mlssoui'j
table liH'.-e boen most succcssful.
? Souvenirs whlch linvo been oi'dored n'td
wiu soon nrrlvo f6r tlie South Carolliia
table nre chlna pl.aqucs, with tlie Btate
eolors ln banda und lhe coat-of-ariris
ln thn center;
Al tho rfeeldenco of tho brldo's motlior.
M;s. Mary Waddlll. Xo. 318 *N*orth Twolfth
Ptre-etj at U:'k o'cloclc yesterduy rnornlug
a tiuiet homo weddlng wns performed
Thc- contthctlng partles w0^.^'^^'^
r, Waddlll nml Mi'i Frank W. McKlntiey.
'I'h-. 'ooivi'i.niy was p.-rl'iarnn-d hy R?V.
U 13. EgslCHlon.' und Alr. atul Mrj. M.
,.!,;,, uaok lhe iiiioM traln for a Noi'th
eni tour. Tln- weddlng was very (iiilet,
thiv 11 tcnv-'frtenils helt'.g preccnt,
viish waddlll Ib 'i1'11'' ""! ,,lnv *" th"
c'iv whero sho luis u fiost p? I'licnds,
Vi "vtcKlnncy |s a ncphey,' ol the (ate
nave'rnar NVlllIani McKlnr.ey. atul I.s n pop
u'li.r .-?iii-sii-.un of l.uii.'- and Rlddick; of
llilc clty.
Pei'.^onn. Mentlon,
Mr. aud Alr". Iloward Canipl.Gll. Mra,
O. P. Qour apd Mi'.s Agu:-:, Cloni' nre
voglstoi'i-d ut Uiitol pnn.oiul. in Ormotid,
Pla. They .Wlll vlslt tho I'ainmin Siliita
hucln pmnko gi'oiro, und bii.-a- i.ii<lt u,..
Ti.inuku Itlvor tlip and lln- hItmiiIIo drlve
upon the pceau boaah und back.
MIhs A-lmii lllniii, bf Bii.Tilk. i:( |)..,.
gliss't et' her Hls.ter, Mrs. Churjos 8.1, Ilos
w'oll, at No, -ir. BiibI Franklin Stroet,
.Mrs. I'luirloH II. plaey l<>!t rinlur.lny for
Omaha, N.la., ip visil her brother-. .Ur.
J0I111 I,'. Ueahun. ^
.Mi.-s Si|ihy Whlle is i,'ih-|lii!S M!,sa
IMllli Wholiin, uf North Clmrlo.; Stroot,
Tho niauThig... of MIi-.s AUnnin G. Wud
dill lu -Mr, l<\ U', jiicKlnpuy, took p|a.e.o
yesterday nt 11:30 A. M. ln the hom? ol
thc brlde's, mother, No, 816 North Twolfth
*--?'?""I. thc Rev. R. B, Eggleston oflS
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wnlker. Mlss R?.
bo,.,,-, Walker, Sllmtcr C.-..1 Walker; Mr.
and Mrs T. H. \Vu31;?r and son, Mr. and
-Mrs. C.-.h-ln Salterilfeld and famlly, Mr.
and Mrs, n. <-. aray, or Newport News
and Mr. Rogc> P. Wnlker. iitt-ndcd tha
amilv.-:'M.ry of XIr. and Mr., Julinn
Morris weddlng nr_.i Ihe birthday of Mrs.
R. L. Walker ai "The Oaks." ln Albe
niarl" oounty, yesterday,
The anhauncemeni wns mado Sunday ol
thc engagement nf M1.S Ruby Florsheitn
to Mr. isaac Flegorihcimer, ro;0!.ver ot
th" Prudehtlol Banklng and Trust Com?
pany., Both ure well known nnd hilve the
best wlshea of tholr many frlends.
Wednesday nf thls weok boln_? A.h W.<1.
r.elday, the nionthly meellnB of thc Cou,
fctierato Memorlal ' Llterary Socloty,
vhicli would f.'ill on thnt driy, wlll br!
defcrred untll the next Wednesday
March ..th,
?-: *"
%Sriap <S/iots Tja/ccn k
_/_ ST "
f Jn Jfcotol <?ot)bhs ..
o o
"There wa.- no braver soldler In tlm
ranks of tho Confederate arm)' than tin
U..U1. D. S. Pollock. of Pulaskl,'' said
former Governor .!. Hope Tyler at Mur?
phy's last'nlght
"When Ihe call io arms was glv?n ln
1801 la- and hls brother bade Ihclr old
motlu-r good bye ami went td tho front.
AIniost ln tlielr flrst battle'both wcr.-.
shot down. Davld recovcrad, but tlio
wound thnt plcrcd hls brother wns fa?
tal, and hc; dled 011 thc lleldL,
"Slnce tho war Jlr. Pollock has been
a falthful citizen and ,1 strong laxvyer,
aml I belleve .ihe peoplo nf the county
deslre hlm to be their supe.intcndvh- of
"There wlll be no commlsJ-'ion named
by the Leglalatur-e to odjust the Bt_atutes
In cotifornilty wlth the new Cbnstltu
tloii," said a prominent House leude|
laat night.
"I:s ;:i.: 1.; t place, we nro maklng gou'l
progri -.1 with our work, aud In tlie next
it would bo a confesslori that. we are
not capable .>;' dolng Lhc work which vvc
voluntarlly umlertool: when we i.i'u.'d
tn name a commlxyloii last fall.
"For my own part, I favored the ap?
polntment of a commlsslon at tlie pro].
tlme, but you may put lt down tliat tlterv*
wlll W none now, anl that wo wlll _? t
througli and adjourn early Ih. June.
"N",i, 1 have not thought nf glving u'i?
tnv flght for pure eloi tiona in \'Jr_liila*.'"
-,:ii! _-?- -xi.'f v>:- v,'. p. Barksdale, nf Jluli
fax. at Murphy's., %
??'i'-n- tax blll ha.. preventcd lls /-.nstc!
ifatibti by tlie Ilouse so far, but my
frlends in Lliat body will "? ?? that It ia
""Mr. Dtiko iuid other strong and popu?
lar l.-a.ii-.-- are golng tn u ? th. ir bet-i
i'il Io--\ ,-r-' m .'-I,- 1 li it tbe vv-ir.l 'cp.rupt
|y' Ih strlcken out. and from wh-it I
have im doul 1 i.il> will ., 1 dom . _'bu
may say that ','..- mean tu prcas tbe bill
through, I. aii-v li i.-i in line wlth tho
hlghest nnd !'.,:"> sentlment In Iho State."
"I have roplled tp thc bpmmltteo tliat
waitd a;..'ii nio aud asked mo to run I'or'
the Senat< thls fall," r?d Hon. ._. I".
Sto: rnes of Newport News, to a Tlmes
L :--.a'ti-ii represi atatly.p at Murphy's last
nii-? 1. ...
-i Infni-ai.'l thc gpiitlomen who in-1
nno tho honor tha'l I hnd doterm ucd !??
stand liB?'Jn f?r <?'"' H"""" '"' D ' ":,t"'
nnd could not. therefore, nceedo to l.belr
pxprenscd wishes as in tbe upisei.
Mr. Stcanies !_?. one of tho most popu
lar and falthful ot tlie House membpre.
and hls colleague.. and frlends wlll I o
gia'd t? learn of hla infoiitlona to rerafiih
lii thal body.
"By all mhimer bf means ihe new
prlmary 1 j 1 ? ? 11 for nu ninatlng cantildatea
for offlco in Virglnln ouptlit lu be p:v
I'civeil," iK'iil :i iiin.nSiiriil Demo'crilt '-?'
Ni-vv Ford's 11 -1 nlght. ' '
"I belleve Iho Democrats of ihe'-'fit.tto
nre IJOhlnd Ihe new i|._p;irture, and ?!??
blro tlmt It Hluill b. glven afaif trlal,
wlth tho vlew tn perpctmttlng lt.
"Tlio cbnveiitlon v/na wlse ln ma|v"hi_C
U ext'ond lo tho ufllce of"* fnit.-.l Butb.
Senator, and 1 have no doubt nny tymd,
il-ile fnr thut lilgh nfflce would feel a
il.llc .oy in :."?!', Ing that tho wlll of Iho
people, so c|early cxpro'iised, bo enntra
Amoii-r iho pn_1u.1n.ht guvsU al Muv
phy's lnst uiilit wero Hon, A. T. Lin?
coln, inombor of t!_*? 1.it Oot|'.-'iMiilon-'l
C nivi ntl a from Hmvth nnd Bland, and
llon. Henry W. il.'li. Judg. of 1 hu C "'*
pcrntloil I'nlllt nf thq rily of rimuii
lon. ,
Vh-Hijiiuns liero hi-u nlgbl wcrei
Miiriihv'v-A, B. J, flumirioii, Nnrfolk;
W. S. WbllRiuai, Nyi'folk: ?'. T. Colllns,
13, vv. rii. v.-iirt. siaunton; W. H. I.lV-sey<(
Ni-wpni'l News; Rniti'l's li. Gult. i.yiu b
liUi'Hi lliiii".- AV. 1i1.lt. Staunton; ChaH,
V. Jnn.K. .Mnntcivv; B, B. ShleldH, Vlr?
ginla; C"hirlt'. W. llinion, Kri'derick
county; 11. II. Tlm-, !.i'i_d_i'lck Auns
IiiiukIi, Norfill:.
I.pv-ington-\V. II. Vai.-s. Norl'.illc;
Thomas H. Truynkuni, J. J, l.aWM'il,
Boutl) Boston.
Now Fovd's?E. E- K.cssJer, Vlrslnla,
iiiTMorts cnMK th tiih sntKAcii
lil llii: ss,)i!i|. iih ln ii'i 1' n.-f peaspn, 'I'.hey
don't ni.'i Iheinaelvoa ?ll off t.hut fXvay,
hrnvavor, hut mri-i'Jv i-.--.iiii 11 la tiio sya,
tr;n. llnoil's riai',-ii|-ai'l|l:i rnr.iQVPS. timui,
wurds yl- duiiBcr, multts i_c..tv liv-ilth Bur?i.

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